1. Titleist Pro V1X vs Titleist Velocity – Expensive Golf Balls vs Budget Golf Balls!
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Titleist Pro V1X vs Titleist Velocity – Expensive Golf Balls vs Budget Golf Balls!

last week I did a professional ball,fitting with a Titleist expert to find,out what golf ball I should use and in,the end it came down to either Pro v1x,or Titleist velocity but it just depends,on price and affordability so really,that video ended with a question will I,see much difference from a premium golf,ball to a premium performance golf ball,in laymans terms expensive versus cheap,lets do it and lets do it now so weve,come out here on the golf course were,going to play a hand full of holes,playing the title is pro v1x,and also the velocity im going to see,what the field difference is what the,performance difference is does one go,further than the other does one spin a,lot more than the other well we already,know that thanks to the dry ball data,but well come to that in a second,Im going to go kick that first shot,with the velocity was a fantastic shot,but its gone ten yards long,[Music],yeah Im gonna go on the basis that,neither of those balls have got along,because of the ball just down to poor,clubbing for myself but I felt like I,had to the second one the same as the,first one to give it a fair test lets,get down there and see what the like,around the Greens nice,[Music],[Music],so just pull clipping Maranatha both,felt pretty good I didnt feel a much of,a difference with the balls off the club,face if anything the cheaper ball the,velocity may be felt a touch softer but,hey were only one shot in right that,was the velocity and I expected that to,stop a lot quicker lets see how much,stop we get from the pro v1x the more,expensive golf ball Im really hoping,this isnt the way that this video is,going to go because that was pretty,one-sided,[Music],massive changing feel there would the,PATA the velocity felt so hard and the,pro v1x I mean Im used to using that,anyway so it just felt that nice and,soft like it like you would expect a,premium golf ball to feel now really,interesting when we did the dry ball,testing with Joe from Titleist on these,golf balls it was a big misconception,which a lot of people feel you want low,spin with the driver low spin hes the,key low spins the answer to longer,drives but Joe dispelled that myth for,me I had to get the ball spinning more,to get more distance some of the drives,with the lowest spinning balls like the,AVX were dropping out the sky and not,even reaching the peak of the height,lets see just how different the,velocity and Pro v1x actually perform,that was a vast it and I cant hit a,ball better than that it was a nice,trajectory it seemed to be spinning good,lets see if the pro v1x can keep up,with it or even get past it just as good,a stripe slightly left it could depend,on the bounce down here but this is what,I like about on course testing lets go,and see which ones gone farthest so hit,those comments below guys who here has,got out and tested golf balls on the,golf course I know we do it with drivers,we do it with putters we even do it,irons in some cases well I guess theyre,seen as the big purchases arent that,theyre seen as the big money buys a,golf ball is just a tenner for a sleeve,of three isnt it or less than that if,thats what youre gonna go and buy so,walking down here now weve got one bang,Center which i think is going to be the,velocity and theres one just in the,left unreal which is going to be the pro,v1x both similar distances and the Miss,fairways just down to power error I did,took it a little bit so I brought both,balls into the middle of the fairway,here to give it a fair test we are about,Ill tell you exactly what we are 440,yards where Im going to hit a nice a,9-iron with both shots Im gonna give it,a fair test see what the both feel like,in fact scratch that were going to hit,wedge because it just doesnt seem that,far its gonna be really interesting to,see how the balls land the pro v1,should spin a little bit more I should,have more control than the velocity,which should kick forward a little bit,more oh thats what happened in the dry,ball beta to similar strikes there -,pretty similar results in fairness I,didnt see a lack of I didnt see a lack,of control with the velocity at all and,the pro v1x just did what I expected it,to do it sat down pretty nicely so so,far apart from the velocity feeling a,little bit hard off the putter face no,difference in distance on two good hits,and they were two good hits off the back,of that tea so is it worth saving your,money and getting velocity balls as you,can see here – pretty decent shots,[Music],may I could say that was an unfair test,but I tested the Pacers but the ball,stopped with velocity 8 Pro v1x four and,a half so were going to lose some mass,chipping and putting at the end on the,putting green its quite busy out here,today so were now on a par 3 Im going,to hit several and with both what Im,going to pay attention to on this shot,is the launch angle well with the naked,eye and the overall height of the shot,gonna be really interesting to see that,the velocity launched a lot higher on,the dry ball data and went higher so,their shot so therefore it should land,softer right but the pro v1x was,spinning a lot more so it