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Eric Clapton Unplugged – MOFI One-Step + SACD vs. Chris Bellman 2011 and 1992 Original CD! Watch Now

hi everyone steve welcome to another,episode of the audio files now if you,havent subscribed please do were,almost at 2000 and you know what happens,at 2000 im giving away a bunch of,prizes,to my 2 000 subscribers so guys thank,you so much for subscribing got some,great stuff coming down the pipeline in,the coming weeks so stay tuned for that,now lets get right to it my comparison,of eric claptons unplugged the mofi one,step the mo fi sacd,the chris bellman cut from 2011 and my,original 1992 ted jensen mastered cd so,lets get going and well see you on the,other side of the audio files,well you guys all know mobile fidelitys,one step of era claptons unplugged just,uh came out last week i just got mine,shipped to my house here in vancouver,last friday,it is now monday afternoon,and here we are i had a good listen to,it on the weekend,i also had a really good listen of,chris bellmans cut from 2011 the,reprise records version this is a 33 rpm,cut,i pulled out and found my original,1992,cd mastered by ted jensen,and,i have,the sacd by mofi as well mastered by,sean r britton,lets get right to it um what did i what,did i hear well,well start with the bellman,first of all,i feel the recording itself recorded in,london in 1992,um you know i think it was very very,well recorded it was recorded digitally,as everyone knows of course,now the bellman,nice wide sound stage it is cut at 33,rpm its a double 33 rpm,album as you probably know very well,balanced,very dynamic,the vocals,were loud the crowd was loud and this is,where it gets really interesting when i,do my comparison when i do my comparison,with the one step versus bellmans cut,here again uh the guitars are really,well defined and ill get into that as,well,but all in all like i felt the bellman,cut,was louder,was louder,maybe it had more of that digital feel,to it i dont know what it is maybe they,use the,pcm file to uh cut it to vinyl whereas,of course mofi for the sacd would have,used dst dsd and dsd,maybe has a little bit more of an analog,feel to it a little bit softer so i felt,this one i felt the bellman cut was,i think,probably a hotter cut,mixed a little bit hottier hotter a,little punchier,and i really did a good comparison i,love the song hey hey,because clapton nails the guitar um all,of his chords on hey hey so if you,listen to hey you can hear the foot,stomping you can hear him hit every,single chord on his guitar all the high,notes the bass notes everything,very well pronounced but all in the the,vocals on this pressing throughout the,entire album are just louder and thats,where ill get into the,the one step,now,krieg wunderlich who was the mastering,engineer for the one step again did a,great job i just feel the one step is a,little bit smoother it sounds a little,bit smoother,the vocals arent as,arent as,i guess pronounced or not as loud um the,guitars and all the other instruments,seem very balanced um,and the crowd itself seemed a little bit,pushed back as well compared to the,bellman cut so i i im sure what they,probably tried to do is when they,mastered it i mean maybe it was it,sounded too bright and so maybe what mo,fly mofi did is just,take it down a little bit and balance it,out so again its not as bright not as,punchy as the bellman cut but all around,i mean it does sound fantastic i mean go,to the song hey hey you can hear him you,can hear him foot tapping the entire,time its very pronounced um his guitar,absolutely solid all the strings you can,hear so closely and you can tell too,right i mean when it was recorded,theres this microphone to sing and then,just over here you have the microphone,um that captures the guitar so i mean,again it was very well engineered and,produced and i mean you know mtvs,unplugged this is the preeminent,unplugged um concert of all time i think,this album went on to sell 20 plus,million records so i mean its its um,you know something i grew up with,and,it definitely has a different sound than,the bellman cut and it definitely has a,different sound than,this is my original that ive been,listening to since 1992. the original as,well,the cd itself,is punchier a little bit more dynamic a,little bit louder of course the crowds,louder his eric claptons vocals are,louder as well so if you want more of a,balanced,feel to it i think what craig wunderlich,did here was really balance it out and,smooth it all out and it all and in i,think its just a smoother softer feel,to it if that makes sense and again the,sacd my mofi this was mastered by sean r,britton,no different as well this here the,vocals vocals too a little bit softer,a little bit quieter the crowd than my,1992 cd that was mastered by tan jensen,now,maybe its the file they use for the,sacd,now as everyone knows this was mastered,using dsd so i mean and ill read it,here too and i think this is