1. Why Did Tomorrow FLOP?!
  2. Tomorrow Netflix Series Review – 내일 (Episode 1 Korean Drama )
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Why Did Tomorrow FLOP?!

despite tomorrow having everything,necessary to be a hit show in south,korea and worldwide the ratings tell a,much different story the viewership of,the show dropped to a staggering six,percent in only 10 episodes and it got,only worse but what is the reason that,tomorrow was flopping so bad unfortunate,timing tomorrow was destined to be,successful and loved by kdrama watchers,its streaming on netflix worldwide it,has a star-studded cast and it has a,story we havent seen before from other,k dramas starring gin hi seon dhon of,the drama is based on the webtoon titled,mail and tells the story of tuitonung,who is finding it hard to find a job,that is until he meets guyon and lim,donggu after he nearly drowns trying to,save someone turns out that theyre,actually grim reapers who belong to a,team that specializes in managing crises,with gujyon being the leader and yonggu,being a member their jobs are to save,people who are thinking of taking their,own lives he ends up joining the team in,order to help them succeed the drama is,a perfect mix of playful and serious,there are times where youll be laughing,but then the drama will hit you with,some serious topic that will leave you,sobbing on your bed the drama looked,promising right from the start the,ratings of the first episode sat at 7.6,im guessing that people were too,intrigued by the plot and having so many,talented people in one show so everyone,tuned in to see what the drama had to,offer netizens gave positive comments,such as the cast acting chemistry is,good i like it because it unfolds,quickly as the episode began in earnest,im more curious and looking forward to,it but after the first episode the,ratings dropped unexpectedly the second,episode had a viewership of 3.4 but,generally the ratings were pretty,inconsistent by the 10th episode the,rating had dropped to 2.5 which are,disappointing numbers all around the,drama is doing well internationally as,its streaming on netflix its just,koreans who have problems with the drama,so what exactly happened that made this,drama so unpopular among netizens well,theres no specific reason for this more,like a few aspects that help this drama,drop so much in ratings one of the,reasons is the time of broadcast in,korea yes that can be a big factor in,how well a drama does tomorrow airs on,nbc every friday and saturday and,theyve been really set up by their,network because how did they pick,literally the worst time to air it on,friday tomorrow is competing against the,sbs drama again my life which is doing,much better in fact when the 10th,episode of tomorrow aired and got a,rating of 2.5 percent again my life got,an impressive 8.6 percent saturdays,competition is even tougher on top of,again my life our blues its beautiful,now the king of tears,and love featuring marriage and divorce,3 all air on saturday so you might,understand why its hard for tomorrow to,keep stable viewership ratings even,shooting stars who is doing worse is at,least being stable when it comes to,ratings which havent decreased since it,started airing bad acting as i mentioned,one of the most appealing aspects of the,drama was the cast they put no un hison,suchak and jion in one show so its,obvious that people are going to tune in,either way but as it turns out having,big names in the cast wont be enough to,carry the show for 16 episodes its not,like people have any problem with hison,or suhyak because they eat up every role,in fact sujak has especially gotten a,lot of praise for how accurate his,portrayal of guyon is and his son is,getting lots of compliments for her,versatility as an actress their problem,is with the wounds acting specifically,dohun is definitely not new to acting,and netizens used to praise his acting,skills up and down in the past they,loved his performances in extraordinary,you and the kings affection but it,seems like theyre not in the same boat,anymore there are also prejudices,towards him for being an idol actor so,netizens accused him of getting the role,just because hes handsome and already,famous as an idol not because hes,talented he has proven his talents in,the dramas he starred in in the past so,im confused about where this argument,is coming from theyre also saying that,his performance as tonung is awkward and,that his expressions are too exaggerated,at times the netizens are also claiming,that his bad acting is standing out even,more when working alongside experienced,actors like hison and tsuyag another,thing thats pissing the viewers off is,the fact that no one is getting more,screen time than suhyak in the show,especially with their difference in,experience to add to that they think,donuts character being so bland is,really not helping his case despite the,fact that donut is the lead character in,the show some viewers are finding him to,be