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  2. TNA Christmas iMPACT! – OSW Review 68
  3. TNA iMPACT! Review
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HONEST Aritzia TNA Review… Another Overhyped Brand?

hey guys and welcome back to my channel,and today were reviewing activewear,from aritzia I have never tried ritzia,but um from what I hear its kind of,like an IT Girl brand at least thats,how it feels a little bit on the pricey,side the activewear Id say is like a,mid to high price point pretty on par,with like a lot of other Instagram,Brands except I dont really consider,this one an Instagram brand and the,reason I almost didnt review this is,because were still charging eighty,dollars for front seam leggings are,there people out there buying front seat,Nikes for 80 if I wanted a front seam,liking I would go back to colorful koala,on Amazon because they just have such,solid leggings and did I accept them at,the time yes but now that weve moved,Beyond front seams and Ive accepted,that my anatomy below prefers not to,have seam just invading right between,you know my pieces its hard for me to,be excited on these websites where I see,like front seam Galore and I know some,people actually do like front seams so,you know personally I dont I dont,relate to that but if you do you I guess,this video is for you I really wanted to,just like kind of try out a lot of their,different Fabrics they have quite a few,Fabrics a lot of you guys recommended,the TNA butter fabric which how original,an activewear brand calling their,softest fabric butter,anyways I spent like gosh like 600 oh,this it was very expensive very,expensive I was kind of surprised at,their like poor return policy like if,Im spending like 80 on a pair of,leggings even if Im paying 50 to 60 on,a pair of leggings your return policy,needs to be at least 30 days they have a,14 day return policy from the day you,place the order or maybe its from the,day that thats shipped but its not,from the day it gets to you which,doesnt make any sense because Im like,what if it takes a long time to get to,me and then I only have like a week to,try things Im not the kind of person,who breaks open a package as soon as it,gets home and like tries things on,because I try on stuff all the time that,I dont get like excited about like,trying stuff on very much its more like,work to me to like try stuff on so just,surprise for like an established brand,like they are like I understand small,businesses returns tend to be like not,as good because theyre still kind of,like building their brand but aritzia,not a small business and that was kind,of upsetting and I also dont want to,hear anyone say like oh why would you,buy these pieces if you knew you werent,gonna like them because of the front,seam I dont want to hear anyone say,that I dont want to hear anyone because,you know what sometimes front seams,dont cause camel so well still,evaluate that and Im still going to,evaluate these pieces as a whole but for,me just because I have a front seam I,probably wouldnt buy the bottom of,myself but its called reviewing things,objectively you know I can put my,opinions aside and review things in a,way that helps you guys if you dont,mind a front scene anyways thats enough,ranting lets get into it first of all,we had a box and then a bag inside the,box I guess its good because the,leggings themselves are just kind of,like stacked in here and not wrapped in,individual plastic so I guess that is,reduced thats reduced packaging so I,tried to get all of their most popular,Styles as well as most of their major,Fabrics they had like quite a few,fabrics and I just didnt feel like I,could try every single one so I tried,the ones that sounded best to me and I,did follow the size chart and felt like,it was pretty similar to most brands I,shop at at this point and I generally,wear a size small measurements are,always down below Ill get questions,what are your measurements what are your,measurements always down below theyve,been there for like years dont forget,about the description box I put a lot of,things in there we put a lot of effort,into this description box okay we are,starting out with what I feel like is,the most popular piece the TNA butter,atmosphere super high rise leggings so,they did just have the high-rise,leggings but Im very tall so I thought,the super high rise Id probably like a,little more so I wanted to try that and,these are 68 I dont know if they have,like sales a lot or anything I did go on,the website twice and neither time I was,offered like any sort of discount so,probably not frequent sales like,something like Old Navy theres always a,sale you know namely I wanted to try the,TNA butter fabric because I had someone,comment on my softest leggings video and,theyre like oh you clearly havent,tried the TNA butter line these are not,as soft as the ones I tried in my,softest liking video so dont come at me,with those comments unless youve tried,the Fabrics in that video this one just,feels like an aligned fabric which is,obviously very soft but my softest,legging video was like super super soft,these do feel very similar to the,Lululemon nulu fabric which is what is,made of their lines just first glance,because the fabric feels pretty much on,the thin side so I expect this to be,like pretty naked feel looks like its,brushed inside and out which I love,leggings to be brushed on the inside,because that keeps them staying up,better the brushness thats just kind of,like the layer of like fuzziness on top,of a fabric it helps like grip your body,a little better and not slide down so,the TNA butter fabric it says its,Second Skin sweat wicking and low impact,I dont think they had multiple lengths,in any of these,do they okay so the inseam is 25 inches,and they do not have multiple lengths at,least on the items that I looked at,which is kind of a bummer because I do,like multiple lengths especially Brands,like this I feel like you know were,kind of trying to be similar to,Lululemon and they do have multiple,links so see this is why Im just not,super impressed like the fabric,obviously feels nice so thats a plus,but just like a very straight across,waistband with a front seam,and then a straight across back seam,nothing to really like enhance you know,the glutes not in like not that,everything needs to be like wow her butt,is in my face you know which you know I,will be that girl but even just like a,slight glute curve I just feel like adds,a lot more and its also just cheaper to,make leggings with the front seam so I,just dont like paying for leggings in,the front seam anyways well get off the,front seam chat just wanted to say that,so nice high-rise double thickness,waistband this is the logo here and 25,inch inseam so these will be short on me,and heres the TNA butter fabric,close-up its very