1. TotalAV antivirus review | BEST antivirus 2022?
  2. TotalAV antivirus review 2022 | Is TotalAV safe?
  3. TotalAV Review ✅ Antivirus Software of 2022?
  4. TotalAV review | TotalAV FREE vs Premium
  6. TotalAV Total Security review | Is it worth getting?
  7. A Total Scam – Total AV FREE Antivirus Test & Review 2019 – Antivirus Security Review

TotalAV antivirus review | BEST antivirus 2022?

so say its a monday morning and you,open your email and theres a microsoft,office document awaiting your review,now would you ever suspect that this,email could be embedded with ransomware,just waiting to encrypt your precious,data,well unfortunately its actually more,common than you might think,hey im mike and today were going to be,doing a thorough total av review for,2022 to help you avoid instances just,like these itll be super comprehensive,and well even run some of our own,malware tests,okay to really kick things off lets,start with a general overview of total,av,first off their protection is great,guarding against a whole host of online,threats were talking real-time,protection ransomware detection cloud,scanning anti-phishing and a lot more,they also offer a basic free version,which i tested out and its up there,with some of the best free antivirus,options for sure but more on that a,little later so stick around for those,results though think youll like them,now where they truly excel for me is,their performance and usability these,categories earned the highest marks from,av test experts and i can see why just,look at their layout finding your way,around is simple,like say i want to run a scan on the,left is the antivirus but what about,managing my browsing protections well i,just tap web security then gotta say,this layout is truly tailored for newer,users with minimal experience hey quick,side note if by the end of this video,you think you found what youre after,well then check out the best deals that,we could currently find down in the,description you know when youre ready,okay basic review aside lets step into,the nitty-gritty shall we security,features and capabilities are the,backbone of any antivirus so does,totally the antivirus rise up to the,challenge on this one,as i mentioned i was really happy to see,they constantly monitor your device for,threats using real-time protection this,is super important because new threats,can always slip right in especially from,web pages or opening links i did notice,that you can disable this but,i dont see why you would since the,impact on performance was super minimal,at least it was for me,now looking at ransomware protection,specifically since it isnt just,businesses that are targeted by these,attacks anymore oh no personal attacks,are becoming more and more prevalent and,in some cases cyber criminals are even,profiting from a victim helpline to help,you recover your files,yeah sure you can and should back up,your files on the regular but this,advanced feature works to help stop you,from falling victim in the first place,so what i did was enable the web shield,feature now as i browsed online this,stopped me from entering any low trust,websites in turn protecting my data now,although this is free as part of their,browser extension its worth noting that,the included safe search feature didnt,really work as intended and i noticed,chrome blocked it a lot of the time,but then with the higher tiered plans it,really starts to become a whole cyber,security bundle so if youre someone,that likes all the bells and whistles,well then listen up first youve got,your safe browsing vpn which is cool,because it has unlimited data and,connects to a good amount of servers and,locations managing all this was really,straightforward i just went to that same,tab that i mentioned before on the,desktop app and yeah its nice theres,no additional tabs or windows like with,norton,then theres a password manager that,does all the password guardian things,youd expect but the best part,total av themselves will never receive,your master password a security practice,that im happy is becoming the norm,my biggest annoyance here though is that,it doesnt actually work with the mobile,app something i just dont understand,given the competitive nature of the,marketplace,so to sum up the security practices for,this total av antivirus review well they,seem to be doing a lot of what their,competitors are doing and packing it all,up rather neatly but features are only,part of the puzzle i noticed they had,optimization tools to give your pcs,performance a real kick in the,yeah you know what im about to say so,lets head to the secret laboratory and,do a total av test,turns out i dont have a secret,laboratory im sad,but i did end up planting 10 malicious,files onto my pc and decided to run a,full system scan using total av these,tests determine the providers,performance and also capture rate super,important test for any best antivirus,contender for 2022,seeing