1. Awesome Titleist Irons you never hear about?
  2. Titleist T400 Iron Review And Comparison
  4. The Longest 6 Iron EVER!!…This is WAY TOO LONG?! | Titleist T400 Irons
  5. Ultimate Titleist Irons Comparison of 2022
  6. New Titleist T400 Irons | First Look | PGA Merchandise Show 2020
  7. The Ultimate Game-Improvement Iron Test Part 2 | Moderate Swing Speed Comparison

Awesome Titleist Irons you never hear about?

wait confession is I was just packed up,to videos filmed and that was me done,for the day but I promise hes just,arrived and its made me stop stop me in,my tracks cuz I like the look of this,thing and I reckon it could be a real,interesting product yet setting up to do,a video can be a bit of a laborious task,and once youve packed away Im never,too keen to get all the gear back out,again bought this product is literally,just arrived just been delivered Ive,taught the wrapper off Annie is,absolutely stunning its got a bit of,mass its got I know nothing about this,club by the way its the t4 and as I say,wide on the top-line wide sole unit its,got a bit of bulk and mass and if its a,game improvement iron which it is it is,probably I goes faster say even at this,stays that is the best looking game,improvement iron Ive seen on the market,to date and its made me get this camera,gear back out get back out in the range,of got it to some balls Ill find out a,little bit more text back and then,obviously well its some balls and see,if this performs as good as it looks,because it is stunning right before we,go too far Im gonna start and give you,a little bit of tech spec but it is like,I said Ive not had time to research a,great deal about this so were on,Titleist website and Im gonna throw up,a bit of detail for you now interesting,thing that I like first of all theyre,better performance from every detail so,what theyve said is this super thin elf,face and the lower edge of the face,wraps around the sole maintaining ball,speeds even when impact is on that lower,part of the face we see something,similar with the Cobra driver where they,started to wrap the face around the head,I didnt like that in terms of how it,looked because it was so alien and soon,as what Id seen before but in principle,I liked the concept and I certainly like,this idea have helped down those bottom,end those grooves down the bond which,sometimes we all get them a little bit,thin at times and I think thats again,thats something I like the sound of,anyway right okay so these irons are,available in five through two pitching,wedge and in the five six and seven iron,the both heel and toe area theres a,hundred grams of tungsten weight and,again that is all going to help in terms,of launch condition this again width of,sole is all about turf interaction and,the size and bulk and mass of the head I,assume is going to help in service,placement where it needs to be in terms,of launch in that ball and we expecting,plenty of forgiveness,Im not gonna say any more than that,phone out the way lets get some golf,balls and get in this thing and see how,it performs and for me in terms of,excitement to hit a game improvement,style club this about as good as it gets,Im afraid now Ive got to say this is,probably like I said one the most L,prepared videos that Ive done I really,like to sort of understand what a,product does but so forgive me if I get,any of these bits wrong first thing I,want to talk about and like I said its,my immediate reaction and thought is,sort of at address yeah its got that,thick top line where he playing 7i and,Ive seen no other ions within the range,its a its a thick ish top line but,its not offensive and Im not seeing,any of the bulk of mass this is in,7-iron whether you see it in that sort,of four six and 5-iron whether you see,any other sort of mass behind but its,sort of its its its in a way I can,just see a little bit of another back,end but nothing thats putting me off,but the interesting thing for me is the,sort of shape and profile of the head,its not overly big in terms of its,height and nor in terms of its length,and whether or not that is correct in,terms of the actual statistics how big,it is but it certainly doesnt look that,way and in terms of offset the way in,which again that this sort of hosel,blends into the clubface and hes done a,really good job of the way that sits and,address like I said I think it you know,what Im really Im liking the look of,this Im just hoping that with all my,excitement and I have not it one single,golf ball yet that this translate into,some nice shots and ultimately some nice,results thats a golf shot to start with,its right down the line and the,interesting thing for me do you know,what really interested in that,that came definitely off the bomb I,cant quite make out if that is factor,or not but that definitely felt it off,the bottom end its right down the line,its an anti 170 carry now what Im not,going to be doing Ill again and Im,gonna have to keep apologizing lost on,this is coming up on the screen now,I dont know what that Loft is and in,some ways I dont really want to know,because I dont want to be swayed with,my opinion on how this thing performs,based on you know Im expecting it to be,oh thats a ball at a golf just totally,different more money on the first,without doubt that first one came out of,the groove bottom grooves without doubt,that one came out of the center of the,clubface and I can see that one but I,dont want to be swayed by sometimes,what happens is I panic there my audio,well you can tell this its not very,organized sometimes what happens is you,get the loft and were all obsessed with,loft arent we oh its just wrong often,7-iron and dismiss it straight away and,maybe thats going to be the case with,this but like I said Id rather,Im already bothered by this Im,bothered in what the thing does in terms,of performance and what its intended to,do in terms of performance Im two shots,in really two shots in I swear to god,Ive never at this thing before other,than two shots youve just there and I,can tell you now this is a club even at,this point before we anymore this is a,club that is going to be a real,interesting product for a lot of golfers,bold statement a yacht seriously of it,balls two and three are absolutely,bang-on right at the target life long,carry ball flight is good I mean its,not its not Im not launching this,thing up into the clouds which can be,the case sometimes with these kind of,low CG type of clubs where its all,about launching