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Until Dawn Review

dont,Yeah right honey youre gonna have to do,a whole lot better than that to freak me,out all right at its best until dawn is,a gleefully cheesy homage to horror,movies sit in the world built by a,developer that clearly adores the genre,although its thrills are tempered by a,lack of story cohesion a robust choice,and consequent system and a keen eye on,Horrors most ridiculous tropes make spam,til dawn ultimately worth playing are we,like in a movie right now if we are I,hope its around,developer supermassive games has,threaded horror movie cliches into until,dawn sit-up and amplified them to,extreme degrees eight attractive,stereotypes played with great gusto by a,well rounded cast thats a little too,good for this material excuse me did you,say something oh did you not hear me was,your sluttiness,to out have gathered together to party,in a remote cabin on the top of a snowy,mountain they can only be accessed by an,unreliable cable car what could possibly,go wrong,until Dawns game world is small that,supermassive has made it entertaining ly,hostile Angry wildlife abandoned mines a,huge morgue a cabin that theyll to kill,you the hell was it its all here until,Dawns high angles and tracking shots,also do a great job making you feel like,youre always being watched,its a ridiculous place to spend any,length of time of course and during its,first half until dawn really revels in,the slasher genre is idiosyncratic,idiocy while I wish the script here had,been sharper overall I enjoyed watching,until Dawns characters do stupid things,in the name of covering more ground or,taking any available opportunity to have,sex play your cards right and maybe you,will get lucky like any maybe we just,need to jump into it such gleeful,abusive genre tropes does dilute until,dawn scared significantly i laughed more,than i flinched though it does employ,the occasional bit of clever,misdirection to pull off a couple of,genuine shocks wow you are a wizard,supermassive has an excellent handle on,the language of horror movies and until,dawn is at its most scary when a,character is slowly backing out of a,doorway or approaching a sinister,wrestling trap door however until dawn,cant quite sustain its tongue-in-cheek,tone across its tennis hours and the,story veers off into an entirely,different direction in a much darker and,sillier second half while there are,still some tense moments to be had here,this sudden shift strips away any,cohesiveness and left me feeling like,Ive played through two very different,and discordant experiences,fortunately until dawn encourages a more,consistent sense of tension elsewhere,your goal is to save or kill lets face,it as many characters as you can and,every twig make shapes their fates some,decisions I made until dawn had minor,consequences I didnt do it on purpose,some left me genuinely shocked and all,felt satisfyingly connected to my own,actions I play through twice to mess,around with its systems and was,delighted to find new storylines and,information Id missed the first time,around by choosing different options Hey,what the hell is wrong with you two,QuickTime events play a big part in,until dawn – and though occasionally,tedious there are real repercussions for,failing some of until Dawns most,thrilling moments came when I was being,pursued and had to make split-second,decisions on my method of escape all the,while trying not to fumble at a prompt,which would result in my immediate death,oh my god less successful is dr. hill as,like hiya trust who will talk to you,directly in between chapters how did,that picture make you feel how you,answer him has a subtle effect on until,dawns early scares youll encounter a,needle if you say youre scared of,needles for example but his role quickly,descends into a strictly thematic one,which becomes redundant as the story,takes that hard left turn oh yeah Im,afraid were out of time no no this is,insane,you need to go get help until dawn is a,flawed but fun experience though an,extremely unfocused story means it falls,short of greatness,its an otherwise entertaining homage to,the curious traditions of horror movies,which pays off your in-game decisions,with occasionally shocking consequences,form or run until dawn stick with IGN,buddy,in there

Until Dawn – Game Review

until dawn is a new game I picked up,recently for my ps4 and if you guys,didnt know I do video game reviews from,time to time I dont do them regularly,because I simply dont have that type of,patience I also dont like to play games,that Im not interested in playing so I,will review games from time to time next,one coming up is definitely going to be,Metal Gear Solid 5 oh my gosh I cant,wait September 1st in this game you play,as eight different people theyve gone,to this winter resort on top of a,mountain have to take one of those lifts,rail cars to get there its secluded,from everyone its freezing outside,theres a winter storm and theres,someone out there whos trying to kill,each one of them and you have to play as,each character to try to survive the,night its similar to the games heavy,rain and beyond two souls two games I,really enjoyed in which you have to make,split-second decisions that can change,the entire course of the game its like,one of those give yourself goosebumps,choose your own adventure books the game,might suddenly present you with the,option to keep running or to hide you,might choose keep running and you might,die and youll never see that character,again and then suddenly the entire,course of the game has changed through,what this game calls the butterfly,effect this is something thats been,talked about in science and even a movie,with Ashton Kutcher in which one small,action can have a ripple effect that,affects a lot of other people in places,and the game relies on that scientific,theory not just as a theme throughout,the game