really,interesting,so what theyve done is theyve,extracted,extracted the original master tapes and,directly fed it into mobile fidelities,four times dst,ad converter which is sampled 11.2,megahertz and then from there the four,times dsd file gets downloaded to one,times dsd so,im not sure,i know dsd,especially has more of that analog sort,of feel to it or sound to it as well,then maybe a psm file which i believe,was used to cut the bellman,vinyl and probably the,1992 cd so just a little bit different,technology and i feel the mofi one if,you want more of a smooth more balanced,more flow i mean the instruments still,sound great,you will not go wrong and will not be,disappointed with the mofi versions at,all guys they do sound really good but,if you want some you want something a,little bit punchier and i mean i had to,i had to i had to um listen to these,guys a bunch of times because i wanted,to make sure i thought it was i thought,my ears were fooling me so i went back,and played hey hey i dont know probably,10 times in each each album here and,definitely the 92,and the bellman cut from 2011 louder the,vocals were louder,instruments all in um didnt hear much,of a difference in terms of the,instruments but definitely the vocals,definitely the crowd sounded much louder,a little bit punchier a little bit more,dynamic so,it really depends on what you want and,what you want to spend your money on i,mean this is as we know 125 dollars,limited 10 000 uh these guys are still,going on disc cogs i think 25 and up,i mean you can pick up the uh,the 1992 cd probably a dollar at a yard,sale or three bucks or whatever like,that,or of course you can get the sacd going,for 29.95 on the mofi site so,that,is,my comparison today i think all in,it really depends on what you want i,mean the mofi one its just a little bit,smoother a little bit softer all in this,is punchier,sacd by mofi the same softer,these two sounded a lot the same,so maybe obviously that you know quite,the same mastering i mean obviously,different engineer ted jensen did this,one bellman did this one but,the vocals again i cant stress enough,the vocals were much different and then,one other thing i know a lot of people,were mentioning the cover um you know,seemed a little grainy or whatnot if you,look at the original 1992 um i guess,its just what mofi received they,probably received the original file,because it actually it looks no,different than the original cd here as,well so has nothing to do with mofi,putting up a poor picture thats,probably what they were given if you,look at the bellman cut i mean they,enlarge this one and its absolutely it,looks pixelated and whatnot so yeah and,i will say as well um bellman this was,cut this was um pressed by palace um of,course this is super vinyl and it was,quiet um the palace one was quiet as,well so,i think for anyone thats looking at,this album i think it boils down to,price point um if youve got the,original cd uh you will not be,disappointed with it if you own the sacd,again,youre getting a great reproduced album,a little bit softer not as dynamic it,just depends im a huge mofi guy so me,having to listen to this a b

All things Tomb Raider – Michael UNPLUGGED – 2018 movie review

I would say that the only thing that,frustrates me more than seeing a movie,that isnt good is seeing a movie thats,almost good and then backtracks on its,possible greatness and then fails and,then the only thing I hate more than,that is a movie that starts getting good,and then backtracks on its possible,greatness and fails and its about,something I really like and thats the,latest tomb raider movie dont be too,careful these days the world has gone,bloody mad Ill take ten Melinda and I,got back from the theater today and it,was just like what did we just see,because we almost saw something great,and then it just just completely whipped,Ive been following Tomb Raider since,1996 with the original big box PC cd-rom,game love the franchise love the Indiana,Jones exploration loved the original,story about Lara Croft search for,Atlantis I thought it was a stellar game,so much so that I actually played it on,a low-res scenario like my PC couldnt,actually run the game it was so,revolutionary at the time and so what I,did was I found out that if I hit I,think it was f4 f5 it would go into low,res mode and then I could move around,without the game freezing and then when,I needed to see stuff I would hit f4 f5,again while I was standing still and the,game would show me like a high-res image,on the monitor and I could see what I,was exploring and then I would get ready,to run and I clicked down to low res and,go running again and it was a surreal,experience but you know the game was,just that good like thats thats what,sucked me in I really loved Tomb Raider,for that it was it was a revolutionary,gaming experience and so then I started,collecting them every year they came out,day and day it was like there was two,meter one and then there was Tomb Raider,2 