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The Tomorrow War Review

chris pratt is at his best playing,knuckleheads who are lovable even when,arrogant one crooked grin and we might,forgive him,all of his trespasses even when they,turn our favorite superheroes to dust,however in profoundly insipid and,unsatisfying sci-fi action flick the,tomorrow war,pratt goes against type shedding his,wise cracks and cockiness to play a,sulking scientist with daddy issues and,thwarted ambitions,oh here everybody take that hes,flipping around like that,are you so calm long story yeah its,military,yeah kind of a short story i guess,pratts dan,forester feels his biology skills are,wasted teaching high school science,he dreams of working in a groundbreaking,laboratory but then a squadron of,soldiers from the future,trudge through a wormhole to drop a,bombshell our enemy is not human,and we are losing 29 years from now,mankind is losing a battle with a,ravenous and mysterious alien force,called the white spikes naturally dan,will be pulled out of his hum drum life,and back into his military days to tromp,into a high-stakes battle not only for,his daughters future but for the future,of all mankind,this is the kind of part you might,imagine tom cruise playing three decades,back,a self-assured but slightly sad man of,action chris pratt,is no tom cruise without the wise,cracking and cheeky grins pratt seems at,a loss as to what to do with his face,whether hes facing an alien onslaught,confronting his estranged father,or having a heart to heart with his,heartbroken daughter he furrows that,brow,and just like that the dazzling screen,presence that launched pratt into,multiple tentpole franchises is,extinguished,its as if smirks were the source of his,star power and now hes samson shaved,bald and unremarkable by the time a,telegraphed plot twist calls on him for,pathos,hes long lost the thread throughout the,film pratt is outshone by a sprinkling,of supporting players who all deserve,better from betty gilpin to j.k,simmons to sam richardson in a comic,relief role that could have been pratts,not so long ago,listen sorry i mean thats when im,nervous at talk im like,97 on the nervous scale while,richardsons manic energy is welcomed,none of the so-called jokes hes given,stick long enough to be remembered,indeed the tomorrow war script is,overstuffed with lazy jokes sappy,speeches and clunky proclamations like,we are literally living on borrowed time,yet none of this is as bad as the main,plot which is,just inexplicably dumb in the tomorrow,war mankind has invented time travel,specifically its a form of time travel,that allows people from 2051,to come back to 2022 or vice versa they,cannot go anytime else,why not this very good question is waved,away with a nonsense explanation you,think theyd use this power to pass,along information or tools to help,change the intervening 30 years and give,humans an advantage against the vicious,white spikes but this idea isnt even,suggested with,insufficient conscripted civilians,instead chucked into a future war,without training or even any idea what,the aliens look like,that is a mighty big ask to accept on an,act 2 setup yet,the tomorrow war seems totally unaware,barreling into a plotline that makes,less and less sense as it spirals to an,unimaginative climax,of explosions glossed over casualties,and a final showdown that is,mind-numbingly trite maybe youre not,worried about plot and character and are,just seeking some cool action sequences,and creepy creatures,here too the tomorrow war disappoints,the action sequences are sprawling full,of cg carnage and creatures,some of these are gross and gloppy in a,way others turn a tidal wave of civilian,deaths into a grim spectacle,yet theres little art to the pacing or,plotting of such sequences so,it all just feels plodding even the,white spikes that should be ferocious,look increasingly silly the longer the,camera leers at them,do you want to see something really,dangerous i feel like literally thats,all ive been doing since i got here but,okay the tomorrow war is astonishingly,bad,its got a confusing plot an emotionally,shallow hero arc and monsters more messy,than menacing,then caked and made for tv level visual,effects razzle dazzle slicked in a,sickly low contrast palette,this movie is downright ugly sure its,got big and loud action but nothing to,rattle you to your core,much of the blame can be laid at the,feet of director chris mckay its,astonishing that the helmer of the lego,batman movie,followed that vibrant funny and wildly,entertaining offering,with an action movie that is such an,inane eyesore and yet that turn still,makes more sense than the plot of the,tomorrow war,for more reviews of the hottest movies,be sure to like and subscribe to ign,wherever you like to watch,well its nice knowing you

The Tomorrow War Review – YMS

[Music],so i just saw the tomorrow war and it,was very bad,nothing made any sense and i will talk,thoroughly about how nothing made any,sense but first i want to communicate,that even if we,ignore the films nonsensical plot it is,certainly no masterpiece the special,effects on this film are very fake and,unconvincing,every setting feels like a movie set,every creature feels like a computer and,this makes it very difficult to,experience any emotions when a movie,writes a scene to have a character,fighting aliens theoretically the goal,of that scene should be to have the,audience believe that there is a,character who is fighting aliens but,that never happened and it just felt,like an actor larping around with a,piece of plastic going haha i have,infinite ammo chitchat,when the future people interrupt the,football match that chris pratt and his,family are watching during a christmas,party they react in ways that would,imply that the characters believe whats,happening,on screen but it looks so bad that its,difficult to believe that any,character would actually believe thats,happening why are you concerned chris,pratt this is very clearly a digital,effect i guess the character is crazy,even the practical effects look really,bad one of the characters had a stupid,thing on her face and i was like whats,that are they gonna explain what that is,apparently it was just supposed to be a,scar,i was convinced that they were going to,explain what that stupid thing on her,face was before the end of the movie and,then the movie ended and they never,explained it so i guess it was just,supposed to be a normal,scar on her face or some [ __ ] whats the,budget on this again,oh 200 million dollars thats cool its,a lot of money for a movie that looks,like [ __ ],lets just