1. The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Is a Shockingly Fast (and Efficient!) Crossover
  2. 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Ownership – Do We Still Like It & Whats Next?
  3. This Is BAD NEWS For Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Owners!
  4. Is The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime BETTER Than The Tesla Model Y? Its Closer Than You Might Think!
  5. 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime | Family Review
  6. 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime Review: Worth the wait – but not for everyone
  7. 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime IS the Best EV on the Market – No Compromises

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime Is a Shockingly Fast (and Efficient!) Crossover

this is the 2021 toyota rav4 prime and,its the second fastest car that toyota,sells let me repeat that this thing a,plug-in hybrid compact crossover is,toyotas second fastest vehicle it has,300 horsepower to 0-60 in 5.7 seconds,and it does a lot more than that too and,today im going to review the new rav4,prime and show you what i mean,before i get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my enthusiast,car auction website for buying and,selling cool cars from the modern era,weve had some great sales recently on,cars and bids including with tesla we,have sold many model s and model 3 and,model x and we have been very very,successful selling tesla models and of,course other,enthusiast-focused modern cars so if,youre looking to sell your tesla or,some other interesting or cool car from,the 1980s and up cars and bids is the,place to do it and cars and bids,listings are now on autotempest.com,auto tempest gives you all the listings,in one place and that includes cars and,bids check it out at auto tempest or,cars and bids dot com,so lets talk rav4 prime this is the,plug-in hybrid version of the rav4,compact crossover theres a standard,rav4 with a gasoline engine then theres,a rav4 hybrid with a traditional hybrid,engine and then theres this the rav4,prime which has a gas engine thats,supplemented by electric motors and a,plug-in hybrid capability this thing,will do about 40 miles of pure electric,driving before the gas engine kicks in,which makes it perfect for people with,shorter commutes they can be on pure,electric power all the time and save the,gas engine for longer trips but while,that usually sounds like a recipe for an,efficient practical but rather boring,car,this isnt that,the rav4 prime has a gasoline engine,with about 180 horsepower then it has,two additional electric motors that give,it a total of over 300 horsepower like i,said 0-60 in 5.7 seconds the second,fastest car toyota cells behind only the,six-cylinder supra this is faster than,the four-cylinder supra so you have a,mix with this car of efficiency and,surprisingly,performance-ness,and its on sale now the rav4 prime,starts at just under forty thousand,dollars it comes standard with all-wheel,drive and it has a lot of other stuff,too and today ill show you everything,first im going to take you on a tour of,the rav4 prime and show you all of its,interesting quirks and features then,ill get it out on the road and drive it,and then ill give it a dug score,all right im going to start the quirks,and features of the rav4 prime with,getting in and that means discussing the,key fob which has a rather interesting,quirk you look on the key 5 you see the,usual buttons lock unlock but theres,also one marked hold ac,if you press and hold that down it will,turn on the air conditioning system in,the car the benefit here is obvious if,you live in a very warm place texas,arizona you park the car in the sun you,can use that button to activate the air,conditioning before you get inside and,itll run for a few minutes before you,climb it and start the car thats pretty,cool unfortunately it doesnt work for,heat which would be a big benefit for,people in north and cold climates but,its still a really neat feature to have,and it can be very helpful in cooling,down the cabin on a hot day before you,get inside but anyway next up we get,into the rav4 prime there are some,interesting quirks and features in here,starting with the dials in this interior,they all have this like rubber side with,this bizarre pattern i guess this is how,toyota makes its cars interesting and,cool by putting strange patterns on the,climate control and volume dials that,pattern is repeated on all the dials in,this car rather unusual but the most,interesting dial is undoubtedly this one,in the center which is used to change,the drive mode and check out how it,works you turn it to the left for eco,and the top of the dial turns green very,subtle but it does you turn it to the,right for sport and the top of the dial,turns red,its a very cool looking dial you dont,get this dial changing colors on a lot,of exotic sports cars its crazy to see,it in a rav4 now if you want to go into,normal mode you push the top of the dial,then it turns sort of vaguely blue,but i just love playing with this dial,going from eco to sport and seeing it,change colors what a strange thing and a,cool one frankly but anyway next up,above that dial there are two buttons,worth mentioning the one on the left,says auto ev,hv you press that and then the car will,automatically decide whether it should,be in pure electric mode or hybrid mode,depending on whether its charged the,road conditions etc now the button to,the right of that says hvev charge hold,if you press that it will fix the car in,hybrid mode meaning the gasoline engine,will come on and it will help to charge,the electric motor while you drive,around thatll hold it in place so if,your electric motor is about to run out,you need more charge you can push that,button to make sure that it charges up,while you drive now the other,interesting button in this area below,the drive mode dial there is a button,marked trail,you push trail and then a rather vague,graphic of rocks shows up in your gauge,cluster screen you just see a few rocks,there nothing else measurably occurs,when that happens although toyota says,that putting the rav4 in trail mode,changes the stability control to make it,a little off-road focus but thats,pretty much it still you have a trail,button so you can brag to your,passengers about your rav4s off-roading,capabilities now next up also in this,vicinity you will notice that the,transmission has a manual mode you can,go pr and d but slide it over and you go,into sport mode and you can shift gears,up or down manually which is unusual in,the plug-in hybrid car also unusual this,car has paddle shifters on the steering,wheel plus and minus it is the second,fastest toyota so it makes sense to have,some of these performance things,although its a bit strange to use the,paddle shifters because this car doesnt,have a tachometer so youre shifting,with the paddle shifters and you can,kind of hear the engine but cars today,they try to engineer that out as much as,possible so youre just guessing a,little bit but you can shift with the,paddles if you want to do that probably,most people wont but anyway speaking of,the gauge cluster like i said no,tachometer but over on the left you have,a gauge that functions sort of similarly,to one it shows you like what youre,doing with the powertrain at any given,moment you can see on the top part it,says power the needle will go into that,range when youre really flooring it and,going fast you also have eco which i,guess the needle goes into that range,when youre driving economically and on,the bottom it says charge and the needle,will go there if youre actually,charging the electric motor with the,gasoline engine with the braking in this,car now over on the right standard,gauges you might expect one is a fuel,gauge pretty simple shows you how much,fuel you have left and in the bottom,right you have a battery gauge that lets,you know how much battery power you have,left all pretty simple but in the center,you have a little screen that shows a,lot of stuff in here,it shows for instance your electric,motors range available your gasoline,motors range available your current fuel,economy it also shows the gear youre in,your current odometer reading all of the,modes youre in the outside temperature,the current time and your speed in both,miles per hour and kilometers per hour,along with the speed limit frankly its,a lot of stuff,to put in that little screen and it,looks fairly complicated and quite busy,truthfully what toyota needs to do in,this area of the car is just make the,entire gauge cluster a screen like so,many other automakers have and that way,you can spread all of this stuff out a,little bit more and the center of this,screen area wont look so busy because,rig

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Ownership – Do We Still Like It & Whats Next?