as independent test institutes,resulted in a 95.7,block on zero day malware back in,february oh yeah im intrigued the scan,itself was pretty speedy taking under 30,minutes to complete i noticed the cpu,was also pretty good when the program,was just running in the background i,will say that the built-in junk cleaner,is helpful in clearing up my pc if,nothing else it even cleared my browser,of history and cookies which can impact,performance for sure but where they fell,a little short for this totally v,antivirus test was by only detecting 70,percent of malicious files so in short,really good performance and the ability,to run full scans quickly but the,capture rate isnt as consistent as i,would have hoped for but it is worth,noting that av comparatives testing in,march showed they only flagged a false,alarm once,so with that all said is the price,reasonable it is especially since they,have a free antivirus plan but can a,free plan be trusted well recently i,read a colleagues piece on free,cleaning and antivirus apps found on the,google play store which mentioned that,out of these apps they collectively had,over 918 million downloads by the way,some contained malicious links and,nearly all had trackers this actually,leaves millions at risk of hacking so,the answer here is,always do your research period end of,sentence,total av comes from a reputable company,that survives financially from its,premium counterpart while their free,plan is trustworthy i cant say its a,one-time fits-all solution especially,not in the long run theres a good basic,level of safety even anti-fishing is in,there but my biggest problem is no real,time protection,if you are looking to get more coverage,their total av antivirus pro 2022 plan,is actually pretty good for an entry,level option its not the cheapest nor,is it the most expensive sitting,comfortably at under thirty dollars for,the first year it does have an array of,features and even a three device limit,even their highest level plan isnt that,crazy currently coming in at under 50,bucks for the first year now keep in,mind that includes some extra tools like,their password vault ad blocker and vpn,which will work for six of your devices,but a great antivirus is nothing if its,not easy to use or even compatible with,your devices so totally the antivirus is,available in all major operating systems,and i actually like navigating the,desktop app took about five minutes to,download and install,and as i mentioned itd be hard for any,new user to get lost since the main,icons are right on the dashboard now,when it comes to the mobile apps i gotta,hand it to the android version uh you,can expect pretty much the same,functionalities as the desktop i was,able to set up an ad lock and protect,these with a password so if you like,privacy youre gonna enjoy that one,the iphone app as you can see has no,virus scans but this is mainly because,iphones already have their built-in,protection against those threats so i,cant say that these mobile apps are the,best ive come across but its nice to,be able to check if your data has ended,up on the dark web database while youre,on the move,also the desktop app more than makes up,for any slack in the mobile department,all right if youre curious about more,cyber security products for all of your,devices well then feel free to check out,our channel alongside this total av full,review i go over loads of products so,feel free to subscribe

TotalAV antivirus review 2022 | Is TotalAV safe?

okay youre exploring anti-virus options,and uh,yeah youre probably a little bit,confused not only by the choice,but also the apparent similarities and,what they all do,or at least what they all claim to do,well,ive put total av antivirus through its,paces and,im about to tell you if it lives up to,its claims so if youre planning to make,the change in the near future,keep watching and welcome back to,another video from cybernews.com,if youre new here dont forget to,subscribe to our channel we post weekly,videos,offering discoveries and opinions in the,field of cyber security,[Music],now i hear you total av is a pretty new,name in the security game,so if youre wondering about data safety,range of features,quality and extent of protection ease of,use and basically,if you should maybe just stick it out,with your old faithful well,all those questions and more will be,answered as i give you,my five minute almost total review of,total av,and totally like spoiler alert it looks,like youve been throwing your hard,earned cash at meecers norton and mcafee,for long enough,and hint okay now to read our total,total av antivirus review you can totes,click the link below,or head over to cybernews.com now while,total av may be fairly new on the cyber,security scene,its already competing with some of the,biggest brands,and boasts 25 million users worldwide,with its strong protection against all,kinds of viruses,trojans ransomware and worms