1. Tineco vs. Dyson: Which Brand is Better?
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Tineco vs. Dyson: Which Brand is Better?

hi there welcome back to the fortis,vacuum guide and in this video well be,comparing two of the more popular brands,in the cordless stick vacuum niche,teneko and dyson,please note that im only comparing,their stick vacuum line as both brands,offer other products outside the scope,of this video,ive tested most of the models for these,brands and have done so extensively so i,have a good sense of their similarities,and differences which is the main point,of this video well look at several,categories including product design,ergonomics cleaning performance,specialized features and more theres a,lot to unpack and lets get into it,dyson is one of the most popular and,innovative brands in the vacuum cleaner,industry james dyson was a pioneer of,the bagless vacuum and most cordless,vacuums youll see online are bagless,even brands that formerly manufactured,black vacuums exclusively now have,bagless options,so its no surprise that dyson has,dominated the cordless vacuum niche and,other brands have come up to challenge,them teneco is one of these brands and,its main selling point is its,affordability compared to dyson plus it,has the most number of attachments of,any brand ive tested,however dyson products have more,variations early variants like the v6 v7,and v8 utilize the vertically aligned,dustbin similar to all current teneco,options,current generation dyson v-series,variants have the horizontally aligned,dustbin that dyson says improve airflow,efficiency and airflow tests proved this,to be accurate with the latest v15,detect producing over 70 cfm of airflow,also dyjan has ventured into more,specialized niches with their current,releases the omnic light and micro both,designed to clean hard floors,exclusively,these variants are also the first dyson,products with a push button switch,something long time dyson consumers have,been clamoring for teneco cordless thick,vacuums dont have this much variety,all its products have the same design,framework which utilizes a vertically,aligned dustbin and trigger switch,teneco added more features with the,pure1s12 variant but it still retains,the same foundational framework both,brands utilize the same traditional,stick vacuum configuration meaning the,motor dustbin and filter are on top as,ive mentioned earlier there are,variations with dyson spin alignment but,the foundational elements are similar,though the omnic light is the exception,as its only dyson cordless vacuum with a,one type handle however the similarity,ends there,dyson and teneco are different with,their disposal technical products have a,release latch that pops open when you,push it and debris comes out the,downside to this design is it relies,heavily on gravity since theres no,active system to push dirt downwards,this design works well for heavy debris,because of its wide base but clumps of,hair and dust will wrap on this filter,piece,dyson utilizes its hygienic system which,has a mechanical system to push down,debris its a feature introduced in the,dyson v8 fixing the issue that plagued,v6 owners this mechanism is also found,in variants like the v7 v11 and v15 and,even hard floor only options the omnic,light and micro,my preference between the two is dysons,hygienic system since it offers,consumers a more straightforward method,of dirt disposal,tonicos system works to an extent but,its cruder and there will be instances,where youll need to use your hands for,dyson products there will be variances,in how the hygienic system works between,the earlier v7 and v8 and the current,v-series options,the micro and omni-glide utilize the,same system as the current v-series,models but on a smaller scale,one downside is more debris sticks on,the middle filter piece because of the,narrow space inside,dirt capacity will vary 14 echo the a11,and s12 have the same 600 ml volume,while the a10 is their smallest option,dyson options also will vary the v7 and,v8 have similar size dustbin with a 0.54,liter capacity while the newer v11 and,v15 variants have a larger 0.77 liter,adjustments the v11 outsize has the,largest capacity at 1.89 liters more,than doubling the v11 torque drive and,v15 detect its dysons closest,alternative to a cordless upright but,with ergonomic repercussions the huge,dustbin adds a lot of weight up top so,its the least ergonomic of these,options and its borderline and usable,as a handheld for cleaning vertical,spaces because it strains your arm,almost immediately,dyson cyclones are better at keeping,dirt out of the filter versus teneco,if you look at tenekos filter its,pretty much soiled after a round of,testing whereas a dyson filter is not,teneco does have this filter cleaning,device that helps with the task but its,something youll need to do more often,than a dyson,also nearly all dyzen products except,the v7 motorhead have a sealed system,that didnt leak during the fog test,teneco products claim to have a sealed,system but all three models ive tested,had varying levels of leaks the a10 was,the worst and the s12 was the best at,least with the eye test,all connected options had the same,trigger switch with a manual trigger,lock i like the trigger lock mechanism,since it holds it at the on position and,theres no need to squeeze continually,however theres a noticeable delay when,you squeeze the trigger and the motor,firing,its not a big deal for me but compared,to dyson that has an instant response,its a difference worth noting,nearly all dyzen products have a trigger,switch but none of these variants have a,trigger lock so consumers need to,squeeze the trigger continually which,can be tiring for longer stretches,especially in