you hear that noise,that electronic whirring noise is,probably going to become federally,mandated in the next year or so because,there are so many electrified plug-in,hybrid and full electric vehicles coming,to america,in the next couple years i should know,this is actually my personal vehicle,that i bought,right after thanksgiving last year in,november 2020 this is a 2021,toyota rav4 prime as you guys know i,owned a tesla before it,before this and for my next long-term,vehicle i decided i wanted something a,little bit more conventional looking so,after nearly,five months of ownership and roughly,around 1 600 miles i thought i wanted to,do a quick follow-up video to talk about,what the ownership experience has been,like if the toyota rav4 prime is truly,worth all the hype,and where toyota is going to go in the,future as well as myself so stay tuned,for all that,[Music],so a couple of quick reminders in case,you guys have never heard of the,rav4 prime remember this is designed to,sit at the very tippy top,of the rav4 hierarchy its their plug-in,hybrid version,essentially it takes the regular rav4,hybrid it gives us an,even stronger electric motor it comes,sooner with all-wheel drive it has a,total of three electric motors and of,course a two and a half liter,gas engine for a total combined output,of 302 horsepower this is technically,the quickest accelerating toyota vehicle,that the company actually makes sure you,could also say the supras faster,but lets be honest here the toyota,supra is built by bmw,in austria its not technically a toyota,by its drivetrain while this,is now i took deliver this car like i,said back in november,and i have to say its been a car that a,lot of people have been really surprised,to hear me actually say that i purchased,because it probably is completely,different versus any other vehicle that,i bought i came from,a tesla model 3 performance and a,porsche cayman gts those are my two,other vehicles,before i sold both and decided to get,this but i have to admit the rav4,is certainly an enticing vehicle and as,i continue to get older,i can see exactly why so many people are,just scrambling to get one of these and,toyota is having a tough time with,keeping up with demand,now that strong demand is exactly the,reason why toyota dealers are having,trouble keeping these in stock in fact,toyota said,for the first year of production this,was all pre-covered they were supposed,to build roughly 5 000 of these in their,first year,and then for 2021 and so forth toyota,was going to do around,20 000 units well uh completely last,year toyota managed to sell around 3 200,units and then in their first quarter,theyve done like another 1 600 units in,the,q1 of 2021 so in total the company has,moved,a little under 6 000 units total they,say that production of these are,continued,to be ramped up however theres been,like a chip shortage,um so especially those of you who want,this particular model here which is the,xse version,with the premium package this has all,the bells and whistles ive been seeing,a lot of consumers report that dealers,are charging anywhere between,a couple thousand over msrb to as much,as 10 000,over msrp so this is still a very hot,vehicle and its pretty easy to see why,with 302 horsepower 0-16,5.7 seconds and an epa estimated 42,miles of range,electric only range this is probably the,perfect middle ground for somebody who,has been used to a gas vehicle but wants,to transition over to an electric,electrified vehicle but doesnt,necessarily want to make the full switch,to where you at least,have a gas engine to come in to back you,up because this car,when it has a full tank and a full,charge will go a maximum,of 550 miles and theres no full,electric car,that can do that kind of range just yet,now the beauty about the rav4 prime is,nobody really knows that youre driving,a special version of the rav4 by looking,it on the outside i mean yes we have,special wheels,a special front and rear bumper theres,a plug-in hybrid badge on the back and a,prime badge on the back,but really im coming over to the,passenger side here because this is,really where youre going to have,your first clue if you guys arent,looking for the badges on the drivers,side you have of course,a fuel tank uh where you have your,nozzle to fill up the gas on the,passenger side,theres an identical looking door which,to be honest i wish,toyota had made this door a little bit,more high-tech looking i dont like how,its basically a manual door it looks,like a fuel gauge but this is where,youll find the j1772,plug to charge this vehicle remember the,primes do not have a dc fast charging,port you dont really need it because,the battery size is only,18.1 kilowatt hours toyota says,basically,on a level one charger which is the,standard charger that the car comes with,youre going to spend roughly 12 hours,to fully charge this vehicle from,empty to full now at my home i actually,upgraded to a charge point level two,charger and i had a,nema 1450 plug installed at my house,which did significantly increase the,charge times,which reduces it from 12 hours to four,and a half hours if you guys have just a,regular,rav4 prime if you guys go for this model,here with the premium package toyota,says thatll cut that down to around two,and a half hours because i have the,faster,6.6 kilowatt hour onboard charger which,again,makes this a lot easier to fully charge,overnight or just in a couple hours as,opposed to having to spend,12 hours on a plug now i do want to,mention that even though the epa rates,this thing at 42 miles,i drove this car for most of the time,when it was cold because i took delivery,of it right,before winter time and in that time it,was getting roughly around 39 miles on a,full charge,in freezing cold temperatures we had a,pretty cold winter here in pennsylvania,where we had a foot of snow almost every,month during the winter months now that,we are finally in the warmer months so,im well,welcoming spring um the most that ive,seen right now is around 48 miles on a,full charge ive seen some owners go up,to around 60 miles as much as 60 miles,on a full charge,so toyota is obviously conservative with,the range of this vehicle and theyre,also limiting the actual full battery,capacity usage,its rated at 18.1 kilowatt hours but,really you can only fully charge this,vehicle,to around 15 kilowatt hours because,theyre trying to preserve,the battery life now ive had the,opportunity to test a lot of other,plug-in hybrid vehicles especially suvs,including a lot of the luxury brands and,im pretty happy to say that the rav4,prime is better than every one of those,vehicles im talking about cars even,like the bmw,x3 plug-in the audi q5 plug-in,the i havent tested the mercedes-benz,glc plug-in but the beauty about the,rav4 prime is that you get basically,this large battery pack which lines up,the floor,but you dont actually lose anything in,the cargo capacity not by much just,maybe like,five cubic feet or so with the seats up,you still got around 29 cubic feet fold,them down and you get around,69 cubic feet of space that is still,plentiful,and it only reduces the space like i,said earlier compared to the gas model,by about five,cubic feet now last summer when i first,drove the rav4 prime when toyota sent me,the car,for a two-day loan at my home i probably,told you that i wanted to primarily,drive the car in hybrid mode because,thats where you get the full 302,horsepower however,after owning the car for a few months,im realizing quickly that the beauty,about the rav4 prime is being able to,charge it up,and drive it in just pure electric only,mode because this car,has plenty of horsepower and torque in,just its ev mode even though its not as,fast 0-60,i find it much more satisfying to not,use an ounce of fuel in fact in the five,months that ive owned this car,ive actually had to fill it up once in,the 600 miles that ive put in it,because,most of the times i just plug it in at,home it goes 4

