1. Uncharted – Movie Review
  2. Uncharted – Movie Review
  3. Uncharted Movie Review
  4. Uncharted – How Could They Mess This Up?
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Uncharted – Movie Review

[Music],uncharted is finally a movie this has,been talked about for a long time and,now ruben fleischer the director of,zombieland 1-2 and venom and gangster,squad is bringing it to us starring tom,holland as nathan drake it also stars,mark wahlberg as sully and we go on an,adventure with both of them as they try,to locate a treasure trove of gold i,suppose i should get this out of the way,from the beginning i enjoy the uncharted,games but they arent like a religion to,me like say metal gear solid so im not,coming at this movie like ready to,nitpick everything about it and wonder,if they translated everything perfectly,from the games and choices or liberties,that may have been taken are not going,to bother me as much as a hardcore fan i,think the uncharted games are a lot of,fun i enjoy playing them but they arent,like metal gear solid for me or if i,were to see a metroid film id be,looking all over the place for,inaccuracies and issues with the metroid,movie which by the way is my dream,[ __ ] movie im just putting that out,there hey i can dream can i and while,uncharted isnt going to win any points,for originality more than likely,audiences will be pleasantly diverted by,the movie its very entertaining the,pace is strong tom hollands very good,as nathan drake although i guess i,pictured nathan drake slightly older but,its really not an issue for me i think,that most people especially if youve,never played the uncharted games hes,going to be a really good gateway into,them because hes obviously very popular,because of the spider-man films but hes,a very charismatic actor who does quite,a bit of his own stunts and you can see,that a lot in this movie and this time,hes not wearing a mask hes leaping,over fences and taking some pretty nasty,falls in the movie and i was impressed,he also has surprisingly good chemistry,with mark wahlberg who might just be a,little bit hey man whats going on for,my taste in the film but not like to the,point where it made me not enjoy the,movie i i like mark wahlberg as a actor,you know hes hes kind of entertaining,and hes got his thing and he usually,doesnt step outside of it and i like,when he does step out of the boundaries,of the typical roles that he usually,chooses but lately hes kind of been,coasting a bit theres no real surprises,and uncharted its a bunch of characters,that backstab each other a lot and are,searching for maps and hidden doorways,and keys that open portals and all that,kind of stuff,theres nothing new if youve seen,indiana jones or national treasure or,tomb raider youve seen uncharted before,but its all very skillfully done in the,finale involving two giant boats and two,helicopters while completely implausible,and just it would never happen was,extremely entertaining and actually,fairly exciting ruben fleischer tends to,make movies that audiences appreciate,more than critics venom being a prime,example and when it comes to uncharted,thats probably going to be the case i,have a feeling that audiences will enjoy,the movie its not going to be as big as,spider-man obviously but i could see,them making more theres clearly room,for more towards the end of the movie,and if it does well enough and audiences,seem to resonate with it hopefully well,get like a much better second film,because this movie has a lot going for,it for me i like national treasure i,like tomb raider obviously i like,indiana jones these kinds of movies i,have a major soft spot for them and so,im going to be more forgiving of them i,would say besides the fact that youve,essentially seen this movie many times,before,the thing about the film that didnt,work for me the most is is that it kind,of suffers from the same thing that the,character of mac from indiana jones 4,suffers from that character was quite,the backstabber and you never really,knew where his loyalties lied he just,kind of went where the money was and,pretty much everyone except for nathan,drake is like that for the majority of,the movie and so,it doesnt really feel like you make,progress with the characters because,every time you feel like you might be,reaching,a new depth when you learn something,about them theyll turn their backs on,each other in the next scene and it,feels like nobody really builds any,loyalty so it makes it harder to feel,excited about some of the characters,being on a journey together because,everybody just kind of feels like a,selfish [ __ ] except for nathan drake,but i also understand thats kind of the,point it just doesnt always work for,you when you feel like youre getting to,a place where you trust characters and,then,you suddenly dont anymore,and after that happens so many times and,they keep subverting your expectations,over and over and over again when it,comes to the characters its no longer,surprising and its just kind of,annoying the film also struggles to have,a central villain because they juggle,who the villain is so often and once the,real villain shows themselves youre,like okay so thats thats what were,doing i get it now but it just takes a,while to feel like youre fully invested,in what the the story wants the,characters to do but like i said,uncharted was entertaining and i was,never bored with the movie and i was,pretty much consistently involved and at,the very least the action sequences and,as a video game movie its certainly one,of the better ones so check it out this,weekend if you feel like having a,diverting two hours it could entertain,you as it did me so some of you may have,seen a recent video that i put out,called we cant do this without you and,in that video i announced that im going,to be doing a kickstarter campaign for,my film shelby oaks that is going to be,shot this summer that campaign is going,to launch on march 1st and we really do,need your help weve run into a lot of,different issues in regards to getting,the film off the ground,and this is something that is really,going to help us a lot if you go to,shelbyoaksmovie.com you can sign up,through your email there and become part,of the discord eventually ill be doing,a lot of videos throughout march,including a q a but really what i want,to do with the campaign,is kind of become a gateway for people,to see what its like to make an indie,film,in the midwest in ohio like as somebody,whos really just plunging into it for,the first time,i think it could be really hopefully,educational for other people to learn,about the filmmaking industry a little,bit and see the pre-production,production and post-production process,and i want to take you guys on that,journey with me i really want it to be,an experience so please do check out,shelbyoaksmovie.com and on march 1st,that campaign is going to launch and i,hope to see you guys there i really do,its going to be a lot of fun thank you,so much as always for watching look,forward to more videos very soon and if,you like this you can click right here,and get stuck manized,[Music],you

