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  3. Is Toshiba back?!?! The Dynabook Satellite Pro C50-J review!
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RIP Toshiba Laptops

toshiba is officially out of the laptop,business,you want to know something well i had a,toshiba laptop it was a big deal for me,once upon a time,oh yeah yeah i got a toshiba laptop it,was a 17-inch laptop,and i was the king of the world for a,moment maybe i was,17 or 18 years old and,oh man which one was it it was like it,looked kind of,more like that middle picture with the,keyboard there,in the offset trackpad but it was a,toshiba satellite from many years ago it,was,a little bit heavy by todays standards,but at the time it was pretty,lightweight for,a 17 inch laptop it had a gpu in it,it wasnt a gaming laptop but i was like,you know what im gonna catch a deal,im gonna pick up a notebook without too,much attitude or personality,without the gaming marketing thing going,on like it wasnt an alienware or,whatever but it has a gpu,so i can i was looking for a value point,you know,young lou with a lot of time on his,hands deep investigation,and i ended up with this one i ran an,external monitor with it it was a whole,i had a whole,setup going on and i thought i was the,king of the world was this for,video editing or something i did a,little video editing sony vegas is what,i was using at the time,oh but i also did a little gaming,believe it or not oh yeah yeah i did a,little game,yeah i did a little pc gaming here and,there,so i was the king of the world but,anyway toshiba theyre uh,calling it quits the toshiba laptop,brand,uh rip a little while ago they sold,a major portion of that business to,sharp the other,japanese company and they they,actually were making laptops 35 years,toshiba laptops,they when they in at their peak listen,to this this actually surprised me,in 2011 toshibas share,of the pc market had dwindled,oh apologies in their peak in 2011,17.7 million pcs,down to 1.4 by 2017. holy moly thats a,big difference,yeah that was this the smartphone,basically came along in between there,and the laptop was no longer the,ultimate computing device,ultimate portable computing device,became,the smartphone yeah and bit into,everything and the smart,smartphones did the same thing to the,point-and-shoot camera market,just you know huge drop off of a cliff,now,obviously other other laptop,manufacturers exist and this is,toshibas numbers,but the industry as a whole has kind of,cooled off,so toshiba two years ago sold an 80,of the company to sharp and then sharp,was selling,toshiba laptops under the brand dynabook,i dont even know we may have had some,in the studio at one one time,and they had her they had a document,drawn up a,contract that they could later on by the,remainder,the remaining 19 of the company and then,they went ahead and did that,and so thats the end of toshiba in the,laptop business,im gonna uh pour one out im gonna pour,one out,there you go because like i said fond,memories over here,and they become part of sharp and,sharps still doing it so shout out to,sharp

Review adaptor charger laptop Toshiba

[Musik],[Musik],Halo assalamualaikum teman-temanku semua,selamat datang kembali di channel Sakana,komputer,kali ini kita akan Unboxing sebuah paket,pembelian,charger atau adaptor laptop yang saya,beli di Bukalapak,ini adalah charger atau adaptor yang,akan saya pakai untuk,laptop merk Toshiba ya Toshiba Ini,laptopnya di depan ya Toshiba,b40a atau juga bisa dipakai untuk laptop,Toshiba,C600 c640 atau juga bisa dipakai untuk,laptop Toshiba L510 dan seri-seri,lainnya ya nanti,beberapa laptop yang didukung oleh,charger ini akan saya sertakan di,deskripsi,ya ini adalah,kemasannya ya masih rapi belum,diapa-apain Ya bisa dilihat sendiri ya,ini ada,apa ini golongan kecil doang ini ya,ini masih rapi ya masih belum ada,sobekan sama sekali ya,ini,[Musik],pengirimnya adalah wipat ya,ini ada nomor HPnya jelas ya,nah ini ini pembelinya saya sendiri ya,sarwanto Ya Sakana komputer ya,baik kita akan Unboxing ya ini kita akan,mulai membukanya karena di sini juga,dituliskan tidak dapat klaim ya,tidak dapat klaim tanpa video Unboxing,bla bla bla,Oke kita mulai saja,nanti juga kita akan langsung cek Apakah,dia berfungsi atau tidak ya kita buka,saja,[Musik],[Musik],[Musik],jangan lupa ya,nah