and three and four and I just kept,playing them you know as they would come,out I never missed one,around the late 90s around the time that,I was getting ready to get out of,college Tomb Raider started to get a,little tired and the people at IDO sand,core they took the opportunity in Tomb,Raider 4 to say maybe were gonna take a,break and so Lara seemingly dies in the,collapse of an ancient pyramid while,shes trying to escape so bye-bye Lara,Croft but then they did like a its,almost like a Lost Levels game called,Tomb Raider Chronicles where she came,back but only in the recollections of,her friends so you got to play more,Lara adventures but they were sort of,bookended by people remembering her at,her memorial service or whatever it was,then the Angelina Jolie movie came out,in 2001 I wasnt thrilled by the casting,because I wanted an actual British,actress to play Lara Croft well okay let,me be honest honestly what I really,wanted was I wanted Kylie Minogue to,play Lara Croft which I thought was,close enough because I thought she,looked apart with you know the sharp,eyebrows and the sharp jawline and,everything like that I thought she,wouldve been great,especially back in 96 97 but,unfortunately that didnt happen,we got Angelina Jolie now Angelina Jolie,looked the part but unfortunately the,screenwriting and the directing,mischaracterized her mischaracterized,the games meaning mischaracterized lara,they were way obsessed with the matrix,at that point there were only two years,off the matrix and so suddenly Lara had,to wear all black and they even had the,SS skull on her belt buckle for some,reason which is really weird and the the,movie was just esoteric,you know Illuminati and there wasnt a,cohesive adventure there but we had some,hope because we were getting a new game,at the end of it all called at the end,of the year in 2001 called Tomb Raider,Angel of Darkness that wasnt a good,game either um their attempt to bring,back Lara really didnt work out all,that well its one of the few Tomb,Raider games that took me forever to,finish I just it was a slog I think I,came back to it like with four month,breaks trying to beat all the puzzles,and it just wasnt a good game,so then Tomb Raider the Cradle of Life,came out which was Lara Angelina Jolies,second outing as the character better,movie not a great movie were talking,about a low hurdle to jump here okay it,was a better movie than Lara Croft Tomb,Raider thats thats not a huge,accomplishment,but it was showing that the franchise,was gonna go in the right direction,unfortunately nobody came to see the,movie and understandably so everybody,had been burned by the last film even,though it made good money on hype no one,came to see the next one and so Lara,Croft disappeared into cinematic,obscurity no games no movies and then,see if I got this right I believe Tomb,Raider legend was the next big game for,Lara and that was kind of a soft reboot,of the character there was like a mini,trilogy there was a Tomb Raider legend,and then there was Tomb Raider,Anniversary which was a redo of the,original tomb raider game it was almost,like the original creator of Lara was,finally able to make the game he had,envisioned in his head in 1996 when he,didnt have the graphics and the,technology to do it,and then there was Tomb Raider,underworld all of them are fairly,excellent games legend and anniversary I,think are slightly superior to,underworld,but theyre all great games they all,kind of tell their own story,rhe couching the original story of her,search for atlantis in the middle game,even though thats not the middle,chapter it gets a little weird its kind,of like Temple of Doom versus Raiders of,the Lost Ark it came out second but its,actually first Im not gonna try and and,iron that out and then they decided they,were gonna reboot the whole series and,Ill admit I was skeptical about them,rebooting Tomb Raider I thought well Im,sick of reboots Im sick of,re-imaginings I dont want to see this,but they did a really good job I mean,they blew it out of the water I was,blown away by the 2013 Tomb Raider,relaunched game so much so that I,actually took the time to write the,writer of the game Rhianna Pratchett who,is the daughter of famous fantasy author,Terry Pratchett and she actually wrote,me back which was really cool I told her,you know how exciting it was that that,Tomb Raider was made the main character,Lara was finally a three-dimensional,developed character in these games,because you know the games were so,primitive up into that point that you,almost had to infer what Laras,character was about your your brain had,to kind of fill in the gaps while you,were playing and they were the the pop,culture at large was sort of couching,her as this kind of Indiana Jones meets,a glamorous female James Bond type thing,it was she was she was more someone that,that like James Bond that you imposed,ideas and ideals on rather than a,character that was fully presented to,you you know