1. Toyo Open Country AT3 Review!
  2. How Good Are They?! Toyo Open Country AT3 Review!
  3. Toyo Open Country AT3 – Toyos latest All Terrain Tyre is here!
  4. Open Country AT3 vs Wildpeak AT3W
  5. BF Goodrich KO2 T/A vs Toyo Open Country AT3
  6. A Full Year of Testing the Toyo Tires Open Country A/T III
  7. Toyo Open Country AT3 Review on My Ram 2500 – We Talk Noise, Warranty, Traction & More…

Toyo Open Country AT3 Review!

one of the most well-known and,recognizable tire brands in the off-road,industry is toyo tires and for good,reason toyo is known for the reputation,for having high quality high-performing,tires built for the automotive,enthusiast by automotive enthusiasts,including us off-roaders hey whats up,guys josh from trail build and in,todays video were going to be taking a,close look at the newly redesigned toyo,open country all terrain known as the,at3 that you can find right here on,trailbuildoffroad.com so make sure and,smash that subscribe button so that way,you guys can hold on to the ride with us,also guys real quick before we get into,our toil review there are only a few,days left for your chance to win a set,of method race wheels as it will be,ending this friday june 19th at 11 a.m,central standard time so make sure and,get entered today at,trillbuiltofroad.com forward slash,giveaway or well also have a link,posted in the description below with,that said lets go check out our new,toyo at3 ready lets go as a tire,company that has been named the number,one overall brand by north american tire,dealers and unprecedented seven times,since the year 2000 theres no doubt,that toyos reputation precedes itself,because of a commitment they have to,produce the best performing tires on the,market since 1945. today the toyo,company has remained dedicated to,advancing the technology of the,manufacturing of their tires and have,been leaders in testing of new materials,and creating tires that are perfect for,all vehicles in all kinds of weather,driving conditions and off-road terrain,since we dont have a full set here to,test out i hit up my buddy joe bacall,from throwing it sideways on youtube joe,is a professional stunt driver trophy,truck racer with three baja 1000 wins,under his belt an off-road driving,instructor a product development tester,for multiple large name tire brands like,toyo for example and has over 20 years,of experience doing what he does joe has,also been extensively involved in the,development of the new open country,at-3s and has provided us with some,pretty cool and exclusive information on,them as to how they perform toyos open,country all-terrain model line began,with the off-road enthusiast in mind to,develop a tire that not only performs,really well on road but can also handle,the abuse and the demands that off-road,enthusiasts needs to have in a crossover,tire yes it may be labeled in all,terrain from toyo but to me an,all-terrain tire leans more towards,street use made for multiple weather,conditions and road comfort and fuel,economy are rated higher than mud sand,or snow traction whereas a cross over a,hybrid tire or rugged terrain tire is,designed to be used more for those of us,that are looking for a great on-road,tire but we also need a high-performing,off-road tire that has an aggressive,tread design bulky shoulder lugs and,aggressive side biters for that lateral,traction while off-roading to keep us,moving down some of the most precarious,trails and at the end of the day can,still get us home without sacrificing,on-road handling and thats exactly what,toyo did with these new at-3s plus they,also look great one of the most,noticeable changes from the open country,at2 when compared to the at3 is their,tread design pattern toyo designed the,tread pattern with these staggered,s-shaped tread blocks that are quite,bulky to help with the rigidity of these,tread blocks and have these sharp and,defined edges to really hook up and grip,the terrain thats under it especially,when aired down plus with all of these,multi-wave sipes in the tread blocks and,shoulder lugs youll really be able to,notice how well these at3s will provide,you with exceptional traction on ice,snow or wet road conditions to really,bite and grip when accelerating or,braking in fact the new at3s now have a,three snowflake rating compared to the,at2s which only had a two snowflake,rating giving you a bit of extra,confidence in the snow as well when the,engineers were designing the tread,pattern and the tread compound they,designed it in a way thats not only,aggressive and long lasting but created,it to really help tame the road noise,and provide a responsive steering feel,as well in fact one of the main features,that our friend joe had mentioned in his,testing is how well the tire handled the,varying road conditions and the,exceptional responsiveness of the at3s,ability to handling those varying road,conditions joe had stated to us that,when he was performing hard turns on the,snow or wet roads that he noticed the,tires held their line much better than,other competitors tires that were also,tested and how the at3s didnt whats,called step out as much as the other,tires did even with these massive tread,blocks shoulder lugs and tread voids,these at3s still have a three plus,rating for on-road handling for comfort,and performance youll also notice these,massive voids in between the tread,blocks that will really help in,evacuating that hard pack snow mud sand,or any other loose debris and will help,keep you moving down the trail and with,these raised angled side biters you can,have confidence that theyll provide,extra protection to the sidewall from,trail damage like cuts or punctures and,will provide additional traction to keep,you moving through the ruts or when,aired down another great advantage with,these at3s are that theyre available in,123 different sizes including p metric,sizes light truck metric sizes and light,truck flotation sizes as well the light,truck or lt at-3s also have these,increased raised sidewall cleats to,provide even a little bit more sidewall,protection and traction when off-road,compared to the p-metric tires as well,for a tire that is built from a,reputable high-quality company like toyo,has a 50 000 mile warranty for the truck,tires a 65 000 mile warranty for the p,metric sizes and advanced off-road,capability with exceptional reputation,of on-road performance theres no wonder,as to why this new at3 is just killing,it in the all-terrain and crossover tire,market and if any of you are currently,running the new at3s and have some,additional feedback or even how you like,them just let us know in the comments,below or even if you have any questions,on the new at-3s let us know or you can,also check them out right on our website,its trailbuiltoffroad.com,plus well also have a link posted in,the description below alright guys well,that is all that we have for you today,dont forget to smash that subscribe,button thumbs up to like the video and,as always we appreciate all of you for,watching im josh from trail built and,well see you guys,out on the trails,[Music],you

