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  2. Homa Hits Titleist T200 Irons
  3. Titleist T200 Irons Review – Great Performance and Solid Numbers
  4. Titleist Irons Comparison | 2019 T200 vs 2021 T200
  5. Titleist T200 vs TaylorMade P790 | 2021 Golf Irons Comparison
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2021 Titleist T200 Iron Review

hi stuart fraser pg professional at,slington golf and today weve got a,really exciting review for you ive got,the brand new title,t200 iron this irons been super popular,in previous years,mainly for the feel the performance and,the looks of this thing,lets have a go with this have a look at,some more features of this iron,and see if its good as previous years,or whether theyve actually managed to,make some improvements on this model,[Music],so one of the things ive got to mention,about this iron is it looks even better,than last years model,the one criticism i really had about,last years was theres quite a lot of,offset on this golf club,i didnt really like the aesthetics of,it when it was sat behind the golf ball,whereas now theres much less offset it,looks minimal,if anything this looks probably a little,bit more lofted than,than last year as well so maybe expect a,little bit higher ball flight and,this was certainly known when when,custom fitting for lowering ball flights,hitting a much more penetrating flight,than,the t300 certainly and even more so than,the,the t100 iron so im hoping that this,gives a good trajectory it goes a long,way still i dont want to get,i dont want to weaken the loft on this,golf club without still keeping the,performance that we had previously,hes always performed particularly well,another noticeable thing is theyve,really cleaned the back of this up so,the technology inside that head now is,not really on view anymore like it was,last time it always looked a little bit,sort of funky at the back,we could see the max impact part on the,back of the clubhead inside the cavity,whereas now theyve covered that up and,its a really really clean look on the,back of this golf ball much more,traditional looking,and i much prefer it to the to the,previous model much prefer it,lets say get this in behind the golf,ball minimal offset i think thats,really going to help me when it comes to,shaping the golf ball,but lets have a few shots and see how,this feels,gotta say it makes a really similar,noise to,to last years model feels just as good,off the club face and,i almost prefer this to the feel,of the the one of the 100 series i like,this i like that,sort of slightly more powerful noise off,the club face it feels that it comes off,a lot faster than the 100 its certainly,going to be longer,i mean looking at our first shot there,of it i just shot 180 carry,which i certainly cant hit the t100 so,this is going to be,in terms of a game improvement iron it,looks fantastic but its certainly going,to improve performance and its going to,give you that a little bit more distance,im going to have a few more goes with,this and lets see what the acura and,dispatch dispersion is like as well,quite excited to it just a few more,times,[Music],so ive now did a few shots with this,new t200,and the performance is actually better,for me,and so with that less offset on the head,what im finding is,the shot i used to get with the old t200,was a little bit left a target,um i didnt feel as i could shape the,ball as much left to right as what,i probably can do with some more sort of,players style head irons,um where this seems perfectly workable,ive just had a couple of shots theyre,trying to draw and fade the ball,the ball flight seems good its very,penetrating still the distance is,massive,ive hit this up to sort of 197 195 that,kind of region so far in terms of carry,which,is a long way for me the strikes sound,amazing it feels amazing off the club,face as well but im really impressed,with the performance of this and theyve,theyve managed to pack performance into,a head that looks more traditional,i said the back is a lot cleaner,nowadays more traditional looking,um i much prefer it in terms of,aesthetics to,the previous model the performance is,every bit as good the noise is really,impressive off the club face,and i absolutely love this golf club i,think its a fantastic golf club this,could well be,one of the biggest sellers over the next,year,so its okay saying that this is a,little bit more workable than what the,previous model was but really we need to,prove that,were only going to do that through by,working through the creative bag so,were going to have,three or four shots out of the creative,bag and just see if i can start working,this ball a little bit both ways,ill definitely be able to get that low,one but also see where i can get plenty,of height on this because it does seem,to fly a little bit lower than what i,would normally expect,so lets have a few shots first ive,already got my first ball out,um this is the the stinger so the lower,one,im hoping to get this going nice and,straight as well this shot,shouldnt be a problem for the new t200,back in the stance,certainly really really low i had to,work hard to keep that one lower i,nearly lost my balance,just gonna have another go at that one,lets have another try,that ones perfect theyre good,10 to 15 feet lower than the ones ive,been in previously,also good distance it ran out a little,bit when it landed but 186 carry,really impressed with that the next one,weve got here is,high draw perfect can do that,no problem,gosh thats high thats really really,high probably about,five to eight yards draw there i,managed to squeeze that one out there,180 yards carry,which is fantastic really for me again,the distance off this golf club is,really impressive and combine that with,the feel,its one of my favorites so far,certainly my favorite golf club of it in,some time,so the tricky one high feed,thats the best high fade ive ever hit,in my life,probably one of the only high fades ive,ever in my life but it felt fantastic,definitely proves that this club is,really really workable as i mentioned,theres nowhere could have ever,faded like that with the old t200 so,that less offset,really makes this golf club a lot more,workable than the older model,the feels probably a little bit better i,much