1. Bathmate Before and After Review – My Real and Honest Results
  3. True Color Personality Test Review and Results
  4. Does Rogaine Work? | 2.5 Years Later | My Results and Review
  5. The Plan – Dan Hollings Review (From a REAL User) *Results Are SHOCKING*
  6. MIRA FERTILITY TRACKER | Unboxing, First Impressions, Real Results & First Month Review | AD
  7. The Click Engine Review – Results Of This 100% Real Buyer Traffic Are In ❗️SALES❗️ Traffic Blaster

Bathmate Before and After Review – My Real and Honest Results

sup guys Ryan here from California and,Im here to talk about bathmate and I,never really do this but I felt like I,had to because the great customer,service I received and you know the,product is you know its really worth it,lets just talk about me for a second I,spent many years living in fear living,with insecurities about the size of my,penis I just feel like its too small I,remember when I was you know you know in,college and that was the rumor after I,hung out with the girl Ryans penis is,small and it was nothing uncomfortable,so that pretty much and sewed a lot of,fear I would go out to the bar with my,friends and they would bring home girls,to hang out with and you know get some,and Id be the one making up excuses all,I got work early in the morning when I,want nothing more than to bring home but,just a little insecure a lot of insecure,about the size of my penis I was always,scared to bring girls home in case they,wanted to go down on me and I lost a lot,of chances with women it definitely,wasnt comfortable more times than not I,would constantly from a young age always,check online to to look out you know,penis enlargement pills,pumps whatever I never really moved,forward with it then you know I finally,how to make a decision like after,reading the reviews that got mixed,messages I you know I didnt I was,skeptical I didnt think it could work,how can something you know get my make,my penis bigger and I finally gave it a,try try these pills they were expensive,I took them you know as directed and,after like a month and I bought more,because I thought maybe they had to work,in my system but you know I was just,getting ripped off these pills you know,did nothing I tried another brand and,you know I name it try them second month,they did nothing again,I looked up penis pumps and I wasnt,sure if they can really benefit me I,came across badly I was a,tracted – you know how the product look,that looked good you know the reviews,were good you know I said you know why,not give it a chance at local,top-of-the-line I talked to the cops,customer service rep and they were very,friendly they told me the benefits of,using a Batman product and you know I,said how I went with it literally soon,as I put it on I can I can you know I,guess like mentally I feel it but you,know I you know just feel like fearless,and Im ready to go out and you know I,can see a dramatic difference in,thickness and length and Ive heard some,pretty good things about my sex life,from women just by using my bathmate,product Im very satisfied,the length is trim dramatically,different you can tell you can see its,just rock solid its its pretty amazing,so Im really grateful for bath mate it,took a lot of insecurities away and you,know things pretty cool so thanks for,listening guys


hello hello hello guys I know hey its,been mark forever but why not cuz Im,back before we go anywhere Im Penelope,all the way from South Africa sir if,its your first time landing here please,do subscribe and give my video a thumbs,up this is gonna be a long video so you,better have a scream problem to be,patient with this video lets start so,heres my story right awesome I written,in 2015 any 2015 i took the treatment,for six months man my skin came out,flawless I was a I was that girl I was,happy with the results havent the devil,himself decided to come back early this,yen 2017 my skin started breaking out,like out of nowhere guys like Im,telling you they like this is a demon,anyway my skin started breaking out let,me tell you when I say I tried,everything,mmm-hmm IRA touch I bought coconut oil,coconut oil and they said this thing was,gonna help me it cleanses bloody blah,blah blahdy blahdy blah none of that,worked then I went in I bought puns,there you go these are the products I,bought let me see can you see that guys,I bought that I tried it I tried it I,give it a week Im like man fam Im not,seeing anything I was getting ready to,place because you get a lot of people,that wanna be so-called dermatologist,and tell you what to do what to do but I,was really patient he tells me Im a pro,in experiments a hour tops,I bought to do our own soap let me show,I saw it on YouTube as well I bought it,and I bought this meaning crash my BOB,they say it goes like wait what does it,do other I did Im sorry but you,are supposed to do you whining whining,and deep cleansing my BOB out help,it down pop guys for me person,thats me now I dont give up I tried,other things I went and they said if you,buy tea tree oil lemon watch what wails,there we go I bought all of them let me,just put them closer they teach you a,lemon oil I bought them I tried them it,didnt help like I was trying everything,guys change your diet eat right sleep,well ha ha ha the nest continues I tried,it it didnt work for me personally this,is not to say its not gonna work for,you and Im saying Im not a pro in skin,specialists or dermatologist I didnt,study anything like this is just from a,personal opinion something I tried that,didnt work for me it might work for you,you know its good luck with that,well I was like you know like Penelope, aint helping its about high time,I visit the dermatologist which I did,and guess what Ill into the colleges,and I was prescribed bum bum bum you,know ray you know you know what this is,a q10 so Im back under a q10 guys so I,had a relapse I had a relapse,unfortunately last time I was on a,return this time I asked them,dermatologist to give