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Emirates Airline Application Status Meaning | All Status | Under Review | Completed + Interview Tips

hey what is up guys its me shawn here,youre watching jobs advice the channel,and in this video im going to show you,uh emergency airline application status,mean how they are changing the status,and what are the status meanings i know,i will give you the exact information,whatever youre looking for and also i,will give you some tips that how you are,going to uh dress up or how youre gonna,represent yourself in front of the hr,during the interview even in physical or,online so first of all i will discuss,regarding the application status like,application receive completed under,review progress complete unsuccessful,and approval in progress these status,im going to discuss in this video,please stick to the video i will get to,the point okay i will not waste your,time just i need your support on this,channel please dont forget to subscribe,if you will support my channel trust me,guys it will reach millions so i will,help other people as well its free of,cost it will not charge you click on,subscribe button and press the bell icon,you will receive only useful videos not,the wasting videos okay so on some kind,of useless video so lets get started,first of all let me give you the idea,about the application received so uh,first thing is first so im gonna click,on this one and im gonna give reveal,one by one okay so its just like a,magic anyway,so,the first status application received,what is the meaning the first state is,you have submitted your application,stated it has passed the initial ats,screening and now it will be shortlisted,for the review once you have submitted,your resume you will receive a message,in your email address and then after,this thing they will select this resume,or the application for the next round,which is the application under review,if it is the completed it means doesnt,change anything so let me give you the,idea about the completed now come to the,completed,nothing else is going to happen to your,application you have not been successful,on this occasion in the past the status,sometimes showed when the applicant had,an interview to attend a open day or,even online so just wait for it you will,be uh hearing soon from the hr so dont,be in hurry all right,and third status is application under,review let me give you the answer for,this one your application is being,reviewed by the recruitment team a,recruiter will evaluate your resume,skills photos and consider the factors,to,decide if your application should be,considered in the next round,what does it mean,they are just looking for some kind of,you know skill people you know those,people who look who have some skills,okay with some kind of some kind of a,very strong experience and the,educations you know education is very,important in this matter if youre,applying on higher positions if youre,applying for customer service agent,cabin crew then i think his 12th class,is enough even the graduation is enough,if you have the degree regarding the,aviation degree then it is very best and,this is best for you and they will,prefer you uh,quickly and they prefer you more than,any other person or candidate from,around the world so let me give you the,idea regarding the number four,application in projects,so,click on this one okay and click on this,one,now this is the same okay in application,progress is the same just like as the,three nothing has changed,now lets get back to the number five,which is the uh,interview complete,the recruitment team has simply marked,on your file that you have been,interviewed for the position which you,have applied,lets suppose cabin crew or any other,positions okay so there is no indication,of the final decision will be made but,this status denotes that your file is,open and recruiter is actively,considering you for the role,let me give you one more information on,this video,that i already made a video on this one,okay but that was uploaded on a,different channel but this channel is,especially for the jobs and applications,you know gcc,uh jobs okay so i have a uh i have a,very special request to you guys okay,i already make a video on the emergency,airline series like cabin crew process,recruitment process what are the uh,questions answers what are the salary,and their life you know and the training,period what are the training methods how,long you will be in the training,im going to make that series after this,video okay you can watch that video and,it will be easy for you keep in touch on,my youtube channel you can just visit my,youtube channel and you will watch all,those videos soon it will be uploaded,when i will upload this video i will,also upload that series as well okay so,you can just keep in touch and watch,that video as well,so it will be very useful for you lets,get back to the sixth number application,unsuccessful so click on this one,unfortunately you have to be successful,on this occasion this status normally,triggers,an automatically generated email to,inform you that your equipment teams,decisions like they have rejected you,okay you are not not into the,consideration list you are not,successful to the next round so it means,your application got rejected so dont,be hopeless apply again and dont be,worried about this thing lets go back,to the number seven approval in progress,all right,congratulations