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Tiger King 2 Netflix Series Review

i contemplated going all out for this,review i even asked my wife if i could,buy a tiger outfit she said no so here,we are what is up netflix fans welcome,back to my channel as always were,talking the brand new movie or show on,netflix and its tiger king two the,sequel where are they now or where have,they been since season one were going,to talk about a very quick turnaround,for this season,spoiler free and its documentary so,with joe exotic behind bars and carol,baskin closing in on the ownership of,his disreputable zoo the emmy nominated,saga continues its twisted course with,tiger king 2 as newfound revelations,emerge on the motivations backstories,and secrets of americas most notorious,big cat owners old enemies and frenemies,including jeff lowe tim stark alan,glover and james garrison return for,another season of murder mayhem and,madness thought you knew the whole story,just your way its fascinating because i,try to keep my hand on the pulse of,everything happening on netflix and,while we got a trailer for this and a,little bit of marketing this was not,near as heavily marketed as i thought it,should have been to capitalize on tiger,kings season one right fairly quick,turnaround its not been that long this,was like one of the first pandemic,crazes of last year and people were,raving about this show i was so,intrigued by season one its all anyone,could talk about then season two comes,around less episodes only five this time,and not a lot of time has passed so what,theyve had to do here not only are they,dealing with the fallout of how these,real-life individuals handled season one,whether that be fame or just that,celebrity status kind of moving away,from what made them who we knew from,that season or vice versa leaning more,heavily in uh to that status quo all of,those things coming back around in this,season as well as where are they now joe,exotic hes still in the same place but,we do get a little bit of dialogue from,him uh kind of talking about the fact,that he still hasnt been able to watch,uh the entire first season uh we get,that in the first episode i believe and,then the fallout of his personal life,whats happened with his husband and his,new dating life putting word out on the,internet having literal applications,being filled out to end up with joe,exotic and his determination to get out,of prison well its one that,well just have to see where he ends up,and then on the other side of things we,have carol baskin and the big topic of,conversation here still even after,season one is what happened to carol,baskins husband and the search for who,or how don lewis i dont want to get too,far into it was murdered uh takes up a,huge portion of this season while joe,exotic we continue to go back to him,every now and then hes not really the,focal point i mean how could he be the,focal point because he cant really do,or say much right now all we see of him,is that one little frame of the top of,his head,and then of course footage that weve,seen before maybe one or two snippets of,new footage in there but not really,right and then were catching up with,carol baskin the fallout of season one,how her popularity got her on something,like dancing with the stars and and we,see the individuals that arent the,biggest fans of that don lewiss family,in particular where theyre really still,struggling trying to get answers and,moving from lawyer to lawyer and group,to group just trying to find something,but theyre not trying to be as showy,about it as others are kind of taking,advantage of the situation but beyond,carol and beyond joe there are a lot,more people this time around that we,explore in season one they felt more,like you know side players to the main,story and in this season because theyre,really struggling to find new story with,the ones that id say we care most about,were highlighting the individuals that,arent joe or carol right get way more,of jeff lowe and tim stark especially,tim stark kind of you know where his,personality and just unwillingness to,comply has gotten him and then of course,jeff lowe and kind of the fallout of i,dont want to say switching sides but,going back and forth on his thoughts and,feelings and how he really is a lot of,people see him,as the one behind this or at least just,as much so as joe exotic but look where,joe exotic is and look where jeff lowe,is so uh that you know in itself is,fascinating but again there just isnt,as much story as i believe the season,wants there to be and even though yes,its shortened to five episodes,there are often moments in the season,where episodes will just kind of go off,track or dive into a theory,whether or not i believe the theory to,be true and there are multiple theories,in this season im like yep that,probably happened wont say which ones,because i dont want anyone coming after,me,but i will say you know even though i am,agreeing or disagreeing,thats really all they are we dont get,a lot of evidence we dont get a lot of,things that point us in a direction like,oh this is going to happen or this is,happening changing the landscape of,tiger king,the tiger king as we know it no its,just kind of like oh heres a theory and,heres some characters that kind of take,up you know most of the story lines here,and there but not as much that is as,interesting as season one and you know,we often see shows like this i guess,documentary series sure that come out,and theyre just not as good as season,one and whether it be the miss marketing,by netflix or just the fact that people,arent as interested anymore im not,hearing any talk surrounding this season,and i think part of that is because we,dont really have as much to go off of,and yes i like the idea of having a,quick turnaround taking advantage of the,popularity of season one but with that,you have to have enough to fill that,void and i think shortening it to five,episodes good idea this could have even,been,you know two hour movie kind of where,are they now type situation we didnt,have to spend near as much time on don,lewis as we did i would say 30 to 40,minutes you know thats good right like,catching up on these things and hearing,more theories and speculation but it,goes on for like two to three episodes,weaving in and out of that storyline and,jeff lowe and tim stark and kind of what,he was doing in the animals that were,under his care and you get a lot of,heartbreaking things with those animals,and seeing the situations that they were,put in and i do like seeing towards the,end of the show in episode five kind of,where are those animals now and what has,happened uh,to the souls that we care about but that,being said i just felt a lack of,john finley i felt a lack of rick,kirkham i felt a lack of a lot of these,people in the first season even even,josh right that were covered so heavily,that just werent even a part,of season two they werent even hit on,werent even interviewed or talked about,maybe one or two scenes for a few of,them but im like,give us if youre gonna give us,something to fill in the gaps can we at,least go back to these guys that were,super interesting well season two isnt,terrible because again im just so,fascinated by this entire situation that,its hard to not be semi-invested in,some of these story lines i felt like,these episodes were reaching to find,something,interesting when really there just isnt,as much there now when we get some sort,of revelation in this case maybe then,you come back with a film i felt as if,tiger king season two just didnt quite,reach the heights of the original before,i give you guys my score i want to say,thank you so much for watching let me,know did you enjoy tiger king season 2,and who is your favorite ice character,person involved with this entire thing,while revisiting these story lines well,have fans talking and learning more,about this madness is always fun this,season struggles to find its purpose as,a whole im going a 50,a 5 out of 10 again i didnt have the,worst time you know fi

