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  2. Truff Sauce Review | Is It Worth It?
  3. Team Trucking Couple: TRUFF HOT????SAUCE review | Is it worth the money?
  4. TRUFF SAUCE WORTH IT?! | Truff Hot Sauce Review (Truff Variety Pack)
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  6. Top Tastes Reviews all three TRUFF hot sauces. Is it all hype?
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TRUFF – Truffle Oil Infused Hot Sauce – Hot, Hotter, & White Truffle – Taste Test Review

hey guys thanks for tuning in to poppy,eats today,ive got my sauce ive been dying to try,for a while,uh i never sprung and bought it they,reached up they wanted to see trough hot,sauce on poppy eats,so ive got trough hot sauce ive got,trough hotter sauce,and funnily enough,so this is a 900 bottle of tom,ford fragrance see the box,imagine my thought when i saw the third,hot sauce,this is trough white truffle sauce,so well get that open here too,three sauces lets see how they taste on,some wings,im uh im not sure how im going to,feel ive had,only one time a truffle based,buffalo sauce buffalo wild wings came,out with,trufflo sauce which was a white truffle,hot sauce,i wasnt a huge fan lets see how this,one tastes were gonna see how the,different ones taste with i believe,what black truffle yes black truffle,infused hot sauce,so weve got hat,lets get a little,thats some thick stuff so im probably,going to regret,slathering the wing in it but,lets see how that goes,looks like your typical hot sauce its a,little chunky or not chunky but,thicker darker than im used to,so im expecting some heat out of that,seal her back up,and i am burning up already because im,cooking a pizza behind me,and apparently you know science ovens,heat up a room pretty good,so i am toasty so hopefully this doesnt,push me over the edge,speak of the devil,all right and weve got hotter,you can smell the heat on that one im,gonna regret taking a bite of that,thats okay i love trying hot stuff,my body and mouth dont like it quite as,much as,my taste buds do then weve got,our white,white truffle infused the finest red,chili peppers are infused with right,truffle oil shake well,this one noticeably a bit lighter than,the other two,same consistency same stuff just,different truffle oil,okay were gonna start with the hot,sauce,i got some publix chicken wings here no,uh no sauces no real seasoning to speak,of,now if i was really going for it what i,would do is i would take some of this,sauce good chunk of it put it in like a,container,shake the wings up in it,cheers guys,i said that was the hot one right not,the hotter,oh my god thats hot,thats good um,yeah so i didnt like the truffle from,buffalo wild wings,and my description of that was like it,was an,earthier hot sauce but i wasnt a fan,this is good its like a slightly i,dont know how to describe it i dont,need a lot of truffle stuff but its got,that truffle flavor,kind of a earthy sort of decadence to it,right,good and now im used to the heat,i guess lets go for the second one,hotter i already know im gonna regret,this,uh if hot was that hot,remember i dont do heat i dont think,i wish i did hate i dont know maybe,darker red hue,a mountain dew im standing by here to,combat the hoot,no game fuel courageous sherbet,flavor i either just posted a review of,that and posted one so go check that out,thats,an interesting soda cheers guys,theres the hotter i was gonna say i,dont know if my taste buds are just,numb to the heat at this point,i like the flavor of this one better the,extra spice they put in there,its more of a buffalo hot sauce type,taste,but still with that earthiness from the,truffle,and some more heat that gets you after,you youre ready to say its not as hot,as you thought it would be,oh,its good though this is really good um,like i said ive been seeing this for,years,on like instagram and facebook i saw ads,come up for traffic,im like that sounds really good,ive had it in the card a few times i,just never never went ahead and bought,it i thought what if i dont like it,so thank you trev for reaching out to me,with this this is cool,good stuff and now,for the boujee trough the one i was able,to compare to fragrance because the,packaging,trough way truffle infused hot sauce,and again i might not like this one ive,already had an experience with wet,truffle but,maybe truff does it better than buffalo,wild wings,lets find out,lets let that heat die down here or two,holy cow,question for anyone watching are there,other truffle,hot sauces let me know in the comments,this is the only one ive ever seen,seen online ive seen it at world market,um,but i havent seen anyone else doing it,and it seems like it would be a popular,thing its,pretty good and the sauce even if it,didnt have the truffle stuff in it,its a good hot sauce all right lets,try the white one,and that one definitely different,tasting from the other two,um it does remind me of that truffle,sauce,its even earthier its an even richer,truffle taste,and maybe thats more acquired because i,really love these two,that is like another level that i dont,think im at,im not a huge fan of that its not bad,and maybe im graduating here as i as i,try the three,these are not good for dipping these are,not the way to go,these little bowls,theres some heat they all have that,heat um this ones definitely the most,truffle of the three,so if you love truffles like if that is,your jam then this sauce,is your jam for sure no doubt um,good stuff i bet they sell a three pack,of these or something,um i dont have any affiliate links or,anything im not,trying to pummies on yet they wanted me,to try them out i wanted to try them out,i wanted to show you guys what i thought,ill still probably throw a link in my,description there if you want to go,check them out and,try one for yourself but good stuff um i,think they come in bigger bottles than,this,i think i dont know um these are little,guys,but honestly its a thats a good amount,given how little you need to get some,flavor on there,good stuff truff hot sauce ive also got,some pasta sauces,and some ill probably try those out at,some point let you know how those are so,stay tuned for that hit that subscribe,button if you want to see them leave me,a comment like i said let me know if,theres other,truffled hot sauces im hooked i think,thats good stuff,um let me know what you thought of the,video if theres anything else you want,to see me try,i really appreciate it you guys take,care

Truff Sauce Review | Is It Worth It?

