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Thunder Force – Movie Review

all right now before we get started here,i want to thank the sponsor of this,video this video is brought to you by,vincero,teaming up with vincero again because i,will always champion the necessity,of a stylish timepiece when you make a,stylish and affordable such as they do,you have my curiosity,and my attention and they dont just,have watches they have bracelets wallets,blue light glasses we live in a world of,the now you know a lot of tvs monitors,phones just makes it all easier on your,eyes when youre in my case gaming for,days i was gonna say hours but were,talking about me here so days also you,can see the reflection of the light my,glasses try not to look,and now its the perfect time to shop,there if theres spring sale going on,right now for a limited time,up to 30 off their entire site click the,link below get yourself some nice,stylish gear also free shipping on,everything thats always nice what do i,tell you im here to save you money and,talk movies,and tv shows at video games its a,multi-purpose channel here no codes to,enter the sales just on so again click,the link below get some new stylish gear,up to 30,off the entire store and thank you once,again to vincero for sponsoring this,video,i do appreciate it now,well its a new movie whats this thing,called,[Music],thunder force right worth knowing so,thunderforce is,kind of exactly what you think its,gonna be when you hear oh its the,guy who did tammy whos also married to,melissa mccarthy and melissa mccarthy,gets super powers and its a comedy,yeah which to be fair the premise sounds,interesting,on paper until youre like it kind of,doesnt make any sense but okay its,comedy,i know im not supposed to take it too,seriously so in the moments in this,video where i start sounding like im,taking it too seriously no i just,you know would like something to flow so,the premise is,in the world people have gotten super,powers but not just anybody anybody,whos predispositioned to be a sociopath,has superpowers so now its just a bunch,of super villains and there are no,superheroes its funny because its not,really what sociopath is not like people,who are,sociopaths sit around theyre like i,just think of nefarious ways to hurt,people if only i had super powers,or means and opportunity i guarantee you,everyone out there all of us we know at,least one sociopath and theyre probably,fine human beings but its one of those,plot point things,like we only use 10 of our brain thats, but you know it makes for,fun movies i guess so here we are in,octavia spencers character is like im,going to,create superheroes then melissa mccarthy,accidentally gives herself half of the,serum,its you see its going there and in the,movie it was going to be octavia spencer,was going to give herself,both of these serums and so she was,going to have super strength and,invisibility but melissa mccarthys,character took one of the serums so now,her character,has super strength and octavia spencer,her characters invisibility,so which actually logistically makes,sense i mean if youre thinking of,mmo or video game team ups dps and a,rogue,that works i mean you probably want a,tank in there somewhere but yeah,dps and rogue is that my friend and i,would roll problem is its a superhero,comedy,which is actually a boring superhero,movie that doesnt really make you laugh,thats pretty much tammy with,superpowers and its a problem i see a,lot in these melissa mccarthy movies,its just her character,shes the same character she just has a,new job in every movie sometimes shes a,boss sometimes shes a mom going back to,college,sometimes shes tammy now shes tammy,with superpowers and in terms of the,comedy there were a couple of,chuckles sure but really for the most,part the funniest one in this movie was,melissa leo when you have melissa,mccarthy doing her thing,ad libbing theres a joke for everything,its just and the jokes go on forever,almost in that hey notice me kind of way,i just prefer melissa leos,subtle responses to that thats what,gave me a chuckle in this movie,shes not in it much though so the rest,of the movie i was like its just,its just nonsense in the way that a lot,of these melissa mccarthy movies feel,its,they feel like someone was like hey just,ad-lib you know do your thing,well fill it in later just ad-lib and,make jokes which doesnt always work for,a movie objectively if i pull myself out,of it and i imagine okay this lady was,like at a party at my house,she would be the funniest one in the,room absolutely i would beg her to come,back to the next party,shed be hysterical can i imagine when,theyre filming the entire crew the,camera crew theyre just laughing their,asses off its like oh dude,this ladys funny shes quick shes,sharp she just,has jokes about everything that said,its not enough to keep a movie afloat,you still need,the plot to go somewhere you still need,good writing you still need characters,to give a about just a bummer,because,really good actors in this movie melissa,leo like i said octavia spencer jason,bateman,thats a guy with crab hands its like,the world doesnt make sense at that,point you know you want a world where,all right all these super villains and,now we need to make superheroes but,people still interact with jason bateman,and his lobster hands like you know its,just like like theyre not there like no,its fine,even though i know that you have lobs or,hands which means you have super powers,which means you are a super villain,you know just no one deals with it like,that which in the end is a comedy and it,would all be forgiven if the movie made,me laugh it really didnt had a couple,chuckles,usually with melissa leo couple with,melissa mccarthy im not gonna say i,didnt but its just those chuckles you,know nothing where i was like that is,truly clever and if the movies not,making you laugh its just boring you to,tears,the 45 minutes of this movie is her,training to be a superhero,which to be fair a lot of superhero,movies are like that a lot of the origin,story ones the first half of the movie,is them training to be a hero only thing,is youre invested in them invested in,the world,when shes in the facility training to,be a superhero,i totally forgot that there were super,villains in this world i kind of forgot,the world we were dealing with heroes,just in this lab the entire time,forgot that there were super villains,out there at all you see a news clip and,youre like,oh yeah there are super villains,everywhere thats why this is happening,in the end the movie didnt do much for,me,i got a little bit of joy out of it,because i was like hey its a new movie,it kind of feels good to just,watch a new movie and do a video on it,and you know maybe its even unexpected,you know on fridays im going to do my,falcon the winter soldier thing,you didnt know this was coming today,did you this is what happens when im,sitting down like alright i feel like,id do a video today,whats new ah thats new,i guess that that wins i guess thats it,hey dont be pissed im the one who had,to watch it the movie wasnt funny,it wasnt exciting it wasnt interesting,i just kind of,nothing to it you know im going to,generously say im not going to remember,this one in t-minus one day yep,already forgot all right so thunder,thunder force right,i said t-minus im not making that up i,just said it a few minutes ago but here,i am,forgot it again pretty sure its thunder,force though regardless have you seen,super tammy what did you think about it,whatever you thought comment below let,me know and as always if you like what,youve seen here and you want to see,more click right here to see more,[Music],you

