1. UCT reviews the year 2021
  2. Is a UCT online course worth it?
  3. My first week as a UCT online high school student!!! | SA Youtuber
  4. Day in my life| UCT Online High School Edition
  5. UCT ( online) first semester review
  6. Asking UCT Students: University tips and Advice!
  7. Term 1 Recap @UCT Online High School | SA Youtuber

UCT reviews the year 2021

foreign,[Music],[Music],should get vaccinated because for,example the students we cant go to,classes we cant you know we are scared,when were around our older family,members because we can potentially,expose them and I think as people that,are more informed about the things that,are happening in the world I think we,should take it upon ourselves to get,vaccinated so that those people that,maybe they are scared or they are not,sure how vaccines we cant see it from,us and they can also go through it and,get this native as well,good day and a very warm welcome to the,special virtual celebration hosted by,the University of Cape Town,we are honoring the graduates who,completed their respective study,programs in 2020,Africas top university has launched an,online high school a future fit,personalized affordable learning,experience that sets you up for high,school University and life,[Music],at the height of the need to movement I,was surprised by The Many Men Who,expressed complete shock at the stories,that women were telling,men are new personally men who believe,who who espouse ideas of of gender,equality,and so I think it is important to,remember that it is not so much that we,live in a male dominated culture as it,is that we also live in a male appeasing,culture and so women themselves,participate in this culture in ways that,do not necessarily benefit women,[Music],we are here on upper campus at the South,Apartment Hall to commemorate the lives,we have lost,is a community the pandemic has affected,us a lot,there are people our colleagues our,friends we shared officers with who we,shared meetings with before the lockdown,and now they are no more and we are here,to mark that moment,[Music],our special collections were,destroyed and were damaged we lost the,building which was historical and very,meaningful to a lot of people so it,meant that about 45 of the African,studies collection would went up in,smoke and then in the very upper,galleries there was a large collection,of government Publications which were,also destroyed people turned up every,day there wasnt a day where we didnt,have sufficient volunteers we were,generally oversubscribed we have extra,people how might we use them because we,dont want to turn away the services,that they also generously offering,this lecture,is an opportunity for us as a community,to recognize the lasting impact Dr,Saunders has had on UCT is a professor,of medicine from 1971 to 1980 but also,as Vice Chancellor from 1981 to 1996.,I will not be denied the rights to,freely move in the land of my birth,I think as a country and a continent he,has bestowed us,with an amazing ability,to be courageous,to know that,evil,will never and should never,overcome light,and goodness it has a beautiful prayer,of his,that love is stronger than hate light,stronger than Darkness,[Music],welcome colleagues to the UCT annual,Awards 2021 we are here virtually to,honor you who work so hard to build,Excellence into the University of Cape,Town so we have planned this program to,extend to you as best as we can in this,virtual format our heartfelt,appreciation,[Music],foreign,[Music],of office,and after which,you will be invited,to sign the Universitys Golden Book,[Applause],foreign,[Music]

Is a UCT online course worth it?

