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TRESE – WORTH A WATCH? (Spoiler Free)

from,netflix is an adaptation of a series,hailing from the philippines that,i was very excited to get into,for several reasons one the cultural,appeal of something new thats gonna be,coming from an angle im not used to,from a consumer in the u.s,was immediately interesting and on top,of that its combining my loves of,mystery crime and thrillers,with the supernatural beautiful,i wasnt sure if i was gonna do a full,video review though it takes quite a bit,for me to want to review a show i watch,here on the channel because its not,typically,my wheelhouse but i have a lot to say,good,and bad i want to do a full well-rounded,review,so lets go ahead and jump on in we are,following a supernatural detective named,thresher and her two assistants that are,twins,by assistance is that i dont think,thats the right word but her two,helpers,good friends as they steep themselves in,an episode to episode villain of the,week type formula,that then in standard this kind of show,momentum builds up to something larger,at the end and i wont get into more,because of spoilers but i did not mind,this formula,at all i actually think it was very,appropriate for a first season,of a character like this my problems,though with the structure of the show,actually come in with pretty much just,the first and last,episode the first episode of tracer just,crams so much into its run time that you,are unable,to take a breath and it feels like the,characters arent able to,either it is just scene scenes scene,scenes storyline storyline storyline,and i got the feeling the writers were,just trying to take,a lot from various bits of the source,material,and get it out of the way which resulted,in the first episode being my least,favorite and the last episodes actually,my second least favorite for a very,different,reason i wont get into spoilers again,but while the first episode is just,jumping along and not allowing me to,feel immersed in the world the last one,feels like its just,entirely flashback dependent and our,main protagonist spends just a,ridiculous amount of time,pinned down and listening to exposition,and thats kind of actually something,thats weaker for the show,as a whole not nearly as bad as it did,in the last episode but pretty,consistently throughout we are getting,large exposition dumps that,do not feel natural to me and the pacing,while it does get significantly better,never becomes as slow as i would like it,in the first episode for example theres,genuinely a scene where tracer is,doing an inscription on the ground and,shes saying a spell but then theres an,odd edit to where shes still saying the,spell in real time but the inscriptions,already done,because it feels like we didnt have,time to even get through doing the,inscription and i would have kind of,just,liked that i liked slower beat moments,and i wanted this show to do that,more it wasnt crippling but it just,didnt bother me consistently throughout,though again it does get much better,after episode one those are my two,biggest problems with the show though,outside of that i had a really good,time and especially if you can push past,the first episode,there is so much here to enjoy,again from this cultural angle theres,all these different creatures and,monsters that i had no familiarity with,and i found myself googling in between,episodes to