1. University of the People Review | Any Good for Busy Adults?
  2. Pros & Cons of Studying at University of The People
  3. The University of the People Review | Pros and Cons
  4. University of the People M.Ed.
  5. University of the People: FREE? LEGIT? ACCREDITED? An Americans (USA) perspective.
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University of the People Review | Any Good for Busy Adults?

University of the people seems like an,insanely good deal because it is tuition,free but that doesnt mean that its,actually free or that its even the,cheapest college out there U of the P,was founded in 2009 by shy reschef and,Israeli businessman who wants everybody,all over the world to have a chance to,be able to get a bachelors degree and,currently the school has over 100,000 students and the question were,going to Deep dive today is should you,become one of them to do that were,going to give U of the p a grade in four,categories transfer friendliness cost,degree choice and student experience,were going to average those out turn it,into a GPA and the goal for a really,solid hackable college is to get a 3.0,out of four and by the way if youre,looking to go back to college sign up,for a consultation with me and my team,at the link in the description we will,help you graduate college quickly and,inexpensively so you can build a career,you love we typically save our clients,about forty five thousand dollars and,two to three years worth of time in just,a 45 minute session in transfer,friendliness lets start by looking at,the positive University of the people,will allow you to transfer up to 75 of,your degree from outside sources that,means you only really have to take 30,credits with the school itself and,thats pretty standard for the industry,at this point in addition based on my,personal research looking at what other,people have said looking at what their,website says Im gonna guess that,theyre pretty accepting of transfer,credit they mention accepting credit,from accredited institutions which means,that because theyre not saying,specifically Regional Lee accredited,institutions theyll probably accept,credit from nationally accredited,institutions too and if theyll accept,credit from those guys that means,theyll probably cant promise anything,but theyll probably accept credit from,most places but one of the most,important transfer friendliest questions,we need to ask is how well do they play,with clap dsst Sophia straighterline.com,and study.com the big five of college,hackability and the answer is sadly that,they dont list these equivalents sees,anywhere even a Harvard lists some of,their transfer clap exam equivalencies,but for some reason University of the,people doesnt and theyre not a an,official partner with any of these,programs which means that trying to hack,their degree with those five programs I,mentioned the five big hackability,options is the college equivalent of,trying to throw darts blindfolded now I,do know that they will consider those,credits but we dont know where theyll,land so while in actuality it might be,the case that their transfer,friendliness is at an a level because,they dont list anything publicly that,really hurts their score so because they,hide that information from us College,hackers and because they really sort of,seem to be pushing people towards,actually taking their courses which are,eight weeks a piece that puts their,transfer friendliness score at a B cost,is you of the peoples biggest selling,point and that pun was definitely,intended you literally pay zero dollars,on a per credit basis or any per,semester basis but that doesnt mean,that theyre free overall if you get a,bachelors degree from University of the,people you will end up paying for,probably three things number one youre,paying sixty dollars to apply number two,you have to pay a hundred and twenty,dollars per course to pay for the,assessment work that the instructor does,of the homework you submit and number,three this is a fee that actually most,schools dont have when you transfer,credits to U of the P they look at it,and if they accept a course they charge,you 17 per course accepted so lets say,you transfer in 60 credits thats going,to be about three hundred and forty,dollars so all told if you do University,of the people youre looking at spending,somewhere between twenty five hundred,and five thousand dollars which is,mind-blowingly good theres only one,other school I can think of that can,become this cheap apart from you know,sometimes community colleges are just,paid for by the government and so,because of that not only does you of the,people get an A but because theyre,rethinking the game of college tuition,were going to give them our first ever,a plus when we assess degree choices at,a school were looking at two things,variety and flexibility and this is a,category where University of the people,really suffers first off as far as,variety goes University of the people,only has three options for a bachelors,degree of course these bachelors degree,options do have options for,specializations for a total of 11,different specializations but even still,that is not a lot of choice these three,degrees are some of the most popular,ones out there right now and they,coincide really really well with the,five highest paying easiest to get jobs,that I mentioned in this video but,youre probably still only going to,serve about 80 percent of students and,leave 20 percent of students saying,wheres my major on top of that,University of the people is missing what,I call a Chipotle major I talked about,it in this video and so if youre,transferring in like 60 or 90 credits it,might not actually be a good fit for you,second lets talk about degree,flexibility were looking at their,bachelors in business here and their,website claims that all three of their,degrees have about 36 elective credits,which is six higher than what I like to,see so thats awesome there is enough,space here for some adequate level of,transfer of credits that might not fit,in another place but the problem we run,into is that their major areas are all,hovering around 60 credit hours which is,kind of a lot you kind of want to aim,for more around 45 credits in a really,hackable degree in the major area and so,youre less likely to hack quite as much,of the major area and that makes the,general education section which is,typically very hackable pretty small