1. Journey of a TripAdvisor Review
  3. 5 Things to Watch Out For When Using TripAdvisor
  4. TripAdvisor’s fake hotel reviews – Which?
  5. How To Use Tripadvisor in 2023 [WATCH TO RANK BETTER & INCREASE BOOKINGS!]
  6. Josh Groban Sings TripAdvisor Reviews | The Jonathan Ross Show | ITV
  7. Guess the landmark from the 1-star Tripadvisor review!

Journey of a TripAdvisor Review

at TripAdvisor we know that in order for,a review to be truly useful it has to be,well true which is why we work so hard,behind the scenes to ensure reviews are,genuine see before being posted every,review goes through a series of,electronic checks and in-depth analysis,this is to make sure reviews are,unbiased family-friendly and based on a,recent experience as well as a bunch of,other characteristics that really useful,reviews have in common,these checks look at hundreds of pieces,of online information that we can gather,about every review and they determine,which of three paths its going to,follow most reviews make it through the,system without a problem and get posted,some are clearly in violation of our,policies and are rejected and then there,are reviews somewhere in the middle,where something suspicious is discovered,and warrants a closer look suspicious,reviews usually fall into one of three,categories they either look like,something called review boosting where,businesses try to unfairly boost their,reviews what we call review vandalism,where someone tries to slander a,business with negative reviews or review,optimization where optimization,companies are paid to falsify reviews on,a businesss behalf the good news is we,have ways to catch and stop all three,see our technology is so smart it can,actually map all sorts of electronic,data that helps show where every review,comes from like IP addresses device,specifications and loads more and weve,taken sophisticated techniques that,banks use to detect fraud and adapted,them to look for patterns among all of,our data over the years weve learned,what a map of normal and trustworthy,review activity looks like so when,something dishonest like boosting,vandalism or optimization is attempted,we can recognize it but once we,recognize it then what well all this,technology its just part of it weve,also got a team of hundreds of,specialists working 24/7 these are real,people doing real work many trained in,network forensics and fraud detection,who personally investigate situations as,they arise and can make determinations,on the integrity of reviews and if at,any point,slips through the cracks anyone can flag,a review and request an investigation,like in this example where a business is,offering customers incentives to write,positive reviews a customer Flags a,review and our team springs into action,to investigate using our technology they,establish that the review is biased and,remove it but they also identify,incoming reviews that follow a similar,pattern and prevent those from being,published too and they warn the business,owner there are penalties should this,continue it works,the suspicious reviews stop and are,quickly replaced by unbiased reviews,from genuine customers why do we do all,this because when reviews are honest and,useful businesses can compete on a level,playing field and travelers get the,insights they need to enjoy the perfect,trip every trip


