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for larger homes getting a mesh wi-fi,setup can definitely be better than the,standard wi-fi extender,and with the latest wi-fi technology,were starting to see a lot more wi-fi,six mesh systems,so enter the tp-link deco x20 which is,the amazon choice for,wi-fi six mesh instead of using a wi-fi,extender which creates a separate,network that your device has to then,connect to,a mesh wi-fi setup will use multiple,devices to create a single network,that your device can seamlessly roam,between tp-link has a wide variety of,mesh systems that are really easy to set,up and use and have some great handy,features,so lets get the deco x20 out of the box,and check it out thanks for watching 925,toys,be sure to like subscribe and enable,notifications with the bell icon so you,dont miss any upcoming videos,hey everyone im jordan with nine to,five toys with three different units the,deco x20 is great for homes up to 5800,square feet,according to tp-link also included in,the packaging are the three different,power supplies for the three different,base units,and also a quick installation guide the,units themselves are simple modern,looking,and wont stand out like an imperial,shuttle like some other routers,white with a rounded design they were,easy to find a spot for around my house,measuring at just 4.5 inches tall,theyre also 4.5 inches wide near the,front of the unit is an led light that,gives a quick simple indication of the,status of the unit,a legend for what those lights mean can,be found in the quick installation guide,as well as a graphic inside the box,getting the deco x20 set up really is a,breeze,the quick installation guide is a single,page that basically just says,download the app and follow the,instructions and then gives the,different references for the different,lights one quick note here do be sure to,follow the power on,and plug-in steps exactly how they are,stated because if you dont you might,experience some issues which is what i,did in my first step and that was,completely my fault my error i didnt,accurately follow these steps as they,were laid out in the instructions,but if you just do the instructions,exactly how theyre laid out in the app,everything is seamless and tp-link,really has made it very easy to get up,and running with the deco x20,so obviously one of the main features,here which a lot of people are searching,for is wi-fi 6 compatibility,with wi-fi 6 the deco system can deliver,up to 1.8 gigabits per second across the,wireless network to the connected,devices,and the x20 system can support up to 150,different devices so,lots of room here for the connected home,that has a lot of wi-fi enabled devices,and of course the tp-link deco x20 also,works great as,a mesh network setup so instead of a,wi-fi extender which creates a separate,network that your device has to connect,to separately if you,move outside of the range of the first,device so this just lets you,move seamlessly and roam around your,house and have a great wi-fi connection,and depending on where you place it you,can even get some good coverage outdoors,my house doesnt come anywhere near,close to maxing out the you know maximum,range of this thing,but what this has enabled me to do is,actually get some pretty decent,wi-fi connection outside so i have one,of the units located,centrally on my first floor the other,unit is located here in my office which,is on the second floor,and ive put it close to a window which,outlooks over my backyard,and the third unit i actually put in a,detached garage and so because both that,second and third unit are both close to,windows they actually get a really good,connection,which has enabled me to get some pretty,decent wi-fi,in my detached garage which i have a,workbench in there and some other stuff,so,its really nice to have when im,working out there and that definitely,wasnt possible before,i had tried it with a range extender and,it just,didnt reach out there to that garage so,this has been,great for having some extended wi-fi,outdoors and in my garage,so here we do a quick walkthrough of my,house and yard to see how the signal,keeps up,keeping the wi-fi settings up here we,can see that the first unit is in my,upstairs office and when i move all the,way downstairs to the opposite side of,the house,i still have a great connection thanks,to the unit in the middle of my first,floor next to the modem,[Music],[Music],then moving outside that signal stays,strong,[Music],it only loses a single bar as i get on,the far side of my garage which would be,the furthest point from the unit,upstairs near the window and the unit in,my shop,and heres the third unit which gives a,great connection out of my shop and to,the rest of the yard,and once everything is set up and,working there is a ton of different,customization,and information within the deco app,notifications can be enabled to let you,know when a new device joins your,network,devices that need some more speed can,also be designated as high priority to,make sure they get the bandwidth when,they need it,so i have both my pc and xbox that has,high priority so theres less a chance,of them losing connection while gaming,you can also check internet speed,configure a ton of network settings,set parental controls and enable some,anti-virus features from tp-link,so another great feature here is the,ability to turn off mesh roaming for,devices that dont move,when i had that turned on on my pc i,noticed a couple times while gaming that,my computer would kind of lose,connection or,like a little glitch and it kind of,seemed like maybe it was switching,between two of the different devices,and had a little bit of a hiccup there,so when i turned off that mesh roaming,and it would just stay connected to one,device i never had those issues again,so thats something thats really handy,to turn on if you do have a device,thats not gonna move,so overall wrapping up here tp-link,really has made a great,very easy to use very easy to set up,wi-fi six mesh system,coming in at 270 dollars it is quite a,bit more than the standard netgear range,extender that weve reviewed in the past,but the effortless installation along,with monitoring and control via the app,and just the overall performance,make it a great choice for a wi-fi 6,mesh system,if you want a system thats really easy,to set up i would definitely check this,out you know sometimes networking can,get a little bit confusing,but tp-link has made this really easy,and especially with the app you can go,in and view all the connected devices,and get notifications when new,devices are connected and also make some,tweaks within there to the whole network,system so,they make it really easy and thatll do,it for our review of the tp-link deco,x20,let us know what you think about it down,in the comments below thanks for,watching,if you enjoyed this video please give it,a thumbs up and consider subscribing,this is jordan with nine to five toys,[Music],you