prefer the looks all in all,this things fantastic im gonna have a,few more shots with this,so ive had a lot of shots now with this,t200 and i can confirm it,hes as as i thought thats one of the,better golf clubs ive had in a long,long time,what handicaps is aimed at i would say,it could be anything really could be,down from 15 18 a decent ball strike off,that kind of a handicap down to scratch,and i know some pros that would happily,play this because im highly surprised,how workable it is how amazing the feel,is off the club face and,the performance is really second to none,and the,the improvements i like that titleist,have made i like the most are definitely,the less offset that would have been one,of my criticisms as mentioned,with the old t200 but my favorite i,think is this cleaning up at the back of,the golf club and,theyve now got all the technology,contained inside that cavity instead of,all on show and it makes for a much,better looking golf club than the old,one,all in all is it is one of the best golf,clubs ive seen in a long time so its,one that you definitely have to put on,your to try list,for the future thanks for watching this,video dont forget to like and subscribe,for more great videos and reviews coming,soon,again thanks for watching and ill see,you again soon

Homa Hits Titleist T200 Irons

how do we keep helping the player that,needs a little more forgiveness,a little more speed so now we move to,t200,t200 all right here were introducing a,little more technology,so we have our max impact system in here,which is all,under that named after me oh sure yeah,partially yeah,it also is marnies initials yeah ive,been accused of that,under the hood here theres three things,that make up max impact so theres a,structural support,which houses a polymer core and we have,what we call the l,face its a face insert made of that,spring steel that we talked about right,here that sup10,the face gives you speed the core,controls that speed,and also controls the sound less ting is,less ting,okay and then the structural support you,know kind of ties it all together into,the body,right so okay and what you see on the,back here as well,youll notice that this is an engineered,polymer back here,so what used to be metal is now a,polymer,so that allows us to free up more weight,and place it to even more tungsten,in this club so we can get that cg down,get that moi,up by pushing it out into the healing,again i mean i,because im here yet im just shocked at,what it looks like they all look,like you mentioned just so similar this,top one might be a shade,thicker overall than the other one but,its like a millimeter,right still going for you know a look,that you guys would say,hey it looks pretty darn good it looks,really good,yeah well actually end up having some,of these in play on tour i bet,and now when we started with t-100 we,were at like 85-ish grams of tungsten,there,and then we went to t-100s we moved up,into the 90s,and i earned 100 plus grams of tungsten,on average,theres that launch now were covering,close to 90.,is it really yeah its so soft too like,it doesnt look like its go forever,well and the cool part,is not spinning more than yours its,just launching height yeah,wow thats high your ball speed just,keeps going up,30 33 33 35 on that one there i,feel what you guys are talking about,with the uh the blades it feels like one,peat like it feels like it feels like,one piece of metal,as its yeah as its been going more you,could feel a little bit more behind it,as you hit it,and these definitely obviously feel like,the most behind it,but i dont get like near as much of,like the high pitched hit,right as you would typically hear it,still feels its a little little,different of a click but its not,a big change it wouldnt be something to,get used to yeah its just,good yeah you just hear a little bit,more of the golf ball i guess we,actually have a,basically outdoor recording studio where,they,put mics down and measure frequency yeah,and when it hits it too high a pitch,it send it back and turn the volume down,that makes a lot of sense,you could tell though because these are,very quiet for,how much i can actually feel the golf,ball,okay that went forever thats,max impact whats normal five cover,i mean 05 to 10 theyre not,29 no thats closer by seven wood,oh yeah i heard about that you know we,might be able to get one of these uh,i might just eat a five iron yeah thats,right thats right so would you rather,hit a five iron,would later were gonna hit the three,which you know obviously youve had,before but,part of the feedback from you guys was,that utility iron was good but,what if i could get just a little launch,out of it yeah and a little better feel,229 huh,is this borderline funny how easy that,is well youre youre able to realize,everything we put into that yes you know,like a good crack sounds like hard,thats why its fun to watch guys like,you hit hit these products because,we can immediately see what the,difference yeah,whats been put into them,so this is this is like a cool part,again you got to,picture the player its for i know you,hit all those fairly solid but not,maybe perfect 146.8 140,5.9 145.7 balls unreal and theyre,coming out at the same height and,basically carrying the same,thats wild all right well do one more,because youre hitting them all exactly,the same theres only so much,screenshots we can do,hes proven the consistency yeah im,gonna,i want to hit one on her go for it,yup oh hell,theyre very easy to hit like very easy,as you mentioned with the ball speed it,doesnt change two to seven carry,112 feet i mean thats the crazy part is,even when you hit hard,i mean its landing yeah stop it,thats crazy that ball speed is insane,that boss beats bananas,yeah the goal is to make the best,feeling irons,yeah so how do we take that one piece,feel of an mb,yeah and give it to everybody yeah,because they need technology they need,ball speed they need launch they need,forgiveness,so martys going to move weight around,but how do we keep pulling the reins in,and go make that feel like a one-piece,forging,so the first thing i always hear is oh i,dont like it it sounds its too high,pitched or,or its too big i dont want to play uh,you know what are these people call game,improvement iron like