1. I Bought True Classic Tees So You Don’t Have To – 6 Months Later
  2. True Classic Tees Review – Heres The TRUTH About These Shirts!
  3. Buscando la mejor polera ¿Es de True Classic?
  4. Cuts vs ESNTLS | Honest Review
  5. Fresh and Clean Tees vs True Classic Tees : T shirt Review
  6. 1 Year Update – True Classic Tees Review 2021 – How Did They Hold Up?
  7. Honest Review: True Classic Tees ARE Worth It!

I Bought True Classic Tees So You Don’t Have To – 6 Months Later

hey my names mike i bought the staples,six pack from true classic tees six,months ago but now you see only four,thats because i found a true classic t,but first lets go over that review in,my first initial review video which now,has over 30 000 views thanks to you the,six shirts were inconsistent with each,other making the pack almost unwearable,almost immediately after the first wash,three of the shirts were manufactured in,china and the other three in vietnam the,main difference after washing them is,that the china shirts ended up being 29,inches which are still wearable,but the vietnam shirts shrunk all the,way to 26 inches thats 5 inches shorter,than the stock 31 inches for the extra,large shirts how they ship the website,does say that they will shrink a minimum,of five percent that means that it will,shrink at least an inch and a half so,the ones from china do fit that field,but the ones from vietnam are out of the,ballpark get it out of here now a lot of,reps will tell you that you need to wash,it in cold water and lay it out on a,flat surface like this and let it air,dry,where am i going to put it i have this,table here this is three shirts,if i live in an apartment or anything,like that i need to have two tables of,this caliber to fit the six shirts to,let them dry,whos doing that i dont know about you,but the ideal shirt for me is low,maintenance meaning i could wear the,shirt put it in the wash put it in the,dryer and then wear it again without,shrinking this isnt a dress shirt its,a classic everyday wear shirt and it,needs to be easy maintenance let me,answer some of the questions you had,from the original video do i still wear,them and im going to tell you,all i can wear is this navy blue one,because besides that this white one i,ended up getting a couple stains on it,so now this is just a everyday,if im at home and going to bed i could,wear that the green one this also has,stains on it too call me messy i dont,care but,ill go over that real quick,so i dont wear this one outside anymore,and the black one again its so short,im not going outside with that this is,just indoor or maybe in the backyard if,i need to so the main issue that i have,with that even if they do have stains,then it comes down to the price,because at the price point of what i was,saying before we got them between,15 to 17,to get a stain on it and throw it away,and try to get a new one thats too much,money so is it worth it no as you can,see i already threw away two of them and,after this video this black ones,getting out of here too again this is my,result from washing the shirts how i,normally would but if you want to lay,them out youre more than welcome to and,you may have different results than me,some of you asked about the pilling so,that just means after you wash it a few,times maybe the cotton and the other,fabric in here may kind of mix up and,feel different over time but i can tell,you just running my hand down here i,could feel some spots here of cotton,standing up more than this side and its,just not a uniform feel anymore so yes,pilling is kind of an issue but again,this is after six months of use i dont,feel like im asking for too much from a,basic t-shirt so in fact i found one,from,hollister for even less five months ago,i purchased the longline crew t-shirt,ten pack from hollister and ive been,wearing them ever since washing them and,wearing them if not more than the true,classic tees and i can tell you all ten,are still wearable today right here we,only have six available because the,other four are ready to be washed and,ready to be worn again and i can tell,you all 10 are consistent no one is,smaller or bigger than the other which,is what you need if youre selling a,pack of shirts what makes them so,special about not shrinking as much and,being uniform is that theyre 100 cotton,and whats nice too i personally like,the hemmed cut which means that they,kind of swoop down in the front and that,means that the sides are a little bit,shorter but at the longest point theyre,about 30 inches so when comparing to the,classic tees im still gonna cover my,plumbers crack day and night with the,benefit that i can easily access my,pockets without lifting my shirt up too,far what makes them shrink so little is,that theyre 100,cotton that means that theres no,plastic in it which means that it will,not shrink because of heat the only way,that cotton shrinks is the tumbling,motion in the dryer the issue with,polyester is even in a low heat dryer,over time that plastic will shrink and,become deformed and not be able to be,reset whats nice about con is because,it can only shrink because of tumbling,after you wear the shirt for about an,hour the fabric starts to loosen and can,almost reset itself to its natural,length meaning that there is virtually,no shrinkage issue with 100 cotton,shirts because theres no plastic it,also means that its a 100 softer feel,the only issue i do have with these is,the label on how its printed its,printed on a big square of basically,plastic so that means when it is in the,dryer that plastic square does shrink a,little bit while the cotton around it,does not meaning that it does kind of,look weird on the back of your neck when,youre wearing it hollister if youre,listening change out this label so it,doesnt mess up the shirt so that way,you would have the perfect shirt now for,the best part lets go over the price,for true classic tees the base price is,23 dollars per shirt whereas hollister,you can get the shirt for only 17,dollars per shirt these are non-sale,prices when on sale the staples six pack,can be found for about ninety dollars or,fifteen dollars per shirt which is,pretty good but get this the ten pack,from hollister you can find it on sale,for as low as 91,making each shirt only nine dollars 10,cents thats less than half you could,ever find true classic tees for the,hollister search definitely go on sale,all the time so keep your eye out for,when they do to get them then if you,know of any better alternatives let me,know down in the comments and until then,ill see you next time,[Music],hollister,hollister,hollister