was in essence,under a lot more control and the,pitching wedge on that last shot went,really low with the velocity and thats,and I would anyway lets just hit some,shots velocity first up thats like a,couple of feet away look to land softly,off as well now thats interesting so,Ive put pretty much exactly the same,swing on both those shots the first one,with the velocity is very very close and,I was out in the second one with the pro,v1x up and down as well but it looks to,have flown 5 to 10 yards long and I,didnt see the trajectory difference or,that the peak height difference as you,will that we saw on the dry ball numbers,if youve not watched the video of the,trap man testing for these golf balls,then Ive put a link right at the,beginning so make sure you check that,out but I mean as it stands that,velocity is 5 foot from the flag might,be further than that when we go up there,but yes the pro v1x has gone further,there but with the drivers they went the,same distance and you see Im starting,to wonder am I consistent enough for it,to even make a difference,I dont think Im alright as well so,theres the velocity which is stopped,[Music],from there to there and there is the pro,v1x,[Music],[Music],so they have made a birdie – with the,velocity and a bogey for with the pro,v1x the more expensive ball so does that,make the velocity a better bore than the,pro v1x scored – better it scored half,on that hole,well no but yeah but,you see I find this a difficult one,because I didnt really know what to,expect coming into this video that was a,pro v1x it was a good hit lets it,velocity down there and see where it is,in relation to it then I think we need,to do some short game to get to the,bones of the difference between these,two golf balls so if you wanted to,carbon copy drives there they were they,could be touching down there at 270 275,one of the big things that Joe the,Titleist fitter was trying to get across,to me and well to you guys at home when,we did this fitting was how little,difference in distance the golf ball,actually made even the Tour guys who,have most consistent ball strikers in,the world saw really really small,yardage differences throughout the whole,range of tire with golf balls so I guess,we know that coming out here on the,course were not going to see a massive,difference in distance we know its all,going to come down to feel control,workability Trust so it turns out we do,have a slight difference on the,expensive ball titleist pro v1 x,[Music],is behind the velocity so these are the,last two full shots Im gonna hit and,Ive brought them both together were on,a par 5 were gonna eat 5-iron in lets,again see what the difference is see how,the feel then we need to do some short,game and really decide what the,difference is between these two balls,thats the velocity on the front edge,lovely high ball flight d


whats up guys todays video is on the,Titleist velocity versus torsoft the,tight list velocity and the tight Lester,softballs have a lot of features in,common for instance they are both,premium grade balls that are designed to,help with distance they even have the,same type of core which isnt too,surprising being that theyre both tight,lust balls however after having tested,both of them side by side we found that,there were some key differences every,golfer should know about if they are,considering buying these balls tight,lest velocity golf balls overview the,tight less velocity balls promote low,spin rates across the board which is a,good and bad thing off the deck you will,want to use these bowls as much as,possible they yield very low spin rates,with your hybrid Woods or even your,driver the downside is that when you,need to backspin the ball on the green,or want to roll it more you wont get,much help from these balls the tight,less velocity bolts feature the same,type of LSX cord that the tour softballs,have only it would seem that the core of,the Velocity balls are a bit smaller,from the deck the serlin cover of these,ball feels nice and soft they just,arent very responsive this makes them,adequate for shots with your long irons,or hybrids but you lose some feel and,accuracy around the green Titleist or,soft golf balls overview the tour,softballs have a very large core that,does a great job of preserving swing,energy you get nearly effortless ball,speed with these balls like the Titleist,velocity balls the tour soft balls,perform great off the deck in fact we,were getting faster ball speeds with,these balls off the deck than we were,from the Titleist velocity balls the 1.6,diameter course and two-piece,construction do a great job of,transferring energy from the club face,these balls have an iron or composite,cover material so they are almost as,thin as urethane but not quite we were,getting more robust spin in the short,game than we were with the tight lust,velocity balls the key difference,between these two balls was short game,Spin rates the tour softballs performed,more admirably than the tight list,velocities in this department,t-i-t-l-e-i-s-t velocity Performance Off,The Tee we really like the disc,instances we were seeing with the tight,lust velocity balls most of the testers,in our party were able to squeeze around,190 yards out of these balls while the,slower swingers in the group were still,hitting close to 180. they are