see what theyre coming from,what they changed for the show it was,really,interesting there are some just not like,supernatural but,cultural things from the philippines,that are pretty prevalent as well here,that,i cant really commentate on politically,because its not my place but,okay that for okay oh all right,unfortunately by the end i was caring,about the cast of characters despite not,having as much time as id like to sit,with them,they were just written well enough that,the twins and threse,and many of the b characters around them,i was emotionally invested in the,animation as well well it does dip at,times is,certainly doing the storyline service,and it does have high,highs i really found myself enjoying,some of the more,action-intensive sequences as well as,just some,frames of gore and beauty of the,supernatural,that really surprised me and went above,what my bar was at because,generally for netflix animation its not,super high though they have,done really great work before its not,the best animation netflix has ever done,but its a pretty damn good showcasing,the voice acting isnt phenomenal,especially after coming from a show like,invincible where i feel like the entire,voice cast just gave like a 10 out of 10,performance here we range from,solid to average no one is absolutely,blowing my socks off but no ones,completely ruining it for me either,though i had a larger issue with some of,the really clunky dialogue,i actually wrote down in my notes here,things like as the prophecies foretold,i i dont i dont need that cliche,please hello here is my name despite you,already knowing me im going to,introduce myself that happened several,times,there is a storm coming a lot of those,kind of things,cant let a man do a womans job besides,we cant let you boys have all the fun,it just that kind of dialogue fell out,of place for what otherwise felt like a,very adult,gritty show but im beginning to feel,like im nitpicking here and like i also,bothered me to see so much talking,during action sequences but you know,what that stuff is pretty small and it,detracts from my overall positive,opinion of this experience its,fun its engaging its scary intense,this show did deliver,what it wanted to to its fans and i do,recommend checking out threse,pushing through the first episode and,letting yourself enjoy,what happens the rest of the way and,while i didnt love how the last episode,was handled im definitely curious,enough to come back for a season two,i personally would have added like three,episodes if i had like complete,omnipotent control over how this,season of television should have been,told and mostly it would have been to,just sit,in this world and experience the,characters a bit more just a,slow down and thats not a bad complaint,to have because if im wanting you to,slow down and im not just wanting to,get it out of the way,that means the show is accomplishing a,good thing here all right,all right all right ive avoided the,comparison until now but i gotta get,into it the number one people im going,to recommend this to,are dresden files fans because duh,its extremely similar to dresden,instincts,except instead of having dresden you,have trese who is,like him in some ways though much less,funny,instead the comedic relief is left up to,the twins and,a lot of other the cast of characters as,well but the core center of this story,is,not nearly as funny as dresden but