lightweight butt,brushed so got that little like layer of,fuzziness super soft to touch and lets,try it on I knew that these would kind,of feel like Lululemon Alliance and you,know I dont compare things to Lululemon,the lines lightly I dont think Ive,ever found a liking that I really felt,like felt exactly the same but this TNA,butter fabric this is actually feeling,like if I put on a pair of Blue Lemon,lines which I dont wear the match,because theyre not really my favorite,leggings but I know theyre very popular,someone back me up on this anyone whos,tried both the TNA butter and Lulu,Elemental lines like these feel so,similar and they both have the front,seam and I will say this front seems,actually really not cutting into me so,you know what we we doubted we doubted,you or its yeah I really did but Im,actually impressed so these are the,ultra high rise ones so theyre,definitely high rise my belly button is,here they are significantly above so I,love to see that super stretchy and,super lightweight so this is definitely,a light compression Ultra stretchy Im,not feeling any restriction in this,stretch and Ill mention this later in,the video but none of the original,leggings have a top band so youre not,going to get any cutting in at the top,so I love that these are only 25 inches,but we will also discover later in the,video that they do have

TNA Christmas iMPACT! – OSW Review 68

could you read this,give us your kind of,bing crosby voice,lifetime presents osw sing the christmas,classics,48 monotonous tracks such as,yes,including all your favorites like,ive got these presents for you,[Laughter],and who could forget,by jared goldby jared goldby jared,goldberg jericho,pyramid scheme oh my god here comes,dixie,[Laughter],available 2018 wherever naga bars are,sold,[Music],hello and welcome to osw review the old,school wrestling video podcast filmed in,glorious grapple vision and encoded with,blast processing we chronologically,critique wrestling storylines,pay-per-view by pay-per-view this is,your host the mark among men brawn,snowman oh yeah ak genie hunter joined,as ever with the man of a thousand bumps,our very own rudolph ziggler,whats the story,and mr mixed reaction himself roman,reindeer,mr rossi,do you like those wrestling puns i got a,ton of them oh here we go laxmas i,actually like that one,michael cole that kind of works itself,because a bag of coke,so it didnt work man,he slayed her,yes,becky grinch,yeah,candy cane,dec mahal with hardcore holly,very nice its episode 68 christmas,impact 2007 and its coming up right now,welcome eggnogers,[Music],are you done with the promise no oh hes,nowhere near,if you havent seen our frogtown review,oh theres probably stuff about frogs,and toads and somebody croaks they,probably die is it is that in there oh,you can depond on it oh the two of the,frogs ill tell you its unforgettable,definitely,[Music],a merry christmas to everyone watching,the show,and happy new year to everyone watching,the show just in case i dont give a,[ __ ],happy paddys day,we won how was fifa its been better,shaking your head im absolutely furious,uh steve has once again taken the lead,by,and furious means big dirty own goal,yeah how was that nefarious it was,nothing to do with me it was,im pretty sure you paid off my my,player,[Music],yeah it was textbook too everyone when,you plug your twitch i will indeed,please come watch me on twitch i play,many great games twitch.tv slash osw,review i usually stream a couple of,nights a week and always good crack to,be had,excellent,merch wise what do we got in the magic,bag oh see are there any mr oc toy and,laser badge combination packs left,yes,but some of the boxes are a bit faded i,was made promises about storage that,were not careful,big shout out to brian gazette,i love this gimmick,wheres peter,its definitely a girl jack maybe if,hes you know like a yank polish guy you,know like itll be pronounced each,individual letter would be pronounced,yeah brian gerjec,for the awesome new artwork carl at osw,review tunes ben from fiction films,awesome to meet you mate and chris from,reload last save who was just the best,and with all our trifling and sherry out,of the way lets do it to it grammar,that is,shut the hell up santa prepare for an,evening of brutality and violence so,severe its enough to turn rudolphs,nose black and blue jubilant voice over,dude not that barry scott kick this,silly bang,kicks off with shut the hell up santa i,marked out for that actually it was,great,tonights impact will turn rudolphs,nose black and blue,he runs down the crazy christmas,gimmicks that oh my god,russo has his fingers in this show,doesnt he holy [ __ ],a christmas chaos cage match,a double north pole match,santas workshop knockout street fight,a silent ninth bloody night match,and a grab the reindeer ladder match,[ __ ] its a bit of fun its christmas,its a weekly show,theres going to be 51 other episodes in,the year cut them a bit of slack on this,these are gimmicked gimmick matches,its true,hes perfect hes going to be so,impressed,who is santa hes on his way,all through the night well cut away to,eric youngs tna christmas party his,house is [ __ ] massive its a bloody,nice gaffe isnt it its not my house,its a mock-up,they did set this up somewhere in the,impact zone so it looks like a tv studio,we meet ewis family hillbilly cousins,bruno and tilly do you recognize them,thats fine delta slam aka tna security,fat lads for the main event mafia,rocko and sal,his sister kimberly the monkey girl,and wow,yeah,no,he is going to quick rope and squeezy,squeezy tonight i can tell you boys,[Music],which one is he uh thats uh luke or,uncle leo its kind of sad that theres,only one though right,surely you could have had two bags of,ham and got into both of them,weve got quite a guest list stay tuned,is,[Music],oh my god captain morgan,not good,your boy steve this is not his the,highlight of his career in tna,jim cornett has the night off so matt,morgans in charge how did he do here,he did it wrong,he was doing it like um,are you ready to laugh,you know its not like a cheap nightclub,in sheffield or whatever,come in say your piece and that should,be enough to g up the crowd to talk,about the matches theyre going to be on,so i was disappointed,miscast ey would have been a great,choice to host it but you know hes,obviously doing the party like so calval,anyone oh steiner get steiner oh yeah,thatd be amazing,introducing first what do you think,about that so,sean,[Music],[Music],our inaugural contest is an eight-man,christmas chaos cage match,its the rock and rave infection holy,[ __ ] christy hemi oh my god best ever,yeah,pre bear money santa storm with miss,jackie tits ahoy,and robert rude with miss brooks tits,ahoy versus laxs homicide and hernandez,scott steiner and booker t which are,male,any scandal