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  2. Trijicon MRO Review
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[Review] Trijicon MRO: Our New Favorite Duty Red Dot?

– Fast target acquisition and a huge field of view,in a rock solid package (chuckles).,Today were talking about Trijicons MRO.,(mellow music),what is up, guys?,My name is John, with pewpewtactical.com,,your definitive source for gun reviews, gear guides,,and all things that go bang.,If youve been with us for any length of time,,youve probably noticed that weve done our fair share,of optics reviews and to that end,,it can sometimes kind of be a little bit difficult,to find something to talk about with an optic,that is still totally serviceable,,but maybe isnt groundbreaking in terms of the features,that it offers.,However, even if an optic isnt necessarily,the most exciting thing on the planet,,sometimes they do combine form, function, affordability,,and durability into a package that we still think,is worth telling you about.,And personally, we find the Trijicons MRO,or Miniature Rifle Optic falls pretty squarely,into that specific niche.,In fact, its sort of sitting in a bit of an in between,in a few different ways.,The MRO is obviously much smaller,than red dots like the larger Aimpoints,or EOTechs Holographic Sights,,but is still slightly larger in profile,than a lot of the micro red dots,that have become quite popular over the past few years.,Now, it does generally have a wider field of view,than the majority of Aimpoint Micro T-1,type optics out there.,Featuring six levels of adjustable brightness,and two levels of night vision compatibility,,the MROs an optic that boasts total visibility,in bright daytime conditions,,which if youve watched,any previous optic reviews Ive done,,tends to be a sticking point,that causes me to bitch a lot.,Not an issue here thankfully.,And weve actually got two distinct models of MRO here.,Both a green dot reflex sight,and a red dot reflex sight.,I personally think its worth noting,that the green dot variants actual shade of green,used in the reticle is slightly different,than what Ive seen anywhere else.,Most optics that come in a green flavor,,tend to have a very aggressive,,almost neon green tinge to them,and the MRO is a bit more of a subdued lemon, lime green,,if that makes any kind of sense.,I actually prefer that color to the neon green,after spending some time with it,,as I feel like it winds up being much easier to pick up,against the various shrubbery weve got out,in our local desert spot.,Additionally, without turning this into a science lesson,about how the human eye works,,the color green is up to 30 times more visible,to the naked eye in bright daytime conditions,than the color red, which your eyes,generally going to pick up more easily at night.,This isnt really a universal fact,and obviously everyones going to be different,,but if you do find yourself struggling,to pick up a red dot in the middle of the day,,consider checking out a green dot,and see if that works better for you.,The MRO features a two MOA dot and is offered,in a variety of different mounting solutions.,From a super low profile mount,,all the way to a taller 1/3 Co-Witness type mount.,Weve got a Midwest Industrys 1/3 Co-Witness Mount,with a QD latch on a red MRO,and a stock Trijicon Full Co-Witness Mount,that utilizes torque screws on the green dot.,Personally, I like the QD capability of the Midwest mount,,but if youre not moving the optic around often,,this likely wont matter too much for you.,The MROs brightness adjustment knob,is actually pretty huge,and sits right in the center of the top plane of the optic.,Its actually kind of nice to have the thing,that youre probably going to be manipulating the most,be the easiest thing to grab,,instead of having it relegated off to the side,with you know, oversized windage,and elevation adjustment turrets.,Additionally, the red dots battery lasts,a pretty impressive five years,and the green dots battery lasts about one year,due to the nature of lasers.,The windage and elevation adjustments,are recessed into the body of the optic itself,and turn with either a flat-head,or a thumbnail quite smoothly.,Adjusting for one half MOA per click.,As mentioned, your field of view through the MRO,is going to be a bit larger than something,like a Sig Romeo5 or the similar microdots,one the market right now.,Although its a tiny bit smaller than something,like a full sized Aimpoint Pro,,though it is significantly lighter.,All and all, if youre looking for a higher end optic,thats on the smaller side,,but is still a little bit larger,than your average microdot,,wed say take a look at the Trijicon MRO.,The combination of absurd battery life and brightness,,stellar glass quality, bomb proof construction,,a decently wide field of view,and a green dot variant, if thats your jam,,all for somewhere in the ballpark of $400 or so,,makes this a no brainer if you meet the above criteria,and have the cash to burn.,Also, were going to murder an MRO on camera pretty soon,when we do our high-end optic torture test.,So be on the lookout for that particular snuff film,some time in the near future.,All right, guys, thats gonna do it for us today.,Thank you so much for watching.,If you enjoyed the content, go ahead and subscribe,to the channel, as weve got lots more optics reviews,and potentially torture tests on the way.,Once again, my name is John, with Pew Pew Tactical,and we will see you next time.,(mellow music),(digital tones)

Trijicon MRO Review

everybody Aaron Cowan sage dynamics this,weeks video were taking a look at the,triptych on mature eyes rifle,the first thing that came to most,peoples minds might included when the,MRO was announced was its a direct,competitor for a spot in charge Khans,line that theyve never really had an,optic to fill if you think about your,your aim points and your EO techs they,fill a very specific category people,think its one of the other Trijicon the,only offering they really had that kind,of competed in that category was the SRS,which for some people was too big the,field of vision was too big and it had,some initial problems with that first,generation run that I dont know if,church guy never really recovered from,as far as popularity was concerned and,the cost was very prohibitive for a lot,of people to think well why spend 800 to,a thousand dollars on an SRS when I can,get a micro for 700 bucks right in an,EOTech for even less than that depend on,what model I get so the MRO kind of,falls in that category where its going,to become a direct competitor with the,EOTech and the endpoint micro line or,the pro line but obviously the question,on everybody else everybodys mind is is,it is it worth the squeeze it is it is,marginally cheaper than most of your,endpoint micro