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Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Review

[Music],shoot thousands of goblins in the face,with a flaming crossbow throw gigantic,meteors at gross anthropomorphic,mushrooms and hang out with a queen,horse thats literally made out of,diamonds,thats tiny tinas wonderlands in a,nutshell and yeah if it looks like a,reskinned borderlands 3 thats because,it is but that doesnt end up being such,a bad thing the hilarious writing and,stellar voice acting performances,combine beautifully with the trademarked,looter shooter mayhem to create,something extremely memorable this,fantasy spin on the borderlands formula,delivers the large-scale adventure i,dreamt of playing ever since playing the,borderlands 2 dlc that inspired it and,although it very much plays it safe in a,lot of ways battling through it has been,an absolute blast,[Music],tiny tinas wonderlands is a direct,follow-up to 2013s borderlands 2 tiny,tinas assault on dragon keep dlc as a,game within a game you play through a,simulated tabletop role-playing campaign,called bunkers and badasses a sort of,alternate reality dungeons and dragons,that replaces generic fantasy tropes,with absurdity gratuitous violence and,tons of guns regardless of whether,theyre setting appropriate or not but,thats the magic of this,larger-than-life looter shooter rpg,which throws caution to the wind and,embraces chaos and nonsense in favor of,ludicrous and memorable moments the best,thing about a borderlands game is i know,im going to laugh as i loot and,wonderlands is no exception you never,know when you need to escape a personal,help the excellent laugh out loud,writing is elevated by one of the,strongest comedy casts of any game with,ashley birch returning as the lovably,obnoxious tiny tina,will arnett is the mean bad guy with all,this soul energy flowing to me i can,create all sorts of new nightmares andy,samberg is the overeager dumb party,member suspiciously normal and wanda,sykes as the rules-obsessed player shes,ruining my favorite part of killing,things which is that they shut up and,stay dead across the board the voice,acting and comedy writing are better,than theyve ever been in the series and,even without all the action-packed,looting and shooting freedom fighters,the adventure would be worthwhile just,for the memorable characters and,hilarious moments those catapults take,hundreds of goblin hours to construct,im out here creating jobs you know,theres a mission where you try to,figure out how to remove a characters,impenetrable plot armor another where,the characters get way too suspicious,about a background character in a blue,hat and another where you straight up,kill a bunch of smurfs the shenanigans,never cease and fans of tabletop,role-playing like myself will find,plenty of references and inside jokes,that are catnip for veteran dice rollers,that said even while the tomfoolery is,ever amusing the main story ends up,being one of the weaker parts of the,package the fact that the whole,adventure takes place within a game,being played by borderlands characters,has little to no impact on anything and,that leaves the proceedings feeling,pretty frivolous rather than innovative,or subversive its not quite up to the,standards the borderlands series has set,but man its still so dang funny it is,queen butt style,the most,perfectest ruler in all the land,[Music],of course most people come to,borderlands expecting a whole heck of a,lot of guns to play with and,wonderlands does not disappoint in that,regard per usual youll find thousands,of variations of randomly generated,weapons with silly and insane perks like,an automatic crossbow that feels like ye,olde machine gun or a shotgun that turns,into a fireball you throw in an enemy,when it runs out of ammo the transition,from over-the-top science fiction to,over-the-top high fantasy has,surprisingly changed very little about,the way borderlands feels to play though,there are some notable exceptions such,as grenades being replaced with much,more interesting spells and ultimate,abilities shifting to a more magical,flair like summoning giant tornadoes of,ice other than that the differences are,largely cosmetic changes to combat so,borderlands fans should feel right at,home in the wonderlands the similarity,to borderlands 3 is good news in that,combat in wonderlands is generally,fantastic with crazy looking enemies,challenging boss fights and so much,insanity happening on screen that often,times your screen looks like a rainbow,puked into a tornado that exploded into,a hundred smaller tornadoes the sliding,shooting and casting in wonderlands is a,seriously good time the downside of all,that chaos is that sometimes its,difficult to know whats even happening,like this insanity,the only other real gripe i have is that,it changes so little from borderlands 3,that even with the setting being,completely different i felt like id,played it all before in the decade of,time ive been enjoying the series,already for example the goliath enemies,that have been around since borderlands,2 have the very specific behavior of,entering a rampage if you shoot their,heads too much once enraged they run,around attacking everything and every,time they score a kill they evolve into,a more powerful monster in wonderlands,these cyclops dudes behave almost,identically thats not to say that there,arent any surprises but the amount of,re-skinned or reused enemies and ideas,definitely made me raise an eyebrow on,more than one occasion,something thats completely new however,is the charming overworld where instead,of running and gunning in first person,you walk around a map as a cartoonish,avatar exploring the world and finding,new activities and side quests to,complete its easy to navigate and,discovering new areas and unlocking new,pathways in this silly board game,landscape is a great and inspired way to,break up the fast-paced combat and,explosions with dumb gags like one part,where youve gotta get past a cheese,puff thats been dropped onto the board,by the bunker master herself,unfortunately it also enables one of my,least favorite parts of the wonderlands,package combat encounters,these are a completely underwhelming new,feature that sticks you in a,claustrophobically small arena and,throws some randomly generated monsters,at you until you fill up a murder meter,earn some loot and move on youll run,into these bland little battles while,exploring the overworld as filler during,part of a side quest or even in the end,game which uses it in a horde mode the,main issue i have with combat encounters,is that unlike most of the wonderlands,campaign where youre exploring a large,hub world and looking for hidden loot,and secrets to