but as a way to progress,throughout the game you might be walking,around outside in the wilderness or in,the cabin resort that youre all,visiting you might find a picture or a,letter and its a clue to a murder that,youre trying to solve from a year ago,and little butterflies appear on the,screen letting you know that you just,affected the outcome of the game in some,way lets talk a little bit more about,the plot of this game because its a,very cinematic game as I said its very,similar to heavy rain and beyond two,souls its a game in which you almost,feel like youre playing an interactive,cutscene because you are in a way youre,essentially watching a movie unfold in,video game form except you have the,choice of how the game plays out its,filled with a lot of Hollywood stars,like hayden Panettiere playing the main,girl Sam you have Peter Stormare in,there from Los,world and Minority Report and one of the,games greatest strengths is that you do,actually start to kind of care about,these characters even some of the ones,that purposefully are annoying you,because the game will ask you a question,early on in which this character is,interviewing you in between each chapter,he asks you questions like whos your,least favorite character so far and you,have to actually pick who your least,favorite person is and then the game,might try to win you over to like said,character or it might give you the,option to kill said character the game,also tries to figure out early on what,actually does scare you and based off,the answers that you pick certain things,happen later in the game I could tell,because the things that I pick that,scared me the most kept reoccurring,throughout the game and I was like,thanks game I appreciate that,the game does rely quite a bit on,choices you make in fact entirely on,choices you make and if you made the,wrong choice it can get really,frustrating because you start to see the,entire game going in a direction you,dont want it to because of that one,choice you made youre like damn it I,didnt want it to go this way and now it,is so theres also a great replay value,there because what I actually beat the,game last night I didnt get a very good,ending I didnt like the ending and so I,replayed the last chapter again because,I had the option to do so from the main,menu and I got a much better ending,because I knew the path to take so the,game actually does make you want to play,it again to try to figure out the,various nooks and crannies that you,didnt see before and get a better,ending or better cutscenes or better,outcomes for the characters you like the,graphics look fantastic I didnt,experience any framerate issues no,clipping none of those things it played,great the gameplay is solid the controls,are a lot of fun theres a lot of,split-second decision-making you have to,make as well as I dont move feature in,which the game can tell if youre,actually moving the controller in even,the slightest bit and you have to hold,it as steady as possible so you dont,make any noises when certain things are,looking for you and that can get really,nerve-racking that was an excellent idea,the biggest negative I have with this,game is unfortunately the way the story,plays out now I understand that a lot of,the way the story plays out is actually,based on your decisions but there are,certain things in regards to horror,cliches like tons of false jump scares,friends touching you from,Hinde or somebody jumping out and,scaring you or an animal coming out of,the woods,this happens countless times in the,early part of this game and it really,started to get under my skin because,thats one of the things I hate the most,about horror movies is false scares,because I think theyre weak but there,came a point in this game when I,realized Im pretty sure the creators,are doing this on purpose,they are tributing the horror genre they,are recognizing the flaws and the,stupidity of certain tropes and cliches,within the horror genre and I think,theyre acknowledging all of that and,just letting it happen and have fun with,it gratefully the game picks up in the,latter half the scares are actually real,even though certain things that happen,in this story dont always make sense,and some of that can be because you have,control over the way the story plays out,so sometimes character arcs that you,were expecting dont happen because,maybe you screw up and a character dies,or something or certain story arcs dont,make sense or things that you were,expecting to learn more about are never,revealed because maybe you didnt get,the perfect ending or something and so,sometimes that story can get a little,annoying unless you do everything,flawlessly so my biggest issue with,until dawn is really the story and how,it plays out but in some ways its also,a great strength because one of my,friends was just over the other day he,was about to leave and he was like Ill,see what this until dawn game is like,and he ended up watching me play it for,like two hours because he got into the,story and it almost made him want to buy,a ps4 so that is definitely a,praiseworthy element of until dawn,despite the fact that some of the,elements of the story are also its,weakest points Im going to give until,dawn and eight point five out of ten,yeah I do numbers for games in case you,didnt know Im looking forward to,playing mgs 5 very soon September first,guys thank you so much as always for,watching I hope you guys check out until,dawn if you have a ps4 and you want to,play it I do recommend it as always,thank you very much guys and if you like,this you can click right here and get,stuck Munoz

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Until Dawn: Before You Buy