– TP-Link sponsored this video,,checking out the Deco X20,,and this is one of those products thats designed for,,if you have a problem thats really nice to have,,but admittedly hard to solve.,So the nice problem that you have is,,youve got a gigantic house or youve got a small business,that is up to around the size of 5,500 to 6,000 square feet.,Wow, good for you, nice mansion.,The part that sucks about that is that theres a lot,of issues with extending the range of wifi beyond,,I mean, realistically, a house,,or a business around the 2000 to 3000 square foot size.,Now back in the mid 2000s,,there were a handful of ways that you could increase,the range of your wireless access point.,You could just boost the gain.,Many router firmwares allowed you to go in,,and just turn the gain up on your antennas.,You could reconfigure your antennas.,So adding a directional antennas,,or cantennas to address,,you know, cold spots in your coverage was one way,to go about it,,or you could just add a second router, and by router,,I of course mean wireless access points, switch,,router combo unit, you could just add another router,,but all of these approaches kind of came,with their own disadvantages.,Turning up gain also turns up noise.,So even though the signal might travel farther,,it might end up being more distorted,,and therefore less useful.,Every time you add a directional antenna,,you are taking away from the omni-directional performance,that typically every other part of your house,is going to need.,And adding a second router is just,not a great user experience because everyone has to know,,you know, oh, should I connect to upstairs or downstairs?,But then what if, you know,,the upstairs one is at this end of the house,,and the downstairs one is right under me, and Im here,,but which one should I connect to now?,Youre expecting a lot out of your users.,So that is where mesh wifi comes in.,It has the benefits of multiple access points,,but with the convenience of a single access point,,meaning that you dont have to worry about which wifi,to connect to.,Now, back in the day,,obviously you could just configure your laptop or your phone,or whatever other device to connect to both of them.,But devices have this tendency to kind of stick to,whatever wifi access point they connect to first.,So you might come home,,connect to the one thats closest to your front door,,and then go into, you know,,the back den or the games room or something like that,,where theres an access point, thats closer,,but your phone will still be grabbing on for dear life,to that original access point that you were connected to.,Thats why we cant trust them to manage it.,So mesh networks are pretty much the solution,to handling a much larger space until you get up,into solutions that are really designed more,for commercial use or enterprise use,,where youll have individual access points,that all come back to like a central server closet,,and theyre all hardwired.,Fundamentally though,,this works in pretty much the same way,,where each of these is a Wi-FI 6 access point,that could be used in a standalone fashion.,So you can see weve got a fully enclosed antenna design,,little rubber feet on the bottom.,So it doesnt slip around, power input,,and then two gigabit ethernet jacks.,One really cool thing about the Deco line,is that while commercial solutions will tend to use,individual ethernet cables wired out to each access point,,and then back to a central switch,,obviously thats not feasible in most homes.,It gives you the choice.,You can use wifi to communicate between the satellites,,and the main unit, or they have ethernet port.,So you can connect to them via an ethernet cable,,which is gonna be less susceptible to interference,,or lag as long as its convenient to do so.,Overall, the Deco X20 is an affordable choice,thats gonna give you whole home coverage for video calls,,or downloads without worrying about buffering,,or robot voice or any of those annoying wifi problems.,Of course, all thats left for us to do now,is give it a shot.,To simplify the setup,,I am going to be using our residential internet connection.,So I plug in a Deco over here in logistics,,and I need an ethernet cable.,Ah, sure, internet light is stable,,Decos LED is pulsing blue,,logistics, Linus Wifi.,(upbeat music),Its gigabit, cool.,That is some spicy wifi performance, 800 megabit on wifi.,Okay, were not gonna make it where the short circuits at,,come on, Andy, lets go.,Oh yeah, its dropping, its dropping.,It has not fully dropped yet though.,Nope, no, it dropped, perfect, okay, good.,Thats what we wanted.,So lets go install an intermediary Deco, oh yeah.,Even the little animations different this time.,I think it sees the blue one,,because theres a little blue flashing light on here.,Solid, hey, there it is.,Okay, where are we gonna place this?,This is gonna go in the PC build corner.,Cool, John, would you wanna pop this one,in the PC build corner, in the spot where I had it?,So the whole process for each Deco takes, I dont know,,Id give it about two to three minutes?,All three of them are showing up in the app.,Since were in the app,,theres actually a couple of other cool things,that we can check out in here.,So you can see all the devices on your home network.,You can go in here and change your wifi configuration,,set up a guest network.,So a guest network is gonna have internet access,,but not access to anything else thats on the network.,And then advanced,,none of this is particularly advanced stuff,,but its really nice that its so simple to access.,So were in wireless router mode,,but if for whatever reason, we are, like some ISPs,,for example, its kind of hard to get your stupid modem,,router, switch, access point combo thing.,Its hard to get the router functionality turned off.,Last time