discover these things,stick you in a box and essentially put,you on a timeout until youve killed,enough things its unimaginative filler,that only succeeds in throwing a wet,blanket onto a formula that didnt need,slowing down when you finish the story,after around 20 hours and unlock,wonderlands primary in-game activity,the chaos chamber youll discover its,basically just a variation on combat,encounters thats a bit of a,disappointment but thankfully it works a,bit better as an endgame activity owing,to its high degree of difficulty and,roguelike mechanics thrown in to make,things more interesting not to mention,its definitely the most rewarding,activity from a loot and xp perspective,speaking of endgame content wonderlands,has quite a grind available for those,looking for more to do not only is there,a nigh limitless pool of loot to chase,but myth ranks which allow you to over,level your character and unlock unique,buffs give you quite a mountain to hike,up if you arent finished smacking,people in the face with an enchanted,frying pan i dont think that the chaos,chamber endgame mode will be enough to,keep me grinding for long after the,campaign but with at least four pieces,of dlc announced by gearbox already its,good to know that my leveling and min,maxing wont go to waste if i decide to,stick with it,[Music],tiny tinas wonderl

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands – Before You Buy

(logo beeps),- [Jake] And were back,with another episode of Before You Buy,,that show where we give you some straight-up gameplay,and our first impressions of the latest games releasing.,And as usual, its me, Jake,,and weve been really busy around here cause today,,were gonna talk about “Tiny Tinas Wonderlands.”,Now, its essentially a “Borderlands” game dropped,onto a fake fantasy Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game,with the “Borderlands” character Tiny Tina,serving as the DM.,Its just her weird world, and youre just playing in it.,And I came away pretty surprised on this one.,Lets jump in.,Now, this footage is spoiler-free, so you know.,For me, personally, Im a casual “Borderlands” fan.,I thought “3” was a nice update,,with a story and vibe I did didnt really care about,,but I liked the gameplay.,Ultimately, “Borderlands 2” is still my favorite.,I didnt have crazy high expectations,for “Tiny Tinas Wonderlands” or anything,,but I came away really enjoying it.,I think its a good breath of fresh air for the franchise,,as cliche as that sounds.,Its a little bit of a hot mess in spots,,and it doesnt blow me away or anything,,but I had a lot of fun playing this one,and easily sinking tons of hours into it.,Now, right from the start, one of the big wins for me,is the fact that you create your own character.,You dont choose a set of characters.,You start as an unpainted model,,and then you dive into a full,and fairly robust character creator,,with sliders and everything,,and you can make your own special person.,Its not just pre-selecting heads,,and I was really happy to see a lot of options,,including voice options,,and then a bunch of classes to choose from, six, I believe.,And they all have their own special, passive,,and active abilities and bonuses that seem fairly unique.,And then you choose a character background,with some stat presets.,And you go from there, leveling up and dumping points,into strength, dexterity, intelligence,,traditional RPG stuff like that,,that gives you, say, critical-hit-chance bonuses,,health and shield stuff, faster cooldowns,,you know, “Borderlands” stuff.,It its a good mix. It works pretty well.,It translates to the game and leveling up really nicely,,like genuine, good old-fashioned RPG character building,and growing.,It feels good here.,Now, the actual gameplay itself is that new,,kind of updated, faster, “Borderlands 3”-style shooting,and sliding with some new twists.,Now, shooting and aiming feels as good as expected,on PC mouse and keyboard and controller,,with it being zippy and reactive with good feedback,,despite the various different weapon types.,The weapons themselves are pretty cool.,Its still “Borderlands,” so theres a big focus on guns,,but they feel less sci-fi overall at times.,They feel more like over-the-top magic,or fantasy or medieval.,Theres a lot of crossbow-style weapons,of various different shapes and sizes,,but plenty of weird shotguns and machine guns,that still just go shooty bang bang.,Now, like I said,,they usually have a bit more of a magical,or fantasy twist to them,,and sometimes, it takes a second,to figure out if a gun is a shotgun,or a long-range rifle or whatever,,but it just kind of adds a fun new little level of discovery,on the endless weapon loop.,There are still category manufacturers for each,,and I just had fun picking up new guns,,which is like the whole point of “Borderlands.”,Along with that, theres a dedicated melee weapon,,and you can really kind of lean into that as a build,,although the melee itself is really just clicking the stick,or pressing a key to slash.,Theres not much to it.,I wish there was a bit more to it.,I actually found that a little bit disappointing.,But still, having some stats behind it,,having different weapons to pick up for it,and different swinging speeds is pretty cool.,Its a good change-up.,Along with that, the magic and casting is great.,It shakes itself out of the “Borderlands” framework,a little bit with a couple of magic abilities,that just really impressed me,,and I loved leaning into those abilities in my build,and picking up new spells and things to test out.,The game encourages it, too.,Cooldowns are generous, so youre not always shooting.,Youre also doing these crazy things pretty consistently,in any type of firefight.,And I really think Totinos taps into that,looter-shooter addiction,,but the new presentation and spin,really helped sell me on falling back into it,,endlessly scrounging for loot, weapons,,spell abilities, and even armor stuff.,Now, the armor stuff isnt quite as in-depth as Id hoped,,but everything else is good,,and theres still some customization to it.,The actual menu screens for the loot, however,,are really freaking messy.,Theres a few glitches with it here and there,,and it all just feels cluttered, and navigating it,,even with a mouse, feels really old and unintuitive.,Usually, I dont really give a damn,,but its a game where you spend a lot of time,looking at and weighing over stats,and tossing things in and swapping things,,so it does make a difference that the menu and layouts,are kind of annoying.,Same goes for the map. Its pretty rough.,But speaking of maps, the games structure is pretty cool.,Theres a top-down overworld,where you go from location to location.,Now, you can find side-quests