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Toyota Yaris 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

this is the Toyota Yaris and its a bit,like a ham and cheese sandwich in the,way its not the most exciting choice,but at least its a reliable one,now the Yaris starts dont worry Ill,pick that up later from just over 13,000,pounds but through car way you can save,an average of 2,000 pounds off one now,if you click on the pop-out balanced,their top right corner of the screen you,can see emotions you can say for a new,car through car by now one of the things,I really like about the Toyota Yaris is,this its seats arent on a ratchet,mechanism they dont to leave it it just,releases them so you can actually move,them very very quickly also the seats,are comfortable theyre good for long,distances in terms of interior design,well its a bit of a mess I mean look at,it its just an odd shape and the,flowing lines its strange then you got,this soft panel here on the dastard,probably add a bit of quality but the,way Fitz ran the air vent isnt very,good really or up here now on this car,which is known as the two-tone you can,have it in different colors I think have,it in red and some white color but you,can also get it in grey so its mostly,contrasting but gray doesnt really,contrast much to the rest of the black,hard plastic that is about the place and,theres some weird things as well I mean,look at this you got a weird,cubby space just up there one down here,some more down here and its just all a,bit odd but I think Ive figured out,what you can do with these cubby spaces,and Ill show you now so the one here on,the – maybe its perfect for yourself,then the one down here I could probably,fit my look a little carrot sticks in,there then theres a roller the large,kind of like cup holder back here which,I can fit perfectly a pot of humus Im,finally up here I can put my pitabread,so I can maybe get my celery dip it into,the yes its all good yeah thank you try,it so this is really clever idea,mmm-hmm now some carrot mmm look at this,great okay all of it steady now got a,mouthful of food let me get the point,its all just a bit odd,the rest of the cubby spaces Im gonna,have to swallow this the rest of that,could be spaces are okay to the door,bins they are large the glove box thats,all right and you got a couple of cup,holders down here and some more storage,just under there ah now that brings me,onto the quality I mean that flap is,quite listen look at this look at this,center console oh my gosh okay shake,some moves that is just terrible also,the cover for the 12 volts socket is,very good and the way this is stuck on,for the USB then theres how some of,things are laid out so most of the,controls for the headlights are here but,then you got the auto function down here,which is with the safety kick for the,car although the trucks control is all,the way down here and then youve got,the height for the headlights up here,with the control for the door mirror me,its all just a bit about and all over,the place is I havent really thought it,through particularly well then there is,the infotainment screen so if you look,at it its slightly offset and actually,is closer to the passenger then theres,infotainment system itself which really,isnt that great now I like the fact,its got these quick shortcut buttons,there down the side are theyre quite,small to hit but when you change mode,its like the screen goes off for a,second,its like it has to just shut down for a,bit and have a think about what its,going to do next its really not very,good not easy to use either and yeah,look at this how like it is if we go,into the sat-nav screen when we finally,get there where is it there look yeah oh,gosh its really not very good at all,now if you click on the pop-out banding,the top right hand corner of the screen,you can get a call right to see my,in-depth video review of the,entertainment system and get some more,information about the interior of this,car such as the specs and generally,equipment of laws are quite good so over,the engine level car get for instance,alloy wheels and this touchscreen system,though weirdly it doesnt come with,sat-nav unless you get the middle spec,car even this top spec by toe model,doesnt have you have to pay 650 good,extra so make sure you get a car why out,to sandwich you can save and so I,actually put the details of this,particular 1.5 litre petrol by toe model,into the car wire configurator and I got,an offer back for just in the 16,000,pounds,saving of over 2,000 pounds yeah its,kind of handy because you might need,that you see the entertainment system,doesnt come with apple carplay or,Android auto at all on any model though,Ill just figure this out you can,actually just if you get the right phone,just fit it there it kind of just wedges,nicely yeah there we go,who does integration just use that,forget the infotainment system just use,your phone attach it to the screen and,away you go,lets move me to the back of the car so,here in the rear of the Yaris the doors,open wide enough so its not too,difficult to get a child seat in though,it can be a bit awkward to get and the,ISOFIX points just in between the seat,cushions in terms of space so knee room,is alright for a small car the problem,is with Headroom so Im just about okay,Im 179 centimeters but if I lean back,and the sloping roofline towards the,rear means I might hit my head on the,roof lining and taller people will,struggle kids wont mind at all though,theyll be fine and you get a good view,out of the window and the window ledge,isnt too high so theyll be able to see,out all right if you need to carry,through you think thats gonna be,completely fine oh look its got a flat,floor sitting we playroom for everyones,feet and there are the only problem is,theres not enough room for everyone,shoulders so with three in the back it,really is tight but once again kids will,probably be okay terms of storage back,here yeah its already good so theres,no