models but is it,something that is significantly,advantageous enough that its going to,make well I need to sell my aim point,and pick up one of these critic on,tomorrows well I first got my hands on,it decided I wanted to do a very,thorough review I could have had a brief,review out much earlier but I wanted to,spend a lot of time on it at this point,Ive got over 3,000 rounds underneath it,taught a few classes with it and Ive,spent some time putting on other weapons,platforms just to really really get a,feel for the optic to see is it,significantly better than the other,optics out there or is it just another,really good choice for someone whos,looking to get their first high-quality,optic,now I dont know why it took trigger,cones so long to come up with an optic,that kind of fit into this category but,if the design of the MRO is an,inclination maybe it was because they,wanted to get things just right one of,the most ingenious features just right,off the bat besides the very wide field,of vision and the minimal footprint on,the rifle is the ambidextrous control,knob this is kind of brilliant this is,something that that hasnt been done and,its something that just to me seems to,be very common sense if Im on the gun I,can very easily make my adjustments even,if Im over here from a left-handed,shooter its very easy for me to work,the knob Ive got eight brightness,settings and Ive got two off positions,on the turn of the knob as Ill show you,to me it just makes a lot of sense just,in the control system its very,intuitive it makes a lot of sense and it,looks like somebody put a little bit of,thought into it now does that mean that,other optics where youve got the,control knob on the left or the right or,bad no not necessarily but this one just,is a lot easier to work with its a lot,easier for me to make adjustments and,again its not a huge deal its not a,game changer but its something small,and its the first thing I noticed when,I got my MRO,now the MRO is a two MOA dot some people,know why didnt they go 1m away they,have a 1 MOA are more spending some time,with Jorge cons 1 MOA rmr I can tell you,that I dont see a significant enough,advantage over time with a 1 MOA versus,a 2m away for what I normally use my,rifle for if I want to go really really,precise long distance fire I should,probably be using a magnified optic so,the to my dot is large enough that Im,going to pick it up quick but its small,enough that if I have to reach out and,touch something small I can or if I have,to go for precise fire I can so to me a,2 MOA dot is I think thats kind of the,industry standard now in optics weve,learned a lot about dot size and I think,the 2 MOA is an excellent dot size now,for adjustments they are exposed but,theyre recessed meaning I can make,adjustments on the fly zeroing process,with tools wearing gloves and I dont,have to worry about little itty bitty,caps which i think is awesome I also,dont have to worry about keeping up,with those caps or keeping up with any,kind of special tool I need to make,those adjustments so as far as the,adjustment knobs are concerned initially,I was I was kind of apprehensive about,it because they are exposed and Im just,so used to other optics having captured,or recessed much more recessed,adjustments but they grew on me and,throughout the process of the review,over 3,000 rounds plus some time on the,shotgun which Ill get to didnt have,any problems maintain zero and even when,the gun was getting knocked around I,didnt have any inadvertent contact that,caused the zero to shift or it actually,made adjustments when I didnt want it,to,now from Trijicon the MRO is available,three different mounts I got the co,witness height mount and I pretty much,hated it right out of the box it works,it its sturdy it stays on the gun,theres no movement no play in it its,not out of spec or anything like that I,just dont like it its like you know,taking the wrong exit on a road trip and,end up having to eat McDonalds its,going to get you by but you wanted,something else so I reached out to ADM,American defense manufacturing I had,them send me out one of their well they,sent me out one of their new mounts that,they make for the MRO and its got the,same footprint as the trigger on mount,but its quick release and I love quick,release mounts because I may need to,take the optic off the rifle for any,number of reasons,in a worst-case scenario if I get a,shattered glass and I want to flip up my,backup sights I dont have that option,with the Trijicon mount because I need a,tool to remove it so for me quick detach,lock in quick detach mounts always make,a lot of sense so one of the first,things I did I had about a thousand,rounds on the trigger con mount just to,make sure the mount itself was good and,it was maintain zero never had any,problems with the optic did get knocked,around a little bit and I didnt have,any failure points on it but again its,like eating McDonalds when I wanted,something else the ADM mount Ive had on,for 2,000 rounds past that plus its,time on the shotgun which Ill get to,rock solid mountain is definitely a,really good addition to the MRO if you,end up getting,the most remarkable thing to me about,the optic is the field of vision its a,1 by 25 optic youve got a very very,wide objective field of view on this,thing but its not so wide that if your,optic goes down you cant go string on,closer intermediate-range threats some,other optics out there like yo Tex when,you if youre practicing or if your your,optic just is an EOTech it just goes,down and you have to shoot through the,glass and kind of go string with it yo,Tex so wide that the further back you,get from your target your threat the,more difficult it is with this Ive got,a very very wide field of vision like I,said 1 by 25 but its not so,significantly Y that I still cant use,the optic as a go string if I absolutely,have to in addition to that I can see,more of my objective through my optic,and the overall length cuts down,significantly on tunnel vision I really,like the way the world looks through,this optic it does have a slight bluish,tint to it but running on multiple,different types of targets multiple,colors and just look at the environment,through it that bluish tint doesnt,really affect my ability to discern what,color something actually is if thats,something thats very very important to,you dot size is crisp clean and InFocus,I didnt experience any kind of blooming,issues and the brightness settings are,fine enough that you see a significant,difference but theyre not so gross that,you go from kind of like a its not,quite bright enough to oh my god thats,too bright,everything is graded out really really,well even though

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The Trijicon MRO Sucks! And lets look at other red dots too.