TIGER KING 2 REVIEW | Double Toasted

this show is sponsored by betterhelp,online therapy you are your greatest,asset its time you started investing in,that visit betterhelp.com forward slash,double toasted and take care of you they,aint got [ __ ] to do joe exotic is in,jail so we aint getting no joe exotic,in this okay so if yall coming here to,see joe excited the joe exotic show that,aint what youre getting so netflix,they got some policy where everything,has to be,five episodes if you dont do a,documentary or a movie you gotta go five,episodes at least so they,theres not five episodes of material,here yall,[Music],just got back from chicago but we got,more shows coming up so you can catch us,in miami,and then the next day in orlando thats,gonna be january 20th and january 21st,and then you can see us in dallas texas,february 18th go to x1 entertainment.com,to get your tickets,but if you go below you can get tickets,for these remaining shows over here you,remember when everybody out there had,tiger king fever tiger fever,theyre all crazy,yep,yeah yeah but it didnt stop people from,falling in love with these crazy animal,people especially,joe exotic hes the one that everyone,wasnt was fascinated with everybody,want to know his stories and the crazy,circle thats surrounding him,you know sure he allegedly tried to have,a woman,murdered but he made it look fun,and hes funny,you know hes just hes got a lot of,personality right there gay redneck who,cuddles with tigers its just adorable,man,and,he also showed up just in time to save,us all from the pandemic,so hes this mans a hero,and sort of waves,and now tiger king 2 is here,to tell us just how stupid we were,when you think youve seen it all,you havent quite seen at all,you know man all right before we do this,we do have to again pay the bills around,here,and,thats why i have to let you know that,this portion of the show has been,sponsored and approved by,better help,now heres the thing with better help uh,so were talking about these tiger 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someones eyes or be around,someone you know so,again this fits a lot of different,lifestyles and personalities right here,and,youll get timely and thoughtful,responses,from those people that you need to talk,to,its free of charge to think to change,therapists if you need to,and also its more affordable than ever,to get online therapy and financial aid,is available for you,because thats the two million people,that have gone over to betterhelp.com,to help better their lives,because they made themselves happy,because they made their minds better and,i want that to be you too,so,what i want you to do is go to,betterhelp.com,forward slash double toasted,and get 10 off your first month,once again i want to thank better help,for,sponsoring this portion of the video and,also i want to thank all of you as,always,for your support you know that,all right,i just where was i i was just talking,about tiger king in there oh yeah i made,people,stupid,and guess what they didnt actually,bring they make people stupid it just,brought out the stupidity within people,and,i said it brought out the stupidity in,people oh it made people stupid no,people are still stupid and getting,worse,after looking at this thing right here,man,this made me hate people,watching this documentary right here,i watch this on the plane i just want,that plane to go down no offense to,yall man cause i know yall on the,plane too i just gave up on people at,this point though,uh let me just go ahead and say,cause this is what you want to hear is,this any good no its unnecessary they,didnt need this,there is one thing i would defend this,on though very strongly but since you,only saw one episode,what was your impression,uh my impression was similar to yours,that that people are stupid i hate,everybody involved in in this i dont,mean our cast of characters i meant all,the humans who are ancillary people,citizens the ones who are dressing up,like joe exotic oh yeah the ones calling,for his release the ones calling for,carol baskin to be arrested uh i was,like this is just a circus,over just some some dumb redneck,[ __ ] that,yall are into just because harry look,how how trash these people are i can,laugh at them and the one woman who,brings up the all the hate towards carol,baskin is based on misogyny i was like,yeah thats what ive been saying from,the beginning how you have one guy whos,convicted and they wanna they wanna let,him go but you wanna you wanna kill or,convict somebody on some flimsy evidence,nobody in that original documentary was,a reliable narrator the only thing i got,positive out of it,was maybe um maybe the 15 or 20 minutes,of it when they showed joe exotic from,his childhood to where tiger king starts,that was interesting to see how he grew,up how his brother felt about him,everything else can just be thrown away,and by the time that episode was done,and it was like and now episode two i,was like i dont give a [ __ ],i hate you all,no listen,this this thing is trying,its trying his best to get back in that,tiger king zaniness man,you know the fun times like i said back,when i,when im when i when a gay redneck,hilariously tried to have a woman,murdered man,and you know and,they got him in a cage this time and,hes like aint no no cage is going to,hold back all this tiger keen wackiness,right here,because everybody else is out there and,joe exotic is such a hes such a larger,than life character i mean who wouldnt,want more joe exotic out there,uh and you do martins right you do find,out more about his life the crazy stuff,about his life he was leading a double,life at one time when he was married to,a woman when he knew he was gay,you know and went through that anyway,and then,all the complications that came with,that,uh you know him trying to get a pardon,by trump,with this team thats out there even,trump is like i aint got time i i i i i,hate to say this its the only time it,made me even like trump the fact that he,was laughing about it hes like who is,this,when trump turns your ass down because,he this man is is famous like this he i,hate to say it but you know this is,another thing that would just get,trumps name out there and make these,stupid ass rednecks love him,and even he said nah man im good,this is dumb,even old trump im gonna get a hamburger,this is stupid i love how they had such,a a campaign his new lawyer who just,knew he was gonna win im getting this,pardon oh we got we got a good shot at,this oh yeah,and youre watching going like well i,already know it didnt happen so,yeah exactly,but,but the thing with this is that,let me see here,the thing thats scary with this is what,im talking about being stupid the thing,thats just ignorant with this,is that there are so many people out,there,so many people who who are saying yeah,man uh we we love joe exotic free joe,exotic,joe exotic is crazy and you know theyre,saying its not because,joe exotic they think that hes innocent,its because joe exotic is somebody that,they saw on tv or saw netflix and he,ma

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Top 10 Shocking Moments From Tiger King Season 2

