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  2. Titan Investment App Review: One Year Update
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  4. Titan Invest Review. Should I Invest in Titan Invest? Maybe…
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  7. Titanvest One Year Review

Titan Invest App Review

whats going on YouTube its your boy,Della Mike and Im back at again with,another video about a year ago I used an,investing app where I tried out an,investing app known as the Titan app the,Titan investing app and heres my one,year later I guess you could say review,lets not waste any more time lets get,right into the video Lets Go,[Music],real quick heres a rundown of the Titan,investing app tie and invest your money,on your behalf when I first started with,Titan they had two different portfolios,that you could choose from to go ahead,and invest your money overall that was,the stocks portfolio and the crypto,portfolio at that time inside the stocks,portfolio was three different funds each,one of those funds pretty much,corresponded with a different type of,investment when it came to investing,into stocks so they had the flagship,fund which would pretty much invest your,money into U.S companies they had the,offshores fund which would pretty much,invest your money into International,companies or pretty much companies,thats not in the US and they also have,the opportunities fund the opportunities,fund would invest your money into small,us companies while the flagship one,would invest your money into large U.S,companies besides that the only other,option they had on the platform was,cryptocurrency so you can go ahead and,put your money in and they would invest,that money on your behalf into,cryptocurrency which they believe would,go up in value and of course you would,make money from that as well now,considering this is a one-year recap or,one year review pretty much Im sure,everyone here or a lot of people here,are interested in how much money I,either made with Titan or lost with,Titan trying to figure out if its the,right investment platform for them under,the sun and overall lets start with,those numbers lets give you those,numbers right here I started my Titan,investing account with 500 and I did not,put any more money into it up until this,point right now my investing on Titan is,sitting at thirteen hundred dollars,overall my portfolio is down about 14,since I started in about 13 year to date,however if you compare that to the,entire Market or at least the market I,was pretty much invested into which was,that Flagship fund or large US companies,aka the S P 500 right now the S P 500 is,actually down year to date about 18 as,Im recording this video while Titan is,only down for me personally about 14 so,overall my Titan Flagship fund is,actually being the S P 500 right now as,far as the entire stock market as a,whole goes and also compared to my,Robinhood portfolio which I invest the,majority of my money that is down about,15 percent of the Year still slightly,beating the S P 500 for the time being,which so from that standpoint alone,Titan has honestly done its job and Im,honestly pretty happy about it its,overall beating the stock market as far,as the global S P 500 and my portfolio,is outperforming that right now would,that be the case going forward well,have to wait and see but right now Im,pretty happy with it and on top of that,in the grand scheme of things over the,next 10 20 30 years I dont think this,year is going to make that much of a,difference when it comes down to these,numbers now youre probably sitting,there wondering Mike how in the world,are you down 14 15 in Titan but overall,your investment is up since you started,with Titan if you only invested 500 if,youre overall down how could you,possibly have 1300 in your account right,now and that is from you guys thats,from referrals so thank you very much,for that when I first started with Titan,I invested 100 to open my account and,then another four hundred dollars about,a couple of weeks later pretty much when,I made the video saying I was going to,invest into Titan as I mentioned in that,video when you go ahead and sign up with,my referral link down below below when,it comes to Titan youre going to get,anywhere between I believe 25 dollars,and ten thousand dollars automatically,deposited into your in Titan account,theyre gonna give you anywhere between,twenty five dollars to ten thousand,dollars for free just for signing up and,depositing 100 to start your Titan,account on top of that when you use my,referral link youll also get a 100 day,free trial of Titan because Titan is not,free its not a free platform they,overall do charge you a monthly fee or a,one percent fee every single year to go,ahead and use that platform to overall,invest the money for you all youre,essentially doing is putting money in,and theyre going to invest all that,money on your behalf so that would be a,five dollar fee every single month if,you have under ten thousand dollars in,your account and you have over ten,thousand dollars in your account its,going to be a one percent fee every,single year so one percent of ten,thousand dollars one hundred dollars,every single year anything above that of,course is still a one percent fee which,is pretty much in line when it comes to,a competitor you can consider Titan not,a hedge fund but like a hedge fund and,typically hedge funds charge you around,two percent every single year but you,you look at something like a robo,advisor which is a little bit less than,what Titan does something like well,front or betterment they charge you a,point zero five percent fee every single,year so a lot less actively managed than,what Titan is Titan is a little bit more,Hands-On theyre going to move you know,stocks and funds and crypto theyre,gonna move that around I would say every,quarter while you compare it to a robo,advisor theyre probably going to invest,you into some typical,ETF and pretty much change it maybe once,every 10 to 15 years they might not,touch it that much thats why its so,much cheaper because Robo advisors dont,have to do as much work on that part,versus what Titan has to do as they are,actively managing your portfolio pretty,much four times a year but like I said,all of that is waived because you get,that 100 day free trial if you use my,link down below you dont have to do,that I was just saying I was putting,that out there but you do get that free,money and you can go ahead and do,whatever you want with it so if youre,interested in signing up for Titan after,you watch the rest of this video then,sure by all means go ahead and use it if,not thats cool too youre not hurting,me its okay I really appreciate you for,just watching the video but lets get,back into it now those portfolios that I,mentioned in the beginning the stock,portfolio and overall the crypto,portfolio theyre great theyre solid,options but overall for a long-term,investor I think its nice to have a,diversification when it comes to your,portfolio maybe being invested into real,estate maybe being being invested into a,little bit of bonds depending on how old,you are just other ways to diversify,your money other than just putting it,into all stocks or all crypto and Titan,has that for you with these brand new,features as well they actually just came,out about last week so this is actually,a perfect time for me to make this video,funny enough but either way Titan now,allows you to invest into real estate,through their Equity Funds and they also,allow you to invest into private credit,now I havent dived too much into either,one of these Im not personally invested,into either one of these but it is an,option for you to overall diversify your,portfolio you can go on the Titan app,and sign up and do everything like that,you can do a quick quiz and theyll tell,you exactly how they feel as though you,should invest your money based on the,age you are your time Horizon of when,you might want the money and a couple of,other questions so lets pull it,completely up to you but it is nice to,see that Titan is still adding brand new,features and brand new ways for you to,go ahead and invest and on top of that,providing those features to someone that,might not have as much money as a,typical real estate investor or a,typi

