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Why The Time Travelers Wife Was Canceled After Season 1 | HBO cancels The Time Travelers Wife

The Time Travelers Wife was canceled by  HBO after season 1. In this video We will  ,discuss the potential reasons behind why  the six-episode series run was cut short.,Television is a tough business. Any show —  regardless of which network or streaming service  ,its airing — could be canceled at any point.  Such was the case with The Time Traveler’s Wife  ,starring Theo James and Game of Thrones alum Rose  Leslie. The six-episode series ended with Clare  ,and Henry’s wedding, but it turns out audiences  won’t get to see where the HBO series goes next.,The Time Traveler’s Wife was created by  Steven Moffat (whose Doctor Who stories were  ,influenced by author Audrey Niffeneggers  novel). Based on the novel by Audrey  ,Niffenegger (which was previously adapted into a  film starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana), the  ,series followed Clare and Henry’s love story,  which was mired in complications related to  ,time travel. While Moffat had plans to continue  telling Clare and Henry’s story beyond one season,  ,and there was enough book material to do so,  the execs at HBO decided The Time Traveler’s  ,Wife was not worth renewing. However, there  was no specific reason attributed to the  ,series’ early demise and a statement released  from HBO only thanked Moffat and the cast for  ,their work on the show, which initially  seemed like it would play as a miniseries.,There are many potential reasons why HBO canceled  The Time Traveler’s Wife. The series received  ,mostly negative reviews, with an aggregated Rotten  Tomatoes score of 38% from 39 critics. This likely  ,didn’t help the show, with some reviewers  critiquing Henry’s time traveling grooming  ,Clare from a very young age despite not being  able to control it (which was addressed in the  ,series). However, online audiences largely felt  differently, giving it a score of 85% from 286  ,Rotten Tomatoes users. On the ratings side, The  Time Traveler’s Wife premiered to 294,000 viewers.  ,The ratings dropped over its six-episode run, but  the series maintained a 223,000 overall viewer  ,average and 0.03 in the 18-49 demo. Compared  to other HBO series — like The White Lotus,  ,Euphoria, and The Gilded Age, which premiered  to more than 400,000 viewers that increased over  ,the course of its first season — The Time  Traveler’s Wife was behind in the ratings.,That said, HBO hasn’t always relied  on high ratings to keep shows around,  ,especially since they don’t have to worry about  ads. But while it was the most streamed HBO series  ,for the month of June, it’s possible The Time  Traveler’s Wife wasn’t marketed enough to gain  ,enough traction or buzz to draw enough people to  the show. Although many seemed to enjoy the series  ,overall, some viewers felt there was little  chemistry between Theo James and Rose Leslie,  ,which is a requirement to carry the  narrative built around their relationship.  ,The story was also such that  some were surprised it wasn’t  ,a mini-series to begin with and it can  be argued it didn’t need more seasons.,HBO is no stranger to canceling shows after just  one season (though it remains a rarity). Sometimes  ,its due to absurdly high production costs, which  wasnt the case for The Time Traveler’s Wife,  ,and so it seems the shows demise was was  probably a combination of low viewership,  ,storytelling, and overall poor critical reception.  Whatever the case, HBO execs and spokesperson did  ,not give a concrete reason for why The Time  Traveler’s Wife was canceled, which leaves  ,viewers to speculate about the reasons until more  information is hopefully given down the line.

