1. Tuft & Needle Mattress Review 2022 (Watch Before Buying)
  2. Tuft and Needle Mattress Review (MUST WATCH)
  3. Casper vs Nectar vs Purple vs Puffy vs Tuft & Needle (REVIEW GUIDE)
  4. Nectar vs Tuft & Needle | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022)
  5. Tuft and Needle Original Mattress – Reviewed and Approved
  6. Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review | Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy (UPDATED 2022)
  7. Tuft and Needle Mattress Review – Best Affordable Mattress??

Tuft & Needle Mattress Review 2022 (Watch Before Buying)

hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video we have a review of the,tuft needle mattress now tufts needle as,a brand is one of the oldest online,mattress brands they help start this,whole bed in a box craze and the,original mattress is one of the most,popular beds you can find online now,they do make a couple of other beds that,were going to briefly mention in,todays video but were going to be,focusing our attention on the original,were going to talk about what this bed,is actually made of what it feels like,to sleep on how firm it is how much it,costs and who this bet is ultimately,going to be best for if that sounds good,and you find the video helpful make sure,you give it a thumbs up and you,subscribe to the channel we really,appreciate that and theres going to be,a lot of information about tufts and,needle linked for you in the description,and just a ton of stuff to help you out,with your mattress search including any,discounts we can find lets just dive,right into the video by quickly going,over the policies that this mattress,comes with this is stuff like shipping,returns trial periods and warranties,now we did get sent this bed for free,buy tufts and needle so we could review,it and then tell you about it but if you,decide to go in for yourself youre,going to get free bet in a box shipping,the unboxing process is really quick and,easy to do we actually did an entire,video on how to unbox a mattress it,should be linked right in the,description if youre curious now one,thing you should keep in mind in regards,to the unboxing process is that since,its been compressed in plastic for such,a long time there might be a bit of an,odor it might even look a little,misshapen and its going to feel a bit,soft itll just take a couple days for,it to firm up and reach its intended,shape so you shouldnt worry about it,once the bed arrives at your door thats,when your trial period of 100 nights,kicks in so you get a little more than,three months to decide if you actually,like the mattress and you want to keep,it,if you dont for whatever reason within,that trial window you can get free,returns but if you end up keeping it,they back this mattress with a standard,10-year warranty so thats all the,policy stuff tufts needle is one of,those brands that helps set these online,mattress standards and we think its all,pretty consumer friendly so thats all,the policy stuff lets get into the,mattress itself now and start talking,about what its made of and the tufts,needle mattress has actually a pretty,simple basic design this is a 10 inch,thick mattress and it has only two foam,layers you have seven inches of a dense,support foam on the bottom which is a,pretty common type of foam you find in,these beds and then on top you have a,three inch layer of tnn adaptive foam,which is proprietary to tuft needle this,is a soft responsive neutral feeling,comfort foam the cover is also really,nice and breathable and you have an,option to spend up a little bit to add,some antimicrobial elements to the cover,which is pretty cool,the construction of the tufts noodle,mattress adds up to it having a flat,neutral foam feel,i would say this mattress almost feels,bland it doesnt have a sink in quality,of a memory foam and it doesnt have a,bouncy responsive feel of a latex foam,but most people who lay down on this,mattress generally like it it might not,be exactly what youre looking for in a,new mattress but its just a really safe,accommodating choice,now if you are a heavier person,somewhere in the 250 pound range we,cant really recommend the original,tufted needle just because it has an,all-foam construction we would recommend,you get a hybrid mattress with coils now,tufts of needle does have a hybrid,mattress that we really like its very,comfortable and it actually uses two,layers of coils for extra support well,try and link our review of that bed in,the description if you want to check it,out but back to the original tufts,needle mattress lets start talking,about firmness and the firmness level of,this mattress is going to be very,accommodating we have it at around a,flat medium on a firmer scale maybe even,a tiny bit firmer than that but thats,definitely splitting hairs it should be,generally accommodating for all sleeper,types back stomach side and combination,a medium firmness works especially well,for you combination sleepers out there,because if you spend half the night on,your side and the other half on your,back youre going to want something that,works for both now this doesnt,necessarily mean that a medium firmness,is going to be ideal for all sleeper,types if youre a strict back or stomach,sleeper specifically looking for a firm,mattress this isnt really it,and the same goes for side sleepers,looking for an especially soft mattress,now tufts of needle does make the,upgraded version of the original called,the tuft needle mint its a little bit,thicker and it is quite a bit softer we,think its a great option for side,sleepers our full review of that bed,should be in the description as