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Titans Full Season 3 Review & Opinions | Absolutely Marvel & DC

welcome back to absolutely marvel and dc,my name is benny that is dan its early,in the morning and my hair is insane,this is the channel where we get,together we chat about all the superhero,news rumors and just information on your,favorite tv shows and movies basically,focused on dc and marvel but,occasionally we talk about other movies,and tv shows in a podcast style format,on a nearly daily basis and if you want,to join the absolute army click that,subscribe button down below turn on your,notifications by clicking the bell and,please give the video a like today were,going to be talking about titans season,three all of it all of it yes,we we unintentionally it wasnt,intentional,but we unintentionally didnt review the,last three episodes because here at,comic con we were dead from new york,comic con and then we did a hosting gig,so we just were gonna do this rest of,the season now yeah but hey that means,you get everything at once so that you,know whether or not you can go watch the,show i mean you could but whether or not,you want to based on our opinions so,okay at this point were going to assume,youve seen the entire season but im,just going to run down a very quick,quick very quick version of it jason,todd shows up jason todd dies jason todd,comes back as the red hood turns out,hes being manipulated but manipulated,by the scarecrow fights against the,scarecrow manipulated by the scarecrow,fights against the scarecrow manipulated,by the scarecrow during all of this,nightwing goes back to gotham teams up a,barbara fights against barbara teams up,with barbara fights against barbara,teams up with barbara fights against,barbara uh nightwing dies gets revived,in the lazarus pit just like jason was,revived in the lazarus pit during all of,this starfire gets her sister trusts her,doesnt trust her trust her doesnt,trust her,and then her sister starts having sexual,relations with superboy who then gets,mad and blows up their ship meanwhile,while hes blowing up their ship raven,comes back out of nowhere donnas stuck,in like an undead world hank dies dove,just leaves,[Laughter],yeah she flew the coop,[Laughter],and it all comes together with jason,kind of working with the tights and them,taking the entire lazarus pit and,sprinkling on all of gotham because,thats totally how the lazarus pit works,is if you create an aerosol with it and,rain it on the city everyones gonna,come back and be totally fine what blew,my mind about that is like okay for,people who dont know when superman was,revived from the dead back in the 90s it,broke all the rules of comics because,people werent supposed to come back,from the dead and now consistently,people come back from the dead the show,revived jason and nightwing and then the,city,it was when they did this city that was,just like i,they are being very liberal with what a,lazarus pit does when its in a small,unknown pool in the bottom of some,random building i know it wasnt even,like a large amount it was like a kiddie,pool of lazarus pit goo,yeah,i really wish that everything that you,just said was a joke um but it actually,was a pretty good description of what,this season has been,the the biggest complaint i have about,the season is i feel like it could have,fit in an easy eight episodes because a,lot of the like jason back and forth the,barbara nightwing back and forth with,starfire blackfire back and forth,i feel like just was stretched out it,didnt need to be that long or do like,jason for the first six episodes,nightwing and barbara with their back at,four for three episodes i,it just felt dragged out for no reason i,feel like there has to have been,something in the contracts that said,that each character needed certain,either screen time or development or,something like that because there were a,lot of side stories that felt very,unneeded throughout the whole thing like,if like looking back i still dont fully,remember why starfire and blackfyre and,i cant remember who was with them at,the time went to like the mob lady who,then asked for her son,and then killed her son and then they,killed the mob lady and i was like,wasnt the whole point to get the favor,from the mob lady who you just,disintegrated like i remember what the,point of that was i think it was,something to do with starfires dreams,it was it was something to do with that,or something to do with the fact that,she was a mob leader and red hood was,like talking to all of them and they,were trying to get information but it,was still just,a lot done,for something that both of us are kind,of like was there a point yes i dont,recall there being a point for that,um,but that made me think that,there were some contractual obligated,screen time for different characters and,thats why some spots felt very,stretched out like youre saying because,if they did get rid of a lot of that,yeah this could have easily been eight,episodes like,like and if it was condensed down to,that i feel like it would also have been,more,grabbing like you would feel,like you are in the moment,for most of it as opposed to man im,really into this really into this really,into this okay this is a slow episode,okay now were gonna fall in a uh okay,well okay now im kind of getting back,in but you lost me there so like,i feel like part i mean im not against,what they did with starfire but it felt,so out of place to even put that whole,plot line in there,cause like okay so everythings gotham,jason super boy and and gar theyre a,part of the gotham storyline weve got,scarecrow part of the gotham storyline,and then on the side of it weve got and,now were also going to explore,starfires sister and her powers,what is she and like that they removed,her basically from gotham even though,she was there,it felt so out of place in a weird to,decide now were gonna flush out,starfire,when i feel like that could have been a,a whole season in itself lets do a,season where shes working with gar in,starfire and theyre off doing something,else and thats the primary plot as,opposed to making it it wasnt even like,a b tier plot cause a lot of the things,that didnt even make any sense like oh,we have blackfyre in this underground,facility in the middle of nowhere with,no guards or anything like that like,what yeah like there was a lot to that,as well as,it was a lot to just kind of go hey,starfires got new powers now were not,gonna explain them no i dont know and,she knows how to use them entirely no,problems,that was that was something that,actually really really bugged me because,i was i was down for her getting like,new powers getting her own powers,kind of,getting her own identity in the show,being,this shows starfire okay cool she got,powers awesome and shes using them wait,wheres why are we not