total av,can definitely hold its own as one of,the best antivirus programs around,among its most noteworthy features is,its real-time protection for your,devices,which it manages by constantly,monitoring for potential threats,the impressive bit of which is that i,found it had virtually zero impact on,system performance,total av also offers proprietary web,shield ransomware protection,important in the context of ever,increasing attack rates,and safe browsing via vpn and finally,it boasts the reassuringly named secure,password vault,where it locks away your login data i,assume under the,24 surveillance of a medieval knight so,how much does a password protecting,knight cost in 2021,total av starts at an uber affordable,zero dollars and zero cents for the,aptly named total av free,however if you like the sound of any of,the highlighted features above,well then youre out of luck you get,customer support,and the virtual equivalent of a windows,sticker that says thieves beware,but you know free total av pro,starts at 19 annually and covers up to,three devices with most features,excluding the vpn and password manager,an extra 20 gets you the vpn,while another 40 gets you access to the,password manager,all on up to six devices so a fully,featured total av isnt the cheapest,antivirus solution,out there and some of its pricing plans,are not the most competitive ive seen,now that said the pick of the bunch,total av,pro is actually cheaper than norton 360,and equal to mcafee,so thats gotta make it worth,considering right to find out more about,standalone password managers,see our video dedicated to precisely,that topic,youre welcome back to total av whats,it like to use,well once youve chosen the plan you,want its pretty easy to set up,downloading and installing the software,only took about five minutes or so,and once youre up and running the total,av desktop app,makes it pretty simple to find your way,around the different features,the user interface makes good use of,space without feeling cluttered,and it categorizes everything in a very,intuitive way,the web shield browser however is a,another story,while the app is clean and simple the,browser extension is a tad more,complicated,and a lot less intuitive not exactly,what you want from a paid for service,the total av mobile app is free to,download but,seems that you need to make an in-app,purchase to access any of the features,again there are a range of subscription,options but this time,no free ride so is it worth paying well,the mobile app boasts pretty much,everything included in the desktop,version,all the features are really simple and,easy to use and they work pretty well at,protecting your device against threats,like the desktop version they also wont,noticeably slow performance,however while theres a lot to like,there are a lot of other antivirus,mobile apps that offer even more,features and,maybe wont cost you as much money total,av scores really highly on the customer,service run,unlike a lot of antivirus companies,weve reviewed totally these customer,service phone number,can be found right on the customer,support landing page,if you actually want to talk to a person,about an issue you can phone,email or use the total av live chat,theres also the option to open a ticket,by filling an online form,is it safe total av is one of the safest,antivirus programs out there,it offers robust protection against,viruses trojans ransomware,phishing scams and malware and it also,keeps you safe from spyware and has,loads of tools to help you clean up your,disk and optimize your devices,now depending on which plan you go for,you can also get access to total av,secure vpn password vault and its ad,blocker,so it definitely offers one of the most,comprehensive security suites on the,market,now before i give my final verdict on,total av,be sure to give this video a like and,subscribe to our channel for regular,advice,including more antivirus reviews and a,little more detail on the features total,av,has to offer ok is total av good and,should you get it,maybe all in all it is one of the most,secure antivirus programs weve tested,it does come with everything you could,possibly need to keep your devices,completely safe,online and total av desktop app is,simple and free of bugs,its got a very user friendly design so,its really easy to use,now like ive said the browser extension,and the mobile app,arent quite as well designed and do,have a few issues,overall its still a very strong,offering and the basic plan total av,pro is among the cheapest options out,there so if you dont plan on covering,more than three devices well,you could do a lot worse than total av,alright thats it from us for today,thanks for watching,please let us know your favorite,antivirus programs and your thoughts on,total av,in the comments below ill see you next,time

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TotalAV Review ✅ Antivirus Software of 2022?