well,lets move over to how this mattress,fares for couples and since its firmness,and feel is so accommodating we think,its very easy for two people to agree,on that so youre going to want to know,about edge support and motion isolation,motion isolation refers to how well the,mattress absorbs cross mattress motion,and the tufts and needle mattress does,this pretty well you probably wont be,jostled awake by your partner tossing,and turning at night although i do think,the issue of motion isolation is a bit,overblown i think youre just as likely,to get woken up by your partner tugging,on the covers when theyre tossing and,turning then you will from the actual,motion traveling through the mattress,but its pretty good on top of needle,edge support on the other hand refers to,how well the outer edges of the bed hold,up under pressure if the edge support on,your mattress isnt very good you cant,really utilize the entire sleeping,surface,now on the tufts needle mattress its,pretty solid its definitely not the,best weve ever seen but i dont think,sleepers should really worry about,having that roll-off sensation at night,but lets start talking about the,pricing of this mattress now and the,price is one of the biggest reasons that,the tufts needle mattress is so popular,online because its quite affordable a,queen size usually retails for just,about 700 bucks which puts it well below,some of its competitors like casper lisa,and purple,now since this mattress is really,affordable already it doesnt go on,discount very often like some other,brands do although they will sometimes,run big promotions around major holidays,so make sure you check in the,description for whatever we can find on,the tuft and needle mattress and this is,about going to do it for our review of,this mattress and to make a long story,short we think this is just a really,nice comfortable accommodating and,affordable bed id say look into getting,this mattress if maybe youre not,exactly sure what you want in a new,mattress youre not really sure about,your feel your firmness and you dont,want to spend the money on a new,mattress odds are if you get the,original tutson neil youre probably,going to enjoy it either way though i,hope you found todays video helpful if,you did make sure you give it a thumbs,up and you subscribe to the channel we,really appreciate that and i know ive,said it a lot but theres a ton of stuff,in the description to help you out with,your mattress search so be sure to check,it out but thats enough for me thanks,so much for watching and see in the next,[Music],[Music],you

Tuft and Needle Mattress Review (MUST WATCH)

hey guys im jd with my slumberyard.com,here with you today to bring you our,updated review of the original tuft and,needle mattress this guy right here so,tufted needle is a brand is owned by,serta simmons which is one of the,largest and most well-respected bedding,manufacturers in the entire world and,the flagship tufted needle is actually,one of the most popular online beds to,date its a super accommodating awful,mattress with a lot to offer but since,you cant exactly try it out in a store,before you buy it in most cases you,probably want to know some critical,things before doing so and thats,exactly where we come in over here at,the slumber yard weve tested and,reviewed something like 175 different,online beds at this point and we know,this one like the back of our hands so,in this video were gonna try to get,past all the advertising fluff and,marketing rhetoric that you see on,social media and tv and give you our,unbiased take on everything that you,should know about this bed before you,even end up ordering it well start off,by covering all the policies that this,bet is going to come with things like,shipping returns trial periods and,warranties then were going to cover the,big stuff like what this bet is made up,of how it actually feels of course how,much it costs and at the end well even,have a final verdict on who we think,itll ultimately be best for now just in,case you need any more information about,this mattress once the video is through,were going to link our full written,review of it down below in the,description which should contain a lot,more detail for you and down in that,description box you can also find a,bunch of other helpful resources from,our very own website myslimberyard.com,other betting product reviews other,comparisons and coupon codes for tuft,needle if we happen to come across any,also if this video helps you out today,in any way wed really appreciate a,thumbs up and consider subscribing to,the channel for more we really,appreciate your support but now lets,talk a bit about the original tuft,mattress,want a needle,but you dont know what to do,which bed in a box will be the right one,for you,well tell you how the me share the,firmness and fail and make sure youre,cashing in all,[Music],okay so lets start this thing off by,going over the types of policies that,the original tuft and needle bed is,going to come with to be clear we,receive this mattress for free to review,as is the case for all of the beds that,we review but if you buy it online,heres what youre going to be getting,number one completely free shipping once,ordered itll eventually arrive at your,doorstep rolled up inside of a big box,the unboxing process is super easy and,takes practically no time to complete,but since it is an all foam bed thats,been compressed for a while to fit,inside of a box you might just want to,let it sit out on your foundation for a,couple days so it can fully inflate now,you can totally lay down on the bed,before that time its not going to,affect the bed at