1. Are Udemy Courses Worth It?! // Udemy Review
  2. Udemy review 2022: Is Udemy worth it?
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  4. Top 10 Udemy Courses for Project Managers | Udemy Course Review
  5. Udemy Vs Skillshare – Which is the BEST online course platform?
  6. Udemy Review: Is Udemy worth it? Do online courses matter?
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Are Udemy Courses Worth It?! // Udemy Review

the amount of time ive been asked this,is simply insane and to be fair its,very valid question to ask udemy course,is actually worth money usually and yes,you can get a lot of ud courses for free,and i mean the great udemy courses and,im gonna actually teach you one of the,future videos so stay tuned for that but,majority of them actually cost some,money and the question rises here,whether the udemy courses are actually,worth their price or not believe it or,not im going to be answering this,question not just as a youtube,instructor but as a youtube user as well,and whether my fellow udemy instructors,will love it or hate it im gonna have,to be honest there so,lets just get started and for the ones,who are seeking very straight for an,answer and who dont want to waste their,time and whose time i myself really,dont wanna waste im gonna give you one,very straightforward answer and then you,can move on doing with whatever you are,doing and the only thing that i would,ask to those people is just to leave a,like and subscribe to their channel,thats all i ask okay already done that,great overall yes udemy courses are,actually worth to pay for but not their,full price well at least usually not,udemy is actually full of great and,amazing and fantastic courses that are,worth every single penny youre gonna,pay for them it can be about any topic,possible if you can think about the,topic if you can think about the niche,if you can think about the thing that,you can actually do there is almost 100,chance that there is a udemy course for,it and if not well its going to be the,first and its simply amazing but what a,lot of people are not realizing is how,udemy is actually working as a business,to give you as much value as possible,for as little money as you can spend you,see udemy actually knows and realizes,that not all of their courses are,actually worth 50 or 100 or 200 dollars,that instructors are asking them for and,they also know that some of their,courses can be actually worth far more,than that but students cannot know that,unless they take the course so to,counteract that and to not drown as a,business udemy created very clever,system which is based on the sales and,refunds many people dont know that,udemy is running sales at least twice,every single month so if you go to udp,and see the course for the full price,there is a very high chance that in next,few days there will be a sale and a,course price will be discounted except,for very very rare scenarios when,instructors are opting out from this,feature you see at least twice a month,udemy is running the sales where course,price is almost always less than 20,dollars and in many cases it can be even,less than 10 dollars and yes it doesnt,matter how long the course is every,single course can be less than 10,dollars and practically guaranteed less,than 20. so that means that you can,actually get majority of the courses,absolute majority of courses if not all,the courses that you want for very low,price but even if that is not enough for,you udemys actually done even better,thing they actually made purchase,decision even simpler than that you see,when you pay for udemy you actually,dont lose anything you know why because,for every course you have 30-day,money-back guarantee that means that no,matter what will happen whether you,didnt like the course whether you,didnt like the instructor or didnt,like the quality of the course or for,any reason you can come up with you can,just ask for a refund yes within 30 days,you can just ask for your money back and,udemy will give you the money with no,questions asked which is making the,course purchase practically no brainer,and did you realize that i didnt talk,about actually taking the course and it,doesnt really matter whether you took,the course or not and because its true,it doesnt matter whether you took one,minute of the course or entirety of the,course udemy will still,refund you your money if you feel like,that you want it dont get me wrong this,doesnt mean that you can get any course,for free if udemy will see that youre,abusing the system they will block you,and youll lose access to all of your,courses instantly and youll be ip,banned and youll be payment banned and,right its gonna be awful its going to,be bad for you so just dont abuse this,system because udemy is actually taking,very close attention to that but if you,have a valid reason to refund udemy will,not ask you any questions plus in,addition to all that no instructor on,udemy has in its own interest to make a,bad course no one really want that yes,some courses on udemy are trash yes even,some of my courses are not the highest,quality but not for a lack of trying so,i myself as an instructor can safely say,that we really dont want our courses,refunded so we try to make courses as,best as we can sometimes we succeed in,it sometimes we dont but at least try,so overall summing everything up you,really have nothing to lose while buying,udemy courses if you want to knowledge,and if you dont care about certificates,because yeah certificates do not matter,for udemy watch the previous short video,about that you simply have nothing to,lose with the udemy courses because,first you are buying them dirt cheap,because getting few hours even a few,dozen hour courses for as little as 10,is dirt cheap of course if information,there is the thing that you need even if,that is not enough for you and if you,didnt like the course you can refund it,within 30 days no matter whether you,took the course or not so overall you,really have nothing to lose which makes,udemy courses absolutely worth to buy,and i didnt talk about the quality of,the courses i didnt talk about the,quality information because its all up,to you to decide whether the course was,quality or not and its changing case by,case spaces with this info that i gave,you in mind you can just go and buy the,courses and decide for you whether it,was worth it or not information wise and,just refund it if you didnt like it and,overall yes its worth to buy adobe,courses because udemy just made it,incredibly easy and great deal to do so,oh yeah by the way dont forget to like,the video because sometimes you forget,that please dont forget that dont,forget subscribe because you dont want,to miss any videos like this one in the,future and im gonna see you in the next,one,take care

Udemy review 2022: Is Udemy worth it?