getting any,explanation she just absorbed this guys,life force and now shes creating a,bubble around lazarus pit like yeah like,it just made no sense because like,it does does she have like,like i dont i dont even know what its,supposed to be because i cant think of,anything that absorbs someones life,force so that you dont die but also can,be used as like a,almost like a psychic bubble it was,almost like they gave her full-on like,psychokinetic abilities but just gave it,fancy animations yeah it i dont know it,was so weird because i really do feel,like she could have that story could,have been an entire season it reminds me,of the original teen titans cartoon show,where every season had all the,characters but every season had a story,for each character yeah like this is the,beast boy arc this is the tim arc this,is the cyborg arc and we never got to,have the starfire but apparently was,supposed to be dexed,but like like i dont know why were not,doing that kind of thing instead were,kind of,c plotting it because i feel like the a,plot was nightwing and and red hood and,the b plot,was,basically the b plot was crane,yeah yeah like the b plot the c,was starfire and then we had a d-plot,with raven and donna for a while so they

Titans Season 3 Spoiler Review | WASTED Potential

welcome to the cool section of casey,this is my titan season 3 spoiler review,i approached this show thinking to,myself this show has been delayed for,this season for quite some time because,of whats going on in the world so maybe,these writers can kind of take that time,period and look over the script kind of,tighten things up,fix plot holes if theyre there and just,make this the smoothest flowing season,yet and plus they have access to the,titans as well as many members of the,bat family there is a recipe for,greatness in this thing if it is handled,properly,but i can honestly tell you this after,watching this entire season,i personally dont really feel like,these writers have learned from the,mistakes of the previous two seasons and,i say this because i look at these plot,lines that are introduced to us not only,in this season but in a previous season,and i see that plot lines are basically,introduced for either shock value or,just to give you something new and then,once these writers have something else,to present to you,depending on what theyve already showed,you theyll just abandon it move on act,like it doesnt exist tell you to cover,your eyes because theyre going over,here dont look back dont worry about,that well hit it this way thats really,weird to me when i look at this show,i think back to season two,when,a major plot point was dick grayson,going to prison because he wanted to,just kind of put himself through,something mentally and all of that,because of what deathstroke was kind of,putting him through so he goes to prison,he broke out of prison he should be a,federal fugitive career,but this season comes along no,consequences for that dude is just,running around chilling with the titans,still flashing his badge to people in,the gcpd and im thinking when was the,last time this guy actually went to work,as a detective,again,things are just happening in this show,and then theres other things too this,is so many different things but ill,just start off with some good for this,show,um the acting for most of these people,in this show is acceptable i mean you,wont find anything oscar-worthy but i,wasnt really looking for that in the,first place but the acting that they do,when they put through certain things for,the most part they all do a decent job i,dont really have a major issue,i think the biggest issue i had at a,certain point was blackfyre when she was,first introduced i didnt really know,what she was really going for so it came,across extremely cringe to me but then,after that and i saw her other episodes,and how she was kind of playing this,royalty,personality it was a lot better for me,personally,the costumes for blackfire starfire,nightwing even something basic like,super boy or raven,and of course uh red hoods outfit with,the helmet though his helmet does look a,little bit weird at times to me the,outfits look great this season the,production quality with the the way that,the camera is the camera quality the,lighting everything looks fantastic in,my opinion when it comes to that,when this show finally has this team,actually doing its thing as a team,feeling like 18 feel like the titans,it really stands out in a positive way,and i really appreciated it when this,team finally came together to actually,do something as a team,the drawback to this show is that we,dont get that too often after three,seasons and after them kind of,advertising this season as being the one,were finally going to get the titans as,a team doing that thing,only in small doses because the majority,of this season is still,dick grayson,doing whatever hes doing and the titans,are sitting in rooms going here going,there or being told to stay put or,whatever by dick grayson as he basically,says no i got this you stay here hey,figure this out ill be back thats all,thats really going on for this entire,team for the most part,and for a show called titans that,borderline makes this whole thing feel,like false advertisement to an extent,because this feels like it should be,called nightwing or nightwing and the,titans or nightwing and the bat family,or nightwing and the bat family plus the,titans equals a show that shouldnt be,called titans,and thats unfortunate because these,characters on the titan side deserve,solid character development throughout,the entire team we shouldnt really be,seeing donald troy pop up for like two,seconds and now shes already seemingly,written off this show,also hawk and dove didnt have too much,to do,before they were basically written out,of the show,raven not that much to do a little bit,but not too much,super boy really didnt have much to do,beast boy even blackfyre who is weird to,me because i thought that this season,was supposed to revolve around black,fire being the one of the primary,antagonists for this thing especially,after that cliffhanger ending in season,two where she kind of comes to earth i,was thinking she was gonna bring people,from tamarind to earth to cause some,serious problems for the titans but,somewhere in here these writers and,those involved chose to just kind of,ignore that whole plotline of her coming,to earth,and just basically make her be a,romantic interest to superboy,make her have dialogue and a bit of a,situation with starfire and thats it i,was like,what was the point of this whole,storyline for this character i thought,she was going to be a primary antagonist,and to me personally she would have been,a much better antagonist bringing people,from tamaran to also fight the titans,because,red hood in this show,and jonathan crane in this show,trying