I checked, show locally, for example,,requires you to phone them, okay.,So if you just want these to operate,as a wireless access point, then thats totally cool.,Lets go ahead and cart this back.,Before we do that,,we can see that from the short circuit set,,were getting much better reception.,I have three wifi bars and probably when I click this,,yep, there you go.,The Z Fold3 roamed to the second access point,,which is over in the PC build corner.,TP link says that this transition takes about 0.3 seconds.,Lets go ahead and do a quick speed test.,As you can see our speeds a lot lower,because there are multiple hops that were going through.,And were actually quite far away from that one as well.,But this is still a lot better than nothing,,which is what we had before.,I mean, yeah, 90 megabit per second is enough,that Im gonna be able to have a video call.,You know what, I think both Decos,have to be within range of the main unit.,So Im gonna go put this in the library.,Whats up Ethan, Im leaving.,I wont bring there too much.,Okay, bye.,While were waiting for that to pick up,,theres a couple of other things we can check out,in the app, test speed, detect cameras, ping test.,You can check your public IP.,Sure.,So theres a little game you play,while you, and theres parental control.,So you can set up times of use, services that are allowed,to be used for example,,and you can add devices on a one by one basis.,You can prioritize gaming or streaming and your QoS just,,its not really deep in terms of configuration,,but its simple to use.,Now, all I need to do is see if my third Deco is now online.,Yes it is, okay.,It looks like yes, I grabbed onto the library one.,All right, we switched to a Wi-Fi 6 laptop here as well,for adding the third satellite,,and lets see what kind of speeds we get.,Okay, thats way better.,Were getting double the speed with the extra satellite.,And thats impressive considering that theres still a wall,,and some distance between us.,This setup would likely work fine for the average person,,but I bet we can get even better results,if we connect the hubs with an ethernet cable.,Dang, thats definitely a big impro

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hello everyone welcome back to hardhat,workshop and today were gonna be,looking at the deco x20 wi-fi mesh,router,so this is the ax 1800 wi-fi protocol,and it is wi-fi six and were just gonna,be setting it up unboxing it and testing,it out,this should cover up to three to four,bedroom houses and its also great since,if you,move to a bigger house or if you need,more wi-fi coverage for example in your,garden you can buy another one and then,put it and then it will just,automatically connect up,the great thing about the deco is that,it automatically switches to the nearest,access point that your device is closest,to that will give you the best wi-fi,experience,and it also seamlessly switches between,the two bands 2.4 gigahertz and 5,gigahertz so it will also give you,faster wi-fi,the box it comes in is this box,obviously,so its just an external box and inside,is this box,inside this just are the two two,model modules and in here it used to be,here,you take it out and youll find,a quick installation guide,here,uh ethernet cable behind it,uh two power bricks one for each deco,and basically thats it thats all in,the box,so this is my current setup right here,this area so this is the fiber optic,area where the fiber line comes in from,the internet service provider outside,and heres the modem and router that,they provided me with,its pretty easy to set up i didnt that,is why i did not make a how-to video,theres a lot of um how-to outs there,and its pretty easy the app just shows,you how to do it step by step,so were gonna start by doing some speed,tests so were gonna be doing it on this,iphone 11 pro,so its gonna be with my wi-fi provider,which is 500 over 200 upload i mean,download upload so as you can see its,doing quite well right next to the main,router on 5g,here is right next to the secondary,router,access point and its doing quite well,mostly almost touching 200.,here were in the workshop and its also,the same pretty much the same results,almost touching 200.,so it actually has been five months of,me using the deco and it worked really,really well for me so basically for half,of those five months i was on virtual,school and before using deco i always,had disconnecting issues on zoom but now,afterwards,with using the deco i never basically,never had those problems again,the wi-fi coverage is also very good,inside of the house and also outside and,if youre not like looking at the wi-fi,speeds it works really well and,just works in real life in a real world,case use the deco also switches very,seamlessly between 2.4 gigahertz and 5,gigahertz so if im here it would,probably give me 5 gigahertz in this,room meanwhile if im on the other side,of the wall it might give me 2.4,so it is very good at doing that instead,of me having to go into wi-fi settings,to switch between the bands like before,well lets get into the,not so good side of things,well i i think that these problems im,about to mention can easily easily be,fixed by tp-link and,usually you wont encounter these,problems so i have left this on for like,most of the time never actually like,disconnected it but using my hand but,the power has gone a few times and,especially when im like using my,computer it takes noticeably uh quite a,while for it to recover,since you have to wait for the,modem your original router from the isp,to reboot and then you also have to wait,for the deco to reboot and then you have,to wait for the two decos to link up so,it takes quite a while on that part but,i guess if they make it more,faster the processor it will connect up,a lot faster in these kinds of scenarios,so it can easily be changed and made,better so i think,if you were to need a mesh wi-fi system,where your original isp router is not,getting there or not working like mine,then i really really recommend the deco,it works really well,the app is really really good for,especially people who dont know much,about the wi-fi systems,and its really,intuitive very easy to use,so that is my take on the deco x20,and i hope you guys,can use this in your real life and,thanks for watching and see you in the,next videos which will be review videos,[Music],you