this ball is going up,and out there look Im gonna weve got,three balls literally tightly packed in,a group there like I said thats,definitely what happened on camera,thats definitely downrange rather,bought what I will do Ill carry on I,need to tone it down because do you know,what this is quite exciting for me Im,gonna hit some more golf balls and Ill,give you a more yeah calm opinion slow,down and lets lets get into some kind,of reality and Ill give you my proper,opinion so far Ive already said it this,is gonna be a,proper proper Club this is this is,seriously our means were shot just gonna,lend it Russian Autobot grooves were,swing leave it there and get some proper,data oh you know what guys out the,screws again Ive barely it this is,probably I mean whether Im not Im,swinging pretty decent with this in and,that dont know but in terms of ball,striking and where this ball is London I,dont even have to look at there believe,me thats grouping is going to be,tightly packed though its the camera,back on couple of things to mention its,top-end in terms of price this is but,again not amazing different than,anything else thats going on right now,but it is our RP at sort of hundred and,seventy-five quid a club so its,expensive but the thing that springs to,mind while Ive been hitting these balls,in terms of gathering the data is like,this is where I ate a club like this and,I forget bulgy because whether you can,afford to buy or not thats nothing to,do with me but these type of clubs beg,the question why would any golf at,average golfer make life any more,difficult than it needs be because,theres products out there and this,being an absolute prime case and,probably the best example that Ive seen,of it is an absolutely stunning piece of,game of iron forget Im not gonna say,game improvement a stunning looking iron,that yet might be a little bit bulkier,than youd like to see in your bag bu

Titleist T400 Iron Review And Comparison

hey everybody thank you for checking out,view golf Im Trent relman here and,today Im coming at you with a quick,review of the new Titleist T 400,Titleist has come out with a new line of,t-series irons two years ago that,released the 718 s now theyve moved in,to the T 100 T 200 T 300 and now the T,400 tires Im gonna hit a few shots with,these Im gonna tell you a little bit,about how the irons perform and then Im,also going to hit you with a little bit,of the technology thats in the head and,maybe just a tidbit on my thoughts,opinions and how they perform how this,iron performed against my current irons,and the other series of T is lets do,this,if you notice on the staff,what romantic,[Music],you,all right everybody just got done,hitting the new Titleist tee 400 iron it,felt fantastic I was really impressed,with some of the numbers that I was,getting off of it carrying it,consistently 200 yards in the air with,this 7-iron that is that is long Ive,got here in just a second Ill show you,some of the numbers that I averaged with,the tee 100 200 and 300 irons the video,that I shot a few months ago and then,obviously compared to this remember I,hit this consistently about 200 205 yard,carry ok quickly the technologys a,really wide body sold if you are a,player that struggles looking thats,looking for more distance struggles with,consistent contact maybe a little bit,slower swing player comes in a couple,light weight shafts down here the True,Temper AMT regular red shaft and it also,comes in the mitsubishi,fubuki MV thats the shaft that i use,its very light weight shaft for me,something that I wouldnt play in my,current irons but I just wanted to try,it out and see kind of what the,performance was and again it just,showing off like a rocket hollow head,construction huge MLI moment of inertia,reduction of twisting on off centre hits,so if you are a player that hits it off,the toe or the heel its gonna help you,still gain that distance but its also,gonna help you hit it a little bit,straighter height instead of waving low,and in the head,gonna help you get that golf ball up in,the air if you struggle again you,struggle hitting it off center if you,still get the ball airborne maybe you,dont have enough speed to get it,airborne that low dense that high,density tungsten low in the in and,around the sides of the head you can,help you get that golf ball airborne,progressive blade links I like that they,did it with the team 100 irons the iron,that I actually play over here okay they,do that that is it one of the,improvements theyve made in the T,series iron some progressive blade links,I played the 17 seven eight teams move,to these T 100s really like that,progressive blade length makes it a,little more forgiving on those,off-center its and delivers optimal CG,positioning with preferred shaping,through the set it is a good clip to,look at actually theres a little more,offset than Im used to,but thats got to be a pretty appealing,to someone thats a right-handed player,thats losing the ball to the right,definitely gonna help you bring that,shot back on line okay,finally in the small print available in,irons 5 through 55 degree wedge now,lets look at some of the numbers,remember I hit this I hit this club 200,on carry my ATP gotta come a bt100 iron,right there oops this is an old data,this is old but thats alright a p1 iron,I efforts one seventy seven point seven,yards of carry a 2 iron average 169,point 3 and the AP three one seventy,five point four probably dad I got off,the video I shot a year or two ago,because its older equipment doesnt,matter I know how far my current 7-iron,goes the t100 and Im probably looking,in the 180 185 range so this clubs going,10 15 maybe even 20 yards farther than,my current iron so yeah you are that,player looking for distance again I,reiterate you are going to hit it,farther and higher okay those are a,little bit help you kind of get a,comparison of the numbers now,the loft,can I see that okay,there is a loft distance in difference,t100 iron there are 27 degrees loft on a,five iron tee 400 youre looking at 20,degrees loft okay seven iron that I hit,T 400 iron youre looking at 26 degrees,loft T 100 iron I currently play 34,degrees loft okay why is that important,well the seven iron is a six iron okay,for the for a player that is looking for,the game improvement iron okay a mid to,high handicapper your seven iron is,gonna be shorter its gonna be seven,iron lengths but six iron loft maybe,even five iron locked okay the length is,gonna help you hit it more