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  5. To Paradise Book Review – Spoiler Free!
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To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara – (spoiler free) review

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reading vlog reading vlog reading vlog,today im kicking off a reading vlog i,say that as if you had no clue im about,to head to barnes and noble barnes and,noble barnes and nobes barnaby and nobly,because i want to pick up to paradise by,hania yanagahara this is the same author,that wrote the book that blew up over,the past few years and that is a little,life the book that literally had people,sobbing their brains out brains,literally coming out their tear ducts,because it both blew their brains and,made them emotional the same book that i,dnf because i knew myself well enough to,know that one i was never going to,finish it and i tried i tried i gave it,three tries three strikes you out and,two it had reached that level of hype,where i knew id have way too high of,expectations to enjoy myself while,reading it the thing is what i read of a,little life i enjoyed in terms of the,writing style and im all about second,chances the opportunity to do things,again but better so here we are now with,a season for second chances but well,see if this time will be different i,hope that i end up more happy than not,its very clear to me that the author,does a lot of character work in order,for her characters to have that realness,factor which is why i think so many,people had such big reactions with a,little life because you just cant help,but grow this care for the characters,because they feel so real so i still,want to give this author a second chance,and thats what im going to be doing,with to paradise but im going into this,book knowing absolutely nothing i dont,know anything about the description i,havent read any reviews zip zero none i,dont know anything about the setting,the characters nothing absolutely,nothing and im gonna keep it that way,that way the expectations are down here,and the thing with the hype surrounding,a little life is that everyone knew it,was tragic and sad that was the selling,point for some reason people saw other,people crying their brains out over it,and said to themselves i want that for,myself i get it though ive been there i,love me a sad book but you go into that,book with those expectations that its,going to leave you feeling devastated,and i dont want to go into this book,with any expectations like that i dont,want to go into it knowing its going to,whack me upside the head and wreck me i,also ended up spoiling myself for a,little life which on the low im kind of,glad that i did because it made me,understand why everyone leaves that book,broken down and in tears like the author,did not hold back went straight for the,heart and ripped it,out its release day so lets go to the,good old barnes and noble get the book,then go get some boba then i have to go,to the dentist which im not looking,forward to and then im finally gonna,put together my flexi spot v9 desk bike,which i have had in my room for so long,and it was sent to me a while ago so,its time that i finally put it together,im very excited about it okay lets go,[Music],you wanna ride on my wave,just because its fun you wanna be,in my space,too close to the sun dont seem to care,if its safe well that makes you of us,im so insane so insane and you like it,but you havent seen anything yet,now youre just beginning your trip to,regret,you might think you know me but soon,im too,[Music],its unboxing time i got sent this,flexispot v9 desk bike from flexispot,and im super excited about it its,super easy to put together which i was,actually very surprised by as somebody,who hates putting together furniture,this was super easy took minimal effort,which is exactly what im looking for,when putting together furniture not to,sound like an infomercial but you can,have it together in minutes it has a lot,of amazing features you can adjust the,desktop both height and angle and of,course the height of the chair the bike,itself is scratch resistant and easy to,move around with its rollers so you,dont have to worry about scuffing up,the floors its a super sturdy and,stable desk making it really easy to get,some work done on it and also some,reading done on it in my case and thats,exactly what im excited to use it for,both editing and reading while biking,like hello give me a chance to work out,while im doing two of my favorite,things editing and reading ill take it,thank you to flexispot for sending this,my way i love flexispot products and i,highly recommend checking them out i,will leave more information on them down,below in the description with links as,to where you can find other flexi spot,products the way im literally about to,do an update for my new flexi spot v9,desk fight should i bike and talk only,if i want to be out of breath while i,talk i was gifted this bike from flexi,spot but i love flexi spot i will leave,a link to them down below in the,description i actually have one of their,standing desks in my library room and i,love it i use it all the time and im,excited to use this when i feel too lazy,to go to the gym which is a thing thats,been happening to me a lot lately to be,fair its hard for me to get out in the,cold i can use this to edit or read,while working out and that im excited,about i can read bike and read bike and,read okay okay okay okay getting carried,away here do i start with a reading,update a book haul or a teeth update,lets start with the book haul i,obviously first up got to paradise which,i had to have someone find it for me,because apparently im not a book pro,like i thought i was ive been defeated,by the bookshop game,completely torn to shreds do you know,how embarrassing it is to have to ask,somebody where a book is its,embarrassing for me because i know,barnes and noble like the back of my,hand,am i okay this book is a lot bigger than,i thought it was going to be but i guess,a little life was pretty big too if,anyone breaks into my house,its over for them,i