hey people welcome to another episode of,before you buy the show where I Jake,Palladino hey whats up gives you the,impressions on the latest releases of,videogames with like a first look with,raw unedited gameplay big thanks to,those of you guys who watch the last one,I made it a big success with a rare,replay the winner has been chosen for,that giveaway and we mentioned it on our,Facebook so congrats to you if you want,but were going to jump right into until,dawn which is a 60 dollar full priced,ps4 exclusive game and its its good I,mean I didnt expect this I really its,almost a shame that Sony kind of left,this game to die now Im not gonna go,into spoilers and I havent finished the,game yet but from what I understand its,roughly like an 8 hour experience but my,first impressions are that it is a lot,of fun and it sort of makes up for the,failures of recent walking simulator,style games with everybodys gone to the,rapture being a little lame for my taste,ah,this is very much a walking simulator,but its a big-budget really cool one uh,its almost like if heavy rain had a,baby with um every horror movie,and thats a really good thing uh for,that for those of you who are fans of,horror movies especially those 90s to,early 2000s horror movies with stupid,teenagers that actually you know thats,a trope for horror forever you know the,movies where you yelled the screen at,the stupid teenagers who are doing the,thing that they shouldnt do this is,basically the game for that its very,much like heavy rain though I mentioned,that because its very much cutscenes,and doing very light actions its a very,light experience but through watching,you still feel really tense and you are,still gripping your controller even if,youre only pressing buttons every so,often there are QuickTime events but,theyre very very easy to pull off and I,think the game almost does that on,purpose because the special thing here,is that every character can die most,characters can die if you [ __ ] up and it,changes the game the game stresses this,whole element of the butterfly effect,with outcomes affecting certain things,it feels a little bit like telltale when,you make a significant decision the game,auto-saves and tells you that you made a,decision that will change the outcome of,the game so Im already looking forward,to going back and playing again because,its one its a fun adventure and to the,outcomes can probably be vastly,different with a lot of different,outcomes and I think thats really,really cool and very exciting and this,is just really an unexpected game,not to mention the fact that it is,pretty big budget it looks absolutely,gorgeous its about a bunch of friends,staying up in a wintery mountainous log,cabin the snow is falling the particle,effects or particle and the facial,animations are incredibly realistic,because everybodys acting there are,people really selling some of the,performances here theyre not all,amazing but they are a blast to watch,most notably hayden penitent penalty,pettit area hayden Panettiere i dont,know whatever her name is shes great,shes very pretty,I like her um shes kind of the main,focus of the game I dont know if you,can screw up and kill her yet but you,know you have other people like I,believe his name is Rami Malek from mr.,robot all really great stuff with pretty,great facial captured I really you get,it you get how these people are feeling,of course they still have the dead eyes,that every cd-i character has but its,great also there was a big surprise I,didnt expect going into this game Peter,Stormare is in this game everybody knows,him hes that creepy guy I dont know,hes that creepy guy in all those movies,well he gets to ham it up like crazy in,this game and his scenes actually have a,little bit I dont wanna spoil anything,but they have a little bit of an element,of Silent Hill for the room for those of,you to know what Im talking about its,really cool and its a nice touch,because and overall with that nice touch,this game is it is a game but as much as,its not super playable it is just a big,ode to all different types of horror,movies I already mentioned that like,teenager slasher horror where everybody,dies but the game does go into like,cerebral stuff more dark and quick vague,imagery and harv through ambiguity and,tension and I think its really,successful so far at that one element I,dont like is that theres this whole,ancient mystical element to it with,these totem artifacts that you can pick,up throughout the game world you look at,them and it gives you a glimpse into the,future ah that kind of sucks because,its cool because its foreshadowing,things you know maybe to strengthen the,decision you make but at the same time,you also can kind of theyre very brief,flashes but sometimes you can get a,sense of a character thats going to die,very soon and that kind of takes away,from it for me it hasnt really spoiled,a couple of deaths that Ive had but you,know its a little a little weird its a,weird element that I dont really like,but like I said the game is gorgeous,that everything is high-quality the,cinematic angles everything about this,game just looks really cool and,atmosphere and cinematic awesomeness and,Im really happy and Im really,pleasantly surprised I really feel like,Sony left this game out to die maybe,after people werent the biggest fans of,the order maybe they decided a big,expensive games with realistic graphics,and production values where you dont,really play that much arent really,worth pushing out in the market but,thats a shame because I think everybody,should know about this game because its,kind of a blast and like I said its a,blast even though youre not really,doing that much know that because maybe,this game isnt for all of you out there,if you werent a fan of heavy rain or,any of the Quantic Dream games because,this game kind of outdoes Quantic Dream,at something theyve been trying to do,for years but it really is the perfect,balance of fun tension camp enos and,serious heart theres a bunch of,different situations here all different,types running through woods a seance,spooky dark corridors it has a little,bit of