Titan Investment App Review: One Year Update

hey guys jeff here from strong yield uh,today im going to be reviewing the,titan,investment app uh this is an update to a,titan review that i did back in 2019,since then theres been a number of,changes within the app,some new investment products that they,offer and ill also show you the,performance of my investments within,titan,for those of you who dont know what,titan is so titan is a,an app that allows you to invest in a,basket of stocks that are actively,picked and managed by,titan so youre not actively trading,here or actively picking these stocks,and they adjust the stocks that theyre,theyre investing in for you,as well as the hedge so they have a,hedge,that they add based off of market,conditions so if theres a downturn,for example they up the hedge depending,on your risk,tolerance and then depending on the you,know performance of different companies,and,financial uh financials of these,different companies theyll update,their investment thesis uh update you,know,the basket of stocks that youre,invested in sometimes theyll pull,stocks out of that basket sometimes,theyll add new ones,um so lets go ahead and take a look in,the app,so to start off here uh you see at the,top here,is your total investments uh that i,currently have,uh i also you can see the breakdown of,different investment products that im,invested in,the main one here is the flagship this,is the large cap stocks,basket of stocks that titan is invested,in,and this is the only investment product,that they had back in 2019 when i first,started,so you can see i have diversified beyond,that as theyve added new products,so they have flagship which is large cap,stocks a basket of about 20. and then,theres opportunities these are small,cap the what youre looking to do,here with with titan is if youre,looking for a comparison,with their opportunities really its the,russell 2000 these are,these are small cap stocks that youre,looking to just outperform like the,russell 2000 with,um the flagship youre looking to just,outpour,out perform you know the s p 500 these,are high growth stocks,um that theyre picking here and then,offshore international investments this,is a new one,i actually just recently invested in,this one and,added that to my portfolio um,so lets go ahead and take a look here,lets look at flagship,and you can see you know the the,bathroom stocks that they picked,um you can see updates on if they update,their investment thesis for a specific,company,um theres lots of information that they,have you can see that they do,you know their due diligence here,theres,at the bottom here you will see the,hedge,its currently not activated its at the,minimum level because of market,conditions but i did see,you know during the downturn at the,beginning of covet,this was activated and it was maxed out,and it was really cool to see how they,were,they were shifting the investment,strategy based off of market conditions,um so this is really you know for,someone who wants to be a set it and,forget it,forget it investor but wants to,outperform the s p,500 um is interested in investing in,high growth stocks,but wants to have some of the advantages,that you know a hedge fund might have,where they have an active,manager theyre hedging against uh you,know,market conditions depending on if,theres a downturn if things are looking,good depending on your,risk tolerance all that great stuff,so lets take a look at the,opportunities here you can see,uh current investments theyve cycled,through these a lot,actually theyre updating the,opportunities a bit more than the large,cap stocks,and probably because these companies you,know uh theyre smaller cap theres,theres a lot more uh drastic shifts,that are happening,in terms of like their earnings and,financials and all that,that stuff um and then we have the,offshore of course that i just mentioned,this is a new one i just started,investing in,through titan and then you can also see,the breakdown of my portfolio you can,see that its roughly broken down you,know 60,flagship large cap 20 small,cap opportunities and then 20 offshore,thats international stocks,of course and this will change depending,on uh your preferences as well so you,can you can set this,scrolling down here uh titan as always,gives,plenty of information to support their,investment thesis theyre keeping you,updated,on why certain stocks have been picked,and added to their basket,why theyve removed certain stocks,and their long-term strategy this is,really you know long-term investing,uh buy and hold type investing high,growth,um and then lets take a look at the,performance here overall,as you can see at the top you know i,have,added more uh since my last video um,but ive also seen uh significant gains,as well you can see,a total uh 3 700 that ive ive gained,since i started investing with titan but,ive added more since my last video,as well um you can also see,the performance versus you know the s p,500 as well as,other uh robo advisor apps so we have,at the top here titan flagship,since the launch has had nearly 100,uh return and i forget exactly when they,launched but it may have been,2019 or 2018,dont know exactly and you can see that,s p 500 has seen,growth of 68 and then wealth front down,here,46 betterment 43,uh and then they just have generic,private client there as well,um and then lets lets take a look at,the,theres theres a way that we can look,at the performance of like opportunities,versus,you know the market equivalent which is,the russell 2000,here we go uh titan opportunities and,this is a new one this one just,just launched i believe in in 2020,so this one you can see titan,opportunities has,returned about 66 whereas the,market equivalent russell 2000 returned,47,so outperforming the market which is,great,um this is great for you know someone,who wants to be a passive investor,but in high growth stocks that are,actively managed,um the fees so titan will charge,starting off um one percent of,investments under management thats the,annual fee,and you can actually get a discount if,you,click on the link in the description of,this video um,you can get you know 0.25 points off of,that,um and then you can also refer friends,if youd like to bring that down even,further,but all in all im very happy with titan,as you can see ive added more you know,since i did my last video because its,performed so well,um and if youre looking to outperform,you know the s p 500 outperform the,market,invest in high growth stocks youre not,interested in you know picking stocks,on a regular basis or doing all the due,diligence um,or actively trading you know let them do,do that for you,its really like you know theyll change,based off of market conditions,um and its really cool to see and uh,its cool that you can get all the,information on their analysis that,theyre doing all these different,companies as well so,definitely recommend it um if youre,interested uh click the link in my,description,uh like and comment on this video uh,subscribe,um if youre interested in seeing more,on you know investment apps,investments in general and thanks for,watching,thanks

