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yo oh its gonna focus okay whats going,on youtube im gonna try to make this,video as quick as possible im basically,going to be sharing my time like my,story you know im saying my experience,with ups and being a package handler you,know im saying for the day or two that,i was even there im gonna tell you guys,why i quit and why ultimately just,wasnt the best thing for me,you know what im saying so um just so,you guys know uh my names cameron you,know im saying aka cam rams on this,channel i do a bunch of different things,from vlogs to skits to reactions to,unboxing so you know im saying if you,guys want to check it out check out some,other my videos and if this video is,helpful to you and you like the video,and uh you know consider subscribing you,know because it would really help me out,but basically im gonna tell you guys,about my time with ups and just why it,just ultimately was not the best,decision for me,look guys,i show up to orientation you know what,im saying,show up to orientation and,literally theyre like,if you were here last week stand over,here,and i was like,what do you mean like this is the first,day like im confused im looking around,like is this yalls first day yo,they can only have a certain amount of,people that are in the classroom to like,teach them whatever so,they didnt have enough room so they,just told them to come back next week so,she was like those people that were,there last week had first dibs on our,class this week but my whole thing is,like if you know that you can only have,a certain amount of people,like that can be in a classroom or be in,a certain area why would you even tell,those people to come youre wasting,peoples time first red flag,anyways we get into there im telling,you guys this was the most unorganized,thing a business that ive ever been a,part of man it was so bad it was so bad,so,first day that i was there guys you know,and i made my name was fortunately,called so i was able to do the,orientation that day you know what im,saying and youre just in a classroom,youre literally in a classroom and we,just watched a 45 minute video about,hazardous materials and what to do um,you know what im saying when you have a,box,um that has hazardous materials in it,you know what im saying we did a bunch,of paperwork and that was the first day,you know im saying one thing that i,found out on the first day that really,kind of grinded my gears was that they,lied and said that this was a part-time,job when really it was a seasonal job so,they said that if you do well that they,invite people from from the to like come,work with them after that but its just,like yo just be straight up with me,second red flag right or third of five,where i dont even know it was hella red,flags,so anyways i come back the second day,you know what im saying,ready to work im still eager and,everything like that,and um they didnt teach me how to do,anything you know what im saying like,absolutely nada um,i pull up there you know second day and,the dude was like okay youre gonna be a,loader,so im like cool so they basically to,kind of run it through with you guys um,they have a few different things in,a package handler so you can be like a,loader you can be an unloader and you,can be a sorter you know im saying so i,was chosen to be a loader i think just,because of my physical physique you know,im saying im a,ex-college athlete so,you know what im saying whatever so i,was chosen to be a loader,i dont know why um but anyways thats,beyond the point so they were like,basically he was like dude come come,come with me keep in mind first day we,didnt even go in um into the warehouse,or anything we were just in that little,classroom so the second day we were,actually going into the warehouse and,dude was like touching different things,in the warehouse and like telling us he,was like okay this is an extendo this is,a grail this is this this is this,and he would like quiz us real quick you,know im saying i was like really into,it so i was like oh yeah thats an,extendo so you know im like what so,then he kind of you know was like he was,like all right look im gone from here,heres your heres your supervisor so,you have a part-time supervisor and a,full-time supervisor i met my full-time,supervisor,my full-time supervisor says hey my,names jason whats all your names we,all say our name,and um im like cool,real cool dude hes like all right he,gives me like a scanner,and like um it was like yo im throwing,you in here with aroma so im like like,what like what,so basically my job that i found out was,i scanned every single package and then,put it into the trailer so i basically,spend a lot of time most of my time as a,loader your time if youre a loader,youre going to be inside of a trailer,just loading it playing tetris trying to,fit it its nice and neatly as perfect,as possible all the way to the top of,the trailer from