How Good Are They?! Toyo Open Country AT3 Review!

– Behind me here you have the newest tire,in the Toyo Tire lineup, the Toyo Open Country AT3.,Now you guys saw, we did a video on this tire,a couple months ago when they sent us just one sample,but we finally got a set on a truck now,,on Jakes truck behind me here.,So Im sure you guys want to know,,are they worth the hype?,(upbeat music),All right, so first things first,in true Custom Offsets fashion,,we have to do the burnout test.,(upbeat music) (tires squeal),Oh yeah, beautiful burnout.,Doesnt roll out super hard, but thats all right.,So like we said,,you guys have probably heard of this tire before.,I mean, Toyo is one of the biggest and best names,in all things tires, especially American made tires.,And this one of course is the newest rendition,of their Open Country AT lineup, the AT3.,When it comes to pricing on this one,youre going to see these come in at about 1,500 bucks,for a set of four and a 35 12 and a half bar 20.,Important thing to note with these is they are load range E,so Toyo does a really good job of hooking it up,with their heavy duty truck tires,in both E and F load ranges,so theyd give you the sidewall thickness,that you guys are gonna need for your towing applications.,This is the next edition of the AT tire, the AT3.,We actually got fortunate enough,to put some input in on these tires.,A little while back,,we had sent some guys down to tour the factory down there,and we got to see the very first rendition of the AT3,,got to give them some input,and theyatook some of that feedback,and implemented it on this tire so thats super neat.,We were super happy to be a part of that,and again, just give those guys some feedback on that stuff.,So a couple changes they made to this tire over the AT2,,that middle S shape in the center of the tread block,is no longer disconnected.,They actually pushed the two of those together.,So what thats going to do is its gonna give you,more rubber contacting the ground,in that center tread patch.,Of course, theres still plenty of siping,out towards the edges of the tread patch,,which is going to help you clear some of that mud,and dirt and snow out in a way.,So its still gonna give you traction,when youre off the road,or in a little bit of a sticky situation.,But with that center tread patch being closed up,,its really going to keep that tire a little bit quieter.,And in fact, were cruising right now,,were at about 40 miles an hour,,and this is the first that weve actually heard,any road noise out of this tire.,So thats super cool.,(dinging),Lawson, Im gonna need you to put your seatbelt on.,(laughing),All right, so when it comes to sizing on this tire,,Toyo is gonna offer this in a true all-terrain size fashion.,They offer it in sizes from 15,all the way up to 22 inch diameter wheels.,Whats really interesting about this one,is they actually offer two tires,in a 19 inch diameter wheel,,which I thought was pretty neat.,Theyre gonna make them and pretty much standard widths,,nothing super crazy for like show build,with most of them coming in in 12 and a half,or 13 and a half inch wide tires.,So lets talk about the reason everyones actually here,,how do they drive?,So far my driving experience in these tires,has been nothing short of fantastic.,They ride quiet, they ride smooth.,You really dont get a lot of road noise,up until about 40 miles an hour, which is pretty good.,But again, this is an all-terrain tire,so it is going to be a little bit quiet going down the road.,In addition to that,,this tire is going to have quite a bit of grip.,Again, just because they closed up,that center tread pattern.,So its keeping more rubber on the road at a time,in comparison to like a mud terrain or even a hybrid.,All of that is really cool,,but probably the coolest part about these tires,is they come with a 50,000 mile warranty,,which is pretty awesome.,So if youre the type of guy,that wants to put a set of tires on his truck,,you know, you drive a lot, you do a lot of highway travel,,but you still want kind of that all-terrain,,little bit more aggressive look,,this is probably the tire for you.,So there you have it guys.,Theres our take on the Toyo Open Country AT3,Remember, you can check out this tire,and all of Toyos tire offerings, right customoffsets.com.,Peace.,(upbeat music)

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Toyo Open Country AT3 – Toyos latest All Terrain Tyre is here!