in this overworld.,You can explore a bit and get more loot.,You can come back to spots and turn in quests later.,You can unlock shortcuts.,Also, there are actually patches of grass,that you can walk through,that trigger and load you into a random enemy battle,,classic RPG style.,I was really into that.,From the overworld, you can load into bigger areas,and engage in the full 3D missions,and regular exploration stuff.,But I really like this overworld thing.,It its charming and simple,and does a good job of helping keep the game really focused,,while also a bit charming and endearing at the same time.,Basically, it proves that they really committed to the bit,and I gotta commend them for that.,Now, the actual missions themselves,are your typical “Borderlands” fare,,but with a fantasy twist.,Its all narrated by Tiny Tina,,which, yeah, she can be annoying,,but the way she shakes up whats going on,is actually pretty cool.,Occasionally, an area will transform,or something funny will happen, and it all works, really,,thanks to the supporting cast chatting to you,while youre questing.,Andy Samberg as Valentine is decent.,Wanda Sykes has some really good moments.,I just, I like her,as kind of a cartoon voice actor these days.,And Will Arnett as the bad guy totally works.,I was really entertained.,I think “Tiny Tims Wonderlands” made up,for the weak villains from “Borderlands 3” big time.,Now, the actual humor and writing is completely subjective.,Its down the personal taste.,So take that for what you will.,People will either love “Borderlands” writing,or find it completely grating and annoying.,I will say I wasnt super into the jokes too much,in “Borderlands 3,”,but I think we do have an improvement here.,Man, its still “Borderlands,”,so its still very like ha ha random,,but it got a few more chuckles out of me this time around,,especially a lot of mid-game, mid-mission throwaway lines,,so I think its worth pointing out.,I dont think its gonna totally change,a series veterans overall vibe, but yeah.,And the missions themselves,manage to keep things interesting,,despite the only real thing you do,is shoot things and cast spells.,The side missions, too, are often pretty involved,and usually have multiple tiers.,Sometimes its goofy stuff, sometimes its funny stuff,,sometimes its real stuff, but usually worthwhile,,and even more, if youre a “Borderlands” fan,cause they tuck some stuff in there for you.,Along with that,,there are bounties to pick up in the world to engage in,and towns with vendors and blacksmiths,,and it all feels a bit more streamlined and straightforward,compared to “Borderlands,”,dare I say a tiny bit more linear,,but none of

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Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Review Fumble or Fantastic? “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”

tiny tinas wonderland 这是一款动作 角色扮演第一人称射击游戏,,让您在 角色扮演游戏中扮演角色扮演者,它很快就会出现,在各种平台上 单人游戏或 多人游戏 它以 tiny,tina the 开头 地牢大师那种 激动的喋喋不休的想法改变者,你,会期望有时会调整 你周围的世界,因为它实际上会发生在 其他时候,像一群 神谈论他们下面的下属 一样 反弹桌上玩家的想法,让我们看看霰弹枪 灼热的魔法导弹是 巧克力,和 花生酱,我们都,希望这个视频是由 频道 上的你们赞助人或reddit订阅者赞助,的,感谢 公司提供这个游戏的代码,这,当然意味着我买了一个 自己 复制 游戏并将其赠送给其中一位,观察者 还请注意,开发人员要求 在游戏,的前两个小时后没有人显示任何内容, 这样您就不会,看到最终内容让我们先谈谈 游戏的外观,吧它是无主之地幻想小蒂娜 并没有竭尽全力在,技术上看起来不同艺术它更像是 幻想因为这就是游戏 在,您探索充满地图 时使用桌面世界部分 的方式 用,爆米花碎奇多和瓶盖作为 大门跳入战斗确实,改变了一些事情 当然有,一些武器的幻想倾斜, 剑,锤子和镰刀都 用,快速远程武器 摆动到敌人的脸上 是一个 有点,令人失望,它们看起来很像 他们的主要游戏对手 一支,带有弩臂胶带的步枪,看起来 有点像一辆带有摩托车胶带的汽车,,只是看起来很奇怪,而且从来没有完全感觉 像幻想 – 现在有些地方看起来很,壮观 -您 在游戏中战斗并在稍后看到的 封顶级别 看起来,非常好 一些出色的地牢碎片 其他的有点相同,尽管 除了,为您和您的朋友 提供林间空地之外并没有做更多的事情 在,敌人进入特别注意的竞技场时与他们 作战 这里是边线位置 任务,和 一些随机战斗, 其中大部分发生在 这些,重复 的 竞技场中,非常 快,,但战斗本身对伙伴 气象学家来说很好,你可以召唤,陨石冻结魔法圈或 纯死亡能量球,,从天上掉下来砸向敌人, 将他们从悬崖上扔下,所有,不同的元素效果看起来 都 很好,火焰敌人融化或者,像之前的游戏一样冻结或通电 这个标题,在全速移动时看起来最好,滑到 掩体后面,让你的快速充电,盾牌充满,然后在他旋转时跳出来, 将你的特殊球滚进某个巨人的,圆顶 你的朋友们,你以前,在无主之地一二和 三看到过很多这样的东西,在这里几乎是同样的事情,,但又是那个 f 虽然游戏有几个问题,但从技术上讲,游戏有,几个问题,首先是可选的 Directx 11 还是,12, 无论您,进入较大位置 时的设置如何, 无论它是 ssd 还是什至是 这些位置的 nvme,驱动器纹理看起来 真的很糊状,然后它们有点弹出,令人失望,因为这是 我们看到无主之地 3,有时存在的问题,并且它 在这里 继续存在,,当你在某些时候会有一些 fps 口吃 实际上,,在 3080 80 到 100 fps 的关卡优化问题大部分时间都很明显,但是,当你看着 某个地方时,即使不是这么 大的绘制距离 ,,一两个关卡确实会出现这种奇怪 的卡顿 考虑到这一切,,我实际上在 这款游戏中遇到的技术问题比在《 无主之地,3》中遇到的问题要少一些优化 问题,但总体来说还不错,我希望 游戏,中有更多的变化 真正的武器本身, 这 将在,很大程度上 使它,感觉 与以前的,头衔 截然不同,金,我 知道,,但他们确实改变了其他事情, 例如,阿内特会在游戏中作为,配音演员之一作为一个坏人,他 最终加入了一些正常的,公司期望,你对 配音演员边境写作,一直是在这里 碰碰运气,虽然有些时候 有人在开一个,长篇大论的 npc 演讲 的笑话 ,如果你已经,做了两次以上,因为 也许你死了,你真的不能跳过,其中的一些笑话有点平淡的 音乐,我认为这很好,,有一些非常酷的部分反映了 dd 棋盘游戏的美学, 当,你像一个快乐的幸运小组一样探索 时,这些 轻盈通风的作品会播放出来,,只是想找到最后 一点咕咕咕l 战利品,但总的来说不是很,令人难忘 ,幸运的是音频本身和样本,没有这样的问题检查方向 设置游戏在环绕声方面做得非常好,,虽然你有一张小 地图显示你的敌人所以,检查可能实际上更快 而不是试图,用粗口和 机关枪将 一些敌人冻死,,然后让 鬼鬼祟祟的角色 跳入致命一,击听起来就像你 希望与我一起玩的人,之一确实有一个音频问题,他们 有一个特定的声音样本继续,播放直到他们离开, 然后重新加载到多人游戏保存 中,但这是我们,在测试 时遇到 的唯一音频故障,,当我们谈论游戏玩法时,你 不应该期望完全不同,的风格 游戏一开始是 你在被 邀请参加小蒂娜的 dnd 游戏,后创建一个角色 首先 确保转到最后一个选项,并转身将滑块打开到超速状态,这样 您就可以真正制作一些看起来非常糟糕的,角色肤色面部 特征身体类型它们都是,您想要的预期现状 并且它们不会影响您在,游戏背景中的动作这是什么类型开始时 调整主要属性,,您可以选择像乡村 白痴这样的背景故事,它可以增强您的力量,但是,那个家伙可能会穿雨衣 去水肺潜水,而迷你马克辛,尤其重要,稍后我可以告诉您 ,因为您也得到了一些 增加英雄 点数,以及 每个级别探索 的英雄点数,等等不要太强调你 有你的狂暴者你的爪子使者,坟墓出生的法术射击和稳定 术士 以及孢子守望者这些都 与,类 有 不同的相似之处 你会在 dd 中看到你,近距离接触你的角色 被特殊力量增强了你有一,对夫妇可以真正召唤 小动物来帮助他们,你有ve,你的远程角色和你的隐身 角色,虽然你确实有一些重叠,,特别是在开始时,它们确实会 随着你继续玩,游戏而分散开这是一个由 tina 运行的游戏,这 意味着她会给出提示播放 npcs,改变你周围的世界并指导 您在覆盖地图上的冒险,,您可以在其中控制您的巨型头部 微型模型到各种遭遇新 位置,然后,当您找到 每个班级 的新级别时,跳入主 游戏,与 您 收集的武器 产生协同作用,近距离武器现在有自己的 插槽, 除非您在进行连击 ,否则您,实际上不会看到 它们 ,其余时间您将,盯着 从敌人那里获得或购买的各种远程武器,从海岸出发,这些是在 大关卡的开始处或在,您到达那里后称为家 的城市内 游戏也有,许多物品和武器的新制造商,但您 会很快找到很多f,无主之地的比喻在这里,当然还有 敌人的死亡皮纳塔彩色零件,,每时每刻都在你 舀起然后尝试确定它,是否比其他东西更适合你的构建 项目将有五种稀有颜色,以及五种伤害类型他们 可以做到,这些游戏的真正粉丝和 这个标题的乐趣在于我认为,被动和 主动的角色技能以及他们在,团队或单独时的协同作用,不同之处 在于例如,咒语编织者有,两个咒语插槽,您可以 稍后解锁,这可以,让您双重爆炸敌人,但该 角色特别具有被动 技能,,如果您刚刚完成重新装填枪支,则会 增加这些咒语的伤害 所以用,一些遥远的弩力量 粉碎一些敌人 然后,重新加载然后跳过墙壁并 在一些可怜 的克劳德的脸上,投下一枚漂亮的炸弹 的组合,因为这 是可以完成的游戏名称,你会看到 当,你做这些事情 时,增加 你对敌人造成,的力量和实际 伤害,正如我 之前所说的,有些课程实际上,有帮助你的人, 例如你可能有一个巨大的锤子,,你可以扔它稍后,但你也有 一个火线,你可以消灭敌人,,或者在很多情况下让我保持 敌人忙碌,因为我充电或启动,我自己的一项技能,游戏确实有 很多游戏玩家需要追踪,,尤其是当你是试图找出 你的协同作用,这基本上 在你的库存,的一个完全不同的页面 中进行了解释,以及那些,武器和一些武器可以随机 掉落类法术效果盔甲不仅,增加了它们所依附的类别 及其力量,而且多次增加技能,点指向您角色的特定力量, 这意味着将其切换出来,实际上可以调整事物,消除 您拥有的力量,但可能会增加,另一种力量,因此有很多针锋相对 的有很多looki 在你的 库存,中找出 最适合你 的东西,,当然还有能力真正改变 它,无论你有一个好的,构建还是一个坏的构建你会 杀死一些敌人你会做,一些问题你要升级 这给了你一个点来为你的角色花费你的,技能,以及一个 英雄点,在属性方面通常遵循,地牢和龙 ,当涉及到东西时,它是,有用的,这也是困难的地方 首先出现,如果 您曾经玩过无主之地游戏,或者,甚至是他们的名字为hard的激烈射击 游戏,那么 您将拥有三个,具有自己名字的简单中等难度, 很可能,直到游戏后期才提供大量挑战, 所以我会开始玩这个,,特别是如果你在 被动和主动方面有点聪明,当,涉及到那些困难时,他们会调整 受到的伤害造成的伤害,然后,在激烈的情况下也会调整多人游戏中的战利品, 尽管更多的事情会调整 游戏,做 了 一些 缩放,但,后来多人游戏 的,难度 急剧,上升 如果您发现,重叠或需要可以 为您的团队提供一些治疗的人,并且,您会在团队中 注意到这一点,因为就像我说的那样,,稍后您解锁某种 难度似乎确实会增加一点 由于共享战利品 和物品而导致,的 多职业 虽然感觉,有点像你已经做过的事情,这 证明了,你可以找到的枪的力量及其能力和效果, 但它也确实淡化,了 一些东西 有点我并不是说被动 以任何方式,在武器中积极复制的形状或形式只是 很多武器都有很多特殊,效果而且很多人可能会 使用同一种武器,因为,它们是真的很好 在您击败游戏之前, 它可能会感觉 有点相同,,尽管您可以解锁 混沌室进行随机战斗,而,这正是该游戏 旨在让 玩家 继续玩,的 地方,我没有看到任何微交易 ,如果那是你的那种,多人游戏对我们来说是完美的, 那么我就没有看到过任何微交易,并且那个 mini maxine 的 设备级别和物品 对,我们来说非常完美,没有 问题, 也不 需要,那个玩家玩过序幕 巨大的奖励它们显示为 未上漆的缩影,他们,就在那里与你 一起装备 他们的角色,让我们谈谈战利品, 尽管你有你的近距离,武器远程盔甲戒指护身符, 随着你的进步,你会解锁更多,新的角色自定义选项 物品以及盔甲设计,您,可以解锁盔甲的自定义 并获得不同的零件,现在这,由各种不同的东西调整s, 我想在这里谈谈,lux 统计,因为您可以看到 lux 堆栈根据 不同的事物而,上升或下降, 并且它会修改下降 ,但感觉很吝啬,我发现 自己只是在与,相同的两个 滚动 武器,在合作社和sp中很长一段时间,当我和 其他在多人游戏中玩它的人交谈时,,他们有 同样的事情确保你,能找到适合所有盒子的枪 你想要的是一个值得的努力,,这就是混乱 地牢将要创造的东西,但我希望 在开始时有,更多的可变性 游戏确实有,一些问题会在你 第一次玩时突然出现重复附带,事件它有点像杀手它 在某种程度上是有意义的,因为添加游戏和随机,遭遇但 在这些设置中拥有更多随机性 会很好,,因为很多时候 你进入有点让你陷入一个,竞技场,你就像哦,我的上帝,我 我之前来过这里,熟悉和变得无趣之间是有区别的 ,,而且 当蒂娜正在昏昏欲睡时,,这种情况也悄悄 潜入了那里,有 许多旁白和调整,,并没有像我希望的那样改变 她。 