me the original,one which is the row Akutan I believe in,my opinion its the same the difference,was our attend versus row eckerton its,the price the row or attend I was paying,600 this one I was paying at that,thousand rare girl but hey I wanted good,results and its expensive guys like you,have to have the money to go up on this,because I was drinking two tablets every,day those 20 grams milligrams,oh no training man aggressive you know,whatever yeah this one man and you can,see stop asking me about that yeah I was,drinking that one right every day once,in the morning once at,not now what was I using for my skin,neck Michaels treatment this is the,product every newsie,let me take it closer you can get it at,clicks and discount this is the,moisturizer they also have face wash,which was finished sorry I threw the,package away but I kind of get that,drift right thats what I was using,every day I cant emphasize those guys,you have to get lip gloss lip brocation,whatever this is what I was using I was,using this I think I have I bought like,five of them because one was in my gym,bag offers were comb castle I bought a,whole lot of us you need them we need,them and one important thing guys its,very very important sunscreen like,sunscreen is your oxygen you cant go,with sunscreen because what the,dermatologist told me that if you dont,use sunscreen your dark marks like your,acne marks they wont go away so easily,and they get more darker when you dont,use sunscreen like do you understand my,dress you catch my drift,but I cant let me be Penelope because I,like this there are things I went out,and I saw the spot corrector,so those spot corrector I use it ad,tonight this you you see this tightening,in a little thing its 2150 thats not,expensive in Africa hey Donald Trump we,coming to USA so I just dab it with my,marks or bah blah blah blah blah blah,blah okay,anyway now that you see the product Ive,been using to look like this let me tell,you the side effects if you dont know,dry lips my eyes got really irritable,like if it is windy or too sunny or,whatever my eyes were like bad if I cut,the screen its bad depression it,depression of serious I would daydream,about suicide Ill think about suicide I,think how my life is the prick,hey so you need to be with your loved,ones so that they can support you,through overs journey when youre trying,to look all beautiful,and I cut down on alcohol food-wise are,still eating the same thing nothing has,changed what else,mmm nosebleed I got a bit of nosebleed,as I started not two weeks into my,treatment I got a bit of nosebleed but,nothing major that you can consult the,dermatologist with and then please all,fall pregnant because when I would,disabled baby and nobody wants a,disabled babies you know what I mean but,just tried to prevent and eggs like just,stay away from sex then you wont be,pregnant and when did I see results I,started seeing results a into my mouth -,I started seeing results,my skin was drying up a bed I dont have,a major break out like a lot of people,do have because um I had a break up,before they started – I dont know if I,should and hey your lips look good dries,you can see now okay its 8:30 in the,morning in South Africa I dont have,makeup I dont have anything I dont do,Bukit my lips so yeah and now Im kind,of on mind for so Im gonna record,another video for you guys to tell you,how its going but so far go child girl,anyway thank you for watching my video,if you have any questions you know what,to do you drop that message then Ill,respond to you and please like it give,it a thumbs up and do subscribe this,time,pinky promise Im gonna be uploading,videos more frequently and and all of,that youre not Im saying for me,Penelope,from South Africa its Jarius for now

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True Color Personality Test Review and Results

hello guys jordan here this is video,nine,in our series on self-discovery tools,check out my other videos if youd like,today were going to be talking about,true colors personality,test im on the wiki page because,theres some good information here shows,kind of the history a little bit,ill link this up to you were obviously,not going to go over this whole thing,but the primary colors that were,talking about here,are green gold orange and blue,those are going to be the four primary,colors so i found a ton of different,tests a ton of different ways you can,take this test online,uh i ended up taking it on i will show,you that in a bit but yeah,the it looks like the most official way,to take this test,uh that wikipedia linked out too so,theres a connection there,is this one right here true colors,international thats where we are right,here,now i didnt take this one because it,cost 50 bucks,to take and i dont really necessarily,see the value of,paying for all the different personality,tests now if i had someone come and say,jordan this test changed my life i would,you know i could support you you know go,ahead pay for this test i would probably,do that but for the most part i try to,avoid,paying where i can the tests that i,recommend,are the only one that i recommend paying,for right now as far as my own,recommendations is the clipton strengths,i think that ones just so,good and so valuable theres so much,good information,that you get from paying for that so,thats the one i recommend but,this one is the most official true true,colors personality,test and again theyre gold orange green,and blue hopefully you can see that,right there i theres several other,places you can take it,now i had to look and be careful and do,a little bit of research because,theres all kinds of different websites,with different colors and personalities,so this one has red blue white and,yellow so didnt take that one,uh i wasnt about to consider even,taking this one because it looks like it,was made in 1980,i dont even know if the internet was,around in 1980 i should know when the,internet was made,if you can