my animal my property nobody has the,right to tell me what i can or cannot do,with my property and god himself says i,can do with and what i what i choose,welcome to watch mojo and today were,counting down our picks for the top 10,most shocking moments from season two of,tiger king hot tub will be behind it so,these people cant,you know see all the activities in the,hot tub for this list were looking at,the craziest and wildest scenes from the,second season that made our jaws drop or,had us raising our eyebrows,if you havent watched season 2 yet,consider this your spoiler alert which,scene had you in disbelief be sure to,let us know about it in the comments,number 10. chimp burial we need a,necropsy i want a barrier we arent at,liberty to show all the footage but you,know the scene a large proportion of,season twos first episode delves deep,into joe exotics past it didnt matter,what he had to do to get people to look,at him he would do it as we are all well,aware many of those who were closest to,him back then and during his days in the,park allude to his constant need and,efforts to get everyones attention,everything joe did was for the tension,this attitude was most apparent during,this episode when after the passing of a,chimp at the zoo joe made a music video,singing a rendition of a great big world,and christina aguileras hit song say,something say something im giving up on,you,he even went on to put a t-shirt on the,poor chimp the whole gesture couldnt be,more attention-seeking but talk about,bad timing then again are we really all,that surprised at this stunt considering,his history with,[Music],number funerals,jeff lowes charity fraud in the years,that ive been following him the charity,fraud might be one of the,darker sadder moments in jeff lowes,criminal history seeing how jeff lowe,was portrayed in season one it was,understandable why viewers could find,him sketchy but season two takes a dive,into his character specifically with,regards to his past business dealings to,get an idea of how he operates look no,further than coda a battered womens,shelter in south carolina jeff lowe,posed as an employee and he was able to,divert millions of dollars in donated,goods and then sell them through his,liquidation business to turn a profit,for himself,14 million dollars of donated stuff that,he turned around and sold was an ungodly,amount,jeff worked a devious plan all for the,sole purpose of making a buck oh yeah,you heard mr exotic correctly 14,million dollars his explanation to joe,by no means helps his case and in fact,makes him look worse the story he told,me was he was sentenced to a halfway,house and then he blackmailed him,he sold the people that were working in,the halfway house stolen watches and tvs,and stuff like that and got released,from the halfway house because he got,everybody in trouble peta representative,brittany pete summed low up best so,jeff has a history of thinking that he,can get away with things,and unfortunately being right number,eight swat team entering tim starks,property hello,whats up jim im coming in,for you you know me were gonna have,some problems they knew all right his,refusal to leave the property isnt,surprising nor is his confrontation with,the media outside of his property the,truth is is that all of these,allegations that have been put forward,its been two hours with you i told you,about every single allegation you didnt,deny any of them but what truly has us,in awe are the number of swat officers,and cars that arrive at the property,while seeing it unfold is astounding in,and of itself it ultimately serves as,another indicator of the situations,gravity but even with all that stark,still decides to cover his tracks and go,on the run although he is eventually,caught and sent to prison seeing,authority seize all his animals felt,like the true end to starks negligence,towards animals,number seven code 69. go for red code,69. everyone is familiar with jeff,lowes womanizing he along with his