1. Is TipRanks Worth It? | TipRanks Review from a Real Subscriber
  2. Tipranks – Before I Buy A Stock I DO THIS FIRST
  3. How to Analyze Stocks with TipRanks | 2021 TipRanks Review
  4. Can You Trust Wall Street Analysts? TipRanks on CNBC
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Is TipRanks Worth It? | TipRanks Review from a Real Subscriber

hey welcome to the 40 finance channel,everybody my name is jeff beers,today were going to do a review of the,tip ranks platform,if you guys have been watching my,channel for a while you know that i use,tip ranks in almost all my videos to,give a little snapshot on what,analysts think about a particular stock,and where they see the price,going over the next year or so and while,the analysts ratings are by far,my favorite feature of tip ranks they,have a lot of,other uh features that come in handy,when youre doing stock research,so ill kind of pull the screen back,here a little bit and let you see,what goes on inside of tip ranks and if,youre interested in learning more about,tip ranks my,affiliate link is in the description i,do receive a small commission for anyone,who signs up,using that link however i only talk,about tip ranks because it is a product,that i use basically every day,so as we go through this review if it,seems like something you might use,in your investing journey then please,support the channel by using the,affiliate link below,okay so this is the home page to tip,ranks this is where everything begins,and you can see sort of their primary,selling points is stock analysis,analyzing your portfolio and of course,getting investment ideas,well go through all three of these,points as were sort of,walking around in here and lets just,jump into my favorite feature which you,can do by entering almost any ticker,symbol,well do etsy today since ive talked,about it a lot recently on my channel,and you jump right into this landing,page,which gives you sort of a look at etsy,from an,analyst perspective so this is something,that i use all the time and double check,on every stock that i mentioned on the,channel,as well as any stock that i invest in,and youve got two kind of,options here you can go for the all,consensus which appears here in this box,or you can do the best performing,analyst,consensus and the difference between the,two which well see in a little bit,has to do with their star rating so tip,ranks assigns a one to five star rating,for,every analyst on the site and that is,based on their performance so they track,when analysts come out with buy sell,hold ratings,and then they track it from there and,assign a one through five rating,now this is the price target consensus,and analyst rating consensus i,tend to go by date which will scroll,down and see that,but at the high level you just can type,in a stock and go with the consensus,and that gives you some idea you see,here with etsy,the price is always just the real price,is displayed up here at 130 730,uh the consensus target is 156 over the,next,year and thats a 14 upside,off to the left here you can just look,at buy sell holds,based on the best performing analyst now,if youve watched my channel,you know that typically i spend more,time down here,which is the detailed list of analysts,forecasts,and this is cool because you can,actually break it down,i always do four and five star analysts,because i just want the best opinion,but you can add more i dont know if it,will impact anything,on etsys side it doesnt look like it,but when you get into smaller cap stocks,one of the things you have to be careful,of is that,theyre smaller right so theyre not,covered as much and youll get a lot of,one,and two star analysts covering smaller,ones,probably because theyre trying to make,a name for themselves but you can also,sort by by,sell hold so did i see there was one,cell yes there is one cell,and you can see the date was one month,ago,and obviously this gentleman is uh very,bearish,on etsy as hes saying down minus 46,but lets see what happens if we look at,things on a more,wide or ranging view okay so this is the,chart that you often see,on my channel and what i like about this,one,is you can sort in almost any way i tend,to sort by date because i want the,freshest,ratings to come out on top right and,its very easy for me to look across and,absorb the information if you will and,we see,at least for etsy the freshest rating,was,today most of them came out one month,ago,that sort of coincides with etsys,earnings release you know a lot of,analysts review,earnings and they make a fresh,assessment on the stock,that appears to be what is happening,here and what you can do within your,own user profile if you want to you can,follow these analysts simply by pushing,you know the add button and then itll,actually go,into your my experts area,which well take a look at in a little,bit but in addition to,telling you what these analysts said you,also get to look at the,article uh where theyre pulling the,source from so this ones from the fly,and the fly just does a little uh,snippets on what people are talking,about they just give you a little,snippet,of what was being said whether it was,from a,virtual investor meeting or sometimes,their shareholder letters and other,things that come out,where they pull this information from,but very easy to look at very easy to,sort,and very easy to go back in time to see,how things have changed okay so thats,the analyst ratings for,for etsy but theres other tip ranks,features we can use to analyze etsy as,well,if we go to stock analysis,you