that,actually serves i think the overall tone,theyre going for,quite well its darker its a bit,grittier and it,needs to have time to bloom and really,grow,i feel like this season while it was,rough planted a,lot of seeds that have a ton of,potential for the future,and just like the first couple dresden,books if you had stopped it there it,wouldnt be remembered as something that,was truly great,but because it was allowed to really,have that creative blossoming,im hoping the show does as well and im,sure the source material would back up,what im saying a lot of things start,good,get great and i get the vibe tresses,there as well or maybe the source,materials start even stronger ill find,out because i do plan on reading it this,made me curious enough to definitely,want to do that and if youre just,curious about experiencing fantasy,inspired from another culture i cant,stress enough,this show is going to satisfy that,especially if you arent someone whos,really looking for something slow like i,typically go for,and youre willing to just kind of go,along for a ride and you like some,really brutal action,youre going to like tressay quite a bit,for me though im sitting at a very,solid 6.5 out of 10,with the asterisks i think it can get

Anitubers React to Trese | Netflix Anime

太棒了,那是什麼東西?,好了,他應該死了,- 他應該死了 – 搞什麼?,(一起看《靈探特萊絲》),大家好,我是Akidearest 今天我要看的是《靈探特萊絲》,我不知道這部動畫的劇情,我只知道推特上的每個菲律賓人都叫我一定要看,所以感謝網飛,我今天就要來看,很多人知道我是菲律賓人,但是我在美國出生長大 不過菲律賓就像是我的第二個家,所以希望我今天能跟你們分享我知道的事,還有我對《靈探特萊絲》的看法,我們開始吧,- 上場的時間到了 – 開始吧,3、2、1,這裡看起來就像馬尼拉,有一瞬間看起來很像照片,我剛剛才發現背景有快樂蜂的廣告看板,我的第一印象是背景看起來有很多細節,這是好現象,我喜歡背景看起來非常超現實,已經很有獵魔的氣氛,火車在渺無人煙的地方故障嗎?,大家都很冷靜,僅管火車不能開了,沒關係,怎麼會直接在街上下車?,我喜歡他們帶著一點菲律賓口音,很可愛,看,前面有人,如果是我會轉身離開,你為什麼會往那邊走?,明明看起來就會出事,天啊,馬尼拉有時候會這樣,陌生人突然從橋邊出現,果然是惡魔,我說對了,這是喪屍電影嗎?,大家想要去快樂蜂的時候就是這樣,馬尼拉,它會用陽光般的溫暖笑容歡迎你,背景真的畫得很棒,太陽下山後,在陰暗的小巷裡轉個彎,你可能會發現自己成了獵物,這是真的,你在真實世界的馬尼拉 有時候一轉彎就會發現自己成了獵物,有點介於《攻殼機動隊》 跟《血戰-C》或《吸血鬼獵人D》之間,我在背景有注意到,在小巷跟比較沒落的地區,你會看到商店跟住宅連接在一起,這是很常見的景象,這些怪物跟民間傳說,讓人非常好奇,感覺就像在看靜止畫面,非常清楚,他們的面具好嚇人,現在只有我,妳只能相信自己,現在換成塔加拉語了,我對菲律賓話一無所知,晚安,格雷羅隊長,妳好,亞歷珊卓,謝謝妳過來,太棒了,真的很棒,這個警察的聲音真迷人,這是我第一次聽到菲律賓話,我比較喜歡塔加拉語版本,我必須用塔加拉語看,我覺得有點像超自然犯罪現場調查小組,真的很不錯,我會選擇這個版本,聲音很棒,顯然是獻祭儀式,更重要的是,誰會想要殺一個鬼魂?以及為什麼?,所以他們看得到她?,- 糟了 – 糟了,該去打獵了,我好喜歡背景,每次出現靜止畫面或背景畫面都令人讚嘆,- 為什麼? – 她像是在說“讓開,賤人”,嘿,人類禁止入內,我們這裡不歡迎人類,他們是在販賣人類嗎?,真殘忍,他們在血腥程度毫無約束,她一巴掌把惡魔打飛,我是亞歷珊卓特萊絲,特萊絲不論遇到什麼事都很冷靜,她的英語配音也很好,真的很不錯,這裡只有我說了算,賤人,天啊,注意言詞,先生,我們來看她會打倒幾個人,- 他腳步踉蹌的樣子 – 我要用掃把棍打你,她就是這樣的狠角色,這讓我想到被我媽用掃把打的創傷,就算他們是吸血鬼,你一樣不能隨便打人家蛋蛋,天啊,動作場面好精彩,叫他們走開,否則我一定讓你死,好狠,她可不是說說而已,照她說的做,- 我們會守在外面 – 是,老大,- 好,再見 – 他們馬上就出去了,這就是你的警告,天啊,她很厲害,太厲害了,他剛剛也說她很厲害,那是什麼東西?,老天,很像《黑暗靈魂》會出現的東西,這是什麼鬼東西?,菲律賓的民間傳說很可怕,我想到《玩具總動員》的小蜘蛛,我做惡夢也沒看過這麼讓人毛骨悚然的東西,我看得出來這部動畫受到很多其他影集和電影的影響,不是只有動畫,我們必須走了,除非妳想讓這件事演變成惡夢,現在已經是惡夢了,你看,那是什麼東西?,要在動畫表現出恐怖很不容易,可是這部動畫讓我毛骨悚然,小姐,現在不是做這種事的時候,- 竟然是小嬰兒 – 不行,別靠近,- 好怪異 – 長得好可怕,- 不行,什麼? – 快逃跑,那是什麼東西?,就像是壞掉的天線寶寶,小時候,- 我外婆妮娜每晚都會在我耳邊輕聲說話 – 小姐,妳必須馬上殺死那個東西,她為什麼這麼冷靜?,你或許是我生的,但你毫無價值,我也不想和你有任何瓜葛,- 天啊 – 怎麼會這樣?,太狠了,我完全沒料到,- 諾雅,不要 – 什麼?,怎麼會這樣?,去妳的,佩特拉,- 我的天啊 – 天啊,我叫她把妳丟在山上,難道這還不夠嗎?,我現在覺得有點抱歉,不行,他在哭,他為什麼在哭?,不會吧?這樣有一點…,小姐,他已經死了,天啊,怎麼會這樣?,夠了,怎麼會…,很有《血戰-C》的感覺,我表現得怎麼樣?,劇情突然大逆轉,好,天啊,到底是怎麼回事?,我需要有人解釋十分鐘,剛剛到底是怎麼回事?,感覺是我會很喜歡的風格,為什麼?怎麼會這樣?我需要有人解釋,菲律賓觀眾,請你們詳細告訴我,我全部都要知道,拜託你們告訴我,結合了很多優點 菲律賓傳說故事、厲害的動作場片跟很好的主角,這是我第一次看到真正跟菲律賓有關的動畫,如果你去過東南亞的城市,它們看起來都很像,這部動畫的背景讓我有家的感覺,因為是東南亞國家,滿猛的,我喜歡,看起來很瘋狂,令人印象深刻,太精彩了,我要趕快回家看

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Pinoy Historian Reacts to Trese | Official Trailer Review | Netflix Anime ????