everything for horror fans and,its fun so thats really all I can tell,you guys about until dawn without,spoiling anything but I do want to know,what you guys think in the comments,about this game if you have been playing,it and if you want to talk about it with,me on Twitter definitely do that follow,me at Jake Baldino on Twitter because,that would be cool we could talk about,it but I do really hope I influence your,decision if you were thinking about,jumping into this game you know maybe,now this strengthened your feelings,behind it so definitely let me know what,youre doing with until dawn in the,comments lets talk about the game and,as always guys you should definitely,subscribe if youre new because we put,out new videos every single day and,were doing more of these because more,games are coming out and this is my,favorite series of videos but thanks for,watching and well see you guys next,time,you

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Until Dawn – Five Years Later – A Survival Horror Masterpiece

[Music],the survival horror classics of,yesteryear,are always fun to contemplate and their,importance cannot be understated,as you can clearly still see their,influence shaping modern horror games,today,that said that influence and that,inspiration,led to many fantastic horror games in,the modern era as well,games that stand on their own and carve,out new paths for future games to,continue to iterate upon,many of which could arguably be,considered as modern equivalents of,resident evil silent hill and the like,just for a different era one such game,is the delightfully pulpy,until dawn a game that on paper might,not sound,all that original or compelling but as,an actual finished product,ended up ensnaring its players in a,twisted tale of bloodshed,betrayal and body count despite it being,from a fairly small,studio locked on only one console and,obscured by,seemingly non-existent marketing back in,2015,until dawn quickly became a cult hit and,would slowly creep into the hallways of,mainstream horror classics over time,as more and more people got their hands,on it ps plus subscribers who missed out,on it early on would eventually get a,chance to play it as part of the monthly,free games,that ps4 offers later on and from that,point,it has widely been regarded as a horror,classic if not a masterpiece,the games story again contains no one,element you havent seen iterated upon,700 times,prior to until dawn nor did its cast of,characters who mostly comprise of,familiar slasher movie archetypes from,the 80s and 90s,young adults repeatedly making bad,decisions and letting their curiosity,get the better of them,despite multiple obvious warnings the,cast quickly find themselves marooned in,an old lodge in the snowy wooded terrain,of blackwood mountain,one year after a devastating accident,that left the two sisters,of one of the main characters josh,missing,the audience knows this going in but it,was the expertly paced,and constantly winding thrill ride of a,story that kept players,guessing and gripping their controllers,while it is a given that the characters,are fairly ordinary for this type of,story,as the game progresses what they go,through and how theyre used is what,makes them perfect for the game,much like the story itself the,characters are used in various ways that,reveal,deeper tendencies that you wouldnt,normally see characters like this have,some are selfish some are selfless,and some are criminally insane without,going too far into spoiler territory,ill just say this,everything and everyone are not as they,seem on one hand,you seem to have a fairly typical horror,story here,theres a killer and a bunch of people,who are probably going to die,and thats not an inaccurate thing to,say about until dawns story it just,turns into so much more and has a little,something for every sort of horror fan,in such a deliberate way that even the,snobbiest horror hounds out there are,sure to find many things they like about,what unfolds and until dawn for fans of,slashers and masked killers theres,plenty of that,for fans of psychological thrillers and,twists youre going to get plenty of,that as well,it almost does this to a fault as the,slasher formula eventually gets traded,in for a much,more interesting winding tale about past,accidents of that region and the morbid,consequences it had for those involved,there are also many nods to saw type,movies where victims have to choose,between one horrible thing,and another equally yet differently,horrible thing to prevent some other,third horrible thing from transpiring,as you might imagine that choice is left,to you,the player to make this leads us to one,of until dawns strongest gameplay,elements,the elements of choice until dawn,implements an extremely well thought out,butterfly effect mechanic,that might remind you of a quantic dream,game like detroit become human,and you wouldnt be wrong for thinking,that as lead designers of the games,mechanics have openly admitted to being,directly inspired by those sorts of,games,knowing that it shouldnt come as much,of a surprise that the choices you make,can echo throughout the rest of the,campaign for better or for worse,depending on how you handle certain,situations the consequences you face can,range,all the way from entire characters,losing their lives,to much less punishing but still amusing,outcomes,at the end of the day this makes until,dawn a bona fide adventure game,and not what most would think of when,they talk about survival horror games,there is no combat system no ammo to,manage,there arent even really many actual,instances of failing at the game per se,until dawn will let you make horrible,choices miss quick time event prompts,and subsequently kill off characters,and miss entire levels as a result,though this,ingeniously invited the player to play,the game again,after the first playthrough to continue,to uncover different elements of