annoying and boring at the same time,some even think that his character,doesnt feel like the lead at all a,viewer tweeted no ones acting keeps,improving and hes so good here but his,character doesnt feel like a lead,character in the drama which upsets me,fans and viewers were quick to defend,him claiming that no one portrayed the,webtoon character perfectly a fan wrote,i just want to say that bone is,delivering his character at 100 accuracy,he is literally the embodiment of the,webtoon character and i am living for it,anything that may seem like overacting,is actually just him being trey tonug,according to people who are enjoying his,acting no one is amazing at portraying,emotions and that hes brave for,constantly choosing projects that are,different from each other in order to,express his wide range in acting a,twitter user said his acting skill is,improving in every project and never,chooses the same role he challenged,himself to act better in various,characters donung and hashtag tomorrow,is one of his best lacking plot with the,plot of the show being nothing like,weve seen from other dramas so far in,2022 people were definitely interested,in the drama before it even started,airing even though the grim reaper plot,has been done in multiple k dramas,people were still excited to see a fresh,interpretation of it but the more people,kept watching the less interested they,became in the whole thing to their,credit netizens really complimented how,the show handled heavy topics even,though doanes character on the show is,quirky and humorous the issues the show,revolves around are very dark despite,the fact that the raids in south korea,are the highest in oecd the topic is,still taboo among the citizens tomorrow,walks us through the reasons that could,lead to people to commit such acts every,time that a reaper comes to the help of,another character they offer help,without invalidating their reasons for,doing so whether those reasons are,poverty trauma from mistreatment that,dates back to high school or the,inability to succeed in life despite,trying their hardest topics like,inappropriate touching harassment eating,struggles and body shaming are also,treated in the later episodes and both,netizens and international viewers were,impressed by how well the show treated,those topics a twitter user said episode,10 really shows how women get very,mistreated by people especially by men,we get mistreated for every little thing,we do they dont even know how much,trauma it leaves us and how much we have,to go through to recover from it but the,general public might not be ready to be,faced with the reality thats very,present in their society or they might,just find the way the reapers solve,problems a bit cheesy though the,problems the victims face are things all,of us might have gone through the advice,the reapers give is very general and not,helpful in the long term and yet the,victims act like it was the key to,solving all of their problems not only,that but theyre quote unquote magically,cured as soon as they talk to the,reapers all of us know that real,problems dont have simple solutions,like that but hey theyve at least made,an

Tomorrow Netflix Series Review – 내일 (Episode 1 Korean Drama )

and welcome to the river tuesday my name,is ruben and this is my review for a new,korean netflix original series dropping,two episodes each weekend one on,saturday one on sunday 16 episodes an,hour a piece its called tomorrow,tomorrow,tomorrow,its fantasy drama but is it worth your,time,lets discuss so episode one is called,fall and flower and its about a,dizzying world of hard at work grim,reapers and an extraordinary offer away,cho chan wong after a freak accident,lands his body in a coma so in the world,of korean drama or fantasy netflix have,a plethora and there is a lot that are,great and theres a lot the kind of,mid-range and a few that just dont,quite reach that bar of yeah i think im,going to invest my time in it in this,one i was excited because of the premise,alone and not just that fantasy world,that weve had a lot of the kind of,reality that they like to,i think a lot of drama fantasy korean,specifically like to kind of dabble in,but because of where it takes the genre,of the reapers which weve had similar,story lines before and then kind of,twisting it on its head so theres this,massive world or corporation of reapers,and each have its own division but,theres a newly formed division where,this particular reaper one particular,reaper likes to save people instead of,allowing them to die and uh that goes,against being like the reaper code and,so we find our protagonist kind of,getting thrust into this group hes not,dead hes in between life and he has,uh i guess he gets given this,opportunity and youll see the rewards,that are up for him if hes able to,complete his job hes a guy that is in,the world didnt really find his place,but in death seems to have found his,blade so its like a fish out of water,and death its a very