THUNDER FORCE – The Worst Superhero Movie

im gonna start this video by saying i,had no intention,of watching this movie zero until i came,across this tweet,three hours until you meet the crab the,crab,jason bateman with crab arms how can i,not watch a movie where jason bateman,plays,a bad guy called the crab and he looks,like this,so i watched this movie called thunder,force im guessing that thunder force is,kind of like a play on words,you know like thunder thighs because the,two,leads in this movie are overweight women,im gonna come right out and say it this,is the worst movie of 2021.,its only april and i can confidently,say that if a worse move than this comes,out this year,i will be astonished so theres evil,people with superpowers in this movie,basically a random cosmic ray came out,of nowhere,it hit earth and gave sociopaths,superpowers,i guess because their brains are wired,differently and this,cosmic ray only likes these people and,so it gave them superpowers,and theyre called miscreants and then,were shown our two protagonists,melissa mccarthy plays a girl named,lydia berman and octavia spencer,plays a girl named emily stanton emilys,parents were killed by one of these,miscreants,what is that so she made it her lifes,goal to become a superhero and fight,against them,her character is smart while melissa,mccarthys character lydia,is stupid its even more disappointing,because they could have done something,with the whole oh we were friends we,were kids,but now were adults so were different,and its awkward now but they literally,dont change at all,theyre the same people they were when,they were like six years old,which in itself makes no sense lydia,stood up for emily when they were kids,when this bully called emily a nerd say,it nerd,not a nerd im smart you know how nerd,is super derogatory,and is super offensive bye bye nerd,[Music],shes not a nerd shes smart theres a,difference wow shes,chip off the old nerd block huh shes,not a nerd,shes smart theres a difference well,thank god lydia comes out of nowhere to,save,emily she threatens this bully with a,stick and forces him to go in a dumpster,and hes just like oh yeah im sure ill,go in the dumpster,okay anyone else wanted,this is a comedy without a single,effective joke most of the jokes in this,movie come across as if theyre written,by a three-year-old,if they were written at all a lot of,these scenes just come across,as improv you know they just start,rolling the camera and theyre like all,right funny people,be funny teeing the wind that pay in the,wind,tie in the wind most of the laughs,youll find while watching this movie,will be at the movie struggle to make,you laugh theres one scene where this,guy,fails to make a knock knock joke for,three minutes knock knock,whos there im an owl im an owl who,i botched the owl thing theres another,scene where this guide makes a moronic,comparison,about skipping a rock in a lake maybe,emily will just say no but you dont,know unless you ask,you know its like trying to skip a rock,in the lake you know the lake is gonna,eat it,i mean it just took you half an hour to,find the right flat rock but you gotta,throw it,even the simple stuff they failed at,like oh im too fat to fit in this,sports car,oh boy thats i havent really driven,this one,oh no and to add insult to injury,theres fortnight jokes number one,victory roy yep you play fortnite,yes no we should play but i gotta warn,you i play dirt,i love when these movies force actors to,play games that theyve never touched,before,melissa mccarthy is playing it on an,ipad and the game is running at like two,frames per second,melissas character lydia goes to,emilys workplace to visit her,and shes wandering around one of their,labs just like touching random,ooh its like old school atari see what,shes got,you are out of your damn little,pea-sized mind,what is wrong with you and she sits in a,chair and,i guess she activated the chair somehow,so it injects her with the serum,oh my god i know its like meant to be,funny but its so dumb in order for her,to get this superpower she has to be,injected for over a month,and they have to inject all the parts of,her body i guess,to make them all strong because they,they stab her tits in one scene,while shes undergoing this,transformation there are some side,effects,one of them being she gets super long,nails randomly another morning she wakes,up with huge front teeth like a beaver,and in the next scene theyre gone oh,okay,did they shave them down and then they,decide on their superhero names,guess what their superhero names are,octavia spencers name is bingo,oh i got it youre bingo well that makes,zero sense and melissa mccarthys name,is hammer you know what i think my super,name is gonna be the hammer,and guess what their powers are,obviously melissa mccarthy is super,strong,but i bet youll never guess what,octavia spencer can do,yeah she goes invisible why they named,her bingo it makes no sense,extremely original superpowers by the,way im gonna call them by their dumb,superhero names now so bingos daughter,makes her this super high-powered taser,that she can use,the only problem being when she uses it,on people the electrical charge will,make her visible again due to the,electrical charge that it imparts i do,believe that youll become visible when,you use it,then isnt a taser like the last weapon,on earth she should be using,i would give her a blow gun before a,taser,anything that will keep her invisible,this means that shes,only abused if theyre fighting one,person and later in the movie,she uses the taser against a girl whose,ability,is shooting electricity like what,theres a hilarious scene when thunder,force is getting popular,in the media and theyre speaking in,front of a big crowd and these people,are apparently thunder force fans,but instead they all look like theyre,being held hostage look at this guy,are you kidding me so theres a scene,when thunder force,goes up against crab and his goons and i,guess hammer and crab,really like each other,is that supposed to be funny like use a,hammer to crack open a,crab eat his meat i guess she really,cracked his,shell i guess hammer just really,likes creepy people with crab arms she,explains it later that she,likes the smell of seafood the smell of,old bay has always