the end all the way,until you cant load it anymore so,thats your job as a loader so,he was sticks me in with this random,dude it was like hey you know im,sticking in here with him ill check on,you later so im like all right cool you,know what im saying,um so im just like in there scanning,im just like i dont know man like im,cool with being like thrown to the fire,because thats how you learn but dont,have me not knowing what to do and just,throwing me to the fire so its like,okay like yall dont really value,trying to teach anybody anything,i think thats the thing with ups is,they have so many people that go in and,out that theyre not theyre not,personable theyre not gonna be trying,to you know what im saying so i was,very turned off by that,you know so im ended up in a trailer,and then all my dude that i was working,with in the trailer he was like yo im,gonna go somewhere else i was like okay,like,and i was just in the trailer by myself,probably for an hour just loading,packages by myself this is my first day,and its peak season so im telling you,guys,all these packages coming at me boom,boom boom from this extendo you got to,take it from the extendo scan it put it,up scan it put it up scan it put it up,as fast as you can so it can be very,stressful now i want people to,understand that um its going to be very,stressful and its going to give you,anxiety but just just push through you,know im saying they didnt tell me like,um im over here like yo can i go to the,bathroom real quick like do i you know,im saying where is the bathroom its,such a big warehouse my hub was im,decently big so it was like i was just,like had so many different questions but,they kind of just throw you in and its,like whatever that my supervisor never,came back to check on me,um you know what im saying and what,really what really kind of ended it for,me was that,a dude called me was like yo cam and i,was like so i came to him its like an,old older white gentleman and he was,like um he was like kind of below me and,there was like a a two-step ladder so i,just kind of stepped down and was like,hey whats up and he got so mad he was,like yo ken what are you doing like you,got to be you got to be you got to be,facing the ladder you got to be face you,got to be facing the ladder when you go,up and down theyre going to fire you,and i was just like jeff,number thats not even his name i dont,even know his damn name he was bald but,i was like,dude,no none of your workers even explained,to me remotely how to do anything,and im over here putting these packages,up for you dawg,so how about you come at me a different,way you know what im saying,so i was just like yeah,you know what im saying like i said,anybody that wants to to do it its a,its i will say its a its very,physical you know im saying its a very,physical job you know im saying drink,hella water take care of your body,before you go in there because its very,physical i was a twilight shift so i,would basically would come from like 4,30 to like 4 30 to 5 ish to like 10 you,know what im saying roughly but i only,worked a one day

DO NOT WORK AT UPS! (My Experience As A Package Handler)

whats going on ladies and gentlemen i,really dont know how to start this,video off honestly because i just kind,of just want to dive right into it the,only thing im going to say is,if you have worked here before and you,had a complete opposite experience of,mine let me know what your experience,was below even if you had a good,experience or you had a great experience,or you had a terrible experience let me,know what it is and if you had a great,experience youre about to youre about,to just be like oh my god oh youre,youre crazy or something like just,listen to what i have to say man because,i feel like if you listen to my story,and what actually happened youre gonna,youre gonna understand where im coming,from,i have a couple of things that i could,say like i could sit here and ramble on,with an intro for 30 minutes but im,going to say this fast the main things i,have problems with this company was,number one by far as the supervisor,terrible supervisor youre gonna see two,the,the lies and the unorganization they had,they lied to us a lot three of the 10,minute breaks,the 10-minute breaks and the way that,you had to arrive 30 minutes early and,you probably werent getting home till,like an hour later things like that it,just adds up but those are the main,things but im gonna dive more into my,experience the way that im explaining,this im gonna do it a little bit,differently than most people most people,just sit here like this and just talk i,want to make it a little bit more,entertaining uh because i dont want to,get boring just sitting here watching me,talk so lets go so when i applied for,ups i had one thing on my mind college,well the program they have to pay for it,called metro college i had plenty of,questions about it and i wanted to know,how it worked