certainly,not as soft as the Callaway Supersoft,balls but faster swing speed players,will appreciate the added feel,performance from the rough it was a bit,hard to control rollout when getting,these balls out of the rough they launch,high enough but you dont get optimal,roll control performance from the,Fairway again we would have liked a,slightly lower shot shot trajectory from,these balls but we would say that the,exceptional distance with the long irons,makes up for the shape these balls take,in Flight,t-i-t-l-e-i-s-t tour soft Performance,Off The Tee the Titleist Airsoft,actually played quite long off the tee,the larger core made sure that no energy,was lost even on faster swings and the,spin right off the tee was much lower,than around the greens too performance,from the rough this is where we,struggled a bit with these balls the,ironmer cover tends to bury itself in,particularly tall rough performance from,the Fairway the titleless tour softballs,played pretty well from the Fairway and,gave pretty good bounce on Long,approaches reacting well on the second,or third bounce tight less velocity Pros,better for lower handicap players Good,carry distance High launch low long game,Spin better feel off the tee soft unputs,tight list velocity cons more expensive,not great for high handicappers launch,High From the Rough roll control is,lacking kiteless to her soft cons large,core good for fast swing speeds fin,cover plays longer has a more premium,feel good flight tightless to her soft,cons more expensive two-piece design,only available in two colors loses its,line thanks for watching if you liked,the video please hit the like button if,you want to see more videos hit the,Subscribe button and if you have,something to say please leave a comment

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look at those colors damn Pro v1x or,velocity the web has changed its where,theres no problem with stock people are,asking me since my last test with the,true feel and the pro correct yeah you,know sure I change balls now the boys,stopping why spend the more on the Proby,yeah which is it so were gonna play a,few holes using velocity okay like this,velocity via Probie one for you and im,yeah im running wax yeah,show you the difference then well go,inside and show some real bull data,difference as well welcome to the video,up in this car up here let me know if,youve used the velocity or not Ill be,interested to hear if youre new here,consider subscribing if youre already,subscribed make sure youve got the bell,icon rung so you dont miss out on the,next great review also in that comment,section down below I want to know what,God all you do play and why so Brobee,one for down to kick off so youre gonna,hit drive with that and you get a drive,with his velocity and anything an,approach and lets just see what actual,difference it makes on the golf course,decent Drive there like the right,catching the semi-rough possibly which,easy doneness Oh semi there forward t as,well and it really cuts the corner so,velocity thats here theres going to be,a different sound or feel you ever it,one of these dont mean you out of you,sure I have Im a chipped with one maybe,but I dont think Ive ever come out on,the course and actually played we were,yeah thats a better line second time,around I couldnt tell the difference in,the sound of those no zero difference in,sound feel same ball in my mind yeah,when Im coming off the clubface those,throw the axe to start win for everyone,X to me to kick it off,yes,we cut into the middle lets try a,velocity I have played well I think we,tested this ball before I mean think of,how I tested them all once in Spain,a little left with that should get just,through there only well sure I felt like,that was slightly louder but again I did,it a bit at the bottom its hard to tell,fits me all the wall basically so my,velocity Dans velocity so go for a,second more at the left I think is more,interesting because we had a second go,at it and Im literally talking straight,across its fairway green is this weighty,back down here you can see Im walking,pretty much in a straight line this is,maybe a yard back from my velocity and,then Dans is maybe four yards back from,his velocity but it did catch up in the,rough and was a very different shape but,I was going to say theres difference in,the fact that these are what three or,four paces maybe further up than both,are pro Vs its purely based on the,different flights yeah because weve hit,first balls with these where theyve,both drifted right learn from what weve,learned from it weve gone up the left,which both shots are a lot straighter,therefore with that movement to the,right you just going to lose a few extra,yards on that yeah right lets see what,happens it approaches then okay yeah 137,143 on the sloping 43 on the slope a,times it is pro v1 approach slight semi,rough,its straight at it coming up short,through a little bit of strike our trunk,so that was so this is the same club,its literally three yards four yards,closer velocity ball thats a good shot,much cleaner strike so those two arent,really comparable but itd be,interesting to see how thats gone yeah,very different strike when they ate with,both Roger do you feel any difference in,the sound for those two its difficult,to say I mean the only thing I can go by,is my