consistent,okay,you control the club a little better a,little lighter weight hit it more solid,more often okay the loft is gonna allow,you to hit it farther okay and all that,high-density tungsten low and in the,back of the club is gonna help you get,it airborne and help it be more,forgiving on those off-center heads so,that is why if you are a player that is,looking for that particular value that,particular characteristic in your iron,that is why you disregard the loft,youre still going to hit it high in the,air even though its up its D lofted a,little bit because,advancements technology so I just kind,of wanted to share you with you a little,bit of that loft information again AMT,red rag a couple different bla a couple,duplexes in the fubuki and it comes,stock with that nice golf bride tour,velvet 360 grip so I hope you liked our,video if you did make sure you click,like below if you have any questions or,comments make sure you hit that comment,button and if youre not subscriber,subscribe coming at you with weekly,content reviews of all the latest,equipment let me know what you think if,you hit this club its not you dont see,it a lot,I havent taken anybodys back yet but,yeah yeah I like it,even if youre a maybe even a low high,low to mid handicapper if youre looking,for something in that 5 4 3 2 iron range,this things gonna go samokhin okay well,probably not it only comes in 5 iron so,disregard the four three two highest,iron it comes in is the five but its,got the loft of probably a four or three,so great maybe long iron choice or,option for your mid your mid and maybe,even low high together so thanks again,for watching and well see you next time,you,you

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one 96.1 carry hi guys Ally Taylor here,and today were gonna be checking out,half tireless made their most explosive,and power fires ever right so today Im,talking about the new Titleist T 400 is,now these scream power they look big not,maybe as chunky as I thought they would,do but lets have a real close-up look,at the head lets hit some shots with,7-iron to start with Ive actually got a,full set so what I might do in todays,video is kind of just hit a few shots,with each warning give you an idea how,far these clubs are gonna hit the ball,so there with my two swings feet why,might be a good thing why it might not,always be as good as youd think hitting,the ball further and further with your,aliens but lets have a look at these,because I think were gonna get some,really really interesting results for,these today so we have got a hollow,constructed head much as many the,manufactures are doing nowadays but from,the back it looks really really good for,me it doesnt look like theres too much,tech visual there and in the Longines,theres up to 100 grams of titanium,between the heel and the toe of the club,to give us that a little bit more,forgiveness when we look at the sole of,the club its supposed to be some,improved turf interaction so certainly,for me the club shouldnt be losing any,speed coming into the golf ball and as,we look at the club down behind the golf,ball for me its quite a long head from,toe to heel,I would say kind of a mid top line not,the thickest that Ive seen out there,and certainly for me efore something,that is clearly designed to at the ball,a long way this is a really really,good-looking gourd right well as ever,Im using my normal golf ball titleist,pro v1 X so lets get along with it some,seven irons to begin with lets look at,because theres definitely a big thing,nowadays because golfers are getting,fitted around 7 a.m. about how far 7,a.m. is going so lets hit a few with,these when the talk specs on these,shortly but like I said behind the golf,ball for something thats clearly gonna,be a disorientated iron I think its a,really really good looking Club well,thats quick okay so nearly a hundred,and twenty nine ball speed which is,super super quick for me and that one,one eighty so maybe then go quite as far,as I thought for that ball speed but,long for a 17 so again one twenty seven,one eight four now even though it feels,very very quick off the club face which,it clearly is I dont think it feels,overly hard which are quite like I think,theres a lot of irons out there,nowadays that hitting the ball further,and further mainly down to the way,theyre getting designed but I think,some of them out there feel really,really hard and maybe thats part of the,selling process to make it feel like the,balls going further,felt a little bit out the toe but still,nearly 124 mile an hour I was gone,further so a little bit outlets how,would expect the spin to be down right,lets just go a couple more with seven,in just picked it a little bit again,still very very long and didnt flush,that by any means but still very very,quick,now what would say guys is Im not,expecting these to perform absolutely,perfectly for me these are kind of,standard length regular graphite chefs,now these arent aimed at me so Im not,expecting you know to be testing the set,of these theyre set up perfectly this,is to give a pretty rough idea that we,can see there theyre going a lot,further than I would potentially,normally hit my 7m now were going to,talk about why thats the case,after we look at some averages X we,looked at the average yet average ball,speed 126 point for average carry almost,185 and almost 200 total,so thats long for a seven am but why,does that 7a and even not set up,correctly for me get me hitting the ball,a long way so the first thing is the,loft on this is 26 degrees so yes you,heard that correct,26 degrees 7m Im gonna put the specs up,on the screen now for the set of irons,now bearing in mind when I first saw,these were only available from 5-iron,down I was a little bit surprised but,when you look at the lofts below you can,see why when the five irons 20 degrees,you can see why they cant really,already straight a face than five own,now Im gonna hit a couple of shots Im,not going to hit everything like I said,at the start but when I hit a couple,with Fiverr and maybe a couple with,pitching wedge just to see how far they,go were then going to talk about how,that set up of the ions,is it really being honest that that says,seven on the bottom and its 26 degrees,we would says when we look on optimizer,here its clearly saying that for a,seven-speed I was swinging I should have,been hitting the ball round about 165,carry so Im still getting really decent,launch angle at seven just under 