1. Debunking Olivia Wildes Non-Toxic Nighttime Skincare Routine
  2. Is True Botanicals RIPPING YOU OFF? My HONEST Review 2020 | Rutele
  3. Reacting to Brooke Shields Suspicious Skincare Routine… Esthetician Reacts
  4. Brooke Shields’ Five-Step Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR
  5. True Botanicals Clear Pure Radiance Oil Review – On Acne-Prone Skin
  6. Is True Botanicals Worth the Insane Price? (Clear Collection Review, Before & After)
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Debunking Olivia Wildes Non-Toxic Nighttime Skincare Routine

this i also use on airplanes and people,were like what is happening,i would be like,what the heck is happening and somebody,else would probably be like,oh my god,hello welcome to the hydration station,for both your oral and topical needs,today we are going to be reacting to,olivia weidel wides olivia weidels,weightless skincare routine and,apparently this is a non-toxic routine,its actually from two years ago but a,tick tock video popped up on my feed,yesterday about olive oil not being,natural misinformation at its finest but,i i dont know if like youtube and tick,tock are like listening to me because i,spoke about natural beauty and why,natural beauty is kind of a scam all of,a sudden this popped up in my feed and i,was like ooh natural skincare routine,instead of watching lets react so hi,hello your acne big sister your skincare,big sibling your resident medical,esthetician and crazy cat lady is here,to analyze scrutinize and learn along,with olivia weidel whittle wide about,what she uses on her face and i am,hoping that it works for her but im,also going to give my personal a,subjective opinion and share a little,bit about the natural beauty industry,because theres a lot that people dont,know and a lot that marketers try to,shove down our throats to get us to part,with our hard-earned money and just,remember just because its natural,doesnt mean that its better but lets,see what this routine has in store when,youre pregnant people are like dont,use any of the things you use when,youre not pregnant because its all,poison and youre like what only when,youre hosting a parasite can you treat,yourself well it just seems a little,messed up,who is she i love,hosting a parasite i have a friend who,called children crotch goblins i spit,out my drink,so this is a special sustainability,edition of go to bed with me which is,very exciting for me because the company,that i use on my skin,is true botanicals which is the most,clean,sustainable non-toxic company that i,have ever encountered and ive spent a,lot of time thinking about that stuff i,also really enjoy that the packaging is,sustainable its this dark shaded glass,which keeps it preserved without putting,a bunch of harsh preservatives in the,product itself pause right there oh boy,oh boy lets talk about the good things,her eyebrows remind me of karlie kloss,and i love it i dont know who she is,but i love what weve got going on here,shes comedian shes making me giggle i,want to share coffee with you and be,your friend is she pregnant and she,mentioned true botanicals is this,sponsored by true botanicals or is she a,spokesperson for them olivia wide wait,is that it wide no wild,wildy wildy wildy sorry im trying okay,dated harry styles he has a skincare,line called pleasing now hi look at me,learning things but i dont see anything,that says shes sponsored by them and,even if she is she can still love a,brand i actually believe that this brand,is from san francisco its so,interesting i feel like it was just like,three or four days ago that we reacted,to brook shields who also was using true,botanicals so this is going to get,interesting but these preservatives oh,let me preserve my final brain cells for,a minute and let her finish her sentence,but oh boy are we going to talk about,preservatives for a second here,its something they learn from the old,like perfumeries of france one thing,ill also say about true botanicals is,they are made safe certified made safe,is a third party certification,organization,they have really high standards very few,companies pass their kind of checklist,of sustainability requirements so im,very excited to tell you about it,because its not only sustainable but it,works,interesting so lets back it up like a,tonka trunk to that preservative comment,what do preservatives do,oh they preserve things well what are we,preserving them from if we dont,preserve,a product well things can grow in here,have you ever had a water or like a,power drink like a supplement powder and,you left it in the bottle for a little,too long separates it gets nasty maybe,flies or bugs get into it what happens,when we dont preserve our skin care it,can go bad it can grow rancid flies and,bugs can get into it but also bacteria,can get into it microbes she was talking,about parasites you want to talk about,some horror stories with some parasites,if you dont have something to preserve,the product which could be as simple as,salt you know salt is a preservative it,can start to grow things thats why,people cured their ham or their salmon,right and thats what they would do in,the olden days with salt is because it,literally preserved it so that it didnt,grow mold or go bad so at the least you,could be wasting money and having your,product expire but at the worst you,could be setting yourself up for,infection i think there was a study that,tested old cosmetics and they found like,nicerian meningitis basically what,causes meningitis which kills people in,12 to 24 hours in some cases right and,that was found in cosmetics and that was,even with preservatives i believe so can,you imagine if you had old cosmetics,that arent preserved well i understand,these are pumped up that can be better,but,saying its preservative free is just,scary and usually when a natural brand,does this they have some sort of,preservative like salt that people dont,think of as a preservative preservatives,are there to help us they literally,preserve a product,why would you not want to preserve it,like thats when i smell danger but its,good for the brands because then they,get you to spend more money now she is,talking about this um certification i,dont know the certifying body it is,true that natural has no true definition,but when it comes to sustainability,there are some third third-party,certifications when you define natural,its defined different by every single,brand or every certifying body its not,like hey,this is all red and we agree that its,red and this is purple and we all agree,that its purple and this color is blue,and we all agree on it its not that cut,and dry whereas when you say its,organic or when you say its a drug or,it treats acne it is that cut and dry,because you have to meet certain,standards when youre natural or when,youre clean,each brand makes up that definition on,their