because it was very,confusing so i applied and went to a ups,building for fingerprinting i was put in,a room with a lady to talk about the job,and i asked her a question about the,metro college and what the restrictions,were with it she literally looked at me,and shrugged her shoulders and said oh,no,yeah thats all she said was oh no so i,was still confused on that she proceeded,to tell me info about the job like you,must arrive at least 30 minutes early,every day,yeah thats kind of annoying especially,after a while you know she also says you,only get 10 minute breaks for every,three hours,yeah only a 10 minute break i didnt,even think that was [ __ ] legal,especially in literal back-breaking,labor but then she proceeds to tell me,youll be working approximately three to,five hours per day well,that was a big [ __ ] lie well talk,more about that later though anyways i,get fingerprinted and i got the job well,it wasnt like you got interviewed or,anything it was just like you walk in,and get a job pulse that automatically,should have been a huge red flag right,there it was so easy to get that job,that shows you automatically that this,company is in very desperate need for,the workers i should have noticed that,so i arrive on my first day we take a,couple buses to get inside of the,classroom with about 15 people for about,a week and let me just say this was that,literally the easiest and the best part,of working there was just sitting in,these classrooms this consisted of them,telling us about important things about,the job but also telling us every single,good thing and benefits about the job,but none of the bad things that,completely overweighed the good things,the first couple of days here in the,classroom we only stayed in the,classroom the next couple of days we,stayed in the classroom a couple of,hours then we went down to the actual,ups job for a couple of hours with a,couple of college kids that were our,trainers,we get to our spot and thats when we,meet the supervisor a kid that looks,like hes no older than 18 or 19 years,old im not gonna use his real name but,were just gonna call him little dick,i will say though its okay to be young,and also be a supervisor,if youre mature in the head now if,youre like this guy theres everything,wrong so the first thing this man even,says to me is are you doing the college,program and i say yeah i am his response,to that was oh yeah good luck with that,like yeah what an [ __ ] that was,literally my first time talking to him,basically what he meant to say was im,gonna work the living [ __ ] out of you to,exert the small amount of authority i,have and make you do so much extra work,to make everything way more difficult to,the point where youre extremely,exhausted and sleep all day and you,dont even feel like doing any,schoolwork and you end up failing yeah,thats what he meant and to also bring,up the fact that if you dont meet a,certain grade requirement ups does not,pay a dime for your college so im,guessing thats the goal to get a little,work out of you without having to,actually pay for your college anyways we,then start our first full day out of the,classroom mr little dick decides to put,me and my girlfriend who i forgot to,mention we started working at ups at the,same time so he decides to put us on the,busiest shoots on the whole entire posse,so i know you probably dont know what,that means shoots pretty much mean where,the box slide down he put us on the,busiest ones so im trying to go fast so,my shoot doesnt red light pretty much,what this means theres too many boxes,on your shoot for any more to come down,and let me just say if you start red,lighting and this supervisor see these,supervisors act like its the end of the,[ __ ] world but oh no no he wont come,help you get caught up instead hell,come stack the boxes on top of each,other until youre not red lighting so,that more boxes come down and it makes,it way harder on you even though he can,literally see that im about to pass out,while his fat ass just stands around and,does nothing sorry for the vulgar,language oh and your trainers dont help,either they just sit there and tell you,youre going slow all the time yeah i,mean that they literally just sit and,look at you and go,uh not to be rude but youre just going,too slow you need to go faster,then the end of the day the supervisor,makes me and my girlfriend put up the,totes by ourselves well during trainer,our trainers helped too but,after training though nah he made me do,them all myself youre probably,wondering what a toad is a tow is a,plastic bin that some boxes come down in,not that heavy by themselves,no,but the stack of them gets literally to,be taller than me sometimes keep in mind,im six foot tall so yeah that stack,gets pretty damn heavy after youre,already dead tired then its time to go,home eight damn hours our first day oh,yeah i thought the lady said that it was,three to five hours usually no no no