its just like an,ego thing but they dont want to do it,and i will,honestly say these all look really,the biggest one ive hit so far looks,like my old cb,which wasnt big it was you know that,was still in the family of a blade,its just wild and i know im picky,about the top line and all the top lines,look almost exactly like my,seven iron in my bag right now so its,kind of wild and you hit it and you,could hear and feel a little bit of a,difference,but its not big enough where it would,be something you couldnt get used to or,that would be,annoying that i think people would come,back and like oh no i think they would,like it because it does have that like,right oh i hit that one its actually,positive yeah yeah its positive,yeah yeah its not like the yeah you,know everybody knows that,ting noise it like he says feels like,feels like you you pound,yeah i mean you you hit it you dont,even need to look you know up at the,ball you know you kind of smashed it,thats the name of the game for you know,the sunday golfer but you hit the nail,on the head with,the two things look and feel its like,these are two things that are so,important that,players can take either one of them or,both of them,and not want to play the club if it,doesnt look the way they want it to,look,its out of the bag or if it doesnt,feel the way or sound,the way they want it to sound theyre,not going to play it and even this,shaping,we brought some out to europe corn fairy,tour and,got feedback from players on hey can,this thin out a little bit,you know marnie had different backing,materials of thats distracting,so it was how do i take an engineer,polymer and make it,look like a whole metal golf club yes,the guys who play golf here and there,they just want a club that makes you,know what is it a parking lot scratch,golfer they want to be a parking lot,scratch golfer,and they want to feel like theyre,hitting it hard and like thats what,this is doing,to the tee and its thats the thats,the fun part that was a really good pun,because its a t200,but thats the whole point is like you,you want to you dont play enough golf,to,like i said sit there and know all about,the spins and the misses and oh you know,i miss hit it and its one club short no,thats frustrating if youre,an average golfer youre just trying to,go out there and enjoy yourself and if,you can hit it high,and hard or high and far and it looked,like,you know a really good golf club i mean,that would be like,thats thats the perfect recipe

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Titleist T200 Irons Review – Great Performance and Solid Numbers

so were hitting the titleist t200,iron here today and to be fair its one,of their best looking,game improvement player middle bracket,iron gorgeous top line certainly better,than the old 200 model less offset it,looks pretty funky there is a bit of a,badge on the back doesnt sound that,great which is one of the downfalls i,would say with this club but looks in,gaming position are fantastic the,titleists are saying its got players,look and feel which i would agree with,its got better tungsten for better,progression so theyre using,tungsten waiting to give you better,launches as you go through the loft as,well as offering some moi help,power pack design its got,multi-material hollow body construction,which you can hear as you hit and its,tuned for performance muscle plate that,seals the t200 is designed to provide,superior performance,so everything in that i would kind of,agree with the only thing i think it,would be interesting,im not so keen on the sound of these,comparing it to other tight designs it,has a bit of an echoing ting around it,from this plate on the back i do feel,like the next iteration is probably not,going to have this plate but if we want,to dial down just in the performance,well show the numbers in the second the,performance is fantastic and even though,it sounds funny off the face i mean it,still feels solid its just,maybe its got the word forged on it it,doesnt feel that way at all i think,this is one of the best performing irons,out there for anyone who wants something,that looks really classical um down by,the ball its got nice chroming its not,loaded with crazy amounts of offset so,it has this can,desirable look which would appeal to,pros through to beginners through the,mid ammeter golfers like it is a wide,ranging golf club and i think youre,gonna find the performance is exactly,the same because at the end of the day,its a tight list and theyre not really,making,any bad clubs in my opinion,i mean no problem hitting target with it,its just the sound its slightly,different and maybe different is good,for some for me different maybe i want,this to sound a certain way so its my,issue more than the clubs looking wise,its good as anything lets have a look,at these numbers so 117 ball launching,around 20 degrees im hitting a seven,iron spinning at 5000 revs indoors so,thats six to six and a half outdoors,carrying 170 no problem hitting target,totaling 181 i mean its powerful its,strong and the numbers are really true,for the lofts im delivering so i think,the t200 is a really good iron for,someone who wants that kind of very,friendly but player package looking iron,its going to compete with the best of,them and the end of the day like i say,youve got tightness printed on your,clubs,which is definitely a bit of a stank uh,stamp of,quality isnt it like theyre just,making great clubs and ive done for,years and it looks very nice in the bag,like this isnt an issue it sits in the,bag and you almost looks like a blade,you could kind of obviously its hollow,in there but you dont see that from a,distance lovely looking club sounds a,little bit i reckon itll change in the,next model but dont let that put you,put them off uh if its something you,like the sound of like what i dont like,if you think about it the next person,will really like it thats so personal,great looking iron at the end of the day,and the performance is as good as,anything

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Titleist Irons Comparison | 2019 T200 vs 2021 T200

