1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Unlimited Love ALBUM REVIEW
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  5. Red Hot Chili Peppers “Unlimited Love” Reaction
  6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Unlimited Love – Album Review
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Unlimited Love – Album Review

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Unlimited Love ALBUM REVIEW

um hi everyone funkney shintano here the,internets busiest music nerd and its,time for a review of this new red hot,chili peppers album unlimited love this,is a brand new lp from legendary west,coast funk and alt rock outfit the red,hot chili peppers its been a while,since their last full-length lp the,getaway in 2016 and lp i to this day,struggle to conjure many memories of,negative or positive which is kind of,the case in general for the 2010s when,it comes to the peps,yeah im calling them that the peps if,anything the last 10 years have felt,almost like a loss of direction for the,band in a way their paths to lps,obviously werent akin to the in your,face funk metal that their breakout,records brought to the table nor did,they really achieve the viral heights of,their biggest pop rock crossovers in the,late 90s and early 2000s but now we have,a new record here with a new decade and,the exciting announcement that guitarist,songwriter or multi-instrumentalist,really john fushante is back in the mix,with the band anybody familiar with the,peps history knows that jon was there,during some of the most pivotal moments,in the bands discography so thats got,to be at least one reason to be excited,for unlimited love which is a massive,album not the bands longest by far but,still a pretty hefty offering at 70,minutes or so and for the most part the,17 tracks here stick very closely to the,bands trademark blend of funk laced alt,rock albeit now a bit smoother and,mellower i mean obviously theres no,give it away on here but theres still,lots of grooves to be had a couple of,metal inspired bridges and breaks too,seems like the band isnt desperately,vying for pop appeal this time around as,well i mean black summer was the lead,single to this thing and now having,heard the entire album its just about,the catchiest cut youre gonna get on,this record im not catching a supreme,amount of drive and focus across this,project as well which isnt necessarily,a bad thing its as if the band this,time around is doing just what feels,good in the moment for as long as they,feel like it i guess and as somebody,whos just listening to the record there,is something second-hand freeing about,that the peps truly do have nothing to,prove at this point theyre rock legends,one of the most popular to ever do it as,a bass player myself i regard flea as,one of the most influential bassists of,all time no matter how weak of a record,this band ever puts out thats always,gonna be there in my heart somewhere,especially since as a 90s kid they were,a part of my soundtrack as i was getting,into music for the first time which is,why its slightly encouraging to hear,the band in a bit more of a funkier,place on some of these tracks this time,around and also hear them randomly,venturing into stuff like the sci-fi,synths and sliding guitar melodies that,suddenly shifts into these grungy hard,rock riffs on bastards of light or the,country music transition toward the end,of white braids and pillow chair there,are also some really bold and jazzy,trumpet layers toward the finish of,aquatic mouth dance which is a phrase i,hope i never have to say,again because it sounds like a one-way,ticket to an sti having said that i,should move over to one of my biggest,peeves with the record and that is the,lyrics lord i i mean i am well aware at,this point that anthony kiedis has not,exactly built up uh the reputation of a,uh you know godly wordsmith or anything,but you know he does have a unique style,that fuses elements of spoken word and,singing and rapping its very dynamic,its very punchy and at this point i,cant really imagine any other vocal,style,fronting the band working in the context,of the peps music but still theres no,reason,for,some of the verses on this record