wife,lauren are never secretive when,discussing their fondness for having,interactions with other female,companions this is once again on full,display in season 2 with code 69 a code,name that employees would say on their,radio device to notify others if an,attractive customer entered the zoo um,code69 hey theres some bait that just,walked in the zoo basically basically i,am the one that picks out the cute girls,you would never know she just walks up,and she gets who she wants jeff and,lauren featuring a special guest sarah,nicole openly boasted about their,activities with women at the zoo person,was almost nameless yeah there was no,like relationship bond there was no like,oh this is another girlfriend coming in,it was like thats our toy the fact that,it all takes place at the zoo is even,more outrageous we dont know whats,more shocking their attitude or the,scheme itself they would show up from,the back of their house a beautiful,woman would be walking in,and walk past with jeff and lauren low,and theyd be gone,code69 number six the chicken container,yeah when you guys go down there youll,see the yellow okay and the outhouse,there okay its a its a,its a chicken container its not,surprising to see that family and former,colleagues are hard at work trying to,find don lewis but what is astonishing,are the people they enlist to help them,uncover the truth sure john phillips,loves the media attention and the fact,that they turned to a youtube conspiracy,theorist like ripper says enough but,then theres troy griffin a,self-described psychic detective troy,claims to use his gift to solve murders,im natural ive never trained for this,i fell into this by meeting somebody in,the gift shops but to us it seems as,though his true gift is to be dramatic,if his reaction to being present in the,supposed place where dawn was killed,wasnt enough then look no further than,the very next scene with the chicken,container did you guys notice ive been,talking about chicken all day,do you notice whats laying on the,ground there,back there,can you go back take a look by the,porta potty,did you see it no i did not,is there a chicken,theres the container that i eat,its a chicken,its pretty self-explanatory but all we,can say is that we cant wait to see,what clues he uncovers next,number 5. sue okay so whos sue,sue whos sue,oh sue is tims pseudonym oh sure,weve all heard of people who claim to,have an alter ego but this was just,beyond nuts where is sue in this is,there in you,is the part that everybody loves i love,sue i hate tim stark you know because,tim stark has turned in to a,very rude very defensive you know,[ __ ] in all reality as we learn more,about tim stark he reveals that he has,an alter ego going by the name sue,coined by his father who was inspired by,the johnny cash song according to stark,sue is essentially a representation of,his good side despite being given,somewhat of an explanation we still,dont really understand what a drawing,of jesus has to do with it or any of the,logic behind the name itself sue is the,good part in me,my wife married sue she just didnt know,it tim stark may have caused a lot of,problems in my life,but thats not who i am sure dude,whatever lets you sleep at night number,four kenny farr and the guns big cats,kenny interview take one marker,after lawyer john phillips and the,youtuber ripper set up a hotline for,anybody with insight on don lewiss,disappearance they received an eyebrow,raising tip from his former housekeeper,sandra whitcop i suspect that,carols,dad and kenny fire,had something to do with dons murder,it points to a former associate kenny,farr soon after hes interviewed by the,tiger king production crew discussing a,possible lead on the don lewis case in,which farr was in possession of several,guns near the time of the formers,disappearance hes asked a question and,answers,not carol,no carol only to change his answer again,who traded you the gods don traded me,the guns his hesitation and change in,r

