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  2. TrustedHousesitters Review ???? (Is it worth it?)
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HONEST review of TRUSTED HOUSE SITTERS | Should you be a house sitter?

okay so in this video im going to give,a honest review of the website trusted,house cities which allows you to,do house sitting in the uk or house,sitting abroad,um basically house sitting in almost any,country in the world i would say,um so yeah im gonna explain my,experience with it and what i truly,think so that you can decide whether,its something for you or not,so firstly what is house sitting,so a house sitting is where you,um stay in someone elses house and you,look after their pets,um and their house whilst theyre on,holiday,so this is a great way to actually,travel for free,and when i say for free obviously you,know you sometimes have to pay for um,transport,and obviously food and stuff like that,and but you essentially have the,accommodation for free which is pretty,good,now ive actually had a few people,comment um and send me messages saying,that,they have um actually got,the um the person who their house,sitting for,to pay for their,um training costs um,to,for you to be able to get to them,um which i didnt know about and to be,honest with you i wouldnt probably ask,somebody um to pay for my training costs,because,i dont know id be staying im staying,in the house for free,and,and it just i dont know it just doesnt,feel quite right um so,i havent done that um but i guess its,kind of up to you if you want to ask,that,um to the person that youre staying in,the house of,um,so yeah so thats how sitting and,theres a website that i use called,trusted house sitters,which is a website where you can find,places to,um house it and people advertise their,homes on there so you can um search for,a location put in the dates of when,youre free,um and,look for a place where you can do your,house sitting,um,people tend to put kind of little,profiles on there,of about their pets and about them and,about where they live which is quite,good,um so yeah anyway im gonna now kind of,go through,the um,go through my review i guess of trusted,house sitters so i have done let me,think,one two three,four,five,four or five i want to say um house its,and,im actually ive got like more kind of,planned over the summer im going to be,doing my first abroad international,house sit,um this summer as well which is exciting,um,but all of mine have been in the uk,and,yeah i think,overall i absolutely love the idea of,house sitting i think its absolutely,brilliant you know the fact that you can,stay in someone elses home and the,homes on there are just really really,cool like theyre just,theyre usually quite big and quite nice,and,just in a lovely neighborhood because if,you think about it if you,dont have a particularly nice house,what are the chances of you wanting or,letting somebody,actually stay in your house,i dont know just,i just feel like people who have nice,houses tend to advertise on there um,i dont know why to be honest with you,but,yeah its it tends to be really really,good houses and you can obviously pick,and choose as well you know its its up,to you which houses you stay in or which,house its you apply to so you can pick,the best ones um and stay in some,absolutely amazing houses and the fact,that,you know you can travel whilst looking,after animals and,um staying in cool different locations,and stuff i think the idea in itself is,like absolutely brilliant so id highly,recommend it,in terms of trusted house sitters,website itself,i think,that its again its a really good,website and i have a few things that i,would say about it,um,and id say,things that youd probably need to be,aware of,id say that firstly um,if you get a message off,somebody um,who say youve applied for a house it,and then they respond to your message,i dont get a notification,saying that they have responded so,you know sometimes its been a few days,um,and ive accidentally found the message,by just going onto the actual website,clicking on the inbox and having a look,um,whereas,i was getting emails to say that,um,you know messages have been received but,its i dont get those emails anymore,and when you go on the house sitters,website it doesnt it doesnt say that,theres anything in in your inbox you,have to actually click on your inbox and,check on your messages to see if,somebody has,um sent you a message which is a really,annoying because you know,um,on one occasion i had applied for a,house sit and the person had responded,to me and saying that they wanted to,arrange a call with me,and it took me two days i think to,respond to them,which made me a little bit nervous,because i was thinking oh gosh what if,they found someone else um,i didnt respond quick enough i like to,respond that day,and just so they know that im,interested and it was a house set that i,really wanted to get as well so i was a,little bit nervous that they would,kind of think that i wasnt interested,or um think that i wasnt maybe checking,the messages as much or not as active or,whatever,so um so yeah that that made me a little,bit nervous,um,i it was only because i accidentally,actually um,went on to the inbox just to double,check if id received any messages,um so thats something i gotta keep in,mind and something that i need to kind,of regularly go on to to check that,nobody sent me a message because another,thing is when you build up your profile,people will send you messages offering,um their home to you so theyll say can,you house it on these dates um so,theyll send you a message kind of out,of the blue and if you dont see them or,its a house that you really want to do,and you havent seen the message then,its like you might lose it which is,quite annoying,um so thats the only kind of annoying,thing about the website i guess another,thing,is that,um,people forget to take their their,house sitting um advertisements off once,theyve found a house sitter,they will sometimes,um find a house sitter,and,not take the post down because ive,contacted people before and come up you,know with a big message and um tailored,it to them and,um,gone to the effort of looking at that,house reviewing it reviewing their,profile looking at their reviews,um and sending the message and then,theyve got back to me and said oh sorry,weve just forgot to take the post down,weve actually found somebody else for,this,um which is really annoying so its just,something youve got to bear in mind,and i think another thing is as well,that,um,you need to carefully read the,um,the like the the job posting because,um,basically,i think in the past whats happened is,ive read the post and looked especially,if its abroad and you dont know,exactly the location,um and youve looked at the location and,looked at the information that theyve,provided about that location,and,its and then when ive actually gone to,speak to them,ive realized that,the the location that theyre based,is may not and may not necessarily be,quite um convenient for somebody who,doesnt have a car or drive for instance,like me if im going abroad im not,going to be driving,um to that place,so,it the the house needs to be accessible,it needs to have public transport links,um and it needs to be,you know within walking distance or,whatever from shops and stuff so,its not just a case of you finding,somewhere and it being,a lovely place youve got to think about,these like um,these kind of logistics and stuff like,that because otherwise you can you can,end up having a really,terrible time because you cant get,anywhere and its not convenient and,um you know its its not the best,so thats something that,you need to really really consider if,youre someone whos not driving there,or,um or relying on public transport and,stuff you need to make sure that you get,these things nailed down before you,actually agree to the sit or even before,you jump on a call with them because,at the end of the day its a waste of,time isnt it if you know that its not,going to be right for you,so,i would say they are the um,downsides of the website i think all in,all youve got a great range of places,as i say theres house sits all around,

TrustedHousesitters Review ???? (Is it worth it?)

