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  2. Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream vs First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
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  4. I tried Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream! Kiehls Moisturizer! Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream Demo and Review!
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PRODUCT REVIEW & DEMO: Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream | Cristina Maria

hi friends so this video is a review on,kiehls ultra facial cream,this is one of kiehls top selling,products so i have heard so many great,things about it and i really wanted to,give it a try i have tried other kiehls,products before and i wasnt a huge fan,but theres so much hype around this,moisturizer that i thought okay fine,let me try it and see if it actually,works for me and,see if its worth all the hype,so if you want to see review on this,plus a little demo keep watching so,lets get into some of the claims,shall we all right so what is this this,is kiels number one facial moisturizing,cream,it has an ultra lightweight texture for,quick and lasting hydration that lasts,up to 24 hours,this cream leaves skin softer smoother,and healthier looking and it is,formulated with olive derived squalane,glycerin,and glacial,glycoprotein they claim that this is,good for normal dry and,combination as well as oily skin,and some of the skin care concerns that,it addresses is uneven texture dryness,and dullness,now theres two ingredients that,are in this moisturizer that i wanted to,call out that i really like one of them,is squalane and this is great because it,supports and nourishes the skins,moisture barrier and the other one is,glycerin and this is because it helps,retain,moisture in the skin so it helps your,skin retain moisture better so love,those two ingredients just wanted to,call them out for you,this product is also free of parabens,formaldehyde and fragrances,so lets get into the cost,i have the 125 milliliter tub and this,retails for 68 canadian dollars at,sephora now i just want to point out one,thing,this is 125 milliliters for uh 68.68,skin fix triple peptide cream which i,love,that one is 50 milliliters of product,for the same price so,there is quite a bit more product so,this product is actually cheaper im not,saying im comparing the two and they,can go head to head but if youre,looking for you know a a nice um,moisturizer thats great for dry skin as,well this ones a good option,um so they also have two other sizes,they have a 50 milliliter tub which is,40. and a 28 milliliter tub thats 23.,that ones really great for traveling,because this ones quite big so the 28,milliliters i would say that ones,pretty good for traveling anyway,so after all of that lets do a little,demo show you guys how it goes on what,it looks like how my skin looks and then,well get into the review so for the,demo i have nothing on my face i just,wash my face and my skin is in dire need,of some moisturizer so i will be using,this uh kiehls ultra facial cream,for my face and i have the 125,milliliter tub so when i open it it does,look really nice and rich and creamy but,when i take a little bit im just taking,a little bit for the back of my hand,it does have a really lovely texture,and it has,a bit of a feeling of,a gel cream and like a regular cream,combined so it it it has a really nice,texture of kind of best of both worlds,if you were to combine a gel and a cream,just really really nicely and glides,really nicely onto the skin so,lets,put it on my face so i like to take,about that much,so,that much for my face and my neck so i,would say if youre comparing it to the,skin fix or any of the creams that have,the pump dispenser i would say about two,pumps,so,i will apply this all over my face under,my eyes on my eyelids,and on my neck,and i have to say i really like how this,glides on the skin like the moment you,put it on,that gel like texture like really helps,with the product gliding onto your skin,and getting absorbed into your skin but,it still has that like a little bit of,that nice rich texture but feels super,lightweight,so,for me i think this is going to be a,great great great moisturizer for,the spring and summer months like when,it gets warmer out i think my skin will,really love this its been loving it so,far so,this is what my skin looks like once i,have blended it in its got a nice,little,highlight to it it feels really hydrated,like right away it feels very hydrated,because it absorbs into the skin so,quickly and it just has,nice plumpness to the skin,so yeah if i was applying makeup i would,wait about 10 minutes i generally wait,about 10 minutes before i apply makeup,so i wait about 10 minutes and then i,put my makeup on but lets get back into,the review i have to say i was really,surprised at how much i like this,moisturizer i have tried other kiehls,products in the past and i just wasnt a,fan my skin didnt love them but i,really like this moisturizer and how,well it performed i thought this would,be a thick heavy greasy moisturizer but,it actually isnt,and my skin just really liked it if i,had to pick one word to describe this,moisturizer like just one word it would,be hydrating because it is super,hydrating like i wouldnt call this just,a cream moisturizer because it really,isnt it i would say its like a,combination it feels like its a,combination between a gel moisturizer,and a cream moisturizer,so if a gel moisturizer and a cream,moisturizer got together had a baby this,would be the baby,it has,a watery gel like feeling when you start,blending in into your skin but its,still retains that nice luxurious,texture,without feeling greasy and its super,super lightweight and absorbs into the,skin really really quickly so i really,liked it and i was very impressed at how,well it performed and it worked with my,skin and how well my skin it held on to,that hydration throughout the day,so i really liked it and i and i thought,it just worked really well especially as,a daytime moisturizer or going into the,warmer months like spring and summer and,just having a lighter,moisturizer i thought this one,would work really