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Transformers – Movie Review

transformers was directed by Michael Bay,and this came out ten years ago a decade,in the summer of 2007 this movie was,what everybody was talking about,transformers was back,it was huge people loved it people went,nuts for kids liked it adults liked it I,think its fine I think its fine right,off the bat this is not a bad movie at,all it has some issues Im going to get,into those issues its tough for me,though to look at transformers this,first one to critically because I know,what transformers is you got beast wars,you got transformers the show theyre,kind of made to sell toys and theyre,just about robots that can transform,into cars and yeah I mean you cant,really look at them and be like well Im,going to talk about this film and devour,it because its so bad transformers such,a bad film I really expected more out of,the robot car moving but like I said ten,years has gone by and Ive watched this,movie a few times over the course of,that decade and weve had other,transformers movies so some of the,problems kind of rise to the surface and,I cant help but talk about them so,lets start talking about the first,Transformers movie yay Shia LaBeouf,plays Sam Witwicky a kid in school who,is lusting after Megan Foxs character,Mikaela and hes got a new Camaro that,just so happens to be bumblebee and so,eventually he stumbles across the rest,of the other transformers and this fight,for the cube and theres other,characters a lot of other characters,there are so many subplots in this movie,its no wonder its two and a half hours,long and even those two and a half hours,dont even feel like its enough to,fully give every character in this movie,an arc Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox Tyrese,and Josh Duhamel the entire military,subplot with Jon Voight the Decepticons,the Autobots and the parents who,certainly arent annoying in the least,bit and theyre drug addict dog oh and,the analysts Oh,Anthony Anderson oh and John Tudor oh my,god theres a lot of subplots I mean I,forgot how many subplots there are in,fact there are just so many that the,Transformers themselves dont really get,that much screen time we watching the,movie the other night I realize just how,little of this massive runtime is,dedicated to the Transformers the title,characters Optimus Prime really isnt in,the film that much and its kind of,disappointing that so much of this movie,is about Sam and how much he really,wants to bang Megan Fox this is one of,the most Michael Bay Michael Bay movies,ever there are so many shots of military,helicopters against the Sun in the,desert and oversaturated color tone,sweeping low angle shots slow motion sad,moments with no dialogue a bunch of,military chatter that sounds a lot,smarter than it actually is random shots,of really hot women that have nothing to,do with the movie for the sake of really,hot women and of course a direct,reference to one of his own films its,easily Aundre John Ford and I swear to,God,Oh Michael Bay you really pulled out all,the stops on this one look I got to be,honest I do actually have a respect,level for Michael Bay he assembles,movies that are technically brilliant,sound effects special effects the entire,production design of transformers -,stunt work you have to praise the,production of this movie you cant deny,that about this first Transformers movie,that is something that definitely needs,praised and its easy to overlook that,when you review a movie oh its CGI they,made it in the computer no I mean the,physical act of filming a movie and then,incorporating it with these computerized,effects and having a look as seamless as,it does thats definitely something this,movie did flawlessly lets talk about,Shia LaBeouf he basically was playing a,more adult variation of his character,from that Disney Channel show even,Stephens very nervous extremely anxious,he had a lot of tics he said no a,billion times over and over again weve,all heard that in various YouTube mashup,videos no no,over and over again we all get that,lets talk about what he did really well,in this movie and that was add a pretty,good sense of physicality to his,performance hes really good at using,the environments around him to sell the,physicality of his performance and he,did that pretty well here hes gotten,considerably better in recent years as,an actor but he did fine for what this,movie needed to be Megan Fox is also an,actress but I think in recent years has,improved but here in her big first,feature role shes not very good and,there really is no other way around it,shes pretty awful in this movie and I,dont know who is to blame really if,its just the fact that she was new and,she maybe didnt have the acting,coaching that she needed or that Michael,Page is hired her because shes gorgeous,and did a lot of shots of her body which,he does but her performance is extremely,flat who I do really like is Tyrese,Gibson who I felt was underutilized he,has a lot of charisma to him as an actor,weve seen that in the Fast and Furious,movies his camaraderie with Josh Duhamel,is one of the more fun aspects of,transformers and I have to say in,regards to movies