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(engine revving),- Did I get too much sun?,(engine revving),I feel like Im just, like, a little pink.,(engine revving),As somebody who has genetics to get tan,,it just doesnt seem to be working out so much for me.,(boy crying),(car crashing),Whats going on, guys?,Its Alex from Fitment Industries,,and today were bringing you a new series,,a new episode, of what were going to call Tire History,,because you guys wanted to know everything,there was to know about wheels, so we made a series for it.,You guys wanted to know everything about suspension,,so we made a series for it.,And now, you guys are asking for company history on tires,,so we made a series for it.,So we thought we would start off,with probably one you havent been expecting,,one that you probably cant even tell, Toyo Tires.,Toyo Tires began in August of 1945,,actually between a merger between two companies.,Those two companies would be Hirano Rubber Manufacturing,and Toyo Industrial.,Hirano Rubber was founded in 1890.,No, I did not make that up, 1890.,So what was happening in 1890?,Vincent Van Gogh was alive-ish in 1890.,Pretty much, 1890 was actually pretty, pretty terrible,in terms of history, so were not gonna really,dive into that too much, because its gonna start,all that controversy in the comments,,were just not gonna do that.,But, Hirano has been known in the industrial community,for the rubber manufacturing plants,that they have for a long time.,And, over the course of the decades,that had gone through the 18 and 1900s,,they really specialize in just making rubber hoses,and components for pretty much anything.,And it wasnt until World War II came around.,Hirano Rubber was really starting to get in pressure,with regards to where they were producing supplies,and other sort of rubber compounds,for pretty much any sort of war effort.,So back in 1943, Hirano was looking for a company,that they could partner with that would match them,on a supply that the actual government,was looking to get from the rubber manufacturing companies,,and ergo, Toyo Industrial was essentially,brought into the mix.,Now, Toyo, on the other hand, has been involved,in a lot of different things, especially since,they have been in the rubber industry,for a few years less than Hirano,,but they definitely had history in the day.,Because in 1938, Toyo Rubber was born,,and that was born by a man named Toyo Boseki.,Toyo Tires, Toyo Boseki, Boseki.,And in 1938, Toyo really just came on board,as one of those companies,that had everything going for them.,A lot of their growth was through acquisitions and mergers,,not by natural, organic growth.,Essentially, Toyo was brought into the game,,and through just some random luck,and some good business deals, they grew huge,in just a few short years.,It wasnt until 1943 came along until they started,to realize that Toyo was going to essentially become,the sole proprietor use of all rubber manufacturing tires,for Japan; they just had all the mergers,and all the acquisitions back in the time,that it was just the company to go to.,And during the war efforts, that was the company.,They were the ones that were involved and responsible,for a lot of the rubber manufacturing processes,that Japan used during that time.,You see, Hirano needed a company,that could match the supply that it could give,,and Toyo needed a company that could actually,meet the amount of demand they were getting,from the government and from neighboring countries.,And so from there, the Toyo merger began.,The merger wasnt necessarily done,by a handshake and a hug.,It was something that was just bound to happen,,because what ended up occurring,,well, if you didnt know in 1943,,there were a few bombs dropped,,essentially all over the place,,and Hirano plants and Toyo plants,were no exception to the rules.,These things got bombarded during the war times,,and efforts to essentially stall marketing,,stall production, and stall supply,,especially considering the time and era.,Now in World War II, there was a lot of things happening,,and there was a lot of things,that essentially stalled progression,,especially in the industrial community.,And this was one of those exceptions.,What ended up happening is both industries,had the manufacturing plants destroyed,or almost destroyed, with nearly all of their supply gone,over 1943 to 1944, and they just realized,that they couldnt do business without each other.,And as a result, Toyo Industries, Toyo Rubber,,Toyo Tires, was born.,From there, Toyo truly began to grow,through organic growth on top of the mergers,and acquisitions that they had throughout the decades,,especially considering when they went public,through stockbrokers and essentially started taking over,more market share when they expanded,their overall customer base.,Now we know them as Toyo Tires,,but Toyo is involved in a lot of different things.,But, pretty much all you need to know,is Toyo Tires came into the USA in 1966 of July.,You can go, phone a friend, 50-50 that.,You can ask em as a quiz question on a Friday night,when youre getting drunk, and I bet you,they wont be able to tell you,,but from there, Toyo truly began to grow,,and on top of the fact that they were making production,,they had a very large focus in R&D.,Especially consider thats one of their main,portfolio projects in their overall company,is R&D, automotive parts, and of course,,their tire company.,But lets talk about what everybody,actually knows Toyo for, their tires.,Toyo owns Toyo tires.,Thats pretty much a foundational point of view.,If you didnt know that, well,,were gonna have to talk about things,that you do and dont know.,Toyo Tires is owned by Toyo.,Nitto is owned by Toyo.,Silverstone are also owned by Toyo.,So Toyo Tires is essentially an extremely large,market share, and although we think,that they do all things car, Toyo actually has,a lot more focus on their truck wheels,,especially their Open Country and tires of that nature.,Toyo, on top of that, has Nitto.,Now Nitto is