hey in todays video were doing a,review of trusted house sitters so if,you are somebody who likes to travel or,has pets and wants to travel more this,might be a great service for you so,theres really two parts of this service,theres owners and theyre sitters and,you can figure out which ones those are,owners own the homes and sitters come,and watch those homes and the pets while,the owners are gone so one of the,critiques or complaints that i have with,some of the reviews ive watched on this,is none of them actually show you the,back end of the platform right so what i,want to do very quickly is i show you,how this works and well look at it from,a couple different angles so search for,homes to sit now once you actually,create an account you will get more,information with your free account what,i mean by that is lets say i click on,this one and its parker colorado right,when you are logged in you actually see,the dates now if youre not logged in,and you havent set up a free account it,doesnt even show you the date so the,way they do it is they kind of give you,a little bit more information when you,get a free trial or at least a free,account and then when you actually sign,up thats when you can actually message,with the person in this case its todd,here so im going to click join now to,apply and then i just wanted to cover a,few things on the pricing here so you,can see that theres owner sitter and,combined combine is really easy that,its 60,more than compared to sitters so 129 for,the basic package with sitter or owner,but if you want to double up its just,60 more regardless of the package so if,you are somebody who has pets at home,and you want to be able to travel it,might be worth doing that combined but i,wanted to make this video so you can see,where people are actually using this,service too if youre in a really,popular destination like lets say,youre in las vegas or miami or denver,colorado or something like that,the chances of somebody being able to,sit for youre going to be higher,because theres going to be more people,that want to go there versus wichita,kansas and i apologize if thats where,youre from im not trying to make fun,of you im from buffalo new york so lots,of people make fun of where i am from as,well so looking at this again though,from the sitter side um the things worth,mentioning here is if you go to the,standard sitter thats where you get the,free video calls with a vet so thats,going to make the owner of the home more,confident in you because you have access,to that service also the background,check theyll be able to see if you have,any criminal history or anything like,that uh the other thing worth mentioning,with the premium sitter service is the,fact that you have the sick cancellation,and serv insurance this ones pretty,interesting uh basically you can provide,up to 150 compensation per night to,cover the cost of alternative,accommodations so lets say you worse to,sit for somebody for five nights,and then that person cancels on you as,the sitter they will give you 150 for,all five nights up to fifteen hundred,dollars per set so thats pretty cool,that you get this as well so in this,particular example im just going to buy,the basic sitter package here,hey guys quick mention two i do have a,link in the description of this video if,you use my link i may be compensated,when you sign up but you still get the,best possible price so i appreciate,using my link because it helps to,support my youtube channel as this is,what i do full-time so i really,appreciate it so when youre actually,going through and setting up your,profile it does require you to fill in,quite a bit of information and i think,thats a good thing because youre going,to be living in somebody elses home and,they want to know as much about you as,they can so dont be weirded out by that,in my opinion thats what i would want,if somebody was staying in my home i,want to know who this person is where,theyre from what theyre about so im,doing the id check and the way it works,is it sends a text message to your phone,and then simply all you have to do is uh,scan or take a picture of your license,on the front here which im not going to,put up on screen because i dont want to,put my license up on the screen,but im going to use that photo,and then continue and then you take a,picture of the backside as well so im,gonna take a break in the review here,because i have to wait for this,information to be verified and well see,when that comes through,so worth mentioning uh i can get access,immediately here it is gonna take about,24 hours before i get that id check,verification badge but what i want to do,right now is find a house to sit,so its kind of weird because the way it,is like from the united states it looks,like theres just two dots here but im,sure if we zoom in here its going to,start to look different and this gives,you an idea of like all the different,places you can go so in my particular,case lets say that i would like to go,to orlando florida lets see whats,available there,so why dont we click on one of these,listings to see what it looks like so in,this particular case this persons stuff,she has four different listings set up,and you can see that there are zero to,three applicants for each listing,now if you were to go on this listing,over here this is where you can start to,see that theres four to seven,applicants eight to eleven my guess a,little bit nicer of an apartment thats,probably why it has more listings here,but you get an idea of the person thats,listing this right here our,responsibilities who the pets are but,this is really cool too is you get the,sitter feedback right so these are,people that sat for them and said it was,a great experience so the cool thing,about trusted householders it kind of,has that uber model where you can get,reviews not only on the driver and the,passenger in this case its the sitter,and the homeowner is this a good,situation and something id want to,apply for so i made fun of wichita,kansas lets see what happens if we put,that in here uh,actually surprisingly there are a couple,things here theres currently two houses,im gonna guess oh look at that i stand,corrected that we actually have places,that you can go in wichita kansas so uh,thats pretty funny right there but i,take that as a great sign that theres a,decent amount of users on here