its handheld configuration,there are dyson products with push,button switches namely the omniglide and,micro which are smaller hard floor only,vacuums,the third option the v12 has this,massive red button switch above the,cyclones but this variant is only,available in select markets outside,north america,battery technology also varies with,these brands teneco cordless vacuums use,smaller capacity batteries than dyson,ranging between thousand and two,thousand five hundred milliamps,dyson utilizes larger batteries,developed in-house and is better than,teneco in terms of runtime which well,talk about in a bit,alteneco options have detachable,batteries except for the a10 dash with a,built-in battery some options come with,two batteries out of the box older dyson,products dont have detachable batteries,but consumers can still change the,batteries if it goes bad by in fastening,these bolts newer options like select,v11 torch variants outsize and v15,detect have detachable batteries which,is great news for consumers,runtime figures will vary but overall,dyson products have a longer range per,battery but the pure1 s12 was the best,overall from its two batteries early,dyson models like the v7 and v8 were,lightweight and feel much lighter than,the current v-series variants,with the subsequent releases dyson,prioritized power range and dirt volume,over ergonomics the result is a more,top-heavy design with the outsize being,the heaviest,however tyson addressed this issue with,her new hard floor vacuum series the,omniglide and micro are the best item,products with ergonomics thanks to their,lightweight and compact frame,teneco products are lighter at least the,a10 and a11 series so it provides better,ergonomics however its steering,component doesnt turn as sharply as a,dyson as youll see in this clips one,advantage for teneco is its easier to,push on carpet but the downside is the,downgraded performance at least for,embedded dirt there isnt much variance,with performance between these brands,which is great news for consumers,teneco products did surprisingly well,and really close to dyson in most tests,however dyson products are better at,cleaning embedded dirt based on tests at,least the premium models,the v15 detect is the best at deep,cleaning sand on mid pile carpet even at,the auto setting picking up 100,other dyson options didnt pick

Tineco Pure One S11 Cordless Vacuum Review! – Vacuum Wars

welcome to vacuum Wars and to our review,of the tinko pure1 S11 cordless vacuum,its one of tinkos Best Selling,cordless vacuums and it has a lot of,good specs and features for the price we,bought one and put it through all kinds,of tests this week and in this video,Ill go over all the pros and cons so,links in the description and lets get,started first the basics the tenko pure1,S11 comes in two package options the S11,gray version and the S11 Tango version,and besides the Tango version being,about 13 percent more expensive the,primary difference is that it comes with,a soft roller attachment where the gray,version doesnt making it a much better,option if you have a lot of hard floors,as well see later starting off with the,pros both the gray and Tango versions,come with a standard vacuum head which,is extremely good with carpet pickup in,the pickup test we did I was surprised,to see it able to pick up all the types,and sizes of debris we threw at it with,no problems definitely above average,with picking stuff stuff up off the,surfaces of carpets it was also well,above average with deep cleaning carpets,which we test by embedding sand into,medium pile carpet and weighing the bin,before and after a set amount of passes,on max power where as I said it was well,above average this was in part due to,its power it has a 130 watt motor which,we found to have a good amount of,airflow at the base and a lot more,suction than normal the sealed suction,at the base was above average and the,unsealed suction at the head was almost,double the average score this power in,combination with a fairly low to the,ground floor head meant that it was good,with crevices too the weight of the,handle is about average but much less,than the average Dysons handle I also,prefer its more compact design which,makes it easier to use as a handheld,vacuum than most dysons and it does come,with a lot of high quality attachments,including a very effective powered turbo,brush for upholstery cleaning a dusting,brush combo tool thats actually pretty,good for dusting things a crevice tool a,unique filter cleaning attached and a,wall mount one big Pro is the eye Loop,sensor it has an internal dirt sensor,which detects particles and then uses,that information to adjust the suction,power up or down depending on how dirty,the floors are and it displays the,suction power amount on the colored,light loop on the screen the primary,benefit of this is to make its battery,life more efficient which it really does,if you keep it in auto mode which I also,recommend but it does have a button to,lock it into max power mode as well the,battery life itself is about average,tinko says it can get about 40 minutes,of run time on auto mode we tested it on,its max power setting and it got about,10 and a half minutes which for,comparison is a bit more than the Dyson,v11 or V12 on max power the S11 was one,of the quietest cordless vacuums Ive,tested with the decibel meter both in,its auto mode and max power mode its,got LED lights on the forehead which I,like a lot and a fairly large easy to,empty bin that you can empty without,having to remove the wand the next few,things arent really Pros or cons but,just kind of neutral it has a four,staged HEPA filtration system which was,certainly way better than most cordless,vacuums weve tested but there was