well for me,especially for nighttime and but,particularly daytime because i tend to,be more on the combination side rather,than dry when its in the warmer months,so uh i was definitely impressed now,to talk a little bit about my,rating system for moisturizers so if you,havent seen my other videos i do have a,rating system for moisturizers so its,three categories and i rate each,category out of five,so lets get into that first category,how well does it get absorbed into my,skin and i gave this a five out of five,it get it gets absorbed really nicely,into my skin really quickly and it,doesnt feel like theres anything,sitting on top of my skin,it just blends really nicely into my,skin and it just leaves my skin feeling,hydrated and plumped and refreshed,second category does it help my skin,hold on to moisture so,i gave this a 4.5 out of 5 and heres,why,i really like this moisturizer i thought,it performed really well as a daytime,moisturizer my skin held onto moisture,throughout the day it felt plumped it,fell hydrated that was great as a,nighttime moisturizer most nights it was,good,i woke up in the morning my skin was,still hydrated it wasnt dry it didnt,feel it wasnt dull so it was great but,i dont think that this moisturizer,would perform the way i would like it to,or as well as i would like it to um as a,nighttime winter moisturizer i think i,would have to give it a little bit of,help with maybe some petroleum jelly on,top of certain areas where i want to,make sure i retain a little bit more,moisture um or maybe put like a uh,la roche posay cycoplast bomb b5 on top,just to make sure on like those really,cold nights,when the air super dry because between,my retinol use and like the winter cold,air dry air,i just need a little bit more so i dont,think this would perform as well as like,lets say the um,skin fix triple lipid peptide cream or,the biosans omega repair cream so thats,the reason,i gave it a 4.5 out of 5.,other than that i think it did perform,really well i think it would be great as,a daytime moisturizer for me in the,wintertime um but especially going into,the warmer months like the summer um and,like the spring summer months i think,this moisturizer is going to be really,great as a daytime and nighttime,moisturizer for my skin third cate

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream vs First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Moisturizing helps to prevent dryness,  slows the signs of aging, helps fight acne,  ,protects you from the sun, and soothes the skin  giving you a youthful appearance. In this video,  ,I have with me 2 amazing products that I think  a lot of you guys want to know how they compare,  ,and if there is one thats better than the other.  The Kiehl’s Ultra facial cream vs the First Aid  ,Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration. Definitely stay tuned till the end,  ,and youll know exactly which one is better  and why you would want to go with that one.,Ive been getting a lot of questions on different  products, and which one is better for each skin  ,type, so I decided to make a video on 2 of the  most popular moisturizers on the market. Ill be  ,making more comparison videos in the future,  just like this one with a lot more products,  ,so make sure to hit that subscribe button  down below, to not miss out on future videos.  ,Also, If you learn anything in this  video, give it a like down below too,  ,itll seriously make my day, and itll  help others find this video as well.,So to make this video hopefully easy to follow and  easy to refer back too. Ill first start out with  ,what the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream has in common  with the the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream,  ,then ill break down each of them into their own  respective components, weigh the pros and cons  ,so you dont have too, and then finish it off  with my final take. And for full disclosure,  ,I bought these with my own money, no one has sent  them to me, so my review is totally mine and i  ,think its great to be transparent about that. So  please like the video, if you enjoy transparency. ,Now: These guys are both going to contain  excellent moisturizing properties and are great  ,solutions to dryness, fine lines/wrinkles, and  helping to look younger. The both do not contain  ,alcohol, any sulfates, and parabens. And theres a  total of 9 ingredients that they share, making it  ,a great all purpose moisturizer. You get ceramides  and glycerin with both which increases skin  ,hydration and squalene with both which increases  the suppleness and texture. Now the thing with  ,squalene, its a highly versatile fatty molecule,  that has anti inflammatory properties with it,  ,so with that you gotta make sure to use a gentle  cleanser to clean out your pores first before you  ,apply moisturizer, cuz you dont want natural  skin oils and bacteria to play in the mix.,Let’s dive a little deeper and start with  the first one here: the kiehls ultra facial  ,cream. First off, the product feels thick  and creamy, kinda feeling like butter  ,as it quickly melts and absorbs in. I like  to avoid touching the jar with my hands,  ,so for best practices use a product spoon, to  apply to your fingers then face and make sure  ,you are tightly sealing the jar once done. For  some it may leave them feeling a little greasy,  ,but I mean if you use the amount your supposed  to, which the website says a dime sized amount,  ,Ive had no problems with greasy feeling  afterwards. It can be used both morning and  ,night and is marketed as effective for all skin  types, even sensitive skin which is a big plus.  ,Now right away, There are some notable differences  with Kiehl’s that is not present in the First aid  ,beauty. The first thing you may notice is on the  jar you have whats called glacial glycoprotein.  ,And not sure to what extent that is used to  enhance the moisture, but from what is known,  ,its sourced from antarctic sea glaciers to help  maintain the skins moisture balance for longer.  ,Secondly, it contains Vitamin E which is not  found in first aid beauty. And in the form  ,of tocopherol we get loads of antioxidants  which helps protect your skin from pollution  ,and reduce hyperpigmentation. Which are both great  bonuses that you get on top of moisture. The third  ,thing you get with the kiehl’s product is the fact  that if you look at the end of the ingredients,  ,you also get a little touch of salicylic acid,  so you will get some exfoliating during your  ,moisturization which for some is a plus, but I can  understand if you dont want that in a moisturizer  ,too, not sure where I stand with that, but it  may not be a tie breaker for you. And lastly,  ,one other thing that popped up was if you look  carefully, youll also find: Persea Gratissima oil.  ,Which is just fancy for avocado oil. So  apparently: Avocado oil not only replenishes,  ,smooths, and softens skin, it’s also able  to visibly calm skin and is a good source of  ,natural antioxidants such as vitamins A, C,  D, and E. So I like what they did there. So  ,if you are one to appreciate the unique approach  of glacial glycoprotein moisture, want a vitamin  ,e for antioxidants and acne scars, a touch of  salicylic acid to help give you a cleansing push,  ,avocado oil, and a heavier feel, you might want to  consider the kiehls ultra facial cream. Also guys,  ,if your liking the content, please give it a like  down below before we get to the second product.,Now lets dive into the first aid beauty Ultra  Repair Cream Intense Hydration. First off  ,this product doesnt feel too thin but also doesnt  feel ultra thick. . It has more of a lotion-like  ,texture than anything else and its easy to spread  around. And A little definitely goes a long way. I  ,can see why some people might like thicker creams,  since light creams never feel moisturizing to me,  ,and I like that it is a little on the thicker  side. Some notable things that stand out to  ,me with the first aid, that the kiehls one  doesnt have is that: although there is no  ,glacial glycoprotein in here, it does have  an amazing ingredient. Colloidal Oatmeal.  ,Which is a skin protectant that relieves  itching and minor irritation caused by eczema,  ,rashes and other skin conditions. They actually  include it as their first ingredient which is  ,going to calm down redness or irritation if your  prone to them. Also if your wondering at all,  ,the product doesnt at all smell like oatmeal. Both  these products are both actually scentless which I  ,personally like. The second notable ingredient is  the shea butter, which im a fan of because its An  ,emollient rich in vitamins, minerals and essential  fatty acids, that helps moisturize and protect the  ,skin barrier. Third difference is that it contains  allantoin, which helps calm and soothe the skin,  ,and lastly, it contains an antioxidant booster  that protects your skin from environmental factors  ,using, Licorice Root, Feverfew and White Tea  extracts. Also if your a conscious consumer of  ,skincare products, you might like the fact that  first aids beauty moisturizer is cruelty free,  ,which could in fact be a tie breaker for  you. So if your one to like a moisturizer  ,that uses the benefits of colloidal oatmeal and  shea butter to give you those calming effects  ,for eczema or irritation, you like a lighter feel,  and you are a fan of allantoin in your moisturizer  ,to give you a push of skin cell regeneration  at the same time, You may consider going with  ,the first aid beauty one as it may in fact be  a better choice for more sensitive skin types.,Now, no video is complete without really  addressing some concerns with both products.  ,Because remember, this is all about transparency.  As far as the kiehls ultra facial cream,  ,one thing that may make your skin feel a little  bit more oily is the fact that it contains stearic  ,and palmitic acid. These 2 ingredients may worsen  oily skin. Secondly if your skin is more acne  ,prone, some people break out with myristic acid,  which isnt definitive, but something to consider  ,as it does have a comedogenic rating of 3, which  means it has the potential to clog pores. As  ,far as the first aid beauty ultra repair  cream, it does contain cetearyl alcohol,  ,which may or may not clog pores, but as  we can see it has a comedogenic rating  ,of 2, which means that it has the  potential to c

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The Truth About Kiehls

aloha everyone welcome to skincare with,hiram if you dont know who i am my,names iron man im passionate about,teaching you how to perfect your,skincare routine so make sure you,subscribe to my channel and hit the,notification bell so that you can see my,videos every single week the truth,about calls this is a brand i have had,very strong opinions about for a long,time ever since i kind of first got into,the skincare world,ive had a lot of opinions and i want to,thank you guys for requesting me to talk,about kiehls so much because you guys,have been spamming my comment section,thank you guys i love you guys for,always recommending more video ideas,feel free to do so on this video as well,but i have a lot of thoughts about this,skincare brand and i want to get into it,with you guys like all my review videos,im going to start off by talking about,the backstory of the brand to talk about,the products and the ingredients because,thats what truly matters and then,finish up with my final thoughts on what,my overall opinion is of kiehls so,lets get into it now this brand is,popular its poppin its poppin its,poppin okay i look painfully white so,keels is brown that originated in 1851,so [ __ ] old i had no idea i was just,learned that when i was doing research,on the brand but this is a really really,old skincare brand and the fact that,they have managed to stay around for,this long is honestly really impressive,kiel started off as an apothecary and,then slowly transitioned into the,skincare brand that it is today now,kiehls likes to present themselves as a,more clinically focused brand if you go,to any of their stores you will see that,all the employees are wearing lab coats,to kind of give off this very medicinal,clinical vibe which i have my own,opinions of but i will get into that,later they are definitely 1 000 a luxury,skincare brand their products are not,cheap but they claim that it is because,of the very high quality