Uncharted – Movie Review

you personally thank you very much for,clicking on my video I love you for that,and before we get started I want to give,some love to the sponsor of this video,this video is brought to you by nordvpn,a lot of what we do how we work who we,are is online that means theres a lot,of information that is you thats on the,internet that those with ill intent can,steal and use to their own nefarious end,so its more important than ever to,protect your information thus protect,you nordvpns a VPN service that does,just that but it doesnt just stop there,were all movie Buffs entertainment,Buffs lets say youre overseas uh they,dont have my favorite show here its,fine you dont have to miss it you can,change your virtual location with one,click you can explore the world and,catch your favorite shows you dont,gotta choose you can choose between over,5100 servers in 60 countries you gotta,love those options and Nord has a 30-day,money-back guarantee its risk-free you,know I love that peace of mind so click,the link below go to nordvpn.com get,yourself a two-year subscription plus,one additional month with a huge,discount and thank you once again to,nordvpn for sponsoring this video I do,appreciate it and now a video game to,movie adaptations those are always,always a sure thing,foreign,[Music],is a film adaptation of the Beloved,video game franchise Uncharted the,Uncharted games are one of those,scenarios where the games get a lot of,praise and theyre absolutely deserving,of all that praise the one caveat the,thing I can say is the first game shows,a bit of its age other than that so in,this film adaptation we have Tom Holland,as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg is,Sully okay come on and this is the story,of how they meet though we saw a glimpse,of that in the third game and now,theyre on their first adventure,together to find the lost gold of,Magellan as a fan of the games lets go,into this movie like okay its not gonna,be as good as the games but you know,maybe we can have some fun and some fun,is in here but as for the casting Tom,Holland is Nathan Drake its,I I never fully bought him as Nathan,Drake even Young Nathan Drake I love Tom,Holland as much as the next person I,think hes great but he never felt like,someone out there was like oh Tom,Holland because we found the best Nathan,Drake possible it felt like right Tom,Hollands a superstar and it was before,Spider-Man no way home owned [ __ ],face in the box office all right Tom,Holland great we have him in the movie,fantastic and then it feels like the,rest of the movie was molded around that,one casting decision dont know I wasnt,in the room just telling you how it,feels it feels like all right Tom,Holland great hes a bit young all right,well just make everyone young and well,make it an origin story a prequel not,really because its not really a link to,the games its just kind of an origin,story all right well have young Chloe,Frazier and younger Sully in which my,counter argument would be well the,characters in The Uncharted series are,far more interesting when theyre in,their 30s than their 20s I mean seeing,it as an origin story I dont know that,Tom Holland Nathan Drake would grow to,be this person this character who has,the big biggest body count of any video,game character on Earth but no Tom,Holland Drake would snap a neck,I snapped a lot of necks in those games,Mark Wahlberg being cast as Sully was,absolutely proof that the Dare program,was a failure because someone out there,was high as [ __ ] when they made that,call having a young Sully sure Mark,Wahlberg doesnt look like Sully sound,like Sully or act like Sully I mean itd,be like,okay going down there without some,Firepower go talk to that Rudd Merchant,we just passed got me guns bullets and,[ __ ] hes not really a rug merchant Ah,thats what Im talking about I will say,one of the standouts in this movie was,Antonio Banderas he captures the spirit,of what an Uncharted villain would be,hes not based on an Uncharted villain,that came before him but you look at,this guy youre like you would be an,Uncharted villain I thought Antonio,Banderas in this movie was great as for,the action in this movie entertaining,yes plausible no ridiculous yep CGI of,course but there was entertainment there,the best action sequence in this movie I,think is a scene on the plane but it was,also awesome in the game and better in,the game so Ill just play it in the,game and thats what this movie runs,into its the point I brought up in my,review of the new Resident Evil movie,and the point I brought up was a lot of,these video games these days fulfill,that cinematic experience in fact more,so and better than a movie can because,you are playing through it youre not,just watching it youre a part of it so,having a video game to film adaptation,for these action games isnt as,necessary as it once was being in the,plane when it all starts going to [ __ ],and the back opens up and cargo and,people just start getting blown out the,back including you while you are a part,of it experiencing it is way more,intense than Tom Holland doing it on a,green screen I will say this,on the plane theres this thing that,happens in the plane where I was like,well the movie is just,fundamentally worse now luckily not long,after that youre in the last Act of the,movie in which this movie goes balls,crazy ridiculous its like it doesnt,even care