hello friends happy december holiday,time merry christmas happy hanukkah,happy saturday whatever it is that you,do out there,happy that thing happy,satanic tree time if thats what youre,into whatever youre into,i hope youre enjoying it today we are,going to take a look at the recent,hatred that the gun community feels for,the trijicon mro yall really really,dont like this optic and were going to,take a look at why that is,is it,unfounded hate is it completely,unfounded are you all just way off on,this lets take a look and see,because its rare that i encounter a,device that yall just hate quite this,much so this should be kind of,interesting,lets dive into it,[Music],tonight were going to talk about the,most reviled thing,in all of the gun internet something so,evil,so heinous so technologically inferior,so stupid and so uncool it looks as,though it was crapped out onto this,earth from the very depths of the arfcom,forums a place so vile they say the guy,who invented dental insurance was born,there,youve probably heard that this product,is the worst its worse than five disney,star wars movies played back to back and,then again in reverse order its worse,than baked lays,its worse than people telling you long,and pointless stories about their,unremarkable children doing wholly,unremarkable things its worse than,people who buy those ar15 lowers that,have spartan helmets and,god damn monster faces on them like some,kind of micro penis arabesque that shows,you not only that you have more money,than sense but you also have appalling,taste for buying something that looks,like skeletors cod piece and then,thinking its cool,you took that [ __ ] unironically to the,range showed it off to all your buddies,like theyd think it was cool too and,that shows a lack of self-awareness and,brain electrical activity that may,indicate you need a full-time caretaker,no this product is worse than that its,worse than gluten-free bread its worse,than someone whose job requires them to,be called an apple genius its worse,than people who breed exotic animals,its worse than people who talk about,stopping power and its even worse than,those dumb people who repeat the dumb,[ __ ] that they read or hear online on,forums or youtube as fact i am of course,talking about the trijicon mro at,present the most reviled optic on all of,gun youtube,youve all heard of it you know it,youre supposed to hate it but only like,10 of you have actually used it yall,really dont like this optic and you,dont like people who like them so what,gives why do all idiots hate it so much,and are you,right to hate it the answer is,unlike your brainwaves complicated but,ill do my best as i dont want this,video to be much more than 30 minutes,long this will be condensed somewhat,because of this i will surely miss,something,also the usual disclaimer if you cant,take a joke youre probably going to,want to skip this one and you know all,the others that ive made so,thanks you know just get the [ __ ] out,so why do yall hate this [ __ ] so much,well i dont know exactly how the mro,hate got started perhaps one can trace,it all the way back to the initial,reviews which noted,lens distortion unusual tent and,parallax but those murmurs kind of faded,and the optic was overwhelmingly,successful somewhere around 89 000 units,or so trijicon made a change to the mro,online folks claim that all kinds of,changes were made then so i called,trijicon and i asked they said that just,the lens was changed the original lens,supplier sent trijicon lenses that were,within spec but folks didnt like them,this is a massive oversimplification,because were going to cover this in,detail later and i dont want to spoil,the fun but they changed the lenses,thats all,and ive got two of my mros here to,compare an old one and a new one so we,can take a look and,check out the differences for ourselves,which is always handy,for a few years the mro was so popular i,saw it everywhere i purchased one,somewhere along the way and i loved it,it was an older model bought new lets,see which one of these is the older one,can you even tell just looking at it no,this is the new one thats the old one,i was so impressed i bought more of them,and if youre one of the six people who,watch this channel you know that i love,optics and i have a ton of optics,if i thought these sucked i would have,bought something else but i like them,they work well theyre very durable and,the price is right but then the hd mro,came out,and it was not good no indeed it was not,good you can read about the problems,online or watch a youtube review or two,or better yet go try one of the [ __ ],yourself that would be ideal,youll be able to formulate a,legitimately informed opinion if you,just go do it for yourself,and maybe this caused the reputation of,the classic standard mro to suffer,suddenly there were several videos,besmirching the good name of the,trijicon mro and next thing you know,everybody on the internet hates it i,received many comments indicating that,you dislike this optic so lets choose,one that best represents the lot of you,our good friend anthony feels that the,mro is so bad such a poor choice that it,calls the whole of my credibility into,question of course this was after he,watched a review in which i expressed,that the ak is not my favorite platform,ak people have fragile egos and,phalluses,too small to be useful to anyone i had,wounded him i understand but the mro,seemed to inspire an almost irrational,rage in anthony he also felt that my,hairstyle discredited my thoughts and,opinions in fact the presence of the mro,and my hair upset him so much that he,had abandoned the use of punctuation,almost entirely,i understand about my hair i have the,hair of a failed experimental hemsworth,stunted and broken left to die in the,vat that grew him but what had the mro,done,so i headed to anthonys youtube channel,to see if he could shed some light on,the problems with the mro mr gonzalezs,youtube channel was of little help he,purchases bushnell red dots and tank,tops this is a man who wears his hat,backwards and talks all cool he says sus,and bro he probably makes hand birds,like this and says,while he does it i get it the strongest,sperm didnt make it to the egg but,where does the mro related rage come,from and is he right is the mro that bad,we may never know the true origin of the,pervasive mro hate but we can,investigate the validity of that hate is,this [ __ ] real,fundamentally or as i wrote in my script,fundamentally which is a great new word,that i just invented and will continue,to use you all seem to hate four things,about the mro but you dont ever back,them up uh those of you who actually use,the optic