udemy.com features thousands of courses,from javascript and jquery to game,design and branding udemy.com seems to,have it all but with the explosion of,interactive learning sites does this,video based platform still deliver were,taking a look at udemy.com today and the,video starts right now,oh developers ive tried recording this,video so many times today and i always,end up not recording the whole thing,because i get so sidetracked on this,platform this is like the headquarters,for pretty dangling things were going,to talk about it,were going to talk about a lot of stuff,with you to me because this platform if,youre a self-taught developer,this platform is certainly on your radar,and if youre thinking of becoming a,self-taught developer this platform,should be on your radar the short and,sweet of you to me is that its a video,based platform it has thousands of,courses on just about anything you can,imagine now as a web developer my focus,is on web development but they have data,science they have devops they have,networking any type of tech discipline,youre interested in they have it along,with other stuff that ive really never,explored honestly like design health and,fitness they have a music section here,for music production and music,techniques and all this other stuff,udemy is the biggest kahuna of all these,learning platforms in terms of quantity,there are nearly 10 000 results for,javascript let me go inside my account,here and ill show you a few of my,courses ive collected over the years,this is but one of a few accounts were,going to talk about this in just a few,minutes i have multiple accounts because,of their weird pricing schemes and,different sales schemes but this is one,of my main accounts so on my front page,here i have mostly web developers stuff,we have the web developer bootcamp 2020,a classic course recently updated by,cold steel i have another boot camp type,course here i have some anthony alicea,courses two of them node view and the,list goes on let me pop into the web,developer bootcamp and you can get a,feel for what the interior of a typical,course looks like there are some,readings throughout these courses just,showing you how to get involved with the,community but once you get into the,actual material,they are all video based so this format,you see here is typical of all the,courses on udemy you have your video,here you have your navigation here,separated into sections and under each,section are the related videos so right,now i am in section two im on video 14,its called the request response cycle,and the video length really depends on,your instructor for cold steel i know,the videos are mostly pretty short six,minutes 10 minutes even going down here,to the more advanced parts three minutes,seven minutes seven minutes nine minutes,so really manageable one thing you may,have noticed on udemy 2 especially with,these web development courses is that,they are very long now mind you this is,the video run time 63 total hours the,time you spend building projects,watching videos again seeking out other,resources additional sources to help you,on your coding journey,were talking hundreds of hours were,talking many months,and this isnt a problem with you its,neither good nor bad in my opinion im,just pointing out that when you invest,in some of these courses especially the,bootcamp ones be prepared for a time,commitment spanning weeks or months,and that brings me to my first main,point on udemy this is a massive,platform you will be filtering through a,lot of fluff and just downright bad,courses and pro tip if you find an,instructor that you like stick with them,this platform is essentially a,collection of thousands of contractors,making thousands of courses and so,finding a top-tier instructor someone,who has experience teaching someone who,maybe teaches on the outside so they,know what techniques to use and of,course those people are really good at,what they do when you find someone you,like stick with them i have down here,another colt steel course this is the,ultimate my sequel boot camp but as you,can see the layout is completely,identical as the other course i just,showed you now under here,is the q a section,if you sign up for a udemy course,feel free to ask a question but dont,expect it to be answered many of the,questions do go unanswered and that can,be frustrating just to give you a heads,up lets go inside this one the complete,node.js developer course third edition,by andrew mead this guys another great,instructor this is another massive,course 35 hours run time just for the,videos 177 lectures but if we go here,theres probably going to be a lot of,questions okay 18 000 questions as you,can see not a lot of action on these,questions,lets talk about the udemy pricing,structure i have to say the pricing is,one of the most frustrating things about,this platform,we all know you should never pay more,than 14.99 for a course and so for me,i find myself scrounging around for,coupons and im wasting 20 30 minutes at,a clip trying to find a coupon by the,time i find one udemy says its expired,five minutes later theyre like yeah,just kidding its ten dollars and then,they were just kidding about the ten,dollar thing and its just its its,just a mess so i have multiple accounts,uh sometimes ive just signed up for a,new account just to get one course this,is one of my accounts that i signed up,with when i needed an angela you course,to review by the way on my main channel,i have an exclusive interview with,angela you its popping up on your,screen right now what a great interview,that was awesome to meet dr you and talk,with her about this course but i have,multiple accounts like this where its,just one course so i didnt have to pay,150 bucks for a course that we all know,should cost 10 or 15,based on the history of udemy pricing,honestly objectively a lot of these,courses from these superstar instructors,they are worth 150 or even more with the,value that they give you but udemy has,conditioned customers to believe that,these courses are priced between 10 and,15 so whatever way you want to look at,it if youre trying to get a cheap,course you may just have to sign up with,another account,so here are the pros of udemy.com its,very accessible if you look around if,you sign up for a new account however,you want to do it the courses are,between 10 and 15,you just pay check out and get to,watching the videos and start learning,so it is very accessible that way the,other pro of you to me is that there are,some amazing instructors some of them i,have included on this videos thumbnail,these people are experts we are very,lucky to have them sharing their,knowledge on such an accessible platform,pro number three for you to me it