its like yeah youre looking,for plausibility out of here with that,[ __ ] we are just cgiing the most,impossible past implausible zero [ __ ],given CGI action Fest you could possibly,think of and they commit to it credit to,that I cant say I didnt have fun with,that ridiculous [ __ ] just in a world,where Uncharted is a tent pull franchise,of action games I think of,quintessential game franchise of action,adventure exploring I will mentally go,to Uncharted this movie is fine but,pretty indistinguishable from any other,Adventure Movie out there think of an,adventure movie where people explore and,theyre looking for a treasure this and,that not one of the ones that really,stands out where youre like whoa that,was surprisingly good but one of the,ones where youre like okay that happens,another one of those this Uncharted,movie doesnt feel much different than,those you remember that fan film that,Uncharted fan film that had Nathan,Fillion as Nathan Drake that feels more,like Uncharted than this Uncharted movie,this Uncharted movie feels like Muppet,Babies like the Muppet Babies version of,Uncharted you know where you have the,grown-up adult or otherwise seasoned,versions of the characters and then,because well its cool to show younger,versions of those characters will you,make that too okay again dont hate this,Uncharted movie but if you go into this,movie as an Uncharted fan I feel like,youre going to find it lacking who,knows maybe itll be a better time if,youre drunk yeah this is the hardware I,was talking about anyhow the Uncharted,movie have you seen it what did you,think about it whatever you thought,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,[Music]

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Uncharted Movie Review

Uncharted is a simple safe but,ultimately pretty effective introduction,to treasure hunter Nathan Drake fans of,the Beloved PlayStation games might be,surprised to see how much has changed to,fit an Uncharted story in a single,movies run time but it all makes for a,decently fun sampling of what Nate and,Sully have to offer on the big screen,for an origin story Uncharted ironically,doesnt waste any time explaining the,backstories of any of the characters,were immediately thrown into the,exploits of cocky young Thief Nathan,Drake played by Tom Holland and Veteran,treasure hunter Victor Sully Sullivan,played by Mark Wahlberg theyre both,looking for the next big score and,thats really all the backstory you need,to know it doesnt take long for Nate,and Sully to meet up with Sophia Alis,mysterious Chloe Frazier a fun and,energetic Edition who keeps everyone in,this world spanning Adventure on their,toes as a fan of the games the biggest,question I had was if Holland could pull,off Nathan Drake playing a slightly,younger version of the character we know,the answer thankfully is yes okay let me,go pina colada hes as charismatic as,ever sinking his teeth into plain and,Indiana Jones type I was never once,distracted by the fact that this is the,same actor who played Spider-Man in one,of the biggest movies ever just a couple,months ago Wahlberg does a decent job,playing a wisecracking mentor to Holland,but some of the things that make Sully,so recognizable in the game didnt,survive the transition to film,Sully is Iconic at least in part because,of his thick mustache and dark booming,voice none of which Wahlberg has Hey kid,a little young for a bartender arent,you that being said Wahlberg and Holland,have fun chemistry including some very,good emotional scenes so its mostly,pretty easy to look past him not being,entirely loyal to the source material,the cat and mouse plot doesnt take,itself too seriously which is exactly,what I would expect from a movie based,on the Uncharted games basically If This,Were a two hour video game cutscene,which I guess is technically a movie,anyway I never felt like I wanted to,press the skip button Nates telling,Chloe get into their fair share of,fights Chase scenes and booby traps as,they go about collecting Clues solving,puzzles and traveling the world its all,pretty straightforward but there were,plenty of fun reminders that I was,watching in Uncharted movie for example,very early on Nate bumps into fellow,treasure hunter moncada played by,Antonio Banderas and the way they,exchange quips is endearing in a,cartoonish sort of way these types of,scenes will be fun for a casual audience,but for those familiar with the games,its a loving Recreation of the defining,traits we know and love the most about,Nathan Drake speaking of the villains,the ones here are mostly forgettable,their storylines are anticlimactic and,one-dimensional and any motives for,seeking the big treasure Beyond Simple,greed are unclear in a way though its,oddly fitting because while the,Uncharted games have featured many,antagonists the real evil has always,been about what greed can do to people,that theme is present throughout the,movie and thats good enough for me my,favorite scenes in Uncharted all lived,in the Final Act where we finally see,Nate and Sully in their element of,pirate caves shootout and shouting,one-liners while being attacked by,henchmen its not until the end that we,truly see the movie lean into its video,game counterpart with Holland running,jumping and narrowly escaping death in,moments that could have easily been a,QuickTime event the love for the games,is especially present in two mid-credit,scenes and it made me wonder why this,movie couldnt have been more of a,direct interpretation it left me wanting,more in a frustrating way still if its,your first experience with Uncharted,its a a solid Adventure that benefits,from Hollands charm no matter how,straightforward the plot might be,[Applause],Uncharted is a safe but serviceable,sampling of a new globe spanning,Adventure this should be effective in,introducing the world of Uncharted to,people who are meeting Nate and Friends,For the First Time although the changes,it makes can be inexplicable and jarring,to those of us whove spent many games,with these characters for more movie,reviews check out what we thought of,death on the Nile and jackass forever,and for everything else stick with IGN

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Uncharted – How Could They Mess This Up?

