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The Umbrella Academy: Season 3 Review

this isnt your home,what are you talking about this is the,umbrella academy this is the sparrow,academy,in some ways the most unexpected thing,the umbrella academy could have done was,pull back on some of its trademark,wackiness to tell a more intimate story,of a family in crisis as the world ends,again in the background we caused a,paradox and that paradox is swallowing,things season three requires a tad bit,of patience to see its vision through,but if you hang in there through a few,of the slower initial episodes youll be,rewarded with a moving portrait of a,complicated and flawed family bolstered,by excellent performances and a good,amount of umbrella academy flavored fun,what are you their mascots,more like their ringer,this season opens in a very different,place than season two did where the,previous installment saw the hargreaves,separated this one starts with them all,together and confronting the sparrow,academy bringing them together like this,allows for a more focused style of,storytelling its rare to see a,streaming series dare to go smaller and,more disciplined and for the umbrella,academy its a surprising change that,works still it does take a little while,for things to get cracking and lean into,what this particular superhero series,does best delving into the nuanced,relationships between the siblings the,next person to say [ __ ] is getting a,punch to the throat [ __ ] [ __ ],[ __ ],while the first episode is fun the next,couple slow down quite a bit as the,characters try to figure out their,current apocalypse and struggle with,some of the growing pains of bringing,the band back together but give it time,or more specifically give it three,episodes so if you ever see your other,self kill them sleep with them avoid,them episode four is when we start,cooking with gas firing up some crazy,twists and unfolding its vision for our,traumatized and exhausted heart grieves,these familial relationships and the,character development for each,individual hargreaves is where the,umbrella academy has always shined and,continues to do so more than ever in,season 3. no single member of the family,is given the shaft story wise and,theres not a weak link in the bunch in,terms of performances in particular,luther who in previous seasons has,struck me as more annoying than,endearing is given something of a,redemptive arc and tom hoppers,performance makes the character a heck,of a lot more likable in this batch of,episodes five diego and klaus are given,plenty of time to develop too our little,paradox brought forth the freaking,kugelblitz what the hell is the cougar,blitz essentially were screwed,even when klauss storyline might seem a,little too removed from the larger,vision it eventually pays off and robert,sheam plays him with such charm that,its hard to be mad at the detours come,on as if you wouldnt climb luther,mountain but the real heart of the,season is the relationship between,victor and allison season three is,ultimately about the way families can,fail us and how hard it is to repair,relationships once trust is broken its,a theme thats beautifully woven,throughout but especially between victor,and allison and both elliot paige and,emmy raver lantman give heartbreaking,performances and as previously revealed,victor does come out as transgender in,this season mirroring paiges own,real-life transition we wont spoil the,details here but trust that the way its,handled is perfectly on brand for the,umbrella academy in the best way ending,up is just another layer in victors,nuanced arc this season as for the,sparrow academy characters some of them,end up a little thinly sketched in one,dimensional but its never not fun to,watch their powers up against the,umbrellas unsurprisingly the highlight,of the crew is just an h min who gets to,return his ben thanks to the gangs,timing why me shenanigans [ __ ] that said,action and fight scenes do take a bit of,a backseat this season and i did find,myself missing that although the fights,that we do get are just as great as the,highlights of previous seasons and,spread it to the production designers,for making the limited locations still,feel stylish and fresh with some more,excellent needle drops to boot,the umbrella academy season 3 may take a,few episodes to find its footing but,give it time and it eventually ends up,doing what it does best building on the,character development of the hargreaves,siblings and their relationships between,one another theres not a weak,performance in the bunch but tom hopper,gets a little something more to work,with as luther and elliot page and emmy,raverlantman stand out especially in,victor and allisons complicated,relationship it may initially seem a,little less inventive and action-packed,than previous seasons but when it loses,in wackiness it gains in heart and the,clarity of its message one that,resonates whether your family is,screwing up the timeline or not,for more tv reviews check out what we,thought of love death and robots volume,3 and stranger things season 4 part 1,and for everything else stick with ign

Umbrella Academy is kinda weird…