kind of just,done something to me and you know shes,fat so she likes to eat so,what is she gonna eat him im yeah,theres like this dumb sequence when,they imagine dancing with each other,i have to admit i did laugh one time in,this movie,and its because theres parts when,jason bateman runs away,and the way he runs is he holds his crab,arms like,up like this and he clicks and he runs,sideways,its so stupid later in the movie crab,and hammer go out on a date,and for whatever reason the waiter,suggests that they eat crab for an,appetizer,and uh the crab gets really offended by,this are you pitching,the uh the tower the seafood tower to a,half crowd,oh jesus during this scene the only,thing i could think of was,theres a crab man in this restaurant,and,nobody cares nobodys looking at them,the waiter isnt like freaked out that,theyre serving,a crab person are crab people normal,in this universe why is why does nobody,seem to care,its not something you see every day and,then hammer starts rubbing butter,on the crabs arms like sexually,uh oh uh i guess food makes her horny,and then theres a scene of them in bed,together and shes seasoning him,and hes all about that hes like hell,yeah keep keep seasoning me,thats tender right in there does he,want to be eaten its tender right in,there do you forget mr wright you forget,about,um him an evil politician in this movie,named the king,hes the main antagonist and guess what,his power is,does it lose yeah hes just super strong,just like hammer and the king has two,henchmen,one of them is the crab the second one,is a girl that shoots lasers,and her name is laser theres only one,scene when jason bateman pinches someone,with this crab arm,hands off which i think is a huge was

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Thunder Force Is Absolute Garbage

you know i once spent the night in a,ukrainian jail cell having a deep and,insightful conversation with a 300 pound,ex-soldier named yuri,about why the mailboxes in kiev were,telling him to hurt people,and let me tell you that was still a,more enjoyable experience than watching,thunder force,the latest chronically unfunny melissa,mccarthy,comedy to be shot out onto netflix and a,strong contender for my worst movie of,2021,seriously heres a little idea for a,non-drinking game,watch this movie from start to finish,and take a shot every time one of the,jokes actually makes you laugh,i guarantee by the time the credits roll,youll be more sober than a mormon on,sunday,anyway im gonna do my best to make,sense of the plot here but just like the,reactor core at chernobyl,i need to keep our exposure to a minimum,for the sake of our long-term health,the movie takes place in an alternate,reality chicago,where a cosmic ray burst back in the,1980s granted superpowers to anyone with,sociopathic tendencies,why sociopaths dont know the point is,that it spawned a race of supervillains,known as the miscreants that have been,terrorizing civilians ever since,including main character emily whose,parents got killed by one of them when,she was still,kids after moving to a new school emily,hooks up with tough girl lydia,pretty soon they form a friendship and,within the first three minutes of the,movie youre basically told the gist of,the entire plot,wouldnt it be cool if someday regular,people could get superpowers,and fight back against the miscreants,keep that one in mind because itll be,important later,flash forward 30 years and emily is now,a brilliant scientist and head of a,genetic,engineering company and lydia is melissa,mccarthy,the two women have been estranged from,each other since a bust up in high,school but lydia holds out hope of,reconnecting with her old friend,an upcoming school reunion when emily,doesnt show,lydia goes to her offices to color outs,a series of unfortunate events leaves,lydia alone in a high security lab with,an experimental machine,and a warning not to touch anything so,guess what,happens,well who could have predicted such a,wacky turn of events,[Music],the upshot here is that the machine uses,a special serum to give regular people,superpowers,just like emily planned 30 years ago in,lydias case,it gives her super strength while emily,gains the ability to turn herself,invisible,wow how original cant think of any,other superheroes that have those kinds,of powers,are you serious so thats the basic,setup for what this movie,laughably calls a plot the two women,have to learn to harness their new,powers,and work together to take on the,miscreants they even come up with their,own brand name,thunder force because theyre fat and i,guess its meant to be like thunder,thighs or something,i dont [ __ ] know meanwhile the guy,running for mayor of chicago turns out,to be the worlds most obvious villain,using the miscreants to stoke public,fear and get himself elected on the,promise of bringing them under control,realising the thunder force could derail,his plans he orders the miscreants to,take them down,its all standard stuff that youve seen,in a million other superhero flicks,and theres absolutely nothing new or,original that i can think to talk about,here,the big selling point i guess is meant,to be the relationship between the two,leads and how they reconnect with each,other after being estranged since,childhood its basically your typical,comedy formula of sticking two radically,different people together,giving them some challenge to overcome,and watching the sparks fly,kind of like the heat in fact exactly,like the heat now that i think about,it if i didnt know better id say this,movie was just recycling the same,formula as mccarthys earlier and more,successful movies where she plays yet,another brash abrasive [ __ ],opposite a typical straight man,character the difference here is that in,the heat,she had sandra bullock to play off not,this time though,octavia spencer is a good actor i guess,but [ __ ] me,youd never know it from this movie she,looks bored,uncomfortable and embarrassed most of,the time the two of them have got,absolutely no chemistry together and,most of their scenes,feel stilted and awkward the thing is,the idea of childhood friends trying to,reconnect as adults is an interesting,one to explore,as they each grapple with how the others,changed and grown over the years but,thats the real problem here,they havent theyre both the same,[ __ ] people they were,30 years earlier emily is smart,sophisticated and driven while lydia is,an uneducated slacker that doesnt take,things seriously,the elements that broke up their,friendship as kids are still there as,adults,which kind of makes me wonder what,exactly im supposed to root for,wouldnt it be crazy and unexpected if,their lives had totally reversed course,after high school,like lydias shitty performance caused,her to buckle down and work hard to,improve herself while emily became an,overconfident slacker,that never lived up to her early,potential wouldnt that give you more,interesting and nuanced characters to,explore in later