1. UDates Review – Does it Help Get U Dates? [Top 5 Must Knows]
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UDates Review – Does it Help Get U Dates? [Top 5 Must Knows]

does your days actually guarantee you,dates hey welcome to online for love,your number one resource for dating by,the numbers today were going to be,going over a dating site called you,dates before we dive into this complete,review of this site the prices features,details etc i do want to recommend that,you check out our free online dating app,quiz because this will actually pair you,with your perfect online dating center,dating app its quick fun easy and,totally free so click the link thats,popping up above me or found in the,description down below to take our,online dating site quiz and come on back,here and comment below your results are,because wed love to know,while youre at it do not forget to,check out our deals page because we here,online for love are always getting all,sorts of awesome deals for different,dating sites and dating apps why spend,more money if you dont have to so make,sure to click the link thats popping up,above me once again or found in the,description down below to go to our,deals page see if you cant save,yourself some money on a host of,different sites and apps,alright so lets dive into this review,of you dates so what exactly is yougates,udates is an online dating platform um,to make connections whether that be a,very casual thing or a long-term serious,relationship you can use the online,dating site or you can use the app,version and its basically supposed to,hook you up with people who are near you,so this is really a dating service that,is based on finding people in your area,specifically according to the website,you should join new dates to register,and create your profile for free,discover potential new matches every day,get notifications when someone checks,your profile keep track of everyone,whos into you chat with people looking,for the same things get instant support,through live chat and stay 100 safe and,secure apparently udays is hosting,thousands of local singles ready to talk,to you at any moment now thats the,thesis for this dating site but how well,does it actually match up to what it,says it is um when you go on to you,dates you will first be noticing a very,simple and straightforward dating,platform which sort of harkens back to,dating sites of the past i mean it is a,little bit dated looking although it is,simple and easy to navigate when you get,on there you might be thinking oh does,this even work because if you are on the,internet a lot and looking at dating,sites a lot you become,aware of certain patterns and when you,look at you dates it just kind of comes,across like a scammy sort of site that,you might not want to trust very much,but nevertheless you are presented with,a bunch of profiles of different users,on the site as soon as you log in and,start using the website so its clear,that people are using this site however,exactly how many and how real are they,im not sure i think what adds into the,air of sort of scamming us that this,site sort of presents is the fact that,everything is pretty expensive just to,communicate it costs a lot of money but,well talk more about the prices later,on in this review but if youre enjoying,this so far please make sure to give the,video a thumbs up and hit subscribe to,the channel so it really helps us out,when you give our videos a thumbs up,because that shows youtube that people,are enjoying our content so then youtube,pushes their videos out for more people,to see so wed really appreciate your,thumbs up and your subscriptions all,right so next up im going to go over,the sign up process for you dates whats,it going to be like when you actually,get onto the site and signing up what do,you have to do so im going to go over,all that right now when you first go on,to you days youll be able to go to the,corner and immediately sign up if youd,like to youll have to add in your name,your email a password and sign up or you,could opt to use google then youll have,to input some basic information about,yourself like your name or your nickname,your gender and the gender that you are,seeking then you will be prompted to add,a photo however it doesnt seem like,theres any technology to check the,photo that you upload so it seems like,you might be able to upload something,explicit or something thats not even,you or human but from there you will,automatically just be able to start,using and scrolling the site youll be,able to check out other members profiles,youll be able to see some live streams,that are happening and you can just,basically get unstarted but if youd,like to fill out your profile a bit more,you will have the chance to do that you,can write some information about,yourself in your about me section you,can choose some topics that interest you,like biking camping cars cooking dancing,diving fashion fishing and hunting games,hobbies and crafts sailing shopping,traveling watching tv etc you can choose,your interest from a long list of,options then you can write some more,information about yourself like your,occupation your education level the,languages that you know your,relationship status if you have kids if,you smoke if you drink your height your,body type your eye color and your hair,color and thats sort of it its very,simple and straightforward to get,started using the site if youd like to,purchase some coins if youd like to you,know pay for subscription service on,this site thatll come later you dont,have to do that right away as soon as,you sign up so you can sign up,completely for free and check out the,site for free its pretty,straightforward and easy and you dont,even have to fill out your profile when,youre signing up if you dont want to,you can fill it out at any point you can,fill it out later you dont have to ever,fill it out either