to be,as absurd and just straight up silly as,they are like aquatic mouth dance,seriously the the band itself in the,background is sounding absolutely sick,on this track i mean melodically one of,the better hooks on the entire lp but,but aquatic mouth dance which is just,the tip of the iceberg like the song,here ever after for example this is,almost gobbledygook peaches are sold and,all giving up on that humpty style at,the caldwell cross from blacktop shes,eurasian met her at the quick stop we,danced at titos go-go girlfriends back,now she gone solo shes eurasian shes,from the largest continental landmass on,the planet earth yeah her and billions,of other people like im not averse to,the idea that what is going on in this,song is,based in some kind of story or,experience but its like anthony is,consistently pulling from the most,irrelevant and ridiculous details of the,tale and assembling that into some kind,of narrative jumble whats even worse is,the song poster child which is packed,with all these silly tongue twisters,making constant pop culture references,some of which are cute allusions to the,idea of all this stuff and life itself,being so temporary but a lot of the time,its just bubble gum i bazooka dirty,dandy nana look a smoked banana in your,hookah now i know the band is ruka,this sounds like if we didnt start the,fire it was written by dr seuss but on,an off day look im not gonna belabor,this point but i think the lyrics across,this record generally are weak it feels,rare that anthony is actually delivering,a cogent thoughts that assemble into,something coherent at the end of it like,when he sings about coming to terms with,not being the person that someone he,seems to have romantic feelings for,needs in their life on the song not the,one or the story of star-crossed lovers,on the track its only natural and keep,in mind both these tracks are highlights,for me on the record but sometimes his,bars just come across too fragmented or,just too quick to throw out very low,hanging fruit like lyrical cliche after,lyrical cliche or or or just be,weirdly awkward please love can i have a,taste i just want to lick your face,any other day i would say,youre atlantis manta ray he also,delivers over the track one-way traffic,with all of these uh,very strange white girl rap flows that,are akin to that of like rebecca black,on the song friday and its moments like,these that i think prevent the full,potential,of these tracks even when the band in,the background is just like totally,kicking ass like on the song these are,the ways or what youre thinking which,does feature one of the better choruses,on the entire lp but like what is this,flow where it just sounds like kidis is,is ripping off or interpolating putting,on the ritz,so as i was saying on this record it,genuinely does come across that the band,just doesnt have anything to prove at,this point that leads to some risks that,are interesting and pan out that leads,to others where,yeah not so much the heavy wing for,example is an attempt at this heavy,grungy psych rock fusion and it has an,easy going and melodic enough start and,on the course it breaks into some wildly,noisy guitars that are really cathartic,and exciting definitely one of,frushantes moments to shine on the,project but i believe he also takes on,the chorus as well where the vocals get,super buried and frankly this section of,the song just kind of sounds like,something that red hot chili peppers,would have been a breath of fresh air,from in the 90s and i dont know why but,the drums bass and guitar on the great,apes come across so much more amateurish,than they do on any other track here the,drum beat seems so plainly,straightforward the bass triads are,bland the blaring guitar chords that,ham-fistedly smother everything else in,the mix i feel like im listening to a,rickety performance from a local band at,a sports bar i mean i get in a sense the,band may be going for something,different here but this is not the,groove or fluidity i typically expect,from a chili pepper song the last leg on,the project is a bit of a mixed bag,theres heavy wing that i mentioned,earlier the verse melodies on veronica,oddly enough sound like a bland rip

