1. Le-Vel Thrive patch, pill, and shake: Doctor Review
  3. THRIVE BY LE-VEL DEEP DIVE | The truth about Thrive, watch this before joining! ANTI-MLM
  4. Le-Vel & THRIVE | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Review, Deep Dive
  5. My Thrive Experience
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Le-Vel Thrive patch, pill, and shake: Doctor Review

hi everyone so todays video is on,lavelles,three-step thrive program ill review,the steps and of course this is my own,opinion,everyone is free to try whatever,supplements they want,the three steps involve a capsule and,then a shake,and then a patch and so lets jump into,looking at step one,which are the capsules and so the,capsules are separated by,men and women and when i look at the,formulations the only difference,is in the amino acids that are present,all of these amino acids,are non-essential and healthy adults,meaning that your body can make them,of course amino acids are the building,blocks for proteins,i was not there when they were creating,these formulas and so i can only,speculate as to,why the mens has one and the womens,has the other,and so if we look at the mens there is,l-arginine,and l-arginine is an ingredient in,erectile dysfunction supplements and so,im going to guess this is why its in,the mens supplement,they are treating your erectile,dysfunction without you,knowing about it it seems for women,there is aspartic acid and l-serine,l-serine is used in supplements with the,goal,of supporting nerve functions for,example,or or helping uh improve brain function,and so im not too sure why women need,this and not,men of course the quality of research,surrounding l-serine and,you know improvement in brain function,is quite low,aspartic acid is used in supplements for,fatigue and athletic performance,again theres no good data to support,the idea that this is,effective so if i was to pick this up i,would pick up the womens formulation,and im not too sure why specifically,women need amino acids for you know,improving,cognitive function and fatigue but who,knows,when looking at the formulations i would,have expected the womens one perhaps,to include a little bit more iron or,perhaps a little bit more folate,because menstruating females tend to,have low iron and then of course,folate for women who are of you know,child bearing age thats important to,boost up,but none of that just this change and,the amino acids,then they have the probiotics which i,already have a video on this theres no,evidence to support,that taking a daily probiotic is going,to improve,the health of the average healthy,individual looking further into the,ingredient list we can see that,willow bark is included willow bark is,basically,a non-steroidal which is similar to,aspirin advil ibuprofen so i wouldnt,advise taking this if youre on a blood,thinner or already taking aspirin since,it could theoretically increase the risk,of bleeding from the gastrointestinal,tract,so if we look further down here there is,a ton of caffeine sources so the reason,why they put this in here is because,they want you to have energy,and so not surprisingly people who take,this supplement are gonna say,i dont need my morning coffee anymore,because i feel so energized and the,reason for that is because,you are getting your caffeine from a,different source so we see here,guarana caffeine green tea caffeine,green,coffee bean white tea extract there is,also a compound here called pea,interestingly this is a stimulant,as well and its been used in research,trials to treat people with,depression so basically youre pumping,your body up with,multiple stimulants rather than drinking,your morning coffee,now lets look at the shake,so again caffeine here there are,digestive enzymes which you know,um lots of people like to take these,digestive enzymes but i dont really,feel strongly about,them at all unless you know somebody has,an issue with the pancreas for example,then there is garcinia cambogia they put,this in there i think because theres,some low quality,data regarding weight loss theres a,meta-analysis of studies that were of,variable quality,they found that people lost three pounds,in three months,when they added garcinia cambogia to,their diet,there have also been multiple cases of,liver damage associated with garcinia,either when taken alone or as part of,another product,a lot of these cases were attributed to,an old formulation,of a supplement called hydroxycut which,was used for weight loss,bromelain here is an enzyme from,pineapple its been,studied for osteoarthritis and exercised,induced muscle soreness with really no,benefit moving on to the patch,we can see that there is this compound,called forzaline,this is a brand name of a product that,contains multiple ingredients,i dont know what the whole list of,ingredients are the only actual,ingredient i could find was one called,coleus and there have been a handful of,studies on this,product for example uh this randomized,trial did not find that coleus helped,increase weight loss when,combined with calorie restriction and,then again here we see this,green coffee bean extract garcinia,cambogia,and white willow bark from a marketing,standpoint,what theyre trying to sell you on is an,experience,and so on their website they talk about,premium products,premium lifestyle premium premium,premium and the reason,they do this is because they are trying,to convince you that theyre a pill,a bunch of powder and their patch is,somehow superior to eating,whole foods or changing your lifestyle,so if you need this much caffeine to,stay awake and stay motivated throughout,the day,perhaps this is a point where you need,to,reflect on whether youre getting enough,sleep is your mental and emotional,well-being okay,this sort of stuff make no mistake that,this is an,ultra processed supplement and the,reason,you can tell that is because when you,look at the ingredient list if you dont,know,what multiple things are on an,ingredient list you know its ultra,processed,in general i do not recommend ultra,processed,foods or supplements to my patients,because,if you dont know whats in the,ingredient list how do you know what the,effect is going to be,on your gut microbiome for the most part,people have a general sense of what is,healthy you know fruits,vegetables legumes those things are,healthy,fors lean which is in their patch what,is that,who knows if what it if its beneficial,if its helping you who knows,and so i would think that this is,something that the average healthy adult,can skip because this is who theyre,trying to,target with this program there are other,things that you can do,to improve your health rather than you,know consuming kind of this glorified,supplement,in my view again other people might have,different experiences with it and,absolutely love it,thats totally fine but its not,something that i would recommend,to my own patients so i hope you found,this video informative and if you do,decide to,try the thrive program just go into it,knowing these uh,facts alright so have a great day bye