you ask lax had been,attacking chrissy hemi unprovoked,and bookers wife charmelle couldnt,stand by and see rude berate miss brooks,any longer giving their two men a reason,to feud,kick off steiner gets his [ __ ] in,suplexes clothesline elbow and push-ups,uh youre done for tonight cheers,[Laughter],overzealous lax failed catapult into,overhead choke toss jimmy rave bumping,like a boss holy [ __ ] making a hernandez,just look unstoppable also just just to,point out is there a wrestler in the,history of wrestling with a worse look,than lance hoyt jimmy ray,i always found he was very skinny,looking hes very tall and skinny like,he looks like,peter crouch,also that that hair with the like part,in the middle with the two blonde bits,uh i went out with a girl that had that,exact same hairstyle so,its a girls hairstyle and its a,girls its a tramps tattoo,were gonna take a commercial break when,we return to thursday night impact more,of christmas chaos in the six sides of,steel,relaunched and redesigned you get this,cut to a tnawrestling.com ad,with the five bands of doom rip-off song,its supposed to be like the click click,boom,[Laughter],and spins homicide right round right,round like a record baby,xw and wwf lad booker t gets the hot tag,and absolutely smashes everyone out of,it oh yeah because hes a real star jay,christy knows the end is nigh and tries,to introduce a chain but interchangeable,latino nation thug scares her off,during this big smiles booker hits the,book end to the raver and gets the win,for the outlands,very short very rushed everyone just,running around doing moves spots it was,a bit of a mess but hey who cares,christy hemi looked amazing thats all i,really cared about,dave meltzer sixth and quarter star,uh yeah absolute mayhem just blah,noise,oh actually state of l hoity-toity,oh yeah however yes,and uh good on him getting christy yeah,absolutely well done mate back at ewis,hes answering the door each time hoping,for santa the beautiful people come,first fwar,[Laughter],odb she will bartend and kong cool,mittens velveel says theyll service the,guests and if they be nice give them,christmas cheer,theyre prostitutes well they said,service the guest that,services dont necessarily need to be,exchanged for money money oh its money,you can just get a an old-fashioned well,no its just like its a free service,oh,dirty [ __ ],i just got off the phone with them,she says shes blown these guys away,[Music],match number two is a double north pole,match,its team 3d with brother divine versus,the moder

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TNA iMPACT! Review

[Music],are you ready its me,gruesome Greggy to time byw F champion,of the world current IG and champion of,the world and if theres one question I,get fans its gruesome Greggy how do I,get gold around my waist,when will you defend that IGN,championship of the world and the answer,is brother any time cage match table,match do you believe a fat man can fly,submission match say uncle say David is,my master say daemon is a Greek god it,doesnt matter friends you want to step,up go for the gold just brick well media,base Mike what do you want I want that,belt because its shiny and I like it I,challenge you to a llama bass Rhino,match whats a mouthful brother and Ill,be glad to put the title on the line but,first let me tell you about TNA Impact,in 2002 the dominance of Vince McMahon,on the Debbie W was threatened when Jeff,Jarrett and company formed Total Nonstop,Action Wrestling since then some of the,biggest names in wrestlings folks like,staying Christian and Kurt Angle have,joined the Federation and now with the,help from Midway Games Tina is making,his leap into gaming TNA Impact packs 25,wrestlers 7 arenas and 9 match types for,you to go at it in but the biggest and,best thing this things got going for it,is graphics the characters in the ring,just flat-out look great people are,sweating sting really looks like sting,the entrances are spot on although they,are kind of short on top of that they,have a great animation system moves,blend seamlessly together you go from a,headlock to a grapple to a submission to,a throw and I mean theres no sense of,Im waiting to do my next move it just,happens and whats very natural of,course the brutal and high-flying moves,youd expect from TNA stuff like,hurricanrana is in Styles Clash theyre,all here and it looks good,when Midway set out to make this game,they told me they were looking for some,kind of control scheme that was easy to,pick up and easy to use and theyve kind,of hit that here face buttons are your,kick punch grab and perform actions,shoulder buttons block run and modify,strong attacks its a simple system that,allows people to jump in and have fun so,the graphics and controls are solid but,they really only distract you from some,of the things that you know hold impact,back from being a great game this games,been in development like two and a half,years and Midway made a big point of,boasting that they you know captured,over 2,000 moves but they didnt put,them all in the game and said theyre in,out of time what that means that you see,a lot of atomic drops a lot of suplexes,and a lot of stomps of the growing I,mean every wrestler shares moves but the,people in TNA impact really feel like,theyre the same character a lot of,times and that I mean completely,depletes the purpose of playing someone,different on top of that the taunts,really arent character specific outside,of like a finish or animation so you,really never get the sense for a lot of,these guys that youre playing is,someone different they all feel the same,the most obvious way to make people feel,different would be to make your own,wrestling and create a wrestle but sadly,that doesnt happen in impact although,you can create wrestlers from the main,menu youll usually be creating them in,story mode where you can have five slots,of guys what story mode does is cassio,suicide youre the champion LAX though,they get all pissed off and run in and,beat you up leave you broken and,memoryless in Mexico so you know you,wake up dont know who you are and you,get to create your character from there,you choose if you want to be a brawler,high fly or a grappler you can put on,one of 30 shirts basically you cant sit,down and create whatever you want in TNA,impact it doesnt get any better when it,comes to move,everythings set to default you have to,unlock these other moves as you go,through with style points the problem is,even if you unlock everything your seven,grapples are broken into two groups that,then pull from two sets of moves what,that means basically is that theres 16,total moves to give your guy and I mean,theyre not that awesome and it takes,forever to unlock them so basically,youre playing through this game with,this generic character with moves you,dont necessarily