在游戏中没有我,希望 的 那样多 的变化和控制 dd 有点关于,惊喜 谈到惊喜我 没有崩溃,但我确实有轮班 服务,在最后玩的时候 连接和断开了 很多次,当你身处其中时,无主之地 战斗总是感觉很棒 ,,当它没有连接 到随机遭遇或重复 的任务位置时,这里也是如此 当,你经历新的关卡 时很 有趣,尝试不同的角色类型 和有点确切地看到他们是如何进行的,,虽然游戏的前四分之一有 很多过场动画和故事展示,,但它有点结束了,然后 找到了 具有快速旅行地点 的游戏,,并且有更多的自由 我在 那里 的探索很,有趣,但很有趣 并不是说它很有趣,有时我喜欢把 那些角色换成不同,的角色,看看哪个角色最适合 我的计划,哪些武器感觉,不同,我想 在 像这样的战斗和控制类游戏 中 使用你,所期望的, 但是在 dlc 中可能 没有充分利用这是一个边境地区,的角色扮演游戏的倾向, 但我们在,这里谈论这个主要游戏所以正如你们 所知,我对游戏进行评级以购买权重,出售租金或永远不会再碰它评级 系统第一无主之地并不,适合每个人我喜欢通过 风车击掌某人结束性行为但不是,每个人都会喜欢就像 不是每个人都会被,这个游戏所吸引,它确实把粉丝 放在第一位,这很好,所以对于粉丝来说,他们,可能想要得到这个或者会 喜欢它,一定要留意,那些战利品表以及它是如何 做到的他平衡多人游戏,这 对于无主之,地 的问题 并不,为人所知, 但对我来说是全,价 的 事情,我,觉得这是一个错失的机会, 不仅在游戏的武器,系统中,而且即使 讲故事尝试在讲故事,本身谈到变化时 ,你也有很多地方可以参与,评论部分,不仅在这里 跳到 如果你是赞助人 的,话,reddit 并在那里做 跳入 不和谐它有助于频道帮助,我有能力为你们 提供两分钟长的评论,充满了一堆赞助的牛市 废话和平出来,我希望你有一个,很棒的一周

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I recommend: Tiny Tinas Wonderlands (Review)

this video is brought to you by raycon,true wireless earbuds stick around to,hear more about them and also a special,offer theyre making available through,my channel,first up lets talk about the review,embargo restrictions Im only allowed to,show you gameplay from the first two,hours of the game and then from two very,specific sections later in the game Im,not sure why gearbox have laid down,these restrictions they say its to,protect spoilers but like reviewers know,what we should and shouldnt be sharing,to protect our audiences from,unnecessary spoilers and all these,restrictions do is make it harder for me,to show off the best parts of this game,so I dont know this is just a weird,Choice theyve made but it explains why,a lot of the footage youre about to see,will look a little samey I was only,allowed to show you a small slice of the,game and yeah thats a shame because,this is a pretty chunky product with,plenty to show off to be clear Tony,Tinas wonderlands is a standalone game,its a Borderlands offshoot but sort of,unfortunately titled because it sounds,like the Borderlands 2 DLC that got,released a while back and that was,recently made freely available on both,PS plus and through the epic game store,so Im sure that more than a few people,are going to think that tiny teen is,wonderlands is a DLC for Borderlands 3,but its not its a standalone game that,is surprisingly large and in at least a,few aspects hes more ambitious than,Borderlands 3 was I mean Borderlands 3,was really well regarded but the tagline,for that game was Borderlands 3 its,more Borderlands while classes and build,diversity were beefed up in the arsenal,of weapons massively expanded and the,visuals were given a nice uplift,Borderlands 3 felt very Borderlands,which was fine if thats what you were,chasing but anyone looking for any,evolution of that formula was gonna be,disappointed and the writing holy [ __ ],it is rare for a game to have writing,and humor so bad that it makes you want,to not look into the game but,Borderlands 3 somehow reached that,unenviable bar now I dont want to,oversell how much tiny teen as one lens,revitalizes the Borderlands formula,because its not transformative but I,found its been more than enough to make,me really enjoy this in fact Ive,enjoyed it a lot more than I enjoyed,Borderlands 3 and actually like,Borderlands 3. tiny teen is one land,steps away from the Arid waste of the,Borderlands and adopts an entirely new,medieval fairy tale aesthetic that is,brimming with color and charm It remixes,your favorite Borderlands characters,into Charming fairy tale equivalents,like turning one Burly strong man into,the fairy punch father and a remixes,fairy tale tropes into Borderlands,Mayhem and Firepower obsessed worldview,like a quest to discover the mythical,sword extra caliber the combat model and,class design here is much broader and,more interesting than that of,Borderlands 3 classes are really wild,ranging from melee Berserkers to,necromancers to spell Slingers and then,you can merge any two classes together,to make things even more crazy every,class is now weaving their class,passives and their abilities and their,equippable spells and their weapons to,arrive at a combat model where shooting,stuff isnt the only means of playing,totally the game is that classic often,grating gearbox humor but I think it,works way better here when youre,playing a tabletop Dungeons and Dragons,game dmd by Tina the Ridiculousness,seems to flow and be more at home here,than it was in three where the entire,game thought it was just trying to,recreate the magic of handsome deck but,instead it just pissed everyone off and,made people turn the in-game dialogue,volume down to zero so thats all great,but Tiny Tina is still built on,gearboxs existing game engine UI and,core gameplay design principles and,those things are getting pretty long on,the tooth at this point there are some,really big issues with bugs at least on,PC the UI is horrible it was outdated in,Borderlands 3 and its still terrible,here with one of the worst maps and,inventories Ive used since Borderlands,3. from a gameplay perspective the UI is,really straining under the weight of the,new features that Tiny Tina brings and,you get the sense that had this game,been built from the ground up as a new,product it would have had a very,different approach to things like,equippable spells controllable,Companions and melee combat but despite,these shortcomings I had a really good,time with Tiny Tinas wonderlands and,that was when I was playing it solo when,these sorts of games are way better when,playing it with other people I would,liken my enjoyment of it to [ __ ] cry,blood dragon actually which was built on,the bones of Far Cry 3 but because it,did so much to change up the setting and,remix some gameplay elements it felt so,distinct despite being an offshoot,thats Tiny Tina for me and much like,Far Cry blood dragon I enjoyed it a hell,of a lot more than I enjoyed the game it,was built on,[Music],okay so lets talk about technical stuff,first since theres definitely some,stuff to call out here on the PC side I,reviewed tiny teenys Wonderland on two,PCS an RTX 3090 with a ryzen 5950x and,an RTX 2080 TI with an AMD 3700x I ran,both