today were out on the driving range,testing out t200 irons both the 2019,version and the new 2021 version thomas,is gonna hit some shots provide his,feedback and well see how they compare,on trackman,also golfers if you havent yet,subscribe to our channel drop a like on,this video and leave a comment for a,bunch more in-depth club reviews coming,in the future,[Music],hey golfers im drew hold the second,swing golf today im joined by thomas,campbell master club federated second,swing and we are outside today on the,driving range a very warm summer day,weve got the t200 irons thomas youve,got the 2019 version in your hand ive,got the brand new 2021 version,so tylus has changed up a few things,with the t200 iron over the past couple,of years generation generation here im,just visually looking at theres some,differences and also well find out on,trackman as well what the differences,are but,thomas first glance,you know based on what you know and what,you see what do you think well see as,the main differences today well talking,about the look so the original t200 it,has that chrome look over the entire,face and,and also the sole and basically the,whole club,what im noticing with the new t200 is,it does still have the chrome on the,sole and around the club but the face,does have a little more satin look to it,so its not as shiny in the in the,middle thats the first thing im,noticing at a dress,the other thing to keep in mind with the,new t200 is loft we actually know that,the new type this t200 actually is a,degree weaker so looking down at address,i feel like i can see just a little bit,more loft with them with that club as,well,uh the original t200 im not going to,lie it does look like its just a little,bit sleeker however so i was looking,from toe side originally i definitely,could notice that with the new t200,looking a little bit larger,maybe just to touch a little more,forgiving there too so a little bit more,loft but a little bit more forgiveness,so im going to be excited to see how,they stack up today yes it looks like,the new t200 they so it looks a little,bit to me it looks a little cleaner,looking at the back of the club theyve,kind of maybe covered up some of that,max impact technology back there but i,think its also a little bit larger so,curious to see how that plays because it,also has less loft so,yeah im very curious how they compare,because there are some i think more,stark differences between these clubs,than say the t-100s where theres maybe,the differences are more subtle so,im curious thomas im im ready to see,some shots yeah the back here,that screw you cant see it anymore,right uh like you said its kind of,covered up yeah you can see the badge,here is just kind of covering everything,where the original one it was a pretty,obvious screw that you could see there,that was i was helping out now thats at,address you cant see that right its,certainly you know for a lot of golfers,that that type of thing does matter so,if its sitting in the golf bag or,sitting in the shelf it may not look,quite as appealing but definitely,looks like a very,appealing golf club im excited to see,how it tests,a little bit out to the right,yep,pretty similar shot,right,had a little more draw to it,its just pretty straight,the wind definitely is going that way,because its just holding it up yeah,yeah,because you got a draw here on the,trackman tracer but,there is something not much of a draw,okay i think,high and straight mm-hmm,thats kind of what youre looking for,oh yeah thats good too,well that was five pretty good swings,they were just right of center it seemed,like yep you got five that were yeah,theyre pretty close together this,person is actually pretty tight um so,i did want to ask you so i mean i guess,you know we have hit a little bit of the,2021 t200 and some other testing and,this is the 2019 version now so,um i guess if theres a quick you know,maybe preview what the differences could,be in terms of like feel and sound and,all those things what do you think,well,were already hitting the the new t200,and just talking about how its a little,bit louder yeah i do expect it might be,just a little bit louder overall versus,the older models yeah and were going to,find that out here one or two swings in,pretty pretty nicely right off the bat,um i mentioned kind of look at a dress,so,loft um i could i just seem to me like,just a little bit less laughter at,address and we know,30 degrees of loft on the 2019 t200 and,we have 31 degrees with the 2021 t200 so,im excited to see,if theres really any differences in,distance or spin or yeah maybe its just,some other subtle differences in,technology to make up for that sure,yeah its quite,much louder a lot louder because that,was a crisp contact right like that was,hit that was it really solid and i could,notice it was it almost sounds in,comparison almost sounds kind of like,you missed it a little bit i didnt miss,that one which you didnt because i hit,that one numbers you certainly hit it,really really good so yep,its loud,was it good wasnt it yeah it wasnt,good,all right,that one i didnt quite catch it just,seems like its jumping a little bit,more off the face yeah that one i felt,like it will miss it,interesting because you have,well the spin did kind of go up there,its going to say your ball speed was,still over 130 miles an hour but carried,it 182 that time okay,i think that was a little low on the,face yeah your spin was just under 7,thousand versus the other ones are right,around kind of six thousand,oh yeah,thats a good strike right there yep,that should reduce the spin down a,little bit if i went like they flew a,little further,interesting thats that registered a,high number or a high rate of spin,same as the last shot,on average what is the spin about 65.,first the other one was like 62 right,62s yeah,another solid one,regardless of the year i feel like im,hitting the t200s pretty solid yeah,youve struck the t200s really well,today through 10 shots um so again were,going to kind of go over that sound and,feel deal um,because we already noticed the sound,its much louder in the new version than,uh the 2019 version yeah how about feel,did you notice the difference in feel,between the two at all or is it pretty,similar,i think the sound is just its just,covering that feel up for me i just,knowing that its louder i feel like,its coming off a little firmer yeah so,i cant really notice too much of a,difference in the