The Time Travelers Wife Series Review – HBO Original Season 1

[Music],and welcome back to the ruby tuesday my,name is ruben and this is my review for,the time travelers wife hbo series,let me know if youve watched the movie,that came out quite a few years ago or,read the book were you excited to see,this but for now lets jump in the time,travelers wife tells the intricate love,story of claire and henry and a marriage,with a problem time travel so our two,main protagonists are acted by rosie,leslie who plays claire and theo james,who plays henry,and,i actually quite like the movie im a,big fan of the film i think it does a,good job to showcase the issues that,would have and i was unsure that we,needed a series i thought it was weird,we have stephen muffet as the writer who,a lot will know from,uh the doctor who series and many others,uh an incredible creative and so i was,intrigued because i really like rose,leslie i think she was fantastic in game,of thrones and theo james i think hes,got great presence so these two and hbo,and steven moffat were like okay,lets check this out and i have to say i,was riveted from the beginning to the,end the only thing that i find,thats a negativity towards us is i,thought this was going to be a limited,series just six episodes one done no,need to draw it out any longer,unfortunately it does look like there is,another series coming it hasnt been,green lit yet but definitely didnt have,the story complete there was a lot of,things there is a story they reach a,point up into the story um but theres a,lot left thats,not being explained uh which was,somewhat frustrating so if we dont ever,get a second season it wont be like,disastrous but there will be a lot of,questions which is disappointing,never mind that though because the story,itself the way it goes straight into,time travel gives us a lot more about,kind of the law behind the henry,character,what he experiences as the time traveler,so though its a story about the time,travelers wife and we get to see it,from hers perspective a lot as well,there is a lot like how he experiences,what happens to him he arrives at,different locations naked he needs to,learn to fight to steal to escape to run,and so all of that it plays for a very,interesting story so as we start seeing,their love fate says you are going to be,married how do you fight against that,and so its interesting seeing the,relationship dynamics as we follow the,time traveler through the different,periods and what draws him to different,time periods as well why does he keep,going to certain periods and he has no,control of it so rather than it being a,superpower it is something thats wrong,with you you have no control of it,imagine it being in the car and driving,and suddenly you know disappear theres,certain things he cant do as a time,traveler so they explore that which i,think is very interesting way to go it,has acted phenomenally you totally,believe that these two are in love,especially with the different,incarnations of the age variants,and then you totally believe like,theyre going through what theyre going,through one of the things i really liked,about this area is that i dont keep it,a secret just between them there are,some other people that know about,henrys abilities which makes it,interesting to see how people react to,that i thought that was a lot of fun um,that always used to annoy me about uh,series like smallville and flash you,know those sort of when the super,powered beans where they just wouldnt,tell anybody it would make a lot more,sense to tell a couple to help and,sometimes would be seasons and seasons,before that character that you wanted to,know something know something here they,get to know the people that need to know,know and so it does change the dynamic,of what the couples or what the,characters are going through what the,best friends are going through how do,you have a best friend that is a time,traveler that sort of thing i think,plays more than they did in the film so,in the film they only really were able,to,look at,the drama that theyre that would create,here it really goes around that about uh,henrys parents things like that the,history behind it even though the,episodes are like an hour long,or just under you find that you just,clicking over to the next one because,you kind of want to know whats going to,happen next so when you get to the end i,can understand if you were frustrated,like me i believe hbo are dropping,episode by episode but weve been given,the green light to review the whole lot,im not going to do any episodes,spoilers in individual i think ive kept,it pretty,superficial around the edges without,giving like this is what happens in that,episode lets talk about that because i,want you guys to go,into it fresh even if youve watched the,movie i think youll enjoy this because,theres a lot of things here that they,go into that they didnt go into in the,film it feels like a totally separate,thing which i think is nice and the,acting is phenomenal let me know your,thoughts down below,if youve seen the series,how much or read the book what do you,prefer like serious movie,uh,film,book which is your favorite thanks so,much for watching im gonna give this,four out of five nicholas cages thanks,so much for watching but most of until,next time remember live long tuesday,[Music],you

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The Cast of The Time Travelers Wife Plays How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star? | Marie Claire