pockets on the back of the drivers,seat there is one on the back of the,passenger seat weve got obviously the,pot for hummus its too big to carry a,cup because hell just fall out of there,but there are no rear door bins at all,none why Twitter why anyway lets talk,about the rest of the practicality at,the boot so the heiresss boot is an all,right size for this kind of car its not,the smallest its not the biggest and,its quite a square shape there is a bit,of a load lip to lift stuff over there,we go look and you think oh look there,seems to be the bits for a raisable boot,flaw which will get rid of that but Ive,looked in this cause brochure and it,doesnt see that you can get one as an,option in the UK at least maybe you can,in different markets submit annoying and,really theres no other kind of useful,functionality here in this cars boot,its just,there and theres a parcel shelf I mean,look at this its so flimsy lemay look,at that its really cheaper nasty now,want more space you can fold down the,rear seats of course easy to do and yeah,you get big rich because you havent got,that raisable boot floor you wouldnt,have it if one was available so is a bit,more of a fact to push things yeah to,the front of the car now if you want,more detail on this cars practicality,click on the pop-up and in the top right,hand corner of the screen to watch my,detail practicality video youll see,exactly how much stuff you can fit in,this cars boot how is it stupid child,see what its really like with three,adults in the back its not great Ill,give you a hint actually theres more,annoying things about this car is five,this rather long gear selector looks,like that you might find in a specialist,and alt store look at this horrible,exposed screw head just here in the,cupholder they tried to career with this,bit of belt I mean youre just gonna,lose that way the steering wheel just,drops down when you release the catch,and really theres hardly any adjustment,in it anyhow the flat for the air,recirculation make the right racket when,you go from open to closed look at the,way when you put the

Toyota Yaris 2021 Review

there are,some cars that appeal to your heart and,some that appeal to your head and the,toyota yaris has always been the latter,previous incarnations have always,delivered impeccable reliability a,generous warranty good efficiency and,strong value for money but in doing so,things such as style desirability and,fun have fallen by the wayside,toyota is hoping to change all of that,with this fourth generation with,sensible boxes ticked for your head,and a few ticked for your heart as well,before we get started heres your,reminder to subscribe to the cargurus uk,youtube channel,and click the bell icon to turn on those,notifications,youve got to think that the reason why,most of the previous yarises were seen,as functional tools,rather than fashion statements was,probably down to the rather safe styling,well even amongst handsome competition,we feel this latest yaris stands out a,mile,the gaping grill and angled headlights,give it some real visual aggression,and everywhere you look theres another,interesting bulge or crease that catches,the eye,the red and black two-tone paint job is,specific to the highly spec launch,edition car weve got here,but all yaris models get smart alloy,wheels and led daytime running lights,and all but the entry-level car have the,full led lighting front and rear,while were on the subject of trim,levels lets talk about the five things,you need to know about the toyota yaris,number one all versions come well,equipped,that entry-level car is called the icon,and comes with automatic air,conditioning a reversing camera a,touchscreen infotainment system with,apple carplay and android auto,dynamic trim gives you sports seats part,leather upholstery and a push button,starter,and excel trim adds some extra safety,gear such as blind spot monitoring,while were on the subject of safety,number two lots of clever driver,assistance systems come as standard,these include adaptive cruise control,automatic braking,lane keeping assist and automatic high,beam headlights,thats all helped the yaris achieve the,full five star rating,in euro end cap crash tests number three,if youre after a petrol or a diesel,yaris then youre out of luck because,theyre only available in hybrid,a 1.5 litre 3-cylinder petrol engine is,teamed with an electric motor and a,continuously variable automatic,transmission to deliver 114 brake,horsepower,it can drive up to 80 miles per hour on,electric only power and claimed average,fuel economy stands at,up to 68.9 miles per gallon,number four we did fib a little bit on,that last point because there is one,yaris that is not a hybrid,and that is the gr hot hatch we havent,had the chance to try it yet but with,four wheel drive a bespoke three door,body and 257 brake horsepower from its,1.6 liter turbocharged,engine we cannot wait to number five,price of the yaris,so the icon starts at 20 000 pounds,which means its not a cheap car,although thats maybe not quite so much,of a surprise given that standard,hybrid drive train and all of that,equipment,then this launch edition starts at about,24 000 pounds just over and that gr hot,hatch well thats just under 30,000 pounds how much practicality do you,get for your money then,well boot space could be described as,adequate,theres just about enough space to fit a,lightweight small stroller,or a weekly shop but plenty of rivals do,offer more,youve also got a load lip to contend,with and a step on the floor when you,fold the 60 40 split rear seats down but,you can level both off,with a false boot floor,its a similar story back here space is,adequate for most people,im five foot four and a half and its,okay if youre pushing six,foot you might find that headroom and,legroom could be,a little better and then because these,rear windows are so,small it does feel a little bit dark and,dingy back here,up front is in far greater supply,thankfully,and there is