1. Toshiba M550 4K Android TV: BEST Sound on a TV, PERIOD.
  2. Fantastic value! Toshiba TV M550L 65-inch review
  4. Why THIS 4K TV Blew Away My High Expectations! Toshiba TV M550
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Toshiba M550 4K Android TV: BEST Sound on a TV, PERIOD.

in this video were gonna be immersing,ourselves in the world of home,entertainment using the toshiba m550,55-inch tv,so toshiba has 69 years of experience in,tv production and many of worlds first,and japans first technologies that,strive to give the best and most cutting,edge sort of technologies in the world,of tv and entertainment so in this video,were gonna be giving you a few reasons,as to why this tv should be your next,and only smart tv but before i get ahead,of myself lets take a look at three of,the top features on this tv number one,the m550 features some of the most,advanced display technology with a wide,color gamut the rexa engine 4k ultra,essential pq technology adaptive dimming,and auto view number two and this is my,favorite you get a built-in 25 watt,power base woofer and dual clear,speakers that will blow your mind thats,right this tv has a built-in woofer,lastly you get a proper cinematic,viewing experience with both dolby,vision and dolby atmos now i know that,sounds like a lot but were gonna get,through this to show you exactly why,this may be the only smart tv youll,need so lets get started with the build,quality design and the ports on here so,first off the size of the tv the version,that we got is the 55 inch tv you can,also get the 50 inch or the 65 inch to,me personally 55 inch is just the,perfect size for my current home,entertainment system the tv itself has a,borderless minimalistic design with less,bezels and more picture the reduced,bezels flow directly into the display,with pretty much no distractions,whatsoever or interruptions to give you,a full immersive viewing experience the,stance it comes with are quite nice as,well fully metallic very solid and,sturdy they do also sit quite close to,the surface of the table or wherever you,place it so its actually kind of nice,to hide the messy wires or routers or,whatever you have right behind the tv,without even being able to see it they,also have little cable management guides,on them for you to guide your cables,through and easily attach them to the,ports on the tv as far as the port scope,theres quite a few on the left youve,got the ant the 3.5 mm audio jack three,hdmi 2.0 is one of which supports hdmi,arc digital audio out,two usb 2.0s,lan and even av in inputs the power,input is located on the right side of,the tv lastly youve got the remote the,remote has literally everything youd,need on there with a click of a button,not only does it have voice control,support but also all your favorite,applications and shortcuts are built,right there so you can easily access,them with a click of a button that,brings me to my next point the smart tv,usability this is an android tv running,off of android and google play services,if youve ever used an android tv or a,tv box before its pretty much the same,thing youll feel kind of at home its,very simple and easy to navigate through,you can literally pick up the remote and,just start using it the tv is actually,really well integrated with google,services as well so even when youre,setting up your tv with wi-fi youre,greeted with the google assistant option,for chromecast and google play apps all,of that stuff all right while youre,setting it up so you can even sign in,with your google account and have access,to your youtube and all that stuff right,on there this obviously on the smart,side also allows you to control it from,your smartphone or your smart devices,using the same account you can download,and stream off of all of your favorite,applications right on there netflix,youtube prime video are all there with a,push of a button of course theres also,access to the google play store so you,can install additional applications for,your streaming needs right on there just,like any smart tv should have you also,get support for web browsing built-in,chromecast remote voice controls screen,sharing and bluetooth to connect your,headphones and speakers separately using,just bluetooth now onto pretty much the,most important aspect of the tv which is,its display starting with the resolution,the m550 is a true 4k tv so you get,really crisp sharp looking images across,the board and it is powered by toshibas,very own regza technology this offers,four times the detail youd get on any,traditional 1080p tv the regsa 4k engine,is responsible for restoration and,reconstruction off any image to give you,the most valuable and most crisp looking,4k content using various algorithms its,capable of detecting textured portions,and restoring very fine textures back to,give you the 4k image it is able to,restore specular and diffused,reflections in videos as well so,something like waterfalls youll be able,to gain back that detail within each,water droplet or in the shadows of the,image to gain back that detail from a,regular 1080p source it also has,intelligent depth analysis where it can,take the depth material in an image and,then texturize both the foreground and,the background separately so it gives,you a perfect balance based on every,image this is part of the ultra,essential pq technology that is able to,go through individual pixels and adjust,different parameters to give you the,best possible outcome and by tweaking,individual parts of an image the stevia,has support for a wide color gamut far,more than a traditional led tv this,helps it produce more natural richer and,finer color variations and the result of,the dslr images are a lot better than,any conventional tv the way that it,refines each individual image just looks,absolutely killer so if youre getting,one of the bigger models the 55 inch or,the 65 inch it also has support for a,wider viewing angle meaning that no,matter where youre looking at the tv,from the image isnt going to be washed,out or contrast being lost it would look,almost identical to what it would look,like if youre looking at it head-on now,apart from the wide viewing angles you,also get the eye care blue feature which,provides a comfortable visual experience,toshiba tvs eye care blue technology,effectively decreases the level of blue,light and flickering in the picture as,well as safeguards your eyes from blue,lights potentially harmful effect it,also brings more comfort and visual,experience for a great picture quality,you even get adaptive detailed contrast,which is when the dimming technology,divides the image into smaller areas and,applies different contrast enhancing,curves on different areas according to,their contrast already so blacks can be,a lot blacker than usual and whites can,be a lot whiter than usual