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TotalAV review | TotalAV FREE vs Premium

total av ah its been one of the best,antiviruses in the market since it was,first launched in 2016. and today,theres still a free and a paid version,so yeah it might be confusing to figure,out if paying for the premium software,is even worth it uh hey im mike from,cyber news and today i have finally put,together a total av free versus premium,face off so lets jump right into it for,todays total av review,total av comes packed with some serious,features and you may not even realize it,since the program can quietly just run,in the background putting up a constant,totally the antivirus versus malware,fight,damn it,okay but lets go ahead and break it,down with totally the antivirus pro you,get a bunch of great security features,like real-time protection thats,constantly scanning your device in the,background waiting for those threats to,pop up now it takes the total av versus,malware stuff seriously and what i love,about this feature is that its highly,customizable there are lots of toggles,to customize the scanner functions just,how you like them and while this is a,major layer of protection for your,device it doesnt hinder your,performance all that much so yeah you,could just keep it running all the time,and then not even notice the constant,threats that the internet is throwing at,you those threats can get really gross,yeah its all being handled and this is,paired with advanced ransomware,protection anti-phishing protection a,malware scanner and even a cloud-based,malware scanner so all of them combined,they just go above and beyond in making,sure that there are no malware fishing,or ransomware threats now whenever its,totally the antivirus versus virus,yeah totally v is gonna win and with it,you win too,youre a winner youre a winner were,all winners,and on top of that you also have system,cleanup tools if theres already,something hiding in there buried deep in,your files itll get it all cleaned out,you can even get access to a great vpn,keeping your browsing experience more,private it gives you access to a hundred,plus servers in 123 locations so thats,like a ton of options if ips happen to,get blocked or overloaded now all of,these things just come together to make,it one of the best antivirus for pc,options you can get today now total av,free doesnt come with too many extra,features and it might you know kind of,pale in comparison but you still have,access to their anti-malware scanner and,get anti-phishing protection so that way,if any malware or phishing data is,trying to get at you its going to knock,them out before you even see them its a,great start but,certainly not as advanced as it could be,so would i call it the best free,antivirus for windows 11 well to be,honest the essentials are all there its,great for people just looking for a,little layer of security that their,device otherwise might not have the best,part is that whether youre a paying,customer or not total av takes care of,you they have great customer support for,all of their plans so if you have issues,using any of their versions well theyll,be able to help you immediately it truly,makes for one of the best antivirus for,windows 11 you can try out uh also,remember that i always try to find the,best deals for you and then leave them,in the comments so you can get whichever,plan works best for you while saving,yourself some crazy bucks on the side,i love saving money,now look i couldnt really vet a product,without putting it through some,intensive testing now can i so to my lab,we go,hey,and here we are in my lab,okay so i ran tests on both the free and,the pro versions by planting 10,malicious files onto a windows 11,computer and checking how the antivirus,holds up whats important is the free,and paid versions use the same malware,database so similar threats should be,captured having said that there are,differences in duration features and the,level of protection you get so yeah,heres what i found the total av total,security version found 9 out of 10,planted malware which is just about,perfect for the first run the full scan,took a bit over 14 minutes but it was a,little heavy on my pcs performance so,if you run your antivirus scans when,youre not using the pc well youre,really not going to have much of an,issue since the scan doesnt take that,long and gets almost all of the malware,while its at it,so now what i will say is that total av,tends to have one of the best capture,rates that ive tested windows security,did not capture any threats in my most,recent tests,windows security what the,shame on you,another thing i want to point out here,is that there are several pricing tiers,to choose from making it accessible for,every type of user,cheap people rich people,whatever youre good youre covered,for starters weve got the,aforementioned free plan this ones,fairly simple and you only get,protection from malware and fishing but,for any device those two lines of,defenses are the ones that you need to,start with you know at minimum,now of course the more you pay the,better the service gets,usually but what i really like about the,total av antivirus pro plans is that the,very first premium tier alone gets you,the