you have been,conditionally offered the job the status,means that the company now has to,approve all of your paperwork and,medical information after you have,submitted your documents and everything,whatever they are going to ask you you,need to submit that information,immediately and after this thing,approval in progress it means you are,being selected you can say 99 you are,selected right now so after this thing,pack your bags prepare yourself and get,your you know excitement more and you,can feel that happiness you can feel,that enjoyment because you have heard,that you have,been selected in the country otherwise,or maybe in emirates airline whatever,you are feeling right now its really,nice and wish you all the best for your,carrier so good luck so number eight,joining formalities in the progress as,you can read the title as well you will,understand everything so you have pretty,much got the job now on boarding process,start it means you are going to be,selected and they will give you some,documentation task lists or anything so,you can provide them and you will be on,the board,so number nine application submitted,online these are the additional status,which i have added from my site,im not telling candidates if they dont,receive a response within six weeks then,their application has not been,successful however your application,status,give you clues that has the uh success,of your application way before the,deadline you can watch yourself you can,see your application strictly from the,website and that will give you the idea,and the sign that you have been selected,or not before the uh six weeks completed,so that is the completely a good idea,for you lets go back to the uh number,10 invited to assessment day this is for,the physical interview in the process,let me give you the answer,this was always dependent where in the,world you lived and when the emails were,next scheduled to the whole assessment,day in new region at the moment emirates,has no assessment this planet but,uh apart from this i heard in the,ahmedabad positions in the cabin about,positions or in emergency airline in,india i dont have idea about the,pakistan but in india they are hiring in,bangladesh i have no idea maybe they are,hiring in from the uh nepal or from the,different countries different side if,you are feeling that you are comfortable,you can visit different country on your,expense not from the company side even,they will offer you the interview,position dont even think that they will,bear the charges or expenses for you to,visit their country so dont worry so,lets get back to the number 11 and i,invited to the final interview lets get,back to this number,if you made

Under Review: The Search for Meaning

good morning everybody good to see you,all here this morning I gotta admit Im,a little disappointed all week long I,hadnt planned a thing because I thought,we were gonna get snowed out so I dont,have anything prepared and I guess we,can all just go home Im kidding of,course I do have a sermon prepared to,give here today but I am Tim fel Im the,director of worship here in case you,didnt know that already filling in for,Pastor Brian our senior pastor he is,away with a group of people from this,church who are down in the Dominican,Republic where Im sure it is much nicer,than it is here today and they are there,all week long doing a missions trip to,the people of the Dominican they left,yesterday I have not heard officially,but as far as I know they got there,safely and everything went through,customs well so thank you for praying,yesterday for that to happen and,continue praying this week if you would,for the efforts that are going on down,there for the things God is doing in,peoples hearts who are on the trip but,more so the people that they will come,in contact with through the projects and,things that theyre doing to share the,gospel we just pray that that is,effective ministry through the Holy,Spirit this week down there but today we,are going to continue the series that,Pastor Brian started for us a couple,weeks ago and you can see the title on,the screen right now our our series has,been called under review a couple weeks,ago Pastor Brian introduced us to the,concept that hey before we move forward,sometimes its good to take a look back,sometimes its just take take a look,back and evaluate where things are and,we we liken that to throwing the,challenge flag in a football game and,thats why you see that up there youll,see some games tonight where you might,see that red flag thrown and when thats,thrown in the game the referee calls,timeout and he just goes in and looks at,the play again and decides did I make,the right call or not and so thats,really what were doing were looking,back and just calling timeout for a,minute and say okay lets evaluate where,we are what kind of decisions did I make,and now how do we move forward both,personally and as a church thats what,were taking this time to do and so the,first week he talked a little bit about,we need to just assess where we are,personally ourself and then last week he,talked to us about the importance of,being present in the moment he talked,about how you know clichy asti says,theres a time for everything and we can,get so caught up in looking for those,next times and being anticipating of the,things that are coming that we miss the,joy of the moment were in and I think,thats it was a great reminder and so,this week Id like to just