which kind of,simulates hdr even further now speaking,of hdr this supports hdr10 and dolby,vision this will give you true immersion,especially with content that supports,dolby vision and hdr lets move on to my,favorite thing about this tv by far,which is the sound quality honestly out,of everything we discussed so far i feel,like this deserves the most recognition,on a tv because it blew my mind right,away now i dont know about you guys but,ive literally never seen a tv with a,built-in woofer this was my first time,so as soon as you turn on the dolby,atmos switch it transforms this into a,literal cinema the regza power audio pro,equips a 25 watt power base booster at,the back of the tv along with dual 12,watt clear direct speakers even though,the tv looks slim the power sound is,very thick and rich making you enjoy,heavy deep bass rich sounds as if youre,literally in the scene no matter whether,youre watching a movie youre watching,a tv show or youre in a game it,literally puts you in that space the,marketing for this was described as,heart shaking audio and i was like,really,really it is super super strong the bass,actually shakes you i wish i could show,you the sound in this video or make you,hear it in this video but no matter what,i do it will not do it justice so its,just something you have to experience on,your own but i hope you take my word for,it because honestly this is my favorite,thing about the tv combining

Fantastic value! Toshiba TV M550L 65-inch review

this is the Toshiba TV m550l and we got,the 65 inch version like two weeks ago,for review and today well go through,some of our thoughts and experiences and,we also have quite a lot of things to,talk about it so lets begin,so from the moment that we got the TV we,obviously have to unbox it and also set,it up,but yeah unfortunately this TV is using,a very old school style of TV packaging,and while it is not an issue for most,people I would still say because that we,have reviewed quite a lot of TVs in the,past this unboxing experience and setup,process could have been more streamlined,and better in a sense and especially the,TV is 65 inches in size its kind of,Cordy to handle so the Box separates,into two pieces and from there we have,to take off the top part lay it flat on,the,floor and use it as a base for the TV to,rest on while we screw in the legs,of the TV and speaking of the legs they,are extremely minimalist while also,providing adequate stability for the TV,as you can see here such a huge TV its,very stable actually,but the leaks are so short that it is,more or less like about five centimeters,away from the table surface and if you,want to use it with a soundbar then its,basically just impossible you have to,warm out the TV instead and on that,subject of wall mounting lets talk,about the ports because this TV comes,with triple HDMI ports the first of the,ports actually supports e-arc and I,dont know what HDMI versions that,theyre using but it doesnt actually,matter because this panel only goes up,to 4K 60hz and HDMI 2.0 is already,sufficient but well also return to talk,about the pots in a while and the color,accuracy of this TV and that is,something that I will have to say I was,very skeptical about the marketing,material because it says something,called quantum dot color and I dont,know what that means because it is still,using an LED backlight array anyway and,an LCB layer for the colors to you know,to be produced and quantum dot color,just doesnt actually make sense I,stopped bothering about the marketing,material and watch some content on this,TV and wow it actually looks very good,and it also has fantastic color accuracy,as reported by our Colorimeter covers 98,of srgb color gamut while having a,relatively low Delta e number and with,that said it also comes with HDR 10 plus,and we also watch some HDR video and,this TV just made it look amazing,the HDR experience is further elevated,by the inclusion of a full array local,domain for the LED backlight but the,performance I would say is considered to,be average actually quite above average,we tried the local dimming test video,and it performs fairly decent if we look,at all the bending then we can,technically estimate and draw out the,LED backlight array and yeah we can,actually estimate it in a relatively,High degree of accuracy from what we see,the LED backlight array is somewhat,dense and that is why we considered it,to be above average if you want to play,some games using this TV then theres,also something called the auto low,latency mode also known as Alm as shown,on the box I think its on the box but,whatever I think its a software I guess,the all-m feature only works for,consoles because if I connect this TV to,a laptop via HDMI it didnt,automatically turn on the low latency,mode but we can still hit into the,settings menu to enable it manually and,it definitely reduce the latency because,the mouse cursor is a lot more,responsive hence I would still say,its not fast enough to play competitive,games like CS go and whatnot but you can,play games like lets just say GTA 5.,and speaking of that the settings menu,available on this TV is pretty thorough,so we have the picture settings to set,the color temperature noise reduction,filmmaker mode which automatically,changes all of your settings to match,what the filmmaker intends for us to,watch and then theres also another,color calibration mode that lets us,manually adjust the color intensity of,different tones of colors you can also,tune into your personal preference or,use the Colorimeter to make it as color,accurate as possible and we also turn,off the motion smoothness AKA memsi or,motion enhanced motion compensation I,think thats what its called but,whatever you want to call it I disable,that feature because it just looks,horrible and I absolutely hate that,feature and now we should talk about the,remote control because it has a lot of,buttons and also has a lot of great,features built in like the input button,at the top left corner that brings up,the menu that Aggregates all of the HDMI,inputs TV tuner airplane and also the,USB file explorer into one single menu,and then I also want to highlight the,bunch of buttons at the bottom section,of the remote control because it has,integration from major streaming,services like Netflix Amazon Prime video,YouTube and Google Play and we also,tested out with Netflix and if we press,the subtitle button then it immediately,jumps to the menu that lets us adjust,the subtitles so there is a certain,degree of software integration with the,remote control and you can also view the,resolution of content that it is,streaming and playing and its bitrate,as well by just hitting the I plus,button on the remote control I would say,that these feature is particularly,useful because Netflix offers different,packages