actually get the tip ranks smart,score,uh how they look at etsy its a,combination,of activity growth,sentiment all those things and you can,see this sort of stock analysis overview,they go for analyst ratings blogger,opinions,hedge fund activity insider activity,fundamentals technicals news and tip,ranks investors,but perhaps the most intriguing part of,this,tab is that you start to get into hedge,fund activity and insider activity,so if we wanted to just focus on those,things,we could go to hedge fund activity and,you can see,that they have a chart that shows stock,price against hedge fund activity,and they go through and list the,different,additions and changes and all these,additions and changes,came in this past quarter so this is not,an infinite list this is just in the,past,quarter and you can see what the holding,changes,and value reported were across the board,so in this case i believe,weve got a neutral hedge fund,confidence signal,based on seven hedge funds in the recent,quarter,however if you go through you can see,the star rating,of the hedge funds and at the top here,the one that was added the most to it,was the gotham,asset group who added 5.6 million,however a couple sales most notably this,one,from bridger management group at 22.59,million,so a little bit more outflows and,inflows,however as you can see off to the side,theres a difference between,sold out reduced added,and new so those are all things to kind,of keep in mind when youre looking at,hedge fund activity,now you might remember on that previous,page you could also look at insider,activity,and this tracks insider trading activity,within the last three months and theyre,saying for itsy,its coming in negative because youve,had more people selling,than buying and if you go through here,and you sort by the date,you can see there is a decent chunk of,activity,going on in the past couple months here,it looks like most of them were sales so,some people would regard that as a,negative,um etsy though if you dont know has,really,uh jumped this year so to me its not,super surprising,that some of these folks in these uh you,know big positions have,opted to go ahead and cash in on the,success for the year,but in this case you may want to dig in,more,and just make sure that youre,comfortable with whats going on,and the nice thing is you can go over,and you get the sec,listing i believe right here,where it tells you who sold it the,relationship,and you can kind of look through and see,how much things were worth,and what they sold them for just keep in,mind though that you know people,sell stocks for a lot of different,reasons this would definitely,be probably a negative sentiment so i,agree,with tip ranks however in the back of my,mind,i also say that etsys had a hell of a,year,a

Tipranks – Before I Buy A Stock I DO THIS FIRST

so before i buy into any stock i always,do this one thing first,and the funny thing is you guys and,girls watching this video at home are,probably doing it too,without even noticing thats right,before i yolo into amc with leverage or,buy any stock as an investment,i always visit a website called tip,ranks to get one special feature that i,think is very important before anybody,presses the buy button,now i do want to be very clear here this,is the final step that i do before i,finally click buy and add any stock to,my current portfolio now im pretty sure,as well for majority of new investors is,probably a good first step but for me,personally this is after ive done my,intrinsic value calculations,ive looked at the news i like the stock,and im ready to buy,this is the final check before we take,off and go to the moon with amc,i really need to stop making amc jokes,now before we move on this is not,financial advice this is just my,personal approach and you should do your,own due diligence before you make any,investment decision,im just a guy with a beard who,currently has a very sore knee and ill,leave that up to you to guess if its,the left or the right one,if you do appreciate videos like this,though a like is always very much,appreciated and if youre looking for a,broker check out etoro on the pinned,comment if you sign up deposit and make,a trade,you get access to the lwt etoro chatroom,for live and im there daily you can go,in there and ask me questions and you,can also go in there and ask me my full,process before i,actually look at any investment from,start to finish now when buying or,looking at any stock to buy and add to,your portfolio,i think its very important to look at,counter viewpoints and different,opinions,after all were all on youtube here,right now at this time,looking for financial tips and tricks on,how to grow your wealth i can pretty,much guarantee,everybody watching this video at some,point its probably typed in apple stock,analysis or,looked at an amc video or tattoo chef,video or,anything crazy like that and this in a,way is good,but youre also looking at just random,people like myself on youtube,without knowing if theyre an absolute,con artist or an actual financial,advisor,and this is where tip ranks comes in,analysts from all around the world in,different big institutions,tend to give up stock reports they do,their intrinsic value calculations and,give you a final price,on where they think the stock will be in,12 months now again if you missed the,disclaimer earlier this is just a,devils advocate most analysts are never,exactly right but it is someone who is,probably more qualified than you,watching this video,making a assumption on where this stock,will