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The Tragedy of Macbeth reviewed by Mark Kermode

gradually of macbeth or or wtf yeah yes,okay so the tragedy of macbeth is the,new version of uh the shakespeare yes,its definitely right previously brought,to the screen oh theres you know trying,to blood um theres the polansk which,because so the kurosawa transpose it to,feudal japan the polanski,is famous for its early 70s i mean that,period of the early 70s and its you,know its blood splattered and then,recently there was justin kurzels,version from 2015 which was one of the,films that was available in our tv pick,of the week,this is much more somber black and white,rendering from joel cohen,denzel washingtons macbeth francis,mcdormand as lady macbeth brendan,gleasons duncan bertie carvalhos,banquet very last a very solid cast,and then catherine hunter as the weird,sisters,who turns in a remarkable performance,um its a its a very physical,performance again its kind of almost,closer to dance than it is to straight,theater,its,the way in which the body is used to,make the human form resemble a crow,and the sort of angularity of the crow,as im saying you cant see this on the,radio as im doing this im moving my,arms around in a pathetic attempt to,kind of capture its like marcel marcel,in the room with you yes and its a,really i mean its a very adventurous uh,way of doing the sisters and it kind of,works very well,visually when i first saw the film i,thought thats interesting its kind of,it looks like a carl dreyer film or its,got that kind of you know maybe even,noiri because its,everything is everything is very,designed its not natural its kind of,the light in it,i suppose theres even a hint of german,expressionism in there,but visually very arresting and a piece,for the eyes,on the,on the rest of it and its been very,well received i mean people have really,you know ive seen five star reviews for,it all over the place,my issue with it is that although the,individual performances are,good they they appear to be individual,performances what you dont get,from my point of view,is and ive seen you know,as everybody has seen macbeth on stage a,few times ive seen some great versions,of macbeth and and ive seen some,interesting film adaptations about beth,the play exists in the interaction,between characters and yet the film,seems to me to exist in soliloquies,in,characters,doing what they do in isolation,even in the central marriage even in the,relationship between macbeth and lady,macbeth what youre not getting is that,visceral you know back and forth what,youre getting is two people doing,performances that seem oddly im related,now there are some great moments,the uh you know i dont think this is a,plot spoiler because its macbeth but,you know the thing about burning wood,coming to dunsinane is brilliantly,rendered because thats always one of,the things in the play that you go hows,that gonna work and in the film you go,ah thats how that works,but,compare this to because i watched this,recently i watched bas lermans romeo,and juliet recently,and the language in that just flies off,the screen i mean it just zings,and i didnt get that,with this it felt like i admired it from,a distance,and i felt that it was a technical,exercise that had some great elements,um of which catherine hunter is the is,the greatest,but,it never it didnt get me in the gut,which is kind of odd because when you,consider,i mean macbeth is a really,you know its a its a play about,blood,and guilt,and,you know all that stuff and,this seemed like this not pun intended,it seemed like an oddly bloodless,interpretation,much to admire,much to be interested by,but have you seen it no i would id be,really interested to know what you think,because ive seen five star reviews for,it okay all over the place including,from people who are of this parish and,whose opinion i respect very much,i didnt get that five star thing from,it i got okay yeah thats yeah,thats interesting,but macbeth needs to be not interesting,macbeth needs to be right anyway its,been in theaters its now coming to,apple tv people can make up their own,mind about it,you

Michael Knowles REVIEWS “The Tragedy of Macbeth”

theres a movie that a lot of people,were watching over the weekend and it,was trending all around,twitter and things like that this is the,tragedy of macbeth,the tragedy of macbeth it was a movie,version based on macbeth by shakespeare,starring denzel washington and frances,mcdormand,and it was slightly controversial,because as you might,recognize denzel washington is not a,particularly well-known scotsman,and the play is about a scottish king,but i decided i was going to sit down,was going to watch the movie,joel cohen one of the greatest living,directors denzel washington one of the,greatest living actors francis mcdormand,one of the greatest living actresses and,macbeth one of the greatest plays ever,written you will be unsurprised to hear,it was a very very good movie and i,thought when i was watching this movie,about an extremely corrupt political,order that is based on treachery,sometimes outright murder that rips the,polity asunder and and leads to horrible,problems for the whole society,i thought huh,this might have something to tell