apparently the train broke down over the,quality of the bridge,service crew found it like this lots of,blood,no bodies and a pile of missing persons,reports,[Music],its me kirby iralio your friendly pinot,historian,and if you are new to my channel in this,channel i make videos,about our peoples history our peoples,culture and everything in between,so dont forget to like share this video,comment down below and please,subscribe and for todays video as many,of you requested ill be doing a,reaction to the new official trailer of,netflix animated series,3 which of course is based on the,filipino graphic novel series created by,budget,but before we begin i actually have a,confession so,ive actually seen ive seen the trailer,both in english and in tagalog the day,came out so,i guess this would be more you know less,of a reaction but more,of a review from from my perspective as,a,filipino historian as a filipino under,the aspera and as a tagalog and,kapampangan culture bearer,and just like in the past ill be,sharing what made me glad what made me,mad what made me sad and what i love,about this trailer did i even love it so,without further ado,lets begin glad so first what made me,glad,first i am glad to see some familiar,places in metro manila,like the guadalupe bridge in makati and,even the way they depicted the mrt,is actually pretty good and i also saw,jollibee,in a little billboard and im really,glad that a mainstream media giant like,netflix is investing in us theyre,investing money in,sharing our peoples stories and,mythologies and the fact that they are,also working closely with the filipino,creators to make sure it stays true,to its source material is even better a,lot of times when media giants,adapts stories from other cultures you,know they tend to dilute or even,misappropriate the culture but so far,i dont see that here i mean of course i,have my own opinions about our own,peoples deeper mythologies that we,dont usually see,in the mainstream media not even in the,philippines mythologies that many of us,are not familiar with unless you grew up,among culture bearers,but from what ive seen so far im,actually glad with the way theyre,depicted in this animated series,you know its really nice to see the,stories we grew up with back in the,motherland,its nice to see them be put in the,spotlight not just locally,but internationally because sadly many,of our people,are not familiar with our own,mythologies,not even in the philippines a lot of,filipinos are more familiar with,western mythologies and even western pop,culture,or western comic books like the marvel,universe or dc than our own,and known to many of us filipinos have a,long history of our own comic books,you know from jose rizals own pagong at,machine,back in the 1890s to the ua white,magazine in the 1920s,to dharna and the other superheroes,created by the amazing,mars ravalo in the 1940s and 1950s,actually fun fact the roots of dharna,dates all the way back to the 1930s,so yes our own darna is actually,way older than wonder woman because a,lot of us a lot of people think,that dinah was a copycat of wonder woman,but the truth is,dinah was first created as varga in the,1930s,years before wonder woman was created in,the 1940s,so yes i am glad that the world is,finally,now catching up to our own rich comic,book universe,and indigenous mythologies so speaking,of mythologies,heres a short short breakdown of the,ones theyve included in this trailer,again this is from my perspective as,both a tagalog,and a kapampangan culture bearer so if,youre from other cultures in the,philippines if youre from the visayas,the ilocos region mindanao or any part,of the philippines,share your own perspectives of your own,cultures in the comments below,so without further ado in no particular,order,first is the nuno as mentioned in my,other videos the nunu zapunso were not,the little mischievous dwarves or,goblins,that we are familiar with today,according to the kabampala mythology the,original nunu were the spirits of our,ancestors,the ancestral spirits that our elders,and their own ancestors,once worshipped and respected they were,never feared the way we fear the modern,day nunus,that fear of the nuno and their you know,mischievous appearance,only emerge as a result of colonialism,and the vilifying of our indigenous,spiritual beliefs,and if you havent noticed it yet the,word nuno is actually closely related to,the word,ninuno which means ancestor in tagalog,so if you want to learn more about the,nuno check out the links up here or down,down below for my videos my other videos,that talks about the mythologies around,the nuno saponzo or new or,check out the links of here down below,but first lets move on to,tabitha back before colonialism,tabitabipo,in tagalog or pasintabi in kapampangan,is actually respectfully asking for the,blessing and the permission,from the ancestral spirit and the other,beings around us,tabi in the oldest known surviving,kapampangan dictionary,is actually defined as respectfully,seeking permission and it has a lot to,do with deference and veneration so as,opposed to what many assume today,tabitabipo doesnt simply mean