so the profiles on,this site because of the sign up process,dont necessarily always end up being,super detailed because you just are not,prompted to fill it out completely and,you dont have to in order to use it you,also dont have to upload tons of photos,either so the pros for this is that the,sign up process is very smooth its free,its uh very easy to do very simple,however it does lead to profiles on the,site being not very detailed in general,now were gonna dive into the pricing of,this site before i do though if youd,like to save some money on a host of,different dating sites and gaining apps,do not forget to check out our deals,page because we here online for love,were always getting all sorts of,awesome deals for different dating sites,and dating apps why spend more money if,you dont have to so be sure to check,out our deals page thats going to be,linked above me and found in the,description down below and now lets,dive into the prices of you dates whats,it gonna cost you to use this site so,you can use the basic basics of this,site totally for free meaning you can,sign up and browse for free but if youd,like to actually communicate to other,members and have any sort of success,with online dating you will have to pay,a price on this site so lets dive into,what it will cost you okay so if you,want to use udates premium you will,gain some premium benefits which,includes starting all conversations for,free getting unlimited chats with,regular users you can see who liked your,profile see who visited your profile you,can send unlimited likes you can get 45,free coins upon your upgrade and get 10,free coins every day you come online and,this will cost you for one month 19.99,for three months itll cost you 9.99 per,month for a six-month membership itll,cost you 7.49 per month and for 12,months of membership itll cost you 5.99,per month so thats what itll cost you,if you want to become a premium member,now if youd like to just get coins to,chat this will cost you something,different so,for 40 coins each coin will cost you 30,cents for a total of 11.99 for 150 coins,to chat with somebody itll cost you 20,cents each total of 29.99 for 670 coins,itll cost you 15 cents each for a total,of 99.99 and for,1660 coins itll cost you

uDates app – full overview & how to use

hey there so here is your dates app,which is recently climbing,in the to the top charts in us app store,so it may seem like another dating app,but lets just go through it in case you,want to switch from tinder or bumble,or some other dating app and try out,something new maybe you,can have more luck in your dates app,compared to tinder,so yeah what you can do here you can,just create your profile,um get notifications when someone,checked your profiles on like in tinder,where you need to pay to,see who liked you here you can just get,it for free,you can just chat with people they claim,that its a secure app and then,you can subscribe for 19.99 per one,month,or 12 month subscription,and all of that so here is here is the,app,uh its not that available worldwide as,tinder though so,probably it will only work if you are in,united states,uh or some like bigger countries because,if you allow your location,it will automatically populate your,field with the,people youre looking for so you created,your account,then you can just select filters who you,want to meet,it just shows the profile by some,location,then in the second tab you can see all,the live streams,you can see then all the chats,you can just start to reach out someone,and start,chatting then you can see all the likes,to reach out and meet other members,and then you can see visitors to your,profile,so thats thats what available,for free and just premium features you,have unlimited chats,start all conversations for free see who,liked you,see who visited you okay so probably you,still need to pay for it but maybe in,some other way,and then you can get additional coins,and see read receipts for your messages,and here are the prices and you can,always,downgrade here are all your coins you,can separately just buy coins for these,prices,uh here is your account if youre not,happy with that you can always delete an,account and here you can just try you,dice premium,start a free trial actually,you can log out from here,if you not sure about some other issue,you can always reach out to their,support support at udaids.io,and they will help you to resolve some,of the issues,so thats it thats the app you can edit,your profile here with the pencil add,more photos,add bio add interests,and you can add your info,or something like that so thats thats,the idea,thats the app just a quick preview,sorry that im in location where it has,no,like data i dont know actually if its,possible to change your location so when,you create that just,be careful probably if you are from some,big u.s city you will have profiles here,but,from european cities or from other parts,of the world maybe it just wont be,accessible yet because,probably the database here is growing,but not that fast its not like one of,the top leading dating apps yet,but who knows so anyways thats the idea,of the app,thanks for watching like subscribe send,some super thanks and see you around

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udates local dating app | udates app | udates app review | udates app free coins

hi hallo vriende,meer gratis dating apps hersien in my kanaal,as jy dit vir jou wil kyk,en gebruik YouTube hoofstukke opsie,kry vinnige opdaterings,hoe om udates te gebruik local dating app,udates app review,hoe om live streams by te woon met live proof,live proof udates video chat,hoeveel gratis munte deur die udates-app,en n VIP-verduideliking aangebied word,, kry nou meer opdaterings

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Eating oreos???? with my mouth???? open before getting to the point & why uDates is a RIP OFF!!