own and it varies so much from,website to website so be aware of that,so this is my basic nighttime routine,its not very extensive its not like a,75 step process its really simple and,my skin is its combination i feel like,everybodys skin is combination it goes,through different things based on stress,and based on weather so first things,first i use the nourishing cleanser now,i use the clear line,the clear line is based on fighting acne,i used to have really bad breakouts like,into my 20s when everyone else was done,with breakouts,i was still getting them and i was going,to dermatologists and they were like you,have to use this harsh chemical and this,crazy peel and this crazy mask and i was,like surely thats not a good idea now i,will say if you have a full face of,makeup on you would use the pre-cleanse,oil first which you just put on your,skin massage it and then follow with the,cleanser but right now im just going to,go right into my cleanser so,one thing i should mention about true,botanicals it smells,so good,its like walking through a woodsy spot,in northern california youre just like,what,you can get your face wet first i kind,of just bang it on there,and like who knows if thats the,appropriate thing to do but who cares,this kind of adds to the ritualistic,nature of the nighttime routine like you,want something that smells good you,dont want something that smells like,like like burning tires,in this for the for the sake of beauty,like come on oh my god i love her okay,so shes not wrong,you dont want something that smells,like you know a baby snap sack but when,it comes to the way shes using this you,can use your cleanser directly on your,skin

Is True Botanicals RIPPING YOU OFF? My HONEST Review 2020 | Rutele

[Music],hi hello and welcome to my booktube so,todays video is going to be all about,true botanicals if you want to learn,about,true botanicals and if you want to know,if this is worth your money for you,should save it,and spend it on something else then go,ahead and keep on watching because i,will be telling you the pros and cons of,this company so,lets get into it so lets start this,off by talking about why,i even looked into true botanicals now,first of all,olivia wilde convinced me she kept,popping up as an ad,for true botanicals and she was saying,how amazing it was and that was the only,skincare that she used i was like,youre right i need to condense and i,need to um,i need to do better with my skin and i,need to have a routine and i need to,have specific products that work,in my favor so i was like you know what,ill try it out and then it just so,happened that i started my,sustainability journey and i wanted to,declutter my stuff and my skincare and,have a very,concrete array of products that i use,all the time and i dont stray because i,you know,dont want to be buying more stuff and,trying it out and seeing if i like it,and then introducing it,into my official skincare so i just,decided to,try true botanicals and see where that,leads me its also important to note,that this is customized to your skin you,do take a quiz,and it leads you to a certain line,within true botanicals,from which you can get a oil a cleanser,a serum a face mist a toner and so forth,and so on so its also very important,for me to find a skincare company or,just in general support a company that,is sustainable cares about recycling,cares about the packaging cares about,having,not any toxins in their skin care line,and just using wholesome ingredients,to actually deliver results and true,botanicals kind of checked all those,boxes off for me so when i first started,using it i was like you know ill just,start,with the pure radiance oil so i took the,quiz,and um it led me to the clear line but,within,two botanicals there is the anti-aging,theres the breakouts of blemishes the,dryness the hyperpigmentation and,rosacea so those are the five skin,concerns that they focus on,and they have a couple of different,lines within they have the renew,the clear the calm and the pregnancy,lines and when you take the skin,test it kind of leads you into one of,those lines and then you purchase from,those because that line is going to be,specifically,geared towards your problems of the skin,um so i ended up taking the quiz and,mine led me to the clear line so i,started with the pure radiance oil in,clear,then i eventually added in the,nourishing cleanser,then i added in the repair serum so,recently i just ordered the vitamin c,booster that,um you kind of use with your serum i,think and i dont have,obviously a review on that but i can say,that its probably going to be potent,and its probably going to be really,great because it is in a dark bottle,which i feel like a lot of companies,that use vitamin c,dont focus on the fact that vitamin c,will go bad,if its exposed to light and harsh,conditions so i kind of did already tell,you the pros of the company right which,is the packaging which is the,sustainability aspect and its,you know the not using toxins so i do,want to note that this,uh brand is tested by independent,scientific clinical studies which means,that,the studies are not going to be biased,so uh what i found really cool that i,just found out recently is that in a,recent independent clinical study they,tested the renewed pure radiance oil and,the renew repair,serum it not only delivered amazing,results it also outperformed the iconic,cream de la mer,across every test which that is a super,high-end super expensive,a very efficient skincare line basically,it it scientifically is proven to work,right,and i clearly have not tried the renew,line but,with that test that speaks kind of for,itself especially with creme de la mere,being like,the top of the top cream of the crop,type of skincare so,i do want to talk about my experience,with this company and kind of giving you,the pros and cons of what i actually,experience while trying these products,so i clearly like it enough to have,ordered it four or five times,so like i did say i started with the,pure radiance oil now i use this day and,night,and i have had no problems with dryness,and especially with you know getting,cooler usually ill get a little bit dry,ill get a little bit of flaky,that did not happen which is great i,love that,the key ingredients of the pure radiance,oil is helichrysum,uh which is its antibacterial,antifungal,and its been used for centuries to find,infections but its also soothing,anti-inflammatory that heals wounds and,minimizes scarring,so that is why they use it in the clear,one because of breakouts and scarring,and all of that,it also has hemp pumpkin and grape seed,oils which is high in linoleic,acid these oils are known to balance,sebum restoring it to an optimum,consistency and ph balance this all,blend,actually helps unclog your pores which i,think this is something that has scared,people for a really long time,especially