excuse me,because many think it came from the word,tabe or to move aside in tagalog,tabitabipo is not about,asking the enchanted beings to move,aside while we walk by,or pee outdoors but actually it is,respectfully,seeking their permission and their,blessing in fact,in the indigenous kapampangan,architecture we have a lot of passing,tabi to the spirits and the elements,these are rules about the flow and,maintaining harmony,so you cannot just build the house,however you want it,you have to follow certain rules and,seek the permission and the blessing,from the spirits and the elements,next is the chanak in tagalog mythology,and also in the mainstream pop culture,in the philippines,chanaks are the vampire like ghosts or,monsters of the babies or toddlers,usually the unborn child or a child who,was a victim of,suffering and violence and gruesome,death,but this concept of chanak is actually,related to other mythologies like from,the kapampangas and all the way to,indonesia,so in bahasa melayu or bahasa indonesia,they actually have,ponchanaf ponchanax are believed to be,the spirits of,women who died while pregnant as opposed,to the unborn child in tagalog mythology,in melayu it is the spirits of the,mothers,who were killed while they were pregnant,and this is actually very similar to the,kapampangan patchana,just like the melayu,mythology are the vengeful ghosts of,women,who died at childbirth but sadly,younger kapabangas today are more,familiar with the tagalog,chanak some people actually think that,the pachana in kapampangan is exactly,the same as the unborn ghost,called china in tagalog so in both the,melaye mythology and the kapampala,mythology,the ponchanagh and the pachana are the,vengeful ghosts of the mothers who died,at childbirth,actually in the pampanga mythology we,also have something called the anchana,which is actually not the same as the,chanak or the pachana,theyre different an-chanaks were,believed to be one of the oldest,race of beings here on earth they grow,up to 12 inches in height but they look,exactly like us humans only smaller,and they were believed to have an,ancient but,advanced civilization they were able to,communicate with the trees,the animals the spirits around us and,even that,of the wind and the water in other words,they were really small beings who look,like humans,but extremely powerful some are,benevolent,while others are evil so for our modern,day pop culture reference,they were somewhat similar to the,children of the forest in the game of,thrones,and now that i think about it they,actually have a lot of similarities with,our modern day filipino concept,of the duende you know some were,benevolent some were benevolent,while some were malevolent or evil,next up is the babylon mandirigma im,glad that the protagonist isabella,but by lands have been vilif

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Trese Netflix Anime Series Review

okay its been a long day but i finally,finished the brand new netflix anime,series and that,is trey say which is based on a comic,book series,i was very interested in this so i had,to binge through it late this evening,finally got through it no spoilers in,this review i need you guys in the,comments down below,what do you think and would you,recommend the comics for me to read,okay so set in a place where mythical,creatures of filipino folklore,live in hiding amongst humans alexandra,tracee finds herself going head to head,with a criminal underworld comprised,of malevolent supernatural beings so,when the series started out,i wasnt necessarily getting full-on,anime,vibes and i will admit the first episode,it did take a second to kind of catch on,to everything going on because it was,moving a little quick for me dont worry,were getting into good stuff here in,just a second,um but it was just a very different,feeling show it felt more like those,saturday morning cartoons that youd,grow up with and,were solving a mystery there are some,action very heavy action scenes,uh it is this grand scale adventure,exploring the lore of these characters,and what tracees role here is we get,a little bit of an expositional scene at,the beginning just kind of describing,her and um how shes the one the chosen,one,uh set to fight these beings and really,the only one that can do it on,the level that is needed so um yes its,feeding us information but,its also integral information to get us,on board with this character,specifically,and really the world once the first,episode ends,even though i still kind of i need to,get on board with the pacing a bit more,i was very intrigued then we get into,episodes two,and three and i was wondering why is,this uh tvma yeah a little bit of blood,in the first episode but nothing too,crazy and is kind of your standard,typical solving a mystery type show,and then we get into some episodes after,that im like oh oh thats the reason so,if youre planning on watching this with,younger kids i dont know if thats the,best idea,but then i really got into kind of what,this show was going for,and it made for a very fun time,right none of the characters stand out,as maybe the most fleshed out characters,of the