no I have to admit Ive always had a,soft spot for the kind of old school,action and adventure found in the,Uncharted games they were a big,evolution from the old Tomb Raider,series that it wants to find the genre,but it gradually becomes stale and,played out as the developer slowly ran,out of creative steam which makes it,kind of ironic that Tomb Raider itself,would eventually go on to copy the,Uncharted formula and basically run it,into the ground but hey thats a whole,other video the point Im making here is,that the Uncharted series basically,excelled at everything Tomb Raider had,fallen short in given us a likable,wisecracking and very human protagonist,backed up by a cast of quirky interest,in supporting characters complex and,immersive storylines and fast-paced,cinematic action scenes that they still,look pretty awesome even today the end,result of all of this is that you kind,of felt like you were in a modern day,Indiana Jones movie and it was [ __ ],great so I guess it was inevitable that,the series would come full circle and,get a cinematic adaptation and following,the depressing trend of movie,adaptations of popular video games it,was was even more inevitable that it was,going to be a bit [ __ ] Im not gonna lie,the moment they announced that Tom,Holland whos 25 but looks about 17,would be playing Nathan Drake and that,Mark Wahlberg would be playing his aging,Mentor Sully whos supposed to be in his,mid-60s I had a pretty strong suspicion,that the filmmakers didnt have a,[ __ ] clue what they were doing and,well it turns out I was pretty much,right Uncharted is a movie that was,basically given an open goal from the,penalty spot and still somehow failed to,put the ball in the back of the Nets,rather than embrace the auto action,adventure and treasure hunting that made,the game so enjoyable it wastes at least,half of its run time on Clumsy character,work slow paced planning seems and dumb,unimaginative Heist sequences that have,been done far better elsewhere damn even,red notice was smart enough to Breeze,through this stuff at a decent pace,whereas Uncharted lurches and stumbles,from one plot point and set piece to,another with no idea of what to do in,between and when its finally time to do,some actual treasure hunting well lets,just say you wish they didnt anyway,Ill try to give you a brief plot,summary here which will probably contain,some spoilers so if youre really,desperate to go see this movie then you,need your [ __ ] head examined but you,should probably also skip the rest of,this review you have been warned the,movie opens with Nathan Drake caught in,a mid-air action sequence thatll be,pretty familiar to anyone who played the,games theres a nice bit of humor and,some death-defying leaps of faith that,no actual human could put off but for,the most part its pretty decent and for,about three minutes my faith in the,filmmakers actually started to rekindle,then it all comes to a screeching halt,because its time for flashbacks,we then jump back to Nates childhood,where he and his brother Sam have broken,into a museum to steal a map that,apparently leads to bury treasure,Unfortunately they get busted before,they can get the map and because Sams,already got a prior history hes forced,to go on the run or risk being sent to,jail skip forward 15 years and Nates,now working as a bartender where he,picked Pockets wealthy customers as a,sideline its at this point that hes,approached by Mark Wahlberg and yeah I,know hes supposed to be playing Victor,Sully but lets be real here Mark,Wahlberg is an actor in the same way,that breaking into a light job to catch,a train makes you an athlete regardless,of what his character is called where,they come from or what kind of,personality they have he basically just,plays himself in every movie hes ever,been in I mean hes made a [ __ ] ton of,money doing it so I guess I cant,criticize him too much but whatever,lets just call her wahlburger Wahlberg,anyway Mark Wahlberg wants Nate to help,him find treasure that was allegedly,recovered and hidden by the Magellan,Expedition 500 years earlier Mark,Wahlberg had originally been working,with Sam who disappeared about a year,ago so now he wants Nate to pick up,where his brother left off because I,guess the ability to decipher cryptic,treasure maps and solve complex,historical mysteries is something that,just runs in the family naturally Nate,wants to find out what happened to his,brother so pretty soon the two men form,an uneasy alliance with Chloe Fraser a,fellow treasure hunter who has one of,the items they need to decipher the map,The Twist here is that theyre all,thieves and con artists in one way or,another so theyre always right on the,brink of screwing each other over to get,ahead who can you trust and whos,secretly working against you who knows,who cares unfortunately theyre not the,only ones after the Lost Magellan,treasure Santiago moncada the head of an,Italian crime family that financed the,original Expedition wants to get his,hands on it too so he can make himself,even more rich,no [ __ ] hes backed up by a small,private Army commanded by mercenary Joe,Braddock who for some reason dresses,like a model from a Peloton commercial,what the [ __ ] is this thing even,supposed to be is it webbing I mean I,dont see any equipment on it is it some,kind of armor thats designed to leave,the most vulnerable parts of the body,exposed also how the [ __ ] does a 26 year,old end up commanding a private military,company well none of the characters in,this movie age appropriate what is this,movie a [ __ ] anime nah whatever so,the plot is pretty much your standard,treasure hunt that plays a bit like,National Treasure mixed with Oceans 11.,the boys have to recover a pair of,golden crosses that will lead them to,the next clue which in turn leads them,to the next clue and so on all that,really boils down to is steal some,things to lead you to another thing,which will eventually get you to the,treasure damn that Magellan guy really,planned ahead along the way they have to,solve puzzles avoid traps and try to,stay one step ahead of the bad guys who,are hot on their tail theres chases,gunfights fist fights double crosses and,Revelations that are surprising only if,you missed the first hour of the movie,when see its all pretty standard stuff,for a film like this and while theres,nothing wrong with using well-worn,troops to drive your story forward it,all