feel but the a lot of,people do say sound is feel so thats,one thing im kind of noticing one thing,i do notice though with the new 2021,t200 is it kind of looks like the old,t-100 kind of having that uh the chrome,yeah chrome and a little more satin face,so it definitely looks a little bit more,like the the you know the aesthetics the,aesthetics of the dress yeah the,coloring and everything like that and,loft now,lets see what was the spin rate,difference there between the two of them,yeah so spin right on the new version at,31 degrees aloft was 64.75,okay,and the 2019 version 6277 so pretty much,200 rpm difference in one degree of loft,thats pretty much what youd expect,right exactly yeah thats exactly what i,would expect and then some terms of,dispersion the t the new version was,just a little bit left i guess,versus the previous model i think we saw,that two on the shots it was just a,little bit kind of more of a the draw,was working a little bit better with the,new version yeah and these are the exact,same golf shafts same lie angle uh,nothing that has that changed it could,be just that maybe one degree more loft,looking down at it too and im not im,not saying im not really noticing any,difference really and offset between the,two of them but yeah yeah both were hit,pretty well it just seemed like they,were you you struck the ball very well,youre very consistent in terms of the,ball speeds uh you know 131.7 with the,older version 132.2 with the new version,carry distances both in the 188,categor

Titleist T200 vs TaylorMade P790 | 2021 Golf Irons Comparison

today weve got a fun iron comparison,weve got the taylormade p790 and the,titleist t200 thomas gets some shots,were gonna do a deep dive in comparison,between the two,also if you like this video first of all,like it on youtube drop a comment tell,us which one you prefer yourself and,then subscribe to the channel,[Music],hey golfers im drew hold the second,swing golf today im joined by thomas,campbell a master club fitter at second,swing and today weve got a fun iron,comparison of new irons here released,kind of in the fall portion of 2021,taylormade p790 and the titleist t200,both kind of in that players distance,category that is becoming more and more,popular thomas weve done our own quick,review on these the swing report,editions are out on our channel you can,check those out to learn all the key,details on these irons but now its time,to put them to the test against one,another so thomas youve kind of youve,seen both of them youve got the look,and youve also tested both of them as,well um what do you think were going to,see today yeah so these are probably the,two closest comparison this fall when it,comes to irons you know taylormade just,came out with p790s type this came out,the t200s theyre both hollow body,design so what im going to expect is,going to be yeah a little bit of,forgiveness,um some distance probably a little bit,less spin that i normally see with with,my typical irons but probably more,explosive distance these are players,distance lines as we talk about,but im curious to see how they perform,head to head because this is probably,one of those videos that a lot of,golfers out there are really curious,about i know weve already gotten a few,comments asking for this comparison in,particular so were going to show it to,you today now in terms of the stock,shaft here well i shouldnt say stock,shaft the shaft were going to use today,to compare these looks like we got the,same one here yeah so project x lz 6.5,that is the golf shaft that i am playing,i actually took the time to measure the,length on both of them both of them are,standard length at 37 inches okay i also,kind of checked the swing weight out and,and the actual head weight of them i did,notice that the p790 just came in just a,little bit heavier overall with regards,to total mass and weight but theyre,very very close theyre obviously the,same length you know head design offset,similar i think the p790 has got just a,little bit more offset on it its a,little bit larger profile looking down,at it while the t200 looks kind of like,the t100 it is that with just a little,bit more forgiveness package behind it,yeah thomas definitely they look a,little bit different i can tell from my,own vantage point um but also one thing,we didnt touch on loft i know a lot of,golfers make sure to you know pay,attention to that when theyre looking,at irons are there any differences here,really very subtle so p790 is 30 and a,half,the t200 the 2021 model is 31 so its,just a little bit actually weaker than,their previous model there too so were,talking half a degree im going to,expect the numbers to be very very,similar all right you ready to hit some,shots lets compare them,kind of high wasnt it,there was 117 feet in here wasnt that,high probably just the wind was just fun,6 000. the wind was probably just,exaggerating it,its nice and straight shot,working that baby draw,straight for me is like a little drawer,right right which yeah i think people,watching the channel know that by now,right,another nice swing there,so that so far three swings and i said,this in the swing report too,t200s definitely sound pretty loud off,the face yeah yeah thats definitely,something i mean i even caught my eyes,you were warming up here earlier and i,you hit a shot and im like thats got,to be the t200 you know yeah it just has,a kind of a distinct down which isnt a,bad thing its just uh you know a,difference in the uh,the audio i guess at impact yeah im,curious how it compares to the p790 when,we hit that directly after hitting t200,right,that was a good swing too yeah i feel,like the last three swings were really,solid there,lets hit one more and then,you jump to the p790 weve got two right,on top of each other here on the,dispersion,it might have been possibly just a,little bit more ground but i feel like i,definitely got away with it,you definitely did i mean its still out,there,you know compare compared to the other,ones its right out there with them,so,youve got lets see here bring up this,table here,of the five shots on average 91.1 club,speed spin was just over six thousand at,63.63,carry 186.2 total 192.2,and then i want to bring up this map as,well because on the map,the distance consistency