go but remember that majority of,analysts dont even beat the market,but it is a good devils advocate,nonetheless so lets jump over to tip,ranks and ill show you,exactly what i mean because i think you,will find value on this platform,and yes they have a free version as well,where you can actually get this average,price,too so you dont even have to pay,anything so if you do jump over tip,ranks you can see that there is a lot of,information here theres smart,portfolios and loads of crazy stuff,and again if you want that video i can,do that for you just let me know down in,the comments,but what were interested here is,looking at different stocks so lets,have a little look at alibaba,a favor on the channel a stock that i,like talking about from time to time,and we can see that we get this little,breakdown now there is stock market,analysis,and things like this and one of the cool,features here is actually the news,but uh ill stick with the analyst,because thats the point of this video,and i dont want it to be an,hour long now what this is good for is,you can see that these are the 12 month,price targets of every analyst theres,26 ratings,25 a buy one says hold and zero sells,now that does not mean that this is an,absolute golden opportunity,and you should buy it because its,guaranteed to go to 300,definitely not that but what it is good,for,is giving you that average price target,now if we go down here the first thing i,tend to tick,is this box and im looking for analysts,that have four or five,star ratings analysts that have a decent,track record,because we can take them as a bit of a,better assumption,on the price target now if we look at,these analysts now this is gathering,data from,all over the place we can see that weve,got people from goldman sachs,merrill lynch city group um we can see,as well that theres people from jp,morgan jeffries credit suisse,people who know what theyre talking,about and ill come on to that analyst,themselves in just a second,but what we can see here is that the,highest price target,in 12 months for barber is 350,and the lowest is 270 and the average is,around about 301.,now thats cool but if we put on the top,analysts we can see that theres only 18,ratings but every single one of them is,a buy,um and the current price is 209,and again its just a good way of,putting the data together getting a very,good assumption of how people are,feeling bullish or bearish on this stock,but we can go one step further here we,can even check these analysts in a,little bit more detail now if we check,out payuge here we can actually see that,he thinks theres a 57,upside he reiterated it hes talked,about it a few times,and we can actually see the article,itself if we open,uh this link here and this is the,article that theyve put out themselves,and we can see with their updated price,target but if you want to go check out,piyush a little bit more,and see is he just you know barbara,crazy or has he looked at other stocks,we could actually click on his tip ranks,portfolio,this is golden honestly we can go in,there we can see what hes talking about,what other stocks hes looking at and,see if hes a little bit biased,his average return per rating score we,can see that hes,successful 67 percent of the time which,is actually quite good to be honest,but we can come down to barber here,which was the one were looking at,and we can see hes successful 72,of the time in the stock his average,profit is 18,because we can actually go in and see,his portfolio,but we can also see that over the long,term hes been,quite bullish on alibaba but since,november,the drop he hasnt really done any uh,analysis on it so hes probably waited,here,until recently to put out this new price,target,but you should also think that hes,bullish on this long term,is he going to change his mind or is he,too invested in the stock,thats up to you as a investor to make,that decision not financial advice,now lets have another little look here,lets have a little look at one of the,favorites amc,we can see if amc because i mean i heard,this is going to the moon i heard its,going to,ten thousand dollars oh wait,hang on oh the hedges the hedges are,against all the apes thats right so,everybody is uh,yeah um worrying,there is one other stock i want to have,a look at a nice x on mobile,xom as you know im quite positive on,oils i think oil is really undervalued,in terms of,stocks as well especially on the big,oils up here youre a good dividend,and we can see on the same weve got,four and five star ratings,obviously theres only five analysts,here weve got four buys one hold and we,can see that the lowest is 67.,currently its 64 and the high is 90.,so there is around about 17 upside but,this does pay a dividend and i just,wanted to show you that its a good way,of sort of getting that devils advocate,getting that thesis in,im a little bit more bullish on exxon,mobil than the analysts are here,to be honest but in full transparency,this is a good way of me not getting,carried away,over out of control and thinking that,its going to go to i dont know 300,a share in the next 12 months because,the probability of that is not gonna,happen,but its a good way of grounding,yourself now lets have a little look at,apple as you can i

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How to Analyze Stocks with TipRanks | 2021 TipRanks Review

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Can You Trust Wall Street Analysts? TipRanks on CNBC