very very strange and surreal,very hot and heavy as you can imagine,theres so much chemistry,hi im theo james hello im rose leslie,and we are here to play how well do you,know your co-star with marie claire rose,my dad,has,italian heritage okay dutch heritage or,greek characters im gonna go straight,away with,greek yes sir i know you said well,that was an easy one,but i needed it i needed an easy one oh,okay,okay so my first question is how exactly,do i like my coffee you like your coffee,uh you like a latte with oat extra hot,very good see i was going to try and,slip you out with the extra hot but you,need that i knew it well done lots,of buying coffee but also i bought,coffee where,you it hasnt been extra hard or and it,hasnt you know no and ive run to a,microwave,ive thrown it back in your face because,its tepid and i knew it wouldnt hurt,exactly once you got a parasite in,either my foot my,brain or my bum,i,i know its okay so,straight away im going to say foot,yes i listened,amazing yeah i got a parasite on my foot,yeah when i was at,about 20. i think maybe i took this or,any at night it would um,it would be dormant in the day and at,night it would like wriggle basically so,at night i could feel this thing moving,on my leg,horrible,okay so what was the first restaurant,that you asked myself and kit to book,you into,but,i find it funny,i cant remember,but i thought youre gonna find it funny,with the fact that i cant yeah because,today,because today,im sorry okay sorry sorry um i remember,it was the uh the thing is i cant,remember the name nor can i because my,point is more the joke rather than a,genuine video,i i actually dont even know the answer,either it was called the sky lounge or,something oh god that makes it terrible,do i get no hangover do i get like a,medium hangover or do i get,terrible hangovers,im gonna go for the fact that were now,in our 30s mid to late its going to be,terrible,yeah yeah,in our 20s it wasnt so bad,remember why we could then vomit in the,night like the two days later ill be,like farm ive seen i dont know,no i just thought its because when we,are in our 30s it hurts more yeah and,im old and we are old,so you know how i always bore on about,my family,what in the pecking order,whereabouts do i come,you have uh four other siblings yes very,true and you are,slapping in the middle yeah,older too very good okay so bonus,do i have,two older sisters and two younger,brothers or do i have a mix of both,do you have a mix of both do you have a,younger brother and sister yeah very,good very good and then you have an old,brother who lives in scotland aye and,you have an older sister that lives in,france boom,ah i dont think well know this no what,is what was what was yours and what was,my first acting credits so i um,so mine was called youre never gonna,know this mine was called newtown,and did you tell me about that did i,tell you what was your first job so its,my first job and we shot up in edinburgh,and i remember being put up in a hotel,and i couldnt believe the fact that i,was being put up in a hotel thats cool,i couldnt believe it and its free and,it was free we shot the pilot and it was,so good it never got made,mine uh,was a tiny part in a film called red,tails no i wouldnt have known that yeah,i mean,no one but,no one knows actually because,it was so good that i never made the,movie,so i wasnt even in the movie way back,when in 2011,um theo and i were both cast in downton,abbey in the first series of downton,abbey you for the whole thing me,fleeting and i remember this man i,remember him very well,and you not so much i dont remember the,interaction i was very nervous i must,have been but wait would you remember,where it was um it would have been a,high clear but just like outside,okay yeah it was a surreal one because,obviously we were coming to the end of,2020,and it was over face time so it was the,first time that ive ever done a,chemistry read,um through a kind of webcam,very very strange and surreal,very hot and heavy as you can imagine,theres so much chemistry,in the audition im so you know im so,so nervous and wanted to make sure that,i could remember my lines that i wasnt,really kind of in it i was more,concerned about hopefully being able to,nab the job and so actually during the,rehearsal process,um,seeing theo and recognizing that just,just how,awesome he was going to be as henry at,different stages of this character and,that then informing me,on how i wish to portray claire,and it was um it was all kind of like i,never told you this but it was all going,on in my head but i was excited i was,really excited to be able to work,opposite theo once we began rehearsing,and getting a feel of how the other work,these these,auditions,one of the multiple scenes that we did,is um,roses character and kind of looking,back on the relationship essentially and,shes got a big monologue and that,enabled me to i didnt have to do much,in that scene so i enabled me to really,see what she was doing and what she was,bringing to the character and i ever,since i saw that i was like okay well,just now it has to be her thanks very,much for watching uh you can watch the,time travelers wife now,on hbo,max and make sure that you subscribe to,marie claire,[Music],you

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The Time Travelers Wife Season 2 Release Date | Plot & What To Expect