like my personal favorite tires,,because Nitto makes a gorgeous looking tire.,Their NT series, the NT05s, the NT01s,,the RRs, all of that stuff are like,,theyre just so nice to look at.,And on top of that, they do a really good job,at what theyre supposed to do.,But thats what Nitto was made for.,Nitto was actually essentially created and acquired,by Toyo to be the dress-up, market tire for tuner fans.,So, although I feel a little bit played,,because I feel like one of those kids that buys,the cool stuff because everybody else buys the cool stuff,,I mean, Nitto does a pretty good job,at looking like a bad-ass tire.,And although we think Nitto is a huge brand,here in North America, it really doesnt extend,past the North American market.,Nitto especially is just something,that they use as another section,of their overall tire industry,,but Toyo is still a prominent car tire, as well.,The Toyo Proxes probably one of the best-considered series,in terms of tires.,On top of the Proxes, I think really Nitto is my favorite,,even though they really dont last that long,and the traction is extremely harsh, and the road noise.,But its besides the point.,The point is, is that even though Toyo Tires,is this huge thing that we know and remember,,theres two more divisions that Toyo Tires specializes in.,Toyo has a division that specializes in all things rubber.,(Snorts),Division makes up about 20% of their overall business,and includes things like train absorbent springs.,They invest in things like rubber and CV axles,,and motor mounts, and all this random stuff,that you can make rubber out of.,Really what they do is any sort of commercial product,that they can get their hands on when it comes to rubber,automotive manufacturing parts, they try to do,,because from a commercial standpoint,,if you can conserve a partnership,through the use of multiple products,,between buying and selling, especially with,car manufacturers, it usually results,in bigger partnerships, bigger contra

Tire Review: Toyo Proxes R888R

(musical notes with heavy bass and beat),- Whats going on, guys?,Andrew here with a quick episode of Tire Talk for you.,So, we finally have a autocross tire for you guys.,Were gonna take a look at the Toyo Proxes, R888R.,Now, these are actually gonna go on Alexs Porsche.,He did a lot of research, looked into a lot of tires,,and this is what he landed on.,Of course, this is a extremely popular tire,and if youve probably seen it before,but you may not be familiar with it,,its a tire that can block, always runs on a lot,of his vehicles, so the Focus, the Fiesta,,the Mustang, all of his crazy Hoonigan cars,are running this tire.,So, we got a chance to see this one actually back at Cimas,,saw a lot of cool Toyo videos and things,,and the more we really looked into this, we thought, man,,this is an absolutely killer tire,we have to share with you guys.,So, once Alex actually gets this on his vehicle,and rips around a track, well try to do a follow-up video,,so you can actually see how this thing performs,on a track which is exactly what its for.,So, what Toyo did in mind here was to try to make a tire,for the autocross individaul or track enthusiast,to be able to slap em on your vehicle,,drive right to the track and not have to worry about,swapping tires and messing around with that headache.,Now, were looking at a absolutely massive 305/30/19,,so these are the rears for Alexs Porsche,,so once again well follow up with that.,But to jump into the tire right away,,you can get this in an 13-20 inch application,so theres a bunch of different sizes.,Well rattle em off across the bottom,of the screen here so you guys can see.,Theres a ton to choose from, so depending on,what kind of vehicle you have,,or what kind of wheel setup you have,,theres and absolutely ton to choose from.,Now, this is a semi-slick tire, so youre not gonna see,a lot of really aggressive tread designs going on.,Its not like your really aggressive aesthetic tire,like you see with the Toyo Proxes 4 or the T1R,where you have all sorts of crazy V-shaped things going on.,Theres just a larger contact patch,,these really massive sipes here.,Of course, water evacuation to get through there,,a massive shoulder block on this thing.,Now, the R888R is gonna have,a lots differ side low on this one.,This is not a tire that youre gonna want,to stretch and do the whole stands thing.,This is a tire thats absolutely made,to be ran at the proper size for that wheel.,Like I said, its for the track.,You dont want to be doing a lot,of crazy stretch stuff for this one.,Softer compound on this guy, so its extremely grippy,,and this is one of those tires of course that I wouldnt,really recommend it as an absolute daily driver tire.,It can be used as that, but its typically aimed,at sports cars, so if youre pulling it out,,you want to drive it to work,,hit the track after, I mean thats exactly,what this thing is designed for.,So, the tire itself is gonna have to heat up.,Its not a tire where its like an all-season,where you just jump out there.,Its a colder temperature, you can rip around.,Youre gonna have to let this bad boy heat up.,So, from what Ive seen in a lot of peoples videos,,I went out to kind of watch a lot of other reviews,to see what people were saying,,because Ive never personally drove this tire,,but Im extremely exited to see what Alex,thinks of this one after hes ripping,around on a track in the Porsche.,So, after about half a lap is kind of what the conclusion,Im seeing, about half a lap time ripping around,these things will heat up to the optimum temperature,,to the optimum grip youre gonna need,to tear around that track.,Now, dry traction and wet traction once again,,kind of a controversial topic.,Toyo, on their website, has a dry traction listed,as a 4.5, which I think is actually pretty awesome.,And then, once you jump in to the wet traction,,they have it listed as a four.,So, on a 5-scale, I would say its about 50/50.,Wet traction on this one is still pretty solid.,So, what do you have to pay for a set