although most of the TV shows and movies,I make videos on or like teen dramas and,teen rom-com or that type of stuff you,know I do like to branch out and try new,stuff every now and then like in the,past Ive done almost every DC CW show,for example now just so were all clear,on this like Im not really a big comic,book guy like I enjoy superhero movies,and shows for what they are but like Im,not super invested in like that aspect,of it I mean if you are I respect that,Im just saying that like for example,with the Umbrella Academy Im coming to,it just based on the show itself like I,assume most people are you know what I,mean and Ill be honest here whatever I,expected I was not prepared for what I,get lets take a walk,so umbrella Academy starts out with a,little backstory that on October 1st,1989 a bunch of girls around the world,suddenly gave birth even though they,werent pregnant when they woke up that,day on the twelfth hour of the first day,of October 1989 43 women around the,world gave birth this was unusual only,in the fact that none of these women had,been pregnant when the day first began,now I can see how this might be a little,concerning but I mean basically the same,thing happens to me every time I go to,Chipotle but thats the different,conversation now after news gets around,about whatever just happened eccentric,billionaire Reginald Hargreaves aka the,guy from the monopoly box goes around,and buys as many of these kids as he can,and ultimately he gets seven of them and,these seven people make up the main,characters of the show we have Diego who,can throw knives Alison whos basically,a human death note Klaus the grownup,version of the kid from sixth sense Ben,who at the current time of the show is,dead Luther who retains water I guess,number five,yep thats his name more on that in a,second who can teleport and also hes,been missing for like 16 years or,whatever and finally we have Vanya whos,not special at all allegedly mm-hmm you,know Im saying,so this billionaire guy took these seven,kids and made a superhero group called,the Umbrella Academy and you know they,just kind of went around fighting crime,and beating up bad dudes and you know,superhero stuff,nice in fact you,[Music],but heres the thing the show takes,place long after this all the kids have,grown up theyve left home living their,lives doing you know whatever you do,when you have superpowers and thats,when they and we learned that their,adoptive father,the reginald guy from before has died,[Music],[Music],this of course brings them all back to,the house they grew up in and left so,many years ago and we start to learn,that thanks to a combination of their,dad being some kind of like weird dude,who never actually gave them names and,just gave them numbers like number five,and then of course you know being forced,to play superheroes from a young age and,having superpowers to begin with like,all that stuff put together means now as,adults they dont really like each other,all that much and thanks to recent,events now this is the first time,theyve really seen each other in like a,bajillion years,what is she doing here you dont belong,here not after what you did youre,seriously gonna do this today way to,dress for the occasion by the way at,least Im wearing black anyway so heres,where the story actually kind of starts,to get going so were taking through the,house getting various flashbacks of,everything I just told you and we also,meet their mom who I guess is like a,robot or something and the butler Pogo,who is a talking chimpanzee welcome home,miss Vanya yeah like I said I was not,prepared for most of this show I mean,going into it I thought I was do some,real stuff when people too bad Im,saying I didnt realize the roller,coaster was is gonna keep on going,anyway so Luther over here hes a little,suspicious of their dads passing for,one a very specific reason were you the,first one on the scene Fogle found him,yeah I talked to Pogo,he said he couldnt find dads monocle,and your point being,well can you think of a single time that,you saw dad and he wasnt wearing that,monocle no which means someone took it,which means theres a chance that he,wasnt alone when he died you know I,feel like everything you need to know,about their dad is explained in this one,sentence right here like a billionaire,with a monocle I mean that tells you,more about his character than like any,flashback ever could now flashing,forward in some direction I guess,something else we learned is that Vanya,the one who allegedly doesnt have any,superpowers yeah I dont believe that,for one second anyway she wrote an,autobiography about growing up in the,Umbrella Academy as the one person who,isnt special and of course you know she,spilled all the tea whatever that means,and so now everyone kind of hates her to,varying degrees dont waste your time,dang I was right I shouldnt go this is,your home and always will be I hope you,know your father loved you very much in,his own way,yeah well thats kind of the problem,with me anyway so in the middle of all,this naturally we go to dance break just,I mean because of course why wouldnt,you but then suddenly they get,interrupted by thats right kids our,space-time vortex,[Music],look how nonchalant they are about this,whole thing like they just drove over a,pothole or something a spacetime vortex,is the third one this week Ill tell you,what anyway so out of this vortex thing,drops number five the one whos been,missing for sixteen years or like,whatever and for some reason he still,looks 13 so are we gonna talk about what,just happened its been 17 years its,been a lot longer than that whered you,go the future the end I had to project,my consciousness forward into a,suspended quantum state version of,myself that exists across every possible,instance of time yeah so it turns out,number five transported himself into the,future and for whatever reason was stuck,there for like 45 years now whats the,first thing he does when he gets back,the guy makes a fluffernutter sandwich,now this seemed kind of weird to me at,the time but thinking about it now I,realize like if I went back to my 13,year old self let me probably do the,same thing just fluffernutters and sour,patch kids watching tanaami after school,well now Im sad anyway after this,number five goes out because he really,wants a good cup of coffee now while,hes drinking his little cup of joe over,here a bunch of mercenary looking dudes,show up and things start getting a,little dicey,well most fast I got more time before,they found me okay,so lets all be professional about this,yeah on your feet and come with us you,want to talk Ive got nothing to say,then we get this cool little fight scene,were number five beat small upset to,the song Istanbul