want it just isnt,that much fun beyond those creative,Ressler complaints story mode is,actually interesting are you trying to,climb to the top again you know you get,to hang out Kevin Nash they have some,great voiceover work its you know,actually interesting to be a part of,with the exception that at one point,youre locked into these set of tag,matches and tag matches are really bad,in this game the AI is brain-dead they,wont break at pins all the time its,just not fun oh and it has to have this,pulled back cameras protect at the,entire time looks very ugly so story,modes just alright and sadly online,doesnt get much better its single,matches only no creator wrestlers oh,its the same solid gameplay system the,matches I were doing it seemed to run a,bit slower than you know your normal,match but it wasnt something that broke,the system although I did get stuck in a,run at one point but still I mean if you,like TN a gameplay youd like online in,the end TNA isnt a bad wrestling game,its just one that feels shallowing and,complete I mean at times it doesnt even,feel like wrestling I mean every match,is no count-out chairs are just on the,floor for some reason it can be used at,you know without fear of,disqualification tag teams dont enter,together theyre no double-team moves,there arent even chamber ship belts in,the game even though in story they talk,about it professional wrestling is,pretty much all about gimmick matches,and TNA only has Ultimate X which is fun,but it just really isnt enough impacts,got a solid control scheme that can be,fun and a good base for the future but I,dont think theres enough content here,that you know most people be playing,this beyond an extended rental so thats,TNA impact everybody you know its not,the world champion yet but its got a,strong foundation could be number one,contender in the future and speaking of,number one contenders media base Mike,just Chobot shuhada needle,[Music]

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Bryan and Vinny vs. Impact and Russo – TNA Review with Video – Oct 14th 2010

[Music],this is a wrestling show,for people who hate wrestling and,written by somebody who hates wrestling,clearly,literally clearly i mean it was,explained as such,that wrestling is a bad thing on the,show is microphone lower,maybe youve grown i may have grown,thanks for thanks for doing that and,i didnt know how this man are possible,youre welcome,that wasnt the most annoying thing,today youre lucky i would hope not,lucky i watched impact i didnt even,hate impact for a while there,i was actually okay with the no,wrestling there for a while,and then then it all just hit me like a,like a,whatever they say ton of bricks that is,what like an avalanche,oh god this show well i guess we got to,talk about this thing here,well im sure everybodys well aware by,now this was the show that jay,wow was on and as uh,as i noted this afternoon if you went,out to the board,they did not in fact move j wow to hour,one,they put her an hour to head to head,with the real jersey shore,yeah and and they had sure come out and,alert us that the real jersey shore was,on the other channel,right now,[Laughter],yeah im making this up im not he came,on tv and let us know,that if we turned in into cj wow we,should,turn to the channel immediately yeah,this show went an hour and 15 minutes,before we got an,actual wrestling match and its actually,even worse than that,i i tallied it all in the,two hours the first two hours have been,back because there was no overrun but,the first two hours of impact,was a total of six minutes of,professional wrestling,they had one match in the first hour,they went zero minutes,and it matched the wind two minutes then,a match that went four minutes,then the main event started technically,after the two hours expired,yeah and uh,in between was every,promo and every storyline ever as you,pointed out there was two months of,programming in one show,two months of storyline and one show i,mean seriously they couldnt have,stretched this out over a month they,couldnt stress this out till,2011. they could not stretch this,they could not have stretched all of,this out and led to say,a uh rvd versus mr anderson match at the,next pay-per-view,where uh the winner would get whoever,the champion is right now i,dont even oh jeff [ __ ] hardy at the,next pay-per-view i mean they really,couldnt have done that,the thing is its not like so these are,not bad promos,none of these segments individually was,actually turret was they were,all the individual segments were pretty,much okay its just they all added up to,nothing,complete nothing let me let me say this,i am sick,of this reaction [ __ ] im sure the,reaction is a great show,somebody pointed out to me that all that,preview stuff that i loved,leading up to the pay-per-view the half,hour pre-show which i thought was great,was all stuff from,reaction listen to me i,will not watch three,hours of impact,im not the only one i get the ratings,every week last week if you add in,dvr viewership impact did,1.9 million viewers,do you know how many viewers watched,reaction,nine eight hundred thousand,it may have been slightly over eight,maybe we could round it up to nine,thats still less than half yes,regardless one,million people who watched two hours of,impact,had no desire to watch a third hour,im among those people and this is what,im going to do every week and this is,not going to change,im going to set my dvr 10 minutes long,in fact its always been set 10 minutes,long if impact goes past 2 hours and 10,minutes,thats it for the evening im not,watching a single minute more,it pains me to watch 10 minutes more but,i will do that,i will watch an extra 10 minutes of,impact as it leaks onto reaction,but im not going to watch another,second of it,when your overrun plunges a million,viewers its not worth it to go past the,top of the hour,if a million of your fans,have had enough after two hours then all,of these,angles and matches and such that youre,shooting that go,15 minutes past the top of the two hour,mark,no ones watching them so why would you,do them,that would mean that only the hardest of,the hardcore are seeing your most,important angles thats stupid,your big angle should be viewed by the,maximum amount of viewers not to mention,last week when they went over the top of,the hour for the go,home show that all of the people that,watch,impact in the uk they dont have,reaction,and so when impact went off the air in,the uk and they said stay tuned for,reaction,the show just went off the air so all of,those people in the uk,never actually saw the end of the main,event on impact,that was great,show opened up with storyline,they showed clips of the pay-per-view,which i did not see,i had read about i watched these clips,and all i could think was this seems,like a,very