the,first day was eight [ __ ] hours just,the first day just the first day so for,two weeks we stay on training yeah,thats a little excessive to show us how,to stack boxes,every day is the same thing for two,weeks as the first day and the hours are,seven eight six seven six eight but,nothing lower than that nothing lower,than six hours even though were,supposed to work three to five hours,usually then after two weeks our,training is over everything just gets,worse after that honestly the supervisor,would put me on the busiest shoot every,single day and if i got caught up with,all the boxes,and uh my shoe would be slow for a,second i would think i would be able to,chill for a second maybe get a little,break nope here comes the supervisor hey,chris come do this and i will say okay,and go do it then while i would be doing,the tasks he just told me to do he would,come to me and go,hey your shoot is red lighting,uh,yeah,so i had to go back to my shoot that i,just had caught up but instead he told,me to go somewhere else and now im,coming back to a shoot that is,completely filled just decided to make,it harder on me,and while im starting to fix it while,im starting to get caught up again he,comes up to me hey chris come do this if,i was busy so

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A day in my life as a UPS Driver

oh my gosh i look like a little boy good,morning everybody today is monday,october 18th and today im taking you,guys to work with me as you guys can see,i work for ups im taking you out on the,road me for the day obviously im not,gonna film the entire day because,its a long day so,right now im just starting off by the,morning time,good morning it is currently 8 10 8 11,im supposed to be at work for like 8 45,8 30 but its okay so were going to be,doing today hope you guys enjoy it dont,forget to like comment and subscribe,lets go get something to eat,thats what were going to go do we,about to go to starbucks,thats what i do even when im late im,still making myself even more late well,im already gonna be late right so im,hungry anyways i cant work on a hungry,stomach you feel me,i will get back to you guys when i get,back to when i get back to when i get to,scarborough scarborough wow its monday,guys its monday ill get back to you,guys when i get to starbucks okay ill,show you guys what i got so i got a,grande,strawberry slime lemonade with no scoops,of strawberries because who has time for,that and i got a double smoked bacon,cheddar and egg sandwich,i just realized that,i didnt bring my tripod having a tripod,would have been so much easier,so im gonna try and get as much footage,as i can today for you guys i will see,you guys when i get to work in the,meantime you guys can enjoy this little,montage of me driving on the highway,because why not,[Music],yes,[Music],questions,[Music],all right everyone so,im in a truck today as you guys can see,this is how were looking today,pretty light pretty light super light,actually,whats the date,i think its the 18th it sure is,it is absolutely freaking cold today,fall is upon us in full force im so,happy im doing this run today yall,dont even understand i dont know what,a run in his run is its basically just,the route let me show you guys my outfit,of the day,not like its anything special just the,uniform,okay,you know just your basic little,ups pullover got my little brown pants,underneath this i got my hoodie and then,i have my ups t-shirt,and then,my pouch,and,my gloves,[Music],let me also,spray this truck down because i havent,been in it in a while,put my headphones in,and then were gonna get going,this video is probably most likely gonna,be all over the place just for the,simple fact that i obviously cannot,record every single thing that im doing,so,and its cold you guys will just be,getting bits and pieces,um im having technical difficulties,okay now im in my first area so now i,have to like just get all the stops,together,yall cant see my head but its okay,you guys,[Music],questions,[Music],im gonna take you guys to my,first stop,[Music],im in my second area its time for me,to get rid of all of this,so i will get back to you guys when all,of this,is complete and then you guys can see my,truck after,[Music],yes,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so all of this is done,now we are going to tackle,some of these,[Music],a couple of those,and this is how we are looking now,[Music],[Music],its,[Music],this is what the truck is looking like,now,pretty good,pretty good it wasnt much today as i,said so,[Music],right now im just about to get,something to eat because,im hungry so im gonna go eat and then,get back with you guys im probably,gonna get pizza for this so yeah ill,get back with you guys,and we could continue our fun day,[Music],im not done yet,i still have one area to do but im,probably going to end it here,just because the area that i have is,small its not going to take long and my,battery is dying thank you guys so much,for watching i hope you guys enjoyed it,its just a regular day in my everyday,life five days a week okay dont forget,to like comment share subscribe do all,that good stuff if you enjoyed it,and i will see you guys in the next,video