and dislike it and thats,about four of you three of whom have,youtube channels and have already made,videos on the subject the rest of you,are just repeating the same [ __ ] you,read or heard,so,point one you say there is a lens,distortion around the edges,two,the mro has higher parallax than other,optics three the lenses are more tinted,than other optics and four the mro lens,isnt a true one power optic and causes,a slight magnification so lets discuss,these problems in detail and see if we,can back any of this up,and lets use other optics to help us,ultimately it doesnt matter how the mro,performs on its own does it instead we,care how it stacks up to other optics,all red dots hell all optics of any,variety have problems the question is to,what degree,and do these problems prevent the optic,from performing on par with its peers,so when we discuss each problem in,detail and ask is this [ __ ] real well,look at other optics and ask if they,have the same problems for comparison,well use the holosun 403 the eotech,exps 3-2 even though its a holographic,site the trijicon rmr and the venerable,standard the aimpoint t2,were including the rmr a competing,trijicon product because it rarely seems,to get any hate dont get me wrong it,has some problems but for some reason,you all

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Trijicon MRO Redemption Arc

there are a few things Trijicon does,well and those things are the ACOG and,the armar type 2 adjustable and Im not,counting every model of ACOG when,Trijicon wanders outside of its Lane,things get shaky I love my ta-11 ACOG,and the RMR is still the pistol Red Dot,you buy when you just want something,that works but Ive also been burned by,Trijicon twice once with The Credo one,to four lpvo and once with the mro which,I justifiably called the worst Red Dot,on the market well Im stubborn and I,have a learning disability so I have a,new Credo and a new mro and were going,to give Trijicon one more chance to earn,my love lets start with the mro the,whole point of the original mro is that,it has a wide field of view which is,generally a flawed concept if you shoot,red dots with both eyes open the field,of view comes from your other eye some,Reflex sights like eotechs have large,Windows which dont improve your field,of view but they do allow you to get a,sight picture from a hasty or improper,cheek weld or shooting position the mro,doesnt have that the front window is,big 25mm but the rear lens is still 20,millimeters the same as an AimPoint T2,or a sigromio5 so in order to get a,wider field of view or the illusion of a,larger window out of the same rear lens,Trijicon had to get creative with the,front lens and that causes a ton of,follow-on problems the mro isnt a true,1X optic it behaves like an lpvo with a,diopter set incorrectly if youre right,eye dominant and you raise the mro up to,your eye your eye has to refocus to the,optic like it would to an improperly,adjusted scope this is much more,apparent when viewed under night vision,the glass of the mro doesnt focus at,infinity and neither does the dot so you,have to choose whether to adjust your,night vision device to focus on the,world around you the glass of the mro or,the dot of the mro so much for Passive,aiming the mro also has terrible,Parallax worse than any other Red Dot on,the market which is most likely a side,effect of that weird front glass if the,reticle is off center in the window you,could be off Target by up to 6 inches at,100 yards how did they manage that you,might ask when The Parallax distance is,set 100 yards only Trijicon could screw,that up and finally the mro kind of,sucks with a magnifier a lot of older,red dots werent really designed for use,with a magnifier originally so the dot,tends to get a little smeared or,diagonal once you zoom in on it in my,experience the original mro wasnt much,worse magnified than an old AimPoint or,a cheap Sig or a hollow sun but it is,worth pointing out so why was it like,this I suspect Trijicon was feeling the,pressure to have some kind of Red Dot,offering in the market theres a lot of,brand loyalty in the Firearms hobby if,you already like acogs and youre in the,market for a red dot youre probably,going to look at Trijicon first they,could have pooped out a basic 20,millimeter tube style micro Red Dot and,collected the obligatory sales from the,faithful or they could make a red dot,that was a little more on brand Trijicon,Optics are known for wide field of view,and redundant sources of Illumination,theyve mixed and matched fiber optic,tritium and Battery Illumination in,Optics before aside from the fiber optic,and tritium designs like the ACOG and,the rx01 reflex sight there was also the,tx30 tri-power which had battery tritium,and fiber optic illumination their last,reflex sight before the mro was the SRS,which had a huge window and combined,solar power with battery illumination,those always look like really Kick-Ass,Optics to me but the MSRP was something,like 1200 bucks which was obviously too,much for the market to handle and it,didnt last very long before being,discontinued so what sets a Trijicon Red,Dot apart from an AimPoint red dot field,of view and thus we get the mro I bought,my first mro because I wanted a night,vision capable optic but I didnt want,to Shell out 800 bucks for an a point T2,well I think you already know how I feel,about that optic but what about the mro,HD Id read on forums of the mro HD,solved the magnification and Parallax,issues of the original but I was,skeptical because the same arfcom,Boomers who said the mrohd works great,would then go on to say they also didnt,have problems with the original mro,however if you remember back to the,email I received from Trijicon about my,issues with the mro they said that the,HD had a different Optical design which,might not cause the same problems the,thing that won me over is that I never,see mro HDs for sale on the second hand,Market thats a theory I have about,gauging the hype versus reality of any,product there are tons of gently used,mros for sale and I cant take credit,for most of them it was like that before,I made my original video if you see a,lot of Any Given product for sale on the,secondary Market it suggests that the,hype and the marketing sells a lot of,units but the disappointing reality of,ownership sets in pretty fast the mro HD,is a very different optic than the,original Trijicon was able to fix the,Parallax problem the zoom problem and,the focus issues with night vision,basically they turned it back into a,normal Red Dot big stump is at 100 yards,well its 98 according to my Rangefinder,Target Dot and background are all in,focus,parallax,not bad not