17 even,though a couple of those are maybe just,a little bit thin were certainly seeing,that as ever my angle of attack is a,little bit shallow that thats more a,technique thing but ball speed is up,which is down to the loft of the club,being stronger backspin is down which,again is down to the fact that the loft,is stronger but with my club head speed,Im still able to get the ball up and,flying a good height to get the ball to,stop on the green so that moves me into,5-iron,now obviously traditionally but maybe I,should stop talking about traditionally,because when I am talking traditionally,its over 20 years ago now its probably,not relevant,it used to be four degrees difference,per Club which would give you that 10 to,12 yards now the challenge is when you,get in seven irons in at 26 degrees it,suddenly cant go forward agrees less,and get down to a three and you just,youre never gonna get the ball off the,floor so what were seeing with the,modern sets is only a three degree gap,as you go into the the longer irons so,the 5-iron here is 20 degrees now,looking at my carry distances four seven,and I should be looking around about 205,as my carry but certainly over 200 so,lets hit a couple with five own and,just see how that works,so to see one thing it was been little,bit thin only one nine one carry so I,wasnt the best one so Id take a bit of,a misfit fireman being 190 carry so,nearly 136 ball speed 203 wrong about,what I would expect lets build one more,again 137 204 so in the good strikes,yeah you know it was getting out where I,would expect lets look at the solid,strikes though there and just see what,my kind of launch angle hey a shot on,backspin was like so launch angle was,still good at thirteen point nine,backspin was actually still very very,good just under 4,000 and still getting,round about that peak height so I think,when you moving into clubs like this you,know clearly its very understandable,that the 5 at 20 degrees most golfers,probably are living in the f5 and in the,back but I think the big challenge is,these more hybrid design ions are,definitely in a hit the ball a long way,so I think when youre in those mid to,longer ions that can be a real positive,with these type of clubs now where we,might see a little bit of a negative is,when we move down into the short clubs,and particular into the wedges now,interestingly with the T 400s it comes 5,and downs pitching wedge and then it,goes wedge 1 wedge 2 and wedge 3 now,pitching wedge is 38 degrees now I have,a double check on that but it actually,says it on the head wedge 1 is 43 which,2 is 49 and wedge 3 is 55 so kind of,getting away from calling it pitching,wedge gap wedge sand wedge because in,theory theres two gap wedges in between,that on the sandwich so thats it a few,shots with the pitching wedge,and then lets talk about the three,wedges and see what their good and bad,points will be so pitching wedge I mean,wow,that looks almost like an a-10 no big,surprise laughter wise isnt a million,miles off an a-10 so its got a pitching,wedge lets see how far this is gonna go,so hundred thirty maybe a little left,nearly 150 carry so thats long for a,club with a p on the bottom but about,the right distance for a club wi

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The Longest 6 Iron EVER!!…This is WAY TOO LONG?! | Titleist T400 Irons

viewer warning if you happen to have a,golf distance obeah look away now oh,[Music],thats ridiculous,welcome to the birth of the super,distance iron which if you can imagine a,distance irons been bitten by a spider,and its now super there is your super,distance iron theres a good chance its,gonna shoot web so yeah the new super,distance category is solely a category,targeting golfers it just one bit just,just want ball speed just pure and utter,ball speed imagine what a full set of,you five tens would look like yeah,imagine well here it is,[Music],[Music],you see this beastie before Ive even,hit these if someone said to me you need,to go and buy a set of irons right now,its going to guarantee to outdrive your,mates and our iron your mates Ive been,buying these and the most surprising,thing about this is these iron lofts are,actually standard laughs nests okay did,not pass these are some of the strongest,laughs Ive ever seen in my entire life,yeah thats it it might been a really,strong loft like really strong then,someone strengthens it still with me and,then theyve forgotten that theyve,strengthened it so they this strengthen,it again and its still not as strong as,I am,so well mention loft in a second but if,we focus solely on the left we can,expect this to go at least a club,further than what we were already,playing depending on what I enjoy using,already but is this gonna fly like the,number on the bottom of the iron or just,gonna file out the degree of the iron,tireless want it to fly like the number,thats a given,I cant do anything but hit this hard,try it doesnt work I just look at it,again youre having it you ever in it,Ive heard and felt better irons in my,life that is too sure but that was heavy,and slappy and it still made the green,cant stop hitting it Im just wondering,how far its gonna go all the time,alright watch that,thats better carry 250 yards it hasnt,carried it hasnt carried 250 yards its,carried 252 yards I know youre gonna,say and I wanted to defend this iron,right now because what Ive seen is,quite remarkable youre going to say,that if this iron spins at like 2,000,backspin no wonder its gonna go 4,million yards but watch terrible swing,5990 3 rpm somehow even though this is,the first really four tireless to delve,into this sort of category you could put,this in my hands and I could tell you,straight away that this is a tireless,dyin its still very tight olicity tight,elastic its like right at the end of,the engineering process they go its,done everything it just needs to be more,tight elastic take it to the Titleist,ermichine and this guy just clamps it,down it makes it more tight olicity what,are you talking about expect to see the,word Titleist in the urban dictionary,all right so a lot of questions will be,and rightly so what is the difference,between this and say the t300 and,funnily enough thats also a question I,want answering so if you want to see a,toe to toe comment t2t why is everything,so hard to say T to T and Ill do a toe,to toe T 300 versus dis baby because,theyll be interesting to see these two,beasts go head-to-head I havent hit the,tee 300 since of