is,excellent for beginners again because it,is so accessible you just pay and get,into the course so many of these courses,are catered towards beginners and code,newbies and by the end of that first 15,minutes youre already learning,something so its economical and its,great for beginners who maybe arent,sure if they want to pursue software,development or you know whatever tech,field youre exploring because at the,end of the day if you decide you dont,like it youre only out 10 or 15 bucks,lets talk about the cons of udemy.com,number one this platform is tutorial,hell headquarters there are so many,courses here so many interesting,technologies that it is super tempting,to just log on and watch another video,oh just one more video on graphql yes,no,no its hellish its bad its no good,con number two,good courses and instructors are out,there,but theyre really hard to find so its,kind of a double-edged sword because we,have great instructors and great courses,here but you have to research you have,to sift through a lot of fluff to get to,the good stuff its gonna take a time,investment con number three,this platform is not interactive its,video based so you have to set up,everything yourself and im seeing,platforms like scrimba

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Top 5 Online Learning Platforms 2022 | Review of Coursera / SkillShare / Udemy / EdX / LinkedIn

If you wanna study something new,but dont have the time or money to enroll in a college degree program,,you should consider taking a course on an online learning platform.,The only problem is that there are so many options to choose from,,and instead of scrolling one by one,,you would rather find a list that tells you which are the best.,Look no further, because our list of the top online learning platforms is here.,Hey everyone, Im Alberto from Gradehacker,,the non-traditional students most trusted resource.,Well, in no particular order, here is our list of the best online platforms.,First off, we have Coursera,,one of the most popular platforms in the world.,Theyre an excellent option for academic courses,with over 3,000 programs about all different topics.,Because theyre partnered,with over 200 universities and companies,,including BIG institutions like Yale and Google,,programs are truly affordable,,even though the amount you will spend depends on the courses that you choose.,First, we have free courses which work as introductions.,The only downside is that these courses dont include completion certificates.,Starting with the paid courses, we have the guided projects,which start out at $9.99,and only take one to two hours to complete,,as most of them are tutorials on how to use a specific app or software.,On to the next level,,we have professional certificates and specialization courses.,These can last up to six months and teach,how to develop specific valuable skills for a working environment.,Both types of programs start at $39 per month.,If youre looking for college level education,,they have Master Track Certificates, and these begin at $2,000 per course,and take less than a year to complete,,giving you a university issued certificate,and credit that can lead you towards a degree.,And if you want to earn a Bachelors or,Masters degree, you can do it on Coursera with an online degree programs,which out at $9,000,,a fraction of what it costs in traditional universities.,So, why do we recommend Coursera?,Well, mainly because they have,a Bachelors and Masters degree program recognized by prestigious institutions.,Overall, Coursera is an excellent option for any non-traditional student who wants,to accelerate their journey and pay much less for it.,Next up, we have Skillshare.,We have the perfect platform for creative students.,Whats great about Skillshare is that they offer a subscription based plan.,Skillshare Premium costs $32 per month,,or $168 if you go for the annual subscription.,While you are subscribed,to Skillshare Premium, you will be able to access all of the courses on their site.,They are an excellent option for academic,courses with over 3,000 programs about all different topics.,But if youre not sure if its for you, you can use their seven day free trial first,and see what their courses have to offer.,Their biggest cons though, are that they dont give you an official certificate,after you finish, even if its a premium course.,Plus, they dont have any partnerships,with universities, and their programs are just not university level.,Meaning, you cant use their credits as,transfer credits into an actual accredited institution.,But we must say that Skillshare is a multilanguage site,,unlike most online platforms.,They cover English, Español, Français, German and Português,By translating their website to each,of these languages and offering subtitles for all of their courses.,Why do we recommend Skillshare?,Their subscription based plan is an excellent option for curious students,who want to discover new skills they would likely never acquire anywhere else.,Plus, their pricing plans arent too high,,especially considering all the knowledge that you have access to.,Let me just ask you,,go ahead and like, subscribe, and share our channel,,because simply YouTube likes it,,then if YouTube likes it,,then we can reach much more people who need this information, just like you.,Udemy,With over 185,000 programs, they have the biggest repository of high-quality courses.,Plus, each topic has a wide range of programs to choose from.,The price depends mainly on the instructor who leads the course, not on the topic.,Udemys prices range from $11 to over,$200, but on average, most courses cost between $80 and $100.,Before purchasing access to the course,,you can see all the content thats included before starting.,However, if you buy it and youre not satisfied,,there is a 30-day refund available.,And just like Coursera, once you finish a paid course,,you get an official certificate that proves your knowledge.,Why do we recommend Udemy?,It has an enormous quantity of specialized courses.,If youre looking to learn or improve a specific skill,in Udemy, you pay once, and then you have lifetime access to video tutorials,you can go back to if you need them.,Next up on our list, we have THE platform for students interested in STEM fields.,Thats science, technology, engineering, and math.,That platform is EdX.,Its an educational platform for students who want to access high quality courses,,and it was created by Harvard University,and MIT members, and they are also partnered with over 160 universities.,EdX offers over 3,500 courses.,Now, what makes Edx different is its certification process.,Most of their courses are free.,If you choose the free audit track,,youll have temporary access to all