that have been adapted,from entertainment of a similar era like,transformers or the GI Joe movies or the,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies the,most recent ones this is definitely,above the fold its better than the GI,Joe movies its better than the recent,TMNT movies they did their best to make,a Transformers movie entertaining and,enjoyable and accessible but my god I,cant help but talk about some of this,stuff Michael Bay and his writers have a,habit of inserting tons of ethnic,stereotype jokes in their movies and,while some of them are clearly,light-hearted were going to get into,some of the really bad aspects of that,when I talk about revenge of the Fallen,theres a lot here where Im just like,really thats like the easiest joke you,could possibly make and its just not,funny its just like made to make people,laugh who loved laughing at stereotypes,Bernie Mac rest in peace what a great,comedian has one really funny line in,this movie though and he definitely I,mean its easily the funniest line in,the movie for me thats my mammy hey,mommy oh dont be like that if I had a,rock I Bush away [ __ ] same as she did,you know,uh and I kind of hinted at this already,but I cannot stand the parents,characters theyre nowhere near as bad,in this as they are in a vendor the,fallen but every time theyre on screen,Im like who said that we wanted to see,them just [ __ ] show Optimus Prime,damn it,like show Optimus Prime shoving a sword,through something thats all I care,about right now I dont need to know,about their dog and his drug dependency,and while this movie is technically,extremely well made in regards to,effects and everything a production,design theres a scene in a car that I,never noticed it since I rewatched it,the other day is the most lazy its so,[ __ ] lazy this entire sequence,between Sam and Mikaela theres just a,white background in the window and the,camera and the car is shaking a little,bit I mean they didnt even bother,making anything pass by them they just,make it all look really overblown a lot,of people really like Steve Jablonsky,score for Transformers and its really,good workout music its good for running,or whatever it gets you pumped up but,every time I hear it I cant help but,think that it just sounds like other,scores Ive heard before his mentor,apparently was Hans Zimmer and there are,tons of moments in this film that sound,exactly like Batman Begins oh and her,juvie record thats got to be gone like,forever,[Music],as I said there are just so many,subplots and I really think about a,half-an-hour could have been taken out,of this movie and if they just gave more,focus on say the Transformers and tried,to forget about the whole section 7,[ __ ] with John Turturro and his,comedic I think performance that would,have definitely helped the movie feel,less bloated because I cannot stand how,many subplots there are and how much o

[Review Phim] Khối Lập Phương Sức Mạnh Hủy Diệt Trái Đất Trong 1 Nốt Nhạc | Transformers

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đường

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chú,Vespa đã bị lộ mặt Mega trong chúng đầu,cậu bé định bán đồng nát thấy nguy hiểm,trước buổi hiệp sĩ đã bám lên người bò,với anh Isabella thấy em ra chửi Đổng,Trác Nghiên bắn cho megatron say sẩm mặt,mày sau đó ấn kíp nổ cản hưởng đám Thì,seticon ghép dẫn cô bé chạy trốn thì bị,Paris ghét đám người bắn loạn xạ trong,lúc nguy hiểm ngay Note xuất hiện đánh,vào zcash còn dịp và rót hai hợp lực,chạm đầu tiên thì sexy con xanh lè Mega,trong thấy không ổn gọi đàn em chạy trốn,mua hết đang lạc đường thì bị bung bộ vi,vắn bay đầu đám người khác vừa mới tránh,vỏ dưa lại gặp vỏ dừa lũ máy bay không,người lái tấn công càn quét khắp thị,trấn vừa nhìn thấy các bọn chúng đã chơi,hết ra hết số xả đạn như mưa rét và cô,bé trốn vào một căn phòng tưởng chứng,thoát nạn nhưng sau đó Bức Tưởng đã bị,bắn cho nát bét cả bọn lại chạy sắc mặt,lờ xém chút là hướng dương cả đám mẫu,máy bay không người lái tràn vào như cùi,cùi bắp ghét nhất vào một góc bắn nổ một,máy bay chất khác thế vậy Huyền tông,thẳng vào Anh củ

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It All Started With This…..Sorta | #transformers 2007/ROTF Voyager Class optimus Prime Review

this video is made for adult collectors,because I guarantee this toy is older,than like 40 of the people watching this,video,[Music],[Music],so this Prime is not only one of the,first movie toys we got but its also,one of the First toys I ever made a,video on I mean this Deco isnt the,first Prime we got but the mold is and,while I have already made a video on,this like six years ago its so,lets go back and make a video on this,guy but properly you know with an actual,format and a script and a planned out,thing I figured because this year was,such a great year for the channel and,for Transformers that I would look at,something from my history but do it,better that being said this is the first,proper Optimus Prime toy from the films,and oh boy its odd but before we get,started this video is brought to you by,try treats again thank you very much dry,treats is a snack company that delivers,boxes of snacks to your door once a,month with a different