if you have oily skin to be,using an oil,which is exactly what you need to be,doing if your skin is overproducing oil,its good to introduce another oil to,your skin to kind of make sure that it,goes back,to balancing and producing normal,amounts of oil and then it has algae,extract,and astaxantix which is a potent filled,vitamins minerals and antioxidants,this duo protects and nourishes the skin,and its known to improve elasticity,stimulate collagen production and,diminish eight spots and discoloration,in addition its pro its packed with,omega-3,and six essential fatty acids that are,known to restore your skins barrier,function keeping skin hydrated and plump,which is also nice if youre using,something like salicylic acid that dries,out your skin,a pure radiance oil is really amazing to,making sure that your skin is just,balanced and thats what skincare,should be so its pretty much unnatural,to have,dry skin or oily skin that just means,that your body is not doing what it,needs to,so you need to bring it back to that,ground zero which is,normal skin so you need to understand,how to balance your skin to bring it,down to that middle ground so that its,happy and its thriving and its not,breaking out its not dry and its not,too oily so this is what the packaging,looks like i really like that its a,brown bottle its glass which means you,can go ahead and clean it out after,youre done using it and recycle it,so it has a little pipette and this is,what the oil looks like its,nice and orange kind of makes you look a,little less white too which is great,and you use two to ten drops depending,on you know how how much,you feel like you need youre kind of,you you kind of get a hang of how much,you need pretty fast once you start,using it,um so i do this day and night um,obviously after,i do the cleanser which is the second,thing that i ended up buying and using,now ive talked about not caring what,cleanser im using,in my past videos which is still true as,my,first cleanser so if im wearing makeup,i dont really care what im using to,break down the makeup and clean it off,my face but,when i am using a cleanser directly on,my actual skin,its nice to have something that has you,know potent,and good ingredients in it um so the,cleanser has,green tea and white tea um so instead of,water they use green tea and white tea,as the base to give the skin more,nutrient rich,polyphenols which are antioxidants which,are good for your skin,besides delivering all the skin soothing,and inflammatory and toning benefits,associated with antioxidants,yt actually stops the enzymes that,attack collagen and,ls stays making it powerfully,restorative for the skin,which obviously if you have breakouts,and youre damaging your skin you need,that,um they also use black willow bark,extract which is nature salicylic acid,so this is also s

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Reacting to Brooke Shields Suspicious Skincare Routine… Esthetician Reacts

radiance eye cream now i love an eye,cream this one is,delicious,i hate an eye cream today were going to,be reacting to brook shields skincare,routine analyzing scrutinizing and,learning from the five steps that it,looks like she uses as according to,harpers bazaar and see how these,products work for her lets see what she,puts on her face,hi im brooke shields and i want to know,do you want to go to bed with me,for this particular nighttime routine i,am going to be using,five different products so the first,thing that im going to do is remove my,makeup so this ginger tumeric tumeric,not quite sure how to say it its a true,botanicals cleansing balm and what i,love about this balm,is that it is rich,and creamy,but does not leave a greasy residue so i,put um i have makeup on right now so im,gonna put it all over my face,and,my lips,im not scared of it,even on my eyes,and then,i will take,a,little,bio,friendly pad,because i dont use the cotton pads,anymore,and warm water,i put it on,the bag the pad,hold it between my fingers like this,and do the first,layer,of removal and you will see,how it takes it off immediately i used,to use very very hot water,um i have a tendency to have,more dry skin than oily skin,so thats what i love about this,cleanser,im just gonna pause it right here,theres so much going on im going,through like all of the human emotions,first off im so happy shes using true,botanicals turmeric has some great,antioxidants were going to talk about,the product i love the eco-friendly,makeup wipes but then the sink was left,on and i started to get itchy and my,anxiety took over because im waiting,for one of my parents to come in and,yell to turn the water off and slap my,hands i thought i told you to turn that,thing off and also shes really shes,going aggressive ive gone aggressive in,the past too but shes going aggressive,and um shes just so beautiful like i,just look at her maybe its lighting i,dont know what shes had done she is,gorgeous though and i think its i dont,know her makeup her structure but taking,that personality out of this oh my god,so true botanicals is actually a really,cool brand i think theyre based here in,the san francisco bay area or they used,to be lets take a look at the,ingredients of this cleansing balm this,is a ginger turmeric now heres the,thing with ginger we know that its a,root its amazing it is delicious and it,is wonderful but it can be irritating to,the skin uh you know ginger can kind of,be spicy not in the same way that,jalapenos are but in a similar way there,was this tick tock trend of people,putting ginger directly on their face,and it burned them like dont do that,sometimes ginger when put in skincare,products it is stabilized and i would,assume thats whats being done here but,i would be worried for people who are,super sensitive i would personally just,stick with the tumeric a lot of their,stuff is organic wild harvested they do,this clean beauty marketing that i dont,love but the products themselves i dont,hate uh actually has azelaic acid and,lactic acid inside of this cleansing,bomb and i think that those would work,better in a levon product but i love,that true botanicals from my,understanding of the products that ive,personally used as a brand they take,these true botanicals but they also,include products that are actually,proven by science like lactic acid and,like this azelaic so we have some oat,kernel this is great sugar cane ah,theres some lemon in here and then,there are some fragrances like limonene,geraniol and little i wouldnt,necessarily recommend those obviously,this is not for someone who has,sensitive skin but this does you know,have a base of sunflower seed oil and,vegetable oil avocado jojoba its a nice,oil cleanser for 48 bucks i would,normally say get a cheaper oil cleanser,for the same amount of money but this,does have lactic and azelaic which you,couldnt really get in a lot