us,about our country today maybe more,people maybe thats the reason they made,the movie in the first place,now,well get to more on that in one second,but speaking of movies im very excited,to announce the release of the daily,wires first original production we,released a movie that had already been,made last year and we bought the,distribution rights because people were,trying to cancel it so that was our,first movie this is our first original,movie its called shut in it is a seat,gripping thriller that will be available,to stream in february follows the story,of a young mother whos barricaded,inside a closet by her violent,ex-husband as shes trapped inside,she uses nothing but her voice to guide,her children on the other side of the,walls to safety all while the threat of,her dangerous ex looms so go check it,out its really cool,uh we cannot wait to share the finished,product with you so make sure you catch,the final trailer when it drops tomorrow,its gonna be a lot of fun if youre,planning on adding this terrifying,thriller to your queue you want us to,keep making that content that the,mainstream media do not want to produce,then go like and share the trailer on,youtube your support makes all the,difference also were gonna have,backstage finally again dw is one of the,first in the nation to file suit against,the biden administration on their,unconstitutional osha vaccine mandate,our case made it to the supreme court,and we won tune in tomorrow night to,catch an all-new episode of backstage,where we discuss the outcome of that,supreme court ruling its going to be,wonderful were going to drink a lot of,leftist tears its going to be me ben,jeremy matt and drew 7 p.m 6 p.m central,dailywire.com or,you can stream it on our youtube channel,dailywire,i really loved this movie the tragedy of,macbeth its kind of an artsy film its,black and white,its an ambitious adaptation,its minimalist and its set design,but its its artsy so if you dont like,artsy movies this is not going to be the,movie for you but it is one of the,greatest plays ever written by the,greatest english playwright with some of,the greatest living actors and actresses,and the greatest director so its really,wonderful the one controversy of it was,that denzel washington obviously is not,scottish hes a black guy,so should a black guy be allowed to play,a white part and is this woke and is,this politically correct,the debate over colorblind casting is an,extremely complicated one,its not a simple answer one way or the,other folks this has been a debate,thats gone on for decades one of the,great proponents of color blind casting,was a guy named bob it is a guy named,bob brewstein who was the founder of the,l repertory theater and,uh,is a sort of legend in the theater world,hes a white guy hes a big proponent of,color blind casting having black people,play white parts and,not taking into account of an actors,ethnicity,august wilson whos probably the most,famous black playwright of the last,hundred years maybe the most famous,black playwright in american history he,hated colorblind casting he said black,people should not play white parts white,people should not play black parts this,is insane race,involves,lots of cultural aspects and its you,cant suspend disbelief and you,shouldnt do it,theres also this double standard now,which is that white actors not white,actors are not allowed to play any,non-white parts and if they are theres,a big uproar and the woke people scream,about it,white actors are not even allowed to,voice non-white parts,the white actor who voiced apu on the,simpsons got got cancelled from the part,because youre not allowed to do that,anymore so yes theres a double standard,its its preposterous its silly,however,if you can get past all of the stupid,woke stuff and just recognized that,denzel washington is one of the greatest,living actors and his performance in,this movie is just incredible then i,think,you can tune out all of the noise,furthermore you can say that shakespeare,is writing about not specific issues,only related to scotland but hes,writing about the human condition and,therefore it makes a lot more sense for,a black guy to play,that role even though its a scottish,role really the play is about the human,condition whereas if you had denzel,washington starring in the the remake of,the sopranos that probably wouldnt make,a lot of sense what the sopranos is very,specifically about an italian-american,family so it wouldnt make sense to have,a non-italian actor play that part okay,thats a little bit of the controversy,around it the reason i even bring up the,movie though,is because the play is about,fate versus free will,and the movie joel cohen really brings,this out,macbeth,opens up the play one of the very first,things of the play is walking up and he,sees a bunch of witches and the witches,tell him his future and they say youre,going to become king but youre not,going to have a line of kings,and tells his partner banquo,youre not going to be king but your,kids are going to become king and,this is going to happen and this is,going to happen and macbeth is struck,with this and he says well hold on if,all of this is going first of all do i,believe these witches that thats really,going to happen and then he