review but based on,this I reckon this is a completely,different octave in terms of forgiveness,and distance this is ridiculous,we have to address the elephant arent,we yeah laughs 6-iron,whats that yeah its its 23 degrees 6,i79 is 26 thats strong so Tyler saying,its the new easy launching super,distance T 400 I and its designed to,provide the moderate swing to be golfer,with the most forgiving tireless,experience possible so we mentioned a,rather unique foe beer at the start of,the video Ive got another one for you,if youve got off set a phobia look away,this is offset by quite a bit not the,most weve ever seen but its definitely,yeah its definitely pointing well,wanting me to go left,heavy loves easy now I havent really,felt like Ive cortland dont you dare,but theyve still gone absolutely miles,so we have a quick look at the averages,of those I really wanted to hit the 4,iron in this set but theres a slight,issue with that because it starts at 5,iron so there is no 4 iron but the 5,iron is basically a 4i and maybe even,the 3 I had so well try the 5 there was,an easy way to say that wasnt there so,these numbers here including these two,shots here which it clearly chunks but,theyre like 20 yards behind so thats,included in this average so still were,carrying it at 239 yards 240 yards carry,242 total club history 113 ball speed 1,5 1 backspin including the chunks in all,sorts of shapes and sizes in those,averages 5 4 4 3 now tell me something,that doesnt look like youre gonna get,5000 backspin out of it does it you know,I mean it doesnt it looks like its,gonna put positive spin on it its gonna,go underground but it doesnt it works,it spins bold entire list but as we know,this will depend on the individual I can,imagine if you cant get a swing speed,up for this youre gonna lack in,backspin and youre gonna struggle so,fitting is as always vitally,vitally important so were going to hit,these as hard as possible see if we can,get over the 250 yards bracket just hit,a few at the end thanks so much guys for,watching as always if you have any,questions stick them down in the comment,section below if youre not a part of,team al make sure you hit that subscribe,button in the Bell notification social,media links are also below Facebook,Instagram and Twitter,give us a follow thank you right we,dont leave until I get to 60 simple as,that okay at least to Zekes didnt hit,that great and that is going thats two,fifties to five two on the fly that is,terrible so hit that well weve got the,spin see thats that thats thats,effortless 251 yards 5,400 backspin,thats impressive,so yeah this is graphite just as all we,can get hold of it to me given the,current situation but I do plan on doing,the challenge or one of these cuz I,reckon I just forget I want to get 300,jars with an iron I dont know I dont,know why why yeah what does that achieve,Im really good at picking targets I,cant reach em just close to and with,this iron you can sometimes expect hot,spots like youll hit it high and Ill,just come out with no spin and go for,million yards but I havent had that yet,it relatively well against spin its,almost a barrier stopping it five feet,on the backspin to fall for carry that,was thats got a chance of 260 thats,like a trap chunk low spin to five for,dead bird flight that is I didnt look,at total distance hes probably gone to,60 total if not that has it has it has,- six seven – six seven total 6-iron,its gonna be you I could literally use,this off the tee and Id take that Ive,hit that well,thats redonkulous that is thats gone,270 yards two five seven carry 6-iron,six obviously its down to a lot of,things rough plays a huge part but who,cares who cares if you want it and its,still flying well it still stopping who,actually cares consistently long 250 on,the fly that five five or five six on,the backspin what more do you want,what more do you want Hey,[Music],[Music],you,[Music]

Ultimate Titleist Irons Comparison of 2022

do you want to know everything about,tightless irons,this is the ultimate tightness iron,comparison of 2021.,hey golfers its thomas campbell master,club fitter at second swing joined by,fellow master club fitter danny farrell,danny how are you doing today great,great,um were going to dive into the new,title this line,some changes there but what to expect i,would players have a better idea of what,head they might want to try when they,come in right yeah so these are my,favorite videos to do i love doing the,ultimate comparison comparing the entire,line for manufacturers or entire line,for game improvement or cavity back,irons but today were lucky enough we,got titleist,recently weve had newer titles irons,released especially the t line true so,theres the new 2021 models uh theres,nobody not going to be coming out,anything else coming out in 2022 and he,figured now is the time to to do this,comparison and see how they all compare,so,first off lets talk about the,differences in loft okay laughter is,always going to be a big influence on,how far the ball goes always we are,going to have a wide range here with the,six models that were comparing from 26,degrees all the way up to 35 degrees,yeah yeah so a wide wide range i mean,taking a look at the club heads already,we pretty much know where the strong is,and where the week is right just by the,size of the club head alone so well,start the t400 was a 26 degree head,so,one of the more stronger if not the,strongest on the market today so the,next one is the t300,yeah so t400 got 26.,t300 got 29. so 29 degrees of loft on it,this is considered more in your your,game improvement category id consider,t400 max game improvement but game,improvements for someone thats you know,needing some forgiving forgiveness but i,want to look at it down on iron it looks,it looks pretty good for a game for iron,it does absolutely yeah okay moving on,t200 t200 is in that players distance,iron category true so one thing that,unique about t200 and 2021 is the loft,actually went up it did,its not very often you see that but it,went up from 30 to 31 so the 2021,t200 iron is 31 degrees on it okay,t100s,so it looks kind of like the t100 but,its a little bit stronger lofted its,got a little bit more forgiveness and a,little bit more tungsten in there to,help,forgiveness,is really important with regards to,irons and,32 degrees loft on it so similar package,i mean similar lobsters a little bit,smaller profile compared to the t2 right,t100 t100 this is your players iron,this you