if you are frustrated with your current,career maybe you arent getting a job or,youre not getting paid enough in your,job and you feel that upskilling your,qualifications may actually help you,then youre going to love todays video,I studied at the top university in,Africa at the University of Cape Town,and I absolutely loved the education,that I received and Im so excited to,learn that there is a more accessible,and affordable way for you to get a,qualification from UCT you can actually,take a short online course from UCT,offered through a git smarter this will,allow you to have a certificate from UCT,in various programs that could help you,land a higher paying and much better job,you all know that on my channel I always,tell you guys that you can teach,yourself new skills from YouTube but the,truth is it doesnt work for everyone,the problem with YouTube education is,that the information is scattered there,is no program outline course structure,theres just no organization and theres,also no one to hold you accountable for,your learning you also dont get,certificates unfortunately from learning,on YouTube that you can put on your CV,that can help you with prospective,employers so today Ive partnered with,get smarter to tell you about their UCT,online short courses where you will,learn in a structured program engage,with peers and also earn a certificate,of completion so in this video Im going,to go through one of the programs that,they have available and why I love it,Im also going to tell you everything,that you need to know about getting a,qualification through get smarter how it,works how much it costs how you can get,enrolled and its very exciting I,actually have a 20 discount code for you,so if you check in the description box,below you can actually get 20 any course,through get smarter so do check that out,in the description box below so they,have a variety of courses available so,so many but I chose my favorite and you,guys will know I love everything to do,with marketing so I think the digital,marketing qualification really caught my,eye let us see what is offered through,this program so you can head over to the,get smarter website by clicking the link,in my description below and you will see,that there is a variety of courses that,you can actually take okay these are,very relevant hot trending courses that,that will really help you upskill but of,course the digital marketing one caught,my eye so let us go through this online,short course where you will learn how to,design and Implement an integrated,digital marketing campaign okay the,price is 14 900 but well talk about,payment plans and all of that a little,bit later in the video,okay so its a 10-week course and it,should take you about 70 to 10 hours per,week excluding the orientation okay so,there are several benefits that you are,going to get once you complete this,course so one you will understand how to,come up with a holistic digital,marketing strategy youll then you will,learn practical skills in web design,analytics SEO online copywriting PPC,which stands for pay-per-click social,media marketing and email marketing this,is jam-packed okay and this knowledge is,transferable to a broad range of,contexts and industries across different,career levels and you also get unlimited,access to to use career engagement,Network where they will help you with,more resources once you are done so,lets just look at the brief module,breakdown okay so the first so these are,divided into the different weeks so its,a 10-week course so each module,represents the different weeks so I just,want to show you guys how jam-packed,this online course is so the orientation,youll begin connecting with fellow,students and theyll just show you how,to navigate the online campus okay and,then youll have an introduction to,digital marketing where youll learn,about the history and all of the things,that here very important for me I think,is this future digital marketing Trends,you need to be able to know whats,coming up and coming then youll get an,understanding of web design and,development oh guys this is really,really so good I mean look at theyre,going to teach you how to create a,WordPress website by following a,step-by-step process this is a skill on,its own that you can use that will,really take you very far I think its,very important to learn how to do Visual,Web Design I think this module is,fantastic then youll learn web,analytics which basically shows you how,to analyze things like statistics and,reports that you get which is very very,important in digital marketing strategy,youll learn something called SEO which,is search engine optimization very very,very very important for the website oh,my gosh guys I cant tell you how,important this is youll learn about,off-page and on-page optimization this,is some very high level stuff okay all,of these things are a career on its own,so youre really going to be covering a,wide range then youll learn online,copywriting,this is fantastic okay and youll learn,how to create web optimized copy for a,blog post Im just I feel like they are,teaching you so so much in this course,alone then online advertising and PPC so,PPC stands for pay-per-click where you,this is basically not advertising right,so youll learn about the pros and cons,or free versus paid advertising youll,learn how to create a Facebook ad the,steps to create a Facebook ad and youll,actually go ahead and create your own,Facebook advertisement fantastic skill,then this probably would be my favorite,module would be social media and web PR,where you will learn all of the things,here Im not going to go through all of,them but you can see that youre,learning quite a lot okay,then youll learn email marketing which,is so so so so so important in todays,landscape and at the end of it youll,measure the success of an email,marketing campaign once youve created,an email marketing newsletter this is,Juicy and fantastic I love that this,course is just so practical then theres,mobile marketing very important SMS,marketing gen Z all of that I love it,and then the final module is digital,marketing strategy I guess then they,wrap everything up they teach you,everything and yeah they just give you,tools and resources for continuing your,digital marketing education guys this,course is jam-packed with information,like like I said each of these modules,represent an entire industry on its own,and once youve gone through this course,youll see which industry you like more,and then you can actually go ahead and,specialize in this industry but this,will really help you get a job in,digital marketing because you learn so,many aspects of digital marketing and,youll be ready to hit the ground as you,can see you really learn actual you know,youre gonna walk away having created,your first WordPress website I think,this is fantastic I think this is a,fantastic qualification honestly for,someone whos brand new to digital,marketing because you take this short,course youre able to learn so much in,such a short period of time and the,wonderful thing about this course is it,opens you up to work in many departments,of digital marketing so I think this is,a great great fantastic course for,beginners but obviously youre free to,check out the other programs that they,have on offer as well so if youre,starting a business or youre,freelancing you dont need any,qualifications you know you just need,the experience but if youre if your,goals are to actually get employed by,companies or you know established,businesses oftentimes they will require,to see some sort of Education and,Training and so getting a qualification,through get smarter that is in,collaboration with UCT the best,university in Africa will really really,set you apart and help you to land,better paying jobs the other thing I,love about them is they actually have,payment plans available so you know you,dont have to pay in one lump sum let us,go through the different payment options,that they