What do you think…,of TripAdvisor?,Wow, that is a hard question.,TripAdvisor is like the behemoth of the travel industry., ,It has utterly changed the world, at least the world the way we travel it.,Are there others like it? There are.,But thats kind of like saying there are other search engines,like Google.,So today were going to talk about six ways that youre using,TripAdvisor wrong.,There are a lot of issues with TripAdvisor.,It may be that you spend too much time on user reviews in the first place,,and there are issues with fake reviews and,people trying to game the system, but thats another topic,for another time. OK first thing that,youre probably doing wrong. Youre not using the,filter. Every single person,under the sun in almost every country in the world,leaves reviews on TripAdvisor. They could be young, they could be old,,they could be rich, they could be poor. They could have left the review,in winter and youre coming in summer. So TripAdvisor has a bunch of,really useful filters to get,down to people who are more like you or taking a trip more like you.,Lets say youre looking for a French restaurant in Paris.,You can use all sorts of filters, so first lets…its a French restaurant,,uh, lets say youre a vegetarian, so you want it to be vegetarian friendly.,Youre going for lunch,,and why not, youre in the Bastille neighborhood.,What looks good? How about this one:,La Vache Acrobate. I think that means the acrobatic cow.,Not sure if thats good for vegetarians, but…,Lets take a look, lets open it up. Even within the restaurant,we can do a bunch of filtering. You can choose if youre a family,,you can choose if youre a couple, you can choose what time of year youre going,,I dont know why that matters to restaurants, maybe they have an outdoor space,,but one of the things we want to do here is what language the person left the review in.,Theres a bunch of English language reviews,,quite a number of them were excellent. What if we decided we wanted to hear,what French people have to say about this. Well, look. The number,of excellents goes down, and then lets see what the French have to say,Of course, its all in French, but Google will translate for you.,Google Translate, “fish brandade over-heated and tasteless.”,Well, thats not a good start, well get back to that in a second because now I want to go to the,second thing youre doing wrong on TripAdvisor.,Youre ignoring numbers. TripAdvisor looks like its,all about worlds, but its actually quite a bit about numbers.,Look at this. The guy who left this, uh,,terrible review actually only has one review on TripAdvisor.,So who knows, he could be the owner of the restaurant across the street,trying to take away business from them. You should always look at,how many reviews the person wrote before you even,pay attention to them. So heres someone with 39 reviews,,And, uh, lets see what they have to say.,”Do not hesitate, its a real pleasure.” Now as you know you cant trust any,one review, so one of the things you want to look at is the,average number of, in this case, circles. Sometimes its stars.,4.5 out of 5. Thats very good,,but it all depends on the sample size. How many,people voted to make that 4.5. So its,really important to look at the number of reviews. 322,is actually a pretty small number, but,its probably big enough that its not just all fake reviews,of some enemy of the restaurant,or fake reviews by the owner of the restaurant. If there were like 10 or 15,reviews only, I completely disregard the reviews,at all because they could easily be fake.,The next big mistake, and probably the biggest mistake that I think,people make is that they look for opinions,in the user reviews. Now of course youre saying,”Obviously were looking for opinions in the user reviews.” I think you should pay,more attention to the facts. If someone says “This restaurant is,fantastic, you have no idea who they are, you have no idea if they have the,same taste as you, but if you look at the facts,then you can trust them more. Because why would someone lie about the facts, so lets take a look,Im back to the English language reviews of the same restaurant, got this,guy, whos got a funny fake mustache, kind of like him, hes from,Coventry in the United Kingdom, hes done 59 reviews,,OK, so hes reasonable, lets read what he has to say :”it was,small and cramped but fantastically welcoming,and the food was just lovely. I had beef cheeks,which was fantastically succulent. Just loved this place.,although I was on top of other customers. Maybe you,dont even like beef cheeks – actually youre looking for a vegetarian restaurant so,you almost definitely dont – but even if you did, you dont know if this guy has,the same taste in beef cheeks. I will tell you this, he says it was,small and cramped, and he was on top of the other customers.,So you know,,pretty much for a fact, that this place,is tiny and youre going to be on top of other people. If you dont like that,kind of thing, you go somewhere else. If you like that kind of intimacy,,you go there. This could also work in like hotel reviews. If someone,comes in and says “The staff were really rude at the front desk,”,You gotta be like, huh.,Were they rude, or were they in a bad mood?,or are you just a pain in teh ass anyway, but if someone says,”This hotel is really great, except that its eight blocks,from the nearest subway station, then you think, oh, why,would they lie about that, and I can check on the map anyway.,Its eight blocks from the nearest subway station, and Im not going to rent a car, huh, better think about,somewhere else. OK, youre next error is, maybe you shouldnt be using,TripAdvisor in the first place. Is someone at TripAdvisor,sleeping with someone at Google? Look what happens,when you Google “things to do in Barcelona.”,Well, first of all theres an ad, but then whats the first,article that comes up? “The 10 Best Things to Do,in Barcelona (by TripAdvisor). OK, so thats gonna be,10 things that youve already heard of. If you want to see that, thats great.,But you could also sort of skip over that, look at all these other things that come up.,20 Great Things to Do in Barcelona from Time Out.,So that was written undoubtedly by a person, and a person,that probably lives in Barcelona, lets see what it says.,Huh, look at that, discover the city on foot, explore Gaudi and,Modernism, hit a high note in a concert…ok its actually,not talking about single places, its talking about like,,themes, actually more interesting. OK, another mistake people make,is falling for the TripAdvisor sales pitch.,TripAdvisor used to just be a whole bunch of user reviews, right?,Those were the days. Tht was when a lot of us got to know TripAdvisor,,thats how we think of TripAdvisor, but really, now, like any,company, it grew, and it needs a way to make money, so theyre,now also what we call an OTA, an online travel agency.,They sell hotel rooms, you can make a reservation in a,restaurant, you can book tours. Ok, lets take a look at this.,So the first thing you see is: “Shop Tickets and Tours”. And then theres,”Top Things to Do,” ok, thats not selling anything,,”Featured Tours and Tickets,” “Day Trips,” all this kind of stuff.,So, lets just look at the “Top Things to Do.” Ah, look,Number 1: Sagrada Familia, if you go here,,whats the first thing you see? You see “Book in Advance”.,So heres, like, some different tours you,can do, $47, $48, $108.,Well, guess what, if they were really giving good travel advice, the first thing,the first thing theyd say is what you find when you,go to the Sagrada Familia website.,It actually is right here, you just click on it.,You click on “Tickets” and then the first thing that comes out is:,”Advantages of buying tickets from the official website.”,We are the official ticket seller…You get the best price.,What is that price? “Individual Tickets”…,OK, the basic ticket for Sagrada Familia,,15 euros. Thats under 20 bucks. You know,before you w

