1. Touch of Modern Unboxing and Review!
  3. Unboxing and Review of Touch of Modern Magpie VH-80 Bilateral Measuring Tool
  5. Unpacking and Setting Up Sisyphus End Table
  6. MYSTERY BOX – Touch of Modern.. Not what I expected
  7. Touch of Modern: GADGET PARADISE!

Touch of Modern Unboxing and Review!

whats up people remind you all here,again with another unboxing this time I,did something different ok Ive been,seeing advertisements on Facebook for a,company by the name of touch of modern,ok they have a lot of things on their,site that are really you know modern in,their makeup and whatnot they have,jewelry furniture paintings clothes they,have everything that you can think of,but like I said everything is you know,has a modern look to it or even a,futuristic look to it ok so they,actually display some things in their,advertising that piques my interest Iran,went ahead and went to the site one,thing that I didnt like about it was,the fact that you have to subscribe to,be able to see all of their products ok,so I didnt really care for that but I,went ahead and did it because I gotta,say there was some things that was,pretty cool you know looking to me so I,went ahead and you know checked it out,Ive been subscribed to the site for man,probably about five or six months or so,and I never ordered anything from them,because I was kind of skeptical about,doing that also because you got to be,kind of you know leery when you order,online so I was kind of skeptical about,doing it but the way that they got me,they sent me an email and gave me $15,towards a purchase so I said to myself,let me find something thats fairly,cheap in price that I can order but,something that I know that I would use,okay so what I did I found a bag on,there is called a roll oh okay it has,like all these different pouches on it,and you can hang it up and calls it but,you can actually roll it up you know for,easy you know carry and whatnot to take,with you when youre going on a trip,okay so that like I said again was $35,so I had $15 towards it so I said why,not give it a shot okay so heres the,box for that item it only took like two,weeks for me to get it so you know I saw,some people complaining about how,it takes to get the items and whatnot,but you know couple weeks and its all,good you know I wasnt planning on going,out of town any time soon,but actually Im not going to go out of,town now for for a week so thats why I,said let me go ahead and do this,unboxing and we can get to really try,this thing out to see how much I can,pack into this thing and actually roll,it up okay so without further ado Im,gonna go ahead and crack this open feel,like I always say from mess up after,this aint no going back baby all right,okay um just to show yall guys real,quick comes in you know a little box,here got the little sticker on in this,says authenticity guaranteed Im glad I,put that sticker on there because I,wasnt you know thought that it was real,if they did Im saying anyway yeah Im,glad he did that all right so let me go,ahead and crack this open lets give all,right I guess I can just open one in,right slide right out,come on,all right hmm looks kind of small there,it actually looked bigger on the on the,site okay,so I saved myself $16 dollars on this,order and thats what theyre telling me,thank you thank you for telling me I,saved $16 barely appreciate it all right,lets get in here see we got okay here,she is the Rollo sounds bad,okay Mike you see here has a little hook,on it we can might hang it in the closet,fish might hang it up like this or,whatever in the closet and then youre,supposed to be able to you know fit your,your clothes and whatnot in here and,roll it up for easy carry all right also,this actually started as a Kickstarter,program so I thought that that was,pretty cool also that they actually got,funding for it and was able to make the,product okay alright so we got our open,got a little shoulder strap there cool,so I go in to get all of my clothes,together that I plan on taking with me,and lets just see how much we can pack,in this thing and get it rolled up okay,all right guys this is the real world,test of the Rollo the Rollo I had to,look on the site to make sure I was,saying right the role shuttlebay,all right be right back alright guys Im,back as you can see I had my clothes,here that Im taking with me on this,side I have five t-shirts a pair of swim,trunks this side here I have three polos,three pair of khakis four pairs or pair,of pants okay I got my Nicoles back,here got a five pairs boxers I have four,regular you know t-shirts under you know,the undershirts and I have two tank tops,and five pairs of socks okay so Im,gonna see how much like a fitting here,alright miss giddy,okay guys she would actually broke out,to a little bit of a sweat trying to get,all this in here but as you can see I,couldnt fit fit everything someone I,actually have to take another bag with,me I was able to get my five you know,regular t-shirts in here my swim trunks,my 3d polo shirts I got my two tank tops,here three pair of socks on this side,two pair on this side and my five pairs,boxers Im having actually you know roll,those up to get those in here but I,still have four undershirts and my three,pair of khakis and four pairs of pants,so Im going to have to take another bag,all right but now we have to see if we,can roll this thing up alright so lets,see how that works