and,if you choose one of their,specializations that probably means that,your free elective section is going to,be even smaller so overall for degree,choice and degree flexibility I would,give University of the people a c and,finally its time to talk about student,experience is a university that is,almost free,any good lets find out number one,University of the people has a 100,acceptance rate so youre definitely,getting in but number two youre,probably not going to graduate they only,have a 13.4 graduation rate which is,even below most for profits I mean if,you really want to graduate and youre,the kind of person who cares about this,and youre going to make it happen then,you can be part of that 13.4 percent but,most people arent number three they are,a non-profit which is very much in their,favor means theyre not necessarily out,there to make money and they might,actually have some of your best,interests in mind number four the,biggest vote against University of,people is that theyre not regionally,accredited and because theyre a U.S,School based out of California and the,US their highest level of accreditation,is a regionally accredited degree that,means that this degree is not going to,be worth quite as much in the job market,or is not going to be quite as reliable,about getting you into graduate schools,now in the rest of the world if youre,in a country or going into a profession,where theyre just saying Hey I want a,bachelors degree a bachelors degree,this one will definitely get the job,done but particularly for those of you,in the US or those of you looking to go,to a U.S graduate program you might want,to look into regionally accredited,programs because there are going to be a,lot of positions and a lot of graduate,programs that just wont accept,nationally accredited degrees and the,reason for that is that its a lot,easier to get national accreditation and,much harder to get regional,accreditation number five we have the,student experien

Pros & Cons of Studying at University of The People

[Music],[Music],hi guys,welcome to my channel my name,is crystal if you are new here,please subscribe to my channel like this,video,and share it with your friends,so today im going to be talking about,the pros and cons of studying,with the university of the people,stay tuned so pro number one,all right so university of the people is,fully online and you,are not restricted to a schedule,so unlike other universities that,actually,have online classes but you have to,attend these classes at a particular,time at university of the people,you set your own schedule you study,whenever you want,there are no classes and for me this is,a big,pro because my schedule is really busy,and perhaps the time that they would,have class i would not be available,so this really gives persons from,whichever,time zone they can study,anytime and that is amazing all right so,thats a pro,pro on another pro is that,they are tuition free i mean,do you know how much it costs to attend,a university in the us,well the prices range is from like 12,000,up to 48 000 per year,right and that is just a random google,search i dont know if thats a,correct figure but thats a lot of money,right so university of the people there,they only charge you for your exam which,is 120,per exam right so when you calculate,that over the year,over the four year period youre gonna,pay a total of four thousand,eight hundred dollars right four,thousand eight hundred dollar for,four years to get a college degree and,that is,if that is not a pro guys i dont know,what is a pro,hello so another pro is that they,are american accredited so this means,that,they are recognizing the us and this,means that,they are recognized worldwide all right,so,you can easily transfer your credits,that you earn from university of the,people,to another university in the us or,even somewhere else in the world so if,you want to do two years,get about get your associate degree in a,university of the people,and then go to another university and,finish your bachelor,then you can do it easily without any,problems and,they have also partnered with some,schools in,in canada as well and some other places,so you can check out their website to,see more about that,but having an american accredited uh,degree,is something its a big deal so that is,a pro okay,so our final product i want to talk,about is that it is very easy,to use university of the people well,its easy to apply you just go to their,website,read provide the documents that they,require,and wait and someone will reach out to,you and,youre in right very simple most that,you need to provide is your,high school diploma all right once you,have that youre all set,and then once you are in it is so,simple to use the system they have a lot,of,tutorials videos that you can watch to,get yourself from milorize with the,system so you dont need to reach out to,anyone and say oh hey,how do i do this how do i go there how,do i find this how do i find that,everything is just so easy to use and,its a huge pro i mean it would be a,really inconvenient for a lot of people,if everything was so difficult to use,and you dont know what to do,if you dont know what to do there is a,video theres a tutorial,on how to use it so thats a huge pro,for me,so now that we have some of the pros,mind you there are more pros trust me,but,those are the one that i want to mention,im going to talk about some cons,of studying with university of the,people,alright so con number one,is,peer review yes,at university of the people you have to,review,your peers work and give them a grade,and they have to do the same,so that means that sometimes your peers,are going to give you some grade that,is unfair to be honest ive received,unfair grades before and,its kind of annoying because you have,to reach out to your instructor and say,hey,um professor xyz i received an unfair,grading on this could you take a look at,it for me,and the good thing is that the,instructors will review it,and they will upgrade your score,once they realize that you were truly,unfairly graded so,its not a big deal but its kind of,annoying that you have to,you know be constantly reaching out to,your instructor to upgrade your grade if,you know so what i do i dont really,report very,often i only report if i realize that,the grade is really low and my,my peers say something like i did not do,this,but the fact is i actually did it so,you