from Bay Might Be,Giants you know speaking up be in 13,again when I heard a they might be giant,song in this show I mean let me tell you,its like I was back in eighth grade you,know just downloading all kinds of who,knows what from Kazaa you know and,everything was like totally not a virus,DXE and youre like wow this looks legit,now for obvious reasons I cant really,show much of this part but heres a,little reenactment of basically how it,goes,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],anyway once thats all over we flashed,sideways to Diego and Klaus who were,going somewhere to do something I guess,and thats when we get the big reveal,do you never remember a single time that,dad wasnt wearing his monocle oh and,right at the end number five goes to,visit Vanya and things take a pretty,drastic shift just kind of like out of,nowhere when I jump forward and got,stuck in the future you know what I,found nothing I never figured out what,killed the human race I did find,something else the date it happens the,world ends in eight days and I have no,idea how to stop,[Music],you know what I said whats up I was,just saying hi but anyway this of course,sets up the rest of the show you know,coming into this

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Umbrella Academy: Season 1 Review

– [Jacki] Move over, Marvel.,Netflix has a new superhero franchise,and, if anything, its even more twisted,,bloody, and unpredictable,than the street-level adventures,of “The Defenders.”,(orchestral swell),- “The Umbrella Academy” focuses on,a dysfunctional and super-powered family of siblings,,adopted by an emotionally distant billionaire,,Sir Reginald Hargreaves,,to someday save the world.,The first episode does a lot of heavy lifting,in terms of introducing the characters,and establishing the tone.,but manages to make the exposition engaging,and fairly effortless,,thanks in large part to its charismatic cast,,and some truly inspired needle drops.,The shows soundtrack is one of the best,weve heard in years.,♪ Im a racing car, Passing by like Lady Godiva ♪,- [Jacki Jing] Theres something to love about,every member of the Hargreaves family,,from Tom Hoppers super-strong,and super-repressed golden boy Luther;,to Robert Sheehans mischievous,,drug-addicted Klaus,,who can speak to dead people;,all the way through to Ellen Pages Vanya,,who can… play the violin really well,,but has spent her life left out,of her super-powered siblings adventures.,But the true revelation of the show,is Aidan Gallagher as Number Five.,- [Klaus] Does anyone else see,little Number Five or is that just me?,- [Jacki Jing] He never got a real name, poor kid.,Hes a time traveler who has lived into old age,after going missing and getting stuck,in the post apocalyptic future,,but is now trapped in his teenage form,after finding a way back to his family.,Fives return to try and stop the apocalypse,is the catalyst for the story,,and after a couple of episodes,,youll be convinced that the fifteen year old,really is a grumpy old man in a kids body,,and his snark, especially in combination with,Sheehans hilarious performance,,is the highlight of the series.,- [Klaus] So… Touching.,- [Jacki Jing] The show is a fairly faithful,,if streamlined adaptation of Gerard Way,and Gabriel Bás comics, with a few pivotal changes.,But the relationship between the siblings,is often more compelling than the mystery at its core.,It can feel like an afterthought,compared to the family drama.,- [Vanya] Put on a pot of cofffee.,- [Jacki Jing] The show is also stylish as hell,,the action scenes are filmed with a kinetic,visually inventive flair utilizing slow-mo,,split screen and constantly moving cameras,to create a sense of momentum without ever,feeling messy or confusing.,Netflix and Universal cable productions,,the studio behind the show,definitely have not skimped on the scale.,A lot of the effects are downright cinematic,,especially Wetas gorgeous work on Pogo,,Sir Reginalds chimpanzee assistant,,who looks like he wandered right off the set of,”War For The Planet Of The Apes”.,- [Pogo] And I shall miss him very much.,- [Jacki Jing] Tonally, Umbrella Academy,isnt quite as meta as the likes of,Deadpool or Doom Patrol,,but its wicked sense of humor is in,full effect throughout,,giving it a playful and sometimes deliciously sick attitude.,- [Man] Well see you soon Klaus.,- [Jacki Jing] The season does lose momentum,around the midway point though,,and it occasionally feels as if,the show is spinning too many plates,,especially in the storyline involving Number Five,and the two time traveling assassins on his tail,,Hazel, played by Mindhunters Cameron Britton,,and Cha Cha, a badass Mary J Blige.,Other supporting character such as,the hapless cop Detective Patch,,and Vanyas love interest Leonard,,feel a little half-baked and designed more to,move the plot forward than as,organic parts of the narrative.,Still, when The Umbrella Academy hits its stride,it is one of the most confident comic book shows,in years, with a swagger that most,freshman shows can only dream of.,When the team finally comes together,for the good of the universe,,its an exhilarating ride.,The Umbrella Academy should fill the void,that Netflixs Marvel cancellations have,left in our viewing schedules.,Okay, were still not over Daredevil,,but the other two at least.,Showrunner Steve Blackman has created,a hilariously twisted stylish,and poignant new superhero series,,thats a witty deconstruction of,our favorite comic book tropes,,and an ambitious time bending romp.,Despite some blows around the mid season mark,,and a few underdeveloped supporting characters,,this is still a super new series,with a ton of potential.,Are you excited for Umbrella Academy?,Tell us in the comments section,,and dont forget to check out our videos on,Umbrella Academy versus Doom Patrol, which is better,,and Doom Patrol explained.,And as always be sure to follow and subscribe,to IGN wherever you like to watch.