comment let me know when the,internet was created when did um,whats his name create the internet,didnt al gore create the internet i,dont even know,id love to know when but this whatever,whatever whenever it was made,looks like it was made this was the,first web web page ever made so im not,going to take that one,uh i think this one is super cool uh i,actually have remembered taking this one,a long time ago because i remembered the,questions youll see,um whats your take on self-driving cars,i remember that i dont remember what i,put,this one looks really cool because,theres a ton of different colors not,sure about the research on this one but,if you like,color personality tests give this one a,try and i,linked up to this one as well as in you,can find this one the in the description,or you can just go,with colorofmypersonality.com but there,are ones all over the internet this is,the one i ended up taking,because it matched the uh,it matched the whatever the uh the four,there,the gold orange green and blue i didnt,want to say the wrong thing,but it matched that as they i made sure,to make sure that those,were the four colors so it matches,those uh its probably not as well,researched,as this because yeah when you pay for,something you get what you get,um and this one was free my result was,blue,i enjoyed taking the test just wanted to,share,uh where you could like like i wanted to,share where you could take the test as,well as,my results and my review of the color,personality tests in general,i always like to ask in these videos,does,the result of the test match what i,already know about myself,uh yes and no i think the biggest,probably detractor to,color personality is that its not doing,a ton of different colors so this test,may be awesome,but im a huge fan of the myers-briggs,and cliftons drinks because clifton,strength actually has 34,different strengths and the mbti,myers-briggs has 16 different,personalities i think thats a much,better,overview much better take on personality,than,just four main types because im,probably a mix between blue and green,and i have some orange and uh gold,orange and gold just wanna make sure i,again im not messing it up because i,dont want to,if i say the wrong thing it is what it,is you can look it up yourself,um blue thats what i got here i do like,to collaborate with others and you avoid,conflict,i do not avoid conflict i i dont like,conflict but i see the value in it,people do trust me to get the job done,and often give me responsibility yeah i,would,i would see that um like to be accepted,in social and professional circles i,mean i guess thats right im not the,most social of a,person youve heard my videos before im,much more of an introvert i think the,blues tend to be more of the extroverts,on that end,but im definitely organized and i can,lead,i probably prefer improvisation more,than detail so you can take that with a,grain of salt there but,yeah so were at blue,blue is what i got as a result here so,yeah let me know if you have any,questions on the color,personality um sorry someone was out,there,just looking at me that was like hey,hes probably talking about color,personalities thats pretty awesome,anyway just wanted to share the results,there let me know,what you think of this let me know any,questions in the comments happy to do,more,videos on this as we go for so let me,know,any questions you have and then like the,video subscribe do all those fun things,as well,but well talk soon have a good one

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Does Rogaine Work? | 2.5 Years Later | My Results and Review

so Ive been using Rogaine for almost,three years call two and a half but,morals the story Ive been using Rogaine,for a good damn minute and I think its,about time to give you guys the real,review the real results what to expect,what not to expect and the most,realistic thing that you can get out of,using Rogaine and what approach you can,take to it in order to make sure that,you get maximum results possible reverse,your balding and overall just keep your,hair that you have and look the handsome,and beautiful person that you are so,what are we waiting for without any,further ado lets go ahead and jump,right in here so lets face it balding,sucks losing hair sucks and when youre,actually young like me thats the last,thing you ever ever want to deal with I,started balding at the age of 19 it was,just really scary Ive shown this pic to,you guys before but heres what my hair,looked like when I noticed that I,started balding and that right there I,could not have believed that when I saw,it I was like wait this is not me this,cant be happening so I just tried to,just rationalize myself justified it and,I was like okay maybe I just got a bad,haircut maybe you know the barber may,have messed up maybe its just how my,hair is until I realized that after some,time went by that stuff got to get worse,and I started seeing my scalp more and,more and more I said what the hell is,going on am i eating anything wrong am i,drinking anything wrong am i what what,am I doing wrong why am i losing hair,and after some time I accepted it was my,shitty genetics and at that time I,thought I couldnt do anything about it,I was scared shitless like I was like,okay Im gonna go bald Im gonna lose my,hair Im gonna look like a 40 year old,one Im only like 20 right now so I was,like okay thats when I went on the,internet I was like okay Im gonna do,all my research Im gonna do whatever I,can and maybe even get a hair transplant,wherever it is Im actually gonna do,whatever it takes gonna keep my hair and,Im gonna grow back all my hair so I,went online I did a little bit of,research and then boom there we found it,Rogaine I was like oh magic this will,actually gave my hair back without any,hesitation I ordered I went ahead and,ordered this thing July of 2016 was when,I actually started to use Rogaine and,you know I said at the back of the,bottle is that you know twice