all but it will,probably feel a bit better once its,properly expanded now once the bed is in,your possession thats when your sleep,trial of 100 full nights kicks in so you,get a little over three full months to,test this bed out at home before youre,completely stuck with it and if within,that time frame you find that the bed,isnt exactly right for you for whatever,reason you also get completely free,returns you just call the company up and,theyll work with you to set up a,mattress removal but on the other hand,should you decide to keep it which i,think you likely will its backed by a,10 year warranty all of these policies,are basically the standard for most,brands within the online mattress space,and well link more information about,tufted needles down below in the,description if you want to learn more so,now that youre aware of all the,policies that it comes with lets dive,into the construction of this bed to,give you a better idea of what exactly,its made up of if we take a closer look,you can see that its a 10 inch all foam,bed comprised of just two layers on the,bottom youve got a dense support foam,that makes up the core of the mattress,and on top you have a proprietary layer,of t and n adaptive foam which is,basically a softer comfort foam all of,the foams used within the original,tufted needle are also serta pure us,certified which is always a nice,certification to have in a bed and the,bed itself is also made in the good old,usa if you care about getting,american-made products since it is an,all-foam bed however we think itll,likely be best for medium to,petite-sized individuals if youre,heavier we always recommend going the,route of a hybrid mattress as opposed to,an all-foam one just because their coils,provide a little more long-term,durability and support for bigger body,types tuft needle as a brand does offer,a couple different hybrid options,however they have the tuft and needle,hybrid and the nod hybrid both of which,will be way more supportive options for,heavier people in the long run well try,to link those beds along with some other,suitable options for heavier folks down,below in the description if youre,interested so what does this simple,two-layer construction ultimately give,this mattress in terms of its overall,feel thats probably one of the biggest,things that you want to know if youre,looking into getting a new mattress,right well we described the original,tuft needle mattress to have a classic,soft neutral foam feel simply put it,just feels like a comfy soft foam bed,that just about anyone will find,accommodating so if youre in the market,for a new bed and youre not really,looking for any specific type of feel,just something that the average joe,would find generally comfortable tuft,needle is probably going to be one of,your best bets another accommodating,thing about this mattress is its overall,firmness level we have it at right,around a medium on our scale maybe even,like a medium plus so we see it being a,great option for all sleeper types,backside stomach and combination keep in,mind though that firmness is quite a,subjective thing that mostly depends on,how much you weigh if you are more,petite youll likely lay more on top of,the bed and find it to be a bit firmer,than a medium while heavier people like,myself might sink into this mattress,more and find it to be a bit softer than,that but we think that the average size,person is going to find this mattress to,be right in the middle of the road in,terms of its overall firmness again,check out our full written review down,below in the description to see more of,our thoughts on this matter now if,youre looking for an exceptionally firm,bed tufted needle as a brand doesnt,really have one of those options right,now but they do have their tuft needle,mint mattress which is a softer option,thats really good for side sleepers,its basically a plush more enhanced,version of their original mattress and,well be sure to link that option down,below in the description if you want to,check it out what about if youre going,to be sharing the bed with someone well,in that case you want to be aware of how,the bed performs in three different,departments those being edge support,motion isolation and temperature,regulation edge support refers to how,well the perimeter edges of the bed hold,up under pressure and on top to needle,its actually pretty good we dont,really foresee any issues of anyone,falling off this mattress anytime soon,motion isolation is basically how well,the bed absorbs cross-mattress movement,and tufting needle also does pretty well,in this regard its foam layers do a,pretty good job of deadening motion,overall no real issues here now if you,both sleep hot temperature regulation is,obviously going to be a pretty big,factor that you should consider,and tuft needle the original mattress,isnt necessarily going to be an active,cooling mattress but we do think itll,do a good job at remaining temperature,neu

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Casper vs Nectar vs Purple vs Puffy vs Tuft & Needle (REVIEW GUIDE)

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Nectar vs Tuft & Needle | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022)