complicated way for five men to get,the championship on jeff hardy,im already exhausted by the way i am,just this show,completely drained me of life by the end,i was doing okay,literally for about 50 minutes i didnt,even hate the show for about 15 minutes,even though it was,all talk i did not hate it for about 50,minutes i was giving it a chance,but after about the 50 minute mark when,they kept,[ __ ] talking and shooting [ __ ],angles,actually when i really lost it was the,segment backstage with hogan and dixie,and,and well get into that in just a moment,but first off the show opens with a,storyline,dixies attorney is there now i presume,this must be her real attorney,thats exactly because this [ __ ] guy,is the worst actor,a lick ever he must be a professional,law person,they couldnt get it an actor i guess,not to work for a hundred dollars,i guess there was no one available at,universal studios to get make a,television appearance,so this horrible actor comes out hes,dixies,attorney he explains to bischoff that,she signed those contracts under false,pretenses that wasnt the contract i,sent you to have her sign eric,they did not explain what the contract,was they presumed we all knew,and by the way this was what everybody,figured going in but they did not,explain it here in this segment,so this guy makes a very,valid legal argument that dixie,thought she was signing something else,so it did not,count bischoff who is not an attorney,argued well let me tell you something,she signed the contracts in front of,millions of people on national,television we have plenty of witnesses,this argument would actually help dixie,carter yes,millions of people on television saw her,sign something under,false presence he claimed there were,millions of witnesses,so as as todd martin pointed out there,are millions of witnesses to his,fraud even i know this,but dixies attorney felt checkmate,he said this is over you havent seen,the last of me here,this isnt over and off he went i cannot,wait to see how they explain this in the,long term now again,fine pro wrestling is fake,its [ __ ] we have to suspend our,disbelief as,[ __ ] stupid as this was im gonna go,with it for now,there are bigger fish to fry on this,particular show,so thats true out comes,the fish the fish well first off,after this segment was over and the,announcers open up the show,then they announced that dixie has,signed over the majority of her shares,to eric,so he is no longer president this is,fraud on a massive scale,but again im gonna go with this,so out comes hogan and eric,they got a fair amount of heat i thought,the crowd was overwhelmingly approving,of hulk hogan,may have been they loved this evil man,or who was supposed to be evil i guess,its still hard to tell sometimes he,explained that,and this is the irony of ironies by the,way dixie on her twitter after the show,she actually said this you can look it,up she said hogan and eric had killed,one company and they werent going to,kill hers,what i swear to god she said this yeah,this is not awesome this is why i was,loving the show,you know i i just was in love with the,show at this point because at this point,i still did not give a [ __ ],you know its just like okay s

Bryan and Vinny review Hogans TNA debut IMPACT

hi everybody the brian and vinnie show,we got no music,weve been ranting for 20 minutes now,and uh,and the show wasnt recording i dont,know why i could have sworn i hit the,button,i did not the only thing i can come up,with here,is that uh orlando jordan was involved,in some way,because if youll recall the orlando,jordans time machine also had an,incident where the show was not,recording,remember that i do recall that orlando,jordan has [ __ ] cursed the show yet,again,do you want to do any speech you gave,beforehand no i dont care so the 20,minute ranting we did,more than 10 of it was you discussing,website issues and stuff,sorry the site was down everybody were,going to try and get it fixed and by we,i mean brian and his friends much,much faster than the one i gave all,right impact,[Music],were just moving on no time to wait i,do not care,go just talk,yeah clips 20 minutes gone,go on on down the tubes should we just,start where we left off,nobody gives a [ __ ] about mike tennant,reading the format i will,i will okay just start with uh uh,homicide it took way too long to get out,of a goddamn cage yeah theres nothing,we discussed tattoos for a while the,stupid red cage,uh the fans chatting this is [ __ ] in,the first match and how that was the,uh when the fans were saying this is,[ __ ] in the first match,in the history of the new era of impact,on the biggest what theyve ever done,thats when i was laughing my ass off uh,and then as noted,homicide after about an hour escaped the,cage where he was probably hitting the,head for the chair by jeff hardy,20 minutes down the tube climbed up it,didnt take us 20 minutes to say on this,this show is gonna this show is just,gonna be something now because my,dander is up my dander is up so then,jeff hardy climbed the cage and sat,there,by now there are other places in fact,you know it doesnt matter what our,recap of this was the show is replaying,again thursday watch the first 10,minutes,yes you will understand i recapped this,entire show yesterday yeah and earlier,here apparently,so vince is just gonna take this show,here all right,uh we had uh hogans motorcade was on,the way,remember that everyone hulk hogan was,any motorcade being led by police to the,impact zone,why not christie interviewed kevin nash,he took a very long time to say that,hulk hogan was his first mentor in the,business,which is comical to me because i believe,he was wrestling for like a decade,before he ever met hulk hogan,he said ho everywhere hogan went became,number one and that meant he nailed,everyone and that meant kevin actually,making more money so he was excited,he finally closed saying hulk hogan is,coming and hes not alone,its a free show who cares you know what,i mean no ones paying for this,particular episode so it doesnt matter,that we screwed it up and,its its all falling apart at this,point i i honestly i may just read my,notes for being in physics,you may as well stop being creative the,idea was that vince was gonna agreed it,hes gonna hes gonna give his thoughts,because i already gave him yesterday,and then i was gonna chime in with witty,and intelligent comments,and clearly that idea failed no,odb versus tara for uh,title odb got new gear its a denim,short did you,turn me down,[Laughter],maybe you should just leave this many,time,go lay on the couch drink some water and,just take a nap,i cant believe i turned myself down,jesus christ,you okay we are not drinking no,he really is the stupid listen you need,take a deep breath im not serious you,youve been on the go,for like three days straight down 