the whole idea of of I,wanna be James Bond but James Bond as a,character can be somewhat Hollow,throughout most of his legacy that was,the way Laura was until the 2013 game,where they finally said what would it,take for a person to become Lara Croft,and what would that do to a persons,personality which I thought was,fascinating I did miss the fact in the,game that they did get away from some of,the,Indiana Jones stuff there was less,archeology and you know hunting down,ancient myths and a lot more Rambo for,literally Rambo for and Lord of the,Flies type scenarios you know a lot of,survival a lot of suspense a lot of,brutally defending yourself in combat,from crazy like pirate murderers again,very intense one of the best gaming,experiences Ive ever had felt like I,was interacting with a movie for once,and it was better than most of the,movies Ive seen in the last five or six,years so I couldnt wait for the next,game because it was being done by the,same team and rise of the Tomb Raider,which came out I believe to Christmas or,two Christmases ago okay yeah I think,theres two Christmases ago excellent,game excellent game I wouldnt say it,was superior to the first one but its a,what it didnt take anything away from,the

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Irokotv Movie Review| Unplugged

a sibs mas nesse vídeo com as dez mais,forte e vai colaborar chan,o hu o idoso e hoje não foi a manhã ele,noel a soul de shopping aval e movi,unibanco teve o show ficou 180,desmobilizados o cobalt onde o tio bill,butz mesmo a nota,[Música],mona,a idéia também é lógico echo da,gostosona de da rodovia go no sábado e,ensinou os de contar o gol,o piloto disse não se deus o nível,competitivo channel,a van de festa e sim da obi leque fez,sim de game wii the road to be my baby,som pico sabe mudar não fosse nosso,muito antiga da fames nós estávamos,assim sete mini 9 de nato 2 da toca e,deixou nenhum me sinto triste realidade,esse novo pne removidas los com fome web,e fã de big n roses bem toca toca à toca,a um rumo ao sul de bogotá de foco de,wylde e como vitorioso mesmo vídeo do,single dont lie sang sacola disse o bis,inglesa amy winehouse,o pr foi dar com esse show de gols -,rafael dele foi na bíblia ea torá e,achei de quase um ano e leonardo seu,carro novo,faço olhem se com esta deu um susto ao,ouvir vicente do the doctor a acusação,em de créditos bull a mesma personagem,de perto de pequim,a embaixada se divisional creeping death,of é ir embora deixando possui o cân a 1,com o foguete e itália e só que botei a,calça de telefonista da mãe seria meu,papel que a nelson nunca foi meu tirar a,tirar nenhum até ao fim e não conhece,unidade até você não poder realizar os,exames vai bater o ituano quase nada,fiquei xangai a de um foguete,ai ai

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KK MTV Unplugged Season 3 Beetein Lamhein REACTION!!!

dont care you havent really changed it,you butt wads,but you skunk butts,fart frames fart lickers you you gonad,chewers you,you sweet sexy people,thats only an insult if youre saying,it to your grandparents,oh yeah,[Music],hey welcome back to your stupid,direction you need some corbin im rick,and you can follow us on instagram,twitter for more juicy content and on,patreon wink wink nudge nudge wink nudge,nudge and only fans,follow us there,hey look i still have remnant see the,leftover remnant from,bachchans crazy ass addictives,today we got a live,mtv unplugged season three oh,what live in tv unplugged season three,of kk,whoa that took me so far back it made me,go,bouncing,uh what is this what are we doing,mtv unplugged no you know what it is you,know what happens when you do cocaine in,bollywood you finish by saying what,gumbo,but anyways this is the kk,uh performance got it i am tv unplugged,great here we go,royal stag yeah thats your thats what,your mom calls me,[Music],isnt it amazing how his fingers match,the notes,sounds like a g chord,thats an f,ah nice d minor,is that right now,thats an f sharp,[Music],[Applause],we,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],me,[Applause],[Music],is,[Music],[Music],a,[Music],[Music],thats a cool upright electric bass,thats a g sharp i think,hes wearing a g string,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],me,[Music],me,[Music],me,[Music],so,[Music],[Applause],that was really nice,[Applause],i agree,no that was nice that was nice it was,nice,it was nice uh i really like the f sharp,what chord are they playing,i i dont know which chords they were,playing i would need to know what key,the song was in,can you not tell that,no i could probably come close you have,to have perfect pitch to know that,simply by hearing the chords and the,keys,i thought you could just i thought you,could just know that,like you hear something thats called,perfect pitch not everybody has perfect,pitch,then how do you know which one to sing,in,well,its like,if you know if the sheet says f sharp,yeah,sing an f sharp,well you would need to