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5 Things to Watch Out For When Using TripAdvisor

Trip Advisor sometimes good sometimes,not good having worked in the travel,industry I know that you need to take,every TripAdvisor review with a grain of,salt so when youre trying to book your,next hotel or activity here are the,things to look out for when youre on,TripAdvisor,where are the majority of the reviewers,from if youre looking at reviews for a,hotel and the majority of the reviewers,are from a country that is not your own,be wary of those reviews people from,different countries have different,standards and expectations when it comes,to their holidays so when somebody from,Germany says that they had a really,great time at Hotel someone from England,might actually think differently so try,to find reviews from people who are from,the same country and then also maybe the,same areas you youre more likely to,have similar tastes and expectations,take a look at the age of the reviewers,are they skewed really old take down to,the indication that the hotel or,excursion might be geared for older,people than you and you might actually,not enjoy it might be too slow paced or,not really to your taste on the other,hand if its all young people who are,reviewing something and youre not,really looking to go to a hotel that has,lots of young people or lots of families,maybe then thats something to look out,for as well check out the other reviews,that some of the reviewers have written,if there are any standout reviews ones,that are either really really good or,really really bad take a look at the,reviews that that person has already,reviewed you need to be careful that,really bad reviews especially might,actually be coming from a competitor,whos trying to skew the results so if,they have no other reviews or if they,have a lot of reviews where theyre just,complaining about everything that can be,something to note as well because maybe,theyre just a complainer maybe they,dont enjoy anything that they ever go,to doesnt mean that you wont enjoy the,hotel that they say that TripAdvisor has,Facebook integrated into it so something,might pop up that a friend of a,of yours has actually reviewed the hotel,that youre looking to stay at so you,might even just be able to get in touch,with them personally through your,connection and ask them about their,experience privately and finally you,want to take a look at the reviews from,the last few months and pick out any,common comments that you find for,example you may notice that almost every,person thats commented recommends,asking for a certain type of room,because youll have a better view or,youll be closer to the pool whatever,also if everybodys complaining that the,food is not very good then chances are,the foods not very good and hasnt been,for a while you want to take those kinds,of comments and complaints into account,less than the ones that are one-off so,look for those comment comments whether,they be good or bad and those are the,ones that youre gonna most likely,experience when you actually get to the,place or the thing that youre doing,what do you guys think of TripAdvisor do,you use it all the time I think people,do you just have to be careful let me,know in the comments what you think,about TripAdvisor and be sure you,subscribe to my youtube channel for more,travel tips and London advice click the,button around here or down there the red,button somewhere see you guys soon

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TripAdvisor’s fake hotel reviews – Which?