interesting,concept i really like though the way,they show the reapers ability some of,what theyre able to do you dont see,too much of it in episode one but you do,see enough to keep you interested i,think the acting is good but if youre,not used to the weird quirky comedy that,sometimes comes in this pretty realistic,theme then it might take you off guard,or off kilter a little bit because,theyre playing with themes suicide its,a big part of this seriess theme like,its main arc where theres 40 people a,day committing suicide and its their,job to deal with you know the souls of,those that departed and what they do and,so the darkness of the theme is relevant,you get to to go along on a couple of,stories of some people that are,experienced that or want to the reapers,get this app of percentage of person,likely to end up committing suicide and,then they get sent to their job get,there in the right time that sort of,thing so we have a realistic story using,the technology that we have in our world,in our time but as well as having reaper,fantasy theres a moment that stands out,to me in this episode where they enter,the mind so you get to see some of the,abilities that they have and the,consequences of that and the way the,camera work and cgi work together to,create a really quite intense scene i,was like wow theyre setting up the,standards for something that were going,to be able to get throughout the 16,episodes now i dont know fully because,the episodes havent come out yet but,theres two available now and i would,say definitely check it out at least,give yourself the episode if youre not,grabbed by the first episode then youre,probably not gonna like the rest but for,me i was like this is interesting i,could start to watch a few more see,where it goes there definitely needs to,be some more emotional gut punch but i,think thats going to come,our,main,side protagonist you have the reaper,protagonist the female and then you have,the male protagonist the half male half,spirit character now our reaper for me,so far that is the more interesting,character the hint at a background of,where shes come from what why she ends,up in this particular task force,uh for the reapers and i thought that,was really interesting that is where my,concentration is kind of like when the,story is unfolding i want to know more,about her not so much him i like him but,i want to know more about her so its,interesting what theyre playing with,what story lines and where theyre going,as a,as the pacing of the series unfolds you,understand that theyre mixing their,comedy to create a little bit of levity,so that when it is dark it doesnt,overshadow it as a just drama depressing,series its fun its filled with fantasy,good effects,well acted and definitely worth trying,it out let me know as you watch the,episodes week on week whether this is,one youre gonna continue watching the,six episodes or youre gonna wait for,all 16 to come out what is your favorite,fantasy korean sci-fi series so far well,its not its not sci-fi i guess its,sort of sci-fi reaper technology fantasy,mixed drama korean series what is your,favorite at the moment not just on,netflix but elsewhere ill have to add,it to my list and see if i want to watch,them maybe give it a review looking,forward to your comments down below let,me know what you thought about these,first couple of episodes thanks so much,for watching but most of all until next,time remember on tuesday,[Music],you

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Tomorrow Episode 16 Season Finale End Scene & [email protected] Pop Entertainment

4,저렇게 맨날 깨진 2,축 시키던 님,[음악],아저씨,일단 1차 님,[음악],좋아요,[음악],4장 파도 왜죠 아 오늘 내가 뭐,8부작 맡아 걸까,한게임 되게 가족은 까요 뭔가 3,[음악],내가 뭘 그렇게 잘못했는데 뭘,어떻게 들고 그래서 있니,다 바디 희망이 없다고,그러 차근 행복도,따른 없다구요,삭감과 처럼,그렇죠 2조 아주 큰책 쌤이 없었다,따라가 체험 되지 않았다 툴에서 남자,둘이서 못 헤어 같이 가서 같이,맞췄고 으 이 잘 지내는 것 같네요,[음악],단지 매수해 가서도 여전히 우리 주,몸으로 방영분,그대 누구세요,그래서 분들이 많으신 것 같은데 예전,이상 산에,[음악],이게 무슨 소리를 여전 성스러운,정신을 뭔 사람들로 너무 보충도,안되는데,아쉬운대로 중요 실어줄 수 있어,요괴들 어린 어린 고 10년만기,다니구요,뭔가 마음에 겸 우리 조직해 써,[음악],본 놈이 더 저승사자

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Tomorrow K-DRAMA REVIEW Hindi : (Spoiler Free!)

[संगीत],कि,[संगीत],चौहान लाडी बंद सागर एंड वेलकम टू अपडेट,माय चैनल स्वाहा इतने दिनों के बाद फाइनली,वीडियो आई गई सुबह आज जो मैं पॉइंट रावल,का रिव्यु लेकर क्या है वह बहुत ही अ 1065,और वह बहुत ज्यादा थैंकफूल कितने पड़ी अ,कोरिएंडर आने के बाद मेरी वीडियो है या सच,में मजा ही आगे का वादा करके अब वह कौन से,ड्रम है कितने एपिसोड एक कहां देखेगा,ड्यूरेशन क्या है कौन-कौन सी लैंग्वेज में,अवेलेबल है या स्टोरी स्टोरी सवालों के,जवाब देखेंगे कि आपको अपने चैनल करें जो,गए जहां चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें और बेल,आइकॉन वगैरह वगैरह जो भी सबमिट कर देना,सबको पता ही होता यार आजकल है कि सोहा अब,बात करते हैं कुरियन ड्रामा का जिसका नाम,है टुमारो एपिसोड 21 अ बहुत बेहतरीन और,लेटेस्ट कुरियर ड्रामा है जिसके अभी वीकली,बेसिस पर यह एपिसोड सारे लिस्ट 3 एपिसोड,होंगे और जिसकी अधिवेशन की बात करें तो,आपको 1 घंटे के अराउंड देखने के लिए,मिलेगी