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This Is BAD NEWS For Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Owners!

thank you this is bad news for Toyota RAV4  Hybrid owners usually a Toyota RAV4 is a safe  ,bet honestly its one of the finest SUVs the  problem is not every type of driver is a good  ,fit for every SUV Toyota RAV4 owners have a lot  of Praise but they also have to acknowledge some  ,annoyances as well the Toyota RAV4 is one  of the most popular sport utility vehicles  ,in the United States over the past few years  sales have exceeded 100 000 units which is a  ,great number but a peculiar malfunction started  creating problems for vehicle owners so what is  ,that odd problem well lets talk it all out here  at Tech addicts since its introduction in 1994  ,the Toyota RAV4 has consistently been among the  best-selling automobiles in America to compete  ,more effectively in the compact crossover SUV  Market Toyota updated the RAV4 extensively  ,for the year 2022 however Toyota has a proven  product thats durable herbal dependable and easy  ,to maintain so the RAV4 can rest easy the Toyota  emblem highlighted in blue to signify the hybrid  ,powertrain is prominently displayed in the middle  of the Grille and theres also a forward-facing  ,camera in addition the permitted Wheels have  a new design and are 18 inches in diameter so  ,the sights are both efficient and comfortable to  ride on the RAV4 is a rough appearance thanks to  ,the gloss black cladding that spans its full  width both the side mirrors and the top of  ,the car are black the two-tone paint job on the  RAV4 is a classy touch the back end is neat the  ,vehicles trim level and hybrid status are badged  on the lower fascia beside a little roof spoiler  ,two silver exhaust tips with dual Outlets are  included besides all this the 9-inch touchscreen  ,that replaced the old 5-inch device in the rav4s  interior is the most notable modification it has  ,several additional features including navigation  entertainment and others the 2022 Toyota RAV4 is  ,an upbeat and technologically advanced Sub-Compact  crossover Toyota RAV4 non-hybrid models havent  ,always been favored by Consumer Report testers  when it comes to the vehicles performance what  ,are some of the issues that have prompted owners  to alter their minds road conditions are the  ,primary factor that contributes to corrosion  as of 2019 the location of the connector that  ,is used to connect the cable to the motor for  the rear wheel creates an environment that is  ,conducive to the collection of dirt and moisture  its a circuit that must be fully separated from  ,the rest of the car for it to operate effectively  explain Sasha LaRue the proprietor of the arleco  ,Generation 3 garage to Radio Canada it is a  circuit that can only work properly if its  ,entirely disconnected to make it easier for water  and debris to escape Toyota updated the component  ,in the middle of the year 2021. however after  examining several automobiles Sasha LaRue has  ,concluded that the newly designed product does not  produce the desired outcomes my observations have  ,shown that this is not sufficient on its own since  it continues to accumulate calcium and grime even  ,still the rusting can be found as it says the  United States branch of Toyota had their first  ,suspicions about corrosion problems but the high  voltage wire as early as October 2020. in Canada  ,the Proto called for detecting corrosion replacing  damaged cables and building customers who were no  ,longer covered by the manufacturers warranty  was distributed to Toyota Canadas dealers in  ,March of the previous year The Prompt if youre  still covered by the warranty when a corrosion  ,problems identified by a Toyota dealer the company  will repair the cable at no additional cost but  ,only if the car is less than three years old or  has fewer than 60 000 kilometers on the odometer  ,which is about 37 200 miles according to the  association for the protection of motorists  ,other drivers should not even consider doing this  the component that we are discussing is designed  ,to survive for the duration of the vehicles  typical lifespan if it was not designed to be  ,able to endure the circumstances of our roads  then Toyota needs to accept responsibility for  ,it today a statement made by George eeney director  for the APA after the expiration of the warranty  ,the price of the component is 4000 five hundred  dollars plus labor cost in certain instances the  ,whole cost is more than six thousand dollars the  APA has been given many complaints the pricing  ,is absurdly inflated George any contends that  for that amount one could get a whole engine  ,from several different manufacturers in addition  to this there are issues about the provision of  ,the portion according to several testimonies  the time it takes to receive a replacement  ,cable might range anywhere from several weeks  to several months the 2019 RAV4 hybrid is the  ,vehicle that belongs to Jean Thomas Landry when  his dealer estimated that the cost of repairing  ,his cable would be approximately six thousand  dollars he decided to go ahead and replace it  ,as he was unhappy with the service he complained  to Toyota Canada the car manufacturer proposed to  ,pay two-thirds of the amount on the condition that  the case would be permanently closed and that the  ,details of the deal would not be made public Jean  Thomas turned down the secret offer and decided  ,to inform the world about the situation instead  by establishing a Facebook group because I had  ,signed the agreement I was unable to sue them its  absurd that Toyota treats its customers in such a  ,manner I simply sit here and wait for someone to  call me back and when they do they switch the room  ,for everyone Radio Canada cited John Thomas Landry  as of right now there are more than 3 200 people