Red Hot Chili Peppers Rip the Rug | Unlimited Love – Album Review

[Music],hey neighbor welcome back to ar tv my,name is john and my heart is overflowing,because john freshante is back in the,red hot chili peppers for their first,album with him in 16 years and their,first album overall in six josh,klinghoffer has departed the band and i,have nothing but kind words and respect,for this man and what he did in the,chili peppers their 2010s material is,drastically overlooked and unfairly,dismissed but good god i would be lying,if i said i wasnt on fire for album 12,unlimited love despite anthony keates,performing as a pirate during certain,parts of the verses i think the song,sounds fantastic its definitely a big,comeback statement its the opening song,on unlimited love and with the,subsequent singles i have to say biggest,misfire ever they could not have picked,worse follow-up singles i say that not,as someone who hates those songs i just,think that theyre the weakest elements,on an album full of huge highs big,victory laps and even some expansive,elements that pushed the chili peppers,forward needless to say i was sweating,bullets as my anticipation for the album,was still extremely high but i was a,little worried because not the one was,very mid i felt that it was rather,uninteresting on the whole and also,poster child i just have this thing its,a pet peeve where i dont like songs,that just constantly name check stuff,and it feels like kind of a lazy,imitation of their own song that already,exists from one hot minute walkabout,which is easily one of their most,underrated ever throw everything that,you expected for this album out the,window at least based on the singles,because jon forshante is back in this,band and you absolutely feel that not,only from his delicious guitar licks but,also from those backing vocals and even,one track where he sings leads on the,chorus with iconic producer rick rubin,returning to the chili peppers to,produce unlimited love i can respect the,hesitations that some people have they,didnt want him to brick wall the sound,of this lp we all know how he likes to,work sometimes but i really appreciate,that he actually didnt necessarily do,that i feel that this album gives space,to every member and it really shines it,just sounds fantastic overall as the,atmosphere can wash over you and you can,pick out the details and nuance in every,track i cant tell you how good it feels,as a lifelong chili peppers fan as,somebody who considers them one of his,top 10 favorite bands of all time to,listen to this album in full it comes in,at about an hour and 10 minutes which is,not that weird for the chili peppers a,bantu put out stadium arcadium but it,feels like they picked up and didnt,really lose much it was clear that they,had been jamming a ton together working,john back into the band and they are,firing on every cylinder imaginable,locking in those funk rock grooves is,effortless for the red hot chili peppers,even well into the bands late 50s with,the aging members i have to say this is,aging like a fine wand at its most,exemplary with roaring guitars electric,drums some incredible base work from,flea which i would expect nothing less,from him and anthony kiedis actually,giving some of his best vocal,performances in his later years ever i,just feel like this album is so much fun,to listen to and with the chili peppers,thats something that goes hand in hand,with them whether youre rocking out or,even on a ballad you know that the good,times are probably going to come and,they bring that in spades while also,thinking outside of the box unlimited,love gets off to an aces start thanks,in no small part to of course black,summer but even bigger and better dare i,say are here ever after an aquatic mouth,dance here ever after sees anthony keita,smoothly rolling into mc mode and some,of his finest wrapping stuff that i,definitely really dig from the chili,peppers with a funky groove playing all,throughout some incredible guitars an,aquatic mouth dance is weird its out,there its got brassy elements layered,all over it the experimental vibes are,dialed up to 11 but its still chili,peppers through and through and flea is,absolutely on fire on this song after a,bit of a fumble that does impact the,pacing of this album thanks to not the,one and poster child being so vastly,different not necessarily complimenting,each other we go on a five song enormous,winning streak thats all capped off,with the great apes holy [ __ ],freshante the man is back and he is,dominating with an absolutely,electrifying performance not just here,mind you but of course this was one of,the most noteworthy i like this track,and while the lyrics can feel a bit out,there thats not that far from normal,for the red hot chili peppers for giving,a few awkward one-liners here and there,from anthony is not a big deal to me,its never really been a deal breaker,because youre always gonna get a few it,feels like but for the most part im,really impressed with the amount of,nostalgia but also refreshing waves and,perspectives that he brought to,unlimited love the bands ability to,perfectly synchronize with each other is,on full display on its only natural a,song that didnt necessarily grab me on,first or even second listen at least not,in full but by the time i started to,focus in i could see the finer details,of the song and theres so much finesse,from both flea jon chad and anthony this,song is absolutely a watery atmosphere i,love how expansive it feels to the chili,peppers universe hand to god these next,three songs floored me shes a lover,these are the ways what you thinking all,three of them are so vastly different in,their own way they have so many unique,qualities but they just work they do,shes a lover sports such a funky,groovable rhythm that you cant help but,lose yourself in and it has some,incredible backing vocals from vershante,some of the best on the entire album,these are the waves ends in this punk,rock jam session that goes hard with,those fierce guitars i cannot help but,head bang every single time and then,what youre thinking is absolutely,classic chili peppers you cant help but,smile as you listen to this absolutely,incredible song that has it all from,every single member of the band i,definitely feel a good competitive tug,of war competition going on within the,band as they all fight for different,vibes on different songs and bastards of,light is one that absolutely blew me,away in the best way possible its,confusing at first as it opens with,these dark ominous synthesizers but by,the time its over you find yourself,thinking wow they absolutely nailed the,kind of queens of the stone age vibe,somewhere in between smooth sailing and,feet dont fail me now white braids and,pillow chair is definitely one of my,least favorites on the lp its a little,all over the place and i can appreciate,the fact that its trying to be a little,tongue-in-cheek a little bit funky and,fun and zany whacked out but i dont,necessarily see myself coming back to it,one way traffic is a hell of a good ride,despite the fact that it can feel a,little gimmicky when it gets to the,chorus who really cares because the,windows are down and ketus is on top of,the world but immediately after that oh,my good lord veronica has to be one of,my favorite chili peppers songs ever the,watery smoothest butter guitar from john,frashante all throughout this thing is,the perfect accent mark on top but,anthonys vocals and his lyrics on this,track are just so sharp i love that line,about life kind of being like a rope,swing because you always end up where,you came from i can already tell this is,gonna be one of those songs that i learn,every single word to and it probably,wont take that long either because the,replay value is so damn high in fact i,can already feel myself getting,emotionally attached to it and i dont,think thats a bad thing at all bubbly,bass takes over let him cry and this,actually feels like it could have had a,home on albums like im with you i love,the more reser