[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],gday today we have finally got the new,Toyo AT3 or sorry Open Country AT3 in,the warehouse and Im pretty excited,about this because the they got it in,the states or you go to the states if,youre watching this from the states so,hi,um you got in the states,it was about six to 12 months ago I,actually first saw this tire before,anyone in Australia actually saw it I uh,I saw it at SEMA in 2019 so its,November 2019 and um,on the way back I gave the marketing guy,in uh Toyota coal and I was like Hey,Ive seen the UI T3 hes like yeah what,um so that was a win for tire review,there,um actually we had to cut it out of the,video,um from back then uh from the CME videos,so uh some of you might have even,noticed that but um yeah so this is the,new AT3 we finally have it here in,Australia and well actually do a,side-by-side comparison video as well so,if thats already released well try and,put a card up in the corner whichever,corner it is,um but Ill stop waffling and talk about,the actual Tire itself so this is a,all-terrain tire uh meant for your dual,cab Utes and your Prados and you know,sort of bigger vehicles um,its some would say its on the more,aggressive side of all terrain as well I,mean thats when you think about,um all-terrain tires they go from some,of the tires like the new uh the tires,that come on the new uh 300 series,landcruis are are labeled all terrain,but they are basically Highway terrains,all the way through to your off the,charts all terrains like the Toyota RT,is still kind of an all-terrain but its,right at the mud terrain end of the,ultra Market so this one probably sits,squarely in the middle there somewhere,um,they actually are saying that the AT3 is,a little bit more aggressive than the,at2 and so again in that comparison,video well take a quick look but I can,tell from the first up that theyve,actually got more gaps through this,whole tread pattern we still have this,um the two,uh circumferential grooves its quite,hard to say that circumferential,um to go around the tire so that means,that it should be really good for,evacuating water from the tread pattern,so youre not going to lose as much,traction in the wet that sort of thing,but theyve actually broken up these,tread blocks a lot through the middle,here as well so youve got,more openly spaced tread blocks through,the middle here so theyre still,relatively all trained inspired,um I mean its an all-terrain,but youve got more gaps through the,whole lot of it so that means it should,be better off-road but itd be really,interesting to see how it competes,on-road,Ive actually got a set of these on my,car right now for a long-term test so,well be releasing that probably in,hopefully three or four months depending,on how long it takes me to do the 10,000k so Ill be able to give you some,real practical experience on what these,are like on the road but also remember,we run on your reviews as well so I like,to think about Tire review as sort of a,90 consumer reviews and 10 our own,rubbish so make sure if youve got these,set ties or if you end up buying them,head back to Tire review.com today you,and let us know your experiences on,these tires toyo is saying that theres,a new compound in these tires its,probably just an adjusted compound but,new compound all is what theyre,advertising theyre saying that,theoretically that gives you more of a,confident wet handling and braking,experience the at2s work good in that,capacity,um not as good as some other tires but,they were good so itd be interesting to,see how this handles it theoretically,its got more cut and Chip resistance so,well check that at the end of the long,term review as well and theyre also,saying its going to give you a quiet,and comfortable ride so,its sort of that really hard Balancing,Act for Thai companies when they release,these new tires because we have so many,demands on them they go on our daily,drivers and we want them to be quiet and,comfortable on the way to work and then,on the weekend theyve got to be so,hardcore because were going to do all,these hardcore tracks to get to the,camping spots and that sort of thing so,its a balancing act and new compounds,and new tread patterns and all that sort,of thing are actually really doing a,great job in catering to those whims of,the masses so,like I was saying before theyre talking,about this more evenly distributed void,area so again lots of open space through,the tread pattern,um,theyre saying theyve increased the,lateral grooves as well so its kind of,the same thing as the last comment,really but youve got wider grooves,across the tread pattern here and,theyre also talking about the siping as,well so theyre talking about what do,they actually call it 3D multi-wave,Sipes,um so theyre not the most heavily siped,tires that Ive seen before and the,Sipes are 3D which means I can see here,on the one side of the tread block that,its actually maybe halfway through the,tread block,but it probably actually goes,to the full depth of the tread block at,the bottom there and then it actually,finishes up up here so it probably,follows a bit of a a dip like that,um its always really hard to actually,see right down in there but um that,means youre going to have more gripping,edges in the west and in the snow and in,the ice and these are actually three,Peak Mountain snowflake rated which,means that they will maintain conformity,in,zero zero degrees Celsius so freezing in,below and also means that they maintain,a certain level of traction in the snow,and ice as well so thats that little,logo that youll see on the side of the,tile they also talk about these Stone,ejectors as well,um so there are Stone detectors in the,sides of the tires which basically,and actually,theres some through the middle here as,well but that basically means youll,these tires are designed to actually,eject little rocks and stuff that,actually get stuck in the tread pattern,um rather than sort of them burying,their way into the tire and causing a,flat oh the other cool thing is theyve,now got more properly staggered shoulder,lockers and well we can check that out,in the comparison now you can see its,got a dip here shoulder here dip here,Etc,so well check that out in the,comparison video now in terms of sizes,in Australia were getting 13 sizes from,launch and its slowly launching now so,what theyve done is theyve actually,aimed for the most common fitments and,theyre actually aiming to have more,available sizes in Australia than what,they actually had in the at2,particularly focusing on that 18 inch,range so 18 inch rim range so that means,that youd more likely to see more of,these Ties on a wider variety of,vehicles but also if youre stepping up,rim size and that sort of thing then you,should still be able to actually,um find an AT3 to set your car,theyll be increasing the volume of at3s,available the size is available in,Australia over the next 12 to 18 months,so theyre hoping to finally replace the,at2 in about 18 12 to 18 months,um but in in the interim you will see,the at2 out and about and,its not about a tire so we actually,check out our long-term review on those,tires God like them so have a look at,that its not the end of the world if,you get an at2 its just the AT3 is the,newer,different version which you know,Toyo says about it but well check it,out in a long term review anyway so when,they do release them theyre actually,coming in four different sort of types,theres theyve got flotation theyve,got LT theyve got P metric and theyve,got some that have,white lettering on the sides like that,one,so in the States theyre sort of,labeling that as,uh four different tires but its more I,think theyre sort of you know different,flavorings of the same trap pattern,depending on which one you get but being,this is Australia I think that theyll,focus on the LTS because thats what we,like,um and also the flotation tires as well,so you might see some