ingredients,that they use but if you go to the,majority of luxury department stores you,will find keels somewhere in the store,now i will say when this brand first,started i believe that it really started,as a very innovative brand like it was,definitely doing something new that the,cosmetic market had never seen before,and they were breaking a lot of ground,for things that hadnt been accomplished,yet in the skincare community but i,think that has changed over time which,is another thing that im going to get,into later i promise you guys will hear,all my thoughts all my shade like usual,it is global brand and it is sold in,china which means it is not cruelty free,but one cool thing is that they do have,a charity department of their brand,which has managed to raise six million,dollars for charity since 2010 for a,plethora of different issues which i,think is really really cool and not only,that they do have a recycling program,available at all of the kiehls,locations to where if you recycle 10,full-size skincare items you get one,travel size item for free which i think,is really really awesome and im,appreciative of that because there is a,kiehls location next to where i live,its impossible to recycle where i live,in hawaii so having those options,available is really awesome so now we,have some backstory on the brand lets,get into the products and the,ingredients because that,is where i have all of my opinions like,usual im gonna order these from my,least favorite to my favorite starting,with the midnight recovery oil yes you,heard that right my very least favorite,product im not even gonna bother saying,anything good about this product because,it is overwhelmed tsunamied by the,enormous amount of bad things out of the,25 ingredients in this product 12 of,them are pure fragrant essential oils,12. if you dont know my stance on,fragrance and essential oils i,personally am not a fan of essential,oils fragrant essential oils can be,highly irritating to the face and offer,no real benefits because they are,extremely unstable when exposed to,sunlight and air and they are really,only added into skincare products to add,a fragrant smell component thats,literally the only reason that they are,formulated in products and normally i,get a little nervous when i see one,essential oil in a product but if i see,12 i run the [ __ ] away and thats the,problem i have with this product,basically you are smothering pure,essential oils all over your face and i,remember i used this two times my skin,became very inflamed very red and mind,you i dont have sensitive skin i,noticed no positive results when i woke,up in the morning and the fragrance is,so freaking strong that it is,overwhelmingly obvious that this product,is just formulated with too many,essential oils and not only that its,also really expensive whats up with,that my opinion avoid this product like,the plague never ever ever use it im,going to be i dont know what im going,to do with this bottle i was given this,bottle i really dont know what i want,to do with it maybe ill give it to one,of my enemies because i cannot imagine,giving it to one of my friends just,avoid the product the next product is,the avocado eye cream now avocado oil is,known for its plethora of hydrating and,antioxidant benefits and im personally,a big fan of avocado oil as for,ingredients this is formulated with a,lot of shea butter which is great for,hydrating the face its also a,relatively inexpensive ingredient but,still a very good one and avocado oil as,well but it is the eighth ingredient on,the list which you know i personally,think that they could have formulated,with more from a formula perspective,this product is not the worst honestly,and ive used it multiple times but the,reason i cant stand this product is,because it is so,thick this is the heaviest eye cream,that i have ever used in my life to the,points to where i did not want to use it,after a few times because the amount,that i had to rub my under eye area just,to apply it was so aggressive that i,worried about accelerating the aging of,my under eye area because thats how,much i just had to pull and tug across,my eye it was ridiculous in my opinion,eye creams should have a more gel or,lightweight cream like consistency that,can be very easily applied to the under,eye area but another reason why i dont,really like this product is because eye,creams really arent necessary in a,skincare routine yes theyre nice to,have but theyre definitely not,necessary and for the price point of,this eye cream i just dont think its,worth it especially with how thick and,heavy the cream is so overall i just,recommend a pass on this product there,are definitely better eye creams out,there one of which being the cerave eye,cream the second ingredient is,niacinamide which is a good brightening,agent and really amazing for dark,circles as well as very hydrating and at,a really good price point so i would,recommend that one instead the next one,is the line reducing concentrate this,product is focused on its main,ingredient asyrubic acid which is a form,of vitamin c vitamin c is great for,brightening any dark spots preventing,aging and antioxidant protection as well,but it is relatively unstable which is,why im a little bit more picky about,which products have ascorbic acid in,them because when exposed to light and,air even if it sits in a bottle for like,a month usually it goes bad by that,point and can have some negative and,irritating side effects once it has,turned as for ingredients i like in this,product ascorbic acid like i said before,some good things some bad things but,overall id say its a relatively good,ingredient and its also formulated with,hyaluronic acid which is an amazing,humectant which will draw in moisture,from the air into your skin to just help,regulate the hydration factor of your,skin as for ingredients i dont like it,is formulated with four fragrant,components the first being orange peel,oil lemon oil and then also limonene and,linole all of those are highly,irr

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I tried Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream! Kiehls Moisturizer! Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream Demo and Review!