a day,every day I was on testing like twice a,day three times it sounds like no I,dont care whatever it is I want to get,my hair back so within the first month,or two of this,and when you actually apply Rogaine for,the first time its actually trying to,grow your hair back what its gonna do,is youre gonna go through a shedding,phase and in the shedding phases when,your hair basically falls off and you,actually saw way more bald than you are,but no worries I started to freak out,but its actually pretty normal but what,Rogaine is basically minoxidil and when,you go charge apply minoxidil which is a,chemical its basically weve got all,your weak hairs and only keeps the,strong ones and in the area there where,it weeds out the strong hair new hair,actually starts to grow back and your,hair actually starts to get folder,thicker stronger and it just fills up,your skull at least thats what its,supposed to do after a few months here I,was with a full head of hair and Ill,just like thank Jesus like holy crap,this stuff works this is magical,and I was like oh I got my hair back,were good to go and I just stopped,using it and thats actually the biggest,mistake anyone can make when youre,actually using minoxidil Rogaine and,just trying to overcome your balding,hair loss is progressive for some people,they bald more than others but for most,people is gonna take over your entire,scalp and how it works is normally you,start receiving a hairline from here and,your scalp also comes in the front so,basically it just shrinks all the way,down and then basically your hairs gone,so hair loss is progressive and you want,to do anything and everything you can in,the meantime to stop it to prevent it,and try to just grow back here as fast,as you can but second thing to keep in,mind as Rogaine is kind of a temporary,solution you cant rely on it just give,you hair and just kind of digit the,thing is its gonna get you back hair,even if it doesnt it will let please,help you hold on to what you currently,have which is better than balding but,what do you actually stop using it your,hairs gonna fall back out and its,gonna seem like oh because I stopped,using Rogaine and because of that hair,loss not only got worse but I also got,Balder piece if you actually stopped,using Rogaine you will go back to as if,you never use Rogaine and as I said hair,loss is progressive and it gets worse,over time so basically if you stop using,it your hairs gonna go back to as if,you never use Rogaine and its gonna,look like you know Rogaine made it worse,all it does is that it helps combat hair,loss it slows down the process and stops,it if you actually continue to use it,for me I wasnt so consistent I was just,on and off on and off,and I realized that every time I was on,my hair would grow back and I would,every time I would fall off it basically,started to bawl again and I realize,every time I got back on the results,that I would get for gaining my hair,back would shrink so lets say for,example I started in January and then I,went into April and I stopped in April,and I got a full head of hair thats a,stop for a month and I start again in,June and then I go to September the,result that I had in March compared to,what I had in September would actually,be quite different because once you,actually start to progressively bald,progressively start to lose hair its,hard even for Rogaine to bring it a,hundred percent back so thats why if,youre balding right now if youre,thinning or fierce nosing any symptoms,of balding my first recommendation to,you would be Rogaine thats the quickest,most effective and efficient way for you,to actually hold on to your current hair,and not let it progressively then,progressively bald and you know start to,show your balls boss because you dont,want to be in that spot because once,youre in that spot once you actually,start balding it gets a little bit,harder to recover to that full head of,scalp once youre actually on Rogaine,once youre using that thing frequently,you just continue stay using your,amenities of Rogaine brand you can get,something like Kirkland or you know,anything thats out there thats gonna,help you maintain your hair and help you,grow it back with what you have right,now so I know heres what youre asking,after all this after all your story,after all your experiences whatever,youve been during the past does Rogaine,work should you use it and my answer is,it depends if youre someone whos,scared of using chemicals doesnt want,to do it unnatural way Im scared that,youre gonna have to use it for the rest,of their life to keep their hair theres,plenty of other natural options out,there that you can actually use one of,them that I would recommend personally,it would be I restore which is a laser,hair growth therapy that you can just do,at home and that also helps with hair,growth as well second way of doing it is,also if you want to do it all natural,you know control your food your diet,your intake the second way I think that,is effective but I dont think it works,all the way it works quickly and,efficiently but if youre someone like,me who doesnt mind who just wants,something quick something effective,something efficient something that just,just work without them thinking or you,know,- any complications about their diet,intake or what to use for how long and,all that stuff,Id say Rogaine is your best friend the,reason why I would recommend it to you,by the way this is not sponsored by,Rogaine this is not sponsored by any,minoxidil company this is just honestly,my true experience my true story and I,just want to help you guys out because I,kn

The Plan – Dan Hollings Review (From a REAL User) *Results Are SHOCKING*