about to update you guys with how my,fitness journey has been going for me,Ive been just doing so awesome with,working out and my progress and how I,feel right now I just feel like honestly,absolutely amazing I want to share with,you guys actually how I kind of started,and what I what I use to bounce me back,into it you know to kind of get my um,fitness journey started um I am going to,be sharing with you guys my experience,with thrive I dont know how to explain,it because you really have to try it to,see how it works or if it works for you,guys long story short my one of my,really good girlfriends has been doing,this thrive and I believe she lost a,little over 12 or 13 pounds in her first,a little under a month and I was like so,excited for her like oh my god she looks,so amazing,um and Id you know thats kind of like,how I jumped on it Im like all products,that I do try out if it works to me Im,going to share with you guys of course,you know because if it works for me,maybe itll work for somebody else and,the reason why Im actually sharing this,with you guys is because I actually lost,11 pounds but the three part system guys,its so freakin easy to do part system,is basically pill shape patch thats it,guys this is a pill um I do take the,mens pill there is a womens pill and a,mens put pill I take the mens pill,because I know how my body reacts to Im,the taking products no youre not gonna,change into a men no youre not gonna,grow some balls guys no I aint gonna,have sex at all,nobody another girl mustache no none of,that guys just vitamins that are meant,for the body of a men the reason why I,take this one is because I actually work,out so much heavy you know so heavy and,Im so active Im super intense when I,when it comes to working out so I need,vitamins that will kind of like really,pump me up there the women when I tried,them in one but its just not enough,for me I feel like I dont know why it,just thats just how it is,so this gives me a really nice boost of,energy pumps me up no crash guy,just keeps me going throughout the day,especially when my son drives me nuts,sis keeps me focused twenty minutes,later like in my morning routine guys,I will take my shake this is shake right,here I just mix it water guys and down,this thing but I actually like the,chocolate one better the chocolate is,just so yummy and then right after I,take the shake I patch here is the patch,they call it derma fusion or thermo,fusion derma Fusion or thermal fuse I,forgot what it was called put this patch,on and it basically absorbs into your,skin put on my shoulders put on my back,I kind of stick it on places where I,know Im not going to sweat all the time,its on like my shoulders first time I,try this I was like oh my god my like it,was so weird like the experience was,like you know I couldnt Popeye the,Sailor man when his muscles just kind of,like built up like that like ah thats,exactly how I felt like my muscle just,felt like pumped weird like thats why I,cannot really explain this experience,guys this thats why its called the,Thrive experience because because you,have to try it to experience the feeling,you know of how this makes me feel,you guys gotta try it I mean I lost 11,pounds guys 11 pounds sweating is on my,life I was able to keep it down right,now when I first started I was 194,pounds and I could not break a hundred I,do getting pissed off like being honest,I was getting so freakin pissed off,because Ive been doing everything I,could to just break it and I couldnt,break it until they tried to thrive it,broke it and I actually went down to 182,so what is that like twelve pounds,eleven twelve pounds and right now as of,today I fluctuate between 182 to 180,around there Im still in the 180s which,is not bad you know but Im losing more,inches overall than my weight which is,what I like everyone has different goals,everyone has different you know things,that they try but I just want to show,that this thrive experience with you,guys if you guys are interested in,trying go try out its free to sign up,guys even if you have like a plateau and,you have a hard time breaking it try,this try,this out I mean give it like a months,try you guys its so awesome I mean Im,thankful for it because it has helping,you break my Plateau you know and then,go back at it again thats it if you,guys have any questions should be an,email um comment down below here if,anything Ill try to answer it to the,best that I can but Im just sharing,this like but like I said guys Im just,sharing you guys my thrive experience,and how it has helped me break my,Plateau and not just I get my fitness,journey started like really get it,started because now you know Im like I,feel so amazing now you know I have so,much energy oh I just feel so so amazing,and I want you guys to feel amazing too,I want you to feel confident you know in,the body whether you guys are happy in,the body you guys are living in go for,it be you guys be true thats what,matters me I just love being smaller I,just like being healthier I like being,fitter you know thats why I constantly,daily work out um and dont forget to,subscribe and follow I keep updated with,my fanatic mamas series that I got,going on with all my girlfriends my,cousins everyone thats around you know,um everyone thats around my life that,revolves around Fitness I will be,including a lot of people and going to,interview I mean guys I just have a,whole my god yeah anyways I hope you,guys enjoy this thank you guys so much,for watching videos arent interested,guys Ill do the link below to where you,guys can go and try this out and yeah so,thank you guys Aloha