most of the features you probably,need the total av antivirus pro plan,currently costs under 30 bucks a year,for three devices which comes down to,around two dollars and forty cents a,month which is quite reasonable and with,that youll have access to real-time,scanners and ransomware protection tools,cloud-based malware scanning system,cleanup tools and my favorite the vpn,yeah kind of a full cyber security suite,if you will,now of course there are other plans like,the total av internet security plan,which allows access on up to five,devices and the total av total security,plan which with that one youre going to,get a great ad blocker and password,manager for up to six devices as well,kick ass,so with every tier up you get a little,something extra makes sense now the,tiers allow you to find the perfect plan,that would work best for your specific,needs im foreshadowing here pay,attention to that your needs part,so whichever version you choose you,wont really have a hard time finding,your way around it the apps dashboard,has everything separated in a clean easy,to understand way the browser extension,is a little cluttered but nothing too,major so overall id say both versions,are pretty easy to use now on the topic,of ease of use if you like easy to,understand tutorials,youre going to want to slam that,subscribe button ive got reviews how,tos and really helpful content just,waiting for you,just waiting for you all lonely waiting,for you to watch them,their attention,so to wrap everything up and answer the,total av premium versus free question,total av antivirus actually stands out,as one of the best antivirus programs,you can get today with the free version,you can easily protect the data on your,computer but if you want to access the,good stuff like real-time protection,cloud-based malware scanning and a vpn,well yeah the premium version should,definitely be a consideration,now the good thing is whichever way you,go your device will be protected the,only difference here is the level of,protection overall now before you head,out comment below if youve ever used a,shady free antivirus before and what,your experience was like yeah lets see,how many of us were duped by the same,ones,i still have some shame and regret,also tap that box on the screen for the,best deals you dont want to miss yep,this one right here,yep this one right here maybe its here,i dont know,okay thats all for this totalav,antivirus review im gonna see you in,the next one


[Music],foreign,[Music],service after testing a huge number of,programs in this category I found the,best option that worked perfectly for me,I have been working with this antivirus,for a long time this is a full featured,package that has never let me down my,computer is 100 protected from viruses,ransomware and other malware it is a,very reliable and highly efficient,assistant in this short video I will,reveal to you 5 very useful secrets that,few people know about but which make it,truly the best in the top antivirus,category its about total AV Ill leave,the link to the official website under,the video now carefully look at the,screen lets go,total AV is a small security vendor,offering a wide range of antivirus and,other products the company has a simple,free antivirus that runs on-demand scans,to detect and remove threats but does,not offer real-time protection,total AV antivirus pro has a Vera based,on-demand and real-time detection,anti-fishing and the number of system,optimization tools cleaning browser,traces duplicates and junk files,managing startup programs optimizing,boot times and much more,total AV antivirus brawl looks cheap at,19 for a one year license for three,computers but then upgrades to a,seemingly expensive 99 total AV Internet,Security adds VPN and supports up to,five devices and pushes the price up to,39 in the first year 119 dollars per,upgrade total AV Total Security expands,the package even further by adding an 80,blocker and password manager and cost 59,in the first year,149.99 thereafter it doesnt seem like,match value at least after the first,year of discounts total AV has a virus,engine and you can get it in Windows,basic form for free plus a Vira Prime,gives you five device protection,unlimited VPN and extremely powerful,Windows Optimizer and more for just 99,per year totally the antivirus Pro is,easy to try at least with a free 7-Day,trial no payment details or even an,email address required and a 30-day,money-back guarantee if you need it the,total AV console looks good with your,protection status instantly displayed on,its home screen and many more features,accessible from the sidebar and menus,scan quarantine this cleanup startup,manager settings and more you can run,smart scan with only one click and it,checks your system for malware junk,files and several other performance,issues if you are only interested in,malware you can alternatively run a,quick or full system scan or use a,custom scan to check the files and,folders you need its not just,convenience the lack of support for,total AV concurrent scanning means that,if the application is performing a full,system scan you will not be able to,perform on-demand checks such as,scanning the USB key you just plugged,into your system this will not,significantly