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Titan Invest Review | A Robo-Advisor to Consider

titan,its a robo advisor thats been around,since 2018,so its relatively new,during this video im going to go over,the apps biggest features their fees,and performance to help you determine,whether or not titan is right for you,lets go ahead and,lets take a look at the app,this is the titan investment app and im,currently on the home screen which is,where youre going to see the different,portfolio options that titan has to,offer but before we go over those i want,to go over titans fees,there is a five dollar a month fee for,balance is under 10 000 and a one,percent fee for balance is equal to or,greater than ten thousand,the first portfolio flagship has a,minimum account balance of a hundred,dollars as do the rest of the accounts,uh but what youll notice is that my,account only has forty dollars in there,and thats because i withdrew all of my,money and that forty dollars is money,that i actually got from a referral,im gonna go ahead and click on flagship,up top youll see your accounts,performance then youll see recent,trades that were made in the account and,below that youll see the top holdings,im gonna go ahead and click on view all,here youll see all the current holdings,for this portfolio and how its weighted,and if i click on one of these itll,actually give you some more information,about the company,ill go ahead and click on meta,youll see how the stock has been,performing stats and information about,the company,this portfolio targets u.s businesses,with more than 10 billion market cap,concentrates on high quality companies,that can compound capital in excess of,the s p 500 index,which tracks the top 500 companies in,the us,and it aims to outperform over three to,five years,what youre seeing on the screen now is,the performance of titan since its,inception date back in february 2018.,youll notice that it is trailing the s,p 500 but doing better than some other,robo advisors,i want to point out that since the goal,of this portfolio is to outperform the s,p 500 over a three to five year period,its likely not going to achieve that,goal since the five year mark is coming,up in february 2023,basically you would have been better off,just putting your money into an etf that,tracks the s p 500,but just because it hasnt been doing,better than the s p 500 doesnt,necessarily mean that the next three to,five years isnt going to be better,this could potentially be a good,investment for the future,the next portfolio is opportunities and,ill go ahead and click on that,here you can see the current holdings,for this portfolio and how theyre,weighted,opportunities is a small cap u.s growth,strategy aimed at identifying small fast,growing companies that have the,potential to be the future googles and,facebooks of the world,this portfolio also has a three to five,year time horizon and they compare this,portfolio to the russell 2000 index,which is a small cap market index and as,you can see,since the inception date back in august,2020 they have been outperforming,the next portfolio is offshore and ill,go ahead and click on that,here you can see the current holdings,for this portfolio and how theyre,weighted,offshore is titans international,all-cap strategy aimed at identifying,the best businesses in emerging and,developed markets from china to latin,america and beyond and the time horizon,is,three to five years,they compare this portfolio to the msci,world x us index and,as you can see its currently not doing,as well uh you know relatively they both,suck but the inception date is march,2021 so it still has a lot of time it,hasnt been very long,the last portfolio is the crypto,portfolio and youll notice that it says,minus 100 and thats not because i lost,all my money its because i withdrew it,ill go ahead and click on this,portfolio,here you can see the current holdings,for this portfolio and how theyre,weighted,titan crypto is aimed at making,thematic-based investments on the,markets most fundamentally sound crypto,projects and has a three to five year,time horizon,they compare this portfolio to the,bitwise 10 crypto index fund and as you,can see,the returns for both suck,but titan crypto does suck slightly less,since its inception back in august 2021,im going to go ahead and switch over to,the inbox tab,here you can submit questions to titan,see other questions that people have,asked and check out articles in the,investor update section,my thoughts on the app are while some of,their portfolios do have decent returns,i feel like their fee is just a bit too,high which is why i decided to take out,my money,i feel like with that high fee youre,probably gonna need a few thousand,dollars in there just to actually offset,that fee,if you decide that titan is right for,you ill leave my referral link in the,comments of the video and in the,description down below and if you sign,up using that link you do get a hundred,day free trial of titan so you can test,it out for yourself,titan is best for investors who want an,actively managed stock portfolio wall,street level intel or access to hedge,fund-like strategies at a low minimum,if this sounds like you then titan is,something to consider,as always,stay frosty