know i dont think its fair for me,to to be martin for something that i did,correctly you know so yeah that is that,is,my number one pro um con at university,of the people,another con is it is a lot of work,oh my god look,i kid you not it is a lot of work,so each term basically lasts for two,months,and you have to complete,each week you have assignments right and,you have to do,a written assignment you have to do a,discussion post you have to do,your journal plus you have to read a,bunch of things,and you have to grade your peers for all,of these as well all right so its a lot,of work,and if youre doing two courses per term,which is what is advised then,you know its a lot of things to,basically um,you know get done within one week and,you have deadlines to meet you have you,have to submit all of these things for,the week,by wednesday or thursday okay and,its crazy so you really have to,to set your your schedule and stick with,it or else you will fall behind,trust me you will fall behind if you,dont stick to your schedule,so yeah thats thats a con but it,really pushes you to go,you know work harder all right so my,final,con is that you have to teach yourself,you dont they dont have classes where,you know you have your instructor and,theyre teaching you or theyre giving,you a lecture or whatever,you have to teach yourself you do your,reading solo,yes you have the discussion post where,you exchange,you know thoughts and whatever with your,peers and,you get feedback from your from your,instructor as well but,the teaching overall is you are teaching,yourself okay,so if you are the type of person that,requires someone to be there and be,teaching you,then this is not going to work out for,you you you have to be,self-disciplined so youre going to be,basically teaching yourself but it is a,pro for me,because honestly i i learn better,when im teaching myself than when im,in a class anyone knows me i went to,hampton,and i tell you i was,i was so idling in class right i always,talk in class i always like,i dont pay attention in class because i,find classes boring okay so whenever i,go to school i would just,chat away in class and i appear to be,idle but when i go home,what people dont know is that i teach,myself so i kind of have the experience,of,teaching myself from from long time ago,so i dont,its not really a con for me personally,to be honest,i dont have a problem with it because,ive always been doing it,but the persons who prefer to be in a,classroom situation and to be taught by,a teacher and to be able to ask,questions then,it will be a con for them but its all,right for me because honestly,if they had classes i probably wouldnt,even go to the classes anyways because,i dont know i prefer to learn by myself,its just me,thank you so much for watching this,video if you enjoyed,it please subscribe,join me okay and if you plan on,enrolling in university of the people,let me know let me know let me know i,would love to know uh,yeah so share this video with your,friends like it,and goodbye

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The University of the People Review | Pros and Cons

the university of the people,you may have seen adverts from this,university that claims to be american,accredited and tuition free,but is it real is it worth your while,today im going to do a review of the,university of the people,and so if youre interested in pursuing,a degree from that university,you might want to watch this video to,the very,end dont forget to click on the,subscribe button so that you can get,more of my content,because i post about education i post,content for people in the educational,industry,i post to students i post to people who,are,in business and so you should subscribe,to my channel,[Music],okay lets get started with the,university of the people,first of all is it real or is it a scam,let me answer that question up front the,university of the people,is very real it is real i know from,experience because i started a program,at the university of the people,to the next question should you pursue a,degree there should you go to the,university of the people,what exactly is it about well that,depends on you,the answer to that question is not going,to be the same for,everybody im going to talk about,factors that you should consider,ill talk about the pros and ill talk,about the cons,so that you can make up your mind and,decide on whether,it is for you so let me get started by,telling you that the university of the,people,is a fully online university meaning,that it doesnt really make use of,physical buildings,it doesnt teach in a brick and mortar,setting,like what many of us are used to the,implication of that,is students from all over the world,lecturers teachers are also from all,over the world,and so in reality even though it is an,american accredited university,it is in a sense a global university,as well so going to,the pros of studying at the university,of the people,the first is that it is tuition free,well i should probably explain what,tuition-free in this context means it,means that you dont pay the typical,tuition,that you would have paid in an american,university,instead what they charge at the,university of the people,is what theyve called assessment fees,okay and so for postgraduate courses,youre paying,above 200 for undergraduate courses i,think youre paying,about 800 and something dollars,the point is that you still get to pay,fees but,the fees are not as high as what you,would have paid,in a typical american university,for their mba for instance you would end,up paying,more than two thousand dollars for the,complete program,and for the m8 thats the masters of,education in advanced,teaching you would pay slightly more,than two thousand dollars as well,for their undergraduate degrees like the,undergraduate degree in computer science,you pay close to five thousand dollars,so,you can check up their website to get,the exact fees,but the point is that you still have to,pay fees its just that theyre not as,high,as what you would have paid in the,typical american university,the second advantage of studying at the,university of the people,is that it is online so what that means,is you dont have to go for physical,classes,and of course that implies that you can,get the education,from the convenience of your own you can,get it from whatever location you are,in and so from anywhere in the world,from asia from,africa