website tip ranks that permits you go to,any analyst and look at how has that,analyst returned equity to you has he,how was he or she performed is he good,or bad that is what should matter not,whether they speak brilliantly which all,you guys do but whether or not the,person is good in fact weve been,promoting to CNBC the notion that any,time an analyst is here but a number,beneath the analyst how is that man or,woman performed just like a batting,average youre you you take sort of all,this data and you crunch it and you,youve designed an algorithm essentially,is what youve done to come out with a,ranking a number as the governor says,absolutely so you we use technology such,as machine learning and natural language,processing to basically aggregate and,analyze any piece of advice that is,being published online now while I think,that this segments main focus is,analysts we are also able to do so for,much more complicated on structure text,such as financial blogs as well recently,we released a feature that was also,released on NASDAQ that allows you to,measure your own performance and compare,yourself to more than a hundred thousand,similar investors and so at the end of,the day what we do is we bring,data-driven decision-making into Wall,Street well I mean we talk about this,kind of stuff every day in fact on the,show we have something called the call,of the day and rarely is the call of the,day a cell rating right why do you think,analysts in this current environment are,still reticent to slap that rating on a,stock look I think it comes back to what,you highlighted in the intro access its,very hard in any environment where,youre a critical of the people whom,youre covering to maintain the access,that you need to get the information,that you need to provide insight thats,an unfortunate truth but what were,trying to do is provide a data-driven as,gary said a data-driven answer to what,should be a regulatory problem its very,hard we all found that out its very,hard to create a regulatory answer to,this you cant regulate either quality,or oftentimes integrity but what you can,do is give the data to the investor so,the investor will note is the analyst at,Morgan Stanley good or bad and likewise,every analyst can be rated based upon,performance which is what investors,should care about and and if you do,sorry and if you do measure their,performance their by ratings or as a,seller it is it doesnt really matter if,they issue more buy rather than sell,because its all out there you can see,how they performed and you mentioned,Deutsche Bank and you mentioned the Bank,of America and others but if you see who,are the top,forming analysts of 2016 ironically,enough it was actually Deutsche Bank,there along the top 10 of the lists if,theres a do you also take into account,their earnings estimates and how they do,their no we look at it from the,perspective of the individual investor,if an analyst said buy the stock we will,start measuring what would happen if I,listened to that analyst and bought that,stock were not looking about the,standard deviation and the differences,between his earning estimates and what,the company actually reported over the,last two years I think its something,like 93 cents of every dollar going into,an investment fund went into an index or,a quantitative strategy that pays,absolutely zero attention to Wall Street,analyst rankings when you look in the,hedge fund side all of the net money,being raised is going to places like the,Shaw Citadel,these are programmatic traders also not,listening to analysts is there any kind,of concern that maybe there should be,other things that youre looking at not,just the buy and sell calls on the,street given the fact that people just,generally ignoring them anyway,definitely so one of the things that,were also measuring is a performance of,hedge funds based on what theyre,reporting to the SEC and later this year,were also planning to start measuring,all the Robo advisors that you see,popping out but you dont really know,who is good and who is bad you only know,whos advertising and where youre a,given the clumping that we all,acknowledge happens with analysts they,all pile on one direction or the other,are you able to really get the signal,out of the noise here I mean is there,really that much discernment amongst an,absolutely you can see that theyre,anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of the,analysts that are consistent with with,them outperforming the markets,year-over-year so there are some that,are good the majority of them its kind,of random a lot of noise some that would,be good at a specific year and some that,would be better on a different year I,mean is there a significant amount of,turnover or do you generally find the,same folks popping up on these lists for,the various stocks every year so if you,look at the top lets say 100 or 200,over the last five years right since,2011 till now I think that the turnover,is going to be at around the 10 to 15,percent its not significant its not,high the majority are still there and,also it really depends on how you,measure their performance because if you,really want to see who is good and who,is not you need to benchmark them to,their own sectors,as obviously you have sectors that are,gonna go up and go down and if you do,that and then you keep trucking the best,ones in each sector then there is,definitely some consistency you know I,just just from somebodys on the buy,side and we ran a hedge fund work the,Edwards I really dont know anybody who,really used at the professional level,analysts for their buy and sell,recommendations