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Titan Invest Review. Should I Invest in Titan Invest? Maybe…

hi everyone today lets talk about Titan,invest Im going to go through each of,their investing offerings and give my,opinion and then Ill give an overall,assessment of what I think Titan invest,can do for you as the investor so they,got stocks real estate venture capital,cryptocurrency private credit and cash,if you like investing and making money,definitely like And subscribe I make,this along with daily options portfolio,updates so make sure you hit the Bell so,you dont miss out on any future content,welcome to the portfolio bulletin lets,get started starting off with their cash,offering they offer up to two percent on,your first ten thousand dollars with a,minimum investment of one thousand,dollars and after that its half a,percent so not a great offering here you,can definitely get more in a high yield,savings account at this point especially,with the FED interest rate being pretty,high at this time you can also get,inflation-protected treasury bills,offering quite a bit more than this so,cash or cash equivalents offering more,than Titan cash so not a great offering,to start but lets look at some of their,other things moving over to their stock,offerings they start with their Flagship,fund which they say holds 15 to 20,stocks with a Target return of 15,percent these are all U.S stocks with an,average market cap of around half a,trillion dollars if you click on learn,more and scroll down here a little bit,you can see some of the facts they say,you have daily liquidity you can trade,in and out of it at any point its all,stocks and has a minimum of one hundred,dollars so pretty low on that the funds,started about four years ago and in,terms of fees they charge one percent,per year if you have less than ten,thousand dollars or five dollars per,month if you have more than ten thousand,dollars so pretty high on the fees,definitely way more than you would pay,if you owned the S P 500 through an ETF,but if theyre gonna actually return,this 15 then it might be worth it I,would be pretty surprised if they turned,15 or more but its certainly a good,goal this is a pretty standard holding,for a normal hedge fund so they usually,hold what they think are the 15 to 20,best stocks something like Carl icon or,Warren Buffett where they just pick,their best and most favorite stocks they,hold on to those because they think they,will return earn more than the market,going back here they also have their,opportunity fund similar story 15 to 25,stocks same Target return much lower,market cap here and they have the same,fee structure and this was actually,started a little bit less so two years,ago its a little interesting to me that,they do not show their current Returns,on these portfolios and then they have,their offshore account so International,only 115 billion dollar market cap and,then looking at this Id be curious same,advisory fees here and this was started,last year Im always a little bit,hesitant to invest in anything besides,ETFs or if youre going to trade it,yourself but if youre going to pay one,percent or five dollars per month they,really need to perform and they dont,show any of what their returns are right,now which is definitely concerning its,also worth mentioning here that you,cant look at what these funds are,holding unless you invest with them,definitely not going to do that just for,this review but if some of you have,invested with Titan Id definitely like,to know what these 15 to 20 stocks are,and I would be curious to see what,theyre holding in these other ones as,well moving over to their real estate,its good to see that they offer a real,estate fund and its done through Apollo,which is actually another publicly,traded hedge fund you can actually go to,their website and learn a little bit,about Apollo which I did do a little bit,not a lot to say here basically they,believe they can grow your money fast,and they want you to invest your money,with them but otherwise key