to basically fill,a antagonist role for the entire group,feels very very much so misplaced to me,they are not believable as a direct,threat for the entirety of the titans,especially,when the titans know that jonathan crane,and red hood are chilling at wayne manor,in the bat cave,and at any moment,dick grayson could just be like hey,super boy starfire blackfire hey,lets go ahead lets just get these,dudes throw them in jail lets go,whenever were saying we can go kick it,go to a restaurant wherever yall want,to go catch a movie were done,they dragged this whole thing out when,it could have been wrapped up a long,time ago these characters especially the,red hood in this show and that scarecrow,have no business being primary,antagonist for these for like this,entire team it just does not work it,does not make any sense,and part of the reason why this doesnt,work is just,on red hood side of the equation,now this is this is a character who,really had a huge amount of potential in,this season,but half the time this characters,supposed to be looked at as a threat,they flip the script and they make him,scared of something,now i know this whole fear toxin thing,with his anti-fear of toxins that he was,breathing in,was like a major selling point or a,major storyline for the character to an,extent until they just threw that away,but the fact that this character,suddenly became scared of being replaced,by lady vic because jonathan crane,threatened him to an extent like,irreplaceable blew my mind,because im sitting there thinking you,have the license to kill,you shouldnt be afraid of anything at,this point because you can pull out,pistols and start putting holes in,peoples heads,but hes scared of lady vic but then all,of a sudden he mans up and he knocks,out jonathan crane,but then a little bit after that,jonathan crane decides to go on this,ridiculous little,like thing where hes cutting his own,face up and then he has this big scythe,i believe thats what its called not,entirely sure and he tries to attack,jason tywood is jason tys crawling on,the floor,scared and afraid of jonathan crane uh,and still im thinking you have the,license to kill you were trained by,batman yet somehow you were scared of,this absolute joke of a villain in this,season because,there were so many different times in,this season why i feel like red hood was,going to kill jonathan crane it honestly,would have b

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Titans Season 3 Recap

[Music],foreign,recap of Titans,after learning The Joker kill Jason dick,returns to Gotham City,he discovers Jason had been working with,chemistry equipment which was used to,create an unidentified drug,reuniting with Bruce and police,commissioner Barbara Gordon dick begins,to question Bruces mental state over,losing Jason,his suspicions are confirmed when he,finds out the Joker was murdered by,Bruce who departs after tasking dick,with protecting Gotham,the news of Jasons death also reaches,Tim Drake a young Gotham resident who,idolizes Batman,meanwhile the Titans team of Corey gar,and Connor continue to fight crime in,San Francisco,Corey begins to experience,hallucinations that result in her,blacking out,to help dick protect Gotham Corey Garr,Connor and Dawn arrive at the teams new,base in Wayne Manor,Hank also joins despite tensions between,him and Don,in Bruces absence a mysterious figure,extorts Gothams mob bosses into,becoming their Enforcer,when the figure has individuals wearing,red hoods perform criminal acts Barbara,informs dick that the incarcerated,Jonathan crane has been serving as a,police consultant,dick engages in a fight with the figure,who was revealed to be a Still Alive,Jason,identifies himself as red hood before,escaping,Hank is lured into a trap by Jason who,implants an explosive device in his,chest,as Hanks heartbeats bring the device,closer to detonating Jason offers to,deactivate it if the Titan steal gold,bars being delivered to a bank,Don and Jason meet at the secluded,location where Jason coerces her into,saving Hank by shooting him with a gun,he provides,Dawn pulls the trigger but the gun,instead detonates the device as Connor,arrives too late to use his deactivator,crane is removed from Arkham after Jason,orders his assassination but dick,abducts him during his transfer to a new,prison,taking crane to the cabin where he,trained dick reveals he knows crane,manipulated Jason into becoming Red Hood,a fight ensues that ends with Jason and,Cranes Escape,meanwhile Coreys visions lead gar and,her to blackfyre in custody at a,government facility run by Dr Artie kind,unable to abandon her sister Corey,freeze blackfyre who accompanies her,back to Wayne Manor,three months before freeing crane Jason,has nightmares of an ominous warning,from Donna,Bruce responds by placing Jason under,therapy from Leslie Tompkins a former,colleague of crane,when Jason learns Bruce intends to,remove him as Robin he begins helping,Crane in exchange for a drug that will,eliminate his fear,Jason uses his new identity to help his,friend Molly Jensen rescue missing,orphan children despite Molly,recognizing his personality change,in the present crane tells Jason of his,plan to take over Gotham by engulfing,the city in fear that only they can,control,six years before the present a,romantically involved dick and Barbara,engage in a series of Museum heists,the robberies lead to them battling the,Assassin lady Vic where they,inadvertently caused the death of her,partner,in the present crane has Lady Vic steal,a medical device that will rapidly,distribute his drug,Barbara survives an attack from Lady Vic,but lady Vic succeeds in obtaining a,picture of her for Crane,despite mounting tensions between her,and Corey blackfyre assists the Titans,by uncovering that crane is working with,Gothams mob bosses,dick convinces Barbara to find crane,with the computer Oracle but Barbara,deactivates it when crane uses her,picture to hack into the system,Corey and blackfyre visit mob boss,Valeska Knox who offers to give up,Cranes location if they reunite her,with her son Michael,the Titans destroyed the facility,forcing crane to flee with Jason,seeking to help Jason guard tracks down,Molly,blackfyre informs Corey that she killed,their parents in self-defense,after a sexual encounter Conor and,blackfyre attempt to help Corey with New,Visions she begins experiencing,without drugs to keep him under control,Jason turns against crane,Tim having deduced Dicks secret,identity arrives at Wayne Manor in an,unsuccessful attempt to become the next,Robin,up while the rest of the team tends to,Tim dick and Corey pursued Jason and,crane in the facility,crane tricks Corey into attacking him,with her powers causing an explosion,that allows his toxin to enter Gothams,water system,training with the Amazons infamousera,Rachels efforts to resurrect