going to beat a neotech but,not bad theres still a tiny effect of,that front lens that allows you to be,slightly further out of position before,the tube starts intruding into your view,versus a typical micro Red Dot thats,almost entirely theoretical in practice,it feels no different than a point micro,the mro HD also looks great under a,magnifier I dont have a magnifier tall,enough to mount behind this because its,on a scalarx 1.93 Riser but I handheld,up a g33 behind it and its crisp and,clean unfortunately the HD takes two,steps forward and one step back the HD,has a new selectable reticle option that,allows you to choose between a DOT only,and a segmented Circle dot a side effect,of the new Circle dot reticle is a much,bigger emitter assembly which has the,same problem as the loophole lco,incoming light reflects off the emitter,and the surrounding circuit board and is,visible in the optic window so even if,you dont have the circle turned on,youll still see the circle in certain,lighting conditions and whats more,youll see a big Square surrounding the,whole reticle it looks awful but at,least it doesnt show up in as many,varied lighting conditions as the lco,the battery life of the mro HD is still,not impressive the mro already didnt,have industry-leading battery life and,introducing the more complex Circle dot,reticle on the HD nukes it even further,Trijicon estimates 75 days of the circle,dot on setting 5 of 8. those eight,settings include the two night vision,settings so thats 75 days on daylight,setting three daylight setting 3 is,suitable for dim or indoor conditions,with no expectation of using a white,light it would be rare to use the mro in,a setting lower than 5 during the day or,setting 4 if youre going to put this on,a home defense gun so less than 75 days,if you store it under your bed far less,than 75 days if youre using it on a,patrol rifle the optic we want Trijicon,to make is the mro HD without the circle,reticle but they cant they have the,capability to make it but doing so would,be a tacit admission that there is,nothing actually HD about the HD and,that the mro was always a bad idea in,concept not just the execution of the,early serial number I think the mro is,unironically throwing me off dude,[Applause],the fact that Im shooting at mro,is throwing me off,before we move on to the Credo lets,talk about night vision performance the,mro HD definitely outperforms the,original under nods because you no,longer have to make a no-win choice,between focusing on your target focusing,on your target through the optic or,focusing on the reticle it all lines up,and focuses just fine on the HD the,glass Clar

The Trijicon MRO is the Worst Red Dot on the Market

the trijicon mro is the worst red dot on,the market,yeah that title isnt clickbait this,thing is a [ __ ] problem,the trijicon mro in 2021 is still,unforgivably bad it has a fatal flaw,that trijicon should not let go,uncorrected,every single aimpoint holosun sig romeo,or eotech is a better choice than the,mro,and obviously when i talk about red dots,im talking about red dots for firearms,you know,guns not airsoft red dots were talking,about red dots for shooting guns with,so dont tell me how a 25 amazon special,is a worse red dot than the mro that,doesnt count,the mro is available in a couple of,versions theres a red dot version a,green dot version,the hd which has a circle dot option and,theres also the patrol which comes with,caps and a kill flash pre-installed,the version i have is the normal 2moa,red dot,common wisdom with the mro is that it,has a wide field of view because of the,very large front objective lens,its a bigger objective lens than an,aimpoint micro and a bigger objective,lens than even an aimpoint pro which is,a big heavy [ __ ] of an optic,weight of the mro on a scalarworks 1.93,nv high riser is under 6 ounces versus,the aimpoint pro which is about 11,ounces and thats with a lighter midwest,qd mount instead of the aimpoint qrp,mount that comes on the optic,people like to compare the mro and the,pro because theyre both priced about,the same,my pro cost me a little over 400 dollars,with the default qrp 2 mount,and the mro cost 500 bundled with a,scalarworks 1.93 mount,but the pro absolutely demands a better,mount that isnt made out of pig iron,and collapsed neutron stars so,factor in at least another 100 for a,midwest qd and the price advantage of,the pro is no longer that significant,the big field of view of the mro is a,total meme anytime somebody praises a,red dot for having a big field of view,it makes me think they either dont,shoot red dots with both eyes open or,they run the red dot all the way back on,their rifle or more likely both,the mro does have a big field of view,but so does your other eyeball,open it we run red dots as far forward,on the receiver as we can and then we,get cantilever mounts to run them even,farther forward we do this for two,reasons one is increased field of view,with a normal red dot you gain nothing,by having it close to your eye you gain,everything by pushing it out as far as,itll go number two is clearance and,comfort for night vision and magnifiers,the farther the dot is away from your,face the more room you have for your,envy device which means you wont clock,your nod with the optic every time you,go for a reload and it means that you,dont have to use as tall of a riser to,make the dot usable with nv,i can easily use a lower third red dot,mount with nv,if its all the way forward i can mostly,use an absolute red dot mount if its,all the way forward,using a super tall nv riser makes it,less of an issue but if you use a super,tall riser like the scaler works 1.93,and you put the dot as far forward as,possible you get twice the benefit,a much more ergonomic and neutral head,position means comfort,speed and ease of use the early versions,of the mro were criticized for having a,bad blue tint to the lens and for having,a noticeable magnification effect,despite being ostensibly a zero,magnification red dot,supposedly those issues were fixed as of,about serial number 90 000 or so,the serial number on my mro is in the,two hundred and one thousand range and,no those issues were not fixed,maybe they were improved somewhat but if,thats the case the original version of,the mro must have been a [ __ ] hate,crime,the mro is still magnified just a bit,just enough that you can notice it and,just enough to ruin the optic,the image doesnt collimate with your,off eye so theres a sort of diffraction,effect that throws you off if youre,looking at any close to mid-range target,with both eyes open,its like going cross-eyed,[Music],yeah i got double vision if i try to,keep both eyes open,it doesnt