plenty of adjustment in the,seat all models,the seats go up and down and,of course they go backwards and forwards,and then youve got reach and rake,adjustment in the steering wheel so you,should be able to find a comfortable,driving position,now because of the low slung dashboard,and these thin pillars,visibility out of the front is fantastic,those rear windows however,and the pillars that separate them mean,that visibility out the back,could be better thank goodness then for,those standard reversing cameras,all versions except the entry-level one,get what toyota calls binocular,instruments with these two pod-like,gauges,placed either side of a digital display,the pod works fine but the screen,between them is small so when you try,and scroll through the various menus,with this controller on the steering,wheel,its all very cluttered and hard to read,the central touch screen isnt ideal,either the graphics are sharp and clear,but many of the menus,arent very elegantly arranged so some,features can be hard to find,and dont be fooled by this map button,when you press it it says navigation is,not available on your system and that is,standard across all of the irises none,of them,have got a built-in sat nav that said,the built-in smartphone integration,system means that you can use your phone,sat nav,on the screen on the quality front,everything feels as solid and as,substantial as weve come to expect from,toyota so the cabin feels like it should,last a lifetime,there are some decent materials too such,as the rubberized covering on the top of,the dashboard here and weve got some,gloss black,panels and the fabric inserts on the,doors are also rather lovely,whats not quite so good is the leading,edge of the dash and if you look in some,other places theres some hard scratchy,plastic which is not,quite so good and is a little bit hard,and less appealing,[Applause],now the first thing you need to be,mindful of with the yaris is the gear,selector,in most automatics you pull the gear,selector down as far as it will go and,that will get you into drive,whereas with the yaris that actually,selects,b mode instead of d thats a battery,regeneration mode that basically works,the petrol engine harder,in order to quickly generate more,electricity for the battery so driving,around in this mode under normal,circumstances will damage both your,economy and your refinement,get your selection right and the yaris,is a very relaxing car to drive,you dont have to change gear for,starters and the steering is,light and responsive and providing your,gentle,and smooth at the accelerator pedal most,of the time you can roll around in,electric mode,this makes trundling around town really,quiet all you really hear is the gentle,rumble of the tyres on the towel back,and thats about,it and even when the petrol engine is,called upon for some help,its quite quiet you can hear a faint,murmur from under the bonnet,and i really do mean faint then,when you apply the throttle pedal a,little harder,and a sudden burst of acceleration is,required,the cvt transmission sends the revs,towards the rev limiter,and they stay there and to ease off,again so while that does mean a lot more,noise,it doesnt leave your ears ringing like,hybrids of old its not painfully,irritating,and the burst of acceleration is,actually quite impressive,so its relaxing and quiet most of the,time and its good to know that youve,got a little bit of pace,if you need it what isnt quite so,relaxing on the other hand is the ride,their suspension feels decidedly firm,especially at low,urban speeds and you will feel more of,the bumps in the road than you do in,many rivals,it stops just short of being,uncomfortable i mean you will be jiggled,and jittered,a bit more than you might expect,although at motorway speeds it does,flatten out a bit which is good so,thats a bit more comfortable for,cruising,that said at 70 miles an hour you do get,a bit of road noise which is a little,irritating so not quite calm and,tranquil,with this firmer ride comes some good,handling theres actually quite a lot of,grip and the car feels quite agile,it

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FULL REVIEW YARIS 2022 | Nampak Sporty Tapi Rupanya…

ia tewas ojo Assalamualaikum Waalaikum,wacana yang rusak sekali gitu jangan,lupa untuk sastra jungkit ayam video,kali ini Ayo kita,keren banget,oke video kali ini saya enggak bawa anda,semua kita tengok sebuah Toyota Yaris,kita Belle tua dalam dan semua spek yang,adegan Toyota jadi ayni toyalife adalah,model hesbek kepada Toyota Vios Edition,kita lihat Asteria interior dan spectre,Toyota Yaris gini Oke jadi Young kita,teliti dengan lebih dekat tadi punya,eksterior interior dan juga speaker,itunya di sini oke dibagian depan kita,muliakan dahulu kita tengok HPnya lampu,yang dibeli adalah full LED panel kita,Belitung ada dua bahagia Andhika sini,yang pertama di bagian bawah Nikita,penyedia rally akan menyala waktu siang,autometic ataupun nanti kalau aku malam,dia akan autometic menyalakan lampu,malam itu lem nah dibaca atau distrik,pada ciu bahagian ya ini adalah musiknya,Oke dipakai Tengah begitu melihat logo,dia Eh ini bukan logo biasa logo Dema,cuma Lex freestyle ketua dkc situs,sebenarnya dalam keadaan rada-rada nih,akan ditech,pergerakan kritik hadapan sekiranya,berlaku emergency Bridge jadi great ini,akan ditech enakan beri elek kepada,pemandu seandainya pemandu Tak beri,respon lagi Jadi dia akan buat auto,breaking ini kita Panggil free,collection dia juga disapu oleh kamera,di bagian atas ini kita Beteng Ok Camry,ini dia akan detect lem dan juga free,COD hanya di dia akan menggunakan,ha-2se ini Oke seterusnya kita tengok,bahagian gerilya gereja dia beri design,hanicom Nah kalau hias dibagi lainnya,ini ya this dibagi design hanicom nampak,lebih sporty Oke di bagian tepi Bukit,Kakak Nadia bagi sikit lah desain ala,ala ah sport nih kita tengok di punya,kepritumane mana Pak kemas dan nampak di,punya bahagia Entah iapun di ada bagi,sih kayaknya Vendetta Buka Sikit