just need to work on my throwing,skills as you can see i caved and got a,few other things because clearly i cant,go to a bookshop and just buy one thing,i lose sight of the one book goal and,buy several things ive got the new,edition of history is all you left me,and this is the deluxe edition so deluxe,so fancy then i got the more happy than,not deluxe edition this has been out for,a while but i decided that i needed it,for my collection i just really loved,the art styles on these new covers so i,just had to have them its been wild,seeing adams career take off in the way,that it has and these are the ogs back,in the day me and you baby uh we used to,have fun our people need to pick up more,happy than not and read it even if it is,a soul crusher let the soul be crushed,finally,i picked up this book called limit maybe,i was craving lemonade at the time i,dont know weird things happen to me,when im in a bookshop this is a korean,novel that was translated into english,and essentially its about this murder,case that goes cold and a girl that is,tied to the murder case oh i gotta,sneeze,oh my gosh,i just saw my life flash before my eyes,what was i saying so we follow this girl,who is in some way tied to the case and,she decides to go back and try to,unravel it and figure it out get to the,bottom of it those are the books i got,kind of a random haul to be honest but,im not mad about it as for my teeth i,have to get a root canal that was a very,abrupt segway and i have a few cavities,so i just really love that for me,i typically like the dentist but when,they come bearing bad news i want to,scream and shout and let it all out now,for a reading update the real owl that,hurt my ears the real reason were here,im 154 pages in which is honestly a lot,i keep running into this problem with,long books where i just feel like they,should be cut down like i dont need all,these deets i love words and yet this is,too wordy its like when someone is,trying to tell you this like super small,situation that happened to them and they,talk your ears off for an hour and then,you finally get to the end of the story,and youre just

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Victoria’s Book Reviews: To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara

hello everybody and welcome back and,today we are discussing,probably the first big book,metaphorically and literally of 2022 it,is the much anticipated hanya,yanagiharas 2 paradise,now i um its a hefty book which we,always have have already come to expect,from hanya yanagihara who of course,shared a little life with us some years,ago which was,hugely acclaimed but also a little bit,divisive particularly because of the,last 50 pages which had quite a lot of,abuse in it so i wouldnt be surprised,if some of you who have read a little,life would come with this book with a,little trepidation im here to tell you,please dont be afraid this book,is amazing i always feel as a as a,creative as an artist sometimes youve,got to produce things to get to the,other side and i feel that after a,little life which was,an extraordinary book in itself to,paradise has taken hanya yanagihara to,another level or rather hanya yanagihara,her craft her her brilliance her,her plot development her character her,what she shares and what she doesnt is,just so superb that to paradise has to,sweep the awards this year i mean it,really does its extraordinary but,however i come to this book vlog a,little nervous because im not sure how,the hell to explain it its almost a,book beyond explanation but im going to,try okay so to paradise it is,effectively in three sections,the first,is set in a fictional,history of the united states so um were,unfamiliar territory i guess from those,who have read her previous book were,with gay men in new york,in the first part so the first sort of,section of this book its a fictional,history where the united states was not,as we know it,but new york was a city that um,embraced um all kinds of sexuality where,people were free to express love and,relationships as they chose to,and we are with a,young man,who is torn between the obligation of,his family history and wealth,and a passionate love that he finds,when hes volunteering at a local school,the second story is also set,in a,weirdly,fictional but truthful time what we are,were in the 1990s in new york it is the,era of aids as we know it but its known,as the plague in this sort of,fictional,parallel history,were again with a group of gay men in,new york and we begin to follow certain,characters who are also straining,against uh racism straining against uh,the,legacy of their,history their family and also what the,future means for them what does the,future look like,and then we come to,the third part which is forms the bulk,of the books actually about half the,book which is set in a fictional future,rather perversely given what weve gone,through recently where were in a new,york,that about i think 2070 2080 which has,had a history of pandemics and plagues,which has decimated the population and,has turned,whats left of the united states into an,authoritarian regime where the,population are under coercive control,and,their life is institutionalized to,prevent further pandemics for their,safety,and so you have this sort of fictional,world of a very authoritarian,dictatorial life and in there we follow,one young woman whos coming to terms,with the loss of her grandfather and an,unhappy unfulfilled marriage,what on earth do those three parts have,in common,well,let me tell you you will need to read,the whole book to finally get it and i,think theres about 700 pages here by,the time i got to the end people i was,crying,thats how good this book is it was so,moving,this book is about,freedom it is about freedom to be who,you are it is about the barriers that we,have internal and external it is about,society how society shapes itself it is,it is a searing indictment on uh liberal,enlightenment and how you know the,famous martin luther king quote that,barack obama always quotes which is the,arc of,wait,something about the,the line towards justice is never,straight