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ULTIMATE Wifi 6 Mesh Router Test Review 2022

Hey what’s up, Alex here!If you have been  following my videos, you will know that I  ,have been planning to upgrade my home network  since the end of last year. So 2 questions,  ,why i want to upgrade and why the delay? The obvious reason is of  ,course the speed increase. But besides that, in  my current setup, I am already hitting the number  ,of recommended connected devices. I also have a  couple of dead zones I would like  ,to fix. So instead of buying additional mesh  nodes for my current wifi 5, why not take this  ,chance to upgrade at the same time. As for the reason of the delay,  ,is because I am kind of waiting for Wifi 6E to  be released in Singapore. But till now, this  ,is not approved by IMDA. Even if it is approved,  the price of wifi 6E is ridiculously expensive,  ,supported devices are also very very few. Good  thing is due to the release of wifi 6E routers,  ,the price of wifi 6 routers dropped. So no more  waiting, let’s go and check out Wifi 6 instead.,So that’s a quick tour of my house if you  have never watched my home tour videos before.  ,This is a 1200sqft 5 room HDB apartment. HDB is  basically Singapore’s public housing. I did not  ,hack away any of the walls so I have 1 masterbed  room, 2 common bedrooms and a huge living room  ,space. I even built a partition wall in the  living room for a separate study room area.  ,I considered this to be the general standard  HDB layout for at least the past 10 years. ,My current internet service provider is Singtel, a  1Gb plan which is definitely sufficient  ,for a normal family usage. I will say 1Gb is  like the standard default now in Singapore,  ,which is actually a lot if you compare with  many other countries. For the benefit of my  ,overseas viewers, the DB board is located  right beside the entrance of the front door,  ,hidden inside this carpentry cabinet. You will  find the fibre optics point here, then the fibre  ,optics cable will connect to a device like a modem  provided by your ISP. So I can place my router in  ,the DB board or somewhere in the living room TV  console area. For me, I choose to place it inside  ,the DB board because I want strong signal for  my smart doorbell which is outside the house.  ,But regardless, having just 1 router will only  be able to cover the living room and study area.  ,All the bedrooms and toilets will have weak  or even no signal at times especially with all  ,these thick cement walls, glass partition,  wooden doors and all the carpentry around,  ,all these will affect the wifi signal. If you  are good with networking stuff, you can go with  ,the AP + AC solution, but this is a separate topic  which I will not go into it in this video. So for  ,most people the easiest, most straightforward way  to is to go with a wifi mesh system  ,to extend the coverage to the entire house.  And here is a brief recap what is mesh,There are two types of mesh setup, wired  or wireless, of course wired will give you  ,a much better and stable connection. In my test  setup, I will have my 2nd node placed in my home  ,office room, this will be wired. Then, I will  have the 3rd node placed in my masterbed room,  ,this will be wireless. So it will be a total of 3  nodes setup. I have gotten wifi mesh systems from  ,the 4 big main networking companies – tp-link,  netgear, linksys and asus. Here is the lineup from  ,the cheapest to most expensive. First up we have  the Tp-link Deco x20. It is an AX1800 dual band. 2  ,pack costs $199, 3 pack costs $309. Next is also  an AX1800 dual band, its the Asus XD4. 2 pack  ,costs $329, 3 pack costs $459. Next moving to the  next tier we have the linksys MX5400, its a dual  ,band, 2 pack costs $499, 3 pack costs $699. Next  at similar price range is the Tp-link Deco x75,  ,from here on it will be all tri band systems.  The 2 pack cost $509 and 3 pack cost $709. Next  ,is our first netgear, the RBK75x. This is AX4200  tri band, 2 pack costs $649, 3 pack costs $999.  ,Next up, the Asus XT8 which is an AX6600 tri band,  2 pack costs $759, 3 pack costs $1,198. Then next  ,is the top model from linksys, the MX4200 tri  band, 2 pack costs $799 and 3 pack costs $1,099.  ,Lastly we have the top model from netgear, the  RBK85x which is an AX6000 tri band. The 2 pack  ,costs $1,099, 3 pack $1,499. All amount you see  is their retail price in Sing dollars. You keep  ,You keep seeing AX then with 4 numbers. What does that  mean? the X simply indicates that it supports  ,the wifi 6 standard. The 4 numbers is the maximum  bandwidth of all the wifi bands added up together.  ,Generally, the more the better,  but the prices also increase  ,as it goes higher. These are the models that you  will typically see at big mega electronic stores,  ,locally distributed with warranty support. This  is why the amazon eero series is not included,  ,same case for xiaomi. The google nest wifi  is not included as well because they don’t  ,support wifi 6. For ubiquiti, unfortunately  no response from them when i tried to reach  ,out. So a total of 8 models that I will be  testing. I will be using all out of the box  ,default settings, but I will update their  firmware to the latest version, that’s all.  ,I will be carrying out speed tests at 3 different  spots in the house that I will frequently use wifi  ,and not get very strong signal. First, is sitting  at the opposite end of my living room sofa.  ,Second spot is sitting on the toilet bowl  inside the common toilet with the door closed.  ,The third spot will be in the masterbed room,  lying on the inside of the bed with the door  ,closed as well.. This is the point where I will  have no signal at all if I didn’t have a 3rd  ,mesh node placed inside the room. I will be  using my Samsung S21 to do the speed test. The  ,speed test server I will be using is the default  one from Google. For each spots,I will be doing  ,5 tests at 3 different times of the day 10am, 2pm  and 9pm. So total of 15 tests for each spot. This  ,means that for each mesh system, I will be taking  the average from a total of 45 test results.,Before I share the results and my recommendation,  I just want to say that none of these are  ,sponsored by these companies because I got a  sponsor message for this video – Surfshark vpn! ,VPN stands for virtual private network. VPN hides  away your location, personal information and  ,browsing history. There are mainly 2 uses.  