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My first week as a UCT online high school student!!! | SA Youtuber

it will not shut up,just,spam,[Music],welcome to the madness,puffy puff daddy pee diddy,its me guys,for those of you joining,today,its me my name is erica,we are calling me ricky thats right,and for those of you returning to this,glorious channel,yall thought that you were last gonna,see me on that little shane hall that i,did last year,wrong,im back,im back baby im back so,todays video,is going to be about,me,and uct,so for those of you dont know now you,know,i left girls high,last year was my final year there,so for grade 11 and 12 ill be attending,uct online high school,yes you heard correctly online high,school,now,a lot of yall have been asking me,questions,about,the school,excuse me because,its the first week of school,i went back to school i started,orientation week,and theyve been a lot of questions,about how do you do it whats going on,whos who what goes where with what and,why how,so i made this video,to explain and answer all your questions,and if you have any more questions after,this video,please feel free to dm my instagram at,tricky the gym,and of course,drop a follow drop a like,comment subscribe notification bell,all of the above right,okay,so,uct online high school is a completely,online,school,no physical campus no physical,interactions and no masks to,barricade this,gorgeous space of mine,yes take a picture screenshot,okay great,so,yeah,and with uct,the lessons,like the teaching,its pre-recorded lessons and then for,like special,like important,topics then well have like a google,meet online live session thing we will,build the teacher and like,virtual learning you get,so basically this week,from monday the 10th,to friday the 14th which is today was,orientation week and academic working,and all that normal school stuff,for me early thoughts on the 17th,now it depends,on which day youre starting because i,think theres like three dates you get,to pick from,as your start dates,and,mine was the 10th which is monday so,this week was my orientation week and,then next week you want to be starting,and for other people they only be,orientation week for them next week and,start the week after that and then they,will close later obviously as well,so,lets go through this week all right so,on monday,we had an online assembly at 10 oclock,luckily we would not show our faces for,that one it was like a youtube uh live,stream situation thing and that live,chat guys it was just ping ping ping,ping ping ping ping,spam,spam,but yeah it was quite an informative,assembly um,yes,very informative,met the principal,and,she told us like you know welcome were,so excited to have you here,we hope that youre excited to be here,and all of that jazz and that was nice,it was cool and it was like okay,and guys,our school song,our school song,does your school song have shakaina in,it shakina,[Music],one of the above all of them,is she in your school song,thought so,she said my school song,my school song is a fire its a bob,its not some,some some some song thats older than,the school itself,no shade thrown,its a fire and a half,so that was like,cool that was like the coolest thing,ever ever seen,like does your school sound like a music,video,no,unless you make one after this video but,then thats on you,so,after that we had our homeroom pod live,sessions,now a home room pot,is kind of like a form class right so,its like a group of students all in the,same grade who have the same support,coach,and your support coach is the person,who you can like talk to to like,schedule things or if you need any help,with,making your own schedule or timetable to,manage your time during the week to,balance your school and yourself and,everything else,thats who you talk to right,im like my support coach,or our shes so nice that she looks so,friendly and shes just above little,personality like me,so,we had that live session where i met the,other people in my homeroom pod thats,what we call it little