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The Umbrella Academy Cast Test How Well They Know Each Other | Vanity Fair Game Show

im aiden gallagher david castaneda yeah,tom hopper,justin h min and im emmy ray relatman,and we are the cast of the umbrella,academy and i think were gonna test,each other on how well,we know each other gentle folk,who is my favorite backstreet boy,joey,nick carter,is lance,i dont know,thats insane uh its like i think,joeys instinct im so sorry new kids on,the block lets lets pick someone there,im gonna go with jc thats mine because,joeys and and sync right,yes okay so backstreet im gonna go with,uh oh,brian,im gonna throw out a name im gonna say,fred,hes my friend the honorary backstreet,boy biscuit dude the best yeah,whos the one who says um,backstreet backs all right or do they,all of them,wait who did you say nick carter nick,nick okay um the answer is in sync huh,okay wait wait so,i get a point for that right i get a,point for that yeah,yeah like were in the middle of a plane,in,blasts yall know that im shocked,i knew zinger,whats my favorite item in my house,oh i know uh the sandwich painting,probably your dog does i was gonna say,does your dog count of course it,not i know the name of the dog i know,the name,okay when youre with someone youre an,item and youre still human oh thats,arent you nice so yes your dog i will,go with your dog,yeah the dog im gonna go with two,a bottle of prosecco,and uh,her wallpaper that she painted herself,bernie sanders picture right,thats up there bernie on a grilled,cheese yeah thats pretty good its dogs,ugh,in which play,did i make my broadway debut,spongebob,broadway debut um im gonna go,with,wicked,thats wrong,im also gonna go with wicked oh come on,dude its just ill wick it just knows,my popular opinion we know spongebob is,the right one the answer,is hair oh his head i didnt know you,did hair i love hair thats a great,musical,next question,how many tattoos do i have oh see thats,too personal like guys like what are you,doing,say well were supposed to check out,feet also okay dont blame them for the,fact that you dont know me okay okay,im gonna guess,nine i think,six im gonna say seven,five why not say seven,wait you cant change your answer you,said six you it seems like you were,close based off of your reaction six,seven this is five i dont know nine,twenty-four,wait but are they little ones yeah of,course look at that she got about six in,their arm right there,twenty-four,so,cast not cast what is my most prized,possession potential chips,probably a book i was going to say that,i was going to say your book book though,you got to go with him you got to go,ahead and she reads a bunch of books,um i can actually see it off the mirror,stop it stop cheating,before you write it down im gonna tell,you so you can realize what the answer,is is your your isolation,thats your price point oh interesting,interesting way looking at it oh,solitude yes it doesnt have to be yeah,so hes gonna realize like you know what,theyre gonna do right his privacy his,privacy im british,not on the show,dont say did you guys give all your,final answers yes okay books whats up,yeah,isolation no isolation but you know your,own time call it alone time self love,hey my most prized possession chapstick,you know this,you do oh we dont know,i do know you have 900,what food beverage or condiment can i,not live without oh,iced tea,oh lacroix,its a bubble tea,or a sparkling water coffee im sticking,with the tea yeah im going with protein,chips this is multiple chicken its,ranch,oh no you are trying some curd,come on you guys know i love red,exactly its a common occurrence im,really mad what do you pair it with,though anything fries,okay i both think this is multiple,choices dont you dare put them on tacos,all right,and last but not least what is my pet,peeve,there are so many,this is what i do know there are a lot,of them,[Laughter],running out,damn it were out again all right answer,talking people,so all of us all right just these guys,quiet so justin can have his moment,exactly i need a moment of silence,[Music],but thats all right guys we cant,license that,read it yeah is that simple okay,i dont know it feels weird they didnt,say action so im just were just,rolling were getting all of this is,content all righty quality who,is the most famous person that follows,me on instagram im gonna say taylor,swift arnold william john mayer im,gonna go with diplo,i have no clue i dont know,wow that was a trap it was all a big cat,waste of time,uh were here now you got to deal with,it fast forward to aiden scroller,how many instruments can i play oh,im gonna go with three,five,im gonna go with four im gonna say,piano guitar in your voice so three,voice i appreciate that yeah four what,are they doing can you push in on that,four thousands,uh guitar piano singing and bass space,oh i was gonna say drums hows it going,monica,no ive got like a pair of sticks and a,b pad but like,i gotta work on it so five so i was,right great acer david david for the win,oh do a fun graphic on davids face in,the edit,david pose,yeah look at that smolder not,uh,how old was i when we first started,filming,was that right you were cast at 13 i,believe and you would just turn 14 yep,as we started im going to go with,[Applause],hello and welcome back to questions,about tom hopper here we are joined here,by my lovely guest,cast mates,whats my go-to music for working out oh,god just,uh ac dc guns and roses,led zeppelin yeah what i will say,is dont let the question,what influence,the answer im going to say the course,oh oh thats a great hint podcasts no no,no no he actually works out inside us,the question is what influences the,answer he doesnt work out in silence,hes actually focused he works out in,complete silence help me ac dc ac dc,silence silence uh alternative rock,music alternative rock books on tape,well you actually said both of them,which is podcasts and audiobooks yeah i,dont listen to music while working out,i listen too thats why i do all my,learning this is a great question,is it about food no its about friends,my favorite tv show okay who is my,favorite character on friends joey,rachel shall we no,hes the hots,for jen anderson what is favorite no,thats why i thought yeah joey its,tricky no maybe no youre going im,going ross cause thats who you are in,the show you are ross im gonna say,rachel because of his crush on jennifer,aniston so i adore all of