im nervous everyone im really nervous,today im reviewing trough,look at this box this is a,black matte box with,gold foil gold trim,this is intense i dont know if youve,heard of these people but they,have truffle infused products so they,got,the hot sauce they got spicy mayo they,have promidono sauce they have all these,things,and whats crazy about them is truffles,are hard to find,you can only get them under certain,conditions certain times of the year,so its a little bit pricey but were,about to see if its worth it im gonna,unbox this baby already,whoa just see that flash,on the inside,its like hollow gold and then you got a,little trough,a little trough logo that kind of looks,like a heart,thats dope first off,greeting us,three hot sauces you got the black,infused,in the center you have the wide infused,and then at the very end you have,another black infused but its like,their super super spicy one,lets go ahead and start with the black,truffle infused one,and well just make our way down the,line so,lets get it started so i have the black,infused one,im gonna start with that first its the,normal hot sauce,its got a nice matte wrapping and if,you can see,on the top right here we have some,like truffle shaped opener so thats,really cool,lets give it a smell,whoa that already smells,really different so your immediate notes,are,kind of sour and the truffle comes in,strong,its almost almost garlicky but its,very nice,and then theres a sweet after after,stuff to it,wow thats good okay well now we got to,try it,and i love trying my sauce,with nuggets chicken nuggets to be exact,im going to delicately pour this on,look at that wow,that looks amazing theres some nice,texture to it,theres some nice dripping its not a,very thick sauce its kind of on the,lighter side,you can tell its spreading across the,nugget really well,lets try it,oh my god,okay so right off the bat,its spicy it doesnt play around but,its not,unbearably spicy you can still taste the,other notes,the truffle isnt super intense in this,one,but its really spicy in a way that its,kind of like,almost like a mexican salsa spicy its,not like,like a like a red hot hot sauce or,anything like that,and the heat is definitely like closer,towards the back of your tongue almost,in your throat,but its very good its very flavorful,to be honest i would kind of want to put,this like on a sandwich or something too,like this is,this is really great and i think its a,really good,kind of like base flavor,that is going to be super versatile and,you can put on almost anything,next lets try the white truffle infused,one and,this one already looks really cool its,first white,white truffle infused and it just says,hot sauce so im assuming its gonna be,the same heat but,were gonna find out and i dont know if,you can see this but it kind of has like,a hollow gold foil,kind of like trough written on there it,looks really nice and it still has,the truffle tip um lets try it out,so first smell this is kind of weird,theres like a sweetness to it,if that makes sense its like its,almost as if like,theres a little bit of sugar or,something in here the truffle is coming,through even,stronger on this one right lets try the,flavor test,i got my handy dandy nugget coming on,the torso on here,all right its granular as well,theres definitely some grains going on,and has the same as the other hot sauce,and it seems to be a little bit thinner,and a little bit more runny,but well see what it tastes like ready,okay thats interesting so,the black truffle infused hot sauce,immediate heat,this one kind of had a delayed heat but,its at the front of the tongue this,time,its not as spicy as the first one but,the truffle definitely comes in way,stronger,wow my salado clams are going crazy,right now,its extremely flavorful but it does,have that like subtle sweetness to it,that i smelled,when i opened it up,this is really good i i think,so far out of the two this is the one,like if you can only buy one so far,i would get this one i im still,salivating by how,just good that is its not incredibly,spicy to the point where you cant,appreciate it,its kind of has sweet undertones to it,and the truffle just comes in,so much stronger than the black infused,one,wow thats awesome all right so,next thing that were going to try out,is the,product red hotter sauce which is pretty,awesome i did not know that they had a,product red product but,you can see from the branding right,there they got the product right going,on,um its this ones completely red,um fitting with the whole hotter theme,and it also has the truffle tip,lets open it up and see,um yeah this one,definitely way more acidic i can smell,that its going to be way spicier as is,marketed the truffle comes in kind of as,a note in the end,but it shares kind of the sweetness from,that white truffle one,so lets give it the taste test,got my nugget,oh wow okay see that look of concern i,have there,i was wondering why i wasnt coming out,as fast its,very very granular,and its way thicker,and its heavier it looks like it has,more drag going on,but this sauce is definitely thicker i,think i would use this in moderation,if youre gonna put it on something,light like a sandwich or something,because its its chunky,okay,okay okay you got this youre good,youre good,man okay,okay lets take a moment lets take a,moment,ive fully recovered from,the hot sauce this,this will burn you from the inside out,its very spicy,but its not its not so spicy that,youre not enjoying the meal and youre,uncomfortable,but if you prefer way spicier stuff,this is the one to go to because man,that sent me it had kind of a delayed,reaction,but it had a spiciness that was like all,in the throat,and pulled pulled everything in,i will say the notes of the trough are a,little bit,lost on this one um,but thats where the delay comes in i,feel like youre enjoying the truffle,taste,and once it starts getting kind of like,into the back of your mouth,it starts to get really spicy and then,those kind of like subtle notes that,these other two had,kind of go away so if youre a spice,master,and you love this kind of stuff i think,this is going to be perfect for you,um its its not really my thing i like,my spices to be a little more subtle,but this isnt outrageous either so if,youre,a softie you can totally handle this,okay guys this is worth,i think every single penny,if you want something more of a,traditional hot sauce but you still want,that truffle,like taste definitely get the black,infused one,if you want a very truffle forward,slightly on the sweeter side,hot sauce then get this wide infused one,i greatly recommend this one especially,if youre wanting to have that,experience,this one is going to better serve you,but if youre a hot head,and you absolutely need something that,will burn your throat and burn your,intestines,this is the one to go its not so hot,that its ridiculously uncomfortable but,you will have a good time,eating whatever youre eating with it,im surprised,i was very skeptical about spending i,think it was like 60,and then a few dollars put more plus,shipping on sauce,but this is worth it i i think for the,amount that you,get for the amount of flavor that goes,with such a little bit of the product,this is definitely going to last you a,while and definitely going to serve you,an experience so youre not going to get,other sauces i very much recommend it,and,i hope you guys try it and let me know,if you like it or not,please like and subscribe comment,whatever sauces you want me to try next,down below,and if youve had this let me know what,you think about it do you hate it,we can talk about it im always down to,chat see you guys later

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Team Trucking Couple: TRUFF HOT????SAUCE review | Is it worth the money?