class,thats so boring its a hormone parts,so that was pretty cool and for that we,showed our faces,and the crust was,albany brown bread crust some cesco,rye bread crust going on there but i,mean it was day one guys what did you,expect,so,next week,well see proper,ring lights,on all the blocks,all the tiles they will all be,influencing,influencing on their own report station,so,that was also informative we learned,about what is a homeroom pod,so i just told you and the name of my,homeroom pod is franklin ruby,now,interesting name i know,it was,combined of,combined the combination your english is,a combination,of,a,precious stone the ruby,and a south african bird,now we got the franklin and that thing,its the cutest thing in there i just,wanna come and,stick eat it its like the most adorable,bird ive ever seen in my life its cute,and yellow and adorable,but im not gonna eat the franklin,because i am a franklin and its just,cannibalism ew,so then during that session we got,introduced to our general orientation,course or the goc,right and that is to help familiarize,yourself with the platform,where we do our learning and stuff,so after that i went to go and start my,goc so,i went to my email,the school email obviously and clicked,the link they sent and it sent me to my,learner portal and there i found the,subjects that i take listed very nicely,my teachers for each subject the,extracurriculars they offer,they offer 71 clubs,71,1 not 17 71,which is a lot like thats the most,clubs ive ever seen anybody ever offer,anyway,but you can only join one,so sad,oh enjoy like five,but i cant,enjoy one its the saddest thing ever,and they have,the online,store where you can buy the merch,yes not uniform its merch,and stationery if you need stationery,and we also have the playlist of music,which is very interesting like jazz life,sounds,and how speeds to like help you if,youre working or studying,or revising work which is very,thoughtful of them you know like,they knew that i need music to study and,that was nice so that glc took me monday,and tuesday no no no im wrong,monday to finish,and on tuesday i did nothing because,i had nothing else to do so i watched,encanto and same two,because we dont talk about broom no,no no no no no no,no we dont talk about broom no,what is this like why,why do you like what are you doing when,you,trying to,not hear yourself,scar other peoples ears,no no no,[Music],why,if someone knows please tell me why,why we do this when we sing songs we,hide it from the embarrassments of,your terrible singing voice or something,like why do we put our hands,here,i would like to know,um,i know that was random like i said,welcome to the madness,so after that,movie,day,thing on tuesday on wednesday i checked,my email again and look at that we had,work,not academic work though it was the,orientation modules for each subject,now those orientation models,modules took me two days,to do,now in those orientation modules each,subject they told us,what to expect during the year,the year assessment plan breakdown,like,which assessment youre doing in which,term in which order and how many marks,and the weightings and stuff,and like the topics that you should,expect to cover,during the year,and,they just asked you questions at the end,to see if youre paying attention during,orientation course thing,and now the subjects that i take,physics accounting economics and cats,now the reason for economics in cap,is because,at girls higher took french and they,dont offer french at uct online so i,had to take a new subject,and so,[Music],narrowed down economics or cat,and i couldnt decide which one so i,took both,and,yeah people didnt think im crazy,eight subjects,plus physics,but i mean,im gonna achieve right,but if i dont like one of them or if,its just too much then,[Music],[Music],doing it again,so,after that,very long and tiring process of youtube,videos and reading and reading and,reading,i was finally done with everything,orientation week done and dusted for me,which is great so i have today just,friday to chi