तो यह 16 एपिसोड ड्रामा होने वाला,मतलब भी काफी मतलब जो टिपिकल कोरियन रमेश,होते हैं उन्हीं की तरह के कुरियन ड्रामा,है जो कि मोस्टली पहुंच द हार्ट टचिंग,होते हैं जो कि था आपको यह कहां दिखने,लगेगा आंसर इस लैटर देख जाओ जा करके देखो,अगर कहीं भी पूरी दुनिया में कहीं भी कोई,बवासीर जाती है तो नेट रिक्शा चांदनी रूठ,है उसको रिलीज करने के लिए तो गाइस बात,करते इसकी स्टोरी की सुसाइड की स्टोरी,देखने के लिए हमें फोर्स आफ फेंटेसी बेस्ट,होगा यह कहानी हमारे मेन लीड है जो कि वह,आफ ह्यूमन हफ्तों बन जाता है अब गाइस ऐसा,होता क्यों है वह बताए एक मिस्टीरियस,करेक्टर स्किन हमारे मेन लीड के लाइफ में,आने के बाद अब गाइड हम्म मैं आपको इसका,स्टोरी से रूबरू करा उससे पहले मैं आपको,इसकी कमाल की चीजें बता देता हूं तो आपको,पैन ऐसी बेजोड़ में देखने को मिलेगा,जिसमें कि आप आपको देखेगा कि डेथ के बाद,क्या-क्या चीजें होते हैं क्या क्या कौन,सीक्वेंसेस होते हैं एक आदमी के मरने के,बाद उसकी सोंग से रिलेटेड इस टाइप का जन्म,देखने को मिलता है और गाय जब मारा मेनली,एक हफ्ते और बन जाता है वह आप ह्यूमन मिल,जाता है तो गाइस वह एक और गुना इसके अंदर,आता है जो कि आप इसी तरीके का काम करते,हैं तो क्या हमारा मेन लीड इसमें और ड्रेस,में शामिल होता है और शामिल होने के बाद,क्या क्या कमाल की चीज है देखने के लिए,मिलेगी आपको पूरी पूरी के ड्रमों में यही,देखने को मिलने वाला है और इसके कुछ,ट्विस्ट्स एंड टर्न्स से निकली मिलेंगे,वैल्यू बता दूं पहले एपिसोड में यह सेकंड,एपिसोड और मुझे अरे इसकी कॉमेडी तो बहुत,अच्छी देखने के लिए कि कहीं ना कहीं पर,कॉमिक टाइमिंग बड़ी अच्छी थी एंड बात का,इसके बीच यूज कीजिए और हां बेल म्यूजिक की,बात करते म्यूजिक मेरा और इसको दिया गया,है लेकिन हां जैसी इससे अवैध कनेक्शन,मरेगा वह तो पता पड़ेगा और किसी भी तरीके,हिंदी डब्ड में अवेलेबल है सोनी ड ब्लॉक,थोड़ा सा इंतजार करना पड़ेगा क्योंकि यह,आवाज तेज अपनी जो रहेगा क्लिक करके देखता,ही कभी ना कभी हिंदी में जरूर आएगा कि इसी,तरीके कमाल सामग्री कोरियन रोमांस हिंदी,में डब जरूर आती हैं दिस इज माय फेवरेट,देखते हैं क्या होता है तरीका बता दो जिस,तरीके से इसका फेवरेट सॉन्ग कैमरावर्क,दिखाइएगा वह बहुत कमाल का मुझे इन तीन,मुझे जितने भी आर्टिस्ट मैंने अभी तक ठीक,है मुझे एक मीटिंग नहीं बोरियत महसूस है,नहीं किसी परिचय का कुछ महसूस हुआ है,लेकिन आज स्पर्म टाइमिंग उसने मुझे बेशक,है और आपको इसमें देखने को मिलेगा कि,हमारी मैं हमारे जो मेन लीड है उसकी लाइफ,में क्या पास्ड रिलेटेड बात है और वतन मेन,लीड का पूरा कैरेक्टर दिख जाएगा उसके,पॉइंट ऑफ व्यू से ही सारी चीजें दिखाई,निकलें मिलेंगे हमें और फीमेल लीड उसका,क्या रोल है बस मैं बता दो कि मेरे बहुत,क्यूट है आपको देखिए मेरी वॉइस की सबसे,पोस्ट्स आप देख सकते हो कि इतने,इंट्रस्टिंग पोस्ट कर सकते इसके पोस्टर,रिलीज़ हुए टेस्ट मैच अपनी समझ गया था यह,पूरी तरह को दबा होने वाला है लेकिन फिर,भी मैं इंतजार कर रहा था इस कल रिलीज होने,का और जब इसका पहला एपिसोड देखो मैंने मैं,तो पानी मिलाया लेकिन मैं बता दूं आपको,जिस तरीके से इसकी एपिसोड खत्म हो है तो,सबसे अच्छी चीज है लगी एपिसोड के पेंडिंग,यह रिश्ता कुछ ऐसा देते हैं जिसकी वजह से,मन करता है कि आगे का एपिसोड तो यह देखना,चाहिए और यह क्या हो गया बता और फंसा डैड,की तरह इस मुद्दे के लिए मिला था मुझे याद,है इस तरीके को डबल से आए थे का नोट गया,और ऑफिस आफ डेथ हो गया था इस तरीके से जो,ड्रेस है इनके एंडिंग में टेक्स्ट में,देखने के लिए वह को नेटवर्क बहुत ज्यादा,कमाल के होते हैं इन सारी करिए इसके,डायरेक्टर कि जिस तरीके से डायरेक्टर ने,यह दिखाया हुआ है कि जो कैरेक्टर्स दिख,रहा है सिर्फ वही सीरीज में नहीं है जो,पीछे है वह भी उसका भी बहुत बड़ा रोल है,क्योंकि जिस तरीके से पूरा एनवायरनमेंट को,डेकोरेट किया गया है पूरे सेट अप को,बिल्डर किया गया है वह एक चीज आपको इसको,देखने के लिए मजबूर करती है दैट मैं अपनी,रेटिंग की बात करूं तो मैं तो इसको पूजा,समिति देश की रेटिंग हुआ अभी तक कि,एपिसोड्स के हिसाब से लेकिन आगे देखते हैं,आगे क्या होगा अगर कुछ कमी हो तो,कहीं-कहीं पर इसकी थोड़ी सी प्लेसिंग सिलो,देखनी है बाकी आपके क्या विचार है फिर को,नीचे कमेंट सेक्शन में बता सकते हो और यह,बता सकूं कि आप इसको इन ग्रामों को देख,रहे हैं यह देखिए और कौन सा और वही कोरियन,ग्रां हैं जो कि मुझे देखना चाहिए नीचे,कमेंट सेक्शन में जरूर बताना

Netflix series Tomorrow kdrama 2022 review #kdrama2022

hi youtubers this is another video from,your friendly neighborhood reviewer,evelyn today were going to review the k,drama slash supernatural series tomorrow,which came out on netflix or better,known in its korean name neil which also,means tomorrow the plot is essentially,set with supernatural themes its about,a group of grim reapers in which they,have a department in the afterlife which,stops people from,trying to kill themselves so these group,of grim reapers,interrupt the moments before a person,might kill themselves or they try to,stop the lead up to that process the,main character is a female grim reaper,by the name of goo ryon,whos the leader of this small group i,say group essentially two people in,where she has her right hand man,lim roon,so thats the two main ones so the first,episode,we have the team trying to stop a group,of people who are trying to kill,themselves in them in a van by gassing,themselves with carbon monoxide,and the orion and her right-hand mind is,there to stop them,she stops them from trying to kill,themselves by scaring them that she,could drive over the cliff of the van,with