really matter how far away,the uh dot is either,god thats thats awful the,magnification is probably also,responsible for the outrageously bad,parallax issues the mro exhibits,all red dots have some parallax thats,an unavoidable physics problem but most,red dots dont have much parallax,especially if youre reasonably close to,the range the parallax is set at,i did a parallax test at 100 yards with,the mro,on my 11 inch ar rested if i shot with,the dot bias to the left or right of the,optic window the mro went completely off,target on an 8×10 steel plate,it honestly looked like it was going a,foot in either direction at 100 yards,[Applause],right bias,its off by about a foot holy [ __ ],this thing sucks you can see the,parallax in these comparisons between,the mro an aimpoint t2 and an eotech,watch the dot on the mro wander back and,forth ive never seen anything this bad,its also awful under night vision the,mro doesnt focus at the same range as,your target,so when you raise it to your eye the,image is blurry you can adjust the focus,of your nv,device to the mro but then when you,lower your gun the target is blurry,this is what happens with magnified,scopes under night vision except with a,magnified scope you can adjust the,diopter on the scope to match your eye,and your nv device and then youre set,for the evening the mro doesnt have an,adjustable diopter but apparently it,needs it because its actually a very,slightly magnified optic and not,actually a red dot,also the projected dot isnt focused at,the same range as the glass,of the optic or your target so you can,focus on the target,you can focus on the mros distorted,glass or you can focus on the dot,if you dont focus on the red dot itll,be a big blown out oval,if you dont focus on the target you,cannot effectively move and shoot,if you dont focus on the mros glass,youre basically just guessing where,your shots are going to land,you can only pick one of the three so,choose wisely,yeah i cant see it very well,my focus to the,oh [ __ ] if i focus the target,through the optic then the the dot blows,out to a big ass oval,what a good optic thanks trijicon this,is a problem because night vision,devices have extremely narrow depth of,field they can only focus on a thin,slice of the world at once,i covered this in detail in a video,about night vision aperture focus and,diopter,theres a link in the corner of this,video if you want to know more if you,put your daylight filter on a night,vision device it shrinks the aperture,and thus,increases the depth of field and that,brings the mro into focus along with the,target,focused on the target mro,makes it blurry,im going to go ahead and put our,daylight filter on,we should now have a much wider depth of,field,and that prevents the mro from getting,too blurry,so it works perfectly with night vision,in the daytime,interestingly enough i cannot,demonstrate this problem to you using,the psionics aurora,because the aurora has a smaller,aperture than a pvs14,and thus a wider depth of field the,image is blurrier through the mro but,its not,as much and the resolution of the aurora,is too low to show it clearly,this tells us the focus on the mro isnt,off by a lot,not enough to show us blur to the human,eyeball or with almost any camera lens,but if you get the right lens or a night,vision device youll see it,these issues with the mro are subtle but,theyre noticeable and theyll drive you,[ __ ] crazy,if this was a cheapo budget red dot,thatd be fine if a romeo 5 had this,problem youd be like,well its 125 red dot made in china its,not going to be perfect,but this is [ __ ] trijicon this is a,flagship american optic these things run,from between 400 and 600 bucks depending,on which reticle option you get and,thats the price without a mount,included,the romeo 5 comes with two mounts the,glass clarity on the mro is good though,it does transmit a lot of light which is,good for night vision,were not talking eotech levels but its,on par with the aimpoint t2,

Trijicon MRO vs Aimpoint T1 Micro

[Music],if youve ever been on a Field Op and,during a break you want to take a crap,and then directly after that break was,over your team then moved through the,area that you just took a crap in going,to hit that subscribe button as always,likes and comments help but nobody,expose anything thats useful anymore so,just go ahead and post whatever you want,we have a weird community and I love you,guys so a lot of people have been asking,me specifically about what optic I like,to use but then within optics they want,to know about aim point verses the,church gone tomorrow so I have both I,use both so lets talk about kind of,some my thoughts and impressions on both,optics when compared against one another,now a quick note is that I dont have,the aim pointy to so I havent purchased,that I have a t1 and it works fine for,me so there might be some discrepancies,as far as the comparison goes since I,dont have the newer model of aim point,but honestly a lot of you guys are still,using the endpoint t1 so how did I get,so much of an issue so start off lets,go ahead and just take a look at the,optics first off so we have the endpoint,t1 I have it mounted here on the mark 18,mod 1 mine is on a LaRue mount with a,lower one-third Koh witness which is,what I prefer,so excellent optic I think its like a,20 millimeter objective lens or,something like that right here on my,mark 18 mod 0 I have the judge con mro,now if you notice I also have it on the,lower 1/3 mount however you can see how,big that objective objective lens is,about 25 millimeters which is,approximately 20% bigger than the,endpoint t1 so we see what it looks like,lets talk a little bit about a little,bit about whats good about one versus,the other,so first off what the MRO has going for,it is that,if you notice on the top of the turret,on the MRO thats where you have your,intensity of your dot so how bright that,dot is now I like it be on top because I,can reach you with either hand very,easily compare that to the t1 on the aim,point where I have to reach to the right,side now its not that big of a deal but,I just find it to be more intuitive and,just a good design now some people say I,dont like it on the top with the MRO,because it kind of lessens their sight,picture well that its kind of a,facetious argument because on the T once,on the side so its technically taking,up room on the side and also reducing,your sight picture but no one ever,complains about that so I dont think,thats really an argument point but I do,like the top placement to turn it its,fairly stiff which is good what I like I,dont want it to be be like super easy,to turn them that way its just turning,when it