for 4K video streaming and if,we know the bitrate that we are,currently streaming then we can judge if,our internet can handle 4K or not its,kind of technical in this sense but its,a good point to show you if you have,enough Headroom to stream in 4k but,maybe you dont even need to stream in,4k because this TV is powered by the,Toshiba TVs rexa engine 4K Pro that,upscales your content from 1080p to 4K,unfortunately we cannot test out the,performance of this upscaler because,theres just no setting to enable or,disable the upscaler,however the upper part of this remote is,rather confusing so you can see the,Google Assistant button is at the,position of where I would assume the,home buttons is supposed to be because,currently since the back button is here,I would assume home button is here but I,keep pressing the Google Assistant,button and then for apps like Netflix,hitting the play pause button at the,bottom side of this remote control here,opens up another menu for you to play,pause or stop or go previous or next for,your content but to access those buttons,you need to press on the d-pad instant,so its kind of weird if you press the,play pause button down here you have to,go all the way up to control whatever,youre doing so its kind of a mismatch,in terms of the button placement and,there are also two ways to technically,enter the settings menu so the first way,is to press the two line box button here,at the bottom which lets you to enter a,settings menu at the picture settings,menu and then you can enter the,full-fledged settings menu by hitting,the gear button around the top side here,of course there are slightly different,in terms of the settings available for,you to tune and the double line box,button here is an overlay for the,settings menu but the gear button is,taking up the entire screen,by the way this Toshiba TV m550l is also,using the latest version of Android TV,which is why the interface is different,and we also do have the standard Android,TV features like farfield microphone so,we can just yell Okay Google and then we,can enable screenless mode so that we,can yell OK Google when the screen is,entirely turned off and we should also,talk about the speakers on this TV so,the Toshiba TV also comes with the rexa,Power Audio Pro system and 25 watts,Bazooka bass booster with two clear,direct speakers and I dont really care,about the marketing at all but when we,do test the speakers it actually sounds,really good so have a listen here,[Music],thank you,[Music],and then if you want to use this TV with,an external speaker then you will need,to know what youre doing first like,what we have mention

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Today on your huge demand I have brought for you the review of the Toshiba M550LP QLED TV. ,Friends, I had seen the picture quality of this TV a long time back,,and, had observed some serious problems in it, ,this is the reason, why, I did not come up with its review earlier. ,But when many amongst you wrote to me on my Instagram, mail and also in the comment section urging me to review this TV,,I had no option rather than buying this TV from Amazon at Rs 55,000.,If I would have told you about this TV, without showing it physically, ,many amongst you would not have believed me,, and, on this channel what we say we validate it with proof, ,so that transparency is maintained., If I desired, I could have shown this TV in a good light by showing you only the best footage ,and thereby would have earned much through the affiliate. ,But on this channel of ours, we only show you the Truth., I recommend you only those products, which I would like to buy myself. ,I myself was shocked to see this Toshiba TV! ,As I have told you earlier, too, Hisense and Toshiba are the same company, ,and, Toshiba is manufactured by Hisense only. ,Based on my observations of their previous models, I had inferred that the picture quality of Toshiba TVs is a tad better than the Hisense TVs., However, this Toshiba TV has disappointed me., Today in this video, not only will you see the in-depth review of this TV,, but you will also get to see a side-by-side comparison of it with the Hisense U6G, Vu Masterpiece and Sony TVs ,so that you can get an idea where this TV stands. ,In this video, seeing its local dimming test, you yourself will be able to count the dimming zones on the TV. ,Apart from this, you will also see its brightness test. ,So now, lets unbox this TV. ,Inside the box, apart from the TV,, you get a remote, 2 triple A batteries, a Wall mount, some screws, an instruction manual, a warranty card,, a power cord and a Wall mount., Reckoning that is it a budget category TV, its built quality is good. ,The TV is bezel-less from three sides and the bottom grey bezel is also ultra-slim, ,on the left side of which, the Toshiba branding has been given. ,The two-piece grey metallic legs, match perfectly with the bezel of the TV, and they come in a 180-degree flat blade design. ,The legs, also, have provision for cable management. ,The side profile of the TV is also ultra-slim. ,On the back, Black plastic material has been used to impart a decent design to this TV. ,Towards the bottom, there is a rectangular box design, on the side and underneath which, the ports have been provided., Overall in looks, this TV is smart., The built quality of the remote is decent and it comes in a dual silver and black tone finish. ,It carries direct buttons to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play and media, apart from the Google Assistant button. ,On the connectivity front, this Toshiba TV comes with, 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports. Apart from HDMI ARC and CEC, this TV also has an HDMI eARC port., In addition to this, the TV has an Antenna port, an AV input port, an Ethernet port, a headphone jack,, an optical digital port , It comes with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v5.0., Support for DLNA, Miracast, Airplay and Google Chromecast is also there on this TV. ,Now lets talk about the company-given features and specifications. ,This TV comes with an A+ grade ultra-vivid DLED panel. ,According to the company, this is a QLED TV that comes with Full Array local dimming., This TV has a 400 Nits brightness and it comes with a wide colour gamut, along with Color Remaster, Ultra Essential PQ technology, ,4K brilliance Restoration, 4K Fine Texture Restoration and 4K Gradation Correction., The response time of this TV is 8 ms and it comes with ALLM and VRR support. ,This TV has a 60 Hz refresh rate ,and it supports, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HLG and Dolby Atmos., For picture quality enhancement, the TV has a Regza Engine 4K Pro, and for better audio performance it comes with Regza Power Audio Pro., The TV comes with 49 Watts 3 speakers, which