lets go,all right you got to roll it up there,thats pretty cool though this is,something that would really be good for,you know like a good going camping or,something also but hey thats pretty,nice and uh like I say you got your,little shoulder strap here just strap it,on there and just sling it over you your,shoulder alright so thats pretty cool,also all right there she is,its the rollo travel bag I think its,pretty cool I like Im gonna keep all,this in here and like I said I guess I,have to take another bag it is what it,is but real quick just to show you like,I said when youre when you get to the,hotel or whatever you can just hang it,up in the closet so thats thats pretty,cool Im pretty happy with that,alright stroll old shopping bag alright,guys I guess thats it I really thank,you all for watching I gained a few more,subscribers so shout out to you guys,thanks again so much for subscribing to,my channel if you havent subscribed as,of yet please do Im hoping to get up to,a thousand subscribers by the end of,this year thats what I hope to do so,help me out you know share my videos and,whatnot again tell me what you like what,you dont like what you want to see what,you dont want to see alright give me a,thumbs up thumbs down,hey either way I thank you all for,watching alright I guess I said guys,Ill remind you more see you next time,peace,you


right so the last time we unbox a,mystery box from touch of modern we,ended up with a useless mini micro USB,cable which is already outdated since,everything else out there is actually,USB type-c or becoming USB type-c slowly,we ended up with a pen that can,potentially kill you which wasnt all,too bad it was pretty cool and we ended,up with some Manley Manleys soap that,can actually gain you respect from your,peers and loved ones or you can show,them the back of the head now today I,actually have the touch of modern,mystery box 2.0 and Im hoping that this,one is actually a little bit different,and that it actually has better content,inside least touch of butter before we,get into this please make sure to hit,that like button for the YouTube,algorithm if youre know around here we,unbox or review random stuff you didnt,know you need it and lets go ahead and,take a look at what we have inside this,mystery box,[Music],alright so lets keep in mind that the,goal here is not to be disappointed,since I was pretty disappointed in the,first mystery box so lets open this up,and lets see what we have inside,and lets just hope that its actually,something worth it this time around so,the first time we got this mystery box,that was $29 for the entire box and it,was supposed to have a value inside of,$80 for this two point no mystery box I,paid seventy nine ninety nine and its,supposed to have a value of one hundred,and seventy five dollars of items inside,so lets take a look at this and see if,this is actually true thats where this,bogus walked out,I just put this here to the side and,well I see something very familiar how,about that geeky guys now this is,actually cool nice just put it to the,side and then Im not sure whats inside,this white box with no printing on it,lastly we have a food guard reusable,stretchy sticky lids accompanied by wine,vouchers same as the last mystery box,all right so lets open this is what we,have inside here and it looks like to be,some sort of wallet,actually nevermind its like one of,those kits where you have your nail,clippers scissors so I mean so far Im,not too impressed so this one here is,just about what seems to be an,intelligent alarm clock with wireless,speakers and lets look this thing up,and see how much it costs I already know,that the geeky cost around 30 bucks on,Amazon or 25 something like that and the,food guards stretchy sticky lids Ive,seen this before these are actually,pretty cool Im actually excited to use,these on my kitchen now as for this,little kit here theres no markings or,anything that I can search the value of,this pouch that its in or this bag,feels kind of cushiony so its its like,a little pillow kind of at least I can,only hope that the nail clippers are,good so if you want to talk about,surprise boxes okay I mean surprise yeah,I mean you have four different items I,definitely like this one way more than,the first one so far now when it comes,to this intelligent alarm clock with,wireless speakers Im not too sure of,many people use alarm clocks anymore,considering that everyone just uses,their smartphone for that kind of,reminder but I mean I can see here are,some things that actually might,appreciate which is the wireless,speakers the two USB charging ports,indoor temperature the built-in soothing,sounds that might actually be nice and,here we can see oh okay so this gets a,little bit better so it works with,Spotify works with Nast I fit Phillips,hue and lifx bulbs so lets open it up,and lets take a look at it start by,opening up these lids so inside the,packaging this is what you have and for,us to put this to the test actually,brought in a glass,Ive seen this online for what I,understand this these are supposed to,stretch bigger than what they are so as,you can see theyre not as big as this,glass container and theyre supposed to,be able to keep a tight seal on this,there are different colors there so,green red blue yellow lets go ahead and,fill this up it feels like a tortilla,like its going to break I guess they,have to be pretty sturdy