take what I,think is the question of the book of,Ecclesiastes the major theme the thing,that Solomon is all about the major,question in that and it is a question,that people have been asking throughout,all of history that almost every single,individual will ask themselves this,question in their lifetime and its a,question of meaning what brings me,meaning why is life worth living what is,worth living for what has value in this,life and its a question like I said,that people have been trying to answer,for a long time and so Ive got a few,answers some people that a lot of them,literary professors or just just,celebrities people that Ive tried to,put their mind around this and this is,what theyve come up with so we had will,have them up on the screen for you the,first quote here is this it says the,meaning of life is what you ascribed it,to be being alive is the meaning this,comes from a guy named Joseph Campbell,who was a professor of literature at,Sarah Lawrence College and his,definition of what it means were,meaning comes from is simply to be alive,just the fact that we are alive is,enough,thats all the meaning there is the next,one we see says this the man who is born,with a talent which he is meant to use,finds his greatest happiness,in using it and this is from a fellow,Ill probably never pronounce this right,johann wolfgang von goethe ah I dont,know hes German 17th century renowned,German poet and writer renowned writer,of his time and this was the best that,he could come up with that if youre,given a talent you use it,thats meaning and so in essence what,hes saying is whatever you can do with,your hands the work of your hands that,you find to do thats where youre gonna,find your meaning and then moving on I,think youll note it I think youll know,this next person here the meaning of,life is not merely to exist or to,survive but to move ahead to go up to,achieve to conquer so Arnold,Schwarzenegger if you I know that was a,horrible impression so anybody do a good,impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger,clearly I dont but anyway thats his,statement on the meaning of life is,simply for him its to climb that ladder,get to that next rung get as high and,achieve as much as I possibly can and if,you do that youll find meaning thats,the meaning another one here life is,meant to be fun and joyous and,fulfilling,thats from Jim Henson creator of the,Muppets so I feel like thats really,appropriate coming from him but in,essence if you look at it what hes,saying the meaning of life or he says,life is meant to be fun so in essence,hey whatever makes you happy whatever,brings you pleasure thats what life,thats where youre gonna find meaning,because you just its about being happy,and having a good time and then finally,this last one I want to share with you,says this the ultimate aim of the human,mind in all its efforts is to become,acquainted with truth thats from Eliza,Farnham she was a 19th century American,novelist and that was her take on it and,its a pretty profound take I like it,but in essence what shes saying is,meaning is found in what you know in,your knowledge in your wisdom when you,find truth thats when you find meaning,and so we look at all of these and,clearly this is a question thats being,dealt with and so we turn to,Ecclesiastes where we find Solomon the,wisest person whos ever lived,given immense wisdom from the Lord,unparalleled wisdom and he decides you,know what Im gonna try my hand at that,question you know what Im gonna Im,gonna see what is meaningful in this,life where is it appropriate to find,meaning and Im gonna just dive into,this question full-on and so he does and,at the end of it all he sits down to,write out his findings thats the book,of Ecclesiastes and its why its so,shocking to hear it its a little bit,jarring how quickly he starts in in,chapter one right in verse two when the,first thing he out of his mouth is,everything is meaningless everything is,meaningless and he says it over and over,and over again throughout the book its,all meaningless everything and for me,that that is a little jarring because I,mean really it makes you think really,everything literally everything in my,life is meaningless and so I thought I,started thinking that that just cant be,what he means because we all know weve,experienced places in our life where we,find meaning so that cant that cant be,what hes saying and so I started to,look into this word I thought in order,to get to the heart of this we got to,understand what that word meaningless,really means if hes gonna be using it,that much its worth understanding what,that word is and so I started with our,definition of it our understanding of it,looking it up in a dictionary this is,basically what youll find to us it has,this meaning of having no significance,and no purpose,so when we hear that word we think that,thing that that persons talking about,has no purpose at all and so if we,interpret what hes saying that way,yeah thats pretty bleak to think that,everything in life has no meaning and no,purpose whatsoever but as I continue to,look this up the Hebrew word that he is,using here is a word and I have this I,think on the screen is the word Cobell,and so this word what it means to the,Hebrew is it actually refers

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Adwords Under Review | What Does It Mean And What To Do Next ❓❓❓