some,slight visible fog in our tests so,better than average but not perfect it,has an app which is cool and tinko is,one of the only cordless vacuum,companies I know of that have an app but,I find the features to be just minimally,useful the main thing I didnt like is,only a factor with the gray version of,the pure one S11 not the Tango but its,that the regular floor head that comes,with both of them is pretty bad for hard,floors I mentioned before that the floor,head is low to the ground but it also,has very small front Gates which makes,it unable to pick up almost anything of,significant size on hard floors with,fine debris its okay but anything above,that its pretty useless now the soft,roller that the Tango version comes with,is the exact opposite its literally one,of the best tools out there for hard,floor pickup picking up everything from,super fine debris to extra large debris,so if you have hard floors the Tango,package is a must in my opinion this one,may be a little nitpicky but although I,like the smoothness of the swivel on the,standard forehead it does require a lot,more wrist movement than Im used to,making for example it takes almost a,full wrist turn to make a quarter turn,on the floor head overall though if you,have mostly carpets I think that the,tinko floor one S11 gray is an extremely,good vacuum with a huge amount of,suction power lots of very useful tools,and all the latest features to give you,the maximum battery efficiency but if,you have a lot of hard floors I would,strongly encourage you to spend a few,extra bucks for the Tango version with a,soft roller attachment links in the,description and be sure to subscribe to,vacuum Wars before you leave thanks for,watching,[Music],foreign,[Music]

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Tineco Pure One S15 Review

hi in this video were going to review,the tinico pure1 S15 cordless vacuum and,thats this unit right here weve got,the S15 pet and it comes with three,tools and one accessory theres also a,few other models of the S15 there is the,S15 Essentials it has a few less,features than the pet theres also the,S15 Pro and it has a few more bells and,whistles than the pet version so what do,you get with your S15 pet weve got it,laid out here well quickly walk through,it first though this is the box it came,in pretty small we actually thought,maybe theyd sent us the wrong vacuum,now what do you get you get the handheld,component of course it has a HEPA filter,and a pre-motor filter in it when it,arrives youve got this two-part wand,which clicks together now thats how,they managed to get it into such a small,box and of course you have your cleaner,head head now your cleaner head your,wand and your handheld all click,together to make the stick vacuum,youve got three tools and an accessory,youve got a crevice tool a combo tool a,mini power brush and this is a hair,cleaning tool they give you with the pet,version you get this extra pre-motor,filter which is kind of Handy youve all,youve also got a charging stand with a,charger and,an owners manual so lets take another,look at these tools we have the two in,one tool here hard end is good for you,know doing a set curtains maybe uh,poster furniture that kind of thing its,got a brush that can be extended forward,these are very soft bristles maybe good,for hard surfaces like maybe Furniture,you want to make sure you dont scratch,we have the crevice tool here sky is,good for getting into Corners cramped,areas,mini power brush this is a motorized,tool youve got a motorized brush roll,here its good for upholstery maybe even,mattresses that kind of thing and this,is the hair cleaning tool its what we,call an accessory,its got a little hook here and theres,a little blade inside there as well so,you can hook hair and string thread that,kind of thing that gets stuck on a brush,roll and it will actually help pull it,off and also cut it if necessary its,got a little brush on the other end here,and thats good for wiping down the,inside of the Dust canister and also for,this cleaner head window here you can,wipe that off on the inside if you want,to keep it clear,now these um tools will all fit on the,end of the wand but they will also fit,on the end of the handheld so lets try,to do that Im going to take the cleaner,head off here,okay there we go and put the crevice,tool on the end of the wand so you can,see how that that works we can also,put that tool on to the end,of the handheld unit here now the tools,all have a this button system which is a,good system when you put it on its,completely secure youve got to press,that button and it comes off you know,there are some,um tool sets you get with a vacuum that,you have to push on and pull off those,are compression fit and theyre not as,nice as this system you know sometimes,if you dont put it on hard enough it,will fall off when youre vacuuming,other times you push it on too hard,theyre hard to pull off anyways this,system here with the buttons this is a,much better way to go,and Ive taken the cleaner head off the,vacuum so we can take a closer look you,can see along the bottom of the front,here there are four LED lights and those,turn on when the vacuum is on and its,kind of Handy if youre vacuuming in a,darker or dimly lit area,now lets flip this guy over,you see along the front here weve got,two really small rubberized wheels and,on the back theres two large rubberized,Wheels the rubber is Handy it makes it,grip pretty well on a hard floor also,they make sure you dont really scratch,or maw or anything,the brush roll in here is designed to be,easily removed a little slider here if I,pull that to the to the right here and,pop this up you can see that brush roll,comes right out,and while were at it Im going to