of others,so i do feel like this is unique im,just,why is she rubbing so hard if it works,so well why are you scrubbing so hard,and i love these little eco-friendly,makeup removers that are so good im,like physically itchy with the water,turned on and im afraid that one of my,parents is gonna spontaneously pop into,the room and scream at me for having the,water on,i think thats,called emotional damage,it,really keeps your face moisturized,and i usually finish with just,a regular washcloth,that i wet,ah okay come on its still on its just,so hard for me its my pet peeve i need,to keep it under control i know but,still also i forgot because it was,bothering me so much about the water i,love her and im gonna take my feelings,about who she is and her out of it,the hairline you can see that theres,like product going up in the hairline,hair ties and headbands they are not,necessarily essential you dont always,have to use them but please do otherwise,you get it all gunked up and maybe this,is her natural hair and she doesnt have,to worry about that for me my natural,hair is very very curly and mine frizzes,up like nobodys business so i try to,protect it when i do it product in the,hairline it can actually cause hairline,acne fun fact i dont know how shes not,soaking her hair with us but that is,that talent that is skill,talented,and,my mother always used to say,moisturizer and cleanser keeping your,face clean,she used to say soap and water and so i,used to use bubbly soap because i,thought that,that squeaky,dry skin feeling meant that my,face was very clean,but because of this if you notice just,warm water,literally took off all,the makeup,and,you can see,how clean it makes your face but it,doesnt make your face feel oily and it,doesnt dry it out that sort of really,dry,that kind of dry feeling that i find,some soaps,some soaps do sometimes i have to say i,okay so i had my eyelashes dyed,so they look like they are still dark,but i have been known to go to sleep,with uh not taking my eye makeup off,which is really bad but sometimes if i,wear waterproof,mascara,i dont take the time at night but,at least shes honest about it what most,people dont know is if you wear mascara,or waterproof mascara to sleep think,about how mascara coats the lash and,kind of makes it crunchy like if i were,to bend my hair thatd be fine right now,what if i put some sort of a sealant on,it and tried to bend the hair could,actually snap and thats how people get,a lot of broken eyelashes or eyelash,fallout if they sleep in their mascara,fun fact i love that shes honest about,that i think its really important,because it happens to a lot of people,and i was looking at her i was like you,removed your makeup her lips must,naturally be this color maybe shes had,her brows filled in i love that she told,us her lashes are tinted because i was,like girl what up like,wow i dont know whats going on i dont,know if this is a tattoo i dont know if,these are microbladed or not but she is,absolutely stunning again that is my,subjective opinion it goes to show that,if you want to have a lower maintenance,beauty routine there are some permanent,makeups some are more dangerous than,others like tattooing makeup or the bb,micro needling dont f with that thats,a terrible idea but the idea of like a,tinted lip stain that lasts two to four,weeks or tinted lashes that last two to,four weeks or even brows its a good,idea go brooke go although i do look at,this routine now whereas i used to look,at it as a chore that i had to do for,just you know for my work or for,something now i look at it as really,self-care and the ritual of it before i,go to sleep at night,is actually calming so you saw the first,one which was the cleanser the next one,is the chabula which is an unbelievable,active ingredient um and its called,immunity serum,and,im going to,take this its in a little dropper also,by true botanicals,and,im going to put it in my hand like this,i am going to take,this vitamin c booster,now when its in this powder form,it stays active and fresh a lot longer,than when i

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Brooke Shields’ Five-Step Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

– Hi, Im Brooke Shields,,and I wanna know, do you wanna go to bed with me?,(gentle upbeat music),Now for this particular nighttime routine,I am going to be using five different products.,So the first thing that Im going to do is remove my makeup.,So this ginger turmeric, turmeric,,not quite sure how to say it.,Its a True Botanicals Cleansing Balm.,And what I love about this balm is that is rich and creamy,,but does not leave a greasy residue.,So I put, I have makeup on right now,,so Im going to put it all over my face,and my lips.,Im not scared of it, even on my eyes.,And then I will take a little,bio-friendly pad, cause I dont use,the cotton pads anymore, and warm water.,I put it on the pad, hold it between my fingers like this,and do the first layer of removal,,and you will see how it takes it off immediately.,I used to use very, very hot water.,I have a tendency to have more dry skin than oily skin,,so thats what I love about this cleanser,is it really keeps your face moisturized.,And I usually finish,with just a regular wash cloth that I wet.,And my mother always used to say,,moisturizer and cleanser, keeping your face clean.,She used to say soap and water,,and so I used to use bubbly soap,because I thought that that squeaky, dry skin feeling,meant that my face was very clean.,But because of this, if you notice, just warm water,literally took off all the makeup,and you can see how clean it makes your face.,But it doesnt make your face feel oily,,and it doesnt dry it out,,that sort of really dry, that kind of dry feeling,that I find some soaps do.,Sometimes I have to say I…,Okay, so I had my eyelashes dyed,,so they look like they are still dark,,but I have been known to go to sleep,with not taking my eye makeup off, which is really bad.,But sometimes if I wear a waterproof mascara,,I dont take the time at night,,but thats not good for you.,Although I do look at this routine now,,whereas I used to look at it as a chore,that I had to do for just, for my work or for something,,now I look at it as really self-care, and the ritual of it,before I go to sleep at night is actually calming.,So you saw the first one, which was the cleanser.,The next one is the Chebula,,which is an unbelievable active ingredient,,and its called Immunity Serum.,And Im going to take this, its in a little dropper,also by True Botanicals.,And Im going to put it in my hand like this,,and then I am going to take this Vitamin C Booster.,Now, when its in this powder form,,it stays active and fresh a lot longer,than when its already in a product.,So what they did was they separated it out,and then Vitamin C Booster is really just like,,this will stay potent until the