but it bends towards,the line of progress is never straight,but it bends towards justice im sorry,if i,arcs towards just im sorry if ive,misquoted that but the idea of martin,luther king is that there is justice,that were on a path that is forward,hanya challenges that profoundly she,really questions whether going forward,is the same as becoming more enlightened,why do we think that we are more,enlightened than the people in the past,why do we think that humanity will,change why do we think that history,means progress as opposed to going,backwards why do we not think that we,make the same mistakes again and again,and again why do we think that we learn,lessons from the past we dont and she,really pulls this out,i could describe this book as a,masterpiece but ive recent im getting,almost,dont want to say that word this book is,an epic i saw a review recently that,compared it to,uh war and peace,one piece is remarkably inaccessible so,i dont want people to think that but,what it means is that this book reflects,every aspect of human life decisions our,fears the idea of loneliness our risks,to be free,um what were prepared to pay,emotionally,as well as literally to be free,what does freedom actually mean um and,its different for every other person,uh freedom,and emancipation around sexuality and,around gender,isnt going to constantly involve maybe,those prejudices will stay will we,always be racist will we always be,othering certain communities,it is but none of that is heavy none of,that is heavy instead youre in these,three plots by the way which eventually,by the end you will realize this even,though theyre set over,150 years these three plots of course,theyre all linked and you get traces of,them feeding through,about how the people in it are the,weight of the history they are unaware,of as people in their past made the same,mistakes they did or had the same crises,of confidence that they did,to paradise is,as the book intimates from its title,its a constant search for paradise what,people are looking for,what what constitutes paradise does it,constitute freedom does it constitute,freedom to love or does it constitute,security do you need physical security,do you want to be protected from bad,things and it really investigates the,nuance of that this is not predictable,kind of like,a simplistic this is a really,um,impressive achievement in its subtle,examination of huge issues,im reading another book at the moment,which of course i will vlog about and,one of the challenges that i have,is when you get a complex plot,is,sometimes writers do not invest in the,characters as well,what i mean by that is the characters,become vehicles to examine social change,and when ive just described all of that,plot t you must think god this is a lot,big epic,these are emotional stories there are,characters in here that drove me mad,that you just youre sitting there,particularly in that first one set in,the past and you think dont be so,stupid,um and then in the middle one youre,thinking oh no,or thats bad behavior you shouldnt,really do that and thats not nice,thats not kind um and then in the,latter one and this sort of,post-pandemic uh socialized,institutionalized world its a almost a,horror story,but but its the characters that bring,this humanity that bring the emotion,that youre rooting for or rooting,against,and that is what keeps you going through,this book i read this book in about,three or four days,um to paradise doesnt have the horror,or the anguish in the way that a little,life is youre not going to be wincing,in parts of this book there are not,going to be sections of the book you,feel you cant read or that you feel are,sensationalized theres nothing like,that,instead this is a hugely impressive,examination of society and what it is to,be human and what it is to be free,and,how hanya yanagihara picked this vehicle,of three,stories in a parallel version,of our world to do this,i mean thats,thats talent because lots of people,have claimed to examine human nature in,human society and she chose a parallel,world three parallel timelines,you think its mad,and it

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13 Thoughts on To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara

so one of my carryover goals from last,year was to,take more notes,while im reading my recommitment to,that goal could not have come at a,better time because i just i cant,imagine what the interior of my thoughts,would have looked like,while reading,to paradise i can only imagine that it,would look like that famous scene from,its always sunny in philadelphia where,charlie is just like,connecting the dots like a like a madman,and i say that because with to paradise,there are a lot of threads,hanging around and,it feels like most of the time theres,nowhere to really,attach them the book is split into three,sections one is in 1893 one is in 1993,one is in 2093. each of these timelines,has,an edward a charles a david some peters,the similarities even go past the names,two of the books feature hawaii very,significantly the same townhouse in,washington square features very,prominently in all three stories and,kind of serves as the anchor for the,story two of the three stories have very,prominent powerful grandfathers whose,machinations are really affecting the,lives of their grandchildren all three,of these books end with the exact same,phrase and the exact same image someone,kind of reaching out to their future,optimistically hoping that where theyre,going is,to paradise but what is the point of all,the davids and charless and edwards,and peters even even the butlers all,have the same name this is where i think,some readers are misinterpreting what i,think,the goal of the book is i think,because theres these three timelines,because you have names that repeat over,and over again because youre in the,same locations it is so easy to,make this book into a puzzle you need to,figure out what are the connections what,does it all mean,things are happening in in 1893 how are,they tethered to whats going on in 2093,its so easy to get bogged down in that,and i think that is