take,a look inside this cleaner head youll,see these rows of teeth here,all the way along now those are part of,the units anti-tangle technology and,they basically comb through the brush,roll as its spinning and comb off you,know hair thread string that kind of,thing so you know well test that and,show how that works a little later on in,the video,lets see if I can put that brush roll,back in its designed to be fairly easy,slide it in,and,clicks right back into place,the vacuum has two power modes theres,auto power mode and max power mode and a,button on top of the handheld here,actually toggles between the two power,modes now at max power mode is fairly,self-explanatory its the maximum,suction youre going to get from the,machine and that actually is 120 air,watts of suction auto power mode is a,little bit different theres a dust,sensor here in the vacuum cleaner and it,is measuring the amount of dust in the,incoming air when theres a lot of dust,in that incoming air it increases,suction and when the amount of dust in,the incoming air goes down well it,decreases suction its really a way of,optimizing your cleaning and your,battery power at the same time now Ill,just turn the vacuum on and youll,notice that it will start in auto power,mode and Ill pump it up to max power,mode,so you can hear what that sounds like,Ive included this table here really,just to give an idea of suction levels,for a sample of some of the other,cordless vacuums weve looked at you can,see that it is sorted by the max suction,column from you know 100 down with the,older Dyson V7 up to uh 230 air watts of,suction for the Dyson v15 tinico,pure1s15 is in there at about 120,perhaps uh you know you might say a,little on the low side but you know not,far off of the Dyson V8,the S15 comes with a rechargeable,lithium-ion battery thats this black,pack on the bottom of the handheld here,now it is detachable its got these,little depressions on either side if you,push them in slides right off,just as easy to put back on,now you know one of the main advantages,of a detachable battery is if you happen,to go out and get yourself a second one,well youve effectively doubled your run,time you know if youre vacuuming and,the battery is run down well you can go,get that second battery that hopefully,youve had on charge just pop it in and,continue vacuuming now the S15 only,comes with one battery however if you,want that second battery youll have to,go and buy it most of the cordless,vacuums weve looked at over the years,come with a wall mount and a wall mount,typically involves putting screws into a,wall,many people dont want to do that I,personally dont like to do that I,prefer the solution here provided with,the S15 and this is a charging base this,particular base also allows you to store,the three tools and you know it looks,kind of small in everything but I,weighed this at over five pounds its,quite heavy its got some heft to it,let me show you how that works,the back here is a bit of a hook and,its got a couple of contact points,we can just slip that into place on the,charging base you can see that things,light up here telling us that it is,charging a you know a fully depleted,battery takes maybe three to five hours,to get up to a full charge and also and,you know you look at this and you might,think well it looks a bit kind of you,know a bit shaky and all but Ive been,using this now for for a while and it,works just fine,We performed some run time tests and in,those tests we made sure the battery is,fully charged and using a stopwatch we,determine the amount of time it took,before the vacuum stopped meaning the,battery had run down now weve got,results in this table but first lets,look at this uh this first line in the,table this is information that comes,from the manufacturer what theyre,saying here is with a non-powered tool,in auto power mode you should get about,40 minutes of run time and in max power,mode you should get about 10 minutes of,run time but you know when I in in our,experience most people want to kno

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Tineco A10-d Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

foreign,[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel,sorry if I sound a little different,today Im getting over a cold but today,Im going to be reviewing the tinco,stick vacuum a10d this is the box that,it came in I got this from Walmart for,about a hundred dollars it was on sale,and this is the stuff that came in the,vacuum it came with the vacuum motor,itself the stick the two crevice,attachments a charger a wall mount and,the roller brush attachment as well in,the manual and the screws you need to,attach the wall mount so everything you,need is in there,by the way I just really like the colors,of this vacuum the purple and the white,um almost look like futuristic a little,bit and it looked nice,um sitting in my kitchen where it has to,stay,so lets go ahead and show you guys the,vacuum in action,um this is the vacuum going over a rug,in my entryway I feel like I show this,area a lot when I do my reviews because,its always one of the dirtiest areas,but right here its not so bad but as,you can see the vacuum with the roller,brush on it it really works well to get,the dirt off of the carpet,um before I was using a vacuum that,didnt have roller brush so this was,kind of an upgrade for me and the,suction was way better than I thought it,was going to be for a hundred dollars I,really thought that it just wasnt gonna,suck very much at all but it really did,do a good job,and this is just my uh cat litter box,you know where theres always tons of,litter and I literally have to hold the,rug down so it doesnt suck it up,because it has a lot of you know like I,said a lot of suction