api,barulah nampak Ke itunya lebih sporty,Oke di bahwa dibagi lips Adek mohon,setiap deket bumper nanti kita pakai,Speak lips tatto picala tengok dapat di,jauh kita tahu kita ini nafas putih ah,dia udah nampak mencatat live yang,original Oke seterusnya kita pergi di,bahagian Sisi kiri teh,ah kita tengok,cutting dia memang sih sangat suka kebab,dia menampakan Ini adalah sebuah hesbek,yang sport yang compact tapi di nampak,garang a complete uh mana-mana yang,berani lain atau ke mana-mana model yang,lain kadang-kadang dinamo pendek,gara-gara ini nampak terlalu apel kita,bagi menjungkit karena terlalu nampak,macho wegen terlalu panjang jadi kalau,ya Rising kita tengok dia sedang sedang,di nampak betul-betul On The Spot Nah,jadi kita tengok kiri menyebutkan dengan,ring size 16 inci dengan duet on,kale.pdf warna silver dengan menetak,grimmie sentuh attahiyat dibekalkan,dengan kayatokyo brand toyo toyo toyo,ini adalah entar lebrania famous juga,iclif top five lah saya terbaik dunia,dia usai ngikutin Intel hamilin habis,tentu size by jadi begitu atau,9555 16,5 suara untuk rute buat Dewi,untuk fitur Nabawi wisono itu nih,Walaupun saya di pun lembut jenis Raya,tuning Oke skating udah dibagi Suci,Kenapa ada lain warna hitam nih Nah di 6,paket ini nampak sporty juga sempat,sudah tidak setiap pasang Eh ini body,kini siapa di depan nih sampai ke,belakang air tebing dan sampai ke,belakang dan ada juga tidak ke atas tuh,ataupun Faidah ya ini sebenarnya,ateta beri percuma ataupun dipasangkan,siap kepada Toyota Yaris Hai bernilai,2.500 jadi ketemu tak perlu bayar ah ah,sepatunya kasih musyrik 500 Toyota,tolong bayarkan itu yang bagus dengan,Toyota sekarang kita qirkut dibagi semua,aspek yang patut diberi kepada Toyota,sekarang untuk liar di sebagian gini,jika British dibukakan di bagian,belakang dan juga depan,eclipsed ini di bergerak dengan air,paint ah jadi saya belakang tuh eh,disinilah ataupun Levante silahkan kalau,ada baby sebagai merekam kalau untuk ya,Rizky G punya meja spek biasanya bakal,kan Ah Bridge di bahagian hadapan saja,di bagian belakang tidak dibekalkan,hadiahnya beri drumblek sahaja drum lift,Oke cilik ya punya Avanza memang bagus,adalah Oke dari segi desain belakang,tubles tengok dia punya bawang putih,memang sporty n premium jadi,memang ini jadi,Hai untuk setiap bingkai usia,terutamanya model Ah lagi waktu dipakai,karena Polem,Oke dibagian belakang fitting lampu dia,ada dua Finance ya pertama atas Silet,mau temanan belakangnya destroy nah di,bagian bawah nih ada-ada Mentos kebab ya,Ini tuh ada punya signage dan ini dia,punya ribet gamers pun apa sporty,ada Kalita meski dibuat kesini nampak,lengket ini tim negara,Oke atas nih hadiah oil MCC tadi,dipasangkan siap-siap dia bukanya voli,pendek dia melihat panjangnya tinggi,jugalah di punya spoiler nih oke,kekasihnya Ada setan di bahagian luar,incretin nih,Jom kita masuk di bahagian dalam pula,oke cari nama sukriti nih ataupun akan,loket ini senang saja sebab dipakai,kiles entry kucing ini aja Simpan Saja,berdekatan dengan ngebentak dalam poket,saja jadi saya hanya penutup batin ke,sini saja Pilih kita tekan nampak ah dia,punya semi ready akan auto full aja ke,terbuka ataupun jacket lipat begitupun,Spike jadi ini boleh TNI kita jugalah,kita meeting oke kita udah kunci ke,belum tengok mirip dengan software,automatic kejompot termasuk di bagian,dalam uh inilah yang kita KTP quality,memilih masuk Jaber kita tengok juga,duduk jauh tahu quality Nah itulah,toyotani kita berkata Dia setiap lengket,usil menerima desain yang dibeli oleh,Toyota dua dan dalam jungkit masuk,Oke memiliki termasuk jacket TNI it&t,preserving,menipunya,sitting position Devon ngamuk untuk,orang yang saya 188 puluh cm,ketinggiannya ke bawah memang namun yang,sholehah sebab UD punya positioning,there tak terlalu apa tuh tepid ada satu,jika diredupnya konsul Tengah di telur,saja di tepi untuk orang-orang yang,badan besar meski Jadi kalau yang badan,size,96-100 Indo ke bawah dengan berarti,ketinggian 140 ke bawah memang ini 6pc,ini sangat sesuai untuk anda dengan,sistem foundation nyawa Jadi kita mulai,aja sini puisina atas ke bawah anak,tinggi meski ataupun rendah ketemu saja,di bagian tepi ini nampaknya ada bagian,pump kesini kemudian kalau kita SSC,mencoba telah kita pakai piring sofa,tapi aku pikir pun masih lagi di tahu,boleh kecil,untuk begitupun untuk bagian shaqiri,drive lebih oke incubation ini akan lama,Anda pilih warna merah kecil ini atletis,pk atau putih sekolah jadi dia dah,siapkan untuk demo menunjukkan Macam,mane kalau korang custom kalau custom,enakan sistem Dedes ia jadi Inilah kita,hadir contoh desain ya ya ini corse dia,boleh PM ya gan coba nyatanya bagikan,posting ini yang ber-ktp mempunyai,adalah kalau tidak ya dieselnya,dibekalkan dengan,kita pengin Febi Febi Febi,dengan desain yang agak sporty lain,warna biru kesini stitching teman yeah,memang sedalam untuk itu sport itu sport,memang tak pakai deh kalau Anda paham,lah walaupun dia lebih great kayak gini,kalau korang nak bawak juga dengan laju,keju,optitron digital Canon,Oke gini kita pakai,ataupun,mati infojkt,oke oke,kalau dipakai digital senang orang jas,tekan batin saja tak berputar-putar,ketika buat lebih Modena mengemudi ada,fungsi auto pilih kita tekan jauh tokek,tindakan ekonomi koperasi sebagai ikut,kritisi dulu kemudian Eka dropship oke,oke Ini tuh benci saja karena untuk jari,sih dia bagi masih lagi yang manual yang,pakai pemut atap imut tayang kemaslah,Oke kita kembali kepada mitra-mitra this,biar habis Imlek Kento nih the display,dipakai nih mencacinya optitron Nah,misteri untuk bikin TNI kita boleh,custom kesini kita beli tuh Ketuk aja,punya setting ataupun kita isi dia punya,Iko setting information kaget isi minyak,kapal yang kita berisi beberapa hari,minyak Smartfren dan para perjalanan,kita di daerah Oke Lepas itu setting,semua dekat sini n kita ada kita bagi,digital Spike Ami telah kalau kita tekan,minyak kapok Endi akan berubah lagi,punya spikasi tuh karena Hai adanya,Mouse dinamo complication sini hem pergi,simple Oke Ah ini engkau betsaida 7,airbrush gape,Jalan waktu lagi karena boleh begini aja,banyak lagi Fabregas ini termasuklah,kita cetar Racing 3 Mod,yang hantu bawah,90043 rabimu