so guys you can see it right here that,is over 11,profit in just a few days completely,hands-free all thanks to the plan,hey guys and welcome back to the channel,hope youre having an awesome day today,so a little while ago i was looking to,set up another source of passive income,because well a who doesnt love getting,money for doing absolutely nothing and b,i wanted to make a video on another,passive income source that can help you,make a few thousand dollars per month,completely hands-free as well and after,a little research i decided to try,setting up some crypto trading bots i,spent months trying a bunch of different,random bots and honestly they just,werent performing as well as i would,have liked them to some of them were,honestly just absolute trash and lost me,money some of them did alright and i,actually still have some of those ones,up and running right now but i still,dont think theyre performing well,enough to make a video on however,theres been one that has stood out far,above the rest and its called the plan,by dan hollings the bots that ive been,able to set up thanks to the plan of,quite honestly just kicking ass compared,to any of the other bots ive tested,using other methods and the best part is,this is a set and forget system in fact,like the less time you spend on these,bots following the plan the more money,youre actually gonna make if you spend,time filling around with them and,changing the settings youre probably,gonna make less money than if you were,just to leave your laptop and another,bonus it requires very very minimal,effort to set up and the way the course,is laid out everything is step by step,so absolutely anyone can do it even if,youve never even heard of crypto before,its honestly that well put together,complete beginners will be able to get,the hang of it no problem so thats why,in todays video im going to be,reviewing the plan going over absolutely,everything you need to know about it and,ultimately show you that this is the,right choice of cryptobots for you if,youre looking to set up a legitimate,stream of passive income because it is,trust me actually you dont even need to,trust me because im going to be showing,you absolutely everything in this video,including my results so far from my,personal bots that i set up so whether,youre new to the world of,cryptocurrencies or not this program,deserves checking out if you are someone,who wants to grow their money through,investing and especially if you want to,create a steady passive income you can,actually rely on so if thats you then,please just sit back relax and pay close,attention to this video because this has,the potential to change your financial,future forever so lets get into it so,first up what is the plan well the plan,is essentially a training course on how,to make money with crypto automatically,through the use of bots and they show,you exactly what to do step by step its,honestly so so simple to do nothing is,left out in the training at all and if,you do happen to get stuck they even,have support teams ready to help you and,they even show you the simplest of stuff,like signing up and depositing to an,exchange so even a complete beginner,with no knowledge at all of crypto can,make money with this another great thing,about the plan is that its all done in,browser theres no software or anything,to download the plan is just a,meticulously crafted course that dan,holdings created after he blew through,five million dollars over three years of,testing and retesting theories and,formulas in the crypto world until he,discovered the one that kept producing,profits every minute of the day and that,has turned into what dan calls the plan,now to join the plan you actually have,to assign an nda a non-disclosure,agreement so i actually wont be able to,show you inside the members area for the,course so what im going to do is talk,about the creator of this course why,hes so trusted and then in just under a,minute im going to show you how the,bots have been performing for me so far,spoiler alert really well but first like,i said i want to tell you a little bit,more about why i decided on the plan,over all of the other options out there,and a big deciding factor for me was the,guy behind it dan hollings why well,because hes just a super smart dude,with a history of predicting upcoming,trends like the internet going mobile,e-commerce on your phone and internet,marketing eclipsing traditional mediums,and a lot more things as well he was the,marketing genius behind the secret and,actually managed to get it on the oprah,winfrey show which obviously just,solidified its blockbuster success he,has coached over 30 000 students to sell,successfully on amazon using another,little-known formula that has resulted,in nearly one million dollars per month,in revenue on the amazon platform from,his top students so dan definitely has,cred and im sure with the plan he will,change and improve the lives of,thousands of people over the next few,years because this course is unlike,anything ive ever seen before everyone,who follows it wins okay so now let me,show you my results from the bots and,then ill go over how they work so as,you can see i currently have three bots,set up i have an eth manor with about,four thousand dollars in it a quar usdt,with around two thousand four hundred,dollars in it and a shale usdt with,around three thousand one hundred,dollars in it now im gonna be recording,my screen and adding this in post,tomorrow so if the numbers are a little,different to what you see on screen,right now thats why anyway the plan,will help you choose which pairs to set,up your bots on now ive tested multiple,pairs before i wish i took some,screenshots off to show you but i didnt,unfortunately but as of right now these,are the bots i have set up and as you,can see these are the results so far,so right now this shell bot here is,currently doing the best with a daily,average profit of 2.2,now that might change by the time i edit,this video but yeah thats what its at,right now that is over 700 profit per,year if the bot keeps this up which is,just insane to think about especially,considering that this took me 30 minutes,to set up and i havent touched it since,but this is the power of the plan the,other