have perfect,pitch to do that,im confused,so,when youre singing in f sharp youre,typically singing with musical,accompaniment youre not singing at,acapella,and if you are singing acapella you,typically have somebody take a,i forgot what the what its called but,its just a thing,no its a single note its like a,harmonica type thing that just goes,to put you in the key once you know,where you are in the key,you can find it,only people with perfect pitch,charlie puth has it like if you just,asked charlie put this thing in f sharp,hed sing it and then you play the f,sharp and the piano and it would match,thats very rare,even the greatest of singers dont have,perfect pitch i thought you needed to,know what youre singing in,for songs you do but the reference point,you have to have if you dont have,perfect pitch which is the majority of,people,is you have to have a tonic to go on you,have to have the note the key is in so,if its in the key of c you need to hear,the c now if if you if somebody if you,played uh itd be hard an f sharp,wouldnt be as easy in the key of c but,if you played a if you played a d,right i could give you an f sharp ill,give you d because an f sharp is the,three,in the chord of a d major,its the structured d f-sharp a for a d,major so if you gave me the d note i,could sing a third above that and id be,giving you the f sharp,but without the d as my reference point,i can only hit that if i have perfect,pitch,ill give you the d,wow,and i dont know if he has perfect pitch,but i know he was never out of tune,which means hes you know what he does,all i dont know if he does this all the,time but he did it throughout this,entire song and i i love hearing singers,that do this,he loves to do notes without any vibrato,just straight,whats vibrato when you add a warble to,the to the voice,close okay yeah like tarzan gave a lot,of yeah so,youre either going straight with no,vibrato at all youre,singing and just ah,straight or you add the vibrato,la,its moving a little bit,beyonce does a big time in her song,hollywood because lights,action,hollywood,[Laughter],major vibrato on that and the best is,celine dion because shell go straight,add the vibrato pull right back out and,go straight and be like i can sing,anything yo,so he wasnt singing enough sharp,im good at everybody,i feel like i just went to school and,im tired,i dont like it anyways,i do have homework i do know yeah do you,like about homework uh i bet trey,goschal has perfect [ __ ],dont know thats rare,come come close i can i can usually hold,on if i dont hit the note i come in,within a step or a half will perfect,pitch translate to indian singing though,to any musical expression yeah dont,they have different notations doesnt,matter if you have perfect pitch what it,means when you have perfect pitch it,means that when you recollect musical,notes,you remember exactly where they are,and can replicate the sound like charlie,puth can do that if you look up charlie,puth perfect pitch hes done it on,tonight on the tonight show he does it,all over the place you tell him any note,at all,you,you could tell him,give me a note somewhere in between,e and f okay that would be an e sharp or,an f flat but,an an an e sharp is an f natural and a,flat is an e natural there is no in,between on the keyboard between an e and,f but hed be able to find the in,between so itd be dissonant when you,played either the e or the f it would be,just a smidge above the e or a smidge,below the f so you could tell charlie,proved playing it singing f sharp hed,go,ah,and youd hit it on the piano and it,would be the exact same note,every time he does it every time and,thats really really rare,so is this an f sharp oh my god,let us know what other kk songs we can,react to,down below,[Music]

Brokeback Mountain – Loves and Hates – Books Unplugged

now for your delegation books unplugged,would like to present brokeback mountain,yeah hi im theodore bear,and im teddy roosevelt welcome,to books unplugged the show where we,take a book,thats been turned into a movie and we,talk about it today uh,teddy and myself are here filling in for,ed and dan,guest hosting guest hosting for ed and,dan and were going to be talking about,this is a valentines day special isnt,it valentines day special,yeah i think we got a good one yeah yeah,broke back,mountain one of the most romantic films,books of all time short story and the,movie,short story and the movie so in,brokeback mountain,a couple of uh cowboys ones like a rodeo,cowboy the other is more of a,ranch cowboy right um meet up to look,after some sheep,uh on a mountain for brokeback mountain,for a winter and they uh they fall,above and uh then um they,kind of have to hide it because of,rampant homophobia,and uh eventually uh one of them,meets their demise and its very sad yes,its very sad yeah so anyway lets get,started with books unplugged,the the the all right teddy first thing,we always do in theodore thank you,the first thing we always do is to,uh