a  ,part of the Facebook group Hugo Sebastian Auber a  person who once owned a RAV4 hybrid has agreed to  ,lend a hand to Sean Thomas and the administration  of this page people are oblivious to the fact that  ,Toyota is unable to find a solution to the issue  the product has received praise in every region of  ,the world the management should now be on the same  level as everyone else says Hugo Sebastian a bear  ,the media interventions were Cooperative effort  by Jean Thomas and Hugo Sebastian newspapers  ,radio and other specialized broadcasts the cable  problem is so well publicized that it even has a  ,hashtag cablegate georgini who works for the APA  is impressed by the magnitude of the mobilization  ,he stated a Radio Canada that people who drive  Toyota RAV4 automobiles are highly passionate  ,about their Hobbies a good number of them get  the component checked out before the end of their  ,warranty and they make an effort to safeguard  their legal standing to the greatest extent  ,feasible members of the Facebook group have  been waiting for months in the hopes that the  ,automobile manufacturer would make a significant  statement on a solution that is relevant to  ,everyone theres been no announcement made as of  yet a straightforward warranty extension would  ,alleviate a great deal of stress for the majority  of RAV4 hybrid and Prime owners the hybrid system  ,components already have a guarantee that lasts  for eight years or 160 000 kilometers which is  ,significantly longer than the standard guarantee  that lasts for only three years or sixty thousand  ,kilometers the APA a claims contrary to basic  common sense that the high voltage cable is not  ,one of the components of the hybrid system  georgeni thinks that Toyota Canada needs to  ,update its legalese and Encompass the cable within  the scope of the guarantee in addition to this  ,it requested the company compensate consumers who  have previously upgraded their high voltage cable  ,but were no longer covered by the manufacturers  guarantee in addition the APA suggests that Toyota  ,Canada apply lubricant to wires that are still  in excellent condition or place a sleeve over  ,them no matter what strategies ar

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Is The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime BETTER Than The Tesla Model Y? Its Closer Than You Might Think!

ladies and gentlemen in this video were,going to be comparing,the most interesting dare i say the most,important toyota of the last,even decade i would go and thats,because we have a direct comparison,between two very interesting cars i know,what youre thinking its not the toyota,supra its right here its the toyota,rav4,but this one is special because this is,the most buzzworthy new toyota out there,its the rav4 prime which means its a,plug-in hybrid yep it can go on,electricity only and thats why we have,it next to this the tesla model y,which at least price wise is a direct,competitor all right not this one this,is the performance but if you have the,regular y and tommy lets talk numbers,you seem to be deep in thought im very,skeptical here because i was a little on,the fence of doing this video basically,what we have is a luxury vehicle yep,were comparing it to toyota yep this,one has a gasoline engine yep were,comparing it to an eevee this one has a,motor and an engine thats true,but heres why i was skeptical because,price-wise i thought no way in heck,would they even come close to competing,until i started configuring them yep,this one as you see at the toyota almost,50 grand,the model y starts at almost 50 grand,still kind of on the fence about doing,this video and then i read the comments,and we had like 100 people that wanted,us to compare them so,thats what were doing today should you,buy the fully electric model y,or the rav4 prime now ill get to the,numbers okay lets talk about them,really quick uh this is a performance y,so this is a little bit skewed yeah 63,grand for this one but they start at,under 50.,the toyota is the rav4 prime xse,has an msrp of forty nine thousand six,hundred dollars so,price wise they can compete now lets,talk about performance its an important,one yeah performance wise um,uh they dont compete because lets,start with range so whats the range on,the toyota with the gasoline and,electric motor the epa says get this,600 miles how about on the,tesla model,why well with the small wheels its,about 316. yep this one is about 291 so,were talking half the range in the y,yeah so at least range-wise they dont,compete um how about all,electricity-wise uh how far will this,one go using just electricity in other,words whats the battery size yeah so,the toyota is rated at,42 miles according to the epa of full,electric,operation before it kicks on the,gasoline engine yep and then when it,kicks on the gasoline engine engine,thats how you get the 600 miles right,when you combine the electric and the,gasoline this one like i said about 291,efficiency wise so get this so the,teslas rated this one with the big,wheels 111,mpg equivalent,this one on electricity 94. so a lot,less efficient so youre probably,thinking ah well the teslas better ah,but for a lot of people the toyota might,be the better purchase now lets kind of,dive into the toy a little bit right,yeah before i let you do that let me,kind of talk about how theyre also very,similar before you think were,completely crazy they are both,crossovers in other words they both have,a lot of space theyre both tall cars,they are both all-wheel drive uh so,theyre similar in that regard theyre,both red theyre both red,they both cost about the same and heres,one thats actually also true theyre,both really kind of tricky to get uh the,model y for a long time was almost,impossible to get and toyota so far is,only committed to building 5 000. thats,insane uh of the primes uh and so,unless you already have your name down,for one for this year youre not gonna,get one all right let me show you under,the hood so this looks like a pretty,standard rav4 2.5 liter four-cylinder,gasoline engine,uh but,when you make this gasoline engine with,several electric motors thats where you,get,the rav4 primes party trick because,come back here to the rear of the,vehicle,i just cant believe this this rav4 zero,to 60 in the six second range horsepower,302,302 horsepower to rav4 and thats,because,of this baby right here now this is the,plug and the way a plug-in hybrid works,is you can charge this puppy up at night,wake up in the morning with 42 miles of,full electric range or you never have to,drive it you never have to plug it in at,all and just drive it around like a,normal hybrid and when you drive it,around as a normal hybrid toyota will,will tell you that it will still do 0 to,60 in that same 6 second range because,the car is smart enough to always keep a,reserve in the battery and then fill,back up to that reserve if you start