two bots arent doing bad either,averaging out a daily profit of around,one percent right now but even at one,percent a day that would still be over,356 a year which is a 3x over 3x on your,investment every single year and you can,do with those profits as you please,trade it somewhere for some fiat,currencies and send it to your bank buy,more cryptocurrencies or you could even,compound your profits by putting it back,into more bots thatll of course be,entirely up to you now how do the bots,work and how do they actually make you a,passive income well youll start by just,following the easy step-by-step plan to,pick a pair of coins to trade together,in one bot,then youll continue following the easy,step-by-step plan to give your bots,their orders by fiddling with the,settings and whatnot and inputting all,the right ranges and then the bots carry,out your trading plan automatically,buying and selling every time that the,prices are reached going up or down for,either coin every time your bot sells at,a profit those profits are instantly,removed from that trading bot and added,to your balance so as long as you,followed the plans guide correctly and,your bot is running in all the correct,ranges it will automatically buy and,sell your positions and instantly,deposit your profits into your balance,building up your passive income the,entire time without having to cash,anything out yourself,okay so if youre still watching at this,point on the video im assuming youre,interested and you want to know how to,get involved and get your bots set up,and running and well its actually,pretty easy the first step will be to,click the link in the description down,below and sign up youll need to devote,a small amount of

MIRA FERTILITY TRACKER | Unboxing, First Impressions, Real Results & First Month Review | AD

hello you guys and welcome back to my,channel this video is something that,ive been looking forward to doing for a,little while now i have been gifted a,mirror fertility analyzer to try out and,to share with you guys you might have,seen on my instagram stories i did a bit,of an unboxing the other day and i also,shared with you a discount code that,mira have very generously offered me so,i will put a link in the description box,for you and the discount code if you,want 10 off their starter kit which is,what im sharing with you today is rosie,i am going to do a little bit of an,unboxing today just to show you exactly,what comes in the box and im also going,to do the initial setup because ive,downloaded the app and its telling me,that i will need to test in the next,couple of days so i want to have it all,set up and ready to go for when that day,comes so,the box,in my starter kit box ive received,one box of mirror fertility plus ones so,these ones are,[Applause],individually packaged,um and they are unique to mira,also in this box are these tiny tiny,little adorable pots so these are so,that you dont have to kind of start,using household ramekins and things to,put your urine sample in so you just,take one of these little pots um do your,sample and then you can get a proper dip,with your stick,i will be sharing this entire process,with you in much more detail as i go on,so please dont panic that i havent,opened it up i just dont want to waste,a stick so i will be showing the process,as i go through the next month tracking,exactly when the app tells me to track,and the results and everything im going,to be sharing in this video so that is,the sticks,this is the box that the analyzer comes,in,its really really neat really really,small and compact,and then when you open it its just got,a magnetic closure,[Music],youve got,a little starter card,a charging cable,and this is the analyzer,it comes in this little pouch,and inside,is,the analyzer itself so this analyzer,just for a bit of kind of background,information can be used yes for trying,to see for tracking your hormones and,telling you when your fertile window is,but it can also be used for trying to,avoid pregnancy if you are aware of when,your fertile window is then you can,avoid that time it can also be used for,tracking unpredictable cycles for,example if you have polycystic ovaries,and unpredictable cycles in that respect,or if your cycles are just normalizing,after having a baby it can be used to,give you a bit more insight into what,your body is doing so um,yeah its im really intrigued to see,what kind of information its going to,give me over the next month so initial,setup im going to do this im going to,screen record it on my phone and im,going to show you all at once so youre,not going to be looking at my face,anymore,so the first thing you obviously need to,do is charge it so im going to leave,that to charge now and then i will,continue with the rest of the setup,[Music],press button to confirm connection so,im going to do that,[Music],so thats it that is the analyzer all,set up that was really really simple i,literally just turned it on and told my,phone to connect to it and it did that,was really really simple um so thats,all set up now so im now going to wait,until the app tells me it is a test day,there is also places in the app for you,to input symptoms if youve had sexual,intercourse if your boobs are sore any,kind of theres all sorts of information,you can put in things about your basic,body temperature your weight,your mood things like that so there is,lots of opportunity to input information,on the app itself there is also a graph,um that,will plot my hormone levels so thats,really interesting um so im looking,forward to seeing how its gonna work,and im gonna start testing this week um,as and when the app tells me to do it,and we will see how we get on,[Music],hello you guys so i am on a day off,today and i thought i would touch base,with you guys as to how im getting on,with the mirror analyzer,i am now,five days into testing with it,ive done four tests so,the way that it works is essentially the,app gathers information and tells