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Day in my life| UCT Online High School Edition

okay ive been on girl you being called,family princess anything so,[Music],okay so i tried to do one of those like,cute videos where like they dont talk,but like you just see the aesthetic,clips anyway that didnt happen so,get used to my voice,in the morning i wake up and i clean up,around my room and i basically just get,ready for the day,[Music],im showing you all my outfit of the day,okay we got that cute and grade seven,jacket,you got this dress ive had since i was,like eight,then we have my bonnet because whats,under that hair whats under that bone,is scary very scary so were just going,to keep it like that for now and my,socks these funky socks oh my gosh,ive never in my home 16 years of life,had socks other than white socks so i,really love them,[Music],okay the next is the morning stretch you,know just,loosen the joints get the,the blood the circulation the flowing,yeah,that stuff so i can be like more focused,in the day you know what i mean,[Music],then now this isnt like a usual part of,the day but im just like i just decided,to show you all my body,sticker collection okay,shout out to,my bestie for printing these out for me,for my birthday i literally love them,and i dont even want to stick them for,those kids theyre going to lose their,stick and then i can never use them,again,[Music],then im showing you all these two new,books that i got from bargain books for,literally a bargain like,i spent only like 400,and like 90 something grand which is,thanks to the student discounts we love,being a student like this is the only,moment that i enjoy being a student,[Music],okay prepare yourselves this next clip,is,terrifying that is how my desk looks,on a daily basis and honestly i feel no,shame,i feel no shape,[Music],then after building up enough willpower,i sit down and start my work you know,check a few emails here and there go,through,um the content that im planning to do,for the day you know not just kind of,normal student things students saying,yay,[Music],[Music],im bored,ive got a meeting in 20 minutes so,lets waste some time,8,what do you mean feedback already,im just kidding okay,if its not in 90 then,im going to take a very long nap,okay lets see wheres the mouse mouse,where i found,oh my gosh oh my gosh i feel sick i feel,absolutely,on the verge of vomiting oh my gosh wait,okay,oh shoot,oh my gosh thats eighty six,twelve,[Applause],um okay five minutes till i mean okay,wait wait lets do something about this,hair girl okay um,lets see,a little leave a little bit of like,oh thats cute thats cute,its cute its going,i dont even know it like i cant put in,words what its giving,do i look friendly and inviting,not really anyway,three minutes okay,lets log in,great,like thats like just my resting base,and its not even intentional,everybodys face is pretty much like,that,okay,its 11 29. joining,i just finished the pod session and when,i tell you the tears are sitting here,theyre sitting here theyre waiting,to erupt out of their,out of their sockets like,i really have the audacity to think i,was gonna sleep eight hours tonight no,i played myself i played myself,i dont know whats wrong with me,i clean i keep playing myself oh my god,you know what,you know what im gonna be fine,everythings gonna be great,yes fine completely okay,we just had the whole thing was,basically about cycle tests and psycho,tests uh our assignments,our official assignments thats gonna,basically count most of your term one,grade,um,im,not okay,let me show you what my dashboard looks,like,let me show you all so youll youll,understand the stress,the panic,that im feeling at this moment,i dont know,whats going on,and i need,[Music],what my dashboard looks like,cough cough cough,sneeze cough,interruption,part of me,but yall see that,i dont,maybe,i dont i dont even know anymore,i still havent cried over my academic,system and i will not i shant not i,will not,at all costs cry,over this no,ive left that behind i shed my tears,last year,its enough,that was enough,no,no,last year was enough,were gonna do this okay okay,were gonna do this,lets see,so if i want to be,if i want to be done okay like,they said in last week of school is,optimal,last week of school school ends on the,what,what did they say 21st okay so the last,week of school is,oh gosh okay,okay,last week of school is from the 14th,cycle,tests,okay firm where are we right now right,now we are on monday the 28th okay,so in all in all i have two weeks,two weeks okay two weeks to,get to module,eight,no module nine for everything,girl not me thinking there was a,possibility never mind,never mind,im not gonna work,gonna do my work if it gets done,thatll be great if it doesnt know well,okay im back,um,its been decided i am not sleeping,tonight for real for real,[Music],like for real,im not even kidding im not sleeping,tonight theres no way,i,need to absolutely ace this like i need,to somehow get to module six okay,on all of my subjects,by tomorrow,its literally impossible its literally,impossible because of like marking and,greeting and things like that and,assignments arent quick they arent,quick honey,i dont want quick marks i would,i want nah mark so,i want nice noise mugs so i need to do,noise work a noise work takes a lot of,time,to do,so theres that,so im just im just gonna take it out,yeah im gonna take it up to my next,meeting,yeah and then after the meeting im,gonna focus solely on work,and im just gonna work and work and,work and and work and work,[Music],[Music],break,my nap started,at half past 12 and its half past three,now,oh well,okay then i go for like a little run a,little jog whatever im feeling that day,just to relieve some stress its,actually really nice to get some fresh,air like this is,some advice for anybody who does online,schooling remember to go outside and,just enjoy,the environment around you,i ran for like 30 minutes max,im just over everything right now,[Music],[Applause],do,[Music],you

