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  3. EA Sports UFC 4 Review: Should Play this in 2022?
  4. 7 Critical UFC 4 Tips for Beginners [Get Good FAST]
  5. UFC 3 is 1000x Better Than UFC 4 (UFC 3 vs UFC 4) (Complete In-depth Analysis)
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EA Sports UFC 4 Review

[Music],after laying down a clunky but promising,foundation with its first ufc game in,2014,ea vancouver has done a respectable job,of iterating and improving on each new,entry over the last 6,years in keeping with that tradition ea,sports ufc 4 focuses on making its many,complex systems,a little less intimidating for newcomers,without ever taking away from the depth,of its multi-layered combat,most notably with the new grapple assist,system and a much improved career mode,some of the larger ambitions of career,mode fall a bit flat and the ground game,still feels like it could use some work,but all things considered ufc 4 is a win,for mma fans,[Music],ufc 3 made some big power moves by,dramatically revamping the entire,striking system,but ufc 4 is more about finesse it makes,small but necessary adjustments,like the way it tweaks the clinch gate,its now much more fluid and works more,like a natural extension of the stand-up,combat,rather than its own separate minigame,there are no more transition denials on,the feet,and all you have to do to break free is,move away with this new system you can,very organically go from strike to,clinch,and from there decide whether you want,to attack the head attack the body,or push the opponent up against the cage,for some fighters you can even go for a,standing submission,a la john jones for soyota machida,he got it he got it done absolutely he,finishes his opponent by way of,submission,the other big change this time around is,with submissions which have actually,been split into two different types of,mini-games,one for chokes and one for joint,submissions both mini-games are,essentially a race to be the first to,either fill up the submit meter or the,escape meter,erratically spinning the stick or,mashing the buttons makes the defenders,bar bigger,rewarding more careful and thoughtful,cat and mouse style mind games,than prior iterations also you can now,do a freaking von flu choke by,countering a guillotine,i know if you dont follow mma you,probably dont have any idea what that,means,but trust me its awesome and it,provides a nice risk reward balance for,those attempting a submission while on,their back,finally ea vancouver has also introduced,a grapple assist system,for those who might not know their full,guards from their half guards their side,controls from their full mounts,or their rubber guards from their mouth,guards when using grapple assist instead,of transitioning to specific positions,while on the ground,you can just choose transition based on,what it is you want to do,its not ideal but for those who are,just picking up ufc for the first time,its a great shortcut to start having,fun without having someone explain to,them what all the different positions,mean,which ones have submissions and which,ones you can get up from,of course you can also choose to play,with a legacy control scheme,or a new hybrid that combines the two,allowing you to transition to specific,positions,with the right stick and use the more,general assist transitions with the left,stick which is a nice compromise,outside of those big changes and a,couple of small control adjustments,the gameplay in ufc 4 is largely the,same as ufc 3,which for the most part is fine that,said the ground game still feels largely,unsatisfying in ufc 4.,ground and hound strikes still lack,impact the guessing game of transitions,and transition denials is still,incredibly unintuitive without the guide,arrows,which are removed in online play,regardless of whether youre playing,casually or in ranked,and theres still very little in the way,of feedback to let you know why you lost,a position,or why your opponents transition beat,out yours theres still work to be done,to get the ground game up to the level,of the striking,hello anybody home,what are you daydreaming again number of,times ive seen you looking up at this,wall i told you youd make it to the big,show,now here we are ufc 4 successfully,treats its career mode as an,introduction to get new players very,quickly up to speed with the basics,after getting your ass kicked in your,very first amateur fight youre taken,under the wing of coach davis,a fictional former ufc fighter who walks,you through an extended tutorial that,crucially follows up,each lesson with a fight centered around,the concept you just learned,after that its very much like ufc 3.,you get a fight offer,you choose how to spend your 100 weekly,points leading up to it,and then you fight the best new change,this year is in the fighter evolution,system that improves your moves the more,you use them,letting you craft a fire that truly,feels unique to your style,theres a lot of stat building and,decision making that takes place in,between fights,but thankfully its all time well spent,because you really do see the effects of,your training paying off,it also helps that the training itself,is fun since its mostly two minute,sparring sessions,even if its a little too easy to knock,your training partners out cold,fall apart im less impressed by the,emphasis on choice in the story which,feels a little half-baked,occasionally throughout your career,youll be given opportunities to choose,how you respond to certain social media,posts from fighters,or how you react to certain events like,a fighter pulling out of a fight due to,injury,there is a gameplay element to it all in,that if you have a bad relationship with,the fighter,you wont be able to invite them to your,gym and learn one of their signature,moves,but the trade-off is that when you,potentially fight them down the line,there will be more hype to it,the problem is none of that really made,much of a difference because there are,already so many other fighters to invite,to your gym,and the fighters that i did started beef,with early on never resurfaced once i,started climbing the ranks,a big historical problem for the ufc,series has been the unpredictable,difficulty spikes once