them and i go,through different stages throughout the,seasons because i have seasons where im,like each ones my favorite but overall,its ross,oh,damn,what was my favorite scene to shoot in,the umbrella academy i think it was when,you punched that airplane that looked,like good fun on the side always good,fun i think its a scene in season one,where you are naked with your own body,because you didnt have to wear the,monkey suit for the first time oh wow,im gonna say it was the scene of the,ogre for augustine because,tom and i could not stop laughing,im going to say the family dinner when,you had to bust open your shirt oh my,gosh,that is my face,the answer is and mainly because of the,work that was put into it is the dancing,with you no okay that was which was,amazing,but ive also ive also then put,followed by olga feroga,i think they danced with me but i didnt,know,are you nervous,all right if i had a real superpower in,real life what would it be oh,dancing doing this move,oh what is the fishing oh this picture,oh my god oh yeah trying to reel it out,i think you actually want to be able to,throw knives,[Laughter],shes dropping knives yeah,no ill read it again if i had a,superpower in real life what would it be,nice,yeah being able to cook a certain type,of food or something or like some yeah,of some sort uh make everyone fall in,love with you thats terrible but yeah,okay i have no clue,what is my biggest fear,im never getting into therapy now jesus,yeah,what is your favorite,character,[Laughter],what is my biggest,fear this right now doing a quiz,okay good,having something to do with like not,having respect from people i think,

Small Quick Ordinary Look at The Umbrella Academy

do you like satisfying instances of,reincorporation do you like people,gettin murdered to the tune of upbeat,music have you ever watched x-men and,was like yeah that was great but what if,there was more crying and daddy issues,and by daddy issues I mean an,exploration of parental neglect and how,it affects your ability to form,meaningful relationships communicate,clearly with others and regulate your,own emotions as an adult if any of that,sounded interesting then you should,watch the Umbrella Academy cuz youll,probably like it a whole lot just like,me if this is the first youve heard of,the show basically on the first of,October 1989 forty-three babies were,born to women who werent pregnant at,the beginning of the day a rich douche,by the name of Sir Reginald Hargreaves,wants to collect them all and study them,and then use them to fight crime since,most of them have magic powers he,managed to get seven of them and raised,them horribly first tip-off should have,been that you give them numbers instead,of names they do have normal names now,those names were given to them by their,robot mommy Hargreaves built for them,the show begins when Hargreaves dies and,all of his children returned to their,childhood home for the funeral theyre,not really straight up mourning though,and some of them only seem to be there,to just insult what cremains of him the,show was actually based off of a comic,book written by Gerard Way he wanted to,make comic books before My Chemical,Romance blew up I really like all the,characters in the show both the mains,and the sides I think the actors and,actresses nailed this balance between,coming off like they all grew up,together and know each other but the,awkwardness of having spent most of,their adult lives avoiding each other,always comes leaking through going in,order of their number you got super,strong Luther hes the one who was loyal,to his crap dad until the day he died,and then the next day and the next day,and basically the more time you spend,with him the more accurate these memes,become you got mr. goddamn my family hey,wait what did you just [ __ ] say about,my family he also goes by Diego he can,throw knives with inhumanly good,accuracy and hes not gonna hold his,breath indefinitely waiting for his dad,to change hes a strong independent,vigilante and he doesnt need no daddy,Alison is the worlds most warranted,case of impostor syndrome she has the,ability to brainwash people with her,words this takes the format I heard a,rumor blank as in I heard,Rumour I nailed this audition or more,frightening Lee I heard a rumor you love,me Alisons marriage has recently gotten,nuked out of existence then we have,Klaus as we all know the problem with,dead people is that they just dont have,any Wi-Fi,Klaus fixes that unfortunately dead,people dont have a good connection,right now because classes powers dont,work when hes high and thats thats,all the time my favorite character,number five a teenage boy playing an old,man playing a teenage boy he can move,through space well and time poorly his,dad warned him not to time-travel but he,did it anyway he ended up getting,trapped many years in the future where,something mysterious that has to do with,the plot had destroyed humanity when the,story begins he manages to time-travel,back to his family,hes young again because of time,shenanigans and he wants to stop the,apocalypse but nobodys taking him very,seriously then we got Ben hes a mystery,so I dont know Im not gonna talk about,him Im gonna talk about him in the full,analysis finally lucky number seven,unlucky Vanya her thing is that shes,normal she doesnt have powers so she,was excluded from the Umbrella Academy,her father quite literally told her,there was nothing special about her at,the beginning of the story Vanya holds,herself with this kind of exhausted,dignity I think this was a really good,use of Ellen Page since Ellen is 5-1 the,camera regularly uses her size to make,her look even more dominated by her,siblings at first she can come off this,kind of a blank audience surrogate but,she busts out of that and she has some,really great big acting moments at the,end of the season getting on to the,sides hazel and Tasha are also very,endearing as underpaid underappreciated,assassins who kind of function as a,buddy-cop duo only theyre evil and,trying to make sure the world ends and,then there is Pogo hes a chimpanzee,Reginald experimented on and gave human,intelligence he looks really good and he,has a very soothing consoling presence I,really like the way this show drip feeds,information it makes me watching the,show more fun because you realize all,the small details you missed the first,time around scenes get recontextualized,when you know all of the things that X,character