First is to access content that is either  ,not available or block in the country  you are in. For gamers, when some games  ,are only released in certain region, you  can use VPN to try out those games first,  ,learn the mechanics and get yourself a headstart  when it is released in your country. For netflix,  ,say for example I want to watch lord  of the rings, it is not available  ,in Singapore netflix and many other countries  netflix. But with a VPN, I can connect to turkey  ,because netflix in turkey has lord of the  rings. The second aspect of VPN is for security.  ,Let’s say maybe you went overseas at the airport,  you use their public wifi for some urgent matters.  ,Because this is a public network, any websites  you go and any personal information you put in,  ,there is a high risk that someone might  steal these information. So with a vpn,  ,it allows private and secure connection, so you  don’t need to worry when using a public wifi.  ,For surfshark vpn, there is a 30 days money back  guarantee policy, so feel free to go and try it.  ,Check the link in the description and use the code  ALEXTEO for 83% off and 3 extra months for free!,Alright here are the test results for each of the  spots. First one you see here is the spot in the  ,living room. If we scale price with performance,  then by right the Netgear RBK85x should always be  ,better than the rest. But for this, the Deco x75  actually did very well for it’s download speed.  ,The linksys MX5400 is struggling a bit here.  Next spot is a problematic one and you can see  ,some interesting results here. B

hey whats up guys this is the tp-link,deco x20 im gonna unbox this thing im,gonna do some speed tests and different,configurations so wireless backhaul and,wired backhaul im also gonna do some,range tests with this thing and im,going to be using my pixel 5 which is my,wi-fi 5 device and my iphone 12 pro,which is my wi-fi 6 device,so this mesh wi-fi is compatible with,wi-fi 6 and previous wireless standards,thats why im going to be using both of,those,and it has a speed rating of ax 1800 now,thats not the fastest,but its not a bad speed and it covers,up to 5800 square feet granted take that,number with a grain of salt because if,you live in a house with a lot of walls,or thicker walls or if youre in a,building with a lot of walls and other,interference of the routers and stuff,all that stuff is going to hurt this,range,so,what is a mesh wi-fi system and how is,that different from a normal router so,mesh wi-fi is really designed to be a,dead a wi-fi dead zone killer,and the way it does that is,theres a good picture in the back if we,were to compare a normal router you,lets just say one of these and and i,should mention that a mesh wi-fi is,really two or more routers or a router,and an access point basically two or,more devices that,connect together to create one,single network thats really what a mesh,wi-fi system is,so if we were taking a router,basically this,and i brought my phone and i was here,lets just say,i would connect to this and i would be,good and basically the circle that they,drew is showing,just around how much coverage i should,expect,so i would connect and it would be okay,and as i would walk farther away,assuming these two were not here so,covering those two,as i would walk far farther away my,wi-fi bars would get lower and lower and,essentially id get to a point where it,would definitely slow down and it would,get to a point that it would cut out so,i might get to the garage and i might,not have any wi-fi coverage so what a,mesh wi-fi does is it really solves that,issue by connecting two or more devices,so in this case we have three and they,basically talk to each other and create,a single network now they can talk to,each other wirelessly which is called,wireless backhaul or they can talk to,each other through wired backhaul which,means theres an ethernet going from,here to here and from here to here and,you can also mix and match as well this,could be wired and these two could be,wireless,so all of that is fair game so its,basically designed to increase,wi-fi coverage,so,the other cool thing about tp-link is it,does come with parental controls and it,comes with some sort of anti-virus,well typically routers in general come,with firewalls and offer some protection,and it also has quality of service which,pretty much is standard for most routers,so lets open this up and see whats,inside,and if you guys are wondering so this is,the deco x20 ive reviewed the deco x60,that the deco x68 and the deco x90 ill,put links in the description below for,that those are all basically higher,models than this this is pretty much,the,lowest of of that family line,so,i believe all of these are routers which,is good because you can actually just,connect one of these if you wanted to,and you know you can actually basically,buy a three pack and you could use one,and you could give one to someone else,and you take and then someone else could,take another one too because technically,each one is a router,so when we look at the ports it it comes,with two gigabit ethernet ports and,theres the power,and pretty much thats pretty much it,there is a little reset button on the,bottom to do a factory reset and youre,good to go,and the same is going to be true with,this one,and,this one as well,so these three are identical which also,means that it doesnt matter which one,you connect your modem and which ones,are the ones that are connecting to this,so if you want to choose this one to,connect your modem thats fine or this,one or that one because theyre all,basically routers,and,its pretty much going to be the power,stuff i would imagine,okay so it comes with instructions it,comes with an ethernet cable,sometimes these are cat5e sometimes,theyre cat6 they both support gigabit,so its fine,it doesnt say if its cat 5e or cap 6,there is an a quick installation guide,in here,in fact let me just take this out so you,guys can see it,and if you guys are interested,i can do a,how to connect this how to set up video,for this,and,basically,three of the power connectors,and,this is 100 to 240 volts so it pretty,much should work in most places and its,pretty small its actually much smaller,than the decoax 68 power,and,can connect okay,and basically,two other power supplies all right,its been a few days since ive unboxed,this