throw as many helicopters,into the background of this scene as,possible what are they doing where are,they going i dont know theyre,helicopters look at it see its a whirly,bird,i love the way they sound at least they,got chris pratt am i right,his performance was boring and,inconsistent,there are scenes in this movie where his,performance is nothing short of awkward,there was no humor to the character so,he was unable to do what he does best,he was basically just brad pitts,character in world war z,wherein any traits or personality are,just replaced by the fact that he loves,his family,im just a man who has a wife and,theres a tiny person that came out of,the wife i kiss him wow hes so,relatable because he loves his daughter,so much,just trying to save my daughter if i,gotta save the world to save her then,im damn sure gonna do it what a noble,good and unselfish family,man he likes to save his daughter if he,was just trying to save,every other single person on the planet,then im not sure i would have related,to that at all why yes i am a caveman,how did you know the directing of this,movie was really unspecial and had no,personality the lighting and,cinematography were very bland,occasionally there would be one shot,that you know they thought looked,super cool but it looked so lame oh no,shes falling into a computer,hell better go after her and risk my own,life and therefore risk the only chance,at saving her because im just about to,go back in time in like two seconds,anyway why would you want to risk that,chris i guess that doesnt matter,because this supposedly looks cool or,something the pacing and run time of,this movie is also exhausting i have,no [ __ ] clue why its two hours and,18 minutes long,if you ask me it felt more like two,years and 18,years long got him seriously though they,waste so much time in this movie,about 40 minutes in all i could think,was show me some [ __ ] aliens,this isnt complicated stop blue balling,us what are you doing when you spend,so long on the plot and exposition you,are putting a certain level of,importance on the plot and exposition,if you want there to be people who enjoy,this as just some sort of dumb action,movie and the plots not important and,youre not supposed to think about it,then you wouldnt make something that,spends so much time,on the plot and exposition because,clearly by doing that you are telling us,that it is important and you,are supposed to think about it right all,right spoilers from here on out im,talking about the plot now so the,concept of this movie,is just awful theres an alien species,that has invaded planet earth in the,future,and theyre totes kicking everybodys,ass so the future people,invented a time machine and with that,time machine the future people go back,into the past to collect people to go to,the future,to fight the war thats right they are,not using the time machine to prevent,the future war from going as terribly as,it already is,they are using the time machine to,essentially just,throw more bodies at the enemy what they,go back into the past and they scan you,to make sure that youre a person they,can throw into the future because they,can only throw people into the future if,they were gonna die,between now and then anyway so that they,wouldnt create a,time paradox good news chris pratt,youre already dead in the future so you,can go also you are,the most insignificant person on the,planet and did not change,anything throughout your entire rest of,your existence yep no paradoxes here,this movie makes perfect sense now you,did it,the only time travel movies that really,work for me are the ones that create,consistent never-ending loops that,service and justify themselves like you,cant go back into the past and change,it because if you do then you never,would have right this happens in almost,every single time travel movie ever so,its not a huge,deal to me but im mentioning it here,because this movie seems to think that,it is paradox free,youre thinking that in order for the,time junk to occur we have to be dead in,the time were jumping to,i mean my imagine is to to avoid some,sort of paradox like whats the point of,accounting for some paradoxes but not,others,clearly you think time paradoxes are,worth trying to rectify and explain in a,script otherwise we wouldnt have had,this scene,right this movie is actively deciding,not to be,a dumb fun turn your brain off action,movie it is insisting that we pay,attention to,and think about the time travel,mechanics that dont make any [ __ ],sense its like the entire point of this,scene where theyre being taught by,these people from,our force thats not a joke they,actually call themselves our force in,this movie excuse me,why dont we just jump back to earlier,in the war time,only flows in one direction now we can,jump back and forth between them,but both rafts will always keep moving,forward they wrote a scene into the,movie where a bunch of characters are,sitting in a room asking questions that,they think the audience might be asking,some of these answers i can handle and,others are infuriating why cant we just,build more rafts the jump link tech is,held together with,chewing gum and chicken wire we cant,build another one in the past because,the one that were using is already held,together with chewing gum and chicken,wire they say,but wouldnt you have more time to,figure it out if you did youd have,another 30 years to make it not,held together with chewing gum and,chicken wire it is absolutely,infuriating that this movie wastes time,making excuses that arent even excuses,if you have a functional time machine,your options are not that limited,take the blueprints and technology that,you use to create the first one and go,back in time and use the same blueprints,and technology to create another one,why is there no one in this room asking,that question i dont feel very,represented here,even if they wanted to say that they,used 100 of a very finite resource to,make the time machine and if they built,it in the past then they could never,build it in the future,that wouldnt be a real excuse either,because at the end of the movie chris,pratt kills the aliens and thats in the,past when he does it so t

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The Tomorrow War Pitch Meeting