of these?,Its a little bit higher price point for this tire,,but of course, who would want to hit the track,,or use an autocross tire that was inexpensive?,So, youre gonna pay a little bit more,for a set of these bad boys.,They are on the website, so if you want to see,what sizes that they do come in,,and if the application is available for your car,,cruise out to fitmentindustries.com,,and we will hook you up on a set of these.,Now, speed rating for these guys,,its a V speed rating, so 149 miles an hour,,which is more than enough to get you going,where you need to go.,You guys have any additional questions,,drop em in the comment box below.,Let us know what you guys think of this tire,,if you are running them, and of course,,we will try to do a follow-up video for you guys,on this thing rippin around the track,,and see how it actually performs in person.,Catch you guys next week, peace.,(echoing music with fast beats)

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The BEST 10 All Terrain Tyre – Toyo | Maxxis | Pirelli | Falken | Nitto

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],gday on tyre review today we are doing,the top 10 all-terrain tyres as voted by,you actually as reviewed by you and so,thats where,youre probably not going to agree with,what im going to show you today i,probably dont agree with what im going,to show you today but this is the top 10,all-terrain tires as reviewed on our,website totorreview.com,and you might find it quite interesting,which ones are near the top and so i,find this really interesting because the,top ranks actually change quite,regularly through the year so even when,we ordered tyres for,this video,the tyres have changed since we did that,um so we had to keep on top of that,anyway,if you dont like what im what im,going to show you today or what ive,shown you today past tense then rant,about it in the comment comments but,also,leave your own review on the website,because thats your vote thats how you,let other people know the tyres that,youve used and loved uh let everyone,else know in the future about that so,first tire so tyre number 10 the 10th,most popular tire on tyre review right,now is,the maxis,bravo,871,now,this is,this is a tire,that is,like a medium duty all-terrain tyre so,its not the lightest its not the,heaviest its got decent tread to it so,its quite a lot of tread depth,so its a good run-of-the-mill suvs its,a two-ply sidewall tyre so number nine,number nine is the toyo,open country,at2,and for those of you that are saying,wheres the at-3,wheres the at3,we dont have the at3 down here in,australia yet so im really interested,to see,where the at3 comes in,in terms of popularity because the at2,is already doing fairly well and again,the at2 is similar to the 771 in that,its a two-ply sidewall tyre,excellent tread depth,its a good,all-round,at tire,next one,is,this is number eight,its the nitto terra grappler at,and ill tell you about the specific,votes once weve got all the tyres on,the rack,so the terra grappler 80 is again its,similar to these other two,in that youve got decent tread depth,perhaps not as much tread depth going on,here visually and two-ply sidewall,tyre um ive tried to keep them all a,relatively similar size as well so its,more just the tread face that you can,check out,so thats the neto terra grapple that is,number eight,number seven,is the cooper,at,three,lt,so i actually tested the,xlt version so the bigger brother,version of this which is basically the,same thing but,larger size a few years ago and that was,excellent so,i can see why its coming at number,seven,and then,number six,we get into the first of the big boys so,this is,the nitto ridge grappler,so the ridge grappler,is,what we call a crossover tyre or a,aggressive all-terrain tyre and theres,a few different names for it but,basically,this is a three-ply sidewall carcass so,its the first of the three pliers,and,its got more aggressive tread so you,see its got these grooves or you know,wider gaps in the shoulders and,more densely packed center blocks like a,regular all-terrain,um so thats yes first of the more,aggressive ones so thats coming in at,number six and i reviewed these a little,while ago and,actually really liked them so,i can see why theyre number six,number five number five is the cooper,att,so the cooper att,is a,tyre that its an all-terrain tyre with,two ply sidewalls,thats aimed at the suv end of the,market so its not quite as hardcore and,aggressive as the ridge grappler thats,next to it but its actually been,getting great reviews and again well go,into the,star ratings and that sort of stuff,later on so the att is number five,number four,is the pirelli,scorpion,80,plus and i got to test this one out a,few years ago and,it was spot on um weve been putting up,cards for the reviews so you can go back,and check them out later on,but this is still a two-ply sidewall,tire but similar to our first couple of,tires uh well you know,many of them through here really its,got a slightly more aggressive tread,face,um,its a bit more stiffer all around so,its the more aggressive end of the,all-terrain market,before you get to the actual aggressive,all-terrains,so,number three,oh here it is,number three is the falcon,83w,so this one,is a really popular tire at the moment,and it was actually number one for a,long time there so thats why its,interesting to watch,what happens as they move around so,this is,a two-ply sidewall tyre but it is,actually really quite a heavily built,tyre,um and it has been getting rave reviews,again its a more aggressive,tyre so you know good spacings a more,aggressive all-terrain but not not quite,the,aggressive all-terrain end of the market,but it is actually an excellent option,so,number two,is the maxis razer,at811,and this,similar to the,ridge grapple we had earlier is at the,aggressive end of the all-terrain market,so this one is a three-ply sidewall tyre,has a stiffer carcass,um so the three-ply sidewall is what,youll normally find in like mud tyres,but now theyre