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THRIVE BY LE-VEL DEEP DIVE | The truth about Thrive, watch this before joining! ANTI-MLM

hello welcome back to my channel todays,video is going to be a deep dive into,all,things thrive now before we get started,i want to address that there is going to,be more,anti-mlm content coming to my channel in,the near future,spreading awareness of the harmful,nature of multi-level marketing,companies is a huge passion of mine and,i plan to do more of that here on this,channel i already have one anti-mlm deep,dive on my channel about the company,monat i posted that like seven months,ago and it has consistently been,one of the highest performing videos on,my channel and i believe that to be,because its factual its,relevant its thorough and it helps to,spread the word about these harmful,companies,that can cause so much damage to your,finances,and to your relationships if you get,involved in one so anyway its been a,long time since i posted my last,anti-mlm video and thats honestly just,because they take,so much time to research film edit,and the last six months of my life has,been completely consumed with finishing,my masters program and doing my student,teaching,but school is out i have graduated its,summer break for me and im happy that i,can finally have the time to jump back,into the work that i was doing,on anti-mlm deep dives months and months,ago one last quick thing that i want to,make clear before we jump into this,video is that my dislike of mlm,companies has,absolutely nothing to do with the people,involved in them,i believe that these people have been,preyed upon i believe that they have,been sold false promises they have,invested,so much time and money into a business,structure that is literally designed for,them to fail,according to the ftc 99.6 of people who,get involved in multi-level marketing,will,lose money this is a well-known,statistic,throughout the anti-mlm community and my,purpose for creating these videos is,never to shame or to belittle people who,become involved in mlms but rather to,bring to light the truth about these,companies,to break down that fine print and to,expose the things that these companies,really dont want you to know so here we,go,this video is a deep dive into the,company thrive not to be confused with,thrive cosmetics or thrive,market both of which are not mlm,companies very confusing,we are talking about thrive which,operates under the parent company,lavelle,its spelt like level but lavelle sounds,fancier so theyre going with it every,single piece of information that im,going to be sharing with you in this,video is coming directly from,lavells compensation plan their website,their policies and procedures document,and their income disclosure statement in,other words these are cold,hard facts that might be really hard to,hear if youre involved in thrive,currently,but everything im saying is coming,directly from the sources,that level itself provides so if you do,not like what i have to say in this,video thats something that needs to be,taken up with labelle itself,i will have every single document that,im referencing in this video linked in,the description box below if you want to,check it out for yourself this video is,going to have six main sections the,first thing were going to talk about is,what is lavelle what is thrive what is,it as a company,next well talk about what it takes to,join the company then well take a,closer look at their,very interesting line of products,as well as their outrageous prices and,then finally well get into more of the,financial side well take a look at,their compensation plan and their income,disclosure statement to see exactly how,much somebody in thrive is actually,making,in spoiler it is highly disappointing so,what is,thrive first and foremost thrive is a,multi-level marketing company,meaning that some of the money you make,comes from selling products while most,of the money comes from recruiting,people,and putting them underneath you in your,downline to then make a profit off of,their sales and who they recruit,secondly they operate under the parent,company,lavelle which claims to be a premium,lifestyle company that kind of prides,itself on their three-step,like wellness product pack situation and,its meant to help you achieve,quote peak physical and mental levels,well talk more in depth about these,insane products and their claims later,in the video but i do think that,thrives website sums it up pretty,nicely so id like to read you a little,bit from their brand philosophy page,lavell was created and envisioned with a,greater purpose a premium plan,the plan was not to create just a,product or just a product line,but to build a global brand a new icon,the largest and most successful,companies in the world are extremely,good at one thing,they build brands not products lavelle,will be a global giant our logo will be,on different products spanning multiple,industries wherever you go,our logo will go with you to build the,premium lifestyle company we knew we had,to create a premium product line but,also look beyond just a product we had,to envision a larger purpose,a deeper reason for what we were doing,we had to create the one and only,premium lifestyle brand uh what,in other words they openly admit that,like were a company that wants to be,known for our branding and this premium,lifestyle image,not really to have quality products we,dont care about that part typically,most companies set out to have like a,quality product and they want it to sell,itself and they want it to be great for,consumers,unless you are an mlm okay great were,on the same page that the products are,just a ploy for this company to operate,under a legal pyramid scheme,love that for you so lets say i want to,live a premium