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Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Unlimited Love Review (its really bad)

first im gonna im just gonna have to,drag the red hot chili peppers all up,and down the street up and down the,street up and down the street i dont,even know what the ive forgotten what,the albums called i dont give a care,unlimited something or limited go off,look look,it doesnt matter thats the thats the,name of the album title,look,californication has become the nadir of,the funk rock phenomenon the ear worm,high water mark but the artistic death,of a genre that it always flirted,heavily with cancelling itself by virtue,of its popularity but it just snuck over,the line it just like rage against a,machine talking heads blondie if any if,in excess couldnt kill this subgenre,then it surely couldnt be killed right,then red hot chili peppers came through,and scorched the earth and this album is,them doubling back to salt it so that,future bands will never ever ever get,any type of artistic credibility because,the problem is,the problem is anyone who wants to,follow the same path that the chili,peppers like went theyre not going to,start at bloodsex sugar magic theyre,going to start at by the way because why,wouldnt you start it by the way like,thats the place to start and bro this,album sucks man it feels like they gave,flea a lobotomy and told him to record,an album as some sort of sick social,experiment i actually had to double,check if he was even still a member of,the band because i feel like they could,have just grabbed the bloke who does,like the pop bass guitar preset on,fruity loops gave him 50 bucks and said,hey bro can you come up with some bass,lines for us and somehow john fushante,is on here like ive tried to write a,sentence after that but nothing can,explain how absent he is theres no,simile or metaphor i can use to be like,this is how absent he is because,or at least any any semblance of the,energy and fearlessness they once have,and the positives of this album,theyre solitary black summer its a,brilliant song beautiful thoughtful riff,rooted deeply in there now iconic,signature sound which hasnt come like,its not as ubiquitous as say johnny,mars jangly guitars but i think it it,wont be as ubiquitous as that but in,time i really do think a lot more bands,will start sounding like red hot chili,peppers anthony keatus drops a little,bit of cringe but that dirty riff from,frashanti just it gives way to this,beautiful warm groove and its sticky,enough to pull you into anthony kiedis,lyrics but to me thats where the,positives absolutely end like,it doesnt like look listen to anthonys,lyrics from 1991,on a song called mellowship slinky and b,major which is a [ __ ] amazing name,for a song,but it says,being that im the duke of my domain my,hat goes off to mark twain singing a,song about what true men dont do,killing another creature thats kind of,blue writing about the world of the wild,coyote good man truman capote talking,about my thoughts because they must grow,[ __ ] my brain to shoot my load bro that,is,[ __ ],that all these lyrics were like that,back in the day all of them were,incredible now listen to the lyrics of,the abhorrently titled aquatic mouth,dance,aquatic mouth dance is waiting for you,aquatic mouth dance is waiting for you,now aquatic mouth dance is waiting bro,what are we doing here,that is thats the third track on a 17,song 73 minute album just [ __ ] no,no no no no,like you listen to not the one and that,is exactly the genre described by marge,simpson as wuss rock if you remember,that simpsons episode and barts like,what kind of music is this crud rock and,shes like no and he goes wuss rock,shes like thats it this is [ __ ],wood wuss rock its just like poster,child as if ed sheeran tried to,interpolate flea,the great apes is semi-decent until,anthony sings,all of my love and half my kisses,superstar dont do the dishes i just,want the great apes to be free come on,now you lazy cowboy heads or tails but,not right now boy i just want the great,apes to be free its like michael buble,crooning save the whales over the top of,a maroon 5 song its [ __ ] horrible,man,its not even that the instrumentals are,just horrible like anthony keaters could,make dr luke sound like dj premier but,his lyrics are so depleted white braids,and pillow chairs just an awful song and,this is this is anthonys explanation,about that song,he said this dude was immaculate with,his waist-long white braids and his,beautiful partner brought her own pillow,to put up on the chair of this coffee,shop i fell in love with their love and,made a mental note white braids and,pillow chair needs to be a song someday,like i i cant even i cant say it any,better than that bro like,youre singing about [ __ ] youve seen in,a coffee shop at this point from like,the boomer generation is this weve,spoken ad nauseum on this podcast about,the fraught nature of positivity and,music coldplay did it a couple of times,and hit the beatles could do it but if,you can find me a band who transitioned,from obscure pain and melancholy into,uplifting positivity without losing,their edge ill find you 97 that [ __ ],turn into the red hot chili peppers in,2022. like this is to be avoided at all,[ __ ] costs