course materials except for graded assignments.,You wont be able to complete the assignments,,nor will you receive a completion certificate, which is what universities or,future employers will ask you to show as proof of your knowledge.,To earn these certificates, youll have to pay the certificate fee,,which, depending on the course costs between $50 and $300.,But keep in mind that high level classes may have higher prices.,However, not all EdX programs have the free audit track available.,Heres the list with the types,of certificates and whether you can do it for free or not.,Why do we recommend EdX?,Because they have the recognition of many,top universities, and you can access a lot of their valuable content for free.,You still need to pay to earn the approved certificate, but with it, youll have,a valuable diploma that also works as transfer credit for your college.,To finalize the list, we have LinkedIn Learning.,With over 16,000 programs,,their main purpose is to educate and instruct the student while building,and improving their LinkedIn profile,,which increases their chances of finding,a better job position and establishing relationships with more professionals.,They have a subscription based plan that,once you pay for it, you gain access to all the courses you want.,LinkedIn Learning subscription costs,$39.99 per month or $320 per year,,but in case you have doubts,,they also have a one month free trial to try more in depth all that they offer.,Were not going to lie their prices are,a little bit higher than the other platforms, but LinkedIn Learning may be,worth it if youre looking to expand the list of your professional contacts.,The biggest downside is that not all of their courses have the high quality,overall standard that other online platforms have.,Perhaps youll find more recognition with business and technology related courses.,Still, you may not have the same luck with the programs focused on other fields,like arts, humanities and social sciences, which in comparison, are much fewer.,So why do we recommend LinkedIn Learning?,If you want to improve your business skills,their courses in this field are much more,well developed and have a much more solid validity within institutions.,Plus, you will further develop your,LinkedIn page and expand your contact list much easier.,These are only some of the best and most,popular platforms, but theres more out there.,Continue looking until you find the right one for you.,Thats it for today!,If youve used any of the platforms that weve mentioned or just another one,that we havent, just go ahead and comment below.,Share

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Top 10 Udemy Courses for Project Managers | Udemy Course Review

whats going on everyone today were,going to look at the top 10 udemy,courses for project managers I love the,udemy platform because all of their,courses are extremely affordable from,ten dollars to Fifteen dollars and,theyre very high quality which I highly,highly recommend and its allowed me to,personally accelerate my own career and,learn many of the skills that I use for,my job as a project manager udemy is,also having their Black Friday sale this,week where you can get exclusive access,to all of their courses for up to 85,percent off so I highly recommend that,you take advantage of their Black Friday,deals by using my links in the,description bar down below with the,coupon code that Ill be providing dont,forget that if you take any of these,courses through udemy you can use these,as pdus to renew your cap them or your,PNP certifications now the first course,well be looking at is deeply practical,project manager management this is the,first course on project management that,I ever took and it taught me everything,I needed to know to Be an Effective,project manager what I love about this,course is that the author Dr William,Stewart continues to update it even to,this day and youre learning the how-to,of project management from a,well-seasoned veteran who has been doing,this for many years its a comprehensive,course that teaches you the entire,project management process and includes,many attachments and exercises to help,you practice and you also go through,real life examples to put you into the,mindset of a project manager highly,recommend this course because youre,truly getting your moneys worth out of,it since it contains close to nine hours,of lessons with more than 200 video,lessons the second course is the project,management course beginner to project,manager now what youll notice with,udemy is that the prices are extremely,inflated costing more than a hundred,dollars do not pay the full price when,youre seeing that pay the discounted,price because its going to be so much,more cheaper when you wait for a coupon,code or a sale like this week for,example so if you want any of these,courses make sure to use my links and,the coupon code in the description bar,down below so for this course when,youre learning about project management,its extremely helpful to learn from,different sources so that you can have,different perspectives with how to lead,and manage your own projects what I love,about this course is that its very well,structured and it contains more than 15,actual project management templates and,documents that you can use to learn the,skill sets of a project manager the,videos are animation based and very,engaging so its much easier to learn,the knowledge in bite-sized chunks the,third course is Ultimate agile scrum,Master certification training this is,the exact udemy course that I used study,and pass my professional scrum Master,exam what I love about this course is,that there are downloadable slides of,the key Concepts along with MP3 files,that you can listen to anytime youre,doing your chores or your errands this,course walks you through everything,about scrum that you need to know to,become a certified professional scrum,Master its a very well structured,course that allowed me to pass my own,scrum Master certification in less than,one week the fourth course is Scrum for,beginners plus scrum Master,certification preparation I took this,course along with the previous one to,develop a robust knowledge of scrum what,I really like about this course is that,its very engaging and its also,animation based so you can easily finish,this course in a few days the practice,questions in this course are extremely,helpful and theyre what I used to earn,my scrum certification in less than one,week,the fifth course that I recommend to,everyone is learn jira with the real,world examples if youre leading agile,projects and you work as a scrum Master,you need to know how to use jira to,manage your Sprints and how to input,information into the software jira