at 1440p ultra settings so the good,news is it runs really well on both,systems I was generally hovering at,around 110 FPS on the 3090 and around 60,to 70 on the 2080 TI there were the,occasional frame drops here and there in,particular when I went into town but,overall I found it to be pretty smooth,and reliable I didnt have any crashing,so from a stability and performance,perspective I had a great experience but,as always your mileage May greatly vary,I had a significantly worse experience,when it comes to overall bugginess and,the controls on PC which are truly,terrible so bugging is first yeah its,its just really clear to me the tiny,teens is nearly finished but not quite,finished there were just enough buggy UI,elements in particular to tell me that,give box where one or two quality passes,away from a polished product I would,often get UI prompts popping up where,they shouldnt be telling me that Ive,just been revived when I hadnt they,would tell me I couldnt equip certain,items when I could at one point I just,lost my entire Quest log and I couldnt,get it back even after I restarted the,game and did a bunch of quests and did,all sorts of [ __ ] it just wouldnt come,back so I just played a bunch of the,game without a quest log until suddenly,it reappeared so these bugs range from,minor annoyances to actual problems,theyre not gonna be total deal breakers,for most people but certainly for some,they will be theyre just generally,something that everyone should be aware,of I think far more problematic with the,controls on keyboard and mouse holy [ __ ],these are terrible now I cant remember,if they were always this bad on gearbox,games and I just didnt notice or maybe,theyre actually worse here Im not sure,but yeah its extremely clear to me that,this game was built for a controller and,then there was some really half-assed,keyboard and mouse conversion that does,the job just but its super unpleasant,and at time is straight broken for,example you cant Mouse over things on,the map you need to drag this Center,cursor thing on top of an icon to get it,to do anything this is a Common Thread,with many menus and UI interfaces not,recognizing Mouse input consistently so,on the options menu for example you can,click the right arrow buttons to,interface with stuff but if you want to,click the left Arrow buttons that,doesnt work unless you click like,slightly to the right of the arrow,button because I guess they werent,properly mapped if I sell something at,the vendor by clicking on it it will,reset the games cursor position without,resetting my mouse position resulting in,situations where I accidentally sold,stuff I intended to keep same goes for,navigating this blacksmith upgrade menu,where you cant even

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands – Angry Review

hey guys whats up its finally done the,tiny tinas angry review and look at,this g feel has an actual tiny tinas,flavor i got you 30 off this right now,click the links down below grab yourself,a tub of it i have the tub its just as,good or you grab yourself one of the,carbonated ones guys,thank you so much for being patient its,been what about a month on this one too,but i think were now almost pretty much,finally caught up so thank you and i,hope you guys enjoyed the review check,it out,all right poopy mcfart barf and booger,sprinkles dick you have fought your way,up through the mountain of testicular,torsion through the putrid pools of,and youre approaching the eye of sauron,in the fields of matrix reloaded is,everything in this campaign gonna be a,joke or a pulp culture reference like,its funny but its gonna get tiresome,now you two join hands and you hold the,holy hand grenade of panteok but make,sure not to cross the streams and and,say the three magic words clatu bharata,necktie,and the more this goes on the worse it,gets joe its like this whole thing is a,complete joke,well at least we get some loot yeah,all right dragon lord butt face dies and,he explodes into a giant ball of farts,and fire and his loot chest appears,[Music],come on,what oh,what,what oh is that a [ __ ] diaper what,what is this,this is all trash what its garbage,what,what is this this is a sword this sword,is worse than the one i got four levels,ago well yeah thats because you,actually played the game instead of,derailing your experience with some,shitty easter egg hunt you had to get,all the loot dice otherwise you get,trash like all this stuff well at least,we got some sweet balloons though,[Music],joe,i dont think thats a balloon,[Music],hey guys welcome to our tiny tinder,wonderlands review,uh and for this particular game i was,pretty excited for this one as its,coming out,i love the dnd stuff ive only played,dnd a handful of times in my life once,with spoonie was really fun alex did an,aliens rpg for us which i really enjoyed,um so i like the whole theme of this,game,and uh and you know tiny tina is one of,my favorite characters from borderlands,uh shes just quirky you know funny uh,borderlands 2 i remember some great,times uh her own dlc and stuff and so i,was really excited this fantasy was like,okay were gonna do like [ __ ] uh,what is it badasses and bunkers and,badasses and so its gonna be like,slightly,uh medieval style,well the game comes out,and despite me trying very very hard to,like this game this game slapped me,every freaking opportunity it had to,slap me out of it,im gonna try to start the game even,though im at a black screen,something happened,yeah i got it looks like i got kicked,maybe ooh,ive got to cry ive got a crash screen,i just cant see it,the very first thing that we got,buggy as hell at release could not play,with each other could not even play with,each other thats another thing thats a,bigger thing we could not [ __ ] play,multiplayer time to join each other so,lets uh try to invite people,uh,offline connection your current,connection status is offline youre on,disappointed,disappointed,we were cranky we were angry its like,this is release i paid my full price not,a dlc right this is full price and then,uh and and then plus when you do play,im getting hitching poor optimization i,got one of the best pcs out there from,origin pc and it was still not,performing well,oh what the hell was that,huge freeze,i can get rid of these,faithful servants oh a lot of hitching,what come on,this is getting bad,on pc your your experience on console,may vary but it was really bad on pc,servers down constantly so that really,[ __ ] pissed me off,oh,okay well,did you crash yeah and with the angry,joe show here we have so many games and,titles we had to move on so what is a,delay for days for people it was a delay,for like weeks for us because,we would revisit it and it would still,be down