lifestyle i want to join,lavelle i want to sell thrive products,what do i have to do you can be involved,with thrive on either a,customer level or a promoter level which,is often the case with mlm companies so,option a,you can be just a customer just a,consumer of the product,option b is that you become a,salesperson of those products a,distributor of those products and you,sign up as a promoter in the company the,real trick with mlms is that if they can,get you to commit to purchasing the,products its really easy and its just,one step closer,to getting you to sign up as like a,promoter or a distributor or a partner,or whatever they want to call it,because if youre at that customer level,its really easy for them to just say oh,well if you love the products,just sign up as a promoter that way,youll get a discount on your products,youll earn commission off of your,recruitment youll earn trips and car,bonuses,so essentially most people who consume,or,who purchase mlm products end up,becoming a distributor because they,think its going to be a better deal for,them,so i was curious what the steps were to,become a promoter of thrive and so on,their website they have a getting,started page that lists out the first,couple of steps,and i want to read them to you so it,says getting started number one enroll,for,free as a level brand promoter you are,not and will never be,charged a fee for becoming a brand,promoter in addition there are no,purchase requirements for becoming or,maintaining,qualified and active status this is,actually very rare to see from mlm,companies,its not common that theyll say that,there is nothing you need to pay to join,usually theres like a sign up fee or,you have to buy like a starter pack of,products or something,so im not gonna lie when theyre like,hey it costs nothing to join i was,pretty surprised,until i read the very next step here we,go number two says that in order for you,to earn commissions you must be of,qualified,and active status and i was like all,right here we go heres the catch,to be qualified means that you need to,have accumulated 100 points of personal,volume,also known as pv points since you,started with the company,mlm companies will never tell you what,dollar amount a pv point equates to,but its usually about a one-to-one,comparison so one pv point

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Le-Vel & THRIVE | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Review, Deep Dive

hi folks welcome to my channel or,welcome back my name is kat im a,licensed and registered dietitian,nutritionist and online nutrition coach,and today we are talking about lavelle,products most people if they know about,lavell they know of it as,through thrive or those patches that,people wear sometimes,now i have a few housekeeping notes,before we get started,thrive is not the same thing as thrive,market,ive used thrive market on and off since,2015 and never had a problem with it,its not,a multi-level marketing company before,we start one,if you are a distributor of lavelle,products,you probably dont want to watch this,video and that is okay,i can tell you that after looking at all,of the ingredients and everything this,is,not going to be a video where i,recommend it at the end and where i,encourage you to go out and try it,thats not what this video is about,two i have several resources that i have,used for information,gathering for this video specifically,and that includes the national institute,of health,their supplement list and their,supplement resources on their website,as well as i also used a lot of,information from examine.com,which is a company that doesnt take any,advertisements affiliates,gifts anything of that nature that can,sway,their review on supplements and overall,their science summaries in order to,remain as unbiased as possible,and i also use resources from other,reputable places i will link,my resources that i used for this video,down below,what i did was go down the supplement,labels and referred,to those specific ingredients from those,reputable sources,so if you would like to call me,uneducated please,come with receipts please back up your,claims with reputable sources and i will,say that i also use,lavelles website in order to get all of,the information about,the specific products i did not go into,any,reviews of it or distributors websites,of it or anything like,that i was taking the information from,lavells website their official,website three i have a degree in science,specifically in nutrition where we are,required to take,several biochemistry courses now im not,saying this to brag,or anything or seem like high or mighty,or anything because,quite frankly a lot of people can look,at the ingredients and look at those,reputable sources and come to the same,conclusions,but the reason why i am saying this is,because,if this is anything like the other,videos some of the other videos that i,have done,i think specifically on my arbonne video,and my herbalife video i had some,commenters,comment about the fact that i should not,talk about things that i havent tried,personally,they have said that because i didnt,have an experience a personal experience,that i should not be talking,about products that i cant talk from,experience over,and i wanted to say that in science you,dont need to have a,an experience you dont have to try,something personally,in order to have an educated opinion on,it in order to give an educated response,on,you dont need to try it personally in,fact,if i gave you my personal experience if,i tried these products and i told you,all about what i experienced that would,be highly suspicious,science doesnt mean giving an n equals,one account,and when i talk about n that simply,means the amount the amount of people,in that study and so if i tell you my,experience that is one persons,experience,if i just gave you my experience that,would be whats called anecdotal,evidence or anecdotal information and we,cannot,base supplementation recommendations on,anecdotes,and just a side note you really should,not be basing your supplement,information based on people who have,tried,specific supplements themselves their,body,is