you,which days you should test it puts a,little circle under the date and then,when you test on that date it fills in,the circle the days that dont have,circles on it um isnt recommending that,you test,so with the first cycle the app asks you,information about your previous cycles,so the date of your last period how long,your cycles tend to be how long your,periods tend to be things like that just,so that its got a kind of baseline,information to work off and it gives you,a prediction based on that and tells you,when to test so a bit of background,information for those of you who arent,aware,generally you have a window of fertility,of about six to seven days so that takes,into account the fact that sperm can,live for up to about five days and then,once the egg is released once you,ovulate,your egg can survive for 24 to 48 hours,so you generally are fertile the 45 days,before you ovulate and then up to a,couple of days after you ovulate so if,you are able to identify correctly when,you ovulate,that then gives you the information to,be able to identify when your fertile,window is whether youre using that,information to avoid pregnancy or,whether youre using that information to,conceive,knowing when that window is is,completely key so im now four tests in,to using the mirror analyzer and today i,think i have identified a peak,so um again for those of you who arent,aware your hormone levels peak just,before you ovulate so that is your,estrogen and your luteinizing hormone,now the ovulation strips that you can,get tend to only test for luteinizing,hormone which peaks 12 to 24 hours,before you ovulate it is the hormone,that essentially says off you go to the,egg and causes you to ovulate so if you,can identify a peak in the luteinizing,hormone youre going to have a pretty,good idea of when youre going to,ovulate your estrogen levels also peak,before you ovulate sometimes its before,the luteinizing hormone peaks and,sometimes it is at the same time but the,estrogen levels also peak,and today,i have seen an absolutely insane peak,im actually going to move across,and im going to insert here a,screenshot that ive taken on my phone,of my chart today so when you test with,the mirror analyzer it automatically,syncs the results onto your phone and,plots them in this chart so as you can,see ive got four test readings there,was a day when it didnt tell me to test,as you can see there is a slow incline,and then a massive peak today so im,thinking that thats probably my peak,im looking forward to seeing what,tomorrows results bring as to whether,it goes up even further or whether um it,comes back down again,the,mirror app ive seen on,other peoples videos on youtube that um,i think the software used to say whether,your reading was low or high and now it,doesnt do that but it does have a,feature in the app where it shows you,normal ranges and i think that thats,actually,a really good thing that it doesnt tell,you oh this is a low reading this is a,high reading because actually all,womens bodies are different and so a,reading that would be high for me,actually would be reasonably low for you,or vice versa and so i think its taking,into account that every woman is,different which is really really good so,the app is constantly learning so this,this month is giving the app the first,bits of information that it needs so,then next month the predictions for my,fertile window will be a little bit more,accurate than they are this month,because this month theyre based on,estimates of what ive put in as my last,period and how long my cycle tends to be,but actually next month its going to be,based on the actual hormone readings,from this month so i think its one of,those things thats actually going to,get more accurate with time which is,quite good so far,im really really impressed im fin

The Click Engine Review – Results Of This 100% Real Buyer Traffic Are In ❗️SALES❗️ Traffic Blaster

hey rockstars,ikea this video is about the click,engine i received an email from jeff the,owner of the click engine,and this is all about if the if the,click engine is converting,and if people are getting leads and,traffic because that is what you want to,know right now once you become a,click engine member so for not even five,bucks you will get,buyer traffic to any link you want,then you also can be an affiliate of the,program now as you can see the results,are speaking uh for itself of course,but,i made a review about the click engine a,few weeks ago and unfortunately i was uh,i was getting sick direct after the,video so i had a fever,when i when i recovered i i was very,tired and,you know i did it,i i didnt promote it uh,very hard so these results,are uh from doing very very less work so,everybody needs fire traffic and this is,converting like gang bosses okay so now,im back and im going to promote this,uh,a little bit harder,because,it,works okay i get the results myself,like i said i was getting sick right,after that video so i didnt do much but,i am getting leads and im also getting,sales from those leads so,right after this video im going to make,a another video and i will show my,results and if i finish with that video,then i will put the link here below in,the description so if youre not if you,can not see the link then im not ready,yet of course so uh wait for that now,guys if you just subscribe to my channel,then you get every video i post uh right,in your inbox so that is the best way,and if you like this video then please,put a thumbs up thank you in advance,okay,so right guys,im going to show you the video that,jeff um sent me,and hes uh going over,uh,yeah,by the members uh it has a thousand,members already so it works like game,bosses this uh this little traffic,engine the click engine,and uh well hes going to show you the,results and im right back after that,video so enjoy and i see you back after,the video because i have also some,custom bonuses for you pay attention and,ill be right back,i have something for