UCT ( online) first semester review

hi guys welcome back and welcome to my,channel for those who knew here hi,welcome my name is niesha rudolph for,those whove already been here and see,i hope youre keeping well and keeping,safe on todays video as you can already,see from the title ill be giving my uct,first semester reveal,so when i was applying to uct i knew the,university was a bit on the expensive,side,my parents knew the university was a bit,on the expensive side but they thought,that it was a worthwhile,investment into my future since it is,ranked amongst,the top universities,not one in south africa not only in,africa but in the world,in my mind in case people have forgotten,its a pandemic and there you go its,pandemic its a pandemic this is a,pandemic,i thought the school fees would be,reduced just a little bit because of,education and,access to facilities is no longer the,same you know what i mean but,we found ourselves stupid the same,amount of school fees for what reason i,dont understand quality of education,that were getting online im not sure,about how people have had their,experiences prior to covert,i yeah maybe it was different but,according to,me uh,the teaching,uct lecturers cant teach except a few,like i remember i remember theres this,one course that i had,way,i genuinely feel like that one,department is,very disorganized extremely disorganized,the only,lecturers i can confidently say,were quite good at actually teaching,uh my psychology some,some of my psychology lecturers,because,listen if youre going to have a,conversation with these lecturers um if,youre going to have a consultation or,write them an email,when theyre talking about their area of,expertise and sort of their nation say,quoting codes,they are very knowledgeable,they know their subject area quite well,when it comes to teaching,nah,no,absolutely not no maam when it comes to,teaching they suck i hate to say it they,suck they they cant teach its very,horrible that is why we are encouraged,to attend our tutorials because the,lecturers are not there to help you they,dont help with anything because they,dont know anything okay im,exaggerating they do know something,thats why theyre lecturers but in,terms of actually teaching the lecturers,do a very bad job most of them,do a very bad job there was a time when,a lot of students were complaining on,our uct just kidding page on instagram i,remember and a lot of students were just,complaining about how lecturers were,recycling um,lectures from last year instead of,actually making effort into making new,content for this year for their students,someone brought up the point that,lecturers are not there to teach you,its sort of a favor they they give the,university their primary purpose at the,universities for research so i guess,when it comes to research,its great usage is quite,well known for their research guests,that is why they were hired,teaching however,no experience with online if you dont,already know uh the very first video i,did here on youtube was about how i,waited seven months for my study visa,and so that meant that i spent three,quarters of my first semester in,zimbabwe then the other,the the last quarter of the semester,here in south africa but i was not in,cape town,ive never been to uct i dont know what,the campus looks like well i know what,it looks like from the internet but ive,never stepped on the campus i have never,used the services i dont even have a,student card but im still a student so,probably if i was there,and i had access to some of the,facilities,my experience would have been enhanced,somehow i dont know,i dont think it made much of a,difference because this is purely online,for especially my degree im not sure,about other degrees and other faculties,how theyre doing it but most humanity,courses are online when it comes to the,courses themselves i had three courses,last semester and,compared to others i think i had it,not easier but it wasnt a lot of work,it wasnt a lot of workload for me i,know there are some people that had four,five six or even seven courses last,semester so i consider myself quite,lucky so it wasnt really hard for me to,balance,my work i could easily get through my,three lectures in a day of which i dont,have lectures the whole week uh on,mondays i dont have lectures i would,have lectures from tuesday to friday and,one of my courses only had lectures from,a tuesday to a thursday and i would have,id want,um last semester for one course the,other tutorial for the other course,wasnt compulsory for to attend so i,didnt attend it,sorry mom and dad,intended because i didnt even know,where to find my twitter to be honest i,didnt know where to find my tutor,but i think thats one of the biggest,mistakes i made last semester now that,im looking at it,if i had uh consulted my tutor more,especially in that course i would have,gotten a much higher mark than i did,nothing that i felt i did quite well,last semester very surprised at my marks,but i would have gotten out of gotten,better marks you know what i mean so,yeah so definitely thats something that,i am taking seriously this semester i am,attending all my tutorials because to be,quite frank,the lecturers,they are not very helpful,because theyve they not only,teach your course theyve also other,courses that theyre in charge of they,have their own research that theyre,doing theyre not always going to be,there for you,to help you when you need helping guys,oh my gosh another thing i learned last,semester is the importance of having,supportive friends and a supportive,family like theres so many times ill,be struggling,and ill just feel like crying but,because i had a supportive,family very fortunate to have supported,family members they would give me space,to do my work they would give me space,they they understood that i was a,student so some of the chores that i was,supposed to do they were taken off my,daughters that i know that a lot of,students are not fortunate enough who,live in homes where they they really,cant have a quiet space to study so it,can be a bit difficult so family is,really important also friends i wish i,made more friends last semester but the,ones that did have helped to keep me,accountable also helped me a lot with,just you know things people used to pick,their brains on something especially,people who are doing the same degree as,you they know the struggles that are,going on so thats very important as,well,um another thing i didnt do last,semester was i didnt take enough breaks,i was just,grinding 24 7,grinding 24 7 and i think its important,to take breaks,i didnt take enough breaks this,semester im definitely prioritizing my,mental health above anything else,if i feel bent out,im leaving semester there was a time,where i went six,weeks straight i was not taking breaks,even on weekends i would just be reading,sunday reading the only time i would go,out is when i would have to go to church,and thats about for two hours come back,im vacated again and it really took a,toll on my mental health and i felt,really burnt out,that when the meeting break charlie came,i was so grateful for that,i was like hey i need to rest i didnt,realize how tired i was until the,mid-term break came overall my,experience in the first semester was,quite a good one very challenging as,well but i think it helps to keep,motivated advice is take care of your,mental health,um,make sure that you are okay dont,overwork yourself dont,you dont want to burn out thats,studying as soon as the same existence i,know a lot of people make jokes about,how theyre going to stay on top of,their work immediately when they say mr,but do it because the last i realized,that would get to test week and i have,no idea whats going on because ive,been trying,to,catch up on work,instead of actually studying im hoping,to improve on the things that,i was taking in last semester and,hopefully,i get the distinctions that i want,because i deserve them

Asking UCT Students: University tips and Advice!