so its kind of,sticky but not sticky on your fingers,actually not at all but lets try and,seal this container hopefully I didnt,get something too big,[Music],[Music],[Music],that is actually pretty cool it actually,managed to seal it and its sticking to,the glass very tightly actually so as,you can all see now for how long do,these last and how many times you can,use that I am very unsure of that so,lets take a look at the packaging to,see if it says anything about that,so FDA approved yeah I trusted that so,oven safe up to 230 Celsius microwave,safe dishwasher safe and silicon-based,bpa-free so those things are important,to know and I think I read everything I,needed to know I was just concerned,about the bpa-free and have they,approved that who really care for that,they approve anything nowadays for that,about this geeky there isnt much I can,tell you I have two full reviews on this,key I cannot live without this and I,will leave the link on it below in a,nutshell it is pretty much a multi-tool,with a wire stripper a screwdriver,serrated edge a one-inch ruler,it also has bike spokes and you can,actually smoke out of this believe it or,not as a little hole in there if yall,can see it and you can actually put your,what are we gonna smoke in here and use,it as a pipe and now about this kit,there isnt much I can say I just hope,that its good it feels like any other,[Music],nail clipper I dont feel anything,special about it so I just hope that it,does a good job not really impressed by,this at all so lets open up this witty,many watch to and see what its all,about,so judging by the size of the box,assuming its gonna be pretty big and,wouldnt you know it,its a box inside a box which is perfect,for a child so here you have a user,manual 90 days extra warranty card in,there all right so lets take a look at,the watch its so quick and then well,go over the accessories so like I say,that actually looks like its a little,bit big I must put that here and then,you have your power adapter way which,actually has something pretty cool so,lets say you are in a foreign country,and not in the US and youre trying to,use this plug you can just slide it in,and boom so this is an adaptive power,adapter thats really cool and we are in,the United States we will put this one,on have you ever had a dream that that,you um you had you you what you could,feel do breath and then you also have,your European power adapter and you also,get a little antenna so for that am/fm,radio listener so lets plug it in and,go over it really quick so to plug it in,it is on the back of the watch where you,also have your antenna auxiliary plug in,for am/fm and your two USB port so you,can charge your phone or any other,peripheral clock has already turned on,oh wow and it actually has some LEDs,here at the bottom there you can turn on,just by holding this burn down so you,can also dock your phone here and night,time so as you can see my phone does not,fit this is a galaxy s 20 ultra Im,pretty sure any other phone Galaxy S 10,iPhone 10 iPhone X will fit in here so,other than the features that I mentioned,it is just an alarm clock and this place,will sound on it and see what it sounds,like,[Music],so Im not sure if the microphone will,do it justice but the speakers actually,sound pretty crisp not bad at all and,they also can be pretty loud,I like the under glow LEDs here on the,bottom not sure how helpful that would,be at night the clock itself feels like,its all made out of plastic except for,these front speaker girls the feel like,metal and that is pretty much it for,this clock so if you are still into,personal alarm clocks and whatnot and,you dont use your smartphone this thing,would be pretty cool since it has its,own app and connect for Bluetooth and,you can actually set up your alarm on it,through your phone as you can see here,on the very app you can also play music,on it through your phone and do many,other

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Unboxing and Review of Touch of Modern Magpie VH-80 Bilateral Measuring Tool

welcome back YouTube we got another,product review here this time we got our,package from touch modern as dust saying,the website as you purchase your item it,does say it will take three to six weeks,for delivery oddly enough it took 22,days three weeks in one day to get here,which in todays order overnight from,Amazon or order it overnight from eBay,this is ridiculous but ok hold promise,lets see what time cool products we got,here we have a magpie v8 v8 e vhat sorry,the worlds first bilateral laser,distance measure ur come some nice,little box some information on the back,made in South Korea bilateral or single,you can measure easily switch to a,single laser measurement setting measure,from the base to the front measure three,values at once the advantage of using VH,- 80 exponentially increases by reducing,the number of moves by a factor of three,and you can also connect it with your,smartphone via an app were not going to,do that right now today were just gonna,look at the product open it up see,whats inside so with no further delay,lets open it up see whats inside,never magpie tool holder and it comes,with a battery nylon with some softer,material inside little stretchy your,tool fits snugly in there velcro seems,pretty good and we got a little leash so,we can attach it somewhere on its also,better buckle for adults I dont have