country being the,theme every month and whats really,funny about this time is they sent me,Peru and the postcard is some ruins from,Peru and Machu Picchu and this is really,topical because rise of the beasts and,stuff and it was like rise of the Beast,takes place in Peru which this box just,came at the perfect time because it,arrived like a few days after the,trailer came out so now this is the rise,of the Beast snack box and heres my dad,eating some as usual,oh God,oh okay theyre in a little container,the chocolate on the inside which is,really nice so yeah if you want your own,box you can use the link in the,description and use code that toy guy in,all caps for 15 off your first box thank,you so much again for sponsoring todays,video oh and on a side note there was a,grammar mistake in the recipe card they,sent and its referencing Bionicle so,try treats is now like my favorite food,company I gotta start out though with,the squished face it its too flat and,weird looking its not like it has to,fit in anywhere specific so it has to be,flat it fits in this hollow empty space,on the back so I find it a bit of an odd,choice I feel like the stuff at the back,of the truck might have been filled in a,bit more originally and thats why his,face is so flat this specific version is,the Revenge of the Fallen one and,because the film was supposed to be this,much darker story over the first one,that got reflected in a lot of the toys,and even the packaging and this guys,Deco is a lot more grittier than the,original mold having darker and sandier,Grays orange Windows metro red and,unfortunately no hole in the chest zero,out of ten there is a fair bit of,tooling on display for for a,post-cybertron mold and most of it feels,like it fits but I find the shoulders to,be a bit too messy because they have,this big flat surface on the shoulder,they need to Gribble that because its a,movie toy but because its a flat,surface it looks odd if it was painted,it would probably be better but its,Palm so its not paintable so pain his,guns are actually part of the alt mode,which is pretty neat I do enjoy when,they do that he gets these two cannons,that do fire missiles at a rather strong,force for how old they are insert dick,joke here they are quite big though,insert another dick joke here and the,way he holds them is just weird so he,has these open hands and they are not,five millimeter compatible so because of,that theres a peg on the arm that tabs,into the gun and the little handle nub,thing slots into his hand which is a,pretty smart way of getting around the,no five millimeter hand issue but like,why not just design the hands to be five,millimeter in the first place now the,back this was and still is the biggest,complaint I see people have about this,toy its large its a lot of truck just,sitting there and it can be unwieldy,sometimes like if you have the knees,bent forward you know like a pose hes,going to fall over not to mention the,weapon storage on the back here is just,makes it even worse so he just Falls,even more,the legs theyre neat I like how the,knee pads arent fake Parts because they,do that a lot and while I dont really,care about fake bits I still like how,they tried here the automorph though,does get in the way theres a fly in the,office,the automorph does get in the way of,handling the legs because you can unpeg,it press it you can drop a figure on the,floor,and it all just feels a tad unstable,like he has no problem standing hes not,going to collapse with the legs but the,unstable part is like the side bits move,and all that you bend the knee itll,untab its just weird and annoying so,this being 2007 its not exactly the,most posable thing in the world youre,definitely not going to be getting,something to the level of this,youre not even going to be getting,something to the level of this but its,still pretty neat this lower half is a,little limited though you got you got a,rotation of the head,cool uh shoulders new full 360 shoulder,pads move and they can go out now these,dont really peg in very well at least,not on this copy or the copy I had last,time so this um comes undone quite a bit,especially on this side like you can,hear it peg in,and then it just unsnaps itself this,side just straight up doesnt go in like,no matter how hard I try it just doesnt,go in and then these dont lock in,either words however that gives you a,butterfly joint,ish,um so thats nice however I dont know,what you would use it for,you got bicep rotation these panels move,a lot when youre trying to like go,around youll push them in and because,theyre theyre on friction joints here,you tend to push them past the point,that theyre supposed to be so its a,little bit annoying you got an elbow,bend that goes 90 degrees and the wrists,are on ball joints so you got a wrist,swivel and tilt and mount,so he can he can do this hand gesture,foreign,hes got nothing at the waist but hes,an app crunch kinda I dont know if,youd count that as an ab crunch but he,can do that,oh look at me Im Optimus okay,yeah no no waist rotation hips are,ratcheted,then they go in and out on a friction,joint your thigh rotation and I like the,way that the sculpt is done here I like,when they