you get into,title contention,which is thankfully not an issue in ufc,4. the difficulty remains relatively,consistent all throughout and while,theres definitely a leap in difficulty,once you reach the upper echelon of a,division,it never feels unfair it also helps that,you can set your difficulty level right,from the start and change it as you see,fit,and you can choose whether you want to,retry fight or accept the consequences,of a loss and continue on,so heres some good news ufc 4 removes,the sleazy microtransaction driven,ultimate team mode,and even though it doesnt replace it,with anything nearly as substantial,there are at least a couple fun new,stages that are refreshingly different,theres a new backyard arena that feels,especially fitting for cover athlete,jorge masvadal,along with a very bloodsport inspired,kumite arena theres also a new blitz,mode that features a rotating rule set,that changes every few hours,which is a fun idea and a nice,distraction from the more hardcore,online modes,and they got daniel cormier to replace,joe rogan on commentary,dont you come to me without a combo i,want the whole platter,give him the whole platter yo man put,some punches together,lastly while ufc 4 still looks pretty,good its a little disappointing to see,that so little has changed in the last,six years,while there are a few new animations,added into the mix these are largely the,same takedowns,slams and strikes that weve seen before,theres a little bit more face,deformation but knockouts are still,lacking a certain magic that the fight,night series captured,a console generation ago,[Applause],ea sports ufc 4 is a largely iterative,sequel,that tightens up some looser parts makes,a few smart tweaks here and there,and doesnt rock the boat all too much,the new submission system is a big,improvement over prior years,and there are great changes to career,mode that make it much more fun to mold,a fire that suits your own playstyle,the new grapple assist system is a great,tool to help complete newcomers not feel,lost if they get taken down,an

UFC 4 – Before You Buy

were here with another episode of,before you buy,the show where we give you some straight,up gameplay on the latest games,releasing,today were talking about ufc four now,ufc four im gonna go ahead and say,write off is not gonna rock your socks,if youve played any of the previous ufc,games well its iterative,control scheme mostly unchanged since,ufc 3,however there are some key improvements,that i do think are,very very very worthwhile for purchase,if you are a fan of the series or if you,are interested in the series or maybe,liked fight night,and wish that there was more fight night,now this game comes to us,uh by ea vancouver the makers of fifa,nhl and obviously like i said the fight,night series,the fight night games were really,awesome and these ufc games have been,pretty much the closest thing,to a continuation that we have seen,probably want to talk about graphics,first,obviously theyre good theyre not,shocking or amazing or anything there,are some ps4 pro games that really do,impress me,despite the fact were on the cusp of,another console generation,ufc 4 is not quite,that its like i said good its not like,a game thats gonna take you out of it,because the graphics are weird or,anything,some of the details however are a little,bit dated,theres a little bit of uncanny valley,in some of the facial models,i dont know if its avoidable in this,generation or not with,this type of a game where they are,attempting to go for realism,but and this is the key but here,this game plays very very,smoothly and for this type of a game or,really any kind of sports game for that,matter thats important,you can also switch it between,performance mode and resolution mode,i actually find resolution mode to play,pretty smoothly,although performance mode looks,basically as good,the facial details are theyre the same,problem either way and thats really the,main complaint i have graphics was,probably the most impressive thing,graphically speaking however is the,physics,if you get a ko with a kick to the head,it just,lands it looks incredibly painful and,pretty much every way,that the fighters interact with each,other just,works it looks so good its so,believable,like everything feels like it has mass,inertia,etc collision detection and the motion,capture,just superb in this game and there are,some very convincing maneuvers as a,result,although slight complaint on the sort of,ground and pound punches they look a,little bit weak,uh first ko i got with them i was a bit,surprised i felt like,are you sure that didnt seem like a,punch that would knock someone out,but maybe im just tough but now weve,got the graphics out of the way lets,talk a little bit,about career mode obviously the main,feature of the game the primary thing,youre coming to the game four,there is a pretty lengthy tutorial and,im gonna go ahead and say like,most of its pretty necessary some of it,will feel,unnecessary but its its actually not,that said,i do feel like there probably could have,been a better way to do it,it just it felt long too long i mean it,doesnt take away from the fun of the,game,and i do feel like after having played,it,it was important that i went through it,however when i was going through it,i did not i could also see somebody,whos new from the series being like,really annoyed by it,and and not paying attention and maybe,being a little lost afterwards so,do pay attention especially if you have,not played,this series before i feel like you,probably know what career mode is,but just in case you make a fighter and,rise up the ranks from the indies to the,wfa and eventually the ufc,you set fights you have a training camp,where you spar to increase your stats,you invite,fighters to learn new moves you do promo,events you create,hype you get sponsorships you make money,its what you would be doing in real,life,if we were able to do stuff like that no,you probably wouldnt be doing this in,real life i wouldnt be anyways,i dont see me becoming a ufc fighter,anytime soon,lock down or not there is a new feature,in career mode however where you raise,or lower your reputation with other,fighters its interesting because lets,say,you lower your