year,but i really like what they were going,for here,and the most important thing and i hit,on it just a few seconds ago is,the lore and how they really dive deep,into that and these creatures that she,is fighting and her mentality,and kind of her role in this entire,thing shes establishing relationships,and,she is i mean obviously you know its,the name of the show shes put at the,forefront shes the focus,but shes focused on in a way that feels,natural,and its not um its not,jumbled its not a mess of a show every,episode there is a clear goal and a,clear angle,and its only six episodes and each,episode is really not very long i think,another,i guess a criticism could be that i,needed a bit,more from certain things so i think it,could have been even longer,but thats also a compliment in a way,saying i was invested enough and,entertained enough,to say that i would want more when it,comes to the animation style,again not what you think of when you,think anime,but i didnt mind it and i thought it,was,fun enough and and solid enough visually,to get us through some of those more,lackluster moments so at the end of the,day when were talking about,entertaining anime series on netflix,i had a good time with this because,theres so much,there that we can dive into in the,future and so much there with this,character,i mean she really is shes just a b a,character,witchcraft magic all of that crazy,demonic,stuff that um you know you really get,into when theyre providing us an,interesting mystery and theyre,definitely doing that with this show so,i had an easy watch it was a quick watch,six episodes not too bad,at all and tracee is definitely,worth a watch in my opinion on netflix,so,um as for my score before i give you,guys that thanks so much for watching,this brief review its been a busy,its been a really busy week but you,know what were still trudging and we,have,more reviews to come and this actually,provided uh some of the best,entertainment ive had,all day so im glad i watched it im,going to 75 for this netflix anime show,uh really good time i would love to know,what you guys think and again,dont know too much about the comic book,series that this is based off of i dont,think its a manga i think its a comic,book series,but i would love to know is that a,recommendation,and did you enjoy this show flesh your,thoughts out,in the comments and stay tuned because,tomorrow we have more netflix reviews,coming your way for wish dragon,and a very special show thats bringing,us part two,see if you can guess what that is,alright guys ill see

Trese Review | A Filipinos Perspective

I first enountered the series during the Lasallian Festival while it was Lasallian week back in 2013, I think.,Me and my bestfriend saw the comic displayed at a stall, ,and we were intrigued by the cover, so we went ahead and bought an issue each.,I remember I loved the comic to the point that I wanted to buy all the other issues, but the problem was,I couldnt find where to buy them, until it eventually slipped my mind. ,My memories of when I read that first issue came flooding back,,and I became excited yet again,I have no problems with the dub, AT ALL,All of the dubs were super solid,I watched the first episode in Japanese, Filipino, and English.,I didnt get to watch it in Spanish because when I realized there was one, it was too late.,Kudos to the hiring of the English voice cast because most of them are full or part Filipino.,My issue with the English dub was the random accent changes,,and almost all of the characters except for Alexandra have this Jo Koy/Mikey Bustos accent.,Yeah, a lot of the characters in the anime speak English that way, so it sounds really weird.,Even Capt. Guerrero has some sort of Mexican accent, so it was really weird for me.,Im just saying that it wasnt the optimal viewing experience for me.,As for the Japanese and Filipino dubs, theyre both solid, I have no problems there.,My biggest problem are those people who dismiss the Filipino dub because its “cringe”,This is it.,Guys, this is our chance to watch an anime that we understand–,–that we can watch the full story without looking at the subs that dont need English dubs.,THIS IS IT,And then youll just write it off as… Cringe?!,Just because they used Tagalog for the dub, its automatically cringey?,Ive also seen comments saying that the Japaese dub is better because it “sounds more like an anime”.,Its okay if they try the Filipino dub first,And if they decide that they enjoy the Japanese dub better, then its fine. ,But if your only reason to watch the Japanese dub is that is “sounds more like an anime” ,I dont know what to do with you anymore.,The anime was adapted from a Filipino comic,,which would make sense that youll watch it in Filipino, right?,Its as if the “Kagebunshin Technique times two times two times two” werent a part of your childhood.,Oh, and another not-so-big complaint,I wish they animated Trese in a way that matches what they say in Tagalog, rather than English. ,It was a missed opportunity to match the Filipino dub to the characters speaking ,so it would more like an actual Filipino adaptation, right?

Was Trese Trash?