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Flea – Unlimited Love Songs Commentary

you know we started off john fashante,came back to the band it was really,exciting you know i cant speak for john,but i feel for him it was like equal,parts excitement and also like whoa how,do i navigate this thing i havent been,in for a long time like does this still,work does it still go on and i dont,know if he was thinking that or not but,early on john came in he goes yeah i got,this idea for a song,and hes mentioned recently that he,hadnt written a rock song in a long,time,and its a song that became black summer,one of the things i really love about,anthonys lyrics is that,even though i know theyre deeply,personal to his experience in the world,theyre also wide open to interpretation,like the his metaphors his sense of,poetry and the way that words sound when,theyre next to one another is really,magical to me but theyre wide open and,everybody can apply them to their own,experience and i love that there ever,after started musically once again with,john he just you know had this melody,and this movement this chord movement,this melody that was really kind of just,beautiful and simple i just wanted to,honor it and try to find a rhythm that,went counter to it in a way that worked,really well it just happened and anthony,started seeing this great melody and,that went along with this really guitar,melody which is cool because theres,this simple guitar melody that goes,thats really like profound it goes,through the verses and anthony sings,this other rhythmic kind of hypnotic,phrase that goes over it and,there was a lot of room for everyone to,be themselves within this structure that,john had created and,really awesome this next song is called,aquatic mouth dance i remember it being,born as you know oftentimes before we,would work on things we just and this is,like very typical for the red hot chili,peppers is we just improvise and we jam,and we go for,oftentimes i will initiate um a jam and,on this particular case i did and just,picked up the base and without thinking,just started playing the baseline of,what aquatic mouth dance was,and everyone just fell in and started,jamming and we were we were improvising,and jamming and anthony really liked it,i could tell he got real lively and,jumped up on the mic and started,spitting when we were recording horns,and i was writing horn arrangements for,some of the songs john had the idea for,all of the horns to play at once um real,freely on this track,and we just blew free and all soloed and,went wild and then we used it in,different parts of the song get deep get,into the rhythm get lost i love this,track one of my favorites this next song,is called not the one you know we had,started playing with john and started,rehearsing and writing and gotten kind,of deep into the rhythm of doing it and,then the pandemic hit we stopped playing,for a while together and just went home,and were like you know lets were,going to isolate and wait for this,pandemic to pass and we did that for a,couple of months and i was just home,alone a lot during that time writing,stuff on a piano and this is something,that i wrote you can kind of hear that,two-beat triplet piano groove going,through it made a little demo of it by,myself at home and bought it into the,guys and john had some ideas to switch,the chords up and the choruses and,anthony started seeing this beautiful,melody over the whole thing,and i actually i think at one point i,suggested because i feel so much,yearning in him on this record that we,call the record the yearning but that,was a shitty idea by me,clearly its called unlimited love and,not the yearning which sounds like the,name of like either a disney movie or,some like bad horror movie that never,even has a sequel made next song is,called poster child and it was kind of,born of a funk groove that i i had been,playing on the bass i had been,spending a lot of time in south los,angeles and watts during the writing and,making of this album i got involved in,that community and there was one woman,that i had met there named faye my wife,and i were friends with her and kind of,go hang out with her on her stoop and,talk getting the feeling you know from,her and from being there and came back,to rehearsal one day after hanging out,there,had this rhythm in my head that just,kind of felt resonant to my experience,there and started playing that and then,you know it became poster child anthony,when i heard him like just like bust,this great rap on it going through this,completely psychedelic world of words,and storytelling,it really just,thrilled me that poster child became,what it became i love this song poster,child next song called the great apes,can i remember on my behalf it kind of,coming to be i was sitting in my garage,in malibu and playing along with gregory,isaacs playing along with the song night,nurse and even though it sounds nothing,like gregory isaacs thats what came,from in my head,[Music],im grateful that it became a song and i,love the lyrics to it i love thinking,about you know the great apes and and,even though the songs not about apes i,love thinking about it on this record,anthony kiedis he just keeps getting,better he keeps growing and getting,better and what he does on this record,all the way through man i,think its his finest work he really,focused in got it done,every song is a different feeling a,different narrative a different,aesthetic a different vocal approach and,um so proud of him shes a lover another,one started on the bass guitar and just,sitting on my couch came up with it you,know trying to play some funky [ __ ] i,love too short the wrapper too short and,i love his version of the ghetto donnie,hathaway made it famous thats for sure,and too short i think its on short dogs,in the house record he does a killerous,version of the ghetto i was kind of,playing something like a bass line that,was you know it doesnt sound like a,ghetto at all but it was in that frame,of that kind of chord movement and that,hypnotic state that that groove gets me,into and started playing it and you know,once again its a series of bass lines,that go together that formed the core of,it and then,everybody else gets into and it comes,something completely different and im,just kind of like with the great apes or,poster child so grateful that these bass,lines became a song i love it johns,background vocals on the song kill me i,mean i love anthonys vocals too he came,with all these different sections each,one funkier than the next and then when,jon came in on the background vocals was,shes a lover rocks me it rocks me the,whole thing just rocks beautiful songs,this song is called these are the ways,and john just walked in one day,with this song structure,and its my favorite one its just,rocks is all i can say and the parts go,together so well i love it when someone,does something that i would never think,of in a million years the way it builds,and swells and climaxes and comes back,down and builds and swells and climaxes,again,through this really beautiful just,gorgeous chord movement and you know,evolving into this thing thats so,bombastic anthonys vocals drive me,crazy with how good they are when he,starts talking about the sound the taste,the smell it says so much without,needing to go on some diatribe or,narrative or a billion words its just,like man i feel you i smell you i taste,you i feel this i love this song these,are the ways one of my favorite songs,the red chili peppers ive ever done,this next song is called what you,thinking started with a bass line,boom,boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom,boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom,boom boom,wanted to make like a really long cycle,of a baseline and its a very long cycle,and very specific,it just all came together and anthony,i love what he does this one has a,different kind of quirky whimsy to it,that im glad that we have you know i,love all the songs on unlimited love one,of the things,that i love about this record and it,makes me feel like its our best