include a subwoofer. ,This TV supports Dolby audio, DTS HD and Dolby Atmos. ,In addition to the Game Mode, there is also a Sports Mode on this TV. ,To reduce motion blur, there is MEMC. ,The TV comes with a Far Field voice search feature. ,Apart from the remote, you can directly interact with the TV. ,For eye protection, the TV has an iCare Mode. ,This is an Android TV that comes with Google TV UI., It has 16GB storage and 2GB RAM,For graphics, there is an ARM Mali G52 processor. ,So these were the company-given specifications, ,now, lets talk about its real performance. ,So first of all, I would like to tell you something in very clear words, ,that, since the time QLED TVs have become a rage amongst people, ,all budget companies have been terming their TVs as QLEDs., But if you ask me the Truth, in none of the budget QLED TVs, I have noticed that colour vibrancy,, which you get to see on Samsung QLEDs! Honestly speaking, ,I have not observed any difference between budget QLEDs and common 4K TVs., All these QLED TVs look like any ordinary 4K TV only, ,and, the same is true with this Toshiba TV, too. ,The company has not mentioned its panel type., On close inspection, it appears to be some hard panel, which can be either IPS or ADS. ,Because this is an IPS-type panel, the grey uniformity of this TV is good., Still, in many places, you get to see some uneven dark patches. ,The TV does not come with a 10-bit panel, ,it is either an 8-bit panel or an 8-bit dithering panel, which imitates a 10-bit panel. ,This can be inferred from the banding that gets displayed multiple times, very prominently, on this TV. ,Banding is such horizontal lines, which are common on 8-bit panels. ,On a real 10-bit panel, you will not get to see any banding. ,If you watch this TV from a laymans point of view, the picture quality of this TV will appeal to you at the very first glance,, especially when you see bright SDR content directly from the front. ,While watching bright scenes and on the Home screen, this TV looks pretty bright, ,which creates an illusion that this is a very bright TV. ,So first of all, lets conduct its brightness test., Some people had been telling me that the brightness of this TV is much more than the company-given brightness, ,so lets sift the truth from falsehood. ,Remember, all companies tend to exaggerate the brightness & contrast values of their TVs and projectors, ,they can never give a lower value! ,The HDR peak brightness of this TV is a tad lower than the company-given 400 Nits brightness. ,On a 25% window, the brightness of the TV is 394.6 Nits, ,on a 49% window, it is 388.7 Nits ,and on a 100% window, the value is 369.6 Nits., So now, this part is clear, that the brightness of this TV is not more than the company-given brightness. ,Now, lets test its dimming zones and see how many dimming zones are there on this TV. ,In the horizontal row, the TV has 4 dimming zones, ,whereas, in the vertical row, there are 7 dimming zones, ,which amounts to a total of 28 large-sized dimming zones on this TV. ,The picture quality of a TV does not become SUPERB, just because the TV exhibits a Full Array Local Dimming! ,The smaller and the more numerous dimming zones a TV has, the better its picture quality turns out to be., In addition to the size and the number of dimming zones on a TV, the picture quality depends on the technologies present on that TV,, the hardware quality and the LED quality. ,The good TVs of higher brands, despite having bigger dimming zones ,have much better picture quality than the budget TVs that have more dimming zones on them. ,Some people had been asking me for a comparison of this TV with a Sony TV. ,They argue that all cannot afford Sony TVs, ,and, when there is a cheaper alternative to the costly Sony TV, then why go with the costlier one?,So now, I will show you a comparison of this TV with a Sony TV, ,so that you realize what extra you get after spendin

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Why THIS 4K TV Blew Away My High Expectations! Toshiba TV M550

can a 350 TV actually be good yes very,good and that is because this Toshiba,m550 isnt actually a 350 TV or at least,it wasnt at first I believe that this,is the best TV you can get at that price,point by far and Ill explain exactly,why and why I went to Best Buy and I,bought this model when Toshiba reached,out to us and they wanted to Showcase,their TV lineup now as you guys know we,get thousands of emails and I have,turned most of them down because of,their products but this TV right here,came out about a year ago for eight,hundred dollars and now it just dropped,to 350 dollars and it is an amazing,steal now to be honest I am a TV snob I,have that huge 4K projector system in my,basement I bought TVs that are six seven,times the price and I bought TVs that,were twice as expensive but were not as,good for five main reasons and the first,one is image quality so many TVs out,there are 4K but the difference is,massive and this TV actually has local,dimming up to 48 zones which is unheard,of at this price point that means,instead of like the cheaper MacBooks,where you have a gray screen when youre,watching Dark content especially at,night you have much deeper blacks,because part of the screen can,completely shut off its back lighting,and that greatly increases the contrast,and makes the highlights really pop in,particular for HDR this makes the image,much more Vivid it makes it pop and all,the processing is done with toshibas,rexa engine 4K Pro which was designed,and tuned in Japan as I mentioned this,is a 4K TV so you have a lot of detail,but with that Toshiba is using their AI,4K upscaling to bring 1080p content even,1080p gaming to look much better are,bringing it up to 4K and its not just,over sampling or simply replicating,every pixel and intelligently detects,the colors of neighboring pixels and,decides the proper color in a detail and,texture that you should have to give you,near 4K quality with that it supports a,wide color gamut of over 90 percent TCI,P3 which means it offers much more,colors than a conventional LED TV to,give you finer color variations and it,gives you more color depth with richer,Shades now that is especially important,for HDR content which could be 10 bit to,make it look like it was intended to,look and with that it supports not only,HDR 10 but also HDR 10 plus and Dolby,Vision so youre covered on all of the,fronts now certain applications will,support Dolby Vision while other ones,like Amazon Prime video it supports HDR,10 plus so you really want to have both,of these and with that if youre,watching a regular HDR that isnt smart,HDR well they actually have a function,thats called 4K gradation correction,which in real time corrects luminance,and colors to give you a great looking,HDR image even if the