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Open Country AT3 vs Wildpeak AT3W

there are so many great all-terrain,tires in the off-road and over landing,community but what is it about these two,particular tires that seem to make them,more popular than the rest well in,todays video were gonna break down the,differences between the falcon wild peak,at3w and the toyo open country at3,now first of all guys lets begin with,who exactly would these tires be for,both of these tires are available in lt,sizes passenger rated sizes and even,flotation sizes both of them are three,peak mountain snowflake rated so both of,them are certified for severe winter,driving conditions both of them use,silica reinforced compound to help with,chip and cut resistance plus add a,little extra life onto the treadwear and,both of them do have pretty respectable,treadwear warranties against,manufacturer defects for example the,open country from toyo it has a 65 000,treadmile warranty for passenger and,euro sizes and then on the lt and,flotation sizes its up to 50 000. then,on the falcon wild peak 83 now these,have a 50 000 mile tread wear warranty,on all of their sizes so theres a,little bit of give and take there you,can get 50 000 lt and floatation on the,open country whereas wild peak is 55,however if youre getting passenger or,euro sizes toyo has up to 65 000 mile,tread war warranty which is absolutely,incredible its probably one of the best,tread wear warranties out there but,thats for euro and passenger sizes the,wild peak 55 000 regardless and since,were talking about the different,designated sizes between euro passenger,lt and flotation the toyo open country,actually has,133 different sizes between that fit 15,inch wheels up to 22 inch wheels wild,peak the falcon wild peak on the other,hand still fitting wheels 15 inch up to,22 inch wheel sizes but only available,in 75 different sizes so there may be a,lot more rare or maybe less purchase,type of sizes that you can get available,with the toyo open country 80 whereas,that might not be available for the wild,peak,and guys even before we get into the,performance aspects between these two,moguls i did find after searching on our,website comparing similar size falcon,wild peaks a similar size toyo open,country 83s that the wild peaks the,falcon wild peaks did on average come in,just a little bit less than the toyo,open countries so that may be a,determining factor right there on which,one you would decide to go with save a,little money on the wild peak and get,just the same performance well,im not sure about that yet but youll,be saving some money regardless,so getting into some of the performance,differences between the two now,they both they dont tire companies in,general will not tell you will not,disclose exactly what their proprietary,blend of compound is,but like i mentioned earlier,and most tires have a silica reinforced,compound it just helps the tread life,lasts longer helps the rubber from,wearing down as fast and its more of a,like a synthetic sort of blend that you,can get in the rubber that also helps,with chip and cut resistance so,therefore we dont know exactly what the,blends of compound differences are but,what we do know is what we can visually,see,obviously the falcon wild peak has,a similar but different design than what,the toyo open country has obviously its,one thing that we know falcon has from,not only what they state on their,website and the specifications that you,can find on our website on troll build,is that their tread depth is going to be,slightly deeper than what the open,country is so if youre looking for that,extra mud or extra snow evacuation out,of there extra water evacuation out of,the tread voids the falcon wild peak is,going to have a little bit more of an,advantage there so maybe if youre doing,a little bit more aggressive off-roading,smud snow youre getting into some of,that deep stuff youre in the northern,hemisphere,the wild peak is going to give you a,little bit extra advantage there is it,going