at TripAdvisor we know that in order for,a review to be truly useful it has to be,well true which is why we work so hard,behind the scenes to ensure reviews are,genuine TripAdvisor says its taking the,fight against fakes seriously but we,found the problem,hasnt gone away weve also got a team,of hundreds of specialists working 24/7,these are real people doing real work,many trained in networks forensics and,fraud detection who personally,investigate situations as they arise for,years after which travel first exposed,flaws in Trip Advisors detection of,fake reviews our experts have uncovered,hundreds of dodgy listings still helping,boost hotel ratings worldwide some have,even made it to the much coveted number,one spot closer to home we discovered,repeated cheating by one of Britains,biggest chains with dodgy five-star,reviews helping to artificially boost,Travelodge listings its so serious that,one of the chains London hotels was,issued with a red penalty badge for,manipulating reviews earlier this year,its Trip Advisors most severe warning,when a hotel consistently fails to,change its behavior and refuses to,cooperate with the sites investigators,TripAdvisor is taking action but does it,go far enough if its detection of fakes,is working surely it should be more,difficult to find suspicious reviews,months after a hotel has been penalized,its adamant we have an industry-leading,team of fraud investigators who work,tirelessly to protect the site from fake,reviews were confident our approach,works and is one of the reasons we,continue to retain the trust of many,millions of consumers worldwide while,Travelodge admits the incident was not,managed effectively within the time,frame and we have taken appropriate,action to ensure this doesnt happen,again,if youve been caught out by fake,reviews we want to hear about it share,your experience in the comments below,its very difficult to spot a fake,review on TripAdvisor and I think thats,why we feel that they should be on,TripAdvisor themselves to try and make,sure that,arent fake reviews that hearing in the,in the first place but having said that,there are ways that you can use to try,and see if you think that a hotel is,likely to have lots of fake reviews for,example in one hotel I looked out the,phrase highlighted was a particular,thanks and twenty-eight people had said,particular thanks out of three hundred,reviews and that seems slightly,suspicious as though it might be a,phrase that somebody was given in the,template zoo and right five-star reviews,of the hotel one trick that some hotels,might use is if they get a negative,review theyll then try and drown that,with hundreds of positive reviews so if,you notice theres being a sudden flood,of five-star reviews we posted in a,short period of time after a negative,review and that could be a suspicious,site most people who leave a review on,TripAdvisor,regularly leave reviews so youd expect,in a very good hotel that the five-star,reviews lots of them will be left by,regular reviewers but some hotels youll,notice that the vast majority left by,people whove never reviewed a hotel,before or since so you look along the,left-hand side restless contributions,and the contributions will be one one,one the best way to check the,reliability of a hotel rating is to,compare it with other review sites so,you can look at for example Yelp and,Expedia and when we found hotels where,we thought they had lots of fake reviews,often the score on Trip Advisor was,slightly higher than that on Yelp,Expedia for our full investigation into,Trip Advisors fake reviews and for more,expert advice head to which.co.uk/cars,travel

How To Use Tripadvisor in 2023 [WATCH TO RANK BETTER & INCREASE BOOKINGS!]