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Toyota Yaris, the best small car or just cheap & nasty? | ReDriven used car review

gday guys and welcome to re-driven now,the toyota yaris the shakira,of the automotive world why shakira well,because its small its talented,and apparently these hips dont lie but,what if they do lie because,you know being in toyota youd expect,this to be one of the most reliable and,bulletproof cars on the planet but,these are getting a few years old so,what do they like to live with now,what goes wrong with them are they,reliable and most importantly,should you buy one lets find out,now before we get deep into the eras can,you please do us a favor and hit those,like,subscribe and bell icon buttons and hey,why not go and follow us on all the,socials as well,now in this video we will be focusing on,the australian variants of the second,generation,2005 to 2010 yaris in other markets its,actually called a vits or a belter but,if you are from another market dont,stress because,everything were going to be going over,will relate to yaris or vixes or belters,in your market,this generation eras received a mid-life,update with some cosmetic changes,extra comfort and safety gear in 2009,and it was available in a variety of,variants with either a four-speed auto,or a five-speed manual transmission,with either the chris hemsworth spec 1.5,liter engine,or the less powerful liam hemsworth spec,1.3 liter engine,and it came in a three or five dollar,hatch or the,far less popular four-door sedan version,which i suppose would be the,luke hemsworth spec anyway look while we,cant go into every graphic detail of,every variant in this video because,itll just take far too long,we have done that weve put it in our,handy re-driven cheat sheets,our cheat sheets are invaluable as they,provide a full,breakdown of the cars model range its,common problems,what you need to look out for before you,hand over your hard earned cash,how much of that cash you should be,handing over and so,much more check it out in the link below,how does it look well its not the most,masculine of,cars is it its a little bit cutesy some,of these do come with a body kit and,fitting some aftermarket wheels can,toughen it up a little bit but uh if you,need a car to,compensate for a lack of masculine,self-esteem this might not be the one,as far as quality and what to watch out,for there are a few aesthetic concerns,like the paintwork the aussie sun has,not been kind of this paint its kind of,got,what i call card dandruff its not the,end of the world,but repainting it or wrapping its,probably going to cost more than what,the entire car is worth so,yeah just watch that then you have the,black plastics which are no longer,really black theyre more of a,light gray almost a marble effect so,that can be fixed up with some quality,car care products the headlights have a,habit of yellowing and like this can be,repaired and brought back to life but,it looks a bit gross these hubcaps have,seen as much contact with gutters as,these tyres have with the road again can,be fixed and replaced but,some dodgy driving going on there this,one isnt a common yaris problem and,is quite specific to this car but this,rain gutter channel,plastic here has come loose also if you,are in the market for yaris make sure,you go over and look for any scratches,or dents or,dings like this one because that can be,great bargaining power when youre,buying one,so hows the interior it is truly,spectacular its something id say if we,were reviewing any other car but in this,one its,um its a bit uninspiring even when you,this interior was,not all that flash and now its getting,a few years old yeah its,yeah its starting to really feel its,age all the plastics are wearing pretty,well because well,theyre solid and hard and honestly not,that nice to touch but hey,at least at least its wearing okay one,quirky thing about the interior is that,the drivers instrument cluster is in,the middle of the dashboard rather than,in front of the driver,this makes it far more affordable to,manufacture but it is a bit hard to get,used to doesnt take too long but its,just quirky to,constantly be looking to your left all,the time for the speed and,revs and all your data all the switch,gear feels,typical toyota tough everything feels,good but one thing because,the climate control vents are vertical,if youve got the car in say,first third or fifth gear to adjust the,temperature you have to kind of fold,your hand back around,the gear knob to adjust the temperature,control which kind of,makes you change it in quite a sassy,manner like,im gonna turn the temperature up okay,the back seat as far as actual space,goes look this is in my driving position,im six foot two,and there is loads of space ive got,heaps of foot room heaps and knee room,heaps of shoulder room heaps of head,room,it feels spacious because the glass,house is quite large,look you know three adults across here,is going to get pretty overly cozy in no,time but,this is really impressive for space in,the back and as far as wear and tear,goes look this thing gets a hell of a,workout with kids and pets and,life and its wearing really well the,fabrics are great because the plastics,are quite hard like up the front,theyre not scratching too easily its,very impressive,hows the tech its pretty crap this,thing does have bluetooth connectivity,and,a usb input and an auxiliary input and a,cd player and am,and fm radio but if you want apple,carplay or android auto yeah youre,gonna have to,bin that one and get an aftermarket unit,thats about it for tech no cruise,control,not a whole lot of driver aids not much,tecas crap as far as phone connectivity,well,look it does have bluetooth but apple,carplay or android auto will require a,flashy new aftermarket