depends on the execution and I think,this is where Uncharted falls apart I,mean I guess we should get the obvious,[ __ ] out of the way first the casting in,Uncharted makes about as much sense as,putting Rebel Wilson in a remake of,Predator the script cant seem to decide,if Mark Wahlberg is a big buff ass,kicking action hero or a crotchety old,con man whos past his prime so he ends,up playing both depending on the,situation and to see that it results in,an inconsistent character is a bit like,seeing the Elephant Man doesnt quite,conform to Conventional beauty standards,I mean I can understand the problem that,his presence creates if this movie had,been made 10 years earlier then he,absolutely would have been cast as,Nathan Drake himself or if it was made,10 years from now then he might have,been a better fit for Sully but as it,stands hes cutting this awkward in,between where hes too old for one and,too young for the other and like I said,before its not like Wahlberg is a man,of great acting range that can really,make the roll his own which raises the,question of why the [ __ ] did cast this,guy in the first place neither should,they have brought in Tom Holland whos,been riding High since the success of no,way home but absolutely isnt right for,this part I mean I guess they wanted,someone young enough to carry a,potential franchise for the next decade,or so which makes sense in the long term,but theres young and then theres Tom,Holland young hes too small hes too,boyish hes got no Edge to him and he,doesnt project the kind of easy

How Uncharted (and Mark Wahlberg) KILLED the Uncharted Movie Franchise | Video Essay

[Music],this video is sponsored by trade coffee,let me show you something brilliant,this is of course the iconic opening to,the second uncharted game among thieves,spoilers i guess but this moment is a,flash forward the first two thirds of,the game are a build up to how nathan,drake ended up in this train along with,the compounding calamities that are,revealed one after another,hes got a bullet in his gut hes,bleeding out and the train car hes,sitting in is currently,vertical dangling off the edge of a,cliff this is a terrific hook to get a,player into the larger game but even as,an isolated scene the way it slowly,reveals the escalated stakes at hand is,exceptional,but why am i leading with that well,because uncharted the movie starts with,this,an homage to another sequence from the,third game and then tries to build its,larger narrative as a build up to this,set piece in the same way that among,thieves does for the train derailment,there are two key differences between,these scenes though for one the scene in,the film looks really bad it looks,straight up cartoonish this mess of,mediocre green screen compositing and,questionable physics that go far beyond,the constraints of suspension of,disbelief thats something that applies,to pretty much the entire film its,awful and i could easily just rip into,uncharted the way i ripped into f9 a,thorough dissection of all the,filmmaking writing and performance,disasters that add up to make this a,dismal action film i could do that and,call it a day,but im not going to because the second,key difference is far more important and,far more disastrous this scene is an,aesthetic rip off of uncharted without,any of the character or narrative depth,that makes its equivalent set pieces in,the games compelling,the movie isnt actually invested in,this moment much less in how we got here,or what motivated nathan drake to get on,that plane in the first place the,uncharted games arent just about,spectacle,in fact the spectacle is secondary,though glorious it may be those games,are about the characters and the story,two things which are completely absent,from this adaptation to put it bluntly,uncharted isnt an uncharted movie,but it could have been but before we go,any further are you a treasure hunter,with a conscience looking for,fulfillment in places other than spice,and conflict diamonds does your morning,pick me up in a cup seem like it lacks,adventure youre not overthinking it did,you know that 90 of coffee from the,grocery store is actually stale thats,right,90,the coffee youre in a love-hate,relationship with needs an upgrade,desperately thats why its time to,discover the riches of trade coffee,trade sells the freshest roasted,ethically sourced beans from the best,local roasters across america its even,shipped in a backyard compostable bag,talk about buried treasure maybe you,want an exclusive geisha or you just,need a quick pot of instant before work,wherever your tastes land trades,combination of taste test experts and,technology will pair you with your ideal,coffee and then you can order it as,often as you like with free shipping,ive been a trade subscriber for two,years now and i can honestly say trade,is one of my favorite subscription,services that i subscribed to and it was,like night and day going from drinking,coffee as a thing to keep me awake to,having the best coffee of my life trade,introduced me to some of my favorite,roasters such as greater goods coffee,company joe clatch and so many others,and getting that signature red bag,delivered right to my door is still the,highlight of my week right now trade is,offering a total of 20 off your first,three bags when you go to,drinktrade.comfilmspeak or click the,link in the description below thats,more than 16 cups of coffee for free to,get started take their personalized quiz,at,drinktrade.comfilmspeak and start your,journey to the perfect cup thats,drinktrade.comfilmspeak for 20 off your,first three bags and thank you so much,to trade coffee for sponsoring this,video when amy henning created nathan,drake more than 15 years ago her goal,was pretty simple start with indiana,jones and john mcclane throw in a dash,of cary grant and johnny knoxville and,youre about halfway there,the thing that makes nate so great isnt,the fact that hes an homage to these,iconic performers and characters its,the fact that naughty dog only allowed,that to be the foundation the rest of,him was built on with the final,character being something unique but not,unfamiliar by chipping away at the stone,until nates everyman qualities were,exposed thats exactly what was,accomplished as henning herself puts it,we wanted to tackle one of these beloved,action-adventure games in the spirit of,this whole tradition we knew that in,order to pull it off we had to