because,obviously wichita not a huge city,compared to some of the travel,destinations so theres a lot of,different places that you can go and be,able to travel to so one little bug with,the program that ive discovered from,poking around is if you want to just,like go to somewhere because its the,beach right and i click apply so right,now its going to have all these,different beach locations that you can,look through and all these different,things that you can do,but i just think its kind of a little,bit of a bug if i was to zoom in and,lets say were looking at like you know,the bread basket flyover type state here,but this is where its kind of weird,its basically it will actually take,those um uh recommendations here so if i,click beach again its going to say that,theres nothing so just be aware that,you just have to kind of zoom out and,actually get to a relative location and,then youre able to use these so you can,apply more filters such as like yes i,want to be able to use a car,and that might kind of break it down a,little bit and this is a quick way too,where you go oh you know whats this in,north carolina that looks interesting so,this is pretty close to a beach so lets,see what that looks like,so you know using the term beach loosely,but very beautiful here and you can see,they have zero to three applicants and,you can go there and its actually a,pretty long stay looks like you can be,there for a couple of weeks now is it,worth the money that really depends on,you and how open you are to travel right,if youre the homeowner are you willing,to actually get out do you live in a,locati

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Our First TrustedHousesitters Experience | How you can stay places for “free”!

hello everyone thank you for clicking on,this video we are here today in austin,texas doing our first trusted house,sitters okay so you might be wondering,what is trusted house sitters,bye,so trusted householders is a platform,kind of like airbnb where you can go,find places to stay in new locations but,these are peoples homes who are going,on vacations themselves and so in,exchange for staying at this house you,get to take care of this house their,plants or their pets there is an annual,membership fee of 120,but in exchange for that fee you can,apply for an unlimited amount of house,sits for that one year you dont have to,pay for staying there and they dont,have to pay you for house sitting so,once you pay that fee youre good to go,and if you just house it once it makes,up for itself absolutely um because,usually hotels or airbnbs are about,dollars for a night or two nights so far,weve absolutely loved this experience,because first of all its nice to have a,home base it feels extra cozy yes,because it is somebodys home secondly,we love the dogs were dog sitting they,are absolutely joyful and they really,contribute a lot to this trip im gonna,be really sad to leave them because they,almost feel like our own at this point,yeah weve been taking care of them for,two nights so were getting attached so,now lets introduce you to the dogs the,first dog is logan he is a four-year-old,pure english bulldog who is so sweet,loves to sleep and has the physique of a,beautiful potato,and dog number two we have here is,austin austin is also a purebred english,bulldog he is a year and a half old he,is extremely energetic he barks every,time he wants to play so weve been,playing aid a lot and if you hear them,snoring,in the background they are theyre right,next to us,snoozing,we tried to get them to contribute to,this video but they didnt they didnt,want to,no logan logan i think likes to set up,here on his own so when we come up here,hes like okay time to leave,so our day with the dogs looks like,getting up letting them out at 8 a.m and,then feeding them breakfast,they each have their own specific dish,and meal and they eat in separate spots,after that theyre pretty much good as,long as we keep letting them out,frequently and then their dinner time is,around six where they eat the same meal,again and theres also a little sliding,door on the side of the house which is,usually helpful for them because they,can come in and out whenever they please,so theyre pretty easy its a little bit,hot right now in austin so we were told,not to walk them as they dont do well,in the heat but we do spend time with,them in the yard trying to burn off all,of austins energy uh logan just usually,likes to chill on the patio and not,participate oh my goodness they are,snoring theyre so loud thats logan,they also do not sleep in the same room,with us for this reason they they snore,a little too much theyre very loud,also one very important thing that we do,want to add is its not just dog sitting,for example that you can sit anything up,to you know farm animals um or just a,cat or a fish or just one cat or just,plants,um which is you know obviously nice if,youre trying to be out and about all,day but since i used to live in austin,for school and weve been a multitude of,times we thought this would be a good,location for a first house sit because,weve already seen so much in this city,and we go and do something about once a,day but we didnt need to be out all day,and so it really worked out well,spending time with the dogs and every,owner has different expectations set up,usually in the listing so you do want to,make sure that if you plan on traveling,a lot in the city just make sure that,you know they dont need you to be there,all day because obviously that would put,a damper on your plans so if this sounds,like something thats interesting to you,you can click through the link below you,will get 25 off your annual membership,and in exchange we will also get a,little chunk off our next years,membership as well so if you are,interested wed highly suggest it were,excited to do more trusted house sitters,after this amazing first experience well,thanks so much for watching this video,stay tuned for more trusted housing to,come bye