84,because theres ufc on saturday im,seriously losing my mind,yes im worried you you,you im just gonna take a little break,all right ill let you ill be ill be,back in two minutes im just gonna go,and walk around for a second,take it go outside and get some air,so its a relatively warm night for,january in seattle,all right odb versus tara odb finally,got new gear it looked like before she,had taken like a janitors,jumpsuit and just cut the sleeves legs,off now she has a denim top and shorts,its a vast improvement uh they had a,short match but for the most part was,pretty good,uh probably ataris best match in her,dna career,weve been hard on her before and this,is pretty good the finish,was high high comedy because you see,odb to the school girl,she cradled tara and then she,grabbed the tights revealing some of,taras ass crack,and she got the pin now i know this,because we were told she had the pin,and the rough count of three we saw the,uh fans cheering in odb celebrating with,a belt we do not see this,im sorry i was distracted remember,about three years ago brian promised,something,that if something happened he would do a,little dance,he just went outside the window and he,delivered,you missed it im sorry,so odb cradles tara pulls the tights,and then the director cuts away,to a shot of the of the asylum cage,in darkness empty with the fans sitting,there,apparently taped right before they went,in the air,and then they cut back and odb had won,the belt,and as we mentioned 20 minutes ago in 20,minutes of radio that was erased and not,saved,in the first match because the stupid,disqualification in the man steel cage,match,the fans were chanting this is [ __ ],only the chant was bleeped,so we got this is bull silence over and,over and over again,and then here we saw some butt crack,from tara,and the director immediately cut away,again now it,could be my imagination but i dont,think any of this would have happened,on an impact was on thursdays it seems,like,it seems like they could get away with,this stuff and there would not be this,wacky,censoring so theres two theories that i,have here first,they hired a new director for this show,who had never seen the product before,and had no idea what to expect and they,gave him no notice of what they were,doing so he had no idea what to do,or and this is my favorite they figure,that,since people may be watching this show,which they usually dont,they have better crack down on the,obscenity and accidental nudity thats,my theory,they decided this show would be watched,and since and they,they have better cut down on this kind,of thing whereas on normal thursdays,they dont have to worry because,nobodys watching anyway,so tara has just been pinned with an,illegal hold and,and she has lost her womens title so,she immediately jumps to her feet,lays odb out with a widows peak and,then put the spider on her and then grab,the title and held it up,making odbs win completely relevant,making the title switch completely,irrelevant,the whole thing was very stupid i was,begging for hulk hogan to arrive at this,point,desperate for the holster to show up and,save the show i showed up to save the,show,did you drink while you were gone that,was a some dance you did,i cant tell youre still turned down,jesus christ,i just dont christmas in january im,im uh,i am sober i have not taken any gizmos i,have nothing,im just im im teetering on the edge,right now but im gonna be all right,lets keep going so a limo showed up ric,flair got out,he this is one of those things where im,sure this is exactly how rick flair,greets people in real life when he shows,up in a new building,he walked up to everyone he looked him,in the eye he smiled he shook their hand,and he said nice to meet you how are you,doing,and i guarantee you he as soon as he,passed them by they were immediately out,of his head gone,yeah so the the fans were saying holy,[ __ ] again it was censored here,we they cut to front of the crowd and uh,this is after commercial break,we were told told i say not shown that,rick flair had gone to aj styles locker,room,yeah we got shots of christy,interviewing fans,the people of walmart,they were not as as terrifying as the,people in the first fan segment of the,show,but uh foley showed up she ran to get an,interview with him,she asked what are you doing here the,impact zone he said im on my way to,work which i thought was a g

This Was Wrestling: TNA Retrospective

[Music],[Music],1999 Joey F Russo books his buddy Jeff,Jarrett to retain the icy belt until,after his contract expires without,contractual obligation Jeff Jarrett says,cannot wrestle me with it man mini,extorted whats the friendly town for,extort he legally ransoms roughly a,quarter million from Vince to do one,match drop the belt at no mercy Martino,into China fair played from then on,Jarrett was blackballed from the wbf and,they still do her best to never feature,late noisy no and Russo joins Jeff,Jarrett in WCW and the to run it into,the ground dont we see dough he closes,in 2001 and both are out of a job later,that year Jeff his dad Jerry Jarrett and,Bob Ryder go on a fishing trip,filthy hobbitses,[Laughter],there and Jarrod realizes if he wants to,work in the USA hell have to make his,own promotion and he cant thanks to the,seed money screwing Vince back in 99,even mortgaged his house to get TNA off,the ground TNA yes NWA TNA Total Nonstop,action,Vince Russo thought of it obviously oh,yeah early two-thousands edge Lord yeah,so what kind of current what difficult,to take seriously TNA needed financial,backers HealthSouth had to pull out due,to financial irregularities and Jeff,Jarrett chatted to Dixie Carter whose PR,firm he worked with recently he,convinced her to convince her parents to,get into the wrestling business and TNA,were in business billion dollar panda,energy invested in TNA if they didnt,invest they would have been dead in 2002,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],tiene started off with no TV deal they,did weekly paper views for 995 starting,in June 2002 they did a total of 114,paper Vs bringing us up to September,2004 by then they were big enough to,sign a deal with Fox Sports starting,their weekly one-hour TV show TNA,impacts out of Universal Studios they,canceled their weekly paper views and,did monthly paper Vs instead starting,with Victory Road 2004 in the fall of,2005 doey do we move draw back to the,USA Network where they remained ever,since leaving a pro wrestling gap in,spikes lineup and TNA swooped in there,was always two distinct sides to TNA,their incredible homegrown talents most,notably aging stars Christopher Daniels,Samoa Joe abyss Im bringing an older ex,WWF and WCW names like DDP Hall Nash,Raven and the New Age Outlaws in,[Laughter],September 2005 they hired the Dudley,Boyz going under Team 3d in November,Christian