[Music],so you have a movie for me,yes sir i do so the movies gonna start,with a bunch of people dropping into a,rooftop pool in miami oh thats fun from,the sky out of a portal,oh my god what ah stay tuned to later in,the movie oh youre doing that thing,where you start the movie with a little,clip from an,action scene thats gonna happen later,just out of context yeah you wanna start,with some action right away you know so,people get hooked thats a good point so,were gonna meet this ex-military guy,dan right and he loves science and so,does his little daughter murray,okay and so theyre watching the soccer,game and on the field these people come,out of a portal and theyre like there,are aliens in the future and theyre,killing everybody oh this also happens,right at the beginning of the movie yeah,were like six minutes,in at this point right at the start here,wow yeah you want to start with some,action right away you know so people get,hooked so then maybe we dont have to,spoil that cool skydrop visual from,later well were gonna,okay so we find out that in the future,aliens have killed like everybody,theres this war going on and there are,like 500,000 humans left oh so these people come,back to the past to stop the war from,ever happening no they came back because,they need to draft more people to go,fight in the future,and itd be better to use the time to,prepare for the war instead of jumping,into a fight that already seems to be,lost,right right well then maybe its a,different timeline or something so one,of the people from the current timeline,want to prepare themselves for their,eventual future instead of jumping over,to this timelines fight where it,already seems to be lost,listen sir you cant be asking questions,like that or theres not gonna be a,movie so im gonna need you to get all,the way off my back,its just that any way you look at it it,seems like a weird strategy but let me,get off of that thing id like the movie,to happen for sure,me too so do they draft like military,people yeah some but also just like,normal people you know so these aliens,killed almost everybody in the future,and the plan is to send some more people,and kind of see what happens,thats what were going with sir so the,world bands together for this mandatory,draft that somehow only seems to involve,americans well we are the ones making,the movie so its only fair,its only fair so this guy dan ends up,getting drafted right right okay pretty,rigorous training i imagine barely any,this one ladys gonna get sent to the,future and shes like still in her,office,clothes from work but they show them the,monsters and tell them what to expect,and whatnot,not really no because they say if they,show people the monsters then people,arent going to want to go fight in the,war theyre too scary but the draft is,mandatory,it is yeah nobody has a choice in the,matter okay and also theyre only,sending people from the present that are,already dead in the future so it doesnt,create like a paradox,didnt you say that almost everybodys,dead in the future yeah so i dont know,why im mentioning that,so anyway dan and a bunch of people head,into the future but because of a,coordinate malfunction they drop into,the middle of the sky,instead of close to the ground oh so,thats why they fall from hundreds of,feet into a swimming pool wouldnt that,also be deadly though youd think so,because of how things work but no anyone,who falls into the pool is perfectly,fine,oh well great so dan and the other,survivors find out they need to go to a,research lab in another building how,come well theres some science stuff in,there thats a part of their last hope,of creating a toxin thatll kill the,aliens and save the world gotcha but,this military lady tells them they dont,have a lot of time because miamis,overrun with aliens so its about to be,bombed in a couple minutes,if the research lab is critical to their,last chance at saving the planet,shouldnt that be the priority instead,of bombing the city youd think so but,no instead theyre going to prioritize,bombing a city that already doesnt have,humans in it so theres no immediate,threat,okay so theyre going to encounter some,of these aliens and theyre very scary,they call them white spikes,oh theyre being attacked by hard,seltzers thats white claw,oh whoops so then what happens well dan,gets like 10 people killed while trying,to save one guy and then shows no,remorse for it oh interesting so then,were going to use the massive explosion,as a transition and dans going to wake,up in the dominican republic oh,passing out and waking up in the,dominican republic is tight it sure is,sir so then he meets up with a military,lady who as it turns out,is his daughter but older oh yeah so she,explains that there are like female,queen aliens that are much stronger and,the males will do anything to protect,them so what are they gonna do,well they go to work at this other,research facility on the ocean because,they have a toxin that kills male aliens,but not,females so they have to work on that oh,they should still use that in the,meanwhile probably,yeah but theyre not gonna oh okay so,then using this alien queen that they,captured dan and his daughter start,trying to develop a female,toxin using science and family nice and,then they finally finish the toxin but,then all these male aliens show up,because they want their queen back,so they kill the queen well no because,theyre like we only have one vial of,toxin we cant waste it on her you know,but if they,explode her she would die right and that,would stop the male aliens from charging,towards them yeah but theyre gonna try,to run away instead of taking care of,the thing thats causing the situation,theyre currently in,oh okay interesting strategy so then as,theyre running away murrays gonna get,hit by an alien spike,oh no and then shes gonna reveal that,she brought dan to the future so he can,bring the vile back to the past and hes,the only one who can do it wouldnt he,kind of be the worst person for the job,since the plan involves abandoning his,daughter like wouldnt someone without,emotional attachment be a better choice,yeah maybe but i guess she must really,trust him huh actually no because in the,past he ends up abandoning her so she,doesnt really trust this guy,okay and then shes gonna be falling off,this platform towards a bunch of aliens,while also bleeding out so hes gonna,dive after her but hes got the vile,hes the last hope for humanity,he is but you know thats his daughter,but whats the plan with the dive like,even if he catches up to her theyre,still,falling towards aliens and shes still,bleeding out i dont know but its gonna,look cool when he gets zapped back to,the past oh okay gotcha so then back in,the past the time travel link is closed,and they have this toxin but they dont,really know what to do with that what do,you mean cant they just bring it to,where the aliens first land well thats,the thing they never actually found a,spaceship,all they know is that the aliens showed,up in russia one day oh so what do they,do well dans wife is like what if they,didnt land at that time what if they,were already here and dans like oh yeah,i think you cracked it literally the,whole planet was on the case and not one,of the billions of people thought of,that before thats what were going with,the protagonists wife thought of it wow,what are the odds so then dan gets this,alien claw from one of the guys he was,on the mission with and they used,science and friendship to find,out where exactly in russia it,originated from the future people not,brought back,any alien parts to examine before how,did they not know this earlier,i dont know but they find out the,spaceship is frozen in russia,oh fair enough so dan goes to this,military guy and hes like listen i have,a toxin and i know where the aliens,originate from we need to go there now,okay and the military guys like no so,dans like okay were gonna do it,ourselves feels like there migh