[Music],whats going on guys Rob from my PPC,training.com stop by and check us out,say hi and download some cool stuff,including a free AdWords guide,definitely can help you turn around your,AdWords uh any AdWords campaign so,besides that in todays video I want to,go through what it means when you see,your ads under review,now some people get confused with what,this actually means and its simple,explanation is its just Google making,sure youre complying with all their,policies before they approve your ads to,run so if we go into one of our test,campaigns here its just ok so you can,see here we have our our ads are,approved so if we went ahead and edited,something in one of these ads or all,home doesnt really matter like you can,see here they have the extra headlines,now in description to which we havent,done this campaigns old by the way you,guys should definitely be doing all of,these fill all of this out alright so if,we make a change anyway back on topic if,we make a change lets just say cold,today something like that and we hit,save new version ok now you can see here,it says our ad is under review so like I,said all this means is that Google is,running it through their system and if,theres an issue or a flag pops up than,an actual person will review it but most,of the time 99% of the time its if,youre complying with the policies its,under review for 5 to 10 to 15 minutes,and then youre approved ok its a,really quick process unless youre,youre bidding on or youre using,copyrighted terms in your ads or,something like that or youre using a,question mark and then an exclamation,point in the same headline or headline,one a headline – you cant do that so,you cant use over punctuation so,basically as long as youre following,the policies and how they are with the,ad copy and stuff like that you will be,fine,so thats all it means under review you,can see it right here in about ten,minutes this will be approved and thats,really it so if you see this in any part,of your account ok doesnt matter where,it is if its under review it just means,Googles like I dont know let les,run this through the system and make,sure its following all the rules and,then theyll approve it and if they,dont approve it it will say disapproved,for whatever reason and then you have to,well youll youll see Ill tell you the,reason why says approve and you have to,fix it if you dont understand the,reason why Isis approved then you just,reach out to Google support you can chat,them or you can just pick up the phone,and call them theyre really quick and,theyll work with you to get your your,issue resolved and approved so thats,really it guys a quick video its not,thoroughly that complicated if you have,any questions drop them in the comment,section below this video as always make,sure you subscribe to our channel check,out the links in the description I put a,link to our advanced Google Ads course,so really cutting-edge stuff youre not,gonna see you nowhere else so make sure,you check that out also Ive got a link,to our free AdWords guide Google Ads,guide I keep confusing these names they,keep changing everything so check that,out and own that I will see you guys in,the next training video

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hi guys this is a girl hilda and im,back again with another video i hope you,guys can hear me out,actually im at my workplace and i,thought of taking this video so quick so,as i can answer some questions that we,had,in my channel some people,got back to me and told me some of the,issues that theyre passing through so i,thought of,why should i wait and just give you that,give it as it is so guys ill go,straight,to the video so answering a question,uh some people told me that in spite of,the new law of no nfc why do they still,ask for nuc,actually guys it is really a highly,required document,because uh when they go to apply,in their in the adlisa platform,uh theyll have to give an noc from your,previous company to show that there is,no,objection from your previous company,they have agreed to let you go okay and,also its like,its somehow form of formality also,just to make sure if really youre under,somebody or,maybe you dont have any yeah you dont,so its still a requirement also,and by the way update,there are like how many documents needed,about five documents needed uh the nfc,uh theres this arabic letter from your,company to show,no no objections um,there is the contract there is the,uh what is this called your id,yeah i think i think around five im not,im stealing but i dont go job so im a,little bit,off ahead of any okay if i dont get,all everything straight just understand,okay,so just know also its really a,requirement still its a requirement and,it really helps also to fasten your,process,okay so if they ask dont oblige,just give it as it is and let it be,okay so the other question i was asked,is,okay im reading the questions down okay,if you see me looking down im just,reading there,so the other question was uh i healed up,and waited for an approval,uh okay yeah so,once youre applying for the at least,now you get the otp and then later on,you get the message of under review,and since you get the message of under,review you find it is,it takes a while since until you get,your approval,it is okay dont panic,everything is okay uh the only thing,at the moment as you know with all these,everything that is going down everybody,was like,rushing to change jobs bloodline plus so,it takes times before they review,your