Donna,prove unsuccessful,Tim awakens in the afterlife where he,encounters Donna and Hank,banding together against demonic ghouls,that steal dead Souls Hank leads the,group to a bridge rumored to revive the,deceased,Hank is forced to stay behind during a,battle with the ghouls when the bridge,collapses but Donna and Tim successfully,cross through the bridge to escape the,afterlife,as a departing Rachel discovers Donnas,bodygone Donna saves Bruce from a,suicide attempt,Hank reunites with Don prompting them to,team up in protecting other Souls from,the ghouls,crane manipulates Gotham citizens,against the Titans through a video that,frames dick and his team for the toxin,outbreak while also presenting Red Hood,as the citys new hero,to help the police maintain the trust of,the public dick has the team turned,themselves in,attempting to heal her sisters injuries,from the attack Corey has her powers,absorbed by Blackfire,gar reunites with a newly arrived Rachel,Donna also arrives in Gotham after the,Amazons test her leadership abilities,dick accepts a challenge to face Jason,in public,the confrontation sees dick emerge,Victorious but a crowd of bystanders,attack him,Jason retreats to Wayne Manor where he,discovers crane has turned violent from,a psychotic break,instigated by information that GAR,uncovered Rachel finds the Lazarus Pit,before her powers alert her of Dick,being in danger,a reunited Donna and Tim learn crane is,plotting to have corrupt officers,assault Tim City Block prompting Donna,to lead the residence in fighting back,after being shot Corey experiences a,vision that reveals her parents at,blackfyres Powers transferred into her,Corey emerges from the vision with a new,ability to generate blue light,a dying dick is brought to the Lazarus,Pit by gar after he takes the form of a,bat,dick emerges from the pit fully healed,inspired by visions of his father and a,future daughter,learning crane plans on killing the,citys entire population Jason teams up,with dick but they are unable to prevent,crane from obtaining explosives,containing his toxin,blackfyre arrives at kinds facility,with Connor where she discovers her ship,is being held,When Corey informs her of their parents,actions blackfyre decides to return to,Tamarin but Conors romantic feelings,for her cause him to destroy the ship,Argus agents led by V rescue Barbara,joined by Tim the Titans reunite,after detonating one explosive crane,threatens to set off the other bombs if,the heroes are unable to solve his Clues,dick instead directly attacks Wayne,Manor with gar Jason and Tim who helped,deactivate the explosives and capture,crane,the remaining Titans turn the Lazarus,Pit into rainfall that resurrects those,killed by the first bomb,Bruce returns to Gotham where Jason,makes amends with him before departing,Connor helps design a new ship for,Blackfire who bids farewell to him and,Corey,leaving the team to find Dawn Donna is,asked to join Argus,Tim accompanies the Titans as they,return to San Francisco in an RV,before leaving dick has Rachel used the,Pits dark magic on crane,thank you for watching the recap if you,liked it then please give a thumbs up,and subscribe to our channel to get our,Recaps easily

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Titans Season 3 REVIEW – No Spoilers 2021 HBO Max

of all the dc universe shows lets be,honest titans has been the most cw im,sorry cw fans i know you still exist and,maybe you like that about the show but i,think the rest of us know exactly what,im talking about,it had its moments but it never reached,the heights of doom patroller harley,quinn and the lame death like the super,lame death of donna troy made many of us,swear that we would never watch the show,again,but time makes the heart forget,and the the third season of this show is,debuting two years after the last season,and were dc fans so of course were,going to check it out and see whats,going on and who doesnt love that heavy,metal opening every time when it starts,and its like dont dont dont dont,dont im later it was pretty good,well to my surprise five episodes into,season three this is the best season yet,i cant believe it either right oh we,have another show to watch now why do i,feel that way,well for one it finally feels like the,original comic i know ive been saying,that but now it really feels like the,comic focusing on a group of sidekicks,wrestling with being in their mentors,shadows and trying to make it on their,own perhaps because theyre really,focusing on the batman nightwing dynamic,here and thats of course how the titans,got started because nightwing decided,well robin at that point decided to,strike out on his own,and speaking of robin the red hood,storyline is,is the driving force this season at,least so far,and so that really brings up that,discussion,also the action moves you guessed it to,gotham instead of san francisco and,theres a very strong focus on the bat,family which also made me enjoy it more,because im a big batman fan,uh so that makes the show overall feel,very much like a dc show,id say with also the this was,interesting to me with the team,operating out of wayne manor i know,non-batman fans but they do,it feels actually at some points very,much like doom patrol to the point where,you could be watching doom patrol i mean,the kitchens in some shots look like,its the same kitchen and theyre having,a lot of like team discussions in there,im like wow this is so doom patrol,now speaking of kitchens do you not know,what to do in yours would you like to be,a superhero in the kitchen well you can,if you sign up for hellofresh americas,number one meal kit thats right ive,got another hello fresh deal for you and,summers not over yet which means youve,still got time to grill and hellofresh,can supply you with everything you need,and how about fresh produce delivered,right to your door and for less money,than shopping at your local grocery,store,and of course there are the meal kits,which have been a real life saver for me,tonight you could be having chicken taco,salad lobster filled ravioli and shrimp,and because we all love lobster you,could also have lobster blts with,caesar salad this is delicious and,healthy food that you could make,yourself in just about 30 minutes,so to get this latest deal go to,hellofresh.com,btt 14 and use code btt 14 for up to 14,free meals plus free shipping thats go,to hellofresh.com,btt14 and use code btt14 for up to 14,free meals plus free shipping link is,down below all right so back to feeling,like doom patrol it feels very much like,doom patrol this season meets gotham,okay now you have some idea why im,enjoying season three only instead of,focusing on the gcpd or being batman,family adjacent this time were talking,about the bat family,and thats where the cast really shines,whoo breton thwaites is an even better,dick grayson aka