is,the most common tool in the industry for,managing agile projects and this course,helps you get up to speed very quickly,in a matter of a few hours I love how,in-depth this course is at close to 12,hours and it completely goes in detail,about how to work with an agile Team how,to administer jira to users and how to,set up your own jira cloud instance,these are all really important things,that you need to know if you want to be,able to lead agile projects manage daily,tasks as well as different boards for,your scrum team the next course were,looking at is business analysis,fundamentals now depending on the role,that you have in your company you might,be the one responsible for collection,require payments from the customer and,also creating a business case this,course is perfect for you because it,literally walks you step by step through,the entire software development life,cycle and also how to collect and,analyze requirements for the projects,that youre working on these are very,important skills if youre leading your,team to collect requirements and also to,properly Define your project scope the,next course I recommend is leadership,practical leadership skills so I took,this course to level up my skill set,with how to lead others in my company as,an engineer before I was very focused on,the technical side and I didnt know how,to lead others or how to be a good,manager I immediately took this course,and I learned invaluable lessons which,has helped me to this day become an,engineering project manager what I,really like about the instructor Chris,Croft is how he breaks down everything,in bite-sized chunks and its very easy,to understand with his real life,examples the eighth course were looking,at is management skills new manager,training this course is actually one of,the very first ones that I took when I,became a project manager I knew that I,needed to develop my own leadership,skills and how to have the right,discipline with leading others and,resolving team conflicts youre truly,getting your moneys worth out of this,course because not only is it 12 hours,long but youre also learning from a,well-seasoned veteran whos been doing,this for many years it also covers a lot,of real life examples that you can,immediately apply to your job so for,example communication delegating tasks,to other people how to develop and,motivate your team members how to have,difficult conversations with your team,and how to facilitate conflict,resolution the next course is write,better emails tactics for smarter team,communication everyone needs to know how,to write professional emails especially,if if youre a project manager and you,have to report up to leadership the,different status updates for your,projects its very important to,establish your brand and your,credibility with the emails that youre,writing and this course teaches you,everything that you need to stand out,and also to send emails the right way,highly recommend checking this course,out because you can finish it very,quickly and immediately apply this to,your job the day after the 10th course,is visually effective Excel dashboards,as a project manager youre going to be,responsible for creating project,dashboards for your leadership as well,as status updates and unfortunately,figuring out how to do all of this,inside of excel can be very overwhelming,this course walks you step by step with,how to use Excel to create different,types of dashboards so that you can,apply this to your own projects now I,know that this video is for the top 10,udemy courses for project managers but I,have to throw in in a few extra bonuses,the first bonus course that I recommend,is Excel charts visualization secrets,for impressive charts inside this course,youll learn all the secrets of the,trade with how to make your exotic,charts visually appealing to show all,the data that you need for management,what I love about Laylas course is that,she includes cheat sheets and Excel,files th

Udemy Vs Skillshare – Which is the BEST online course platform?

in this video im going to answer one of,the most important questions of online,learning,ever asked which of the two titans of,online education is the best,udemy or skillshare,im going to give you an overview of the,two biggest online learning websites in,the world,covering the similarities the,differences and the pros and cons that i,see in each,to help you decide which one suits your,learning style,and needs the best and at the end of the,video ill give you my view on who i,think will benefit the most from each,platform and please remember if you get,some value out this video,then tap that cheeky like button below,as it tells the youtube algorithm to,share this video with more people,so please help me help as many people as,possible,thank you so the big question is,which learning platform is the best and,the short answer,it depends and ill explain why first we,need to look at the similarities,they are both massively popular and huge,online learning platforms,with literally thousands of courses on,offer and hundreds of thousands of,students use these platforms every year,they both have a very large variety of,online course topics,they both have mobile phone apps for ios,and android,so you can literally learn anywhere in,the world just using your smartphone,and they also have high quality courses,created by professionals in their field,this all sounds pretty good huh,this is true but there are also,differences the first big difference,is the course variety udemy has a much,larger variety of course topics,and a better category selection menu,allowing you to find,precisely what youre looking for much,quicker both skillshare and udemy,have an abundance of creative business,and lifestyle courses,however udemy also has course topics,such as software development,engineering i.t office productivity and,business systems,health and fitness teaching and much,more,skillshare does have some courses in a,few of these areas,however skillshares browsing menu takes,a much more minimalistic approach,so you have to use the search bar and,search directly to find them,the second big difference is the price,structure udemy works on a,pay-per-course model,at first glance the courses appear to be,really expensive,with course prices being as high as 300,dollars,however udemy has at least one sale a,month they love a sale,and costs are drastically reduced so you,can pick up absolute bargains,courses cheap as 10 15 or 20 bucks and,if you search hard enough you can even,find some free courses on here,skillshare on the other hand works on a,subscription model,while they dont offer any free courses,they do offer a 7 day free trial or if,you use my link in the description below,you can double that to 14 days