1. Style over substance? Toyota C-HR 2020 review
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Style over substance? Toyota C-HR 2020 review

this is the recently revised toyota,c-h-r and its a little bit,like a p-45 now if youre not british,let me explain you see a p-45,is the official government document you,get when you,leave your place of employment usually,because youve been sacked,so continuously to get it this car is,called the,c hr go see human resources youve done,something wrong youre going to get,fired,yeah that took some exploding so will,the positioning of this car,you see in terms of size its sort of,similar to a skoda comic,or a peugeot 2008 but in terms of,pricing its more like their bigger,brothers,the carok and the peugeot 3008,you see it starts from 25 000 pounds,that you can save an average of just,over 2 000 pounds off one,through car wow now to do that you can,actually go and do that via our app so,if you click on the pop-up button up,there you can download the app from the,apple store or the play store,if you do not want to do that and you,want to do it just the more traditional,way just google,car wow and you can go to our car,comparison website check out reviews,check out deals on new and nearly new,cars and theres leasing and stuff there,as well so go check it out,kick off this review by talking about,the chrs,design ive always loved the look of,this car super striking,really really good looking thing and,they tweaked it slightly,so the car now has did you see that it,now has scrolling indicators,wow also the lights at the back are,integrated into this lowest wall youve,got another spoiler up there as well,dont know whats going on here its,like they were going to do some fake,exhaust but they realized they were too,massive to even,look fake they just looked ridiculous so,they didnt bother completing them,so theres going to be no poking with a,stick here because theres no fake vents,as well as tweaking the back end ever so,slightly theres some new aloe world,designs,theres some new colors including this,burnt orange which looks really good,and you can get the car in two-tone,paint which this one has,though try to call it bi-tone its like,yeah im not sure which way ill swing,you know sometimes i swing left,sometimes i swing right,i can have a black roof and an orange,body i dont care im just easy,i have no idea what im going on about,sorry anyway at the front theyve,changed,a bit as well not massively so the,lights are slightly different and,let me get the keys out again the,indicators are now here i like that also,its got a slightly,lower front bumper as well to make it,look even more sporty you might find it,hard to just pick out the differences,compared to the old car so what im,going to do now is show you,clips of the old car now can you see the,differences,not great are they but anyway doesnt,matter this is a superb,and striking looking small suv it keeps,doing that i dont know why,its locking itself i hope i can get it,in it oh yeah i can i got the key,stupid the quirky theme continues here,on the inside of the chr and yet again,theres some minor changes,so theyve improved some of the,materials on the door and places that,youre likely to,touch just so it feels a bit more,premium there are still some cheaper,plastics lowered down especially down,there on the door bins look at that flex,there thats awful i dont know why,youd be doing that,but anyway just trying to make a point,then theres a design thing that,continues to like the diamonds,everywhere so youve got diamonds here,diamonds on the roof theres like,diamond shapes here,even the stereo speakers have some,diamond theme going on as well,its pretty nice to sit in i do like,this car theyve also upgraded,the seat so theyre slightly better than,before though theyre really comfy,in the previous version of this car so,thats an added bonus,theyve also updated the infotainment,system which is the biggest bonus of all,and that brings me on to this cars,specs the entry-level model is called,the icon and its pretty much got all,the kit you need so,i say just get that car get stuff like,this touch screen,with apple carplay or android auto,android auto up there so i can just use,the mapping for that,you also get dual zone climate control,and a reversing camera,the next level up is called the design,and that gets an electrically operated,drivers seat the front seats are also,heated you get front and rear parking,sensors,18 inch alloys instead of the normal 17s,plus an,auto part feature so the car will park,itself into space so really if you need,that you shouldnt be blowing driving,all right get off the road,then theres the dynamic model which,includes the two-tone paint with the,black roof,led tail lamps pedal lighting to light,your way as you climb into the car,when its dark at night it also gets,rear cross traffic alert to prevent your,reversing out into oncoming traffic,in addition to the standard fit auto,emergency braking that you get on all,models,next is the xl which has leather seats,silver dashboard trims and a heated,steering wheel,finally theres the orange edition which,has as you guessed it,this orange paint scheme and a jbl,stereo,lets continue the review by talking,about this infotainment system,so youve got these shortcut buttons,down the side which makes it easy,to select different functions as youre,driving because you can feel your way,through them,the screen the graphics theyre all,right now theyre not the best and the,icons are a little bit kind of,old-fashioned looking,the design version which is the second,trim up gets inbuilt satellite,navigation as standard and its all,right to use in putting destinations and,waypoints its quick enough,but its just not as good as going,and using your android auto or apple,carplay,with google maps always much prefer that,system and thank god,toyota has finally fitted apple carplay,android auto,to its cars its about bloody time,really isnt it,moving on to a little screen you get,between the dials well,its very small so its very very basic,information you get a bigger screen,available on the nissan juke and the,nissan juke actually offers,a similar kind of quirky looking suv,thing but for less money if you click on,the pop out banner up there you can,check out my review of that car,and see the best deals you can get on,the nissan juke as well,great anyway continuing with the actual,interior of this car so,connectivity its all right theres just,one usb there which you use to connect,to your,phone theres a 12 volt socket in there,and,thats your lighting here i cant,believe that,really thats it anyway practicality,looked in there thats quite a good,cubby you got a decent sized cup holder,there,look its perfect for your coffee see,perfect for it now theres another one,here so i want to put my,coke in there but look it looks a little,bit shallow,ah youre so tired ive thought of this,its got this little step in it so,you can actually put things all the way,wait a minute,the heck is hes had this car before me,its obviously a baboon look its got a,bright red ass,whos is that anyway look see,thats great for taller bottles and then,in the door bins,you can just about squeeze an absolutely,massive bottle,as for the glove box its very very,very average but overall practicality is,pretty decent in this car,whats not so decent though is the,layout of some of the stuff so,heres all my climate control great,heated seats there yeah okay thats fine,theyre over here,but then the heated steering wheel,buttons over here,then the auto part features over there,but the rest of the driving stuffs over,here,okay toyota you want me to have to,search around to find things i see i get,that its part of your game,in terms of getting comfy though is the,lever there look,enough adjustment in that and you can,get enough adjustment,in the seat though its quite a low roof,so if youre really tall you may find it,its a bit lacking in the headroom this,car its all right for leg room though,you can really put the seat all the way,back that is all right,but is it all right in the back seats,well lets fi

NEW 2022 Toyota C-HR GR Sport in-depth review | What Car?