the,rather involved story,and it works well its as if the third,person exploration of a quantic dream,game,met up with the multiple endings and,ways to keep characters alive from clock,tower,its certainly a game that a fan of,either of those is sure to enjoy,that said any horror game can be sunk,without a clear tone and ambience to go,along with its writing and gameplay,mechanics,the icing on the cake for until dawn is,that it has,atmosphere for days every scene every,character,every story development despite how off,the rails things can get,all feels like it fits this experience,and no other,im not sure if its the blueish color,gradients throughout much of the game,or the inexplicable fog that seems to,even exist inside buildings,or some other element or just a,combination of lots of things like that,but until dawn just has a look and a,feel to it that nothing else does,the fact that i cant even quantify what,it is is a big part of what makes it so,effective,it must be at least in part due to the,music though,while the score of until dawn does not,seem to have many recognizable melodies,or recurring themes,like so many great horror movies its,clearly inspired by,does it does have some rather haunting,chord progressions that always seem to,take the mood further and further down,an auditory rabbit hole that only this,game could justify,just as well thanks to the capabilities,of the decima engine,the game would dynamically crescendo as,the character got closer to danger,and vice versa also different layers of,the same track could be added,progressively,as events in the game reached certain,points,making the soundtrack just as,interesting and potent as its characters,and story,until dawn isnt your typical horror,game while it does,embrace its roots in classic horror,movies and spooky adventure games of the,past,it also respectfully mixes in its own,flavors of insanity and garnishes,everything with very nice production,values across the board,that i suspect will continue to hold up,for many years to come,but more importantly even when its,graphics become dated,like all classic horror games the dark,heart of until dawns intent,will continue to rattle and intrigue,long after many,other games from the same era are,[Music],forgotten,thats it for this video if you enjoyed,and would like to see more,feel free to hit that subscribe button,and hit the notification bell to ensure,youll be notified when new videos go up,you

Until Dawn Review

so you have a committee to commands with,this game this is significant until dawn,takes 80s and 90s horror movie tropes,and wraps them into a,choose-your-own-adventure,its sort of like the film cabin in the,woods only youre in control of the,story reunited on a snowy mountain a,year after the death of their two,friends eight teenagers find themselves,dealing with not only clashing,personalities but a creature roaming the,woods ghosts a murderer,you name it you play as all 18s in turn,navigating harrowing situations and,making tough choices and where to go and,how to behave as you explore the,mountain your primary way of interacting,with the environment is through glowing,objects youll turn power on open gates,climb walls and ladders interactions are,limited to these specific set pieces,which is frustrating and sometimes dull,but until Dawn has tons of hidden,secrets designed to push the plot,forward scattered around are two special,kinds of objects clues and totems clues,offer insight into whats happening,leaving a trail of narrative breadcrumbs,they fill in backstory and are key to,fully understanding the horror plaguing,the area you must look through every,nook and cranny if you want to find them,all I played the game through multiple,times and on my second run I still found,clues I hadnt seen previously clues,that surprised me I made the story more,heartbreaking and more shocking,unfortunately until Dawns main story,becomes predictable youll know whats,happening although the characters wont,thats why you need those clues each one,equips the teens with knowledge to make,more informed decisions or cheat death,they will talk about these clues showing,these small pieces do matter to plot and,mesh in your gameplay with the story in,one instance a totem showed a character,petting a wolf when I encounter the wolf,I decline to harm him and he became my,ally later on in another missing a clue,in a corner resulted in agonizing death,for my favorite character it upset me in,the neck,Im around I search to save him oh my,god we got to get out I understand what,a paycheck this is insane we need to go,get help but death is inevitable and,until dawn and thats where totems come,in each presents a peak of an event that,could happen later on however its,entirely possible that your choices,along until Dawns branching paths never,take you in that direction the totems,show ways a character could die hidden,threats and other suggested actions,I found totems very useful in scenarios,I recognized from a totem I tried not to,make wrong moves,its a clever way to forewarn players,hoping to avoid cheap deaths a note on,this though it is possible to finish the,game with all eight characters alive or,all of them dead all right until dawn is,all about its butterfly effect tiny,consequences throughout the game caused,a ripple turning the tide of major,events I played until dawn a few times,and I didnt expect the long-lasting,effect the tiniest choices had what,playing is one character choosing not to,side with his girlfriend in a fight,meant she verbally abused him for the,remainder of the game which in turn,affected his dialogue towards her and,how willingly he helped in multiple,playthroughs one character died,different ways first she didnt find a,weapon when I missed a clue in a hurry,to escape the second time I chose to,have her break off from the group to,follow a voice and she met her demise,its easy to track this butterfly