knows and then you can,properly appreciate little nuances to,the performance or background elements,if you keep an ear out youll even,notice small sound effects giving away,major pot spoilers that you might have,we missed the first time around because,they just didnt mean anything to you,yet the way the characters bounce off of,each other just feels really organic and,cute especially the sibling stuff,although everyones always running,around they try to make sure almost,everyone gets their time in with,everyone else but I still wish there,were more group discussions those were,kind of my favorite so who might not,like this show if you lose your marbles,when there are a lot of mysteries that,need solvent and explaining but nobodys,in a big rush to solve or explain it,characters dont feel like explaining,some of the bigger mysteries of the show,just because they already know what the,answers are or they just dont care most,of the characters are passive for the,first half of the story and are not,trying to further the cloth theyre,doing things that will affect the plot,just not on purpose,most of the siblings blow off five when,he tells them that the world is ending,if youre the type of person that cant,carry on when you realize the show has,one or two or a few plot holes well go,over all that later in detail since as a,youtuber 30% of my caloric intake has to,come from sesang over small details or I,lose all sensation in my extremities if,anything I said is sending you good,vibrations I think you should just go,for it I genuinely loved it its,derivative of a lot of things but I,think it harmonizes all of its little,pieces into something that feels very,unique okay so Im gonna do the big ol,analysis where I slobber all over the,show and Im gonna spill all the spoiler,beans so skedaddle unless youre into,that sort of thing,[Music],theres always choice a big part of,umbrella Academy is examining the effect,reginal hard Greaves abuse and emotional,neglect had on his children these,emotional traumas metastasized,differently in each of them Luther has,the most different reaction when,contrasting him to his siblings,Reginald expected Luther to be the,leader of the Umbrella Academy but,instead Luther became the worlds most,obedient follower in his quest to be,recognized by his father the way he,defends his father makes his siblings,uncomfortable and frustrated he doesnt,even want to admit that he relates to,their struggles so he can barely leave,them something interesting to note is,that occasionally it does seem like,Luther got closer to his father than the,rest of the managed to and the koi yard,at sundown say a few words just a dads,favorite spot dad had a favorite spot,yeah you know under the oak tree pieces,sit out there all the time none of you,ever do that but at what cost well his,body once Luther was the only remaining,member of the Umbrella Academy he was,still sent on dangerous missions alone,you dont need to call me by my number,anymore why not because Im the only one,left,after being critically injured his,father managed to save him by injecting,him with a serum that made him kind of a,man ape hybrid theres an interesting,parallel between him and Pogo it,actua

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 3 Ending Explained | Post Credits Scene, Breakdown + Review

[Music],welcome to the heavy spoiler show im,your host paul and its time to mambo,number five as we go over the umbrella,academy season three the new series has,just dropped on netflix and throughout,this well be talking about what happens,at the end the clues that we have for,its true meaning and also our theories,on where things will be heading in the,future,spoiler alert,the season ends with the universe very,much being reset and we see that har,greaves has not only taken over the,world but hes also managed to bring,abigail back to life if we time travel,back to the 10th episode in season 1,then it actually explains a lot of the,big reveals at the end of this one in it,we caught the man whose moniker is the,monocle on his homeworld as he said,goodbye to his wife sadly his world is,dying and he had decided to travel to,earth in order to quote unquote save us,he opened up a jar full of strange,glowing orbs that he then released and,for a long time its been theorized that,these were absorbed into the mothers who,gave birth to the superpowered children,we get this confirmed at the beginning,of the season with them flying into,bens mother as she rides a train this,somewhat plays into the post-credits,scene featuring a version of ben which,well talk more about later on in this,video now come the end of the season we,see these orbs being absorbed in order,to power up hargreavess machine so that,he can start things all over again thus,i think that his plan the entire time,was to create beings that ended up,taking these orbs inside of them so they,could mature and grow to the point that,the universe could be reset and he could,start everything over again this could,explain why he ended his own life in the,first season as potentially he wanted to,bring them all together and have them,unite so that the machine could be,powered its also possible that the,world we see in episode 10 of the first,season is actually an alternate timeline,in which earth was destroyed and this is,why he has to go back and save it big,theory time every time your time on that,one but let me know below exactly what,you think is happening also hit the,thumbs up button yeah give me a wrench,now in season 2 we watched as he ended,up becoming heavily involved in the,space race and the comics flash him out,as a nobel prize winning olympic gold,medalist there are other theories that,well talk about later on but hog reeves,wife was clearly very important to him,in the season we learn a bit more about,luthers mission and discover that he,was also guarding her body on the moon,which had been put in stasis similar to,nora freeze were going to be breaking,down why this is and also looking at the,comics for some clues on where things,could be going now the series is loosely,based on the third volume in the,umbrella academy run titled hotel,oblivion not only does this debut the,sparrow academy but it also features the,titular location however the,similarities pretty much end there and,outside of the sparrow members the works,are completely different for example in,the source material the hotel was an,interdimensional prison that housed all,of