facts 136,Holdings which is not a ton for real,estate market cap just under six billion,dollars and their total returns,currently from 2014 to 2022 is about,seven and a half percent so pretty good,not too bad for Real Estate I will say,this is underperforming fundrise right,now so if you want to do it yourself,fundrise is beating this seven and a,half percent per year since 2014 so,thats a tough comparison for them here,moving over to private credit they have,504 Holdings theyve returned 8.8,percent since 2018 with a two billion,dollar market cap and its a global fund,if we click learn more here we can see,some of the funds that theyre invested,in its good to see that they say,Netflix easier so after fees theyre,returning that amount minimum investment,here is two thousand dollars its a,little bit higher and the liquidity is,actually quarterly here so you cant,just get your money out at any point,with this management fee is one percent,again fairly high and then they say 15,once the hurdle rate is achieved which,is six percent a 15 fee is pretty,massive so definitely a little concerned,about that even if they are returning,8.8 percent after these fees and then,Im also curious to see is the Titan fee,on top of that so youre paying one,percent under ten thousand and then five,per month and then youre paying the,fund fees on top of that its quite a,bit of fees so a little concerning there,definitely something to be aware of if,you want to invest with Titan long term,moving over to their cryptocurrencies,says they own five to ten coins fifteen,percent Target returns almost 100,billion dollars and its all in,cryptocurrencies and we go to the learn,more here the liquidity is daily lower,investment minimum here pretty good and,then just the normal advisory fees it,doesnt say those Titan fees so thats a,little bit curious do those Titan fees,apply to your overall portfolio then you,have to pay each individual fee within,the funds it doesnt specify here but,that is something to be considerate of,if you want to invest with Titan and,lastly here they have venture capital,and thats run by Arc Venture the fund,manager is Kathy Wood herself apparently,they have 40 Holdings or so they dont,have any key mandates here for returns,its a little bit tougher in the Venture,Capital space the idea is that you know,if you get one or two big Winners you,could return huge amounts or they could,all fail and you lose all of your money,its interesting to see that they do,hold private and public companies here,15 to 30 public companies 25 plus,private companies liquidity is quarterly,with a minimum of five hundred dollars,with an investment Horizon between five,and ten years and then they do mention,here a management fee of 4.22 so huge,amount of fees that goes to Arc and then,no Titan fees for this one and I,actually show some of the private,companies here which is pretty cool epic,games is a huge one so that would be,cool to invest in certainly not,available to anybody on the open markets,right now and I dont really know much,about the rest of these and to finish,off with this review lets see what some,other people are saying about Titan,invest they say theyre a little bit,more than a robo investor which is what,we saw before they do have some actual,people that do manage your money they,did win some Robo investor reports back,in 2020 but they kind of dropped off,after that they offer all the different,types of Investments including IRAs and,the overall fund was launched in 2018.,they say they want to bring a high rate,of return back to the individual,investor which is kind of their thing as,a hedge fund they want you to be able to,invest in a hedge fund with less than a,hundred thousand dollars which is often,the minimums that you have to have to,invest in most hedge funds I also,mentioned here they have an aggressive,moderate and conservative portfolio for,their stocks which is something that,they didnt show on the platform kind of,interesting there I also mentioned here,that it is different from a robo,inv