a,belt but if I had one I could put it on,my belt so some accessories come to it,Mac magpie,theres user manual we might look at,that we might not and heres our tool,its our bilateral measure put it in a,nice hard phone case it shouldnt go,anywhere,drink shipping it should be nice feel,the protective layer off the screen so,on the front interface it appears we got,an LCD we have our on switch maybe more,functions we got memory,we got menu and units we have off and,clear and we have two bubble levels over,here I guess one for plum and one for,level at this end theres some sort of,metal thing in there I dont know what,that is maybe nothing to do with,anything I dont know and it looks like,our laser and then I and same thing at,this end another laser another eye on,top we have nothing bottom in the back,here ooh we can mount it on a tripod a,little screw hole there so we can just,put it on a tripod I just stand there,and do it something I dont have to hold,it today Im holding it and it takes one,triple a14 plate battery no it takes two,good thing our package came with two,double-a batteries triple-a batteries so,now we get down get down,cover back on it lets power it on there,we go ready whoo we got laser dots very,poking out of it,one at each end of that each end of the,room,Ill cover there another red dot okay,were really starting to maybe measure,something I dont want to measure that,much so Im gonna see if I can measure,in between my studs here this is ready,between that wall and here Im gonna,push the button again it is one point,zero six meters,I need feet so Im gonna go with feet,first unit measurement menu unit Im,just gonna press until that hopefully,changes oh look its doing does,different functions Wow,it does a lot of different things,I was not changing my unit clear unit,now,maybe I should read the instructions,lets hold on for a bit and Ill read,the instructions and figure out actually,how to measure and heat okay I did go,through the manual I could change it to,feet so now Im measuring a straight,line from feet in inches and up here,depending on where your your pointer is,itll tell you how far this side is and,how far this side is as well as the,overall distance so were going to click,measure line Im just going to throw up,an edge push to ready again and as you,can see them my measurement is 1 foot 7,inches on each side and 3 foot 3 inches,and 3/8 overall distance so now I can,measure and cut my piece of drywall that,needs to go here and I know that my,Center stud is 1 foot 7 inch from either,side does have in here itll do an area,measurement it does volume does right,triangle area and then etherium,pythagoras pythagoras well I cant say,that right now,staggering theorem mode so does,different you know itll figure out your,triangles itll figure out you know how,big your room is or how much volume is,in your room,most of what Ill probably do be doing,is just line remaining distance the,single laser continuous measurement,probably that mode is what Ill be using,most so it does do a whole bunch of,other stuff so once again,and put it in this window gap here so I,can measure my piece of trim push my,button hit my lasers my trim piece needs,to be 2 foot 9 inches Ill redo it for,up and down keep it heres the bubble,level that I got in here my overall,distance its 4 foot 6 inches and oh man,yeah half an inch round that up so,thats pretty nice little device its,got a little screen on it and it has a,backlight feature so you can read it if,and then the dark seems to go on Power,Save mode right away not a bad thing you,dont want to be replacing your,batteries all the time it is a plastic,case rubber ends on it should be pretty,good you know past the bounce test Im,gonna break anything if it lands,shouldnt jar it too much if it falls it,seems pretty rugged well thought-out,design however its got a retail value,on the website of $199 after purchasing,the device backtrack to say you know,lets check it Ill swear see what a,similar made device is and their 30 to,40 bucks you can get them for but maybe,this is worth the extra money because it,is pretty rigid its got the extra,bubble levels in here it does multiple,features it also hooks up to your,Bluetooth phone to keep I believe the,app said that keeps up to 9 9 of your,last measurements in store so thats,handy when you come out here you measure,your window and go okay I need this,then I gotta store it on my android,phone now Im gonna go up to the,hardware store get my materials what,size do you need oh its right around my,phone because my magpie told me it was,there so yeah its pretty nice so for,200 bucks I say its good however touch,modern themselves they could definitely,improve because nobody wants to wait,three weeks for anything this day and,age if they did wed all right hand,letters to people and send it across the,country but no we email people so we can,get stuff now so three weeks wait,ridiculous quality the product seems to,be pretty good goes in Power Save mode,oh its off I dont have to worry about,turning it off so I am pretty pleased,with this give it just one thumb up yeah,its not really worth to but for the,price thats worth at least one because,it is pretty durable like subscribe,leave a comment down below well leave,put a couple descriptions in of the,product in my description down below,thanks