part of the fun of,the novel but i think that part of the,novel is a lot more subtle,than people are going to want it to be,because i dont really think,that is the point and this is where i,really wish yanagahara her publishers,whoever,had chosen to name the book something,else lets say this is a terrible title,but something like what if that would,have directed their readers towards i,think where yanukohara wanted to go what,this story does what this book does is,encourage its readers to ask,what if this happened what if that,happened how would things be different,on a grand scale and on a on a more,intimate scale,if all these little things had been,different what if after the civil war in,america things like race and class,remained problems but sexuality,homosexuality didnt what if hawaii had,declared independence how differently,would things be there what if we had a,drastically different response,to the pandemic or the idea of pandemics,and those what if questions that the,novel,asks you explicitly but also the,questions that i think yanagihara is,just encouraging you to ask,after you finish reading thats the most,interesting part of the book thats the,part that i think im going to take with,me now that its over and then in the,kind of broad scheme of things like what,things would have had to change in the,past for today,to be any different or if you want to,flip it what huge things could have,happened in the past that ultimately,would have led us to this exact same,spot i think asking these big what if,questions when the novel is over is part,of the fun of the novel and thats the,thing thats going to stay with me but,also while youre reading the book,each of these stories is very much,peppered with what if questions i think,the what-if nature of the book,is the kind of propulsive narrative in,book one what if,davids grandfather had let him in on,what he was doing or his thoughts on his,relationship with edward much earlier in,the story would things have turned out,differently would things have turned out,any differently for david in book two if,hed just been honest about his past in,book three would things be different for,charlie if she had told,edward that she loved him in each of,these books and each of these stories,theres these big grander societal what,if questions but but yeah in each of,these stories theres constantly this,this thought that i think yanagihara is,trying to put into your head how would,this have turned out differently if this,little thing had changed if this little,thing had changed if this person had,acted in this different way so what i,think yanakara was trying to do with a,story like this what i hope,readers are doing after they finish the,book is start to ask themselves,what little decisions am i making that,are going to have,very large very broad consequences in my,life and probably other peoples lives,and whats funny about this is that,thats either like really,philosophically interesting to think,about or i think if youre a certain,type of person thats just going to lead,to just massive anxiety theres a,certain fatalism,in into paradise,that im still kind of grappling with it,definitely seems to,make an argument that,despite some of these changes big and,small,humanity society just people in general,you know were likely to maybe even get,to some of these same places regardless,of of what the past is theres just a,natural,movement of things and i and i read in a,review a couple days ago about this book,that talked about energy and how energy,moves,and how,energy is not necessarily just destroyed,it just it changes it transfers and i,thought that was such an interesting way,to look at this story because if you,change the past if you change,some of the history of america it not it,doesnt necessarily,get rid of that energy that was there it,just transfers it and moves it around,and eventually that energy is going to,come back where were supposed to go,anyway but the tricky thing about that,is that while thats fascinating to,think about or like,that intellectual exercise,is interesting,its,really sad there are definitely times,reading this book when i thought like,what does all of this matter what is the,point of trying so hard,and ripping your heart out and trying to,rebuild something if if its all going,to go to the same place anyway thats,not necessarily what the book is saying,all the time or that thats ultimately,what the book is trying to tell you but,theres theres definitely moments,throughout the story where that is,thats how it feels i think book one is,the most interesting of all three i,think book one holds your attention,the most i think the alternate history,that is discussed in book one,is the most interesting and thats the,one that i was most sad when it ended,book two i didnt really care about at,all book three spiked my interest again,but not quite as much as book one i,think the alternate history in book one,where,after the civil war instead of america,kind of uniting as this giant country,again it splits off into four pieces you,have the colonies in the south which is,very much just kind of where,conservatives would live you have the,free states in the northeast and thats,very much where you know the democrats,would live you have the west coast which,is kind of the frontier then you have,like the midwest to,kind of you know northern america today,which is what the united states are and,its,retelling of history where even the idea,that race and class were still these,uncomfortable levers that society would,be yanking on all the time they were,still massive problems with something,that was interesting in the in the,conceit of this world the fact that,african americans in this world were,probably,tolerated a little more than they were,at that time but also they werent,allowed to even live in the free states,they were given free reign to pass,through the free states but they werent,allowed to live there or own property,there these tweaks at history are really,really interesting and i think fun to,play with and i would love to see where,she was going

To Paradise Book Review – Spoiler Free!