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Tiger King REVIEW – Half Spoilers

Im late to this party, however,Tiger King is STILL the number one watched anything,on Netflix two weeks and counting!

Tiger King 2 (2021) Netflix Documentary Review

so in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic,with many places under stay at home,orders netflix brought us the awesome,spectacle that was tiger king it took,the world by storm and it became a crazy,entry into pop culture now season two,has just now been released but does it,capture the charismatic zaniness of that,first season,[Music],so season two continues to follow the,antics of all that were involved in what,became the downfall and incarceration of,joe exotic i started watching this new,season early in the morning and episode,1 just had way too much donald trump,that was necessary to start off the day,the first episode does help to set the,stage for the mindsets and motivations,of the people that believe joe exotic is,innocent and how they tried to use,political power to free him it also lets,you know kind of what the tone for the,whole thing will be and were pretty,much guaranteed right from the start,that this is going to be an insane dive,into conspiracies greed and of course,madness so if youre looking for more,joe exotic we dont have a lot since,hes still in jail so there are some,short comments inserted here and there,throughout the documentary theres a lot,of time spent with the players that,surrounded joe exotic though theres a,focus on carol baskin and the,investigation surrounding the,disappearance of her former husband and,we have this story arc call it that that,follows jeff lowe and then there are,portions with some of the players that,were intertwined between jeff and joe,like tim stark and that dude,is a whack job like none other but the,kooky thing is that i cant tell if hes,actually unhinged or if hes playing up,some persona for the camera now the,subjects are mostly larger than life and,it feels through a bunch of this that,because of how explosively popular the,first season was these people are now,playing to the audience in an effort to,garner more attention and then up their,social profile i mean negative publicity,is still publicity so many of these,appear to believe that the only way to,stay relevant in the discussion is to be,outlandish and i think they accomplish,that really effectively the story i mean,i guess you can call it a story is,convoluted in the sense i was never,truly sure where this was headed i was,horrified and entranced though but i did,feel like he needed a shower after i,guess there is kind of an underlying,storyline that follows joes case of,murder for hire against carol baskin but,i think a lot of that gets pushed to the,sidelines as the ridiculous characters,jockey to be the center of the narrative,now if youre into conspiracy theories,youll probably feel right at home with,some of the subjects of this they are so,wrapped up in their own twisted tales,believing that everybody is against them,and conspiring to make them fail now,this is a pretty quick binge at only,five episodes and each of those are,about 40 minutes long they went by,really quickly but they dont feel 100,cohesive like i mentioned the,storytelling is a little convoluted but,by the end i think an understandable,tale has been woven for us there are,some short interviews with some of the,normal people from the first season and,i call them normal just in the fact that,they didnt come across like attention,hounds i mean these were people who,appeared that they really did care for,the animals theres also an interview of,one character who became way more,sympathetic than i could have imagined,the dude is still a bad guy but he was,attempting to regain integrity at least,in how all of this was edited together,so while the first season of this,documentary was filled with entertaining,antics and over-the-top personalities in,this second season we get way more,mudslinging in what seems to be a,competition to see who can be the,biggest a-hole there are very few people,featured in this where you can feel any,good sense of sympathy or connection but,there are a couple the majority of the,time though its just a disgusting,display of hubris thats turned up to,11. and i know that part of the draw of,the first was the train wreck of people,involved but this season has a different,tone to the execution and while im not,sure second season was ever something,the filmmakers had anticipated it does,feel like theyre teeing up something,for the future and while this is,entertaining ultimately this is a more,sad and depressing entry into the tiger,king saga so you may want to watch,something a bit cheerier afterwards,theres no sex a little bit of nudity an,amazing amount of profanity and not,really any violence but there are images,of animals in distress which is pretty,terrible but its also not exploitative,i do recommend checking out tiger king 2,especially if you have been chomping at,the bit for more of the big cat world,were you a fan of the first season have,you been looking forward to this one id,love to hear your thoughts on everything,that they uncover in this one in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me ill see you around all,you cool cats and kittens