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hello so as a house sitter,um as someone who potentially Works,remotely or is retired who travels,around Europe house sitting you need to,be very very careful about the 90,180 day rule,so in this video Im going to talk about,the 90 day Rule and what things you need,to be aware of especially when youre,house sitting for long periods of time,and explain how I almost went over that,um period and that I am now banned from,Europe for a certain period of time,until that 180 day,um time period resets so if youve seen,some of my earlier videos you will know,that I spent some time in Spain I spent,almost two months there and Im also,going to be doing another house sit,there for about almost four weeks,so that amount of time is even though,its split up and its not,[Music],um,three months,um kind of consecutively it is a large,amount of time when you add it up,cumulatively,so the 90 day in 180 day rule is where,you can only spend 90 days in any 180,day period so thats any six month,rolling period,um and if you overstay that amount of,time so you stay in Europe for longer,than 90 days in any 180 day period,then you could receive fines you could,be banned from the Schengen area,um which is mostly the EU,and its just not a good situation to be,in and trust me you dont want to you,dont want to be breaching that 90-day,um rule this is a side note,um and a disclaimer Im not given legal,advice this is not me giving you legal,advice about staying in Europe as a,tourist but,um this is basically information that I,have gained through looking at the,government website looking at other,websites and getting information about,this 90-day rule so,um so yeah its something that you,should look up and if youre from,another country thats not the UK then,it may be that you have different rules,um but Im just talking from my,experience and from what Ive seen on,online and the information that Ive,gained from this,so yeah as I mentioned youre not,allowed to stay in the Schengen area,which is basically most of the EU so Im,talking France Spain Italy Belgium,Denmark,um Czech Republic,Sweden Im not obviously not going to,name all of them because theres a lot,but theyre youre not allowed to stay,in in Europe,um in those countries for longer than 90,days,um some countries that are not included,in that list are Bulgaria Romania,Croatia and another one that I cant,remember now but these are the,um countries that do not apply to the,Schengen area so you can stay in those,other countries for 90 days in any 180,day period,um,and for but for each country whereas for,Europe its 90 days collectively so if,you went to,France Spain Italy,the the 90 days doesnt reset its,um a cumulative amount so if you spend,one month in in France one month in,Belgium one month in Italy thats three,months and thats your thats your,90-day limit that you have already,um kind of reached so it doesnt,um reset every time you enter a new,country if that makes sense so youve,got to be really careful with it,especially because being from the UK Im,used to traveling,um in Europe for as long as I want and,have free movement but after brexit this,is now not an option which is very very,sad,so Ive got to be really really careful,as I mentioned so what happened with me,was I obviously went to,um Spain and Portugal,um for two months in the summer and then,Ive got a house it planned for November,December and,um I woke up in the middle of the night,thinking,oh my gosh the 90-day rule,um I dont know why it came to my head,but its something that Ive never,needed to consider before and it,suddenly came to my mind I need to,double check,that Im not,um overstaying in Europe because I just,dont want to,um obviously its illegal and theres,just going to be too many repercussions,and it may mean that Im banned from,Europe which cannot happen because I,literally love that place,so,um so I I got out of bed and I thought I,need to check this now so that I can,actually sleep so I put in the dates,into this Schengen calculator which I,will link in the description because,its really really helped me because,were trying to work out 90 days in any,180 day period is quite confusing for me,so I mean I know how to work it out now,but I was a bit like I just need someone,to calculate this for me so I put in the,dates of when I was in Europe and when,Im going to be in Europe and basically,I got up to 85 days now I actually have,further plans to go back to Europe,um after the after I do the house,sitting in November December,so Ive now got to be really careful,that its not more than five days in,fact Im probably gonna try and keep it,to maybe three days,and I will then after that have to wait,until the 180 day period reset so that,Im allowed back into Europe,now if you use the Schengen calculator,which is really useful it actually tells,you how many days youve been in Europe,and when you can re-enter and for how,many days you can stay so Im after this,Im going to try and wait as long as,possible,and maybe visit,um and travel some to some other,countries that are not in the Schengen,area like Croatia for example or,maybe Asia or somewhere like that and,maybe Im going to try and travel to,somewhere different,um and do some house sittings elsewhere,that are not in Europe so that Im not,kind of using up my time in Europe,because,I want to spend large amounts of time,there so Im trying to save up my days,um which is a really sad reality to be,honest but its just the way it is,um,so yeah so its youre probably a little,bit confused in terms of what does 180,days in what does 90 days in 180 days in,any 180 day period actually mean,um so basically from what I have,researched and read,this means that the 180 days is a,rolling period so it doesnt mean,January to June for instance it means,any six-month period whatsoever so that,could be,um February to July or it could be March,to August for example any six month,period so what that means is you have to,calculate the amount of time that youve,been in the Schengen area,um for within any six months so let me,just give you an example of what,happened to me so I knew that I was in,Europe in May in Italy and I was also in,Europe in,July and July August September,so if you count from May so Im gonna go,May June July August September October,November so thats six months,So I entered Italy around the 21st of,May,I left Italy around the 25th 26th of May,so they are thats some days,so then after that I went to,um I went to Spain and Portugal for,around two months so thats like 60 days,so Ive got that 60 days plus the lets,say five days thats 65 days,already so that means that Ive only got,another however many days left up until,November,so,lets say I enter Europe around,17th