starting to work their,way into the all-terrain market as well,bfg did that firstly first with their,three-pie sidewall ko2,but lets introduce the number one,all-terrain tyre in australia at the,moment,and it is,the yokohama geolanda xat,i find this actually interesting and,surprising because um,its a tyre thats,got a relatively specific market and,its probably why the people that have,used it have loved it um its a,three-ply sidewall tyre similar to the,ridge grappler or sorry the ridge,grappler and the maxis at811,but i think,what people are starting to find is the,durability as well however,less people have reviewed this than say,the falcon wild peaks so the,falcon wild peak has,231 reviews,while the geolandar xat has 11 reviews,and so this is the thing so,at the moment this is just purely based,on the star rating of those whove given,us feedback so 231 reviews 11 reviews,this one has had,let me just reorganize this its,got my sneaky notes in the back im not,actually remembering this just to break,the fourth wall a little bit,this ones had 25 reviews,this one here has had,74. its upside down so its a bit,awkward this ones had 22.,this ones had 22 as well this ones had,46,29 reviews,220 reviews,and wheres my notes gone,here somewhere,and 32 reviews and so,its interesting,the more reviews they get,the,more differing opinions youre going to,get,so,i actually have a theory and you can,apply this theory to everything,my theory is called the percentage of,its rule so whatever you do theres,always going to be a consistent,percentage of f widths,and,whether thats in business,if you deal with three people there,might be one sort of person whos a,little bit of an f quit if you,get a thousand tire reviews theres,going to be a percentage of people who,are f wits who are actually just,reviewing it for shits and giggles and,they dont care about the tire or they,had a really bad experience or they over,inflate it or something like that so,keep in mind that as tires get more of,use,theyre going to differentiate a little,bit so,im reserving the right to change the,algorithm at some stage but at this,stage this is purely star rated so let,me go into that,so,the 771,gets a 4.1 on average,and thats from 32 reviews,so the,82,from 220 reviews gets 4.1,while the nitto terra grappler from 29,reviews gets a 4.1 and then we step up,the at3 lt from 46 reviews has a 4.2,the reg grappler one of my favorites,has 22 reviews and has a 4.2,the att we step up again has a 4.3 from,22 reviews the pirelli scorpion 80 plus,has 74 reviews and have given it a 4.3,the falcon 83w,has a 4.5,and thats from 231 reviews,the at811 also has 4.5 from 84 reviews,and the geolanda xat also has 4.5,from 11 reviews so,these three are really close so its a,percentage of not much thats actually,separating them at the moment,so,again,write your comment,on in the comments down below,and then go and review the title you,actually want to appear higher up here,because,everyone loves the tires theyve used or,hates them

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Toyo Tires Open Country RT Trail Review

hi everybody Im Matt McMurray from,Campus Automotive in Blacksburg Virginia,and today we have the new Toyo Open,Country RT Trail,the Toyo Open Country RT Trail is only,the second tire that Toyota has,developed in the United States its been,positioned between the Open Country AT3,and the Open Country EMT the biggest,difference between this tire and the,regular Toyo Open Country RT is going to,be the smooth quiet nature on the,highway the Toyo Open Country RT Trail,is not three Peak snowflake rated so,its better suited for trucks that live,below the snow belt but I think itll,perform well in wintry conditions,particularly in deep snow so the first,thing you notice about the Toyo Open,Country RT Trail is how similar it looks,to the Nitto Recon Grappler at and the,ridge Grappler it has a very attractive,design and I would say its a little,more aggressive than most all-terrain,tires which makes it a hybrid terrain,tire the Toyo Open Country RT Trail was,developed with input from the Overland,Community over Landing has become,increasingly popular as of late and the,challenges in the scope of the terrain,that overlanders drive on include a,multitude of different surfaces the best,applications for the Toyo Open Country,RT Trail are body on frame SUV these,light duty half ton pickup trucks and,heavy duty pickup trucks so the first,thing we notice is this tire has a,really thick sidewall in comparison to,other tires so its really going to,protect it off-road both sidewalls are,exactly the same on this tire which is,different than some of the nittos that,have two different sidewalls that you,can choose from on toyos theyre all the,same sidewall both sides are exactly the,same so raised black letters here,10 ply rating,so youll see that this is a load range,E Tire we also notice that we have a,pretty substantial rim protector right,here to protect those expensive wheels,and to keep you really off the curbs,more than anything else but in off-road,conditions it can protect your wheels,too but you see these side biters right,here you can see how thick and Meaty,they are so that when you air this tire,down you can get a ton of traction in,the mud and in the deep snow and in the,sand this is going to be extremely good,Tire in the sand just because of its,design again we have this rib right here,which I think is made to keep the noise,down I have no confirmation of that but,based on what Ive seen from some other,tires this mold line is meant to keep,the noise down we see that this tire is,made in the USA which is a great thing,for me so we moved down here and we see,that this tire is a LT 275 70 r18 now,whats interesting about Toyo Tires is,they have a little patch that will tell,you right here what the outer diameter,and the outer width is so this metric,size 275 70 18 is equivalent to an outer,diameter of 33 inches and an outer width,of 10 and a half inches so the first,thing we notice when we take a deep dive,into