signal is not,proper an HDR rest duration that can,bring some of those highlights back down,so that it will look its best and,because of this no matter what kind of,signal youre washing it does look good,on this TV instead of Cheaper models,that can be very flat or have highlights,that are just out there where its pure,white where an SDR image wouldnt have,that issue and now with that this TV,also has really wide viewing angles,because the front panel is really nice,same thing with the LCD panel so if,youre sitting on the side it still,looks good and you probably noticed that,the bezels are very slim on this TV most,budget TVs will have really thick bezels,because its cheaper but because this is,a much nicer one and the price point has,come down you get the super slim bezel,all around which makes it look nice and,clean and modern and its less,distracting from what youre trying to,watch it also has ultimate motion 120,hertz which is great for games that will,smooth everything out along with sports,and with that you can actually dive into,the menu and you can turn it off for,things like watching movies if you want,it to run at 24 frames per second and,you have a lot of different settings so,you can adjust how much the dynamic tone,mapping and other software options are,using to get the best image that you,like and for gaming and sports theres,dedicated modes that can easily optimize,for that and the game mode can turn on,automatically which will reduce latency,now other than the picture quality,theres some other reasons why this TV,really stands out and the first one is,sound it supports multiple dolbys,including Dolby Atmos and DTS which,means that the sound is optimized and,for most TVs that are at this price,point the speakers really suck this one,has really powerful speakers that,surprised me with surprisingly good bass,because once again it wasnt designed as,a 350r TV go ahead and take a listen,[Music],foreign,the next thing that really stands out,and surprised me is the build quality,when I took it out of the box I was,happy that they had great padding all,around so youre not touching the,display and the build quality is really,great the main top portion of the back,panel is solid metal and then the bottom,portion is high quality plastic and we,do have a vase amount built into the TV,and not only that but the legs,themselves are made out of metal theyre,not plastic and where they install the,whole frame portion of that is also,metal instead of being plastic for other,TVs at this price point and it also has,a bunch of inputs we actually have a lan,Port Optical out a headphone jack as,well as a USB port four hdmis including,Arc and some Legacy connections and one,thing that I really appreciated is that,the legs actually have cable management,built in to there so you can route your,cables without them hanging off the back,or having to use tape now this TV also,supports Bluetooth and Dual Band Wi-Fi,so you can have a fast connection and,not only does it come with the Fire TV,smart remote but it also comes with an,IR blaster that you can connect to it,just in case you have it hung up so that,you can get a proper signal Now setting,this thing up was incredibly easy,because it does use Fire TV I was able,to use my smartphone to connect to my,Amazon account and I was just logged in,that makes it very simple and then I,could select the additional apps that I,want to use because its a smart TV and,it just downloaded and installed it,automatically it also comes with a basic,mode if you dont want the full,experience but switching to the full,mode you have access to live TV,thousands of channels of course it runs,Alexa so if I say it right now you guys,see that it pops up right there and so,you can use it as an Alexa device to,have things show up on it and that is,very very handy you can control your,smart home and the remote also has a,microphone built in so I could just say,open Amazon Prime video and its going,to pop up and open up that app without,me having to go home and navigate,through all of that now if you dont,want to use the remote or like what,happens at my house the kids are using,it gets misplaced it gets lost well the,microphones are far field so it can hear,you from a further distance and if you,have music or kids in the background it,can still hear your voice so I could say,Alexa play peripheral on Prime video and,Bam it is playing that show even though,I never played it on this TV yet I was,playing it at home so everything is tied,in with the Amazon Fire TV setup now,along with the apps that I mentioned we,also have the free channels which you,can watch free TV of course you can go,in and you can download other apps and,applications and because its tied into,Amazon you have Amazon music I have my,photos which I back up there you have an,internet browser and you dont have to,use the apps that are built in of course,you can stream to it including being,able to use airplay so if you have a lot,of Apple devices like I do you can pair,it up one time and then be able to play,your content like I have Dave Lee,playing right now his new laptop video,or other things just like screen sharing,photos and things like that now Toshi

Toshiba M550 UHD 4K Android TV : POWERFUL Sound & Amazing Picture Quality! ✅

Yo!,What does the term REGZA mean?,5 seconds for you to guess what that term means…,Times out!,If you guess it right, nice one!,But if you didnt, it stands for,“Real Expression Guaranteed by Amazing Architecture”,and REGZA is a unified television brand designed and fine-tuned in Japan,and this REGZA engine is the iconic core processor,that is found in Toshiba TVs,Yeap! A quick fun fact my friends!,Hey whats up!,Adam Lobo here from Adam Lobo TV,Yes, this is my very first time reviewing a Toshiba branded TV,and that is because this Toshiba M550 series,seems to be a very considering option,within the super competitive 4K TV market,especially with its price factor and technology,So lets find out if it really is?,Now lets look at the specs,Just at a glance, this premium model, the M550 series,comes with REGZA Engine 4K, Wide Colour Gamut,which gives you the best cinematic and vibrant colors,where it also has a really good sound system,with the REGZA Power Audio Pro and it is also an Android TV,The model that I have here is the 55 inch variant,which comes with Toshibas Ultra HD 4K,with the resolution of 3840 by 2160,And with this, allowing you to enjoy crisp, clear,and immersive real vision with heart-shaking sound,The M550 series also comes in other sizes for you guys to choose from,which is in 50 and 65 inches as well,and just so you all know, whatever size that youre going for,it all has the same resolution of 3840 by 2160,so it all does come down to how big size of a TV that you really need,The M550 covers a DCI-P3 value