previous experience with a pro-v,because I cant take it through from,that shot yeah but I would say the,velocity if anything felt a little bit,spongy err okay off the face and thats,and thats the sound of like softer yeah,pro-v 1xn the kicks off alright really,quite good yeah Im flagging in the,minute,flagging your iron thats decent,velocity same Club pretty much the same,distance same shot,I would say that velocity I cant wait,to see those ASAP look identical to me,in the air yeah who lost that he feels,like more of an on hit okay Kobe 1x had,more the clip you so youre having,almost them a little bit more feedback,from the pro v1x over the yeah well I,would say the most golfers if they felt,what I just felt there would think that,the velocities got a softer feel yeah,similar to what I thought yeah I had no,issues hitting those two a irons into,that green thinking I was in anyway,going to struggle to stop the ball its,wet enough for anything to top their,stop is not in my mind on that approach,shot with the land angle on a full shot,like that did you strike them both the,same yeah they were like the same shot,in the interesting to see their,distances differences when we get up,there live a little,theres your pro beef at ball so kind of,doing what we would expect really isnt,it its like come up short landing,nothing its gonna help no thats like a,proper Duff if we walk up theres my pro,v1x which landed here literally landed,there look wheres the land for the yeah,look at the difference in spend,obviously the velocity is closer so on,this occasion it was I was always at the,top of my eight yes because I thought,thats a very good point actually yeah,because obviously the slope is making,that a bit confusing isnt a poor,measure the pitch marks from the hull,from here with heres my pitch to,marklar yards six,six yards is the same same pace so,theyre exactly the same shot yes ones,gone six past ones come up six short and,then slopes taking its effect and then,your velocity so my velocity it has its,thrown all the way back yeah stop which,is done pretty much the same as what our,mind and I reckon youve landed up the,snake look there which is right youre a,club to half a club more than me on the,iron I would suggest based on where you,are with your pro-v I was gifted my my,good straight with a bit more distance,right with the pro-v would have been,probably in a very similar spot yeah,maybe I might have just stayed up on the,top shelf so were gonna do more that,hole there driver and second shot,obviously the cost of those two balls is,completely different its with the goal,if you get a few temporary greens its,gonna stop which one would you gain at,the moment I would I would have to gain,my pro-v purely based on the fact that,this is gonna take me a bit of time to,get used to more numbers so if Im going,out to play golf,then Ive got to make an adjustment here,for where do I make this the problem is,where do I make that adjustment cuz I,didnt see it off the tee yeah but Ive,seen it with your 8-iron coming in here,yeah yeah so I where do I make that,adjustment do I make that adjustment of,8-iron down do I make that 7-iron where,does it so for me I would be velocity,okay I was paying for balls this time of,year I understand why people are saying,you know why did I why would I Graeme,the pro-v the only thing that would,worry me exactly the point youre making,is if it continues to go a different,distance with different clubs that you,will keep trying to measure as this test,goes on yeah why so what I would need to,relearn that knowing that I start with,so people start with MOV one win a golf,hit a few bad shots and then they go,their velocity because I think Im not,hitting any more in the lake which I get,but then it might be luck that they edit,closer rather than skill and vice versa,geez I mean unless they know the,adjustments if there is one thats,literally two,we go down the par 5 here play out with,both balls we get a variation the shots,and fury will get a chip as well yeah,see if theres any difference heres the,walk the line against the green is this,suede at the right of you find the T is,that way this is Dans velocity and then,going forward here is my pro V and,velocity so Pro V is won by a yard there,but I wouldnt call it win theyre the,same bounce and everything taking its,part Im so pro V velocity and then Dan,hit his Pro V past everyone so Im just,presuming this was a better shot was,

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Titleist Pro V1 Titleist Velocity Ball Test