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what is up today i will be telling,five things you need to know before,working,as a package handler plus i will be,answering some frequently asked,questions,at the end of this video,[Music],this video is not to discourage anyone,for applying for the job im just,basically,im just basically telling a few things,that i wish,i would have known before i applied,so i have the list on my phone here,so the first thing you should know is,that your hands,will be dirty every night um,if youre a girl who likes to wear long,nails or whatever i mean thats cool and,all but just know that youre going to,be,ripping off labels youre going to be,pulling and tugging to zip up bags,every night and those bags are dirty,theyve been dragged on the floor,like its not a clean job if youre,someone whos like a german folk,or someone who likes to keep your nails,well kept clean,i would either recommend going to buy,some type of,gloves so that youll be able to you,know work in your hands stay protected,or just dont apply you know the second,thing you should know,is that your signal like,probably like its a 50 50 50 chance,that your signal and your phone,will not work you are allowed to bring,your phone in listen to music,but the signal there is terrible,like it dont matter if you have metro,t-mobile verizon like it does not matter,honestly im not really sure why the,signal is so bad,maybe because were about like the,airport and you know,i dont know the airport theres a lot,of machines going,it probably knocks off the connection,but like,you will rarely get signal in that place,like but i had a little i found out a,little trick in my settings to where i,could cut off the,lte and itll run the 4g and like it,actually works pretty fine,but your signal probably wont work as,well,as it would if you was you know like out,the third thing you should know before,applying for,this job is that you need to be able to,work,well under pressure um i know in my last,videos you see im just chilling you,know its not really busy,because i dont get the footage of when,it actually does get busier,or it actually is like consistently,working like back and forth,if you get stressed that um its getting,busy and packages,are flying at you and the bags are too,head like,if you cannot work well under pressure,i dont think the job would be for you,but i mean you could work,on that you know like its not enough,dont apply because,but it is like a consistent job,like you need to be able to get those,packages out as quickly as possible,because they are time like they need to,be,to the next destination within a certain,amount of time the next thing,is you need to be somewhat flexible with,your schedule now im not sure if this,schedule is,for everywhere like all around the world,but,here in my city where i am,the schedule that i work is night shift,which is basically,from like 9 30 10 whatever,to like 4 a.m but often,sometimes it may not be busy one day so,you may get out at 3 30,um it may be busy on a friday and youll,get out at 4 00 a.m,which it always is busy on fridays,because no one works friday so theres,less people so you got to do more work,yeah but i know theres theres this,thing called peak season,is basically the holidays so once the,holiday come in,people are going to be buying more,things shipping more things out so its,going to be a lot more volume,coming in and ive heard that you may,not even get out of there until at least,5,6 a.m in the morning so,if youre not flexible with your,schedule flexible with transportation,this job may not be it for you,so just make sure that if you do apply,that you are,you know that they give you a time that,you come in but it may not be that time,when youre leaving out,last thing i think you should know is,that you will be moving around,a lot this job youre youre moving,around a lot like you have to go and get,bags you have to go,and um you know change bags you have to,go get totes,you have to go get a printer if your,printer doesnt work you gotta go get a,clip like,its a lot of moving around its a lot,of like kind of lifting and tossing,um if youre the type who dont really,like to do all of that especially during,night time,dont think about it im trying to let,you know now dont think about it,and yeah those are the five little,things that i,think you should know which is one your,hands will most likely be dirty every,night,secondly the signal often does not work,on your phone so unless you got some,good service then let me know what it is,because i need it,um the third thing you need to be able,to work well under pressure,you need to be able to move