see a lot of guys on tour play,them its not a full blade or anything,like that but it looks like one it does,but its loaded with a lot of tungsten,you brought up that too that way it aids,players in that forgiveness level too so,itll be interesting to test what all,the lofts do what all the designs do and,how they all compare right,and then finally you got the titleist cb,cb or even envy the exact same specs the,only thing with the envy is its just,ever so slightly top of it thin line,essentially but yeah theyre the exact,same theyre both 35 degrees of loft on,them you dont have the fitting head for,the mb but if youre gonna fit someone,into it the cb is going to give you,exactly what you need same same yep and,then were all going to be testing with,the same exact golf shaft one that you,already play and have been playing for a,while with project x 6.5 lz at standard,length and ultimately standard lie angle,for all these two and 63 degrees yep and,then also the titleist pro v1x golf ball,with the rct yeah uh so well be testing,that so well make sure the data is very,very reliable love it love it well lets,get after it and see what the,differences in all these six irons are,sure,okay thomas were gonna lead out with,that t200 the lob did change you brought,that up from 30 to 31 so lets lead out,with that kind of work our way up from,there and then kind of slide back to the,p100 family after that sounds like a,good plan,so thomas were just kicking off this,ultimate titles comparison talk to me,about the the later so far the first one,out the t200 talk to me there yeah its,a very clean looking club i think of all,those clubs in that distance players,iron category its got a little smaller,sleeker look to it so the top line is a,little bit thinner not as much offset,which i do like out of a distance,players iron okay didnt notice the,spin rate was you know a little on the,lower side so we dont know that left is,a little bit stronger than im used to,playing right the 31 its you know its,not like its not really really low talk,to me about sound i know you kind of,watching you a few times kind of looking,at the clubhead after strike do you pick,up on anything there with the sound at,impact,its,its quite loud its a its a little,clicky okay but its its a very solid,feel okay its not the forged feel that,im used to playing right its just,rock solid off the face okay and it felt,just felt explosive is what it felt like,love it love it so lets kind of jump,into what trackmans telling us what we,learned from that stuff too this is a,great baseline for us moving forward,so yeah so club speed my goal here is to,keep that within a mile an hour,as were testing all these irons to make,this a great comparison so were 88.6,okay usually its pretty close to my my,seminar number so it should be pretty,easy both speed 120 7.6 and smash back,to 144. and we know thats just a little,bit more than im used to getting out of,my seven iron right the loft the loft,because its three degrees stronger than,my traditional seven iron thirty four,yeah uh launch angle or eight one was,really good spin rate just a little,lower than im used to seeing once again,its the loft there and then just a,little bit further distance that im,used to seeing there too normally im,about a 178 carry that was about 186. so,if youre a golfer you want a little bit,more distance,and also a little more forgiveness the,t200 is a great option put a percent,hundred percent so lets kind of move,into the t300 next okay see how those,numbers compare,better swing,so thomas we just gotta,hit the t300s,what what stood out to you there from,look feel sound,talk to me about that,slightly more explosive sound than the,t200 id say its a very similar,category but the the profile at address,is a little bit larger so it will,inspire a little bit more confidence for,sure sorry i felt like i hit the ball a,little bit straighter with this model,too,that one thing that the point that stood,out to me is just how easy it was to hit,this thing straight okay okay so lets,kind of jump into the numbers now we did,experience a little bit of a loft change,too,right from 31 to the t200 to 29 in the,t300 yep so,yeah again club speed the same ball,speed came up marginally which is good,but look at the change of the launch,conditions though,two degrees different,with the same attack angles similar club,paths,i mean the exact same delivery literally,wow that is club path face,face path and attack,so the same delivery,you know that t300 might be a little bit,better for players that need to lower,that ball flight a little bit that was,dramatically different there i mean if,youre looking for the perfect,comparison this is the robotic it,possibly can get you you cant get those,numbers any,better with club speed launch spin this,is exactly showing whats going to,happen if youre going to if youre,considering the t200 or t300 absolutely,absolutely i mean dramatic lower speed,rate too you know about 400 rpms,different there so about 60 yards to,carry but between those swings less than,two yards different than carry i mean i,would agree looking at dispersion so far,we did hit the t300 a little bit,straighter so great point there right,yeah it was it felt pretty easy to hit,as i mentioned inspire as far as,confidence looking down its got a,little bit more offset on it so that,might help straighten the boy out a,little bit too but,i mean for a game improvement iron it

New Titleist T400 Irons | First Look | PGA Merchandise Show 2020