hello everyone welcome oh welcome back,to my channel how are you today im very,happy to see you because today we are,going to be reviewing two paradise by,hanya nagihara so i posted a poll on my,instagram and on youtubes community tab,asking you guys if you wanted me to,review to paradise or ariadne first and,you guys voted to paradise it was a very,slim margin but this one won two,paradise was a very highly anticipated,release for a lot of people mainly,because the author is notorious hanayan,kihara who is of course the author of a,little life who you know to this day im,pretty sure is still traumatizing people,so ive seen a lot of mixed reviews for,this personally i find myself somewhere,in the middle i rated this book a 3 out,of 5 stars i think one of the main,reasons readers were taken aback is,because some people expected her to,write a new version of it in life or,something which im sorry but youre one,of these people what what the hell did,you what did you expect thank god she,didnt do that again not only because,the worlds mental health is already,pretty much like in shambles but because,shes already done it i dont think she,could have gotten away with writing the,same all over again if you are,disappointed dont worry this book is,still quite rough emotionally at least,it was for me even though it isnt,graphic it isnt extreme trauma that,hits you in the face like a truck i,found it very tough to get through it,was emotionally very tiring for me two,paradise is split into three books and,they are all set at the end of a century,so book one takes place in 1893 book two,takes place in 1993 and book three takes,place in a dystopian future in 2093,which can i just say it sounds like a,long way away but its its not like i,mean ill be dead by them but not for,long you know you know what i mean a lot,of you guys will still be alive,obviously i dont think ill make it all,the way to 90 four but i mean i,could i might still be alive and she set,up this scary dystopia for us like thank,you and i think that she did this in a,very interesting and unusual way because,even in the past shes kind of modified,the outcomes of historical events so for,instance america is not really america,anymore right so all these books take,place in new york and new york is not,america its part of the three states,that have evolved very differently,societally and economically compared to,the america that we know today yet it,doesnt seem this unfamiliar its just a,slight shift a slight difference and,its very interesting because seeing as,we still get a sense of familiarity even,though she has changed a certain aspect,of history it really makes the reader,reflect upon how realistic it is to have,this dystopian future that shes given,us right like is it comparable to what,we might end up in is it completely off,the mark is it spot on yeah nobody can,really know but it really makes you,think though if im being completely,honest with you guys its not really the,interesting concept that sold this book,to me what sold it to me is yada yada,because she is such a wonderful writer,and honestly what got me through this,door stopper of a book because,hell is her writing someone reviewed,this book and referred to yanagihara as,an emotional genius and i could not,agree more she absolutely is this book,was tough to read emotionally because of,how deeply she affected me with her,writing my favorite component to this,book is nikiharas writing her character,development and commentary on the human,experience and human emotions and it was,actually a very rough read a lot of the,time there were times where i was,confronted with questions that i didnt,really want to answer i didnt want to,think about and i had to put this book,down and i was left feeling emotionally,drained and tired and and i ended up,calling my parents crying asking if they,still love me but i dont think that,youll be having that experience im,just im just very insecure but lets,actually get into the synopsis of part,one shall we the first book like i said,the setting is 1893.,we follow the very wealthy bingham,family and experience the world through,the eyes of david a man who is 27 is,from this affluent and wealthy family,yet has very little experience of the,world very little social experience and,struggles with some kind of murky and,unclear health issues he lives in this,big house on washington square with his,grandfather who seems to have made a,point of sheltering him from the world,but but yanagihara really built this,quite well because his grandfather,doesnt immediately come across as an,overbearing caretaker even though he is,because he is so lovable and the purity,and sincerity of his love for david is,is really endearing and you cant as a,reader really bring yourself to dislike,this grandfather character because you,know his intentions are good you know,hes a good person you can tell how much,he loves and cares for david but at the,same time im like let him socialize,damn let him get out into the world do,his own thing davids grandfather,actually takes steps to secure davids,future because you know hes hes old,and he knows hes not going to live,forever so he writes down in his,will hes like okay david you get my,house in washington square oh by the way,arranged marriage if you want but you,should kind of thing you know that,thats what thats whats going on but,of course it couldnt be that simple,because that david will meet a very fun,loving charming uh but also completely,broke music teacher who has no,social capital or any capital of any,kind really and he falls desperately in,love as this is all happening at once in,davids life where literally nothing has,happened you can imagine that he handles,the situation very very poorly even,though the way he acts and behaves can,get very frustrating yanigihara actually,did a very very good job analyzing his,behavior she uses his past experiences,unique personality traits to create,internal conflict and accurately,describe the emotional turmoil that,david is