talk about the major love so what is,the major,love that you have about either the book,or the movie it doesnt matter just,whats the one thing if youre gonna,play one,so uh for me uh it includes my major,love is,in the book and movie is the pacing,and how they revealed information and,the characters feeling,throughout the story i mean it was a,great job,in the short story of how you know you,learn more about the characters,and whats going on and the same thing,in the movie and uh,and the way the pacing went that was my,major love,what about you theodore thank you,uh so i im gonna do two just because i,couldnt really,separate them but in the book i love it,kind of,similar but how concise it is the way,they like,they take theres huge sections thats,just removed,that you kind of imply the whole scene,and its not i dont know if its,because i saw the movie first,but i dont think it is i think that,its just like you know what happens,because of the way the story is going,and theyre just big oh missions and,its just so tight i mean the,short story reads faster than the than,the movie and thats,impressive because they dont really cut,anything out its just really really,tight,so i love that about it and in the movie,i mean heath ledger is masterful,yeah i mean that performs that,performance is unbelievable that tight,lip thing hes got going on and the way,he kind of oh yeah yeah uh-huh,grunts through everything and right,right you know its,kind of got a little sling sling blade,in him maybe,a little you see a little little ad in,there little french rotators a little,little that going up,yeah um so i just thought hes great i,mean what about uh,was there anything that you hated about,the booker movie,um yeah this is kind of a cop-out hate,uh the same as like right the same as uh,well anyway its a cop out hate and so i,i dont really hate anything about the,story nothing,um but i guess i hate that they cant,be together right and i hate and i hate,jax,i hate jacks parents thats the same,thing i had,in my notes there theodore right its,sad,great vines oh that they just these two,guys they just,they cant like love each other and and,work out have had their own ranch oh,just so sad yeah,its just such an obvious thing they,should do they would have been great,ranchers,right,the speed round the miner loves and,hates as many minor loves and hates as,we can spit out of our mouths,in 60 seconds 60 60 fluffy seconds on,the on the couch,all righty all right im going to start,at the pacing of the movie i that i know,it was your major one its my minor one,pacing of the movie,pacing the movies amazing right right,uh i love um,i love both those chara characters edis,and and,jack and uh and the way those actors,portrayed them,its just fantastic brilliant i like the,the power the this is kind of in general,but the power of a short story,like when you read novels like we do,like kind of a lot,and you get a good short story thats,just i mean its just so effective,like you sit down one it was for me it,was one where you just sat down one,morning read it,and uh and yeah it was just just it just,stayed with me for days because it was,just so,powerful so yeah power power of the,short story in general yeah uh i loved,when ediss wife catches,uh edus and jack when they finally meet,up for the first time,after brokeback and uh shes like,shocked but,also not surprised you know,uh its there in the in the short story,and the movie and i thought it was great,yeah thats great i uh i i really like,the subtle,aging that they did in the film yeah,that was really like because a lot of,time passes and they dont go crazy with,makeup and make them look like old,because i always hate it when they try,to make,young people gold i think its terrible,but in this one they did yeah you saw it,there like around the eyes and stuff,yeah yeah like it was subtle yeah i mean,they still looked,you know i mean i think feel like yeah,anyway yeah,uh i loved the scene um by the river,it was like kind of nighttime and,theyre trying to figure out what to do,and then enos tells of the story of when,he was a kid,and his dad takes him out to see uh,the one cowboy that was beaten you know,and had like you know hes killed brutal,oh man that was just brutal yeah,books unplugged adaptation for your,delegation,the section where we talk about where we,quiz each other and see if we can stump,each other to figure out,whether everything translated across so,was it in the book,and this is enos ennis andersons,girlfriend oh,damn dennis anniss new girlfriend was,was she in the story,no she was not in the story excellent,work she was not in the story no,no um jack complaining about,uh sleeping out with the sheep,yeah yeah yeah yeah thats in there um,how about edisons relationship with his,daughters,no no thats not there but an excellent,integration,i think so making the story better yeah,i agree and i think that they made the,story about it,all the sections that she kind of like,leaves