this is the toyota chr,and its a bit like one of these a prius,because,its a hybrid so its got loads of tech,designed to save you money on petrol and,also reduce emissions but thankfully it,doesnt look like a prius,so youre not likely to have people,knocking on the window mistaking you for,an,uber driver in fact particularly if you,go for this new gl sport version,theyre far more likely to be saying,nice car mate but is the chr actually,any good,well thats what were going to be,finding out in this video so stay with,us and ill tell you,everything you need to know about the,car and if you decide you want to buy,one of these,make sure you head over to our website,whatcar.com because we could save you,more than 2 000 pounds,on the brochure price right now so,thats the plug out of the way,lets get on with the review,now the chr has been around for a few,years it was launched back in 2016.,and although there was a facelift around,a year ago,the overall look of the car hasnt,really changed a great deal,but this gr sport version is new and i,should probably explain what gl sport is,all about,so gr stands for kazoo racing and its,toyotas motorsport division,and the gr badge is also worn by,toyotas fastest road-going cars at the,moment,those are the gl supra and the gr yaris,thats actually the best hot hatch you,can buy at the moment,and if you want to watch our video,review of that just click the link up,there at the top,gr sport basically means you get the,sporty looks,but without any extra power or higher,running costs so,its a bit like ms sport is to bmw or,s-line,is to audi and if you go for a gl sport,version,of the chr you get these bespoke,19-inch two-tone alloys you also get a,black,roof and you get a darker tint to the,headlight lenses,as well on top of that there is this all,black or dark chrome,as toyota calls it front grille here,there is also sport suspension we talk,about how that affects ride and handling,when we go for a drive a bit later on,and well also run you through the,interior upgrades as well,now the chr is actually a bigger car,than it might look it takes up,roughly the same amount of space on the,road as a skoda car rock,so theoretically it should be a,practical family car but it isnt,because somehow toyota has taken all,that space,and packaged it in such a way that well,you can see for yourself really,yes im reasonably tall im just over,six foot and this seat in front here,thats set up for my driving position,but,i dont really have any knee room at all,and although there are head rests,for someone of my height theyre,pointless because if i lean back,it just hits the ceiling and things get,even worse when you close the door,because,ive got a big pillar here by the side,of my head and these small side windows,they dont let very much,light into the car at all so it feels,quite claustrophobic back here its also,worth knowing that cars like the ford,puma and nissan juke even though theyre,smaller than this in terms of exterior,dimensions,they have a similar amount of space in,the back theyre cheaper as well well,talk about how much the chr costs a bit,later on,but if you only plan for adults in the,back occasionally,or youve got young kids in child seats,you get ice fix mounts,as standard on the outer rear seats in,the chr then that isnt going to be a,deal breaker for you,and given that rear passenger space,clearly wasnt a priority when toyota,designed the chr,it probably wont surprise you that boot,space wasnt either,so theres less space in here than,youll find in boxier family suvs,like the skoda rock and if youre,thinking well yes,but i dont want something boxy and,arguably a little bit boring,then remember that you can get something,like a koopa for mentor,that certainly isnt dull to look at and,that has more luggage space than this,as well also a little bit disappointing,is that theres no height adjustable,boot floor so youve got this big drop,down from the entrance and there are no,handles on the walls of the boot either,for remotely folding,down the rear seats you have to walk,round to the passenger area again,and pull them forward yourself,and when you do that youre left with,quite a big step,in the floor of the extended load base,so clearly usability,hasnt been thought about that much but,whether that bothers you,really comes down to your own lifestyle,and your personal needs,fortunately when youre sitting in the,front things are much better its,actually quite roomy in here and you,feel like youre in something a little,bit taller than a regular hatchback,which,you dont in cars like the skoda kamek,for example,and theres also a reasonable storage,space as well youve got a,rubberized tray here for your mobile,phone,a cup holder just behind it here and,another one actually is quite deep,behind the gear lever and if you lift up,the front center armrest,youll find quite a big cubby below,there as well,the door pockets theyre fairly narrow,but you still fit a 500ml bottle of,water there quite easily so overall,pretty good for a car in this class the,air conditioning controls,they are a little bit fiddly because,youve got these,rocker switches here that you sort of,need to nudge up and down to change the,interior temperature and i think,toyota has probably acknowledged that,actually because its more recent models,like the yaris the corolla,and the highlander theyve reverted to,twist knobs for adjusting the,temperature but,certainly this setup is much much better,than having everything,in the touchscreen which a lot of cars,have these days or for that matter,silly touch sensitive slider pads that,you get in the coop before mentor,they are absolutely terrible and quality,at least compared with mainstream rivals,in this class is really good as well,so youve got a lot of soft touch,materials here and on the dashboard,and piano black as well and