netflix original anime and my limited,experience has either been very very,solid or complete,so which category does this new,supernatural detective show fall under,lets talk about it,lets start with the plot try to say not,to be confused with the word trish,is at its core about the struggles in a,city where humans and shape-shifting,monsters call that swang have to,co-exist,we follow a woman named alexandra tresse,who acts as a bridge between the two,going around investigating supernatural,crimes and keeping the peace,episode by episode the crimes start,getting more and more up until a,bigger scheme unfolds,lets talk about the characters with,netflixs stupid six episode runtime,its actually pretty hard to get me to,care about a character,so did the show manage to do so,surprisingly it did,wait who the is that you have my,many things young thresher,i think they got keemstar in this show,who whos that hey buddy were closed,uh no theres no way im gonna throw the, up,no stop please,keemstar no for real though everyone,could have died by the end and i really,wouldnt have felt any way about it,alexandra is your typical stoic badass,has been interacting with the,supernatural her entire life so shes,unfazed by it shes fully devoted to her,work,and making sure the monsters respect the,treaty they have with the humans,moving on the boys are her supernatural,bodyguards that just fly around and,shoot youd think that theyd be,boring brainless lackeys but nah they,actually had some moments of personality,those three are really the only main,characters that mattered there was also,a cop that acted as a father figure to,alexandra and a simp but they were,boring so who cares,now we get into probably the shows,strongest aspect the side characters,being based on filipino folklore the,show had an insane amount of creatures,it could have used,we got a super goblin a flying flaming,skull,drum alert nation horse people the list,goes on,seeing the ways alex would interact with,him was mad entertaining,for example the sewer goblin called nuno,the snitch,he kept up with what happened in the,underworld and would rat out his own for,pieces of chocolate,the shows greatest strength is also one,of its weaknesses though,the initial intrigue of being shown all,these monsters and magic,wears off by like episode 4 and by then,youre left thinking about the shows,flaws,you start to realize that the shows in,action mode ninety percent of the time,when youre not in a flashback,speaking of which most of the shows,story is told through the flashbacks you,would have like 10 minutes of brain dead,fight scenes and then a flashback would,start,and try to inject an entire episodes,worth of story down your throat in like,three minutes,it got so bad in fact that in the last,episode the entire first half of it was,just the main villain talking to you,and telling you why you shouldnt even,care about everything going on the sad,thing is,him talking almost got me back on board,with the shows story,that is until like god-awful nasty,disgusting,all right hear me out the ending,straight you guys remember the,infamous ending to soul eater where maca,kills the bad guy through the power of,friendship,yeah picture that but switch friendship,with family the show felt rushed,throughout but at that point i could,tell the writers were like, weve hit a climax but weve only,got 20 minutes left of the show,quick think of something we still have,to set up a cliffhanger for season two,i came into the show with my only,experience of anything filipino,being getting flamed on clash of clans,for asking what the a pinoy was,when i was 12.,id imagine the reaction would be very,different for a kid who grew up as part,of the culture and finally watched it,come to anime,and even though i thought the show was,mid im happy to see new things being,made that arent just your edgy kid with,powers or a with inflatable tits,like the usual anime,thats it for the video if you disagree,tell me why in the comments thanks for,watching and ill see you soon

Trese Netflix Anime Series Review

[Music],and welcome to the real tuesday,management and this,is my review for netflixs original,anime anime,series called tress lets talk about it,uh in the comments below i hope you,enjoy this is non-spoiler i will be,doing an ending,explained or talking about the ending,but not in this video so,lets jump into it say to manila where,the mythical creatures of the philippine,folklore live in hiding amongst the,humans alexander tress finds herself,going head to head with criminal,underworld compromised of malevolent,supernatural beans there are only six,episodes long unfortunately,and there are 30 minutes a piece for,each episode and,i say unfortunately because by the time,you hit the end youre probably gonna,want a lot more from this,its based off a comic book uh series,not really a manga series,just a comic book series there are seven,volumes with a few like side stories,sometimes it can be a bit difficult to,get a hold of these comic book series so,after watching this anime series if,youre,inspired and you want to know whats,going to happen next youre going to,have to go hunting i think now because,its going to be more popular therell,be a lot more in,print to publish i for one have not had,not,read the comics until i watched the,anime and now ive gone and done a bit,of research and just to because im that,interested in the world,the thing that works most of all for,this anime series is that,the folklore creatures are fantastic the,adventure that are,that is had within this world as we,follow through the footsteps,of our young