them so she uses that scare attack,of,forcing people to rethink making such a,rash decision,within the first episode we get,introduced to a normal civilian live,person by the name of cho,giulian,we see this normal guy applying for job,applications like any other person and,like the same as any young 20 somethings,they end up failing when they dont,you know meet the right criterias and we,get the sense that maybe hes fudged his,cv,with him showing that he knows you know,multitude of skills but we see he that,doesnt let him deter him because he,tries his best,so we see,children one having a conversation with,his best friend about life and his best,friend talks about that hes applying,you know studying for the civil exam,examination because he wants to be a,policeman and then chow chow gets a,phone call from his mom but he ignores,it and as he finishes having the,conversation,with his friend him like looking a bit,more defeated about having to tell his,mom that he hasnt got any job because,we find that chao chu won,he feels obligated to look after his,family because his dad passed away,but when he was really young so ciao,jiwon,feels that responsibility that he has to,look after his mom and his younger,sister so as child,goes to the bridge walking by the bridge,he sees a guy that clearly looks like,hes in this dress,and,june,is debating whether he should help this,guy whether its you know should stop,this guy from jumping over but in that,moment we have got ryon and him rugan,theyre also the grim reapers because,theyre there trying to stop this guy,from jumping but as liam ryan goes and,sees,21,like with the binoculars whether this,guy is going to intercede before they,can do anything,challenging one goes and,tackles the guy for stopping him from,killing himself but of course theres no,more guy is determined to kill himself,chachu was trying to reason with him,like not to jump over but before it can,do anything else,gorion the woman she,intercepts by kicking chao juwon in the,chest and then we get the supernatural,elements within this greek grammary,purse,the series so far kind of reminds me of,cross between beetlejuice,bleach,the animated series about grim reapers,the reason why i say bleach because they,have this cool special effect in the,room reapers really like his food dave,running so quickly its really like they,teleport from one place to another,similar to how is in bleach with the,flash step and which this bit i find,kind of unusual that the grim reapers,happen to,expose themselves in front of another,civilian,and while theyre having that struggle,gabrion is talking with ciao do you want,to you know not to butt in,we can see the normal guy in the midst,of the commotion jumps over the bridge,but cha chungs reflex he goes and grabs,on to the guy and inadvertently ciao,jordan and his gnome and his other guy,they both fall into the river and which,we have the crux of the story where,church was never meant to you know go,into an accident and then we see him,awake in the afterlife that they have in,their serious court,i think ill put the name of the,afterlife that they have here ciao,mundong ciao,ill put it here just to clarify,and at first he has no idea whats going,on theyre going to tell him god really,tells him about what happened that he,accidentally fell in he was never that,was never meant to happen and right now,hes in the coma and chow chow one is,like thinking hes dreaming or whatever,so as he goes within the afterlife,around that its all very corporate in,this series theyve made the afterlife,very corporate people working behind,offices and so on because we get the,sense that the afterlife is reflecting,you know the,real world you know contemporary style,and then we get introduced to the jade,empress emperor this woman apparently is,the head of the afterlife and she,basically tells children since you were,never meant,to fall in the river and stay in a coma,you have two choices one,you can wake up in three years time from,the comma or two you,work for us for six months and tell,children like,youre suspected to say yes but then,hes but then the jade emperor gives,another stipulation work for us wake up,you know in six months and you get to,have any job that you want and that kind,of entices child to want to say okay but,first within the first episode,he doesnt want to work with goverion,and the other guys so he goes to other,different departments but inevitably he,works with gaurian and the first case,within episode one to do is they have a,case where,this,young woman that works in a production,company like a copywriter probably,writes you know like a journalist,that she has like a really tough,background that she was bullying,massively and something happens to her,where,this young woman goes and meets her,buddy,now guys as a manga manual artist,illustrator,i dont know where she does the jordans,as well that her bully has made her,story,like hers because the bully goes and,pretends that she was