this tread is the tread blocks have,large grooves in between each block so,its a little bit larger than your,typical all-terrain tire would be thats,why we consider it a hybrid terrain tire,so it the voids are larger than the,all-terrain tire but a little bit,smaller than a mud terrain tire or,dedicated off-road tire but these blocks,you can see that there are tons of,biting edges on these blocks and theyre,oriented in a way so that when youre,going down the highway theres this,consistent,patch along the tread blocks and that,keeps the noise down so theres always a,block on the road so this so that the,blocks dont slap the road and cause a,roaring sound typically these will be a,lot quieter than your average much rain,tire,but looking at each block youll see,each block has some siping some of the,Sipes look like full depth some of them,look like variable depth youll see this,step down in these cinder blocks thats,just for added stability so that when,youre going down the road on a highway,its just it doesnt squirm around and,as it wears down that that block gets a,little bit bigger and keeps it more,stable it also gives us more biting,edges like I talked about before youll,notice on the outer blocks they sort of,alternate with scallops,on every other block again that actually,reduces noise believe it or not but also,helps you with traction when aired down,or in deep snow or in deep mud these,lines here are just Stone injectors that,they have in between every other tread,block and thats just because theres,more distance between these two tread,blocks than these two these two dread,blocks are closer together so really,these two tread blocks almost act as one,big tread block with the groove in the,middle and then,they put this Stone injector here with a,larger distance here and that just keeps,those stones from drilling into the tire,and causing a leak these outer blocks,also have lots of biting edges just like,the inner blocks you can tell that they,they took their time to optimize the,pattern of the tread obviously Toyo is a,tier one tire company so theyre going,to do the best they can do to make the,best tire that they can possibly make so,the compound that Toyo uses in this tire,is much better than the compound that,the lower tier Asian tires use you also,notice that everything on this tire,looks robust big thick strong,so that when you use this off-road itll,hold up thats why one of the things,that Toyo did is they worked a lot with,the over Landing community and if you,know anything about over Landing,overlanders they spend a lot of time,traveling on pavement they spend a lot,of time traveling off-road for miles and,miles and miles and miles and miles on,every kind of train you can imagine mud,gravel rocks regular dirt all the things,and this tire was really developed and,meant to stand up to that really theyre,starting to look at that over Landing,Community since it becomes so popular as,a test bed for all of their Tire,technology to see how it holds up so,itd be interesting to see if some of,the blogs that do over land and try this,tire and really put it to its paces and,see how it does one last thing to note,is just how similar this tire looks to,some of the nittos now obviously Toyo,and Nitto or sister companies but you,can see this sort of looks like the,Recon Grappler 18 T and sort of looks,like the ridge Grappler in some ways,kind of a in between the two if you ask,me so really between Nitto and Toyo,theyve covered every spectrum of the,Light Truck Tire segment so Toyo gave,the Toyo Open Country RT Trail a 45 000,mile limited treadwear warranty in all,sizes which is a little bit less than I,thought it would be since nittos Recon,Grappler and ridge Grappler are rated,for higher mileage the Toyota Open,Country RT Trail is going to be,available initially in 30 sizes from 15,inches to 24 inches but their plans to,increase the available sizes to 47. most,of the sizes will be built right here in,the United States which is a big plus,for me the size of this tire is lt275 70,r18 and it retails for 386.99 you can,pick these tires up at tirebuyer.com,tirerack.com or the Amazon affiliate,Link in the description below on a scale,of try it watch it or trash it I would,give it a strong try it if youre in the,market for a great hybrid terrain tire,the bottom bottom line is I think this,is an awesome tire so if you have any,questions or you would like to see me,review a particular Tire drop them in,the comments section below and dont,forget to like And subscribe thanks for,watching and have a great day


Halo,assalamualaikum warahmatullahi,wabarakatuh saya Lukman daripada otot,sel hari ini kita nabrak review berkenan,saya Toyo proxes hear when ya kenapa,gitu Nabi Hud Ayani hilah tahi ayam,menjadi pilihan ramai serta ini kenapa,saya kece kenapa tapi memang banyak vbgb,kasih begitu dan suka pendeta usia Weni,semoga temacom bunyi senyap grip paya,pun berkata tahan lama so kita tengok,apa yang biasanya tuh Syarwani,[Musik],deh kita cek satu-satu eh kita akan bagi,tahu Bibi udah berkenan Teh Yani gaya,pertama sekali ya saya ini memang dalam,ketiga di saya complete BBQ tersebut,saya komponennya sebelumnya Menko punya,saya bukan adalah senyap paling penting,senyap kedua grigg Masih hujan dan,kering petinggi handling masih sedap,soto untuk saya ini yaitu titik kota ini,adalah teknologi yang diciptakan yang,di-backup daripada jepun D MotoGP memang,orang anda buat ayah nih punya sekali PT,material dapat semua wadah stadia bila,keluarlah Toyo proxes Irwan Toyota baik,adalah info menelepon itu Joe nichols,adige sebelumnya jika kita tengok sini,ya layani Ki kalau kita Tengok ya pada,Toyusin Arwani punya bunga dia punya,design PT design itu Febri nampaklah oke,ya pertama sekali kita ketemu kepada,grup yang pesan ya untuk grupnya,kegunaan Iya memang khas untuk,pembuangan air ah waktu di spesies,sebilik lalu pada lupa e-gov ini akan,memecahkan air dan juga akan menyalurkan,Yin grip atau Jalan Cut aja saya tuh,terapung boleh klik pada lompat gapai,Hai n juga kalau