turned up which was our,impetus not watching TNA totally and in,January 2006 sting showed back up in,March,Scott Steiner and their biggest ever,signing in September Kurt Angle actually,they didnt publicize it but a few days,prior to that there was another,important signing TNA quietly rehired,Vince Russo yeah he was on the ground,floor of TNA back in 2002 as both on,screen and the writer having his own,faction of sports entertainment extreme,sex and he left when he started doing,monthly pay-per-views but now hes back,instantly the number of gimmick matches,and frantic [ __ ] steps shut up,of Christmas chaos cage match a double,North Pole match a Santas workshop,knockout street fights a silent night,bloody nights match grab the reindeer,ladder night Klus much much more,101st,DNA in 2007 they expanded impacts to two,hours they continue to hire ex WCW and,Toby W talent like Booker T Elijah Burke,Mick Foley and push them over their own,guys 2009 Jarretts affair would Kurt,Angles wife goes public and Jarrett is,put on a leave of absence,Dixie takes charge all on time for,January 4 2010 Hulk Hogan and Eric,Bischoff come to TNA brother with both,creative and on-screen roles hiring even,more ex WCW into adobe names like Ric,Flair Bob Van Damme mr. Anderson oh my,god Jeff hardly Val Venis yeah nasty,boys which kicked off the infamous,Monday Night Wars – which lasted hello,seven weeks 810 weeks under Hogan and,Bischoff we got some good bollocks,like returning Jeff Jarrett becoming a,custodian flipping burgers and his,double ma gimmick double J mm a tapping,out kids and some bird bollocks like Joe,Kersting who had a crow a physical crow,hoaxers magical Hall of Fame ring oh um,that Dexter bloke Samuel Shaw I love the,bit where it can Andersons in he goes,to Sam Shaws house and he is like Sams,bedroom and in 2013 the aces and eights,a bokor function gimmick ala the Sons of,Anarchy loved main event hell bully Ray,but when they hired Brooke Hogan the BMI,angle get [ __ ] absolutely most,wrestling fans who watch TNA when did,you stop watching,most people say ace isnt it Spike TV,hated Russos tastes the storylines and,Dixie is sure dunk that he was gone,but Rousseau was secretly working as TNA,creative consultant which is obvious if,you watch the show yes and accidentally,emailed his notes to PW insiders like,Johnson instead of Mike Tenay its,amazing he single-handedly killed this,companys top run spike were furious it,came at the worst possible time as TNAs,TV deal was just being renewed not,anymore,thanks Russo but at the end of the day,the blame has to fall at Dixies feet,shes the gobshite who brought him back,and she paid him and shes the one who,was in meetings with these guys lying to,their faces yep after nine years on,Spike their last broadcast was on,Christmas Eve 2014,[Applause],[Music],dont we CW lost its TV deal with TNT,and died ECW lost its TV deal with TNN,and died in 2014 TNA he lost his TV deal,with Spike,he joined destination America in 2015,Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan he shook,hands with Dixie Carter smiling politely,got on board as both on and off screen,towns he [ __ ] loves wrestling and,wanted to see it succeed,later that year TNA lost its TV deal,again havent they made a massive tablet,of this you know like for their 15 years,they were like you didnt think we could,do it we keep crawling,[Laughter],they switched to pop TV in January 2016,every change the deal gets worse pop was,a TV guide channel this time TNA werent,being paid to produce TV they just got,to have a TV slot so its like a mutual,beneficial Taylor pop gets and,programming and TNA get to promote their,house shows and pay-per-views although,they dont want to do pay-per-views cuz,every time they do a pay-per-view they,lose money cuz you need at least 9,000,fires what are they on these days they,only do two year now yeah they usually,do the pay per views as kind of special,impacts like this impact is called,Destination X now yeah yeah obviously,enough after years of poor attendance,sagging ratings and losing money every,time you put on a pay-per-view TNA were,having serious financial problems its,been super messy these last two years in,2016 Billy Corgan loaned Dixie Carter,1.8 million dollars and was made,president anthem sports bought in 85,percent of the company era looks having,ten percent thats the company with the,nazy the blue brothers oh my god the,[ __ ] rolling bell Harris leaving,Dixie with five percent and a token role,squeezing out Billy Corgan completely,who is now working with the end of the I,he most certainly yes Billy Corgan,actually bought the,anyway the noggers would attitude so now,with TNA anthem are in charge Bischoff,was asked if hed boy TNA and he said,Im not in the market for a clown car oh,[ __ ] brother Nero I just had another,premonition the time is now we must put,our hands on Vanguard one and the,expedition to God must begin,[Applause],these massive changes were seen on TV as,well talent-wise,a mass exodus of big names big Velvet,Sky Oh Magnus Valley rude that will,actually was a big loss because like,rude was there from like very early on,wasnt he mm-hmm and of course the,biggest ones leave the broken Hardy Boys,yeah and even the returning crew who,came back in 2017 have already left,like Loki to see hes gone round in his,hip man GARP but he doesnt have guns,and the obviously is no titanium black,so it just looks like a car salesman,[Laughter],Matt Morgan where is he,yeah my boy suicide hasnt been seen,since August oh my god but he came back,and hes still gone naming wise of the,co

The TNA impact video game you didn’t play! Review

sure it man its time to do something a,bit different on the Shabbat show today,for those of you who are creepy stalker,type you may have scrolled back to see,that my very first YouTube videos were,game reviews so I guess you can say that,today Im going back to my roots,hello mate Im Bob the Builder inhabited,land incurs additional expense because,people are reluctant to move which means,if I put my stupid Jello hat in a field,youll have to pay me to move it oh,hello again lady shed be begging for it,please but a kid be calling me Dada so I,send her on the railway to the a la Asta,think you can all see why I never made,it as a game reviewer caught not the,hustle though it was definitely there,but you all know me I dont like to talk,about anything thats been done to death,which is why you wont see me doing a,review on the TNA Impact video game for,2008 that you all know but most of you,likely dont love on that subject I do,want to just say how are the graphics,still better in parts to Modern,wrestling games the developers did an,amazing job on the game Graphics shame,they didnt spend more time on the rest,of it anyway were not here to talk,about that game were here to talk