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The Dumbest Way To Fight A War | The Tomorrow War

Despite great efforts, war has been a part of  the human experience for all our history. Over  ,the millennia, it has been refined to incorporate  increasingly advanced and sophisticated tactics,  ,strategies and institutions. Yet when looking at  the great battles and terrible conflicts fought  ,across alternate worlds, especially those that  take place in what we might consider the future,  ,there is a bit of a disturbing trend.  All too often, the complexity of warfare,  ,the intricacies of how armies are  organized and the realities of combat  ,are replaced by bland imitations lacking  any sense of practicality or realism.,Far be it from me to speculate on this degradation  ,of humanity’s military capabilities  across these alternate realities,  ,but at least in most cases the armies involved are  actively trying to achieve victory. We can poke  ,holes in their tactics and strategy, but their  objective is at least comprehensible. It is rare  ,however to come across a military institution so  incompetent, whose objectives are so confusing,  ,that I can not entirely dismiss the idea that  they might have been actively trying to lose.,In the late 2040s, an alien race known as the  “Whitespikes” emerges from the wilderness of  ,Northern Russia and in the span of only  three years, wipes out the majority of  ,the human population. The annihilation of  the last isolated strongholds is imminent  ,and the extinction of the human  race is seemingly inevitable.  ,But in 2051, the means to establish an  artificial wormhole through time is discovered  ,and a bridge established with the year 2022.  With the knowledge of the grim future that  ,awaits mankind the world’s national governments  establish a military coalition, and send their  ,armies to 2051 to eradicate the Whitespikes.  Only a fraction return through the wormhole,  ,and a worldwide draft is implemented to maintain  the supply of reinforcements into the future.,There are already a bunch of issues with this  plan, but the first bit of evidence that the  ,future human resistance really didn’t know what  it was doing was clear from the first moment it  ,arrived in the past. I’m already starting with  a bit of a tangent, but let’s say you could go  ,back in time to inform the world of an impending  disaster, say the emergence of an unknown alien  ,species about to whip out all of humanity. What  would you say? I think the way this warning is  ,delivered would be of the utmost importance,  you would want to be clear, concise and leave  ,no room for misinterpretation or doubt. But the  resistance in 2051 handled this a bit differently.,Half of those statements are so overly dramatic  as to just be confusing. This is supposed to be  ,the military, not poets. We are you? What does  this mean? Not human? Are we fighting aliens or  ,some kind of disease? 11 months? 11 months from  now? Or 11 months in the future? Time travel is  ,by its very nature confusing and this weird  announcement doesn’t exactly clear things up.  ,If a plea for help instead comes across as a  deliberate attempt to foster a sense of dread,  ,maybe rethink your recruitment strategy.,Okay, so future humanity botched their  first message to the past, but having  ,some kind of stable time bridge has gotta give  the future Resistance a pretty clear advantage.  ,The most fundamental consequence of time  travel, it seems to me, is that armed  ,with the knowledge of future events you can  work in the present to alter their outcome.  ,The obvious move I imagine would be to mobilize  the world of 2022 and prepare for the arrival  ,of those Whitespikes. Humanity has suddenly been  given 20 years of advanced notice. But no, this  ,whole situation is poorly explained and apparently  the world of 2051 is an alternate reality,  ,and changing the past in 2022 won’t affect it. Or  its the same reality, but time is moving without  ,interruption in both so, as long as the wormhole  is open, the future is doomed in 11 months no  ,matter what happens in 2022? Either way the  humans of 2051 just want extra manpower from 2022.,But why only manpower? Keeping up a steady  supply of munitions would probably be much  ,more important. If the resistance is forced  to fight a war in the future rather than able  ,to prevent it in the past, they should  be asking for bombs, tanks, equipment.  ,Against an enemy like the Whitespikes,  what is really going to be more useful,  ,1000 guys with small arms, or a single Multiple  Launch Rocket System and the ammunition to keep  ,it firing. The resistance of the future seems to  lack anything bigger than a humvee so why not ask  ,for some tanks or something, anything that won’t  just get knocked over by a bunch of Whitespikes.  ,And while we’re on the subject, why  are they still using humvees in 2051?  ,They are already in the midst  of being replaced. Very curious.,It’s not long however before most of the active  military personnel from 2022 have been killed  ,in the future and civilians are drafted in their  place. And here is where things really go off the  ,rails. I feel like it shouldn’t be necessary to  explain this, but becoming a soldier is just like  ,training for any other career. It takes time  to become proficient in the necessary skills.  ,Depending on the service branch, there is about  2-3 months of basic training, followed by more  ,advanced training that can last many weeks more.  But the future resistance makes it clear that even  ,for drafted civilians with no combat experience,  they’re not interested in any of that training.  ,They’re given 7 days to learn basic skills and  then sent into the future. These people aren’t  ,even equipped with uniforms, they go into combat  with whatever they happened to show up wearing.,Okay, so then the question is, what does  the future Resistance hope to achieve with  ,that extra manpower. What are they trying  to accomplish. Well, obviously they want to  ,eradicate the Whitespikes. But realistically, the  opportunity to do so has already passed. Sending  ,in a few thousand soldiers every few days into a  world where only 500,000 people are left alive,  ,is not going to alter the outcome of that war.  So there must be some sort of other reason to  ,send in these soldiers right? Some sort of  more feasible intricate plan to win the war  ,where a few thousand troops can  make all the difference. Well kinda.,A bioweapon is being developed in the future  with the potential to wipe out the Whitespikes,  ,but this seems to be an entirely separate project,  independent from the wormhole to the past.  ,I can’t find any evidence that the success  of this project is in any way dependency  ,on the arrival of soldiers from 2022. During  one deployment, a group of people from 2022  ,are sent to 2051’s Miami to recover information  needed to create the Bioweapon, victory in the  ,war is dependent on this mission apparently.  Except at the same time, Miami has just been  ,lost to the Whitespikes so the Resistance  is about to carpet bomb the entire city.  ,It’s now a race to get this information  out of the city, before the bombs hit.,This seems like a case where the left hand of  the Resistance doesn’t know what the right hand  ,is doing. They have two operations in Miami,  directly at odds with each other. And what is  ,the big rush to bomb the city? The entire planet  has been decimated so what does it matter if Miami  ,has fallen, why risk destroying potentially war  winning information. And just as a side note,  ,the bombers launched to destroy Miami are F-22 air  superiority fighters which are entirely incapable  ,of saturation bombing. They blow up a few streets  and that’s about it, so again, what was the point.,Eventually however, the bioweapon is developed  but during the subsequent operations undertaken  ,to complete it, only a single soldier from 2022 is  involved, with the remainder being native to 2051.  ,So again, what was the purpose of bringing  these untrained c

Tomorrow War Review – Great Movie But Had A Few Plot Holes | The Tomorrow War Ending Explained

this is going to be our review of the,tomorrow,war and if you havent seen it it is a,amazon special it stars my boy chris,pratt directed by chris mckay you also,got jk,jk simmons old buddy budding theyre,looking all muscled up,and you got giovanni strandberg i,havent seen her in anything else,and for those of you who else is in,there right,whos that ill just hide little brother,yeah i saw that i saw,then you look at them and think damn you,look like elvis hodge a little bit and i,hadnt,seen it thinking like ive seen him in,other stuff and i was trying to figure,out where ive seen him in other movies,but,i didnt realize that was his brother,yeah,nepotism im big ups to him i hope i,hope they have other brothers they bring,them in too,so ladies and gentlemen the round table,on this great great story,is that it takes place in the year 2022,chris pratt is playing the character of,an ex-military person,who winds up becoming a science teacher,and they go home theyre having a party,theyre watching soccer,and then bam this chick pops on the,screen she comes through,a portal and i will tell you guys the,name of the portal to warn,everyone that in the future theyre,being ran over by white spikes,which are those creatures that you see,on the screen these white,spikes they are so deadly that theyre,having to recruit people from the,past ladies and gentlemen to get in,there,and help them in the future and now some,people are drafted,some arent but most people get drafted,and they put on these armbands that get,them through the time portal thing that,they have to use,and chris pratt has a daughter,hashtag girl dad now this is the,particular twist,and then ill let everybody else go in,on the different parts of the story,one of the things that ive seen time,time stories before weve all seen back,to the future,were now going through the mcu during,their timeline stories,how many times have you seen a timeline,story where you have a father with his,young daughter,gets pulled into the future and then has,to work,underneath his daughter who is the head,of the military medical division,and is a sergeant badass herself hes a,colonel,colonel did you hear her name off all,those degrees and he said,cal state she said mit mit,he was like whoa he was like oh damn,okay,and so ladies and gentlemen you get,through all that,to finally figure out what is it going,to take to destroy these white spikes,well his daughter who is an adult in the,future,figures out that if you get to the queen,you can come up with a serum,that can get rid of them if you go back,in time because,everybody in her future winds up dying,but theyre able to send him back,in time to synthesize this this cure,long story short on that they get back,and realize,that these creatures its not like they,descended upon earth in the future,the creatures are already here on earth,they froze,in the deep freeze and global warming,caused them to be dethawned in russia um,needed a diva ill get with you pick up,anywhere i left off because i left some,things open for you guys to fill in the,holes,i know i was just asking is this spoiler,free or are we getting into,oh no its spoiler its fathery baby,its spoilery aint no need to not be,spoiled free spoil it this is this is,raw,this is raw with no protection none,dude,emotions,[Laughter],[Music],it it was um it was it was okay because,me critically thinking i,for just an average viewer i liked it i,i liked it a lot it was very,entertaining,i liked the twist i feel like it felt,like three stories,mushed together it was like they kept,going back in time,what i wondered about that serum that,they,that they got the serum i thought that,they were going to,use it when they actually came,like when they had yes when they came,and went there,i dont think that they was prepared,they just they was not ready,for that,that was one of my problems with the,story that was,that that ending and the fact that you,didnt prepare these people,for what they was going to be dealing,with you didnt i mean because they said,if we told you youd be too afraid to,come,however nobody goes to the military,without knowing your enemy,and