True Classic Tees Review – Heres The TRUTH About These Shirts!

t-shirts for me are basically a uniform,its pretty much all i ever wear so when,facebook started to spam advertise true,classic tees i thought alright guys calm,down ill check it out if you arent,familiar true classic claims their,t-shirts will accentuate the more,flattering areas of your bod and that,its not just a shirt whatever that,means im not usually susceptible to ads,especially from facebook,they must have been really spying on me,closely as they knew my t-shirt,collection was weak hmm,i mean i usually just buy cheap teas,from h m or costco and theyre okay i,dont feel all studly walking around in,them or anything theyre just good value,the idea of a tee that fits great is,comfortable and is durable all for a,reasonable price sign me up on paper the,true classic ticks all the boxes but are,they actually any good will they become,a staple in the closet lets find out,right now,first lets see if you can tell which,two out of these four,are the true classic ts,they advertise that they look better,than other t-shirts,for the record im 510 and weigh,between 180 and 185 pounds,my takeaway is that they do feel nicer,than your average t-shirt but the,material feels,kind of thin im not confident these,would last for years the collar sits,higher than i preferred and it didnt,make me look as good as i had hoped but,i do think at certain angles they are,more flattering around the shoulders and,to be honest im not sure if its just,the material being thin,but these shirts are a bit more nipply,than i would expect,use that information how you will so i,got a three pack and my first impression,was that they were quite long,longer than the teas im used to but,with the first shirt i threw it in the,dryer with the rest of my clothes and,boom toddler shirt whoops they stay on,their site theyll shrink about five,percent but mine definitely shrunk,more than that so for the next shirt i,dried it on delicate mode and it was,better still some shrinkage though like,quite a lot for the last one i air-dried,it and it retained its size much better,look at the three of them side by side,you can tell which one was dried where,so my takeaway was that ive been,shrinking shirts my whole life by,putting them in the dryer i guess thats,obvious with cotton but thats what i,want in a t-shirt something i dont have,to baby something i can play rough with,each one is now a very different size,after drawing them interesting now,sizing was a bit tricky because im sort,of in between sizes these days most of,my life ive been a size medium but now,ive put on the old kobit 19,however i still order the medium and as,long as i dont dry it with hot heat the,size feels good i cant really talk,about durability since theyve only had,a few washes each but i will say they,still feel nice on the skin however one,of them is already starting to look a,bit worn and maybe showing slight,pilling ill do a long term review in,the future so if you are curious about,that dont forget to subscribe as far as,price goes in my opinion they seem a bit,pricey the three pack costs 60 bucks us,then once you add in shipping etc it,really starts to add up convert it to,canadian and boom thats over thirty,dollars per t-shirt ouch thats not the,cheapest tee reasonable,i got a four pack of bench v-necks from,costco for 20 bucks 20. i didnt want to,compare them in the aesthetic contest,earlier because they are v-necks which,arent my first choice of style but for,five bucks per shirt i mean come on and,i think they actually look and fit,pretty good so should you buy the true,classic tee i like it when a company,takes one thing and does it really well,and while i do think that true classic,teas might be better than the average,plain tee youd buy at walmart,i wasnt as blown away as id hoped how,could i not get excited look at this ad,the sky looks awesome the difference on,me though not quite as dramatic they,have great marketing but it doesnt,completely seem like the product backs,up all of their claims i would say if,you could buy them for 10 bucks us or 15,canadian per tee then they would be,worth trying but for their usual sale,price of 20 bucks us or 30 canadian per,shirt i would say no you probably,shouldnt buy it i mean i dont regret,buying them at their sale price they are,better than the 8 teas i sometimes buy,from h m but i definitely wouldnt go as,far as to say they are the perfect,t-shirt if the cost was less it would be,easier to recommend but for a basic,t-shirt,its just too expensive the quest,continues,oh nice shirts you guys where do you get,those they stink though you should wash,your shirts man yeah then theyll shrink,ah,its a little big i think it looks great,oh,no,i warned you,if you have any suggestions for teas i,should try next or have tried the true,classic teas yourself please let me know,in the comments below i love reviewing,all types of products be sure to watch,my last video here or check this one out,as always thank you so much for watching,and well see you next time on,sad life