hey golfers drew Mahal here at second,Swing Golf were at the 2020 PGA,Merchandise Show its been a fun its,been hectic here with Josh Talley to,talk about the teeth 400 irons from,Titleist tee 400 another kind of game,improvement addition for you guys whats,new and what should people look for yeah,lets talk about you 400 per minute I,think theres kind of a misnomer out,there that Titleist is only for better,players or Titleist is too hard to hit,and yes we do over index on on golfers,who score low just given our heritage,and the products weve built in the past,but we really do want to make sure that,weve got clubs in our lineup theyre,gonna help any golfer or play their,absolute best and tee 400 is a perfect,example of that so T Lerner was really,inspired by a couple of things the first,we launched a ts1 driver this last year,hes an ultra lightweight product that,was really for moderate to slower swing,golfers guys who arent hitting drives,200 yards and that was all designed to,help them get the ball up and out we,thought it would be kind of a niche,product for us but hey lets lets try,that it ended up being almost 25% of our,driver sits with that all right thats,pretty interesting theres a lot of,these moderate swing street players out,there second thing and I know that you,guys have seen these before we launched,this new utility line up our use series,in the fall and this big wide body you,510 we started seeing all these golfers,we had a little bit more speed that were,hitting two irons and one irons and just,amazed at how high they would go we,thought all right yeah what if we take,this wide body approach and paired with,this golfer we know it needs a little,bit of help yeah and we developed this,cheap 400 so it is it is our largest,title Stein weve ever made its also,our most forgiving Titleist iron weve,ever made but man does it launch and go,whats great about this is we took that,wide sole approach that we had with you,510 when we put it in an iron shape,including the split sole design so you,can really interact with the turf the,way youre supposed to with an eye,second thing we loaded it up with,tungsten make this thing feel really,responsive a lot of these bigger irons,when they get big they get kind of,clunky kind of cranky kind of ringy and,the player doesnt want that right you,want to feel like you made a solid,strike when you hit this now Im not,gonna Im not gonna hide from this these,are strong lofted yeah youre looking at,26 degrees 7-iron right here Wow,this is a strong lofted 7-iron I know,theres always that joke up oh man I,used to have a 5-iron that was 26,degrees if you say that I would say go,get that 5-iron lets get on launch,monitor lets see your five iron versus,seven iron which ones gonna go higher,which ones gonna go further which ones,get your closer your target more often,and this baby is gonna win each and,every time its gonna be a great,extension to our lineup yeah and one of,the things that you mean you mentioned,the strong lofts youre able to do that,because of all the weight thats dropped,into that sole exactly and it really,increases that launch yeah if you can,get that CG the center of gravity as far,back and deep as possible and youve got,the space here to do it because this,wide body think of that almost like a,fairway wood or a driver you want to get,that CG low and deepest and get that,launch up and thats what this player,needs,weve complement with some ultra,lightweight componentry this happens to,be a 45 grams shaft that weve got in,there we also make steel available and,of course from second swing our full,line up of all the fitting options to,make sure we get you diabetic absolutely,speaking of fitting I kind of wanted to,you know get your thoughts on how it,really fits into the lineup right,because this is like I said its the,largest option Im in the T series,specifically comparing it to t 300 yeah,one of the differences there and what,well players notice I think what youre,really going to see from a difference of,T 300 T 400 his size when we made T 300,we were surprised that we got feedback,from a lot of golfers and like its not,very big and we realized that for a,certain set of golfers big equals,forgiving and well we because it tennis,weve been weve been making bladed,irons for years yes right thats we like,minimal top-line is not a lot of offset,then soil approach thats kind of our,DNA and so we thought we made something,pretty big with T 300 and realized,actually we can go bigger than that and,offer a performance for this golfer,whos really,but from a who would you know if,someones watching this video youre,thinking mighty 300 to 400 guy I would,say the easiest way I think through that,is you know how far do you hit your,driver today are you getting your driver,you know 200 yards plus and really,youve just got more issues with kind of,control yeah lets try to 300 first if,you dont have a lot of speed youre,struggling to get you know if you cant,get a 7-iron to go really really high,anymore,well thats where we would say lets,look at two four okay sure yeah and one,of the things too its like you know you,mentioned the size and everything but,then Im looking down at it its not,like its clunky you know its big,enough where you can see the forgiveness,but that doesnt like distract you for,anything exactly they please me look at,to it address well thats one of our key,tenants of Titleist is its got to look,like a Titleist iron its got to feel,like a Titleist iron weve got to put in,the you know the work to make sure that,it gives you that responsive feel that,youre looking T 400 irons available,with the T Series in 2020 should be,great options for those moderate swing,speed golfers with that ball up in the,air,add some distance and lower your scores,so Josh thanks again for joining us,awesome thank you

The Ultimate Game-Improvement Iron Test Part 2 | Moderate Swing Speed Comparison

hey golfers is Thomas Campbell second,swing master club fitter today were at,the Minnetonka tour van where again the,chance to test some different game,improvement clubs I have Bob Nora Brom,thanks for coming in today hes a sales,associate at second swing Minnetonka,store and I believe you are in the,market for some new golf clubs,yeah Ive been looking Ive had the,current clubs for a couple years now and,felt that in the whole time Ive been,hitting them I have lost some distance,now Ive been playing golf for about 54,years kind of tells you about 72 I guess,not about but I am so Im looking for,some more distance Ive lost,considerable distance I think I hit the,ball too low where I play most of the,time Ive got a couple par threes that I,have to carry water and Id like to have,all my balls back yep I know you you you,play at Bent Creek correct I do so bang,Creek in Minnesota just to give you an,idea the viewers that course the front,nine especially those greens if you get,over those greens it can be nasty so if,you cant stop the ball fast enough a,lot of them slow back to front pretty,severely it can be challenging so we,want to get you a club that not only is,gonna go further but can also stop on,the green a little bit easier as well,there too so weve selected seven,different models these are the following,models so we got the Mizuno hot metal,the Cobra speed zone the Callaway,maverick max the Wilson d7 the Titleist,T 400 the ping Jie 710 and the,TaylorMade sim max OS so youre,currently playing the Callaway apex EF,16 