consistently,you need to be able to,um not stress when it gets busy you know,its a somewhat flexible schedule so you,have to be able to know that you may not,get at the same time that you got out,last night you know and,moving around a lot so its not i mean,thats the easy job honestly,but just know you wont be standing,still for you know,more than 10 minutes now i would like to,answer some of the frequently asked,questions you guys have asked me,one of them is do they drug test,now ima just say this um,at the orientation that i went to there,was a drug testing like,section but they ups,only drug tests if you are like,applying for a higher pay grade job like,applying to fly and ship the items out,overseas or whatever or if youre a,driver delivering,the packages like they drug test for,that also they do not drug test if you,are,part-time or a package handler either,so to answer your question yes they do,drug tests but not,for this job um another question you,guys asked me was,what do they ask at the interview,um right now during the covet interviews,are,online so its on a zoom call with,more its not just you on the zoom call,so,they dont really ask questions during,your interview is basically just telling,you about their job and telling you the,benefits that they have,but when you do go to your orientation,theyre going to ask you,what shift you want to work and do you,have reliable transportation,uh if youre applying for part-time,full-time whatever the case,so those are kind of the interview,questions that they will ask,you guys asked is is the pay good,um im a 17 year old girl and im making,14.50 an,hour okay 14.50 an hour for me,and getting paid weekly,i dont know about you but that pay is,good to me youre one of those people,who you know want to make more than the,minimum wage,like starting out when i first had my,job i was only making seven dollars and,i looked back like i really worked,and slayed for that,so its a pay good yes it is and the,last,question is what clothing can you wear,this is a warehouse job so,they dont really care what you wear,like people coming out with crop tops,booty shorts,freaking butt cheeks hanging out all of,that like,you can really wear anything honestly i,guess it just depends on the weather,outside because well inside too,i work by a fan so well each section has,a fan,so it doesnt really feel like too hot,to where,im dying im dehydrated or anything so,you can wear anything you want besides,footwear footwear you must wear like,boots like timbs steel toes whatever you,must wear something that,will cover your ankles will cover your,toes it doesnt have to be still toe but,you have to wear something that,covers and can protect it just in case,any heavy boxes or whatever it drops,like a child,those are all of the questions,you guys have been asking me those are,the five things i think you should know,this video was helpful for you please,give it a thumbs up that would really,mean a lot to me,comment down below anything else you,would like to see on my channel,i do all kinds of things on here,honestly,as you can see i will be posting my big,shot video,of me dyeing my hair and bleaching my,hair so,if its not posted up already make sure,you stay tuned for that,but if you made it to the end you are a,real one please be sure to like comment,and subscribe bye

UPS Package Handler || 5 things to consider

it was some mica here and Wanda,talk about ups now Ive got to work for,them twice once in Hawaii as a driver,helper during the peak season my second,experience was in California as a,package handler and again I started at,peak season I want to share my,experience in my perspective and let you,decide for yourself if you PS would be a,good place for you to work so lets talk,about it okay the first one is that its,hard work obviously its its a hard job,the goal is to literally move packages,the entire the entire timer there youre,scanning youre loading and theres all,kinds of different aspects of the job,mine was getting packages scanning them,and putting them in the proper place in,the truck loading three four trucks so,that way they were ready for the drivers,to deliver in the morning its a hard,its a hard job listen its hard work,youre gonna sweat youre gonna bleed,youre gonna be dirty Im gonna be tired,and worn out your feet are gonna hurt,youre gonna be sore again weve really,sorted and they tell you this on when,you interview with them hey youre gonna,be sort youre not gonna want to come to,work youre gonna be tired its true,okay the second one is that the benefits,really good ups does a good job of,taking care of its employees again its,not perfect a perfect company but they,do really work hard work hard to take,care of their people you get a pension,you get benefits you get health benefits,at your retirement you have the Union,working for you and so if you stay the,long haul this job is really gonna take,care of you I didnt stay long