gets hit and that kind of thing,so thats good now compared to the t1,what I really like about the ichijo con,mro is that in the middle of its,adjustments it has an off position,between the daylight settings and kind,of the night vision settings so its,likes because if I want to turn off I,just kind of put to the middle that way,I only have to click over you know two,or three clicks to get the intensity,level I want first the aim point which,has about twelve different intensity,settings but I dont turn it off until I,get to the very end at one so when I,want to go from zero all the way to my,brightness preferred brightness level,which is usually around 10 or 11 then I,have to flip all the way through that,again not that big of a deal because for,the most part I leave both these optics,on which brings me to my next point,which is battery life the Trijicon mro,at a3 setting which I hell new use,indoors Im not using a three setting,outdoors has about 50,000 hours of,battery life so at a higher setting,youre going to have a little bit less,you know the same stands true for the,endpoint t1 a lot of people say oh hey,it has a 50,000 hour battery life and it,does but only at to get the 7/7 I might,be wrong go ahead and shoot me up in the,comments if I am wrong but the point is,that the higher settings that is,actually used that for both these optics,so that theyre not quite at 50,000,hours but theres still a ton of hours I,couldnt give you an estimate I had my,t1 on for about three years now so its,been working for,but battery life and bolson is really,good whats nice about the Trijicon,tomorrow its good and bad is the,objective lens the objective lens is,enormous it gives you a really nice,large picture however is that really,nice large picture you do have a slight,magnification about a 1.05 magnification,so some people have complained that its,really noticeable for them that the,edges are kind of fish-eyed I havent,seen that personally I think these,people are just looking through these,optics and there you know in their,basements on their airsoft rifles and,theyre not actually shooting this a lot,just kidding,some people does bother some people but,I found that when Im shooting this,rifle at speed and Im using it I dont,notice it especially in bright daylight,and that type of thing I find the large,field of view really refreshing after I,use the large field of view on the MRO I,found that every time when I go back to,the endpoint micro t1 that I feel like,Im looking through a toilet paper – I,get that tube effect a lot more that way,I noticed it a lot more than I usually,do so the if youre going to Trijicon,mrl certainly does have a really good,sight picture another thing I like about,it are the recess turret controls,theyre exposed its not that big of a,deal because they are kind of recessing,these altars that way you cant get to,them unless you need to Ive used five,five six cases to adjust them theyre a,little bit more spongy than the,eight-point t1 but again sometimes a big,of a deal because at most Im shooting,this thing and maybe 200 meters maybe,250 not beyond that really now at the,red dot not reliably at least for me so,I find that it works fine because Im,not this things not super precise so,the adjustments arent like that big of,an issue for me its I think its a half,MOA per click I think thats the same on,the end point t1 just as a reference now,a couple problems with the MRO versus,the eighth point t1 so the aim point t1,the glass is unmatched its super clear,I like looking through a window outside,that type of thing versus the MRO which,has a pretty noticeable,tenth so again I dont notice it so much,when Im shooting that speed but if Im,taking a longer shots like 150 200,meters Im taking that time to really,gauge my target that type of thing,its definitely noticeable so again its,going to be depending on the type of,shots that youre making I find that,anything within 100 meters when Im,shooting a little bit more quickly the,blue tints really not that big of a deal,for me but just youre aware of it,the aim point t1 is also a proven,performer so thats kind of a bullcrap,you know accolade to get to the end,point t1 but it has it its gone through,a lot of good tests as far as being in,the field and being used in combat,versus the church around MRO which is,now beginning again gained more of that,notoriety but its still kind of a,newcomer to the market but being that,cringey con has made the courage got a,cog which is an awesome thatll prove an,optic I have no doubt that you do con,knew what theyre doing when they made,this optic as far as the dots go both of,these its a 2 MOA dot so about the same,you can get a t1 or an h1 with the 4 MOA,dot just depends on what you do no big,deal there I find that the dots between,the two look the same for me,I dont have an astigmatism or anything,like that any problems on the eyes so,its a nice crisp dot on both the optics,but depending on whats wrong with your,eyes youre gonna have problems with,both so its not that big of a deal,one other weird thing about the MRO its,kind of hard to show but its its just,slightly higher than the t1 so at a,lower 1/3 Im sitting maybe like I dont,want to say I got eight of an inch,higher so it can kind of mess with your,head placement if youre used to the

Trijicon MRO Review – Red Dot vs LPVO

hey guys this is English heating Im,Callum and lets get into the video,were going to be giving a full review,of the Trijicon mro getting the boring,facts and figures out of the way first,what is it its a,red2moway dot in this configuration it,does also come with a Green Dot half MOA,adjustment in your windage and elevation,youve got a 25 millimeter objective a,total weight big big plus of this optic,of,116 grams you can choose to have it on,their low medium or high mount and you,can buy it with or without the mount,there are a number of aftermarket mounts,you can buy for it its running off of,the incredibly popular,CR2032 batteries its waterproof up to,30 meters and the overall Construction,is a forged aluminum now with that out,of the way what are my general thoughts,and how did I get to using this as my,main competitive optic Im going to try,and keep it as generalized as possible,for this review maybe youre not into,competition or youve never even heard,of ipsc mini rifle but thats certainly,from the angle that Im going to be,coming at mostly so youre gonna have to,bear with me in that regard just as a,quick Interruption if youre enjoying,this video then please hit that like,button if you are enjoying these videos,and like what you see in the Channel,please consider subscribing for any,future videos and content some of