I wish I knew how easy it was to get,[ __ ],[Music],and welcome back,turn on your girlfriends with a snipe me,today were going to be asking UCT,students for something they wish they,knew before they came here I think for,me is definitely the fact that this,place is absolutely a scam but uh well,hear from him really well take it easy,and enjoy the video alrighty so were,here with Jack,whats up,psychology Finance and Accounting the,attempt performance acting bachelor in,social science I am majoring in,psychology and sociology BSC and,biochemistry and genetics studying,psychology and organ,in anthropology and sociology studying,bcom Financial Accounting triple Major,Im doing English learning media and,Archeology BAC in quantitative biology,sheesh man that sounds absolutely hectic,Im studying dead people and plants I,wanted something you wish you before you,came through GCT oh that you need to be,fit to get up these dams and how quickly,I would fall into substance abuse I wish,I knew how broke students are made,Sean do you ever respond to this because,I have a long list Im Im just mad,about the goddamn stairs bro like make,sure that you come dressed adequately,because the people here dont play Dont,Fail first yeah dont drink honestly,low-key I wish people told me there,would be so many fine people on campus,theres so many pretty people oh,teachers will always like this wont fly,in University and it does and no one,really gives a [ __ ] or knows who you are,I wish I knew I had to be consistent how,to prioritize myself Varsity needs like,cash I wish I knew that I I thought I,was going to be done with maths at the,end of high school yeah yeah Im not,done with maths Im in second year and,its just it just keeps going man now I,share this intimate you know the broke,student life I thought it was a,stereotype but when you experience it,you try to think about a lot of side,hustles to live in so whats your go-to,meal when you broke like everyone is,noodles,and any advice for somebody thats,coming through as a first year student,next year go to lectures just just go,just go if youre gonna get here and,like not be comfortable in your Vibe and,your style youre gonna feel left out I,think University is definitely very,hectic and I think we all know this and,I think that the one thing that I didnt,do in first semester was taking care of,myself a lot as a first year student I,think its very important that the,transition from high school to,university is one where you also figure,out who you are and how to take care of,yourself the best way possible and how,to get good coping mechanisms and a good,support system in place to figure out,University and your life dont fail,first job because now youre going to,repeat everything and like its just,going to be hard but dont party every,year if you get too lost in the sauce,and were able to find the balance or,not really hey look at me now Im,wearing out this weekend after that I,should have actually looked at,um the kind of requirements you would,probably need in order to study,biochemistry and genetics before I,actually came here and I kind of saw on,Tick Tock what biochemistry genetics,looked like and I was like this looks,cool um Im trying my best its hard and,I cant say Im doing as great as I was,at the beginning of the year but I,really wish I actually looked into its,kind of how they would be teaching,everything as well and how quickly I,would fall into substance abuse that is,so deep what is your story uh I found,the stoners,how much I needed technology skills,what do you mean by that like the Excel,and stuff yeah,you feel like everything is online,one interesting characteristic about,shoes that you barefoot all the time,even when its like rainy right so why,is that its just comfy yeah I just its,I like touching around Barefoot but,honestly speaking man if I knew there,was going to be so much reading yeah,yeah because when I came to college man,I I thought I was going to be in the,lecture rooms I thought it was going to,be critical thinking but there wasnt,really much of that at all its always,like yo you by yourself read these,lecture slides do these readings and,kind of just finesse your way through,through the year man what do you wish,you knew before you came to TCT how,quickly I would fall into substance,abuse that is so deep what is your story,I found the Stoners,yes sir yes sir SCT has a lot of pretty,people guys you know are you are you in,a relationship no no,every second Im like damn people are,mad beautiful here I like that but other,than that I feel like the academics here,is zero trash bottom pits The Gutter The,Gutter the UCT has its own climate like,its always either and its like between,two extremes so say the freezing whats,boiling out dont answer,um I wish I knew how easy it was to get,[ __ ] in every way what do you mean by,get [ __ ] up uh,like how easy it is to get off of drugs,and not focus on your workload geez that,is pretty deep man,foreign,[Music]