out in the book,kind of make their way like this you,cant just leave them out right so,theyre in the,movie and i think thats really cool and,thats wonderful uh,jack going to mexico,no no no thats not there not there um,you guys sure found a way to kill the,time up there,yeah yeah thats there yes sir thats in,there,you got any more lets see uh oh the,postcard,when you got that postcard back saying,deceased,good one um yes,that was yeah good good good yeah thank,you thank you,little details that they because it was,like you said they,fit a whole bunch of those little,details they really did nice,its really a very very nice so how,about alma catching him kissing,when she first meets jack,yeah yeah thats it thats in there yeah,yeah and her getting remar her getting,remarried,yeah yeah to the uh grocery store guy,yeah yeah same all right same same same,what do you got anymore,what were they thinking yeah lets do it,what were they thinking do you have the,do you have the the the black and white,picture yeah yeah its the uh picture,where theyre,theyre standing there at the fire and,heath ledger is behind,uh jake gyllenhaal i i believe this is,the moment,i think i picked the right picture uh,for,for this moment i i could be wrong okay,yeah you know i dont think anybody,actually watches that close,um all right all right ill read it so,theyd stood that way for a long time in,front of the fire,its burning tossing ruddy chunks of,light the shadow of their bodies in a,single column against the rock,the minutes tick by from the round watch,in eness pocket,from the from the sticks and the fire,settling into coals,stars bit through the wavy heat layers,above the fire eness breath came slow,and quiet he hummed,rocked a little in the spark light and,jack leaned against the steady heart,heartbeat the vibrations of the humming,like fa

Movie Review — “Grace Unplugged”

grace tre must have been around five or,six years old when her father gave her a,gift that practically made her eyes pop,out it was perfect her own guitar music,was a big thing to her dad but the ex,rock star turned worship minister does,not want his daughter to repeat his,mistakes and overcompensates by becoming,a bit too protective as she grows up,race plays alongside her dad and church,services by age 18 she has developed a,style of her own and an attitude I asked,you to play again you still just do your,own thing I have my own style every time,we talk its a battle although the,lyrics are still gospel the performance,is top 40 strange thing nearly everyone,in the congregation seems to be enjoying,gods presence more than the girl on,stage grace is played by aj michalka who,like a character got her musical stewart,in church and is about to release her,first CD it turns out dads old manager,pays a surprise visit to the family,unintentionally giving grace and idea,she records dads old hit from the glory,days sends it to the wheeler dealer and,his soon in Los Angeles headed to a,parent stardom no goodbyes from her,except in a note she leaves behind as,soon as grace is settled she runs into,an intern from her record label you and,your dad played her church couple years,ago Danny Roxy youre here Quentin says,we definitely need light in this,industry but he soon realizes that,wasnt Graces motivation for coming to,Hollywood theres a lot of attention to,detail on the movie take Graces first,performance at a nightclub she nervously,fumbles around trying to plug in her,electric guitar despite an awkward start,grace blows people away with her music,just like she used to hope for a church,she even meets her idol and a lot of,other plastic people in LA we are gonna,have so much fun with you,I can hardly wait but grace finds the,more she compromises the more shes,asked to compromise instead of becoming,easier this way of life gets harder and,harder by now youve probably figured,out that grace unplugged as a retelling,of the story of the prodigal son or,should I say daughter but just as each,generation has its own version of a,classic tale whether from Shakespeare or,a comic book parables from the Bible can,also find new audiences and this,retelling has a twist Graces dad has,his own epiphany when its pastor tells,him God may not be using you in Graces,life right now and he never may but God,is in control one thing I liked about,the movie that you dont often see in,Christian films is understatement which,I consider is strength whats that you,want to know if theres a happy ending,lets just say someone brings light to,the music industry this is Steve Eastman,reporting

Chalaang Movie review|Reviews Unplugged |#ChhalaangOnPrime @amazonprimenow, #chhalaangreview