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Unlimited Love” Reaction

[Music],[Music],wow,so,[Music],hey whats up out there everyone,[Music],[Music],i have already uh posted a black summer,tutorial,and then ive also just posted,poster child tutorial,um so check those out at marty music,youtube channel all right a little more,jamming and then well discuss,[Music],[Applause],wow,[Music],wow,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],is,[Music],oh,[Music],wow,[Applause],[Music],wow,[Music],do,[Music],so,[Music],do,[Music],wow,[Laughter],[Music],wow,[Music],happy saturday everyone,two huge announcements,one announcement one i got a new shirt,check it out,uh second announcement,i dont know if you guys have uh seen,my,the main guitar teacher that i had in my,life that showed me the most and taught,me the most on guitar,was during college and that guitar,teacher his name is chris sherland and,hes done some videos on the marty music,channel hes got his own youtube channel,now as well but,over the summer i helped,produce a music theory 101 for,guitarists,course,with him,hey thanks so much for,thank you josh norco always for those,super chats appreciate it,is it an anniversary i dont even know,if it oh yeah maybe it is,i havent paid attention six years of,mardi music,wow,anyway uh yeah so music theory thank you,josh norco shout out to everyone by the,way,uh,thats easy thats an easy blanket shout,out right shout out to everyone,you especially and then you especially,shout out to you shout out to you um so,i helped,put this,music theory course together um,and so its called music theory 101 for,guitarists its taught by my guitar,teacher chris ireland,and its at mardi music.com,so thats a really exciting thing it,literally,just came out yesterday,and a lot of people are checking it out,so i appreciate all of you that have,checked it out and if you havent youre,curious about,just learning how music works a little,bit better itll definitely make you a,better musician and a better guitar,player,and its its the basic foundation that,you can take with you,for the rest of your music playing life,and im a testament to chris shirlens,teaching because he really taught me so,much so,martymusic.coms got that new music,theory course,and if youre like well what level is it,its definitely entry-level music theory,but you could be,you could shred like stevie ray vaughan,just out of instinct,and not know any music theory like a lot,of great guitar players and thats,totally fine but if you were to like,check out the material in this course,you can apply basic foundation to the,skills that you are already have,so thats another,you know benefit of the course and then,also um,i dont know if everyone,follows rick b otto,and he does those,quick lesson,quick easy lesson and then he plays,notes that none of us knew ever existed,so im thinking that this music course,that i put together its like when rick,beatto was in preschool,and he was doing the um,he had the,the donated old uh dads business shirt,on for a smock and he was doing,you know,random watercolors thats like the level,that this course is at compared to those,quick and easy uh,lessons that he does,all right so now i just uh i opened with,a little bit of the new chili peppers,vibe,um,that second piece that i was rocking out,it wasnt perfect because i was just,checking it out,right before this live stream you know,starting to learn it and because i like,the song,so i was a,in high school and chili peppers blood,sugar sex magic came out i think when i,was a junior in high school so that was,like a pinnacle album for me so i always,and i love john fruschante,and i you know,love their vibe theyre so unique um,its also pretty admirable for a band to,stay,so big and relevant for so many years,through a lot of different,hardships and,lineup changes and for shanti li,frushante leaving,coming back leaving coming back,different guitar players coming in there,um losing their founding member guitar,player all that stuff and to still be as,relevant as they are i think you got to,hand it to them also you got to hand it,to um,you know,just the power of like,entertainment charisma,and energy that they put out in their,music because,to be a band as big as they are with,someone whos not like a traditionally a,good singer and anthony keatis would say,that as well like he knows he you know,when he when they formed the band he,wasnt singing,he was like,just,more like kind of rapping and punk rock,kind of vibe right so,you know you got to hand it to,a band like the red hot chili peppers to,be as relevant as they are with like,just how,its just theyre kind of a weird,totally unique band,and it was so great to so a couple,things about them,from the time,frushante was out of the band for 10,years,sorry,uh frusante is uh john im gonna start,saying john uh,yeah josh norco so he was out of the,band for 10,years,he was out of the band for 10 years,mostly working on electronic music so,i think he had a real nice build up of,music musical ideas and,hadnt been playing any rock for a,decade so he had a lot in that tank you,know creative tank when it when he felt,like he was ready to play guitar again,so and then the other thing i think,about ive seen comments where people,just say oh i hate this new album i,cant even listen to one,i cant even listen to one song,um,now thats fine its all subjective,right,and not every song is like my favorite,song on the album theres a theres,theres a few on here that are that i,absolutely love,um,so its just oh another thing about a,band as big as the chili peppers it take,a long time for a new album to come out,theyre hits they have a lot of hits too,its amazing but,they,weve heard theyre the hits they have,like over 10 000 times each so its so,familiar when you hear one of their,songs when you hear one of their songs,for the very first time it doesnt have,that nostalgic,you know connection because youve,listened to it ten thousand times so i,would actually recommend you listen to,um ill even point out the songs i like,but listen to him like four or five,times if youre a guitar player which,you probably are listen to,the guitar parts like try and zone in on,those and theres some really creative,stuff in there,so ive taught black summer thats the,first song on the album,and its not my favorite song on the,album and i think,thats maybe some people hear that and,like,say oh i dont want to hear it either,and so they dont give the rest of it a,chance,since im a guitar pl guitar teacher on,youtube i got to learn these songs,regardless so what i did was i listened,to black summer because i taught it and,then i just went to,uh whats the next most listened to song,when the album was released and it was,poster child so i put that on and that,was that funky wah very,kind of blood sugar,funk,kind of vibe um real pure funk with the,wrapping over it and very,just nostalgic so that was really,a fun one,to to dig into right so i had to teach,it so that means i listened to it,you know 100 times probably at least so,its like starts to get into my head so,i was like okay,im going gonna get into some of these,others and just start picking and,choosing and then listen to them,multiple times and so what i did was i,saw the set list,that the chili peppers the first,show that they did,off of the album it was like a theater,show and i saw the set list and they,opened with,these are the way or what is it called,these are the ways and thats that other,song i played that has just those open,chords,louis elux thank you so much,ciao,id love to come to italy,yes jacob,im getting to that so,so the next one i dug into was this one,and im gonna obviously teach it now,because i started learning it earlier,oh sorry,[Music],[Music],and builds up oh man all those parts so,i dug that and when it when it goes to,just like more of the,i dont know how much,the chili peppers fans out there how,much mothers milk album youve listened,to but when they go into these are the,ways when you come from america,[Music],yeah these are the ways,when it goes

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Unlimited Love – Album Review