yo,yall know what it is its boy mo eight,oclock and you go to round number four,one e now we out of the truck on home,time right now,and uh we getting a little bougie,what were trying right now is a,box thats called trough its not a box,but,its called a trough its um an,assortment of hot sauces,i guess its i guess would you call it a,gourmet hot sauce uh yep a gourmet hot,sauce,all right so its pretty fancy i have,taken the plastic wrap off but we,havent opened any bottle so,i think thats pretty dope for one,little goldie box,definitely like a box you probably keep,the box even after you finish,using all the uh the hot sauces you,might just keep the box,its nice and sturdy actually its a,picture of what a trough looks like on,the inside can yall see that,probably not okay um,its the different assortment its a uh,black truffle a white truffle and,a black truffle infused so you actually,both,are black truffles but i think this is,more like okay so its hot,hot and hotter so i guess the hot air is,coming red top,the white is white top,and you also have the regular black,which is the hot sauce,regular hot sauce,um theyre on the expensive end but i,hear they taste,very very good weve done some,researching on what troubles are,in general so they are pretty pricey of,a,delicacy so this is basically um,truffle infused i dont know if its,just truffle oil,or how they do it but its got truffle,in it i had never heard the truth most,people havent i cant say i have either,and we aint talking about truffle,butter either,no not the hood version anyway,but um yeah so were going to try we got,some wings,that we got from my local uh barbecue,spot here in richmond,uh called ronnies that we like to go to,a lot,so were gonna kind of try them on the,wings,eat sauce and see i guess what we think,of it,how it tastes if its worth all of it,well talk about what,this assortment costs at the end,and determine if its even worth it im,sure its going to taste good,uh this bran trough ive seen recently,um,like a tomato sauce like a pasta sauce,i think they have a trough infused,mayonnaise,oh i did see that i did see that maybe a,few other items that i,may just dont know yet or aint up on,yet but ive seen um,some of the whos who in the,entertainment world and stuff like that,using this and they pretty much swear,about it ive watched a few,other youtube videos on it seeing people,try it they seem to,enjoy it but were gonna give a unbiased,opinion of it,um ive always kind of like hot sauces,no i guess being here virginia i guess,the basic texas pete,right was about as far as we would go,what is it texas peace,its a louisiana type of hot sauce,[Music],uh whats the one pop whats like a,spanish type of hot sauce,texas pete is that the same one texas,peak at the cowboy,with the whip thats hot sauce though,right that is im talking about the,other one,sometimes we see it in some restaurants,im the top might even be like a wood,circle top ah thats what yeah we see it,at a lot of like a pedro or something,um mexican spots we go to yeah well,this aint that for sure so were gonna,try it,um i love the packaging yeah no its,its,its nice like its really nice i like,the idea just to name trough,and weve done some research on what,truffles are pretty much a,delicacy all the way around the world,for the most part,so um which one you want to try first do,you want to go from,basic hot sauce in the black to the,white to the red the hot the hot to the,hotter,black lets start with the black purse,okay,well start with the black one the black,hot sauce,i dont know,all right so yeah these are smoked uh,wings we have here,they look a little extra smoked so im,sure i dont know to you if you think it,looks good or not but,smoke wings i guess supposed to be smoky,we actually meant to do this video maybe,a day or so ago so these wings are about,a day and a half old right now but you,cant go wrong with wings i mean,they were refrigerated and microwaved so,itll work its all right,um so yeah we havent tried anything and,im hungry,yeah we havent tried any of these,whenever yall taking the,thing off right now so were gonna give,it a try,i dont know if you want to just do the,flat part grab a wing,part uh i want im gonna go flat so im,gonna start off with the wing part for,the drumstick part for me,im gonna go with the flag man i wish we,wouldve had that probably,been so much better if it was hot or at,least warm they dont stay here it got,cold while we were setting up but,i eat cold chicken before its still,good tea is what it is,okay let me see something i dont wanna,put too much because i dont know,i mean i got water but,i really dont know what im smelling,because im not overly familiar with,what a truffle is for a hot sauce what,tastes like so i did hear that they were,saying that it was like,earthy because i did see the videos,where they were getting it from,underground so they were saying that,it had like a really earthy taste they,literally say they used to i think as,europe is where they,really get the most ones from or have,gotten a lot of them from i guess in,past they say well pigs used to do it,but then they would eat it eat the,truffles,yeah they had a problem with the pigs so,now theyve trained dogs to find them,but they literally find them on the,ground so do some research on truffles a,lot of youtube stuff is,its pretty interesting it is but,im trying to think of whatever you,think it smells like,hmm tomatoes i can definitely smell,tomatoes i think,okay well kind of i think,maybe not kind of it smells like some,chili,chili um peppers vinegar vinegar,i can smell a little bit of cheese and,um,black truffle okay spicy so i dont see,tomato at all okay it might be the chili,and the,vinegar that im smelling all right so,lets give it a shot,okay see what its heading for as we say,its definitely thick its not a,texas pete hot sauce i dont want to go,crazy on it but i do want to see what it,is,all right its only useless as much as,it costs,its hot ill take some spice it is but,we can definitely taste the heat,immediately,the smokiness of the wing itself is not,throwing off,the flavor like these are just a regular,raw raw wing,with not a lot of flavor already in it,the smoky wing is different it does