tengok Brigade grafik,biasanya atau bahkan hampir nulis tapi,aku yang tuyul jpn.net waktu review,membuang haminah tuh Bro tinggal dekat,tepi tepi kiri dan kanan berdegup nih,kita akan nampak dibaca the apa lalu,kecil itu adalah untuk memecahkan bunyi,sepeda bunyi detak gelang baguetta,beberapa dengung Jangan pecah studed itu,yang menjadikan tayang di tentang senyap,dan kita beli senyap n juga kalau tengok,sini kita ada macam Ajo yang tayang,tajam ini,adalah untuk,mengelakkan indoanimal wes beban ide,Boleh bagi Oke kita Provos yang suka,telah padat Iya tuh tadinya dia makan,dia akan saat tekan pada tempat yang nya,jatuh yk-edu beli-beli itu tetap,ditempatnya Kejadian ini Weh ada tapi,himpunan ketemu sini anjing adalah utuh,edlink nah fotonya bila tahiyyatu,membelok jangkrik dengan cantik kita,pilih hai oke ada di kabin sini kalau,boleh tengok sini pos Ambon juga ada,juga di punya paint untuk angin gue,punya ah protection and untuk seksualnya,download Gita ya dalam di punya,kontaknya itu adalah gatep mendalami,memang sangat Baiklah oke kalau tengok,because Iya untuk bahagia Terima kasih,ditulis untuk bagian trik nih terima,sini punya bunga zodia Duo shtil-1,Police The 100 sub Baguslah causation,untuk Bungo the Eden untuk sayurnya di,ada satu Police The itu memang ketapel,saya nih matahine sesuai untuk,kendaraannya kepetek menyendiri tetap,karena kita yakini adalah me in Malaysia,oleh saya ini adalah me in Malaysia the,size 7-15 dia punya special rating x84,his 3B Surabaya melayani adalah tempo,pada trafo The Three white Residence,Picture,trewe adalah 360 tw30 udah bagus untuk,komen sekolah konveksi tidak terlalu,lembut dan juga tak terlalu cepat makin,edan traction yoi dan temperatur juga I,so ini adalah ketegori tayo yang baik,untuk kita pilih sebagai kayak Regita,Toyusin Arwani memang di Kabupaten,blazer mukena indah daripada size 40,Inge khais 18 untuk si Arwan dan dia,juga segmen syiar WTS TV siaran TV ini,dia akan kabur size by 17 Jinggo ke-19,shopeenya syiar WAnya smcb adalah bunga,PT yang sama tetapi adalah penduduk,leting deso swb sekitar Bridgestone,punya untuk yitu lebih Weti lebih tinggi,ya oke ya di sini kau tengok kita Desa,s14 saya 15 Hai HG memang sangat Bupati,time kalau ditengok segmen compact beban,di dengan bye nyalain dengan up yang,ditabuh yang diberi D segi convert dan,segi D punya grip pada basah dan kering,dari segi dia punya ketahanan ini adalah,Taya yang sangat-sangat brainly untuk,kita beli untuk kita pakai eh so untuk,auto scale HG gitu plastik agak memang,kita Tengah book promotion terbaiklah,untuk Toyusin aromanya bikin segment,tinggi untuk syiar Weni sekitar,locomotions ketahuan na itu bahwa,musyrik kita orang ramai datang cube,tayassar wazetoto.com kepada semua,pelanggan auto scale Aku lagi tunggu Cup,kita coba Toyo proxes Irwan Joe,[Musik]

The Toyo Tire Lineup: Which One Is The Best?

– Hey whats goin on guys? Fuller here from Custom Offsets,,Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube,,and today we are bringing you the Toyo Tire line-up.,Now the tires that I have here,,obviously this isnt a representative,of every single tire that Toyo makes,,but they are some of the more popular ones,that we see people buying on the,customoffsets.com website.,So, were gonna kinda start over here,and go from the least aggressive all the way,up to the most aggressive,,explain the benefits and features of each one,,and introduce to you guys a new tire,that you probably havent heard of before,,the Toyo Open Country CT.,Well dig into that later.,So starting then on the far right,,this is the Toyo Proxes S/T so,,theres a couple different variations of the Proxes,this is the S/T just keep that in mind.,So what youll see here is this is a directional tire.,Meaning that its made and mounted in a certain direction,,you can see the V pattern here.,Its got some really deep siping in the middle,and then theres just a lot of rubber here,so this is gonna be more of a sticky tire.,Something thats gonna get you good grip in the summer,but not necessarily in the rain,,and definitely not something that youd want,to run in the winter,,just cause how wide this tread pattern is.,Basically, theres very small separation,in the blocks of tread that you do see.,There is some siping but no zig zag,patterns or anything like that.,Its very directional, very much so this just V pattern,which is very evident for you to see.,So again, something that is gonna be like a summer,performance tire, not something that youre gonna,run in inclement weather.,They do make this in a variety of sizes.,Youre gonna see it in metric sizes.,This particular one is 305/50R20.,They also make it for a 22 so if youre looking,for a lower profile street tire for a lowered truck,or if youre going for that street truck look,,or the race truck look, Ive had people call if before,,this is gonna be something that,youre gonna want to look into.,There are some people that are stretching this tire.,Obviously we cant recommend stretching for legal purposes,but Ive seen people do it so, that is that.,This is a 420 tread wear so what that means,,obviously on the scale, the lower the number,the stickier it is.,So this is 8/420, just so you can keep that in mind.,Also with this tire there is no warranty,and thats because you guys are just,gonna do burnouts on it so they cant give you warranty.,Moving to the next one, this is the,Toyo Open Country A/T II.,So this is a super popular tire,,youve seen this on a ton of vehicles,and thats because you get really good,mileage out of this.,So this actually has a 65,000 mile warranty,which is crazy cause that is a ton of miles,to put on a tire.,Youll see it is a relatively aggressive tread pattern,but again, nothing super spread out.,So they just leave spaces in here that if you were,to pick up rocks theyre gonna get it back,,theyre gonna thrown out.,And if youre driving it through the snow,you wont have anything packing in here,filling in all these spaces to turn this,basically into a slick.,You will notice that the siping here is in a Z pattern.,So