application and they approve it and,a lot of,things go down in terms of approving the,application so please dont,panic just like,believe in yourself and im sure it will,get back to you,im telling you the people who have,already applied like,three months ago and theyre getting the,approval at this time,so dont worry at least youve gotten,a message back that people not getting,the messages back okay,so just relax and theres a way you can,follow up,uh ill leave a link below you can,follow up and see,if any any its,in the system and its been approved or,not okay,so i think what theyre saying theres,one who said,that uh hes he has already applied,and they got the he got the under,under reveal message but he hasnt,gotten,the what is it this called,the approval message back from the,atlesa and,the id is already expired and its been,like,some months since it expired its okay,guys dont panic because,at the moment you always have three,months,for preparation and after the three,months is when youre going to pay the,penalty,so once your id,gets uh not a id your new company,applies for your new id and you get your,new id theyll have to pay a penalty and,i dont know who will pay,so uh i dont know whos going to pay,the penalty but,once they apply the new id theyll have,to pay,theyll have to pay the penalty after,that you can check me right there so no,issue either way,even if you have this expired id,still you can i think you can still use,it,and obviously yours is under the way so,i believe youre going to get it you get,your id back,so those are the questions i wanted to,go through them,and i wanted to also share,an encouragement to you guys who are,really in this situation,of the at least the end changing jobs,please dont despair dont lose hope,because,things are getting better guys no matter,what,just have faith that your process will,go through okay,okay guys and if youre new to my,channel thank you so much for,subscribing guys and,if youre not new and youve always been,there for me guys,thank you so much for your support and,actually today i came,and i came across my one big fan,and hes also going through the same,thing he will change,his current job he changed to his,current job,and uh soon were going to drop a new,video,so stay chilled and as we,im soon going to drop uh that interview,were going to,have with him and also you learn a lot,through this okay,so guys i love you so much take care,please dont forget to subscribe,hit that button red button subscribe,button,and like my video guys because in the in,you liking my video also helps me to,get uh recommended to other people so,also guys i love you so much,have a blessed day bye bye guys

What does it mean when a profile is “under review?” – [Inside #5]

foreign,[Music],Im Mackie and let me take you inside my,transgender date our Series where I talk,about how you can use my transgender,date in the best way possible similar to,band in currently unavailable sometimes,you may encounter profile that shows,under review and this is what Im going,to explain in this video before diving,in we post a new episode every week so,make sure to hit the notification Bell,so youll be up to date on the latest,video from my transgender date when a,profile is under review the member using,it is law out of their account they,wont be able to log in until they,contact us or reply to an email we have,already sent them there are several,reasons why your profile or someones,profile is under review so heres what,you need to know if you happen to be one,of of those people number one we might,have found inconsistencies clues that,suggest that the profile might be fake,so if we see information about you that,might be contradicting we put your,profile under review number two the,profile owner is quite possibly a minor,my transgender date is for people who,are 18 years old and above but I mean if,youre like me and you look younger than,your age then thats when you have to,give us proof that youre actually 18,and above until then Im sorry but the,profile will be locked and under review,we need to protect Miners and its,better to be saved than sorry number,three this is a common problem,especially when youre in a hurry,choosing the wrong gender when signing,up yes we know that youre in a rush to,find the love of your life but please,cheese check if youre ticking the right,boxes when you sign up we dont want,anyone to misgender you on our side,number four on rare occasions we love a,profile if we notice that they already,have another active profile you can only,have one active profile per member on my,transgender date this is to avoid,confusion and possible impersonation,those are a couple of reasons why a,profile is under review but there are,some other situation on rarer occasions,that I have not mentioned we are very,proactive with our moderation to make,sure that my transgender date is safe,and enjoyable for everyone please,remember that we are very open to,dialogue especially when we have to,review a profile so do not hesitate to,contact us if you ever find yourself in,this situation if you have been,interacting with the profile that is,under review it could be nothing but I,still insist that you exercise caution,when you come across a profile under,review would you want to know why that,particular profile is under review let,me know in the comments section below if,you enjoyed this episode dont forget to,give me a thumbs up and subscribe to our,Channel what else is inside my,transgender date if you have a topic,that you want me to talk about let me,know in the comments below see you in,the next video,foreign