seperti ini ya,ini Bubble wrap nya kita taruh sini dan,ini adalah kemasannya ya,Toshiba original tulisannya,Coba kita Buka isinya,Ketika saya bertanya dengan salesnya dia,bilang sudah include kabel power dari,PLN nya ya,ini Kabel ini kabel power dari PLN ya,maaf kabel power untuk colokan ke,listrik maksud saya ya ini seperti ini,kemudian ini adalah adaptornya ya,kita cek daftarnya,bagus Ya sepertinya ya,ini berat ya tidak kopong,ini kita lihat spesifikasinya ada di,sini ya,[Musik],nggak kebaca ya,seperti ini nah ini adalah keterangan,dari,adaptor itu sendiri ya voltasenya berapa,ampere nya berapa di situ ada tulisannya,ya seperti ini nah ini sampel Ini juga,masih rapi,ini bagus ya,berat ini tidak kopong langsung saja,kita coba untuk dites ya ini ada colokan,di sini kita akan coba untuk colokan,[Musik],langsung saja kita buka kabel powernya,kabel powernya kita hubungkan ke,adaptornya,di sini kita colokan,ini kita tancapkan di sini,kemudian ini kita,taruh sini ya,kita coba untuk tancapkan di,colokan chargernya Nah di situ nah di,situ udah nyala ya,berarti charger ini berfungsi ya,kita akan coba tes,[Musik],untuk dinyalakan,Coba kita lepas lagi Oh ya Jadi bisa,ngecas ya,kita pasang lagi,kita coba untuk Nyalakan,seperti itu,[Musik],Oke kita Arahkan ke,laptopnya nah seperti itu,[Musik],[Musik],Nah itu sudah mulai loading ya Sudah,mulai boot dari hardisk,nanti kita akan cek Apakah,[Musik],dia mengisi baterai atau tidak ya,[Musik],ini,di Bukalapak tokonya adalah wiped ya,nanti ada beberapa toko ya Jika kalian,ingin membeli charger ini nanti bisa,kalian lihat di deskripsi di bawah judul,video ini,silahkan kalian cari di mana,online shop yang kalian sukai,Oke kita lihat di laptopnya,kita masuk ke desktop,oke di sini kita lihat di icon,baterainya,kita dekatkan kursornya ke baterai,[Musik],ya 38% available,plug in charging ya Jadi ini berfungsi,ya,ini berfungsi,dengan baik dan ini tidak ada apa,namanya,tidak terasa,ketidak sesuaiannya artinya kalau,baterai itu,voltase atau ampere nya tidak sesuai,maka pergerakan kursornya ini akan,patah-patah kalau ini halus ya berarti,memang sesuai bagus,kita,akan tunggu untuk beberapa saat,tadi dinilai 38 ini udah naik jadi 39 ya,39% berarti ini bisa mengisi,baterai ini dengan bagus ya kita akan,tunggu,sebentar lagi apakah dia akan naik,menjadi 40 ya kita tunggu sebentar ya,Coba kita cek lagi di sini,masih 39 ya tadi diawali dengan angka 38,ya Ini udah 40% ya,bagus ini,sepertinya ini bagus cepat mengecasnya,dan cocok ya,ini tidak ada yang dirasa tidak enak ya,Silahkan jika kalian ingin mengganti,atau membeli adaptor yang baru kalian,bisa lihat di deskripsi di toko mana,yang kalian sukai,sekali lagi ini bisa cocok untuk,beberapa,tipe laptop Toshiba ya diantaranya tipe,L tipe C sama tipe B Ya ini yang saya,coba ini adalah laptop Toshiba merk,laptop merk Toshiba tipenya,b40a,saya juga ada laptop satu lagi nih,Ini laptopnya,tipenya C6,C600 atau c640 Coba kita lihat di,sininya,di sini akan kelihatan,C600 ya di sini C600 nanti akan kita,akan coba apakah cocok dan ada satu lagi,laptop L510 semuanya cocok kita akan,coba ya,kita coba di laptop satu lagi ini aja,yang,c640,ec600 ya,baik ini sudah selesai ini menjadi,Angkanya berapa kita lihat lagi,[Musik],sudah 42 ya 42% dari 38 ini 43 Sekarang,43% berarti ini bisa ngecas dengan baik,kita akan susun saja yang ini,[Musik],atau kita cabut saja karena ada,baterainya kita lepas saja,kita ganti laptop yang C600,nya,[Musik],6,00 nah ini jelas ini ada tulisan C600 ya,Nah kita coba langsung di sini,kita langsung akan colokan ke sini yang,dekat,di sini,[Musik],kita langsung Nyalakan,oke di sini sudah lampunya menyala,berarti bagus ya,bagus bisa berfungsi dengan baik nah ini,sudah muncul windowsnya juga Windows 8,ini Windows 8.1 kalau tadi Windows 8,doang,oke ya bagus ya kita akan coba Oh ya ini,juga nggak ada,nggak ada yang dirasa tidak enak ya jadi,kursornya bisa berjalan dengan normal,tidak ada patah-patahnya berarti sesuai,dengan,ampere nya juga sesuai voltasenya sesuai,baik teman-temanku semua Cukup sekian,silahkan bagi kalian yang belum,subscribe untuk subscribe Terima kasih,atas kesediaan kalian untuk menonton,video ini,Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi,wabarakatuh

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Is Toshiba back?!?! The Dynabook Satellite Pro C50-J review!