sees some,proof that some of their predictions,came true he says well okay if its,going to happen then i guess i dont,need to do anything,he says if chance will have me king why,chance may crown me without my story im,not going to do anything about it but,then he does do something about he says,and mostly because his wife lady macbeth,is just an early version of hillary,clinton and shes this sort of wicked,political character who just,it impels him and convinces him to kill,the king and become king himself and so,he does participate in it but was that,always faded or did he really have free,choice and by the end he and his hillary,clinton wife go completely insane,and hes hes she becomes extremely,depressed he becomes very depressed he,cant sleep anymore because he killed,the king in his sleep he says he says,sleep no more macbeth does murder sleep,ill never sleep again because one he,saw the king die in his sleep and two,because hes wracked by the moral,reality of what hes done,hes one of the most famous,lines of the entire place is tomorrow,and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this,petty pace from day to day to the last,syllable of recorded time and all our,yesterdays have lighted fools the way to,dusty death outbrief candle lifes but a,walking shadow a poor player that struts,and frets his hour upon the stage and,then is heard no more it is a tale told,by an idiot full of sound and fury,signifying nothing thats what,a lot of people think life is today,thats what they think that its all,just kind of a joke its all just kind,of a farce a tale told by an idiot,signifying nothing our hopes our dreams,our loves our joys its all just

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The Tragedy of Macbeth – Movie Review

good evening this is the Oscar expert,here with brother bro its time to,review the tragedy of Macbeth this is,the newest film from Joel Cohen but not,Ethan Cohen and it starts Denzel,Washington has Macbeth Francis McDormand,is Lady Macbeth the first thing that you,should probably know about this movie is,that even though you have all these,exciting talents from the film world,when you sit down and you watch the,movie its like this is Hardcore,Shakespeare while Joel Cohen is really,doing a lot of cool stuff with the,visuals the dialogue here is,Shakespearean English which a lot of,people have a hard time with myself,included to be honest so I was watching,this movie not really sure what people,were saying a lot of the time I kind of,got into the rhythm of things and I got,the gist of things but I think that will,be the biggest challenge for audiences,is basically how much do you like,Shakespeare how much do you Vibe with,his dialogue but even so I found that I,really liked this movie anyway even in,moments where Im kind of lost in what,exactly is being said with the dialogue,the performances are extremely,compelling and the atmosphere here the,black and white cinematography the,minimalist production design was keeping,me more than engaged throughout the,entire thing with Shakespeare,adaptations I feel like its just not,enough to film a sage play and rely,mainly on the actors to deliver it in a,compelling way for the screen a really,boring film would just be one where the,blocking is pretty standard you get a,classic comfy period feel with lavish,costumes and I like that they did not go,for that in this film between the,production design and the lighting this,was almost surreal I love that they made,this exist in a space that doesnt seem,to mirror the real world theres the,self-awareness of it being a play and,existing as a play I would say given,that this is just Shakespeare dialogue,but thats definitely a barrier for me,and it probably prevented me from loving,this film rather than really liking and,respecting it but overall I was just,really happy because in an adaptation,youre just looking to see what it,brings visually to the world of the play,and there was a lot lot of attention,paid to that I will say that the most,compelling part I thought was the,contemplation of the first series of,murders and seeing Macbeth struggling,with that and Lady Macbeth sort of like,praying to the spirits to possess her,with ability to kill I felt this,ethereal quality come through and I got,this dreamy existential feeling yeah,Joel Cohen is really highlighting the,darker more surreal aspects of the play,I mean the world of Macbeth is one with,witches and people having visions so it,felt like Joel Cohen actually realized,Shakespeares Vision in an even more,true way than if someone were to adapt,it in a straightforward way whereas just,a bunch of people walking around like,this with their swords and like it looks,like The Kings Speech this feels almost,more true to the colors of Macbeth I,feel like in a lot of Shakespeare,adaptations the delivery of the dialogue,is a little bit like winky its like,look Im saying this in a modern way so,that you the audience can understand it,in a modern way it didnt feel like it,was trying to water any anything down,for people who were less likely to be,wrapped up in Shakespeare the black and,white cinematography is absolutely,beautiful and the minimalist production,design like the way that the light comes,through the windows in