Infosys application status ? | Review in progress means selected ? | what is the status meaning

hello everyone and i welcome all of you,to all and study for you a complete,placement solution friends this video is,very very important because in this,video i am going to tell you in forces,application status we are receiving lot,of queries regarding the infosys,application status thats sir my status,is not selected sir my status is review,in progress sir my status is review in,progress and offer released so lot of,queries are coming uh with respect to,this application status so im going to,explain each and everything before that,friends i wanted to tell you so if you,have not,still uh followed our instagram page,then please do follow our instagram page,because we are doing a lot of activities,writes a lot of small small things which,we are not able to do on youtube so if,you are not joining then you are missing,a lot of activities okay so through the,reels so definitely 30 second and 40,seconds so if any kind of hiring is,there right if what is the syllabus on,the pattern okay so any kind of,information we are definitely giving it,through the instagram so if you have not,still joined our instagram page then,please do follow okay and also you can,subscribe our youtube channel where we,are doing a lot of activities and if you,want free live mock interview free,career guidance then you can also,book a slot okay so this is completely,free now so you can see all the slots,are completely free now okay now let us,move friends so what is this application,status means so each and everything,definitely in detail i am going to tell,you so the first of all the link to,check your application status will be,career.infosis.com jobs my application,okay this link will be also given in,description so you can click on that and,this will redirect you to the,your application status if you log into,that right so now so the first,application is status friends so if you,are getting rejected then it is very,very easy so applied and then not,selected so definitely so after that all,this process will be there and then,finally if you are getting not selected,means so there is no chance after that,again you need to apply after six months,see infosys has a six month criteria,okay many students say that sir i will,change my email id and i will change my,phone number and then i will apply so,you can change this but how will you,change your name how you will change,your date of birth how will change your,fathers name okay so how will change,your marks so all those things you,cannot change it okay so infosys has a,six month criteria and i will also tell,you but many of the student has applied,and right so few of them got rejected,and few of them are working also so it,totally depends upon the luck but i will,say here so there is a six month,criteria is there so before you fill uh,within that period please understand,that there is a six month criteria and,your application uh i mean you get you,might get rejected after the interview,during the background verification,background check okay or after getting,the offer later now friends many of the,students were telling that sir my status,is applied and review in progress so if,it is review in progress then what is,the chance that i will be getting the,offer later okay and if it is review in,progress then i will be definitely,getting the offer letter so all these,queries are definitely getting asked,from the student friends i will tell you,in very simple words so if it is review,in progress right right now it is in,yellow okay see if it is in green if it,is in green then only your selection,will be confirmed if it is in yellow,then your selection is not confirmed,eight okay so review in progress so but,definitely the chances will be more here,so definitely you can say your chances,will be more so you can say sir 75 to 80,chances will be there that you will get,selected okay but it is not 100 okay try,to understand so if your application,status is in review in progress okay,then there is a chance that okay you,will be getting the offer later released,but it is not 100 true okay so if,anybody is saying that review in,progress because i have seen many,students for many other students review,was in progress in the yellow color and,after that they have got rejected as,well okay so but there is a great chance,so as i said the 75 to 80 percent of the,chances are there that you will be,getting selected okay now,friends i will also tell you so i know,few of the students from our channel,itself so after this review in progress,after two months they had got offer,later okay that means so this is review,in progress right so after two months,okay so after two months the offer was,released after two months the offer was,released so it might in some cases it,might take time okay but,friends you have to uh you know you,dont have to be 100 sure if it is green,then only your operator will be released,if it is yellow then there is a,possibility that you you might get,rejected so that you have to accept it,okay now so uh this is clear and friends,many other students were asking sir i,gave my interview on 10th of feb i gave,my interview on 12th of feb i gave my,interview on 20th of feb i have i am not,getting