is very very,good as we talked about on the carry,numbers then you actually have two im,going to show you this because you got,two,theres actually two balls right there,right right and theyre right on the,line on the line on the center line so,t200 not bad there on five swings all,right well lets uh see how the p790 now,compares okay,definitely a different sound,that shot shape is still the same that,might have been just a little thin,lets spin more a little bit i mean,like,150 rpm ish yeah it was maybe a groove,too low,oh boy,sorry,clearly youre upset with that shot,right and uh its still carried as far,or farther than your kind of two lowest,carry distance in the t200 so,interesting there on the p790 yeah that,felt like i hit that about 160 yards,a little better swing,okay so thomas now three shots in with,p790 just want to get your thoughts on,feel i know you often say sound is feel,so differences between t200 and p790 in,terms of feel,yeah so the p790 it,it sounds a little,hollow or feel off the face while the,piece the t200,sounds loud and very solid okay its,kind of the feel okay so coming through,the ball it feels possibly just a touch,clickier with the p790 uh it definitely,seems a little bit more on the,forgiveness side with regards to feel,though yeah i mean especially after that,second shot there right,yeah,but yeah its its a little bit,different material feeling off the face,for sure i mean the t200 its its loud,yeah its kind of noticeable well this,just doesnt seem as loud,that one is much higher than the last,one right i wonder if thats the wind,that got that or just,mm-hmm well its certainly the furthest,one youve hit,a lot lower spin than any really any of,the other shots yeah,that one looked like its launched just,a little bit higher and just kind of,stayed up in the air,going,that one sounded like you flushed it,that was a pretty good swing too,all right,quick synopsis of these numbers after,five swings,um slightly faster club speed p790 one,mile an hour faster okay um spin dropped,by about,300 rpm with the p790,and carry distance was about five yards,further with the p790 total seven yards,further so,you know with a loft difference of what,half a degree maybe would expect that um,but weve also known in the past that,p790 with the 2017 and 2019 models has,been kind of a lower spinning and really,an explosive golf club it has its kind,of what i was going to expect right off,the bat is a little less spin i think,the first shot i hit with the p790 i got,a little bit thin and the spin rate was,fairly high but after that i think the,last last few especially the last three,shots probably more validate the numbers,yeah a little bit more yep i mean the,first one was over 6 500 the rest you,know 6200 even was actually the highest,and otherwise there was 57 56 and then,right at 6 000. okay,that was definitely the lower spinning,club because the t200 actually had a,couple you know one that was actually,6900,which got way up there and then you had,everything was over six thousand with,the t200 so okay yeah i mean half a,degree aloft,you possibly would expect you know a,couple hundred rpms to spin less with,that particular club but like you,mentioned p790 we have just noticed,previous models explosive distance is,w

THIS WAS A SURPRISINGLY EASY CHOICE! Mizuno Pro 225 vs Titleist T200

okay welcome back to the channel,everybody got a head-to-head video its,t200 from tireless up against the new,mizuno pro 225 two hollow construction,ions offering some forged feels some,distance also some forgiveness will pick,you up against each other provide you,with some numbers and obviously my,personal feedback as always okay so,were going to jump straight in and,were going to start off with the,titleist t200 so say hollow construction,lets talk a little bit more in depth,about each of these ions maybe what,theyre trying to offer,as we go along but well kick things off,for the t200,both got the same shaft in both the same,length and lie so very equal test,okay thats a nice opening,shot with the t200 nice high ball flight,as youre going to expect from this type,of club and about 190 on that carry so,one of one of the things i want to look,at between these two eyes is maybe the,consistency element sometimes you go in,these hollow constructions yes we do,tend to see some good ball speeds dope,with some nice forgiveness from that,hollow um construction but then,sometimes the sacrifice is just getting,that that consistency maybe that spin,obviously strike will play a part of,that that distance control those sort of,elements so obviously as you may be,moving maybe out like full game,improvement and you might be looking,into this sort of category as a,progression through,your sets as maybe your game progresses,so i think when youre moving into,something like youre probably waiting a,little bit more that consistency out of,the iron,so the thing with the titleist is you,know weve got the word forged on there,but it is a forged face only and i would,say just does sound a little bit sort of,clicky and i think probably the only,negative i have with it i mean it looks,great the t200 is a back you look at it,its quite slick but i dont know,whether you can pick this up,can you feel that hear that,this little sort of plastic bit that,goes on the back it just feels a little,bit cheap when you tap it feels like,its going to be loose now its,obviously not loose,you know theyre not going to make,something thats going to fall off by,the beat just that little bit of that,sound a little bit i think as it comes,through just doesnt quite feel as you,know again its sometimes misleading,that word forge its a forged face not a,forged body,touch leaky on that but it flies really,high i mean it its a nice flight on,that golf ball so this is a seven iron,im hitting which is coming in at 31,degrees of loft now the mizuno the 225,which is going to come to it in a bit,thats a 30 degree so the zoom is a,little bit stronger on that loft by one,degree so obviously thats going to take,maybe a little bit of a take into,account maybe when we look at the,numbers but 31 degrees left for the t200,weve got a lot of tungsten in the head,on this uh club so thats just going to,provide that little bit for that,forgiveness a little bit that