to,drain it so,its a pretty versatile platform and the,other cool thing is,like we said if you dont want to plug,it in at all just come over here,well i gotta pop it,uh where does toyota put the fuel here,we go,damn check this out,good old-fashioned dino juice can go on,that puppy and then youre looking at uh,just a normal car you can drive now,charging is an interesting story with,the rav4 prime right so,no fast charging nope which means that,itll take a while to charge now the,standard rav4 prime has about a 3.3,kilowatt onboard charger,its very slow uh even at 240 volts,thats gonna take you six some hours,right yeah,it depends uh you know how,how so i drove it all weekend uh and i,just plugged it into the regular wall,outlet after i completely deleted the,deplete of the battery yeah so long like,12 hours 12 hours yeah but this one is,the xse its the top trim so this one,has a 6.6 kilowatt onboard charger which,will charge the 18,the 18 kilowatt hour battery in like,three hours two and a half three and a,half hours yeah yeah so so thats better,um should we hop inside and shoot,interior yeah why dont you hop inside,and show the interior um,and now close the hood would you yeah,hop in and show them the interior,because it is interesting it is,interesting,first of all,sticker wise right oh man everythings,falling out,heres the sticker,49,hundred and sixty one dollars so almost,50 grand for a rav4 seems like a lot,until you look at,the amount of tech that you get in here,so uh not only do you have this large,touchscreen display that is prominently,featured in the center of the dash here,you of course have apple carplay youve,got navigation um by the way the tesla,doesnt have apple car play uh bluetooth,connectivity a volume knob another thing,that tesla doesnt have uh a tune knob,the steering wheel,no the steering wheel does not even,count at the steering wheel volume and,two knobs the rav4 has the tesla doesnt,the rav4 also has knobs for the climate,control what a concept i can go uh and,and select the climate control just by,not even looking at it i love the knobs,in this and,this also has heated and ventilated,seats,the tesla does not have ventilated seats,the tesla also doesnt have a heated,steering wheel this has a heated,steering wheel,drive modes as well eco sport normal and,trail and then we get to the kind of the,confusing part which are these buttons i,dont think toyota has executed this,very well but look at these,hieroglyphics youve got auto ev hv ev,hv charge hold the car tells you when,its an ev it tells you when its in ev,mode which believe it or not is two,separate displays on here because you,can be an ev but be in hybrid vehicle,mode its just kind of a mess i just,need a button that says ev and a button,that says hybrid and that would be,enough,for my liking the auto evhv thing it,makes sense to me i could spend the rest,of my life explaining it to you but,for non-car people just an evhv button,would be better hp for hybrid vehicle,seats leather upholstery very,comfortable very comfortable seats super,usable i also like the leather across,the dash so if you get past the toyota,badge here,basically alexis panoramic sunroof check,this out ian,open that baby up,look at that two panes of glass,and the other thing too is everything,so well made,all the materials are just tight as a,drum all the switch gear is beautifully,crafted exterior panels the 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2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime | Family Review

[Music],were driving a 2022 toyota rav4 prime,coming up evie is going to show you why,the most efficient of rav4s is also the,most fun but first information explosion,[Music],the toyota rav4 is a compact suv and,its actually the best-selling compact,suv in america right now among rav4s the,most popular version it could be argued,is this the prime its the plug-in,hybrid version in fact weve got a,friend who put an order in on one and,she was told it would be somewhere,between eight months to two years until,her rav4 prime arrived hey,i know lets begin with interior,to me the vibe of the interior is mostly,functionality like it has these,big,utilitarian knobs with this grippy,material,really grippy door handle i would say,those are the grippiest door handles in,the business yeah youre absolutely,right there is a lot of function here at,the little dash storage area there and,theres one over here on my drivers,side as well despite being a compact suv,its so spacious in here seated behind,myself my goodness my knee clearance is,at um substantial incredible head room,the rear seats do recline not a ton of,recline and its a little bit awkward to,reach the lever to recline them but you,can get them into a recline position if,you want and then that middle position i,like it because um where your feet go,where that center hump is is a very wide,platform so if youre stuck there you do,know where to put your feet and its a,relatively um comfortable place hey,kiddo uh how do you find getting in and,out of this car its really easy um,[Music],not that youre a six-year-old youre a,mature seven-year-old but if somebody,younger say a six-year-old were to try,and get in here they could probably get,in you think,oh and i got a question for you how do,you like the smell,not too bad is pretty good praise for,our kiddo she does not like new car,smell and it tears me up inside,acting very good deer,i should mention that the climate,controls are truly idiot proof um the,buttons all around here are all pretty,logically laid out one little complaint,is over here by my knee theres a bunch,of buttons that you kind of cant see,unless youre specifically leaning out,past the steering wheel overall its a,its a again very functional space over,the years i have praised toyota for,their seats the fact that they tend to,be pressure point free and im noticing,the same thing here i think these seats,are are really comfortable what about,getting uh the car seat in and out there,are no covers or labels for the latch,points but that doesnt matter because,you can see them it was really easy to,install the car seat another detail that,is really nice for those in back rear,vents are standard so now if youre,sitting in the back of a rav4 you will,get cooled or warmed as the season,demands,thats what that looks like,as for cargo space in the back of our,rav4 prime we have 33.4 cubic feet which,is actually a little less than the was,it 37.5 that comes in a standard,non-hybrid rav4 but still plenty of,space to work back there i do like,vehicles that have easy releases from,the cargo area in the rav4 prime here,you really have to lean way up to the,top of the rear seat back to flip them,forward but overall its a its a,functional space man i am using the word,functional so many times in this video,im tempted to add a tally for the word,functional in the video no no no no,thats way too much work for the