hey everyone im jd with,myslimberyard.com hopefully youre doing,well and in this video ive got a,mattress comparison for you and were,going to be talking all about how nectar,compares to tuft and needle so if youve,been shopping online for a new mattress,recently youve probably come across,both of these options if not one of them,and you might even be wondering how they,both stack up against each other and why,you should really go with one over the,other well in this video im basically,going to try to tell you everything,about these two beds so you can make a,well-informed decision before you buy,were going to start off by talking,about the policies that they both come,with then were going to delve into some,of the similarities between them of,course the differences that they both,have and at the end ill even sum things,up with a final verdict on who we see,these options being best for now i think,if youre open-minded this video should,be all you need but in case its not,check down below in the description,were going to have a bunch more helpful,resources and content related to both of,these beds and if you enjoy this video,and you get something out of it and you,find it helpful towards your online,mattress search wed really appreciate,it if you dropped a like on this video,and subscribe to the channel for more,but without further ado lets get to it,[Music],okay so before i start talking about,each mattress individually i do want to,address the types of policies that,theyre backed by to be clear we did,receive both of these mattresses for,free from their respective brands to,review but if you buy them online you,should be getting the following policies,starting with completely free,bed-in-a-box shipping now once the beds,are in your possession you also get a,sleep trial with both i believe you get,100 full nights with tufted needle and,with nectar you actually get an entire,year to try the bed out risk-free in the,comfort of your own home but in the case,you decide to keep them theyre both,backed by warranties you get a 10 year,warranty with tufted needle and you,actually get a forever warranty with the,nectar mattress so nectar probably has,the better policies when compared to,tuft and needle but if you want any more,information about these policies check,down below in the description well link,some stuff for you down there so thats,all the policy stuff now its time to,talk about some of the commonalities,between tuft needle and nectar the,biggest one is that theyre both all,foam mattresses this means that theyre,entirely comprised of various foam,layers and this makes them most ideal,for medium to petite sized individuals,if youre a heavier person lets say,around 200 pounds or more you probably,want to look into getting a hybrid bed,that uses pocketed coils as opposed to,an all-foam one just because those types,of beds are usually going to provide,your body type with a lot more support,long-term now nectar as a brand,currently doesnt offer any hybrid,models tuft needle does they have tuft,needle hybrid and the nod hybrid and,well be sure to link all those options,down below in the description for you,but other than the fact that these are,relatively affordable options within the,online space thats pretty much gonna do,it for the similarities between these,two theyre quite unlike in many,different ways so now lets dive into,the differences and the first one has to,do with construction and feel so nectar,is a three layer all foam bed it uses,dense support foam on the bottom then,you have a transition layer and then you,have a top layer of viscous memory foam,and this naturally gives the bed more of,a dense memory foam feel so when you,first hop on it itll likely appear to,be pretty firm at first but as you,slowly start to sink into that top layer,of viscous memory foam itll kind of,cradle your body and kind of carve out a,little nook for you to rest in a lot of,people absolutely love this style of,memory foam sensation and others dont,but thats essentially what youre going,to be getting with the original nectar,mattress tuft needle on the other hand,is a two layer all foam bed its got,dense support foam on the bottom and,then right on top of that is their,proprietary layer of tnn adaptive foam,and this stuff is basically just a,softer comfort foam thats also pretty,responsive and it naturally gives the,tuft needle more of a soft comfortable,foam feel simply put to us it just feels,like a comfy foam bed which is what a,lot of sleepers out there are looking,for in a brand new mattress something,with just an unassuming type of feel,that should be accommodating to most out,there this overall difference in,construction and feel also results in a,slight difference as far as firmness is,concerned so the original tuft needle,mattress is right around a proper medium,on our scale meaning that it should be a,good option for all sleeper types so,whether you like to sleep on your back,stomach side or a combination of all,three sleeping positions you should be,set with this model nectar on the other,hand is a little bit firmer at a proper,medium firm on our scale so that means,it should also work for all sleeper,types just fine but back in stomach,sleepers who usually prefer firmer,mattresses will likely be getting the,most out of it that being said though if,youre the type of side sleeper who,prefers a dense memory foam bed with a,firmer profile it could likely work for,you as well but now lets talk about the,rest of the differences another one can,be found in the types of covers that,each are going to feature so nectar,actually comes with a machine washable,cover which means if it happens to get,dirty over time you can just remove the,entire top cover and toss it in your,washing machine for a deep clean though,it is probably a better idea to hang dry,that cover as opposed to tossing it in,your dryer because we all have had that,favorite sweater that you know,you absolutely toss into that dryer,after you wash it and now youve got a,fun sized version of,what you used to enjoy that no