you see on the first episode HL square,guys like Roger here and Im bald,testing again Ive got the tightly,velocity ball and Im going to test it,against type this Pro v1 lots of funny,ideas around golf ball so lets see if,we can clear some of them up post your,comments down below what do you reckon,will happen which ones going to go,longer off the tee which ones going to,have more spin and which ones going to,stop quicker,go on hit that comment section up lets,hear it let the ball testing begins if,your second,[Music],were going to start this test to a,65-yard pitch over that lake so Ive got,my balls,and Ive got my GC quad lets talk a,little bit about fields lets look out,loud my pitch is and lets show you some,spin numbers too,were going to start with the pro v1,so that one is spinning 8800 reps and,that one is spinning 8300 round,lets see what velocity does,that ones sitting 5,400 rest,and that one spinning 5,300 row,[Music],so for people who hit that comment,section up I think this might be where,you might be getting it wrong a loss a,crow V going to go probably one first,two shots Senate velocity look at these,six three three one eight sixty that,really well to five nice minutes to,finish that Jo velocity then obviously,people probably cleaning like this ones,going to go further and Im interesting,to see what it actually does different,sex or they last two six one spinning at,one eight four nine again well see what,this is role and all that make with what,people feel is a hotter gospel during,that good – six reasoning 164 line,and that is a hell of a group in Opera,good show you this is going to be alaria,so weve tested Ive tested two sets of,balls there were going to drive out,[Music],[Music],[Laughter],right Im testing of a ball which is why,youre seeing of a balls here but Im,showing this because its quite funny so,weve got here two sets of proby ones,there before Pro v1 Pro v1 there and,then we got a Wilson staff here and,velocity a Wilson a pro be a pro be a,pro V and up here a velocity so lets,put this into perspective for the two,sets of videos Im making now we dont,know which Pro V is which but basically,theyre all exactly the same distance,apart from one velocity that velocity,spun at one sick and it ran for the I,saw it chase I think it caught some kind,of slope here and shot which is why its,gone that bit further but its gone,literally 7-yard apart some feelings,down theres no difference in any of,their multi medicine shipping with,velocity and Probie Ive got the launch,monitor for this one because Im,interested I want to see if theres any,difference and I wouldnt normally use,Nasrallahs for the chipping so much but,Im intrigued so thats the only one,nine Im going to do two more guys,velocity not there just two more goes of,velocity,[Music],[Applause],[Music],from V definitely around the green you,feel the difference and the numbers are,different even on chip shot so proven,velocity seven a test proving to start,nicely 5500 red only at the green but he,has rolled down on the front edge a lot,of wind up there top control bad a shot,thats up thatll be good yeah very shot,that was spinning out six – so lets see,what velocity does coming out the right,for a little draw in on the right side,kick take spin and not much in that is,it I mean Im spitting more that really,good stay online yeah,a little bit sure again hit that well,that one spinning at 6 – dont feel that,much different it has slightly noisier,sound with velocity spin numbers are the,same army so Ive been applying their,velocity and pro-v thats just a bit,more and well talk about how these,balls are performing,[Music],funny when you get them on the green,perfect feels a little softer Johnson I,felt it more with chipping lesser putty,definitely different sound with the,driver but you saw the numbers were the,same I literally apart from price the,price point is the only thing Id,understand I dont understand where,anyone isnt buying pro-v if theyre a,tightness player why would you give up,that control around the Greens when from,the tee you can see theyre going,identical into the green theyre going,identical spin numbers around the Greens,were different very different the wedge,shots in were a bit different as well so,for me I just dont understand why,anyone would give that up I think its a,common misconception Im looking forward,to reading those comments if youre,someone who played the game at the start,what we all comments down there I would,love to have her did you think they were,going to go further do you think theyre,going to be the same lots of people are,starting to get this message a bit more,now but posts more now thats here Im,going to get down into those comments,hit that subscribe button why you down,[Music],3:03 that literally like a bit of bull,by the jam nut reseller oh yeah

New Titleist Velocity golf balls

In this video, Im going to do a review of the Titleist Velocity golf balls. These,guys are amazing. Here I have the Titleist Velocity ball in,a matte green color. It also comes in white naturally, and you have matte orange and matte,pink. Only the colored balls come in the matte finish. The white one has a regular finish,on it. If you dont know this, the matte golf balls are worse in the rain.,The Titleist Velocity golf ball came out in 2012, but this is an updated version that,came out in January 2020. This is a brand new type of Velocity. They have enhanced it,very, very much. Now, lets talk about the technology in these golf balls. First of all,,it has a new, spherically-tiled 350 octahedral. Octahedral. It has 350 dimples, all in all,,over the whole ball, which produce a more consistent high flying trajectory for longer,distance, and they have improved the velocity engine.,So what is the velocity engine? Its a larger, higher speed LSX core. Its the core inside,the golf ball. Titleist claims that this ball will give you more distance on drives and,actually on all types of shots. I havent really noticed that when I have been playing,with it, but, of course, my drives and stuff like that, they kind of suck. But I liked,the Titleist Velocity