Titanvest Update: Over $3,000 in Passive Income

whats up everybody dan the trading man,here and today we are doing an,update on titan vest so six to seven,months ago,back in november of 2020 i did a video,covering titan vest what my returns were,what they are,their funds etc if you havent seen that,first video,i go back and watch that first video,ill put the link in the description,below so you can check that out and then,you can come back here and watch this,one,if youre coming back for the second,time i appreciate you and please,subscribe,and promote the channel if you can so,what is titanvest in case you didnt see,the first video,titanvest is a registered investment,advisor that actively manages your,positions,in any of their funds based on your risk,tolerance and other investing,preferences,so they have three funds that they,manage theres the flagship,which is their large cap stocks kind of,like the s p 500,they have opportunities which are the,small cap stocks,like the russell 2000 and then there is,also the offshore which was just,launched a couple months ago i believe,and so well dive into them as well,pretty soon so,i i first want to cover how my account,has done,since the end of november when i made,that video so if we look,to my right here i have the youtube,description of where i mention my,returns,to the left of that we have an image of,the titan update this is taken today,about twenty one thousand seven hundred,dollars invested,seventeen percent returns thirty one in,profit,notice how it says all time as well this,picture here is from the video that i,did back in november,and its only a one month not in all,time so,the returns for that one month were 21,about 22 percent if you round up,and then 2100 in profit you can see its,11,846 i had started with 10 grand and so,my profits were about,1846 or 1847,at that time overall so my return since,i joined this was back,during that video with this image all,the way to my left here,my returns overall were 18.47,and it was 1847,flagship had returned seven and a half,percent and opportunities have returned,about 22,so comparing those numbers to what i,have right now we can see that my,capital is greater,and thats because i started depositing,monthly toward titan vest to have more,money invested,and also back in march we had some,pullbacks and so i thought it was an,opportunity,to invest more in the market because as,you know im also a trader i trade,futures i also manage my own investments,as well,and so i was putting a lot of money into,the market back in march we had a larger,pullback,so um thats basically why the capital,was a lot greater than what it was then,its not all because of the profit,so going back to this real quick the,returns were 18.47,overall right now theyre only 17,percent so the returns are actually,lower,but again its probably because i had,deposited more money and so thats going,to affect,my overall returns percentage-wise when,it comes to the dollar value,we were 1847 dollars back in the end of,november,now its about 3150 so that has,increased,pretty well and flagship was seven and a,half percent,and now its about 13 its almost,doubled what it had,uh done back in november and then,opportunities is now about 25,and it was about 22 back in november so,not much has,happened then and i would say thats,mostly because,of the fact that there was this rotation,from tech stocks and,growth stocks and so we saw that kind of,take place a lot of the stocks and,opportunities are tech and so we saw,them kind of take some big hits,but of course were going to reinvest in,them when they have those pullbacks and,now theyre starting to look good again,and so well see how that goes um,well move into the offshore then so,with offshore,this strategy is primarily international,so were looking at stocks that are not,in the united states,from china to latin america and beyond,as they say theres 15 to 25 stocks in,this fund,its international only and the average,market cap is about 157 billion dollars,so so far they have a negative,uh return as you can see im down about,point two eight percent,i put twenty five hundred dollars into,offshore you know im just,putting money in there to have money in,there basically theyve done a great job,with flagship and opportunities because,i dont have to do anything i dont pay,any fees anymore because ive referred,four people,so you know im just in here for free,taking in passive income,and so offers just another opportunity,for me to put some money into something,and thats what that is,i think it has great potential based on,the fact that a lot of international,stocks are still lagging in price i,think based on what had happened over,the pandemic,and so they still have some growth i,think that they can hit and there are,some pretty good names in there as well,um as far as the tickers go se,melli mbli those are some pretty decent,stocks that ive looked at in the past,and they are also in the offshore,account,so thats good to see as well and this,also helps me because if i see stocks,that theyve invested in,that i own as well then if i would like,to,i can just invest in tight invest and,then i can start to cut down on the,shares that i have of those stocks and,look for new opportunities for myself,so thats one other nice thing to have,when youre also an investor and a,trader yourself and you have titanvest,but overall im very pleased with how,tight invest has done like i said i,dont do any work for this all i do is,just check in every now and then and,if the markets are pulling back i,deposit more money uh ive started doing,the monthly deposits now thats been,helpful as well but um overall just just,really good i think and especially for,again not having to do any work i cannot,say that enough,but um that is pretty much all i got,so if you appreciate the video and the,update please give it a thumbs up and,subscribe i will catch you guys in the,next video

ARK Venture Quick Overview! Cathie Wood Brings Venture Capital To All Via Titan Invest! #cathiewood