affect your security total,AV will still check the file when you,launch or open it but a well-designed,antivirus should perform better,service offers a VPN with a long list of,VPN server locations over 40. these,compares to some of the major VPN,providers on the market making it a,worthy VPN solution if youre looking,for a variety of locations,I asked total AV if their VPN service is,provided by them or third party I was,told that total AVS VPN is their own,service the companys online knowledge,base has a few more details about VPN,such as using 256-bit AES CBC encryption,over the openvpn protocol besides there,is no information about VPN due to the,lack of information and features I would,not suggest using it yet if you are,looking for serious VPN solution it,lacks features commonly found in paid,VPN services such as DNS leak protection,emergency shutdown or Port switching,there is also no word on the logging,policy which is fundamentally important,for anyone looking to use this as a,secure Anonymous VPN,total AV includes a web filtering tool,that automatically configures itself to,block suspicious websites and web,browsing activity the two blocks low,trust websites crypto mining URLs and,other malicious sites a white list is,included for trusted websites that may,cause false positives the quarantine,value is the fast found and cleaned,which may be necessary for the correct,operation of other programs,needless to say you have to be more,precise about how you use the free,version given that you dont have a,quarantine option so that you dont,accidentally do some damage to certain,infected programs while trying to clean,them ultimately the usefulness you get,from the basic features of total AV will,be limited if you stick with the free,version only,after you start scanning the time is,slightly longer than usual although,still acceptable we havent spent a lot,of time researching the reasons but at,first glance it seems that even quick,scan scans all files in the Target,folders even those that are unlikely to,contain a malicious payload you can at,least tweak this in the extensive total,AV setting dialogue which is much more,customizable than we expected you must,figure out for yourself as the program,has no help and the support pages on the,side are poorly organized notes fully,searchable and linked to an earlier,version of the program with a different,interface I left total AV antivirus Pro,with default settings and found no file,detection issues malware samples on our,system were detected without problems,downloads were detected and infected,payloads were detected when unpacking,from encrypted archives web filtering,through the main engine didnt seem as,reliable the package claims to block,crypto mining URLs for example but that,didnt work with the examples I tried,perhaps because it is blacklisted rather,than some form of real-time detection,total AV also has a safe site browser,extension that aims to block access to,malicious sites,total AV antivirus Pro goes behind the,usual basics of malware scanning with a,host of advanced PC management features,for example junk file finder only checks,four areas of your system the recycle,bin cached Windows updates temporary,files and Windows error reporting files,anyway total AV said it could recover 31,gigabytes of data duplicate file finder,is very very simple it only searches,your custom folders like documents music,videos pictures and while it finds a,displays and it duplicates correctly it,doesnt give you much information to,help you decide what to keep for example,you cannot see the last modified date of,any documents you need to figure out,what you want from just the file name,path and size,the largely pointless application,uninstaller displays your uninstalled,applications and let you uninstall,anything you dont need there is no,basic additional functionality no,recommendations on what is safe to,uninstall no forced uninstalled to,completely uninstall your target,applications the only Advantage is that,you can mark multiple applications for,uninstallation click uninstall just once,and then wait while total AV launches,the regular uninstaller programs for,each one one after the other,the launch manager lets you view and,optionally disable any applications that,are configured to start at Windows,startup it did not work as expected for,us as many applications were listed as,an identified Publishers and its,functionality is less than that of,Windows 10 users in the start Task,Manager tab the browser cleanup tool is,as basic as the rest of the collection,it only supports Chrome Firefox Internet,Explorer and Opera it just looks as,history and cookies there is an,interesting privacy bonus in data breach,verification enter your email address,total AV suggests it will tell you if it,has been compromised by a data breach,however redefine print Under the check,now button and you will see that by,checking your email you also agree to,the total AV license agreement and,privacy policy and authorize the company,to create a free account for you total,AV antivirus Pro is a virus engine but,not as efficient more open to malware,attacks with some minor additional PC,maintenance th

TotalAV Total Security review | Is it worth getting?