typically when you see that thats something,thats gonna be better for inclement weather,or for using in snow.,So this tires actually a pretty good all season.,Now, general rule of thumb, with me personally,,if its a good all season that means its not great,in any season but if youre looking for an all around tire,thats gonna get you the best performance in each season,but not be particularly good at one,,this is gonna be a good tire for ya.,This is a good (inaudible) replacement too,if youre not looking for something crazy big,,you can always go with this to replace,the tires on your stock vehicle as well.,Moving to this one, this is the Toyo Open Country C/T.,Now this is one that a lot of people,probably havent heard of.,Its not necessarily new to the market,but theres just not as many people running it,,and it actually comes as kind of surprise to me,because I think snow tires are super important.,So thats what the C/T is, this is specifically designed,to be used in snow.,So our friends up in Canada,,or the people that live where we live in Wisconsin,,where we get crazy winters or even upstate New York,,Maine, those people they get crazy winters,,this might be a tire that you want to look into.,Whether it be something that you swap out,and only use for part of the season,,or if you live in a really snowy environment,this might be something that you wanna look at.,So youll see again it has those really big Z patterns,,so it pulls some of the styling from here,,also uses them on the C/T.,Again, tread is separated a pretty decent amount,so that you do have plenty of evacuation,for snow, rocks, mud, anything thats getting in there,but its not quite as aggressive as some of these tires,up here which well dive into later.,So you will notice that on this tire too,theres these circles and if you are unfamiliar,with what that is, those are,basically pre-drilled holes for studs.,So you are able to put studs into these tires,if you live in a place where they allow that.,I know here in Wisconsin they dont allow,studded tires so we cant run those,,but there are plenty of places that do allow that.,Or if youre gonna go ice race your truck or something,like Banker did, you could do these.,So something to keep in mind then if youre looking,at the Open Country C/T is that,there is no mileage warranty but they do still,offer, obviously, the manufacture warranty,,so any defects or anything like that,theyre gonna get you taken care of.,Moving to the Toyo Open Country R/T,I would say this is probably by far the most,popular tire that we sell from Toyo.,And what theyve done here is they basically,take a mix of your A/T and your M/T,and they make this hybrid tire, the R/T.,This is a 33/12.5 and as you can see,,as you get more and more aggressive,,they leave more and more space between the lugs,so that if you are going through mud or rough terrain,or in a low traction environment,this tire will allow everything to basically,not get stuck in here, and again, create that slick tire.,So it all gets thrown out of there.,The sidewall is pretty straight up and down.,Theres no extended tread over onto the sidewall,that youll see, but overall just a really good tire.,This also does have a 45,000 mile warranty,which is something that you dont see,from a lot of these more aggressive tires.,So if youre looking for something that,you get decent mileage out of, its not super loud,,but you still get that aggressive look,,the R/T is gonna be the tire for you.,If you wanna go more aggressive than that,,this is a Toyo Open Country M/T.,And while there is no mileage warranty on this one,,its the same thing.,They do have a manufactures warranty against defects,and whatnot.,So, this has the most spread apart tread pattern,,you can see its big, chunky blocks of rubber on this,and again, huge gaps between there,so any rocks or whatnot are all gonna get flung out,and theyre not gonna be staying in this tire.,As far as siping goes again, these,are pretty straight cuts now.,You kinda go away from the Z cut,that you saw in the previous tire,,so not the greatest in the snow or the greatest in the rain,,but a lot of people are using these really,in a mud or low traction environment anyway,,cause half the people that run them,are running them on just the truck that they daily drive.,So you will notice these are a little bit louder,and thats because of these big gaps,but nothing too crazy.,Its not like running the Nito Mud Grapplers.,And Nito and Toyo are basically like this so,,if you need something more aggressive than this,youd have to go to the Nito brand to get the Mud Grapplers.,But, this is still a pretty decent tire.,You will notice on the sidewall,thats more aggressive than any of the other tires,that youve saw previously today,and it does have, what they call,,I think, over th

Driving Review – Toyo Proxes R888R

– Oh hey guys, whats going on?,Im Alex from Fitment Industries and today were going,to be talking about a tire that we did a tire review on.,Our Tire Talk, the Toyo Proxes R888R.,You all asked us to drive on them and let us know,what we thought because you didnt just want to see it,,you wanted to learn a little bit more about the tire.,So, I have driven on these tires for about 150 miles,and I wanted to give you guys my personal take on it so far,and I thought the best way to do that would be,just to shoot a video while were driving around town.,So, lets go.,The Toyo Proxes R888R is a dragish style,,street, road tire that is pretty much all about trying,to be the best it could possibly be on the track,yet also having street application,and be able to handle inclement weather.,So, for those that dont remember,,the R888 was a very good tire, a lot of people liked them,,but at least among the Porsche community,and a few other communities stated that the lifespan,of the tires was not that long.,And on top of that, the actually capability of it driving,in the rain was next to impossible.,So, Toyo decided that they wanted to make their tires better,which is a great thing because