ball. I dont see that its getting me more distance. I have been,trying it on a lot of different courses. Ive lost a couple of these balls already, of course,,which I do normally. I actually lost six balls on one course the other day, which was really,bad, but… What can I say? How can you measure the feel,of these golf balls? I was thinking, how can I do that to tell you guys how these golf,balls feel? I was thinking about sound. What sound does this golf ball make when it hits,a metal putter? To do this test, that I have called the click test, Im going to try this,golf ball and compare it to the Pro V1 to see what ball feels and sounds better when,I strike it with my putter. Welcome to the click test.,I have laid out my putting green in my small room, and I have a microphone set up at the,ball. Then, I take my putter, and I strike both balls. What ball sounds harder than the,other? Its like a field test, but I call it the click test.,The click test. Wow. What a nice thing to do. Im going to do that with more balls in,the future. If you like high handicap golf content, this is the channel to subscribe,to. So hit the subscribe button down below, and hit the bell, so you get notified every,time I drop a new video. They dont seem as hard as you expect from,a Velocity ball. When you hear the name Velocity, and speed, and distance, and all that stuff,,you expect it to be really, really hard, like a hard metal ball, but its really not. It,feels softer than I expected when I hit it with a driver, and especially with the irons.,It doesnt feel really, really hard. They say that the Titleist Velocity is a low spinning,ball. Of course, for us high handicap golfers, we need a low spinning ball, especially on,the drives and the long shots. Because if it spins too much and you do that slice on,it, its going to spin a lot more and fly further offline. So a low spinning ball is,good for us high handicap players. I feel like this ball really doesnt give,me bad slices. Of course, I slice it now and then. I duff it and all that stuff, but the,ball flies where you hit it. I like the feeling of the ball. The ball is designed for speed,and for distance, but it feels good with the wedges too. It might give you more rollout,on the green. Since it doesnt spin that much off your wedge, but you get used to it. I,really liked the ball. To be honest, it feels good.,If you liked this video, hit the like button. That helps my channel grow, or add a comment,down below. Id like to answer all your questions in the comment section. See you guys next,time. Thank you. Bye.

2022 Titleist Golf Balls: AVX, Velocity, TruFeel | The Swing Report

in this episode of the swing report we,are looking at 20 22 golf balls from,titleist the avx the velocity and the,true feel weve got thomas here to do,some testing well tell you everything,you need to know and golfers make sure,you skip to the last chapter of the,video for our final thoughts,hey golfers im drumhole of second swing,golf and today im joined by thomas,campbell master club fitter here at,second swing minnetonka new golf balls,for 2022 from titleist they know a,little bit about golf balls um we got,three models today uh no pro v1s though,because this is the year the even year,right where they release the avx the,velocity and now true feel three models,that uh you know maybe a little bit more,budget friendly depending on which one,you choose but,they all play and perform very,differently thomas so,excited to get some testing done and we,havent done a golf ball string report,really so,this is new for us and im excited to,see what happens this this would be a,great comparison as you mentioned this,is this is the cycle for these three,golf balls type is probably one probably,one x you know they perform extremely,well when we test them use them a lot in,our testing there too but no doubt,titleist avx that the new version is,still gonna have probably the same,principles its not going to feel very,very soft and its going to probably,have a very low spin on it so yeah lets,start with that avx its got,its basically designed for that low,spin like i mentioned and thats because,of that high flex casing layer and then,that kind of a new soft thin urethane,cover as well so it almost feels its,got that kind of a similar material on,the k on the cover like a pro v1 or pro,v1x uh but then that lower launch and,spin uh especially in that those full,swings so um i think initially thats,going to benefit faster swing players,and then the velocity and true feel,maybe will benefit uh slower swing,players but i guess well validate that,in testing yeah avx if you hit the ball,very high and you need to bring that,height down a little bit its going to,be a great option has 348 dimples on it,so of the three were going to test its,going to have the lowest amount of,dimples which is also going to bring,that spin right down yeah now lets get,into that then as an order by dimples,right the next one would be velocity so,thats got 350 dimples and the tails,velocity over the years has been you,basically designed for distance and,launch as well so this ball im,imagining um in our testing today we,will see that ball,jump the highest off the club face,whether its wedge 7-iron or driver i,would imagine launch angle will be the,highest out of the velocity yeah ive,found with it its a