life,also how about reversing their powers so,that the high school nerd suddenly,becomes super strong,in a way that shes never been before,while the dumb tough girl has to learn,to use her invisibility,in a smarter more tactical way but nah,lets just laugh at melissa mccarthy,acting like a [ __ ],child i mean i use the term laugh pretty,loosely here because if theres one,thing,thunder force proves its the even,morbidly obese middle-aged women can be,chronically unfunny,seriously this movie is about as amusing,as a [ __ ] cancer diagnosis,remember in ghostbusters 2016 how about,50,of the movie was just the actors trying,to ad-lib their way through scenes and,desperately construct jokes on the fly,so that every lame obvious gag went on,about five minutes longer than it needed,to,well bump that ratio up to about 90 and,youll have thunder force,its like the writers think that if you,push a joke hard enough and long enough,you can somehow force people to laugh at,it through sheer [ __ ] determination,im not kidding theres a scene that,lasts almost a minute of lydia,eating a bowl of cereal thats it thats,the scene,or another where a character tries and,fails to tell a knock knock joke,over and over and over again jason,bateman with lobster claws,thats funny right teasing a guy for,like five minutes straight while,screaming the whole time,comedy gold two overweight women in,superhero costumes struggling to get out,of a sports car,thatll have them rolling in the aisles,remember jack blacks character from,tropic thunder that had been hopelessly,typecast by a series of films about a,family that farts a lot,remember how that was basically an,indictment of shitty lowbrow comedies,that appeal to the lowest common,denominator,well its not a parody anymore trust me,the only thing that did make me laugh,were the special effects,but probably not in the way the makers,of the film had intended,i mean i guess thunder force wasnt made,on a huge budget,which makes it even weirder that they,decided to throw in a ton of extravagant,cgi fight scenes,like this film is actually trying to,compete with legit superhero movies,its ridiculous and embarrassing to,watch and i actually started to feel bad,for the actors towards the end,you can practically see the life and,hope draining out of their eyes as the,movie drags on,then i realized they probably got paid,millions of dollars to make this [ __ ],and that money could have financed a,dozen,smaller more creative and almost,certainly for superior movies,instead this [ __ ] calamity got shot,out onto the world,[Music],ultimately thunder force is nobodys,finest hour the kind of film that most,of those involved,probably wish they could scrub from,their resume damn man i really wish i,could scrub it from my brain let me tell,you its a boring,lazy chron

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Thunder Force – Angry Movie Review [The WORST Superhero Film?]

[Music],i cant believe you watched this,i uh this is your fault i dont want to,say,its a joke thanks joe its just not,even an oj episode yet,no i wouldnt even recommend this to,anyone i dont want to say its the,worst superhero film ever,but uh its something,its something its certainly the worst,superhero comedy ever,oh its a comment i think right,theres no [ __ ] that that joke from joe,was the funniest joke,in the entire film about the entire film,um,guys uh now,im not about to [ __ ] on this film for,the next 15,20 minutes because its got melissa,mccarthy,in it from ghostbusters 2016. okay,no im [ __ ] on it because it is a,bad,netflix film this movie,sucks okay just like the bad,sandler adam sandler netflix films,theyre terrible theyre awful,in fact this film was so bad it made me,go and watch,the uh huby halloween because i wanted,to see theres no way,right theres no way that you know uh,that adam sandlers netflix garbage,can can be as bad as this did you know,he recently signed an extension,for four more films with netflix in,2020.,hes making money so right uh to see if,it was worse or better and uh,i i cant even do it so bad,humay halloween was really bad uh but,there was some charm,yeah there was some charm there was some,funny jokes i actually laughed,in huey halloween and he does a lot of,throwbacks to his nostalgic stuff right,uh where you know you like it oh doyle,and these kinds of things,here melissa mccarthy this is yet,another film that she does with her,director husband,and it seems like all the films that she,does with her director husband,are terrible like the ones she does with,other people are better,except for paul feige with ghostbusters,yeah they had some success with you know,bridesmaids but bridesmaids by,melissa is playing the same [ __ ],character in all,the god dang films that she does i dont,know,why she does this over and over same,thing,this is the bottom of the barrels kind,of stuff,uh and i lost some respect for netflix,because i was like this is number one in,america,[ __ ] netflix youre a liar no its,number i mean,heres the thing watch melissa mccarthy,its super heroes,its got like a good rating on it i was,like who joe dont look at the,the ratings on netflix are bullshitting,oh you know this i know but im just,like oh,this man,[Music],screw you joe for making me watch this,uh what did you all think,it is bad oh yeah thats why i brought,it up on the news is like i,made a mistake i watched thunder force i,didnt and,okay i think it was gonna be a review so,let me let me give you,uh just a real quick breakdown of the,first three jokes so you have,some idea of whether you want to watch,whether you want to put yourself through,the torture that we did,as if youre a masochist right okay so,heres,heres the first uh uh joke hey tito,quit leaving candy wrappers in my rig,because you know shes a you know,hard worker the hard hat worker and you,know hes leaving candy rappers all over,the place and,she did and then the second okay well,okay so that was a small little one,little little joke heres the big joke,that actually sets up for laughs um she,has rancid milk,you know and she pours it in her cereal,and and she,she eats it all and she pours it you,know and then and then she drinks from,the milk carton to see if its rancid,to see if its a cereal thats rancid or,the milk or the milk because cereal goes,rancid right yeah,did you know that cereal goes ranch you,pour some beer in there yeah,and then and then like they wait for you,to laugh and no,it was not funny please please uh yeah,please,please clap please clap and then finally,um,uh the the next big joke is uh knock,knock,um in an uh an owl uh,shut up yeah we have the guy knock knock,uh owl shut up he never could know how,to do a joke the entire,thing thats his whole thing his,stickers and then finally whos,urkel how do you not know who arko is,you know,family matters did i do that did,i do that did i do that,did i do that did i do that,did i do that you come on you know who,urkel is,arco from family matt did i do that,did i do that