how to defeat them so they just,dropped your boy in there he didnt know,where to shoot,hes shooting these things look like,they bullet proof and your boy all this,hodge brother to tell him,the neck and the stomach is how you take,care of them but at the very end in this,scene right here,i was frustrated by that because why are,you trying to inject them versus,throw a bomb all around the whole place,and blow their ass up,thats what i mean like because they was,trying to blow them up anyway,remember some of them came out the fire,before when um,when remember they was running through,the fire and when they blew up that,thing,with the home the serum with the serum,though,blow them up with the serum right the,serum is whats going to kill them,right you could have put some of that in,there had something on that little,whatever these little,things are the sacks theyre in inject,them and then just blow the whole thing,up,blow it up you didnt know how that was,gonna go you dont know how that was,gonna play out i just felt like that was,i was like oh no yeah so it was some,things that that kind of frustrated me,with that that whole the way that played,out because for some reason i kept,saying,i thought the mission was to be prepared,for when they did attack,you know what im saying i thought that,that was like mass producers so you,could just,be able to be ready when they did attack,but then they had to go do all this,extra work trying to figure out theyre,already here,where they at and all this other stuff i,was like oh,no i mean i,i did like the part where because and i,knew that the black kid that was,um his student in the school i knew that,was going to do that,yeah yes you automatically knew they was,going to use volcano kid because he was,just too smart,and they was just ignoring him so i knew,when they started talking about russia,and,ice age i already knew they was going to,go back to him so,yeah im proud of you i like the,black educated people in this i mean,weve had smart black educated people,for centuries but we never got not shine,till now,and were still behind and getting that,shine,big larry jump on in there with some,things you like about the movie things,you didnt like and then well punch it,to moochie,yeah i i mean one of the things like,that in scene,there i mean i i sort of didnt bother i,didnt,the stuff the the inconsistencies and,some of the silliness didnt bother me,because,i wasnt really focused on it because i,was thinking thats aliens and,people coming back from the future with,a whole bunch of stuff thats just sort,of,you have to suspend your disbelief,anyway so i did i was really more,focused on the relationship with him and,his father and i just thought that was,really great that here he is,you know like so angry with his dad over,the years about his,you know about his dad um,you know his dad never never really been,there for him as a kid and sort of,leaving and checking out because his dad,was messed up over you know after he,came back from vietnam,and and then to have him,come back and you know go to the future,and find out that he basically did,the same thing you know and,and so to be able to go to his dad and,and and sort of,allow his dad to have some absolution i,think was was really kind of nice and i,i it was just it was it was you know,they didnt really,i mean they touched on it they they did,it but i felt like that could have been,a bigger element,in the story i thought it would have,been really nice if they worked on that,a little bit more but i,that was one of the things that i liked,most about that you know that later,though the later part of the movie,because honestly before that,i was like this movies getting i like,the movie a lot but i was like its,getting a little long and when i live,when i hit pause on there and said oh,damn theres another 30

Critics RAGE Chris Pratt Represents “Regular White American” In The Tomorrow War

whats going on everyone jeremy here,from recording i hope having a wonderful,friday,looking forward to a well for me just a,normal saturday and sunday and ill be,back at work on monday,although is it the holiday on monday or,is it the holiday on,sunday what is today the second so,saturdays no so the holidays on sunday,um its just a normal weekend for me i,try to honor,um all of my viewers who have to work,uh on holidays so i keep my schedule,basically the same,although you know so if the fourth of,july was on monday id still be,uploading,but its on sunday so i guess when,anyway over the weekend weve got a big,movie release,well sort of a big movie release,uh in that a chris pratts the tomorrow,war,uh is released its an amazon original i,dont know,if this was ever supposed to hit the big,screen or not,but i found myself more and more,supporting chris pratt,um mostly because well you know i like,the guy,i mean he seems really likable i like,the roles he plays i dont know him,you know he first you know i first i,think,came to know him through parks and rec,and then as star-lord,and then through the way the media,treats him,chris pratt is a religious man and,thats not okay in hollywood,modern day uh uh,mainstream culture is in many cases,openly anti-religious,anti-christian ive said this many times,before im not,a very religious guy i know a lot of my,viewers are,and uh as i get older i find myself,leaning more towards that,um just first you know from a a lessons,standpoint i always find that,people who think what they do on this,planet matters,for the next,tend to be better people uh,now it depends what religion were,talking about because if uh so,you think you have 40 uh so-and-sos,waiting for you you know your actions,arent going to be,generally good but you get what i mean,uh in my experience the overwhelming,majority,of people who have some level of,religious um,being tend to be pretty kind,and um the media hates that its uh,modern its its hip to be atheist or,anti-religious at this point in this,country and,im again while im not a very religious,guy myself,i see it and i call it out,chris pratt is also probably politically,moderate,um but the media constantly,paints him as a an evil republican,first of all even if he was obviously,who cares,but because the the media has this bias,against him because they think,that hes a republican they will,constantly,treat him in bad faith in my opinion,and this holds true with the tomorrow,war,we can see the movie has a,52 from,critics right uh,meanwhile it has an 80 from,viewers usually when you see this you,can assume that its probably a good,movie,do i think you know i dont love time,travel,movies i really dont um,because theyre usually