from europe from anywhere you can,get the advantage of an american,accredited,degree you can get that kind of learning,from where you are,it means that you dont have to apply,for visas you dont have to think about,stuff like that,you dont even have to leave the work,that youre doing you can still do it,and continue with your work i think that,thats a very big,advantage another advantage of studying,at the university of the people is that,it is,accredited it is accredited by the,distance,education and accreditation council,which,is one of the accepted accreditation,agencies in the u.s it is actually,listed by the u.s department of,education,as a valid accreditation agency so what,that means is that your degrees,will be accredited however i should say,that,watch out for the cons because im going,to shed a little more light,on that subject of accreditation,one other advantage to studying at the,university of the people,is that the instructors the professors,are people who are very experienced,and who are very qualified you have most,of them having phds,and they are people who are generally,very accomplished,in fact many of them are sourced from,some of the other universities their,volunteers,were from some of the renowned,universities,what that means is you have access to,high quality faculty,and you are able to get their input,on your work another advantage you,should,have in mind is that the university of,the people is actually very,thorough i can say that from experience,you have assignments every week you have,to post,discussions you have to submit,assignments you have to write papers,and these things can be very time,consuming,they can require a lot of effort you,truly have to know,what you are doing it is very intensive,i should mention that because if youre,thinking that its just some diploma,meal where you can,sign up to and obtain a degree without,putting in any effort,that is simply not true for some of the,courses you have to read,pages and pages of content and it can be,very,very intensive the last,advantage that i would like to talk,about is their partnerships,they have partnerships with some of the,very well established,universities and bodies around the world,with these partnerships their degrees,can have,better acceptance and if you get,to do any of their courses you may be,able to progress,into one of those other universities,i should mention though that you might,want to read about the partnerships,dont assume because from what ive seen,online,it is not exactly automatic so ive told,you,the pros now let me tell you the cons,what are the things that you should,watch out for what are the possible,disadvantages,of studying at the university of the,people,well the first id like to talk about is,their accreditation,yes i told you that it is accredited by,the deac,and i told you that the dec is a valid,accreditation,body but i should mention that in the,u.s,there are actually two types of,accreditation theres what is known as,national accreditation and theres the,one that is known as,regional accreditation many of the,popular schools have what is known as,regional accreditation,and so what that implies is that the,schools that are really accepted,are the ones that are regionally,accredited as a matter of fact,most of the popular schools will not,accept a diploma or a degree,or credits from a nationally accredited,school,so i think that that is a very important,factor,that is something that usually bear in,mind if youre planning to study,at the university of the people you need,to be sure that you would end up with a,qualification,that you can use because for some people,its never going to make any difference,especially if youre studying from,outside of the us and you do not need,credits,from or you do not need to maybe,progress to,a regionally accredited us school it,might not make a difference in such a,case,but for many other people it might,matter so,consider that before you enroll you can,read up some more,about regional and national,accreditation,that said i should mention that the,university of the people has,kick-started its own process,of getting regional accreditation,although they have not provided,information about how soon,we can expect for them to have it we,dont know,anything about that yet its just good,to mention,that theyve started the process another,disadvantage i should talk about,is that the courses are not really,taught,in that sense of teaching there are no,instructors,you have access to the e-learning portal,they make use of,moodle which is an app an open source,app,that you can use for e-learning and they,make use of model you sign into it you,access your course content,you see

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University of the People M.Ed.

hi everyone im josh from the,philippines and finally i can be proud,or im proud to say that im an alumnus,of the university of the people so i was,among the first enrollees for the,masters of um education for the advanced,teaching program that was um if i can,remember that was sometime,uh in 2019 of january but then because,of some circumstances,i got some delays and i had to uh i had,to like withdraw some of the subjects,and,finally i got admitted as a degree,student so uh of course for the,university of the people remember that,you will have this first three subjects,before you get admitted as a degree,seeking student so finally,after how many months of waiting and,really following up the university of,the people i got the diploma,my degree was confirmed sometime in,august but then,i had to wait this much like its,already december and ive been always,trying to uh message my program advisor,and his supervisor um theyre so prompt,in responding to the emails and they re,i can see that theyre really trying,their best to do it well the good thing,about this degree is that i paid only 50,of it lets just say because um i got,the international baccalaureate,scholarship,so i guess international baccalaureate,um,paid for the six the six remaining,courses that i had so just imagine,thats like around a thousand two,hundred dollars and thats like a big,savings for me especially coming from,you know from the philippines like,thats a big amount of money anyway i,got the diploma today that the dawn,from fedex,um yeah its quite fast actually because,uh i just received the email like,yesterday yeah it was yesterday and then,checking on