video,editor which is why im tempted to do it,but i will not because i love you yay,thats what love looks like when youve,been married for 22 years,as for safety the toyota rav4 is a,five-star overall rated vehicle from the,nhtsa it is an iihs top safety pick plus,it includes eight airbags standard it,also includes a standard toyota sensing,suite of active driver assist that,includes land keeping assist automatic,emergency braking with pedestrian,detection and it also includes full,speed dynamic cruise control assuming,youre still conscious after all those,words i just had what do you think is,the toyota rav4 family friendly family,friendly yeah very family friendly rear,window test,[Music],but all the way down,arm rest test im here in a comfortable,eight and four and a standard complaint,i wish the armrest were a little bit,further inboard for an easier perch but,i can make it work its a little bit,firm and under padded on the outboard,but very soft on the inboard im gonna,go,50 on the outboard and lets say 75 on,the inboard hey,have you subscribed to our channel if,you would like to see more videos like,this where we review cars as a family,plus the occasional helicopter adventure,feel free to subscribe style let me very,quickly thank the sponsor for todays,video flying eyes oh thats the wrong,way flying eye sunglasses these are the,matte black kestrels thats their,aviator style frame with the mirrored,rose lenses and this is the one i wear,almost all the time when im flying in,the helicopter they are so durable,theyre made out of this stuff called,brazilia my that makes them very very,bendable and,they just look great and they feel great,theyre incredibly lightweight and i,love wearing them in my daily life or,when im doing things like flying,sweetie wears her ophthalmic line they,have her prescription in there for her,bad eyes and they also come with these,removable magnetic tinted lenses so they,double as sunglasses if youre ready to,upgrade to aviation grade eyewear click,the link in the description below use,the promo code mica for ten percent off,tell them i can send you or maybe evie,or maybe kiddo flying guys,[Music],when i look at the rav4 i think theres,a compact suv made by toyota it doesnt,really like punch me in the face with,style and perhaps thats coming off of,the kia sportage we reviewed recently,every inch of that vehicle is styled to,me the rav4 looks a little bit more,restrained but i find it handsome what,do you think about it i would like to,see it in another color like maybe that,supersonic red with the contrasting,black roof,because then you would get to notice the,bits of black trim like around the,wheels and the back bumper and i think,that would just give it a little more,flare theres that blue flame color that,they also have for the corolla that ive,seen for the rav4 that i think looks,super sassy wait is that available on,the rav4 if its not it should be,run a little squirrel run no no no not,away,i think this girl was so distracted by,the style of the rav4 that what do you,guys think do you like or do you dislike,the look of the toyota rav4 tell us in,the comments if youd like to see what,were doing between youtube videos you,can give us a follow over on instagram,in motion,[Music],on the long freeway commute to driving,this thing back to our mountain,community i noted that interior noise is,maybe a little bit louder than i would,prefer,ride quality is fine same thing with the,steering im not getting a ton of driver,engagement here and information but uh,it goes in a predictable way left and,right so what i think is really,interesting about the rav4 prime is the,powertrain theres so much complexity,happening here youve got a motor in the,back you got a motor in the front you,got the gasoline engine and they all,just kind of merge together sensibly you,dont really even think about it unless,you floor it youll hear that engine,racing a little bit but it just kind of,does its thing and then rewards you with,42 miles of electric range and,exceptional fuel economy and i really,like that the less i have to think the,better that is a nice natural segue into,drive mode so if you go over here youve,got um actually a bunch of kind of,confusing buttons you can go eco mode,which i never will you can do sport mode,if youre living your life one quarter,mile at a time and normal if youre lazy,ill leave it in normal theres also a,trail mode here that tries to mitigate,wheel spin if youre driving on slippery,surfaces the rav4 isnt really an,off-roader per se but if youre doing,light tr

2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime Review: Worth the wait – but not for everyone

theres something oxymoronic or at the,very least ironic about a rare rav4 but,thats exactly what youre looking at,here because if you havent followed,along since this plug-in hybrid version,came out a few short years ago youll,know demand has been high and supply has,been tight which means you might have a,hard time getting your hands on one so,is it worth the wait im still inclined,to say yes although i hate to be the,bearer of bad news but its probably not,worth it for all of you out there,for more expert car reviews dont forget,to share our channel and subscribe so,you can catch some of this,and maybe even a little of that,hey you looking for a great place to,work then why not come work with me at,auto trader that is right it is a great,place to work and its not just me,saying that take a look great place to,work certified two years in a row so,look us up where all those job postings,are see whats out there lots of cool,roles opening up anyways now that hr got,what it wants im going to give you what,you want and thats the deets on this,rav4 and i do want to get into something,thats kind of significant because,earlier this year the federal government,expanded the isev rebate the zero,emission vehicle rebate used to cap out,at 2500 bucks on a plug-in hybrid well,now it gets the full five thousand,dollars if its got more than 50,kilometers of electric range which is,the case with this rav4 prime so it,qualifies for the full 5 000 rebate on a,purchase or four year lease which is,significant but this thing is still very,expensive especially compared to the,conventional version and thats not the,case with the ford escape hybrid versus,plug-in hybrid or the hyundai tucson the,tucsons actually a really good example,of that because its a 4600 dollar,premium to get the plug-in hybrid,powertrain so that federal rebate covers,the whole thing and then some whereas,this its still very expensive this xse,with the tech pack that im driving its,about 59,500 before tax in a comparable version,with just the regular hybrid powertrain,its about 47 grand so even with the,full incentive applied this is still 7,500,more,so if you skip the tech pack youre,looking at about 54,500 before tax for the xse trim so 49.5,with the rebate applied and then