im yourdude4786 i have autism here,back with another video so i got with me,a pack of double stuffed oreos,something fell off the box it could have,been a piece of paper,who knows,[Applause],yep so i have a gameplay video as my,green screen,which i have not posted on my lets play,channel yet,but for those who dont know about my,vlogging channel well never get to know,about this lets play,but you know im kind of in the way so,yeah,um yep eating oreos and milk,double stuffed oreos,really good theres different flavors i,might,buy some more so i got my check finally,came in,my after tax i was supposed to receive a,like over 500 and a half dollar check,and,today is saturday its 5 43 a.m,so later on today in about a few hours i,gotta go to the bank,deposit my check ba i should be,roughly at five thousand dollars in my,account,[Music],which would bring me halfway towards my,goal of reaching 10k,10 000 in other words where i will,think about you know taking a,hiatus from work kind of,[Music],yeah i might but even if i dont ill,ill just kind of slack,ill just take the initiative to slack,and not put it and i wont i wont be,putting as much effort,for the next five years,yeah those oreos are the best,so i take a pace for some groceries,yesterday,so my mom drew out some money from my,account and put it and transferred it,into hers,because both of our accounts are linked,together kind of like that,to where she can transfer money in and,out of my account into hers,so yesterday i also went on my break i,was vlogging my glasses and,but you wont see the vlog because i had,it cut off,when i went to the store,um i may have may not have had it cut up,i dont know,it might have already been at its full,potent by the time i already reached,like a,55 minute recording limit,so um yeah i did buy a 50,google play card,for what for a little bit i was getting,having,i was really digging the you date apps,where i was,talking to this 25 year old woman who,was actually a promoter over at a,college university,who im thinking about who im trying to,get to know and chitchat,but its costing me coins on the dating,site like i pay like twelve dollars,twice,for forty coins and those coins oh then,well give you,or let you text but you cant text a,whole lot,you have to pay just a text a message,youre paying i paid 24 dollars for like,like a few for like its a rip off let,me show you let me let me just like its,a [ __ ] rip off you all,it truly is,i want to get i want i want to get to,know the woman but shes brief this,woman is refusing to like,i even gave her my number and i said we,can talk on the phone,we can send text messages but shes,refusing,to you know,you know text me,and i say well the re the whole idea is,so i dont have to keep paying,coins just to text these women,and shes like well id rather be up,here,like why would you want to be on a place,where you why do why would you rather,pay for text messaging,but you can just do it for free i gave,you my number so that we can,leave we can just you know get to know,each other,i gave you my num i gave her my number,so that she could text me,as much as she wanted to and everything,and shes talking about i want to take,it slow,like im like [ __ ] its a [ __ ] im like,i didnt say that to her but im like,thinking [ __ ] its a its a [ __ ],phone number,its not like im asking you to suck my,dick okay,i just gave you my phone number how is,that rushing things,youre already texting me on this dating,app,which im paying a [ __ ] ton of money for,just for a limited amount of text,and then i give you my number so that we,can text as much as we want we could,text each other,but no she rather just pay for a text,message she would just rather me have to,pay,or she would rather have to pay for a,text message rather than just,contact me on my on my phone and because,i gave her my phone number so she could,and i could text her as much as i want,and she could text me as much as she,wants,but she can give me her real chewing,gonna take my number i want to have to,pay 20,im having to pay 12 for 40 coins and i,only get like,30 minutes worth of texting i mean we,could text all night,and talk you want to get to know each,other a little more take things slow,but we can still talk on my phone,and it wouldnt cost the damn thing it,wouldnt cost the damn thing,it wouldnt cause the damn thing thats,what i dont get,it wouldnt cost a damn thing if i gave,you my phone number,because you could text each other as,much as we wanted to,would you rather be on a site that,charges you for texting,you rather be on a website that charges,you for text messaging,that dont that dont make no [ __ ],sense,thats why im giving up that site it,seemed like a really happy,start but im beginning to realize that,ill be on the feeling that they say,theyre not a scam,but this had to be the greatest [ __ ],scam of all time because,these arent just bots im talking to,these are people,probably putting on this picture profile,i mean i found out this app because it,was advertised on youtube,but im beginning to wonder now youre,paying just a [ __ ],tax if i had just given her my number,we could text as much as we want,and we wouldnt be paid we wouldnt be,charged 12,dollars for for like 30 minutes worth of,taxing,im only giving them limited amount of,texting,you pay to text youre not were not,talking about sending