to be noticeable,i dont know youre only talking about,two thirty seconds of an inch on average,which is about the depth of the wear bar,so if you look at how tall the wear bars,are in these tread valleys in between,the treads,you can see that those are about 2 30,seconds down to the tread base layer,what i do also see with the tread design,on both of these tires is a very similar,hybrid tread design looking pattern you,can see we have a little bit bigger,bulkier shoulder lugs on both these,tires here inner treads or the center,treads are a little bit closer grouped,together which is going to give you a,great blend of performance for on-road,traction and off-road traction you can,see these lateral voids here on both,tires are pretty wide and theyre spaced,pretty decently apart so youre going to,get that extra evacuation for the loose,stuff in these lateral voids here and,here,so then looking at that hybrid sort of,tread design with these all-terrains,having that closely grouped together,center tread pattern on both tires is,really going to help reduce that road,noise its going to help with grip when,youre accelerating when youre braking,or even if you have to make an,evasive maneuver,along with both of these the shoulder,lugs,one thing that you will notice with,all terrains with larger shoulder lugs,whether its classified a hybrid or not,is that,after a while they will,start the cup on you if youre not,rotating them at the scheduled 5000,miles or,if youre running a pickup truck,carrying heavy loads you might have to,rotate them more often if youre abusing,these tires you might have to rotate,them more often because you will start,to see some of that cupping and then,when looking at the actual tread blocks,themselves now one thing i do,personally i do like about the falcon,wild peaks is the center tread blocks do,have,more,sharp edges,more squared off edges and why i say i,like that is because i can see that,helping grip and really bite when the,tires under a lot of pressure,whether its in the rocks or youre,off-road on some trail,going through the mud but i can see,these tread blocks having a little bit,extra bite on them compared to the toyo,open countries,the toyo open countries,these tread blocks have a step down edge,on them which is only maybe,one millimeter in height on them and,then they step down so,whats going to happen is that,that top layer is going to wear off,pretty quickly probably after just a,couple of thousand few thousand miles,maybe im speculating depending on your,driving habits that makes me question,why what is the purpose of having,that little extra additional,layer on there almost that is going to,wear off pretty quickly anyways but i do,like the fact that the falcon the tread,blocks do have a little bit more biting,edge as to what it appears to me anyways,uh compared to the open country at3 so,the at3 to me looks like it would be,great blend of on-road and off-road,traction,maybe 50-50 whereas the falcon wild peak,might have a little bit more advantage,there for off-roading especially once,you start getting into some of those,more aggressive obstacles getting into,the rocks or mud or if youre going,through deep snow these are really going,to help bite and grip and grab the,terrain below now moving into the,shoulder lugs obviously staggered lugs,thats pretty typical pretty common you,see that on almost every tire and,staggered lugs just means that your,shoulder lugs are going to be,varying in sizes and theyre also going,to have scoop style shaped outer edges,to them so when you are,in the mud or in the dirt or rocks or,anything like that you kind of have that,extra biting power that extra scooping,power to get rid of some of that loose,stuff i do notice that the wild peak is,more aggressive when it comes to the,outer edge of the shoulder block here,theres more step downs on the falcon,wild peaks however the,scooping,blocks arent as aggressive so even,though you have a little bit more,aggressive step down block here theyre,theyre not as alterna