it was always for every,ounce we thought that was worth use it,was good for something,weathers there its almost too,particularly whether or not is not even,really good but Steve heres the other,names thing we are also talking to the,larger mass not just good retail,consumers who do listen to the analysts,and we want them to have this objective,data set that permits them to understand,whether or not they should utilities for,because all of a sudden you hear they,must be right,separate so thats probably the reason,you havent been using it because he,didnt have difference to show you who,is good into his bed and by the way we,have many Quan hedge funds that are,hooking into our API is in trading,exactly and what the best ones are,saying not to shamelessly promote the,company but I will some of the largest,banks and trading platforms in the,country have hired us precisely because,they want this data to factor into the,algorithms they may they may they may,fade it but they at least want to know,guys thank you

TipRanks Weds Morning Updates! SEC Proposing New Rules, DALs Rosy Outlook, SOFI Insider Buys + More

good morning everyone and happy,Wednesday it is Julie here with your tip,ranks pre-market morning update where,were bringing you everything you need,to know before the Market opens so lets,get into it,[Music],all right guys welcome back and thank,you all so much for being here we are 11,days from Christmas or 10 days from,Christmas Eve whichever one youre,counting down to I hope youre all,getting ready for the wonderful holiday,season coming up this morning well be,taking a look at exciting stock market,news notable earnings reports and which,stocks are the mornings biggest gainers,and losers make sure youve downloaded,the tip ranks mobile app so you can,harness the wisdom of over 8 000 Wall,Street analysts and hundreds of,corporate insiders and hedge funds right,on your mobile device you can find the,links to download in the description,down below now lets get right into this,warnings exciting stock market news,foreign,[Music],Stock features are slightly in the green,this morning as investors wait to hear,from fed chairman Jerome Powell theyre,expecting him to announce an interest,rate increase of half a percent this,would be down from previous increases of,0.75 percent right now Dow futures are,currently up 0.10 S P 500 futures up,0.11 and Nasdaq futures up 0.09 percent,later today well also be hearing from,the SEC the commission will be voting on,some new proposed rules from chairman,Gary Gensler the proposed rules could,change how the trades of individual,investors are completed which could,threaten the key role now played by,market makers such as Citadel Securities,and virtue Financial Eli Lilly is,teaming up with Eva to make affordable,insulin for Africa they will be,collaborating with Eva farmer to deliver,a sustainable supply of supportable,human and analog insulin to at least one,million people living with diabetes in,low to Middle income countries most,which are in Africa in a first for their,company Eli Lilly will be supplying,their active pharmaceutical ingredient,for insulin at a significantly reduced,price to Eva Eva then expects to begin,distribution of the african-made insulin,products within 18 months reaching 1,million people by year 2030. this,follows Eli Lilys launch of their,insulin affordability Solutions here in,the U.S back in 2020. analysts currently,rate the Eli Lilly stock a strong buy,with an average upside of nearly 10,percent Delta Airlines are up about 4 in,the pre-market this morning after the,company shared some optimistic forecasts,for the next several years for the full,year theyre now expecting earnings per,share between three dollars and seven,cents to three dollars and 12 cents this,is well above the 2.88 cents expected by,Wall Street looking forward theyre also,expecting five to six dollars in,earnings in 2023 and reaching over seven,dollars per share by 2024. their CEO,said that demand for air travel remains,robust as we exit the year and Delta,momentum is building analysts currently,rate the stock a unanimous strong buy,with an average upside of 38 and shares,of Sofi technology are up a few percent,in the pre-market after a big Insider,buy from their CEO in a recent filing it,was disclosed that their CEO Anthony,Noto purchased over 5 million dollars in,the common stock the reported,transaction appears to be made earlier,this week the CEO is picking up some,stocks on a discount as the sofa stock,is down about 69 over the past year,analysts do currently rate the stock a,moderate buy with an average upside of,61 percent now moving over to notable,earnings reports,foreign,[Music],today we will be hearing from Nordstrom,lennarcourt trip.com group and clean,spark in the after hours last night we,did hear from AVM Industries their stock,is down slightly despite beating on,earnings and revenue their fourth,quarter earnings per share of 89 cents,came in one cent ahead of expectations,while revenue of over 2 billion was up,18 year over year and 50 million ahead,of expectations their stock currently,has one analyst rating coming in as a,hold with no price Target and in the,pre-market this morning we heard from,Weber girls their stock is down slightly,after missing on both earnings and,revenue coming in with a much wider than,expected loss of 53 cents they were 32,cents away from analysts estimates,meanwhile revenue of 168 million fell 52,year over year and was nearly 41 million,chive estimates analysts do currently,rate their stock a