have,a different flavor to it,i could taste the garlic i dont know if,it,i dont know the smokiness is this i,mean i can taste the spice from it,it might be,it might be im gonna do a little bit,more,its kind of thick too well definitely,thick,but its definitely spicy,and i dont really know what im,supposed to be tasting because i dont,know what a truffle tastes like,so i cant say its even truffley,because i dont even know what the,truffle tastes like,you taste a lot of heat but its not,gonna,hit you with no its not but you taste,it,yeah but its a very its good,its a really unique taste its its,pasty like,theyre being a regular texas texas pete,type drink,[Music],i think its good okay i can definitely,eat that,ive seen people putting it on eggs yeah,thats hot though, like it it is hot yeah its hot i,still,i need some water its its tongue hot,to me but,its not the rope hot no like its i,couldnt hit my throat at all but my,mouth,it got some bite into it but its its,not,i dont know if you would say its spicy,or if its like hot like,temperature wise but definitely hot like,temperature because the wings is cool,but well i didnt mean that i know what,you mean,all right so youre going for the white,one,like that i dont know,the the black is good you know i swear i,would like to try it on,i guess im more bland we probably,should have did like a basic,maybe versus a smoke wing right,because the smoke got a little heat with,it already but not even just the heat it,just got its own,smoky flavor so i dont know if this is,trying to,fight and come back the smoke it has,agave in it,like the sweetener,[Music],pretty much the same spices no thats,not this,whats wrong with my nose,[Laughter],dont be playing in a good way a bad way,when

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TRUFF SAUCE WORTH IT?! | Truff Hot Sauce Review (Truff Variety Pack)

and i said gray poupon in this economic,climate,only if youre paying,[Laughter],oh we did not see you there today well,be trying this array of trough hot,sauces,is it worth 70 of your earth dollars,lets find out,you really know how to zest things up oh,really,theres three of you its good to have,options,what are you doing,nothing we live in a one-story home with,no basement sound travels,i have nothing to hide were getting,married soon im well aware of that,show me your phone i am an adult who,pays my own cell phone bill,i dont have to do anything i dont want,to do show me your cell phone screen,or so help me god we will get rid of,your hot sauce shelf in the fridge,[Music],who are you hi how are you what are they,selling you have a problem,[Music],hi welcome to local scorch my names,david im correct and today well be,taking on three hot sauces from truff we,have the original,white truffle and hotter sauce i am,looking forward to these,im really excited im a big tic tac,person and a lot of people have tried,these on tik tok ive seen them all over,the internet,this is a hot sauce i think i can get,behind lets find out though,if you really want to just find out what,we think of all three of these hot,sauces just skip to the end of this,video this point in time right here,or stay on this journey with us and,dont mess up our youtube analytics you,decide,these sauces have been around for a,little bit and i just havent gotten,around to,trying them and ive wanted to but,theyre in a,luxurious price category theyre in the,the 20,range-ish per bottle i kind of feel like,its like a good bottle of wine you know,its definitely something that you would,wait save up and savor,the unboxing experience for these sauces,was very,apple iphone like the box took a few,seconds to open up and build up that,last bit of anticipation,they just feel luxurious like you you,know youre in for a good time its,definitely,a a rich aesthetic if anything the,presentation of these sauces,was top of the line so let me give it a,shot yeah lets give them a go,number one the original the first one,its a nice a nice fine black label,reserve,the smell of the bottle its just it,smells like new iphone,it just smells like a new like it smells,like christmas morning when like theres,so much like cellophane wrap and like,plastic gathering like getting thrown,around the place,oh that smells its very aromatic it,smells bougie,it smells like hot sauce but it,definitely fills your nose with a little,bit of a truffle t,like smell as well so truffle the hot,you get garlic,which is good lets do it lets go,cheers,oh,[Music],hot but thats thats so good,that is sweet and garlicky salty,savory you do get a little bit of,truffle like,its spicy its hitting the right notes,thats really good,thats like a a sriracha im getting,like some like sriracha vibes in a way,yeah i love the sweetness of that not so,much in a fermented funk but the,consistency,is very much reminiscent of sriracha is,it,im just like thats palette its got us,its yeah its around like a franks or,like a like a sriracha,kind of heat if that bottle wasnt,twenty dollars i,would just like put that on everything,jelly cleanser oh i think those are like,sniff coffee beans to cleanse your,palate,i have an art degree i dont know lets,try the white truffle one,color is a little more pumped like,orange like pumpkin,in comparison to the original one i feel,like the color palette of this sauce is,like what,i would want like a room in my house to,be,it smells less intense than the first,sauce yeah i definitely smell more,truffle in this one less hot,this doesnt smell like this one smells,like hot sauce with a whisper of truffle,truffle this one smells like a truffle,sauce with a whisper,of hot i was getting like again you get,like a deep inhale,i dont see like a mustard kind of vibe,at the bottom of it,which is interesting but theres no,mustard in here,cheers,[Music],thats very mild thats my speed,that i feel like you can taste the,truffle a little bit more its a little,less hot than the first one,i i definitely thats its just like,theres like like a little honey mustard,thing going on,are you picking that up or very sweet,its got a nice sweetness to it so i,think it its,it would be a good sauce to balance out,a dish you know,if you needed that sweet spicy element i,keep saying mustard but theres no,mustard in