of more than 90%,which gives you a more detailed picture quality,with more depth and rich shades,than other conventional TVs that have ever produced,And the next thing that really caught my attention was the bezel-less design,If you are my regular subscriber, youd already know that,I love everything very minimalistic,when it comes to the design and this is it,With less bezel and more pictures,where Toshiba pushes the edge to a new extreme,with the reduced bezel flowing directly into the display,giving you a very immersive viewing experience,And as seen, Toshiba wasnt kidding,when they said it was a bezel-less design,as you can barely see there is any,so this elegant and minimalist TV design,does adhere to Toshiba TVs philosophy of “Essential Beauty”,which perfectly fits the modern lifestyle these days,This TV panel has also a refresh rate of 60 hertz,which means it plays only 60 frames per second,but in my personal experience, that was totally fine,while yes there MIGHT be other TVs out there with a higher refresh rate,but for the price that you pay, which I will reveal later,that did not bother me,So yes, I did not have any complaints about it here,Now speaking of viewing experience, since I do watch a lot of football matches,only Liverpool matches…,and also playing PS5 once in a while when I have a free time of course,the REGZA Engine 4K, is the highest performance 4K engine from Toshiba,that overall creates a stunning picture quality,during my experience when it comes to gaming and watching footbal,where it analyses every pixel of each scene,and adjusts the picture parameters to dig out the maximum potential details,and reproduce stunning picture quality,specifically when it comes to football mode and also game mode as well,With the Ultra Essential Picture Quality technology,combined with the high-quality wide color gamut on this LCD panel,you will get an incredible Ultra HD 4K images,when it comes to streaming 4K content on Netflix,with breath-taking picture quality as it is also HDR 10 compatible too,And with the adaptive dimming, you will be able to see,better contrast performance in the detail of the image,as it does enhance the overall blacks to be darker,and the brighter, or the white parts of the image to become even brighter,And speaking of Netflix, what we normally look for,nowadays in a smart TV, especially for me,is whether or not the TV has DOLBY Atmos,And yes, this M550 series does come packed,with the combined DOLBY Vision HDR imaging,and DOLBY Atmos sound to give you a very nice audio-visual performance,transforming the TV into a really great entertainment powerhouse,with detailed imaging and acoustics,which does achieve amazing realism,that you can see, hear or even feel all in all,Now coming to the audio quality,where to my surprise… it was QUITE LOUD,even when the volume was only at about 10,The pure clear sound that came from the power bass woofer,build-in at the back of the TV gave me quite an experience,So this can be very beneficial for people who dont have,or dont want to put in an extra soundbar to get a better audio quality,especially when watching movies or even playing games as well,Whats sweet is that all variants of this series,come with a maximum audio output of 25-watts Power Bass Woofer,and dual clear direct speakers of 12-watts,And of course, this is supported by the REGZA Power Audio Pro system,at the rear side of the TV,And this honestly came as a surprise for me,because although it is quite slim,but the Power Bass Woofer and the sound output was very rich and thick,making you enjoy a really good sound in any scene,no matter what you are watching,And as a person who really enjoys and needs a good sound quality,This is surely one of the biggest highlights of this M550 Series TV,So this shows that this Toshiba TV not only strives to provide,natural vivid pictures on their TVs,but also gives excellent and immersive audio quality,all in the comfort of our homes,Before I move forward, if you guys find this video helpful,in making your purchase decision,it would be nice if you could kindly click “Like” on this video,and subscribe if you guys havent done so,that would be very much appreciated,to help me stick out of these weird YouTube algorithms,Next, lets talk about the operating system,and what runs this whole TV experience,So, another cool and appealing factor of this M550,is the fact that this is an Android TV,which means that it runs on the Android platform,where you can get more out of your TV,And you can also navigate faster through the voice commands,without any complicated settings,and you can just press the mic button on the remote control to say anything,for the TV to respond to your commands,And if you guys are familiar with Chromecast,whats nice is, there is a build-in Chromecast in the TV as well,hence allowing you to cast your videos, even YouTube,photos or music from your other devices, like your smartphone, to your TV,Nice,In conclusion, I have to say that this Toshiba M550 series,is surely a compelling option since it does indeed,check the right boxes to be an all-rounder,My biggest takeaway on this TV is the picture quality,the amazing sound quality, and of course,an Android TV experience,Of course not forgetting a very affordable price,of only RM3799,and I will leave links down below for you guys to get yourself one,both on Shopee and Lazada as well,Aside from that, thank you so much for watching,I hope this video helped you in making your purchase decision,once again and with this, do let me know if you guys are planning,to get this Toshiba M550 series at the comments section below,My name is Adam Lobo and I will see you in my next video

Best TV in India 2022 ⚡ Toshiba M550 QLED TV ???? Best TV under 50000

Toshiba believes its new QLED 2022 TV model is different. ,I bought this TV to test whether it is a good option or not. ,Hello friends, welcome to my channel VM-One. My name is Vineet ,& this is the most unique review of Toshiba QLED TV. I promise ,it is a trueview as we buy products to review them. First looks- ,It has amazing built-quality as it is made of metal including ,its Stands & back body. The bezels are very slim. Anti-reflective ,coating on panel reduces reflection. These lights are far-field ,microphones through which commands can be given to Google Assistant ,without remote. It has 3 HDMI ports out of which one is eARC that ,gives ALLM and VRR from 48Hz to 60Hz. This Variable Refresh Rate is ,not extra-ordinary but it reduces input lag for old gaming consoles ,like PS4. I did not test it but Toshiba claims 8 mini seconds input ,lag which is extra-ordinarily good. Company claims 10 bit but I ,think it is 8 bit FRC with 10 bit depth. This IPS QLED panel is ,amazing. Company declared 400 nits HDR brightness but in our ,testing between 10% to 100% window