hold with a downside,of 14 now lets take a look at which,stocks are the mornings biggest gainers,and losers,foreign,our biggest gainers this morning are led,by Shoals Technologies Group after,appointing a new president along with,some other Executives trading under the,ticker shls the stock is up 5.4 percent,theyre followed by high peak energy,under hpk up five percent and Delta,Airlines under Dal up 4.1 percent and,our biggest losers this morning are led,by Charter Communications after their,price Target was lowered by several,firms trading under the ticker chtr the,stock is down over eight percent theyre,followed by Lionheart acquisition 2,under mspr down over seven percent and,Quantum scape under the ticker Qs down,6.6 percent so that is going to be,everything for Wednesdays pre-market,morning update getting you up to speed,with what you need to know before that,opening bell if you made it to the end,of todays video dont forget to hit the,thumbs up button and make sure youre,subscribed to the channel as well thank,you guys so much for watching have a,wonderful Wednesday and Ill see you,back here next time

TipRanks Review for Stock Analysis (Best Investing Tool) ⭐️

today what Ill be sharing with you is a,platform that i use for my stock,research and I think theres a lot of,value in this platform you can sign up,for free theres a link in the,description but Im gonna go over some,of my favorite features of this platform,and if you havent heard about this,website before its called tip ranks and,Im gonna show you how I use tip ranks,take advantage of my investing and take,it to the next level lets go,[Music],hey guys welcome back to the channel my,name is Nick if youre new here make,sure it doesnt scream button down below,and if you appreciate videos like this,where I talk about the tools that I use,for my investments make sure drop a huge,like on this video share support if we,can hit 100 likes on this video within,48 hours I will reveal what app I use on,my smartphone to track apps this is,honestly one of the best apps I use and,I personally use it right now so if you,want to find out what app that is make,sure youre obviously like on this video,also dont forget to join our VIP,membership group if you want to see,exactly what stocks I owned was dogleg,create all the trades that I make I,share all of that and more with my VIP,members link in the description as well,so like I said today were going to be,talking about a service called tip ranks,theyre a website where you can go sign,up for free and you can gain basic,access to the platform now even if you,think that you might have another,resource out there that is the best,resource for stocks I encourage you to,go sign up and give it a try because,its almost a guarantee that youll find,something on this website that will help,you with your investments Im gonna go,over to 3 best things that I like about,this website and Ill show you guys some,insight into how I use it and you might,actually find value in those three,specific things as well so getting right,into it the first thing I want to talk,about is the analyst insights this is by,far in my opinion that one of the most,valuable pieces of information that tip,ranks provides to its users now I dont,make trades based on what analysts have,to say but I do pay attention to an,analyst upgrade or downgrade of stock,because I like to see what the overall,sentiment on stocks that are watching to,buy are so for example EA Electronic,Arts had a 10% dip because of a delay in,its Battlefield game and also a slightly,lower guidance for the next quarter,because of this delay so whats a 10%,drop in the stock price justified,because of this I dont personally think,so and I think this was a huge,overreaction they are still going to be,releasing the game even if its delayed,theyre still gonna have great profits,for the quarter and the long-term,picture of my opinion is still intact,sure the short-term picture might have,changed a little bit here and there but,over the long term this is still a,strong company so what I did was I,hopped on the tip rank so check,what analysts had to say about this news,that just came out I was almost certain,that Id be at least one analyst that,had some sort of opinion on this at,either upgraded downward or reiterated,their stance on the company and sure,enough when I hop on their search for,Electronic Arts what I see is two,analysts that have come out and still,say that theyre bullish on this stuff,so the first actually reiterated a 148,dollar price target on the stock and a,new analyst actually came in and,assigned a 154 dollar price target on,the stock and both of these analysts had,a Buy rating on the stock its also,important to note that both these,analysts have a five-star rating on the,website and this is based upon around,4,000 different analysts so the fact,that theyre five stars means theyre,among some of the top analysts on this,website and that means that they,actually have a pretty high success rate,now am I gonna be buying Electronic Arts,solely because the analysts have said,that its a good buy and he reiterated,or initiated a Buy rating no but it does,help my thesis and it does help me,confirm my stance on the company now I,can also use this information to the,downside say theres a stock that just,had a 20 percent dip for whatever reason,in their stock price typically what will,happen is analysts will hop on board and,either reiterate their ratings give an,upgrade or downgrade to the stock and,what I can do then is view the