you that is going,to help you,get traffic and potentially get sales in,whatever it is youre promoting its,called the click engine we have over a,thousand members now in a little over a,month,and we are getting a fantastic results,what i do with the click engine is i,deliver,100,real buyer traffic to you on a daily,basis all right get 100 real buyers,traffic,and,we are getting incredible results,members are getting incredible results,as you can see here mary,sent me an email and ive got tons of,testimonials like this as youll see on,the main page but heres one i got very,recently,just yesterday im making this more,shape mary sent this to me yesterday hey,there just wanted to give you a huge,shout out to your traffic rotator shes,talking about the click engine,been in,about two weeks and already have a sign,up in my program this is the first time,for me and im super grateful and,looking forward to more sign ups from,your rotator once again shes talking,about the click engine marys never,gotten a sign up to her business in her,life she joined the click engine for,four bucks and 90 cents,and within two weeks already had a sign,up now thats no guarantee that youll,get the same results but we have results,like this pouring in this is what,happens when you get real buyers traffic,when you have traffic from buyers who,are,highly engaged,in this industry you are going to get,sales a lot easier than with a lot of,free systems out there okay,lets talk about the one two punch that,the click engine offers as well here is,a email that one of a member of one of,my members sent,and he is,an affiliate so,like i said a one-two punch youre gonna,get traffic but then you can make easy,money promoting the click engine as well,um,michael says,i made my 10th click engine sell,yesterday what hes doing here is,claiming his bonus because with every 10,sales you make um i send you a cash,bonus but he says thanks again for all,you do its really encouraging to be,able to send uh generate funds online,from home its given me increased hope,for the future once again this email was,sent to me just yesterday i get emails,like this all the time coming to me,um bob for example here on the affiliate,page i give you all kinds of affiliate,tools but,bob for example um has made more money,in his first eight days promoting the,click engine than he has ever made,online all right that is a that is a bob,has been online for a long time hes,never been able to make sales he came,online i mean he started promoting the,click engine and was immediately able to,start generating more income than he has,ever made online so,the results speak for themselves,as you can see here guys for four,dollars and ninety cents it is,ridiculous um to get started a,ridiculous amount to get started so much,value and theres even more value once,you get in the members area and you see,what its all about theres a lot of,unannounced stuff theres a lot of stuff,i dont mention right here in the sales,video,that youre going to get as a member of,the click engine,so um wed love to have you,go ahead and click below this video,theres going to be a,link that goes directly to the click,engine.com,and um ill get you set up as soon as,you get um going with the click engine,youll have instructions and you can,start getting traffic as soon as today,but not any not regular traffic,were talking real buyer traffic to your,links,um and when you have that you get,awesome results all right thats it guys,have a fantastic day,bye bye,and we are back guys i hope you enjoyed,that video and as you can see the,people that are,members of the click engine are getting,traffic,leads and also sales,so um,what i wanted to talk about or what i,forgot the the first time in the in the,first video what i forgot to mention,is that i earned 96 or almost 100,dollars,from the click engine okay not from the,traffic but to,promoting the click engine,and,most of this is recurring so that is,every month so i want to show you what,my custom bonuses are,when you,are clicking on the link here below in,the description thats the only link you,will get my bonuses,and i thought it was this one or this is,not the one,uh,yeah this is the one oh my god,so guys you can uh click over here and,then it will go to the uh to the click,engine and if you click over here i will,click over here then you will see my,review i did before,before i was getting sick,this is the rule review,and if you scroll down below then you,will see the custom bonuses i have to,offer,these are real products these are also,being sold right now for uh twenty seven,dollars,you can view it over here so im not uh,bsing this okay uh custom bonus today,uh two,sorry and thats right uh custom bonus 2,is also,normally selling for,37,like i said guys these are no po air,products these are real products and,this one is how to earn massive,commissions as an affiliate marketer on,youtube sorry my nose is itching,this is an awesome course i also,followed this an,awesome teacher and,valuable course,so if you want to be an affiliate,marketer on uh,on youtube then then you really must,have this course now you can view it,also,here for you through this link so again,im not basing you guys this is a really,uh some custom bonuses over here,this one,regular price is,197 dollars you get it 100 free,now there is no link but if you were,if you go through that this part then,you will see that it,has its,price of 197 dollars now,bonus offer for,i,yours in three easy steps and this is,selling for 131,and also you will get it free if you are,purchasing,the only the front end guys not even,five bucks you get all these bonuses so,its definitely worth it it is a very,low price so guys thats basically it uh,go through the link below then you will,come on this uh this,page check out the review or not if you,did not see it thats fine,if you just want to uh go over,the bonuses then you can look for,yourself and c

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