there so i dont know,if im just broken yeah thats really,good,yeah thats definitely a lot sweeter of,a sauce if you are in more of the mild,zone i,went to the mild zone,if youre more in the mild zone i think,thats more of your speed flavor-wise is,very good flavor that would definitely,go good on a lot of stuff,all right lets give this last one a,shot,this is basically the same ingredients,as the first one but towards the end,they added red habanero powder,we also we havent really talked about,consistency yet yeah i mean honestly,velvety smooth this is a luxurious gray,poupon,you know like i drive a mercedes kind of,you know its smooth tony soprano yeah,well no not tony soprano but it sounds,like the first one,yeah it smells like the first one im,sure its gonna taste very similar to,the first,but just hotter mm-hmm,its called potter sauce,[Music],maybe its because,never mind i was saying maybe its,because we i was warmed up with the,other two,this one doesnt seem as hot yeah the,habanero um,get it at the end it does it takes a,moment to hit but then its like the tip,of your tongue,its not so much back of your throat,kind of this is like a,you know i could do a work lunch or like,i could have this at lunch and then,function the rest of the day kind of,spicy,or like have it at breakfast in your,time ive been in worse shape,this it it really attacked the back of,my throat,it doesnt seem like it doesnt seem,that much hotter than the first one it,doesnt seem that much hotter than the,first one,flavor uh yeah this is its the same as,the first sauce yeah you get a little,bit more heat but like,i feel as if they werent labeled i,wouldnt necessarily like notice a,difference,i feel like theres some sort of like,unconscious bias going on where,it said hotter so i was expecting it but,the heats already dissipated like im,not,youre youre not you know youre not,gonna like poop pants,verdict time in terms of quality flavor,consistency and everything from like the,packaging the branding the marketing,i would say its worth its price if,youre someone who,loves a good bottle of sriracha loves a,good bottle of franks,and like once in a while wanted to,splurge on something a little bit,pricier,i would say go for it its its very,good,yeah consistency wise sauces are very,luxurious,very good pour very good flavor theyre,not the hottest sauces in the world,so you can definitely recover after you,put this on your whatever it is youre,eating,my opinion though the three pack is,nice is like a birthday gift nice as,like a holiday gift,not something that you would probably do,all the time and you probably do want to,to save these sauces and savor them a,little bit more,this youd want to be a little more,selective with what you put on,that being said if you had seventy,dollars in your hot sauce budget line,and you wanna buy the three pack like,im sure youll use it i would say,probably just buy one of them at a time,um i agree i mean i think that they,taste,similar enough that you could probably,just buy one,just knowing that your heat level,preference,for us and in our household with the,amount of hot sauce this guy eats,i think its you know were gonna go,through were gonna go through it,if youre not looking to chip into the,wallet,just buy one bottle they all taste the,same i have a ranking,its all like close margins and i dont,have an official system for this ranking,but i have a ranking do you have a,ranking i have a ranking,at number three were gonna go white,truffle,number two were gonna go hotter and,number one were gonna go original,um im gonna throw a little curveball,no

TRUFF HOT SAUCE REVIEW Vlogmas2022 Day 14| #viral #fyp #vlogmas2022

foreign,[Music],[Applause],ERS today Im gonna be opening up,calendar,14. the day 14 on the calendar,and right here,and there is a,Christmas tree,[Music],but,hey Warriors so me and my son is doing a,review on this hot sauce hotter than,sauce okay trough thats what it is its,made with black truffle infused six,ounces okay these bottles right here is,13.99.,damn and they sell them at Krogers,were gonna see what this heat bring,yall and if its a good flavor,all right yall how those look just came,about the grease,it just came about the grease Im gonna,drop it drop it drop it with this song,all right yall and put this camera down,makes These Wings oh yeah so look yall,we just over here struggling with this,camera Im gonna have to try to get me a,new tripod okay but we got the truck,okay the truck hot sauce is right here,your hands ashy so this is the truck,yall and this is the hotter sauce,and this one right here is the hot sauce,and were going to review them on today,because what else we got look at this,camera yall I promise yall I need a,tripod it is what it is we gonna make do,what we got baby I think this is just,the phone is so heavy,okay,um,we got our um some ranch dressing now I,know yall mukbangers for real for me,filling up yall cups and stuff and Ill,be like what is it gonna do with all the,rest I cant do that so no so whats,that is whats that cause you know you,did them this one is a hot sauce and,this ones the hottest sauce okay so,this is the hotter and this is the hot,sauce and were gonna start with which,one,so,I gotta just dip mine in the ranch for,coolness,maybe I should have tried it without the,ranch first,yeah sure does oh,you remember the time,not that I dont want that,so to make the man came over here and,asked when he had some paper style he,touched that paper towel,I dont know yeah,Im glad I dipped it in that ranch first,yall,you probably dont need a piece nope,like that,it looks pretty hot,were gonna try this one out the um,Ranch yeah,its like a flavor I mean a kick butt,thats not too bad though,bye,Im scared to see what that next ones,gonna be like yall,yeah because youre building up the,spice this one is already hot in here,eating the never hot,I almost got like a smoke flavor to it,Im not sure comment down below if yall,tried this hot sauce before,its so expensive I thought it would,taste better,um,chill I eat red you want your third one,oh wow,yeah its not like its really hot yall,so,let me probably do this and get away,with it,no,try that one try which one,um pause it yeah stop it one second,yall,all