foreign,hey there this is Richard from no pants,profits and welcome back or welcome to,no pants profits today were going to,talk about the newest thing which we,actually predicted about five days ago,which is the ark Venture fund this was,predicted or talked about or anything on,a no pants profits video about five days,ago but now it has become a reality well,its been announced you cant really,invest yet so I want to discuss the ark,Venture fund so the ark Venture fund is,a venture capital fund that is going to,be run by Kathy Wood and her team uh it,says Inception date 923 2022 but the,Inception dates actually 9 27 2022 and,they have a net asset value which well,talk about what that means in a minute,they have a management fee so unlike a,traditional uh which is where theyre,doing it Titan or other places like that,or even Robin Hood that makes their,money via payment for order flow or,Titan which makes their money with a one,percent fee theyre taking a 2.75,management fee and a 4.22 expense ratio,but whats really cool is this is,allowing normal people to invest with a,into venture capital for a 500 minimum,starting price so you can get into,venture capital for a 500 minimum,starting price but what I want to do is,I want to take a look at the things on,their page were going to talk very,quickly about the five companies that,are going to be in the ark Venture fund,and then were going to dig even deeper,and were going to see some other stuff,um about how you invest and everything,like that but this is a quick overview,so lets take a look uh why does the Ark,Venture fund invest in both public and,private markets,you will notice that while Arc Venture,is focused on disruptive innovation in,the private markets the fund also,invests in public companies,there are a few reasons for that,first there might be periods or,valuations between public and private,markets are at odds and public market,valuations are much lower than those in,the private markets,The Arc Venture fund allows us to,capitalize on these disparities and take,advantage of potential Arbitrage,opportunities between public and private,markets,second we want to be long-term investors,and true Partners to our private,portfolio companies,with The Arc Venture fund we can hold,the shares of our portfolio companies,throughout their life cycle,both before and after IPO and our,investors can benefit from a companys,value creation throughout its life cycle,in both the private and the public,market,third we use some of the public,companies that we hold in the arc,Venture fund for quarterly redemptions,so that we can offer you liquidity,without having to sell our investments,in private companies,so yeah so Archer vet arc Arc invest is,working with Titan which is a company,Ive been using forever uh is Titan but,theyre going ahead and theyre allowing,to invest in both public and private,companies in a pot that those companies,are in arcs core technical Innovation,space so the core of where Arc is is,kind of where theyre going now the,thing is you do have to have at least a,500 minimum investment to join were,going to talk about the first five,companies in the fun but you gotta have,a 500 minimum investment to join and,its not as easy to get in and out of,this its not like a stock or a crypto,that you can sell at any time but lets,look at the 500 minimum investment,the minimum investment in the arc,Venture fund is 500.,you can buy more into the arc Venture,fund at any time right through your,Titan app your investment will be,settled at the end of each day at around,6 pm,after your investment is complete you,will receive a push notification in your,type map confirming your purchase after,the net asset value or nav has been,determined for that day,so yes what theyre talking about is,youll see that you can go into the,Titan app and if I want to go to the ark,Venture fund I cant actually invest yet,Id love to invest right now but I cant,actually invest into venture capital,whats really cool is Titan is all about,educating their customers so if you are,a Titan client theres going to be a,link below if youre not a Titan client,to actually join and you kind of see,whats going on there but if you are a,Titan client you know that Titan sends,you emails gives you updates gives you,everything like that now there is no,return yet on this fund but an important,thing is when you can exit again this is,not like a normal stock or not like a,normal crypto only five percent of the,fun can be exited every quarter so I,want to talk about that and then well,talk about the first five companies in,the fund,now its important to note that only,five percent of the total assets in Arc,Venture can be redeemed in a given,quarterly Redemption window,if the sum of requested redemptions,exceeds that maximum each investor who,requested a Redemption will receive only,a proportion of the requested sale,in other words if you request to,liquidate your five thousand dollars,from The Arc Venture fund during a,quarterly Redemption window when the,requested redemptions exceed that five,percent overall limit you may only,receive a portion of your requested,Redemption,so yeah its its not like a stock its,not as easy to get in and out of a stock,but it allows you to get into things a,lot earlier so lets talk about the,portfolio Im gonna do a deep dive on,all five of these companies you will see,in a playlist that will be below but,lets take a look at a deep dive on all,five of these companies uh so well an,easy drive on all five of these,companies free no,which free gnome is kind of an,interesting one free note is deep,learning and bio molecular techniques to,detect early stage cancers from a,routine non-invasive blood draw thats,what this company is doing its a,startup thats doing cancer detection,from a non-invasive just a normal,take blood from your arm blood draw,which is really quite cool uh founded in,2014 still not yet public but an,interesting place to be the next one is,called flexport its a text in a tech,enabled company that allows customers to,manage their supply chain if you know,anything about UPS FedEx Logistics,Logistics Logistics Logistics is big,money there uh so Road Freight enabling,logistics companies to optimize,Transportation routes and inventory,management then youve got epic games,which if you know anything about,fortnite epic games is the company,behind fortnite has a bit of a pass with,their CEO and some issues but uh the,Unreal Engine and fortnite and a rocket,League uh and fortnite is available uh,playerunknown Battleground in Gears of,War uh use the Unreal Engine then youve,got chipper cash were gonna dig into,each of these separately uh in another,video but its a fintech company,offering Financial products to customers,uh in Africa but its based in the US,and it uses cryptocurrency and Mosaic ml,which is a fully managed infrastructure,and software tool to let customers train,artificial intelligence all really,unique all really cool companies and if,we go ahead and we look at our research,here you can actually do research on the,venture capital and introduction to the,Titan app Arts incited to partner with,Titan what is Venture Capital you can go,ahead and you can watch all these videos,because Titan has always been about,really kind of giving you an idea on uh,on whats going on in the markets uh so,thats really quite cool now important,frequently asked questions,what is arcs value proposition for,obtaining access to high quality private,companies again this is not public,companies this is private companies so,thats pretty cool they can increase the,exposure into these companies just by,being listed in this fund this fund is,going to grow like hot cakes uh what,sort of competitive Advantage will you,get from arks participation you know,its kind of like when companies go on,Shark Tank this is what its going to be,its like for Venture companies they,want to be here because its its the,big boys what makes the fun different