nightwing this season,he is getting so good in this role he,looks great in the suit he has all the,attributes,and his escrima sticks light up with,blue energy whenever hes on screen and,costume or out i very much feel like im,watching the character from the comics,very cool action sequences and bretton,thwaites really delivers and sometimes,hes very like much like bruce wayne he,is very cool,uh i always you know damian wayne is my,favorite robin but uh you know brent,dwight is winning me back to although,the new the current um nightwing comic,by tom taylor is also quite good all,right so anyway savannah welch joins the,cast as barbara gordon a real life,amputee,uh she she had unfortunately she was in,an accident a few years ago and she had,one of her legs amputated and this is,another home run for titans like chella,man in season two of offering great,representation and an opportunity for a,very talented actor who might not find,themselves with very many opportunities,to act so that i thought was really,handled very nicely,welch not only makes a very convincing,barbara gordon but she has excellent,chemistry with weights,although i dont remember barbara being,so mean although she has reasons to be,upset i think i like them a lot,also while ive only seen him in one,episode so far jayla lukergo seems like,a very fresh and promising take on tim,drake i liked him i would very much like,to see what happens with him this season,and mr pete campbell for mad men is,jonathan crane i was not sure about this,at all but it turns out that vincent,karthiiser isnt playing a traditional,scarecrow and theres a much larger,focus on emotion overall,and mind-altering substances thats all,ill say but i do find it intriguing,scarecrow has always been a,one-dimensional character which has made,it difficult to use him in comics tv and,movies beyond oh its a scarecrow hes,gonna make you see your worst nightmare,his appearances have always been very,quick,so to do a deep dive into jonathan crane,its pretty new and so far,im open to it especially because the,character has been so limited to date,you know youd have to change him to be,able to do anything with him and vincent,carthaizer is a great actor i like,seeing him be very different from pete,campbell hes doing a great job he has,range who knew,they make a lot of changes from the,comics im going to warn you right now,but enough is maintained to keep me,invested im like okay you kept some of,the main elements,plus with the changes i still feel the,characters are acting in character from,their comic counter counterpart so i,feel like the changes make sense im not,like what the heck is this,the season also benefits from a lot of,bold swings lets just say in the first,five episodes there are plenty of big,surprises oh you will be surprised all,right enough about the bat bat family,how about the rest of the titans im,sure some of you are chomping at the bit,because youre like enough focus on,batman i can never get enough batman,alright so first off raven fans im very,sorry five episodes in she has not shown,up yet,beast boy also is not used very much,although ryan potter is becoming much,more comfortable in the role and he does,a very nice job with the few scenes that,he has theyve all theyre also toying,with him being able to be different,animals instead of just a tiger so i,like that they address that and theyre,handling it,i love joshua orpin superboy a season,two highlight like his episodes were,like the best and while he also isnt,used very much in the first five,episodes theyre very bad centric uh but,theyre focusing here more on the lex,luthor side of conor which i really,appreciate and the comics themselves,have never really done this i mean he is,a mix of superman and luther dna after,all now they dont go too far with this,so far but the fact they even address it,um basically he you know that conor is,doing some tech some some science stuff,and but with the benefit of being part,superman and so i thought that was great,i liked that and hawk and dove continue,to feel out of place in the show but,alan richton and minka kelly are so,charismatic it works,uh as for on a jokes starfire she looks,amazing in her new costume and she,really knows how to walk in high heels,fantastic but while she continues to do,a wonderful job on this show,she just three seasons in she doesnt,seem to be playing starfire not only,does she not have the naivet

Titans – The Worst Superhero Show

Ill admit it Im a liar I said I was,done I had to be done every goddamn,Friday morning after I watched the show,I looked in the mirror and told myself,youre done I told myself that instead,of making a video I would just make a,reddit post about it call my friend,about it call my dad and only my,girlfriend pester these people about a,show they dont watch and a show that I,should probably just stop [ __ ],watching Im sorry Im a liar Im not,usually one to call something the worst,what could be the worst to me could be,the best to you Im not here to tell you,youre wrong for enjoying something Im,here to explain once again why I cant,enjoy this something Im here to say,with 100% certainty that Titan season 1,and now season 2 are the two worst,seasons of superhero television that I,have ever had the displeasure of viewing,sure the CW shows like arrow flash bat,woman look much cheaper and often repeat,the same storylines sure Ironfist season,1 in the later seasons of Jessica Jones,are criminally slow and filled with,filler but no other cape show is this,messy this insanely clumsy this,seemingly thoughtless in its structure,and execution no other cape show has,ever made my mouth drop and confusion,and disbelief week after week nothing,about the plot makes sense the choices,made behind the camera dont make sense,nothing about these beloved characters,nor their arcs makes a shred of sense I,said at the end of the last Titans video,that Im sure plenty of creators work,very hard to make this series happen Im,sure they put an insane amount of effort,into the show and that deserves,tremendous respect I just want to make,it clear that this video isnt a,personal attack on them its not even,meant to be a personal attack on the,show itself just a personal passionate,opinion on this adaptation of some of my,favorite DC Comics characters sometimes,I get carried away then I definitely,gonna get a bit crazy here but try to,remember to never attack someones art,out of malice but criticize it out of,love I really dont even know where to,begin with this one on the day of the,season two finale when my Titans,obsession and depression had reached an,all-time high I was hopeless until I got,a mysterious package in the mail I,opened the box into my surprise it was,the exact opposite of Titans it was,something that I loved its almost like,the universe knew I needed this knew I,needed every