even this,sort of funky,diamond pattern on the inside of the,doors here thats been given a,rubberized finish so it feels a bit more,up mark a bit more expensive than it,would do if it was just hard plastic,the infotainment system though that is,more of a mixed bag,lets start with the positives so the,screen is quite high up on the dashboard,so i have to look down,too far to see it and its also angled,towards the driver,again that is a good thing there are,shortcut keys here,as well they are useful although im not,sure why they could be made a bit bigger,because,theres clearly space for bigger buttons,here and they would be easier to find,when youre driving but,the downside is that toyotas operating,system isnt very good,so not only does it look like it was,designed in about 1999 the graphics,arent,great at all its just sometimes a,little bit slow to respond,and also certain functions there are,more steps than you really,think are necessary you can just bypass,it completely and use your phone,though you get apple carplay and android,auto standard on the chr,and to be honest i use that all the time,the,only downside is that you obviously do,need a data connection your phone to use,things like,the sat nav so if you go into an area,with no signal you,might not know where youre going and,nows probably a good time actually,to give you a run through the different,trim levels because if you go for entry,level icon trim then you dont,get a built in sat nav so you are forced,to use your phone,you also dont get rain sensing wipers,so thats a bit of a shame,but you do get adaptive cruise control,dual zone climate control a reversing,camera and led headlights,it also keeps the price respectable so,its actually our favorite trim,and there are several packs you can add,if you want a bit more kit,dynamic trim is worth considering as,well that adds,built-in nav and automatic wipers but,also front and rear parking sensors,heated seats keyless entry and bigger,alloys,and then right at the top of the range,theres this gr sport and xl as well,both trims cost,exactly the same but xl thats more,about luxury so you get

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Toyota C-HR (2020) review met Allard Kalff | RTL Autowereld test

en met zon verbruik is het natuurlijk,een weer rots alternatief voor diesel,[Muziek],de laatste drie jaar is het bij het,toyota een flinke wervelwind door de,showroom aan het gaan,de autos zien er één voor één een stuk,gewaagder uit en zijn ook qua,rijeigenschappen enorm op de plezier,ladder geklommen,het was dan ook de wens van de topman,van toyota akio toyoda hij wilde,no more boring cars geen saaie autos,meer,en die strategie werd afgetrapt met deze,opvallende klas over de c een char,een kruising van een terreinauto en in,coupé een gedurfde combi met een nog,gedurfde design,[Muziek],nou hadden ze bijten jota natuurlijk,gewone dertien in een dozijn noten,kunnen bouwen maar de deden ze niet want,ze namelijk ook om op te vallen en met,succes,andy c een char is nu vernieuwd,[Muziek],maar wat is nou eigenlijk anders behalve,de kleur,ja stiekem toch wel heel veel hoor maar,aan dat opvallende uiterlijk hebben ze,juist weer heel weinig gedaan dan dat,onderscheid hem van zijn concurrenten,de grootste veranderingen zijn een,subtiel andere neus voor en,achterlichten met leds en een hoogglans,zwarte spoilen,tussen die achterlichten smolt lekker en,dat oranje met dat zwarte dak 18 inch,mat zwarte velgen,en van binnen ja toch ook weer een mooi,en treur maar ook,lederen stoelen en die zitten heel erg,comfortabel maar hij werd ook geroemd de,eerste caesar om zich rijeigenschappen,kijken of dat bij deze net zo goed is of,eigenlijk liever nog verbeterd is,ja dat zie je char staat voor coupé high,rider,dat is er zijn coupé met een hoge,zitpositie en dat is eigenlijk ja het,beste van twee werelden want hij heeft,een heel laag zwaartepunt is ook op het,circuit uitprobeert tijdens de 24 uur,van een nürburgring,ja met de grote baas van toyota achter,het stuur akio toyoda,die wil dat alle autos vlijmscherp doel,kom gaan echt een heel goed weg gedrag,hebben en dat tessy dan zelf op het,circuit,dus dit is eigenlijk een coupé je zit,lekker hoog,en hij heeft ook nog een fantastisch,weggedrag,zeldzaam de auto is er met een een punt,twee benzinemotor met 116 pk,en hoe kan het ook anders bij toyota een,hybride aandrijving het is een eten dag,benzinemotor met een sterke elektromotor,samen goed voor 122 pk,en met dat heerlijk weggedrag heb je,natuurlijk honger naar meer vermogen en,gelukkig,toyota heeft geluisterd want er zit,onder de motorkap en 2 liter high power,hybrid,184 pk en toch stoten maar iets meer uit,dan de vorige hybrid die moet je eerlijk,zeggen hij heeft een heerlijke punch die,je kan gebruiken bij kin halen of bij,het invoegen en weet je het ook zo leuk,is te zit hierin mee zit je dan kun je,zien hoeveel je elektrisch rijdt,ja in mijn geval niet zo heel veel op,dit moment maar,woon-werkverkeer kan je toch zon 50%,halen en als je een beetje oefent zelfs,meer dan 60 procent,en dat maakt het dan weer leuk en met,het uitrollen en het remmen,elektriciteit sparen in de accus en dan,gebruikte auto dat wanneer die nodig,heeft hij doet helemaal zelf nadenken,wanneer heb ik de elektrische energie,nodig en wanneer kan ik een beetje de,brandstofmotor gebruiken,ja,en met zon verbruik is het natuurlijk,een weer rots alternatief voor diesel,het interieur is comfortabeler geworden,niet alleen door nieuw ontworpen stoelen,maar ook doordat de auto stiller is,gemaakt,verder kan het nieuwe multimediasysteem,nu overweg met apple carplay en en wordt,auto en kun je bijvoorbeeld je navigatie,kaarten via internet updaten als je de,auto thuis aan de wifi koppels en ook de,veiligheid is geupdate,toyota safety sense en de zitten alle,gebruikelijke veiligheidssystemen,natuurlijk op als je