Tiger King Season 2 Review

welcome back to my channel everybody my name  is trace if this is your first time here  ,hit that subscribe button down below i really  appreciate it if this is not your first time here  ,well then welcome back today im talking about  can you believe it im gonna say the words  ,tiger king season two i didnt think that season  two was necessary i didnt think that it was  ,something we were going to get but i guess when  you look at the numbers of what the first one did  ,everyone stuck inside at home it kind of captured  audiences right away people were drawn to these  ,obscured ridiculous loud characters so yeah they  wanted to explore again and kind of try and dive  ,deeper into what we already know about the history  and pull some more videos of uh stuff that we  ,havent seen before and kind of waste everybodys  time so going into this i was a little bit i was  ,trying to be optimistic you know i did have fun  with the first tiger king as did a lot of people  ,and you know i thought that i could have fun again  but it just wasnt able to capture that same magic  ,that the first one did i think the first one just  everyone was bored inside and it kind of just  ,was something for everyone to talk about  every couple months it seems like theres just  ,a tv show that everyone talks about whether it  be the queens gambit or squid game or tiger king  ,those are on netflix shows i didnt mean to just  name off netflix shows but you get what i mean  ,every couple months theres that one  shining bright light of tv show that like  ,everyone has to watch everyones talking about  and squid games kind of died out a little bit so  ,so netflix was probably thinking okay  this is it the first one was huge  ,and there just wasnt any hype there wasnt any  build up i feel like people kind of dont know  ,that tiger king season two is coming out or is  already out and i cant really blame anybody for  ,not knowing that this is out because netflix  did a terrible job marketing season two you  ,would think that they would market it more since  season one was so big but this is something that  ,is a waste of time you dont need to watch season  two i woke up extra early to watch it and i wish  ,i stayed in bed honestly the first episode was a  little bit promising they gave a little bit more  ,of a backstory well im saying backstory like this  is a fictional character but joe exotic he may as  ,well be a fictional character but they do give  more of his life backstory in the first episode  ,so that right there that was interesting ill  give ill give them that that was actually pretty  ,interesting because like who is the man behind joe  exotic this gay cowboy gun toting at some points  ,psychopathic man so you learn that he grew up on a  farm he has brothers his brother doesnt like him  ,either apparently and uh so that was actually  a little bit interesting to be honest and then  ,the police work so they mentioned for like one  moment in the first season that he worked with  ,the police blah blah blah and and then in this  one they go more into that that was interesting  ,that was pretty cool but then it just it gets  off the rails and i think that they had like  ,an identity problem with this second season of  what they exactly wanted it to be at least with  ,the first one it was wacky and crazy and it was  able to entertain us and we were able to learn  ,about these big cat parks that we probably didnt  really know a lot of the back end stuff going on  ,and in this one they made it more of like a cold  case detective file uh whodunit type thing and it  ,just didnt really work and i know that they they  did they sprinkled some of that into the first one  ,of like the detective who done it mystery drama  thing and that was okay sprinkled in in the first  ,one a little bit because then the first season  you still had all the other entertaining stuff  ,going on this one was just four episodes of  a mystery that i really didnt care about  ,that just dragged on too long the first season of  tiger king this is weird to say but it did have  ,some sort of connected story for the audience  to follow it was very loose and sometimes the  ,straight path led to different side roads but  in the second season there was no connective  ,story going on everything was just thrown at you  and they would go from one episode focusing on  ,one persons life and backstory and then the  next episode that had nothing to do with that  ,person just okay well they know who this person  is from the first season of tiger king so lets  ,give them a whole episode of a backstory and see  what happens it made it very clear to me in the  ,end of the first episode the beginning of the  second episode that this was just a pure cash  ,grab i was just starting to get embarrassed by  watching it the tiger king craze is over please  ,please dont do any more tiger king stuff um  like ever you had something special with the  ,first season honestly you should just  left it at that because this was just  ,this was bad and this is weird to say for  a documentary because usually im used to  ,reviewing movies and sometimes tv shows and a  documentary is just a whole different animal but  ,five but five episodes was four and a half  episodes too long those are my quick thoughts  ,on season two of tiger king if you like this  video dont forget to hit that subscribe button  ,down below and before i go thats a big pile of  [ __ ] nice power [ __ ] that hurts up bunsen