pictures were not,talking about video chat,were talking about texting,its [ __ ] you dates app,come on how stupid and blind do you have,to be to not,see the real scam here,i sure was as hell by like,i paid over 24 dollars,on this app and ive only used it for,one day one day,for one day,is a little too bright let me let me,lower that resolution,see this,after i show you something real quick,im going to actually edit this video,and kind of crop out what and show you,what im talking about here,all right so here is what i am talking,about,so i go i got these coins i can purchase,them,its each one is 32 cents each,from 12.99 so i talked to these,people here,will you be here tomorrow i said call me,if youre,interested in communicating some more i,will,but now id rather take it slow and feel,the real connection,so in other words shes not going to,[Music],shes not going to do what she said she,would she said i will,well but for right now she rather sit on,this website and waste,away her [ __ ] money for something she,could possibly be doing for free,thats stupid i would expect somebody,with,with who is a promoter at a college to,have enough academics and brains,in common sense to see the real scam,scheme here the real scam,is it just me or she blinded by this,like okay i understand like im just,im just okay im giving you my phone,number,im not asking you to suck my dick or,anything like that,im just giving my phone number so we,can communicate some more and,ask for sex now did i no i did not i,said,i simply said call me if youre,interested,in communicating and communicating some,more specifically,i made that specifically clear i didnt,say,call me if you want to if you want to,have sex call me if you want to suck my,dick,did i say that in the text message you,can clearly say i didnt say anything,remotely like that,i said specifically communication,nothing more,and now you want to stick here look how,much im going to have to pay,not how many times im gonna have to,[ __ ] pay now look how many [ __ ],coins im gonna have to pay just to,[ __ ] text,[ __ ] this [ __ ] got my number,you can text me as much as you want,why are you wasting your money on this i,know its a dating app but come on you,if you have my number it would,everything between us could be privately,ill be the only person who has access,to my phone,is me,this aint no porn site,hell of anything look theres just a,bunch of beautiful women all dressed up,nice and everything and look this is so,its so its just look at this,whatever and its kind of cliche that,all these women,are from chesapeake virginia look at,that,what about ones in eli

Worst Online Dating Sites To Avoid [be aware of these scams!]

hi welcome to online for love your,resource for online dating by the,numbers,im amy your certified online dating,expert ive been studying and comparing,online dating sites for the last five,years,and today were going to be talking,about the four worst dating sites,if you have any experience with online,dating im sure that youve come across,some strange to say the least containing,designs out there there are,a ton of scam ones a ton of very strange,ones and niche ones,today were going to talk about four of,the worst that we have seen,in our own opinion but wed love to hear,if there are any that you have seen that,you think are actually,worse than this list im always open to,hear um,the most craziest dating sites out there,so definitely leave a comment if you,think yours are crazier than ours,when looking for bad dating sites we,look for things that seem,a little bit immoral things that are,scammy things that will kind of hurt,people in the long run it can be,actually sometimes a little bit of fun,just to look over the worst ones i mean,i do a lot of videos about the best,dating sites for this type of person for,this type of person but for once its,kind of cool to just like,talk trash just just a little bit,sometimes with bad dating sites there,are certain tells that sort of tip you,off right away that this is going to be,a bad site sometimes its just the site,layout you can just kind of tell by the,way it looks that its not a good site,um but sometimes just a little bit,harder and sometimes you dont even,realize it till youre,like halfway to being scammed or you,realize hey im sort of wasting my time,on this site so i hope that,we can help deter you from some of these,sites that we consider to be some bad,ones,whats always really helpful is to take,the online for loves,online dating quiz this will help pair,you with,the best online dating site for you i,find it really helpful and,none of these are on there i can assure,you definitely try that quiz if nothing,else its really fun,link in the description okay so lets,get into it to our first,worst dating site and that is,beautifulpeople.com,so this is a highly controversial,website that is,all about looks now you might think all,online dating is all about looks and in,some form,sort of is i mean there are the tinders,of the world where you just swipe left,or right based on basically just,peoples pictures,but beautifulpeople.com really takes it,to another,level they were even on a bbc show the,owner of the company was even confronted,by women who had been turned down from,the site so its had some buzz,around it for its questionable morals,but basically its a site where only,beautiful