do this I dont know why they,dont do any like more often but they,got thigh swivel the wheels the knee,bends just a little under 90 degrees and,you have this little knee pad thing here,thats sort of just like sticking out,which is actually pretty neat I dont,know I just I like that little detail,there and then the feet they they move,down but like they dont really They,Dont Really accomplish much,there you go t-posing Optimus,its its Jesus Prime,its its,posable to a point but because the legs,are so like limited you can kind of get,him into some decent looking things but,nowhere near something like this,nowadays but hey thats,God modern engineering right thats,thats what you get still fun like he,feels nice to to move around its just,these like bits are a bit annoying and,the shoulders are a bit annoying,transformation is pretty straightforward,a lot of just tucking the arms away and,folding the legs over but at least this,transformation is film accurate to one,scene in Revenge of the Fallen I made,this reference in my original video but,thats purely by coincidence but here,you can see the legs and feet coming off,the back of the truck and flipping,around kind of like how the toy does it,its its neat again its probably,purely coincidental but thats still,pretty cool truck mode it actually looks,pretty nice its chunky and its red and,the tattoos are a nice touch I believe,they are characters from a Chinese,language,according to the wiki um I could be,wrong though dont quote me on that I do,kind of like when they put like language,tattoos on these guys I specifically,love the cybertronian tattoos I think,thats a really cool look I do like the,swoopy front nature of the sleeper cab,on the top it looks more like trucks I,see driving around here in Ontario the,autobot symbol is probably the cleane

Transformers Studio Series 100 RISE OF THE BEASTS Deluxe Class BUMBLEBEE Review

[Music],thank you,[Music],[Music],what is happening guys and welcome back,to the channel for todays video were,going to be taking a look at the,Transformer Studio series rise of the,Beast deluxe class of Bumblebee now this,is quite a special release this is,number 100 in the studio series I cannot,believe that weve seen that many,entries into what has got to be one of,the best toy lines Hasbro have ever put,out and I personally have been looking,forward to this because it is a brand,new Bumblebee and one that is looking to,be pretty sick in terms of design now,for those wondering this is a completely,brand new mold despite It sharing,similarities to some of the past designs,they have actually given it a complete,new mold which I think looks fantastic,and I think this could maybe be one of,the better bumblebees weve seen from,the studio series but one thing which is,massively letting it down would have to,be the paint apps um we may as well get,stuck into it so here we have the head,sculpt which has been sculpted so nicely,it does look really cool but the paint,is just so bad it actually looks like,that simple changer that was leaked a,few months back I mean theres just no,metallic silver on this at all besides,the mouthpiece and I think had they even,just added a tiny bit silver around the,eyes it just would have looked so much,better and its quite a shame to see no,Autobot logo now for those wondering you,cant actually Swap this out with the,version that came with off-road,bumblebee just as that does have an,additional neck adapter so its going to,be slightly off and I did actually try,and remove this and it just didnt want,to budge so I dont want to break it but,as we come around to the back sculpted,really nicely and one thing which Ive,noticed across the board for some of,these rise of the Beast figures is that,theyre built so well the joints are,fantastic the plastic is very thick and,dense and to be fair theres actually,not that many Hollow spaces for a,Mainline figure we get a little bit of,waffling here in the back of the arms,but that is literally it now as we take,a look here at the neck as you guys can,see decent detail I love the chest,design I mean I know its similar to the,original 2007 1977 Camaro design but,looking really cool and this is actually,how we see Bumblebee towards the end of,the 2018 movie so for those who wanted,that version of the character you could,also use this as a stand-in we get some,nice silver there for the biceps and the,arms the hand design looks a little,strange Im not gonna lie maybe they,should have given him an actual hand,sculpt instead of just this massive Port,as without the Stinger Blaster yeah,thats looking a little ugly but we do,get some decent details here for the,side some nice scope work for the chest,and I love the leg Design This actually,looks super accurate so I think the,artwork that was shown off a couple of,months back so thats really sick these,figures just as a whole seem to be so,accurate to the CGI designs and the foot,design is really nicely done we get some,kind of suspension detail there which I,like and as we come around to the back,if you picked up any of the previous,Studio series bees youll know exactly,what to expect the backpack is built in,the exact same way yet it has loads of,pins