effect,during play to a menu shows each major,decision and whenever something happens,resulting from this choice the game,advertises a butterfly effect update the,constant updates are very in-your-face,but when playing a second time I,constantly referred back to them making,different decisions to save or sacrifice,characters the performance isnt until,dawn are incredible in like any horror,movie you find your favorites root for,their survival the desk depicted are,pretty gross,and at the same time its entertaining,crafting the narrative to your liking,fantastic acting aside there are moments,when visuals get really jank camera,angles are fixed and get frustrating,during some navigation when walking up a,mountain the camera will follow you,around a corner but stop and wait is you,move further up and out of sight the,facial animations are audit x as some,expressions like a grimace dont,translate well with mocap theres just,too much team whoa gosh I didnt expect,to have as much fun as I did with until,dawn I was looking for a horror movie,where I chose who lived and died but,until dawn gives you that and more how,much of the narrative you unravel is,dependent on how diligent you are and,its easy to feel paranoid with every,choice in a game where something as,innocuous as not harming a bird could,lessen the dangers that confront you,later its fun to sweat the small things,despite the story revealing its,intentions early on its worth playing,multiple times because youll never end,with the same group alive its a,thoughtful game that elevates its,simple controls and tropes into an,experience you cant resist again and,yeah hey

Until Dawn – Review | A Uniquely Chilling Horror Experience

until dawn is a cinematic horror game in,which you play as a group of teenagers,attempting to survive the night in a,snowy mountain lodge after their winter,getaway takes a sinister turn returning,to the same Lodge or two of their,friends went missing one year prior the,group reunites and soon finds themselves,trapped on the mountain with a murderous,psychopath whos trying to torture and,kill them off one by one you play as one,character at a time usually partnered,with someone else,switching characters between chapters,and even between scenes with the main,objective of trying to make every,character survive until dawn to do so,youll have to make smart decisions with,quick reaction speeds as the games,butterfly effect system can create,far-reaching consequences for seemingly,innocuous decisions that could,ultimately lead to a characters death,the game plays like an interactive movie,where the bulk of the gameplay consists,of making decisions and reacting to,QuickTime events during cutscenes,alternating with sequences that give you,freedom to explore your surroundings for,story clues while trying to complete,some objective while lacking,conventional survival horror mechanics,like health bars or resource management,each character has various stats that,can be influenced by your decisions and,which can affect the outcome of certain,interactions ultimately the potential,life and death of each of the games,eight characters acts as sort of a,resource management system of its own,and its hero the game derives most of,the survival horror attention since,youll fail the game or at least get an,unsatisfying ending if none of them make,it out alive Im a huge fan of horror in,all forms of media and yet despite my,love for the genre I find that horror,games can be really hit or miss usually,missing more often than they hit for me,part of the problem is that Im just so,desensitized to the genre that the usual,tricks of jump scares violent gore and,spooky imagery just dont faze me much,while I appreciate a good horror,aesthetic I find that I need a,compelling story and strong gameplay,mechanics to invoke any sense of fear or,dread in me which often isnt the case,on a lot of modern horror games that,basically amount to haunted house ride,jump-scare simulators where you walk,around creepy environments while scary,things happen at you with on until,Dawns heavy reliance on cutscenes quick,time events and gameplay sequences that,border on walking simulator territory I,was a little worried this might be the,case but it turns out the game central,butterfly effect system coupled with the,fact that the characters can all die in,a variety of different ways at different,stages of the game actually made this,one of the more tensely engaging horror,games that Ive played in a long time,done with some bellboys but hey cant,get everything back here as a cinematic,horror game unfold on molds itself,pretty closely after teen slasher movies,or TV shows and an effort to make it,feel more like an interactive movie,theres a heavy reliance on cutscenes,with dynamic camera angles and camera,movements of course and every single,character is not only voiced but also,motion capped by real actors including,hayden Panettiere peter stormare and the,academy award-winning rami malek in that,regard it definitely has a look of a,real movie but it also feels like a,movie – the prologue sequence functions,like a typical pre-credit sequence,thats meant to set the tone and act as,a mini teaser for the audience can,expect in the full movie before the,story actually begins and then it goes,right into an actual opening credits and,title sequence the games use of chapters,meanwhile act as baked-in stopping,points with designated cliffhangers like,you find in episodic television with,each chapter opening with a previously,on until dawn sequence as most long-form,shows do the story likewise follows a,typical three act structure split into,ten chapters where the first act is used,heavily as exposition to introduce the,characters and the setting before the,main threat appears,which barely looks any different and,nobodys been up here even with all the,police coming in and out not a lot of,action up here lately which leads