you,may remember that a few years ago I got,Hands-On and reviewed the then brand new,Trijicon mro HD and I wasnt too,impressed with it certainly not at the,price point of over 700 pounds the main,difference between the standard mro and,the HD is that the HD came with two,reticules the two MOA dot that the mro,has and also an EOTech style reticle,making it the HD and it was that,secondary reticule that I think let the,optic down overall because of some quite,severe ghosting but trying to ignore,that ghosting it started this thought,train of potentially theres something,there which Im going to revert quickly,back to the standard setup this is by,far the most popular setup that youre,going to see at rifle competitions,having a LP vo on top and a 45 degree,dot of course youre using that scope,for those longer more precise shot and,then youve got the 45 degree 4 closer,faster Target what we kept noticing,though is during competition people were,shooting the rifles predominantly at 45,degrees and thats just not Optimum the,stock isnt in the right place and also,bringing it up from your start position,it just didnt seem to make sense using,the 45 degree optic as effectively your,primary because you were using it most,of the time the other downside to this,setup is also how top heavy it makes,these rifles certainly in mini rifle,which for those of you dont know uses 2,2 LR or 22 caliber rifles weve got the,1522 here and weve got a battle arms,lightweight and a battle arms Andy with,the 2-2 cmmg conversion kit and these,are all incredibly light guns to put,quite a heavy setup on the top of it,does make it top heavy which again will,hinder your performance to some extent,there was also more performance to be,gained competitively using a DOT as low,as possible onto the gun it is very hard,to get the scope any lower than it is,and then you start to have to hold over,hold under at various distances because,of the height over bore you can see the,mro here is slammed right down to the,gun reducing that height over ball which,means in these configurations from 15 to,120 yards there is only a three inch,deviation meaning that pretty much from,15 to 120 yards you put the dot on the,Target and you pull the trigger thats,less computation that youve got to do,less thinking which translate usually to,more speed the reason that this seems to,still be the most popular setup in this,sport is because of course for full bore,ipsc rifle and three gun the distances,are just that much greater you can,easily have four 500 yard targets and,thats where the single dot is going to,start to struggle or youre going to,have to have that additional magnifier I,think its a great bit of Kit obviously,we found that theres some performance,games for our specific uses but if,youre a general consumer if you want to,put it on your plinker a comp gun or for,any other purpose its a superb high,quality bit of Kit thats what you,expect from treasurecon why we were so,disappointed with the HD theres no,ghosting with it the optic is clear and,crisp a massive field of view again,which really helps with competition,being able to transition from Target to,Target so quickly also with your,acquisition of the dot its so so fast,even on the HD I found with its wide,field of view and just the overall,construction of the scope that just,really opened out and was very natural,to bring up quickly and get on target,obviously Trijicon come at it from a,more military angle looking at it for,more combat but the same rules apply you,want to be in either competition or in,combat getting up onto your target,quickly and if there are multiple,targets you want to be getting onto them,as quickly as possible and it does that,incredibly well its a superbly rugged,construction and weve thrown these guns,around their competition guns theyre,not safe Queens theyre not babied,theyre chucked in the back of car,theyre chucked on the Range we use them,in three gun we really do put them,through their paces and weve had no,signs of where weve had no malfunctions,the battery life on these things are,absolutely phenomenal treasurecon quotes,five years continuous use Im not aware,that weve had to change the battery yet,between them okay this ones fairly new,but two years of continuous use,absolutely no problems at all price wise,I think it sits well with the Red Dot,Market just seems to be getting more and,more expensive yes you can pick up,perfectly capable Red Dot from the likes,of holosun or Vortex for about half the,price and yes the big comparison between,Trijicon and Vortex is always the vortex,lifetime warranty well this comes with a,lifetime warranty as well but I think,youve just got that little bit of extra,faith and belief that youre not going,to have to use it this thing is quite,literally designed to be run over by,tanks and be used in the middle of a,battlefield its all well and good,saying in a competitive environment ah,well if it breaks Ill send it away and,Ill get a replacement oh that doesnt,help if youre mid-match you do want,Ultra reliability and durability even in,a non-life or death situation loads of,people like to see as well whats in the,box and Trijicon do give you a very nice,box inside as well it is super protected,if you want to transport the optic store,it away it is not going to get damaged,in this case at all inside youve got,all standard marketing material and user,guide youve got your Trijicon sticker a,nice little touch your lens cloth youve,got your user manual and youve also got,your lifetime warranty card so,everything you know pretty standard one,thing thats a little disappointed,obviously being quite a big Vortex fan,for a long time is that the vortex,always tends to include a battery you,didnt get that with Trijicon 430 pound,or even say over 700 pounds for the 8 D,to not include what is like a 20 or 30,Pence battery I think is a little skimpy,certainly when your competitors are,doing that themselves but its not a,make or break it for me weve got a draw,full of the,cr2032s here yeah overall absolutely no,complaints and I think you know the,proof is in the pudding this is what Im,trying to go out and get the win with,this is what Im taking out there on a,competitive stage and thats really the,biggest endorsement and demonstration of,how much Im enjoying using this optic,and the performance benefits that I,think are there compared to the,conventional setup so if youre,interested in the mro mro HD or any of,the Trijicon range then you can give us,a call drop us an email and were,happily help you out so there we go guys,let me know what you think in the,comment section below are y

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