longer,fits you that youll probably have to,give it to your favorite nephew or,some sort of a child in need but you do,have that option with nectar with tufted,needle you dont necessarily have a,machine washable cover but you do have,the option to spend up to purchase it,with an antimicrobial feature so if,youre someone who suffers from,allergies and asthma at night this could,be a great option for your consideration,now its time to discuss pricing for,both of these options and while one is,probably going to be more affordable,than the other i do want to say that,tuft needle and nectar brands like these,change up their pricing all the time so,if this pricing is different as when,youre watching this video check down,below in the description to see,whatevers current but as of when im,recording this video a tuft needle queen,usually retails for just shy of 900,they rarely offer discounts as they see,their mattresses being pretty affordable,already but well try to link whatever,we can find for it down below in the,description nectar is priced right,around thirteen hundred dollars for,their queen size msrp just shy of that,but after discount which you can,probably find down below in the,description you can expect to pay closer,to the 800 range for one nectar also,likes to throw in things with their,mattress purchases like a set of sheets,or pillows so if youre looking for a,whole new sleep setup along with a new,bed this could be a great option also,worth your consideration again check,down below in the description because we,should have something or other to help,you out with all that pricing but thats,pretty much going to sum it up for this,comparison either way you go here youre,getting a quality all foam bed from a,reputable brand but the question remains,who should go the route of nectar and,who should go the route of tufted needle,well id say look in a nectar if you,want an all-foa

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress – Reviewed and Approved

hi Im Chris Im the sleepwriter here at,reviewed and today were going to be,testing the tuft and needle original,mattress,[Music],tuft and needle was founded in 2012 and,became this very popular mattress in a,box brand its known for having three,different mattresses the original that,were testing is a foam mattress but it,also has the mint and a hybrid mattress,as well were testing the original,because that is the most popular and,also the cheapest as a sleepwriter it,reviewed I test a lot of mattresses and,we pretty much do the same protocol for,every mattress the first part is a lab,test here at our office in Cambridge,Massachusetts where we do four different,tests on the mattress first we unbox it,and then we test for motion isolation,the next thing we do is probably a,pressure relief which we use a couple of,different weights and dumbbells for,well move on to something like Edge,support to determine how easy it is to,get in and out of the mattress and on,the mattress with the edge and then,well do heat diffusion which is kind of,measuring how itll go if your body is,laying on the surface of mattress the,heat dispersing through the mattress,throughout the night the second portion,of our testing is the at-home testing,where well bring the mattress to my,apartment and well sleep on it for,anywhere from a month 30 days just to,kind of get a sense of how comfortable,it is how it feels to sleep on it night,after night it also will determine kind,of how the tests in the labs hold up at,home so heat diffusion could go well in,the lab night after night in the at home,will give you a different story so,heres some things we liked about the,tuft and needle Original Mattress it,unboxed really easily at 72 pounds its,one of the lighter foam mattresses Ive,tested so it was easy to carry on my own,and unboxing was not difficult at all,simply unrolled it cut it open and it,inflated within a couple of minutes,there was very little chemical smell,from what I remember which is pretty,typical for film mattresses some can,smell for up to a month after being,unboxed this only smelled for a couple,of minutes so so we think that thats a,big plus one of the biggest positives we,noticed is that the tuft and needle,Original Mattress is really firm which,is unusual for foam mattresses foam,mattresses tend to be a little bit,softer right theyll be like a memory,foam and theyll have that kind of sink,and sensation if you want something,firmer youll usually go for a hybrid or,an inner spring mattress because those,mix the foam with a spring support,system so that youre getting a bit more,support but the tuft needle doesnt need,that inner spring support or any sort of,support system its firm enough on its,own with the foam layers so one of my,favorite qualities when Im testing a,mattress is to look for Edge support,Edge support is really important if,youre someone who likes to sit on the,edge of a bed and tie your shoes or if,you have Mobility impairments and need,help getting in and out of bed at night,for the tuft needle Original Mattress,The Edge support is surprisingly strong,again foam mattresses dont usually have,good Edge support because they are just,kind of the same material throughout the,surface,and typically if you want better Edge,support youll go for something like a,hybrid or inner spring but we found that,the tuft needle Original Mattress had,really awesome Edge support throughout,the mattress so if youre someone who is,looking for a foam mattress but it still,needs Edge support it still needs that,support system to get in and out of bed,this is a really great option for you,and finally one thing we really like,about