right yall so I had to pause it,because Im cooking the rest of this,chicken okay in the midst of me doing it,gotta knock out two birds with one stone,now we did the hot right yeah this is,okay we did this one yall what is your,heat level for this one what do you rate,it,yeah Im not gonna rate it too high,either three or four but the taste of it,was good for the taste you like the,taste yeah um I thought this Hazel was a,little bit like a seven it was like it,wasnt like oh go get this go get it go,around and get it it wasnt that I was,like where my Franks at Frank red hot,all right yall were gonna try the,hotter now,Ill try this without the ranch we said,that,come here from,oh it caught me in the back of the,throat yall right in the back of the,throat,oh my goodness,but,its still not spicy like,um,down here selling dreams yall,as you see we aint got no drinks,nothing,only red why the camera go dark oh Im,gonna hit the second one,third one,yeah,I still you know how you um even somehow,stuff you gotta wait,not me no,so what you think the spicy is on this,or you gotta wait until youre done with,them,and Im putting ranchers for extra,flavoring huh I think its like a,seven half spice,so you feel like this is a little bit,hotter,mm-hmm,it aint that much hotter yall but,I do feel that when my lips yeah Im,gonna get you on your lips I feel it on,my lips,huh,theres one more in the bottle,I just knew my son wasnt gonna be able,to handle this,yeah I think hell be able to handle it,because I thought it would be too hot,because,everybody advertise hot,hows the flavor to you,its like you dont taste the flavor you,just taste a lot of spice kind of,so which one you like more winter the,hot the hotter or the hot hot,yeah I think the hot flavor popped a,little bit more than this this you just,feel the heat you dont really feel,taste the flavors and the Heat come,afterwards and its on my lip when you,say feel the heat we mean feel the heat,what,bro what are you talking about man like,the hotness yeah hey Phillip burn,yeah its not my lips though,its not on my tongue,we need water,digital water now,neutral water,so yall,if you want to go try this definitely,try it out,its not bad,but,is it worth 14.99 a bottle,hey they quoted a price I cant be mad,at them you know,somebody had a vision they put us,together put their spices together and,threw some black truffle up in there,because it was him for the Truffle,thats what were paying for,but other than that,its nice for like a football night or,something like that man this one do pack,a little bit more heat the second one,because,Im starting to feel the heat a little,bit more as I talk but,yeah Im starting to feel the heat a,little bit more than I thought yall but,is it worth 14.99 that is the question,what do you think do you think they were,14.99 about them,a bottle yeah bottom the second the,hotter one no but the first one yeah,yeah okay so my son said this one is,worth the 14.99 this flavor but this one,is not the hotter its crazy because the,hotter you hotter as you talk as Im,talking but yeah it gets hot on you but,it aint like oh my goodness Im burning,I need it no it aint nothing like that,but these will make good Wings on a,football night you know football Sunday,is already in effect so if you want to,go out and try yours then go ahead and,try but thank yall for watching this,video we definitely appreciate yall I,just wont have one yeah Im about to,cook you something and I cook These,Wings naked I got some frying with flour,on them so Im gonna try it with the,flour on it too yall and see if that,make a difference I doubt it but,um Im not gonna say its not good its,good because Ima definitely use a sauce,14.99 not going to waste so with that,being said thank yall for watching this,video those who have subscribed those,who are newly subscribed,I appreciate yall make sure yall hit,that notification Bell listen you guys,to stick around and watch some videos,when you subscribe to people so it can,stick you know its nice to show support,and then later on Ill pop back up on,the live and stuff but watch one or two,videos so it can stick,thats so important also for those who,are content creators remember to keep,winning on purpose water your grass and,stay focused on what youre doing and,grow grow grow and guess what those are,supposed to be with you will gravitate,towards you,[Music],[Applause]

Top Tastes Reviews all three TRUFF hot sauces. Is it all hype?

[Music],good everybody welcome to this edition,of top tastes,Im your host April and Erin and what,were here to do is take some tastes of,different delicacies throughout the,realm and today is specifically topeka,right well for sure to be because thats,where we are at rabbit right hence the,top right and all of this is coming off,the top anyways but one thing that we,want to highlight today is some sauce,for some people who love hot sauces if,youre a sauce enthusiast okay we got,something to talk about today Erin where,we got so Berlin let me first tell you,where this came from,so I peruse Facebook quite a bit and I,got caught up in the advertisements that,you may have all seen the truf hot sauce,and I dont know if youve all seen the,advertisements on this rough hot sauce I,came across several times and it got me,right well so look at this box lets,start with that I will start with the,box yes thats premier package it is,premier packaging and see this is why I,think its gonna be good okay so heres,the deal so look you got the shiny gold,oh that is fancy yeah I dont even know,man I think I think you might be paying,for that box though I dont I dont know,look its whats inside the box okay,okay so what we have here is this is,this is hot sauce thats made with,truffles right so weve got black,truffles white truffles and then hot,sauce I dont know what the hot is made,of I think its made a derivative of the,black truffle,okay okay who knows sure I dont know I,just want to heat it right so heres the,deal I mean youre supposed to be put,this sauce on like lots of stuff right,correct correct,they advertise you know you can put it,on hot wings – pizza – all different,types of things so we have basically got,together several selections so we can,try these sauce and