Titanvest One Year Review

up traders and investors it is dan the,trading man here today we are going to,be talking about titan vest with another,update here it has been one year since,ive had titan and were going to do an,evaluation and a review and see how,theyve done if you are new to the,channel please like and subscribe and,share the channel as much as you can if,youre returning i really appreciate you,for coming back if you havent,subscribed or havent liked the video,please do,so jumping into this titan vest weve,had them for one year now,and here are the returns twenty eight,point nine six percent we see that here,five thousand six hundred fifty three,dollars,for a year for me to do nothing just sit,back kick back see what happens,um thats really really good for not,having to do anything and just being,like a robo advisor um obviously they,are pretty active they do have hedges on,if you havent seen the first video or,the second video i did i would watch,that if you dont know what titan vest,is that kind of explains more of what,they do and what each of these,funds do,im just giving a review here of the,overall year,but we can see flagship was about 18,returns opportunities was about 46,percent and the idea is that flagship is,one of the large caps kind of like the s,p 500 opportunities more of that small,mid cap kind of like the russell 2000,and then were gonna have on this side,offshore that well look at in a moment,i have that kind of hidden here not on,purpose its just the screen wasnt big,enough to have them all up so it is what,it is,but um and let me see offshore here its,just an international play and that is,actually down two and a half percent um,i only had i only put in 2500 into that,kind of to see what happens here,um i think im down like sixty six,dollars in or sixty three dollars,something like that,based on what this says,but um yeah well see what happens over,the over the course of the long run with,that with flagship and opportunities,though thats really really great you,know eighteen percent for a year 46 for,a year,really really really good but it does,reflect how the market was um over the,past year its been really aggressive in,a lot of areas and just running higher,so,not too surprising but for not having to,do anything for just sitting back having,someone else manage your money and if,youre like me where you had all your,four uh referrals you dont pay any fees,for this so this is all you know free,investments that youre doing right here,so 29 is great im not complaining about,that lets kind of dive into,each fund on its own so flagship here is,that large cap compound or growth that,we talked about,you can see its at 9004 now about 17.7,percent,which,close that eighteen that mentioned,earlier so time weighted returns is what,im curious about and thats about,thirty percent thats really really good,if you dont know what time weight of,returns are basically there are times,when ive been adding money into these,funds right usually monthly ill add,some money into these funds,and so,thats going to affect the overall,return,of that fund because im adding,money in there and it would be the same,thing if i were taking money out if i,were withdrawing to be the same idea,thats going to affect the overall,return i have not taken any money out of,titan i have only deposited i have not,withdrawn,so um,with that being said 30,weight of return is really good we can,see the profits down here one thousand,energy fifty four,um so thats really really great returns,for time weighted and thats looking,pretty good im not gonna complain about,that i dont know how many times i said,that but way too many so,moving on to opportunities small mid cap,again kind of like that russell 2000,opportunistic growth,and we see its about 13 681 45 and a,half percent we see the time weight of,returns here 53 percent thats really,good time when it returns 53 thats,great again this is for one year this is,one year flagship 30 percent one year,time whatever returns for opportunities,one year 53 thats really really good,profits are four thousand two hundred,and eighty percent there and we can see,this is the uh,primary holding in my account fifty,about fifty five percent,is opportunities thirty six percent,flagship and about ten percent is going,to be this offshore that well look at,in a moment,um so thats been really good and the,main reason why i have this as the,primary,fund for my account is because on my own,i already have a lot of these large caps,that even titan has mentioned in the,past and had in their portfolio ive,actually owned them and i do own some,large cap stocks,primarily theres still some other plays,in there but thats why opportunities is,my main play with titan because i dont,have a lot of those in my own account so,it makes sense to let them do that and,ill keep doing what im doing,um so and we can also look at these,charts here we can see the flagship its,been pretty steady and that is s p 500,at its core right pretty steady market,ups and some pullbacks up again some,pullbacks up again some pull backs then,up,had kind of some consolidation here now,were starting to peak those highs again,opportunities,we can see back when this started this,is probably when i did that first video,if you guys remember where i said it was,like two thousand dollars in one month,thats what this is right here probably,you can see this straight up,and then we had a pullback and weve,kind of been sitting there now were,starting to get going,were heading to those prior highs which,is really good to see so so you can get,up there and uh break those and head,higher,moving into the offshore so tighten,offshore and well kind of move this,over,so this is going to be international,again compounders and growth so there,are i did a little bit of a talk on,offshore in the last video i did,and they do have some stocks that ive,invested in the past so i did like the,theory here for this fund but it is,going to take some time you know with,still the pandemic going on,some of those offshore international,companies are still taking some hits,its going to take some time to get,going so im okay with just waiting and,seeing what happens and i was not really,expecting this to do well immediately so,this is by no surprise to me that im,down about 66 here,time weight returns two point six six,percent and thats because i have not,added any money into offshore flagship,opportunities typically once a month,maybe sometimes more ill add some money,into those funds with offshore i have,not done that yet im just not as,interested in doing that,we can see its about 10 of my account,which is obviously the lowest out of all,three funds and um titan does have a,crypto fund as well but i dont have any,money in that,um i do own some bitcoin but thats a,whole different topic called a different,discussion and i didnt feel like,putting money into their fun going over,cryptos that they have so im just gonna,keep doing that for myself and primarily,just focus on the bitcoin for now,but um offshore we can see this right,its just kind of up and down and then,down and back up and now we made some,like a real low and then we started to,come back up again so well see if,offshore starts to get going here and,cracks break even and starts to head,higher but obviously you know being down,2.66 percent i think i got this maybe,back and,i forget when this was sometime over the,summer i believe,i think it was over the summer when i,got into offshore,but um you know well see what happens,over the long run here overall,as a review or an evaluation,titans been killing it theyve been,doing great if youre looking for,someone to manage your money for you or,maybe youre looking to invest you just,dont know a whole lot and youre just,trying to get some skin in the game,without really having risk on personally,your decisions this could be a great way,to do that you know im somebody that i,i day trade every day,and then i invest in my own stocks but,th

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