not the same as your body talking,about personal experience is not a,strong argument when youre talking,about,nutrition when youre talking about,supplementation i know that there are,going to be some people who are a little,bit,upset that i have not personally tried,lavelle products but you do not need to,in order to have an,educated response about them if i were,to go to the doctors,and i needed a specific medication i,would not be upset if my doctor hadnt,personally tried,that specific medication i want them to,give me the best medication based on the,data not on their personal,experience when they consumed that,medication,four if you are a distributor and you,feel like you may,be offended by the information in this,video,you might want to click off feel free to,leave a dislike,that helps with the engagement that,helps people to,find this video but remember that im,talking about,lavelles products not your products,i will even give you the benefit of the,doubt that you would make better,products and that you would run,the company better overall if you dont,have any say,over the products if you dont have any,say over the ingredients,if you dont have any say over the,sourcing of the ingredients if you dont,have any,say over the marketing around the,ingredients,if you dont have any say over the,company if you dont have any say over,how many points in order to reach,another level,if you dont have any say over what you,need to do in order to receive your,free car if you find out about new,lavell products,at conferences or and or in,videos its not your business,if none of those apply this has nothing,to do with you this,is about the company itself im sure if,this was truly your company that you,would have,better products so dont be mad,so if you do want to click off go ahead,leave a dislike,leave a comment thanks number five,everything i say in this video is 100,my opinion based on the resources that i,have,linked down below i actually have a 10,page,spreadsheet over the products and the,ingredients just as i was doing my,information gathering for this video,but i will say that it is this is made,for entertainment purposes,and to always as always if you,want to begin a supplement routine i,highly encourage you to get the okay,from your doctor if you have specific,questions about nutrition,and you have the ability to go to your,doctor you might want to see if your,doctor can give you a referral to,see another registered dietitian and it,could perhaps be covered by insurance,just a little side note,so i think thats it lets go,so this video took way longer than i,expected and i wanted,i started to dive into this over a month,ago,but because of everything else going on,im trying im working on a book im,working on a,university course im working on getting,board certified,and specifically in sports nutrition im,trying to keep up with my podcast,trying to keep up with my normal client,load and,so i just didnt know where to start i,felt very paralyzed and overwhelmed,so i decided to just start at the,beginning when you,log on to the website so when you log on,the website,i was actually pretty impressed with how,user-friendly it was and how i was,really easily,able to find out what kind of the start,or what kind of how they want people to,start the process,so they have something called the one,two three system,in order to experience thrive they call,it the thrive,experience they say that the thrive,experience is a premium,daily lifestyle to help individuals,experience and reach,peak physical and mental levels youre,going to,live look and feel ultra premium like,never before,results from thrive experience are high,impact and can differ slightly from,person to person,depending on your goals and which areas,of your lifestyle needs the most help,the thrive experience will get you,thriving in all areas of your life,individuals on the experience will enjoy,premium support,and benefits thrive by level,is something thats hard to explain and,challenging to describe its something,that can,only be experienced now again,since im sure someone will comment im,not interested,in how someones personal experience is,im more interested in looking at the,products looking at the ingredients and,making a decision based off that,they say that

My Thrive Experience

hey guys its amber welcome back to my,channel today I want to talk to you,about a supplement line that I product,tested last week now when it comes to,product testing I want to go over a few,things with you about that about how I,go about it how I kind of decide what,Ill try out what Im not interested in,and what I actually end up coming to,tell you about so I am by nature I guess,a very curious person I like to try out,a lot of different things Im very,open-minded Im very adventurous and so,Im not afraid of trying out different,things so there are a couple of ways,that I decide what Im going to try out,what Im going to tell you about one is,maybe theres a product that Im just I,see and Im drawn to and Im like let me,try this out and if it works really well,Ill come tell you about it so you can,try it out if it doesnt Ill tell you,about it so you can avoid it,in that case those are products that I,have bought myself in other cases I am,approached by different companies or,maybe I find a product that Im,interested in and I have a company who,is willing to sponsor one of my videos,here now what does that mean if youre,not familiar with having a sponsored,video that means a couple of things,number one I get the product for free,and number two and number two the,company pays me a little bit of money to,come on here and share their product,with you in a video so in those cases if,it is an item that I try out and I love,of course Ill come on here and tell you,about it if its a product that I try,out they send it to me I try out and,its not good,well then chances are youre never going,to hear about it because in that case,the company is not going to pay me to,come and tell you about it if that makes,sense and that has happened I have had,items that come to me that are just no,good that I cannot recommend at all so I,just wanted to kind of get all