hey you guys its Jean Dara what is up,and welcome back to my channel if youre,new here make sure you subscribe to my,channel make sure you thumbs up this,video and make sure youre following me,on all my social media sites and its,todays video we will be trying the,kills facial ultra facial cream this is,a 24-hour facial cream of hydration,hydration and that is paraben free that,is what they say so look at the Horus,website no kills was all Sephora,SanDisk I cant stand support but kills,is just killing it all support come,through so 1.7 ounces of this ultra,facial cream is $32 and 0.9 Alyces of,this facial cream is 22 dollars more for,1.7 ounces that is ludicrous,lets just lets just see how much the,4.2 ounce one $53 kills come on now why,the 0.95 else one should it be in $15,and then you should have went up $35 for,the 1.7 ounces these prices are,ludicrous to me anyways Im not even,about the gold air with prices cuz this,could be alone right lets go ahead and,try this ultra facial cream but before,we do that I am going to go ahead and,swatch the product oh yo Im not gonna,be using a lot cuz I got a little left,and I want it to last until I get my,order it but this is what it looks like,its a little light weight a little,sheer let me turn the light down so you,guys could see it there you go what do,you guys think its a little sheer okay,lets put it on our face okay so theres,no scent to it at all this is actually,my second sample,Ive had I had two samples of this I,cant remember where I got the first,sample from this is my second sample so,I said okay well I got to last me two,weeks and I,and bought a jar of it yeah so you know,you know anyways guys lets cap should,really consider selling at Walmart,Walmart why you wont put kills in their,kills good it kills you almost kills,kids dont let me know who owns kills,cuz I really want to know cuz kills is,out here killing it that avvocato mass,was botched but I like the majority of,their products now I will say when you,put this cream on your face it goes oh I,like a water gel so even if you use a,lot is not going to be greasy it wont,take forever to rub it in but I will say,it goes on so silky so smooth oh my god,you guys its just I just love this,cream so much you guys just dont,understand my skin just absorbs it like,butter,anyway anyways guys let me go ahead and,do a close-up this is what my skin looks,like oh my god it feels so soft oh oh,just look it look bam bam bam I am ready,for Vogue so whats her now I was about,to say Susan Wojcicki thats the YouTube,later oh you about to do what is though,the vault ladies Anna Anna Wintour honey,I read read D hey anyways you guys so I,am going to let this cream settle down,just a little bit and then well be back,to talk about it Ill let it dry down,for like 10 to 15 minutes and then we,could talk about it okay so its been 20,minutes and my face has dried down a lot,like a lot what um what do you guys,think,kills Im gonna do a close-up for yall,um so here is my cheek here is my other,cheek what do you guys think heres my,here is my forehead let me turn the,light down I theres a lot to say a lot,and lets talk about it there is a lot,to talk about with this kills ultra,hydration facial cream side no can we,just sidetrack for a bit yeah if you,know this channel this movie – youre,looking those were new and you Ill,probably reiterate this in new videos,going forward but why is the clean,beauty skincare community fighter want,to say thanks community college,communities or YouTube have drama so,lets talk about the kills ultra facial,hydration cream its a 24-hour cream,personally in my opinion no Ive had,this cream dry down join me in about,four hours we first apply this on to,your skin its going to try down a lot,in an hour and you may need to reapply,it throughout your day I dont think,its a wonderful nighttime moisturizer,if you are looking for something,heavy-duty however if you have oily skin,you have combination skin you have,normal skin you will really enjoy this,cream however if you have dry skin you,may not feel this cream as the hydration,you need if you have dry skin this cream,is going to dry down in the less time,that I mentioned for you if you have dry,skin this is not this moisturizer for,dry skin to me personally leans on a,water cream so if you are a type of,person whos not really into water,creams you dont like the way water,creams fill you dont like how water,creams,dry down you dont like the way wider,creams dont leave enough hydration on,your skin and they dont protect your,moisture barrier then you may not enjoy,this cream if youre looking for,something that is going to protect your,moisture barrier and overall aid,keeping your moisture barrier intact,this is not the cream youre looking for,however if youre looking for all year,around cream I really think you are,going to like this cream I think its,wonderful for summer because its not it,gives you that dewy look that hydrated,look that glowy look without being,sweaty in the springtime I think its,going to be wonderful for those days,where you know the weather is not too,cold its not too hot its just right,and you can just wear a good cream you,may not mind a cream drying down in less,than four hours and you may not care to,reapply it in the springtime this would,be the perfect cream for that I also,like the fact that this cream doesnt,leave any texture to your skin and,release your skin nice and smooth,without being very heavy so when they,say lightweight this is a very,lightweight a very silky cream and,youre not into the silky feeling of,creams this may not be the cream for you,I do want to say this because this cream,is old because they say this cream is an,ultra facial hydration cream if you are,someone who really enjoys drugstore,products this may not be the type of,cream you want to go into as a beginner,of getting into non drugstore creams,because you may feel it will break you,out that goes for people who only use,drugstore I dont know what it is some,of these skincare brands make up rest as,well or by the same companies high-end,drugstore but it is something when you,use drugstore and then you go to higher,in skincare brands it breaks your skin I,dont know when I first got into using,none drugstore skincare this was a long,time ago but my skin started to break,out and I was shocked but you know you,got to get your skin prepared for the,good stuff I dont know how but this is,not one of the brand this crease,specifically I dont want to say the,brand this is about the product this,cream specifically because kills has,really great products that will help,introduce your skin and to none,drugstore products but this products,specifically in my opinion is not,perfect for people who working to try,higher in