last little drop of powder,is taken out of this jar.,So, I will put a little bit in like that.,I mix them together like that.,I mix them together. It dissolves entirely.,You can put it in with the oil,,but I like to put it in with the serum,because I feel like it gets a little closer to my face,or my skin, or my…,I dont know, somehow I just like,,I like the way it feels in the serum.,So I put it everywhere.,But my mom always said,,its good to give yourself a little facial.,Little teeny facial every night.,It doesnt get tacky or sticky, but I can feel like,,oh, now I can feel that I can put another product on it,because my skin is already starting to absorb the serum.,So I just use the second and third with the booster.,The fourth product that Im going to use,is the Pure Radiance Oil by True Botanicals.,And look at that color, I love the color of that,,and the smell is just heavenly.,This Radiance Oil smells like jasmine,,it has neroli I think it is, or neroli, and then rose.,I put that all over my face, my lips,,my nose, even on top of my eyes.,Sometimes my daytime is a little quicker than my nighttime.,I spend a little bit more time at night taking off my makeup,because usually its being out and out in the elements,all day and also Ive had makeup on,,so I spend more time at night.,I see a couple of dermatologists,,one mostly for like sunspots and for mole checks,and cancer, things like that, and Fraxel.,And then I see another one who does like more,spot therapy and light therapy on my skin.,And Im willing to try anything.,The last product that Im going to be using,is called Resurrection Radiance Eye Cream.,Now, I love an eye cream. This one is delicious.,Its just, its thick without being greasy, it is…,I like to put a little bit on my hand,and I like to warm it up a little bit,,and the warmth somehow dissipates it much more smoothly.,And I pat first like that.,And then sometimes if Im in the mood in the morning,,I usually take one of my little tools,and then go like that with it,cause my eyes kind of can get puffy.,They get puffy very easily. I have allergies.,If I was going to a desert island,,well, I would have to bring a product,that had a sunscreen in it. (chuckles),But if I was going to be on a desert island,,I think the thing that I would want,the most is the Radiance Oil.,Because it can be used on my hair, it can be used…,I sometimes put it on my lips,,I definitely put it on my eyebrows,and I feel like I could use multipurpose with it.,Although I do really love this eye cream,,I might have to sneak the eye cream in to my little sack,that Im taking to the island. (laughs),Theres so many trends right now,its hard to keep track of them.,I havent seen anything thats really crazy.,I mean, I remember hearing that for bags,people were putting Preparation H under their eyes.,I have not tried it, but I guess it takes down swelling,,(laughs) so maybe I should try it. (laughs),That was probably the craziest,,the craziest thing that Ive ever heard.,Yeah, so I feel like now my face,just feels so moisturized.,It feels like its gotten a little attention,,but it also feels so clean but not dry, so.,So, that is it.,You can see how healthy and moisturized,and ready to go to bed my face is.,So, come on, lets go to bed.

True Botanicals Clear Pure Radiance Oil Review – On Acne-Prone Skin

hi guys welcome back to the channel so,today were going to go into skincare,and oils so were going to be reviewing,the pure radiance oil from true,botanical which im so excited to be,talking about um and if you want to know,all the needy details make sure to watch,all the way to the end and before we get,into it make sure to subscribe to my,channel for a whole lot of content every,single week on beauty lifestyle and more,so,lets get into it so i just want to say,thank you so much to true botanicals for,sending me this product over theres,other products that they sent me over um,and i just want to tell you that my,opinions and my reviews are always 100,honest so if i dont like a product even,if i receive it i will still be honest,with you guys so lets dive into this,oil because,ive been looking around and then people,are looking at this oil because this one,is one of the best sellers of true,botanicals so this is the clear pure,radiance oil,because there are a few on their website,i took this one in particular because i,do have more dry your skin type i have,some fine lines i have some breakouts,kind of like a sensitive skin so i,thought that this one was going to be,perfect for me because on their website,it is for breakouts fine lines wrinkles,and even skin tone and roughness and it,is also anti-aging this one is a hundred,and ten dollars us which is a lot of,money when you think about it but ive,been using it for a while and i didnt,use it that much,um its gonna last me a very long time,ive been using it both day and night,for over,way over a month and i just went over,like this little thingy right here so,a couple of drops tiny little drops,coming out of the packaging as you can,see if i open it up,its like a little teeny tiny dropper,so it doesnt come out as big droplets,but small ones and i only use around two,or three drops depending lets say two,drops in the morning and three to four,in the evening and youre gonna be like,why are you using oils you have,breakouts on your skin well it retains,the moisture in my skin since i have a,drier skin type and even if you have an,oily skin type it is really important to,moisturize your skin the best way,possible and this one ive been trying,it out and it doesnt clog my pores at,all so my skin has actually been better,um with a bunch of products together but,this is definitely helping theres a,lengthy list of ingredients but most of,them are just extracts seed oils,and a lot of them are actually organic,so whats amazing with this product is,it is made with made safe ingredients so,this is a website that you can go check,out to see if the ingredients are toxic,and they have the logo on their,packaging meaning that all ingredients,are safe for your skin they say also,that the frequency of this bottle is,every two months but for me the way i am,using it im gonna be going over to two,months so thats absolutely amazing what,they say is that it is a clarifying,moisturizing oil that helps address and,prevent bothersome breakouts while,minimizing the appearance of aging skin,this oil has everything your skin needs,to look and feel clear smooth balanced,and hydrated naturally scented with,sandalwood helichrysum and suppress to,invigorate the senses this oil is,hypoallergenic and a non-comedogenic so,that is absolutely amazing in that way,that um its not gonna clog your pores,and like i said ive been testing it out,and it didnt clog my pores didnt cause,any irritation it has been diminishing,my irritation actually so im gonna be,applying it on my skin i really