a very contrasted,Jagged way is definitely reminiscent of,German expressionism what also stood out,was how empty these rooms were like they,are not lavishly decorated Everything,feels very Barren of course the iconic,Mist that every adaptation seems to use,a little differently its kind of like,this ever present white fog I like how,it often uses the Mist to cut between,shots like theres a thin barrier,between like existence and just passing,through it if I made a list of the top,five transitions used in film this year,this movie would probably occupy at,least like three of the slots for me the,misregistered is Macbeth making all,these like short-sighted decisions and,so hes kind of living in this Haze,where he can only like move on to the,next visible thing that he needs to do,to maintain his power its kind of like,what Lady Macbeth represents where shes,just saying dont think about like the,bigger picture just see whats in front,of you the production design also,reminded me of those early Hollywood,films like from the silent area into the,40s and 50s with those massive sets that,looked like they just went on kind of,forever and which were kind of barren in,terms of the like detail or props in,them and I loved how that was brought to,this film and the sort of surreal world,that Joel Cohen has created here,actually highlights some of those aside,moments where you just have one,character monologuing which is very,weird to do on film but it just feels,like it works better here maybe theres,something about the stagey design of the,whole thing that helps that yeah I,thought the monologuing worked really,well often due to the lighting and of,course do the performances it was easy,to expect greatness from this,performance knowing that Denzel,Washingtons playing Macbeth and yet he,still manages to surpass expectations he,was absolutely magnificent here even in,moments where I didnt understand and,what he was saying I was actually really,compelled by just how he was saying,things I think my favorite moment of his,was again after he committed the murders,and you saw this real like vulnerability,from him I think thats so important to,bring to the character because Macbeth,is actually somebody who has a,conscience and who is just betraying it,and it eats them alive and by contrast,Lady Macbeth does not have the same,conscience preventing her from,committing these heinous acts and,Francis McDormand plays her very down to,earth and not as like a psychopath or,anything which I thought was really,important there was this one moment,where she was summoning the powers that,would enable her to commit these sins,she bit her lip for a moment and I was,like oh yes like that is so good the,thirstiness in that performance for the,crown Francis McDormand was just fierce,in this role both the actors theres,just so much to reap from every little,facial expression on every second this,is definitely a Denzel Washington,Francis McDormand show and though those,two performances really feel like they,Tower above everything else in the,supporting realm and Francis McDormand,has less screen time than Denzel,Washington for sure but to me she does,feel like a lead the performance could,definitely pass for supporting and if,she wasnt friends with tournament,towering with three Oscars I dont even,think it would be a question of where to,put her but because she is Francis,McDormand and shes like winning lead,acting Oscars and thats just her status,she could fit well into the lead,category but if shes campaigning lead I,wouldnt say shes a lock if shes,campaigned and supporting I think her,chances are very good I mean Im,definitely predicting her and wherever,they campaign her right now Catherine,Hunter as the three witches really stood,out was there a better casting choice,for this role I dont think so I mean,her voice is just deliciously maniacal,and the physicality of her performance,was really odd yeah you could tell like,she completely stole the scenes that she,was in Im sure everybody seeing this,film is going to be buzzing about her,because its such an odd performance,that works just right and it also gives,this Coen Brothers feel to the movie she,opens up the film and I was like oh yeah,this does feel like a Coen Brothers film,because of the oddness the quirkiness in,that character yeah there were a couple,Side characters who were a little like,quirky looking and like the just the,casting thats maybe the only tinge of,Cohen brother that Im g

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The Tragedy of Macbeth: How Denzel Washington Does Shakespeare