their villains whereas here its,hiding something much more powerful now,when we last left our intrepid umbrella,academy they had saved the world again,but in doing so they altered events in,the past,and made it so that they were completely,new members of the team these were known,as the sparrow academy who as i,mentioned also featured in the comics,the graphic novel completely did away,with the time travel and it simply had,mother taking vonia to meet the group,these had been secretly picked by,hargreaves to act as a backup and they,shut up at the end of volume 3 in order,to save the day now in the show theres,a number of reasons why things changed,due to dallas he was disgusted by the,group and he ended up picking other,members with ben only being there,because he never actually met him due to,his death this is also american holland,who we discover inherited victors,powers for years he waited patiently for,the umbrellas to return and upon his,mother sissys death he ended up feeling,them unable to control his powers he,accidentally killed them all except for,benz who again he never met now little,disclaimer elliot page of course,transitioned in real life and when,discussing his character ill just be,using the name victor they reuse a lot,of clips from the second season to add,new context to the character becoming,who he truly is and its handle pretty,well in my opinion now in this timeline,marcus ben fay alfonso sloan jamie and,christopher became the sparrow academy,who were formed to stop a mysterious,threat called project oblivion netflix,series have shown us recently that you,cant trust number one like you cant,trust no one and though this like no,zero zero one i know this is the case,initially with marcus and ben they do,come around im sorry for that now they,are more successful mainly due to the,fact they didnt split up as the,umbrellas had several tragedies happen,five went missing ben died and this led,to the group fracturing right here,theyre a much more stable unit they,also have their father on medication,which sedates him and this puts a stop,to him being the manipulative monocle,that he was in the comics he still has,plans for them to go on a suicide,mission which they dont want to happen,hence them filling him with pills now,this season sees both the umbrellas and,sparrows having to deal with yet another,apocalypse making that three in three,seasons oh here we go again,this is because their arrival also,brings about the appearance of a black,hole-esque object known as a kugelblitz,which its believed is brought out due,to the paradox that the umbrellas have,created due to their mothers being,killed before they were born they very,much set up the grandfather paradox,which five explains during episode two,why dont you explain this to me like,im five,this is a well established theoretical,discussion in science that ponders if,one would be able to time travel in,order to kill their grandfather because,in doing so it would mean they were,never born thus theyd never be able to,go back and kill him in the first place,so its more like a big ball of wibbly,wobbly,tiny whimey,stuff,and the commission we saw last season,attempted to ensure that this never,happened well it did due to them being,defeated with the umbrellas technically,not existing this creates the google,blitz and it starts to fire out a wave,that slowly destroys reality in the,comics this was the result of a,combination of the people in the hotel,oblivion prison causing chaos in the,city and the villain terminal used this,to build his strength the season is very,much about how the past can come back to,haunt you and nowhere is this more,apparent than in the arrival of holland,when we last saw him he was levitating a,foreboding sparrow at the end of season,two but now hes all grown up now making,it so that the umbrellas never existed,also meant that allison never had a,daughter which sends her into a deep,spiral in whats one of the most,complicated and well-acted subplots this,season all these issues eventually build,up and it means that the world slowly,starts to look like an incursion in the,multiverse of madness now as their,members are taken out one by one the,sparrows and umbrellas put their,differences to the side and try to get,to the bottom of whats going on they,also have a face-off in episode 1 which,juxtaposes what happens in the comics in,the source material the face-off,happened in the final issue of volume 3,with them easily outmatching the sloppy,umbrella academy not much is known about,them in the source material but they,will be explored more in the upcoming,volume titled sparrow academy after this,they will lick their wounds and head to,the hotel obsidian which in the show is,like a merge of shadow marmont combined,with a cecil hotel there are also,several references to the

The Umbrella Academy Is Garbage And Heres Why | Doomstrange Presents

[Music],[Music],[Music],if you took miss peregrines home for,peculiar children and suicide squad and,you put it in a blender you found in,chernobyl you would get the umbrella,academy do enough people remember,miss peregrines home to for that joke,to be funny whatever,i dont have the patience to write a,better joke the show doesnt deserve,a better joke theres not going to be,any clever thesis statement here theres,not going to be any grandiose statements,made about the nature of media analysis,or anything flowery like that,im just here to take a fat [ __ ] on a,bad show a show that apparently i am the,only one in the world with a negative,opinion on,so i might as well get this out of the,way now before i get any more,subscribers who will actually see it by,the way uh please subscribe if you like,my content and,my patreons in the in the description,please help me,feed myself for it for another day just,one more day is all i need i swear i,wasnt gonna do this,i started watching the show again for,some research on another video i plan on,making,thinking it was just gonna be a footnote,and then it turned into 17 pages,of this and while i did think it was,incredibly stupid at the time i didnt,think much of it because i honestly,thought i must have been one of the only,people watching,then i heard a second season came out,and then i saw a headline that it was,shining a light on the fight for civil,rights oh god no,im not really gonna talk that much,about season one it was definitely dumb,and stupid and dumb but in my opinion it,was forgettable,it