niet tussen de,lijntjes rijdt dan begint die te piepen,hout die je tussen de lijntjes hij kan,remmen bij een dreigende aanrijding er,kan zelfs mensen van achter zien,aankomen als te hard aan je toe rijden,dan zou je als je ruimte heb je iets,naar voren kunnen rijden om zo een,botsing te voorkomen en misschien wel de,aller de leukste en zeker één van de,aller,handigste veiligheidssystemen is dat als,je achteruit rijdt in je dan paaltje,niet gezien dan krijg je natuurlijk die,piepjes dat je moet stoppen je ziet het,ook nog in je scherm achter hij schudde,en als je dan toch door rijdt dan zegt,de auto want dan is rijen schade en dat,vinger,echt wel homo huwelijk met de toyota cia,char is er vanaf zon 28.000 300 euro,voordat deze auto op de markt kwam werd,een suv vaak aangeduid als zich maar met,de komst van deze werd het een mooi ja,het uitgangspunt was ook een diamant en,een juweeltje is het die verbeterd is en,ja qua connectiviteit tussen op de deed,maar hij is ook veiliger stiller hij,rijdt beter en hij heeft meer vermogen,de nieuwe toyota caesar hybrid,fijn geslepen diamant,[Muziek]

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Toyota C-HR SUV 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

this is the new Toyota CHR and its a,really interesting looking car and a,complete departure from Toyotas boring,designs of the past to be fair some,modern Toyotas do look a little bit,questionable that this one it really,works now it starts from just under,21,000 pounds but if you click up there,to get a car I dont care dot uk you,can compare off for some dealers butter,price youre confident in now on the key,features of this cause design are,diamonds and that theme continues on the,inside so theres diamond patterning,here theres diamond patterning on the,speakers on the seats even on the air,vents here and on these switches theres,even diamonds up here and a year as well,just diamonds everywhere thats it for,that now this car is pretty nice too,sitting on the whole the materials feel,decent enough quality though some are a,little bit on the cheap side and I like,this piano black effect here but if you,look closely youll see that its its,rather scratched another problem with,the design maybe is that the way this,bit so does make the passenger space,seem a little bit smaller than it should,do on the whole though its quite an,interesting design in here some people,wont like this stuck on iPad effects,but as standard on every model you do,get an 8 into touch screen so 2 is a,reversing camera and cruise control and,its pretty well equip this though if,you want sat-nav you do have to upgrade,to the mid spec model now the,entertainment system itself its its,alright but its easy enough to navigate,through menus the problem is that the,graphics are a little bit low res and it,does take a while for screens to load or,to import a destination on the sat-nav,now if you click up there you can see my,full in-depth video review of the,infotainment system for the CHR in terms,of cubby space is there all right as,well so the glovebox is not massive but,it will do theres some decent storage,under here and youve got a 12 volt,socket in there theres some big,cupholders there which look at this you,can actually extend them if youve got a,really tall latte and the door bins,theyre an okay size well here in the,front in the back completely different,stories Ill show you now now its not a,deal-breaker,but yeah compared to rivals the cubby,spaces here the coming you just got this,one little cup holder and thats about,it,and speaking of rivals yeah they are,bigger in the baton this car though its,not terrible its deliverable people,over six foot one just about have enough,Headroom and knee room is alright and,its surprisingly okay actually with,three in the back because this seats,this big seat is just so comfy the only,real issue I have is the limited foot,space there because the runners for the,seats in front the main problem though,with the back of this car is well I just,get my assistant to turn off the light,and youll see for yourself,dont want a bit dark isnt it so with,all this black plastic the small windows,and one for left have the light back on,it just feels dark and dingy in here,its like youre locked in Darth Vaders,wardrobe and kids wont like it they,wont get a good view out so its a bit,of a shame really because otherwise its,not too bad now the boot its a similar,story and the capacity is but its more,like that of say something like a,Volkswagen Golf rather than a rival such,as this say its a tech ER and its not,terrible but its just not as because it,could be and its pretty much devoid of,clever features so theres no false,floor to raise it up so you have a bit,of a lip to lift stuff across also there,are a few Tevin points here and there,but theres no 12 volt socket if you,want to plug in a device such as a,Hoover to Hoover out your boot Ill just,get this poster shelf out of the way as,well so you can see another issue that,out there we go its this look if I fall,down the seats because you havent got,that writable false floor you end up,with a massive bridge so you cant,really load a heavy item in here then,push it straight to the back which is a,little bit annoying now if you click up,there you can see some more detail on,this cars practicality by watching my,detail practicality video see how much,stuff you can actually cram into this,cars boot so its like with three people,in the back and how easy it is to fit a,childs seat and before I finish up I,just want to show you this one of the,interesting features of this car are the,rear door handles so theyre up there,but you kind of have to relearn how to,open a car door you dont do like that,because you get RSI you have to kind of,do it like that and its all just a bit,odd its clear the Toyota CHR is,supposed to