so I have to hold,it down with my foot while I vacuum that,area,the head of the vacuum is pretty small,and it can fit in a lot of small areas,this is the area between my washer and,dryer and its super dirty so I was glad,that this vacuum could just fit in that,spot,as you can see if dirt is too big like,those two pieces of plastic I just got I,had to actually kind of lift the vacuum,head up and then put it back down so,that it could suck those things up that,didnt really surprise me but yeah if,you have bigger pieces of dirt theres a,chance you kind of have to you might,have to pick the vacuum up a little bit,just so it can get a hold of the dirt,I absolutely love the little crevice,tools that came with this thing theyre,super useful and like I said the suction,is really good so,um this is where my cat eats and its,just always a dirty area,so Im just using the crevice tool here,to show you guys how easy it is to use,it to clean with the crevice tool,attachment,and theres also a little crevice tool,that has a brush on it I love these,things because the brush sort of moves,the dirt around so if the dirt is kind,of stuck there then this moves it away,so that it can actually get sucked in,the vacuum,this is where I keep my tinco mop and,its always so dirty so when I use this,tool on it it really really cleaned it,up,[Music],in that crevice tool you can press that,little mid button and make it go down so,that youre not using the brush,you can choose which way you want it,[Music],foreign,while you guys watch me vacuum my house,with my awesome new tinco vacuum I just,want to tell you guys a little bit about,the battery information,um it takes around three to four hours,to charge which I feel like is actually,a pretty long time and the run time is,only 25 minutes now it does say this on,the box so I feel like its something,that people are aware of when they buy,it but 25 minutes really isnt very much,time and on top of that if you put it on,max power youre only going to get about,10 minutes of run time so I feel like,thats something really important to,consider before you buy this vacuum I,only use it to just you know vacuum,small areas of my house I use a bigger,vacuum when its like cleaning day so,this is sort of my in-between tool so,for that its it works really good,next Im going to go show you guys max,power and normal Power,so this is going to be normal Power,[Music],and then Im going to put it on max,power,[Music],now max power is obviously better than,um,normal power but like I said youre,going to get a lot less run time with it,this vacuum is extraordinarily quiet my,cat would have ran away with any other,vacuum by now but she actually lets me,get somewhat closer with this vacuum,because its so quiet eventually you see,she runs away but Ive never been able,to get anywhere near her with any other,vacuum,emptying out this vacuum feels a lot,similar to a lot of other stick vacuums,its kind of annoying actually because,the dirt does not come out easily Ive,never had a stick vacuum where it does,come out easily so I wasnt very,surprised at this but here I am emptying,it and none of it comes out of course so,I have to completely,um put my fingers in there to get it out,I really hate that,I even then have to like remove the,filter and use my fingers to get it off,of the filter too,by the way guys do not hold your vacuum,upside down when you open the dirt cup,and remove the filter because if dirt,gets into the motor part,um the hole when you take the filter out,if dirt actually gets in there then it,can break your motor so be careful about,that,so now Im going to show you where the,filters are open the dirt cup here is,Whats called the mesh filter,and then youre going to pull out whats,called the pre-filter and mines,definitely dirty and ready to be cleaned,you just plug it back in there,press the dirt cup and lock it back in,place and that ones just super easy to,get out the other one is the HEPA filter,which is also very easy to get out,[Music],and it just says every three months,clean it out and replace it every year,and the pre-filter should be replaced,every six months and it should be,cleaned every month,so when you clean it just go ahead and,clean the mesh filter as well and you,just run it under cold water thats all,you have to do and it says to let it air,dry and it says that that should take 24,hours I usually let it sit there longer,I usually let it sit there for at least,48 because it never fully dries if I,just leave it there for 24 hours,after that Im just going to set it on,top of a paper towel and just let it air,dry foreign,[Music],[Music],that it was a lot easier to clean when I,used my sprayer it just got a lot,cleaner a lot faster,also it does say that you only use cold,water so dont use any hot water I think,it has something to do with like the,rubber seals on these things if you use,hot water it can sort of morph the shape,of them and cause the filter to not work,properly so only use cold water,foreign,[Music],so now Im going to show you how to,clean out the roller brush because,thats something you need to do as well,to take care of this vacuum youre just,going to use like a penny to unlock it,and the piece comes off very easily,and then youre going to pull out the,roller brush itself,you need to clean off the hair on the,roller brush because if thats putting,like a strain on the motor its going to,make your motor and your vacuum die a,lot faster so its very important that,you get all the hair off of this thing I,have to do it almost like every other,day and thats because I have super long,hair and it gets really caught up and,trapped in there so if if you have,shorter hair its probably going to be a,lot better for you but this has been the,case for all handheld vacuums Ive ever,owned like the little stick vacuums,so it didnt surprise me that that,happens but yes I do have to clean mine,every other day and its pretty easy I,mean I just get the hair off if its,stubborn and stuck on there then Ill,get a pair of scissors and actually,physically cut the hair so that I can,pull it off easier,its really easy to just slide it back,in there put the piece back in place and,then you just lock it again with the,penny,and Ill show you guys my hair its,super duper long and thats why it gets,caught in the vacuum if you guys have,like a lot shorter hair than me its,probably going to