its,about 48 grand for the se trim that is,the base version of the plug-in hybrid,so 43 000,with the incentive applied all of those,are still more expensive than their,conventional hybrid counterparts its,quite a bit of money thats what i run,into at least one of the problems i have,with this plug-in hybrid it is a big,premium yes you are getting dedicated,electric driving range but thats a lot,of money,now the biggest thing you are getting,with this plug-in hybrid powertrain is,the 68 kilometers of dedicated electric,range that toyota claims that might not,seem like much but if you put any stock,into those studies about average commute,times in canada youll know,it can cover that without a problem if,it cant cover your commute well the,good thing is its got that ultra,efficient gas electric powertrain thats,just as efficient as the conventional,hybrid and thats not always the case if,you guys remember i reviewed the kia,sorento plug-in hybrid not too long ago,great vehicle but one big problem i had,with it once the battery was drained,wasnt all that efficient especially not,compared to the conventional hybrid and,thats why i said if youre looking at,that thing and youre not plugging it in,regularly you may as well get the,regular hybrid instead the same applies,here but for different reasons the big,one being the slow charging times now,every rav4 prime in canada comes with,the onboard 6.6 kilowatt charger in the,us theres a 3.3 kilowatt and the 6.6 is,optional but we get the higher capacity,charger but even then it takes quite a,bit of time to juice this thing up on a,level two charger i plugged it in the,other day it was about three and a half,hours to charge this 18.1 kilowatt hour,battery pack but if you take a look at,the hyundai tucson plug-in hybrid it,takes a little less than two hours to,charge and that is a big deal because it,means you can charge it up at a public,charging station when youre doing the,groceries or going out to the mall,anything like that going to a movie well,over three hours youre not going to,want to sit there and wait and if you,dont have access to charging at home,that is where youre going to run into,your biggest issue if youre anything,like me and you live in the city and,your building doesnt have charging,guess what,youre out of luck and thats the case,not just for building dwellers but if,you only have on-street parking theres,no way for you to charge at home its,just not possible its not a matter of,you not installing a level 2 charger,its that you physically cant and that,means you cant take advantage of this,thing the way it was designed to be,driven i really do have to say that does,disappoint me because this thing is so,ideally suited for city life for people,like me maybe youve only got room for,one vehicle in your household this,things got great dimensions both the,space inside and for navigating city,streets tight parking lots all of that,kind of stuff but then having that,electric range that means you can do,most things around the city without,burning a drop of gas but then you have,the gas electric hybrid power train that,means no range anxiety when you go to,take that road trip it is so perfect for,city life in so many ways but theres,just that one big problem with those,long charging times,something the rav4 has been great at for,a long time is giving you more room than,its footprint might suggest and not much,has changed with this plug-in hybrid,version just take a look tons of space,id even go as far as saying the spec,sheet not quite correct because with,this panoramic sunroof there is a ton of,headroom and thats not something i,could say with the regular sunroof up,front second row,tons of space battery pack under the,back seat but you can see theres still,lots of room doors they open fairly wide,so it shouldnt be too hard to help a,kid in and out of a child seat and,something else i love is that the doors,drop all the way to the bottoms of the,rockers which mean you arent going to,get road grime on your pant legs getting,in and out,technically theres a little bit less,cargo room here than you get in the,regular gas version or the conventional,hybrid theres 950 liters so 100 less,but that is not a discernible difference,honestly even when you park them side by,side youre not really going to notice,where that space went its really nice,to see how well used this footprint is,okay so i mentioned that battery pack,and again its an 18.1 kilowatt hour,lithium-ion battery and if you take a,look at the conventional hybrid its,only like a 1.6 kilowatt hour battery,pack so it is significantly larger but,the cool thing is its in that same spot,under the back seats and it does not cut,into room at all and then i talked about,charging times earlier i talked about,that on-board charger but about that,range now like i said officially this,thing is good for 68 kilometers of range,but ive seen it up in the mid 70s both,times i have drained that battery this,week that has been awesome no its not a,big jump over the official numbers but,its always nice to get that little bit,more out of it and its not hard to do,either the other cool thing is lots of,different ways to use this powertrain to,its full potential now something that,bothers me the default is to use the,battery first and i know a lot of you,out there are going to say dan who cares,you know who cares me and ill tell you,why because lets say you live out of,town,you want to use up the gas and electric,engines together because its a little,bit more efficient electricity its not,so great out on the highway it burns at,a quicker rate whereas around town not,so much and you can use the regenerative,braking so in order to do that you have,t

2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime IS the Best EV on the Market – No Compromises

welcome to everyday reviews this is the,2022 toyota rav4 not just any normal,rav4 this is the prime and today im,going to tell you why i think this is,the best ev that you can buy,[Music],before i tell you why i think this is,the best ev on the market lets just,talk a little bit more about this,particular model that we have in the,driveway this is the xse all-wheel drive,uh version there is one package you can,get and thats the technology package,well talk about more of what you get,with that when you we get inside but,this is the supersonic red color thats,an additional 795 canadian dollars i,think it looks really good and that,comes with the black top so you get the,two-tone paint and im telling you this,week is the weather has been all over,the place weve had a lot of rain and,stuff this color actually,looks clean even when its dirty its,actually a pretty good color for that,plus it looks pretty sporty with all the,black trim that you get here with the,grill and on the bottom valence you have,that nice accent with the silver there,you also get standard led projector,headlamps,you get these vertical,led