going through which im going,to add that its a really good,thing that this is written in the third,person perspective rather than the first,because i would be highly distrustful of,any narrator that much about themselves,and their psyche it really does feel,like the narration is omniscient but,chooses to feed us information at the,same time the character discovers it and,i thoroughly enjoyed it like i said,earlier this book takes place in a very,specific context it doesnt happen in,america but in the free states a smaller,subset of states if you will where the,society doesnt really appear to be,based on typical puritan conservative,values but instead are formed around,liberal ideas and progressive trains of,thought sexual liberty freedom to love,whatever you want freedom of religion,all that generally good and progressive,stuff yada yada actually adds a lot of,nuance by presenting this near ideal,societal structure but as you read on,the reader will notice that there are,still many issues like racism low class,mobility the founder families holding,the wealth and just getting richer as,the poor get poorer this is important,because these decisions and mindsets,that we see in the first book will,directly have an impact on the way the,world has evolved both socially and,economically in book two which is 1993,and we are much more familiar with that,time i love that yagihara did that,because in you know insofar as social,issues its not very far off from what,we have you know at least in the,countries that i have experienced and in,america europe etc we have gay rights,and gender equality at least as far as,legality goes and because we have won,these battles we tend to forget that,other issues that are equally as,important still persist and we do live,in a world where people of color are,discriminated against we do live in a,world where the rich are getting richer,and the poor are getting poorer and we,are in a world essential

???? 5min BOOK REVIEW: “To Paradise” – Hanya Yanagihara (Spoiler Free)

Hi and welcome to another video on my channel.,Today its going to be in English  and to dive straight into it,,its going to be a new video series called “5 Minute Book Reviews”. Today well be speaking about,Hanya Yanagiharas new novel “To Paradise” that just  recently came out in January 2022. As usual with my,videos you can click down there to have the video translated in German or in Russian.,[In German] You can turn on the subtitles to watch the video in German. ,[In Russian] And you can also turn on the Russian subtitles to have the video translated.,This will be short, quick, precise, to the point. If youre still undecided whether on you  ,should read or shouldnt read the book, this is the one for you. Ill be rating the book on  ,5 different criteria and well go straight  through them. But before we get to that, lets,get to the very first thing and that will be the  plot in one sentence. So this is a book that is,set in three eras: 1893, 1993 and 2093; the stories  between those eras – they are linked together and,there is a common thing among them – they take  place in New York. The actual New York or an,alternative place of it. Speaking about the pace of the novel, I would say that its mid-paced. The,first part is quite slow and it takes a while to get into it. It was a 100 pages for me but the rest,of them are medium paced I would say. For the first evaluation criteria, over here, Im going to ignore,the cliche of not judging a book by its cover and I am going to evaluate this books cover. Im not,necessarily a fan of it. If it was in the bookshop, I probably wouldnt have picked it up if I didnt,know the author but at least it has  a meaning behind it. Unfortunately,the font of “To Paradise”, it somehow reminds me of the font of the series “And Just Like That”.,But the painting, at least it has meaning  behind it. It really ties the story together.,You will find out when you read it and its the painting called “Iokepa” by the artist Hubert,Vos. To speak about the second criteria – the style. So since it takes place in those 3,time periods, each of the time periods has a corresponding style to it, which are very different.,I was very surprised how old-fashioned the first part was but then understood what its thing was,,when reading on. Its the style that those of you who have already read Yanagiharas work will be,something that you recognize. Its very  descriptive, its very visual, you feel right,inside the scene. You can picture everything, you can see the characters in front of you.,I would say that it is emotional but for those, who have read “A Little Life”, the emotional,strings that it pulls are much subtler. It did have different emotional touch points for me,but it wasnt devastatingly sad. It just made you think about a lot of different topics.,On to the third point, which will be evaluating the characters. I had a little notebook with me where,I was noting down things while I was reading and I had to draw out multiple character plans,because at times it was just so confusing. There were tons of different ones introduced and to,understand, who was who, but then once you got into that, you felt really attached to the characters.,Theyre crafted in a very intricate way, you can really see and understand them and you dont,want that part of the book to end, which theyre situated in. This is not a spoiler but the,same names keep popping up in each of the 3 stories and its kind of up to you, the reader,,to figure out how theyre linked and at  least at the end you get a little hint,,why the story was written that way. On to the fourth point in my evaluation and those are the ,themes that are spoken about in the book. There are so many of them, as I mentioned in the beginning,,depending on the different eras where the story takes place, there are different themes that are,discussed and brought up. It goes from discussions on race and gender, the inequalities linked to that;,youth and aging; sickness and health. One of the parts speaking about the 