stability,and just trying to get that ball speed,up,just a little bit pulley a little bit of,ground and ball together that spin might,just drop because of that,yeah i see that spin really just pull,off and that gets that little long left,shot thats i mean obviously thats more,my strike there than the club to be fair,you can see that spin can just sort of,drop,and the big difference of strike contact,can really influence that spin,and thats a better contact to be,interested see the spin differences on,those two shots alone there a bit more,of a better connection there you go so,youve gone something like three and a,half what was it three and a half,thousand that last one we just got it a,bit ground and ball together better,strike faces spin more to that five,thousand thats probably the area i was,expected to sort of see that five to,five and a half thousand,yeah its a slightly stronger loft yes,that you might say that spins quite low,but look at the height im getting on,that 116 feet so ive got some good land,angle there at 49 just short of 50,degrees of land angle so thats going to,give us some stopping power so maybe the,other aspect we need to just talk a,little bit about this might influence,depending on your budget when youre,going out to try these types of club is,the price so t200 for a full through to,picture wedge is going to come in at,1099,pounds so quite a bit of money as a,appreciate again it really depends on,your budget hit one more shot,thats a nice shot,so much left im gonna get bricky,but not a bad strike at all so good ball,speed there typical club head speed,around that 90 mile an hour mark,a little bit of spin 186 on that carry,okay so switching over mizuno pro two,two five and ill tell you what these,are the cracking looking iron arent,they that i mean anybody says they dont,look stunning i think you need to go,into the corn room and give your head a,bit of a wobble these look superb great,look 225 hollow head construction as,weve uh probably talked about in the,past so decent bit of forgiveness so if,youre talking about the mizuno pro as a,lineup youve obviously got the two two,on the pure muscle back youve got the,two two three which is that mid sort of,cavity and then this is the more,forgiving in the mizuno pro lineup in,the two two five but looks fantastic a,little bit longer blade length in,comparison to the other irons in their,lineup but it looks nice and,sort of generous down by that golf ball,but without going a massive thick top,line and loads of offset looks a,beautiful shape really nice shape,thats a completely different sound,and a completely different feel in in a,much better way against the titleist now,were obviously going into more of this,forge well actually a forged neck and a,forged face the back section of this,club is stainless steel,but you have got that copper under layer,which is a big talking point with the,mizuno which you know that layers of,feelers maybe they came out with in the,previous model which was the mp20 range,thats kept in there so weve got a,copper underneath before the plating of,the of the sort of satin chrome goes on,top but yeah forge neck forged face the,back bit is uh stainless steel but that,is a very very different feeling golf,club in comparison to that t200 on the,first shot anyway,oh thats an awful strike,thats so low in the face its,absolutely bullet straight but its a,very low strike but you know what look i,mean look at those numbers there i mean,thats not bad from that particular that,was a great strike,lets try and get a better one on this,next one,yeah i mean the sound and the feel of,that is superb no wonder mizuno you know,they put that strapline there nothing,feels like a mizuno i mean that just,feels superb muted sound its not as,clicky well when i say clicky as i say,with that i think that plastic badge on,the back of the t200 i dont know i just,i seem to get that feedback there that,it always feels a bit like a slightly,louder sound feels a bit like thats,again its not loose but it just gives,me that sensation this just feels much,more solid,touch pull it up again it feels super,very solid off the clubface,beautiful sound to that,thats a little bit of a towie one that,wasnt the greatest of strikes there,very straight felt a bit more tower than,what that looked actually on trackman to,be honest um but they have done very,well,yeah good so i think youre getting that,feedback through the club there you know,that did feel quite so im getting that,feedback of that strike still got the,height there that land angle so going,back to the price point of these so,again four iron through to picture seven,irons in the set its going to come in,at 1,349 pounds so theres a 250 pound,difference between the price of these,two clubs which is quite a difference,isnt it but then i think when you look,at youre getting the copper under layer,you know mizuno is a brand i think then,as you look the looks of the golf club,from the back and all this is on in the,back but if we compare these two iro

The New T200 Irons From Titleist

how do we keep helping the player that,needs a little more forgiveness a little,more speed so now we move to t200 t200,all right here were introducing a,little more technology so we have our,max impact system in here which is all,under that named after me oh sure yeah,partially yeah it also is marnies,initials,ive been accused of that,under the hood here theres three things,that make up max impact so theres a,structural support which houses a,polymer core and we have what we call,the elf face its a face insert made of,that spring steel that we talked about,right here that sup10 the face gives you,speed the core,controls that speed and also controls,the sound less ting is less ting okay,and then the structural support you know,kind of ties it all together into the,body right so okay and what you see on,the back here as well youll notice that,this is an engineered polymer back here,so what used to be metal is now a,polymer so that allows us to free up,more weight and place it to even more,tungsten in this club so we can get that,cg down get that moi up by pushing it,out into the heel again i mean,because i havent hit yet im just,shocked at how what it looks like they,all look like you mentioned just