people are loud beautiful,people hyphenated its what they,consider beautiful so basically the way,it works is that,you are voted on whether youre,beautiful or not on a sliding scale,from their members and if you are not,beautiful enough,then you are booted off and actually,part of the controversy that happened,um somewhat recently with them is that,it turned out that a lot of people who,had gained some weight ended up being,booted off,so you know its really enforcing these,stereotypes of beauty in a pretty,negative and harmful way,we think apparently the acceptance rate,for this online dating site,is less than 15 so your chances are,really slim,of being accepted now i do have to make,a comment,i mean the type of people on this dating,site do you want to date them anyway who,would vote people,so stereotypically and so surface level,i mean again,there is an aspect of that to online,dating in general,and dating in general but i mean this is,just a whole other level its just a,little bit insane,the whole website is just a little bit,beyond comprehension i mean,its like its like textbook,mean i mean theyve done polls on the,best looking and worst looking,politicians and royals so among the best,lucky royals we have like,grace kelly kate middleton and like the,ugliest royals,are king henry viii the queen of hearts,and princess fiona,shrek this seems like a joke but its a,real website who was on here apparently,a beautiful people had a poll,talking about what specific traits the,people on the website thought were,not attractive enough for them both men,and women agreed that obesity,having an unsightly nose bad mouth and,teeth bad skin and unkind grooming are,sure-fire grounds to be rejected from,international dating sites,women specifically wrote about not,wanting men to be too,short having unsightly or untaken care,of facial or body hair,having bad posture sporting dirty or too,long nails,as well as being too skinny scrawny or,effeminate men in the pool were just as,strict with their requirements,making sure that the women that they,find attractive need to have a shapely,body,with a butt but not too much but having,eyes too far apart,or too close together or having bad,makeup or bad eyebrows were also just,no notes for these people i really hope,that the people on this website who are,judging others so harshly are like,aphrodite and adonis in the flesh as,much as were kind of hating on this,site i mean,i guess if that is something you highly,value like you need someone as gorgeous,as yourself and you wont settle for,anything less and you have been,uh maybe catfished many two times with,peoples pictures not matching them,exactly,then maybe this is the site for you and,maybe im judging too harshly what do,you think,i think what would make you,exceptionally beautiful is that if you,give this video,a thumbs up and hit subscribe but the,thumbs up really helps our videos to be,seen by more people,on youtube so it would be a big help if,you give us a thumbs up if youre,enjoying the content,the second worst site is delightful.com,which is an online dating site from,steve harvey actually he is apparently,an,expert on dating as well as comedian and,tv show host he decided to partner with,the match group in 2014 to launch his,own,online dating website channeling all of,his knowledge despite its promotion and,his celebrity status it was riddled with,tons of negative reviews mostly stemming,from,harveys portrayal of men and women and,their biological,differences and factors that he went,over on the site harvey argued that,women,are wired differently and had many,articles on the site,teaching women how to be more dateable,harvey was saying things like womens,biological clock is ticking which is,going to lead them only to serious,relationships,to get babies basically and that,contrasts with mens point of view,obviously this is a huge outdated,stereotype and is pretty amazing,such a celebrity would make a site with,these types of messages i know it was,2014 but its not like that was that,long ago its like he made a dating site,for people in the 50s the site used to,be a lot more steve harvey centric his,face was everywhere,his quotes it was really based around,him although he does have a huge,fandom it was just a little strange to,be focused on this one man which is,even though its supposed to be a dating,site of course steve has some,interesting,and possibly useful advice but it,doesnt mean that he is an actual expert,on these things,besides all the things i already,mentioned that we find a little bit,well a lot a bit outdated um theres no,data to suggest that this site is,successful or that any happy marriages,or relationships are coming out of it in,fact many people have written not so,positive reviews,for the site now the site has become,less steve harvey centric,over the years his face isnt plastered,all around like it was before but,wed be in this if we didnt mention,this huge and widely debated online,dating sites i have some actually good,dating advice for you i think that you,should go click,on online for loves online dating,profile guide its free for both men and,women,its so helpful and it really helps you,to make the best online profile,to get more matches and to get people,attracted to you just based off of your,profile,its one of t

Online Dating Scams | A Must Watch!