reputation with a certain,guy and you become,rivals with that person and if you do a,match with a rival,you end up making more money because,theres more hype its actually i think,a clever idea,that does kind of actually mirror how,this stuff works in real life,but on the flip side if you make your,reputation better with other,fighters it makes it cheaper to train,with certain guys,i mean not like the biggest change,youve ever seen,it is kind of a fun thing that i think,adds,a little bit more options a little bit,more decisions you can make,more or less it gives you a little more,personality a little more flair in the,game,and the actual effect is relatively,small like youre not gonna,get rich by pissing off every fighter,and having a ton of rivals and,building tons of hype its not how it,works in general career mode has,probably enough meat to be engaging,without overwhelming,the different training types are a lot,of fun and in general it actually,doesnt feel like,too much of a grind which is good,because i mean it could be a lot worse,however im also kind of comparing this,with wwe 2k,so maybe my tolerance for grinding is a,little higher,just keep that in mind as youre,evaluating what were saying here today,theres one more notable career mode,change i think thats worth mentioning,it seems like there are less difficulty,spikes than the previous,ufc game i dont think ive gotten,particularly better at this game and i,dont think any of the other guys have,either so i dont want to be like we,just got good man,no i think that the game is just a,little more balanced,and i also think thats a good thing,rather than a bad thing,it also helps that the game lets you,just choose a difficulty right at the,start there are a few other changes i,think that are really worth talking,about,there is no ultimate team this was a,collecting card pack type thing its,just its gone,its appeared in other ea sport,franchises like fifa,some people like it some people hate it,its definitely the most micro,transaction heavy mode,in those games and its actually like a,thing that makes them more money than,you can possibly imagine if you go look,into that,uh im kind of happy its not here i,am not personally a fan of it i i do,know that there are people that are fans,of it though,so i mean keep that in mind im not,telling you that it makes the game good,or bad its really a personal taste,thing,also kind of an economic class thing if,you know what i mean,there is a new thing called grapple,assist uh people,us included like go back to the ufc 3,byb,uh we complained a lot of people,complained that the ground game was,kind of confusing in previous entries of,the series,so this game starts with grapple assist,turned on,which really simplifies grappling,controls,and honestly like you might say like oh,assist that sounds like something that,somebody whos not good at the game,might use,genuinely like if you go back to ufc,three its confusing especially if you,dont understand it right off,yes you can get good at it and yes,people who,got good at it and want to continue,playing it that way like i said can turn,it off you can switch to legacy,works just like the previous game but i,will say for somebody like me who,actually does kind of struggle with,how they have it set up in this game,they do have a hybrid option that,combines elements from,full assist and legacy and its kind of,a good,alternative for people who find the full,assist mode a little too basic,which im gonna go ahead and say is me,like,let me just say it this way like you get,a lot of assistance,they did change how submissions work a,little bit theres now,two different mini games one for chokes,and one for joint submissions,but theyre both pretty easy to,understand i would say that,theyre intuitive i dont really have,any difficulty with th

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EA Sports UFC 4 Review: Should Play this in 2022?

[Music],hot diggity dog i love knocking someone,out or submitting someone out in this,game so there comes a time in every,gamers life where you enjoy a game,thats that perfect mixture of both fun,and raw glitchy jankiness theres a,unique euphoric high that comes with,knocking someone out or tapping someone,out at ufc games and like a dog with,peanut butter i just cant get enough of,it,this game has been constantly updated,ever since it dropped and honestly its,not really the same game it was back in,2020. does any of that matter and should,you play ufc 4 in 2022 its your boy,sebastian from dope nerd games and im,here to answer that question,lets start off with the good ive,played this game on both ps5 and the,xbox series s and damn does it run well,ufc 4 received a 60 fps boost on both,consoles and honestly its never felt,better now the action and the motions,flow more naturally as opposed to your,fighter looking like he was floating in,a pool of serb at an ihop,theres some nice new additions overall,in ufc 4. the updated ground and,submission system is much improved over,ufc 3.,lets be real though it was a damn chore,to submit anyone in the previous games,the submission system was so complex,that anyone new to the game would just,ignore it altogether you can tell that,ea took a little bit inspiration from,the submission system from the wwe 2k,games big shout out to the roster this,roster is stacked theres about 240,fighters and ea is consistently,adjusting the ratings based on whats,occurring in real life the bread and,butter the best mode in the game is,undoubtedly the career mode,this mode is about progressing to be the,goat while drumming up your interest in,yourself and your upcoming fights,theres a deep roster of opponents in,each division to go against and each,fighter has a different style in order,to overcome opponents you have to be,real rounded this mode has mini games,and sparring sessions to earn skill,points that allow you to level up,different areas of your game best news,is that this mode doesnt try to suck up,your wallowing micro transactions the,mode does a great job at periodically,changing up things with rivalries and,learning new moves it really prevented,this mode from becoming boring you know,your boy loves a good career mode and,this stands right up there with some of,the best in all the sports games today,no game is perfect and ufc 4 is no,exception so let me break down some of,the falls,to this day people still laugh at,gameplay clips of this series and for,good reason this game has moments where,a fight will go into full jank mode and,a fighter will glitch out and start,looking possessed its a well-known bug,that still hasnt been fixed,lets answer the question though should,you go and play this game in 2022 hell,yeah especially if youre a fan of,sports games or the ufc despite some of,the ragdoll janky glitches its still a,good time tapping out or knocking,someone out is so satisfying heads up if,you want to try ufc four it was a ps,plus game recently and its also on game,pass for your xbox gamer go forth and,knock someones ass out