thing and i want to see if there,were going to be any drops and,connections or anything like that and so,far so good now i did all the speed,tests and range tests so i have all,those numbers here again with both the,iphone 12 pro wi-fi six device and pixel,five wi-fi five device,so,getting into this thing,my internet speeds are rated at 980,megabits per second download and 880,megabits per second upload so thats,relevant for the internet speed test,that i did and again the speeds are,rated in mega bits per second not to be,confused by a mega bytes per second,one byte is equal to eight bits so,100 megabytes per second would be the,same thing as 800 megabits per second,doing the internet speed test with my,wi-fi six device i got 760 down 250 up,and with my wi-fi five device i got 457,down 232 up now you could see a drastic,reduction in speed especially between,the wi-fi six and the wi-fi five device,and you could also see a reduction in,speed between wi-fi devices and,something thats hooked up via ethernet,like my computer because when i do the,speed test with my computer i pretty,much get right around with my isp is,providing some most of the time its a,little bit less than that but its right,around there,so,now to isolate the router by itself,starting with my asus et8 video ive,been doing local speed test servers now,what that does is that pretty much gets,rid of the variables like my internet,service provider my modem and it also,gets rid of the public speed test server,that multiple people and or companies,could be using at the same time so this,isolates,the router,to be consistent with all my other mesh,wi-fi videos im going to use the same,option numbering scheme,so starting with option one thats when,i use a router by itself so just because,i get a two pack or three pack,doesnt actually mean i need to use all,three i could just use one in this case,theyre all technically routers i could,pick any one of the three and hook it up,and im good to go,so i hook up one of these two ethernet,ports to my modem it doesnt matter,which one because theyre auto sensing,and then the other one i hook up to my,computer,or i could go up to an unmatched switch,if i need more ethernet ports or or any,other ethernet,device that i want to connect it to,so in this case when i do my speed test,again with my same devices with the,wi-fi six i got 821 down 631 up and with,the wi-fi five i got 692 now,560 up so you could see that theres a,drastic increase at least in the up from,the upload definitely,theres a drastic increase in speed over,a local speed test,versus an internet speed test,i should also mention that no matter how,fast your router is if youre accessing,the internet youre limited by your,internet service providers speed so,how fast my modem or ont is working,thats how fast i can access the,internet,or if your modem or ont or whatever is,faster lets just say youre paying for,gigabit service and you get a router,that cant go as fast now youre limited,by your router so i always recommend,getting a router or mesh wi-fi thats,faster,than what youre paying for for internet,so,move skipping option two because option,two is when i get a router and a,dedicated non router like

mesh wi-fi systems are the way to go,when youre setting up your home wi-fi,network,and in todays video were going to be,taking a look at tp-links deco,x20 so stay tuned,hey everyone welcome back to another,video so setting up a mesh network is,going to be such a better experience,than setting up wi-fi extenders and with,technology progressing were starting to,see,more and more wi-fi six become available,and more affordable so in this video,were taking a look at tp-links deco,x20 and i want to thank tp-link for,sending this unit out for me to review,now for the most part wi-fi routers from,all of the big,companies out there like tp-link linksys,eero google all of those names are going,to be good reliable devices that have,good speed and good range,but whats really going to set them,apart are going to be their apps and the,features built into those apps,so those are some of the features were,going to be covering in todays video in,addition to,checking the speed and also the range,because not only do i want good coverage,inside of my house but i also want some,good coverage in the yard too,so we will be testing that out now,before we get started dont forget to,subscribe and hit that notification bell,so you dont miss out on future videos,like this one and with that said,lets get started so i want to start by,taking a look at some of the features,that are advertised on the box we can,see that this is tp links,deco line of routers this thing can,connect up to 150,devices has fast wi-fi speeds seamless,roaming which is what were looking for,in a mesh,network easy to set up now this cover is,5800,square feet which is ideal for a four to,six bedroom house,we can see up in the top corner that,this is the latest wi-fi six technology,which is always nice to future proof,your home,wi-fi network in addition to those,features weve also got tp-links,home care now this is going to be things,like parental control,anti-virus that is built into the router,itself,and then weve also got the quality of,service so you can choose,which devices you want to have faster,speeds than others so well be taking,a look at those features in the app a,little bit later,now inside the box comes with the three,deco devices,in addition to that youre also gonna,get three power supplies and,one ethernet cable now setting this up,was really easy to do youre going to,download the tp-link,deco app get a profile set up youre,then going to plug one of the routers,into your cable modem,follow the on-screen instructions to get,that one set up and named,and then with the other two points all,you have to do is plug them in and,theyre automatically going,to connect to the one access point that,you initially set,up so setting up was really easy to do,you can also check,signal strength move the devices around,where you need to to get,the best coverage now one of my favorite,things about each of these devices,is that each device has two network,ports,so you can connect your mesh wi-fi,network wirelessly but if you have,something that needs to be plugged,into an ethernet cable say a tv or like,a pc behind me,you can plug that directly into the,access point,to simulate a network port now its not,going to be