so,similar this top one might be a shade,thicker overall than the other one but,its like a millimeter right still going,for you know a look that you guys would,say hey it looks pretty darn good it,looks really good,yeah well actually end up having some,of these in play on tour i bet,and now when we started with t100 we,were at like 85-ish grams of tungsten,there and then we went to t-100s we,moved up into the 90s and i earned 100,plus grams of tungsten on average,theres that launch,now were covering close to 90. is it,really yeah,its so soft too like,it doesnt look like its going forever,well and the cool part is not spinning,more than yours its just launching high,yeah,wow thats high,your ball speed just keeps going up,yeah youve got 30 33 33 35 on that one,i feel what you guys are talking about,with the uh the blades it feels like one,peat like it feels like it feels like,one piece of metal and then as its yeah,as its been going more you could feel a,little bit more behind it as you hit it,and these definitely obviously feel like,the most behind it but i dont get like,near as much of like the high-pitched,hit right as you would typically hear it,still feels its a little little,different of a click but its not a big,change it wouldnt be something to get,used to yeah its just good yeah you,just hear a little bit more of the golf,ball i guess we actually have a,basically outdoor recording studio where,they put mics down and measure frequency,yeah and when it hits it too high a,pitch it send it back and turn the,volume down that makes a lot of sense,you could tell though because these are,very,quiet for how much i can actually feel,the golf ball,okay that went,forever thats max impact,whats normal five cover,i mean oh five to ten theyre not 29 no,thats closer by seven wood,oh yeah i heard about that you know we,might be able to get one of these uh i,might just need a five iron yeah thats,right thats right so would you rather,hit a five iron,would later were gonna hit the three,which you know obviously youve had,before but part of the feedback from you,guys was,that utility iron was good but what if i,could get just a little launch out of it,yeah and a little better feel,229 huh,is this borderline funny how easy that,is,well youre youre able to realize,everything we put into that yes you know,like a good crack sounds like hard yeah,thats why its fun to watch guys like,you hit these products because,we can immediately see what the,difference yeah whats been put into it,so this is this is like a cool part,again you got to picture the players for,i know you hit all those fairly solid,but not maybe perfect,146.8 140 5.9 145.7 balls unreal and,theyre,coming out at the same height and,basically carrying the same,thats wild,all right well do one more because,youre hitting them all exactly the same,theres only so much screenshots we can,do,hes proven the consistency yeah,im gonna i want to hit one on her,go for it,yup oh hell,theyre very easy to hit,like very easy as you mentioned with the,ball speed it doesnt change,two to seven carry 112 feet i mean,thats the crazy part is even when you,hit hard i mean its landing yeah,thats crazy that ball speed is insane,that boss feeds bananas,yeah the goal is,to make the best feeling irons yeah so,how do we take that one piece feel of an,mb yeah and give it to everybody yeah,because they need technology they need,ball speed they need launch they need,forgiveness so martys going to move,weight around but how do we keep pulling,the reins in and go make that feel like,a one-piece forging so the first thing i,always hear,is oh i dont like it it sounds its too,high pitched or or its too big i dont,want to play uh you know what people,call game improvement iron like its,just like an ego thing but they dont,want to do it and i will honestly say,these all look really,the biggest one ive hit so far looks,like my old cb which wasnt big it was,you know that was still in the family of,a blade its just wild and i know im,picky about the top line and all the top,lines look almost exactly like my seven,iron in my bag right now so its kind of,wild and you hit it and you could hear,and feel a little bit of a difference,but its not big enough where it would,be,something you couldnt get used to or,that would be annoying i think people,would come back and like oh no i think,they would like it because it does have,that like right oh i hit that one its,actually positive yeah yeah its,positive yeah yeah its not like the,yeah you know everybody knows that ting,noise it like you said it feels like it,feels like you you pound it yeah i mean,you hit it you dont even need to look,you know up at the ball you know you,kind of smashed it thats the name of,the game for you know the sunday golfer,but you hit the nail on the head with,the two things look and feel its like,these are two things that are so,important that players can take either,one of them or both of them and not want,to play the club if it doesnt look the,way they want it to look its out of the,bag or if it doesnt feel the way or,sound the way they want it to sound,theyre not going to play it and even,this shaping we brought some out to,europe corn ferry tour and,got feedback from players on hey can,this thin out a little bit,you know marnie had different backing,materials of thats distracting so it,was how do i take an engineer polymer,and make it look like a whole metal golf,club yes the guys who play golf here and,there they just want a club that makes,you know what is it a parking lot,scratch golfer they want to be a parking,lot scratch golfer and they want to feel,like theyre hitting it hard and like,thats what this is doing,to the tee and its thats the thats,the fun part that was a really good pun,because its a t200,but thats the whole point is like you,you want to,you dont play enough golf to like i,said sit there and know all about the,spins and the misses and oh you know i,miss hit it and its one club short no,thats frustrating if youre an average,golfer youre just trying to go out,there and enjoy yourself and if you can,hit it high,and hard or high and far and it looked,like you know,a really good golf club i mean that,would be like thats thats the perfect,recipe

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