any kind of response so as i,have mentioned you earlier also friends,see you need to wait for one month so,suppose if you have given your interview,one tenth of feb then you need to wait,till 10th of march okay so till 10th of,march if you are not getting any,information from the company any,information from infosys then okay you,can assume that 90,you are rejected okay then you can,assume that 90 you are rejected okay so,wait for one month from whenever see why,im not telling hundred percent because,i know many of the student they got the,offer letter after two months but the,chances i mean very less number of,students uh will get you know after two,months so friends here i will say you,wait for one month okay so whenever you,give the interview after that you wait,for one month and within one month if,you are not getting any result then you,assume that you are not selected and,prepare for other examination friends if,you are not getting in one month then,what is the guarantee that you will get,in two months you cannot keep you cannot,sit idle and then you will be waiting,for the offer letter right see as i said,so there will be one percent two percent,candidates will be there they will be,getting the offer later after that many,months but you please do not wait so,wait for one month if you are not,getting it then keep very less hope from,infosys okay see the process will be,applied review in progress offer later,released okay and then you will have to,accept the offer letter and then here,join and once youll join and after that,your further process will be started,okay now so once again friends i wanted,to tell you so please do not depend on,the application status okay please do,not depend upon the application status,so in forces mainly deals with uh you,know the emails so you please keep,checking your email so if you will be,selected you will be getting the email,okay so do not completely depend on your,application status okay so this,application status will be frequently,keep changing so please do not depend on,that and you keep preparing and keep,checking the emails you should not miss,the email and also friends research,dueling of the interviews and all those,things i have told in the previous video,that you need to send the email right to,the company so that your interview will,be residual so each and everything i am,making the video and once again i am,telling friends so if you are not able,to get all the information then please,do join our instagram page see why im,telling that its not because our,followers will increase see for every,small small things i cannot make a video,on youtube right so that you are agree,so if infosys face was not detected then,what to do right so when in forces,results will come okay cognition hiring,enforces all qu

I Abruptly Stopped Drinking Caffeine And This Happened

Hi, Dr Bernard here.,I recently published a video on Chubbyemu about a man who accidentally dry scooped a,lethal dose of caffeine.,Link is in the description below.,That is a de-identified case from a colleague of mine, but, the general circumstance surrounding,that accident, was really familiar to me.,When the idea of mixing supplements came up, as like the patient in this video did, it,brought me back to an earlier time in my life where I did the exact same thing.,In fact, some of my close friends immediately recognized it.,When I was in college I used to buy supplements to the tune of hundreds of pounds of protein,powder.,The more you bought the cheaper it was per pound.,We’re talking like $2 or $3 per pound, back in the mid 2000s, and I would save up all,the money I made working minimum wage at target.,It used to come in these big plastic bags I remember hauling it down the dorm hallway.,What you would do is you would mix a blend of casein and whey together.,And then you add in your own flavoring.,But then I started getting into things like mixing in amino acids.,Or something else called beta alanine.,There was a time when waxy maize was really popular, that is a heavy starch that would,supposedly absorb into your body really quick.,I think it was pre or peri workout.,To be honest, I dont remember any of those helping very much.,Sometimes what would happen is that I would mistakenly mix the wrong stuff together, because,I didn’t label things properly.,But when it came to amino acids there was a very particular taste to them.,The leucine would float to the top, it kinda had a greasy feel in your mouth, but you distinctly,knew it was a powder because it was grainy.,And all 3 of the aminos together would stick to the back of your throat so you had to wash,it down with even more water.,And then now you feel bloated.,Beta alanine also had its own taste.,It was kind of like fish, and it would make the shake sour to me so I never mixed it in,with Cookie Dough flavored protein powder mixed in milk.,Except for the times when I would mistake the wrong things and mix the wrong supplements,together.,And I remember when those times happened because the shake was just absolutely disgusting.,And everything had already been mixed at that point, so, good luck dealing with those shakes,for the next couple weeks.,Thats where the patient in the caffeine video got into trouble because that was exactly,what he did— mistake amino acids with caffeine, and that’s what led to the overdose.,Typically you take 5 grams amino acids.,5 grams of caffeine however, is more than 10x