so check,out that link today,after your 14 day free trial its 99 for,the year,as a one-off annual payment or 19 per,month,if you decide to pay monthly the other,major difference,is the average course length the courses,on skillshare tend to be a lot shorter,the shortest course ive seen on,skillshare have been around 19 or 20,minutes long,but most courses appear to be about an,hour long on udemy the shortest course i,found was 44 minutes long,and the shortest courses on average tend,to be about an hour to an hour and a,half,with courses generally sitting around,the three hour mark,now this is not to say the quality of,the courses on skillshare are lower,or that there arent long courses on,skillshare far from it,for example i actually came across this,10 hour long acting class,and also some four to five hour long,amazon courses while casually browsing,skillshare,so what are the pros and cons well its,a matter of perspective really,some people dont like the paper course,model of udemy and some people might not,find the topics theyre after on,skillshare,engineering teaching and the such with,skillshares subscription model once you,cancel,you obviously dont have access to any,of the courses but with udemy,you actually own them for life okay okay,nick this is all well and good,but which ones best well i like to,think that theyre both the best and,this is not a cop-out,because theyre both the best for two,different types of people the udemy,people,if you know exactly what you want to,learn and only need one or two courses,to learn that topic,then udemy might be the best option for,you the price of two highly discounted,courses might only come to roughly the,same price,as one or two months of the skillshare,subscription so once youve bought your,courses on udemy you then have those,courses for life,and you can learn at your own pace if,you dont have a lot of spare time,and it might take you a few months just,to get through one course then a 15,course on udemy might actually work out,as the cheaper option,then there are the skillshare people if,you are a creative and entrepreneur,are looking to learn more about business,personal development,or personal finance and well be,learning continuously,so youre wanting to get a new course,every single week or every single month,then skillshare is definitely the option,for you,on skillshare if a course doesnt offer,the information youre looking for,or you just dont like the tutor you can,easily just,quickly jump over to another course at,no extra cost,you can just keep doing that pretty much,indefinitely until you find the course,you want,the short courses are perfect for people,with busy lives plus the 14 day free,trial,using my link in the description below,you can try out,risk free and if you dont like it you,can always cancel but i doubt you will,because skillshare is,fantastic so says nick however,ultimately there is,absolutely nothing other than maybe,money stopping you signing up for both,skillshare,and occasionally buying a course on,udemy if you find one you like,theyre both absolutely fantastic online,learning platforms and i recommend both,of them,so which type of person are you a uw,person skillshare person,or a little bit of both let me know in,the comments below which online learning,platform you use and prefer,if you would like some other online,learning options then make sure you,check out this video up here,as i made a video on the 10 best online,learning websites,if youre new to my channel my name is,nick and i set myself a 950 day,challenge to go from xero to success,to improve all the fundamentals of life,in every way health well skills,knowledge and mindset,i post videos on this channel sharing,everything i learn along this 950 day,challenge,in the hopes that i can actually help,you guys improve your lives as i try to,improve,mine so if that sounds good to you then,make sure you hit that cheeky subscribe,button below,and please if youve got some value out,of this video consider hitting that like,button as well,and until next time thanks for watching,and ill see you guys in the next video,cheers,you

Udemy Review: Is Udemy worth it? Do online courses matter?

in this video im gonna go over you to,me and whether or not i think it will,help you get a job,in tech and in this review im going to,go over my thoughts and opinions the,pros and the cons,the various types of courses on udemy,and whether or not i think,udemy is worth it and how you should,approach,udemy ill also link below some really,good courses to start with on udemy,if you are looking to pursue a career in,say data analytics,i.t cyber security artificial,intelligence,and whatnot please comment like and,subscribe as this channel,is all about helping you reskill and get,a job,in tech so what is,udemy udemy is where people all across,the world,can post videos and courses in various,types of training,and sell it on the marketplace and you,can find almost,anything on udemy price is usually,around ten to twenty dollars,for course however they do say that its,two hundred dollars but dont pay two,hundred dollars for a course on udemy,never pay more than like fifteen dollars,and they do have a 30 day guarantee to,where you can get your money back if you,are not satisfied with the course,that is a good option to have the types,of courses that they have at udemy are,many they have i t programming,python cyber security resume building,linkedin hacking like regulations for,it and they also what i used it for is,they have really niche topics that you,cant find,anywhere else such as f5 web application,firewalls,and this is what makes udemy so valuable,the course,quality isnt as high quality say as,coursera where they have professional,instructors or edx,or pluralsight where its always,top-notch video quality but,the instructors usually have a,professional experience,which they can bring to the course they,also have a lot more advanced courses,whereas all of those other online,learning platforms,are usually more geared for beginners,and not really for more advanced,topics that is probably the best thing,about the it courses,on udemy if you want to go into other,class types they do have them such as,business but i cant really speak on,that that much as,ive never really taken a business class,overall my experience with taking this,course was that the instructor was,extremely knowledgeable,and this is training that you would have,to pay three four thousand dollars to,f5 to gain and i paid thirty dollars,because it was three courses and that is,a steal,for the amount of quality that i receive,also the pace of my course,was extremely good and now the,instructor did have kind of an accent,but didnt really,take away that much from the course and,he