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Buscando la mejor polera ¿Es de True Classic?

hola amigos y amigas de con mi maletas,pero se encuentra en excelente hoy día,vamos a hablar de compras hace tiempo,que no hablamos de compras y les voy a,contar mi experiencia buscando la mejor,por era yo una de las cosas que más me,gusta de emprender es tiempo de vestir,como quiero no te gusta el camisa ni,zapatos ni nada porque me gusta hasta el,congo y en general si ustedes han visto,los vídeos que yo subido siempre ando,por no bajar yo no porque me guste tanto,el diseño que obviamente me gusta pero,no es tanto por eso sino que porque en,realidad no sólo vender ropa sino que,aplica tecnología a la ropa entonces,hace que la ropa sea mucho más cómoda,que mucho mejor adaptada al cuerpo,etcétera y no había cerrado mucho más mi,pelo en este viaje que hice unto dije,voy a buscar cuál será la mejor polera y,busque mucha mucha marca en youtube no,es que me gusta comprar mil poleras si,es pueden circular a la mejor quiero que,más se acercó fue la marca true classic,que me di cuenta que hay muchas muchas,muchas,qué cubre todo online que están,aplicando la tecnología a la ropa así,que dice bueno probemos las pueblas true,classic y veamos qué tal son sigue aquí,vamos con esta compra dice tres colores,una negra una blanca y un color medio,verde gris no sea hijo que lo ustedes,porque me cuesta un poco y la verdad que,creo que es una polera bastante cómoda,creo que se queda bastante hasta el,cuerpo me gusta que en las mangas estén,bien pegadas al cuerpo porque en general,esas cuadras que sean muy así o que se,levantan una parte de acá,pero creo que se ve bastante bien yo soy,una persona de atlética ni nada soy muy,nuevo,no,es nada del otro mundo que si tiene un,buen fin pero no voy a sacar un poco,creo que lo que no me gusta mucho es que,encuentro que es muy transparente al,menos el color blanco que se marca todo,el cuerpo y esto creo que no me gusta,mucho trabaje que como bien blanca,porque como el color no se ve tan bien,pero sí es una polera como tampoco es,una polera muy cómoda con nuestras,poleras que a veces igual son un poco,creo que existe como oestreich que se,como que se estiran un poco entonces,hacen que se sienta pongo uno al,encuentro tan cómodos pero sí creo que,una polera tiene en general se ve,bastante así que vamos con el otro,si quieres traer este producto o lo que,quieras mientras sea legal y quepa en,una maleta te tengo un dato excelente,con comparto mi maleta puedes traer lo,que quieras de cualquier parte del mundo,a las mejores tarifas seguro rápido y,con el mejor servicio cotiza ahora con,nuestros viajeros en comparto mi maleta,puntocom el siguiente en color creo que,es como les decía una especie lo,compramos gris pero creo que es con,verde – juro no ser bueno no importa,está volver a pesar de que son,exactamente iguales me gusta un poco más,porque es un poco más plástica y siento,un poco más cómoda pensar que en el,mismo fin pero sin embargo se siente,cómoda de usar y no siempre que estoy,usando una polera están apretadas quizás,me equivoque esta teoría de comprar un,vídeo pero creo 10.000 igual habría un,poco suerte les había visto mal estas y,creo que la manera que me gusta que,podría entrar dentro de cóleras favorita,espero que esté bastante bien,así que son vamos a probar ahora del,color negro,finalmente aquí está la de color negro y,aquí hay una gran diferencia por ejemplo,quizás usted la cámara no lo van a notar,pero yo sí la siento mucho mucho más,apretados para que se vea bien no sea,que se vea mal y solamente la opinión de,cada uno pero en general creo que no me,está poniendo por ejemplo no me siento,con suficiente apretado siento que me,aprieta la ropa que tienes la idea la,idea como quienes quieren más o menos,creo que se sienta como la tela un poco,de una tela que se sienta suave,así que la verdad bien para resumir no,me parece que esto sea ni de cerca como,una línea de poleras o una marca de,cólera que volvería a comprar pero que,probaría a otras me extraña la cantidad,de una lata cuando uno ve reviews en,muchos virus con cinco estrellas pues,uno dice esto saben que no creo que no,es una polera tan cómoda así que insisto,tiene un buen fin pero estable en,cuestión a calidad como ahora relación,precio-calidad claro al viejo la,relación precio-calidad pues es súper,buena porque valen 20 dólares versus por,ejemplo hay otras marcas que son como,muy famosa eeuu como cats así,de cable como 70-80 dólares entonces,igual la diferencia es importante,las vamos a bruni no sólo vamos a probar,poleras vamos a probar también por,chinos porque me gusta estar buscando,que es la ropa más cómoda así que ya,siguen más vídeos núcleo así,tendría 17 así que volvemos