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[Music],whats up guys welcome back to the sky,if youre new to the channel we unbox,and review random stuff you didnt know,you needed today we have another touch,of modern mystery box and as you saw the,mystery box 1.0 it was quite a,disappointment and then 2.0 oil was yeah,mostly a disappointment and I said that,if the 3.0 which is the one I have in my,hand was a disappointment this would be,the last mystery box I get from them or,surprise box whatever you want to call,it so without further ado lets hope,this one is better lets get into it and,lets see what we have inside so now we,have this open lets stop here,space AR month okay okay were starting,off good starting off good some pair of,wireless earbuds maybe from a brand I,havent seen before,thats okay and where you care too much,for brands now this box is supposed to,have a $200 value as opposed to the last,one I did which was 160 dollar value and,I paid $99 for this ones are supposed to,have double and retail buy sort of,wireless speaker and this is one of,those Alwine aspirators are thing thats,what it thats what it is no thats not,anything Ill be using I have a few,people who may appreciate this and,lastly we have this box here and says,astral reality not sure what this is but,well get to all of this in a second,alright so this is everything we have,inside the box and okay touch of modern,you may have got me on this one I may,consider buying a surprise four or five,if youre already at that number because,even though I havent opened this I kind,of feel like Ive already got my money,back,and this is all something that I would,have not been able to buy with a mid $99,I could be wrong so Im going to put,these to the side and open them up one,by one and lets see what we have,alright so were gonna start with this,so lets just open it up this should be,quick Im not gonna be opening a bottle,of wine so I dont use these things so I,really dont know whether these are good,or bad feels plastic II kind of like a,solid plastic and thats pretty much,inside the box so I will look up the,price for all of these items and make,sure that I did get my moneys worth,just to make sure all right and here we,have a pair of earbuds from the brand,lets see in here okay so its ochita,the brand may be rolling square so they,have a card in there so its warning,square here they have a little manual,and it looks like it does come with a,case surely it doesnt feel too,disappointing it doesnt feel like its,a cheap products are so these – earbuds,to come inside a box here and you can,see here this is a micro USB charger,here for this case oh wow this actually,look very nice its like a dark grey,Ill definitely be trying these out and,it looks like this is a charging case,for them so it looks like they are,charged as well the charging case feels,like a rubbery plastic so it actually,feels very high-quality Im not,complaining about this and lets take a,look at what else would have inside the,box and here you have your USB type a,with a micro USB charging cable for your,case few different sized ear ear cups,here and another type of ear cups they,seem to be a little bit more sporty and,thats about it for these uh ear plugs,and here Im not sure what this is this,seems to be some sort of travel mod with,different compartment alright so at the,bottom of the box you find this brush so,I guess its to clean some other part,and then you have this inside kind of,like a droplet tool as well with this,small funnel and kind of like a small,plastic spreading spatula and Im not,going to pretend like Ive ever seen,this product before because I have not,alright so apparently you slide this,down and once you open it it open it up,oh so this is okay okay cool so this is,not for edibles I thought this was,something for edibles so here you can,put your body wash I think actually my,wife is gonna love this your conditioner,in your shampoo this is actually a,really neat product this is so cool see,you would actually twist this and it,will open up you fill it up with your,shampoo seal it back up lock it and now,you have oh this is nice you little pump,for your shampoo this is actually a very,neat product I am Im quite impressed,with very nice Ive never seen this and,here you have your second one and,largest one for your body wash,very nice I actually cannot complain,about this one and then to seal it you,would lock your lid put this back up and,everything is nice and secure in there,and it will not spell on you because,apparently this is also leak proof here,at the bottom you have a little rubber,so if we put on top of the table it,wont actually move around and now were,jump into this Nassau a or mod I dont,know what is it about the NASA logo and,I think a lot of people can vouch for,this is its just so cool and you know,even when you wear like a shirt was just,an awesome Louisville its just amazing,so Im pretty sure this mug is not going,to be ordinary its probably going to be,just something quite different I hope so,alright so this this mug looks a kind of,futuristic to say the least and it,seemed like its made out of some glass,or maybe porcelain Im not sure it is,dishwasher safe and it is microwave safe,according to this there is some sort of,text in there ASM Aero reality space so,Im assuming thats the brand which its,also down here as for reality Im sorry,so lets look at this really quick it,says space AR mug bone china ceramic and,this mug has