the tracking,uh it was sent like sometime in december,8 but um,the reason why it took so long is,because i had it happen styled in um,in california so well you know if youre,working in china like me im a teacher,in china and,um,we need to do some sort of over,legalization for all the documents that,we submit to the chinese government in,order for them to acknowledge it as a,real document have the documents,apostoled and so i can present it to,foreign ministry affairs of the,philippines so that they can put some,sort of authentication and regalization,here in the philippines so im trying to,unbox it,yeah um,and,i dont know im not sure if you can see,it but you can see from here like the,origin its coming from california,united states of america and it was sent,by julia maywell yeah so im really,happy so im just gonna open it up,and im so excited okay,they actually sent it to me via email,yesterday electronic copy copy of the,document so i kind of know like how it,looked like,so you can see my name in there okay,and yeah my address university of the,people,theres a seal theres a signature in,there,man i love the sound of this,well we have to be very careful but yeah,and im kind of removing this hero after,three years of hardship man university,of the people is not a joke,and its not its not simple its a big,kind of struggle to finish,but i had fun i would say,oh my gosh im so excited okay so this,is what im talking about uh,they put some stickers like,my name and my student number so you can,see in there in my country the,philippines and,yeah so lets just uh remove it from the,plastic,so first of all uh this is what im,talking about,i have this kind of uh,yeah like the legalization at the state,of california that you can see there,its notary public or like notarization,just so,you know we can show that this is an,original document coming from the united,states of america and this is coming,from,california the state of california,declaration of authenticity theres the,co you can see theres the seal in there,right and of course employee and,representative university of people,authorized on behalf of the university,of people and contests to diversity of,the affirmative statement signature,julia wong,okay and,now you can see here,transcript of records,yeah so it took me like three years to,finish i have them um,its actually not my address but my,relatives are dressed but i just put it,in there because you know sometimes in,china and my employer would ask yeah so,i just put it there and its a good,thing it just so happened that i,i have um you know relatives in america,in some places,so nice,and each of the transcript has,yeah has like the grading system and,some guidelines about the university and,like the grading system and,the diploma,so,yeah its actually uh pretty simple,which i like yeah but um yeah the seal,is so nice,thats the ceo of the university of,mexico and it says there uh university,of the people the government board of,the university of people on the,recommendation of faculty have converted,upon the probably the master of,education all right with all the rights,and privileges directly for the union,given in this city of pasadena in the,state of california this 18th day of,august 2021 so im not really sure if my,pronunciation is correct im really,sorry and of course the letter from,shirey shaft which ive seen from some,of the reviews that i got from graduates,i cant remember her name but she,finished business administration and she,was reading the letter while shes,crying,when i saw her i got really motivated,and i said like man,someday one day were going to be,reading that letter too okay let me just,read it very quickly heres whats up on,behalf of the faculty and administration,of the university of the people and,likes to send you the wireless,conversations of congratulations very,hard to believe uncommon thank you for,all that you have achieved as a student,at the university other people,graduation marks the end of your time,remain actively engaged with university,and would love for you to have a,convenient world in helping us build and,support our mission today there were,names of national students were quite,financial assistance and they cannot,afford to pay even our national fees now,that youre completed your decision,three degree accidents open dates of,higher education waters will also extend,opportunities,so,yeah for this part i just i was just,reminded that i was actually a recipient,of,this free education because um well its,true that the university of the people,is not completely free,but um its true that it is a tuition,free so the 200 that youre paying for,each course as far as i know um theyre,used for you know assessment services so,thats different,from tuition free yeah if you would want,to know more about why it has to be like,that then there are other other videos,that would explain why and uh what is it,for of course uh its a kind of a you,know making the institution or the,university sustainable,so,and yeah going back to what i was trying,to say i was a recipient of the,international baccalaureate scholarship,uh that paid almost half of my course,fees and,if im not mistaken it should be six,courses,six to seven courses so thats like,around a thousand two hundred to a,thousand four hundred us dollars uh,savings which is very helpful because,right now i dont have a job and um i am,a full-time student and im doing some,part-time jobs but you know still in the,philippines um,that amount of money has already been,held okay so i hope you will consider,today as well not supporting your,peoples,more affordable and videos than ever,before but any forward uh you are,helping to build a community that,supports future generations of students,as they accomplish your goals together,we will change the world and you should,break down successes you enter the next,phase of your life uh and hope that you,believe that accomplish your goals,please share your experiences,with your family friends and keep us,updated about your homework,and so proud of you as you should be of,yourself for this multiple achievement,from all this here youll be,congratulations wishes shy russian,finally oh my goodness,ive been emailing,my program advisor every now and then,and by the way thanks to my program,advisor um,he has been my longest program

University of the People: FREE? LEGIT? ACCREDITED? An Americans (USA) perspective.