as,fast if you had it plugged into your,actual router,but doing it this way allows me to have,this pc,here plugged in through an ethernet,cable,without having to buy a wireless card,for it and you can do that for other,devices that need to be plugged in,say like a tv or my philips hue,bridge that always has to be plugged in,doesnt have wireless capabilities,okay so now lets do a range and speed,test i do have one of the access points,here in the office with me if you take a,look at my tp-link,status we see that i have full bars with,connection to that one right there so,now lets do a speed test,go over to the speed test and were,gonna do an ip,speed test to see the speeds that im,gonna be able to get from that,and thats pretty decent actually thats,really good im happy with that one,right there i mean thats close to 200,yeah thats,190 up about 180 down so that is great,but like i said im also right next to,it here,lets now go out into the backyard,and were going to do the same thing im,going to test the up and down load speed,and were also going to see what kind of,range im getting so being out in the,backyard is going to be about 50 feet,from the closest,access point so were going to see the,kind of range and speed im going to get,from there,all right were outside recording in the,yard im the farthest out,that i can get i wanted to show you guys,the signal service that i have so,the router is about 40 feet away you can,see that i am down,a bar right there oh looks like its,fluctuating between the two but lets do,a speed test,to see what kind of speed i am getting,from this thing so well bring up our,speed test here,lets see what were getting,all right so about half probably what,were getting in the house in the house,were getting about 190,looks like were getting about 80 here,like i mentioned were about 40 feet,away from it in the backyard this is,the farthest i can get to it right now,we do have,one wall a stucco wall in between me and,the outside and thats interesting,upload speed is only about 22. so,upload is down but i mean this speed is,plenty for being outside 80,down and 21 up is is fantastic for me to,get in my backyard,okay so now lets take a look at some of,the features in the app weve got the,app loaded up here its going to show,all of the devices that are connected,to the different access points you can,also see the,speeds of what is coming up and whats,coming down as far as,data we can see that up at the top it,says internet if you tap on,the internet there its going to show,all of your access points,from there you can tap on one im going,to tap on the office its going to show,me the download,and upload speed in addition to some of,the statistics,of the device we see that the 2.4 and,5 gigahertz signal is turned on and we,can see what the signal strength is to,the main,router which is in the master bedroom,weve got the mesh turned on and then,here are all the devices that are,connected to it so,desktop that one there is connected,wirelessly to the access point and then,also the iphone,at the bottom so i can actually turn,those off if i want to,deny access with the other two weve got,smart lights that is actually my philips,hue bridge and that is plugged,directly in to the back of the access,point,and then also the hub v3 thats going to,be my smartthings hub,that is also plugged directly into those,so for those i cant turn off because,they do have a dedicated connection,would be nice if that was turned on but,lets go ahead and back,out of there and go through some of the,other settings right here,at the very bottom weve got different,tabs im going to go ahead and click on,the tab,for more weve got things like our wi-fi,settings so here we can turn off the 2.4,or the 5 gigahertz setting which i,really like i like that i can turn one,of those,on and off because i have had issues in,the past,where ive tried to connect a smart home,device to my network that requires,just a 2.4 connection and for some,reason i cant get it to connect,and when i would go into my old system i,didnt have the option of turning one of,those off,so it is nice i like that i can turn off,the 5 gigahertz network if i,have a device that has to connect to 2.4,well in addition to that weve also got,guest wi-fi network,if you look at the very bottom of the,screen it says shake to,share so if i shake my phone like this,its now asking me which network i want,to share i can then,click on lets click on guest and from,there i can select,who i want to share it to either through,a text,or an airdrop so those are some cool,features,right there lets go ahead and back,under there weve got,things like an internet speed test so,im,paying for roughly about a gig up and a,gig down i do have fiber to the house,and this is going to be a

today were going to be looking at this,wi-fi 6 mesh system from tp-link,so what is mesh wi-fi well mesh wi-fi,basically extends your wireless signal,all the way around your home or your,business and it does this by basically,having usually multiple whats called,nodes around your building so you,usually have one plugged into your main,router what you get from your internet,service provider and then you usually,get one or two or potentially more nodes,but you can plug in different places,around your house and what happens is,they all work together they sort of make,like a family of little boxes which,spreads the wireless signal all the way,around your house you can walk from one,side of the house to the other and still,be connected it also allows you to,connect multiple different things up,together as well it can not only give,you a good wi-fi signal around your,house it can also help with your speeds,it gets rid of all those nasty dead,spots,on the front of the box it tells you,its wi-fi six its got the model number,on there as well and obviously it tells,you its from tp link tells you it works,with all broadband providers you can,connect over 150 devices it says sells,you all about the 1800 megabits per,second speed with a coverage up to 5 800,feet square and you can see the free,nodes on the front to give you a rough,idea whats on there,on the back of the box it shows you a,picture on there which shows you how the,wi-fi system works and all the different,things you can connect up to it tells,you all about the wi-fi dead zone,killers tp-lings home care which is,parental control anti-virus and stuff,like