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Cuts vs ESNTLS | Honest Review

cuts versus essentials,which ones better lets find out,[Music],whats going on guys my name is carter,shaffer and welcome to my channel,as you may have known from my previous,videos im a huge huge fan of cuts,clothing,i have about 15 articles of clothing,from them and i love absolutely everyone,im actually wearing their classic,hoodie in black right now,but based on the comments from my most,recent cuts videos,a lot of you guys have been asking if,ive ever tried out,essentials so naturally i had to go and,pick up,my very first pair of essentials,clothing now essentials,are extremely hard to get the reason,that its taken me so long to do this,video is the fact that ive missed now,like one or two drops from them,because they sell out in five minutes,and if youre not on the second they,drop,you dont get anything i actually had,three in my cart,and i only got one of them because they,sold out just in the time i was checking,out,ive heard great things about essentials,so im here today to try it out for the,very first time,so today im going to be comparing the,essentials basic t,to the cuts basic t to see which one is,truly the better t-shirt,and better value for the money so this,is actually going to be the very first,time ive ever opened this i have not,tried it on ive not even looked at the,color,i ended up getting the color in sage one,thing i will say,is it comes with a mask in the bag which,is really really nice,because at the time of this recording,were in the middle of a pandemic,so i got it in blue i didnt really get,a choice but its kind of a nice touch,they send you a free mask with every,article of clothing that you purchase,all right so starting off with the basic,tee now these are very very similar to,cuts,as in they are cut very slim and,form-fitting,and then theyre a little bit tighter,around the arms so the sleeves are a,little bit shorter,and theyre a little bit longer as far,as the length of the entire t-shirt,i got this in a large which to stay,congruent with what i have in cuts,im a large and cuts and it fits me,perfectly so im excited to see how this,fits me,now the very first thing that ive,noticed just taking this out of the bag,is its heavy and i mean like heavier,than the cuts one,comparing the two of them side by side,this one definitely has more weight and,this is the essentials,so im pretty surprised here because the,essentials t is,probably twice the weight of the cuts,one this feels a lot heavier,a lot thicker and so im wondering if,the cuts ones can be more breathable,than the essentials one so well have to,wait and see,now as far as color goes i hope you guys,can see this on camera,but they are pretty much identical,i got both of these in sage so theyre,potentially the exact same colored,t-shirt,uh its just that i think the essentials,one is a little bit more green,and the cuts one is a little bit more,blue but were talking,one or two shades here like almost,nothing you couldnt really tell a,difference,so the only way to battle these two,together is to try them on,so i am wearing the essentials tee,in sage now my first impression about,this shirt is,that the biceps on this are very very,tight,uh im not a very muscular person but i,feel muscular because it is just,squeezing and hugging the biceps,thats one thing that i think its got,over the cuts is that it it squeezes,your biceps a little bit tighter,its a little bit shorter of a sleeve,now that could be a pro for some people,that could be a con for some people,it just depends on what youre looking,for but it really feels like,the arms are being tucked under a little,bit which makes your biceps kind of feel,a little bit tighter,up there now as far as the form fitting,factor,i would say this is pretty much on par,with what cuts does theyre both,a slim fit uh more angled in cut,which is really good for tall skinny,guys like me,and so i think it fits me great as far,as the length goes,once again tall skinny guy i need,something thats a little bit longer,and this is perfect i dont know how far,back i have to stand,but as you can see its long enough and,thats a very very rare thing for,somebody thats as tall as me,is to have something where if you put,your hands up youre not going to be,completely showing mid-drift,now as far as the weight i would say it,does not feel much heavier once its on,your body,uh when you have them out of the bag it,feels like the cuts one is a little bit,lighter,probably actually half as light but once,its on your body i mean this feels,pretty good it feels like a premium,quality tee,and yet maybe a tad bit heavier,but really not that much overall,i would say that this is a pretty,fantastic t-shirt for the money,if you can pick one of these up i would,totally do it as long as you get there,right when it drops because like i said,earlier they sell out in,minutes now one thing i have noticed,that im missing,is actually ironically enough the,branding,i really like the cuts branding and i,like the fact that they have this little,x on the side,im a big fan of very very low-key,branding where you cant really tell,what it is unless you really are,are looking for it and ive come to,really like the little cut,symbol on the bottoms of their their,t-shirts this being essentials,doesnt really have anything and so i,kind of missed the cuts,x now one other thing i want to mention,is as i was taking this off i realized,this is really stretchy and i mean,really stretchy,uh the cut stuff im used to it being,that spandex-like material,but when i went to take this off and i,put my hand through it this thing,stretches so far,and that is a really nice quality to,have um,i may be a big essentials fan now,because that,is a big deal for me now,this is the cuts t-shirt uh you can tell,the difference because this one has a,pocket on it,now cut sells them without pockets i,just so happen to have the,sage colorway in the pocket and i wanted,to do a direct comparison,of sage to sage so cuts has a pocket,essentials doesnt,not a knock against essentials im sure,they theyll have a pocket tee in the,future,actually they might even have one,already now the very first thing i,notice,after going from the essentials t-shirt,to the cuts one,is i actually prefer the arm cut of the,cuts,more than the essentials i think cuts,has done a great job with their with,their arms and making them tight but not,too tight,the essentials one is actually a little,bit too tight now that i think about it,and after i,put it on again um i just think that the,cuts one is a little bit better and it,looks like youre trying a little bit,less hard,to look mean and bulky as far as the cut,goes,obviously theyre gonna be tight around,the biceps but i really dont think,theyre,quite as tight as cut as essentials and,i prefer that,now as far as the side to side cut,actually,essentials is a little bit slimmer this,allows you a little bit more wiggle room,and it feels honestly a little bit more,breathable because its not always,hugging your skin now,ive worn this a decent bit so it might,be stretched out just a tad but,i could tell you for a fact this is,pretty much exactly how it came,and this is a little bit more wide while,still being slim fit and narrow,cut as far as the length goes of course,this thing is long enough,and actually i like the bottom of the,cuts t-shirts a little bit better,because you can choose different hem,styles,you can choose between curved hem you,can choose between split hem,you can choose between elongated so,theres three different styles for you,to choose from whichever one really fits,your preference,essentials doesnt actually have that,now as far as texture and quality,material goes,i would say that this is a little bit,less spandexy while still being spandexy,i dont know if thats a word but you,can see that,here i mean we still have a lot of,wiggle room but,its not nearly as spandexy as the,essentials one is i mean side to side,the essentials one,is definitely heavier and i kind of like,th