give you our honest,off-the-top opinion about how these,things go,so a bro here just whipped up some eggs,for us yes yes and we just slid into,Popeyes got us just one of these edges,we made up some wings threw them in the,oven so weve got a chicken sandwich we,have eggs and we have wings and these,wings are like rotisserie so theres,nothing on rotisserie weighing straight,up we got a little Cajun seasoning but,heres a deal okay I want to get I want,to disclose this okay Ive worked in,kitchens I know about truffle sauce,about truffle oil Ive made truffle,butters right and so at the end of the,day I think ultimately this could be a,bunch of hype but Im gonna let yall,know exactly how I feel,once he seems to hit the taste buds,because I have a highly receptive taste,but I mean its an advanced taste blood,technology going on here so Im gonna,give yall that up today for real were,gonna start with the black the black,truffle and this is a,there we go,whats to say here you know and I dont,even know what the Scofields or,whatever on these I mean this may not,even be hot or whatever it may just be,for the flavor I think black truffle is,just primarily person to flavor yeah,so Im more interested in the hot one,but lets get this black one out of the,way as you see we have not cheated this,is the first time Im gonna see oh we do,not know this is a version to get the,truth,all right sauce me up one time bro,theyre all right there see whats going,on here,its a nice rich texture okay nice Ill,follow you in that so were gonna go,were gonna go with this okay okay,heres some noises mm-hmm huh,dang I hate I was wrong about the black,bean just for flavor this has some spice,to it does it,Id say its a nice medium heat my first,gatherings on this is that was delicious,was it delicious that was delicious Im,excited about trying these other ones,but that has great spice great flavor,the truffle flavor wasnt overpowering,which if youre familiar with truffle,oil it can easily get overpowering,its very subtly mixed sauce me one more,time with the black,huh,I just think youre not its its its,weird its like a thats thats the,truffle nope if theres a truffle note,in there that its just its not what,you taste in other hot sauces but the,heat is definitely there,well number one there are many hot,sauces that have truffle in em that Im,aware so to me this is a unique yeah hot,sauce you dont find this look anywhere,yeah Ive never seen it I see what,theyre doing and by the way no ones,paying us to do this we just wanted to,do a review so keep our people informed,but hey Trump if you would like to pay,us in truffle sauce lets write some,more were glad were sucked in all in,all all right here we go,so the white truffle is a new one the,hot truffle came second and then they,just came out with the white truffle for,Christmas,Im gonna Im gonna pour it on there,okay Wow,here we go we got white truffle on eggs,I dont know what to think about that,well its got some heat does it one much,just hot from the first one I dont I,dont I might have to try it again but,that seems a little,Im going in one more time just I just I,have to just to see,thats kind of interesting flavor to it,I think this one is more flavorful,mm-hmm in a different way yeah its got,some kick to it thats what I the after,mentioned kicks egg is right there okay,so yes it does have kids that that is,nice thats thats a great flavor all,right,thats that was the white truck now,lets try this black truck man I just we,go in on this sandwich man here we go,okay,Popeyes sandwich Popeyes yall know what,it does its already got all that,delicious love in there Im a little Im,a little scared Navy well man just dose,it up one time one time for your mind,yeah and yeah dont be afraid bro just,go ahead and drill ease with it because,I want to check out what this really,does I dont know man Im you go in to,me that you want to be Im going on like,a blind man and listen the heat thing,for me is is new then its like a new,development let me check this out one,time,do tell,I need to process more,process it Oh,Popeyes thing and mm-hmm I always want,to complain about save that for another,show next show because what is going on,right now,I have been swayed officially by the,trust really theyre doing a good job,all the way around every single taste,that I just had was delicious on,different levels the spice they got that,right,I mean theyre not under selling it the,truck flavor is there I hit the hot one,time on the wings me too I need to do,that same thing,whoo thats a nice one,okay,it was good but pouring it on a wing hmm,man,man that was hot mmm whoa mmm comes on a,little bit later killing me bro fire it,up Oh,fire okay the right ones hot the red one,is exceedingly hot oh okay,uh-huh well cant do it no I mean I can,i think the black truffle develops quite,a bit of heat by itself he does it does,it has it has a nice heat to it someone,go back to it one time just on the wing,bear because I feel like that is,yeah immediately let them let me go,ahead a differences I taste the truck,and then the spice comes after Im still,burning from this hot stove right which,pay for those three sauces,$69.99,but look but look okay wait a minute,yall I take my endorsement off and how,many Ounces are in the bottle its not,about the ounce it actually is more,about it its how many times you can use,it is about the app its quantity not,quality exactly so back to quantity and,how many ounces,I mean like six oh okay,you loved it mm and then all of a sudden,you decide its bad because of the price,Wow man its a quality sauce thats all,its not something you would just use,every single day its a special event,like one-time use six ounces if you put,that out if you go to a barbecue and you,use six out of nine Im trying to feed a,whole barbecue with truf sauce thats,true Im just trying to you know put it,on my own food they you know they they,make it seem like youre going around,town with truf sauce in your hand just,pouring it on stuff that you know you,eat this uh this whole truffle sauce,thing is been propaganda and you know,Im not buying it what you just did,no you just you just I ate it let me get,a little bit aside on t

Is this premium hot sauce worth $20?