sizes, its brightness was ,astonishing. We recorded 570 nits peak HDR brightness. Its brightness ,is under-promised and over-delivered. The colors, detailing & blacks ,are unmatched due to its exceptional brightness. Later on I will ,explain why it is so. After switching on, you will see Android 11 or ,Google TV home screen along with Google Chromecast & Miracast ,support. Apple users can get Apple Airplay support. As Android 11 is ,heavy, it reduced its 16 GB storage to 7.3 GB storage. However, its ,storage can be increased by plugging-in a pendrive in 1 of its 2 USB ,ports. It supports Dual band Wifi & Bluetooth 5.0. Lets talk about ,a major topic- Panel. This full-array local dimming panel is good. ,It is an IPS QLED panel. QLED (Quantum Dot Filter) on the back ,purifies the colors. But the main work is of color engine. Every ,brand optimizes colors & places a chip. Due to this, QLED filter ,shows colors on panel. All you need to understand is that it is a ,good panel. Testing- I got exceptional results in ,dimming test as it is full-array panel.,The panel tries to give absolute blacks on the places where light ,shouldnt be. Acc to my calculations, there are 32 dimming zones. ,It has Local dimming panel with amazing performance, 570 nits peak ,HDR brightness but what about other imp parameters such as colors ,and blacks? A different color engine has been used. Hisense is the ,manufacturer of this Toshiba TV as Hisense as these rights. But ,Hisense cant use its color engine and thats how Toshiba has ,licensed Hisense. It has Regza color engine. It is made in Japan, ,supplied to Hisense and then it is used in it. The color ,optimization in Regza is done by Toshiba and thats why its colors ,are absolutely different. As compared to other QLED TVs, its colors ,are out of the world. They are magical. Sometimes you will feel ,they are over-optimized but in real, you will match them with Sonys ,colors. Red, Green & Blue are optimized in such a way that they ,look very punchy & bright. Sometimes you will feel they are ,over-optimized but they arent. They are natural & life-like colors. ,They are good, appealing, detailed & bright due to high brightness. ,Even the minutest details will be visible. Over-brightness is not ,there. TVs with more brightness sometimes show even those details ,which shouldnt be shown. It disrupts the picture quality. Proper ,Optimization of colors is an art and this TV has done it. Video ,Features- It has HDR10, HDR10+, HLG & Dolby Vision support i.e you ,can enjoy all OTT platforms. I tested them. This is the Dolby Vision ,content on Netflix. It also supports Dolby Atmos and its logo is ,clearly visible. We tested the same on Prime in HDR10+ content. ,Judge yourself by seeing the color of cars and sand. They are ,absolutely natural & life-like real colors (best). IPS QLED panel ,gives amazing viewing angles. This TV shows same colors and ,brightness from all angles which is exceptional. Lets test ,upscaling of SD & HD channels. Performance of SD channels was ,satisfactory just like all 4K TVs. It is a 55-inch TV with such ,amazing clarity of SD channels. The experience is completely ,different on HD channels. HD channels have perfect clarity. Hence, ,its upscaling capability is amazing. The content played via ,USB is brilliantly upscaled. See this 720p aka HD content.,Upscaling of 1080p i.e FHD content is also amazing.,Upscaling of 4K video is also fabulous. ,I tested its MEMC performance. We kept it on smooth i.e on top-most ,level & there was no motion blur. We also did some other kinds of ,testing. These rotating blades of windmill show a little motion blur ,as it is 60 Hz panel. A 120Hz panel would not show any motion blur. ,Consider this before buying it. Last is the audio test. Listen- ,Its audio is fantastic. Acc to me, it has the best audio qualities ,in TV up to Rs 1 Lakh. There is no need of any external soundbar. ,It has a 2.1 audio system. The .1 is the built-in subwoofer. ,Total audio output is 49W but its clarity is awesome. Its bass is ,decent but not as good as a subwoofer. As per the TV, its audio ,quality is fantastic & no external soundbar is needed. It comes ,with Bluetooth and Infrared combination full size remote control ,with Netflix, Youtube, Google Play, Prime Video & Media Hotkeys. ,It has Google Assistant button too. The far-field microphones can ,be turned with the button on front. It is good for your privacy. ,So should you buy Toshiba QLED M550 or not? Right now its 55-inch ,size costs Rs 53,000 which is amazing. It has 2 years warranty. ,Cons- Its motion blur is not completely controlled. This 60 Hz ,panel behaves like a 60Hz panel. A better panel with more controlled ,motion blur would be ideal. All TVs of this range will give same ,performance. In content of motion blur, I am expecting too much ,from it due to its amazing colors. Second con more of a subjective ,issue but it is my responsibility to tell you. In certain scenes ,you will feel its colors are over-saturated. Its brightness is ,amazing but in certain scenes, you might find red & green ,over-saturated due to its color optimization. These are not ,over-saturated for me and these can be manually controlled from ,settings. Pros- It has amazing 570 nits brightness. I dont agree ,with companys claim of 400 nits brightness. It has exceptional ,brightness. The colors are unmatched and acc to me, they compete ,with Sony. I have many Sony TVs which I bought & reviewed. After ,comparing them, I can say that its colors are as good as any Sony ,model. Con- You wont get the deepest Blacks as it is an IPS QLED ,panel. Its blacks are not as good as of a VA panel. This is fair ,as no IPS panel gives deepest blacks. It can be placed in both dark ,& bright rooms. Its panel is not reflective which is a pro. Its ,audio quality is amazing. There is no need of a soundbar in medium ,to large sized rooms unless you want a cinematic experience. ,Otherwise, its audio quality is good enough. Con- The 48Hz to 60Hz ,VRR is not a joke. However, it is good if you have old Play Station. ,The good part is ALLM which is beneficial for gamers. Acc to company, ,its input lag is 8 mili seconds. I couldnt test it as I dont have ,a gaming console. So should you buy Toshiba QLED or any other ,QLED TV of same range? I bought and tested other QLED TVs and by ,far, Toshiba TV is the best amongst the lot. You wont regret ,buying this TV. It is one of the premium TVs in a very cheap price. ,The Rs 53,000 price is fantastic. All links are in description. ,Please use them. They are my affiliate links which are also given ,in VM-Recommended TV list. Using them will help this channel. ,Do tell me how was this video in comment section. Ask your ,questions & Ill try to reply as soon as possible. Ill meet you ,in my next video very soon. Thank you so much.