season two of the time travelers wife,seems inescapable after the first,seasons success despite the fact that,the show has yet to be renewed the time,travelers wife based on audrey,niffeneggers best-selling debut novel,is as much a story of fate as it is,about love free will is essentially,ruled out in the time travelers wife,hypothesis of time travel theres a,sense that neither henry nor claire,really selected each other but rather,accepted the concept that they were,meant to be together,the time travelers wife written and,directed by former doctor who shore,under stephen moffat for hbo has divided,critics and audiences as seen by the,shows current critic score of 39 versus,an audience score of 83 percent on,review aggregation site rotten tomatoes,the reviewers have been unable to see,past the shows faulty basic notion,while the audience is just enjoying the,ride,despite the negative reviews hbo appears,to have had a successful season,the time travelers wife was intended to,be a limited series at first,however with trailers promoting episode,six as the end of the season rather than,the series and a lot of setup for the,future this no longer appears to be the,case,season two of the time travelers wife,is almost certain to happen now heres,everything we know about it thus far,season one of the time travelers wife,is very accurate to the book but it only,finishes on henry and claires wedding,day around midway through the plot the,large portion of episode 6 is set up,pointing to their future together,including their desperate attempts to,conceive a child hbo has yet to confirm,that the time travelers wife will be,renewed for a second season but its,only a matter of time before they do,henry traveled to the future in episode,six of the time travelers wife when he,learned that their relationship would be,difficult because time travel is a,dominant gene henry passes it on to his,children and unfortunately any fetus in,claires womb tends to jump out of it as,well,because henrys future self is seen on,the phone with a man named david the,cast of the time travelers wife will,undoubtedly grow,this is most likely dr david kendrick a,scientist who examines henrys ailment,and assists them in the book,meanwhile a tiny scene with a girl,encircled by light henry and claires,daughter alba was included in the season,1 finale the time travelers wife season,2 should end on a note of hope even if,henry is right to believe he wont live,for long,the time travelers wife season two will,be able to pick up where the first,season left off with significant,supporting characters only being,introduced in episode four tragic events,will continue to hound the de tamble and,absure families one of which may be a,significant deviation from the book,in the same way that episode 4 set up,ingrids death dialogue in episode 6,predicted henrys fathers death this is,a significant divergence from the book,in which richard de tamble outlives his,son and finds happiness while teaching,his musical prodigy granddaughter season,one began filming in may 2021 and ended,in october of same year if the time,travelers wife season two moves at the,same pace as the first the program will,be completed in roughly six months which,means it wont debut until next year hbo,will undoubtedly evaluate the time,travelers wife season 1 success before,deciding whether to keep it in the same,may june schedule or transfer it to a,position where they believe it will,perform even better however if season 2,is approved shortly it will most likely,premiere on hbo in early summer 2023