[Music],whats up guys my name is tony and im,from the united states,and im also a student at university of,the people,today i wanted to hopefully clear up,some questions you might have,regarding the cost is the university,legit,as well as the biggest question of all,and that is,is the university accredited not just in,the united states,but all around the world in my research,looking at university of the people i,noticed there is a lot of haters,and you know like they say if youve got,haters youre doing something right,so lets break this down and hopefully,clear up any questions you have about,university of the people,all right so the first question im,going to address,is is the university accredited,but before i start doing that i want to,actually,share with you guys a project of my own,that i,created and that is teaching english to,people,like university of the people i ask,simply for,the administration costs like the cost,of running,my website and thats really it,sometimes free,for people who cant afford to pay so i,definitely admire the style and system,that,shira chef has created i might have a,little bit of a bias,but at the end of the day i hope to give,some unbiased proof,all right so number one as a student at,university of the people,i have a first-hand look at,whats really happening within the,university so im part of many different,groups,of real yes real students at university,of the people,that have formed a huge community,together and,i found many different people in many,different countries have gotten their,degrees,validated and there have been different,universities that accepted these degrees,all over the world in canada in,italy new zealand so the students of,university of the people have created,a subreddit that you can reference that,has,all the different colleges and,universities that,the students at university of the people,have been accepted at,ill put this in the link down at the,bottom so you can find all of this,information and proof,for yourself if you dont believe me,another big thing for me,is when people say things like this but,dont look into it whatsoever university,of the people is not accredited,right so the big thing is the regional,and national accreditation,at the end of the day the university is,accredited,by a u.s recognized institution that,accredits things right its not the most,glamorous,and the most reputable but it is,recognized by the united states,government,that is huge and at the end of the day,most places are never going to ask you,was your university regionally or,nationally accredited ultimately what,youre looking for,is an education and university of the,people is definitely doing that,this leads me to my next comment about,the university being,legit all it takes is a little bit of,research to,understand that this university is not,only legit,but also thriving the university has,like,55 000 students now,[Music],thats legit all it takes is one google,of the founder of university of the,people and you will have,all the evidence you need,as far as costs go the university states,that its free but,we know when something says its free,theres probably,some fine print that you didnt read,so like i said before i actually have,my own style of teaching for,very very low cost to people anywhere in,the world,and i use my travel videos that you can,see,on my youtube channel here to help,people learn english in a fun,relatable way with things like culture,food and the places we visit its called,tonguebit.com and ill put a link,in the description below with that being,said,i definitely understand why there is a,cost at university of the people when,they say,free what they literally mean is they,are not charging you,for anything more than some,administration costs so if you do the,math,if you were going to say get a,bachelors degree at university of the,people,you would end up paying around four,thousand dollars for four years of,university,its not much by some peoples standards,it might be significant but,if it is they have demonstrated that,they are willing to give you a,scholarship,for a year sometimes until you complete,your studies,and you can find examples of this all,over the internet,if youre watching this and you got a,scholarship please,write something in the comments for me,show the people that this thing,is real now that im a student at,university of the people,i witness these things countless times,because i actually get to have hands-on,experience,with the community of university of the,people,students but not just on the internet,for those of you who want more proof,there are,tons of communities on things like,discord,or yammer or,reddit theres massive whatsapp groups,like i said weve got over 55 000,students now,and its likely that covet had a huge,influence,on this and honestly ive seen,so many universities now go completely,online and that really makes university,of the people look,even better because for a long time,people said that,online learning was inferior,but in the end all of these universities,started going online due to the,situation but,still charging the same amount this has,a lot of implications,i dont want to read too much into it,but i think,it says for all of us online education,definitely has its place in the,university environment,before i go and i will put this in the,description below i,encourage you to go and watch the ted,talk by shirechef,so you can really understand what it,means to be a university of the people,student,and why i feel so proud to call myself,a student at university of the people,so welcome to the bus station we are in,the dominican republic,welcome to the amazon hello from punta,del diablo we are,here on the coast of uruguay hello,welcome to lima we are in the capital of,peru,aka the city i was born in so,apparently you eat this with your hands,oh were here,[Music],all right were at the vatatio market,and basically what were trying to do,right now is find some sleeping bags,for our hike these are one of the things,that maybe most people dont do when,they come to cusco,so you should probably come check it out,get some cheap goods,[Music],[Music],wow

Question: Should I get a Computer Science Degree from University of the People?

so this question comes from Silas I have,a question I want to ask your opinion,about an online university in the United,States known as university of the People,Im a Pakistani citizen and I work as a,salesman in Oman I really wanted to get,a degree in computer science and the,best way for me to do it is the online,program for university to people I so I,want to know if you have any information,about this University,so this is one of those kind of,questions that I get a lot of the time,and I realize no matter how I answer,this question you really already have,the answer you want right because really,in this question the the thing that,should be capitalized and undersized,underlined and italicize and bolded is I,want to get a degree in computer science,and the best way for me to do it is the,program from University of the People so,realistically the decision has already,been made the decision has already been,made and and there you go no matter what,I say you pretty much know what you want,to do this is an important thing to,understand life you know whenever you go,out and you look for advice from from,mentors or whatever is so many times we,already have the answer to our question,in our head and