through it so nothings going to,fly off during transformation and one,thing which is a massive Improvement and,literally an evolution for live action,movie B figures would be that the doors,are solid yellow plastic and the actual,windows are a separate clip-on piece,this means that when we get him,transformed up theres going to be no,ugly color mismatch so thats really,awesome and we do actually get some,pretty decent details so really like the,way this bumblebee looks its just such,a shame about that head as far as the,paint goes now articulation wise it can,look up and down as well as look left to,right we do get some very stiff ball,joints going outwards as well as moving,forwards and backwards bicep rotation 90,degree Bend there at the elbow sadly,nothing out of the wrist but we do get a,proper uncompromised waist joint which I,thought was sick like the ball joints,here out of the hip so they can kick,forward to that floor back to that far,out to the side nice rotation at the,thigh a little past 90 only on a single,pin joint here at the knee and some,really nice metallic silver here for,that joint like the way that looks and,then finally we come to the feet now we,do get an ankle pivot it can rock,forwards and backwards and we also get,swivel due to transformation but sadly I,think this is one of the only SS,bumblebees to not have the foot being,able to Pivot downwards and I love,getting my bees and kind of mid-air,poses so thats a little bit of a shame,but overall a very solid figure I mean,nothing on this thing is loose and it,feels really durable now in terms of,accessories we actually get quite a few,so we do get the stinger Blaster which,again we saw him use in the 2018 movie,now this for some bizarre reason has,been completely cast in yellow plastic,yet painted over in gunmetal surely it,would have made more sense to have used,this shade of plastic and then use the,budget for the paint apps and actually,giving it to the head of the figure not,too sure what went on there but nice,gold work it does simply just encase,over the hand so you can have him,transforming it,and taking out some of those terracons,which is kind of sick and then finally,we do get included the Stinger blade,which again was a weapon he used in the,Bumblebee movie and lovely sculpt work,but just completely devoid of any paint,I mean this thing is completely,unpainted at no metallic silver for the,blade so it does come across a little,cheap it is a lot thicker in terms of,plastic when in comparison to the blade,that came with the original 28 inversion,so that is something worth bearing in,mind and it simply does just tap here,into the side of the arm so overall a,really nicely done version of the,character its just a shame that the,paint is a little lacking in my opinion,now as we take a look at a few,comparisons here we have the new 1977,off-road bumblebee compared alongside,the original Camaro that we saw in the,2007 movie so as you guys can see,completely different in terms of scale,and molding this version is a lot,shorter and a little more simplified in,terms of design nowhere near as detailed,as what we got from the old Michael Bay,movies but as you guys can see,definitely a very striking difference,and I actually really like this new,version of the characters we come around,to the back you can see the similarities,in the engineering of the backpack and,the door wings but the legs have gone,through a complete redesign so I thought,that was quite an interesting one to,compare and here we have him alongside,the cybertronian b127 which has a much,better painted face this thing looks,fantastic and had they done the same to,this I think it would have been a near,10 out of 10 bumblebee but theres that,comparison here he is alongside the,original off-road Jeep Bumblebee,Bumblebee movie RC the Bumblebee movie,Optimus Prime and I think the skill here,is near enough spot on towards the end,of the 2018 movie we actually do see,these two paired alongside one another,and yeah this is looking to be pretty,accurate cannot wait to see these guys,back on the big screen thats just gonna,be so sick but looking really awesome,and finally here he is alongside the,rise of the beasts battle trap now for,transformation actually quite,straightforward so make sure the head is,smack bang in the sensor we can then,take these chess pieces and Ratchet,those sections down personally I like to,come here to the legs so whats gonna,happen here is were going to take these,panels and just pull all those outwards,and again look at the internal detail,which you wont even see in vehicle mode,I really like that touch we can now take,the feet rotate thos

Fans Hobby ENERGY COMMANDER (Energon Optimus Prime): EmGos Transformers Reviews N Stuff