of November,um until the 21st of November thats a,few days youve got to then add that on,because I went from the 21st of May,until the 21st of November so thats a,whole six month period thats a whole,180 day period,so I need to work out how many days,within that period did I stay in Europe,and it amounted to around I dont know,60 odd days so thats okay but then the,period between July and,um lets see July August September,October November December January the,period between July and January is where,Ive got the problem,its thats where it amounts to 85 days,which is a lot of time,so I basically couldnt extend my stay,in Spain,um because Im really encroaching on,that 90-day period And it yeah its not,good,so as a house sitter doing a lot of,house sits in Europe or yeah in the,Schengen area you need to be really,really careful about this and make sure,that you do not overstay that time,because the consequences are just too,bad,so what what would you do then how can,you actually get around this well the,obvious way of getting around this is by,yes staying your three months maybe,splitting it up maybe you can do a month,um in Europe then go away for a few,months and then do another month or,kind of split it up so that its not so,compact into one short time

10+ Tools & Apps For House Sitters ???? | House Sitter School

[Music],hi you can see im in a different place,im house sitting in new orleans ive,been,in new orleans for three weeks total,ive done two houses so far so i thought,this would be a good time to tell you,about the 10 tools that i use,to book and to enjoy my house sits,things that i use to make myself more,comfortable,while im in a strange city in a strange,house,of course i am linking to these tools in,the description,but stick around to the end of the video,because i am just bundling them together,into a house sitter tool kit which i am,giving to you,but first if youre new here welcome my,name is stephanie perry,and im a year-round house sitter i help,black women take a career break to,travel,on a budget if this sounds good to you,make sure that you hit that subscribe,button,and make sure that you ring the,notification bell turn on notifications,so that you will be notified when i post,a new video,welcome okay well get right into it,what 10 tools,am i using as a house sitter to book,house sits and to enjoy the house sits,to have fun while im here,number one should be no surprise to you,number one is,trusted house sitters im using the,trusted house sitters app to,book houses ive done a lot of videos,talking about house sitting and in each,one of those videos ive talked about,trusted house sitters because they are,the bomb,they are who you want to house it,through when youre getting started,trusted house sitters is a website where,people who need a house sitter,and house sitters meet each other pretty,simple,theyre international they have houses,all over the world,including right here in the united,states i booked these two houses in new,orleans through trusted house sitters,one of them i booked,months ago before the global pandemic,and then once i found out that the,client was actually going on her road,trip,i booked a second house sit so that i,could be here longer so i could spend,more time here in new orleans and its,been,a wonderful experience if youre,following me on instagram then you know,that ive had,its a beautiful house and,this house that is two cats only my,first house sit was two dogs that was,for one week and i had to walk dogs and,the humidity and the thunderstorms and,it was still it was still a great house,that uh but this one is two cats only,and life is breezy except that theres a,raccoon who comes to the back door to,to eat the food thats left out but,but thats another story my instagram is,at vicarius if you want to peep in on,the,shenanigans but trusted house sitters is,the number one house sitter tool or,website or app,my affiliate link to trusted house,sitters is in the house sitter tool kit,as well as the actual email that i send,to clients the actual pitch,email that i send that helps me book new,house sits,the template to that letter is in the,house sitter tool kit,so thats kind of like a bonus tool,instead of 10 tools youre getting 11,because youre also getting the,the template speaking of which a good,number of you guys,signed up for your trusted house sitters,memberships during my birthday sale,so many of you in fact that trusted,house sitters contacted me directly and,was like,thank you im like youre welcome,but really guys im so excited for you,im so excited for,you starting your house sitting journey,i want you to actually do it dont just,get let the membership sit there,get your moneys worth this toolkit will,help you with that and im here to help,you with that,lets go lets get started lets see the,world or at least like,the country for now alright so the next,tools that i use as a house sitter to,navigate a new place,are metro and rideshare apps google maps,is good for,most metro systems like google maps will,get you where you want to go,in a lot of the world using public,transportation,but city mapper is just a little bit,better citymapper has just a little bit,of an edge,on google maps citymapper is now my,favorite public transportation,app my house setting client in amsterdam,actually put me on to it she was like,google maps isnt quite as reliable here,so get citymapper i did and ive been,using it ever since for public,transportation information,here in new orleans ive been using lyft,quite a lot i got here,a few days before fourth of july you,know before the weekend,and i thought that lyft would be giving,discounts because sometimes during,holidays they give ride discounts they,didnt this time but i still have been,using it to get around new orleans,for a couple of days my two house sits,overlapped,so i had to leave the house with the,dogs come check on the cats,once a day and then go back to the house,sit with the dogs and i would walk,because theyre kind of in,kind of like within walking distance so,i would walk here i would get here id,be super sweaty and then id be like no,im taking a lift back but lyft is just,a good way to get around in a lot of the,world,youre probably familiar with uber and,lyft already if youre not already using,lyft,in the house sitter tool kit theres a,coupon for five dollars off of your,first,ride