you know i could change between videos,so that im only cross-dressing for the,walt disco review but its like,why why waste a really good look right,so ive been listening to unlimited love,by the red hot chili peppers and,i think its an album that exists for,better or for worse this is the 12th,12th,12th lp by usa rockers or red hot chili,peppers from the state of,i cant remember what state theyre from,red hot chili peppers are a unique band,in which most of the discography is,pretty naff yet i feel theyre also a,little bit on the over-hated side in the,music critic community i genuinely think,that blood sex sugar magic and,californication are goated albums and,theres plenty of other on unappreciated,efforts like one hot minutes and you,know even the getaway in my opinion and,speaking of let us address something,right i feel that josh klinghoffers,dismissal was pretty disgraceful i mean,i get it right,john frashante the guitarist most,associated with the red hot chili,peppers makes his return,but like is it illegal to be a five,piece rock band i think being a five,piece rock band might have made this,record a lot more interesting i mean how,cool would it have been to see some like,guitar interplay between frante the,master and klinghoffer the student it,would have been so cool instead of what,we got wasnt a return to form as many,people are saying but we got another,bloated mess a lot like stadium arcadium,sans the singles that save this if,youre expecting to hear anything,interesting within this one hour 13,minutes run time uh youre going to be,severely disappointed because its,another chili peppers album there is,nothing here because while being another,chili peppers album is not necessarily,the worst thing they are aging right i,feel like flea and freshante dont quite,have the same chops the same energy,anymore anthony keydiss lyrics are,getting worse and worse in this album,release ill call flea said something,very boomery and thats this idea of,like,oh we dont put anything through a,computer we just sit in our rooms and we,jam it out and its like these jams,arent particularly interesting you know,you cannot sit there and tell me that,the jams in this album are more,interesting and more like,energetic and engaging than the jams on,bloodsex sugar magic i guess there is,something interesting here in the,opening track black summer uh kedis has,weird irish delivery of the vocals what,is that about what why its a very,typical red hot chili peppers boring,merdy,freshante solo brings nothing to the,table and can i just point out the 2,minute 49 mark who did the mastering for,this who who approved this who okayed a,triple a title to have this bad,mastering at that moment the track here,after ever has some of the worst lyrics,ive ever heard in a red hot chili,peppers song i was brave and i love my,cous she was waving that dope man up,banged her mum because i see no future,sat her down when i pulled that tee i,dont know because ive got a big temper,stick close to my rainbow side candy,corn and dancing leopards thats all,folks thats all,i wish it was all and theres plenty of,other cringy verses and lyrics uh,throughout this whole entire record but,i felt uh that one was notable because,its quite soon in the record however,this song isnt all bad i genuinely,really like the percussion in around the,two-minute o5 mark and i just generally,feel that chad smiths performances on,drums are the most consistent house of,the four members but at the end of the,day i still get the appeal of red hot,chili peppers but the reason i dont,necessarily hate this album is that,there are moments that are genuinely,super fun i feel like the song aquatic,mouth dance despite the dreadful title,is you know probably the most fun on,this record i particularly really like,the brass breakdown that happens around,the three-minute denmark but next up i,want to introduce something that i like,to call the boring bin and this is where,the songs go in which i have nothing to,say theyre just chili pepper songs take,them or leave them and those songs are,not the one the great apes its only,natural watch your thinking let them cry,and the heavy wing just chuck those in,the boring bing theres nothing to say,about those songs at all theyre not,even necessarily bad songs theyre just,sort of nothing as if an a.i was tasked,to write a red hot chili peppers song,that is if red hot chili peppers were,put through a computer and maybe that,would be for the best because then you,know you wouldnt get lyrics like in,poster child such as you got the best of,my yoko and while i kind of dig the blur,sounding chorus i feel this content like,references references references is just,a message for me that just says all,these other musical acts and artists you,like them dont you,wouldnt you rather be listening to them,right now though i will say i quite like,the janes addiction reference because i,feel like dave navarro whose,performances on one hot minutes are,quite under appreciated and uh i think,the little nod to them is quite fun,shes a lover is another fun track,especially the chorus however the lick,your face line is uh gross anthony,kiedis i do not want you to lick my face,and not to say that i require energy and,fun to enjoy a red hot chili pepper song,case in point these are the way the,softer passages are actually kind of,nice they feel kind of comforting,however i did find something funny about,the lyrics i mean,the song sort of talked about these are,the ways that make us americans or what,youre like when youre living in,america i genuinely think,they probably,had the words california in sort of,america at first and then they got,self-conscious about the fact that you,know people clown on them for singing,about california all the time then,youve got this song bastards of lights,which i cant decide whether its a,great or terrible song title they muck,around with synths,ah how about that and uh i quite like,the heavy bridge as well i feel that is,the most one-hot minute this album gets,but theres one thing about john,frashantes return to red hot chili,peppers that i was super looking forward,to,vocal harmonies the track white braids,and pillow chair is definitely the song,where i noticed those harmonies the most,however what on earth is a [ __ ] willow,maybe the lyric [ __ ] willow is there to,distract from the fact that they said,california in the song yay we got,another instance of key to say,california yeah this albums lyrics just,in general should have had some,editorial work done to them one way,traffic is another cool song i feel this,is probably my favorite flea performance,on this record and freshante bounces off,this brilliantly with these lovely like,guitar flourishes throughout i also dig,how spacey the outro feels you know i,feel that that could have been a vibe,they saved for an entire track the track,veronica would have ended up in the,boring bing but the beat switch is kinda,neat same could be said for tangelo i,kind of wished for a last hurrah from,the band but i guess they just wanted to,have a uh i guess closing song vibe and,its fair enough they pull that off,right overall this thing is a slog in,the description i have a spotify,playlist of what i feel would have been,a tidier cut to this record it ends up,being 45 minutes and a lot more,digestible im done talking about this,thing red hot chili peppers,unlimited love,it exists,and we are,better or worse off for it,california california,thank you for watching my review,hopefully uh you didnt hate the live,living rubbish out of me uh and if you,didnt leave a like because that helps,with my engagement hoping to hit,consistent three-digit numbers on my,video view counts way and if you,subscribe im always trying to get at,least one,new review out every every week although,this week theres three because,i got busy anyway cool,see you in the next one

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Unlimited Love – Album Review