and energy filled prime time,[Music],hey whats up my peoples and go hear the,freaking geek himself and today we will,be reviewing the offense hubby energy,Commander so here we are and there he is,and first and foremost as always well,take a quick look at the packaging now,as theyve been doing with their past,few releases theyre kind of recreating,you know the box art style of the,original Energon toy and I absolutely,love that love that love that love that,and here we have a nice image of energy,Commander energy commander on this side,we have energy commander on this side we,have energy Commander up top energy,Commander things and stuff stuff and,things on the bottom more things more,stuff on the back of the box obligatory,product shots with more things more,stuff words things yay social media,warning dont eat anything in this box,that could be very bad for you thats,basically it for,the packaging,then moving right along here we have,energy commander and this is fans,Hobbies take on Energon Optimus Prime,and here he is in his altmodius packed,in alt mode yay but yeah just a uh a big,beefy truck with a big beefy trailer and,uh yeah looks pretty good in my opinion,so lets get in close here on the cab,section so we can take a look at the,details you got the nice friends,clearance windshield there with some,nice blue behind it get some yellow,silver there for the wipers got a lot of,silver Chrome,right up front you get some,transclearing plastic here for the,lights,see the rims done in silver you got some,big old rubber tires going on here,again just a nice red and white and,black color scheme now you have the back,a bit of molded detail there you can see,these two slots thats where the trailer,tabs into thats how that works,I got the rear tail lights there picked,outs in red and orange and silver,and yeah there is the top there is the,bottom he does roll as rolling things,should hooray hooray for rolling,and now lets take a look at the big old,trailer here now if you dont have it,connected to Prime you can flip down,this little this little extend right,here and that will hold it upright isnt,that lovely lovely lovely lovely but,getting close yes we can take a look out,to the details we do get some bits here,picked out and gunmetal gray you have,some bits picked out in silver,you got some nice details throughout,again again you got the rims picked out,in a nice silver again rubber tires and,up top you got the numbers here of the,drones one two three and four with some,bits of Orange,as well and back here has its own set of,tail lights,done in red and orange you got some,silver there as well and theres the,bottom not too much to speak of,but there you have that,and when you have the two components,connected together it all rolls as,rolling things should hooray hooray for,ew rolling,man for comparison here it is with mp44,Optimus Prime,here it is with fans Hobbies,Armada Prime,and here it is with the original,Armada Optimus Prime so you can see how,that works out is it precious,Im gonna call it precious,now as far as uh articulation goes in,truck mode yes the cab can rotate from,side to side,not a lot but enough you can get a,pretty good turn radius going on there,and as far as accessories go you do get,his big old Blaster here done in white,and red you get a little bit of silver,in there as well and this can be,extended you could drop the handle down,thats the combined mode you can do what,you want there,but nicely done on this can store on the,trailer you have this little section,right here and the gun Just Clips in,like so nice and neat so you have,everything stored um you also get a,sticker sheet here which I have not,applied,I dont know if I will I may I may not I,dont know but you do get some stickers,to apply on to the cab section the,instructions do tell you where,everything goes so its very helpful but,yeah you got stickers hooray for,stickers,and now lets get back to talking about,the trailer because the trailer can do,some stuff it can do a good bit of stuff,now if you want to you cant flip this,up and swing this around and that will,allow it to angle up like that and when,you do that you can open up,these panels here open up these doors,and we can unleash the Prime Force,thats right so we can open these up you,can open up this panel here on the side,you got a little helipad and here we,have our drones here we have copter two,we have fire one,submarine four and we have driller three,now just like the original uh we do have,these little sections here that you can,slot forward and you can pop them out,like that and launch them which is,pretty cool it does that on all three of,these sections here you can just slide,them out and go you know have that going,on so you still have that play feature,which I do quite like just slide them,out now this this one has a rubber tread,so hes not going to roll very freely,but still things you can do if you want,to do it and I do quite appreciate that,for that alone makes for a pretty cool,display right there,but another cool thing about this,trailer is that it is modular thats,right it is full of modularness which,means you can actually take all this,apart itll all just fall apart on you,and you can take this put that off to,the side this can come here come here,you can take this off put that off to,the side and of course even the wheels,you can pop off,so all this comes apart because all of,this is customizable,and you can really Orient this however,you want if it holds on well gummy out,call me yeah there we go,foreign,like so and then you can separate these,sections as well I found the best way to,do it is just kind of,you want