welcome back youre in for a treat with,this video im going to share how you,can use tripadvisor to promote your,business and get more leads there are so,many free ways that you can market your,business on tripadvisor without spending,a single cent,think about tripadvisor like the front,door to your website by having a,business listing page on tripadvisor,its giving you exposure to all these,people all over the world for free im,melissa laurie and if you havent caught,any of my other videos im all about,helping you grow your business if this,sounds like your jam why dont you,subscribe that way you can stay up to,date with all this juicy content that i,create,so if you havent yet you need to,register your business on tripadvisor,now i need you to go to this link here,and you can check if your business is,listed on tripadvisor in the search box,and then you can claim that business,youll just need to go through a,identity check just to check that it is,in fact your business,if your business is not listed on,tripadvisor then you need to go to this,link and you can actually list your,business on tripadvisor through this way,and you just follow the prompts,once you do have access and your,business is listed on tripadvisor you,get access to something called the,management center and this is packed,with so much juicy goodness so much,content and its also where you can,update your business listing page and,respond to your customers reviews,whether you have just created a business,listing page or if youve had a business,listing page for some time now you need,to be doing this,you need to be updating your business,details,why do this right youve just created a,page or youve had it for a while im,sure the business details will stay the,same right,no thats not the case tripadvisor is,constantly updating the platform so that,its a better user experience for the,community so let me give you an example,say youre a cafe and you offer,vegetarian and vegan meal options you,can include that in your business,details so when a future customer of,yours is searching for a cafe or a cafe,in a holiday destination where youre,located your business will appear in the,search filter,this is free marketing for your business,do you know that you can even search for,on tripadvisor get this pet friendly,restaurants and accommodation yep yep,so its important if you offer pet,friendly services you can update that in,your business details and so that people,can travel with their fur babies and,dine at your restaurant or stay at your,accommodation so make sure that you are,keeping an eye on your business details,things might change in your business and,keep updating on tripadvisor so that you,can reach more customers and get free,marketing with your page by showing up,in different types of searches on,tripadvisor there are so many amazing,features on your trip advisor business,listing page you want to be listening to,this because its really similar to,building a house right you want to have,the right foundation for your home,otherwise it might be a bit lopsided and,we and we dont want that so lets take,a look at some of the features,you can see that you can have your,website linked to your page so that,again its like your front door to your,website another way to attract people,new customers and direct them to your,website to find out more information,remember how i mentioned about,vegetarian and vegan well you can see,there that this restaurant has updated,their details to include these two,different types of cuisines which are,available,if we scroll down the page we come to,the juicy review section this is a gold,mine of data if you use your page right,so take a look at the popular mentions,a lot of people dont know this but,ultimately what popular mentions are is,what people are calling out about your,business so its the common words or,phrases,this is really helpful because you might,have launched a new product or a new,service and and people are calling that,out you could see that its starting to,trend so use the popular mentions just,to know what is popular and what is,being called out another really cool way,to use your reviews is that you can,search by season,so say you want to see what people were,saying about your accommodation this,time last year in winter for example you,can actually search over that period and,see what was trending as well,this is going to give you so much juicy,data its going to allow you to really,understand what your customers are,saying and you can use this data to,better serve your future customers,best of all this is all for free this is,free marketing for your business how,good,when im planning a holiday i spend,hours and hours looking at photos,so when im looking at a hotel i might,look at the pool the restaurant what the,rooms look like ill do this for so many,different hotels before i decide which,one i want to book do you do the same,you can kind of go down a rabbit hole,with looking at all the different photos,visual marketing is so important on,tripadvisor and its another way to,advertise your business for free on,tripadvisor on your business listing,page,you have the opportunity if you go into,the management center to upload your own,photos,so this is a really great way to tell,your story,show people what your restaurant looks,like show them what your food looks like,maybe its for accommodation show them,about the different the different rooms,and also what the common areas look like,or the pool the purpose of visual,marketing is that you need to give your,future customers the best representation,of your business is this all making,sense you can see the value of taking,the time and uploading the best images,of your business right,now im going to give you another juicy,bonus tip are you ready for it,make sure that you sort your photos so,you can sort your photos based on the,season so ill give you an example if,its winter currently then have your,winter photos up the front of the photo,album,but dont delete the other seasonal,photos now this is important because,generally when people are searching say,for accommodation right they might be,searching six months in advance so,although its winter they might be,looking at your property and seeing what,it looks like in summer,so keep,lots of different photos in your photo,album which showcase the different,seasons and really give the best,representation of your business so that,youre marketing your brand and reaching,so many different customers with your,imagery as well make sure you have a,mixture of imagery that also includes,people people relate to people so if,youre showing people that are at your,accommodation or experiencing your,walking tour or winery tour its going,to be more warming to the person looking,at your photos now dont go overboard,and have 100 different photos just,choose the best ones that really give,the best representation of your business,and promote what youre offering,do you know that theres even a covert,19 safety filter on tripadvisor its,available for hotels and also dining,outlets so how does this work well go,into your management center and youll,see that theres a covert 19 safety,filter and you can actually fill out,your details so theres different,options such as will staff be wearing,masks at your facility,so i like this for a few reasons,firstly it gives you the opportunity to,update what safety practices that youve,instilled in your business so it could,be things like you have a covered safety,plan in place maybe its that your staff,are wearing masks,this is a great way to communicate to,your future customers and make them feel,comfortable about visiting your,accommodation or dining at your facility,your tripadvisor listing page is a,golden opportunity to hear from your,customers you can either join in in the,conversation or you can completely,ignore your customers,just think about your own experience,with reading reviews say if youre,reading a review about a cafe i