sports movies is always being,all about adrenaline rush underdogs,than being natural in perspective and,letting,the best person win theres always been,hope,even if the protagonist is going through,personal conflicts,hey guys this is pankaj beer and youre,watching me on reviews unplugged where,you get the real insight,um if i talk about movies like,dangal and chakdev where the unlikely,winners,comes from behind and snatch the share,of their glory,in between directors throws share,some gags and punches to ease the,tension,before building it up to the highest,during the clients,today im going to tell you or im going,to give a review of one such movies,which is,currently streaming on amazon prime with,the name of chalang,which has been recently released and the,main protagonist,which is played by the ace actor,rajkumar rao,director is one such story,where a wayward haryana school teacher,montu is forced to do a soul search,when his job of a physical education,school teacher,is comes under threat his challenger,singh,this circle character of singh has been,played by an ace actor zeeshan ayub,another physical education teacher in,the same school,and also seems interested in montus,crush,the character of his crush has been,played by one,one of the most emerging actresses in,bollywood now,with the name of nusrat bharucha coming,to five pointers,cast plot direction whats law and,reviews unplugged rating,talking about the cast starting with,definitely,rajkumar rao the ra the character of,montu which is,played by rajkumar raw is one of the,subtle character,hansel meta has shown in this movie well,this protagonist character has shown,some guts,in the second part of the story while,initial part,its pretty repetitive from if you,compare it with all the rajkumar,raos earliest earlier movies here,in this second part he has played the,character of a subtle protagonist in,terms of a physical education teacher,who takes on a challenge which has been,thrown by,singh which has been played by zeeshan,ayub,the character of moon 2 which raw has,played,doesnt leave his behavior overnight,and become the coach which you want him,to be,he remains the same affable judger boy,who try to understand the value,slowly and steadily zeeshan ayu,in the character of singh,has matched the raw in every step and,has a thumping presence this immensely,talented actor has proved once again,that when it comes to show adversary,to oppose the protagonist on the screen,hes one of the best choice nusrah,barucha,she has played the character of neelu in,this movie,and has her moving definitely the,the actresses like nusrat bharucha or,rumi padmaker,has become nowadays directors first,choice,when it comes to portray the character,of a small town tiki takes the rar,girl yet grounded one coming to the,direction part,hansel mehta and raj kumar rao has,joined the hands,for one more time most of the director,believes in screaming about their,characters virtue,where mehta led rajkumar rao to ease out,in steps,needless to say that despite of not,being typical,hansel mehta and rajkumar raw film they,have kept,this narrative under trite grip talking,about the plot,the story sets in the backdrop of a,small town in haryana named jaja,the narrative can be concluded in three,main parts,first a love triangle second,the ego clashed between two hot headed,physical,education teacher in a small school and,third,the underdogs emerging as a winner,hansel mehta who has directed,the intense movies like shahid and,aligarh,this time he has made an easier film,rather i would like to say its,easier because from the narrative,perspective its very easy going kind of,a story,which you can correlate in your,day-to-day life,probably in a bid to reach a bigger,audience,the narratives chuckles between,light banter some love tracks some,didactic vibes,and whole lot of a sporting action,towards the end this was all about,the plot of this movie now talking about,the voice for moment,uh this movie doesnt have any kind of a,warsaw moment i can say that but then,the depth of the narrative some,light punches some nostalgic moments,where the picturization of a small town,school will take you to take you back to,your school days,talking about the reviews unplugged,rating well i would like to give three,and a half star out of five,one and a half star i have detected,because uh it seems that rajkumar raw,is rajkumar robs acting is becoming a,little bit of repetitive now and uh,more of a this films little lack,of freshness you know what,the real winner of this film is,its a terrific cast like,saurabh shukla satish kashik raj kumar,rao and jishan ayub,and raj kumar rao i would like to say,the pillar,of the success of this movie,well this movie is definitely a one-time,watch movie,which you which gonna give you some very,enjoyable moments with your family,how did you like my reviews please do,mention in the comment box,please subscribe my channel hit the bell,icon you can follow me on twitter,my twitter id is at the red bean,underscore package,you can enjoy me on insta also my insta,id,is reviews underscore unplugged so guys,ill be,back with some more exciting reviews on,web series and movies currently,streaming on,odt platform till then good bye and,namaste

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