1980s AIDS crisis. It,goes on to family relations, parenthood, family ties and bonds and obligations and most importantly, the,future. This is what one half of the book is about, 2093 – how we imagine this future and obviously even  ,though the author started writing the book in 2017, she was influenced by what was going on in,the world. She writes about the possible future of pandemics, about cooling suits, what we would do,linked to the global climate change crisis, to the crisis of feeding all the human beings on Earth, so,it really goes this very very broad area of subjects. Onto the fifth evaluation  ,criteria which will be the details of what exactly I liked or didnt like about the book. One thing,I loved, was the style that it was written in. It was very well crafted, it was a pleasure to read,sentence to sentence. I really appreciated how gripping the book was, so the approximately 700,pages, I just read in no time. I finished it in 2 weeks and I dont remember when was the last time,that I read a book that thick and that quickly. You can see Ive been highlighting passage after,passage, there were a lot of things that really spoke to me, that made me think of personal links,to the story, so that was really great. To sum it all up, this was a story that was challenging,to the reader, so you have to stay on top of all the details in the story to find out how theyre,linked to each other but this made me want to re-read this book another time and I think this is,a great sign of good writing and keeping the reader interested. I am for sure going to read the,authors first book “The People in the Trees”, which I wasnt tempted to do before after “A Little Life”,because I was afraid of ruining the “A Little Life” phenomenon of loving that book so much. Let me know,in the comments, whether you maybe read any of the  authors books? Whether you liked them or not? Maybe  ,if you read “A Little Life”? Or if you did yourself read “The People in the Trees”? And then finally the,parts that I didnt like that much. It was partly the style as well because in the first part,,it is so old-fashioned and stiff, that it made me feel like it was written about a Jane Austen kind,of love story based in the past with an LGBTQ+ twist to it. So one reduction from the,rating on that and the pacing of the story seemed a bit off towards the last part. The third story,,the very end how it finishes, I felt it was a bit too rushed and it was a bit less believable than,the rest, feeling like the author tried  to wrap it up quicker than necessary.,So this for me would result in the final rating of 4 out of 5 stars and I really hesitated between 4,or 5 out of 5 stars, so this is really high on my list of books that I read. I do count it within my,all-time favorite books to read though. That was it from my evaluation and to wrap this all up,,I would say that this book would be interesting to those people, who like well-crafted characters, that,take over more space than the plot line, so deep-diving into the psychology of every character. For,those, who love a very intricate and crafted imaginative style, those who like intertwining  ,storylines, trying to find how the individual stories are linked among each other and for those,,who have got some time on their hands because this is quite something, the length of this book.,I would suggest to read it in longer sittings, which are close to each other, so that you keep,the things in your memory that make you understand the whole book better. Thank you so much for coming,by my channel, for watching this video, I hope you liked this one. Let me know whether you read “To,Paradise” yourself? Whether you agree with my rating on it or if you perceived some things differently?,And if youre curious to have any other of these type of 5 minute reviews on books, let me,know as well and maybe there are some that Ive already read or that I would be looking forward,to reading and maybe reviewing it on

Reading Vlog of Hanya Yanigaharas New Book – To Paradise | #BookBreak

welcome back to book break i am very,excited to have in my hands today,a proof,of hannah yanagiharas new novel this is,to paradise one of the most anticipated,novels of my year of loads of peoples,years and i have it in my hands it is,coming out in january 2022 but im going,to read it right now we all know there,has been a huge trend on booktube in,recent years of reading vlogs following,people reading hanni yanagiharas last,book a little life so i thought i would,jump ahead of the trend on this one and,vlog myself reading to paradise i dont,know very much about this book yet i,know that it is going to be very,different from a little life so i dont,know what to expect the book is divided,into three sections we have an alternate,version of 1893 we then jump to 1993 and,then from the final section into the,future to 2093 so were going to meet,completely different people and,different worlds in each of those what,unites all the characters are their,reckonings with the qualities that make,us human fear love shame need loneliness,i think im gonna love this book,come along and watch me read it,[Music],okay this is day one of my hanya,yanagihara reading vlog lets go in to,paradise im so nervous and excited for,this,[Music],ive missed reading hanya yanagoharas,writing its just so beautiful,[Music],okay interesting what ive learned so,far is this is set in 1893 but its an,alternate version of 1893 its the first,major difference that i noticed is that,people seem to be allowed to love and,marry who they want so of the main,characters weve met so far we have,three siblings one of the brothers is,married to a man the sister is married,to a woman thats the main difference i,have noticed so far in what i know of,history from 1893.,[Music],we have reached christmas time in the,book which obviously makes me very happy,and feel very festive im really getting,to know these characters now which is,really lovely honey and gahara always,does such a great job of giving these,characters like