have,only the rest of my skincare already on,my skin but thats like the last step to,seal the deal to make sure that,everything stays locked in,and,everythings there so lets go into it,first of all its saying the directions,to massage two to ten drops into clean,damp skin to moisturize i do apply after,my moisturizer and everything so theres,multiple ways of using an oil and since,me i have a dryer skin type i do use,moisturizer under but if you have an,oily skin top you can just use that if,you want so first of all the color of,the oil is absolutely everything um,hello look at this deep,dark color when i see an oil that is,this deep im like oh yes,i just want to put on my skin like,honestly this is,ugh,and the scent of it,oh my god i wish that this was a perfume,okay sandalwood,and oh my god this smells so delicious,it smells like youre in a spot every,time im telling you guys that every,time i massage this i take,like five minutes literally with my hand,like here and just massage it to my skin,and just like smelling the sandalwood,and its like it its really calming me,down its like a spa experience,at home,every time i do my skincare routine and,this oil i put at the end and i make,sure to take my time because it smells,so amazing enough anyways,this is just,one,two and three lets say mini mini drops,i dont know if youre gonna be able to,see it but look at this color,this deep orange,oh my god,thank god this whale is just oh my god,oh my,god and then im just patting it,everywhere im putting it under my eyes,because i have some fine lines and dont,be shy its not gonna cause milia its,not gonna clog your pores,um if youre worried about that this is,the scent of my dreams literally this is,this is the scent of my dreams how can,they make something that smells so good,i dont understand its just oh my god,its so relaxing i take full breathing,of this,its like all the stress went away like,my skin the breakouts its like the,stress goes away physically and then,mentally when im breathing this and,its like its going away as well its,just insane and this oil just gets,absorbed so quickly into the skin,its just it looks oh my god it feels so,amazing,it gives like a nice little glow to the,skin as you can see its like a little,bit glowier a little bit healthier,my skin feels really moisturized because,at this time of the year especially,during the winter everything it just my,skin is so dry and sometimes i would put,the rest like i have you know excess on,my hands and then i would put it on top,of my hands i would bring it down my,neck to make sure that everything is,moisturized locked in and that you know,the inflammation is going to go down of,my acne and everything and it just looks,so good its just,this oil is something else and it is,expensive but this is so far okay my,favorite oil that ive used so far ive,used like the ordinary ive used um,drunk elephant but this one is,definitely my top one top oil that ive,used because it it just,so good on all levels it smells,delicious,it gets into the skin so quickly it just,nourishes the skin it just makes you,feel a whole other way and its like,youre ready to go outside and youre,ready to do your things its like,sometimes you know you you wake up the,wrong foot or like youre a little bit,stressed with life well this is gonna,take away the stress from your in your,skin and in your body from the smell,its like its like aromatherapy every,single morning and night and i just love,it,in every way possible and its nice that,theres some organic ingredients in,there that the ingredients are safe for,the skin as well it just looks really,really good and its not like an oily,you know glow you know sometimes some,oils they leave you a oily greasy glow,but this one is just,very natural and pretty and its,explained here why it works so im gonna,read it to you guys,it is formulated to address breakouts,over here,problem prone skin and the appearance of,skin aging this glow inducing face oil,promotes a clear and hydrated complexion,with some of natures most potent and,antioxidants and omega-3 essential fatty,acids hemp pumpkin grapeseed oil,help balance sebum and prevent pore from,clogging algae extract and astaxanthin,help to keep skin looking hydrated and,plump which super nice ingredients i,feel like every time i use this morning,and night it definitely works with my,acne and it helps diminish it down if a,pimple is hurting im gon

Is True Botanicals Worth the Insane Price? (Clear Collection Review, Before & After)

todays video is gonna be a little,different Im going to be talking about,skincare as opposed to food which is,usually what I talk about before I go,any further I want to make sure I say,that this video is not sponsored by true,botannical or in partnership with them,in any way I have been buying and using,their products for about a year now so I,thought it was a good time to make a,review and to discuss my experience with,them when I was first looking into true,botanicals I really wanted to see as,many reviews as possible before I bought,it because it is so expensive I was like,scouring the internet I found a few,blogs I found a couple YouTube videos,but not that many I was specifically,looking for videos of people talking,about their experience so I thought,theres anyone else that is doing the,same thing that I was doing a year ago,maybe this video could help you so to,start Ill just talk a little bit about,what true botanicals is and then I will,go into my skin history a little bit and,what I was sort of looking for when I,found true botannical then the product,reviews and how I feel it has worked for,my skin and then at the very end I will,let you guys know if I think that your,botanicals is worth it or not so like I,said true botanicals is a natural and,organic skin care company no fillers no,toxins no harsh chemicals there are,three different skincare lines with true,botanicals theres the Renu line thats,targeted at anti-aging theres the clear,line thats targeted at acne and then,theres the calm line which is for,sensitive or rosacea prone skin so my,experience has been with the clear line,so thats what Im going to be talking,about in this video so just a little,history of my skin I have always had,acne I would say in my teen years it was,pretty normal teenage acne nothing too,crazy I had really bad hormonal acne,outbreak in college and then I had,another one a few years ago and then in,between there I had a couple other times,where my skin started flaring up or,getting worse but definitely it was like,a noticeable difference from like normal,teenage acne to adult hormonal acne,meaning deeper cystic pimples around my,jawline chin and cheeks,three different dermatologists total the,long and short of it is that the,dermatologist would always put me on a,similar routine which was using some,type of face wash from the drugstore