to leave the doors open and,just kind of like grab hold and just,kind of split,its not the easiest thing but its,doable you can split all this like so so,you can have that going on and once you,have them all separated you can pretty,much do what you want here you can,connect them all this way and have Prime,you know towing a double wide trailer,things you can do if you want to do it,and of course you can you know you can,attach the wheels back on you can attach,the uh the rear bumper back on or the,hitch whatever you want to do one thing,to note is that number two,um you cant attach anything to this,side because of this panel here so it,doesnt allow anything to connect so,this side always has to be facing out,but you can stack them high you can,connect them you know like this get it,you know again even higher than that you,can do what you want and that makes this,a lot more fun and gives it a lot more,playability again things you can do if,you want to do it,so that is basically its for the alt,mode so lets get down to transformation,shelf wait the rubber tires you can,never do it with rubber tires but the,first thing we want to do is were going,to come back here you want to lift up,these red panels and then grab hold of,his forearms and just bring them out,like so and like us how,and then you want to take this little,back section here and just split it down,the middle you want to come up to the,front and just to have these real,sections here and bring all that back on,that double hinge once youve done that,you have this panel here that youre,going to bring up and over and then flip,that in,bring that up and over and flip that in,and you got that ready to go for now,and next were going to bring down the,legs here you want to rotate the legs at,the thigh so these tanks are facing,outward,so rotate that around like so as far as,the feet go youre going to open up this,blue panel here youre going to come,back here youre going to flip out the,heel when you do that you have the,opening to get in there with your finger,and push out his toesies once you do,that and close that panel up you have,this great panel here youre going to,close up on the back,and then you want to push this little,black pad here on,bottomless foot and that will just,extend that little black piece up and,fill out his toe

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Pointless

help ive fallen and i cant get revenge,on those stairs is this bit working,transformers revenge of the fallen,do i even need to introduce this this,seems like its the easiest target in,the world,every opinionated channel has come and,went professing the gospel that this,movie is stupid doo doo garbage,its cynical has some interesting,depictions of certain groups,and is way too horny than a movie about,hasbro robots should be and use that for,me and trust me im going to take a few,swings at the whole punching bag too for,that easy quality content but i also,want to be somewhat fair and if there is,anything of merit to be said about this,movie then you know ill let you know,transformers one for me was peak fiction,are you playing those video games again,big robots action,call of duty enemy ic130,so when it was announced that there was,going to be another movie it instantly,was at the top of my must watch list,burger king drinks had the fallen,slapped right on him and i was guzzling,i was ready for transformers 2 and then,it came out,i had the strangest feeling leaving the,theater i just watched a movie and it,wasnt as good as i was hoping it would,be what what could this this feeling be,disappointment this was the first time,he had ever been failed by a franchise,mojo no dominating frankie,you see this movie kind of has a unique,place in my heart as it was the first,time i was excited and let down by a,sequel sure today as an adult man im,used to every franchise i once enjoyed,fumbling right into irrelevancy ruining,what i once enjoyed about them in the,first place but man its true what they,say you never forget your first,both were still transformer movies both,had the same cast yet the reception was,quite different what could it possibly,be it was the script,the script was bad,the fallen shall rise again,that doesnt sound good oh shiver me,timbers shut up man in fact its kind of,a fun fact regarding transformers 2 how,it was written during the 2007 writers,strike michael bay in 2011 came clean,about how he felt transformers 2 sucked,because of that strike he said they only,had 3 weeks to come up with the story,which to many just everyone kind of,shrugged and was like wow that explains,it this was something everyone can kind,of just wipe their hands clean of,because it was an extraordinary event,but heres the thing and come come a,little closer i dont think the strike,really contributed that much to this,film sucking or at least as people think,look i get it the strike had tremendous,ripples in hollywood entire productions,were shut down lost was ruined many,television studios were on hold it made,waves but it also only lasted a hundred,days,thats still a long time for television,it can derail some projects on a time,schedule but i dont think it derailed,this one or at least to the