and it would still be broken all,right well,guess we will continue,our single-player,playthrough,of,tiny begins,oh,okay um,just wanted to let me know that uh,a problem occurred,while uh while i was playing single,player just letting you know problem,occurred,oh,well he also lost between the first and,second time we played he lost five,levels which is several hours worth of,grinding how do we get thats what i was,hoping,joe doesnt have this second column he,doesnt have his second,class what what when do how,how is that even a thing,its like game crashed right when he was,supposed to get it and then,and and honestly i dont remember at,what point in the story that happens,like joe youre just [ __ ],not only that but another bug uh at a,certain point in the game of course,a second class opens up,more weapon slots and because he had,that bug,his his class was disabled and he didnt,have additional weapon slides so joe,played through only just finished,one,game with a single class system less,class than everyone else makes sense,less gun slots than everybody else so it,was [ __ ] miserable um,but other than that uh i i do want to,say uh overall i liked the game,uh,you know,i like the whole theme i like tiny tina,theyve got this real overworld system,that is really cool thats a cool,interesting twist you know instead of,vehicles we get this uh super mario,world map where you have big heads and,you go around and i like how you can,punch the hell out of random encounters,like no i dont want this,dont do it dont want to do it but you,need to do it to level up though yes so,unfortunately as you progress through,the game whereas in borderlands it feels,natural while you level up here you will,hit walls and you must do the side,quests thats not what a side quest is,sideways or side quests here theyre,main quests basically you have to do,them and unfortunately half of them are,good the other half is not,take out that stupid hat no im not,wearing noise yeah are you t-posing look,just wait for me,i gotta thank my friends for helping me,out,finish this,just dont keep me waiting again,adventure,she disappears youve done me more than,this this is this is,i dont know how ill ever repay you um,the story itself is all right its like,were doing the tinas lonely and alone,again like again and again as a way to,deal with roland i think thats really,clever and i liked it but,theres a game before this theres a,prequel that handles a lot of this stuff,this is i didnt know this theres this,is the second of the tiny tina games,believe it or not third if you look at,it a certain way and like the fifth or,sixth borderlands game,um but yeah guys so,but heres the problem is that because,this game let me just straight out say,this game put me in a bad mood all the,[ __ ] time and a bad thing it trained,me i dont know what it was just and the,comedy is a million jokes a minute and,only ten percent of them really work we,talking i need a dank ranking you gotta,rank the day if im being frank you,gotta arrange again,oh you,[Music],and so that really grates on your nerves,doesnt it alex yeah for me i think that,tiny tina is a wonderful support,character who i really do like tiny tina,as a character but i think tiny tina,works best when there are a entire cast,of other characters providing a little,bit of a palette cleanser and a break,from like the crazy antics if its all,crazy all the time all jokes yeah it,stops becoming funny and it really leans,heavy into that cringy,oh,hell yes,very punch father youre alive,thanks to your badass riffs,you truly are a barbarian,and you,i know you,come in,magical loot solo,bro shut the [ __ ] up man [ __ ] aint,funny anymore and then youre just,pissing me off hey this is great i can,see why she likes this,and super cringy humor here like the,cringe is non-stop the you know the,jokes is,you can just kind of,uh summarize the jokes and you know,screaming very loudly and then say you,know basically saying ridiculous things,really loud and then under your breath,oh my god was that funny

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands | Should you play? | No Bull**** Review

[Music],uh hello class today i will be educating,you all about the video game tiny tinas,wonderlands pop quiz what do you get,when you add borderland style gameplay,to a d d fantasy themed world well if,you cant figure it out go ahead and,rewind the video to two seconds im not,going to spell it out for you tiny,tinas wonderlands is a spin-off,borderlands game and i dont think i,need to bring up a wiki article to let,you know that its a looter shooter,because borderlands is essentially the,father of lunar shooters trust me reddit,said so the story is actually a story,within a story basically youre playing,the borderlands world equivalent to d,and d bunkers and bad asses and tiny,tina is your dm spoiler alert ahead skip,to about 159 if you havent played the,game yet or just watch it like a [ __ ],chat who doesnt give a [ __ ] i cant,control you with the 5g microchip that,our teams definitely didnt install in,the back of your head last night,yet,anyways youve been warned so youre a,being called the fate maker its really,simple basically you do something to,help the kingdom the unicorn queen of,the kingdom queen butt stallion is about,to knight you for doing so,then the dragon lord comes out of a,portal and [ __ ] beheads queen butt,stallion right in front of god and,everyone it cuts a perfect line every,time so yeah now youre on a journey,where the goal is to ultimately kill him,some characters from previous games in,the series make a comeback for example,brick is back as the fairy punch father,much like how a fairy godmother oversees,her charges spiritual well-being and,growth the very punch father i assume,sees to his charges physical well-being,by punching everyone that would [ __ ],with him torg makes a return as well but,gearbox chopped his balls off and made,him censor no no words,so they could get the teen rating from,the esrb i guess the word [ __ ] is worse,for teenagers to hear than letting them,shoot hundreds of bullets into,human-like beings but im not the esrb,so i dont know at least they let him,nuke in an ocean though so all hope is,not lost,play with a controller or mouse and,keyboard play on any of these platforms,tyentinas wonderlands is cross-platform,heres the menu settings pause or slow,down if you want to read them,so customizable,the graphics and art style are typical,of a borderlands game its that same,cartoony style but on the next gen,consoles and pc its cranked up to 11.,its recommended that you have a gtx,1060 which is a card that released in,2016 so you dont need the latest and,greatest to run the game the mechanics,in tiny tinas wonderland