such rich and alive so,you really as the book as well get to,know them okay this morning im off to,queue for a booster jab at my local,walk-in who knows how long i can be,queueing so its actually very lucky,that this book is so big,okay i was in there for an hour and i,read about 40 50 pages of the books,thats pretty good there is a situation,developing i do not know how this is,going to end well situation has,continued to develop i now think that,hoping for it to end well was optimistic,i just dont know how its going to end,p.s im really into this book it is,nothing like a little life so far im,really into it,[Music],okay i have finished work for the,holidays im officially on christmas,holiday which is very exciting so im,gonna sit on the sofa for the next,approximately eight hours and read this,book this is the perfect way to spend my,first day of christmas ive got my,cozier socks on im snuggled up under a,blanket with a very big book thats,going to keep me company all day,ive got my reading companion here best,reading companion in the world i think,she could tell i was getting worried,about whats about to happen in this,book so she climbed right on top of me,to keep me company okay ive just,finished part one of three and also had,the book title in the final sentence for,that part so that was very exciting now,im so intrigued what is going to happen,in part two because were now going to,jump to 100 years into the future an,alternate version of the world were,going to meet whole new characters im,so excited starting again change of,scene ive moved around found a new,chair to sit in to dive in to part two,this bit is going to be set in,1983. no im wrong 1993. weve come from,1893 now were in 1993 manhattan and,where the last part was set in a kind of,alternate version of history so it was,1893 but the world was very very,different parts of america had kind of,branched off and become their own,country the free states they totally,different laws i mentioned that people,were allowed to marry whoever they,wanted and that wasnt the case still in,the rest of america so it was kind of,alternate history i think that this bit,in 1993 is going to be,the most accurate to,our real life 1993 but i could be wrong,ill find out now,[Music],so were getting reintroduced to these,characters everyones got the same names,as they do in part one but the,relationships between them are different,and im not sure if theres going to be,things that were supposed to spot about,their personalities being kind of,equivalents or if they are just,completely different people with the,same names who knows very intriguing but,it does take a bit of concentrating to,keep track of okay here is david again,but its not the same david and eden is,no longer davids sister eden is now,davids friends focus emma both sections,so far revolve around this house on,washington square its kind of the,center of all the action and i just,remembered that i used to have a,favorite song called washington square,by the correspondence so im gonna play,that while i read it you cant listen to,it because thats not how youtube works,wed have to pay royalties for that but,if you want to go and listen to it i can,link it below its called washington,square by the correspondence its,electro swing its pretty fun,i have to pop into town for some very,quick shopping to paradise has been,keeping me comfy on loads of errands,recently,im home alone this evening so as a,special treat to accompany my reading,ive got some bubbles,so this is interesting so halfway,through book two,we are now jumping location again so,book two is divided into two bits i will,tell you what the second half is about,when i figure that out just diving in,now the second section is all in the,form of a letter from our main,characters father so were kind of,going back a generation in time when,were going to hawaii which is where his,father lives and learning a bit about,the history there what i dont know,because im not an expert on hawaiian,history is how much of this is,based on real hawaiian history and how,much is haniyangahara doing her thing,where she creates alternate universes,full circle back to reading in my,pajamas im almost exactly halfway,through this book so im gonna put it,down for the night but im already so,excited about picking up again tomorrow,its going home for christmas day,[Music],it got a bit too dark to keep reading,but i need you for christmas i now have,a fireplace to sit by and read my book,so this is where you will find me for,the rest of christmas probably,okay i finished book two that second,book also finished with the book title,to paradise so that was really,interesting section the second half of,it where we went back to hawaii was kind,of all about the history of colonialism,in hawaii and also in that section i,even more certainly see parallels,between the characters here versus the,characters from book one they are,different people,but theres sort of,theres room,for you to imagine what the similarities,might mean if that makes sense so the,fate of one of the characters in here,kind of reflects what potentially the,fate of his earlier version may have,been im trying to be vague here so i,dont give spoilers so i think this was,very vague but its really interesting,its gonna leave me a lot to think about,so now book three is basically the,second half of the book its going to be,the biggest section,and at this point were going to go into,the future so im really looking forward,to that i think it might be about,pandemic i might be wrong there,[Music],so in this future in this version of,2093 there have been multiple pandemics,and this book was written before covert,but this makes our pandemic fade into,nothingness the gender of the main,character in this section hasnt yet,been confirmed so its switched to,suddenly being in first person so were,not getting pronouns but im getting im,picking up on enough clues that this is,a woman which is the first time weve,h

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