be in,but does this extend how it drives guys,Claire that Toyota has created this,little CHR to feel a little bit sporty,for a small SUV and indeed it does so it,goes on corners pretty well if I was,light and agile,it comes with a departure warning,because I just weaved across the white,line and it just beeped at me there and,yeah its its quite a light feeling car,and even though it handles pretty well,the suspension never feels firm it still,deals well with bumps if there is a,problem with this cars comfort though,its that you do take quite a bit of,wind noise so you can hear it rushing,past the window there you also get quite,a bit of Tyre roar on rough surfaces as,well to it the shame really because,otherwise its really comfortable,especially cuz these seats are,absolutely bloomin lovely Im gonna Mars,and Mars and Mars in these without any,backache thats all now for those people,who want to take their CHR off-road or,just need a bit of extra grip you can,get it with all-wheel drive in terms of,engines while theres a hybrid and that,uses the same powertrain as in the Prius,and its a pretty good actually,apparently you can return 74 miles per,gallon this is the 1.2 liter turbo,petrol and its nice and smooth and its,got quite a decent amount of punch not,sixty its just under 11 seconds it res,freely does make too much noise and,Toyota says its capable of 47 miles per,gallon and look at the true computer on,getting 41 so Im quite pleased look at,that this ones got manual gearbox and,its quite nice short throw on it so it,helps out to this course sporty feel one,thing to note though is if youre,expecting the full SUV experience you,dont really get it you sit quite low,when you can practice on it like a,Peugeot 3008 we can get to the same kind,of money and then theres the visibility,so I cant fault it here because you got,this little extra window so no real,blind spot there but over your shoulder,those thick rear pillars I mean,sometimes this is a leap of faith when,youre pulling out of junctions thats,not great at all they can save yourself,by clicking up there to join me for the,360 degree passenger ride video there,are some other problems with the CHR is,500 people may find that when they get,to get out the car they ow,hit their head on the protruding grab,handles,oh really her actually you cant get the,car with an armrest for these middle,rear seat its a little bit odd a,supposedly modern car such as this has,an old-fashioned digital clock like,youd find on a Casio watch these,perforations in the seat look kind of,cool but its not gonna be long before,they clogged up with food bits that your,kids have spilt this bit a trim on the,steering wheel would you actually have,to touch feels really flimsy in fact it,moves around a little bit like a flappy,paddle gear selector,thankfully the CHR does have some cool,features which help make up for all this,being a Toyota you get a five-year,warranty but you get the hybrid version,of this car has the most thermally,efficient engine of any production,vehicle though its not actually this,engine so I dont want to show you this,little Ridge there is known as a vortex,generator and it helps swirl the air,over the wing mirror and help increase,the aerodynamics you can personalize the,car with a range of different exterior,trim colors including six colors for the,whe

Review | Toyota C-HR 2.0 Hybrid 180 | Rijdt beter dan Premium

[Muziek],sinds de komst van het model in 2016,heeft toyota van de coupé high rider de,chr,in europa maar liefst 400 duizend stuks,verkocht,de styling de puike rijeigenschappen en,de lage total cost of ownership,die trokken heel veel berijders van de,chr over de streep die auto die heeft,een uniek totaalpakket,laag verbruik verschrikkelijk,betrouwbaar want degelijke trio techniek,een goede styling een mooi interieur en,prima rij-eigenschappen,toch vond hij had hij de tijd voor een,facelift en dat is dan ook de auto,waarin ik de afgelopen week heb gereden,de vernieuwde toyota chr voorzien van de,twee liter high-power hybrid,aandrijflijn,[Muziek],[Muziek],en,de gefacelifte versie van de toyota chr,betekent dat we te maken hebben met een,auto die op tal van vakken,net even iets beter is geworden voor wat,betreft het design al blijft dat,natuurlijk smaakgevoelig het interieur,en de techniek,laten we namelijk eens met het exterieur,van de auto beginnen aan de voorkant,herkennen we de gefacelifte chr aan een,gewijzigd front,zo kregen de koplamp een iets andere,vorm zien we nieuwe,led-dagrijverlichting standaard,led-koplampen en is de bumper net even,iets gewijzigd ten opzichte van het,uitgaande model,een deel van het onderste stuk van die,bumper is voortaan in kleur van de,carrosserie meegespoten,ook werden de mistlamp en net iets,verder naar buiten geplaatst en dat,zorgt voor net iets meer verbreding,optisch,aan de achterkant zien we een hoogglans,zwarte achterspoiler,en deze gebint optisch de achterlichten,met elkaar,deze achterlichten zijn voortaan,uitgevoerd met led techniek,standaard voorheen was dat alleen,voorbehouden aan de duurdere versies van,de chr nu is het zo dat de duurdere,versies van de cr zon auto waarin ik nu,dus bijvoorbeeld rij is voorzien van,zeker angelique witte lichten deze gaan,dus van binnen naar buiten op het moment,dat je ze activeert,erg fraai schouwspel aan de binnenkant,lieten jood hij het over het algemeen,bij het oude,zij je tas in het niet het geheel wat,meer verfijnde als het ware er zijn heer,en der wat nieuwere betere materialen,toegepast en maar over het algemeen,blijft het een auto met een vrij die,zijn en de attractief interieur,de grootste wijziging zit in het,multimedia navigatie systeem,dit is het nieuwe systeem dat we ook al,kennen uit bijvoorbeeld de rollen en de,camry met hardware knop aan de zijkant,een iets groter scherm en verbeterde,hardware in de vorm van