Fresh and Clean Tees vs True Classic Tees : T shirt Review

im a t-shirt guy man ive been in the,t-shirt industry for a long time,guys can yall can yall see that right,there,that right there looks its the its,like that it looks like,its a it was a,a rip away tag so its almost like some,rebranding here,ah fresh and clean teas,versus true classic tees is all the,height real or is it all a bunch of uh,hot air we finna find out,t-shirt help us whats up guys garage in,a t-shirt helpdesk.com the place where,we cover,all things t-shirt related make sure you,go down and hit that subscribe button,hit that notification bell and if youre,watching on instagram or,facebook follow us so youll be notified,of all this great information we have,on the t-shirt industry now if youve,been on the internet lately you might,have seen some ads for companies like,fresh and clean tees,and true classic tees these guys are,t-shirt manufacturers and you can go,there,and you can buy packs of them you can,have,subscriptions and they send you what,they say,are the most comfortable t-shirts,on the planet pretty much and me,i want to know whats going on so these,t-shirts are a little bit different than,the average,blanks for uh you guys starting t-shirt,businesses,these are pretty much just to wear i,mean you could screen print on them,but theyre just for guys to wear around,and be comfortable,and be like your favorite t-shirt and,uh theyre more expensive than the,average,blanks from company like uh bella canvas,next level haynes stuff like that,so um i want to know,whats really going on you know what im,saying how do they feel how do they fit,and theyre titling them as being the,best and also,i want to know is it,hype can you just go buy,lets just say a bella canvas tee and,its pretty much,going to be the same and youve wasted a,few dollars so,you know what without any further ado,lets crack these bad boys open,feel me all right guys so the first,thing that i want to talk about,is the shipping i ordered these on the,same day,and true classic tease got here first i,mean it was fast it was like,amazon prime i mean i looked up and i,went to my mailbox,bang it was here fresh and clean tees,took like a week like it it really,it took a long time so in this amazon,prime era this,amazon era im gonna have to give the,advantage before i even open up anything,to,true classic tees they came like that,um lets look at the packaging the crazy,thing is that the packaging,is virtually identical its a plastic,poly mailer that are like the same exact,size,pretty much with white printing on top,i mean so thats what its going to look,like so lets,uh open this up,and let me make sure the t-shirt is down,at the bottom because i do not want to,i do not want to slice open the t-shirt,so okay,slice that open and thats the inside of,the bag,pull that out and okay,you got two t-shirts right here,and now were gonna do two classics,make sure once again make sure its all,the way at the bottom,nothing up at the top okay,right here we go okay,this one comes with some literature,all right oh it says your purchase helps,uh the homeless vets helps homeless vets,so so elsas got some,bleeding heart stuff going on here,thats the packing slip okay,all right so another one for true,classic tees,okay um this one just,lets you guys know also that well that,does feel pretty good,this one didnt come this one had the,little extra plastic on it,and uh lets lay that out and lets open,this one up i got,black see this this is black,and this is like a uh i believe this is,a,um like a charcoal heather,and right here this,is a navy,and i got another black,now i want to say this already all right,im going to lay these out im going to,lay these out because,theres a uh there is a difference that,im feeling like,already so on this side you got,oh let me show this this is the,back neck this is a printed its a back,neck label true classic tees,and this one saying uh same thing,over wait a second oh,oh oh oh oh,im seeing something here that im