and then i want to mention a ride,share app that im not using in new,orleans but that i have used in other,parts of the world,blah blah car is a ride share app for,long distance travel,blah blah car is a ride share app for,like if you want to go to another town,or another,city i used it in mexico to go from,tequila the town which is just north of,guadalajara,over to the beach which was san,francisco and it cost me i think 75,of what the bus would cost right so its,a little cheaper than taking the bus,in mexico buses are modern and,convenient and comfortable,and they give you a meal like a little,sandwich or something on the bus,but that means that theyre not super,cheap so i use blah blah car some of the,time blah blah cars also,popular in europe when i was in vietnam,i met jas from chicago who told me about,blah blah car,and she used it to get around europe to,hitch rides with people,all over europe so theyre popular in a,lot of places but not here in the u.s,but if your house sitting in a place,with blah blah car and you want to go to,another town you know move to your next,house sit or move to your next,you know fun vacation spot check out,blah blah car,sometimes when you get to a house that,theres some food or some supplies in,the kitchen to keep you for the first,couple of days or at least the first,couple of meals,but not always it depends on what you,guys agree to i got to new orleans by,taking my first,pandemic era flight i definitely didnt,want to go to the grocery store and i,didnt want to,bother the client with going to the,grocery store because she was in the,middle of packing for her own trip,so i ordered from instacart instacart is,groceries delivered to your door a house,sitters dream with my link you can get,10,off your first order with instacart and,ive got coupons for grubhub,and doordash yes ive used each one of,these,during my three weeks in new orleans i,ate a lot of food,im down here a lot of the restaurants,are delivery or takeout only,i could walk to some of these,restaurants and do take,out and bring the food back but its a,zillion degrees outside and its very,humid,so boom doordash i have the dash pass,with doordash thats how often i use it,and its worth it okay now im going to,move into some tools and some apps that,im not using this time because im on a,domestic house set but that i do use,when i have an international house sit,the first one is xe.com its a currency,conversion app it just makes your life,so much easier when you know how much,youre spending for something,without xe.com i would be out here,flailing,i do a lot of house sitting in mexico,which is really easy mexicos conversion,is like 100 pesos is around five dollars,no sweat but in some places i have no,clue during my grown-up gap year i spent,like a week or two in budapest and,serbia,i dont know that i ever knew what those,conversion rates were like it wasnt,it wasnt really worth my time to look,t

My experience on the Trusted Housesitters App | How to find a housesitting job?

hi Im Marin and welcome back to my,channel marn makes it today I wanted to,make a follow-up video to the video I,made last week about how Ive been,living rent free for the past five,months I figured you guys might have,some questions and I realized I left,some things kind of open-ended and,unexplained in the last video so I,wanted to make a follow-up to explain,some of those things to you guys today,if you missed last weeks video Ill,link it in the comments down below but,basically I talked about how Ive been,able to live rent free for the past five,months by house slash pet setting for,prolonged periods of time moving every,three to about six weeks sometimes its,a little bit less than three I try to,really avoid that if I can but moving,every couple weeks basically in order to,avoid paying rent entirely everything I,have fits in my car I also have a,storage unit as sort of a backup for,things that are sort of out of season,and like Furniture type stuff but in,general everything I use on a more,consistent basis has to fit in my car so,that I can keep moving it with me from,house to house,whenever I tell people what Im doing,theyre like wow that sounds pretty cool,and then the next natural question that,kind of comes is how are you finding all,these house sits Marin like how are you,able to do this because you clearly have,to have enough house sits and enough,options to be able to line them up one,after the next in order to actually make,it worth your time and money to not have,a lease and not have a lot of gaps,between your house sits and guess what,there is a way to do this so basically,the way that I find all my house is is,through an app of course are we,surprised theres an app for it theres,an app for everything these days but the,app that I use is called trusted house,sitters so this is actually a company,based out of the UK originally but they,now are also in the US and theyre Im,not sure how worldwide they are but I,know that they are also in Canada and I,think Australia as well and throughout,parts of Europe anyway so I like to joke,that this site works like a cross,between a dating app and Airbnb so,basically what happens is people will,post their house and then also their,pets,on their profile which are the people,looking for house sitter and then you,also have a profile and you write a,little bit about yourself you put some,pictures of you and then you,um basically you can you can match,either ways okay so the pet owners can,search for house sitters on there and,the house sitters can search for pet,owners on there and for house sitting,stays so then once you find one that,youre interested in you can favorite it,you can bookmark it basically similar to,how on Airbnb if you find a listing,youre interested in it doesnt mean,that you automatically have to like go,book it or something you can kind of put,a heart on it and that way you can come,back to it later same thing happens here,with basically these house sitting,postings then once you know that youre,interested in something you can click,apply and then theyll automatically get,sent your profile but you also have a,little spot to write like a little cover,letter its sort of like when you match,on a dating site and then somebody has,to send the first message to be like hey,like this about your profile or,something like that so basically what I,do