Tineco A10 vs. A11 vs. Pure One S12: Cordless Stick Vacuum Comparison

welcome back in this review I will be,comparing three tonight Oh stick vacuums,the a 10 a 11 and pure 1s 12 I,understand that appear on s11 is already,available but I havent tested it so,Ill focus on these three for now I did,extensive tests for all three and Ill,share the results in this comparison,well look at their similarities,differences at some quirks that you may,want to know,hi Im Garrick and welcome to the,cordless vacuum guide if its your first,time to visit this channel please,consider subscribing and tap on the bell,icon to get notified when they publish,new comparisons like this for more,information about all tena koe products,in this review please check the links,below in terms of design there isnt,much of a difference between these three,models all three have the same trigger,manual trigger lock and the scope design,in fact the main cleaning hands of the a,10 a 11 and pure 1s 12 are,interchangeable so just in case you,already have the a 10 you can purchase,the cleaning head of the a 11 or even a,pure 1s 12 and it will be backward,compatible however the battery of the a,11 will not fit in the a 10 the,attachments and tools are forward and,backward compatible meaning the,non-powered accessories in a pure and,s12 will fit in the a 10 and a 11 and,vice versa,the a 10 a 11 and pure 1f swab represent,the technical options in a different,price ranges the a-10 is their,entry-level option with the most basic,features and the least amount of tools,one downside with the a10 is that the,non power tools do not have a quick,release latch so this makes it more,challenging to attach and remove the a,11 ester mid price alternatives with,more tools and slightly better build,quality from the a11 onwards all Tenneco,stick vacuum attachments have a quick,release latch take note that if you,already own the a10 you can purchase any,of the non power tools of the newer,options and it will fit the pure one s12,is their premium option with the most,amount of tools and the best so far in,terms of quality and cleaning,performance on carpet this is the only,option with the LCD screen that alerts,users in real time the battery status,power settings potential blockages and,more it also comes with the eye loupe,sensor that automatically increases,power when it detects a sudden surge of,dirt passing through it under each tango,stick vacuum model there is a,corresponding sub model so the,difference between these,sub-models is the tools have come in the,box for example the tenneco a 11 master,is the more premium option that has both,the soft roller and standard brush roll,while the a 11 hero only has a standard,brush roll attachment the pure one s12,has the most number of sub models,currently with 5 and after 5 the s12 M,and M light dont have the LCD screen,while the other three options have it,please check the individual product,reviews in a video description for more,details on how each sub model differs in,terms of size all three roughly have the,same length however the a-10 is the,lightest or the pure and s12 is the,heaviest because of the larger capacity,battery leave your motor and cleaning it,the larger battery enables the Puran s12,to run the longest at over 51 minutes,the mid-priced a 11 lasted 26 minutes,and 44 seconds and the a-10 runs the,shortest at just a shade over 24 minutes,and if you opt for the a 11 master or,the pure on s 12 these numbers will,double as these models come with two,lithium-ion batteries take note that,these figures are assaults with a non,powered tools attached here are the,complete results with the main clean,head and a non power tools,next well look at the cleaving past,results and these three are very close,in the sand on hard floor tests appear,on s12 scored the highest with an,average pickup of 99.9% the a-10 did,surprisingly better than the a11 picking,up an average of ninety nine point eight,percent on two tests,well the a11 had a slightly lower score,at ninety nine point four percent I did,the tests using the soft rotor and,standard brush roll and got average of,the two tests for the final scores next,well look at the hair up test or a,tested all three on one gram of five to,seven H human hair one hard floors and,carpet using the soft roller and,standard brush Rove all three did very,well on hard floors with a soft roller,attached as hardly any hair wrapped,around it,however in carpet the results were,different the pure one s twelve did the,best with hardly any hair wrapping,around the brush well the a ten and a,eleven werent as good one advantage of,the thicker brush roll that appear on s,12 uses is that it resists tangles,better all three models are very close,when it comes to cleaning surface dirt,the difference is so small that it is,negligible each variant comes with a,standard brush roll that will suffice in,daily cleaning tasks higher-end options,have the extra soft roller attachment,that is better at picking up larger bits,of dirt like fruit loops and Cheerios,bowl cleaning heads have rubber wheels,and padding underneath that help,minimize Cuffy