skincare this may product may,break you out and it may put you off and,make you want to go back to using,skincare that is drugstore so I suggest,you start with something this product it,may be on the cheaper side compared to,other non drugstore brands but I dont,think this is the product you want to,start with uh start off with some Olay,Henriksen thats a great beginner and,creams Im gonna have a list of that for,you guys,I love the silky feeling it gives,without being over silky meaning you,dont get that Cody at the end of the,day that feels sort of like dirty or,sticky or your faces Pelle it doesnt,give you that type of filling at the end,of the day with the silky feel some,syllables when Crains felt overly silky,they give you this powdery how powdery,corn like almost starchy filling off,your face at the end of the day and even,though this feels sticky it doesnt give,me that filly at the end of the day and,thats why I enjoy this cream you guys,already know I already told you I will,be purchasing this cream again I have,this cream ready to go I bought the 0.95,ounce one Im not going even to the 1.7,ounce one yet just not yet because Im,always testing creams so I didnt want,to give in just ye


hello im dr anita ratan and this,channel is dedicated to skin careful,skin,of color so as you know im a doctor but,im also a cosmetic formulator,specifically for skin of color,so what that means is i love to do deep,dive investigations,into various brands their ingredients,list their inky list at the back of,their packaging,and let you know whether or not those,percentages are suitable for our skin,so i get asked all the time yeah but dr,v i mean,okay so ive got brown skin why does,that mean that i need different products,well heres the thing first of all what,is skin of color skin of color is if,youre more likely to tan,rather than burn in the sun that means,that your melanocytes the cells that,produce the pigment melanin,are large and they are easily triggered,that means one scratch,one bite or one burn and we hyper,pigment,compared to caucasian skin caucasian,skin you can literally burn the top,layer of skin off,and theyre going to be fine the,beautiful skins going to go back with,us,we have to be very careful and very,intelligent with our skin,and so really this channel is all about,decoding,all of the products that are out there,and tell you which ones to purchase and,which ones to avoid,i also want to mention right from the,outset that,no none of my videos have ever been,sponsored they never will be sponsored,um i dont even monetize my channel even,though im eligible,and the reason is that this is a,completely,evidence-based channel for skin of color,that you can come to,and know that all the information is,correct and suitable for your skin im,doing it for us,and im doing it for our children so,todays video is,all about keels the number of times ive,been asked to do this video,its like like none other so right so,kiehls is a very popular brand um,and i was actually quite excited to do,it because there are so many influencers,who use these products so,lets dive right in,okay so talking about our first product,which is midnight recovery concentrate,i think its their best seller now the,positives of this product is that they,do have a,nice list of emollients so theyve got,dicapriol carbonate thats whaline,theyve got rosa fruit oil,theyve got jojoba oil theyve got,coriander seed oil so theyve got a lot,of emollients now ammonia has basically,softened the skin cells,so that the skin feels softer but also,its better at reflecting light,so those are all good things the,negatives however is that they have,lavender essential oil now this is,actually a skin,sensitizer its marketed as good for you,but its really not a good idea in,skincare,and actually this is one of the reasons,why we need to educate ourselves and,our children okay so its also got a,pelagonium,gravolians oil which is also a masking,agent,its a fragrant oil and can also,sensitize the skin,its also got a whole list of perfumes,so its got linalool,citronella its got gerenial limonene,central,as you all know fragrance is the number,one cause of,contact dermatitis thats right so,contact dermatitis,is a delayed reaction it can happen,years after youve been wearing a,product,and so often you dont even make the,connection that that product is whats,causing the issue,um so its just not great and its also,co-sensitizers so meaning that,the other ingredients in that product,that you may have been absolutely fine,with youre suddenly now also,reacting to so really fragrance has,been put into products in order to,pander to consumer demand,but as more and more of the big,companies actually watch channels like,this one,and other people other doctors who are,saying the same thing,they do start to change they do contact,us and they do,ask for advice which we you know very,happily want to give,in order to make sure that youre,receiving the correct products,so fragrance really avoid it you know,when they say oh this is a banana,product and this is an orange product,and this is a,pineapple thing i mean our skin,is not salad we need active ingredients,that work that repair our skin because,our skin,cant talk to us and they cry in silence,and later years later we find out the,trauma that weve done to it so we just,need to,um you know educate ourselves and just,buy whats good for your skin,not just whats been marketed as good,for your skin so what we really want to,be wearing at night time,are skin restorers so we want hyaluronic,acid especially as we age,we lose your glucosamine glycans and,your skin feels drier and more sensitive,we want to use peptides we want to use,ceramides,we want to use vitamin a especially if,youre getting fine lines,you want to use vitamin c and other,antioxidants and load up,at night time because that will be one,of your barriers,to protecting you get environmental,stresses the following day,so those are the sorts of things that,you want in a nighttime serum,um this unfortunately i think is a bit,more of a skin perfume which,i wouldnt put on my own face so the,next product on the list,is the kiehls ultra facial cream this,cream has done,really well so this is how its marketed,as a 24-hour intense hydration and it,strengthens your skin barrier,and the positives are they do have a lot,of moisturize in it so its got glycerin,its got cyclohexacin in it its got,squalene in it and its got,no fragrance and i love that,so well done kiehls for getting that,right because so many people get that,wrong,and then i noticed that they actually um,dont put parabens in this product,and actually i read in an article uh in,a,cosmetic journal that i subscribe to,that they remove parabens from this,in order to pander to consumer