then for some reason we,still go out there and we we ask these,questions even though we already know,exactly what were going to do and so a,lot of times you can save yourself a lot,of pain and frustration simply by doing,whatever it is you want to do if youve,already made your decision go with yours,decision and go with it but I want to,talk about University of the people for,a minute because it does seem like an,interesting program it is definitely not,at the top of my list not anywhere near,the top of my list but I also would not,write it off it fits in one of those,weird areas and Eli the computer guy,land where its like its not the top of,the list its not written off its kind,of one of those niche things if you if,your life is within a certain set of,circumstances it may be the best thing,for you but if its outside those set of,circumstances it could be absolutely,horrible,so with university of the people the,interesting thing with this is that this,is what is called a tuition free,university so the idea is you dont pay,any tuition for classes you dont pay,let ik fees you dont pay a per credit,fee you dont pay a person semester fee,it is tuition free now I want you to be,careful uh if Ive taught you guys,anything it is always to listen to what,the hell people are saying not what you,think theyre saying what they are,saying and if you heard what I said I,said is a tuition free university,tuition free not free not free tuition,free so basically how they make their,money then is whenever you sign up to,become part of the program you pay a $50,application fee not too bad but then you,pay $100 per class testing fee so,whenever you get done with one of their,classes there are three credit credit,hour classes or whatnot you pay $100 fee,in order to get tested and for them to,give you a gold star now the thing to,realize you know youre sitting there,and going and at first I was like oh,thats not too bad a hundred bucks per,test no big deal but then its been,awhile since I went to university and,then I started thinking about its like,well universities 120 credit hours that,comes out to 40 classes 43 credit hour,classes so if you have to pay a hundred,dollars per class to test then that,comes out to like $4,000 and testing,fees yeah if Im doing my math right it,comes out to about four thousand dollars,in testing fees plus a fifty dollar,application fee um so it is definitely,not free by any stretch of the,imagination now you look at $4,000 its,up to your bank account whether that,seems high or low for me thats a drop,in the bucket wont even think twice,about it heres a check done but again,if youre in Pakistan or India or some,of these other places four thousand,dollars for some people maybe a years,salary and not being sarcastic theyre a,really maybe so that is one thing to,look at whenever whatever youre looking,these programs is make sure one that you,know what they are actually saying you,know whenever theyre saying it and then,see if that actually fits into your bank,account make sure you do all the math,because $4,000 is definitely not free,now lets go over to the computer and we,can kind of take a look at this so you,know I was taking a look around on the,university of the people website and so,basically this is a tuition free online,university so its all online and again,you dont pay any tuition other than the,four thousand dollars for testing fees,go in here you can take a look at the,information and basically what they do,is they do online courses from what I,can gather they put you into cohorts of,20 or 30 people and they kind of,Shepherd you through with whatever kind,of online program they have now with,this the important thing to look at,whenever youre looking at universities,is what the hell is their accreditation,this is one of the biggest problems I,have especially with a lot of,third-world viewers is you guys go after,every University that the US will throw,at you and dont really think about the,quality of the university right,universities and all the same quality,right so what accreditation agencies do,is accreditation agencies actually,accredit the university to say that the,university is living up to a certain set,of standards so here in the United,States theres generally six widely,known accrediting agencies that are for,different regions of the United States,so here in the Baltimore area were,under like the mid-atlantic whatever,higher education but then theres like,the Northeast and theres a southeast,and theres six major ones this is this,is accredited under the distance,education and training council to be,honest with you I have no idea so it is,accredited they did go through the,trouble of getting it accredited whether,this accrediting body matters I cant,tell you so thats one thing you need to,do the research not only do you need to,research the University but then when it,says things like its accredited you,then need to look into the accrediting,agencies and make sure if the,accrediting agencies are worth a darn,and again with the det C I cant tell,you I aint even go near that one but,just be careful when youre looking at,that so beyond that you know we look at,the programs we go over here to,admissions and we go over here to,academics we can see there are different,programs so these programs basically,they seem to only have to at this point,in time they have Business,Administration in computer science if,you click on the computer science you,can see all the different stuff we can,go down take a look at the course,catalog and from the course catalog it,looks very University ish you know we,can open this up and see what they have,it said so overall I mean you know you,know if you dont have a life if all,youve gots four thousand dollars and,you need to do an online program,definitely it seems like it will you,know its its interesting now theres a,couple of things again,like I would say to be careful about,whenever gonna be looking at these,online programs is the first one is the,question I have is can you actually do,an online program a lot of people sign,up for online programs because you know,its great its inexpensive I can do it,from home I can do it on my own time,what is not to love about this except,for the fact that most people know 90,percent of population dont have enough,discipline to actually do that so,although it looks really good on paper,they dont actually end up doing it so,the first thing to worry about whenever,you gonna be doing self Education,self-training online training any that,kind of stuff is simply do you have the,discipline I dont I dont can I be,honest with you I dont Ive done those,online and I had to do a couple of,telecourses back in the day before we,had online courses and those were,miserable like I actua

Truth about Tuition Free Universities & University of the People