single blu-ray version,available of Quentin Tarantinos,acclaimed ninth film Once Upon a Time in,Hollywood which is now available on 4k,Ultra HD blu-ray DVD and digital and you,can get your copy today using that sexy,link in the description watching any,Tarantino movie is like being,transported into the mind of an,extremely talented director who just,wants to share his passion with the,audience a director who gets these,wonderful critically praised but more,importantly honest and real performances,from acting all stars like Leonardo,DiCaprio Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie Im,obsessed with watching and constantly,watching the bonus features the behind,the scenes of my favorite films each of,these sets comes with over 20 minutes of,deleted scenes and tons of funky bonus,features that break down everything from,the insanely meticulous production,design to the textured and stunning,cinematography by Robert Richardson the,4k limited edition comes with a Mad,Magazine parody of the film a freakin,seven inch vinyl record in this cool as,hell vintage poster if that isnt groovy,enough for ya you can pick yourself up,this limited edition blu-ray with,collectable postcards available at,Walmart and in world film magazine,available at Target and a collectible,steelbook available at Best Buy so what,are you waiting for if you like,Tarantino who doesnt if you like film,then click that link and get yourself a,4k uhd copy or a blu-ray copy or a,digital copy or freaking all the copies,of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood today,anyways Im going to try to keep this as,brief as possible Ive made way too many,videos about Titans and three negative,videos in a row and I want to go back to,talking about things I love but first I,need to vent so at the end of Titan,season 2 episode 1 we were promised a,brighter future for these character,a brighter future for the show a future,where these group of heroes were a team,a future where Dick Grayson finally got,over his angst from season one and,became the kind-hearted hero he was,meant to be a future where this group,gets their [ __ ] together and starts,saving more people than they kill Titan,season two is essentially tight in,season one with more underdeveloped,characters and underutilized actors,there are so many useless characters,this year useless storylines that end up,going nowhere I genuinely feel bad for,the writers the showrunners wrote,themselves and the entire crew into a,ditch a ditch they just keep on digging,how far does this ditch go before the,show gets a new creative team nobody,knows when I say that the bulk of the,main characters from season one Beast,Boy Raven Starfire have nothing to do,for half of the season Im not,exaggerating they literally do nothing,some of them even disappear for episodes,at a time Starfire has a subplot that,sets up her sister for season three she,doesnt grow she doesnt change if,anything she regresses Raven goes on the,run somehow learns to control her powers,does this and then ends up going to Thea,mascara Beast Boy gets mind-controlled,by Cadmus murders a bunch of innocent,people and then is freed from that mind,control by the power of underdeveloped,love hell even the side characters from,last year like Jason Donna hawk-dove and,now Rose Wilson and Superboy spend most,of the season doing nothing of,importance Hawk gets over his addiction,problems during a time jump only to fall,back into them just to get over them by,the end of the same episode Dove and,Hawk both indirectly caused the death of,this boy they were helping recover then,forget about the boy and go lip-synced,cover of aint no mountain high enough,and then get reminded about the boy only,to do nothing about it,Superboy has a really strong start,probably the best episode of the show,but then goes into a coma for a few,episodes only to be brainwashed by,Cadmus murders this dude and is,eventually freed from the mind control,by the power of underdeveloped family,and Donna gets electrocuted and dies she,sauces family takes on his own she,sauces family we get a tease of a Jason,Todd death that doesnt happen thank God,then the rest of these grown adults,abuse and throw blame at this kid to the,point where he wants to commit suicide,Im serious he wants to jump off a damn,building that happens and the rest of,the team never apologizes or says,anything about it and then he falls for,Slades daughter gets his heart broken,and then just leaves but these are all,subplots side stories that are either,never finished or not given nearly,enough time to matter or just not worth,diving into it all their purpose isnt,really to provide meaningful character,development or growth but to give the,characters and actors something to do,the main plot itd be generous to call,this a plot of the season involves Slade,and you guessed it Dick Grayson Titan,season 2 is 13 episodes and out of those,13 episodes two of them are entirely,dedicated to flashbacks and one of them,is a fun Superboy episode that has,nothing to do with Slade or dick and,because of this just like season 1 that,the plot has no momentum the show has no,momentum nothing that propels it forward,let me break this down for those of you,who dont watch the show,years before season two the Titans were,a team of superheroes,one day Slade Wilson Deathstroke was,hired to kill this woman right here for,some reason he misses and kills the,Titans pal Aqualad the Titans tell dick,to and get revenge on Slade no matter,the cost,dick befriend Slades son Jericho has,the power to jump into other peoples,bodies and uses him to get to his father,Slade fin

Attack on Titan Season 3 (second half) in Summary

attack on titan in season 3 if you dont,know was split into two parts part one,was released in July of 2018 and I made,a video summarizing it later in April of,2019 part 2 was released and thats what,well be summarizing here if you want a,summary of part 1 I have a link to my,video in the description down below also,I may have made a mistake in my previous,attack on titan summary video just to be,clear the coordinate is the ability to,control Titans and Aarons seemingly has,that ability but has yet to actually use,it to its full power thats why the,enemy is trying to capture Eren now that,weve got our heads around that lets,summarize attack on titan season 3 part,2 its time to take back wall Maria and,the scouts are ready to do so like never,before the survey corpse plan to reclaim,the chigan chena district the area which,was first attacked in season 1 in hopes,of reaching Aarons fathers basement,which is said to have the answers to,everyones questions what really are the,Titans,how did humanity end up this way and,whats the true identity of their enemy,the group arrived and Aaron plugs the,outer wall with his new honed Titan,hardening ability but before