The Time Travelers Wife Episode 6 Recap & Review

hey whats going on everyone and welcome,back to another episode of just my,opinion thank you so much for tuning in,we really do appreciate it for our time,travelers wife,recap in review for episode six were,gonna get into it as his wedding with,claire approaches and increasingly,stress henry finds unexpected solace in,his estranged father you know tara to be,honest with you thats the first time i,read the synopsis and its kind of weird,to me but were going to talk about it,guys its me b avery its ty right here,with struggle reviews tv how you doing,man i am good how are you im good im,good you know we just did uh our recount,for p valley and when i asked you how,you was doing you had much more,enthusiasm than you did right here,so you may not be that excited to talk,about this episode we dont may not have,to talk about it anymore this is i think,this is the season finale right here,guys were gonna spoil it up down lift,right in and out as if youve already,seen it so you have been warned and if,you love what we have to say you can,follow both of us on social media,handles on the screen her information is,in the description box of this video and,like always she is on my channel tab,second row right there in the middle and,this is what her channel looks like,lets all help her reach,1 million subscribers,[Music],but tara,uh we have the last episode and i really,did like episode one uh i think i really,liked episode two and things were that,was going up that was going down,there were some things that i liked,about this show some that i thought that,was completely inappropriate and weird,and just brought me the wrong way,some characters i like like henry,i cant stand ramos not ramos gomez,gomez i cant god hes so weird,this last episode um,it was longer it was the longest episode,but,i i have to say if somebody were to ask,me brandon should i watch the time,travelers wife would i recommend it yes,and no,i will probably say no i will i will,probably say no its,not a horrible show,but this last episode was really the,icing on the cake it was just kind of,all over the place,for me at least um,i like some of the ideas and the themes,that they presented but just the,execution of it all um,just,doesnt really ground my gears,in a good way,you may feel different you may change my,mind when i hear you break it down you,know your your assessment of this,episode but let me know what you thought,about this im curious did you like it,that you hate it are you somewhere in,between,let us know maam,im in between this episode was,exhausting,okay okay i was like damn because i kept,i had to catch myself because i was like,you know whatever maybe next i was like,oh there is no next this is literally it,until you know we maybe get another,season,like it just it didnt leave me wanting,more i just,i was a little over it and i was just so,disappointed because the show started,though weird,it started off so well and it was really,intriguing and it seems like once we got,past like maybe episode three or four it,just kind of started to go astray and,its just like with this one,its like in this type of show how could,you ever just have jump the shark ass,moments but there were moments here,where i was like,yeah,one of the things that really bothered,me is,the aging of henry,i thought they did a horrible job for,that i dont know what the budget was,for this,but it was one this was awful uh this,dude dont look 42 years old [ __ ] he,looks 62.,i like im im thinking of myself what,what is,i i i was i was really bothered by this,this that was trash,no i legit watched that same part like,at least three times because i thought,my eyes were deceiving me and maybe i,didnt catch any something in the moment,for i was like something has to be wrong,here or maybe they was calculated and,maybe somebody made a mistake because,harry is clearly not 42 here yeah,i mean,we still at 42. so we know,thats not him,no,what are they yeah that was awful,that was awful awful i was i didnt want,to watch it anymore you know i was like,god,this is a chore you know,im not trying to you know just throw,out hyperbole and and all that but i,mean we saw him at 41.,he had shorter hair it it,that this was trash remember he he was,george clooney didnt he was still a,gorgeous clooney older sexy man and now,we just have this where he,he looks like hes unwell hes clearly,like a whole lot older i was like did,something drastic happen that im,guessing we would get eventually later,because this is definitely not the 42,year old henry that we know yeah and i,dont know how long this video is going,to be it may be 10 minutes long we may,just not want to talk about it anymore,im just being honest with you but it,made it worse that we got this and hes,still grooming the 14 year old,first of all that is just,we already talked about how weird that,is second i just hate to see her face,like this so innocent,you know being consumed by this this,grown ass grandpa right here that thats,just not,its just giving it its just rubbing me,the wrong way anyway yall can let us,know what you think about that,um something else that was weird to me,is,them shoes,[Laughter],okay i didnt even think of that but uh,i mean it was so much i forgot about it,to be honest with you why yeah why the,heck that do you want the shoes no more,well no i uh i remember,last time when we were trying to figure,out them recording and who he was,talking to i believe we discussed henry,looking like he was in a wheelchair,and i thought i feel like we we saw a,wheelchair throughout this episode a,couple of times so it was just like well,no i dont want any shoes i cant,actually walk anymore and im thinking,that has something to do with the,injuries or maybe something from him,getting hurt or getting shot or whatever,happens to transpire to hurt him but i,dont think he can walk anymore at that,point yeah okay i got you i got you uh,again this is just im thinking this,right now i think we spoke about this in,episode three or four i cant remember,how they just throwing stuff,at the wall letting the stick it was too,much because i still dont know,like,we can jump around these images are dark,so i made out of it be able to pull them,up,but this dude was teleporting his ass,off at the end,i dont know if that was because he was,stressed because of the wedding or a,combination with the super drug that he,took,you know or or i i dont know and,another thing is,at the very beginning i dont like the,explanation of him saying that he does,not like video uh that just,you know it was interesting i i i was,wanting something to pop at the end so i,did not think they did a good job of,that circling back around,and,then,did he die,or was claire just said when we saw her,in the future was she sad because he,died or was she sad because she couldnt,have,she couldnt get pregnant and then yeah,im jumping all around i dont know well,well go ahead before i say the video,thing i believe that tied into the,situation with his dad and him being an,alcoholic and just you know,diving into that video constantly,missing the mom which is why you know,hey i im not interested in the video,aspect,and then i believe we saw one scene,where he actually died because he does,admit in this episode like i dont make,it all the way to the end i do die so,you know wasnt worth it in the whole,marriage thing,but i think it was different times of,course when he dies her and gomez appear,to be much older and then when uh,the miscarriages happen of course its,younger versions of them,um i dont buy that as far as the video,part i just dont i dont like that,explanation uh this may sound a little,weird but im gonna ask you anyway,um,because i said this this whole show has,a lot to deal with death,me personally i really cant answer this,question because i havent experienced,someone close to me passing away on my,life like i just havent experienced,that so,henry a lot hes able to go back to time,travel and visit his dead parents