the tuft needle Original Mattress,is how cheap it is the original Mattress,prices in it around just under a,thousand dollars for a queen size and,thats pretty competitive with a lot of,other prices for queen foam mattresses,which can range anywhere from just over,a thousand dollars to just under two,thousand dollars of course not every,mattress is perfect and there were a,couple of things we did not like during,testing one of the things we noticed,about the tuft and needle Original,Mattress is that it doesnt diffuse heat,as well as other mattresses weve tested,and although its firmness was a positive,the tuft needle Original Mattress could,be too firm for some people again this,is something thats kind of up to,Personal Taste but we found that some,people didnt love How firm the tuft and,needle Original Mattress was it really,doesnt allow you to kind of sink into,it like other foam mattresses might and,that might be a con for some people,looking for a foam mask mattress that,has more of that memory foam feel and,our last thing that we didnt like about,the tuft needle Original Mattress is,more cosmetic than anything it doesnt,look super aesthetically pleasing now,you may be saying mattresses Im going,to cover them with sheets and blankets,Im never going to look at them ever,again why do I care true but also we,think its important to note that in,this process we thought that the tuft,and needle Original Mattress was kind of,just Bland looking especially compared,to other foam mattresses weve tested,that have a more pretty aesthetic a you,know better cover and look like,mattresses that you genuinely maybe,dont want to cover because you want to,show them off of course tuft and needle,has an amazing 100 night trial period,where you can sleep on the mattress test,it out see how it feels and determine if,its the correct mattress for you if you,decide that this is not what youre,looking for you can contact tuft and,needle and theyll help you donate this,mattress to a nearby non-profit overall,the pros are unboxing was great its a,nice and firm mattress it has good Edge,support and the price cant be beat the,cons are it retains some heat but,dissipates it quickly it may be too firm,for some and its not aesthetically,pleasing so is the tuft and needle,Original Mattress worth it we definitely,think so considering that its a pretty,good deal for a queen foam mattress its,got great Edge support and its pretty,firm we think that this is a great,option for the price and although we,only tested this for 30 days I could see,myself sleeping on it for over 10 years,its an incredibly comfortable mattress,its great for all sleeping positions,and my partner even liked it too I,definitely think that tuft and needle,Original Mattress is a great option for,its affordability and could really be,the mattress youre looking for if,youre looking for a foam mattress,thats going to last you a while for our,full review of the tuft and needle,Original Mattress head over to,review.com you can also read our other,mattress reviews on there as well and,thank you so much for watching,[Music],foreign,[Music]

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review | Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy (UPDATED 2022)

so is the upgraded tuft needle mint,mattress actually worth the extra price,of admission in comparison to the,original,well were gonna be talking about that,in todays video,[Music],hey hows it going this is owen im a,scene at home and weve got our review,of the newly updated tough to needle,mint mattress were going to talk about,what this bed is made of what it feels,like to sleep on whats new with the,mattress honestly its really not that,much,what its going to cost you who should,think about getting this bed and if its,actually going to be worth it to you to,buy it instead of the original if you,find this video helpful give it a thumbs,up and subscribe to the channel and,lets just get right in by covering the,general policies youre going to get,with the tuft and needle mint mattress,this is going to ship to you completely,free inside of a box and this is how the,vast majority beds are shipped these,days and tufts needle was one of the,original bed in a box mattress brands so,its just going to show up at your door,in about a four foot tall box and youre,gonna bring it inside open it up rip off,the plastic and then watch your new,mattress inflate its a pretty fun,process we do recommend having a friend,there to help you out because the beds,can get pretty heavy and unwieldy,especially for getting a king or a queen,once the bed rides at your door this,when your trial period kicks in they,give you 100 nights which is the online,mattress standard to sleep on the,mattress at home to decide if you,actually like it and suits your needs if,you decide that it doesnt for whatever,reason you can return it and get a full,refund but if you wind up keeping the,bed it comes with a 10 year warranty,these are the standard policies you,should expect with pretty much any,online mattress and tufts needle was one,of the brands that helped pioneer this,whole bed in a box revolution this is,the minimum set of policies you should,expect for pretty much every online,mattress a lot of brands will go longer,but i think these are more than adequate,for most people and tufts needle was one,of the brands that kind of helped set,this whole online mattress policy,standard,lets get into the more interesting,stuff now like what this mattress is,actually made of and what its going to,feel like for you to sleep on it thats,obviously probably the most important,thing if youre looking into this