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7 Critical UFC 4 Tips for Beginners [Get Good FAST]

if youre struggling to get good at ufc,4 youre going to want to listen closely,to these seven tips,im going to show you how to quickly go,from a beginner to dominating the,competition online,many of these tips were the same tips i,figured out on my own,way back in the day,many of these tips were the same tips i,gave myself,way back in the day when i first started,playing ufc 2,and they helped me get good very quickly,if you like these tips consider quickly,pressing like and subscribe because i,put videos out like this,every week all right lets get started,tip number one will literally,raise your game immensely the second you,do,and that tip is to have five,combinations that youre comfortable,throwing,for damage and mixing them up heres the,thing though,each fighter has different combos so i,recommend you take your favorite fighter,into practice mode,and scroll through their combos after,you find ones that you like,keep practicing it until it rolls off,your fingers really fast,you should be able to do this combo as,quick as humanly possible without even,thinking about it,or pushing the buttons too hard or,anxiously it takes practice,but its doable in about 30 or 60,minutes for most,do this until you have around two or,three combos in your muscle memory,then go practice them online after you,have those two or three down,you can return to practice mode to learn,those other few combos,if you try to take all five combos,online at once,youll be stuck in the mood like,mcgregor would say i promise this might,sound like tedious work but youre gonna,be happy you did this,i did this back in the day when i first,started playing ufc 2,and it instantly upped my game make sure,you stay to the end of this video,because i actually have a link,to the best combinations in ufc 4 and,thats going to help you,pick your five combos lets move on to,tip number two,tip number two hits deep so make sure,you listen closely,when youre new to this game its easy,to prioritize,combinations and damage and knockouts,and [ __ ] like that,you likely want to rush forward and just,throw your favorite fighters best shot,in hope of receiving the adrenaline rush,of them landing,im here to tell you you shouldnt do,that first start by watching your,opponent,and seeing what they like to do are they,swaying their head a lot,back and forth well when your opponent,sways their head,you should know to throw a hook or a,kick if my opponent,is constantly going to my body i want to,counter them with an uppercut,so when the fight starts rather than,just pushing forward and throwing your,combos,actually sit back and see what theyre,doing and then think to yourself,what should i do to counter them once,you get on that wavelength of thinking,youre gonna become so much smarter and,so much better at this game,because when you move forward and just,throw strikes its any mans fight and,its just a flip of a coin,the one whos intelligent will almost,always win lets move on,tip number three tip number three i call,teach a man to fish because instead of,just handing you fish or in this case,tips im gonna teach you how to get,better,all by yourself without anybodys help,so listen closely,when youre playing a fighting game,online and you start getting your ass,whooped,it can be easy to rage quit,or both im here to tell you that weve,all done it but it absolutely positively,does not,help you get better in any way when im,getting my ass whooped i force myself to,observe,my opponents tendencies maybe theyre,doing something really smart,break down what that is and how theyre,doing it to you,and maybe start doing it back to them or,at the very least against other,opponents,or maybe people are spamming ridiculous,[ __ ] at you,rather than getting mad and quitting and,saying this persons a [ __ ] idiot,just try to figure out how do you,counter whatever move theyre doing i,guarantee you theres an answer,at all times youre either learning what,to do,or how to counter it when somebody does,it to you,hopefully this tip helped you lets move,on to tip number four,lets talk about how and when to faint,to make you,a striking genius first lets cover how,to faint,in order to faint or fake a shot simply,press the right trigger,or r2 immediately after pressing another,strike this will cancel the animation,resulting in a faint heres a few,specific examples,of when you should be throwing one when,you faint,any attack from just outside of striking,distance,you make your opponent think that youre,really attacking them,as a result many players will begin,throwing their,own combinations in an attempt to bang,it out with you,now remember that tip earlier in the,list when i said that you should study,their tendencies now these tips are all,coming together,because when you faint a shot their,tendencies will start making themselves,known,so try faking a shot from at a distance,and watching what attacks,they move forward with,[Music],[Music],another good time is to faint a leg kick,as soon as you get into striking range,it will make them think twice about,holding down that high block,lastly faint punches to the body,throughout the fight,this makes your opponent want to counter,with uppercuts and waste,energy also when you eventually do go to,the body with a real punch,theyll think its just a faint and they,wont bother trying to uppercut you,tip number five