total AV Total Security this plan is the,most comprehensive of them all packing,and features that go beyond just malware,removal but there is a free antivirus,plan and even cheaper plans so shouldnt,we be considering those well lets find,out in this totally the total Security,review,but first quick little side note because,Ive tested a lot of providers over the,years and if any of them meet my high,security expectations well I go right,ahead and add exclusive deals down in,the description for them so yeah go,check those out okay look the,Cornerstone of any worthy AV thats,antivirus is its security infrastructure,so where does total AV sit on the podium,is totally the antivirus safe well for,starters all of their premium plans do,have a solid backbone protecting against,Advanced threats like Trojans malware,fishing and even ransomware and seeing,as everyday emails like embedded office,documents can even be laced with,ransomware its definitely a must-have,to ensure your device doesnt get,hijacked even just by doing the simplest,of activities now right off the bat I,was impressed by their real-time,protection which is enabled by default,love it with new threats coming on every,single day this is crucial to make sure,everything is protected and monitored,around the clock and I was also,surprised to see that they add in system,tune-up tools meaning the performance of,your device doesnt suffer while your,clutter and junk files can be easily,removed and thats just the surface of,total avs General Security their,premium plans all pack a good amount of,benefits but I would like to see them,Implement a firewall since many of their,competitors already have one but when it,comes to detection rates well thats,where we can truly see if theyre on par,with the competition but first things,first I look at independent institutes,testing results which gives a general,idea of the providers reputation and,reliability these total AV test results,showed top marks and usability and,performance but they did lag a little in,protection rates but still they do hit,industry standards for detecting four,week old malware and just a little,behind on zero day detection so now at,this point this is about when I head,down to my lab and do my own total AV,antivirus test testing by planting 10,malicious files onto my PC and as you,can see see just head to the top section,and click system scan yep navigation is,easy enough and this particular scan,determines malware and the deepest parts,of your system theyre also a good,amount of scanning options letting you,do custom scans that check for malware,track cookies and even junk files all,automatically the total AV malware,testing was done in about 14 minutes yep,and total AV had detected 9 out of 10,planted files while not perfect its,still a fair rate I mean with providers,like Windows Defender my detection rate,was Zero but hey what about their,specific security plan well the,detection rate wont massively differ,here because their malware database,should be the same but the ease of use,and value does change for starters the,total AV security plan stands out with,Device caps you get six its the highest,number that total AV offers sure its,not the biggest that Ive seen out there,but its still more than enough for at,least my familys needs but then looking,little closer I was actually surprised,to see a VPN in there theres unlimited,data a fair amount of servers and,locations and even impressive speeds all,of which just amp up the value here big,time now there are other additions like,a password vault which actually only,comes with the steepest plan do I think,it adds anything well I mean sure but my,gripe here is that it doesnt work with,the mobile app so ooh on you for that,also total AV antivirus helps secure,your credentials and identity which is,great this means if any of your,sensitive data is splashed across the,web well youre gonna know about it but,whats really cool here is how it helps,you avoid intrusive ads which just aside,from being annoying can actually be,dangerous too the ad blocker is a,browser extension which makes it easy to,navigate as you browse and it operates,on a little drop down menu very,convenient so this along with the VPN,and the password manager all means you,might not have to invest in a bunch of,different types of tools basically,making total AV Total Security a fully,fledged security Arsenal but whats the,cost right well they do pack one of the,best free antivirus plans on the market,but theres obvious limitations there so,its not really going to be a long-term,solution okay total AV Total Security is,currently going for just under 50 a year,thats well under ten dollars per user,and with the additional tools that you,wouldnt need to invest in separately,yeah gotta say its well within Market,rates again it is entirely up to you,whether you want a fully fledged Arsenal,or just the basic plan so on that note,if youre interested well all you gotta,do is tap that top right corner now to,check the updated exclusive deals for,total AV,real quick just a few insights about the,ease of use for this total AV antivirus,review 2023 Edition the installation and,setup of total AV Total Security was,honestly a breeze once up and running,theres the main tabs and youll be,greeted with a dashboard all the various,scans and other features are all neatly,packed in their own little sections Id,imagine any type of user is going to get,the gist of total AV pretty much right,away even if theyve never touched AV,software before but youre probably,going to start