The Time Travelers Wife | Time Travel, Explained | HBO

♪ (MELANCHOLY MUSIC PLAYS) ♪,So weve met then.,Yes.,(CHUCKLES),Well, no, Ive met you., Time Travelers Wife is about two people who meet in extraordinary circumstances.,That is, Henry jumps through time, he cant control it.,For Henry DeTamble, time travel is absolutely involuntary.,He doesnt want it, he doesnt decide on it,,it just happens to him, and boom…,(SCREAMING), Hes somewhere, anywhere.,Its just absolutely terrifying for him.,But its not a story about time travel.,Its a story about the time travelers wife., Thats what its about.,Its about the search for happily ever after,, but not necessarily in the order youre expecting.,Im your future wife.,-Who said? -CLARE ABSHIRE: You do.,You explained you were visiting me from a time in the future when were married.,Its time travel, but from the perspective of the person who waits.,(WATER RUNNING),Its happened again.,Hes just a pile of clothes.,Its not the simplest show in the world, is it?,Its an out-of-sequence love story told out of sequence., Theres a hell of a lot to explain about Henry,, and how time travel works, and how it doesnt work.,Are these yours?,Yeah, thanks.,Henry, Ive been meaning to ask you,,why do you leave piles of clothes all over the place?,Doesnt everyone?,No…,So the time travel obviously is the key part of the story,,and its usually predicated by a physical ailment, as it were.,You know, he starts coughing, hes sweating,,and then he hops out of time.,(TRAFFIC BUSTLING),DAVID NUTTER: The tough thing about time traveling for Henry is one thing,,wherever he goes, hes naked.,But also, theres a lot of danger involved.,Cause the one thing he has to do when he lands,,he has to survive.,Ive been gone two hours, my clothes wont still be here.,Your clothes?,(PANTING),Im gonna need yours.,STEVEN MOFFAT: The rules of time travel are not the usual ones youre used to., Time travel normally involves going to the past, and you change it., Whats made very clear, thats not possible.,Everything happens once, theres only one version of it.,He can change absolutely nothing., But there are places and times that draw him in, like gravity,, and he cant stop it.,He would time travel back to dramatic and very sad events.,He also goes back to people who mean a lot to him as well.,So he sees Clare quite often in the clearing during her childhood., It was something that he had no control over.,HENRY DETAMBLE: Ow!,Hello, Clare.,Who are you?,HENRY: Uh, dont you know me yet Clare? Havent we met yet?,No…,The show is a lot about memory,, and how you perceive your identity through time., One of the great things about the show, is exploring that journey across the ages,, cause were not just telling the story here with flashbacks., Were trying to tell the story of their entire life.,I formed myself around you.,Well, heres the thing.,The man you formed yourself around,,shock twist, formed himself around you.,MOFFAT: This is part of the relationship., You grow around each other.,Now, it doesnt usually happen,through the prism of time travel.,But the same thing happens to everybody.,Im sorry I threw my shoe at you.,Well, its about time.,For me, Theo and Rose just are Henry and Clare., It was so obvious that they were perfect together.,Fans of the book will realize,I love the book as much as they do., It was all done out of love.,NUTTER: Steve Moffat has kept the novel in his heart,,and Audrey Niffenegger is a big fan of the screenplays., You have a chance to see your world,, that youve read so long ago,,come to life, and experience it in a whole different way.,♪ (MUSIC SWELLS) ♪,CLARE: Woo!,(CLEARS THROAT)

HBO The Time Travelers Wife Episode 1 Breakdown, Spoiler Review & Ending Explained