here we have the dynabook c50j,what is dynabook you ask who the hell,has ever heard of dynabook well dino,theres actually kind of a long peppered,history about how toshiba shifted from,toshiba over to,dynabook but suffice to say dynabook is,carrying over the satellite pro laptop,name theyre continuing with it so you,know think of it just its its new,toshiba you know lets just go ahead and,not call it the dynabook lets just go,ahead and call it what it is which is,the toshiba satellite pro,c50j anyway what we want to find out,today is if the new toshiba dynabook,satellite pro c50j,is any good,and if you should buy one yourself,lets get some specs out of the way here,really fast you can pick up one of these,bad boys for around the 500 range,basically its a sub 600 laptop i have,found this thing from anywhere between,519,to about 589 as configured and as,configured this thing comes with eight,gigabytes of ram a 256 gigabyte solid,state drive nvme which is upgradable and,by the way it has two ram sets ill get,to that later on uh so you can upgrade,the ram and it comes with a 15.6 inch,full high definition non-touch semi hdr,screen and and all that is packaged,together with the i5 11th generation,processor so,as far as bang for your buck is,concerned its,its actually not terrible i am finding,that,if you go with sub 600 laptops these,days youre typically going to be,sitting in the ideapad 3 series the,inspiron 15 3000 series or somewhere,like in the acer aspire 5s now im a,pretty big fan of the acer aspires i,find them to be sort of feature rich and,just all around really really nice but,when we kind of compare this thing,to those other brands,well i might be getting ahead of myself,but i guess ultimately the question,would be like should you get this or the,dell or the lenovo or anything so as far,as kind of bang for your buck i think,this is good specs for the money and and,thus were gonna go ahead and rate it a,seven out of ten but moving on to the,nitty gritty which help which will help,us compare these things um lcd screen,again 15.6 inch,full high definition non-touch display,but the colors are crisp its bright,enough to use under like a bright sun or,in like a window or something like that,it is a matte display and it probably,gets ballpark i admit i did not test,this particular screen,on some of these lower end laptops i,just cant be bothered anymore theyre,all kind of coming with around like 250,to 350 nit panels so ballpark,just using my eye test im thinking this,thing probably has about a 300 panel,which is more than enough for most,people viewing angles on it are superb,and its just all around like you know,just a good decent panel like im it is,better than the panel that you get in,the lenovo ideapad 3 hands down as a,result were going to go ahead and give,this this panel a seven out of ten is it,deserved maybe even like an eight out of,ten,i dont know,but it doesnt matter because we gave it,a seven out of ten,moving along,uh trackpad on this thing its a honker,i mean that is a huge ass trackpad it is,like the size of my hand it is competing,with the apple trackpad and i have to,say that it is both precise it is it,doesnt ghost it just feels good its,big its luxurious it is a fabulous,track pad the only thing making it,perfect is the actual physical click on,it is a little bit kind of like a little,rough maybe like a little cheapish,feeling but uh that said trackpad gets a,nine out of 10 it is one of the best,track pads that you can get in a laptop,as far as im concerned and it beats the,hell out of both the dell and the,lenovos trackpad and the acers,trackpad,where they fell short,is the keyboard,it is not backlit it does have full a,full size keyboard for the accountants,in the room and it has black keycaps,which i really really like,and thats about where it stops all in,all the shape of the keys and the,feeling of the tactilitiness is just,like im making up words here uh it just,doesnt feel good to type on i got,something like 90 words per minute which,is pretty pretty paltry for me,and um i just something about the,keyboard just feels cheap and chintzy,and its not very accurate like,basically you will make a lot of typos,if you are a typist or writing or a,journalist or something like this so uh,we are gonna go ahead and rate this,keyboard a four out of ten it feels and,looks like some of the cheaper keyboards,that you get out of like evo laptops or,some of these like walmart on branded,things like its just its like its a,partspin keyboard and its cheap and,because theyre island keys and and,theyre uh recessed into the frame if,the keyboard ever breaks and rest assure,it will it is going to be an absolute,bastard to repair so yes keyboard 4 out,of 10.,speakers on this other thing,kind of like the keyboard were going to,go ahead and give these speakers a 3 out,of ten they have no highs they have im,sorry they have they have they have very,they have very high highs theyre very,tinny they have really no mids and,theyve certainly got no bass to speak,of um theyre they dont even really get,that loud there im you know i guess