BF Goodrich KO2 T/A vs Toyo Open Country AT3

All Terrain tires have a tough design that allows  them to go anywhere. But they still make sure  ,that your ride stays comfortable on road. And to achieve that, Toyo Open Country AT3,  ,completely rebuilt their  design with their newer tire. ,But how would this tire perform against the  famous BF Goodrich KO2? Well lets find out… ,Why is KO2 so famous here? Is it because  they dropped it from 10 thousand feet,  ,O yes, they surely did. And the tire survived the  impact, and they even made a commercial out of it. ,BFGoodrich says its their  toughest tire ever made. ,And the tire is pretty tough  with 3 ply polyester side. ,These sides give out very aggressive design  with serrated shoulders, where one block  ,is having a scoop in it and the other one  just simply falls down to the sidewall,  ,making a sharp shoulder edge. ,Lateral siping and notches are also seen on both  of its weirdly shaped shoulder blocks which vary  ,in width and length a lot. This variation  in these blocks make a very tough passing  ,circumferential grooves all along the tire. They also carry a lot of spacing in between  ,as well, so it makes bolder stone ejectors. In the middle, you see worm like tread blocks  ,with a same kind of siping and notches everywhere. These siping go all the way deep which further  ,divide these blocks, allowing them to squirm  or wiggle according to the surface they are on. ,On the other side, with Toyo Open Country AT3,  although you see a very similar serrated shoulder  ,design, having a same kind of scoop, but overall,  it simply looks less aggressive compared to KO2. ,On KO2, where you see those angled  cuts and bulkier sidewalls lugs… ,Here you simply see a very blocky design,  without any kind of notches on them. ,The lesser gaps between these shoulder blocks also  make smaller stone ejectors in comparison as well. ,In the middle Toyo’s flagship tire  features a prominent S shaped block,  ,which like a Supermans logo, or maybe  its just me…? Do tell in the comments. ,These S shaped blocks show sharp edges which are  further surrounded by others with incisions in  ,them. These cuts, face in all directions allowing  this tire to hug the surface its on, firmly. ,So, looking at both tires, it can be  seen why Toyo AT3 performed better  ,on road, in terms of traction. The Toyo AT3 with more compact  ,blocks in the middle, shows remarkable  traction, especially on wet roads. ,On the other side, with wider grooves, the  KO2 was able to achieve more float speeds,  ,making it more resistant to hydroplaning, but the  tire could use some on road wet traction overall. ,But where KO2 tire lacked a little on wet roads,  ,it really made up for it off road. You can throw anything in front of  ,these tires. And they would simply  crawl their way out with no trouble. ,The interlocking pattern of  the tire is very efficient. ,It gives KO2 a combination of lateral  and circumferential soup of traction. ,So, it was better able to climb rocks, handle  gravel, dirt and stones in a much better way. ,Its aggressive shoulder blocks and wider grooves  also allow more volume of mud to evacuate.  ,And its bulkier shoulder lugs scoop the  tires way out when aired down deep in mud. ,On the other side, the Toyo  AT3 is also not too far off… ,Its staggered shoulders still make a very  competitive circumferential grooves, while  ,its notches everywhere firmly latch on the surface  of the rocks from all sides. On high-speed gravel,  ,the ridges between its shoulder blocks also  provide anti stone technology where it doesn’t  ,allow any rocks to get stuck in and cause damage. The tire also performed great on snow and like  ,the KO2, its also rated with 3  peak mountain snowflake rating. ,So, overall Toyo AT3 is still  also a great pick for off roaders. ,If we come to the inner construction,  both tires have 2 plies of polyester  ,with 2 high running steel belts which  are then wrapped with 2 layers of nylon.  ,Which is pretty much the standard  with these all-terrain tires. ,Still, the KO2 provides more safety to the most  vulnerable part of an AT tire. The sidewalls. ,Besides having a bulky sidewall lug, KO2  also has one extra layer of polyester. ,This means that this tire would provide  better protection from harsher terrains,  ,especially from sharp rocks. ,If we talk about their sizes, both  tires range from 15 to 22 inches.  ,But here the Toyo AT3 provides you with  146 compared to the KO2’s 86 total sizes. ,So, what’s the verdict? Well, the BF Goodrich KO2 justifies  ,being the more expensive one. It shows greater  durability combined with remarkable off-road  ,performance. And on road, with its uniform  design, it gives a pretty comfortable ride. ,On the other side, the Toyo AT3 showed greater  on road traction in both wet and dry conditions.  ,It also provides a comfortable ride and  off road; things aren’t that bad either. ,Which tire do you guys prefer  here? Do tell in the comments. ,And please don’t forget to Subscribe. Till Next Time.