so,the most recent one I was using was,CeraVe followed by some sort of topical,prescription cream so the last one I,used was threatenin which is a retinol a,moisturizer by the same brand as the,cleanser so for me survey so that was,sort of what the dermatologist would,always put me on and then I was finally,looking for something that I could like,a regimen that I could do on my own that,I didnt have to go and be under like a,dermatologists care for and then I,didnt need a prescription for and just,something a little more natural and the,problem was that in my experience in the,past natural things never really work,for acne so I had been researching,different brands and I think I was first,looking at the brand bioessence I think,thats how you say then Instagram,advertised true botanicals to me so they,knew their target so everything about,their ad like the language they used the,packaging the photos they used,definitely caught my attention so I went,to their website and what I really liked,about their website was how things were,organized so for example you went to the,shop section and then it would be like,shop by skin concern,I just appreciate when websites to that,because then yours oh boom I can just,click right on my skin concern and not,like see all the products and wonder,like which one is good for me or not and,then when it brought you to that clear,collection page they had a lot of really,helpful information on there one of the,things they had on there was the three,main misconceptions about acne one of,them was that you have to dry out acne,in order to cure it the second one was,that you should never put oil on acne,prone skin for each one they explained,like why it was a misconception and then,they sort of related it back to their,products and were like heres how our,products help with that oils are,something that I had really struggled,with over the years because I had used,rosehip oil on my face before I really,loved it it made my skin feel so,moisturized and I loved how it made my,skin look Id,the dermatologist and theyd be like,yeah dont use oil on acne prone skin so,you would hear kind of these differing,viewpoints on oils spoiled can be really,good for acne prone skin,youre already oily enough dont put,more oil on the argument for oils always,made more sense to me,true botanicals had done these,independent clinical studies of their,products versus another popular product,they did a study of their renew line the,anti-aging line versus lemare and then,they did a study of their clear line,versus Proactiv in both of the studies,true botanicals had come out to be more,effective over over a longer period of,time and people being much happier with,their skin on true botanicals and then,another thing they had on their website,that I really liked and Im telling you,guys about these things because they,dont have these things on their website,anymore Ive emailed them about it they,are actually in the process of redoing,their website again and well be adding,a lot of this stuff back in you could go,to a products for each ingredient you,could click it would tell you exactly,what that ingredient is what its used,for and why its in that specific,product for every single ingredient that,kind of transparency I really appreciate,it that was a while theyre not hiding,anything like theyre just telling you,heres whats in our products and heres,why the last thing that I really liked,that they dont do anymore they used to,do samples they dont do samples anymore,they do have a 30-day money-back,guarantee so I guess you could buy the,products if you didnt like them after,30 days they would let you like send,them back and get a refund so before I,get into product reviews I want to show,some photos all right so lets start,with this photo which was from December,2016 when I told you I went to the,dermatologist for my skin I believe I,had makeup on here its not a great,photo was taken on an iPad they took him,at the dermatologists office but,basically you can see that I have you,know some acne on my cheeks here on my,jawline on my chin the photo from the,other side of my face was like really,poor quality but you could see I had,like some jawline stuff some cheek stuff,not like the worst case case of hormonal,you know acne that Ive ever seen by far,but for me it was bad I want to show you,guys,couple photos that I took the night,before I started tribute a Nicoles just,you can kind of see what was going on,with my skin at the time I definitely,had some acne like hormonal acne spots,like around my chin again you cant,really see any hair but I did have some,on my jawline and cheeks you can kind of,see here a little better that I had this,sort of jawline stuff going on and then,you can just see in general like from,this photo really that my face was,really oily this is like really oil it,didnt like always look like this but if,I would be like sweaty at all my skin,just seemed to always get shiny so then,here are some photos that I took the,other night just show my skin as it is,now I do have some like,hyperpigmentation scarring but my skin,is completely acne free I dont have any,pimples or anything its totally clear,you can see really well like on my,cheeks here and my jawline chin no acne,its so rare for me to get a pimple,these days this side you can see a,little more like hyperpigmentation but,no active acne spots so now lets get,into the product reviews Ill start with,the nourishing cleanser from the clear,collection after I wash my face with,this I feel that my skin is clean but I,dont feel like all the natural oils,have been stripped th

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil, Phyto-Retinol Vitamin A Booster| Before & After Pictures

hey guys welcome back to my channel in,todays video i wanted to share with you,my experience with true botanicals im,gonna be talking about the pure radiance,oil today and fitted retinol vitamin a,booster true botanicals reached out to,me and they sent me these products to,review and share with you my experience,and overall thoughts true botanicals is,a luxurious consciously crafted brand on,a mission to deliver clean and,sustainable products that are clinically,proven to work at the higher standards,on their website it says we ethically,source vegan ingredients from the,vibrant intelligence of nature without,any toxins or fillers ever they are very,clean company they do not include any,toxins or fillers or any harmful,chemicals each product delivers potent,concentration of plant actives that are,known for their nourishing vitamins,essential fatty acids and antioxidant,properties it elsa says we are one of,the few beauty brands in the world that,carry the maid safe on each and every,one of the products which is the most,comprehensive safety and sustainability,standard available packed by the worlds,leading scientists they do work with