[Music],in his 1968 book the empty space,renowned british theater director peter,brook wrote i can take any empty space,and call it a bare stage a man walks,across this empty space while someone,else is watching him and this is all,that is needed for an active theater to,be engaged for film as austere and,brutalist as joel cohens the tragedy of,macbeth brookes sentiment feels,especially fitting indeed the world of,this macbeth is colorless,surreal and in many ways,empty,but not just any man walks across this,empty space of a world,denzel washington does,there is plenty of well-deserved praise,that has been heaped upon joel cohens,adaptation of macbeth its unique visual,aesthetic,diverse casting and propulsive directing,but the center of gravity that holds the,tragedy of macbeth together is denzel,washingtons enthralling oscar-nominated,performance,so what makes this take on the classic,character so compelling,three main elements stand out 1.,washington humanizes shakespeares,heightened language,2.,washington possesses a relatable,physicality in his performance,and 3.,washington creates a fresh character arc,within an old story,the early modern english of,shakespeares era is notoriously,challenging for audiences today,although a sense of appreciation can be,experienced even by novices to,shakespeares work the overriding,frustration of archaic words and,sentence structure,can stymie a rewarding exploration of,the borrowed stories characters and,themes denzel washington opens the door,into shakespeares language by,exchanging poetry for naturalism fitting,the iambic lines into the cadence of a,modern speaker as alison wilmore writing,for new york magazine eloquently,observes,washington manages the near impossible,feat of delivering his lines as though,hes putting the words together in the,moment,speaking some of the most famous,sentences in the english language as,though theyre actually being dredged up,out of macbeths roiling consciousness,this approach may cause chagrin for some,shakespearean performance purists who,desire a more traditionally poetic,delivery but if the goal is to make,macbeth accessible to a wider audience,washington and his fellow actors,accomplished it with a plum,for example take this scene from early,in the film which transitions seamlessly,from dialogue to monologue conveying,both the desire and doubt in macbeth as,he contemplates the possibility of,becoming king but what it might cost to,do so your supernatural soliciting,cannot be ill cannot be good,if ill why have they given me earnest of,success commencing in the truth i am,thane of corridor,good why do i yield to that suggestion,whose horrid image does unfix my hair,and make my seated heart knock up my,ribs against the use of nature,present fears are less than horrible,imaginings,my thought whose murder yet is but,fantastical shake so my single state of,man that function is smothered in some,eyes,and nothing is but what is not,if chance will have me king why chance,may crown me without my stir,come what come they,time in the hour runs through the,roughest day of course an actors body,is just as essential as their voice in,creating a character,and when performing shakespeare the,importance of that physicality is,heightened movement and facial,expression are capable of communicating,to an audience what the dialogue by,itself cannot even dialogue is detailed,in effervescence shakespeares,washingtons performance in cohens,direction give meaningful movement and,momentum to scenes that are often,performed more or less stationary,the best examples come the two most,famous soliloquies from the play,the dagger soliloquy really leans into,the thou martialist me the way that i,was going line by having macbeth be,physically compelled to march towards,the dagger,nice either yet,in form as palpable as this which now i,draw,thou marsh list me the way that i was,going in such an instrument i was to use,mine eyes are made of fools or the other,senses or else worth all the rest,a dagger which in actuality is the door,handle leading to duncans bed chamber,i go,and it is done,the bell invites me,hear it not duncan void its a nell,that summons thee to heaven,or to hell,the films tomorrow soliloquy also,incorporates profound movement into the,scene as macbeth literally descends the,stairs towards death,while also foreshadowing his own demise,tomorrow,and tomorrow and tomorrow,creeps in this petty pace from day to,day to the last,syllable of recorded time,and all our yesterdays have lighted,fools the way to dusty death,out,out weve candle,finally the film creates a unique,character arc for macbeth thats rarely,seen often times macbeth is portrayed as,a young up-and-coming soldier whose,uncontrollable ambitions drive him into,disaster and destruction,denzel washington is not that macbeth,by contrast washingtons macbeth is,experienced contemplative and,perhaps most obvious,older,at 66 washington is one of the oldest,actors to play the character on screen,eclipsed only by patrick stewart at 69,years old in a 2010 bbc adaptation,washingtons age and that of co-star,francis mcdormand as lady macbeth,fundamentally shift the internal,motivations of their characters,as wilmore notes their presence gives,new dimension to the characters,ruthless actions,childless and with no chance of,establishing a legacy of any sort,macbeth murders his way to the throne of,scotland out of what feels much more,openly like nihilism than ambition,as though hes looked ahead toward a,dwindling future promising few surprises,and chosen violence instead,washingtons macbeth doesnt seem to,relish the power he accrues,his bloody climb up the ladder seems,more like a desperate attempt to find,meaning and a life,thats closer to its end than its,beginning,the final act of the film profoundly,captures this characterization,as mcduff and malcolm close in on,dunsinane macbeths will to fight let,alone live,seems to crack before