bullied in high,school thats the reason that shes,created this story,and then we see that the team,our own team our own department which is,the one that helps,people to not kill themselves,they go and put themselves within this,persons life by using magic you know,some sort of supernatural things where,theyre able to disguise themselves as,reporters as cameramen to you know,really go into this persons life and to,see what the circumstances that has led,a person to be so vulnerable that the,only thing that they see is to go and,take them take their own life so we get,cool supernatural effects within episode,one to two in which everyone knows that,she has to go inside the young girls,memories to find out what are the big,factors that have caused this woman to,come to this conclusion and then have,really cool special special effects,where,child would do wrong and go around go,into this womans memories and then we,see how the girl was bullied massively,by the main by the main bully and the,girls,seeing like what kind of psychological,effect they had on her so by the end of,the episode,we see that the girl,like runs up the the to the top of the,building and is about to kill herself,but georgia one goes and tries to stop,her,and then we get that we get a really,cool scene where,gorilla pushes the girl off from the,building but of course she doesnt die,its more like the girl is seeing her,life flashing before her eyes that,the end of the first episode really does,tell,give a message to people while the girl,was falling down she was seeing all the,happy moments in her life that her life,wasnt just all pure sadness she saw her,achievements her first day on work how,she felt and that,trying to show the girl that she had,more to live for,and that for her to overcome her,circumstances,so by the end of the episode gorilla,manages to make the girl see that,there

The Most Underrated Kdrama of 2022. Tomorrow Ep 16 Ending Explained.

the risk management team faces its most,difficult case when ryun finds out that,our old best friend gupta or in this,life ryu choi is at risk as an idol and,actor ryu is subject to scandalous click,bait articles and at the mercy of cyber,bullies working tirelessly to achieve,her dreams while dealing with a father,who abandoned their family due to a,gambling addiction she faints during a,rehearsal meanwhile jungil is trying to,piece together the puzzle that haunts,him in his nightmares he found out that,it was none other than himself who took,a reapers vow and asked the director,never to remind him of his wounds and,memories this leads to him enacting the,reapers guarantee to prevent rion from,saving you from a horrible accident this,causes rhian to go on a war path towards,hateful commenters and toxic,cyberbullies going against jumadong,rules she is set upon by mr ha who,oversees hell hell-bent,on arresting her and sending her back mr,ha pursues ryon while jinwong and lim do,their best to savour you and ryotan jun1,confronts jun gil causing him to go into,his own dreams to see the truth behind,his past jungle swallows his pride and,rescues ryun from mr ha well well well,well whats up sunday fams welcome back,to another video we are at the finale of,tomorrow and man were we wrong about all,of our predictions not not completely,not completely wrong but this series has,turned out to be uh quite honestly like,a sleeper hit for for us in this year,because uh i i dont see a lot of,conversations happening around tomorrow,but its covering a lot of very,interesting very thought-provoking,subject matters and in the end the story,that kind of,uh wrapped up around the finale was,truly a great story because you know,june gill finds out finally the truth of,his past and reconciles with ryon yeah,and we find out that the one person that,ryon had to save was herself didnt i,say that in one of our previous videos,you might have you might have but we,were like overthinking everything it has,to be something about,putting their putting their connecting,threads together again or something yeah,i think that was one of my first,theories in the first two episodes maybe,the one she has to save as herself and,then when we got further and further we,complicated matters with our theories,yeah in the last couple of episodes it,really kind of touched on,you know an ongoing conflict between,medicine cyber bullying and just the mob,in general right like the power of words,and the power of comments as we see a,reincarnated uchui as an idol as a,superstar she goes through a lot of,depression facing all of these really,negative netizens and comments leading,her to almost kind of take her own life,yeah and this is the part where jungle,prevents rion from saving her he runs,head first into oncoming traffic and,rion snaps and freezes but then jen,gills like im not gonna let you do,this and this was a painful moment,because you know you kind of think about,it and jungle just like aids,in ending someones or attempting to end,someones