general,sentiment of these analysts and see if,some of these have turned bearish now,and if the overall sentiment of Wall,Street is bearish I typically dont want,to fight the trend especially if its a,swing play because this means Im gonna,be fighting an uphill battle against all,the people who have money to invest in,Wall Street thats not to say that you,cant fight the trend and come out very,profitable in fact over the long term I,believe this is a good strategy because,when people are pessimistic or fearful,of a company thats when you want to be,buying because thats when theres gonna,be a lot of upside when they finally you,turn around and become bullish on the,company all Im saying is its good to,have this information to kind of confirm,your thesis or just give you more,insight into why a stock dropped what,analysts are thinking and what the,overall sentiment of Wall Street is okay,so now lets move on to my second,favorite thing about this website and,thats trending stocks so this is,actually a tool that Ive been using to,find some,incoming stocks and define popular,stocks in the stock market that I might,not have heard of before whats great,about this section is that you can,actually filter stocks by certain,criteria,so essentially you can kind of think of,this as like a stock screener for the,most popular stocks out there right now,as you can see here you can filter by,market cap you can filter by how long of,a time period theyve been trending for,you can also filter about what sectors,you want to see these stocks in and then,what happens is youre presented with a,whole list of stocks that meet this,criteria and more often than not youre,gonna find at least a handful of stocks,in here that youve never heard of,before so in my opinion this is actually,great because now you can actually go do,some research on these stocks and you,can actually get some insight into them,before the general community or the,general investing community knows about,it and this kind of gives you a head,start with the full analysis because by,the time that Wall Street becomes,bullish and majority people are bullish,is usually towards the end of the cycle,and thats usually not when you want to,get in on a stock you want to get in,early so you can get the most ends out,of it,you can also see here the overall,consensus the price target and the,percentage upside of the stock so this,will give you a better idea of what the,overall stance on the stock is and of,course you can click on any one of these,stocks that pop up and you can read more,about the company you can see more about,what analysts think and you can even,look through news articles on the,company so this is also a great way to,find new stocks and diversify your,portfolio so say for example you dont,know any companies in the utility sector,but you do want to pick up a utility,play just to be more diverse you can use,this to find some of the most popular,Sox in that sector and then do some more,research into those tops say three,stocks in that sector that provides the,most upside and figure out why analysts,think it provides upside and see if your,thesis actually supports the fact that,this stock may go up over the long term,now the third thing I want to talk about,is the smart portfolios that they offer,and this is something that I started,using on the website from the first day,that I signed up and I find it so useful,essentially a nutshell what you do here,is you build out your portfolio if you,add a number of shares your cost basis,and then youre able to track the,performance of your portfolio not only,this but now once you

3 Stocks To Buy Now To Make Your Stock Portfolio Recession Proof

hows it going investors Ari Goodman,here with the tip ranks team and thats,all I really have to say is what a time,to be alive for an investor I mean weve,seen it all as of late from the market,rallying weeks ago to now some of the,lowest lows that weve seen this year in,2022 and this is all now based on the,fact that more volatility is expected as,investors are fearing a costly recession,on the horizon which is why today Id,like to talk about three stocks that are,considered to be Recession Proof and,rated buys on tip ranks by top analysts,so without further Ado lets Dive Right,In,[Music],so before we go any further I just,wanted to take a moment to actually,Define the term Recession Proof thats,been thrown around more rather recently,and according to Investopedia Recession,Proof refers to assets companies,Industries or other entities that do not,decline in value during a recession now,value is the key word given a stock,share price is not reflective of a,companys True Value but actually what,the market is willing to pay for it,therefore as we see stock share prices,plummeting its now more important than,ever to keep your calm and if youre,going to invest at all just be sure the,companys value delivers so you,ultimately make it through the recession,if we are in fact to find ourselves in a,recession now with that said our first,stock has not only been operating for,over 130 years but experiencing growth,while revolutionizing the industry with,leading Pharmaceuticals and Advanced,Medical devices the comp company I first,want to talk about is Johnson and,Johnson which Im sure youre very,familiar with but in talking about a,recession-proof stock Johnson and,Johnson comes in with a smart score of a,perfect 10 on tip ranks and only,continues to thrive over the long term,despite the economic conditions it faces,during near-term volatility with its,429.50 