that out,of the way and clear this up so the,product that I tried out last week was,called thrive and it is kind of like a,supplement line I guess I first heard,about this about a year and a half ago,when a friend of mine through Facebook,one of those friends that you only know,through Facebook but we were in the same,birth group,were pregnant with our first kids back,in 2007 so you know been acquainted with,her for a long time and she started,posting about you know these products,that she was using Colt arrived they,gave her so much more energy and you,know she felt so good and she wasnt,drinking coffee anymore and I was really,curious about it and I wanted to try it,out because Im the type of person that,I need to be able to try something out,or at least know that theres a,guarantee on something before I want to,you know invest my money into it if that,makes sense so so a couple of weeks ago,when I was presented with the,opportunity to try out a three-day,experience with thrive I thought yeah,lets give this a shot because Ive,actually been wanting to try this for a,while so yes this video is sponsored by,one of the Thrive representatives but it,is going to be my completely honest,review on this I hope that over the past,couple of years you have gotten to know,a little bit about who I am and that you,can trust my judgment that Im going to,be honest with you so basically I was,sent um like I said a three-day trial of,this and I wondered would I be able to,notice any difference in three days,because Ive been taking supplements of,different sorts for years and I know,that when you have a deficiency in your,body or you have something thats out of,whack sometimes you know it didnt take,you know a short amount of time for it,to get that way so it may not take a,short amount of time for it to be fixed,so I was kind of skeptical in the first,place as to whether or not I would,notice anything in three days time but I,decided I would give it a try so the guy,sent me basically what it is is you get,you get three days of these patches,which are pretty cool and I saved one so,I could show it to you it looks like,this and basically what this is they,call this DFT which stands for derma,fusion technology I believe in the,pharmaceutical industry there are,several different medications that are,administered through patches so this did,not seem very far-fetched to me because,of that being a nurse but basically and,Ill put a link below because I dont,have all this memorized Im not with,this company Im just telling you about,what my experience was with it different,vitamins and natural supplements and,things like that is delivered through,the skin,you take this and you put it in an area,of your body where you dont have a lot,of fat so you probably wouldnt put it,on your thigh or your stomach but I put,mine on my shoulder and youre supposed,to rotate your location sites so I would,just put it on my shoulder or on top of,my arm here on the back of my shoulder,somewhere like that and you can wear it,for up to 24 hours and then the second,thing was two little capsules and,basically and I save the package so you,could see it its got a bunch of,vitamins vitamin A b1 b2 b3 b5 b6 folic,acid b12 d3 chromium selenium and then,there are there there are a lot of,probiotics in this and it also has green,coffee bean extract kelp BCAAs ginger,extract asan anyway so what I would do,and also came with three pouches of,little shake mix and that is the only,thing I dont have here to show you and,I did not use just because it is,sweetened with two things one is stevia,which is good I love stevia you guys,know that but the second one is super,loose and I was told it was very small,amounts but because of the headache side,effect of sucralose and other artificial,sweeteners I have weighed those and Ive,actually reached out to the company I,emailed them personally myself to see,you know would it be possible in the,future maybe is it even on the plans to,make one of the shakes that does not,have any sweetener in it at all,so well see if I get a response on that,so anyway Im just specifically,reviewing the patch in the capsules so I,put a patch on the first day took the,capsules and didnt really notice a,whole lot of difference I dont think on,day one on day two I did the same thing,again woke up put the patch and,difference took off the old patch but,the pageant had stoked my dress put the,patch in a different spot and one thing,that I did start to notice on the second,day was a little bit of improvement in,my bloating I dont know if its because,of the amount of weight that I have lost,especially in my abdominal region,I do know that firmer skin kind of helps,your lymph system with drainage and,things like that when you have looser,skin you have more problem with that in,issues with bloating and things of that,nature and I started to notice on day,two that that was markedly better I,still dont know if I can say 100% or,not after just three days if there was a,definite improvement in energy I like to,be able to test something for longer,than that I will say that the three days,in particular that I tried this out were,very busy days for me three days I was,pretty busy and did not really feel as,tired as I normally was so maybe that,helped Im not really sure but on day,three I noticed a big difference when I,got up as far as the bloating in my,stomach area a lot of times I can tell,when Ive lost weight just by how I look,in the mirror in the morning and judging,it by the and judging it by how my,stomach looks and I woke up on that,third day and I was like wow this is way,better than it normally is and that week,I had actually because my kids had,Vacation Bible School in the morning I,had missed my bootcamp class all week,because it started at the same time and,I couldnt be two places at once so the,fact that I physically felt better and,less bloated and hadnt even been to my,bootcamp class was good not that Im,saying that this will be a replacement,for exercise because you should,definitely exercise but anyway that is,my basically my thoughts on how my three,

Woman Almost Dies after Taking Daily Supplements?