system,and you might want to replace the,speakers at the same time because the,stereo isnt,at shakira levels of performance,okay is it practical well considering,the size of the car,the boot isnt too bad and as ill show,you in a sec these seats they do recline,fold flat and slide back and forth,giving you even more space,its just its not very comfy though,as far as practicality in the back seat,goes there is a spot for a small water,bottle in the doors,theres a little pocket here in the,armrest but theres no map pockets or,nets for your fish theres,no armrest with cup holders but one cool,thing,these seats slide back and forward,how cool is that a bit more space in the,boot,a bit less space in the boot and up,front if youre a massive fan of losing,stuff,youre going to love the arrows because,there are storage cubby holes and,spacers,everywhere you ready here we go first up,door bins and theyre big enough to fit,a bit of a water bottle youve got,storage,up here which is a cup holder youve got,storage down here for,your wallet and small things storage,here theres storage under,the what is this thing called this is a,steering column,theres storage above the steering wheel,theres storage above,the glove box then you have the glove,box itself youve got storage spots,either side of the climate control,a cup holder here another little storage,spot here a spot for your phone down the,side,cup holder at the back even in the doors,of storage above,the storage in the doors so much storage,[Music],so surely being a toyota these things,are pretty much indestructible when it,comes to the mechanicals,but are they well im not a mechanic but,jim is,so heres jim what can i say about the,toyota yaris,i like them so much i chose them for the,courtesy cars,for my work ive got a whole bunch of,them out all day every day,being used and abused by everyone and,they never let us down,in the unlikely event that something,should go wrong the parts are incredibly,cheap,the labor costs are low because theyre,really easy to work on theyre just a,good all-round,nugget of a car because theyre usually,in a cheaper price bracket,sometimes people forget about the,servicing and sometimes its overlooked,so is it safe well look as long as you,dont crash it and nobody crashes into,you yeah its,super safe but if you d

Toyota Yaris hatchback review – CarBuyer

the yaris has always been popular with,older buyers however toyota reckons this,new version will be more down with the,kids because of its cooler angular body,work dont worry though just because,its more useful doesnt necessarily,mean its any less practical in fact the,body is slightly bigger than before and,the boot is 25 larger than on the old,car i mean you could fit probably about,20 of these,in there,now i must point out that the rear seats,dont slide or recline like they did on,the old car which is a bit of a shame,however the sheer amount of space you,got back here more than makes up for,that i mean check out this theres so,much knee room in here better than on,some small family cars also because the,front seats are raised up you can slide,your feet underneath which allows you to,stretch out even more theres lots of,shoulder room as well so you can fit,three people abreast here pretty easily,and if you do get the middle seat its,not too bad because the floor is flat,which means you do have somewhere to put,your feet as with other toyotas the,yaris gets a five-year warranty it also,has the firms legendary,build quality i better stop doing that,actually otherwise the,bag might deploy speaking of which,theres actually seven other things in,here so this car is pretty safe its,also got a good equipment list for,instance all but the base bit model gets,this new touch screen interfacing as,well as being able to control your,stereo and look at various car stats and,information it also includes bluetooth,for your mobile phone and a reversing,camera and you can even update this for,a small fee to include a satnav app,despite the fact the new garage is,slightly larger than before and you do,sit lower in it its still just as easy,to drive around town the big glass area,makes it easy to see out and therefore,simple to place the car where you want,it on the road plus all the controls the,steering the clutch and the gear shift,and nice and light however were going,to head to a narrow street so i can show,you my favorite thing about this car,okay then with a lot of the cars ive,tested for car by if i wanted to turn,them around on this road it would take,at least,seven maneuvers but here in the yaris,i can easily do it,in just five because the turning circle,is so tight,and if you look at that,i didnt even touch the curb which means,i wouldnt have failed my driving test,on longer journeys the yariss comfy,seats prevent you getting backache and,the cabin is well insulated from road,and wind noise however there is a,problem though because this car is,fitted with a one liter three cylinder,engine and at high speeds it does kind,of make a bit of a loud thromy sound,whats more its not particularly quick,other problems well the a-pillars are so,thick that they cause a bit of a blind,spot when youre pulling out at,junctions the rear windscreen wiper is,so tiny it only clears the smallish,section of glass but more importantly,the ride as you probably noticed by this,shaky camera is really quite jiggly the,suspension does deal well with bigger,bumps but the smaller imperfections in,the road kind of upset it make it fidget,about and then theres the handling,because if its fun youre after youre,going to be better off with something,like a mazda 2 or suzuki swim,if you want rear seats that fall,completely flat then get a volkswagen,polo and the same applies if youre,after interior quality as the yariss,cabin feels a little bit cheap and nasty,theres no clever covers on the dash,like you used to get on the old car,either for instance this one up here i,mean its pretty pointless now if i put,my iphone in there and accelerate its,going to slide out and smash the screen,which is going to be frustrating theres,also a weird shelf over there which as,far as i can tell is only any good for,holding spanish sausages,look there you go chorizo fits nicely,there however you could actually hang it,up like this if you wanted to use it as,a sort of slightly meaty alternative to,a magic tree air freshener but if you,want a well-equipped solidly built,super mini thats got loads of interior,space then the yaris could be just what,youre looking for,you