life and i was just like man,what a douche,well i mean that wasnt the end of it,right because shes just going crazy,going after all of these cyber bullies,one after the other like even kind of,breaking all of the rules jimmy dong,like we see a camera seeing her,disappear out of thin air yeah like risk,exposing uh jhuma exactly and like you,know rion you know thats that was her,one only friend in her past life like,you pointed it out before like how like,theres little discussion about this,show and like what weve come to find,out is that this show is absolutely,amazing yes its dealing with a lot of,tough themes and a lot of tough,conversations but nevertheless like its,much better than our blues and its much,better than my liberation notes which,are just really boring they also hint at,jungs involvement in this entire story,now like weve been kind of theorizing,what does he have to do with everything,but it seems like he was just meant to,aid in the risk management team meant to,aid in the reconciliation with hinrion,and john gill and they hinted or at,least miss coo hinted that there could,be a future there between you to e and,jun wong like you know as he shows,such commitment and care for her as she,faints during that rehearsal and shes,like i dont know whats gonna happen,between the two and mr lim is like huh,maybe i guess this all leads to a very,sorrowful,goodbye as he is granted early return,from his coma and you know we have a,heartfelt reunion with his family and he,he uses the snap in that in his,interview and gets a job uh which is,highly relevant to me because i am about,to start,another job as well uh but he gets the,job using his powers or using the,benefits he got from jimmy dong turns,out as asthmas coo and mr lim are back,on another case yep,jump is still doing hes still working,the job even though hes not there well,that was always his personality right,like head first dont even think about,it just do it he fell into a coma saving,someone else yeah now he woke up and,hes now saving another person yeah,exactly and they kind of hint on him,like you said like being a reaper like,they just have to wait 50 years later,until he passes which is good right like,how old is he right now thats another,he thats like 70 80 years something,right yes hes about hes probably in,his 20s but it was just reassuring to,see like the risk management team,getting bigger becoming an official,department in jumadang its all really,kind of settled now jungle has kind of,found his his path forward like,remembering that his his love for for,his coup was like was everlasting right,like he needed to like break through,into his dreams and find out what was,the truth and i thought it was really,cool how he defended her and like he,faced up against mr hell himself and he,faced six months,in that pose,just,just like that but uh what i loved about,this show was that even though the whole,point for miss ku was to save herself i,feel like there was a wider message with,jun woong in making her see that it was,all about all of the people she had,saved it was a wonderful story it was,amazing show like all of the episodes,were really heartfelt like really,meaningful like touching on such,difficult topics and themes and cant,stop talking about like how this show,deserves way more than it has yes you,know just like the ratings were terrible,and just like it just did not do well,just a lot of people i guess not really,that isnt so damn netizens theyre not,theyre not comfortable with the subject,matters you know sometimes its a little,bit too sensitive to talk about but you,have to talk about these subjects at the,end of the day they all found themselves,they all kind of saved themselves and it,was very heartfelt uh and a really great,ending you know they they bonded and,they became like true friends at the end,where they were just they hated each,other and bickered at each other in the,beginning going forward you know miss ku,was smiling all the time she smiled,watching jin wong save that person and,she smiled walking away and he was like,come on who are you guys really and that,was a fitting end like were grim,reapers,and then cut to cut to black it was the,end of the show and so i really enjoyed,kind of having a conversation or,dialogue around all of the sensitive uh,subject matters that the show covered,and there was some like you know,fantastical action elements in it too,like,one small gripe i thought we were gonna,have like an epic showdown between,shungil and mr ha like the the strongest,reapers but of course the show wasnt,about that so i dont i dont hold it,against it too much but uh yeah it went,from like you know fantastical grim,reaper uh fiction story to you know the,sensitive subject matters that i covered,and so i have to give this series,despite all of the negative reviews and,all of the conversations around it uh an,a plus wow very very nice very nice i am,not that,easy

Tomorrow kdrama Ending explained | Season 2?