could taking the wrong daily supplement,be life-threatening in a doctors,exclusive a Texas woman says she,suffered dire consequences that could,have cost her life I have show the most,weird acne for years whenever I hurt one,with my friend suggested something that,Im excited to be able to try it out my,life seemed pretty normal for the next,two months and then around Thanksgiving,I had abdominal pain,I felt super fatigued and then the,following week my eyes turned yellow,thats when I knew something serious was,going on primary care physician decided,to refer me to a specialist he wanted me,to get an ultrasound off my liver and,then get admitted to the ER once I was,there the specialist wanted to air with,me to Dallas for the possibility of a,liver transplant they were watching my,blood and my liver enzymes very closely,they would tell me that Im a very very,sick girl on the inside after a few,nights I was diagnosed with acute liver,failure after being placed on the liver,transplant list,I received a potential donor match,within eight hours on Christmas Eve Iowa,into surgery and that came out on,Christmas Day with the new liver and a,new life,emily is joining us via Skype and Emily,I am just so very sorry for everything,that youve been through and yet Im,looking at you smiling how are you doing,today Im doing so good Im just happy,to be alive and Im so thankful to be on,the show so how did the doctors,determine what they believed to be the,cause of your acute liver failure I went,to my primary care physician and he took,roughly 28 vials of blood and we were,testing for jaundice because my Y,autoimmune hepatitis and the doctors,walls all of that out and it was,drug-induced and did they ever figure,out what they think maybe the ingredient,was that led to your liver failure so,currently the doctors are unaware what,ingredient in this couple but we do have,an outside party that is actually,testing the bottle that I had to try and,figure out what exact ingredient in the,supplement it was if there is a mixed,blessing here is that you had such a,cute fulminant liver failure that you,were able to move towards the top of the,transplant list joining us now to,discuss what acute liver failure exactly,is how can affect you via Skype,board-certified gastroenterologist and,hepatologist a chair,can you explain that to our viewers,acute liver failure is a,life-threatening condition this is,something where people have a normal,liver theyre completely healthy and,what ends up happening is they have some,sort of injury to deliver something that,affects the liver that causes massive,liver cell death and can be often fatal,if not treated how often you you see,cases like this and maybe not always,from supplements but people just being,unaware because some folks are just,incredibly susceptible to liver injury,yeah they are and in fact theres up to,40% even more I think thats an,underestimated number of Americans who,take these supplements and they live by,sometimes theyll take them more than,they take their prescription medications,and oftentimes Ill get people who come,in for consults for elevated,or enzymes theyre healthy theyre not,on any other medications and we can,assume that it might be from this and we,basically have them stop it and recheck,it now I think an important message is,not all supplements are bad you know Im,not all about prescription medication,Im into a very natural way of treating,patients but some people have a genetic,susceptibility some people have problems,with their enzymes in their liver that,can cause problems away they metabolize,these supplements too so I want to make,sure that people talk to their doctors,about what supplements are on because,supplements can interact with each other,supplements can interact with other,medications so its so important they,have that open discussion thats so,important that you know getting the,history we asked what always asked what,medications youre on and and patients,have the tendency not to list,supplements they dont think of them as,drugs where in fact they are and what I,do primarily elective surgery theres so,many supplements that have an adverse,effect on blood clotting fail to tell,the doctor before elective surgery and,its potentially a life-threatening,thing so you have to take supplements,serious,you

Le-Vel Thrive Personal Review – POSITIVE EXPERIENCE!

hi everyone i wanted to jump on today,and do a product review for lavelle,thrive,and the three steps that are involved in,their program i wanted to say that i do,have a positive review of this product,and so im sure everybodys experience,is somewhat different but i will walk,yall through what mine has been and,some of the things that ive learned,along the way so just to get started,ill tell you how i got started with the,product so i had a friend who was,posting about lavelle a lot on her,social media,and i saw it for a long time and just,sort of ignored it and kept scrolling,for a long time and then she was going,through a season of giving out a lot of,free samples to people so i just hopped,on board and i was like okay you know at,the time my my children were young and i,really was finding myself very sleepy,a lot of the time and you know wake up,and be up for a little while do some,things want to take a morning nap,to get me through a little while in the,afternoon and i would oftentimes take an,afternoon nap as well too and um,that was even just beyond when that,wasnt just because my children were,waking up through the night that i just,sort of kept that habit for a long time,and felt very sleepy and she was,promoting this as something that can,help give you some more energy to be,more present with your children and,thats definitely the main reason why i,said go ahead send me some of these,samples so what i got uh from her was,a package of the womens and premium,lifestyle style capsules and then some,of the,thrive lifestyle mix to make shakes for,in the morning,and then i got a dft derma fusion,technology that goes on your skin as,well too,and so she had given me the instructions,of how well i was supposed to take it,but,i was skeptical still to be honest ive,always been a person who i dont like,taking