is simple but very,effective go into practice mode and set,your computer opponent,to strike recording then have them shoot,for takedowns,then start throwing your striking,combinations as if its a real fight,and when they shoot for a takedown press,rt and lt to defend,even though you know the takedown is,coming itll still prepare your brain,to press these buttons in live action,moving on tip number six,tip number six is to throw your strikes,from the proper distance,if you want to be an intelligent striker,then you need to throw your shots from,the proper distance,that means you want to land the punch,from as far away as possible,while still being close enough to,generate maximum power,on your screen you see an example of a,jeb landing from proper range,and from improper range,[Music],in a real fight when your opponent is,moving youre going to want to throw,this straight punch,right as they close the distance and,enter that range,so throwing a strike at the proper,distance requires some anticipation,on your end the last tip is without a,doubt the most common mistakes that new,players,make in ufc 4 and its wasting their,stamina you do not need to attack,every second of every fight so just take,a chill pill,and focus on picking up your opponents,tendencies which combos do they prefer,to throw,whats the appropriate counter for that,combo is there a specific order they,keep,recycling their combos in this should be,your focus in round one,not throwing your most powerful shots as,a rule of thumb,you want to throw a maximum of 100,strikes per round,missing on as few of those as possible,if youre exceeding that,youll likely be tired and guessed out,by the middle of the fight,if you want to see a video that shows,you how to win the stamina battle,literally every time click the video on,your left,or maybe you want to see my favorite,combos to use in ufc 4,then click the video on your right,thanks for watching,make sure to press like and subscribe,before you leave,you

UFC 3 is 1000x Better Than UFC 4 (UFC 3 vs UFC 4) (Complete In-depth Analysis)

guess whos here theories here welcome,everyone today im going to be talking,about why,usc 3 is 1 000 times better,than usc 4 in every department,possible im going to be going deep into,every aspect of usc 3,and comparing it to usc 4 and explaining,why ufc,3 does it better than usc 4. now make,sure you stick around to the end if,youre a lawyer homeboy,if you dont stick around to the end,youre simply a [ __ ],[Music],the first thing is the ground game in,uc3 the ground game,felt complete i really liked it,personally i know people had their,complaints about it but me personally i,really really,liked the ground game i liked it so much,that i used to make career mods with,wrestlers,and jiu-jitsu fighters repeatedly thats,all i used to do on your c3 i just,constantly made korean mods with,jiu-jitsu fighters,and wrestlers and try and dominate as,much as possible in ufc 4,i hate the ground game more than eminem,hates donald trump but we,hey trump the first horrible thing,about the ground game in ufc 4 is the,insane,amount of cop-outs there are and what i,mean by cop-outs is the ability to get,off,a tough spot with the minimal amount of,effort possible,for example in your c4 if youve got,someone inside control,they can simply flick up on their analog,stick and they can get out of that,position,90 of the time because its that fast of,a transition they can do the exact same,thing in,back sitting oh youve worked really,hard to take your opponents back have,you,it would be such a shame if i just flick,up on my analog stick and get out this,totally dominant position wouldnt it,ufc,4 is riddled with these types of,cop-outs,its sickening i almost want to throw up,every time someone does this to me,in online or the computer does it when,im playing career mode,ufc 3 has cop out but not as many as,usb4 the most common one in your c3 is,when you hit someone inside control,and then they transition it just allows,them to transition a lot quicker,thats the only one i can think of off,top of my head but,in ufc 4 theyre everywhere you cant,avoid them like mosquitos in africa,you just everywhere you step youre,gonna find one right,these transitions are pretty much,impossible,to deny so you either have to have,spidey senses,to react to these transitions in time or,you have to be a gypsy fortune teller,and be,able to predict what your opponents,going to do next,that they are the only two ways youre,denying these transitions,ufc 3 doesnt have that many cop outs,therefore it makes the ground game,a million times better than ufc falls,uc3 actually made it hard to get out of,the dominant positions,especially crucifix thats a really,tough position to get out of,when youre playing against the compute,computer in ufc 3. there are so many,difficult positions,to get out of in uc 3 that just arent,there in ufc 4.,i dont feel like theres a solid,position in ufc 4 where you could hold,someone down i just dont feel like,thats available,also lets talk lets give some prayers,to your c3 right,one amazing thing uc3 did,that i i missed so much i missed more,than my ex,i absolutely loved this feature and it,was the ability to throw elbows on the,ground right its a simple feature,but it was a beautiful feature ufc for,some reason doesnt have this feature,there is nothing more satisfying,than elbowing someone 30 times with,khabib and absolutely,smashing them and cracking their balls,like youre a chiropractor,that was the most satisfying thing in,usc 3. thats why i love to play as,wrestlers and jiu-jitsu fighters just so,i could elbow them and then get a,submission or just absolutely beat them,up,in ufc 4 thats not a thing you cant,elbowing us,on the ground why i i dont have the,answer i wish i did,but i just dont i just simply dont,have the answer to it,the second thing is clinch and takedowns,right the clinch and takedown system,in usc 4 is trash and in usc 3,its a lot better right i have no idea,why,ea changed the takedown import in ufc 4,but ufc 3s,was much better because it didnt,collide with anything it didnt mess up,anything it didnt interrupt any other,command i cant tell you how many times,i tried to shoot a takedown on my,opponent in ufc 4,and my fighters