hi everyone Im Apollonia Ponte your,dating and relationship coach founder of,Apollonia Ponte calm and welcome to,todays video Im your coach for you men,to go confidently in the direction of,your love lives and attract that woman,and master your attraction skills in,your dating lives or in your,relationships now todays video is going,to be talked about online dating scams,all right so you know that Im a huge,advocate huge huge huge advocate for,online dating I even have a product,surrounding online dating results for,men or and this is something Ive taken,the time to incorporate into a product,because of the fact that Ive had so,many clients find love online and also,boost their attraction skills online if,theres somebody like new to dating but,online dating scams happen often and,unfortunately this is something that I,talk about in my online dating results,for men product but I want to make a,video about this because I was looking,on YouTube and I just didnt find a,video that really goes into depth about,how to spot an online scammer and wards,sites are really popular for online,scams and things like that so because my,intentions are true I do want you to,find love but I also want you to be,careful so Im going to give you some,tips on clarity on online dating scams,and also give you some tips on what to,look for when you start engaging in,these people and these activities with,these people or conversations with these,people online so some sites that have,noticed that have a lot of scam scammers,on there our POF it POF which is plenty,of fish a lot of the older older ones do,now a bumble Im sure has some every,once while but bumbles where the woman,has to initiate and tinder has a little,bit more to but its more prone on the,older ones like match.com or eHarmony,things like that where it takes a lot of,time for you to fill out a profile or,theyre the older ones typically because,of the fact that they go over after,lets just say older people between 40s,and I mean excuse me between 50s and up,typically there,its the age range they look for for,skimmers and its probably because,either youre widowed or youve been,single for a while and also lets be,honest they do go after sometimes,elderly but it can be at any age and I,thats why I really want to be clear,about this so Im gonna give you some,tips on how to spot them and I want you,to keep this in mind so the next time,that you do online dating you will know,now number one is they typically will,send you an email ask for your email,address and start communicating with you,through email in thriving and theyll,theyll try to boost this emotional,connection with you theyll talk about,your family you know your parents your,maybe a sore spot like if you just lost,your mother theyll talk about that and,theyll have a similarity like you know,I lost my mother too and this and this,in the same way or things like that,because they try to share a similarity,to kind of capture your heart or capture,your intentions as far as that soft spot,right so they try to trigger that soft,spot and theyll continue to send you,emails and then folks send you phone,call I mean call you and build that a,connection with you and say you know,Ive never felt like this with anybody,or the things like that but heres the,thing as tip number two is they can say,that they dont live here and they live,somewhere else but most of the time,theyll say that they live where you are,in your location but theyre away for,business right now or theyre away,because a family member just passed away,or there a way for plenty of other,reasons so if this happens to you and,theyre away it could be a real case,where theyre just really away but this,is where you have to take your time if,theyre getting too heavy and hot and,heat in there like Im falling in love,with you and you havent even met this,person yet then this is a good way to,spot out that this is a scammer and,typically how they start is tip number,three is they will start asking for gift,cards and they are really great at these,particular situations its like theyre,even trained and what theyll do is they,start to ask for gift cards but in,different ways like hey I cant call you,because of you know theres somethings,happening over here in this country will,you send me a gift card so I can just,pay this bill so I,at least keep up and call you theyre,not accepting anything else but you as,cash or whatever the case may be or my,daughter needs you and I cant choose in,the u.s. well you just sent her,something I cant get over I cant get,her to I cant get her money because uh,so and so thats happening here in this,country so this is how it starts because,they make an impact on you and build,that relationship with you and feel like,youre part of their family and vice,versa and part of their lives that then,they lead on you for support and in your,mind youre thinking all right so as a,relationship I need to support but at,the end of the day theres no,relationship unless you meet that person,face-to-face and you continue to go on,dates with this person and you continue,to find out more and more about this,person and theyre open to you and you,get that feeling now I dont want this,video to steer you away from online,dating I dont I want you I wanted to,actually encourage you to offer online,dating and the