so full of holes,and you know i im unable to suspend,disbelief,through so many of them that i get angry,um movies like tenant and stuff i spent,most of my time when i was watching it,like poking holes in the in the time,travel stuff,and not enjoying the film so you know i,hope,that the tomorrow war uh,doesnt im sure it has time travel,problems ive been on record i hated,that in end game they just went back in,time and brought back all the,superheroes,i i just i think time travel is lazy now,there are,time travel is lazy as a means to fixing,problems,but a movie can do it right,so in this movie its really about a,father and theres a relationship with,his daughter,and having to make a really tough,decision and,and stuff like that its its meant to,be like a,feel-good summer movie like independence,day maybe was,which was awesome you see the world is,stunned when a group of time travelers,arrive,from the year 2051 to deliver an urgent,message 30 years in the future mankind,is losing a global war against,an alien species the only hope for,survival is for soldiers and civilians,from the present,to be transported to the future to join,the fight,among those recruited is a high school,teacher and family man,dan forrester determined to save the,world for his young daughter,dan teams up with a brilliant scientist,and his ex and his estranged father,in a desperate quest to rewrite the fate,of the planet so youve got,a joe every man you know uh,kind of heroic being thrust into,um a heroic mode im sure the movie,is gonna be decent will it be amazing,i doubt it but i support chris pratt and,im gonna watch this movie,uh and if you look at a lot of the,negative reviews,i dont know they seem a little odd,the humorless tomorrow war is,gobbledygook,that attempts to update the independence,formula with a time travel gimmick,was it supposed to be funny i dont,remember thinking it was supposed to be,a comedy,with all the summer elements of a summer,fun alien invasion time loop action film,its unfortunate that chris pratt cant,manage to hoax coax the audience into,caring about his fate,let alone the worlds i mean,i dont know i just think this is a,massive misfire you know these are from,critics right,heres what you said,heres what heres what you said,when i brought this up regular everyday,people right,im looking forward to it film is fun,loving the first encounter,this may be the closer we get to edge of,tomorrow sequel for resistance the fall,of man film,uh i just checked it out gonna watch it,after dinner dinner tonight,um good old-fashioned high concept,sci-fi film that doesnt preach or try,to subvert your expectations its good,just watched it awesome movie its an,awesome film really loved it,i mean like i watched the first half,before i had to leave so far pretty good,i everybodys everybody every one of you,thought it was at least decent so far so,good thoroughly enjoyed it,but a lot better than i expected felt a,little long,um you know like nobody in here is,saying,that its bad,fun movie not perfect but definitely,worth the watch it has some time paradox,issues but if you can suspend disbelief,youll totally enjoy it and and why,dont the critics like it ill tell you,why,because chris pratt said that he wanted,regular everyday blue collar americans,represented in film,why,they they out themselves in the very,first paragraph,back in 2017 fresh off his continued,success of the guardians of the galaxy,franchise and gearing up for jurassic,world chris pratt gave a cover story,interview to mens fitness magazine,and bemoan the state of cinema about,white men,i dont see personal stories that,necessarily resonate with me,because theyre not my stories the voice,of an average blue-collar american,isnt necessarily represented in,hollywood pratt said,that was a willfully ignorant statement,back then and it still is now,i mean thats exactly why,this these reviews many i doubt this,oh look i i just want to be clear like,i doubt this movie is like you know a,classic,i bet you my prediction is it will be a,good old popcorn film,which is actually whats succeeding,in american cinema right now like,i know the fast and the furious has a,huge loyal fan base but theyre in their,10th movie,and that movie was i think the biggest,post lockdown box office numbers yet for,hollywood and its not like,fast and furious as a thinker movie um,another movie that did good,godzilla godzilla isnt exactly a,political statement thinker movie either,a quiet place again these are just,good old-fashioned entertainment in the,in box office um you know and i think,you see tomorrow war splits its,narrative between 2022 and 2051 in the,latter year a breed of aliens who humans,call white spikes have overrun the,planet,causing the sole remaining 500 000,humans to work together to invent time,travel through a link with the past,they travel back to 2022 where they,inform mankind that their help is,required to save the future,of course uh you know it i dont want to,give too much,uh away but i mean you end up with like,regular people these magazines,okay so thats for that one he should,have a pistol too im always like oh i,like how this hes got the,that looks like it may be a benelli m4,um and then hes got the quad load,bracket there,that might


oh boy am i in hot water today so the,critical drinker is quite a popular film,reviewer here on youtube and he has made,a name for himself for his drunken and,comedic persona his coverage of various,topics within pop culture and his total,criticism of anything that he perceives,as woke last time we talked about his,video on,fixing rey and i didnt think he was,being very fair to her in that video but,that was it my criticism did not go,deeper than our disagreement on a,fictional character however today we are,going beyond,just a disagreement because i think the,critical drinker is a problem,anyone with any thought for themselves,or who hasnt already fallen down the,rabbit hole yet can tell that this man,is a reactionary a two-hour feminist,power fantasy for the blue-haired land,whales of the world to feel vindicated,as they go home to their empty cat,infested apartments,so many of his videos claim to be about,something relevant to film analysis but,they end up being a means for him,to rant about how the representation of,women and people of color and big,franchises are ruining the film industry,he sees the push for social and,political freedom for all races genders,and sexualities,as an attack on him and his passion for,film,and even the slightest hint of covering,these issues in franchises like star,wars and marvel,makes this man squeal in terror for the,sjws are coming