Toshiba M550ku | 4k Fire TV Review

[Music],[Applause],whats up guys taking a little break,from movie talk and im going to tell,you about a brand new model tv that was,released just this holiday season that,ive had the pleasure of experiencing,for the past three months and that is,the toshiba,m550ku which is toshibas newest 4k,model tv that actually has fire tv,technology built right into the,television and as somebody that watches,a lot of movies a lot of television,shows uses many different streaming,services available on fire tv and plays,both playstation 5 and xbox series x on,the regular i have been really impressed,with the quality of this tv the picture,the sound and the smart home integration,that this television brings quite,honestly matches if not surpasses a lot,of the higher end brands that compete,with toshiba right off the bat one of my,favorite features of this tv is in fact,the fire tv built-in feature i am,somebody that all across my house we all,use fire tvs i have fire tv sticks in my,kids rooms i have the fire tv cube down,in the living room and the one i used to,have in the bedroom never seemed to work,very well so i was actually looking for,an upgrade when i was contacted about,this tv so funny how things work out but,while watching this tv the fire tv,integration was seamless i was worried,it was going to be a little bit laggy or,it might be a little bit clunky and it,is just as seamless as if you had,plugged the device into a separate tv it,never lagged it never was confused it,never lost any of the information,regarding any of my accounts or any of,the apps it constantly kept them updated,and fresh so that i didnt have to pause,my viewing experience or wait to start,something for it to update it was,awesome and this tv also has alexa built,into it with voice recognition so you,can do it from the remote with the voice,button or you can just do it from a,distance it has speakers and microphones,that are able to pick up all of the,voice all the ambient voice in the room,that the tv is in so if you want to,change over to netflix if you want to,change over to prime video if you want,to pause rewind stop if you want to do a,specific movie or search for something,all you have to do is open your mouth,and say it and the tv will recognize it,and find exactly what youre looking for,theres also a live picture and picture,feature which works with all of your,home security systems the ones that work,with the alexa app and so that really,helps me since this tv is in one of my,upstairs bedrooms so if somebody comes,to my door whatever im watching will,keep playing but there will be a little,live picture and picture box that will,pop up and show me who is at my front,door so i can choose whether or not i,want to stop what im doing and go and,answer the door or let the amazon,delivery guy just drop it off of the,doorstep theres also quick launch,buttons that are built right into the,mode as well if youre somebody that,does not like to use voice commands for,whatever reason you have prime video,netflix hulu and disney plus built right,here into the remote so those are,obviously the most popular streaming,services right now so you just click a,button it opens up that app without you,having to go through a bunch of menus,now outside of the fire tv feature i,think one of the most impressive things,about this tv is quite honestly the,spectrum of color the level of 4k detail,the contrast between the lights and the,darks im somebody that has very high,end televisions elsewhere in my house,that i have spent a lot of money on and,this toshiba tv quite honestly rivals,all of them especially when it comes to,gaming i was playing horizon forbidden,west and that is a game that pretty much,puts video games to their full potential,right now with what is available on the,playstation 5. and i kept coming back to,this room to play the game when i was,reviewing it because it looked so much,better so much more colorful and so much,more vivid and bright on this toshiba tv,and it helps that this tv has a 120,hertz refresh rate which is something,that to the naked eye a lot of people,might not really have much of a fit,about when it comes to tv or television,shows but when it comes to gaming it,really stands out when you have that,level of refresh and also built into the,tv is the low latency game mode which,adds to that refresh rate that tries to,prevent lag that tries to prevent any,kind of a time difference between the,commands that you put into a gaming,controller into what you see on screen,so that paired with the 120 hertz,refresh rate and the 480 motion rate,this is the best gaming tv that ive,ever owned it comes with dolby vision,hdr and hdr 10 built in so this tv can,deliver highlights that are up to 40,times brighter and blacks that are 10,times darker compared to standard images,along with sharper contrast vibrant,colors and nuanced details that add a,huge level of depth to the picture and,one of the biggest things that i was,really surprised about was the level of,sound quality that comes stock in this,tv everywhere else in my house my tvs,are plugged into sound bars i prefer,that audio experience i prefer the home,theater the subwoofer all of that now,when i plugged this tv in i did have a,sound bar hooked up to it for the first,month or so but for some issues that i,will get into on the next part of this,review,i had to unplug the sound bar and so i,used just the audio that came the,speakers that came stock with the tv and,i was shocked at how much i really,didnt mind it i didnt miss the sound,bar this dts virtual x system that they,have it really does stand out im,somebody that has not really used any,flat screen tvs that have impressive,sound built into it quite honestly,theres like a buzzing and a ring more,times than not that annoys me to where i,cannot stand to watch that tv without a,sound bar or a home theater hookup and,this is the first tv ive ever owned,where i do not have that problem and the,last feature that i need to highlight,which is not something that necessarily,is as flashy as the things that ive,talked about but certainly is important,especially if youre going to be using,4k technology 4k gaming systems or a 4k,blu-ray player is that theres actually,three hdmi ports on this tv so you can,have multiple systems hooked into this,without having to use any kind of a,splitter or any kind of an extension and,they are also all 2.1s theyre hdmi 2.1,hookups which is the latest update of,hdmi technology so if you have ps5s xbox,series xs a 4k blu-ray that you want to,have the highest possible picture,quality this will allow you to do that,now as far as negatives i only have two,and for some people they might actually,be pretty serious i have lived with them,very easily so theyre not really,something that turned out to be a very,big deal for me but they are absolutely,worth noting the first issue that i have,had with this tv is that,the whole story i gave about why i was,not able to keep my sound bar hooked up,is because in certain streaming apps,within the fire tv there are different,audio channels like netflix i had a bit,of an issue with certain shows where the,default audio channel will not translate,through your audio cable into your,soundbar and so you would watch a show,and have no audio and if you did not,have options for other audio channels to,be able to switch it over you just could,not watch that show without unplugging,your sound bar its something i did some,research in and ive looked in forums,with other people that have had these,tvs and ive had fire tv setups and it,is an issue with some kind of a,translation between those streaming apps,and the fire tv app and unfortunately,because this tv has the fire tv app,built into it and that is quite,literally the home page of your tv,theres no way to bypass it or get,around it its something that impacts,your tv experience no matter what you,try to watch so there was a lot of shows,that i was able to watch there was a l

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