a,t-shirt guy man ive been in the t-shirt,industry for a long time,guys can yall can yall see that right,there,that right there looks its the its,like that it looks like,its a it was a,a rip away tag so its almost like some,rebranding here,ah let me look and see this one,same thing that can you guys see that,same thing this,im not im not making any accusations,but uh oh it looks like because,if you were manufacturing these from,scratch why would you put a rip away,tag and then put that in this is what us,guys who buy stuff,do all right all right guys and one more,thing that i want to show you is this is,a rip-away tee,okay this is a bella canvas tee,all right and this is the classic tea,that you would get that,is a lot less expensive than the teas i,just,showed you but theyre made pretty much,for screen printing and starting,your own brands okay the the price is,a lot less all right so i just want to,show you this this is a rip away,tag so i just want to show you guys,something all right so,im going to rip that off okay and,youre going to,see that just like the other one right,youre going to see that like rip away,residue,right there all right theres that rip,away,residue all right so lets go back over,and lets look at,true classics true classic has,none of that right now they could have,just had someone go in and,clean it up real good okay with a,tweezer,all right now this one is,the fresh and clean tea ah,you see that look familiar,looks familiar like they just snipped it,on out,i dont know im not hey im not making,any,im not making any of me look like im,not making,any uh um,hey but hey im not on the gossip so you,aint heard that from me,now im going to say this and this is,the same thing that i was saying,that i uh that i um,wanted to talk about before guys,this true classic t feels so,good o m,g,you know this feels real and im i cant,its so funny because thats why i like,to get the cl,like can you can you see,i dont know can you see the fibers in,that,and lets go right here,i i gotta tell you,for fresh and clean teas i i gotta say,this feels like and im gonna go get my,teas,this feels like a standard t-shirt,like one of the standard like uh blanks,that you get that are like between,um like two dollars and 350,that you get to screen print on that it,doesnt,feel special at all,this feels like this feels like,your grandmama holding you when you was,a baby like,this really feels i mean i hope im not,putting too much extras on it extra,but this feels really good this this,feels,very um very normal and then i told you,already,that is that right there that right,there,i may have been born yesterday but i,stayed up all night playboy,in the battle for me in terms of feel,between fresh and clean teas,and true classic tees,absolutely true classic tease wins,hands down okay um,fresh and clean tees feels like a basic,tee that you would get like a a a little,bit higher quad,media um towards the higher quality of,the,basic screen printed tees and quite,frankly,i think it is one i think it is one,but thats just my opinion im not,trying to not thats my opinion i cannot,prove that okay,um so theres one more test that were,going to do and that,is the uh,like fit test all right guys so this one,is the true classic tee,all right its got a slightly uh,athletic fit you know fits around the,shoulders they talk about that,in the uh in the commercials fits around,the arms and the sleeves,uh slim in the waist uh cool fit you,know,um no complaints here you know,and uh lets get to the,other one and this is the fresh,and clean tee now i have to say the fit,is virtually identical you know it may,be a,little bit a little bit more looser in,the waist,uh in the uh fresh and clean tee but i,mean,very slight i mean it its theyre,virtually identical in the fit they both,have really really,uh great fits so uh you know they both,get,marks there okay guys one thing i do,want to tell you is that this,was totally not sponsored okay theres,no sponsorship here,i honestly was seeing the ads over an