A Full Year of Testing the Toyo Tires Open Country A/T III

[Music],say hi to the cameron,dakota,hey everybody just in case wages here,with you again for my long-term review,of the toyo open country at3 if you,watch my previous video where i did a,first look review after i installed them,i put them through their paces uh ive,got probably around 12 000 miles or so,on them and ive been through all four,seasons but here we are almost a year,later and i wanted to give you a,long-term review to see how the tires,have held up,[Music],im still really pleased with the,off-road performance of these tires ive,taken them through just about every type,of terrain california has to offer,anywhere from desert sands to hill,climbs rocky trails shaley type trails,even a bit of mud and theyve performed,great its not a tire you have to think,about i mean,many other tires that are built for,off-road,tend to be noisy uncomfortable maybe,traction is not as good,a tire like the open country at-3 you,drive to the trail in comfort,its quiet and you get good gas mileage,you get to the trail head,adjust pressure as needed for that type,of trail and the type of wheeling youre,going to do,and its that simple i mean isnt that,kind of what all terrains are all about,anyway,[Music],lets do a little tread depth test,ive got about 12 000 miles or so on,these and theyre not easy miles lets,see,14 there in the middle,between 13 and 14 on the inside edge,so not too bad considering,while were checking tread depth i want,to show you how durable these tires are,dont let the two-ply sidewall scare you,they have held up to numerous really,really rough trails and a lot of really,bad line choices,including one on a slick rock trail up,here or mid california,where i broke my drive shaft and had to,drive out in front wheel drive only,which was stressful enough and then some,of the really hardcore obstacles i ended,up getting drug up and over,or through,at night so there was no line choice,and at which point i did slam into a,rock pretty darn hard,ill show you a close-up this thing has,really held up,as you can see it really,chunked up the wheel right there,um and i think a lesser tire you know,may have popped and id been putting on,a spare to get out of the trail this is,um,the most damage ive done to the tire,and remarkably for the last i want to,say 2 000 maybe 2 500 miles theyve,actually held up,normally i would replace a tire,with a gash like this but you know for,full review purposes i wanted to see how,far,it would take me,now theyre a little dirty,but,pretty solid,no chunking,no big tears and the side walls actually,look pretty remarkable,despite how poorly i drive,dry traction remains excellent in all,conditions wet traction has taken a,little bit of a step backwards on,pavement,with a lightweight rear end and a truck,i know im putting them really to the,test,but they have regress just a tad bit not,enough to concern me or to not recommend,them to friends but just something to be,cautious with in super slick wet,conditions,in an suv or something with a much,better,front to rear weight distribution its,probably unnoticeable,and for something this aggressive,theyve actually fared better in terms,of wet traction than i would have,expected,[Music],so what do i think after 12 000 miles,and one year of abuse,lots of off-roading on trails my truck,had no business being on,would i still recommend them,you bet,if youre doing really hardcore rock,crawling well maybe theres a better one,out there but for all of us that are,looking for a general purpose tire,that you can ride in comfort,great fuel economy but still have the,off-road prowess to get to these really,cool off-road spots,especially if you live in a crowded area,like i do in california,you got to be able to get a little,further afield,which may involve some you know really,rocky trails or or something that you,need a more aggressive tire for and i,think the open country at-3 fills that,void nicely,in the course of a year these tires have,taken us all over california,fishing hiking mountain biking camping,snow wheeling,and,checking out cool lakes like this,speaking of somebodys getting anxious,come on lets go dakota,come on,[Music],[Music],you

Toyo Open Country AT3 Review on My Ram 2500 – We Talk Noise, Warranty, Traction & More…