bed so,the tufts needle mint mattress has an,all foam design,the real difference between a all foam,bed and a hybrid bed is going to be the,support layer on hybrid beds that layer,is going to be coils and then on all,foam beds its obviously going to be,foam so you have a thick layer of dense,support foam at the very bottom and then,right above that support foam you have a,transition layer of what tuft needle,calls their mint layer this makes it,sound more like a cookie of some kind as,opposed to a mattress but it is a nice,soft yet responsive foam thats going to,provide you with a nice buffer between,the primary comfort foam and the support,foam and then that primary comfort foam,is going to be the proprietary tnn,adaptive foam this stuff is used in all,the beds from tuft to needle and it,strikes a really nice balance between,comfort and support it doesnt behave at,all like a memory foam when you release,pressure from it it snaps back into its,shape very quickly while still providing,you with a lot of comfort and cushioning,i think the vast majority of sleepers,out there myself included will really,like the feel of this particular,mattress its not going to be as,distinctive as some other beds like a,latex foam or a purple or a memory foam,but this is a really good option for,someone who doesnt have a specific feel,that theyre drawn to and just want,something thats going to be generally,quite comfortable and i think this bed,accomplishes that very well with its,nice soft neutral feel and then the only,thing that has really changed from the,old model of the tufts needle mint to,the one that we have now,is the cover is significantly different,looking but its not only different,looking its actually now removable and,machine washable its really easy to zip,the cover off toss it in your washing,machine for a deep clean,this is a pretty nice feature to have in,my opinion if you suffer from allergies,or youre using this for a vacation,rental and you want to be able to just,give your mattress a deep clean really,easily so its really the only really,big difference between the original,tufts needle mint and the new one and i,think it is a welcome addition,lets move over to the subject of,firmness this is another really,important factor when deciding on your,next mattress and we find this mattress,to be somewhere between a medium and a,medium soft on our firma scale we really,like this specific firmness level for,side sleepers and combo sleepers if you,are a predominant side sleeper we do,recommend looking at a softer bed,this is because if youre sleeping on a,firm bed and youre sleeping on your,side you put a lot of pressure on your,shoulder and your hip,so over time you could be developing hip,and shoulder pain or even on a nightly,basis you could wake up with your,shoulder just being a little bit sore,this is honestly something i struggle,with as a side sleeper whenever i go,camping because air beds and sleeping,pads dont provide enough pressure,relief so ill fall asleep on my side,and then a few hours later ill wake up,with,pretty decent shoulder pain and then,ill switch over to the other side again,i recommend if you are a side sleeper,trying out a soft bed if youre looking,for something new and this is a really,nice option but its not so soft that,you cant also sleep in other positions,and its a pretty nice option for,couples as well for that reason the,original tufts of needle mattress is a,bit firmer at around a medium or medium,plus and this is actually a pretty,common thing for mattress brands to do,to make their more,upgraded luxurious bed a bit softer,because there are a lot of people out,there looking for a softer bed like this,one lets move over to the subject of,pricing now and this is actually a,little bit complicated normally mattress,brands are fairly consistent with their,discounts weve been watching these,prices fluctuate for years now and tuft,needle as a brand generally saves their,big discounts for major holidays,just for your reference im filming this,kind of close to labor day and theyre,running their labor day sale so with,that sale you can get this bed for about,thirteen hundred dollars off of its,normal 1800 msrp for queen size at about,thirteen hundred dollars i think that is,very competitively priced its going to,be more affordable than a lot of other,more upgraded soft beds like the casper,nova and the puffy luxe however at the,msrp price of eighteen hundred dollars,its kinda harder to recommend because,it is an all foam bed and normally that,high price point is reserved for hybrid,beds even something more luxurious like,the winkbed gravity lux is usually more,affordable than eighteen hundred bucks,however they might become more,consistent with their discounts im not,sure whats going to look like after the,labor day sale but whatever able to find,on this bed will be linked for you down,below in the description and mattress,brands do change their prices all the,time so whatever you find down there is,going to be current not when im,recording this video,so that leaves us the question who,should think about getting the tuft,needle mint mattress and i think it is a,pretty easy question to answer if youre,looking for a softer mattress with a,very accommodating neutral foam feel i,think the tufts needle mint is going to,be a great option for you but if youre,looking for a memory foam mattress or,you just dont have a ton of money to,spend on a new mattress it becomes a bit,harder to recommend this bed,in terms of its comparison to the,original though i think as long as you,want some

Tuft and Needle Mattress Review – Best Affordable Mattress??