Aaron can,plug the hole in the inner wall they are,attacked by a hidden Reiner who,transforms into his armored Titan,following that a fleet of Titans and the,Beast heightened surround the survey,corpse and throws a boulder at the inner,walls as entrance trapping a number of,horses inside the district to prevent a,viable escape by horseback the armored,Titan begins to climb the wall towards,the survey corpse and the Beast Titan,orders the smaller Titans to attack the,survey corpse and the remaining horses,to prevent any escape several squads are,assigned to protect the horses while,hanji and their squad ready to take on,the armored Titan Eren transforms into,his Titan and uses himself as bait to,lure Reiner away from the inner wall the,to juke it out,Aaron hardens his hands and fists his,way to victory with the help of hanji,and the squad penetrating the armored,Titan with their thunder spears a new,weapon designed to take down rhino but,plot twist,Reiner still has some infinim and begins,to roar as a signal for the Beast Titan,to throw bertolt into the district,an unsuccessful negotiation between,bertolt and Armen bertolt transforms,into the colossal Titan killing the,majority of the scouts within the,district,even though Rhino was within the,explosive radius he manages to survive,by lying down on his stomach the enemys,plan is clear as day the colossal Titan,aimed to throw fiery debris toward the,rest of the survey corpse while the,Beast Titan Prussias them from the,other side that beast Titan begins to,toss crushed Boulder after Boulder,towards lay by Scouts pummeling rows of,houses after every throw and causing,casualties left and right and in the,meantime Aaron does that thing where a,child grabs on to that parents leg and,begs for candy from the chocolate aisle,at Woolies but instead of a parent,simply saying no imagine they fully,kicked that child into a wall with no,remorse thats basically what happened,to Aaron and now hes unconscious,Armin and the other Scouts attempt to,pierce the colossal Titan with the,thunder spears but to no avail,owen devises a plan to charge the Beast,heighten on a suicide charge to divert,the Beast heightens attention while Levi,flanks the Beast Titan to strike it down,Erwin is mortally wounded but Levi,manages to reach the Beast Titan and rip,Zeek out of the Titans body,Levi intends to use the Titans serum can,he gave him on a dying soldier whod,then turned into a Titan so that they,can consume zyk to gain his Titan power,but before that happens one of zixs,intelligent associate Titans grabs him,from Levi and orders the other Titans to,kill Levi while he escapes Armin comes,to the conclusion that the colossal,Titan becomes a mobile thinner and a,weaker when using its steam attack,Reiner surviving Bert holds explosive,transformation begins to make his way to,Aaron but is delayed and defeated by the,scouts and hanji who actually survived,the explosion somehow almond devises a,plan to defeat bertolt and informs Aaron,Armin hooks his ODM gear into the course,of titans tooth while Bert hold burns,Armin alive with a stay mobility however,Armin was merely a distraction during,which Aaron sealed up the remaining hull,and locates himself behind the colossal,Titan – then Cuthbert hold from the body,Aaron lasered Berthold,- crispy Armen hes approached by Zeke,who tells him that hes been lied to by,his father but before anymore is said an,intimidating-looking Levi makes Zeke,decide to call a drawer and escape,picking Reiner up on the way Levi almost,gives that heightened serum to Aaron so,he can inject an almost dead Armin but a,single remaining soldier from the,suicide charge appears with a dying Owen,on his back,Levi considers reviving Kerwin with the,serum instead of Allman however öand,withdrawals his arms from Levis making,Levi remember their previous,conversation about letting the commander,just rest in peace thus the serum is,given to Armin and Owen passes away the,mindless Armin Titan consumes Berthold,and gains his power arm and then exits,the Titan looking a lot less crispier,than beforehand Armin wakes up and Aaron,explains everything that happened after,Armin got deep-fried their remaining,survivors head to Aarons house and,finally after three and a half seasons,of Awesomeness our team of anger,management wife threw material bowl-cut,wholesomeness sex appealing characters,finally enter the basement with all the,answers,[Music],using the key Aarons father gave him,the scouts unlocked a compartment in a,desk containing three books one of the,books contains a picture of Grisha,Aarons father if you dont remember,standing next to a woman who is not,Aarons mother holding a child,hanji reads the inscription on the back,of the picture written by Grisha stating,that the picture is not a portrait,painted by human hands rather its,something called a photograph created,with technology from beyond the walls,where people are still alive and,actually live in luxury the group then,head back to the city bringing along the,three books containing information and,truth beyond the walls while Aaron,sleeps memories of his fathers past,flood through his mind,young Grisha takes his sister outside,the Liberia internment zone for lb ins,so that they can watch the Zep,however theyre caught by two officers,named Kruger and gross Grisha takes a,beating from Kruger while gross takes,Grisha sister home but shes later found,dead near the river Grisha knowing gross,was the one to blame,its monologue – Grisha by his father,that 18 hundred years ago their ancestor,Lumiere Fritz made a deal with the devil,of all earth and obtained the power of,the Titans becoming the first humanoid,giant with special powers after you MS,death her soul split into nine Titans,who then built the Elden empire they,then went on to destroy the country of,Mali so that they could rule over its,land the subjects of yamir viewed other,races as inferior and persecuted them,they forced other races to bear their,children to increase their own numbers,and ethnic cleansing continued for,around 1700 years the Malian people,conspired against the LDA nation from,within and gained control of seven of,the nine titans fighting and emerging,victorious in the great titan war the,LDN king retreated to Paradise Island,and constructed three walls and hid,within them with his people,many LD ins were not able to retreat,with the king to Paradise Island,thus they remained with the Malians,whose cruel prejudice towards them seems,justified greater grows older and joins,the LD and restoration movement led by a,mysterious unseen informant named Al and,learns the true history of the LD ins in,reality when ancestor yamir gained the,power of the Titans she cultivated the,land and brought prosperity to its,people when the great Titan war broke,out the

Titans Season 3 Review | Did they ruin Red Hood?