billion dollar market,capitalization and while Johnson and,Johnson is not exactly immune to the,market volatility with the stock having,declined nominally by 2.89 on the year,trading for around 163 dollars per share,and we also see continued buying,activity from investors across tip ranks,and even more of a positive indication,is the amount of hedge funds that are,pouring money into Johnson and Johnson,as of late despite the company coming in,with a p e ratio at 23.7 now perhaps,price is really just what you pay well,value is what youre actually going to,get at the end of the day now looking,ahead analysts for C almost 15 percent,worth of growth for Johnson and Johnson,coming up to to a Target share price of,186.67 per share it may take some time,before Johnson and Johnson actually,picks up the pace to that share price,and therefore investors should take note,of Johnson and Johnson being a dividend,King reliably paying those dividends for,over 50 consecutive years increasing,them year over year with a current,dividend yield at 2.66 percent next up,while many investors are flocking to,McDonalds or Chipotle Id like to bring,Darden Restaurants to your attention,given their current valuation in what,appears to be a wide moat around the,business now Darden Restaurants is a,restaurant operator that was founded in,1968 and has since grown a brand,portfolio of eight popular franchises,from Olive Garden to LongHorn Steakhouse,Cheddars Yard House Seasons 52 Bahama,Breeze Eddie Vs and the Capital Grille,with such popular brands underneath,their operation Darden Restaurants has,been able to amass a market,capitalization at 15.48 billion dollars,and while the stock is down on the year,by a little over 12 percent trading for,126.32 cents per share this may sound,the bells of opportunity for Darden,Restaurants to add to your watch list,now its PE ratio is coming in under 20,at 17.52 thats considerably lower than,its competitors now at the end of the,day here its worth noting Darden,Restaurants have seen tremendous growth,when it comes to website traffic this,time last year which is an indicator of,earnings that may come in stronger than,expected and of course the business is,still intact now in that same token,hedge funds are pouring millions of,dollars into Darden Restaurants as well,and so too are retail investors across,tip ranks with many investors adding or,growing their positions with Darden,Restaurants as for analysts expectations,there is growth expected with a Target,share price coming up to,137.60 per share its 8.93 worth of,upside potential for shareholders of,Darden Restaurants and until it actually,hits that Target share price we can kick,back to collect on a dividend yield,coming in at three point 49 and finally,if youre really looking to get your,hands on a recession-proof stock for,your portfolio think about the companies,that are manufacturing items consumers,like you and I would have to buy,regardless of the state of the economy,think about care and grooming products,which brings us right to Procter and,Gamble a consumer goods company that has,been dominating its industry since its,founding in 1837 thats 180 years worth,of navigating through Market swings and,delivering returns to shareholders given,dozens and dozens of products of theirs,that are just Necessities to us all,whether its toothpaste laundry,detergents diapers shaving creams skin,care products or any and all of the,above consumers will continue to consume,those very products from Procter and,Gamble which is why they have been able,to amass a market capitalization of over,300 billion dollars however like Johnson,and Johnson they too have taken a hit on,the year currently trading for,126.25 cents per share which is down by,a little over 21 on the year now there,PE ratio is coming in at 21.8 which of,course could always be lower for a,better buy-in price but some might say,that its worth the premium for the,safety now their current share price has,not stopped investors across tip ranks,from increasing their position with,Proctor and Gamble as weve seen,increased buying activity from retail,investors and more interestingly to know,of course is what smart money has been,doing which you could probably already,guess hedge funds have also been buying,in and investing more into Procter and,Gamble as well for longer term safety,now as we await the economic recovery we,can remain optimistic for the future of,Procter Gamble whereas analysts foresee,almost 24 percent worth of upside for,shareholders of Procter Gamble with a,Target share price coming in at,156.25 cents per share as we await that,economic recovery we can rely on Procter,Gambles dividend which comes in at a,dividend yield of 2.77 percent now,investors there you have it from Johnson,and Johnson to Darden Restaurants and,Procter and Gamble three Rock Solid,stocks that are known to be Recession,Proof now wed certainly love to catch,your thoughts on any or all three of,todays batch of the analysts rated Buys,so drop all those comments down below,and if you yourself have been out there,buying and doubling down on certain,stocks that are considered to be,recession-proof wed love to know which,stocks those are as well so be sure to,mention them in the comments now of,course todays video was not intended to,be stock advice but merely a means of,showing you through some of our tip,ranks tools so you as an investor can,make more informed investment decisions,now until next time thank you for tuning,in

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