was inoffensive most if not all the,issues i had with the first 10 episodes,are things that are done,infinitely worse in the second season so,ill mostly be referring to season 1 for,context on things i talk about in this,video,second i know the umbrella academy is,based on a comic created by gerard way,but this isnt a review of the comic,its a review of the show,plus the show was my first introduction,to the umbrella academy universe as it,probably was for a lot of people,and it left such a bad taste in my mouth,im never going to read the source,material if there are things that are,explained in the comics that arent,explained in the show thats a failure,on the show not on the comic not on me,or anyone else confused by the plot or,lack thereof and it is a lack,so now that ive gotten the disclaimers,out of the way,there is not one original concept in the,entire 20 episodes of the umbrella,academy not,one every single character every setting,plot point all of it is cribbed from,something else on its own unoriginality,isnt actually something i have a,problem with,a lot of my favorite shows and movies,dont have totally original ideas,in cases like these its not the premise,but the presentation that makes the,story interesting and worth watching,style over substance is valid so long as,there is,in fact style the umbrella academy,borrows all of its ideas but presents,them about as stylishly as a dog,presents vomit each of the ideas it,splices to try to frankenstein together,a show worth watching is done better in,the thing its copying superhero team of,rejects in a school,see the x-men secret agency responsible,for the preservation of normalcy see men,in black,time traveling to stop the end of the,world see x-men and men in black,psychic black sheep of the group thats,just raven from teen titans or,l from stranger things take your pick,two leaders probably brothers one of,whom has a heart of gold and tries to do,things by the book,and another whos a badass who goes by,his own rules neither of whom can come,to an agreement without conflict thats,just leonardo and raphael,theyve even got their own primate,master splinter its all there,and its all worse indeed but theres,one thing,it borrows from more than any other even,more than the x-men and yes,i am talking about that other group of,super-powered rejects,remember earlier when i said that the,umbrella academy was kind of like,suicide squad yeah that wasnt really a,joke its seriously just suicide squad,again the entire thing is just suicide,squad i feel like im going crazy i,cannot be the only one whos noticed,this right,right heres a test im going to read a,plot synopsis,you tell me which one im talking about,suicide squad or,the first season of the umbrella academy,a group of super-powered individuals is,brought together against their will by a,dubious if not outright villainous,overseer to fight crime and prepare them,for an unspecified threat against the,entire world one of the two leaders one,of the three members of color on the,team which are black asian and latino,respectively is a guy who doesnt do,well with authority and his main ability,is that he has extremely good aim the,other leader the de facto number one,despite his questionable ability to lead,is more duty-bound to the overseer than,any other and frequently argues with a,secondary leader about what direction to,take the team in and how loyal they,should be to their boss,everyone on the team has their own,unique powers all of which are much more,useful than the two leaders abilities,but no one really questions this one of,them for example sees and interacts with,the dead namely one specific dead person,of great personal importance but thats,mostly in private one of them is half,animal half man,another still died before they could,really do anything or give us a clear,idea of what their abilities were the,duty bound leader is in love with only,other teammates which occasionally,clouds his judgment at some point he,discovers that certain elements of his,job are lies designed to get him to help,the overseer and he begins to doubt his,allegiances eventually the most powerful,member of the group a small,unassuming brunette with a vast array of,mystical abilities she cant quite,control and that the overseer placed,limitations on removes these limits,defects from the team,and tries to destroy the world by,glowing for a long time and shooting a,laser beam into the sky somewhere along,the line as the team tries to figure out,how to stop their ex-member they break,up when the world needs the most before,finally banding together one last time,to defeat their former teammate in a,well-coordinated attack demonstrating,how much theyve learned to cooperate in,spite of their dysfunction they create,an opening for one of the other women in,the group to strike the decisive blow,and stop the threat,are you [ __ ] kidding me the main cast,in the umbrella academy are some of the,most,irritatingly illogical people ive ever,seen in a story,i really dont like to speak in,hyperbole especially when im reviewing,something especially when that review is,negative i try to be as forgiving as i,can,im a cinema wins guy not a cinema since,guy but i mean it when i say i,cant understand the motivations behind,the choices the vast majority of the,characters make and half the time i,dont think the writers did either this,is the worst with luther affectionately,referred to by their father as number,one and the official,if not actual leader of the group so in,season one the team eventually learns,that number seven,vania played very well by ellen page is,the cause of the apocalypse that five,the nameless time traveler had to live,through when he accidentally got stuck,in the future at this point vanya is,living off the grid with this guy whose,name i forget but well call him dollar,stores emo because thats exactly what,he is,so dollar store zemo has convinced fania,that her familys out to get her and,they train in the woods together until,alison finds her and confronts her with,the truth about him which is that hes a,serial killer and stalker,trying to turn them against each other,allison tries to use her mind control,power to force vanya to leave with her,and vanya tries to stop her,accidentally cutting her throat i like,it kajii,shes immediately beside herself with,grief and regret and tries to save her,before zemo returns to the cabin and,

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