that and,seamless roaming with one wi-fi name,tp-link greta is going to hate you,youve got a cardboard box what came in,another cardboard box and inside that,cardboard box which has got a lot of,foam inside which you had these youve,also got this cardboard bolt which then,came with lots of plastic surrounding,plugs and even a manual which has got a,plastic bag around it why and then for,some reason youve got the actual nodes,which has got a piece of plastic ring,around it which is protecting absolutely,nothing probably apart from the word,tp-link on the back of it i cant see,why there is any need for that again,greta is going to be very unhappy,okay so lets have a look at the nodes,the cells as you can see it comes with,the free the top of the node comes with,some sort of weird dish shape with a lip,in it im not sure exactly what thats,for at first i thought it was a cover,and it came out but it doesnt on the,back you can see its got number one and,two thats the ethernet poles thats,where you would plug in,to your router and then you could use,the other port for something else for,example,plugging into a tv or a pc or something,along that lines youve also got your,power connection there it does come with,one ethernet cable which you would,connect one of the nodes to your router,or router with which is 1.2 meters long,and each device comes with a power cable,which is 1.4 1.5 meters long to give you,a rough idea on the other side of the,device there isnt much to see its just,got the deco deco however you want to,pronounce it information there on the,bottom you can see ventilation port and,youve got some information there as,well right okay so weve got one of the,nodes plugged in weve got the ethernet,cable connected to our router bit of a,stretch because it is a very short cable,that could really do with a two meter or,larger cable but still ill suppose the,supplied one is better than nothing and,then obviously the power cable is,plugged in to a main socket to obviously,power it so when you first turn it on it,does,have a yellow light on the bottom which,you can see under there you can see its,shining on the desk but just in case you,wonder where the light is is actually,underneath and that yellow light means,its starting up and then it goes to,this blue light which means set up or,time to set it up basically if you have,got it working and everythings valid,green means its good and connected and,working and if its red it means its,basically failed what we want is for it,to be on the blue,then what we do is once it goes to blue,is we download the app on our phone so,you can get that in your app store play,store whatever the deco decode whatever,you want to call it and it will let you,obviously set it up,now ive already set up an account you,will have to set up an account its free,to do if you havent got one already and,youll have to agree to any pop-ups will,come on the screen saying it needs to,allow access to it and once youve done,that youll get to here,okay so once youve got the app,installed youve obviously registered an,account it says lets begin so you press,lets begin,you can see it says or asks which your,actual device is which house is the x20,so well click on that it tells you what,you need press next press power off your,modem,press next plug in your devices,press next,and then obviously check your modem,and,instead led is on and it says power on,deco and wait for the led pulses blue,which is where we are at the moment so,we say yes thats doing,and then hopefully now its doing going,to do a search and it should find it and,its going to connect to your dicos,wi-fi so you can auto connect or,manually so well try auto lets see how,easy actually saying do you want to join,the network so yeah sure well press,join,so thats going through so thats so far,so good but uh bear in mind it can take,a little while for some of these things,to go through,oh thats done it pretty quick so its,connected so its asking where have you,got this device so well pretend weve,got this in the,living room,and thats going through and checking,its asking what connection type and so,forth if youre not sure generally the,best thing to do is just press next but,you have got options there to choose,and then its basically going through,and its saying create a wi-fi network,call your network what network shall we,call it well call this tft so tech for,text,20,2010,and password lets go nice and simple,while were doing the video a b c d e f,and then one two three four five,obviously i suggest you choose something,a little harder to guess than that so,then press next,it should hopefully set it up with the,wireless fingers crossed anyway,so thats going through,hopefully thats talking to each other,it says its creating your wi-fi network,which is good,if youve not noticed this light has,stopped flashing blue its now staying,just blue on its own,which hopefully is a good thing,okay so its saying now you need to,connect to your new wi-fi because youve,created it and better man this lights,just gone green as well so that means it,should be set up so we press connect,it says do you want to join,network tft 2022 or whatever you want to,call it press join,if you do struggle in this bit you may,have to go in your settings wi-fi and,tell it to connect to the new device,and then it should go through and be set,up and it says connected that was it,that is pretty good and pretty quick and,its saying its online and that was,pretty painless actually that was one of,the more simpler ones ive actually come,across,so it is now set up so its outside,praying press next add more obviously,the nodes so,decos or whatever they call them okay so,to do that obviously were going to need,to plug in the other units so were,going to pretend these are in different,rooms,so well call that one bedroom and well,call the other one i dont know uh,kitchen or something like that so you,press got it,there we go so its showing your network,there it says theres an update,available which is pretty good so youve,got quite a few different options on,there to go through so you can see your,online your home network so if you click,on that it tells you whats connected to,it and so forth so you can see your,uploads download and we go its,inviting you to do exclusive features,and different bits and bobs but there,you go so its

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