i,could do an audio test so you could hear,it over my microphone which fine effect,fine if thats what you want people,thats what well do um lets see here,im just gonna should i cut this part,out me navigating to uh the crystal,method,maybe not ill keep it on,i dont know if you can hear that,its at max volume,[Music],this is unprofessional,gonna stop that right there stop it stop,that right there,sound quality is abysmal some of the,damage speakers have ever heard they are,absolutely same speakers that you would,get out of again one of these part spin,laptops just junk speakers three out of,ten features on this laptop now its a,little bare bones-ish but thats not,necessarily a bad thing i mean after all,the less there is the less there is to,break but that said this does come with,802.11 or im sorry wi-fi 6 it comes,with gigabit ethernet so youve got all,you know bluetooth and its got all the,nice like modern wireless technologies,and stuff in it has a 720p camera which,i feel like christopher nolan might be,able to use in on his next feature film,you can you can get a catch a glimpse of,that footage now,this is the quality you can expect from,the webcam on a dynabook satellite pro,um,its sharp,and clean im actually its noisy i,should say its not clean its noisy but,its sharp and it and it kind of looks,decent but its very jittery very low,refresh rate,um,disappointing,so yes even though its 720p and they,claim that it has a 30 frames per second,refresh rate i can pretty much um i can,pretty much tell you that it is anything,but that uh the the webcam on this thing,is usable,but its you know,there are worse ones out there its got,an hdr for streaming,screen theres no backlight on the,keyboard but it is full size,thats pretty much about it thats about,all its got as far as features so were,gonna go ahead and read the features a,five out of ten,i dont know i mean sub 600 bucks what,more do you want its a laptop and it,does that at laptops so you know quick,complaining,input and output on this thing,youve got a,micro sd card reader i couldnt put a,full size sd card reader in there youve,got a headphone jack,a usb super speed port a talking gigabit,ethernet port and then um,and then a kensington lock because,everybody uses kensington lock,usbc port,another usb super speed i do like that,they gave you two usb super speed you,know normal usb super speed ports a uh,hdmi port and then of course where you,plug it in,see the thing is is that the dell and,spiron um,15 3000 series doesnt even come with a,usbc port and the lenovos usb-c port i,believe is is uh throttled and,bottlenecked im not mistaken it might,be i might just be mistaken that for the,previous generation laptop point being,at least this one comes with usbc and,two super speed usb a ports i just think,that that was a very very nice touch um,as far as benchmarks are con

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Top 5 Toshiba Laptops (2021)

hello guys welcome back to gdt,tech reviews in this video we are going,to do a detailed review and pick the top,5 best toshiba laptop,so let us get started and the review,based on our studies and small research,if you have any personal suggestion do,let us know in the comment section,if you are for the first time dont,forget to subscribe,and click on the bell icon for more,videos we will be also providing,affiliates link to purchase from amazon,kindly used to for best offers and,purchase from anywhere in the world,so lets get started dine a book later,for now this review is about the 11th,generation,intel processor-based dynabook portega,x30 wj model,intel calls it an avo core with iris xc,graphics,wi-fi 6 ax 160 9 plus hours battery,less than one second wake thunderbald,4-es4,and 40gbps data transfer it has a 13.3,ixo corning gorilla glass nbt protected,screen,x 360 hinge that you can use in,clamshell tablet,presentation and flat modes,the radius 11 feature is a simple,plastic clamshell body with what toshiba,calls a fusion finish in saturn gold on,its lid,flat silver inside and a non-descript,gray on bottom,on its left side theres a usb 3.0 port,me sd card reader and power button while,the right side features a single usb,2.0 port combo headphone mic jack and a,volume rocker,at 11.25 x 7.75 x,0.65 inches and weighing 2 pounds and 90,pence,the radius 11 has a slight size and,weight advantage over other 11-inch,hybrids such as the hp pavilion x 360,and the dell inspironi 11 3011,81 x 7.93 x 0.75,and 3 pounds and 7 pence but its not a,big deal either way,inside the 11.6 inch 1366 x 768 display,disappoints,producing just 217 nits of brightness,thats below the 234 nit average of the,six budget two inches dash,one second weve tested recently and a,far cry from the first place dalits per,one eleven,three 3000 and its 308 nits the,displays color range was similarly weak,with the toshiba recreating just 63.4,of the srgb spectrum once again behind,the budget two inches,the black plastic toshiba techra a50,gets a small dash of style from its,textured lid and deck,but glossy sides give the laptop a less,than premium feel overall,on the plus side this