reason why I say this is,because Im giving you the signals in,this video so if you watch it youll,know and youll know your clear,intentions as long as you stay where,along with these tips next tip tip,number four is then they will ask for a,lump amount of funds meaning typically,if they say that theyre in the military,its for them to come home or for them,to finally be with you or because of an,investment that they have to do that,they were over there doing they have,really good strategies when it comes to,this so theyre gonna ask for the money,so point tear in this whole video is,never give anybody money when it comes,to online dating even if youve met them,face to face just dont do it,majority of the time you wont youll,see that online dating as actually such,a online dating scams are such a huge,huge thing in the FBI lately right now,actually,online dating alone people have suffered,over two million dollars in losses in,2017 that has been reported to the FBI,this is just stuff that has been,reported to the FBI so thats why its,really important that I do this video,because even though Im a pro advocate,for online dating theres been so much,love found on online dating I also want,to keep it real with you guys and let,you know that this happens,this is something that is getting and is,rising and its its really important,that as dating coaches and as a,relationship coaches we get clear on not,only what is encouraging and what how,love can be found but also the damages,that can be done if you if we dont,communicate the right intentions or what,is really out there and what is going on,so thats why its really important that,I did this video for you so I know this,is a hot topic and be sensitive with,those comments below to other people but,if you have any questions about online,dating scams or if you are a victim of,an online dating scam Im gonna put some,links that below two for you to follow,so you can have more clarity on what to,do when this has happened to you and,hopefully you found this video before,you were scammed online and remember,dont ever give anybody money and if,this did happen to you remember to that,you deserve love I know youre going to,go through a bunch of emotions and why,did I do this why did I do that but,understand that these people are really,good sometimes of what they do and you,do deserve love at the end of the day as,always Ill see you again in the next,video if you this is your first time,visiting please take the time to,describe subscribe to this channel and,Ill see you again in the next video,remember you are always loved bye for,now

Dating App Scam *MUST WATCH*

[Music],whats going on everybody its your boy,gallon man 20 and in todays episode is,gonna be a little bit different I mean,you guys are probably used to this in a,couple videos I have done where I kind,of just ramble on about certain stuff,but this was an interesting one of,course some of you guys know if you,follow me to discord or youve been a,subscriber since day one you guys know,that I have not had a girlfriend,whatsoever so what I did last two months,I have been on match.com and tinder and,Ive been doing the swiping or clicking,of the like button whatever to try to,contact people and message them and,things like that,so tender I have not had any luck until,the last twenty days Ive had a couple,people swipe and of course not at my,some of them were not my interest,I didnt message some people but they,never messaged me back after that so,there is one in particular that happened,on what is today today is the 29th on,the 28th November 28th 2018 and,basically I got a swipe or a match I,would say on tinder,with what I thought was a real person,and you guys are going to see that this,is not a real person but its actually a,scam and its just a like chatbot what,they call it swiped and the person in me,matched then got a message instantly,after we matched I couldnt tell you,what the message was because I will get,to that part at the very end a person,asked for the number and I guess they,wanted to chat so of course this is,first for me because all the other,conversations I have with people they,never wanted a phone number to text,because you can text on there so I went,ahead with it of course me,suspicious about it I just went with it,for right now,so then immediately got a text after I,put my number in and of course it said,hey whats up cutie,and if believed the screenshot of the,whole conversation on there and it says,hows it going and then says Im from,Ohio where you at in Ohio but I dont,know this area of like at all my sister,moved out here like a few months ago for,a job of course,right then and there is very sketchy,because of course it goes from one,message to the other kind of back to,back and it says you know were about,its easy to just open up Maps and,nowhere and I said Dayton because she,asked where I was at I just said Dayton,its not of course where Im at she,doesnt know that I kind of just played,it off and it says great Im really,bored and alone looking for someone to,play with are you wanting the same I,just went through a really bad breakup,so I dont know I dont want anything,serious in you and then I said answer,this question whats 2+2 and the funny,thing is never actually gave me an,answer,so that was red flag all day every day,if you cant