if you are concerned with,scratches on hardwood floors then the,better option would be getting the soft,roller attachment which is available,netting I chose Amazon store if you live,in a home with lots of carpet the pure,on desktop will probably be the best,option as it scored the highest in the,carpet cleaning tests it did the best in,the deep seating test picking up an,average of ninety eight point three,percent on two tests the a11 comes in,second with a ninety six point four to,five percent score and the a-10 was the,last taking up an average of ninety four,point seven percent which is still one,of the best of all quarter stick vacuums,in this price range next well look at,moist levels the a10 is the noisiest,based on a sound meter test with a,reading of seventy seven point seven,decibels at the highest setting the a11,is a bit less noisy with a seventy five,point four decibel reading surprisingly,the pureness tall is the least noise,option only registering 70 point four,decibels all three have the same dust,cap design with a quick release latch at,the bottom that opens a trap the,but the capacity varies the a-10s a,smallest capacity at 0.4 leaders while,the a 11 and Purana stop both have a,zero point six litre capacity if you,live in a larger home the a eleven and a,purin s12 may be the better option,all three stick vacuums and two filters,consisting of a premotor filter and a,post-motor hepa filter youll have to,clean the premotor filter quite often as,this was how much that accumulated after,I did all the cleaning test depending on,how often used these vacuums and the,environment you live in you may need to,clean the premotor filter once every one,or two weeks to wrap up this comparison,choosing between these three Tenneco,stick vacuums will depend on how much,youre willing to spend the type of,floor you have at home and the,attachments you need the Tenneco a10 is,an excellent option for people who live,in a small home as it is the lightest,but the non-powered attachments of the,a-10 do not have a quick release latch,so it will be more challenging to attach,and remove the tools the a11 is a step,up from the a-10 with better overall,build quality as all of the tools have a,quick release latch it has more air flow,than the a-10 so itll do a better job,at the cleaning carpet the pure and s12,is the most expensive option with all,the bells and whistles like the LCD,screen and I loop sensor that regulates,air flow based on the amount of dirt,that passes through it if you live in a,midsize home with lots of carpet this is,the model that I would get since it can,be plain carpet better than the a 10 and,a 11,regardless of the model you choose you,cant go wrong with any of the three as,each one will clean floors and areas,above it thoroughly again please check,the reviews on my blog to see the,complete results of all the tests I did,if you have any questions about these,three pro

Worth. Every. Penny! Tineco iFloor 3 full demo + review

i just bought this timecode iflore3 this,is not sponsored i bought it with my own,money i may have been convinced by a,video that i saw im really excited to,see how it does because i am not a,mopper and i dont like vacuuming so to,combine them into one chore,im very excited lets try it out,together and see how it works and how,easy it is handy instructions right on,the top a bunch of accessories at the,top a bottle of cleaner,the handle im super happy they use,cardboard instead of styrofoam this is a,no mess unboxing here love it the base,and the main attraction,we are fully unboxed im gonna go ahead,and charge it so we can test it out the,charger goes into the base plate and,then you park your tying co right on the,base plate and then it shows right on,the top that is charging full charge,time is four to five hours super easy to,empty out,it comes with one hepa filter inside,that you wash out after each use,really easy and it comes with one extra,which is nice in case you need to use it,before the previous one is dry it says,you can do it with just water if youre,deep cleaning you can do a capful of,that cleaning solution so i just a,little bit of the cleaning solution and,then filled it up with tap water here,it puts out a really minimal amount of,water just barely barely damp once you,go over it really awesome if you see a,spot thats really gross you can go over,it a few times but its doing really,great its pretty quiet like quieter,than my vacuum almost feels like its,self-propelled like it moves really,easily its going great i dont know if,i was gonna like this thing but its,amazing the vacuum suction power is,getting every crumb,every hair and if i see something that,doesnt get picked up the first time,because its like ground into the tile,or whatever i just go over it two three,times its gone amazing here is,immediately after on our tile you can,see its damp but not soaking wet so now,im gonna try it on our hardwood floors,i think its gonna be fine here it is,right after doing the hardwoods,theyre drying super fast as long as you,have sealed floors i think its fine,because its just such a minimal amount,of water it puts down its a great,screen here oh i never took the plastic,off,there it is with the protective coating,off but i like it on so i know what each,of the spots is so heres self-cleaning,when its flashing you put it on the,base and then you push this button up,here its got to be plugged in and then,it will self clean,and thats,self cleaning,yuck,[Music],done here is the tank after doing my,entire,basement and first floor and two,bathrooms,we did,tile and we did hardwood floor,and that is disgusting,weve got some hair,hanging down in there so,i think im gonna take it outside to,dump and then use this to try to clean,the