detective like a cross,between,supernatural constantine and a detective,show,um weve had those in live-action,versions and um comic and manga but,this is a philippines series that just,really dives,deep into that folklore and she is very,much a constantine character,doing spells doing magic she knows kung,fu which is great so you take that you,mix that in in this,really interesting world youre going to,be absorbed in it because you want to,know more about the creatures and that,the creature designs look fantastic,because i think they have a lot,to pull from from the actual folklore,and from the,comics so i think theres a lot to make,this,really great the thing i was,disappointed by it was that theres a,lot that,feels like the story is skipped over,with because theres only six episodes,so they,they jump in which is great because i,hate so much time spent on,giving us backstories when you can do it,through flute flu,through flashbacks which they do in a,few of the episodes in fact most,episodes start with like,going backwards in a black and white,sequence and then you get that kind of,flashback,uh and you get some character building,but we needed more episodes thats what,this feels like it,its a six episode i think sometimes,netflix do this they green light a,certain number of episodes to see,whether the fans will really like it and,then maybe that we might get more,castlevania started that way with four,six eight and ten im hoping that well,get like 8 and 10,if we if they follow the volumes of the,graphic novels that weve had so far so,i think they cover the first three,in this one series in the six episodes,as far as i can tell,so we may get another two depending on,what they do with the storylines and how,much bigger each volume is because,theres a few bigger volumes,i thoroughly enjoyed it i will say i,know some people,probably have an issue with the,animation style feels like at times,theres missing frames,just has that kind of feel to it the,animation style as well will remind you,of early um,jackie chan adventures that sort of,start uh,after the first episode i was into it i,got used to it,i accepted what it was i dont people,also complaining and saying how can you,call this,anime this is something that netflix,does its an original animated series,from the philippines i dont think that,there was a japanese studio in making,uh this series im not sure you can,actually call,it anime but netflix is doing that so,ill go with what theyre,saying it is nevertheless its an,animated series with an interesting,look at your anti-hero hero character,arc that weve had many times before,its an 18 and um the first episode,youll be thinking to yourself well how,is this an 18 you know its,its gory in parts and there are moments,where youre like,maybe a 15 but once you get into like,episodes two and three youre like,okay i totally get white and 18. so do,bear that in mind as well if youre just,gonna,trust your 12 or 13 year old although i,imagine 12 and 13 year olds will love it,because its that sort of story its the,sort of thing i wanted to watch when i,was young,um but it wasnt allowed to or that you,snuck into your your parents room or,your friends house to watch that,age-restricted,tv series or film because thats what,kids do,um yeah i thought it was fantastic in,that way but it is very gory and does,deserve its eating rating,in places and other places this does,feels like a jackie chan adventure story,i do like the time,giving to some of the characters,background stories although i would have,liked more we get the most with our main,character which is the right thing to do,and by the time you get to the end,i think youre gonna have a few,questions about what is actually going,on and who you can actually trust,but the thing that really works is the,puzzle piecing of the storyline so each,episode is kind of a detective case,uh she has to solve him a supernatural,something and try and keep the balance,between,light and dark in check her father has,created these accords between,the the things that go bump in the night,very much like hellboy in that,retrospect you know weve seen,that sort of storyline done before we,have these people are trying to keep,things in check so that both,sides of the world dont end up clashing,and we know we just get the end of the,world sort of thing so now we have her,going through these going through the,motions ive been going through the,motions,following in the footsteps of her father,there are times when youll be like,ah what is going on here i see the,puzzle piecing the puzzle piecing will,come together at the end and youll be,like oh thats a cool reveal but at the,end you,also have some more questions which i,think leads us into the second season,which im hoping were gonna get,especially with,that end credit scene if you were,watching and you switch it off there is,an encrypted scene that youll probably,need to go back and watch,ill be talking about that in another,video thanks so much for watching im,going to give this an a minus i think it,was solid it was interesting i was,teaching,between a b plus because of the,animation style but once i got over that,once i got over them calling it an anime,i thought it was a really interesting,um six episodes i thought the,protagonist was great the voice work was,good,um and i loved the story i think thats,what gripped me the most it was really,interesting,so let me know in the comments below,what you thought thanks so much for,watching this but most of all until next,time remember,its a long tuesday,[Music],you

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