went slow and he also gave examples,of everything that he spoke about so,this is it was an excellent course,and when i make my course im definitely,going to set it up like he did in his,kind of a con to the udemy,courses its not all of them are up to,date and even though they say it was,last,updated say two months ago they didnt,redo the entire course so a lot of the,content you may find,may be extremely outdated so always make,sure to look at the reviews,and look at the bad reviews and see if,theres any recent ones saying that the,content on you to be,on the udemy course is outdated,so my favorite things are about udemy is,it covers a lot of niche topics that you,cant find anywhere else,theres also people with a lot of,industry experience teaching it,and not just people who teach for a,living which i found a good,thing a lot of people dont like it,because anybody can teach and you dont,really know who actually knows their,stuff but this is why if you go through,the reviews you definitely will be able,to decipher whether or not theyre just,doing,it to make money or theyre actually,making a course that they have,background knowledge on,because you can usually tell through the,quality of the content,if theyre trying to i guess bs you also,you can take the course at your own pace,so all of the courses you can go through,at your own time when you have free time,but make sure if you buy the course that,youre going to complete the course,dont just buy courses,and never do them i mean weve all done,it but,but dont do it its a bad habit,some things that i dont like about you,to me is that you cant really put it on,your resume,i mean you can build projects from the,courses from the things that you learn,on udemy and then put that on your,resume,but putting a udemy certification on it,doesnt really matter and also if you,want to go to college these courses,dont count for credit for,college and thats kind of a,disappointment because youre putting,like 80 hours of time in it but youre,not really getting,i guess that credit i also did a video,on google,data analytics certification and that is,widely recognized with the name google,however if you put udemy and someones,random name on it,its not really going to matter that,much however you can,frame your resume to add these skills on,there,if you want a resume course its coming,out soon,check it out below and another con is,that,but its also kind of a pro anybody can,teach theres no vetting system whether,or not you,can teach or if your credentials are,accurate theres no,type of verification process to make,sure,you have the experience and credentials,that you say you do,and although i think most people are,probably honest here there may be,a couple of people who lie about their,credentials,and mislead you however usually those,people can be easily,kind of identified and also theres a,large variance in the quality,theres no set standard and that makes,sense for ten dollar,course i guess if youre going to sell,something for ten dollars you may or may,not,put in a lot of effort its really just,up to you,i mean and also the video quality,changes course to course so theres no,consistency,if that is what youre looking for but i,would also say on other platforms,the quality kind of varies depending on,the course and then who makes the course,so this is an online platform issue and,not specifically a,udemy issue so will,udemy help you get a tech job and the,answer is,yes because number one youre showing,that youre learning,number two it will help you gain skills,to where you can make,projects and post on your github and,which then you can put on your resume,and remember your resume is extremely,important take my course,and also when you do get a job it will,help you keep your job,and continuously learn on niche topics,that you cant find anywhere else like i,guarantee you udemy has,the most niche topic that people would,pay a lot of money,if you knew so remember that,now how does udemy compare to other,online platforms,and i would say udemy is its its own,separate entity its like the walmart of,online learning platforms because its,cheap,and they sell in volume and theres so,much variety the quality does vary,but some things are really good quality,and a really good price of like 15,however some things are terrible quality,for the price that youre paying,now say edx which is taught by harvard,professors at like top and top,universities,on this information and i wouldnt say,it replaces that however,it does fill in more niche topics like i,said before also the way it compares to,coursera i,would say its not as well thought out,as coursera because coursera has quizzes,and is recognized and has recognizable,certifications by employers and it also,has,that recognized certificate and you can,definitely put that on your resume,such as the google i.t support,certification the google data analytics,certification ibm cyber security analyst,certification things of those sort,its not a replacement its just a,supplement udemy also has,way more courses than any of those other,platforms,which i think is an amazing thing and,youre also supporting,i guess not starving artists but in a,way,like youre supporting like the mom and,pop kind of shop there are some large,companies on there but mostly its just,individuals just trying to make a side,hustle so they make a course im,actually going to make a udemy course o

How To Make Money On Udemy In 2022 (For Beginners)

hey everybody mike facil here now in,this video were going to talk about how,to make money on udemy were talking,about a hundred to a thousand dollars a,day more on that,after the intro,hey everybody mike facil here welcome to,this video before we actually begin ill,remind you,that several spots have opened up for,this weeks free workshop where it is,the fastest,and easiest way to make money online,even even as a complete beginner but,with that being said lets just go on,straight to the,topic on how to actually make money with,udemy the first step is to doing your,competitor analysis and your research,so if you go in here and you say search,anything you can literally type in,anything and certain things would come,up so if i just type in d,i e t you can see all these things that,people,are essentially searching for from keto,diet to ketogenic diet to binge diet,these are what people are actually,looking for,lets actually look for even like blog,so blog,blogging blog blogger blog writing,bloggers guide weight loss,you see weight loss weight loss coach,hypnosis weight loss,weight loss hypnosis weight loss,motivation free weight loss course,all these things are things that people,are already looking for so we got to do,is come in,click on this and you want to see which,one