an app that you can,download on me so you can register it,and it has a few steps and then the step,number six says scan and experience AR,then theres some sort of experience so,Im pretty sure theres more to it than,just meets the eye I will have to look,into that as well and now lastly we have,this which is the same brand as the mug,so maybe its just an addition to the,nasim of its by the casual reality brand,so it feels like it may be a book and it,is a notebook I have actually seen this,notebook on touch of modern alright so,this notebook from the astral reality,website is actually part of this mug,actually had to look into it so this is,actually very cool so this is meant for,you to take notes of your own,explorations and kind of draw on it so,when you get the mug and you download,the astral reality app so ive already,downloaded it and i have it on my phone,scan here and as soon as you put it on,the mod,[Applause],you can see how where now youre,exploring,[Music],what apparently is 3 300 kilometers,altitude and it has a location there,[Music],and it tells you right here at the,bottom were on planet earth youre,actually exploring right now so I think,this is pretty cool and this is a this,is a product that I think you know kids,and adults that are curious about,science and astrology would really,appreciate,[Applause],and then as soon as you take off your,phone you see its its gone its not,until you point it at the mug that it,feels like youre youre inside the,space station or something this is,really cool all right so these two,products very nice indeed,cant complain all right ladies and,gentlemen I really hope you enjoyed that,video it was actually quite exciting to,go through all of these products because,for the first time from touch of modern,I actually enjoyed every single product,that was in here except for the wine,aerator or aspirator whatever Im not,going to use that but I definitely see,the value in it for somebody who may,like that actually after looking in,detailed to each product and their value,the notebook is $29.99 the month is also,$29.99 and its actually sold out on the,website and I think just those two items,were definitely really cool my narrator,was twenty dollars and it is actually,sold out as well on their website the,TIC travel shower mug I think that is a,genius idea I really love it I think,that is actually amazing and it goes for,apparently over 80 bucks or 90 dollars,actually it on the website but it is,actually for sale for 63 and finally you,have the – earbuds 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Unpacking and Setting Up Sisyphus End Table

hello this is Michael with sisyphus,industries and today Id like to give,you a quick run-through on setting up,your Sisyphus and table first thing Im,gonna have you do is go ahead and flip,your box upside down this is not,required but it is a little bit easier,to remove from the box this way these,tables are fairly heavy you might like,to get a hand with this use a box cutter,or keys will work just fine lets cut,your tape first thing that comes out of,the box is this inner boxing just,include your glass and top ring you can,go ahead and set that aside next thing,youll do is go ahead and pull out the,table you should be able to lift,straight up theres some cardboard,packing pieces they can fall away thats,fine pull them out theres another inner,package here inside this triangle Im,gonna find a few other various,components pull that out and set the,triangle aside so the inner pack here,though it includes your sand ball power,cable and power supply there are two,options for feet that weve included,with your table you should find a set of,felt feet and a set of rubber feet Im,gonna go ahead and show you how to apply,the rubber feet okay Im going to show,you how to apply the feet to the bottom,of your table first thing is go ahead,and flip it over you may like to get a,hand with this the tables,are fairly heavy first thing we suggest,doing is go ahead and cleaning the,surface of each of the four feet with a,glass cleaner or other surface cleaner,and then make sure it dries completely,after you do that then you can take one,rubber foot and put it on each leg,roughly in the center they should be,just under sized,and you then have feet on your table,next you want to go ahead and add sand,to your table,and you dont want to start with about,half the sand weve included we included,extra sand so you can go ahead and,unpack it and then start pouring it on,now it doesnt need to be super level,itll actually level itself once it gets,started if you find any white chunks,theres actually an anti-caking material,in the sand you can just kind of crush,those with your finger or let the ball,do it,gonna crush some more of those little,white chunks its not a problem if you,dont they dont cut its just aesthetic,and then if you like you can take a,business card or something flat and just,carefully smooth it out not entirely,necessary and then you want to go ahead,and find your ball and place the ball,and approximately the center of the,table okay the next thing Ill have you,do is go ahead and open up the inner,packing that includes the ring and the,glass do not use a blade to open it if,you like you can cut the ends with a,blade but then just go ahead and tear,the tape their first thing should be,your ring here and well set that up in,your side up on the table well