like they said not,exaggerating no,it lasts that long thats how long it,goes and she does all of that,yeah that was a perfect like that was it,youre like oh youre just being,bombastic that is exactly right,i was shocked i was like what is going,like i i dont think ive cringed uh,harder at like,a major kind of i guess thats maybe a,spencer is in this [ __ ],movie yeah yeah yeah yeah she phoned it,the [ __ ] because you know theyre,friends right melissa mccarthy and her,friends,and then lets start these married to,the director which is how this whole,thing gets made,but its its like come on like you you,have an oscar right,you have an oscar what are you doing,better okay so,anyways what do you think alex,it was not good these things make sense,to me these people are sociopathic they,are the real misgrants to make this film,yeah so what these things make sense to,me its because these things make money,right uh one of the reasons this guy,keeps getting money,as a director is one he guarantees,melissa mccarthys involvement every,time they always make money theyre,always on time theyre always under,budget,so because people like him keep [ __ ],tricking people like us,so until people get together and go you,know what,ive had enough of this [ __ ] and stop,watching,hubie halloween and and thunder force,which ive never watched you be,halloween,um this stuffs going to teach you how,it was well i feel,its unfair to give you halloween now,now you have to watch it we call it no,no no,no no i never watched jack and jill i,never watched it,i never watched ive never watched jack,and jill im with you yeah like i almost,i like watch films to purposely watch,bad films i will never launch dragon,yeah anyways this one is it it was not,good it was way too long i was in the,middle of making dinner,and so we got to a like a natural,breaking point im like look at least,its at least its almost over and i hit,pause,and then i see the progress bar it was,only a third of the way through im like,what the [ __ ] is happening,this movie has felt like its three,hours long the first act they set up,this,how are these how is the odd couple,friends why do they know each other and,they,spent too [ __ ] long on this part,for no reason and then they just drag,out the the this is how you become a,superhero montage part and then they,drag out the whole thing at the end,it it wasnt paced well it wasnt,written well it wasnt everything about,it,uh according to oj they committed the,ultimate crime which they,ruined a classic uh kiss from a,christmas rose oh yeah,i love that i dont know what it is,about this but,uh this [ __ ] film has this uh they,must think its just so,awesome to break out into,a song where they just you know,sing along with a song and,they think its suddenly endearing that,the film seems to think that you know,singing along with famous songs makes,everything better,or super endearing they do it like i,like that song at least two to three,times,im not watching your movie to watch two,people sing a song,poorly im not its not funny to me its,none of this,okay im gonna give the film this i,think theres two funny jokes in there,okay but you have to go through what is,it the [ __ ] way,long nine hours okay so let lets do a,little what are the jokes i i i,dont know well lets do this i love,i just love jason bateman whatever i,mean if i give melissa schiff for being,the same character,jasons the same [ __ ] character he is,hes in every film,anyway so it starts with a a comic so,its really bad its,you know a little comic book style uh,sociopaths by the way guys are now,superheroes only sociopaths,and theyre called miscreants you really,only see like one or two of them you,know through three of them,but apparently theyre all over the,globe but you only see three so,very very kind of limited scope low,budget kind of [ __ ],um and then we start off with the little,kid versions of uh

Thunder Force REVIEW – Netflix 2021

thunder force is so,lame so cringe that it actually made me,lose some respect for jason bateman,for appearing here and he doesnt just,have a cameo he has a full-on,supporting role and i i just have no,idea what he could possibly,have been thinking now lets not get,carried away,im sure my respect for him will come,flooding back when i watch ozark season,four,but you know wow i i you know i think,about it for a moment because ill never,forget this its that bad,well its its not even that its not,even so bad that you have to see it,its just lame and awful,and the kind of thing you wouldnt want,no one to ever see in,instead of plastering it on netflix uh,and jason bateman said a lot to really,help his you know,hes done so much to move forward i know,that he starred,with a co-star of melissa mccarthy an,identity thief and that was a pivotal,film for him,but its not like melissa mccarthy and,ben falcone are suffering and they,need an assist people for some reason,companies keep letting them make these,horrible movies,uh so i dont see why jason bateman has,to go down with them he has a dinner,scene with melissa mccarthy,that is one of the one of the worst,improv sequences ive ever seen,its just and melissa mccarthy and ben,falcone are supposed they come from the,groundlings theyre supposed to be very,well trained and improv,and the fact that they would feel that,this was something that they could share,with the world,is just again makes me really question,their judgment theres a lot of bad,judgment going on here the question is,well you have the bad judgment to watch,this,i had to its my job i was afraid to,watch it and unfortunately my fears were,realized,now speaking of improv because you know,im like whats going on here,now while i was watching this movie i,thought of this clip i saw the other day,uh which is an outtake from this is 40,where paul rudd and leslie mann,were in a scene with melissa mccarthy,which was a parent teacher conference,and melissa mccarthy was being allowed,to improvise,and just keep going and you know so,thats something she does here too she,just hangs herself she just keeps going,but in this outtake paul rudd and leslie,mann just,couldnt keep a straight face they just,keep kept breaking and laughing because,mccarthy,was doing that thing that she does where,she just spews the most,violent mean gross and inappropriate,stream of consciousness,she can think of and i was watching the,scene and i mean like back then,when mccarthy had just come on to the,shed actually been working for a while,in hollywood but when shed become,mainstream and,more people well people just in general,became aware of her,the shock value made that stuff funny,but,now years later and tons of movies and,projects later,weve seen mccarthy do this countless,times so its not shocking anymore and,thats the only thing that made it funny,so while i was watching this scene years,later i was like,paul rudd and leslie man stop,encouraging her this isnt funny,you know i dont i mean it was just it,was it was so bad,so yes once