have a,hero who was completely relatable so,when people saw him and said why do i,want to play a guy in a t-shirt and,jeans that was a deliberate move on our,part to say look hes just like you and,me,nate isnt a superhero hes not,flawlessly suave or a walking tank hes,someone with a genius level intellect,who barely knows how to throw a punch,who skates by the physical predicaments,he finds himself in through adrenaline,sheer dumb luck instinct and,determination he stumbles when he runs,he gets nervous and he reacts to things,in the way that you might or i might,its funny to me that the studio who,created a character as wildly stylish,and iconic as crash bandicoot would,follow that up by going in the direction,of someone as average realistic and like,a face in the crowd as possible but in,going out of their way to make nate not,iconic they created an icon of not only,video games but of fiction and its a,character template that naughty dog have,followed up with success in the last of,us with characters like joel and ellie,the reason nate jumps off the screen is,because of those little hints of the,characters who inspired him combined,with nolan norths endlessly charismatic,and lovable presence in the role,its pretty annoying when a character is,just a one-to-one played straight copy,of their inspiration whenever a blatant,james bond clone comes along for example,youre more likely to get the audience,rolling their eyes than rolling with the,story its possible to make this work,though austin powers or julian beshears,holodeck bond pastiche on deep space,nine get away with aping bond because,theyre blatant parodies they know,exactly what they are and theyre poking,fun at themselves along the way as such,that brings us to the first encore,problem with the uncharted movie,tom holland,this isnt nathan drake and im not,talking about his height or his voice,when i say that i actually think that in,a better considered film with a stronger,script casting holland ties into the,ethos of nate sure hes a little shorter,sure hes a little awkward and young but,the idea is that any of us could be,nathan drake you dont have to be six,feet tall or have a manly voice to,accomplish the things he does i dont,even think the character is gender,specific hence why playing as chloe,frazier in the lost legacy still works,fundamentally but instead happens to be,male the problem is holland isnt,playing nathan drake hes playing peter,parker hey everyone,think about the mcu spider-man movies in,particular think about the action,sequences the way holland moves as the,character its pretty impeccable drawing,on hollands years upon years of,training as a gymnast and dancer to,create an elegant and highly technical,physical performance in uncharted,hes doing exactly the same thing the,first set piece at the auction kinda,tries to suit the character with nate,awkwardly flailing on the chandelier,before nervously rambling and confusing,the security guards when he comes,crashing down but after that first,little dose of something familiar the,movie just gives up almost everything,holland does after the auction is,graceful smooth clearly rehearsed until,every inch of movement c

Uncharted – Angry Movie Review

[Music],hey guys welcome to our movie review for,uncharted,sonys new conversion of a video game,into a movie playstation production,directed by reuben uh fleischer who did,zombieland and venom,[Music],but sony is recycling the directors,recycling moments from the uncharted,game we have,uh nathan drake played by,none other than tom tom holland and,sully is uh played by,mark,hey hey guys,and hey this is,the problem,lets talk about it weve talked about,this this is still terrible so after,having seen the whole film does not feel,like an uncharted film like i thought,this was going to be like i felt like i,was some watching something entirely,different yes this is its not going to,completely you can put it in any [ __ ],national treasure film right its a,nicholas cage when he was younger you,know what i mean because mark wahlberg,doesnt even bother to act or or have an,accent or do anything that sully does,hes its in fact theres many times,you know his motor mouth kind of,hey guys no,what,and uh and,you know tom holland honestly i i could,feel that he studied you know what i,mean he played the game he studied,because some of his,some of his mannerisms some of his,movements some of it felt like the video,game yeah you could do all you can but,you cant only could but again if he,studied for terminator 9 or whatever it,is you think hes going to play arnold,no no it doesnt [ __ ] work because he,looks like a child thats what i was,saying not only does he look young,hes got a boyish charm to him and that,for me thats not thats not nathan,drake they showed a scene where theres,young nathan drake and i mean really,young nathan drake as like hes 10 or,12. and then they do the thing where,they morph young one into old one and it,ages him like two years and so he looks,16 instead of 12. yeah and theyre like,no hes 35. its like jesus christ for,me nathan is like more like rough or,whatever this hes like too boyish and,too clean-cut yeah right okay,so,we all i think all three of us agree on,the cast yes all three of us agree that,this could literally be any franchise,and they slap the uncharted name on it,and ripped segments from the different,games a segment from uncharted three a,little tiny tiny bits from four maybe,something from two and then obviously,tried to make all make it a prequel to,one uh now i didnt play all of the,games all the way through i will be,first to admit that how do you play the,games,and hes played two of them so these are,our knowledge here um and i think i,guess so,sophie ali does an all right job as,her video game car apart and i think in,the second game,its kind of alluded to that they might,have had a relationship or hes crushing,on her and stuff and so i i kind of,expected more of that here and we dont,really get that there theres no,chemistry whatsoever thats another,thing my problem was like you dont get,enough of the characters you dont get,enough of the character development you,dont get the curious the chemistry,between them youre right joe the,character development is complete,garbage yeah youre just like all right,hey,im nathan drake im sully lets go on,adventures,did you notice that hes all bumbling in,the [ __ ],first adventure they go