de snellere,processor en en iets duidelijker en menu,structuur die wijzigingen mogen er zijn,al klinkt het nog steeds niet uit voor,wat betreft de snelheid en de,doordachtheid voor alle noviteiten,belangrijk is dan ook om te weten dat,het systeem van tuin wel standaard,overweg kan met apple carplay en android,auto waardoor je dus altijd kan genieten,van een optimale integratie van jouw,smartphone,mooi is wel om te weten dat het systeem,voortaan is verbonden met internet en,dat de navigatie kaarten op die manier,over die er worden geüpdatet,gratis dat is wel mooi meegenomen voor,de rest blijft die ca er een ontzettend,fijne auto om in te zitten,je voelt je een worden met het interieur,omdat de stoel lekker laag kan worden,geplaatst,je hebt een verrassend goed overzicht,over de carrosserie recht vooruit naar,achter heb je nog wel een vrij grove,dode hoek vanwege die dikke c-stijl,maar het is echt nog steeds een prima en,bij de tijd modern interieur,na de facelift zijn wel de stoelen iets,aangepast door de toyota engineers met,name de rugleuning heeft een betere,lendesteun gekregen en ik moet zeggen,het valt op,trilt en veranderde aan de stoelen vrij,weinig enkel de lendesteun kreeg een,update waardoor deze nu beter is te,verstellen de zittingen van de stoelen,blijven een beetje aan de korte kant,maar net als bij de cola heb ik er vrij,weinig last van gehad,ik ervaar de stoelen toch wel echt al,goed ondersteunend en comfortabel,ook kan je de bestuurderstoel nu vanaf,complete uitrustingsniveau elektrisch,verstel en,wel is het jammer dat je deze positie,vervolgens niet op kan slaan en memory,ontbreekt voor de rest kom je op luxe en,uitrustings technisch niveau,vrij weinig tekort in de nieuwe cf,temeer omdat bijvoorbeeld iets als drie,jota 17 cent standaard is 2017 sense for,ziet die chr bijvoorbeeld van een,autonome noodrem systeem met,voetgangersdetectie we zien,verkeersborden herkenning,we zien en adaptieve cruise control en,natuurlijk die noodstop assistent en,mooi en is zon adaptieve cruise control,werkt in combinatie met de hybrid,aandrijflijn altijd een automaat ook in,de file en dat is wel prettig,ook zien we een rijstrookassistent en,help deze actief mee om tussen de,lijntjes te blijven alle systemen werken,echt naar behoren en het is zeker goed,om te merken dat zeker de adaptieve,cruise control net eventjes iets ar,letter is geworden in de dagelijkse,praktijk,hij gaat iets minder abrupt in de ankers,en hij trekt voortaan ook sneller op als,een auto voor jou weer op zijn gaat goed,om te weten,dit dak hemeltje in het zwart ik hou er,wel van het is heel sportief maar als je,achterin zit dan kan het wel eens een,beetje donker worden in zon cr echt,mooi is dan ook dat de jood hij hierna,heeft geluisterd die heeft geluisterd,naar de huidige berijders van die saaie,echt en die hebben dat is aangegeven,nu is het dus mogelijk om dit hemeltje,te vervangen door een licht exemplaar,en dan zal het die net eventjes iets,lichter worden aan boord,goed om te weten de leuke details van,die chr als de diamant voor hem op het,dak,het mooie heel ef je hier in de,deurpaneel dat is allemaal gebleven en,draagt bij aan die mooie,hoogwaardige uitstraling van het,interieur helemaal met dat twee kleuren,geleden hier op het dashboard wordt echt,een vrij gezicht is voor de rest zien we,de komst van een tv monitor en dat is,best wel een leuke gimmick,want die tv monitor die motiveert jou om,het volledig elektrische aspect van deze,auto zo optimaal mogelijk te benutten,let wel rijd jij bijvoorbeeld 70,kilometer per uur dan is deze generatie,hybride in staat om dat volledig,elektrisch te doen zolang je niet al te,veel vermogen vraagt continue de benzine,motor die blijft dan uit en hij kan dan,elektrische verder zeilen die,elektrische kilometers die je dan rijdt,die telt ie als een geheel op en hij,laat dan zien van yo je hebt deze rit,net is nu ben ik 22 minuten aan het,rijden,daarvan heb jij 44% elektrisch gereden,en jij ziet dat percentage van de ook,oplopen naar mate de hit vordert en dat,is best een leuke gimmick,aangezien het motiveert om elektrisch te,rijden,je wilt hem zo goed mogelijke score,halen dan achterin de toyota,chr het tofste aan die cr is dat hij aan,de buitenkant eruitziet als een,sportieve coupé ook groepen protestanten,weliswaar coupé high rider,maar door die aflopende daklijn denk je,in hoe dan zal het wel krap zijn,achterin no,niets van dat alles is waar je hier,achterin gewoon echt heel erg goed ik,heb zelfs voldoende hoofdruimte ik heb,van de,de beenruimte achter mij zelf ik kan,mijn voeten ontzettend goed kwijt onder,die voorstoelen en ik zit bovendien ook,gewoon erg goed die achterbank is goed,geprofileerd een van de als de,rugleuning en hier zou ik het echt wel,eventjes vol kunnen houden op een,langere reis,enige nadeel is en blijft het is hier,niet echt ruim voor je gevoel ruitjes,zijn nogal klein en donker het dak,hemelbekleding misschien zie je mij nu,ineens niet eens zitten en die helpt,daar niet echt haar mee,goed om te weten is dan ook dat je nu,kan opteren voor een lichte dak,hemelbekleding en dat zal echt om wat,zorgen voor wat meer,frisheid hier achterin we over,ruimtelijke gevoel,enige dat ik hier mis met usb oplaadpunt,ventilatieroosters ook niet aanwezig in,die cf en de middenarmsteun dus op dat,vlak hebben ze wel bespaart mij toyota,een andere wijziging aan de vernieuwde,chr is het onderstel,niet dat hij jou nog dynamischer is,geworden maar wat ik vooral werk is dat,hij veel stiller en verfijnder is,geworden en dat was eigenlijk al het was,al

2021 Toyota C-HR GR Sport Review