into,acts 2 where the group has to,investigate the threat and try to find,ways to avoid dying and then act 3 where,the mystery is revealed on the group,hatches their plan to escape their,situation stay put right here and till,dawn with the story and cinematic,presentation being arguably the games,main focus until dawn spends a lot of,time early on establishing its tone and,atmosphere before the horror kicks in,and the characters lives become at stake,the game spans 10 chapters plus a,prologue with each chapter representing,roughly one hour of in-game time over,the course of a single night the,prologue takes place one year prior to,the real start of the game and gives us,a glimpse into how two of the groups,friends went missing the group had been,playing a prank on Hanna by tricking her,into a fake set up with Mike whom she,had a huge crush on only to pop out and,surprise her as she started taking her,top off embarassed Hanna runs out of the,lodge with her sister Beth chasing after,her in hopes of consoling her when,theyre suddenly attacked by someone or,some thing in the woods fall off a cliff,and are never seen or heard from again,one year later their brother Josh,invites everyone back to his familys,Lodge as a way to honor their memory by,partying like old times because as he,says its what Hanna and Beth would have,wanted thats where the game starts in,proper with chapter one showing everyone,arriving at the lodge and awkwardly,dancing around the subject of Hanna and,Beth and chapter 2 putting the,characters into their respective,situations where they start to split off,and eventually have to face different,assortments of terror throughout the,night based on their own unique,situations the game is sure to drop,hints throughout both of these chapters,at foreshadow the looming horror like,seeing wanted posters for an escaped,criminal in the area newspaper clippings,about a disgruntled Washington family,employee who seems to have an agenda,against Joshs family and a missing fire,axe among other things along with the,usual b-movie horror tropes of harmless,fake-out jump scares by the characters,startling each other or a wild animal,suddenly jumping out of know,but no one is actually attacked until,chapter 3 and the real danger doesnt,really kick in until chapter 4 so the,first couple chapters are really all,about introducing the characters and,setting the mood with the slow and,steady build-up to the horror at first,glance the characters seem intentionally,set up to fit into stereotypical teens,slasher movie roles Sam is the,compassionate vegan Mike is mr.,popularity and class president Jessica,is a hot girl who knows it and takes,advantage of it,emily is a conceited honor-roll student,Matt is a kind-hearted and,well-intentioned athlete ashley is a,quiet bookworm,chris is the comedic class clown and,josh is the wild party animal but as the,game progresses those cliche roles start,to fade away and the characters just,start to become like real people,although those basic character traits,remain consistent for each character,they arent solely defined by those,traits in other words they arent,shoehorned into specific situations of,ham-fisted dialogue meant to exaggerate,or draw attention to those traits you,mean Jim the fact that Matt is a,letterman jacket wearing athlete does,not really play into his character and,the game doesnt do anything stupid like,having him used some sort of football,maneuver to Juke past the psycho or,drawing up a football play while,strategizing a plan with the rest of the,group rather hes just a guy whos maybe,not the most outgoing socially and a,little whipped by his girlfriend as a,result of wanting to be a people pleaser,likewise it would have been too easy to,write J

Until Dawn Review “Buy, Wait for a Sale, Rent, Never Touch It?”

hi everyone this is carrot from ACG and,today Im stoked to bring you the review,for Intel dawn a murder cabin simulator,thats exclusive to Sony and made by the,fine folks at supermassive games a,collection of men and women who,obviously have a thing against good,choices and any group that numbers,larger than three until dawn tells the,tale of a group of young socialites who,go to a family ski resort getaway on the,anniversary of the last trip which,involved two of their number,mysteriously disappearing so basically,these are people who sprint back in a,hurry to a place where murder most,likely happened and then spend the next,couple hours doing everything they can,to prove that safety does not exist in,numbers thats like not realizing that a,wave pool is nothing more than a,rhythmically timed youre in delivery,system and swimming underwater with your,mouth open that kind of bad,decision-making is right throughout the,game which is good because without that,the game would just be called a bunch of,kids get together to screw which might,be a good movie but not the best game,up-down left-right a BBA ah you take,control of those within the cabin making,decisions living there short possibly,brutal lives being unceremoniously,shitty to one another and uncovering or,not uncovering the secret of what,happened a year ago did the twin girls,that so mysteriously disappeared so,lets get to it by weight for sale rent,never touch it is the rating scale and,as always remember to subscribe if you,like the video so heres the review for,until dawn Magnetic Taos clown girl,faces bad partner choices and ward from,agents of shield pretending hes in his,early 20s like a current day Luke Perry,so that he can get into pretty much,everyones pants gameplay is up first as,always until dawn really does play like,a mixture of life is strange a telltale,game and Resident Evil mixed up into one,with that last one being solely related,camera angles with a fair amount of,success constantly bubbling to the,surface despite a number of things that,can go wrong during the gameplay you,take on the role of each of