whats up yall today going to be trying,out this this is trough it is a hot,sauce a black truffle infused hot sauce,to be exact supposedly thats what they,claim,its the most inexpensive hot sauce ever,done seen in my life i paid about 26 27,bucks for it,on amazon at least amazon usa they have,it for about 18 books a lot of reviews i,think i saw over 20 000 reviews and,about 4.4 out of 5 stars so,people a lot of people liking it i guess,um i like hot sauce just as much as the,next guy id say,its kind of hard to find out here so,when i saw they sold it out here i,scooped it up real quick and im gonna,be investigating it so right off the bat,you got uh it comes in a box which is a,little bit,you know,i i guess maybe for shipping like its,all right i dont know if they sell that,so like this in the stores but i dont,need no box thats just extra stuff that,i gotta throw away,taking off points for the box just,some people might like the box,to the box,all right,nice looking bottle though and its,larger than i thought it would be i,guess i should have uh,figured the size by looking at the box,but uh you know maybe they put an extra,like,padding to and it was just really small,but yeah this is a good size,um six ounces or 170 grams and im,liking the,i like the bottle i like this kind of,look uh,the black,minimalist design really makes the at,least to me,it doesnt show up that well,it makes the red color of the hot sauce,really pop its like a red reddish,orange kind of,dare i say,burnt orange type of of color,plastic on the top and and you can check,this out what yall know about that cap,though man,and no cap thats a cool cap it looks,like a black truffle except kind of like,the nice sharp edges minimalist design,im a fan of that cap and it should be,easy to twist off too here are the,nutrition facts and the ingredients you,can pause if you want to check those out,im not really going to read them out,but um its basically it says its made,with the finest red chili peppers and,infused with italian black truffle oil,shake well before each use and,refrigerate after opening so,lets get into it,wow thats a very unique smell,now i was trying to figure out what i,should uh put this on,if i should get it like put food up ship,it on i decided to just put on some,chips because this is very neutral and,also i dont want to eat too much right,now,all right lets get it,well,wow,so theres a couple things im looking,for obviously uh the texture which we,just saw,it is uh,quite thick,its like a sauce,its a thick hot sauce,which,you know i,im not opposed to that,if i could only choose one id,probably go for a thinner hot sauce but,this is kind of like ive had thicker,hot sauces than this,um personally and ive had thinner,versions uh so this is kind of a medium,medium thick,which does have an advan its advantages,sometimes,i feel like this could,stick to certain foods better like its,not just going to drip off the chip,actually i really do like this,consistency,another thing im trying to think of,uh is the heat,and thats why i might be eating it um,a few i want to eat some of these chips,pretty quickly,because,heat always takes a bit to kick in for,me,all right,im gonna go for um,a big boy a globber here,something like that,its um,oh okay out of out of 10 im gonna go,somewhere around the five,its,definitely not that hot,but its not its its definitely good,enough you know its,its just about an average 5 out of 10.,somewhere in that range ill get thats,a little bit of uh,obviously objective a square i guess,because i guess to some people this,might be quite hot and some people this,wouldnt be hot at all its one of those,now the flavor to me is by far the most,interesting thing about this hot sauce,this is wild i cant lie um,ill tell you what ive had,black truffle infused things before,and like black truffle this black,trouble,that,french fries i think thats something,thats kind of popular over here black,truffle oil became like super trendy,over here for a while ive had my you,know,a fair sampler of of black truffle,products,dont love it,uh definitely dont hate it i,enjoy it in small quantities i guess it,can get old pretty quick for me to be,honest,i would say this,like again nope no cap,what does that even mean um,what was i even gonna say,this is one of the best applications,ive had of black truffle in a food,ive had it with nice with beef before,ive had it with uh,fries pasta this that but this right,here ive never had it uh infused into a,hot sauce before and im really liking,what this place is doing,its a strange,side note last night i had some chinese,food,um i think it was like pretty authentic,uh blew my mind just completely i didnt,know what to think all the theres just,new crazy flavor combinations and,uh i just didnt know what to think,about it,this,is kind of doing this a similar thing,its,got some,its just hitting me at many different,angles im getting a little bit of,sweetness,um im getting a little bit of,the heat,the peppery heat but also,the black truffle its very subtle and i,i do appreciate that,at least subtle compared to other foods,ive had it in if youve never had it,before if you dont like it,its going to be strong to you i would,say though like the sweetness and the,truffle kind of earthy,truffliness really combines in a way,with the spicy you know peppers and,and uh,what else is in there,the vinegary its like the vinegary kick,i cant lie i really do quite like this,im trying to think what other foods i,put it on basically anything,would i pay the same like 27 bucks for,this again or even 18.,nah,but am i glad i tried it yeah its,always one of those things for me im,really glad and ill be eating this for,sure but i wont pay for it again um,i probably pay like 10 bucks worth,maybe nine id say like nine bucks,if you can catch us on a sale for half,off ill jump on it but um,that being said,i think this would be the perfect gift,for anyone you know who likes hot sauce,or black truffles you know its one of,those things that i really would love to,try but i wouldnt buy it for myself uh,this like for a video obviously i copped,it but,just like if i just saw this in the,store and i wasnt gonna do a video on,it i would never pay,that money type of money for it but i,would always be curious about it,whats it taste like man um so if you,like to me,you know those make good gifts for,someone like me for me,gifts can be so challenging giving and,receiving them because,you dont want to give them something,and just it sits they dont like it sits,around their house so consumables pretty,good call you know pretty good idea um,but you dont want to you know,and you want to give them something nice,like you could spend 20 bucks on a cheap,bottle of whiskey or 20 bucks on a,premium,hot sauce,um you know what i mean and you dont,also if someone gave me something thats,like,too expensive like no ones really,giving me gifts but just,hypothetically,um i would feel bad about it too like,thats too much man,especially so so for your friend your,co-worker who doesnt you know who you,like but not that much,20 bucks i think is the perfect range,i,i definitely recommend that,like i said ill definitely be enjoying,this,um but i think ive said everything i,need to say about it,about to skate out of here,you know i do have to uh,have some dinner plans later today so i,cant get too full,thats,yeah pretty soon actually so im about,to get out of here thank you guys for,watching hope you enjoyed it and ill,catch you in the next video peace

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