again mccarthys husband ben,falcone,has made his wife the face of another,turkey or in this case,chicken because after getting her powers,her character has a craving for raw,chicken throughout the film,which sure is gross but not at all funny,ah and that just kind of gives you an,idea of the humor in this movie i was i,think that she was actually maybe eating,sashimi,you cant eat raw chicken like that but,it was not it was not funny and it was,just disgusting,every single movie that falcone has,written and directed for his wife has,been a total bomb,nobody likes them you cant even say,theyre crowd pleasers and yet for some,reason,mccarthy continues to let him ruin her,career and for some reason,as i said companies keep giving the,money to make these movies,to be fair not a lot these are very,cheap another problem with them,but you know really an intervention i,think is necessary at this point,mccarthy is turning into the female adam,sandler no one helped him either,making a sloppy low-budget movie that is,a family affair in addition to falcone,their daughter appears as a younger,version of mccarthy,the youngest version they have two,flashbacks,children and teenagers uh you know for,her and spencers character,and uh mccarthys daughter placed her as,the youngest version,and then also on it uh they have their,friends again because,bobby cannavale joins the party and hes,just awful,i dont know how bobby kennedy keeps,getting work sometimes hes okay,but hes just hes so prevalent and he,always does the same thing and hes only,like a mediocre actor,im really sick of seeing him and i mean,if only his own life partner rose byrne,had instead been in this because she is,still to date mccarthys,or at least i would say she is,mccarthys best sparring partner,um but shes really great she was of,course in bridesmaids and in spy,and she was a great foil for mccarthy,although im glad she stayed away from,this because again i have,no respect for anybody who would be in,this now instead octavia spencer,co-stars as in a muted wallflower role,that doesnt give the talented oscar,winner nearly enough to do,to make it worth her time and you know,although i will say octavia spencer did,maintain her dignity maybe because she,seemed like she so wasnt into this,she was like im just standing here,collecting a paycheck and you were like,okay,okay octavia spencer you do what you,need to do,uh also speaking of oscar winners,melissa leos here and she has hardly,anything to do and there were certain,aspects of her character it were so,obvious,it was shocking that nobody else in the,film noticed it,until of course the script suddenly,allowed them to uh palm clementia,does at least get some cool fashions but,her role is also ridiculous and,embarrassing but i cant blame,clementioff because shes still at the,stage,of her career where she just needs to,work but the bigger names,again i dont know how why any of them,would sign on for this i mean its just,so bad,it is nice though coming off of the,snyder cut to see a titan tech company,headed up by a black woman who has a,largely black staff including her,daughter played by taylor mosby,in a very charming performance i liked,her a lot but its never explained why,the head of a multi-billion dollar tech,company,and science company would experiment on,herself,with like the only thing that she has,i mean especially when shes such an,unusual choice for a corporate sponsored,superhero program,i mean no matter how smart powerful or,successful you are if you have a big,company like this,you have shareholders and a board of,directors who have to approve these,decisions it just makes i mean,not only is she an odd candidate to be,the the company superhero,but also shes the brains so why would,they risk it if it didnt go well why,would she be the one to take the risk it,makes,i mean they they could have explained it,but the the movies so lazy they didnt,bother to,uh now not only is the film lazy but,whats also par for the course is that,it thinks big,but then acts small uh i mean like they,set up,a knockoff of the eternals with cosmic,rays,giving only psychopaths superpowers so,the basic setup of the movie which they,do at the beginning with comic book,panels because they they cant afford to,actually do it,is that cosmic rays bombard the earth,and they give some select human,superpowers but apparently what causes,you to get selected is having tendencies,to be psychopathic,uh and then normal humans just have to,deal with these individuals who are,dubbed miscreants but yet they terrorize,only chicago and despite having legit,superpowers are content with being just,local criminals,i mean again miscreants have been,supposed to have been around in this,world since the 1980s,but yet they have not changed the world,that much decades later i mean it makes,absolutely no sense,now despite that the movie does start,out okay because it has a nice emotional,hook in


even her falling all over you know,falling over [ __ ] even that doesnt have,the same,it doesnt i know i thought id never,say this even that doesnt have the same,oof that it used to from back in the day,all right hold on to your tatas bill,where you been for the last,yeah they put a whole montage together,melissa mccarthys funniest moments in,here man,thats no no you know something is funny,when somebody has to tell you that its,funny,[Music],hey everyone support our patreon which,helps us to continue bringing you our,live streams,videos and podcasts while bringing you,new content such as exclusive live,streams,and animated shorts ben falcone,some of yall still dont know the name,oh i know that you know the name some,yall know the name for those who dont,he is the husband of melissa mccarthy,man,im gonna tell you this right now they,are one of the cutest,power couples ive seen hollywood power,couples ive seen in a long time,absolutely adorable together love them,together when they take,pictures of themselves love them,together when you see them at parties,love seeing them together on the,internet together in movies,not so much thats a completely,different thing yeah,now you probably dont see him a whole,lot but hes hes the director,and shes the actor all right he acts,plenty,yeah he makes a lot of cameos yeah he,makes a lot of cameos,you know he runs from behind the camera,for a little while hey baby,run back around yeah folks,you know and i cuz listen thats his,wife,hes the director yall know how its,gonna work out im sure shes,and on some parts im you know how,listen were all married we know that in,some parts,and i aint saying it says im not,saying its a sexist thing i aint,saying its a shame him or nothing,anybody whos been married you know no,matter what you do,your wife gonna call the shots at some,point well yeah,shes much more famous than you yeah,exactly sure im sure there are moments,where,he wants to yell cut and she like dont,you dont you dare,you shut the [ __ ] up im sure that there,are points,where he wanted to edit