out on when hes,hanging from the lights oh cool like it,reminded me of the jackie chan moment of,course none of it practical with a bunch,of stunt guys but anyway you know and,hes like falling he said right,but then when they go on the actual you,know,sort of uh indiana jones hes like a,[ __ ] black ops expert able to [ __ ],flip and do some,ridiculous [ __ ],this movie actually it kind of starts,well i actually didnt mind it so much,and then its sort of like didnt you,realize what it was right and then it,goes off the rails and were were doing,so now i get that that theyre trying to,do like a video game right because this,[ __ ] gets ridiculous you mean like super,mario brothers this is the movie right,this is just as great of a job physics,are thrown out the window but they do,that in the game so i can,kind of forgive a sequence where theres,literally [ __ ] flying pirate ships,and theyre battling back and forth,because i was like you know what that,does seem like it would be in one of the,video games especially enemies that you,beat up on the ship but it it its just,ridiculous and sometimes they push it a,little too far i mean theres a moment,in the film where theres a car involved,and people and and and um,sophie is is talking with tom holland in,his car im like why,why are we doing this scene here,not they dont even do that [ __ ] in fast,and furious it was so ridiculous with,this stupid car and and so there are,moments where it pushes where i laugh,out loud instead of moments where they,push it where its like this is video,game ridiculousness um,and and uh and so a lot of a lot of cgi,and uh,a lot of mimicking some of the scenes of,the original game but,watching it is far less engaging than,playing it,and a lot of the character development,like joe said is rushed a lot of the,chemistry isnt really there between the,characters uh sully and nathan they they,needed more chemistry now you see it,at the very end i was actually surprised,that like i felt like that ending the,teaser for the sequel had more energy,and more,chemistry than,you know some of the rest of the film i,was a little surprised by that,um but yeah and and then finally i think,that they,sort of,waste the villain now lets be honest,here uncharted has never really had the,best villains right its not uh,exactly exactly um but they waste,antonio banderas in in my opinion,and and they replace him with an even,more,oh the villain the actual ultimate,villain in this is so,[ __ ] bad i hate it i think the,biggest problem i have with this is i,expected,crazy things even supernatural things in,this movie and so i had no issues,even when theyre flying around you know,with with like pirate ships being,carried by helicopters throughout i,dont mind that at all because in,context the uncharted its fine that,theres so many like weird things that,they do in this movie this is a,dumb [ __ ] movie,for the when you when you watch an,indiana jones movie and he finds the,doodad that plugs in the other dude and,shines the light and then youre like oh,my god this is where the thing is buried,and it makes sense,thats fairly well written and even then,in this movie they find keys that lead,them to like a normal sewer in a busy,city and theyre like oh you know the,keys you need the whole time its just,like in the sewer no its just like i,thats so [ __ ] stupid its like,literally theres a [ __ ] papa johns,in where this [ __ ] is yeah nobody,bothers to look at any of the holes,nobody bothers to go under the city,thats impossible even to make the,fountain run they would have discovered,all this [ __ ] that the club scene made,me make it it is it is so all of the,whole discovering like how the puzzle,and all the things work is so incredible,were talking about it more in spoilers,yeah i i i mean the spoil of the movies,bad and its written poorly dont see it,please do not support [ __ ] like this,thats thats my sport oh you went a,little tougher than i thought you would,okay this is like what about this club,scene or should we talk about spoilers,joe i dont want people to watch this,movie just spoil it no they go they go,to a club and its dumb stop it,okay lets go to final verdicts and,right now okay final verdict for me its,going to be below average its going to,be a 4. i could see where some people,like if you really turn off your brain,dont think about this as an uncharted,film maybe i could see in an average,film i kind of wanted to go a little,over the top hes like okay theres two,pirate ships next to each other in the,sky lets start figuring i was like i,wonder if joe likes this,i would have liked that,i wanted more candy like just he just,did that,you just want more joe more all the time,what do you mean,you want them to do full crew cannons,firing

Everything Wrong With Uncharted in 18 Minutes or Less

[Music],holy [ __ ] one minute and 30 seconds of,logos combine that with all the pre-mid,and post-credit scenes i smell coming,this movie is going to be 25 minutes,long at best oh crap nathan fillion,isnt playing nathan drake at this scene,i realize this sequence is a direct oh,monk to one of the video games but so,goofy and stupid its like the five,different production companies involved,said give us something like f9 only even,less believable and the filmmaker said,thats not possible so he was fired and,they hired this guy,oh my god im so sorry that was purely,reactive is he still playing peter,parker,thats not how physics works if you were,inside the plane then yes you could jump,forward because the air inside the plane,is moving at the same speed you are but,outside the plane no dice the sheer,force of wind alone would knock your ass,back as soon as you leapt ten sins for,failing at physics,x machina also why do i immediately hear,the friends theme song when these hands,clasp ill be there for you,stop starting your movie two-thirds of,the way through your movie why do,studios think we will happily sit,through minutes of logos but well walk,out in moss and outrage if our eyeballs,arent immediately bombarded with,mindless action in the first minute of,the actual movie first man of the whole,world i just gotta have hello mistakes,then you know what magellan was really,looking for,me i dont know the holy grail noahs,ark a place with really righteous,peaches gold,but,he never made it home therefore,obviously he found all that gold and,either hid out and died or sunk and died,but he