little firmer than,the other two i think the other two are,going to feel a lot softer but its,pretty exposable for a little bit maybe,more budget friendly for golfers that,are looking for a lot of distance but,want a little firmer feel,i i have noticed one thing with the bull,in the past is with the wedge its spun,pretty low but everything else has gone,really really far okay interesting yeah,because they got that high speed lsx,core in there that generates a lot of,that energy transfer at impact and so,youll see that out of the velocity with,really all three clubs that will hit,today with wedge seminar and driver and,lastly the true feel so uh the most,dimples uh out of all three and thats,gonna be kind of that almost budget,friendly,golf ball for those that like that,softer feel i think is kind of what you,know weve taken away from the true feel,models in the past and i imagine itll,be the same in this one yeah its its a,sneaky good golf ball as you mentioned,but budget friendly is going to be,the lowest entry point in titus golf,balls but boy does it feel really good,off the club face it its got almost,that premium feel off the face it does,in a more budget golf ball yeah its,interesting because it doesnt have that,urethane material on the cover but it,still feels like that um its got that,the true touch core and then the true,flex cover,and that gives you that feel like almost,simulates like kind of a premium ball,but its a little bit lower compression,number where you know maybe the,more kind of not faster swing speeds,rather something maybe more moderate or,average uh is going to see the benefits,out of that golf ball so yeah and it has,a significant and more amount of dimples,as well 376 so thats you know quite,gonna change the the way that golf ball,behaves on the golf course yeah and its,in the way it flies as well so theres,again three a lot of uh you know unique,aspects of these golf balls that theyre,very different from each other and then,i im getting excited too to watch you,you know hit the shots and get your,feedback because the feel aspect is so,important with golf balls and i think,you know that plus sound were gonna see,a lot of differences i bet yeah so for,the testing piece for feel ill hit a 56,degree wedge yes well take a look at,the numbers as well but im more focused,on the feel with the wedge see how it,feels off the club face,then well dive into the seven iron,seven iron and driver thats when well,start noticing well notice if theres,any differences in ball speed or spin,and height between them yeah for sure,well,im ready to see the testing times you,ready to get after it here lets do it,okay so thomas i know one of the things,you like to do in,testing golf balls and you know seeing,that difference is just kind of doing,that bounce test on the wedge um and so,okay first of all explain to me and the,viewers you know what youre looking for,when you do that and then lets maybe,see if we can find those differences,with these three balls i mean im,listening for the sound so sounders,definitely feel and also can you can see,if it feels really soft off the face,there too just by juggling different,golf balls comparing the differences and,so weve got three here ill start with,a true feel,and one thing im noticing very very,soft,yeah you can i mean theres barely a,noise even,you know that that registers in my brain,right now from that so,so,well go to the other end of the,spectrum here so go velocity just do,that same thing,yeah,its quite the different sound so feel,like,you feel that too yeah yep,yeah,and then well go back down to the avx,avx you know its a softer bowl,i dont think its as soft as the tree i,feel like thats probably in the middle,in terms of,uh,sound anyway its kind of in the middle,of the two true feeling velocity it,seems like yeah and i think velocity is,a higher pitch by by far and the other,two a little bit closer together yeah,yeah i thought that too yeah but now,again thats interesting i mean thats,its funny that you can,you know get that much information on a,golf ball or golf balls already just by,kind of doing this test and you can kind,of now we have a good idea of what we,might see in testing at least yeah so,well continue that that portion there,on field as we hit some pitch shots and,wet shots here,all right what ball were you starting,with here,all right lets go uh true feel okay,so what kind of shot is this here in,terms of the clock system what are you,working on here yeah so this is pretty,close to my nine oclock swing okay im,trying to get my club speed as were,testing all the balls around about 70,miles an hour yeah just to kind of keep,it consistent see if we notice any,differences there but yeah its like a,nine oclock,pitch shot yeah it was probably about,about 90 yards okay,yeah feels very very soft off the face,thats for sure,so youre getting a softer feel on that,and um i know,if you can think back you know youre i,know you play like a more premium golf,ball um,in the chrome softer chrome soft x,chromosomes youre playing so,you know it can do you have a,comparison between those two right now,its for sure softer than that softer,than that definitely softer than that,interesting its its a very soft golf,ball yeah yeah,theres not many,gopr

Titleist Golf Ball Range 2022. Which Ball Should I Choose?