are similar to,other borderlands games but with a fancy,theme slapped on them smack a [ __ ] with,a melee attack cast a spell which is,essentially grenades from mainline,borderlands games do a ground slam slide,and use your action skill theres all,types of [ __ ] scattered around the map,for you to pick up and do first and,foremost story quests where you do the,most absolutely convoluted [ __ ] to,progress such as seducing a drawbridge,we seduce the drawbridge,hello there couldnt help but notice,your,reinforced beams from across the mount,and side quests which have you walk a,little shark around and pick up its [ __ ],literally then all of a sudden it shoots,up seven liters of steroids and turns,into a cracked out killing machine and,youre forced to euthanize it with,extreme prejudice theres d20s for you,to pick up that give you loot depending,on what you roll as well as slightly,increase your loot vine stat buy an,assault rifle from vending machines just,like in the good old u.s of a,you can do scenarios where you shoot,everything that has a pulse until they,no longer have a pulse dress up your,character and pick up loot there is so,much loot most of which is more useless,than an ass with no hole the end game is,mostly comprised of chaos chamber runs,go in the portal kill some guys kill,some more guys fight a boss at the end,you can see your stats if youre able to,finish it without [ __ ] up too much,you can increase the chaos level which,just makes it harder and gives you,better loot theres also some bunny,statues at the end where you shove all,the moon orbs you just got up their ass,in order to make them regurgitate items,corresponding to the symbols over their,heads and of course the old shift chest,where you painstakingly enter a 25,character code in order to get a key to,open this big ass chest which contains,mostly underwhelming garbage,heres the map of one zone each zone is,accessed by traversing the overworld,within the overworld you can have random,encounters forced upon you if one of,these boneheads can touch you before you,slap the [ __ ] out of him once you,discover a zone you can fast travel to,it and theres also a diablo-esque town,portal mechanic which allows you to,teleport to the hub city and leave a,portal to go back to whenever youre,done selling or whatever heres the,difficulties you go relaxed for little,babies among you that still drink out of,sippy cups you got balance for people,that complained their medium chicken,wings are too hot and intense for people,that would just eat the [ __ ] chicken,alive,i played on intense and i dont think,this game was that hard,the enemy variety in ttw is good as well,lots of unique creatures for you to pump,full of lead starting with the fodder,enemies theres a lot of them but they,mostly die faster than a sorority chick,in a slasher movie you got big ass crabs,amphibious hammerhead sharks cyclopses,wyverns fishy snake ladies mothers smurf,and smurfs and many more theres,badasses that are well badass they dont,give a [ __ ] about your puny bullets or,your feelings and bosses shoot them with,about ten thousand bullets and you get,rewarded with a lootgasm each boss has,different mechanics that you need to get,good at in order to defeat them like,this [ __ ] she shoots out these things,where you get to jump the low ones and,crouch the high ones,and now the loot yeah thats right im,talking about all the colorful [ __ ],that rockets out of bosss [ __ ],after you kill him hes starting from,worst besters white green blue purple,and orange they all boost your stats and,have different effects eventually you,equip four pew pews which can do,anything from creating an electrical,knife tornado to becoming a death vortex,to shooting corrosive saw blades,some guns have elemental damage which is,more effective versus certain types of,health bars for example a fire weapon,will deal more damage to enemies with a,red health bar you get a ward which is,actually just a shield some rings armor,which is basically just a class mod a,talisman a melee weapon and spells,heres some examples,spells can also shoot saw blades you can,shoot death lasers smite your foes with,the power of encelius the god of incels,and many more as for character,customization the create a character,screen is absolutely absurd you can make,your guy look like someone busted up,one-eyed caddier-wearing weeb face,scrunched stupid elf looking,[ __ ] because of the feature that,allows you to unlock sliders to give,your character extremely unrealistic,facial features then theres the skill,trees each of the six classes has their,own skill tree class feet and eventually,you can pick a secondary class to gain,access to their skill tree as well,heres some of the skills that spell,shot can unlock,the classes are as follows the burr,zerker goes burr than xerx the,clawbringer is basically a paladin the,graveborn is a warlock spell shot shoots,spells and the spore warden is a fun guy,stableman through summons blades to,slice his enemies up like they wore the,wrong color and the wrong hood each,class can choose between two action,skills i only played the spell shot so,far and his action skills allow him to,either turn his enemies into a sheep or,equip a second spell heres the action,skills of the rest of the classes that i,slap together using ms paint then,theres hero points which just change,yo

Is Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Season pass worth it? (Adonis Review)

welcome to another adonis review,uh today i thought id cover,the,season pass for chinese tina,wonderland,uh,now im going to kind of go over,you know essentially,whats came out already for it which i,believe,is all of it,um,which ill have to say you know usually,if you know if you listen to my reviews,and,and kind of have and heard of,you know most of them you know normally,my reviews lead on the positive side um,theres not,a whole lot of games that i just,generally hate,and i dont i dont generally hate uh,tiny tinas wonderland um i do think,its um a real like its its concept,and moving parts,as a whole,i think are fantastic and you know it,would be great,uh our great additions you know having,a first person shooter with you know,spells and and and,you know a lot of,things that youd seen like a,dungeons and dragons type of game,and and uh having those combines a real,nice kind of mix,um now with that being said,uh,they market you know time tinas,wonderland as a full,fledged game right its full price its,not,um i mean its not 40 bucks or 50 bucks,its not you know its not discounted as,like a standard like its like a dlc,price or,you know like how can a bridge of,spirits was only 40 bucks when it was,you know first released,um this is a full priced,you know 80 dollar