well everybody i didnt have a chance to,even watch titans season two and,the beginning of titan season three,until last night um i put off for a very,long time and we have to talk about,titans and the red hood,if you like videos like this,smash the like button share this video,leave a comment and of course subscribe,to the channel,yes i finally took the time to sit down,and watch dcs,titans or hbo maxs titans season 3,caught up to episode 4,and,the red hood,lets discuss this red hood is the big,baddie of season three uh we were all,waiting for jason todds death were,waiting for jason todd to die at the,hands of the joker we finally get the,payoff we finally get to see joker beat,jason in the head with the crowbar and,in this video i really want to mainly,just focus on jason todd and the red,hood character now spoiler,spoiler spoiler of course since i,already gave one away if you have not,watched titans,season 3 episodes one two three and four,definitely hit pause now on this before,i ruin it for you lets go forward lets,talk about jason todd and red hood now,uh in the beginning of the season three,uh the very first episode of course,jason todd amped up ready to go fight,the joker this is so similar to the dc,comics,uh version where batman basically warns,jason to stay away from the joker he,cannot handle fighting the joker alone,and of course in comic book fashion we,see,jason go off on his own and try to,well he tries to approach joker and,joker beats him in the head with the,crowbar and ultimately kills him uh this,was a little bit different ending um,where we seen in the comics and also in,the dc animated movies like under the,red hood where we know jason,was in a warehouse he got his head,beaten in with the crowbar and then he,died in an explosion uh thats the the,story that were used to and of course,of course the resurrection of jason todd,via,raj al ghul taya al ghul uh you know,were used to that jason being,resurrected in the lazarus pit now i,know that dc titans show obviously can,not,exactly copy the story of the red hood,and jason todd but then to my surprise i,see that the show writers um actually,gave us little bits and pieces of,things that have happened,from the animated series,movie under the red hood and a little,bit of piece of,uh batman really was just like you know,a lot of the batman elements just laid,into dick grayson because obviously we,know batman is not in the show really so,they had to do a lot of things with dick,grayson um from the time he you know,from like the video where jason todd,reveals his identity to the mob well not,reveals his identity but introduces the,red hood to the mob bosses scene um that,was exactly like the dc animated movie,uh under the red hood even the reveal of,jason todd uh to dick grayson that was,similar to,again jason todd revealing to batman who,he is even to,uh the part where dick grayson is,digging up the coffin and the grave of,jason todd where he finds that the,coffin is empty also similar to under,the red hood so the writers definitely,took a lot of things from under the red,hood and the story,of the resurrection of jason todd or the,you could say the comeback of jason todd,back to life the appearance of the red,hood,now,his personality in the show,seems to be a little bit different than,the comic book now we all know in dc,comics,red hood or jason todd is a fan favorite,he is an anti-hero,and an anti-hero by definition which,would be like a deadpool,um is,normally they are still,theyre in the gray area theyre not,good theyre not bad but at the end of,the day um theyre usually fan favorites,and theyre usually not like psychotic,and,this one thing that i noticed that from,red hood in teen titans is that hes,actually killing,people like at first it seemed like all,right he was just you know killing the,bad guys killing the mob bosses kind of,similar on track to,under the red hood or even the dc comics,version of that story which is really,good you know hes just basically,pimping and extorting all the gotham,crime bosses out there for money and,hes basically becoming a better batman,as hes controlling the crime element,you know because he has a full,full control over everything,but in titans of course they make red,hood jason todd be an absolute psycho,maniac who wants to,kill the titan members and again spoiler,alert we seen that in the episode three,i believe it was like called hank and,dove like hank gets killed by jason,because jason implants a bomb into his,chest and basically forces dove to kill,hank which,im really shocked because like jason,todd or red hood like is one of my,favorite dc characters and like i said,in the comics in the animated series he,is more of the anti-hero now yes he,kills villains but he doesnt kill,innocent people and thats where i,kind of,dont really,agree or my personal taste i dont like,seeing red hood like this i dont really,like seeing jason todd being a absolute,straight villain because thats not his,mo like his mo was he was mad at batman,he didnt want to kill batman he just,wanted to let batman know that he was,mad,that he never did anything to the joker,for letting him die,uh the difference in this in the actual,tv series is that red hood is completely,just off the wall psychotic hes going,after the titans hes killing all the,titan members or trying to at least and,he started off with hank,now,uh we learned that by episode four red,hood is actually teaming up with the,scarecrow thats right um the scarecrow,in arkham locked been locked up in,arkham uh we learned that theres a,connection red top red hood and and the,scarecrow are working together,again i dont know if i really want to,agree with that type of angle theyre,going with this show um with season,three and red hood and,as a dc fan again we love to see this,guy on the screen you love his costume,hey a1 we love the way hes like,fighting with nightwing and this is,fighting style with the guns hey a1 but,the the direction of where theyre going,with red hood is that hes a psychotic,killer and we know probably by the end,of season three they have to stop jason,todd just like how they stop stop,deathstroke some form of fashion and,that just i dont know maybe again i,understand this is a different universe,you know we all know that the multiverse,exists and all this dc different earths,exist but this is really really just,like a different vibe that i guess ill,have to get used to again i love red,hood red hood is one of my favorite,characters in dc next to superboy prime,etc i loved his anti-hero i mean i have,like his helmet here i have like you,know action figures comic books his,first appearance but in the show,hes a villain,what are your thoughts on that,what are your thoughts on the red hood,character in titans season three do you,think he should be an anti-hero do you,think they went too far by having jason,and red hood actually kill,members of the titans,can he be redeemed at this point also,can is he redeemable can he come back,from this once you kill a member of the,titans,what are they going to do you know like,because again red hood in the comic,books is a hero technically anti-hero,slash hero they come to him they they,they use him and a lot of things you,know when nightwing needs help when the,bat family needs help red hood shows up,and hell help the family so this is,really odd and and different but what,are your thoughts leave a comment on the,video let me know what you think of,titan season 3 up to this point and the,character red hood because do you like,it do you like him seeing him as a,psychotic villain or do you think that,hes better off being the anti-hero and,it should have been more of a tease game,just like how he they did in under the,red hood a little tease back and forth,game of red hood between him and batman,until his reveal and him just explaining,that he wanted to kill the joker and he,always thought that batman should have,you know like but he did not kill,innocent peop

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