hey hope youre having a great day in,todays video were going to talk all,about tuition-free universities i want,to walk you through how to find out if,theyre actually legit and how much,money are you actually going to pay for,these tuition-free universities were,going to talk about as an example the,most popular of these universities and,its called the university of the people,if youre interested in going back to,college and not paying tuition todays,videos just for you,so lets dive in,hi im ryan swait and i used to be a,two-time college dropout making just 12,bucks an hour then i learned how to hack,college and earned an entire bachelors,degree in nine months flat subscribe to,my channel and ill show you how,[Music],all right so i want to use like i said,university of the people as an example,were going to jump over to my computer,and im going to show you how to,actually find out,if this is legit if its worth your time,or if you need to try to explore other,avenues so lets jump over to my,computer were on university of the,peoples website,and as you can see they brand themselves,as 100 online,tuition free degree programs okay,now if you go to their tuition free,section,youre gonna see,that they say yep we dont have fees 100,online,accredited all this kind of stuff okay,now,here is the truth,lets go to,their fees page and ill walk you,through exactly how much its really,going to cost because its not actually,tuition free now if you look what are,the fees,as you can see here,they charge you like registration fees,and then they charge you for all of your,exams so they say hey you can take,our coursework you can go through the,coursework for free but when you go to,take the exam its actually going to,cost money youre going to have to pay,for the class,when you go to take the exam and,sometimes theyll even say,you know what you can pay for the exam,later and you go pay for the exam and,then before you actually can get your,diploma you owe,a bunch of money to get that diploma now,if you look down here,they say the total approximate cost,to earn a degree at university of the,people are the following,a bachelors degree,is almost five thousand dollars plus you,got to think of all these to it these,added fees so probably around five grand,and mbas an additional thirty six,hundred dollars,so,as you can see its not actually free,but,a bachelors degree,for five thousand dollars would be worth,it if it was a really highly accredited,school highly accredited degree and,could get you a sweet job so lets kind,of go into,kind of,how do you make that decision how do you,find out if this is legit okay now,one thing i want to talk about first is,paying for the tuition five grand the,first thing i want to point out here,this is on university of the peoples,website,university of the people,doesnt participate in federal funding,aid,like fafsa okay they dont allow fafsa,so lets say youre comparing university,of the people degree and its going to,cost you five thousand dollars or youre,going to go to another school that cost,10 15 20 30 forty thousand dollars but,you can get fafsa you can get government,grants to pay your tuition for you,youre actually paying more to go to,university of the people,than to go to a better school,that does accept government grants so,thats the first thing i want you to,consider,do you qualify for government grants,and if you dont is this going to be,worth it okay lets go into that okay so,if you do qualify for government grants,there are much better schools than,university of the people if you dont,lets look at some more stuff okay,now,i want to talk about accreditation okay,accreditation theres two types of,accreditation theres national,accreditation and theres regional,accreditation guess what national is,lower regional is higher,85,of universities in the united states of,america are regionally accredited thats,like the top tier of accreditation,15,only have national accreditation which,is the very lowest form of accreditation,you can basically have to call yourself,a college or university you have to have,one of those two,15 thats like the bottom barrel schools,okay now,there is a website if you go to,ope.ed.gov,okay,this is government website where you can,search,and basically find out a universitys,accreditation were going to search,university of the people,click search,and they do come up,well click on it and as you can see,theyre accredited by the distance,education,accrediting commission okay so they are,accredited what type of credit,accreditation is that okay,theres actually a pretty cool article,if we look over here this is that an,article by drexel university really good,information i can leave the link down,below in the description but as you can,see,if we scroll through this article,they have a list they have national,accreditation institutions which is the,lower form okay and as you can see the,first one here distance education and,training council,thats the institution that accredits,university of the people,they are nationally accredited not,regionally accredited and you can,use this same tool you can find other,schools use the same tool i just showed,you before,and you can come down here to this,article and there is a list,of regional accreditation institutions,okay thats the higher form of,accreditation so,university of the people is not,regionally accredited thats another red,flag okay,red flag number three three strikes,youre out right red flag number three,this is a,um this is from data usa,and what theyre studying here is how,much time does it actually take to,graduate from university of the people,okay,in 2020,eight percent of students graduating,from university of the people,completed their program within a hundred,percent or normal time,four years for a four-year degree so,eight percent of people earned a,four-year degree from university of the,people,in four years eight percent okay,going on,31,completed their degrees within 150,of normal time which is six years okay,31 percent of people finished in six,years or less at university of the,people,and 64,of people,graduated within eight years or 200,percent,of the normal graduation time,64,percent of people took more than six,years less than eight years okay,thats terrible that is absolutely,terrible so,youre really gonna come out of pocket,at least five thousand,okay taxes and fees and theyre probably,always adjusting it probably depends on,which major youre going into okay,thats number one number two they dont,accept fafsa okay you cant get,government grants so all those fees have,to come out of your own pocket,number three,they are nationally accredited not,regionally accredited accredited so the,quality of education is lower okay,and number four,it takes,longer than average to graduate okay so,do you want to come out of pocket for,your degree,and take longer,for,a lower level degree the answer is,probably no now,if people actually do this research,beforehand,a vast major vast majority of people,will say no no way in heck im ever,going to this school the reason they,make money and the reason they get,students enrolling is because most,people dont know this information,before they start college well what,happens is if you go two years into this,degree,youre going to want to finish instead,of losing all your credits,that theyre going to make you pay for,later okay now there are other ways to,earn college degrees,almost free okay,in very little amount of time,my personal favorite process for earning,degrees faster is called degree hacking,i earned a bachelors degree in nine,months and i came out of pocket two,hundred dollars for tuition okay,its so much faster its so much cheaper,im gonna leave a link down below to a,video thats basically a degree hacking,tutorial you can literally click there,and watch it for free no strings,attached the purpose of this video i,wanted to show you that these,tuition-free universities,its a its a marketing hoax okay i do,marketing for a

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