actually has the most amount of,sales and this is in,rupiah because right now im in bali,right now theres 3 500 results so what,you guys got to do is go to these ones,with the higher,ones look at the weight loss that,theyre talking about so as you can see,here weight loss,and nutrition lose fat and get your,dream body it has 940 reviews so,thats probably a lot of sales its 2.5,hours,so its not that bad when it comes in,terms of like building your own course,and what you want to do is go straight,to the reviews,and look at all of the top reviews as,well as all of the negative reviews,the reason why is because this is,exactly how you could actually go ahead,and reprove so,improve the product so i do not think,its good but,still seeing maybe he will give us,knowledge because this we already know,okay this person cant really speak,english so we could even look at the,two or three ones this was a decent,course,but not very engaging or interactive so,just like that you could see exactly how,you could create your unique selling,proposition,before you could go in and actually sell,even more products,the thing you want to do is you want to,go through all of these and write down,things that they wish was in the product,because then you could go ahead and,recreate the course and then actually,put the things that it is that they,wanted so right now im already putting,notes on okay make it more engaging and,interactive,maybe build a tribe right maybe build a,community thats off of you to me,look at this i feel that it went off,track and started to focus on losing fat,and building muscle when thats not what,it was meant to be about,i was looking more for information about,losing weight and learning more about,nutrition,instead of building muscle right so just,like that you could help create a,product just for mary,and just focus more on the nutrition i,have injuries to stop me from doing full,workouts,i wanted to learn more about what is,good to eat based on someone that,doesnt go to the gym,but wants to lose weight that is a great,product right there how to lose weight,without going to the gym its like a,really good title that i just got and,look at this 6224 students,some of those dont necessarily want all,the things that was in this product,the presentation is very boring and not,enough visual content,so just like that i already have three,things that i could already improve,focus only on nutrition not exercise at,the gym,make it more entertaining and engaging,and make it,less boring less boring okay,there you go the second thing you want,to do is pull up facebook groups and,just try connecting with maybe three to,five people that are also,in a similar space so you could find,more about their pain points,because what you guys got to realize,with you to me is people dont want to,buy the way into your course they want,to buy their way out of a pain point,out of you know a depression out of a,sadness out of a lack of confidence out,of a crappy relationship,out of something right like for example,when i wanted to,get a better body it wasnt because i,wanted to get a better body i was,running away,from like the depression that i felt,after like a heartbreak that i had when,i was like in high school okay thats,why i focused on going to the gym,it was because i wanted a good body it,was like wow i really feel like my heart,is broken i need to go focus on the gym,right now,to get more confidence in myself because,i almost forgot how to feel confident,without this prospective other,right so you need to dive deep into the,pain points and like i said keep on,talking to your dream customer and,client,so here it is just start adding yourself,in all these groups you have dad bod,transformation 54 000 members,lose weight in two weeks and seven,thousand members,fitness and weight loss i would just go,in here and start connecting with people,that are already in the group,maybe start adding them as friends and,start reaching out to them saying hey,you know were in this group i want to,know exactly how,to better serve you because im actually,creating this course and maybe ill give,this to you for free,and the reason why is because before you,could go ahead and create a course,the problem with most people do is they,literally spend months,of their life theyre like okay i want,to go sell the course on you to me and,they go out there and sell freaking,course on you to me and theyre like why,isnt anybody buying and they waste,five months of their life trying to sell,a course on udemy but no one has ever,bought,the problem is is because you dont know,exactly who wants to buy,right you need to speak to your,customers pain point,okay you need to know what their huge,nightmare is the reason why no one is,buying,is because you dont have a proof of,concept yet right you need to first find,your proof of concept before you could,go ahead and sell,to thousands of people you need to see,if you can at least sell the idea,to one two or three people and have them,pay you,before actually going ahead and creating,the course its like what a lot of,people do in startups in silicon valley,they dont have a product,they do not have a product at all they,are pitching investors,with something as simple as like a,powerpoint or maybe some notes,on the future of this company when the,company hasnt even started yet,okay its about the vision right you,need to be able to sell the idea before,you actually have the product,if you can get people to buy in to your,idea of your new course,just three people right and even having,them pay you money for it even if its,just like a dollar,right you know that there is a demand,and once you actually get the proof of,concept from these facebook groups then,i would actually focus,on creating your course youre probably,wondering well what do i actually create,the course about,well you can see this is only two hours,long,and people are paying money for it you,can just see how they structured it,and you can just model it dont copy it,and just make it better,based off of the reviews that they wish,they thought they had,right you literally see the concepts the,things that they talk about the things,that they,lack you could model it like i said do,not copy it,but you could use this as a framework to,then make your course,now the moment you build and launch this,course heres the coolest thing about,this you dont have to just rely on,udemy,because if you were adding a bunch of,people on,these groups as your friends list and,you could start positioning yourself,as the expert or somebody else as an,expert,you can literally start selling these,people this course on udemy,when people buy on your list of friends,because y

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