about,the final game TNA ever released in,2011. I thought this would make for a,good video because no ones really even,acknowledged its existence this one,would be called TNA Wrestling impact,from Namco Studios and it was for,Android phones seeing as this game is,from the peak of the Hulk Hogan era and,TNA theres bound to be some funny,things in this game now Ive spent,literal hours trying to get this thing,working again and this is the best I can,do its playable but I cant control it,very well all Ive got is a mouse work,and no keyboard when you load up the,game youre agreed to a lively menu with,the TNA theme from that era blasting out,with you youve got options of career,mode exhibition mode achievements of,which I have none in life and TLA video,TNA Video I believe used to bring you to,their YouTube page achievements is stuff,they want you to do in the game theyve,all got wrestling lingo for their titles,I just want to be a Hulk Maniac by,selecting exhibition youre given the,choice of the Arena its the good old,Impact Zone Bound for Glory turning,point or final resolution unfortunately,theres no Victory Road there are six,match types in this video which isnt,that bad for a mobile game single,submission fools cat anywhere no DQ cage,and tag,now on to the Restless selection screen,the first wrestler that you see is the,idiot Abyss is that the game developers,recommendation I have to admit the model,looks okay AJ Styles Hernandez who looks,horrible by the way he has a melon head,Kurt Hank also has a big head and it,doesnt even look like him RVD looks,alright Samoa Joe also looks deformed,the icon Sting the pope DAngelo De Niro,strangely Desmond woof cant have,appeared in many video games in his time,Jay Lethal sadly not the Black machismo,Version,Douglas Williams the motor system,machine guns who both look really nice,and cowboy James storm and Robert Rood,Kevin Nash also makes a surprise,appearance he is the toughest man on the,roster,Mr Anderson and a wild slap nuts appears,to round off the wrestlers weve also,got Ric Flair Jeff Hardy,Tommy Dreamer why is Tommy Dreamer in,this game and even more confusingly why,the hell is the Welsh roider Robert,Terry in this game,Jeff Hardys Stoner friend also makes an,appearance to round off our selection so,a pretty good choice for a mobile game,not sure how they decided the wrestlers,but who cares after selecting your,opponent you are given the choice of,difficulty and Im gonna have to play on,easy because I dont have a keyboard,give me a break,they actually put midi entrances to the,music which is a really nice touch for,mobile game even if the wrestlers do,share a complete lack of emotion theyre,really missing pyro in this too it just,looks silly at times,youre met with a standard looking,wrestling game although I guess the 3D,environment is alright it all boils down,to button smashing youve got a strike,button a grapple button and a run button,I frantically smashed the buttons hoping,I could do a move quicker than my,opinion and most of the time I will,because its on easy mode I guess you,will see a never-ending spree of,suplexes in this video because I cant,seem to do much else the game feels very,clunky as moves struggle to connect its,all a bit slow and depressing,you will also find two meters one is for,health and one is for momentum which,gets you a finisher and let me tell you,brother The Finisher system is one of,the dumbest that Ive ever seen in a,wrestling game,as long as your opponent is on their,feet facing you you can just frantically,hit the finisher button and you do it no,method or tactics here just press it as,soon as you filled up your momentum,meter doesnt even matter if youre in,control of the match or not your,opponent doesnt have to be dizzy just,hit the button,and then once youve hit your finisher,you can waddle over to your opponent and,win the match,[Applause],the finishers look a mixture of good and,bad and from what I can tell once youve,earned your finisher you can never lose,it even if you get beaten up for the,next five minutes following earning one,so calling a momentum is stupid,I find myself doing more high-flying and,running moves because I cant seem to do,more than a suplex,theres also some things that certain,wrestlers can and cant do depending on,if theyre a high flyer or a powerhouse,its nothing that interesting its like,powerhouses can pick you up in a,firemans carry position and High Flyers,can apparently jump over the Rope never,seen it happen though,submission mode is exactly the same as,the singles mode except when your,opponent is down on the floor of enough,low Health you can press a button to,apply submission and thats it no work,in a body part here seems a pretty,pointless inclusion if your opponents,health is in the red they will most,likely give up and its straight away,fools count anywhere and no DQ are the,exact same thing from what I can tell,either way it doesnt matter the only,way to get a weapon is to press the,button when youre walking towards the,crowd and its impossible without a,keyboard so I cant show you it,this is a good time to tell you about,this really annoying habit the computer,has when theyre on low Health they will,climb out of the ring and just stand,there staring at you for five seconds,but nothing happens and health doesnt,regenerate its just a complete time,waster it makes me wonder if they meant,to add in regenerating health and just,ran out of time cage match is also a,complete waste of time because I cant,climb out the cage but whilst it looks,okay this big gray Shadow keeps covering,most of the screen Ill read dont have,anything else to say,fear I was surprised to see antag team,made that there is actually a couple of,tag team entrances I mean they dont do,anything they just stand there like,morons but a nice little feature I guess,and tag matches theyre the most,pointless feature in this entire game,because the wrestlers who arent the,legal man will never move from their,spot unless theyre tagged in so just,completely ignore them and pretend its,a singles match,thats what they seem to be doing anyway,so exhibition sucks luckily we have a,career mode to play through,your first choice you need to make is,heavyweight X divisional tag team well,seeing as tag team matches suck on this,game Im not choosing that,youre now given the choice to create a,wrestler or use a TNA wrestler I decided,to give Korea a wrestler a go it turns,out its one of the most basic Creator,wrestlers youve ever seen,and just like that were in the ring,with the hulkster he asks if we need a,refresher which at this point we most,certainly do not,he says were going to get the same,opportunity as everyone else in TNA,everyone has to earn their spot I guess,unless youve come from the WWE,we now mee

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