Tiger King Season 2 Review

tiger king a show that had a big name,and realistically rounded itself off,quite nicely at the end of season one,however season two a season that nobody,was realistically calling out for,it was commissioned and was released a,few days ago we were given a five,episode long season picking up from the,end of joe exotic being thrown in jail,so,was a season two needed and is it worth,watching well lets find out,before i go ahead make sure you go over,to my twitter at framepilot underscore,and tweet me what show or movie youd,like me to review next,so without further ado im brainpilot,and here is a review of tiger king,season 2. just to let you know this,video will contain spoilers so watch,with caution well where to begin,i was interested to see where season 2,of the show was going to pick up from,and realistically if there was any real,updates that warranted a 5 hour series,in short the answer is basically no,the entire first episode of the show was,centered around joe exotics campaign,hoping to be pardoned by president trump,i feel this was something that we,already knew and was in the news and,across social media platforms for a long,period of time after the show was,released and whilst all of this was,happening in real time id say most,people knew the outcome of the campaign,and that joe most definitely didnt get,pardoned by trump so for me and i,imagine many others it felt like one,hour of the show was wasted this then,led on to the next episode in the season,which was centered around the,disappearance of don,this is actually an element of the show,that i did find interesting but i found,realistically during this episode i,didnt feel like i was watching an,episode of tiger king i might as well,have been watching an episode of fbi,case files carol baskin wasnt really in,it that much,and we focused on the family of don,which we rightfully should have done but,tying into the overarching theme of the,season there was no real update in the,disappearance of don no new evidence,that pointed the finger of blame to,carol,and no new information that brought in a,new suspect,we delved deeper into the life of don,and the activity prior to his,disappearance but i feel that is because,this time around the creators decided to,dedicate a whole episode to this subject,matter after the first couple of,episodes were out the way we started to,get to the tigers,this is when we start to see the main,focus of this season jeff and tim,the two current exotic pet owners that,have a lot of publicity around their,name and also controversy,with jeff we saw the update of the fact,that he was briefly working with tim but,also that hes now changed his story and,the information that he told the police,about joe and that hes now part of the,free joe campaign both himself and the,hit man that were hired they were,claiming government corruption and they,just went along with it,it seems a strange one as to how this,even happened but it built a strong part,of the narrative in the final third of,the show tim stark however was painted,in a light that highlighted him as an,animal abuser and somebody who does,whatever he wants to animals because,theyre his property and he can do what,he likes,i found the narrative around tim stark,most probably the most interesting part,of this season of the show he was,essentially the joe exotic this time,around and was being convicted of animal,abuse we saw the demise of his zoo his,animals and also his freedom he went on,the run but was ultimately caught,leading us to seeing him on trial right,at the end i would say that those three,elements made up tiger king too they had,joe exotic loosely involved by being,interviewed from prison and giving his,thoughts and opinions on jeff and tim,but other than that it was heavily,revolving around the other two,if im being honest when watching season,2 it didnt really feel like it should,have been layered underneath the tiger,king umbrella and realistically i feel,thats probably the only reason as to,why it got commissioned again there were,no real updates that felt worthy of,notifying people of joe exotic is still,behind bars and there was no new,information on don and jeff and tim,seemed like they were still behaving in,the exact same way as they were before,personally i dont think that there will,be a season 3 of the show i believe that,there should only be a third season of,the show if joe somehow manages to get,out of prison and even then just give us,an interview style format i found the,season gripping in the sense that i was,intrigued to see if tim stark was going,to get caught or if any information was,going to come out about don but,ultimately deep down i couldnt help but,think if anything had been released i,would have just seen it on twitter it,made an okay few hours but i wouldnt,say that it gives you the insight,excitement or shock factor that the,first season gives you youre not,missing much if you dont watch it,so there you have it what i thought of,season two of tiger king,what did you think leave a comment down,below and dont forget to subscribe ill,see you next time,[Music],you

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