to get him,listen even if you dont care about,social issues which would be kind of,iffy but lets just say you,dont care the least you can do is just,not say anything about it but thats the,thing,this man does care and his opinion on,social issues is very,obvious i believe that the critical,drinker is toxic and today ill be,showing you why i believe this to be the,case,naturally i cant cover every single,thing he said,i wish i could but thats just not,plausible instead if you want me to dig,even deeper down into his content then,let me know down below,but anyways the main video in question,today is one he made a couple months ago,called,marvel phase 4 who cares and just from,the thumbnail alone you can see why i,have a problem with it listen this video,idea by itself has merits because its,okay to be nervous for phase 4,or just indifferent to it i have my own,doubts about whether or not the mcu will,be able to live up to the sheer,quality of the infinity saga or whether,these movies will become exhausting or,outdated in a couple of years,i mean personally the first three,mini-series weve gotten so far give me,hope but thats just me,and i know other people didnt like them,its completely alright to not care,about phase 4 and to make a video,explaining why you feel burned out from,mcu,content this video idea in of itself is,not bad,however your thumbnail tells us viewers,that youre making this video for the,wrong reasons,the possible problems with the future of,the mcu is not the fact that there are,more female characters now,thats actually a really [ __ ] good,thing there are now plenty of good male,characters and plenty of good female,characters but by putting,five women in your thumbnail it shows,that you have a problem with women,so it doesnt help your case that two,out of these five women are dead,going into phase four so this thumbnail,really just doesnt make any sense at,all,but anyways i have an open mind and i,gave you the benefit of the doubt,to be honest parts of your video arent,even that bad i mean for most of the,video youre talking about things like,how the eternals and,shang chi look uninteresting and how,spider-man is just not doing it for you,in the mcu,and while i may not always agree its,still your opinion,and who am i to say anything against,that were all allowed to have our own,opinions especially about subjective,things like movies,and me not agreeing with you doesnt,mean youre wrong there are even things,i agree with you on like how black widow,came out way too late and how the marvel,formula is predictable,however the problem i have with this,video is that you,so often put the blame of bad mcu movies,on women or other social issues that,they try to incorporate into their,movies,and its just unnecessary there are so,many times he does this throughout the,video,and ill show you these moments now ill,try to be brief though,i have a hard time not rambling when i,respond to [ __ ] on the internet,but well see how this goes i also have,the sneaking suspicion,that this film was bumped from its,original pre-end game slot,to make way for a certain overpowered,mary sue character,that marvel laughably thought was going,to be the new face of the mcu,i really dont understand calling a,marvel character a mary sue,characters in the mcu are powerful as,[ __ ] theyre super heroes we have,thor we have the hulk we have wanda we,have vision all characters who fit your,descriptions of an overpowered mary sue,but since its brie larson the most evil,creature on the planet,then you have a problem with it grow up,and give actual film criticism,and on the surface thor ragnarok seemed,like great fun,at least until you started to look a bit,deeper and realized that he basically,spends the whole movie playing second,fiddle to strong,female character and strong female,antagonist,and getting his ass kicked by both ah,yes,the only thing that happens in thor,ragnarok is that,thor gets beaten up by the feminists,yeah youre deluded if you really cant,see past,two female characters in a movie who are,just acting like normal characters in,this universe then how can you possibly,expect people to take you seriously as a,film reviewer,your bias against women completely,dictates your thoughts and its such a,toxic,mindset listen i personally dont like,hella much as a villain,but it has nothing to do with the fact,that shes a woman,she falls victim to the same character,problems that so many other villains in,the,mcu have but because shes a woman then,its suddenly worth mentioning to you,oh so apparently villains nowadays,arent allowed to be strong or beat up,the hero,oh sorry my bad yes they are but only if,theyre a man,how can you openly say [ __ ] like this on,the internet,how come so many people just accept it i,just dont get it,the fact that thor love and thunder is,going to have strong female character as,the new ruler of asgard,and jane foster taking thors hammer,away from him kind of suggests that hes,really just there to prop up his more,diverse replacements,what the [ __ ] is your problem with,valkyrie being queen of asgard,who else does thor trust enough for this,role everyone else who would have been,capable of doing it,is [ __ ] dead what the [ __ ] is wrong,with jane foster being thor,thats literally who she is in the,comics when captain america picked up,mjolnir it was fine and,epic but when a woman does it oh go,no no no ah then its just woke sjw,propaganda listen the women in these,movies dont undermine,thor we all still love him but,apparently you dont want side,characters in your movies because then,the main character,cant shine if valkyrie had been a male,character,but every trait and development stayed,the same,youd have no [ __ ] problem with that,character being king of asgard but of,course,women are the spawn of satan and of,course shuri being the next black,panther is a [ __ ] holy sin,listen its okay to dislike shuri as a,character but its not like marvel,planned this,oh and the ant-man and the wasp is bad,because scott,got overshadowed by a woman ah yes a,fine point,a two-hour feminist power fantasy for,the blue-haired land whales of the world,to feel vindicated,as they go home to their empty cat,infested apartments,this is just plain anti-feminism its,honestly so funny to me that blue-haired,girl,is the straw man people have decided on,for representing feminism,[ __ ] hell you may also have noticed a,conspicuous focus on diversity in the,phase 4 lineup which i guess was to be,expected,i mean dont get me wrong it seems like,a good idea on the surface,it certainly makes sense to

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