answer the question then,its theres something up so kept going,and it says hmm maybe we could do,something fun you found me at a good,time since I got today and tomorrow,nights off so lets make some plans,together Ill let you be my tinder fling,if youre down for it you just need to,get some screening on here now theres a,link it says tinder G dot me now do not,Google it do not do anything because it,is a scam website dont do it so then,you get my address and we can have some,fun at my spot and I think that was very,funny when I saw that is that all I get,from you because at that point in time,so where she wrote that message where,she said she wants to get together with,the link that was at 5:45 p.m.,than ten minutes went by without me,responding after I saw that message and,she says is that all I get from you so,now I said prove you are real of course,she says baby that thing he doesnt cost,anything until it makes me feel safe,with meeting youll learn lots of weird,people out there nowadays I just need to,make sure you are safe then you can come,over so of course still referring back,to the link in the text message which is,tender jet tender G dot me and I says,Im gonna pass have a great day,so now this is where part gets well Ive,had some weird experiences with people,on here before one guy wouldnt leave me,alone and I just want to get laid,lol once you do the screening thingy my,location will be given out and then it,says local fun dot me so I had a burner,phone or whatever you call that not a,burner phone I guess you could say,burner phone its a phone I dont,normally use but it has internet,connection so I did go to that link and,its I clicked on it and of course guess,what it did it brought me back to tinder,G dot meat so somehow there was its the,same link same link for that tinder G,and I just want to be sure you are not a,crazy person then you can have me Ill,give you an awesomesauce Blanc Im,totally willing to meet you and do this,I thought you wanted to meet okay so,with that being said that was that last,message was sent at 6:00 at 5 p.m. so,the messages keep going but after that I,went on Google and I typed in this,little Id basically typed in tinder,scam and this is what I came up with and,it says a new BOTS game on tinder is,tapping into users desire to become,verified on the popular dating service a,process that people believe would allow,them confirm their identity and,Jumma legitimize their account for the,purposes of trust and safety according,sin report from security researchers at,whatever scammers are now using,verification as a lure to sign up people,to fake safe dating websites these fakes,verification sites collect users,personal information and payment card,details and proceed to sign up victims,for subscription-based memberships to,adult video in webcam sites that totally,or at a total nearly 120 dollars per,month and fees so basically if you go to,that one of those two links you put in,your information and then well probably,bring you to a credit card thing and if,you fill that out well guess what youre,gonna get hit with a hundred and twenty,dollar monthly fee if you do indeed sign,up and go through the whole process so,that is a scam I thankfully did not get,scammed because I am very vigilant and I,know that when people are typing,something it just sounds sketchy or,looks sketchy or whatever it may be then,after that going back to the part where,I said it was going to happen,are they gonna tell you later so I went,back to my tinder account I went to the,matches that I got and guess what that,person is no longer there the,conversation we had in tinder chat is no,longer there so that person is basically,a ghost now so the person who got my,number who was messaging me no longer is,on my tinder account but the funny thing,is after I posted that little screenshot,and then I put a cop face in a siren,that person has not messaged me anymore,so it probably is a person behind the,screen doing this I dont know how to,describe it lets just say I want to,throw that out there to give you guys,all the heads up if you guys do use,these dating websites just look out for,if they post these stupid links off or,make sure when you are typing that you,are watching what they say to that,you can ring in your head like okay this,is sketchy Im either gonna stop the,conversation or maybe try to continue,the conversation to see how far they,would go before they just stopped so,technically thats what my I did and I,stopped them with the cop emotes with,the siren but anyways guys hope you guys,do enjoy,of course its always gonna happen to me,stuff like this so right now what I told,people is Im not gonna do tinder Im,not gonna do match.com for right now,anymore Im probably gonna do a,speed-dating so they have some stuff in,the Ohio area so Im going to do some,speed-dating,that way its face-to-face interaction,with people instead of behind the screen,and just swiping and being bored and,stuff like that so also if you guys,dont know speed dating is I highly,encourage you guys to watch the movie,hitch has Will Smith and the guy from,King of Queens I cant remember his name,at the moment but thats it thats the,end of the video hope you guys going to,enjoy hope guys enjoy the gameplay in,the background

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