this series called tomorrow has left,many surprised,it is a different drama that in each,chapter can make you cry and reflect on,various things in life,many of the fans wanted to know how this,whole world of emotions was going to end,thats why today im going to talk about,the ending of a tomorrow explained and,other details you didnt realize,but first remember to subscribe to this,channel and activate the notification,bell so youll be among the first to see,our content,episode 16 begins in the past with the,jade emperor telling ryan that she will,work for team rm until the time comes,when she meets the person she really,needs to save when jung gil shows up the,jade emperor explains to her that he has,been reincarnated twice and therefore no,longer has the same memories,since the beginning of the season six,months have passed in total,jun woong has yet to wake up but his,mother is confident that he will wake up,again,team rm is about to be disbanded for,their actions however more pressing is,ryans fate as she is about to be,arrested and sent back to hell as for,june womb he has a difficult decision to,make does he go back to his body or stay,in the afterlife,unfortunately ryan is totally out of,control and is committing very bad acts,as junwoon sees that his friend is in,this situation he does everything to,help her and comes up with the great,idea that the only one who could do it,is jungil,although we know that jungil doesnt,clearly remember ryan we know that he,was having some nightmares about her and,of course he didnt understand why,however joonwu knew that they had a past,together so he tells him that the,nightmares he has about ryan have a,reason,june gill then digs into the files of,his past and discovers the relationship,he had with ryan,ryungu and jun woong head to ryans,place in order to calm her down,she is still angry about everything that,happened with cho we,junwoon comes over and gives her a deep,speech and makes her understand what her,purpose in the team is,he also tells her that cho hui wants to,try to commit suicide again and that she,needs her,however mr hot is after ryan to take her,back to hell,as jung gil had remembered his past and,knew mr has intentions he tries to,fight with him so that ryan wont go,back to hell,while jungle slows mr ha down a bit ryan,takes advantage and goes straight to cho,we,ryan wraps her arms around cho hui,protecting her as her friend did in the,past,she symbolically tells cho hui that she,will no longer let anyone throw stones,at her this is of course the,reincarnated form of her friend which,explains why ryan has taken this case so,personally,after chihui is safe and free of,suicidal tendencies ryan returns to face,her punishment,jungle has also taken all the blame to,let ryan escape,the jade emperor appears during,junedils interrogation and makes up a,lie to save him,as a result he will be demoted for six,months but will not have to go to hell,with cho we recovered ryan visits jungil,this was an important part because he,talks to ryan again but now remembering,his feelings,she asks him why he saved her,and he asks her why she didnt tell him,about their past together,ryan replied that the threat of fate,between them had been cut but the love,is still there but it has only faded,over two centuries,jungil admits that he now understands,what the rm team is doing,when ryan talks to the jade emperor she,realizes that the last person she has to,save is herself,she now has a new chance at life and,wants team rm to be renewed and now its,permanent and not temporary,now june moon returns to the land of the,living and his mom is very happy that he,has awakened from his coma,although that doesnt necessarily mean,that he stops working for team rm,because being alive he is interested in,the lives of others,when joon moon realizes that one of his,co-workers is at risk of suicide he,tries to rescue him but also a team,aramis shows up but joon woong arrives,first and manages to convince yongho not,to jump,the suicide scanner turns green the,reapers joke about how jun woong is,still helping even though hes alive and,they finally leave,so since june moon wont live forever,its only a matter of time before he can,go back to work for the rm team again,now what does this ending mean,will there be another season,what could happen to ryan and jungles,relationship,this ending leaves us with many lessons,and at the same time many questions,this series teaches us what people are,willing to do for the ones they love and,that sometimes that same love does not,let them think well and commit wrong,things,we saw this in the case of jungil and,ryan who when he saw that those in his,own community were speaking ill of his,wife he did not tolerate this and,started to kill everyone he heard who,was spreading rumors,it also happened in the case of ryan and,her friend chihui of course the friend,who had been reincarnated as an artist,ryan could not stand and tolerate how,chihui was being bullied and started to,beat up the main people who created the,controversies on social media,ironically the behavior that ryan,criticized of her husband in the past,was repeated by her in her risk,management work,another lesson from this series is that,sometimes we go through life trying to,save everyone and forget to save,ourselves,when ryan talks to jade emperor she,confesses to her that june moons words,made her reflect as he told her that,then what was the point of saving lives,if she was unhappy in the end,ryan understood that when the jade,emperor told her in the past that she,had to save someone that someone was,herself,the jade emperor let her know that the,purpose of team rm was for them to help,her understand that to other people who,want to harm themselves,but there is one question that most fans,are asking right now,what will happen to jungil and ryan,we know that jung gil remembered his,past thus he knows that he and ryan had,a love story together although this,story was very painful he managed to,remember the love he felt for her,we could also see that he not only,remembered that love but he was able to,save ryan from going back to hell,although there was a conversation,between them where ryan indicates that,she still has feelings for him but that,the bond between them was broken however,it may be that this bond was not totally,broken,when we see the images where ryan was,like in a kind of tunnel with a white,garment we can see that she was desolate,and very dejected,this place symbolized hell a place where,you walked in the same direction,constantly while feeling agony for your,actions,however in that scene you could see that,she had a red thread bracelet on her,hand and that detail can symbolize many,things,in many parts of the series it was,talked about ryan breaking those ties,she had with the ones she loved because,it is part of the punishment she,received for committing suicide,it was so much pain that this event cost,her that for that reason she gave up her,reincarnation in order to help others,who did not do the same as her,however we can think that the red thread,she had in her hand could symbolize that,not even death itself can break the,relationship she had with jungil,there is a legend of the red thread that,indicates that when two people are fated,to be together there is no circumstance,that can separate them as that thread,can be stretched or tangled but it can,never be broken,this may be a sign that there may be a,second season and that this second,season talks about the possibility of,ryan and jungle getting back together,but perhaps this time not in the world,of the living but in the spirit world,helping more people,what did you think about the ending of,this series,leave your comment here if you liked,this video like and share it with your,friends

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