theyre dead to me now youre dead red,chili peppers you are dead this is a,youre the worst band ever now,hello there welcome to riot act reviews,part of the right act podcast a little,mini bite of the podcast um with me,stephen hill hello hope youre well and,him,its renfree deadman there he is and all,his,magical glory how are you doing remember,youre right hello um,yeah im all right steve i am,i dont know if looking forward to is,the correct term to use okay for this,but im definitely looking forward to i,think im looking forward to discussing,this album okay good so yes uh as i said,this is right act reviews this is where,we take an album of some notes from the,recent releases in the music world and,we talk about what a [ __ ] piece of,[ __ ] it is um oh no sorry thats thats,just thats just this,specific episode today were going to be,looking at the red hot chili peppers,unlimited love the 12th studio album,from the funk rock mega stars who are,from,um hold on ive got to check where,theyre from they are from,[Music],california california california,california california california,california,oh theyre from california i dont know,if theyve ever mentioned that before,but theyre from california,its the follow-up to 2016s the getaway,which was terrible bit like the one,before that,and the one before that,and the one before that and basically go,back to the sort of mid-90s and fill in,the blanks,if youd like to do that remfrey how are,you anyway so the red hot chili peppers,ill bring you in here um now that ive,done my bit um,were you excited about this at all,because this is the first album back,with john frashanti he left in 1992,didnt he jump for shantae and then he,came back,uh and then he left again in 2009,and hes a good guitarist isnt he john,frashanti he is a good guitarist well i,genuinely love john trushante as you,well know um he has a feel about him um,its,its an aw its a sort of elusive x,factor its very just difficult to sort,of discuss and sum up what it is about,john fushonte that makes him such a,brilliant guitar player but theres,theres just something i mean im,struggling to be honest but gone yeah,theres just something its not even in,a technical sense i i think hes,technically fairly gifted but hes not,like,um you know shredding all over the place,all the time theres just something,about that honestly theres something,about the way that he plays the notes,which i really really,enjoy i,slash is a similar one in that i cant,specifically tell you what i love about,slash but he has a certain feel which,feels very much his own and that is that,is true yeah yeah and john fushanti,coming back for this,look,i tried not to get too excited because,ive been burnt by the chili peppers a,lot,frankly,red hot,im a lot kinder to the chili peppers,than you are in terms of the albums of,theirs that i like in the albums of,theirs that i dislike,but even i,the last time that i really really,really enjoyed the daily mail are kind,of,jeremy corbyn than i am to the red chili,peppers so you know thats not that,higher bar to be honest,sure,the last red hot chili peppers album,that i really really enjoyed,i know you dont like it but 2002s by,the way is the last one that ive liked,but it has been 20 years since at least,an album that i have liked at all really,i mean,there are bits of stadium arcadium there,are bits on im with you theres even,bits on the getaway which is really bad,uh which i which i can pick and choose,and go okay well i do like that song or,whatever but uh,yes um was i excited,i i had a residual build of excitement,initially but i tried to temper it,knowing full well that i would likely be,disappointed is probably,um the truth,uh little minor spoiler i should have,tempered it even further because my god,this was a disappointment for someone,who had quite low expectations in the,first place,yeah i mean look like i say john,fascente legitimately is a very good,guitarist with a very good style of his,own and people were excited about him,coming back but lets be honest um,as we discussed when we chatted about,his solo stuff he has absolutely no idea,about brevity or quality control,whatsoever so these people that were,going oh john fruscianis back it might,be good i just thought whatever could,make you such a delusional,prick to think that,how could you be so,gullible and easily seduced by the idea,that this bloke,who,hasnt been good for 30 years,coming back and has made a bunch of,really long,quite weird solo albums hes going to,save,the this band,after all this is he thats what hes,going to do so you know the question i,mean,before we get into this right if youre,one of the because i know there are,therell be some people whove gone oh,theres a podcast review in the new,relationship papers oh theres a video,on youtube with people reviewing the new,relationship album and ive quite come,out quite early on and sort of come out,swinging stamped my authority into how i,feel about it im just gonna say renfree,teleport you can see on youtube if you,watch on youtube tell the people what,im holding up right thats the final of,1995s one hot minute by the way,i was gonna tell you i thought no sorry,i got excited yes it was the vinyl of,1994. i paid 100 quid for that i was,about to say which you spent too much,money on frank 100 pounds i spent on,that,100,[ __ ] pounds i spent on that so,dont tell me that you just want to hate,them you just want to hate them you,dont like them youre biased no i spend,more money on this [ __ ],terrible band,in the last couple of months than you,probably have in the last decade right,so dont tell me,that i cant have a say in what they,sound like whats going on right now i,used to bloody [ __ ] like the red hot,chili peppers a lot right same this is,not me going oh ive got a thing against,them and ive gotta think that im gonna,get them,i would love them to come back and,release a good album but im not a [ __ ],im not an idiot i dont i would like,portsmouth to win the champions league,im not a [ __ ] idiot i dont think,its gonna happen,youre stupid like im not a [ __ ],idiot,so anyway if you are one of those people,youre biased against them im not all,right im not biased against them im,just telling you what i think about,whats going on right now and whats,been going on for a long [ __ ] time,and that is the red hot chili peppers,are [ __ ],they are [ __ ],so,the question im gonna ask you when,renfree and im gonna answer it myself,as well is what in 2002 would be your,main hopes for,a new red hot chili pepper album im,gonna answer first im gonna say my hope,would be that it just never existed,i think a realistic hope would be,um a,i mean i im about to say realistic hope,and then i was about to say an album,with no filler on it now the red hot,chili pepper the red hot chili peppers,have made 12 albums and not one of them,not even blood sugar sex magic which i,think is,i definitely i personally think its a,classic album theres the general the,general consensus would say its a,classic album i think youre not far,behind that like i think its a very,very very good album yeah,yeah you know and,i mean,uh,they continue to besmirch the legacy of,it with every passing second that ticks,away like,diminishing the quality of their own,obituary in the words stuartly but yes,blood sugar sex magic is a really really,great record yeah theyre certainly,one of the big massive global acts who,make,quite baffling decisions it has to be,said um we have spoken about this with,metallica weve spoken about it with you,know theyre not quite on the same level,at all but machine head when sometimes,you kind of,you see that a decision has clearly been,made,um its clearly been decided that this,is the direction they want to go in its,not a mistake or anything like that but,you just kind of think to yourself,why why,so,in terms of what would i have liked from,a 2022 red hot chili peppers album yeah,something with no filler would have been,nice something sho

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