something a,little bit shorter and shes standing,right behind but right behind him i wish,the [ __ ] you would,you know theres moments where he,probably has to let her do her thing,and thats kind of the reason why im,not always,crazy about the films you know and every,in every movie,and im sure you know its probably even,him but theres a movie where you know,the movie gotta stop for her melissa,mccarthy to fall all over some [ __ ],bounce all over the goddamn walls thats,not so bad,oh my god yeah you know you know what i,i angled a lot i did laugh at that [ __ ],dave that,[ __ ] with that one if that was that,that was a short film,it was perfect if it was just 30 seconds,of her being tossed across the [ __ ],room,this isnt so bad,i could take but when she has to keep,going,and going and going and going and going,it kind of gets on my nerves a little,bit diminishing returns diminishing,returns if you got eden return at all,sure i beg to differ a little bit,okay and as much as i dont think its,her,calling the shots and let me do this i,think its more him,worshiping her and thinking that,everything she does is funny also,hes a sloppy shitty director because,when shes in movies not directed by him,like spy and uh,and uh and can you ever forgive me yeah,shes wonderful she is,agreed yeah well like i said im not,gonna pick on the man you know what this,one might be the one they havent done,a superhero film yet maybe thats what,we need,you know i mean all this,falling all over [ __ ] and jumping all,over the place and being flung into the,walls,you know what better excuse for that,than when youre fighting a super,villain,in a superhero movie,that went better than i thought you know,it makes more sense in that context,right there,you know maybe melissa mccarthy,has been the hero that weve needed all,along well,shes the hero we deserve maybe shes,the hero deserve or maybe shes been the,same goddamn villain that weve seen for,years shes the one we dont need right,now,people were talking about thunder force,chris is just over here,man chris is i i thought chris i thought,that was you that bust with that,it wouldnt have been it i was looking,to see if he had a detonator yeah,i was just waiting okay they crossed,paths over here just looking at this,[Laughter],have a good time together god damn it,shut up i hate you,shut up stop it stop it,platform that will allow us to give,ordinary people superpowers,but do me a favor please dont touch,anything,thats immediately after she told her to,not touch anything,she it was almost like she said dont,touch anything in the moment she walked,up the room,[ __ ] that [ __ ] everybody oh you mean,dont touch anything like this,[Laughter],oh yeah that was a toilet seat in there,she would have licked that,[ __ ] you tell me what to do,it wouldnt be funny she set that up,because she knew she would yeah,yeah look at you like yeah [ __ ] thats,what you get,its the third reveal got your stupid,ass i knew it,i need a test subject dear god lydia do,you have any idea what youve done,invisibility thats awesome,thats cheap lets see what these powers,can really,man you want a superpower thatll save,on a budget turn,invisible,you just just see [ __ ] on stranger,[Laughter],weve gotta rethink this car yeah im,gonna tell you something im not trying,to be mean,im not trying to be mean at all but me,was looking at this part with the purple,lamborghini first of all ever since the,joker got a purple lamborghini mia just,loves,purple lamborghini okay i dont know why,wow ever since he made that song with,the,it was his name rick ross i think it was,like purple because she loved him but,she looked at this scene right hey hey,look it was her that said that she said,she laughed she did the this was the,genuine laugh that she got out of the,movie,weve got to rethink this she said you,know what i laugh and im not trying to,be mean but,lamborghinis are small anyway yeah so,for,two kind of plus-sized women trying to,get out of it in late text she said that,you said thats thats not hes funny,all right,i like that,im sorry thats on me,we never acknowledged the people that,she killed were there people in that bus,oh youre saying wait landon yeah yeah,we can hear the screams,yeah yeah yeah mama,mama get up,the hell are you youd think cancer but,uh capricorn actually sag moon,and all kinds of things,you know just being a superhero changing,out if you saw the trailer uh,you have octavia spencer who is a,scientist what were those,those things called they start out with,the same cheap ass comic book setup at,the same panel,what are they called miscreants,miscreants it was like on,comet landing and changed people into,villains called mystery and so now,apparently only bad people got,superpowers because,social pass so she needed to octave,spencer her parents were killed by the,miscreants so,she needed to invent a formula to change,good people and the superheroes so this,whole thing about this being a superhero,story,and of course a stupid ass best friend,takes the form theyve been working on,for years and her dumb ass gets the,powers instead of everybody else who,should have it,this kind of movie wanna make you want,to cut the [ __ ] off and go watch tick,tock or youtube,because those are shorter and funnier,you mind you when youre watching this i,mean its so,it is so bland youll start thinking,about laundry,and doing the mowing the lawn,all it is is its a collection of,melissa mccarthy improving for hours and,hours and then oh,well every other movie like every other,movie and lets like well well take,some of this of the 20 plus hours we,have of you and get it down to an hour,and a half and have octave spencer go,oh man octavius mentions a talented,woman,but they give her absolutely nothing to,do with this man you know shes just,there to react to melissa mccarthy going,dont do that oh come on thats stupid,its like jesus christ what a waste

Netflixs Thunder Force is Absolute TRASH