the battle even,begins,theres no flying hands nor carrying,here ring me a lot of mail,blow wind,come work,at least well die with harness on our,back,in a brilliant scene he faces young,seaward unarmed winning the fight almost,more by instinct than by design,ah,when the climactic face off with macduff,washington imbues macbeth with a weary,resignation belying the bravura of his,words,of all men else i have avoided thee but,get thee back,my soul is too much charged with blood,of thine already i have no words,my voice is in my sword let fall thy,blade on vulnerable crests i bear a,charming life which must not yield to,want a woman born despair that charm,and let the angel whom now still has,served tell thee macduff was from his,mothers womb untimely ripped,of course itd be that tongue that tells,me so,i will not fight with thee then guilty,coward i will not yield,kiss the ground before young malcolms,fate and to be bated with a rabbles,curse,being not a woman born yet i will try,the last,leon mcduff,and damn be him that first cries hold,enough,this depiction is punctuated by,macbeths final moments,a vain display of caring more about his,crown than his own life,writing for the los angeles review of,books julia sermon concludes that,cohen brings out different shades and,meanings of macbeth and the result is an,adaptation strange and refreshing,haunted by past iterations,without being stifled by the weight of,homage,the same can be said of denzel,washingtons performance he stands on,the foundation of iconic actors such as,orson welles and ian mckellen before him,but has built his own unforgettable,macbeth,who shalt be king,hereafter,you

The Tragedy of Macbeth — Making the Film | Apple TV+

♪♪,Ambition.,♪♪,Greed.,♪♪,And a guy named Willy.,Willy Shakespeare.,♪♪,Witch: By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.,♪♪,Our version of MacBeth,Mary Zophres: made Shakespeare accessible.,The way Ive always looked at the film, is that it doesnt take place in any physical place.,Carter Burwell: It takes place in the minds of the characters,Carter Burwell: and the psychological reality.,Macbeth has been done in many forms and many time periods.,Mary Zophres: But were inspired by Joels vision.,Mary Zophres: Which was this highly defined black and white,Mary Zophres: and very geometric and very architectural.,And thats what helped us come up with a set of rules on MacBeth.,Whats fascinating is, I dont know, I think its the first time Ive worked with,a husband and wife team.,So, that was, that was interesting.,Just watching the two of them, how they operate.,Denzel Washington: Theyre two halves of the same person, I mean they rely on each,Denzel Washington: other and, uh, trust each other.,Theyre both brilliant, brilliant artists and care about the work.,Ellen Chenoweth: Joel really wanted the language to be very specific and very clear.,Ellen Chenoweth: And he really wanted the actors and their ability to pull these scenes off.,And make the language sing and make it real at the same time.,If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me without my stir.,(Sword chopping),Come what come may.,Its important for Joel, in films, to usually establish visual themes,,Carter Burwell: as well as verbal themes and auditory themes.,Denzel Washington: Hes just brilliant. Hes one of the most, if not the most, ,brilliant filmmaker Ive worked with, period.,There are a lot of things about working with Joel that are unique,,compared to working with other filmmakers.,Joel is known for really preparing well for pretty much the whole process.,He had the story and he had the visuals already in his head.,Seeing how Joel saw it was a masterclass in, in filmmaking.,(Thunderous knocking),♪♪,I had done a number of movies with Joel and Ethan.,Ellen Chenoweth: So, I had a pretty good sense of what kinds of actors he liked ,Ellen Chenoweth: and at this point, we had Frances McDormand.,Ellen Chenoweth: And once you start thinking about who can play opposite her,,and hold their own and has had classical training, it was a very, very short list.,Ellen Chenoweth: And then, when Denzel said he would do it, it was kind of a miracle,because hes classically trained and hes a huge movie star.,My dearest love…,I mean, hes a giant so that was, kind of, a dream come true.,…Duncan comes here tonight.,Lady Macbeth: Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.,Leave all the rest to me.,She was amazing.,Amazing.,Denzel Washington: Shes brilliant, really,,Denzel Washington: and a lovely, lovely woman. Lovely woman.,(Thunderous knocking),♪♪, There was no color on set. ,There was only a dress or two that Frances McDormand was wearing, which were in color.,But otherwise, everything was black and white.,Bruno Delbonnel: So, when the actors came on set, they were really aware of what it looks like.,All was in black and white, all on sound stages.,Carter Burwell: We just got these very exaggerated ,Carter Burwell: abstractions sometimes that come from the sets.,It was, kind of, obvious it has to be black and white.,Bruno Delbonnel: Because black and white already introduced some, kind of, abstraction, you see.,Its a… youre not connected to reality, in some ways, with black and white.,You have already a distance.,Witch: Double, double, toil and trouble,,fire burn and cauldron bubble.,(Splash),First Apparition: Macbeth, Macbeth…,Macbeth.,With the designs of the sets being so abstract,,Stefan Dechant: I never felt the need that I needed to have any muted color, at all.,And just to move quickly, it was just easier to paint in grays.,Ive done another black and white movie, and for hair, what you wanna do, is youre,Cydney Cornell: not dealing with color.,Cydney Cornell: So, you wanna have shadows and reflection.,Cydney Cornell: And then those are your things youre working with.,Cydney Cornell: Light or dark, shiny or not shiny.,Designing a film thats in black and white,was hugely important.,Mary Zophres: Texture and textiles and embroidery and,Mary Zophres: layering and aging.,All these different tools worked really well in this form of black and white.,Will all great Neptunes ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?,♪♪,Bruno Delbonnel: It always came to the way I would light it.,Bruno Delbonnel: We never really know if its day or night.,Bruno Delbonnel: and its really in the play.,Bruno Delbonnel: So, what if we play with this idea of not knowing,,Bruno Delbonnel: or is there a transition that you can see going from day to night?,It was a fair thing just to be, kind of, ambiguous with the light.,Bruno Delbonnel: The shadows are very sharp.,Bruno Delbonnel: So, when I use theater light, in fact, I didnt use any movie light,,it was the light you use for a rock and roll concert.,Things without all remedy should be without regard, whats done is done.,We have scorched the snake, not killed it.,(Thunderous knocking),♪♪,Denzel Washington: The way the film, that Joel brilliantly made,,Denzel Washington: that Frances brilliantly played,,it moves.,(Wind blows),It really moves. You understand what it is and he took his time and got it right.,Alex Lemke: Joel talked to us about how he wanted to make Macbeth into a film,,Alex Lemke: while preserving the theatrical experience of it.,So, he was going to use film influences, mainly from German Expressionism, to turn this into a, uh, film.,(Horse neighs),The format choice that the movie was shot in,,Michael Huber: 2D backdrops that kind of looked like backdrops in the real theaters,,and all the artistic choices that were made, would lead to a little bit of a, um, abstraction.,Especially in the sequences where were not entirely sure what is reality and what is not,,adds to that level of uh, stage performance.,Ahh!,So, its a combination of backdrops, painted backings, nets, screens and stuff like that.,Are you a man?,Ay, and a bold one, that dare look upon that which might appall the devil.,Bruno Delbonnel: The academy frame was about the power of the close-up.,Its a fabulous format.,And, you know, seriously, when you have Denzels face, you know academy fills the frame and,,Bruno Delbonnel: ah, its, its already very strong,Bruno Delbonnel: and Frances is the same and has such a presence.,Being in the academy framing and being able to be in dialogue and to draw with Joel.,Stefan Decant: You could design the sets for those parameters.,It was designed to leave you not in a real place.,Carter Burwell: Gravity isnt quite working right and youre unsettled by this, as a viewer.,(Screaming),(Thunderous knocking),♪♪,Cydney Cornell: What were all doing is contributing to a framed piece of art that Joel is creating.,What were creating with the costumes were, sort of, chess pieces.,All the styles, the costumes and everything, were just solid edges.,Mary Zophres: Shapes, triangular, conical, cylinder.,And the way people, sort of, moved around the set were like chess characters.,Mary Zophres: I based it on things that would be flattering first,Mary Zophres: to Frances McDormand and to Denzel Washington.,Thats one of the reasons why theres lattice work in the chest and on the shoulders of the armor.,Mary Zophres: And theres this tufting technique that we use on the under-armor.,Mary Zophres: And a quilting technique that we used in the sleeves.,Mary Zophres: And its all in an effort to create interest without being distracting in close-ups.,Bruno Delbonnel: And then it was about shapes.,Bruno Delbonnel: How can I bring some tension to the image?,Yes! (Smashing),Yet heres a spot. Out, damned spot! Out, I say!,But it was, uh, trying to find balance where they have to work together,Bruno Delbonnel: the lines and the acting and the light are in s


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The Tragedy of Macbeth Apple TV Plus Movie Review