hey guys martin here from mattress,clarity if youre on the hunt for an,affordable bed in a box mattress its,also very nice you have come to the,right video today were talking about,the tuft and needle original mattress,were going to take a look at its,construction my experience with it who,to get fit for and who its not a good,fit for lets get started,[Music],so lets start off by taking a look at,the major details you need to know about,this mattress first off it comes with a,hundred night sleep trial a 10-year,warranty and free shipping and returns,taking a look at its construction first,off on top a thin breathable cover very,soft to the touch allows for air flow,through the top of the mattress,but moving down to the main comfort,layer of this mattress a thick layer of,adaptive foam proprietary to tuft needle,it is soft and responsive at the same,time also infused with graphite and with,gel for cooling but need that your main,support layer some support foam is also,open-celled for breathability,the tuft needle is a bed-in-a-box,mattress its going to come to your,house in a cardboard box it is very easy,to unbox though you bring it inside with,a friends help you put the rolled up,mattress right on your bed frame,unrolling it takes about three to four,minutes but very easy process overall,and give up 24 to 48 hours for the off,gas and expand and youre good to go,so now lets talk about firmness and,feel in terms of firmness i thought this,mattress is close to a six and a half,out of ten about medium in terms of,firmness very soft layer right on top,beneath that and more supportive layer,combines for that medium firm feel,now speaking of feel overall more of a,balanced foam feel you have soft foam on,top its also quite responsive so not,only that memory foam feel overall more,responsive easy to move around,now how that affects your sleeping,position starting off on my back good,match for me good balance of comfort and,support hip sink in the right amount,good lumbar support and a bit of,contouring as well moving to my side not,a bad match for side sleeping but i am a,larger person pressing further into the,mattress might feel some more firmness,than a lighter person might now moving,to my stomach though not quite,supportive enough for me my hips are,blowing in and i am getting out of,alignment,hey yall elisa here to offer a,different perspective i am a much,shorter person than martin and i,actually felt like this made the,mattress feel a little bit firmer for me,it came in at about a seven out of ten,so it felt pretty good while i was back,sleeping but when i moved to my side i,wasnt quite getting that pressure,relief that i needed thats probably,because im not compressing that top,layer very much so i am feeling a bit of,pressure build up along my shoulders and,my hips however this mattress feels,great whenever im stomach sleeping i,can feel my back stay in a nice neutral,alignment so if youre a stomach sleeper,this is a great choice,if you sleep with the partners two,things you do want to think about thats,motion transfer and edge support now,motion transfer means relying down on,one side of the mattress your part moves,around on the other side are going to,feel that motion or knots,edge support means if youre sitting or,lying down to the edge of a mattress are,you going to feel secure or marketing to,roll off and onto the floor,so first off speaking of motion transfer,actually handles it surprisingly well,usually more responsive mattresses like,this are not the best at handling motion,transfer but testing it out with a glass,of water and lying down on one side of,the mattress while robbie moved around,on the other side not too much motion,transfer with a tufted needle now,speaking of edge support not the best,edge support it is a simpler mattress,overall more streamline not too,supportive toward the edge of the,mattress i feel a bit like i might roll,off or fall off,[Music],when youre shopping for a new mattress,budget is always a major consideration,so what is the price of this mattress so,at full price for a queen size tuft,needle original its around a thousand,dollars a very affordable bed in a box,mattress but also with our coupons in,the youtube description below you can,make it even more affordable by taking,some money off your purchase,so now the moment youve all been,waiting for who should get this mattress,and who shouldnt get this mattress,first off in terms of who should get it,its a great option i think for average,weight back sleepers if youre an,average weight back server you,definitely want a good balance of,comfort and support this mattress,definitely supplies that,its also a good option if you like more,of a balanced foam feel you like to sink,in a little bit but also have no trouble,moving around you definitely get that,with a tuft needle,lastly a great option for those who want,something more affordable only around a,thousand dollars at full price for a,queen size a very good deal for what,youre getting but speaking of who,shouldnt get this mattress first off,not the best match i think for heavy,people if you weigh over 275 pounds find,a more supportive mattress overall or a,mattress made specifically for heavy,people,also i think if you are a strict side,sleeper look for a firmer mattress,overall this is close to medium firm id,find a firmer mattress close to an 8 out,of 10. and lastly not the best option,for those who want a memory foam feel,this has more of a balanced foam feel,overall if you like memory foam look for,a memory foam mattress,in the end i think the tuft needle is a,great option for back sleepers those who,want something more affordable and fans,of a balanced foam feel,thats about it if you want some more,info on this mattress definitely head,over to mattressclarity.com for the,individual review great money-saving,coupons and some money-saving coupons in,youtube description below well see you,next time,[Music],you

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