is I just search within a one hour,radius of the Denver area yeah so Ill,put in different cities in this area you,can also narrow your search by different,factors so you can do the length of the,stay you can filter by you can do the,type of pets so lets say youre,somebody whos allergic to cats you know,youre not going to do any cat sitting,you can filter out anything that has,caps,alternatively you can also filter by a,certain type of pets so for example,people can also post larger animals on,here or more exotic animals so lets say,youve always dreamed of having a horse,and youre like I dont know what it,would be like to actually take care of a,horse you could search on trusted house,sitters and filter by house sits with a,horse and then you can have a horse for,a week for example and you can see what,it really would be like to actually own,that type of pet so you can search by,length of stay you can search by,location type of pet you basically have,those filters similar to how you would,have on Airbnb where you can kind of,search for the dates or you can be a,little bit more flexible with your dates,and and this site Works similar the,other sections youll have within the,app are kind of once youre a little bit,more involved in the process so youll,have a section with kind of messaging,where you can go back and forth talk to,the people once they look at your,application and kind of message with,them then you also have a section for,your confirmed sits and also for your,pass sits so its similar to Airbnb,where you can see a history if you go on,there of all the places youve stayed,and you can also message with the Airbnb,host if you have questions and sort of,to arrange like your arrival time and,check-in instructions once you book a,Sit you get a lot more information about,the place just similar to Airbnb like on,Airbnb you cant see peoples location,or the exact location of where youre,staying sometimes ahead of time because,you know for security reasons people,dont want like their house to just and,their address to just sort of be public,information for anybody browsing Airbnb,but once youve paid for that,accommodation youll get their precise,address and youll get some more,information about how to actually get,into that house or how to actually get,into that rental that youre renting,through Airbnb similar to that the same,thing happens on the house sitting site,so once youve booked a house set you,get a little bit more information about,the actual place how you know how to,check in how whats their Wi-Fi,information once youre there a little,bit of a virtual guide basically that,the house owners the pet owners have to,fill out for you ahead of time to be,able to get on the site now this is,where Ill mention that there actually,is a fee to sign up for the site right,so the lowest level of membership is,going to be a hundred dollars a year,which honestly is not that bad when you,think about how much money this could,possibly save you in the end even if you,plan to use this site for just one night,so you plan to just use it for you know,one night staying somewhere I mean one,night in a hotel can easily cost you a,hundred bucks especially depending on,where you are in the country lets say,youre in a really cheap part of the,country two nights in a hotel you will,be at a hundred dollars I dont know,anywhere else in the country where you,can get a hotel night for less than that,so basically if you sign up and you use,this for even two nights it will be,worth your money on top of that I,actually have a discount code for you,guys so if you can get 25 off when you,sign up if you use my code and my link,in the comments down below so basically,as long as you plan to use this for at,least one night over the course of an,entire year it will be worth your money,to sign up Im just gonna say too that,this is just a friends and family,referral discount code you you can get,this code too once you sign up youll,youll have one of these codes as well,this is not an affiliate link this is,not a sponsored video I am not,affiliated with the company trusted,house sitters at all I think what it,gives me if you sign up is I get like a,month of free membership with them if,you guys sign up with that code so its,kind of a win-win for both of us anyways,even if I wasnt using this house,setting as a way to house hack and,basically not pay rent I think Im going,to keep this in mind for the long run as,a way to go on vacation because how cool,would it be to book a week like on the,beach in Florida and youre just taking,care of somebodys cat and instead of,paying for an Airbnb

trustedhousesitters | is it legit? | pros & cons | coupon code | is trustedhousesitters safe? | tips

my friends welcome back to road travel,where budget travel doesnt have to suck,if youre looking for tips on how to,travel more or less be sure to subscribe,to my channel as I post new videos every,Sunday,today were talking about trust to the,house sitters what it is the pros and,cons of using it as well as some general,tips to make the most of your experience,alright lets jump right in trusted,house sitters is a community of pet,owners and house sitters with a goal to,connect the two the sitters dont charge,anything so their payment is basically a,free place to stay,oftentimes people choose to couple their,vacations with house-sitting so that,they get a free place to stay basically,the owner will set up a listing of the,dates theyre gonna be gone what they,need what kind of pets they have and any,other pertinent information house,sitters can then apply for this home,stay kind of like applying for a job and,then the owner gets to pick whoever they,like the best I do want to make it clear,that this is not a free vacation pet,sitters have a huge responsibility to,take care of these little furry babies,that people consider their children if,thats not incentive enough to do a good,job the pet owners can also leave you a,review so if you want to keep doing it,you want to make sure that youre making,them happy and doing everything that,youre promising to do your number one,priority over anything else should be,caring for these pets there are three,types of memberships one for sitters one,for owners and one for both sitters and,owners for sitters it costs one hundred,nineteen dollars a year for the owners,membership it also costs one hundred