lets take a look at the tightness range,of golf balls and talk about what golf,ball might suit your game so lets start,with pro v1 and obviously youve got pro,v1x and the avx as well so avx is a golf,ball thats going to be similar to pro,v1 in the sense that it delivers the,highest spin around the greens but,youre going to have a lower spinning,ball off the tee so its going to,deliver you a little bit of a lower,spinning option so if youre someone who,is really working on trying to keep your,spin down in your golf balls you might,find that the avx might just help you in,that quest for some better golf shots,with a better launch through a more,consistent spin avx as well might also,give you a slightly lower ball flight,also now the really popular ever popular,we should say pro v1 and theres a pro,v1x i think theres a left dash now as,well so weve got,a soft feeling ball with the pro v1 uh,its a mid flight theyre saying iron,spin pro v1 x will be slightly higher,than the pro v1 very slightly but again,this ball from kind of nine iron in,youre going to get your highest,spinning most control with pro v and at,the same time youre going to get those,strong powerful drives subject to how,you deliver the ball one thing to,remember with all these balls basically,with the driver youre going to find,they go pretty much the same its a bit,of a misconception youre going to find,youre basically as youre coming down,youre going to sacrifice a little bit,in those short irons so medium eyes,short lines in spin going into green so,pro v1 for every one x and avx youre,going to keep you right at the top end,of those for control thats why theyre,the premium balls and then as you come,down youre just going to sacrifice that,a little bit but that sacrifice is there,at cost because these balls do cost more,so as we move down the line what are we,getting so in the tour speed from,titleist youre getting a soft feeling,good for distance golf ball at that more,reasonable price very similar to tor,soft where youre going to get that much,softer feeling off the face as well so,thats something people desire sometimes,say around the green dont think of that,as more spin because remember these are,actually spinning less than these top,ones that might feel firmer but its a,feeling people desire which something,like torso will deliver but at the same,time you are going to get proper,distance out of these balls as well,youre not going to find a sacrificing,distance from the top end down to these,you might find avx just peaks your,distance out a little bit more because,it is the lowest spinning ball if youre,someone who struggles with low with high,spin but at the same time you are going,to need a certain amount of speed to get,the most out of that one possibly and,something like the tour speed youre,still going to get plenty of good,control around the greens because where,you losing spin youll gain in launch,because what happens with a shot is if,you add spin to a ball so if you hit,these higher spinning balls that tends,to drag the launch down a little bit,where if you take the spin off which you,get from these ones you will get higher,launching so you get different land,angles which can be the compromise so if,youre a player who likes to play with a,good level of spin you like to see a,ball check up then you would stay more,in these premium tall balls where if,youre someone whos not really thinking,of that this is where you will save a,bit of money and maybe move down to some,of these,cheaper versions and i think torsoth,plays really into that with the feel,idea of it being softer performance is,going to be good and all round good good,distance opportunity a decent amount of,spin moving into greens and around the,greens again not as high as these but,high enough for most golfers who maybe,are not looking at as part of their game,we dont feel theyve got the,consistency to see the benefits of that,so its a good middle ball thats kind,of doing a bit of both while at the same,time at a slightly more reasonable price,moves us on to the true feel which like,to say is their softest feeling golf,ball with a larger core its great for,distance off the t remember its not,going to be improved distance over,pretty much any of these they say that,on the box i always think thats quite,interesting,in longest distance of longer distance,off the t distance faster call for more,distance in the long game as well well,theyre not youre going to get similar,numbers you are going to sacrifice again,that little bit of feel going or spin,going into approach shots and around the,greens but again youre going to gain,that back maybe a little bit in launch,if its something youre not really,thinking about when you hit your chip,shots or your pitch shots you wanted,them to really check up because if you,were you would definitely still be up at,this end it is a soft feeling nice,feeling for lots of golfers they do like,that soft feel as i say and a really,good price and down here at the titleist,velocity this is for players seeking,every yard this is for people seeking,every ounce of yard is what titleist is,saying so its a high launching golf,ball its got low spin in the long game,theyre saying as well with the new lsx,core its got all the technology that,youd expect in a titleist golf ball for,me i think your stock favorites are,going to be true feel people like the,feel of that ball,if you are concerned about controlling,stop and distance from that kind of 8i99,inwards and chips youre going to stay,up at pro v1 pro v1 and x and then avx,subject if you want that slightly lower,spin,and the good middle ones your tor speed,and your torso theyre priced almost,accordingly to be fair as youd expect,with titles they make a very extensive,range of golf ball really for everybody,at the end of the day i dont think you,need to be too head up on what golf ball,you use subject to,what your demands are because the people,who have those demands they just know to,stay up at this end,and if price is your biggest demand they,know to head small down towards this end,and theyre still going to get plenty of,fun out of their golf game which golf,ball do you use and why do you notice a,difference in performance when you,switch between do you even switch,between different balls for different,seasons so when the ground gets bouncier,do you move up to something like the,highest spinning in the approach shot,pro vs and then in the winter where,everything stops are you moving down to,things like velocities and true feels,because you just like the feel of them,let me know as always a good range of,golf balls something there for everybody

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