is one of the rare,laptops with a removable battery,a feature were always pleased to find,weighing four pounds and 80 pence,the toshiba techra a50 is heavier than,the 14-inch lenovo thinkpad t460,but lighter than the 15.6 inch dell,latitude e5570,at 14.94 x 10.13 x 0.95 inches,its about as thick as the latitude,e5570 and,thinkpad t460 when i watched a suicide,squad trailer on the 15.6 inch,1376 x 768 panel,i was distracted by the visual noise,that permeated the entire clip,what should have been green grass on the,white house lana appeared as if it had,suffered through a drought,and the jokers skin looked even more,sickly than intended,while a 1368 x 768 screen may cut it on,a smaller,11 inch notebook putting a low,resolution panel onto a 15.6 inch,display places a harsher spotlight on,visual blemishes like,digital artifacts the latitude e5570 and,thinkpad t460 also start with low res,displays,but both can be configured with 1080p,screens,while the a50 cannot according to our,calorimeter,the tegra a50 single quote s display,produces only 64,of the srgb spectrum thats lower than,the average mainstream notebook and dell,latitude e5570,toshibas entire laptop line has been,slightly redesigned for the 2013,back to school season although the,s55t-a5277 isnt radically different,from previous toshiba satellite models,the body is a mix of brushed aluminum,and black plastic,with an understated two-tone design that,would work in an office,coffee shop or at home if the system,cost a few hundred dollars more it would,be too plastic feeling,but as priced its just right while not,as thin and light as razers blade,gaming laptop,the s55t-a5277 is close to other 14,and 15 inch ultra book style laptops,weve seen,its just over five pounds and a hair,thicker than one inch,dinah dynabooks satellite pro range is,pitched at mainstream knowledge workers,and with screen sizes ranging from 13.3,to 15.6 inches there are options for a,variety of needs,these are standard laptops no,convertibles here,but the pricing can be compelling the,satellite pro,l50 has an unobtrusive design the,dynabook logo appears prominently in,silver on the lid,and the lid itself has a slight ridging,that verges on the tacky,this continues on the inside across the,hole of the keyboard section thats not,punctured by keys touchpad or power,button,if you plan to carry this laptop far,then its size and build quality will be,important with a 15.6 inch screen this,is,inevitably a rather hefty laptop it,measures 361 millimeters wide by 244,millimeters deep,and is 19.9 millimeters thick giving,plenty of room for port and slots,youll need a strong shoulder though as,the satellite pro l50 weighs 1.7,kilograms,although thankfully the power brick is,quite small and lightweight,build quality is only average one of my,perennial issues with dynabooks laptops,is the amount of flex in the lid,i was unhappy with this with both the,portega a30e,and portega x30f at the end of last year,for example dynabook has inherited this,issue from toshiba,and it really could do with fixing in,the meantime,i suggest you invest in a protective,sleeve,the upside of this laptop size is that,theres room for a number pad to the,right of the keyboard,unlike that on the asses and book flip,15 ux 563 fd that i looked at recently,which also has a 15.6 inch screen

Review Toshiba Satellite L745 – Laptop Jadul 2012

Halo,[Musik],assalamualaikum warahmatullahi,wabarakatuh Oke sahabat Hongkong kembali,lagi di channel comedies ia kesempatan,kali ini kita kedatangan sebuah laptop,secondary Toshiba dari tampilan depan ya,tampilan seperti ini yang bisa dibilang,seri-seri yang sudah cukup berumur atau,sudah cukup lama sahabat dan auto laptop,Toshiba ini memiliki seri Toshiba,satellite,L745 yang mana untuk seri yang di depan,saya ini memang bisa dibilang seri,premium ya atau seri yang memakai casing,metal sahabat ciri yang paling terlihat,dari bagian list sebelah sini sabet,Hai yakni bisa dilihat di sini ada,les seperti ini loh ini menunjukkan,bahwa seri yang di depan saya ini metal,ya itu dari tampilan atasnya ya Oke jika,kita melihat dari tampilan samping,seperti ini sama halnya dengan lebih,tablettop Toshiba yang seri-seri se-jun,niesya dia memiliki ketebalan yang bisa,dibilang cukup tebal ya karena memang,seri laptop yang bisa dibilang lama Oke,nanti kita akan melihat fitur apa yang,ada di sisi sebelah kanan dari laptop,sahabat ya di sini ada beberapa fitur,yang pertama aja cek untuk Airborne ya,Lalu ada cat untuk microphone ada dua,buah fojb Lalu di sini ada HDMI lalu di,sini ada pop rj45 di sini ada,ventilasi udara dari mesin pompa,Divine angin lalu di sini ada kotak yang,tertutup ya di sini ada pengunci namun,yang ukuran seperti ini biasanya untuk,telepon nya oke lalu kita lihat sisi,bagian fun hebat di sini ada beberapa,lampu indikator yang cukup banyak ya,1234566 buah lampu indikator lalu di,sini ada slot MMC SD card ya yang ukuran,besar untuk kamera cuma itu yang lalu,dari sisi sebelah kiri dari laptop ya,ada lubang charger yang berbentuk bulat,pada pop Vega ada yg USB dan ada DVD,untuk tampilan dari belakang dia seperti,ini untuk