the recommended daily limit.,This is all the pretext for my own caffeine withdrawal experience.,Im gonna say I was pretty surprised that caffeine was included in the patient’s mix,,however he wanted to do it.,In general, maybe it could pass for a pre-workout, but even then, caffeine is a stimulant, it’s,not a great one when it comes to giving you a pump in the gym, and really it’s included,in so many regular drinks, you really shouldn’t need to add it to anything to get the desired,effect from it, but how exactly do you get that effect?,Caffeine is a methylxanthine.,It’s a stimulant natural product derived from plants.,So when we look at the chemical structure, it resembles adenosine.,For our purposes here, adenosine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain.,Some natural chemicals are heavily conserved, so ADENOSINE Triphosphate is used for energy,,it’s also used in RNA.,The ubiquity of it in humans, and other mammals, means when a plant makes something that’s,similar in shape, it’s going to have activity.,All of this gives us some context as to what were working with here, and also how it can,even cause a withdrawal effect in the first place, which at one point in time, needed,confirmation to even exist in the first place.,So if we know that caffeine is a stimulant, and it resembles adenosine which is an inhibitory,neurotransmitter, then we can deduce that caffeine would somehow negate the effect of,adenosine.,That is, caffeine blocks neuroinhibition, thereby causing the opposite stimulation.,When allowed to work properly, adenosine slows the heart rate down.,You want that in times when a patient’s heart is beating so fast and so erratically,that it’s not contracting in a way that moves blood.,If caffeine is there to block adenosine, meaning caffeine won’t allow adenosine to slow down,the heart, then the result is that the heart beats faster.,Increasing adenosine also increases a person’s need to sleep.,So blocking adenosine via caffeine would disturb one’s sleep cycle, and we know when it comes,to caffeine consumption, that topic in particular is widely documented.,It goes so far as to people saying that our entire economic machinery has been widely,impacted by caffeine, because it causes one to stay awake to do more.,Adenosine also helps keep blood vessels at a normal diameter, so blocking it with caffeine,causes vasoconstriction.,Keep in mind, all of this is talking about a regular dose of caffeine, lets just say,,the 400 milligram daily limit.,When we come to overdose, like in the Chubbyemu case, everything changes.,So again, right now we are not talking about overdose, just a regular dose.,So just by this mechanism of how caffeine works, the analogy that we could use for it,is that it is a molecule where if the nervous system is not allowed to “step on the brakes,”,so to say, then we can interpret that a couple ways.,If in the case the figurative vehicle that is analogous to your daily vitality, wakefulness,,and concentration, aren’t really moving that fast in the first place, caffeine not,allowing the brakes to be engaged, means you just keep going.,There’s no indication of speed, you could just be coasting, and you keep going, even,you dont want to.,So while we know caffeine as a stimulant, it’s not as strong a stimulant at regular,doses as some other things that are used to treat pathological conditions, or that are,just not lawful in the United States.,In other words, we can say that caffeine doesnt cause excess stimulatory neurotransmitter,release in key parts of the brain, rather it mostly prevents inhibition by blocking,adenosine.,Biological systems tend to adapt to the conditions placed on them.,So if the body needs adenosine for normal function, but you have an exogenous compound,,caffeine, present that is blocking the function of adenosine, then that biological system,will want to respond by creating more adenosine receptors in the hopes that it can get some,signal from some adenosine.,So in order to get the same effect from that exogenous compound, you will now need more,of it, because the brain has created more adenosine receptors to block.,Sometimes, people will overshoot it, and then mass ingest a lot of exogenous compound, causing,the body to then adapt again and create even more receptors in response.,Now, you have a situation where there are too many adenosine receptors present, and,if you dont have some caffeine present every day, all the time, then there’s an overactivity,of adenosine.,This is what we call dependency, and many other substances that are misused undergo,a similar mechanism in the body.,You’ve build up to a point where you are dependent on an exogenous substance.,If you don’t have it, you get symptoms of being ill.,There’s a pain and discomfort associated, that are so unpleasant, all you need is just,some of that substance to not feel that discomfort.,And that’s how the withdrawal mechanism happens, as we know it today.,All of this bringing me to my own experience with caffeine withdrawal.,Ive had this a lot of different times in my life, and whats funny about it is that,when I experience it, I dont necessarily realize that it’s because of a lack of caffeine.,When 2020 happened, I definitely got myself into a nice coffee ritual because I could,finally brew it at home for breakfast.,Actually, it came out of the 2 gallons coffee video I made on Chubbyemu in

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