just stood there and,looked more confused than a woman with,no cleaning or cooking to do,and thats because the game cant,register whether you want to shoot a,takedown,or throw a body up call therefore inputs,both,at them at the same time and they kind,of just cancel each other out and make,your character glitch for a second and,be like yo,i have no idea what to do so your fire,ends up either doing,nothing or itll do the wrong command,great work here yeah lets put the body,uppercut,and the takedown let lets make them the,same command but the only difference is,you have to hold them,surely that will never clash great work,i i love you here,carry on doing this great work the,clinch system is,50 times better in ufc 3. this might be,a controversial one,i dont really know how people feel,about ufc falls,clinch system i know people gave it a,lot of prayers because it was,a lot more elusive and it felt more real,or whatever they said but,i hate the clinch in ufc 4. i loved it,in ufc 3 i,didnt feel like it needed changing but,thats just my opinion,because people complained that it was,too stiff the clinch was too stiff in,your ec3 and we needed,something more elusive we need more,elusive movement,so in ufc 4 they added that they added,the elusive clinch system,but now the clint system in usd4 is,pretty much similar,to how in sleeping dogs you can just run,whilst grabbing someones hair and drag,them about everywhere,thats the clinch system in uc4 i cant,tell you how many times ive had vertigo,from people spinning me around in a,clinch like im a beer bottle in a game,of truth or dare,its ridiculous i also hate how much the,cpu,initiates the clinch if youve played,career mode and you face,camera osman oh my god its ridiculous,how much he tries to grab your hair its,like a fetish off his he just wants to,pull your hair,and then grab you into the clinch every,single time he does it i hate it so much,i hate how much the computer wants to,clinch with you now,the thing is the clinch system wouldnt,be this,bad if it had this one simple feature,that used see threes clinch system on,which right and this ones,groundbreaking technology right,if we look back we we think uc3 was,miles ahead of its time,and that was the ability to deny,the clinch yes ufc 3 had the ability to,deny the clinch,you held rt and you flicked it up i,believe,and that would deny your opponents,clinch attempt this was an amazing,feature,let me explain how it worked hey let me,grab you,in the clinch you press rt and then,flick up obviously,no thanks mate i might join you later,but,not for now if youre lucky ill join,you later okay all right mate,no problem thats how the clinch system,worked in ufc 3.,in ufc 4 the clinch feels a bit rapey,why because youre forced into it every,single time,and theres no way to say no no means no,but in this case,you cant say no and another thing that,uc3s clinch system does,much much much much much much much,better than usc force,is the ability right sorry let me say,this for a straight face,is the ability to see what you are doing,right its its a very basic thing if,ive got you in a clinch,i want to be able to see how do i get,double under if i can get double under,can i get back clinched can i get a tie,clinch,can i go for a submission and a clinch,show me what i can do,and you see three it showed you all that,yeah you can go for a submission no you,cant,you can go for a double leg here,actually you can go for a double under,here you can go for a tie clinch,it it showing you what you could could,and cant do right could and couldnt do,in usc 4 you cant see none of that you,cant see,what transition you can and cant do and,i dont know why so in usc 4,you just either have to know how to do,these transitions and which transitions,to do,or you have to remember

Обзор UFC 4. Стоит ли переходить на новую версию?

с каждым днем я все приобретает все,большую популярность и во многом это,происходит благодаря самым громким боям,посмотрев подобный поединок рядовой,зритель может стать настоящим фанатам,который не пропускает ни одно,мероприятие и и все,и как бы для кого это странно не звучало,но руку к популярности смешанных,единоборств приложили и российские бойцы,такие как хабиб нурмагомедов забит,магомед шарипов и пётр я на бой 1 с,конором макгрегором а потом и с дастином,порье смотрел почти весь мир впрочем,никому его так одолеть и не удалось,мимо популярностью и все конечно не,может пройти ее и спорт которая каждый,год радует всех фанатов спорта,обновленной линейкой своих игр,однако стоит отметить что серия и ей,спорте и все,является исключением обновляясь лишь раз,в два года эти часть вышла в 2018 а на,дворе уже 2020 будь он неладен,а это значит что пришло время нового,выпуска серии и тут у всех,интересующихся может возникнуть вопрос а,стоит ли переходить на свежую версию в,нашем сегодняшнем обзоре мы как раз и,попытаемся дать на него ответ,[музыка],прежде всего начать обзор стоит с режима,карьеры,которым игра нас и встречает тем более,что именно он станет основным для тех,кто предпочитает оффлайновой бои в,одиночном режиме они поединке с игроками,по сети к нему еще тоже вернемся в,начале карьерой нам предлагают создать,своего бойца,обозначив его рост вес возраст и откуда,он родом кроме того мы можем написать,любые,имя и никнейм в социальных сетях к,сожалению фамилию и прозвище выбираем из,тех что предлагает игра так же есть,возможность выбрать стиль вашего бойца,например борец или кикбоксер после этого,уже можно приступать к настройке,внешнего вида и тут сразу же можно,отметить,упущение новой части симулятора боёв в,октагоне дело в том что в прошлый раз у,нас была возможность создать аватар,который более-менее походил бы на самого,игрока благодаря функции games,позволяющий импортировать свое лицо в,игру теперь же на с этой возможности,лишили поэтому приходится,довольствоваться скудным редактором,персонажа с выбором телосложения,прически и цвета глаз и татуировок,ну что ж вот мы не создали нашего,персонажа и его тут же встречает тренер,дэвис который в интервью рассказывает о,том как подобрал нас фактически с улицы,увидев на любительском поединке о,который закончился нашим поражением но,главное он заметил в нас потенциал а,значит можно начинать тренировки и,продвигаться