the seven,guests in the cabin no one should have,ever gone back to and proceeded to,uncover the lies secrets loves hates and,petty jealousies of a group of teenagers,whose worst choice they probably need to,make in a day is how to best get their,ass and a selfie the first thing that,happens is everyone gathers in the cabin,and then promptly splits up into,incredibly small teams of two or three,for easier killing but for a couple,hours before that you turn things on yes,thats right for a good amount of the,game you basically run around turn and,switches adjusting knobs carrying,luggage and trying your hardest to take,a bath Ive honestly never seen or heard,of a character desire to take a bath so,much in my life half the game is one,character consistently seeking to,the enriching waters of what must be a,fountain of youth because no one needs a,soak as much as this chick so with these,kind of games most of what you do for a,great deal of the time is going to be,mundane flicking switches turning on,items and basically realizing that,whomever built this damn cabin did so,purely to assist murders with their job,some QTE events occur throughout the,game and supermassive did a really good,job of mixing up success and failure,into the game world state with various,differences coming out in the gameplay,not picking up an item or notice in it,you may not have it later when a,homicidal maniac wants to investigate,your insides medieval fortune-teller,style additionally all of the characters,have their own attitudes motivations and,desires and for the most part they rang,true throughout the entire gameplay and,the choices they can make the game,hinges on the butterfly effect which,they seem to think hasnt been done in,Prior games which is basically just a,page in the menu which tells you which,choices youve made and lets you see,where a replay of the game might pay off,if you chose differently its really,fairly rote stuff by now in any fan of,these kinds of games will understand,that instantly about halfway through the,game though it actually really gets,going with a couple various mysteries,and plots really picking up the action,and keeping the player engaged I just,wish the first half had not been such a,socialite simulator because though it,was probably needed it will make,replaying a complete drag unless youre,a fan of digital buts of which this game,will most likely win the award nicest,ass in 2015,ignoring of course the fact that no one,brought snow gear to a cabin in the,woods in the snow and instead decide,that running around in yoga capris made,sense I would say all-in-all the,gameplay is actually fairly rote its,typical life is strange telltale style,graphics are up next,you know its astounding in almost all,ways until dawn shows you that were,very close to getting real looking,characters in digital worlds though the,occasional what the [ __ ] face does,appear in the game for the most part the,characters animation faces and even the,glistening of their eyes is masterfully,done environments for the most part are,epically detailed with environmental,effects like snow sticking to shoes,wounded characters animating with,startling realism and emotions showing,clearly and accurately throughout that,isnt to say everything is perfect a,couple the environments are rife with,low resolution textures and sadly,theyre in places that are boldly,presented issuing a stark reminder that,you cant have everything,blocky textures and some fairly boring,environments bring down the title a,notch but that presentation is still,incredibly app,what its doing and a special Kudo to,massive games for their really good,portrayal of forest creatures gone wrong,many game designers seemed lost when,animating and texturing murderous,animals but super massive knocks it out,of the park with excellent first shaders,animations and overall portrayal of,nature at its worst the game does suffer,from framerate hits especially when more,than a couple characters get together it,can be a bit jarring but it didnt,lessen the fun I was having trying to,get a generator to start lastly the,games cameras can be a thing of,wondrous stupidity with walking into the,background or foreground instantly,making up down and down up resulting in,you cheddar humping the environment like,Spanish Fly was handed out in the hot,chocolate it can get insanely,frustrating as well as some items in the,game world have massive collision boxes,and when youre trying to simply walk,down a flight of stairs you realize that,the developers want to funnel you,through like a damn salmon up a breeding,chute I would say absolutely amazing,graphics with a couple hitches,environmentally and with faces,occasionally looking like someone,decided to wear a doll head because they,thought it would be funny sound music,and voice,whoa,not feel better with max,no Im lucky to be alive,nothing sound is up first and it is,incredible with an entire range being,used by various high-quality samples and,surround effects from the deep echo,throngs of dragging footsteps in a mine,that reminds you what it would be like,to be swallowed by a whale to the wind,whipping through trees and the crunch of,snow underfoot the entire range is,developed the sound is excellent,absolutely amazing audio music this is a,phenomenal soundtrack thats both,dynamic but for the most part willing to,underscore the scenes in action rather,than trying to jump up and down yelling,listen to me it was typical horror,undertones with synth Eve I blow strings,in the occasional was seeing sound to,assist shock moments it was really,delightful it also had a lot of,dexterity when it comes to adding to the,ambience rather than becoming it voice,now understanding that this game is,trying to mimic a b-movie I have to say,that the voices and the actors behind,them were pretty much great from the,douchbag turned every

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