game,brand new,um and then they sell the season you,know season pass on top of that for,you know 30 40 bucks as well,um you know so when thats the case i,expect,uh you know my best my best intentions,my best hopes,is borderlands 2 level of season pass,you know and if you if you uh have never,played borderlands two things in the,past,um you know it it,you know it essentially includes,four main dlcs,with one of the deals these being so,great that its actually the catalyst of,why we have tithing of wonderland,because it was scientinas attack on,dragon keep,and it was such a fantastic you know dlc,with you know its own raid bosses its,own general boss,giant lands different areas um,it was just such a,a great addition to the game that you,know obviously people and people loved,it so much that we received,we received chinese wonderland the game,that youre seeing right now,um,and so,you know borderlands who outdid,themselves with their season pass,um so well and,that,it was worth buying,uh you know i bought multiple versions,of borderlands 2 i bought it you know,originally,uh then i bought the season pass for it,and then i,uh,you know i bought like a all-encompassed,version of it that had all of it and,then i bought the handsome jack,collection uh later on so i can have it,for the ps4 and then i bought you know,the vr edition of it so [ __ ],you know i can see it in vr,um you know and theres not,i dont think theres any game ive ever,actually done that before you know,thats how good it was,um now when borderlands 3 came out,it was different,uh,i you know expected the same quality and,everything um,you know if you if i think back to it,borderlands 2s main campaign was was,fantastic but it was not you know it,wasnt,it wasnt like you know the longest deal,you know main campaign ever,um so i had nothing really against the,campaign for board life 3 but i will say,that the dlc for borderlands 3,felt a little bit lackluster it,definitely felt lacking,um you know still good just wasnt at,borderlands,2 quality of what they delivered they,really outdid themselves,so the whole point of this is that when,i think about what i was expecting when,we got to the season pass for this,i had my set,site said at least at borderlands 3,uh,level you know or maybe its not going,to be the best,season pass ive ever seen in my life,but you know its going to give me you,know,at least three,campaigns,uh,you know five campaigns that add on and,give me a new maybe a new location uh,that add on to the general story,so i can,you know continue continue playing the,game and you know getting to learn more,and more of it,and,im disappointed um to be quite sim you,know quite plain this uh,youre seeing here,is,the final location for the the i believe,the final dlc expansion that they added,now you know nowadays,you know games keep adding right you,know maybe this is the final one that,they state that itll be in the season,pass that you could buy now and maybe,obviously the best two maybe theyll add,more to it and you know but youll have,to pay out more to do it,but,i mean,you know its,unlike you know borderlands,you know three in borderlands 2 when you,get a dlc,and it being basically a whole new land,with you know a giant area and and uh,the biggest i guess the biggest,upsetting thing about borderlands,uh three is that they didnt have a,whole lot of side missions,when you,you know when you got a new dlc and you,also didnt get you know each each map,had a had a raid boss boston somehow the,two raid bosses um in each dlc map and,thats not what they did they definitely,were a lot stingier,with it um when it came to borderlands 3,which is upsetting,but uh but they still had that whole new,land they did have some side missions in,each land,and uh you know with a whole lot of,areas you can go um you know they gave,you that they just didnt give you a,whole lot of extra stuff on top of that,which is the bummer,but with this if you havent bought this,in the past and youre wondering if you,should buy it if it would be like that,it it is depressing what youre,essentially getting in this one,and the best way to put it is uh maybe a,slightly longer mission,um you know its a mission that maybe,takes,uh 45 minutes probably be you know the,longest you could take i dont know if,you could really drag it out to an hour,but id say maybe 45 minutes is pretty,standard timing,and,and uh yeah youre essentially getting,like you know so three missions you know,three dlc,um which are all accessed in this one,area um its like a mirror dimension,type thing,and,and and basically you know,each one each mirror is a its like a,different area its like a new land but,its essentially just the,you know just going to be a a new area,uh,you know which is essentially like a,mission,and,its a bummer because i feel like even,with the main story of tiny tina,i feel like sometimes they have a lot of,land that they made,that,is is empty and just nothing really is,in it you know theres a lot of places,that you know ive seen in in the in the,general campaign for tiny teens,wonderland where im just like im like,okay this whole core you know quarter of,the map that ive never been to theres,nothing over there and im like well,maybe ill go do a mission later that,you know fulfills that theres sometimes,were just like theres just nothing,really over there at least in my,knowledge i think in general that you,see you know maybe if i really dug,around maybe theres a something hidden,you know something stupid hidden,but,you know its very empty when they you,know its really like,they you know completed 60 of the game,and then they just released it with 40,of it not finished,its the best way to i could kind of put,it,and,this dlc kind of is a true definition of,that of,you know of not really giving us a,full-fledged dlc with a brand new area,um this goes for all three of them and,just really giving us,a a kind of linear path to kind of,traverse,which basically is just one mission,um thats not extremely difficult you,know if you play on average difficulty,um no real challenge no real raid boss,nothing thats really gonna you know,make you have to be worried,and,[Music],thats it,um you know like they sound cool in,themes this one you have to go into like,a demon,hell prison,uh so that sounds cool and in the very,first one for example you have to you,know kill an old god or something like,that it sounds cool but its not you,kind of go into the first dlc you go,into different areas kill waves of the,monsters and then you eventually get to,the old god and you fight him and,not unique and exciting at all,um i will say i think the dlc is only,thirty dollars or the season pass thats,only 30 so i mea

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