к вершине и сначала мы,возвращаемся к любительским поединком,которые по сути являются обучением в,игре перед ними тренер учит нас всем,основам,от простых ударов по типу джеба хука и,апперкота до объяснения того как нужно,работать партере нас конечно замечает,дана уайт и предлагают поучаствовать в,претендент com поединке после победы в,котором мы начинаем уже полноценную,карьеру в и все вот тут и начинается,самое интересное,перед каждым следующим боем в,организации мы выбираем сколько недель,нам нужно чтобы подготовиться выбранное,время мы поднимаем ажиотаж вокруг,поединка участвуя в различных рекламных,акциях теле и радиопередачах или,провоцируя своего оппонента в соцсетях,чем выше ажиотаж тем лучше будет,результат после боя выручка и конечно же,фанаты также перед боем мы можем,устраивать тренировки со,спарринг-партнером или же если есть,такая возможность приглашать настоящих,звезд и все которые могут обучить вас,своим фирменным приемом,не стоит забывать и о том чтобы изучать,стратегии оппонента так вы будете знать,что от него можно ожидать и вот,постепенно наш боец и мы вместе с ним,проходим путь от обычного участника,любительских поединков до легенды и все,на начальных этапах этот режим очень,увлекает но от однообразия в какой-то,момент может стать скучно тут уже во,многом всё зависит от того нравится ли,вам подобное или нет хотя по мнению,нашего автора это все еще лучший вариант,для тех кто любит проводить время в игре,в оффлайне стоит также отметить еще одну,новую особенность,по мере прохождения вы так или иначе,будете использовать приемы которые на,ваш взгляд являются наиболее,эффективными благодаря частному их,использованию наш боец лучше осваивает,эти приемы что дает нам очки развития,которые мы можем потратить на примерно,силу или скорость определенного удара,примерно так и выглядит режим карьеры,view и все четыре но что же ещё нам,предлагает игра конечно никуда не делись,и обычные бои в которых мы выбираем,весовую категорию бойца из звездного,состава и все,и выходим в октагон и есть также режим в,бой + в котором возможности,индивидуальной настройки боя значительно,расширяются нововведением же стал режим,нокаута,те кто играл в прошлую часть могут,возразить и сказать что подобный режим,уже был раньше но дело в том что сейчас,он несколько видоизменился если вам,надоел классический bayview и все то вам,стоит обратить внимание именно на режим,нокаута,он превращает игру в стандартный файтинг,с полоской жизни и необходимостью два,раза довести полоску противника до нуля,все это играется намного бодрее и,интересней благодаря музыке и,великолепным звуком который естественно,только подчеркивают всю мощность,нанесенных ударов,порой бои в этом режиме напоминают,финальные драки наподобие тех что,происходили в боевиках 80-х когда стивен,сигал сражается против стивена сигала,только вот тут героями выступают бойцы,юфс ну и наконец режим в котором,отменяются тогда он и и соответственно,партер весь поединок вы проводите в,стойке,и тут стоит упомянуть об еще одной опции,доступны в игре,а именно создание турнира такой режим,особенно подходят для большой компании,когда к вам пришли друзья с огромным,количеством колы без сахара и пиццей и,вы вместе с ними,решили узнать кто же является настоящим,чемпионом ей все кстати именно в турнире,мы можем выбрать абсолютную категорию то,есть боец из легчайшего веса даже в,финале может встретиться с тяжеловесом,согласитесь зрелище неплохое ну и,наконец что же там с онлайном знаете в,принципе ничего особенного быстрый бой,сетевой чемпионат и blitz поединке,и если с первым все понятно то про,второй и третий нужно сказать пару слов,в сетевом чемпионате мы по очереди,делимся с другими игроками стресс тем,самым завоевать главный пояс,но вечно оставаться чемпионом не,получится поэтому вам придется свой,титул зачищать иначе съедите вниз а вот,блиц поединке,из всех режимов выглядят наиболее,интересными игра через каждый,определенный промежуток времени,устанавливает свои условия и правила,в которых игроки сражаются главная цель,подняться до вершины получается нечто,вроде башни из mortal kombat но только с,реальными людьми при поражении вы должны,начать все сначала ну вот собственно и,все режимы которая пока что может,предложить игра,возможно в будущем появится что-нибудь,еще но на данные момент их вполне,достаточно внимательные игроки могли,заметить что в этот раз авторы,отказались от ultimate team их который,был в третьей части и это действительно,так к эта новость весьма огорчило многих,фанатов так как именно этот режим их,мотивировал их возвращаться в симулятор,смешанных единоборств на то что будущие,обновления добавят желанный режим,остается только надеяться кстати стоит,сказать и о работе онлайна провисание,практически никаких нет все играется,очень комфортно противник при этом,находится моментально что не может не,радовать,итак пол обзора позади и настало время,перейти к самому главному а именно к,боям и во многом новая часть игры,осталась верна предшественницы,практически тоже управление и те же,удары но некоторые элементы разработчики,все же изменили причем от самых,малозначительных до весьма важных к,первым например относится то что сейчас,боец выполняет клинч при нажатии других,кнопок,но если вы уже раньше играли в нее все к,этому довольно быстро привыкнуть целом,управление осталось тем же поэтому,фанаты с легкостью освоить новый проект,новичкам же как и раньше придется,осваиваться так как в игре не самое,простое управление тем более если вы,хотите не просто удалять рукой или ногой,а проводить комбо и осуществлять прием и,впрочем со временем ваши пальцы сами,запомнит ч