lydia do not throw that bus i cant hear,you because im literally,throwing up,im sorry thats on me,you ever watch a movie and theres just,nothing there,theres nothing to talk about because,like most movie reviews i do im like,okay well the plot doesnt work,heres some ways it could have worked,okay or like a comedy you go well that,joke didnt work,heres how that joke maybe could have,been better it could have been theres,nothing,here this movie is just pure stupidity,from front to back it is a superhero,movie written by somebody who i dont,think has ever watched a superhero movie,its a comedy starring two women who are,not very,funny and its a train wreck it is a big,fiery train full of orphaned children,careening off a bridge to their deaths,because there is nothing here to enjoy,and before we get into this one dont,forget to subscribe,i really appreciate everyone who,subscribes youre helping make this,channel,uh everything it can be and i deeply,appreciate and love you i love you,i love you lets get into it thunder,force,is a movie on netflix it is a netflix,exclusive oh boy,i keep saying im going to cancel my,netflix subscription,and this might be the movie that makes,me do it what is left on netflix theres,nothing,okay i just got hbo max i hate to say it,theres great stuff on there disney plus,great stuff on there netflix i got,thunder force,thats my big win for the month thats,what im paying my,did they just up the price in netflix,dont you think after you up the price,of netflix youd be like oh and by the,way we got a whole bunch of new stuff to,justify your membership,instead you throw thunder force at me,did i do that,right let me go did i do that did i,do that you know that did i,do netflix no one wanted this,now to be and i want to be clear i want,to be clear i went in this with a,very open mind im not one of these guys,who goes oh a,movie starring women a women comedian i,like a lot of women comedians,okay i even think melissa mccarthys,shes okay shes not great but,occasionally she gets put in a role,where shes a little bit funny,but this is just theres again theres,nothing here,we got to think of a team name crater,joe,uh flapjack crackers thunderforce,mangoflops did i just do it yeah,now for those of you who dont know,melissa mccarthy is married to a guy,named ben falcone,how long have you two been together,itll be 10 years this year,married or together married married 10,together,like 17. yeah together they have devised,what can only be described as the,greatest racket in hollywood history at,least,up there with some of the great rackets,of all time her husband ben falcone,he writes and directs movies starring,melissa mccarthy his wife,okay theyre like a package deal first,thing they put out was tammy,tammy do you know how i got to where i,am,sucking dick and kissing ass 24 on,rotten tomatoes budgeted 20 million,dollars how much should it make,100 million dollars 100 million,dollars on a 20 million dollar budget,well,when that happens you know what happens,uh they let you make another one doesnt,matter if the movie sucks it made money,so then we get the boss,21 even lower than tammy budget 29,million,78 million at the box office okay,theyre on a roll here,what else do we got life of the party,life of the party,somebodys mom just enrolled in college,im referring to myself life of the,party written,and produced and directed by ben falcon,starring melissa mccarthy,gross 65 million against a budget of 30.,the profits keep narrowing theyre not,getting better,but again still profitable but here we,are at thunder force thunder force,the latest the latest entry in this,great scam starring,again melissa mccarthy did i do that,octavia spencer who uh is i guess,in real life melissa mccarthys best,friend and these two are,long time friends off-screen as well,going on 25 years,again its like adam sandler he makes,movies just so his friends can get a,paycheck,david spade i heard youre having,troubles paying uh paying off your,second house or whatever your mortgage,how about i put you in this stupid movie,about two high school friends and well,well put it on netflix you get an easy,five million dollars just for showing up,you ready to get your drink on oh my god,that is not a bud like party balls i,think thats what happened here,then when we got this netflix deal,should we get a really good comedic,actress to be opposite melissa mccarthy,no let me just get my friend octavia,spencer who i hate to say it,shes not funny lets get swole and kick,some mystery and fun,that wasnt going to be anything like it,was yesterday,i meant metabolically speaking actually,the delivery method is,exactly the same,at least melissa mccarthy its a little,bit funny like she kind of feels like a,comedian,okay but octavia spencer keeps doing,these like dark depressing films about,you know black people experiencing,racism,were gonna pray for the evidence were,gonna pray for murder,we living in hell has she done comedy,because she is not funny in this movie,at,all,so how do we even talk about this movie,i guess lets talk about the plot its,about,two childhood friends octavia spencer as,a child was a very smart,child you think youre so smart always,showing off in class,say youre a dork and ill leave you,alone and melissa mccarthy as a child,was a fat,stupid lady she was a troublemaker,dont think ill hit a girl lydia,dont think a girl wont hit you wayne,now this is a universe,where theres some genetic mutation,where it,it gives people superpowers but the only,way to get the mutation is if youre,already predisposed to become a,sociopath,so the only people who get powers in,this universe are crazy evil people,and they kill octavius spencers mom and,dad,which means she dedicates her life to,becoming a genetic,engineer so she can give normal people,super powers,thats what my parents were working on a,way to turn regular people into,superheroes,it would have been cool if they could,have turned regular people into,superheroes,i mean someones got to fight against,those miscreants,im going to do that someday its a,little weird of a setup to be like oh,the only way you can get powers is if,youre already,predisposed to evil its like what,happens in the 20,30 years it takes her to grow up and,come up with,superpowers for normal people like are,all the bad guys super,people just going around causing trouble,like,how do they not take over the planet,while youre doing that or are they not,that ambitious theyre just doing petty,crime,point is the whole part with them is,kids theres no jokes or they try to,have jokes but theyre not funny,ill say grace thank you lydia thanks,lord for making such kick-ass food,if jesus was here he would crush it the,kids they got are not funny,they dont give them anything funny to,do and ultimately it just builds towards,this pointless,falling out where octavia spencer is,like i need to focus on,science and melissa mccarthys like yeah,well youd only care about science and,you dont care about our friendship you,dont understand i owe it to my parents,to be,something special and we all know im,not special,i didnt say that its fine now,which kind of tries to set up a theme of,like,you abandoned me back in the day and,then thats going to come up as a,conflict,but it ultimately goes nowhere point is,melissa mccarthy ends up being a stupid,forklift driver drinking beer whatever,else high school reunion comes up and,shes like oh,i should call up emily and i should make,her come to our,class reunion hello theres a lydia,berman here to see miss stanton,yeah she says shes here to take her to,our house im here to take her to our,high school reunion,she doesnt like to go to parties,meanwhile emily has become,you know the scientist she wanted to be,she has her own corporation everything,else,emilys like oh sorry i dont have time,to go to the thing can you wait here for,a second ill come back,oh dont touch anything uh uh while im,gone,please yeah not not even not at all,and while

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