things that arent,i guess natural you know in my mind i,dont i dont like the idea of taking,pills i dont like the idea of really,much of anything and so,i was im a skeptic at heart about these,things so what i ended up doing is just,not taking it the way that im supposed,to so i you know the program is meant to,be where you take all three steps in a,certain order which ill talk about but,instead i sort of like tiptoed into it,so i just took,one of the capsules one morning and that,was it i was like im just gonna see how,this one capsule goes for me and i,didnt really feel much and then so the,next day i i tried to shake all by,itself and i was like okay you know um,and i never put on the dft on my skin,either so,at that point i was like me and i put it,all in a drawer and i put it away and i,to be honest i didnt um look at it,again for about six months until i was,just sort of at my wits end about,not having enough energy and i just i,didnt feel great and on top of that i,wasnt making any headway on my weight,management,you know and i was just sort of feeling,a little down so,i went back to the drawer,and i said okay how am i supposed to,take this stuff and so i did it right,that day and from there thats when i,say im a day one thriver because when i,did it right oh my god my body just went,this is what youre supposed to feel,like and i just remember that first day,was just like,finally you know like this is what im,talking about because,i,picked up a project id been putting off,for a long time to clean up my garage i,finished my laundry that day i was,playful with my kids and i was like i,was hooked from day one i was like okay,i went ahead and hit the order button,and it and it was ive never looked back,since then and so,but a little bit more about some of the,things that i ran into so,once i started taking the product as,its recommended which means,first thing in the morning when before,your heat your feet im sorry before,your feet hit the floor youre supposed,to take your capsules yeah with eight to,ten ounces of water so on an empty,stomach and so i started doing that i,had it next to my bedside table,and off i went,and then i took both of them and some,people like to start with one rather,than two you know that works better for,them and then so 20 minutes later 20 to,40 minutes later after youve done a few,things in your morning routine is when,you mix up your lifestyle mix they have,a lot of different flavors this ones,vanilla i like i like it the most also,like chocolate and theyve got other,ones but you also mix it with eight to,ten ounces of water or you can mix it,with milk if youd like or you can blend,it with some things for a morning shake,for instance if you wanted to do that,and then after you had your shake then,you put on your dermafusion technology,wearable nutrition as they put it and,for those of you who kind of arent,familiar they have different products,for,the dfts,and,i had originally just started on the the,original kind with the i am strong you,know i the i am stickers and since then,ive tried out different kinds that i,really like too and so this one is the,duo burn but its oh theres my dog but,so its basically they come in these,packages and you peel them off and then,you stick them to your skin in some,places like in a lean muscle area,and and you can leave them on all day,long for 24 hours theyre waterproof so,you can,you can shower you can swim you can do,whatever you need and they stay on you,until youre ready to take them off,again and,you know a friend of mine has described,these as sort of like you could think of,them a little bit like an iv of sorts,thats just sort of like its taking the,nutrients that youve just put in and,its helping do like a slow release in,your body so that you dont have like uh,so you have like an even,feeling throughout the day for yourself,just feeling really good and it doesnt,just it doesnt um disturb my sleep at,all in fact i think its,improved my sleep,so and then youre off to the races so,some of the things that i,learned along the way is that,for the capsules its really important,that you do drink it with quite a bit of,water like eight ounces because i i,discovered if i just took it like sip of,water and then move along,and then to sort of it i would notice i,could sort of feel it like i need more,water so i would go you know drink the,full eight ounces of water in the,mornings for the dfts for a little while,when when you peel it off theres some,residue that is around it that youre,supposed to clean off and so i tried,some different things at first to clean,those like i used makeup remover pads or,just like a rag with water and what i,found was sorry my daughters in the,background what i found was that like my,skin would have like some pimples to,start to come up like it was kind of,having a reaction like hey that i dont,like so,what i found when i started using baby,oil just on you know tissues toilet,paper or like blank makeup remover pads,just baby oil when i took that off no,problem like it got it all and i no,longer you know had some of that show up,on my skin anymore that was really the,only thing,but so,you know the reason why i say i do say,im a thriver for life at this point,just because,the me before,was so sleepy you know and i was very,sedentary,you know i didnt want to get up and go,jump on trampoline with my kids when,they would ask i didnt want to get up,and go for the bike ride you know,because i was just i just felt so,exhausted all the time,and so for me it did change that,you know i know for me theres a big,difference and its not that i am,like,crazy energizer bunny all the time in,some strange way i i think if anything,it just like optimized the amount,of energy that i feel right like the,right amount of what were supposed to,feel like if we were eating healthy all,the time given our body the nutrients,that it needed like this is what it,feels like and you know in american,culture right now its really hard,to eat like that you know i work,full-time,my husband works full-time you know im,not selling this because i need the,money i mean weve got careers that we

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