2015 Toyota Yaris | Driven: Car Review | The New York Times

basic transportation is nothing to sneer,at automotive engineers say developing a,budget car thats affordable desirable,and profitable is a black art Im Tom,Volk,with driven for the New York Times the,2015 Toyota Yaris is as basic as it gets,fully loaded this one retails for,nineteen thousand five hundred bucks,with destination and floor mats Ive,driven cars with the option packages,cost more there are two big questions to,ask when buying in this price range is a,used vehicle a better value and how does,the competition stack up if this segment,has a 500-pound gorilla,its the Honda Fit all new for 2015,fit can be stuffed with premium features,for about 22 grand yes those are heated,leather seats infinitely configurable,the interior must have been designed by,origami masters others to look at in,this class accent Rio Fiesta Mazda 2,sonic and versa Yaris is a mid-cycle,refresh the chassis and suspension have,been tweaked the sheetmetal is the same,there is a new schnoz which should,appeal to the x-men the interior gets an,update with improved materials the 1.5,liter 4-cylinder makes 106 horsepower,obviously not the return of the super of,a four-speed automatic those are still,made the manual gearbox is a 5-speed no,surprise,zero to 60 takes nearly 11 seconds want,performance at this price shop for a,used Volkswagen GTI there is that old,chestnut its a lot more fun to drive a,slow car fast and a fast car slow that,applies here,Toyota dialed a little bit of sport into,the chassis Darce is kind of fun Chuck,in the corners best in City skirmishes,Yaris isnt as happy on highway tracks,Toyota added sound insulation its still,not a quiet car fuel economy is a bright,spot Im seeing 31 miles per gallon with,a fairly heavy right foot this is not a,continuously variable transmission with,the rubbery dynamic but it is a,four-speed and itll make the engine,work harder you will hear it accent Rio,Fiesta and sonic have six-speed,Automatic swith more refinement back to,the spruced up interior Toyotas,designers spent their budget well,materials at eye level look pretty good,supportive and durable fabric seats grip,well during hard cornering and basically,thats about it no covered storage or,armrest here telescoping steering wheel,nope,keyless ignition rear view camera and,sunroof are not available lights are,manual dont even think about leather,and bun warmers the backseat not half,bad for two average-sized adults foot,room is fine the cushions are high so,theres good thigh support no storage,here or on the drivers chair back,passengers dont get a power ports and,theyll fight over one cup holder Yaris,doesnt get the supremely flexible,interior that fit has no other car does,either its possible to hole longer,things though some competitors are,available as sedans Yaris a three and,five-door hatchback only thats okay,think of it as a small crossover,emphasis on small not loads of room back,here with the back seats usable it,swallows up four packs of my measurement,metric but if these were hard suitcases,the,Hach wouldnt close the strongest,argument for Yaris is Toyotas,reputation for reliability and buy new,provides the security blanket of a,warranty,the competitions modern power trains,and additional features are more,appealing though even with basic,transportation buyers want more than,just the basics

Toyota Yaris Cross 2022 in-depth review

this is the new toyota yaris cross and,its a little bit like extending your,small house to make it more,accommodating for your growing family,you see underneath the skin it shares,most of its parts with the normal yaris,but they fitted some bigger body panels,jacked it up to make it more roomy,inside yet still smaller than the rav4,so its just easier to maneuver around,town and to park and in this video im,going to talk around the exterior design,the interior im going to see how,practical this car is trying some of its,technology and of course take it for a,drive to see if its any good anyway im,matt watson and youre watching car wow,buying a new car then head to car wow,and my team will help you find your next,car at a fair price car wow your one,stop car buying comparison site lets,start this video by talking about the,design of the yaris cross so basically,try to have taken the design elements of,the normal yaris and just like pump them,up a bit such as this rear light design,looks really cool,not too sure about this big area of,black plastic cladding,at least toyota hasnt been tempted to,give it some fake exhaust and its just,being honest about this normal,old-fashioned peashooter exhaust now if,you have a top of the range car you,actually get some silver bit of trim,down here which livens up that part of,the car its not too bad really though,from the side really like the look of,this car so allo wheels start at 16,inches these are the 18s and really you,do need the 18s on this car i do like,the sculpturiness of the body work it,gives the car some stance and youve got,the yaris cross written down there the,black side skirts to make it look tough,and off-roady all with the entry-level,model get roof bars though the roof bars,dont actually stand out that much,now moving to the front this car has a,proper face it sort of looks a little,bit like a,robot now depending on which model you,go for the front can look slightly,different so the entry level card,doesnt have the daytime running lights,whereas the