in many ways the toyota chr is a,confusing car theres a bit of this,a bit of this,and even a bit of this,really though its supposed to be a,rival for something like this,what exactly is the chr is it a cheeky,coupe crossover is it a fuel sipping,hybrid is it a sporty hot hatch or is it,a family suv,truth is its a little bit of everything,question is is it spinning too many,plates or is it a true multi-tasker,lets find out but before we do that,please take a moment to subscribe to the,cargurus uk youtube channel remember to,tap the bell icon too that way youll,catch all of our latest videos first of,all lets see how good it is at being a,family suv now all these curves and,creases do a very good job of tricking,you into thinking that its smaller than,it is in actual fat its about the same,size as a nissan qashqai or peugeot 3008,so lets see about the practical stuff,well despite the curving roofline its,actually not bad at all theres a low,load lip a wide opening and,377 litres of space thats about what,youd get in a normal family hatch but a,fair bit less than the 520 liters youll,have in a purge 3008,at first glance you may think this is a,three door but no we have these cleverly,concealed handles here and four doors,and they open nice and wide so its easy,to get in,once youre in theres more room than,you might think and you can tuck your,feet underneath the seat in front of you,so you wont be struggling for leg room,or headroom unless youre well over six,feet tall im five foot four and a half,and im finding this rather spacious our,only gripes are that thanks to the wide,front seats and thick pillar here,visibility is not brilliant,not all toyotas have a premium feeling,inside but the chr is better than most,if youre used to audi or volkswagen,interiors you probably wont be,impressed but its better than a ford or,a nissan and its up there with a,peugeot 3008 it looks good too and the,way the cabin is set up in layers makes,it very easy to find your way around we,like the way the touchscreen is perched,up high because its easy to reach and,read while youre on the move its less,easy to use though the layout of the,menus and the screen itself are fiddly,and the sat-nav is a bit laggy talking,of sat-nav you get that on mid-range,design models and above and no matter,which one you go for you get automatic,wipers dual zone climate control,reversing camera dab radio apple carplay,and android smartphone mirroring this is,the top spec gr sport model so you get a,leather steering wheel with red trim,toyotas gr sport logo and special,upholstery for the sport seats with a,woven center strip in gr sport colours,and very comfortable they are too but,whats the chr like to drive remember at,the start i said this car feels like,part sporty hot hatch,well,thats because it does this,the gl sport gets a two-liter,four-cylinder engine and like all chrs,since 2019 its a hybrid so it also has,an electric motor to help it along in,total this car has 182 brake horsepower,and its enough to get from naught to 60,in 8.2 seconds thats not crazy fast but,theres a real shove to the way that it,delivers its power and that is mainly,thanks to the extra shove you get from,the electric motor,there is also a 1.8 version with 120,brake horsepower but that is not nearly,quite as much fun,all chrs have a cvt automatic gearbox,which can make the engine sound buzzy,and does spoil your fun a bit but youll,be able to forget that when you get to a,twisty road because the c-hr is far more,fun to drive than youd think it feels,agile and well controlled with body,movements kept to a minimum and thats,not something youd really say about any,of its rivals,dont go thinking that makes the chr all,stiff and uncomfortable though this gr,sport with its 19-inch alloy wheels and,stiffer lower suspension than other,childs in the range still manages to,cope with potholes and uneven road,surfaces rather well,and then chrs fitted with smaller wheels,and not that stiff suspension or even,more comfortable still we did say at the,start that this car is part prius in its,attitude so when you want to be a,sensible hybrid driver you can benefit,from impressive fuel economy this model,should manage up to 54.3 miles per,gallon according to official figures the,slower 1.8 is slightly better still with,official fuel economy of up to 57.7,miles per gallon on the entry-level icon,model with its smaller wheels but given,that its so much more lethargic wed,recommend going for the 2-liter model if,you can stretch to it,other elements of the driving experience,are pretty good the steering is nice and,light which is useful for parking and,theres safety equipment as well,including lane keep assist automatic,emergency braking and on higher spec,models there is cross traffic alert,one downside of that funky styling is,rear visibility which can make reverse,parking awkward fortunately the standard,reversing camera is there to help you,out,[Music],in the end whether the chr is for you,depends on your priorities if youre,looking for an eye-catching suv that is,genuinely great fun to drive then it,should be top of your list however if,interior space is more important to you,then the serta tekker and the new nissan,qashqai both have more interior space so,really depends on what is the most,important thing for you,but what do you think should the chr win,a gold medal for looking good and being,fun to drive or do its compromises,relegated to being an also ran let us,know in the comments and if youre,considering buying a used toyota c-hr or,indeed any car head to cargos dot co dot,uk to find loads of great deals from top,rated dealers including approved used,examples

Toyota C-HR SUV in-depth review – Carbuyer