demand,sales went up by 5 million,um and so thats just classic you know,consumer demand,driving innovation but the problem is,power brands actually happen to be,the best preservative that we have we,use it at less than one percent,its the most effective and its,non-irritating very few people,get dermatitis or contact dermatitis or,react,to parabens ive actually made a whole,video on,skin toxic skin care myths id urge you,to go and watch that video,if you youre not sure about what should,and shouldnt be in your skincare so,which preservative did they use they use,chlorphenisine,um the problem is feneson can actually,cause dermatitis,in dry sensitive skin or eczema,skin thats prone to eczema so this is a,problem with,all preservatives that have been used,in order to stop you from using parabens,they have not been used for as long and,actually instance of contact dermatitis,went up because of it so im here to,tell you parabens are good,for our cosmetics theyre good for our,skin and we absolutely,have no reason to fear them that was,just fear-mongering,um so please watch that video on toxic,skincare the only downside to this,product id say is that its got,myostyle myostate in it which is about 5,out of 10 on the comodogenic scale,so with this particular product i think,its fine for majority of the population,except for those who have dry sensitive,skin,or those people who have oily acne prone,skin,so those ends of the spectrum i would,probably avoid this product,but actually everyone else would be fine,with skin of color okay so moving on to,the next product which is,cannabis sativia seed oil okay,oh this is probably one of the worst,formulations ive seen,im so sorry um okay look heres the,positives so its got cannabis sativia,seed oil,which is a very good emollient its got,a dicaprio uh ether which is also a good,emollient,but the negatives are its got oregon,and flower oil,which is a skin sensitizer its also got,simbo pogon citrates which is lemon,grass and this again,is a skin sensitizer then it has a whole,list,of fragrance and remember what ive told,you in other videos,systematically a brand will either,systematically,make errors or systematically get it,right,and the reason being behind the scenes,when we purchase,ingredients we purchase them in massive,drums of you know,25 kg for example so imagine ive bought,25 kg of niacinamide,then i will put niacinamide in,everything nic

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser + Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream Demo + Review

[Music],[Music],guys welcome and welcome back to a skin,prep sunday where we prep our skin for,the week with skincare product reviews,and demos if you are a skincare junkie,like me make sure you give this video a,thumbs up subscribe hit that bell,notification so you dont miss any,uploads and lets get right into this,video today were going to be talking,about a cleanser and moisturizer the,best cleanser and moisturizer duo out,there in my opinion and both of these,are from kiehls for the cleanser we,have the kiehls ultra facial cleanser,and for the cream we have the kiehls,facial cream so were going to be,talking about both of these today so,lets go ahead and get into it both of,these products that im using i have,used before in the past a few years ago,i started using kiehls as one of my,main skin care products and i just kind,of went away from it because ive been,using other things of course the,skincare junkie you know we did well and,dabble in different things so the,kiehls ultra facial cleanser is a,gentle facial cleanser for all skin,types paraben free and synthetic,fragrance free it is a gentle facial,cleanser that helps remove dirt and,debris without stripping skin of,essential moisture in addition to,dissolving excess oil and dirt this ph,balance cleanser helps maintain skins,natural balance and protection barrier,formulated with squalene avocado oil and,glycerin and this product is,dermatologist tested it is suitable for,all skin types meaning its nice and,gentle for the skin so the main three,ingredients is squalene glycerin and,avocado oil so when youre using this,cleanser you guys you only need a dime,size amount and youre just going to add,a little bit of water to get the,cleanser activated and youll see it,getting activated when it turns white in,your hand thats when you go ahead and,cleanse the skin so you dont go from,pouring it into the hand to place it on,the skin youre going to place it in the,hand add water activate the cleanser and,youll see it get nice and sudsy then,you go ahead and apply to the skin it,feels really good its very hydrating,that is one thing i love about this,cleanser i know a lot of people have,problems cleansing the skin with a,cleanser that leaves their skin dry this,does not strip your skin of any moisture,i love the fact it is a ph balanced,cleanser to keep your skin level because,a lot of cleansers strip the skin which,allow your skin to over produce sebum,which creates the oil pockets which,creates the whitehead and acne so,cleansing the skin we dont want to,strip the skin that is reversing we want,to place moisture back into the skin as,we are cleansing our skin using a,cleanser and stripping the skin it,doesnt mean that your skin is clean it,means that your skin is dry and so now,yours your oil is going to overproduce,which is going to cause breakouts so,keep that in mind when you are using a,cleanser and when you are picking one,out you want one that is ph balanced and,that places moisture back into the skin,this does not really have a scent if it,does its very light very very very mild,you definitely can smell something but,its not fragrance at all it smells very,light and very friendly to the nose this,also says it does help remove makeup i,have personally not tried to use this,removing my makeup ive only used it,when cleansing the skin so im,definitely going to try that after i use,my balm and remove the first layer and,then go in with this cleanser i have a,cleanser similar to this that one does,work for me when removing my makeup so,im definitely going to try this one and,see if i get the same result squalene,being one of the main ingredients in,this i love because it helps replenishes,the skins barrier that is what keeps,your skin looking nice moisturized and,supple after you cleanse second main,ingredient is glycerin and that is,something that our skin automatically,produces on its own so it helps you,retain the moisture and softens the skin,as well so those two glycerin is,squaring together is a dynamic duo if,you guys love avocado oil then you know,exactly where im going with this it is,just an amazing oil for the skin avocado,is also known to nourish and moisturize,our skin at the same time so with