by the pricking of my thumbs something,wicked this way comes joel cohens,adaptation of shakespeares classic the,tragedy of macbeth is coming to apple tv,plus so are you going to be watching,[Applause],a scottish lord becomes convinced by a,trio of witches that he will become the,next king of scotland and his ambitious,wife supports him in his plans of,seizing power so more than likely at,least if you grew up in the united,states macbeth was one of those required,readings in high school its had,countless adaptations some good and many,bad and sometimes adaptations make the,presentation more modern while keeping,the original dialogue while then others,strictly stick to what shakespeare wrote,and the aesthetics they believed to be,originally associated with this tragedy,for this adaptation director joel cohen,has chosen the more traditional route by,putting us in medieval scotland and then,keeping the dialogue to how old willie,wrote it this is presented in a pretty,square format and the aspect ratio works,with the black and white presentation,and this choice of filming style gives,it almost a feeling of watching a pbs,performance but you know back in the,early 80s on some old crt tv the,cinematography is beautiful i mean not,only do we have some discombobulating,top-down shots but the way that the,actors and the camera will approach each,other and then meet is inviting and i,found it stunning and also sometimes a,bit creepy and this feels like a stage,play but on just really wide and deep,stages some of the shots give good sense,of expansiveness the acting and the,imagery are so powerful to the,storytelling i mean when you read the,play and even sometimes when the play is,performed the visuals dont enhance the,experience and then help in the,understanding in this whether it be a,flying crow a flooded passageway or,simply a crown flying through the air,each of these sequences reinforces the,meaning of the story the cast is,absolutely spectacular i mean so many,talented actors come together including,corey hawkins harry melling alex hassell,catherine hunter brendan gleason moses,ingram and then of course frances,mcdormand and denzel washington alex,hassell who you may recognize as vicious,from the recent netflix show cowboy,bebop he is devilish and scheming as,ross he slithers through the scenes with,backbiting charm and then cunning,catherine hunter plays the witches just,so creepily but also delivers her lines,in very entrancing ways theres a,certain sense of dread that comes as she,manipulates her body while delivering,her lines which also i found incredibly,captivating her cadence drew me in like,i was literally leaning towards the,screen as she spoke because i was so,intrigued by what she was saying and,then how she was saying it francis,mcdormand is haunting his lady macbeth,and while shes powerful and devilish at,the beginning her descent into madness,is eerie and then its almost terrifying,then we get to the man himself denzel,washington as macbeth he is wildly,charismatic but in a scary sort of way,hes conniving driven perhaps even,insane but the way he illustrates the,transformation into a tortured mind i,found incredible to watch now as serious,as most of his performance is there are,some moments that border on humorous as,washington goes fully into his signature,denzel mode his voice raises and it just,has that signature sound but its still,so powerful and its great to watch i,really enjoyed the way this whole,production is delivered i mean some of,the ways that cohen chose to visually,represent portions of dialogue and then,craft the scenes added some wonderful,weight to an already weighty story,theres a sequence towards the beginning,where we first meet the witches and i,was blown away by the visual portrayal,theres an ominous and foreboding tone,coming from what we see that just far,outweighs the text and i loved it while,this is a tragedy i expected a fair,amount of violent acts in this and there,is brutality to a couple of scenes that,i found shocking and then very,emotionally impactful and for the most,part the violence isnt graphic which i,think actually makes it all the more,powerful as we get to imagine what goes,unseen im surprised that this was able,to be told in under two hours its only,an hour and 45 minutes long so its not,a long time commitment but theres also,not at this rushed pace to it if youre,not a fan of shakespeare or its just,way too reminiscent of high school,english this presentation probably isnt,going to make you fall in love with the,play but that being said the,performances and entire production,design are captivating and theyre,beautiful to experience overall the,tragedy of macbeth is an awesome,experience even if youre not familiar,with the play why the dialogue may be a,bit hard to ingest the way the visuals,work to give meaning and the actors,portrayals it really does help the,understanding quite a bit,this is beautifully filmed and the,performances are engaging and dynamic,the link works to its advantage to make,this more accessible for everyone but,for those of us to shakespeare because,of just some high school english class,trauma this may not be at the top of,everyones watch list i think if you do,give it a chance youll be rewarded with,something that could change your mind,about the bard and his works theres no,sex nudity or really profanity at least,by todays standards but there is some,violence i give the tragedy of macbeth,four and a half out of five couches do,you enjoy shakespeare do you have a,favorite screen adaptation id love to,know what it is in the comments below if,you enjoyed this review please give it a,like also dont forget to share and,subscribe im chris this is movies and,munchies thanks for couching with me,is this a dagger i see before me,see every time i just when i try and do,it i go into john wayne and that leads,me to thinking of dead poet society i,dont want to do denzel but i just cant

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