correct,correct so all these models are going to,be a little bit more forgiving than your,particular model your particular model,is got 31 degrees of loft on it its,also gonna be a little smaller club head,so were gonna put you into some little,bit more game improvement cations here,to test and see which one performs the,best perfect so youre currently playing,the recoil f2 shaft thats right that is,a light flexpay shaft so as were,testing all these seven models were,gonna test them all with theyre kind of,standard stock light flex shafts we,dont happen to have every single club,head with,exact same golf chef so its not gonna,be a perfect test but theyre all gonna,be weight you know were gonna weigh,around about that 50 gram range well I,like that I am having the feeling that,the light flux is the way to go if we,were even to think about testing regular,flex I think that puts me were,borderline right now or I feel I am and,to think I can swing faster it aint,happening so I think were in the right,shaft to test here yeah we are Ive seen,you swing a few times Ive seen that,that Club speed is consistently being,just under that 70 Mala Mala now mark,thats usually when I start considering,the difference between regular and light,flex so thats why were gonna continue,just kind of test with these were not,gonna switch out golf shafts afterwards,were just gonna do a straight,comparison were gonna hit five shots,with each club and then take a look at,numbers well Im excited because I can,pick up some yardage you got a happy,camper here all right lets see what we,can do good,okay so Bob were gonna hit some shots,with your current club this is the apex,II f-16 okay youve been playing that,for about four years two years out okay,yeah OSI f-16 so I go did you get a,couple years after the model came out,yeah okay perfect so why dont you go,ahead and hit four or five shots with,your current club and well take a look,some numbers perfect,that one felt that one was good that one,felt good,nice so Bob youve been playing the,Callaway apex youve got that recoil F,to shaft in there correct correct so,that is kind of like a light flex Gulf,shaft your club head speed when you were,swinging those were right around that 68,miles an hour 68 miles now I would still,probably consider that into that light,flex area okay so as were testing all,these other clubs versus yours were,gonna stick with light flex light flex,with all the other different models that,we gonna be testing perfect Im so 68,miles an hour for you if you were gonna,pick up a little bit of distance we,would maybe try and pick up possibly a,little bit more full speed to generate a,little bit more distance your club,speeds probably not gonna change a lot,if we can get to 70 that would be great,but end of the day Im trying to fit you,for your golf swing as opposed to force,you to make major swing major swing,changes okay so when you were hitting,your clubs over there a couple of things,that stood out to me your carry distance,your carry distance was about 105 yards,going about 126 yards,so well notice that your landing angle,was about 26 degrees its a little bit,on the on the lower side thats gonna,make it a little bit harder for that,board of stuff on the green with those,greens to firm now you mentioned that,you like to roll the ball up for a lot,of the time right I do you do yeah I,feel I have to because I dont hit a,high ball so I play shorter knowing its,gonna run out okay and then when I have,water between me and my legs but thats,when I really get in trouble when you,really get in trouble so if we happen to,find a club that may fly a little bit,higher a little steep and landing angle,that would be a bonus for you perhaps,what I really like to see thats why,youd really like to see wed like to,pick up carry distance and total,distance of course right,so thats test some different models,versus yours and see how they all,perform perfect so the first thing Im,gonna give you is the Mizuno hop meadow,am i coming doing it yep,same thing well do five shots all right,so you hit five shots with the mizuno,hot-metal how did that club feel felt a,little more forgiving Ill have to say,like I tend to miss toward the toe and,that one well they were all pretty,significantly right there and I felt the,straighter they they definitely felt,like I was hitting them higher yeah you,know definitely hitting it a little bit,higher if we kind of look at the numbers,here if you take a look your launch,angle was about fifteen point seven,degrees Wow,and your landing angle was a little bit,a little bit steeper so who knows,thirty-one degrees with an average,height of 38 thats quite a bit higher,than yours so we naturally we picked up,carry distance were going to pick up,any total distance but carry distance to,give you that stopping power essentially,so thats important for us sure yeah,what about looks do you like the look of,the club I know it looks good it looks,good I know its a little bit more of a,game improvement iron now the loft is a,little bit stronger than yours its one,degree stronger than yours so Im not,expecting too much of a difference as,thirty degrees okay so not making too,much difference in distance just a,little bit more forgiving okay so the,next club is the Cobra speed zone II,no that one felt good nice that was,really good,so Cobra speed zone there was a couple,there that carried over 220 yards that,really got your carry distance up so,thats really important and what were,trying to achieve by getting a little,more distance for you out of that Club,feel it feels lighter feels lighter to,me whether it is or not but just feels,that way but it really seems to come off,the face with some jump and I thought I,was hitting it a lot higher definitely a,lot higher in mine but even higher than,the Mizuno I thought yeah so speaking of,height if we take a look here it was one,foot higher than the Mizuno hot metal on,average so 39 feet in the air so 38 its,a very similar kind of landing angle you,notice on average your carry distance,was about 6 yards further and I noticed,total distance with 135 so you picked up,a little bit of total distance with that,Club as well,now the Cobra speed zone 7-iron The Loft,is third as 27 and a half degrees so it,is a little bit stronger loft but the,way the clubs are designed its still,what essentially is gonna get that bow,up in the air for you so we notice this,height was still

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