the,squalene glycerin and avocado oil in,this product,you have an amazing cleanser on your,hands because its gentle enough for the,skin but it also replenishes the,moisture for you and keeps your skin,nice and soft the one that i have is 2.5,fluid ounces i believe they have a,bigger one its actually on sale right,now guys so if you are thinking about,purchasing this i will leave it in the,description box below for you guys to,check out on the kiehls website and,this is formulated for all skin types,even those who have sensitive skin this,is formulated and tested on people with,all different types of skin different,types of texture if you have sensitive,skin acne prone skin this is a great,cleanser to try out and test out in your,routine to see if you like it again use,a small amount here to make sure that,youre not breaking out or you dont get,any type of effect from it if you do,toss it immediately you definitely can,use this in the morning and at night a,lot of people dont believe in cleansing,their skin in the morning because they,feel like i cleanse my skin at night,ive done my skincare in the morning and,i just went to bed but your oils,reproduce at night while youre sleeping,especially if youre acne prone youre,getting a lot of oil build up at night,so you want to make sure that you,cleanse your skin in the morning nice,gentle cleanser to use in the morning,just to remove a little bit of that oil,that has developed overnight so you can,go ahead and remove that to go into the,rest of your skincare routine i dont,feel right if i dont cleanse my skin in,the morning i have tried to stop using,the cleanser use lukewarm water to,cleanse the skin it doesnt work for me,my skin is acne prone i have to use,something so im going to grab something,its definitely going to be the ultra,facial cleanser all right so lets go,ahead and get into this facial cream,this is the ultra facial cream 24 hour,daily lightweight hydrating formula also,for all skin types including sensitive,skin go beyond hydration to restore and,protect your skin bear with our number,one worldwide best selling face cream,formulated with dual action squalene to,strengthen and restore skins moisture,barrier and glycerin to help retain,moisture and soften the skin this ultra,lightweight face cream delivers 24 hour,hydration again is for all skin types,including sensitive skins paraben free,and fragrance free using this facial,cream you do not need a lot again with,this one a dime size amount maybe a,little bit more but you do not need a,lot it just soaks into the skin,so amazing you guys it feels silky but,not too silky where youre like oh god,this is going to be oily or greasy not,like that at all it has a nice,moisturizing balance to the skin and the,squalene in this is what gives it that,nice moisturized feeling to the skin it,just feels amazing look forward to,applying this in the morning because it,just i know its going to moisturize my,skin all day my skin looks nice and,healthy,my skin actually looks glowy glowier,during the day as i go throughout the,day i look at my skin like wow my skin,is really glowing and its because of,this moisturizer it moisturizes it,protects it gives you a nice glow it,keeps your skin supple gives you an,amazing healthy look to the skin which,gives you all the confidence in the,world to not do any makeup and you just,want to wear your skin this is the,perfect cream for that do your skincare,routine this is your second to the last,step because youre going to do,spf after this and i want to talk about,the spf after this also well get back,to that but this will be your second to,the last step lets just soak in really,good and then go in with the spf this,just delivers a nice glowy feel,throughout the day it


hi guys welcome back to my channel,this is maria and in this video i will,show you my absolutely favorites,from kills so make sure that you,subscribe to my channel,like this video leave a comment and here,we go,first product i want to show you is,ultra facial cleansing from,kills so this cleansing is super super,gentle,it does not leave those tight,effect after my skin feels so fresh,and so clean i use it after,i just remove all of my makeup with,micellar water,then i use facial cleanser and,it works amazing skin is clean,and absolutely ready to follow my,skincare steps so this product i,absolutely adore,and love and i totally recommend it to,you guys,its good so the next one i want to show,you,ultra facial toner,so this is very gentle toner to prepare,hydrate and comfort skin this is for all,skin type as,the previous cleanser as i showed you so,it absolutely perfect works together and,in this product is absolutely no alcohol,sulfate,or any bs as you know and i just,i use a few drop for my on my,hand and then i apply it on my face and,just in a couple seconds i feel this,effect,it works and absolutely love this,product i recommend you this one,i want to show you ultra facial cream,so this cream is also so cool i believe,this is one of my favorite moisturizer,because its so nice,with moisturizing and it absorbs very,very fast and it does not leave those,sticky after finish on my,face i dont love it and,this cream is super cool because they,have very light hydrating formula,and your skin will have perfect healthy,look,super radiant and smooth and your skin,will thank you for good,care this is it guys i love,love love this and i recommend you this,from the bottom of my heart last product,for today,is creamy eye treatment with,avocado this is iconic,eye cream from kiehls my friend,suggested me,this one cream when i was looking for,first,cream for under eye area in my life and,she told me that,this is super cool cream hi sasha yeah,thank you for this recommendation,yeah and i tried it at sephora,and i really enjoy it but this jar,was like 35 or something,and i was gonna i dont want to spend,like this money for like,small amount and you know what guys,i paid for all of the product i show you,like,40 or 45 like something it was super,great promotion on kails,website so i decided to take this,opportunity,and i never regret it because,im absolutely happy with all of the,product i have so,about this eye treatment cream this is,super super,soft and under eye area is very picky,and gentle and this,products is absolutely worth it you need,just a small amount,to use it in this part of your face,and its super delicate and,its good moisturizing effect so i,totally recommend you this one this is,the best,thank you guys for watching me i was so,glad to share with you my favorites from,kills tell me about your experience with,kills what is your favorite and what is,not,i want to hear all of you guys thank you,for watching me,see you soon

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