definitely found that goal and,im sure of its solely because he never,returned thats enough evidence for me,that the gold exists and not that he,just died at sea or got scurvy or some,definitely found the gold and then died,at sea or got scurvy lost,now gone theres a difference,if somethings lost,it can be found i could bring up some,dictionary definitions but i think we,all know this is a dumb distinction to,make descending from sir francis drake,himself at least that,was what mom and dad used to say mom and,dad also used to say theyd paid the,electric bill or hired a babysitter or,kicked out the hobo living in the,basement but not everything mom and dad,said turned out to be true this map is,worth a fortune and because we have dead,parents its morally okay for us to,steal it here goes nothing i know,theyre kids but oh boy they [ __ ] us,up quickly so sick parvus magnet,greatness from small beginnings what are,the odds i have the exact same thing,tattooed on my i love your younger,brother i just cant let you escape with,me right now because because well listen,ill be honest just what the script says,okay you have to stay here and suffer,goodbye ill come back for you nate,promise character makes a promise they,have no way of knowing they can keep,evidently this is one of the multiverses,where humans didnt evolve peripheral,vision but this isnt a multiverse movie,i hear you say oh theres plenty of time,for that to change my friend im,offering you a real ticket out of here a,chance to see places you only read about,in books okay cool but he literally just,met you,hey get your head out of your ass so,sorry i didnt see you,oh this is gonna be one of those movies,where the pickpocketing is straight up,indistinguishable for magic this in turn,makes my level of investment,indistinguishable from zero look ive,been dreaming about this since i was a,kid,[Laughter],you were a kid like three days ago even,if youre 30 and you are not 30 this is,a hilarious comment and it disappears,doesnt call doesnt answer my texts,nothing sully lies about sams,disappearance because he thinks this,will motivate drake to join the treasure,hunt with the hope of finding sam but,why tell him the truth tell him sams,dead and that the monkados killed him,wouldnt revenge motivate him even more,and have the added benefit of avoiding,the damn third act conflict cliche we,all know is coming you have to find,somebody else character says they wont,do a thing shortly before they decide to,do the thing cliche easter eggs could be,fun cheeky nods to fans i and i have,nothing against them if done tastefully,but drake owning a sticker of the,company that makes a video game where,the lead character shares his name and,goes on the same adventures as him is,somewhat universe breaking im assuming,that drake hasnt been able to send any,replies to these postcards so how did,sam find out his new address mapping,typing flexing flexing flexing flexing,excitement ah heist planning manta wait,hes still tending bar using three,fingers to control your laptop touch pad,like a counterproductive society,rejecting chaos monkey these two have,spent basically no time together so in,order to speed up the relationship lets,have a teaching how to tie a tie scene,classic im not gonna keep this thing,youre gonna [ __ ] all over my floor only,if you dont put a litter box down,somewhere which im guessing you did not,so this is what we call a,self-fulfilling prophecy,i think i push it in too far something,something college girlfriend something,you guys know the drill if he buys it,before we can grab him you kiss that,goal goodbye or you could just steal it,from him after he buys it right cant,believe thats any riskier than trying,to steal it in the middle of this vip,filled and therefore security-filled,auction okay i want to pan down from the,chandelier cigarettes to the field of,purple spearmag lamps i know it would,mean sacrificing the hilarious bubblegum,banter that has sustained me through the,last four minutes but how is this any,less suspicious than just catching the,door with your damn shoe before it locks,which would also have the advantage of,not leaving a gummy reservoir of,forensic evidence leading straight back,to your mouth holy [ __ ] this is the,camden yards of auction houses i have an,opening bid of 200 000 from mr monkada,wait did they typically say the name of,the bitter in auctions they use paddles,here so whats with the name calling i,shouldnt come out to play with a big,boys ween because youre about to get a,proper scottish welcome,im sorry looks like were being treated,to a scottish henchman cliche and an,american doesnt understand a foreign,accent cliche all at once what a boy,they indeed for the sins team 2.3 he,goes with it mr moncada takes it to,three million holy did zorro just jump,the bid up from 2.3 million to 3 million,in a single bid thats like going all in,on poker while also pulling out your,putting it on the table next to your,cards while on the phone with your,bookie telling him to put it all in the,cleveland browns while eating a hungry,man sandwich its almost like he needed,these dangling cigarette lamps in order,to escape might even call their earlier,appearance check all dangling cigarette,lamps hey trent addison wanted me to,take that to the vault pronto no level,of commotion should have allowed the man,that was just bidding three million,dollars on an item to go unnoticed as he,reverses his jacket and steals the item,he now no longer has to pay three,million dollars for also the 500 year,old three million dollar artifact is,being escorted by nothing more than this,incompetent gentleman wheres the actual,security this is amazing theres some,crazy now huh its unbelievable i mean,it totally confirms the legend,some guys journal confirms a legend the,journal is how the legend gets started,you dumb [ __ ] i could write a journal,tomorrow about witnessing bigfoot,[ __ ] the loch ness monster doggy,style complete with illustrations and,that would not mean that bigfoot,actually [ __ ] messy or that either,creature is real it would just be [ __ ] i,wrote in a journal as he translates this,book casually i have to wonder does,mountain dew still make live wire that,was awesome in case you confused it with,barcelona arkansas sally doesnt have,any friends i should know im one of,them i guess this line is considered

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