the,researchers at the leading universities,so all of their products are very well,made they put a lot of research into,their products as well and im really,happy to hear that its a really clean,company they do care about the nature,and the people as well im really happy,that i get a chance to try this,wonderful product starting with the,packaging itself its very luxurious the,products themselves perform absolutely,amazing theyve transported my skin to,the next level i did use it for,about three weeks now every single day i,did not use any other products because i,wanted to see exactly what this products,will do for my skin so this is the first,product and this is the fitter retinol,its a glass packaging its super pretty,it looks so luxurious on my counter,it comes in a little capsules like that,at first i was almost 100 positive that,this is not going to be enough to cover,my full face the neck and the decollete,area but this little thing goes a really,long way this is crazy,i did have a really hard time opening,the first time as well ive never really,opened little capsules like that i did,squeeze really hard on the bottom part,and then i was twisting the top and all,of the product just kind of spilled all,over my hands ive been doing it for,almost three weeks and now i really know,how to use it the main thing is to not,squeeze it super hard at the bottom and,then start twisting the top i will show,you a full video of how im applying,this products how this product looks on,the skin i will show you some pictures,when i before i started using it the,first day ive used it like five days,later and i think about two weeks later,as well it comes with 60 capsules two,months worth of the product and it does,retail for 120 us dollars all of their,products are very luxurious theyre,really great quality they include an,amazing ingredients and the price,reflects that i also received,pure irradiance oil and as you can see,on every packaging it does say made safe,pita approved and vegan so,this is so,beautiful i absolutely love,all of their products i will show you,right in here just a little bit,of,this oil,this oil retails for 110,dollars but a little bit of the product,goes,a really long way so you will be able to,use this product for quite a long time,this is an oil,but its non sticky its really fast,absorbing all of their products made,with really small,molecules so it lets the product to,penetrate deeper into the skin and not,sitting on top of the skin,so i really really appreciate that do,you see this radiance,the one thing uh when i started using,this product is the sand and the smell,of the products they are very,botanical sense i would say its not,unpleasant scent and the most important,for me when it comes to the sands is how,fast the scent dissipates so after i,apply this product i can smell it for,probably about 20 to 30 seconds and then,the smell just goes away im not 100,sure if im,liking this smell at this point its not,irritating whatsoever but it does have a,really botanical scent to them i will,also include another product that they,sent me like i already mentioned they do,have all of their labels on every single,bottle and this is the chibula active,serum face serum do you see,how much of this product ive used,already,i use it in the morning i use it at,night i use it every single day theres,something so special about the serum,that i just do not want to stop using it,i dont want to stop using any of these,products im not 100 sure what im gonna,do when ill run out of all of the,products because they are very luxurious,they are very pricey and they do work so,well im gonna go ahead and include a,video of how im applying every single,product um in the video i did do,separate the fitted retinol and the pure,irradiance but when im applying it at,night i actually use both of these,products together so what i do i squeeze,the retinol capsule first and then i use,about four drops of this oil and then i,mix it together and then i apply it all,over the skin i wanted you guys to see,every single product separate so thats,why i did the video the way i did it but,the way im using it is a little,different i use the chibula serum first,and then like i already mentioned i use,these two products together i mix them,together and then i apply it all over,the face so the chibula active serum,what its good for its good for,dullness uneven skin tone and roughness,fine lines and wrinkles and dark spots,which i do have more than enough its a,hydrating anti-aging serum that helps,fight visible signs of aging while,supporting your skin barrier chibula is,an alvaric fruit and one of the most,bioactive and powerful antioxidants,in nature it helps to target 5 signs of,aging minimize the appearance of fine,lines and wrinkles visibly even skin,tone smooth roughness give the look of,firmness and brightness to the skin the,key ingredients is of course the chibula,its for strengthening and nourishing,the body chibula also known as the most,bioactive photostable broad spectrum,cascading antioxidant with o r ac scores,higher than acai you can use this,product in the morning or at night and i,do use it in the morning and at night,hyaluronic acid it helps to deliver,hydration and minimize the look of,wrinkles aloe vera helps to intensely,hydrate and soothe the skin elderberry,ginger and echinacea potent antioxidants,that are known to encourage glowing skin,the next product and absolutely love,this fitter retinol vitamin a booster,its good for fine lines and wrinkles,anti-aging dark spots uneven skin tone,and roughness and breakouts so this is a,plant-based retinol alternative a,smarter way to retinol as you guys know,the retinol usually gives a lot of,redness irritation and peeling and this,perfectly dosed retinol alternative,capsules deliver pro vitamin a,keratinoid that your skin transforms,into its own potent retinoic acid which,is one of the most biocompatible kinds,of retinoic acid and uses to help fight,signs of aging including wrinkles dark,spots and then even skin tone so this,fetal retinal vitamin a booster is,microbiome friendly non-irritating and,non-photosynthesizing so you can use,this product in the morning and at night,and you guys know that most of the,retinol products you cannot use it in,the daytime because of the sun exposure,with this product you do not have to,worry about that so some of the key,ingredients is the carrot root extract,this antioxidant works to fight off,outside aggressions that are known to,speed up aging rich in vitamin a this,extract helps to brighten skin improve,elasticity and nourish skin it has brady,fruit oil this beneficial ingredient is,loaded with essential fatty acids and,vitamin e to help improve the look and,feel of your skin this antioxidant is,known to help with defending the skin,against oxidati

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