1 Year Update – True Classic Tees Review 2021 – How Did They Hold Up?

so were almost,closing down to a year since ive done,my first video review on true classic,teas and in this one im going to answer,all your questions,because ive been getting a lot as well,show you how they held up so far,lets go,so first things first what happened to,the discount code,its no longer working yes there were,some issues with that and now the new,code is as10,so ill leave the link as well as the,code down in the description,now as for how well the shirts are,holding up ill show you,as you guys can see the t-shirt you know,its still not,dry but its retained its shape pretty,well theres no baking collar or peeling,and this is coming from someone who,didnt take you know any extra care,measures,when doing the laundry and you know the,fit is still on point,now how much has it shrunk or does it,even shrink yes the first couple of,washes it does shrink a bit,but not to the point where it shrinks a,couple of sizes down and,im getting im getting weight again,which is terrible but,you know the shirts still fit me pretty,damn well especially in the arms,now what are my stats and what size did,i get now i am 5,10 and currently 188 ish pounds and went,with a medium,i get a lot of comments regarding what,size to choose based on their height and,weight,and to make things easier go to the,website they have a size calculator,where you can go off your stats and,choose the fit,you are looking for next question is the,shirt a hundred percent,cotton uh no its not its something,that i missed in the first video review,as well,it is sixty percent cotton and forty,percent jersey polyester,which explains why they retain their,shape and durability much longer,compared to you know,plain cotton tees at your local target,costco gap and,whatnot now after almost a year would i,still recommend true classic tees,given the amount of time theyve lasted,and are still part of my you know,very casual wardrobe yes i would suggest,giving them a try if you are in the,market for you know some basics,also based on the comments from my last,video many of the viewers also,recommended them they were happy,you know they gave them a try and if for,some reason they dont work out for you,their customer service will take care of,you for a refund i know there are a lot,of t-shirt companies out there,but none are doing what true classic,tees are doing,which is providing you know housing for,homeless vets through their tiny house,project,in savannah georgia i think thats,pretty damn cool really,now they are not very transparent about,this or just blow it up in their,marketing all the time,but they are doing great things behind,just selling t-shirts,so i think thats something you know to,comment during these like really crazy,times right now,but yeah that was a quick little update,review on true classic teeth and i also,forgot to mention that this is not,a sponsored review true classic teacher,now reach out to me to do an update,video,they didnt reach out to me to do,anything for them okay um,link and everything will be down in the,description below and i hate to do the,youtube thing,like say oh guys make sure to like,subscribe,comment but please please please guys,anything helps this channel,and yeah ill see you guys on the next,one peace