baterainya removable enggak,Ditarik untuk,bagian engsel seperti ini lalu kita,lihat bagian bawah sana ada apa aja ya,di sini ada ya Toshiba Nusantara citra,satelit L745 ya untuk serinya diisi,lebih tepatnya,s42 10 bisa dilihat sudah mulai,menghilang yang tulisan-tulisannya wajar,laptop yang sudah cukup lama kau di sini,ada membuka yang untuk tempat harddisk,disini,disini untuk tempat Ramdan untuk lain,sepertinya yaitu dari sisi fisik mungkin,bisa dibilang cukup mulus ya untuk,sekelas laptop second yang sudah berumur,ya dan juga dari bodinya masih bagus,tidak ada pecah tidak ada cuil yang,hebat ya bisa dilihat Oke kita,[Musik],[Musik],Hai mohon ke dari tampilan depan di sini,ada webcam ada layar 14 inchi dan,resolusi masih biasa dan untuk layar ini,sudah memakai Screen Guard jadi memang,cukup terlindungi ya lalu di sini ada,dua buah lubang speaker yang masih bagus,ya untuk lemnya biasanya untuk ROM,seperti ini sering terkelupas ya untuk,seri-seri seperti ini cuma disini masih,cukup bagus lalu di sini ada tombol,power ya lalu untuk keyboard dia masih,oke juga huruf-hurufnya juga masih,complete dan tidak ada yang hilangnya,atau tidak ada yang mengelupas baru di,sini ada tombol sebuah tombol yang,fungsinya untuk,menonaktifkan atau mengaktifkan daripada,touchscreen lalu di sini ada dua buah,Klik Kanan dan klik kiri yang memang,cukup familiar di laptop laptop seri,Toshiba Sagita this tiga cukup bagus,untuk lemnya tidak mengelupas ya di sini,ada tiker Toshiba satellite L745 strip,s42 10 lalu di sini ada Core i3 stiker,Intel Core i3 dan Windows 7 sahabatnya,tol laptop ini memakai seri prosesor,Intel Core i3 ya strip 23 10 m dengan,kecepatan 2,1 GHz memakai memori RAM,sebesar 4 GB VGA Intel HD graphic 3000,ukuran dari hardisk nya 500 GB nya sudah,cukup besar untuk ukuran laptop yang,memakai prosesor Intel Core i3,Z1 malfungsi yang ada di laptop ini,yaitu USB ini yang saya tinggi ini USB,sebelah ini dia of atau mati dan untuk,jumlah dari SBY laptop juga ini ada tiga,ya disebelah sana satu di sini ada dua,lalu yang satu disini of jadi fungsi,dari usb yang normal itu ada dua yang,satu of untuk keseluruhan Masih normal,semua seleb dari sisi ketebalannya,karena cukup tebal sekali jika diukur,mungkin bisa berukuran sekitar,2,3 senti kepalanya lalu untuk,kekurangan yang selanjutnya ya untuk,Laptop ini fisik saya rasa juga masih,cukup mulusnya namun ada beberapa lecet,lecet pemakaian,yang pertama dari CC sparepart yang,masih sangat banyak sahabat masih banyak,yang menjual part-part dari laptop,Toshiba,lalu kelebihan laptop ini yang,selanjutnya yaitu dari performa ya,sarannya bisa di dijadikan 8giga atau 12,giga dan juga bisa juga hadisnya ya,kalian ganti dengan SSD supaya lebih,cepat lalu yang DVD di Pulau diganti,dengan caddy dan ditandai dengan hardisk,supaya menjadikan laptop ini tampil,dengan rasa kecepatan yang baru saya,ya untuk laptop Toshiba ini ya Antara,dua juta sampai dua setengah juta,Oke Mungkin itu saja ya Kesempatan,review kali ini jika kalian suka dengan,video kami Jangan lupa untuk like share,dan subscribe namun jika kalian punya,pandangan lain Mungkin kalian bisa share,di kolom komentar Ya supaya bisa,bermanfaat bagi kita semua guys Sekian,dari kami Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi,wabarakatuh saatnya

Toshiba Satellite L50T L50 review Videorama

o la que hay veces bueno habéis visto,que viene acompañada estoy yo y no hace,falta que adivine jce de qué gadget os,voy a hablar porque es más que evidente,os voy a hablar de estos dos portátiles,toshiba satellite en este caso es el,modelo l 52 y va satélite l 50 t,vamos con ellos qué diferencias hay,entre estos dos portátiles toshiba,satellite pues aunque parezca una,tontería late y es que el l 50 t tiene,pantalla táctil hay otras diferencias,pero esas diferencias ya vienen,definidas por el apellido de los equipos,ahora os lo cuento en este caso de,nombre l 50 de apellidos a 145,dependiendo de esa denominación tiene un,hardware o tiene otro en este caso,cuenta con una pantalla de 15,6 pulgadas,con una resolución de 1366 x 768 píxeles,por dentro su procesador es un,procesador de doble núcleo intel core i5,1200 y esto significa que tiene un,procesador de última generación de intel,es decir de los de cuarta generación a,1,6 gigahercios,también cuenta con una memoria ram de 6,gb ddr3 tiene un disco duro de 500 gb y,cuenta con una tarjeta gráfica intel hd,4.400 como podéis comprobar en su,pantalla tiene windows 8 como sistema,operativo en su versión de 64 bits y,para poder manejarnos por el sistema,operativo podemos utilizar un ratón una,tarjeta digitalizadora pero por supuesto,también podemos utilizar su trackpad si,queremos que el trackpad táctil deje de,funcionar porque queremos utilizar el,ordenador para beto saber que pues,podemos bloquearlo,en este botoncito táctil en su diseño,destaca en la parte frontal una cámara,una webcam hd para poder realizar por,ejemplo videoconferencias utilizando,skype y en la parte superior del teclado,tenemos el sistema de sonido dts sound,que son los altavoces en formato barra y,si lo cerramos podemos ver cómo es su,diseño su acabado es