having different,experiences across different devices for,example I noticed the Android version is,spectacular but on iOS theres no virus,scanning this is fairly standard though,I guess since iPhones have their own,building capabilities now the desktop,version is also good but that browser,extension isnt exactly the most,streamlined Edition Ive ever,encountered and hey if youre looking,for more about total AV review or,tutorial videos well we release fresh,content all the time so yeah youre,going to want to subscribe to the,channel enjoy join our nearly sixty,thousand member Community everyones,welcome,is total AV worth it all right are you,sitting on the edge of your chair,waiting for my honest total AV review,conclusion yeah I didnt think you were,either but here it is anyway total AV in,general packs a punch in the antivirus,Market their detection rates are near,perfect while compatibility and ease of,use are solid I think they have a lot to,offer with all of their plans but with,such a reasonable and good value price,Im gonna suggest the totally the total,Security package yeah probably because,Im an advocate of using cyber security,tools in conjunction with one another,and hey what can I say this is quite a,nicely bundled option,but hey maybe youve got something to,say about this total AV antivirus review,did we uh leave anything out hey and,dont forget to remember to tap the top,box on the screen for more great deals,thanks a lot for your time I look,forward to catching you in the next one

A Total Scam – Total AV FREE Antivirus Test & Review 2019 – Antivirus Security Review

welcome everyone to another video today,I want to talk to you about the free,version of total AV and let me just,start off this video by saying if Ive,made a mistake or you know misunderstood,something or miss something I hope,someone will please tell me and I will,update this video if that turns out to,be the case but from what I know the,best I can tell the free version of,total AV is a complete and total scam or,at the very least false advertising now,Im here on their website right now and,we can see right here it says free,antivirus and Internet Security 2020 get,total protection from viruses malware,and online threats now Ive actually got,the program installed here and well,notice that when I try to enable,protection it says that this is only,available for the professional version,and it wants basically wants money,and so this conflicts with what is being,said with right here on their website,even if we scroll down real-time,protection is listed on this page the,same page that lists your free antivirus,if we go down further lightning fast,free antivirus total AV anti-virus is a,free to use antivirus pack with all the,essential features I do not know how you,would ever say real-time protection is,not essential basically this is just,straight up false advertisement in fact,if you recall in my most recent video,when reviewing Webroot malwarebytes,flagged the installer for total AV as,possible malware and so basically if,youre looking for a free antivirus,dont come here because thats not what,youre going to get now with all that,being said what were going to do right,now is were just going to test to see,if we can even run a skin with total AV,and I do have a folder with a bunch of,samples of malware 93 in total were,just going to check to see if it will or,will not detect these and if it does,were going to test to see if it allows,us to remove them without charging us,now the first thing Im going to do is,just double check to make sure we are,up-to-date so well check for updates,and we are good to go so at this point,were going to go ahead and run a scan,well do a system scan and well be back,here in just a moment,all right the scan has completed and it,looks like 85 results were found and so,it gives us a list here of everything,that was detected and so lets go ahead,and try to quarantine these and it looks,like it did quarantine everything and we,get another notification about real-time,protection not being included and so we,check our samples folder there are still,eight results remaining that it did not,detect now Im not going to execute them,because again we have no real-time,protection so theres no point in,executing them but basically in short,total AV its not a free antivirus,program it is a free cleaning tool and,in order to be considered an anti-virus,program you must have real-time,protection available we know that you,know this because its advertised on,your website I actually reached out to,total AV to get some clarification again,just to make sure Im not,misunderstanding or missing something,and when I contacted them they actually,disconnected me and so I guess I was,just asking too many questions or,whatnot but regardless if its a,legitimate program I feel that they,would not just hang up or at the very,least they would try to sell me on their,premium version but they did not do that,and so again this is a free cleaning,tool its not a free antivirus program,and keep in mind we didnt even get 100%,detection so thats another thing to,note thats everything for this video if,you have any comments or questions,please post them down below thank you,very much for watching hope you have a,great day if you like this video please,give it a thumbs up if you found it,helpful please go ahead and consider,sharing it and please also consider,subscribing to my channel and dont,forget to hit that Bell icon to get,notifications on future videos,you

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