go ahead,and set the glass aside from now its a,handy to leave it open until you get it,up and running okay Im going to go,ahead and plug in my table so lets,unpack the power supply and do all these,wire ties real quick,power-chord for your respective country,plugs in and you can go ahead and plug,in the table its gonna take it about,one to two minutes to start up on the,first plug in when your table starts up,it should find the marble and start,moving,if the marble stops moving you may,notice that it hits a tall spot in the,sand you can go ahead and smooth it out,and wait for it to come around again and,eventually it will pick up the marble,again when its finished with a timing,routine it will go ahead and turn the,lights on in your table is set up it,will slowly smooth itself out alright,once your table has ran in the sand its,fairly smooth down you can go ahead and,put the glass on your table you may want,to hit it with a little bit of a glass,cleaner before you place it there may be,some smudges on it,there we go,if you have any issues getting your,table set up or any concerns please,dont hesitate to contact us immediately,you can contact us through our website,at Sisyphus – industries dot-com /,support you can also send us an email at,support at Sisyphus – industries calm

MYSTERY BOX – Touch of Modern.. Not what I expected

whats up everyone welcome back to the,channel this is Skye if youre new,around here we unbox and review epic,random stuff today we have a special,mystery box from touch of modern this is,their one point no mystery surprise box,they also have a 2.0 which I did,purchase and Im also doing a review on,that one this supposed to be an $80,value for 30 bucks and inside is,supposed to have three of their most,sought-after items or best-selling item,top of the swing so without further ado,lets check it out you see what we have,inside,[Music],all right touch of modern this better be,good save $50 on my order surprise box,Im not trying to look at that I wanna,see what we actually did receive inside,here we have an LED glowy cable so were,gonna give that a try see how it looks,Oh seems it has lightning and also a,micro USB no USB type-c really and then,here we have a TAC panel and you have,wine vouchers and here we have a,tactical soap to go with your tack pen,for two of them actually and these were,the contents of the surprise box lets,start with the LED glowing cable again I,dont see a USB type-c which is,disappointing maybe light so pretty cool,maybe thats where you get your money,you have your micro USB you have your,lightning and here you have your regular,USB a lets connect this look all right,so thats the LED cable right there and,then once you put something to charge,which I actually had to use my wireless,charger it actually looks pretty cool,very decent its not the most bright I,actually had to turn off most of my,lights too bad its not a USB type-c you,had to connect it to my wireless charger,then you have your tack pen so lets,open this up Im excited for this one,actually youll have instructions in,here and to go over this pen really,quick it took me a minute just to take a,look at it its pretty big you do have a,flashlight here so not the brightest in,the world very small this paperclip is,supposed to be titanium and here you,have a glass breaker so thats pretty,useful I guess and then to use the fan,you have to unscrew it and you have a,ballpoint,here that you could write with and if,you screw this side you actually have a,blade inside I mean lets test out if,its sharp somewhat sharp I mean just a,tiny little blade doesnt seem like,anything too strong its not flimsy and,you can actually unscrew this plate as,well okay so I guess a cool little pen,that I wont be taking to work and,lastly we have our maverick tactical,sole because I did not know that so,could be tactical breath I guess they,are so maverick a natural pheromone soap,that enhances alpha status masculinity,attractiveness and charisma tactical,swoops are formulated with bioidentical,pheromone plants designed to enhance,alpha male attitudes that women love and,men respect Im excited for this,it smells pretty good I guess Ill be,tactical after this okay so that was it,for the touch of modern surprise mystery,box such a modern if youre listening I,love shopping with you guys but tactical,fan feels really cheap LED glowing light,at least an USB type-c no one uses,microUSB anymore barely any products and,soap that enhances male masculinity,alpha status is not exactly what people,are looking for now surprise box,so whats that worth it I mean if you,put the value together the tactical pen,is about 20 bucks that cable is about 25,bucks and the Maverick sold are about 10,bucks each so youre looking at $65,supposed to be 80 I mean yes youre,getting your value for 30 but its not,exactly what people are looking for or,at least know what Im looking for in,terms of a surprise box I was thinking,Id get something a much cooler or,something much more useful or or at,least updated lets say I mean other,than that I mean lets hope that the 2.0,is better because that one is supposed,to be 179,so lets check it up in the next word,view bTW if youre new to the channel,feel free to hit that like and subscribe,button if youre a returning subscriber,thank you so much it means the world,remember everyone be kind to one another,[Music]

Touch of Modern: GADGET PARADISE!