negro piano con,unas rayitas grises y tiene un diseño,muy elegante si miramos su perfil,derecho vemos parte de su conectividad,por aquí tenemos la conexión a la red,eléctrica para poder recargarlo al lado,tenemos el puerto ethernet para poder,conectarlo a una red de internet al lado,de esa conexión está un puerto usb 2.0 y,esta parte de aquí es donde está el,lector grabador de dvd es por el otro,lado tenemos la conexión con unos,auriculares un mini jack otro para poner,un micrófono tenemos otros dos puertos,usb pero que en este caso son 3.0,tenemos una conexión hdmi para poder,enchufarlo a otros dispositivos o por,ejemplo a una,y aquí tenemos el puerto vga que,generalmente se utilizaría para conectar,un monitor externo en esta parte de aquí,tenemos una salida de ventilación y por,aquí tenemos el kensington,es decir el cierre que nos permite poner,un cablecito para que nadie se pueda,llevar nuestro portátil y si lo damos la,vuelta vemos que aquí hay una tapita que,es fácilmente extraíble quitando el,tornillo de aquí y que nos permite,acceder a la memoria para poder,ampliarla pero justo al lado,tenemos una ranura para tarjetas sd para,poder leer las tarjetas por ejemplo si,estamos haciendo fotos y queremos,pasarlas directamente al ordenador pero,además de toda esta conectividad física,dispone también de wifi b/g y también de,bluetooth 4.0 por su parte el toshiba,satellite l 50 t se apellida a 11 t,tiene por fuera más o menos el mismo,aspecto por no decir exactamente igual,sólo que en este caso es un equipo en,color gris pero la conectividad que nos,encontramos es la misma que la de su,hermano pequeño tenemos aquí el mismo,cierre kensington tenemos también la,ventilación vga hdmi y los dos puertos,3.0 uno de estos dos puertos sirve para,la función sleep and cher es decir que,puedes estar recargando un dispositivo,sin necesidad de tener el ordenador,encendido y luego por otro lado tenemos,aquí las conexiones minijack que os dije,antes del micrófono la de los,auriculares por delante seguimos,teniendo la ranura para las tarjetas sd,y por aquí tenemos el lector grabador de,dvd es tenemos el usb 2.0 tenemos el,resto 45 que es la conexión,y tenemos la conexión de recarga a la,red eléctrica para poder recargar la,batería así que vamos a abrir lo que es,donde nos vamos a encontrar las mayores,diferencias bueno no lo voy a abrir en,todo porque las mayores diferencias,están por dentro dentro tendré que,quitar los tornillos utilizar el,destornillador luego no sabría montarlo,me sobrarían piezas en fin que mejor,casi os lo cuento,y es que por dentro tiene un procesador,intel i7 4700 mq de 4 núcleos a 24,gigahercios,a 3,4 gigahercios en el modo turbo os,recuerdo que este procesador está dentro,de la cuarta generación de intel es,decir los procesadores que se denominan,haswell que además de tener mejoras en,la parte gráfica tienen mejoras en el,rendimiento de la batería con lo cual,estos equipos te dan mayor autonomía al,procesador de cuatro núcleos lo acompaña,una memoria de 6 gb ddr3 que es,ampliable hasta los 16 gigabytes por,dentro cuenta también con un disco duro,de 750 gb que anda que no tendrá que,guardar cosas para llenarlo y por otro,lado también tiene una tarjeta gráfica,intel hd 4600 por supuesto cuenta,también con bluetooth 4.0 y wifi b/g/n a,esto se añade conectividad inter wifi,3.5 para transmisión de imagen full hd y,sonido 5.1 desde tu l 50 t a una,pantalla compatible todo ello mediante,protocolo wifi es decir,sin ningún cable tiene cámara webcam hd,como en el anterior modelo y en la parte,de abajo encima del teclado también,dispone de sonido dts en esta barrita,con altavoces onkyo el trackpad táctil,funciona exactamente igual que en el,anterior modelo en el l 50,dos golpecitos y lo tenemos bloqueado en,este caso puede resultar incluso un poco,más cómodo porque claro os estaréis,pensando bueno es que se parecen,bastante dónde es la diferencia si es,que os lo he dicho antes en que la,pantalla es táctil mirada de más fluida,va con una resolución de 1366 x 768,píxeles así que por supuesto ahora a,veces en las que queramos bloquear el,trackpad para poder manejarnos,directamente con la pantalla y por,supuesto cuenta con sistema operativo,windows 8 con el que podemos utilizar,dos interfaces la nueva interfaz de,microsoft y descargarnos aplicaciones de,marketplace y también podemos utilizar,el escritorio clásico de microsoft de,windows pero todo esto las aplicaciones,y funcionalidades las vamos a ver más,detenidamente,en futuros vídeo demás porque si,chavales volvemos al cole no sé es una,desgracia como otra cualquiera tenemos,que volver otra vez a la rutina al,trabajo al estrés a todo eso pero no,pensáis que es mucho mejor volver otra,vez a nuestra vida diaria controlando,mejor nuestros gadgets así que vamos a,hacer 3 videogramas contando cómo,sacarle el mejor partido a vuestro,equipo en este caso el toshiba satellite,el de 50 y a windows 8 así que no os lo,perdáis pero antes de que llegue todo,eso vamos a terminar este vídeo nama,porque es muy feo dejar las cosas a,medias así que el precio del l 50 es de,669 euros y el precio de éste el de 50,te es de 999 euros,así que por su potencia por su,versatilidad y por su conectividad se,han ganado nuestro sello clip ete,que lo vamos a poner aquí al lado porque,claro son clip it inside también así que,si quieres saber más sobre portátiles o,sobre cualquier otro gadget puedes,visitarnos en clipset la tecnología,fácil y divertida hasta el siguiente,vídeo grama,a