the R888R is definitely,a higher end tire I would say, more expensive,but a lot of that price just comes from the brand.,To me I feel like theres a couple other tires,that definitely fight for the title of expensive and useful,and the Toyo Proxes one of those tires.,So, I have driven it around some fun country roads,,driven around on the highway, all that sort of stuff,and I pretty much just used the tires so of course,it hasnt been on anything like Road America or WIR,or anything like that just yet.,So if youre looking for like a high, high,,high-end opinion on track purpose only,,this isnt gonna be the video for you.,This is more of if you have a car,that you enjoy taking to the track,but you also enjoy driving around,on town, this videos for you.,Good first, would be that it is a very good tire.,Its an extremely sticky tire.,So the R888R, they say has a heating cycle,for maximum traction is between like 160,,I believe and 220, to 220 degrees.,And a lot of people think that in our tire review,that wasnt hot enough for auto cross or anything like that.,But Ill tell you what, when Im driving around on the roads,and Im just going through town,and Im having fun with some friends,and stuff like that, it does not lose traction.,Now the tires that the car are on are on a modified,996 911 which is my car and I tend,to drive more expeditely Id say at lower speeds.,So nothing really is gonna be too excessive,but in terms of the getting up and going,which is what I care about, it does an amazing job,and it does handle the turns like absolutely,nobodys business so its a really great tire.,And the second thing that I noticed about it in comparison,to the R888 was theyre really not that loud.,The car is loud obviously, so you have to take that,into consideration but when I was driving around,on these R888Rs, people were complaining about noise,but there really isnt any, at least on my car.,Theres really no road noise, I would say,the 315/25s that I had before these tires,ultimately were more road noisy,and had more, Id say rebound than my 305/30s do.,The sound and just the quality,that youre getting has been really great for me,,in my personal opinion and how I drive.,And probably one of the final big points,that I would make with these tires,is theyre just a good tire.,They grip well, theyre quiet, theyre not noisy.,Theyre not, you know, theyre high priced,but theyre worth it and could you throw these,on an autocross car on a warm day?,I would say yes, yes you could.,You could get these up to heat,,you could get these sticky, you could get them to last.,Should you? Maybe not.,There are other options that I think offer,more versatility than the R888 does.,The R888 is definitely, you know they have,that water channel to evacuate water to make it more,of a daily stylish, you know sunny day only day tire.,And I still just dont know if the R888R is there yet.,I dont think that this tire will ever be that capable.,I dont think that these are really meant to be other,,anything other than what they look like,which is a track-oriented, like R-compound higher end,strong tire that just gets the job done.,A couple things that I would say about it,were other tires would probably beat it.,So the R888R is an expensive tire and I dont know,if Im convinced that its completely worth the price.,Its a very good tire, but there are some things,that kind of pose a little bit of a competition with it.,The lifespan on the tires, just driving it,for the short period of time I cant speak,on how long its going to last but I can tell you,how long I think its gonna last.,And I dont think its gonna be that long (laughs).,They stick so well but because they stick so well they just,,every single time Im taking little pieces off the tire,when I put the car back into the showroom.,Its just not something that I foresee lasting too long.,And because of the price, you know, youre kind of competing,with the Michelin higher up wheels, youre kind of competing,with the Toyo T1Rs and stuff like that.,And you know, its definitely gonna, these other companies,are definitely gonna give this tire a run for its money.,The second thing, and this is something that Ive noticed,in just a lot of higher-end Toyo tires in general,,is the sidewall is just a little bit,,it seems just a little bit bulkier than other brands tires.,And I know that sounds like a really weird thing to say,,again its just my opinion but its just kind of bulkier.,You know, the sidewall definitely feels more,like a 33 or a 34 even though that number,doesnt exist, than it does a 30 and I know,that sounds ridiculous, I hear you.,It just doesnt seem like its as thin as other 305/30s,that Ive seen and that Ive ran in the past.,But, it does a really good job at what its supposed to do.,Its a good tire, you know its not as bad,as I think I was expecting it to be.,I was expecting it to be a very competitive, loud,,obnoxious, rough tire that just never let up,and just really stuck to the ground,and that was all it was supposed to do so thats all it did.,And it does all the good stuff without,really any of that bad stuff.,Its not that loud, its really not that terrible,to ride on, its not that bad of a ride.,You know, is it the best within its class?,I guess that depends on the purpose,that youre using it for.,So, this has been really great for me,but because of the sidewall issue,,you know some of my sidewalls getting eaten up a little bit,just because of the measurements.,Could you compete against something else?,Maybe, definitely.,So, dont forget to subscribe because were trying,to make cool concepts for you guys that you want to watch.,So let us know what you want to see,and check out www.fitmentindustries.com.,We have wheels, tires, suspension, airlift.,Weve got all sorts of really really cool stuff,so go out there, support us, let us know if you need help,with making a purchase on wheels, tires.,Thats what were here for, but I am Alex,from Fitment Industries, well see you later.,Peace.

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