hi there and welcome to the truck king,youtube channel,right here beside me is my 2019 ram,2500. i introduced you to this truck,back,in december and told you how its been,treating me now a number of sharp eye,viewers back then,wrote in and said hey those are not the,oem tires,and no theyre not theyre actually toyo,open country at3s now i couldnt talk,about them then,because we were simply testing them but,now these tires,are available in canada and what youre,going to see now is my,full report,so these toyo open country at3s are just,the next in the line of open country at,tires theyve been around for a while,however they continue to improve things,so several things that they want you to,know number one,these have the winter snowflake,designation,they also say they have improved weather,traction and,a new block arrangement and well look,at that,in a minute so these tires are somewhere,in the middle this is not a a full-on,hardcore off-roader because they do have,decent,on-road manners as well but the one,thing that i particularly like,is with that snowflake designation i,plan on running these,all year round i want to mention off the,top that these at3s,are a series of tires meaning that they,come in,passenger sizes as well as light,truck everything from 15 inches right up,to 22. so,these are 20s but i dont want you to,get the impression that these are just,truck tires this applies to like i said,a large range of vehicles the toyo says,that,this pattern is a new block arrangement,and it does a couple of things one is,that it creates a,larger contact patch for this tire,and also these shoulders have been,redesigned,to give you a lot more bite here when,youre getting into,sloppy stuff and thats actually,the kind of things that ive been paying,attention to while ive been driving it,and to that point ive only got about 3,000 kilometers,on these tires however i put them on in,november so,they really have been doing their job in,the worst of the crap,that we can dish out in canada so lets,talk about the good and bad on these,toyo open country at3s uh but before i,get into that lets talk about tire wear,so if id been running these for a year,or two,id probably have a much better sense of,how theyre wearing not to mention,having gone through all four seasons,i cant really do that right now so,while i normally dont talk about,warranties i will throw to the fact,that toyo is offering five-year,80 000 kilometer warranties on the lt,tires and if its a passenger,tire same five year but 105,000 kilometers so theyre quite,confident that you know,theyre going to last through that and,when you cross shop these youre going,to find that those numbers are,not only competitive but in some cases,quite a bit better,and this is probably obvious but we,cant comment on the longevity of the,tires today,but maybe a year or two from now well,watch for that video and well let you,know how these things do over the long,haul,theres certainly no doubt that as i,continue to do these videos about my,ownership experience into the future,i will certainly let you know if,anything happens with these tires,observation so lets get the bad out of,the way first,fuel economy it has gone up,approximately one liter,per 100 kilometers um if im real gentle,with this big cummins i can do about 11,and a half or at least thats what i was,doing,when i was running the oem strictly,summer,highway low rolling resistance type,tires,so with these ive definitely got more,rubber on the road,and my consumption has gone up like i,say,about one liter per hundred kilometers,now,for my american friends thats the,difference between,19 and a half miles per gallon on the,oem tires,and 18 miles per gallon with these,new toyots and thats pretty normal for,ats you know,over the years just hearing from guys,experience one or two miles per gallon,is almost what you should expect bumping,up to all terrains,anything more than that id say is,really bad so really,one liter per hundreds not so bad i,mentioned it simply because,it is a another cost and quite honestly,i came into this not really,thinking too much about it but uh over,the first month really starting to,notice,my averages were going up and so i,figured it out,yeah when were looking at the tire you,see,that aggressive tread you also see what,theyve done with the shoulders,on the tire toyo specifically,says you know that these will bite more,and the reason i bring that up is yeah,when you get into,loose slush dirty snow,mud yeah they bite and they fling,thats the funny part they fling and,they fling,outside of the wheel well,so dont be at all surprised if you get,these tires on and youre,going down one of these roads and,suddenly theres a,lovely shower coming up and over the,mirrors on either side,and and its not excessive but enough,that i noticed it and i went oh wow,okay i see thats what aggressive tread,is gonna do,really thats what ive got to say in,terms of of any,downsides or bad things about the tires,uh,my list of good points is maybe just a,little bit longer,starting with the top one which is,theyre quiet,and thats a big deal its certainly a,big deal to me,um im an old and grumpy guy and the,last thing i need is a noisy tire,doing this when im going down the road,and that was the thing that quite,honestly i was most concerned about,getting into this type of a tire,because the oem tires were nice they,were quiet,so these the noise difference,is almost imperceptible so thats a big,deal,and im happy about that you see the,pictures of the tires,and these are very tall sidewalls,now youd think that perhaps theyd be a,little mushy,maybe washing a little bit into the,corners and thats something that i,kept looking for empty is also,also when i was towing and i can tell,you absolutely,that no they dont wash and they dont,roll so,theyre stiff enough that they work,really well,no concerns there you know what a tire,like this,is usually a bit heavier than your oem,tires,um so how about off the line do you feel,any kind of power or less power than you,did before,or you know rolling resistance wise do,they feel the same,this is a cummins diesel theres no loss,of power,fair enough theres no doubt that with,all that torque its going to be,harder to feel but still good to know,that yeah bumping up to the ats doesnt,make it feel you know big and heavy and,bogged down so i like to get the,important tech stuff,out of the way also my considerations on,you know whats going to be practical,whats going to get the job done,but you know what i like a good looking,tire as well and when i got these,on particularly with my blacked out rims,i gotta admit i stood back and i went,damn that looks good,they just look really really good,on this truck so it does the job,it looks good all in all im happy with,this,and as i said whenever im talking about,this truck in future videos ill let you,know if theres anything going on with,these tires,but as of today even if i did spend my,own money i think id be very happy with,them,well folks thats about all i can really,tell you about these new at3s,and frankly i feel like ive talked too,much anyway so steve,why dont you take it home well yeah,that is it for this video,of course we want to hear your opinion,please go below let us know what you,think of these at-3s or,if you own all-terrain tires please,weigh in and let us know what you think,of your tires,maybe well compare them in the future,as always while youre down there dont,forget to hit like hit subscribe,and then come right back here to,truckgate to see what were testing next,see ya thanks,you

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