top of the range has extra,cladding round here now talking about,price this car starts from 22 and a half,thousand pounds and if youre thinking,about buying a yaris cross or any car,for that matter you want to make sure,that youre getting a fair price for it,and you can check out all the latest new,car offers through carway you can do,that by clicking on the pop-out banner,theyll follow the link in the,description below also if youre,thinking about buying a new car youre,probably having to sell your old car and,you can now sell your car through car as,well just upload some photos a brief,description and our dealers will bid on,your car so youll get a great price for,it no hassle at all now if youre under,that a later date simply google wow me,car wow and we will wow you the interior,design of the yaris cross is very,similar to the normal yaris its quite a,nice interesting design i like the fact,that you get squidgy materials here on,the dash makes it look expensive you do,get harder plastics up here but theyre,textured and you get some fabric on the,doors which is pretty nice,overall quality is pretty decent for a,kite in this category theres a bit of,wobblage on the center console but i,shouldnt worry about this car being,screwed together badly because its a,toyota theyre solid itll stand the,test of time im pretty sure one thing,you do notice compared to the normal,yaris is that you sit higher obviously,because its jacked up slightly you can,raise your seat if you want to go even,higher lower it down a bit and theres,plenty of adjustment in the steering,wheel and i think the seating position,is pretty good the infotainment system,you get standard is this screen here,its got apple carplay and android auto,which you connect viral wire the,graphics are a little bit dull the,screens not the most responsive but you,know if youre running your phone it,doesnt matter it does the job the,digital drivers display is clear enough,though you do actually have some analog,dials for things like your fuel level,your temperature and your rev counter,eco gauge but your speedo is digital,its fine terms of practicality well the,door bins are big enough to take a flask,unfortunately these couples arent big,enough for like a coffee cup but they,will fit bottles,and there is a glove box which is just,an okay size theres a tray here where,you can put your mobile phone,unfortunately,theres no wireless charging though,lets check out the back seats of the,yaris cross and the first thing to,notice is that the doors here in the,back dont open that wide so if youre,large also known as fat,youre gonna struggle to get in you have,to pour yourself into the car,now,once youre in the back,knee rooms all right headrooms pretty,good,actually people over six foot will just,about have enough headroom they may,struggle theyve got long legs for knee,room a perjo 2008 has a bit more knee,room and if you want to see my full,in-depth video review of that car click,on the pop-up button up there for the,link in the description below other,things to note is that if you want to,carry three people in the back at once,it really is a squeeze because its got,quite a narrow body remember its a,yaris even though its a cross yaris,and you might be cross but theres a,little bit of a hump in the floor there,because it does eat into the old foot,space for the person who does get the,horrible middle seat other things you,need to know about the rear of this car,lets look so come on do it,you get through loading look youve got,three-way split folding seats and um,there is a selection of cup holders here,there this is kind of weird cause its,not really an armrest its just the seat,back but i guess it kind of works its a,sort of solution,must say i do like the seats in this car,both the seats in the front and here in,the back with the textured pattern on,them they are quite cool and the seat,base is quite deep as well which is good,you have some door bins here but theyre,not huge but you can still fit,a flask look just about weve also got,some storage here on the seat backs now,when it comes to fitting a baby seat the,good news is that you got flip off,isofix anchor cover points which are,very easy to get to however that narrow,door opening does make it a bit hard to,just maneuver a seat in also you have to,push the front passenger seat forward a,bit to be able to actually fit a bulky,rear facing seat now when you do that,the person in the front does have a,little less knee room its not terrible,but its not perfect now lets check out,the boot so high spec models get an,electrically operated tailgate oh yay,now the boot itself its a decent enough,size its 397 liters however,its still smaller than its key,competitors like the renault capture the,ford puma and the volkswagen t-cross,also you might be noticing this what are,these ledges for thats because high,spec cars get an adjustable false floor,im just going to get the panels because,if you have the front wheel drive model,then the panels are split like this,which in some way seems good because,then you can like you know have,something there and then cover this area,or vice versa,but then in other ways its not good,because really do you need that,functionality and if you want to get,under here then you oh ive got to pick,it up with both hands then how can i,operate whatever i need to do to get in,im not sure its a great idea anyway,one good thing about this false floor is,that when you fold down the rear seats,then it means that you do have a,continuous load floor so its easier to,slide things to the front and it also,reduces the load lip as well in fact,then there really isnt one so its easy,to just slide things in and out the boot,other functions youve got here look,its got some tie down points quite,sturdy and look at 12 volt socket as,well,one slight word of warning,if you go for the four wheel drive,version of this car its boot is actually,smaller its sma

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