Term 1 Recap @UCT Online High School | SA Youtuber

grade 11 is outrageous like,positively outrageous like stanton mum,going to shoprite outrages like samantha,did you hear what i just been through,right now,i know a friend what friend i have to go,into a shop right,what a shoprite friend im telling you,oh my gosh georgie youre right samantha,friend,friend the horrors,the horrors ive been through its just,the rumors are true it was just a moment,i cant even,i cant even talk about it like,it was just it was not giving soft life,at all i was not a material girl it was,it was just the hard night life i like,what i,samantha i cant,never again i literally,i have been through,the most,i just,i cant,[Music],whats good youtube its your girl ricky,and i have escaped the clutches of grade,11 to come and film this video for yall,recapping my time one at uct online high,school,now a word that i would use to describe,this term would definitely be turbulent,because there are a lot of ups and downs,and a lot of things to get used to,and adjusting to going back to school,after this,long holiday that ive enjoyed and as,well as adapting to this new online,schooling environment because its,something new that i havent done before,and yeah i just had a whole lot of,ups and downs a lot of ups and,some downs as well but,its been good you know so like,academically speaking it was,a bit of a challenge,near the end of the term because like in,the beginning you know,it was nice and everything but as the,term progressed and the workload,increased and my energy decreased it was,just,getting used to you know having all this,time to,find the work and methods that are,efficient for me and my learning and i,definitely developed a sense of,discipline and independence,regarding my work because theres nobody,there watching me supervising 24 7 or,like doing work are you up to date with,what what what you know so thats been,definitely quite an interesting journey,and you know there was some,pop and grinds,along the way like you know a failed,mastery check or two and marks declining,as they should,because,the grade got higher the workload became,more the work,became a little bit more difficult so,i had to accept that fact that you know,my grades are going to decline a little,bit,but i also have to,pick myself up and be like okay were,going to get back to up where we used to,be you know we cant,stay down there forever but we have to,acknowledge the fact that it is normal,to drop down you know grades go higher,marks come a little bit down but just,pick yourself up again you know what i,mean the syllabus definitely,like i cant fault it there,it was detailed it was not vague it was,not like you know a little short summary,everything not or like detailed detail,sources of how they compiled,the work and the lessons and videos,reinforcing that it was a lot of reading,i must admit that has definitely been,one of the major hiccups,reading,like,yo,but,the short videos at the end of almost,every lesson helped you know just to get,that audio,aspect of learning to help so that was,okay as well,so i think academically ill score it,like,an 8 out of 10 you know because it was,it wasnt too bad but it could have been,better so uct ohs has definitely tried,its level best to keep us all socially,engaged and prevent us from feeling,isolated in this online environment,which they should because its a really,good thing you know no one wants to feel,alone or anything and a way that theyve,done that is that we have these weekly,homeroom pod sessions so thats people,in your grade and like a class and we,meet up once a week and we just,discuss,you know how things have been going and,everything and we also have lcg groups,those are smaller when your class cut in,half or a third basically and those are,much more interactive because its,smaller group and everyones just more,comfortable in a smaller space like a,few more people and that one those ones,are usually more fun,and like you know more,buzzing with energy and everything,and also virtual clubs also gave you,something to look forward to in the week,it was like,crazy because you know you find a,community of people,that you can relate to,people have similar interests and,similar ways of thinking to you and uh,like i joined the radio club and that,was a unique experience it was fun,i learned a lot of how to interact with,people in a,professional workspace environment i,want to say like that because you know,when youre producing a radio show its,more of a professional,type of setting and those skills those,people skills and,as well as assembling a whole radio show,skills those are definitely very crucial,things,and i think we all need to learn at some,point you know how to like build a radio,but like how to deal with people,in a professional workplace environment,so those are skills that ill definitely,take into,consideration,especially the ones of producing a radio,show should i want to pursue radio in,the future so that was really fun but,the school wasnt the only ones that,were pushing out social engagement and,everything you know like the learners,definitely took that into their own,hands as well,in my grade we had like a big group for,everyone in the grid,and then we had groups for each subject,and then we had,group for your homeroom pod and we had a,group people in your area,like pretoria group job group all the,groups and those are fun because like,you know you get to,talk to people in your area and you can,like organize outings and meet ups and,go and physically interact with these,people and that was really fun i went to,the,pretoria outing for the grade 11s but it,was really nice to like get to meet,people and interact socially physically,you know not to feel like um online,always going to be on the computer so,that was something that was really fun,and i have met people from all over the,country,you know from different walks of life,and different interests and similar,interests and some interviews as well,and that has definitely been a unique,experience you know interacting and,being exposed such,a diverse range of people,and a lot of things that have happened,wouldnt have happened if i was like,back in school because you know my,circle of people that i choose to let,around me is no longer limited to the,people in my class you know like if i,was in a normal school then its just,limited to the people in that building,but now the limits are endless because,wow ive met people from cape town and,all over the place and,like,lesotho botswana,namibia even,its just been,crazy but like,something new and i like it you know,its been fun and interactive and,also,i got to try new things,like for example if i had been in my,normal school i never would have been,able to be part of a podcast like,what when would i have time for that,like right now i am part of a podcast,with my friends,uh muhammad nick and lucy ho we are the,youth lunch podcast we stream live every,wednesday at 3 p.m on youtube and you,can find our recorded episodes on,spotify so i will put the link for our,instagram and our spotify,and the name of our youtube account you,can go watch,and listen to our lovely episodes so,socially its also been a great aspect,of uct theyve done quite a good job,but as always theres always room for,improvement both from my side and from,the school side to be able to make,everything more,efficient and enjoyable because another,time too is going to be a lot of changes,that im going to make and that the,schools hopefully going to make to make,everything much more,top tier than it is so i think socially,i also give it a 8 out of 10 just,because nothings perfect,as good as it may be nothing is perfect,so yeah thats it for this video dont,forget to like and share this video to,everyone that you know,dont forget to turn on the notification,bell so that you are posted on every,single time i release another banger of,a video,dont forget to follow my instagram at,ricky the gym and subscribe to this,channel and i will see you all in

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