extent that,some may think yes its true production,of revenge of the fallen began without a,finished script but this isnt the most,unheard of thing in filmmaking for two,or three hours trying to figure out what,were gonna shoot that day there was no,script you know the crew would be in,there tapping their foot waiting for us,and wed be in there you know playing,each others parts and improvising you,know john would be calling writer,friends of his and its not like they,didnt have anything to go off of as,well revenge of the fallen was written,by aaron krueger roberto orti and alex,kurtzman all three knew that the strike,was coming up so they had to come up,with a brief days before the strike,happened what it seems like it was is,they wrote out the initial plot and,where it should go michael bay then went,on to write 60 pages of a script as he,called it which hint hint may also lead,to another issue thats a penis after,the strike was done they still spent six,months revising the script before,shooting locked in a hotel room as they,said by bae himself i dont think im,ready to fully blame the strike for,every bad aspect that was kept in the,script hey professor id do anything for,an a or even double down on there were,still decisions made that still happened,because the writers just wanted them to,it kind of seems like bae was going oh,yeah that last movie it was bad we all,agree it was bad but that was outside of,our control this new movie though is,gonna be far better and then he went on,to make dark of the moon,oh and transformers four and five,same writers too im an inventor lets,look at these writers filmography shall,we star trek star trek in the darkness,cowboys and aliens the amazing,spider-man 2,now,the mummy alex kurtzman himself then,went on to famously write star trek,discovery and picard and he has another,star trek treat on the way,yeah while bay blames the strike for why,the movie wasnt executed as well let me,say i truly believe deep down that this,movie wasnt going to be skyrocketing,past that 7 out of 10 anyway,michael bay movies have always had a,kind of i dont know for lack of better,words [ __ ] nature about them like,nobody ever really gets along in a lot,of bay,i had a rock movies bust your head which,sometimes can really work especially in,regards to comedy yep that tone just,doesnt work for transformers,in each preceding transformer sequel,only deteriorates into a bunch of,annoying idiots bickering back and forth,characters will fight for literally no,reason at all sometimes to just progress,the plot you cant take the elements of,a cynical mean-spirited world how about,a park my foot in your ass and then wrap,them up with optimus looking off into,the sunset saying some vaguely heroic,monologue about how humanity is just so,darn great no optimus i disagree humans,as michael bay writes them really suck,this tone only gets worse with each,preceding movie until eventually no,characters get along not even the,autobots by four and five it seems like,they despise each other cut the crap,before i drop a grenade down your throat,hes like a giant this child is about to,kick your ass but well get to those,travesties when we get to them all right,enough vague notions of writing and tone,what actually happens in this bad boy,in the last movie we learned the vehicle,gundams came to earth because their,jesus cube fell to the planet thousands,of years ago in search of it the leader,of the bamboozle bots meta knight came,to earth and crash landed in front of,shyla bus grandpa zapping him with,interstellar knowledge well it turns out,that that was all a lie thats right the,transformers as it turns out have been,here for thousands of years,ever since civilization began,theyve been here putting their own,symbols on ancient ruins to influence,humanity making pyramids,why is the lore of transformers so,familiar could it be no no its not true,oh no worlds melding weve gone beyond,the looking glass realities are merging,make it stop make it stop so yeah,transformers were ancient aliens the,whole time meanwhile in the present,optimus and the autobots have teamed up,with the atf because the decepticons,forgot to pay their taxes pull over,the encounter leads to so much,collateral damage it would make your,average gta player blush like damn,imagine youre driving home from work,thinking about the day-to-day when,suddenly your existence is snuffed out,by big wheel from spider-man for caring,so much about humanity the death of,these innocents really doesnt seem to,weigh on you optimus not today,one thing thats funny is that china,doesnt seem to mind americans coming,into shanghai these are all nest,operatives but when its hong kong in,trouble i guess then its perfectly fine,for the chinese to come on in man i wish,that was just a joke and not a key,feature of transformers for this wreck,and ominous warning is further,elaborated on once everyone gets back to,nest headquarters,this fed chastises optimus saying that,theres only one real reason why the,decepticons are still here to hunt the,autobots this is the first instance of,human authority distrusting the giant,robots who are ver

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