tank and the filter ew look at that,hair,look at this scoop in here you open it,up,and oh my god that is so,gross but it kind of catches the big,gunk so you can dump it out and then,pour the water down your drain here is,what the filter caught,thatll be easy to clean though,easy to get off and you can just,rinse that clean and then here,also super easy to get off and look at,all this,there is all the hair its not wrapped,around the brush actually its just all,up in here,all in all from setup putting in the,cleaning solution to cleaning the whole,house,to cleaning out all the parts it took,about an hour im not gonna do this,every day but a whole house cleaning,maybe once a month and spot cleaning,here and there i am team timecode this,thing is amazing i did not clean this,mop itself i took it out cause there was,hair all up in here,and all up in here i washed all of that,but nothing got tangled so easy love it,love it love it

Is Tineco Vacuum Better than Dyson Vacuum (Review Video) 2022

hey everybody welcome to my channel amd,life my name is anna so i think you see,this machine right over here youve,probably guessed it this is gonna be a,review video on the teneco s11 you know,if you ever thought of buying a dyson,but have said to yourself you know what,its just way too expensive im telling,you this is your best alternative they,are right under dyson they are their,competitors so stick around to the whole,video you dont want to miss out,anything with that said also dont,forget to subscribe to the channel okay,lets get started,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so these are all the accessories that,come with it right over here and you,have space for another battery up here,so you can check technically be charging,two batteries at once then you have this,accessory once you have,a little brush,and this you know if hair gets in,between and you have,this accessory and this,pulls out like that and then you have,this small one over here,and look how easy it is to dump like,just just press the button here,basically all it is is youre pressing,this button and its gonna release it,just like this,oh and it released it,opened it everythings out in the,garbage,close it back up and its done it is,lightweight its not as heavy you know,as the dyson as well,easy to connect boom,its easier to maneuver and work within,the dyson,[Music],hi everyone and by the way this video is,not sponsored by anyone so this is a,true legit review video as well let me,know in the comments below if you have a,teneco and if you like it as well here,are the different models,so we have the s11 tango that you saw,here are the stores that you can buy,like walmart amazon best buy and the tin,eco store and as you see here it has the,three filters so it has like a hepa,filter pre-filter and a mesh filter so,it has a forged stage hepa filtration,system,and here is the battery that extra,battery that you can it doesnt come,with extra body but you can get an extra,battery to charge up top so youll have,two um then you have that other,attachment that you can use here you,know the other attachments as well the,accessory kits that i was talking to you,about that what comes inside the package,and then so over here you can see so you,get the full size led multitasker power,brush over here and as well you get the,full size soft roller led power brush,right over here so its basically,versatile with two led power brushes you,know what another great thing it has is,that it has this,auto max button right over here and when,you press that button the suction,becomes like double what it is this,thing has sensors that i will show you,you dont even need to press that button,you know why take a look at this,so here it is just regular ground its,just going at normal speeds right but,this carpet here because its in the,doorway of the garage,automatically its gonna become higher,[Music],thats what im talking about it senses,that theres more dirt,gives it more suction more power,to alleviate the load and you know to,suction it out more so its basically,doing it at that,auto max rate like here,[Music],[Music],and i gotta say that between the dyson,and the teneco the main thing for me is,that it is quieter i think that dyson,runs like a goddamn tractor but this one,i actually enjoy it it is so weird i,actually enjoy turning on the vacuum and,its lighter as well so what else does,this have so it goes to show you the,precious motor has powerful suction so,it is five times more powerful than the,ordinary dc motor vacuum cleaner over,here itself adjusting suction power,which i showed you before what it has,like it has that smart duster sensor,which is amazing you know the all-in-one,led display which kind of i just went,over what it shows i think this is so,cool like this vacuum is so futuristic i,think like dyson needs to up up their,look their design on their vacuums as,well,and then it shows you how convenient,charging and the storage is and the,smart app integration,and,honestly it is a great great great,vacuum you know some of you are gonna,say why do you need like to have an app,like you know like im not high-tech you,dont have to but its there if you need,you know what it tells you like whether,somethings clogged whether it needs,maintenance itll tell you what the,problem is like is the air channel,blocked basically like a little support,assistant and itll tell you,all right everybody,all right everybody that is the end to,todays video if you enjoyed the video,dont forget to smash the thumbs up,button down below and subscribe to the,channel because you dont want to miss,out any future content,with all this said i shall see all of,you at the next one,[Music],you

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