say the name Toyota and you immediately,think of a car that is reliable sturdy,and is well engineered,but apart from a few exceptions over the,years you wouldnt think of a Toyota as,being daring would you well you can now,because this is the traitor CH r as like,some of the very best designs youre,either going to love it or hate it,CHR stands the coop a high rider and,whilst it may look a little like in this,land Juke with its divisive look CHR is,larger and rivals the Miss Lang cache,guide if you think its just a car that,Toyota rav4 is a little ordinary CHR is,the antidote and dont think its a,weird Japanese designed irrelevant,because the CHR has been designed with,Europeans in mind because we Europeans,sometimes place design above anything,else this see a childs interiors like,no other Toyota in the model range so,theres some really funky design shapes,are particularly like this diamond,pattern thats on the doors its,repeated in switchgear here in the,headlining and in the lights up here,its really very funky in here I love,the way the dashboard wraps around the,driver in the quality in here is,particularly good theres lots of soft,touch plastic sauces around the cabin is,easily the best car to make for quality,there are some good storage places like,a couple of cup holders here theres a,place underneath the armrest the glove,box is large enough for a 1.5 liter,bottle of water and so are the door bins,one thing that really annoys me though,is the digital clock here now to a tree,insists on putting on every single model,they make and it looks so old-fashioned,it looks like something from a 1993,oculina its horrible,there are just three trim levels on,offer and all extremely while equipped,entry level icon gets an 8 inch,touchscreen a reversing camera dual zone,climate control and hold heat for safety,kit like pedestrian alert lane keep,assist traffic sign recognition,automatic high-beam lights and,adaptive cruise control so I am,reluctant door handle on this card its,a really nice design touch but lets,talk about the back seats close the door,getting in is partly straightforward,senses curve raised right eyes and when,youre back here is really to get,comfortable theres lots of knee room,that seat is set up in my position Im,sure theres a five foot ten and Ive,got lots of space Headroom is okay as,well with your over six foot youre,going to struggle Toyota have come up,with a device for that there you can put,your feet underneath the seat in front,of you giving yourself some extra,Headroom when you do that the space is,okay you can fit three people at a push,thanks to this virtually flat floor,getting across is quite straightforward,its pretty comfortable here again,Headroom is absolutely fine theres,easily reachable I six points and this,seat here and in this seat here but the,biggest problem this car has how,claustrophobic it feels back here thanks,to this black roof line and this small,window and its so high up,it feels very tight and claustrophobic,children in particular wont like it,back here round at the Groot the amount,of space on offer is equivalent to a,family hatchback rather than the more,conventional SUV like they say at a,checker lets load the car by suitcase,in and you can see you could probably,fit two of those in there once youve,gone over this quite high boot lip and,the drop into the boot floor you can,rent space larger with the 60/40 folding,rear seat and once youve done that you,can load those larger items in which is,a bit of a shame theres a step between,the back of the seat and the boot floor,and the fact theres no clever touches,back here theres no moveable boot floor,or underfloor boot storage its all very,straightforward under the sea a childs,gone its because theres just the,choice of a 1.2 liter turbo petrol or a,hybrid model that uses a 1.8 litre,petrol engine mated to an electric motor,[Music],however despite using the same petrol,engine and electric motor setup you find,in the Prius in the CHR Hybrid is no in,it as good,the electric motor feels very,disinclined to ever drive around in full,electric mode and when it does you,probably only got around one mile of,electric range happily this 1.2 turbo,petrol is better suited if youre a keen,driver very punchy and very smooth and,whilst it is a little bit coarse at high,revs for the most part is a very smooth,and refined engine its particularly,well suited to the 6-speed manual,gearbox and unusually the give of lips,itself when youre changing down adding,that little extra sporty feeling and,its pretty economical Toyota claims the,1.2 should return 47 mpg and we go,around 41 meanwhile for the hybrid 20,says 72 mpg is possible but in the real,world this will be considerably less if,you dont drive it carefully this 1.2,turbo is actually quite good fun to,drive the steering is light and accurate,the body doesnt roll around and despite,all of this the ride is pretty good as,well the driving sprint is a little,different in the hybrid models thanks to,the batteries adding some extra weight,the car feels a little bit more,ponderous to drive however Toyota is,realistic and says the hybrid will,appeal more to people who live in the,city rather than those who like to drive,with enthusiasm on country roads but,even the most ardent fan of hybrid,motoring will find it frustrating the,engine never really wants to travel in,evey mode and even gentle applications,of the throttle send the engine revs,soaring to a slushy the course drown so,far so good then but one thing I cannot,forgive to later is rear visibility that,pillar is so thick it makes parking,really very difficult,luckily person knows this and theres a,parking camera fitted on every single,model and on the mid trim and on the top,trim there is blind spot monitoring so,you dont pull out,in front of people on the motorway The,Tortoise CHR is a surprisingly good car,I love the concept car looks interior,looks good and it feels good and the 1.2,turbo version is actually good fun to,drive now if youre in the market for a,daringly design SUV then make sure you,watch our view – peugeot 3008 to the top,or SUV playlist at the bottom and dont,forget to hit our logo subscribe to our,Channel

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