and,nineteen dollars a year or you can get a,three month subscription for $69 if you,want to be a sitter and an owner you can,get the combo membership which costs one,hundred and forty eight dollars a year I,will say if you are interested I do have,a 25 percent off code so Ill go ahead,and put the link in the description if,youre interested,okay so you have a general overview of,what trusted house sitters is now lets,go over the pros and cons of course its,a free place to stay as long as you care,for those little fur babies if youre,someone who likes to solo travel but you,get a little lonely on the trip then,cuddling up to a furry little cutie can,often make you feel less lonely,rather than staying in an air B&B or a,hotel which can feel impersonal you can,stay in someones home and it may give,you kind of a more cozy feeling of being,in whatever city or town youre in if,youre an animal lover and you also love,to travel then its a total win-win okay,lets talk about the cons it may not,always be easy sometimes the pets dont,really do well with strangers living in,their houses sometimes they have certain,medical needs and youre gonna have to,give them medicine overall its a really,really big responsibility to take care,of somebody elses pet and it might not,be as glamorous as it sounds,owners can cancel at any time while it,is rare it is within and owners rights,to completely cancel a house set so,maybe you booked a flight out there or,you book things to do or you you know,take time off work if they cancel thats,the end of that you dont place a stay,[Music],a good way to make sure this doesnt,ruin you is to make sure you confirm all,of the details clearly with the,homeowner before you book flights or,anything else that is non-refundable and,have a back-up plan just in case maybe,find a hotel that has dates available,all the time that you can stay out in,case your situation falls on its face,its not a phrase Im good I dont think,falls on its face as a phrase since,trusted house sitters cost 119 dollars a,year its kind of a big chunk of change,for something that you havent even,tried yet and youre not really sure you,like it so thats always something to,consider luckily this video is here to,help you as much as possible so you know,what to expect before youre getting,your credit card out so those are some,general pros and cons about trusted,house sitters if youre still interested,in trying it out here are some tips for,how you can make the most out of your,experience know what youre getting into,if you dont like pets and youre not,willing to go the extra mile and really,make sure that those pets are happy and,healthy this is not a good option for,you play to your strengths,if you have a green thumb and youll,take really good care of the plants in,addition to the owners pets then put,that in your profile if you grew up with,three dogs and you know everything there,is to know about caring for dogs put,that in your profile for example I have,rabbits and I grew up with them so I,know a lot about taking care of rabbits,since theres such a specific type of,animal that has specific needs this is a,great thing to put in my profile so that,I can kind of ease the concerns of,rabbit owners and hopefully theyll pick,me over someone who has never had,rabbits when you first sign up trust of,house sitters is going to prompt you to,set up your profile think of this as,your resume as pet owners will be,looking at this to determine whether or,not they want you to care for their,animals include some photos of you with,your animals or other peoples animals,talk about times that youve pets at,before and your experience and anything,else that will make you look like a good,pet sitter if youre new to trusted,house sitters a great way to spruce up,your profile a little bit is to add,external references if youve have sat,before you can actually send a,to them to write you a reference on,trusted house sitters in addition if,youve never house sat before you can,still get personal references from,friends co-workers and so on that can,attest to your responsibility and how,great of a person you are and how great,of a house sitter you would be these,people might be trusting you to care for,their babies really really play up your,credibility and show that you can take,great care of them create an email,template that youre gonna send out to,pet owners I used the example of your,profile being a resume well think of,this email as a cover letter similar to,your profile talk about your strengths,and experiences be friendly and be,confident when youre applying to care,for someones pets tailor your email to,each person include anecdotes and,information about what type of pet they,have to really show them that you have,experience and you would make a great,sitter if you lack experience just make,up for it with enthusiasm apply for the,most recent listings as soon as possible,if you see a listing thats been around,for three or four months its likely,they have already found someone and just,havent taken the listing down jump on,the new opportunities instead of,thinking of this as a transactional,exchange of you caring for their pets in,exchange for them to give you a place to,stay think of it as an experience and a,relationship that youre starting with,these people that maybe youll watch,their pets more than once maybe youll,become friends with them who knows and,you might not but if you think of it,more as a meaningful thing instead of,just watching their pets to get you to a,new place then youll have a much more,wholesome experience and you will,probably seem much more attractive in,the eyes of the house sitter and they,will probably pick you and want you to,come back people sometimes add,last-minute listings so if you dont see,anything for the times that you want you,can keep checking back and you might,find something if you work from home,let the pet owners know in your intro,email because thats generally very,favorable to them this means that youre,gonna be at home with the pets working,instead of running around town all day,and coming home basically,to sleep and thats all my advice did I,leave anything out do you have any,additional questions feel free to leave,them in the comments if you like this,video be sure to subscribe catch me next,Sunday to learn abo

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