welcome to this video my name is,christian from beyond premiere and the,first episode of the time travelers,life is here and if youre not familiar,with audreys book here are some details,so the premise of the series is the same,as the book as henry is a man who,contempt travel he doesnt know when,thats gonna happen or how long its,gonna happen as when he travels through,time can be a couple of weeks to a,couple of months where he stays in the,past or in the future this is a genetic,disorder called chronological,displacement disorder that caused him to,disappear suddenly and randomly,throughout history even though he may,not be aware of what hes doing when it,happens so henry goes back in time and,shows up naked and a wife who waits for,him in the future the beginning of the,show gave us the introduction of the,relationship these two characters are,gonna have and why were gonna have,interest in their relationship as well,as we get a look at an oden henry so we,know that its in the future how do they,arrive to this point is something that,the show will explain now clara and,henry are in this relationship and the,issue they have which is that henry,travels back in time who are,interviewing him maybe its his daughter,that was my first theory and then i,dont know a lot about the book except,like some details so episode 1 begins,with our main protagonist talking about,why is love intensified by absence this,is something in the prologue in the book,as well as later at the end of the,episode she says the same thing that,comes after the sentence men went to see,and women waited for them the main focus,at the beginning of the episode is what,is the life when he goes back in time,which is leaving close behind as well as,the different things that hes doing and,the different places he arrives like,with its own cows this is absolutely,hilarious one of the books he picks up,is a brief history of time by stephen,hawking if you ever wonder about the,nature of time or how it may be possible,to travel back in time or if you want to,know what was the life of stephen,hawking this is an excellent book so you,get a look at how his wife wait for him,something to understand is that were,seeing different characters in different,times the present passing future but,its happening at the same time in a way,as henry can travel back in the future,back in the present so its confusing in,the future he explained how he tried,travel and the issue of the disability,the show quickly explained so much,things about the world the rules so much,exposition in the first five minutes of,the episode according to the story of a,young eclair who meets an old henry and,then we later see what happened next so,this is something that the show is going,to do a lot which showcase something and,how that happens which is really,interesting as as a show its not going,to be boring because the show is,explaining like hey how do we get to,that point something that the show does,really well is to explain the first,meeting we see the first meeting of,clara a younger clear meeting the first,time when she met,her future husband which is so weird to,say as shes six years old as well as in,the future where the character of older,claire meets another version of henry,which she explains well that she is his,husband so thats something that is,really interesting to know and explain,more how things are going to be,connected also they did the iconic cover,of the book which was nice to see so,were introduced to a present time,claire who is currently 20 and henrys,28. during this time this was the,beginning of the meeting of these two,characters it was not the first meeting,for her,but it was for him which is confusing as,well so yeah so claire already knows him,but this is the first meeting of henry,and her that was super shocking so what,was the first meeting for her and for,henry its confusing because its,different for henry was when he met the,young eclair in the past but when it was,the first meeting its just,i im even confused saying it so theyre,meeting in the past which is weird which,is the present for these two characters,and this is where they meet,as she knows a lot of things about him,including time travel as as we know she,met him in the past so this is the,weirdness of all of this color also know,that theyre gonna get married and all,this so theres a lot of things that,make the show interesting and i have to,say that it makes me want to know whats,going to happen next so claire is,excited to finally get to meet him but,as we know she met him six when he was,six years old which was 14 years ago,in the apartment he prepared for,everything,and jeez man,have your apartment clean now doing this,is something weird happens where he sees,blood what is going on this is part of,the sickness or what else this is,something that were gonna see in the,show also they have met 152 times for,the future character but this that has,not happened for him yet so,something that in the dinner later like,how does it happen so why does this,henry business claire when she was,younger theres a big question and we,get to the we get details on how theyve,met and it was in the past when claire,was six and we hit that first meeting,and he was 36 when he arrived in the,past but when he travels back to the,future hes already married to her so,the show does something fun which is the,jumping around,in time as we see henry which is now 7,and 28 in that meeting and when the 28th,version of henry travels back to the,present to meet the character of claire,in the diner in the dinner or its just,so how they show the event before the,event now something to add is that there,has to be infinite versions of henry,traveling back in time to create that,loop which is what were gonna see in,the show because like henrys a,seven-year-old said,theres gonna have to be other versions,of henry oder that explains whats gonna,happen in to henry seven years old so i,imagine that loop started where,where did that loop started thats the,big question anyways claire gets mad,that he is sleeping uh with another,character of his girlfriend but of,course,time travel rules are going to be weird,because for her for him the character of,henry,he doesnt know her so thats why uh,ingrid is his girlfriend,so later we see both henry different,ages in the past and the future as well,this is going to be more confusing and,this is a character that hes 28 and the,other version of henriks 36. so yeah,time travel because shes in love with,our future version of him but as well,dont like the past version of him is,hilarious now this conversation is all,weird like the old version with this new,version talking about the old version,this show is going to be fun explaining,whats going to happen with the,characters as the characters have,different ages which something that they,do,really well which is just like 36,version of henry,20h version of claire the meeting of,though both of them was funny as well,that conversation as they dont have a,nice relationship of course these are,two different version of the character,now henry arrives into the future to,find claire whos 28 so yeah thats just,explaining whats happening in the show,now in the end of the episode claire is,now 20 and someone arrives in that,moment as we can hear the sound the 28th,version of henry finds,one of the feed of another henry which,what version is this thats a big,question is there an evil version of,henry this is what the show wants to do,which is completely different so,i found the the season and the show a,refreshing change from whats happening,what happens in the book i enjoy the way,that it showcases the perspective of,henry and claire in different time,periods how he experienced life,differently than everyone else and how,he has struggled with this about this,ability to travel uh through time which,is something i cannot wait to see more,of the episode goes quick and if you,think about it thats pretty much what

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