accent lights that makes it stand,apart a little bit and you get standard,led tail lights as well on the side we,have 19 inch wheels on this and if you,look at it other than you get the,plug-in hybrid badging you get the prime,badging in the back and of course there,is an extra,charge port,on this plug-in it pretty well its its,no different than a regular rav4 which,is really really nice in the rear the,two-tone theme continues you have a,black bumper you have dual exhaust and a,standard power liftgate now if you go,for the technology package you do get,the hands-free option as well but once,its opened as you can see,there really is no compromise with the,prime even though its a plug-in you get,all the utility as you would of a,regular rav4 so lets head inside and,take it for drive okay lets take a look,at the inside which is very very,functional by the way we have done a,full review of the new rav4 prime so,make sure if you havent watched that go,and do a search or click on the link in,the video description that ill put,there so,no frills easy to use interior this xse,comes with soft text and cloth heated,seats you also get a leather wrapped,heated steering wheel we have a seven,inch drivers display in the middle,behind the steering wheel a nine inch,infotainment system it comes with apple,carplay and android auto you get a,backup camera if you want the birds eye,view camera though youre going to have,to go in to the tech package and that,tech package also includes things like,a premium jbl audio system you got a,head-up display you get ventilated seats,you also get navigation and you get a,full length panoramic,roof this has the power sunroof but its,not as big as the panel roof there lots,of good storage in the rav4 you got the,middle storage couple cup holders five,usbs you also get a little shelf in,front of the passenger and of course in,the rear room for three a small little,hump but weve had no issue with the,family in here at all this one does have,the electronic mirror,which which is kind of odd because this,comes with the technology package yet,this doesnt have the tech package so,maybe theres some sort of anomaly there,in the packaging of this particular one,so lets go for a,drive sexy right back can you feel that,torque,obviously you cant because youre not,driving so youll have to take my word,for it but plenty of torque and plenty,of horsepower in this new prime in fact,this is the second quickest vehicle in,the toyota lineup uh beside the toyota,supra,probably gonna be number three soon when,that new gr corolla comes out,but,it is plenty of quick youre doing a,0-100k in the 5-second range its a,couple seconds faster than than any,other of the toyota rav4s for sure so,you get a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine,and thats matched to a plug-in hybrid,system so you have a much larger battery,than you would get in a regular rav4,hybrid and then you also get high output,electric motors one in the front one on,the rear comes standard with all-wheel,drive so you dont even need a driveline,its electronic for that all-wheel drive,system uh total horsepower 302,horsepower and range-wise now this is,where it gets super good,you can drive this like a full ev so,youre driving an electric car,really a really electric car for,up to,get this some you know its its,changing depending on my driving style,ive gotten over 70 kilometers of range,on electric only okay so that is super,impressive and when i say electric only,one big difference between this and,other phevs that weve recently tested,for instance weve tested the the kia,sorento and the hyundai tucson and santa,fe all phevs and in that system,what really really bugs me is that if,its cold out it needs that internal,combustion engine or ice,to,operate the heating and cooling system,and so even if youre in straight ev,mode because there are different modes,that you can put in this one defaults to,ev mode if youre in ev mode,with those ones hey if its cold out and,you turn that heat up,its going to turn on that gas engine or,if you put a lot of load in it like you,know put your foot to the floor on this,one here that to the floor,it didnt kick on the gas engine and,thats what i absolutely love because,when that gas engine kicks on on those,other phevs,it basically ruins your fuel economy if,youre doing a lot of short trips our,driving style involves a lot of short,trips all day long you know we get two,little kids so driving to and from,school and then all the activities,whether its dance or horse lessons now,and tennis lessons and all these,different types of classes and youre,going all over the place and theyre,just short little trips uh with that gas,engine kicking on it just ruins your,average and with this one you can just,if it says 70 kilometers youve got 70,kilometers of ev only you are driving an,electric vehicle and that is absolutely,awesome so if your,daily drives dont involve driving more,than 60 60k for instance youll never,have to actually burn any fuel at all,um and but then if you go over that,guess what that gasoline engine will,kick on,no big deal because it still runs as a,regular hybrid which is very very,thrifty on fuel as well so you really,get the best of all worlds and for,longer trips for instance you know like,im a big fan of evs but evs dont work,for everyone you know for instance you,may not have an easy way to charge an ev,maybe you live in you know you only have,street parking or you live in an,apartment building that doesnt have,charging infrastructure and youre,relying on public charging um that an ev,can be a real pain or if youre doing,longer trips and yeah depending on where,you live and how good your ev,infrastructure charging,infrastructure is its still a hassle,because you have to plan that in to your,trip and guess what during popular,holiday times some of those charging,stations will be very busy or they may,be out of order and youll have to think,of you know alternative ways and you,know what if youre driving and and,doing those those type of trips by,yourself or maybe you know with with,your spouse that may be okay but when,youre driving dragging along uh two,little kids or three kids depending how,many kids you have,its really not convenient to to to do,that so with this one,guess what you just drive yes when you,know if you run out of gas just go fill,it up uh so for instance we normally do,a trip up to the okanagan up in the,kelowna area in british columbia its,about a three and a half to four hour uh,drive normally and,if we had an ev we would have to plan it,out to charge for sure and but with this,one here we would drive our 70,kilometers of electric and after that it,would run into,your regular hybrid and wed get up to,our place usually an airbnb,and during the week all i would do is,just plug this in to a standard 110 volt,outlet it comes with a char

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