Top 5 Best Toshiba Laptops you can Buy in 2022

toshiba laptops have come a long way in,recent years inspiring brand loyalty in,more than a few customers these days,toshiba provides quality laptops at,reasonable prices whats up guys todays,video is on the best toshiba laptops you,can buy in 2021 now lets get started,last on our list is the toshiba,satellite c55 although this laptop,placed fifth it still beats out many,other toshiba laptops to land a spot on,our top five list the 15.6 c 55 is a,great choice for those on a budget this,laptop runs at excellent speeds with an,i7 processor and 8gb of ram it also has,a 1tb hard disk for those with extended,storage needs portability is nothing to,laugh at on this model either while the,six-hour battery life is on the low side,for our top picks its still enough to,get plenty of work done in one sitting,the satellite c55 came in last merely,because it has an hd display compared to,the full hd and above offered by our,other picks the c55 weighs in close to,our number four picked at 5.2 pounds and,remains slim at 0.9,if you primarily use your laptop for,daily activities such as web surfing,document creation and movie streaming,this device will meet your needs at a,reduced price,the kira book is another excellent,choice with a 13.3 screen this laptop is,small enough to be highly portable while,still giving you a great viewing,experience the 256 gb ssd on this laptop,is another great feature at twice our,minimum recommendation portability holds,up as well with a superb battery life of,up to nine hours for all-day use the,kira book adds just three pounds to your,bag and is 0.7 slim kyra book offers,high quality processing power with,another i7 cpu and 8gb ram the kira book,has a beautiful display great processing,power and an excellent portability,profile this laptop has just a 256gb sd,for that reason it slipped into fourth,place,this laptop has a lovely full hd display,like the s55 the fusion runs smoothly,with an i7 processor 8gb of ram and a,256gb ssd when it comes to portability,the fusion maintains excellent battery,life at up to eight hours it runs 5.1,pounds to the satellite s55 5.9 making,it lighter than our number three pick,but heavier than the top two laptops on,our list like all of our contenders the,fusion is under an inch slim the fusion,is the second two in one on our list,combining some great features with a,middle of the road screen size of 15.6,for those who arent willing to,sacrifice either portability or viewing,area the toshiba fusion is a great,choice for those who would like a larger,laptop with good processing power and,battery life,[Music],this laptop comes with a,full hd display at 1920 x 1080 pixels in,addition to a great display the,satellite s55 also offers excellent,processing power with an i7 cpu the ram,is 4x our minimum recommendation for,toshiba laptops at 16 gb,with an ssd of 256 gb this device has a,lot to offer in terms of speed the,portability of this laptop is quite good,particularly for a device of the screen,size the battery on the s55 lasts up to,six hours at 5.9 pounds its quite a bit,heavier than our first two picks but not,unreasonably heavy it clocks in at just,under an inch thin this laptop came in,third due to lower screen resolution and,less portability its still a fantastic,pick amongst toshiba laptops,particularly if you need more processing,power,our number one pick for the best toshiba,laptop is the toshiba techra with this,laptop youll get a powerful i7,processor that is perfect for,multitasking gaming and anything else,you throw at it the tecra is a powerful,laptop that comes in three specs that,suits a wide range of audiences 64gb of,ram to ensure that the pc can cope with,the demands of whatever you throw at the,cpu and that theres no bottleneck,screen that 15.6 is wide although,theres no touchscreen which is becoming,increasingly common these days the large,2tb ssd means you wont have to lug,around an external hard drive with you,for some time and the quick read and,write speeds of the ssd ensure speedy,usage and a quick boot and wait time the,battery of life of up to seven hours the,tekra is a little heavy weighs in at,just around five pounds and is just 0.95,thick how do we choose the best toshiba,laptop theres a lot to consider when,choosing a good laptop even working,within one brand deciding which features,are important is highly dependent on,what you as an individual plan to use,your laptop for that being said there,are some features that are worth,considering across most use cases based,on the feedback that we gathered weve,determined that the most common features,of importance are display cpu,ram,hard drive portability

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