Josh Groban Sings TripAdvisor Reviews | The Jonathan Ross Show | ITV

the amount of traveling youre doing in,your you know making the TV series as,well so when do you find the time to,write how do you find the time to when,youre doing all those other things well,you just you just kind of start to play,around I mean you do the ideas come from,all kinds of crazy places a lot of times,youre on like an airplane or walking,through a crowded street and something,pops into your head you just have to,like pull out your iphone just be crazy,next to people so you singing to it Ill,sing into it and Ill sing you know,gibberish if I hear a melody in my head,Ill sing gibberish or Ill have like a,book or a magazine or something if Im,stumped for a melody Ill just like Ill,sing along to a random you know sentence,in a magazine just to kind of like get,things flowing so you have the tune,first then and then you just for me I,like to start with a melody in the night,and then and then this the other stuff,comes later so you have melodies in your,head that you havent necessarily put,words to you yeah okay well I thought we,might try something with that in mind,okay,maybe we challenge Josh if we give you,some stuff to sing along with yeah well,give you the word so you can show us,some of the new and well see make mate,who knows maybe well create a new or,wonderful I knew Jonathan Ross Josh,Groban hit okay well this is the first,of many,because josh is uh enjoying being in the,UK we went on one of those online review,sites and we took some of the reviews,not necessarily favorable so like from,TripAdvisor those kind of paths of,tourist attractions too in the UK and I,thought Id give these to you when were,in front of the piano okay and see if,you can make a song out of reviews based,on these places so lets go over to the,piano it bloody Jarrah is gonna create,this is a genuine review and this is,someones of you are visiting Stonehenge,have you been astounding Ive not yet no,no okay,just a load of old rocks with a greedy,price tag,dont waste your money spend it on a Big,Mac wore shoes for the King job yeah,yeah okay shoes for the kid okay,Westminster Abbey have you been to,Westminster Oh lovely you know I have,any Western shower well then this is,someones review of their trip to,Westminster I feel like this one has to,be very like classical and if you could,go classic on this I think that will be,appropriate because the great acoustics,in there by Oh,[Music],big church did famous people,[Music],and saw no ghosts what so,a beautiful performance whatsoever now,go yes,and finally theyre nervous theyre,nervous have you heard of been never a,landmark in Scotland its a beautiful,mountain in scope its gorgeous,now this is a long one this one goes on,this is two pages Im so very much,whats really style do you think this,will be you have a look at the lyrics,this is like oh this persons bared,their soul yes this is almost poetic,this is like a Bruce Springsteen,[Music],whoa,on even ground with a heirloom angle no,bloody berries on the side my bloody,[Music],because I have to windy and the only,thing you could see at the top was,[Music],[Music],way too hard at the top,[Music],[Applause],[Music],Im so glad to be back in Blighty,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],you

Guess the landmark from the 1-star Tripadvisor review!

a few weeks back we were on tripadvisor,looking at their total inability to,spell disgusting,i went back on there again recently and,that gave me an idea for a game i,thought we could play,im going to read out a one star review,of a landmark and you are going to guess,what it is,easy peasy theres 20 of these let me,know how you got on in the comments,dont blame it on the alliance a messy,incomplete example of some large scale,rubble left in a,vague circle,triangle hella sus apparently this is an,art gallery,dont be fooled,why is she green out of all the colors,the person who created this beautiful,lady could choose,they went for green if she was pink,shed get more attention,period to pollution,sewage and racist everyone likes to go,to the beach not this polluted racist,beach,what would jesus say if he stopped by,for a visit,terrible value well they have some,excellent examples of workmanship,like and i think they meant to say helen,mirren and dewalippa here but uh,helen mitten and dua lips more than a,few,were not immediately obvious,failed construction in few words by,marketing this smartly people are,realizing the money invested on this,failed architecture,its just a hole in the ground couldnt,see what all the fuss is about dragged,here by the missus when i shouldve been,playing golf,its just all in the ground a big old,mind,silly damned egg carton damn waste of,money for miss inception,too far from the city proper and more,often than not the shows are elitist,rubbish,this next one is actually a two-star,review but i still dont think they had,a good time,small boy small dick its a small statue,not impressive,is it safe it doesnt seem so sturdy,anymore im not sure that its safe to,walk or drive on at this point having,witnessed its destruction,in it came from beneath the sea rise of,the planet of the apes x-men the last,stand pacific rim monsters versus aliens,the core terminator genesis terminated,salvation the book of eli it came from,beneath the sea,again superman the court again 10.5 mega,shark versus giant octopus monsters vs,aliens again,godzilla and san andreas,uh its not even forbidden its exposed,to everyone so tired and no we have to,walk long time its big i cant think of,a single nice thing about it,nothing fantastic about it it is what it,is a sign,look at it job done overrated,a silly location what a silly place to,put a tourist attraction after nearly,killing myself trying to cross the,roundabout i made it to the,and wished i hadnt bothered massive,queue to get up and they made me go up,the stairs despite being overweight,behind a gentleman with terrible gas,waste of time ive got a device that,does the same thing on my wrist,waste of time and money okay nothing,great i think its just a hype,nothing more to see other that people,made of clay,blimey its stones nothing special,overrated,dont light up looks better in picks no,good looking italians could have spent,the money on hookers,didnt bother this was so not what we,were expecting which was an original,house instead its some glass museum,that you cant get into unless you put,months in advance and as we decided itd,probably be quite depressing,we went to an escape room instead an,escape room,too long i didnt even bother okay i,built a dust wall,so why should i be impressed back in my,days the walls,were more beautiful and they didnt have,to be so tall come one,tiny heads of long dead white guys it,costs a bloody 15,just to park your car,its not an actual eye i dont like,heights and i didnt like this,my wife and daughter loved it i read the,newspaper and pretended i was elsewhere

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