Honest Review: True Classic Tees ARE Worth It!

if youre a fan of regular boxy t-shirts,with bell bottom sleeves wrinkle in the,dryer give you no shape up front,whatsoever and turn into belly shirts,when you raise your arms,then click off this video because this,video is not for you however if you like,comfortable form-fitting shirts that,show off a physique that you dont even,necessarily have that make you look good,then look no farther than a product that,ive been wearing for the last three,months,true classic tees,this right here ladies and gentlemen is,a true classic tee,if you notice the arms are tight it,gives me a form up front and then of,course if i need to raise my arms,all the way to the ceiling,you see this comes down lower than a,regular t-shirt,you cannot see my underwear,so you guys can see from previous videos,that ive actually been wearing the true,classic tee as i said for several months,now,its awesome because they make you look,like youre packing muscle that you,dont actually have these t-shirts are,very confidence inspiring again they do,give you a sort of physique they give,you a shape this true classic tee that,im wearing now has been through,the washer and dryer about two dozen,times now,and it feels,the same way it did when i first took it,out of the package and that is very,very soft,very,very,comfortable,again very form-fitting when i reach,into the dryer,i know when ive touched one of these,true classic tees because they are,extremely,soft to the touch so down to the,specifics,this shirt is actually from their long,body collection because i am six foot,one uh 161 pounds ive always been very,tall and slender and because of that,its always been really hard for me to,find a good t-shirt or just a shirt in,general reason being is because when i,buy one thats large which kind of gives,me the length that i need its way too,loose fitting up here and if i get a,medium like you saw me wearing in the,beginning of the video its too short it,fits me good up here at least decent,minus the arms i didnt realize how bad,the arms were those things were literal,bell bottoms all right i raised the,camera a little bit so that way i dont,have to slink down so much to try to,talk to you guys but ladies if youre,out there looking for a good christmas,present for uh for your significant,other i definitely recommend,buying the guys shirts like this theyre,a little on the pricey side,unfortunately i mean just for a plain,basic tee like this its like 20 bucks,you know i mean but you get your moneys,worth out of them so far despite like i,said washing this so many dozens of,times,it has maintained the same feel that,same comfortable butter soft feel and it,has not shrunk at all so while i hated,forking over that kind of money for a,t-shirt,it so far has been well worth the,investment,its the most comfortable t-shirt ive,ever worn disclaimer everybody this,video is not a paid advertisement this,is not a paid promotion i will not be,providing any links for you to click,down in the description box that leads,you to true classic tees its a,trueclassictease.com is the website but,just to show you theres no tracker im,not going to get any commission off this,this is simply a product that ive used,that,i love and im just sharing my,experience with you because weve all,seen these commercials now on facebook,and uh,facebook and of course you see the ads,when youre shopping around online so i,just wanted to give you,a personal,opinion based on my actual experience,using their products and,all i can say is again it theyre,expensive,but theyre definitely,worth the investment again i dont even,have much of a chest but look at how,this form fits to my body and makes it,look like im chiseled again it makes it,look like im hiding some sort of,muscles underneath this shirt which is,simply not true i am just tall and,skinny so these shirts will do you,favors they will make you feel good,about yourself when youre wearing them,they are a nice addition to any mans,wardrobe,and i just cannot,express,enough how comfortable these are true,classic tea everybody

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