if this aint the most inspected guys,just thought you ever seen your life I,dont know it is welcome back to Johnny,says so today Im doing a quick video to,talk about one of my favorite sites,touch of modern Oh few disclaimers no,this video is not sponsored or endorsed,spots of modern and no I have no way,associated with such modern heck dont,even not making this video but a few,reasons why I wanted to share the site,with you guys,one touch modern is the epitome of this,channel thats my go to China to get,inspired to get ideas for stuff its,just its a stylish sleek all of that,and then secondly if I find cool stuff I,like to pass it on to you guys this is,my thing Im formative so if you have,heard of touch modern of great if you,havent consider this video and,informational session once you get on,the site you aint gonna want to leave,yeah but you can find anything on this,site from watches mens watches womens,watches all the way to furniture and,fashion gadgets of course this is just a,glow of goodies this is where I come to,kind of just window shop grab some ideas,of things that I might want to grab for,myself or grab for somebody else thats,the cool thing about this site is you,just yeah a lot of times the question I,get is hey what type of gift do I get,for my uncle my dad my boyfriend my,husband a friend of mine its great for,anniversaries thats great for birthdays,and its not just gifts its I mean you,you name it theres just a bunch of,stuff on that site it has this cool,factor I will say this though Ive all,saved this prices on here cant be,competitive but they do have an area a,bunch of stuff from varying from stuff,theyre inexpensive to stuff that can,run into the thousands a lot of the,watches that I like on this site wreck,can run all the way up to,to the thousands but belts unit bags,sunglass cases you can find all of that,stuff air and the menu is accessible you,can always jump to your favorite savings,the favors come and jump to your,favorites so you can access at them,quicker I was looking at this bike I,thought it was kind of cool Ive never,seen anything like this is just this,bike thats been customized it has this,vintage I was like you know what let me,say this is favor,I had to put that down this is a,mechanical and auto mechanical watch,which also cover on the side as well,love mechanical watches its just its,its just a bunch of stuff that you guys,will never even think of it is just you,would hop on here and look at some,things and just say you know what this,might not be a bad idea I might get this,for myself a knife set look at this,thing look at this bronze gold knife set,I need you know I might just have to,swoop that up thats just thats just,some kind of some of the things up do,they have on this site that you might,want to consider or just take a look at,the site such a modern just has to fade,off just everything I think thats what,might make a site so so alluring and it,keeps you honest I see because they,havent carry so many different things,when youre talking about gadgets,its almost tech youll talk about,furnish home improvement home decor,style and fashion all of that stuff is,on it thats why I had to make sure I,talked about this site because this site,is our representation of Kidani says,because you know we everything we do can,we looking for stuff for style we,looking for stuff that has that pop to,it look at this dope jacket you know,what I could look at this I had to I had,to address my favorite now and its kind,of sold out besides that I wanted but,you know so well see once again as you,know Im big Im big and watches Im,baking watch you gotta capture meat food,a good a visual first and these watches,these watches whoo now check this out,this is a pyro mini you wouldnt expect,to see this on any other site this blew,my mind this is,its its a flame a mini flamethrower I,dont I dont know if its real fire or,what the case it be but you attach it on,your wrist and I guess you can impress,your friends or you could if only if you,if youre in a magician industry or the,entertainment industry is something that,you can consider or just a cool gift to,give to someone that you knows Kiki,thats w mama uh-huh cuz that right,yeah thats told you would you purchase,anything from that website does it cater,to some of the things that youre into,or do you know somebody that would,benefit from stuff like that on that,site let me what you think hop in the,comments and Ill meet you guys down,here we can go back and forth because uh,I I thought it was a really neat site so,thats been it thats that that was a,quick one so yeah once you guys come,back I told you thats a,[Music]

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