EA Sports UFC 4 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],oh,massive head kick there well see if he,can finish,oh combinations here,[Applause],the ufc franchise has been something of,an oddity among ea sports games,while most of their titles see annual,releases ufc 4,is the first release in over two years,and with that kind of time comes,heightened expectations,did the developers put their extra time,to good use or is ufc 4,more of the same well the answer is a,little bit of both but ufc 4 still,manages to offer a good time,the core of any ufc game is obviously,the fighting system and its here that,ufc 4,shines the game doesnt shake up its,formula too much,instead opting for incremental changes,and measured improvements,it doesnt seem like much at first but,there are some welcome changes here,the fighting feels fast and fluid,punches and kicks connect well and carry,a hefty weight to them,combos are simple to learn and the,system is flexible enough to reward,experimentation,the game also does a good job of easing,players into the fighting mechanics,it does so through the career mode which,is started immediately when you first,open the game,the early stages of the career mode take,your character through a brief run in,amateur fighting,its here that youre taught the,mechanics of the fighting system through,a series of small fights,and training sessions its a welcome,introduction,the career mode is the crux of the game,and for the most part its a solid,experience,its no revolution but it works really,well and is fun to play through,the first step is character creation,making your character is pretty,straightforward,and the creator is deep enough to mess,around with i was able to make some,pretty wacky characters in it,you take this custom character through,the career where you manage your,training,persona and social media and of course,participate in fights,the simple social media aspect allows,you to respond to fans and other,fighters,building friendships or rivalries based,on your responses,its simplistic but its a nice touch,nonetheless,after you accept a challenge you,determine how close to the match,your training camp starts once you reach,that point you spend a set number of,points for each week on training,fight promotion research and other,things,theres a reasonable amount you can do,here you can research your opponent to,learn about,his fighting style make social media,posts to promote your fight,or take to the gym to keep yourself fit,ideally youll find a balance of all,three,but hitting the gym is vital it keeps,you fit which affects your performance,in the match,and grants you points that are used to,improve your skills,like the rest of the game the skill,system is nothing that hasnt been done,before,but its done well and it works points,can be invested in various attributes,such as stamina,hit range and power blocking and so on,or they can be invested in upgrading and,learning new moves,or in perks that grant you passive,bonuses during matches,once you enter the octagon and the fight,begins you get to the real meat,of the game ufc 4 performs pretty solid,here as well,combat is fluid and the hits feel,visceral and exciting,the fight mechanics are fairly,straightforward and the ai provides a,decent challenge,meanwhile improvements to wrestling and,grappling keep the flow moving pretty,well,transitions and wrestling on the ground,are a lot smoother and easier to manage,than in previous games,theyre still far from perfect mind you,but theyre a definite step in the right,direction,clinching is easier to enter and escape,and your options for offense and defense,during clinches,has been improved unfortunately the,games biggest issues,also come in the octagon the games meta,is dominated by wrestling,specifically submissions theyre far too,powerful,and easy to perform and far too,devastating to be a victim of,the rhythm of transitions and escape is,clunky and hard to get down,and god help you if your opponent has a,higher wrestling stat than you do that,little statistic is seemingly the only,real factor in grappling,you can do everything right to try to,escape filling up the bar to stand up,but if your opponent has a higher,wrestling stat they will still somehow,manage to knock you back down,escape can be nigh impossible and since,transitions and escape attempts put a,pretty significant drain on your stamina,it only takes a couple of failures to,find yourself caught in an inescapable,loop and even if you do escape you find,yourself at a serious disadvantage,stamina is the main resource in ufc,force fighting system,and if you drain it too quickly as,youre apt to do in a grapple,your max stamina is reduced for the rest,of the match,this means that even if you manage to,successfully escape,youll find yourself at a major,disadvantage for the rest of the fight,it makes wrestling feel punishing and it,makes jiu jitsu specialized fighters,a nightmare to encounter it may be a,realistic depiction of how hard,wrestling is,but mechanically it isnt very fun this,also makes skills that impact,wrestling or make you more resistant to,it,the most important skills by far,thankfully the rest of the fighting,experience is a lot of fun,despite the flaws of the wrestling,system landing a punch,feels great and the thrill of a,hard-fought victory never gets old,you feel like a genuine badass fighter,working your way through the brackets of,the ufc,eventually taking your shot at the ufc,title the different playstyles you can,choose from,mean your different characters feel,distinct opening up a decent amount of,replay value as well,the rest of the game is pretty basic,theres a quick fight mode where you can,pick from the games huge all-star,roster of fighters past and present for,one-off matches,and of course theres an online mode,where you can test your skill against,other players,ufc 4 doesnt reinvent the genre nor,does it fully resolve the franchises,long-standing issues with the wrestling,mechanics,but it still offers up a fun and,rewarding experience one that manages to,capture the visceral excitement of the,sport,in an experience that is both accessible,and rewarding,solid fighting mechanics make you feel,powerful while an entertaining career,mode offers solid replay value,it may not be a perfect game but its a,lot of fun regardless,new and returning players alike can find,something to enjoy here,whether youre an experienced player or,new to the octagon,ufc 4 is a fun fighting game it may not,be the most innovative game,but its solid from front to back with,plenty to offer to new,and returning players alike and that,about does it for this video if you,enjoyed what you watched and want to see,more from gamingbolt you can always hit,that subscribe button and turn on the,bell icon next to it,that way you will never miss any of our,videos,you

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