enough to,get all the benefits I got a seasonal,bonus and I have a little bit of a,pension but the third is that the,camaraderie is strong you you see these,these people every single day,going in and out of work,I began to build relationships,friendships just a good time having fun,making fun of each other cracking jokes,I mean were pretty focused on our work,most of the time all of the time and so,during breaks as much as you can youre,just trying to chop it up laughs have a,good time overall is just the,camaraderie is strong,I had great supervisors I had great,coworkers and for the most part man we,had a great team on our pen it was so,good okay the fourth is that theres,lots of opportunity to move up in the,company and theyll tell you this hey,you can request to move into other areas,you can move up you can be a supervisor,you could be a driver you can and so,basically when you have seniority,it can either longer you work there the,more seniority you have basically you,can move up and you can get better pay,you can get a job that you prefer better,and so theres lots of opportunity to,move and grow and and you know be around,on the company and thats what I love a,lot a lot of guys I would say I used to,do this now I do this,now Im going for this and lots of guys,are asked you know what are you gonna do,are you gonna drive gonna be a,supervisor,what are you working towards and so I,love just the vibe of ups everyones,working towards something number 5 is,its a pretty basic job now I was,part-time and my two experiences and it,was super basic pay was a super basic,job you know if you were trying to make,a living support your family you may not,be able to do that with a couple hundred,bucks a week if youre trying to get to,college youre trying to save up you,know you may have to get a second job,thats what I did I had a full-time job,and ups was my side hustle and as a,package handler coming real early in the,morning,and you get to work in the wee hours,before everyone else is awake and Id go,to my day job after but its pretty,simple its pretty straightforward,heres your work get the work done and,its pretty basic in that sense hey,thanks for watching I have a couple of,other ups videos if you want to check,them out and would love for you to,subscribe and like if you get a chance,and again comment below question below,if you have anything to talk about,alright much love peace

ups orientation as a package handler | what to expect , pros & cons etc.????

[Music],all right so hey everybody so welcome,back to another video if youre new here,welcome Hey Yall welcome back to my,channel,so in todays video yall um,I,dont know why I did any of that,so,right now it is 7 43 Im gonna show,yall but I want yall to see the,messages,its 7 43 and I am about to I just,finished eating my dinner Im about to,shower and Im about to get ready for,bed because I have my first day as a UPS,package handler,um and my position is a preloader I,still dont know what it is,um I I pretty much know the job because,Ive been on YouTube all day long,looking at videos of like Dana likes and,all that type of type of stuff just to,get an idea of what Im about to get,myself into because I honestly dont,even know I just knew that I wanted,extra money in my pocket so,why not do a job you know and then I,know that Im always up overnight so,when I get an overnight job and then I,dont I know that I dont want to work,with customers no more even though I,still work at Pandora I dont want to do,that all day long,I dont wanna I dont want that to be,like my only type of like,income like I want to be able to go,there on days that I dont like I dont,know but just know like Im tired of,kind of working with customers and,having to talk to somebody all day long,so dont get me wrong I love my job on,Pandora but Im just saying so I decided,to do this UPS thing so I was on indeed,and you know just scrolling through it,was just like let me just,try it honesty you know lets just see,what it is so,I applied they called me like the first,day and I was been supposed to have my,first day like probably weeks ago,and I ended up having to work at my my,main job so I couldnt do it they ended,up calling me again and I was just like,yep Im doing it Career Point Blank,lets go so I still dont know what it,is I dont know nothing,um basically in this video yall gonna,be with me like not really with me with,me but yall gonna be getting ready with,me,and everything if I can record inside,then I will but if I cant,Ill let yall know how it is back on,the outside so yeah,um,I honestly dont even know,like we can we can really say that I was,just doing anything okay because,the thing uh its a lot girl,its a lot and I honestly dont know how,Im about to get this stuff done I,really dont know but,I want to do it so therefore gotta do it,so with me when I put my mind to,something yall I 100 I fall through you,know Im not even Im not a quitter Im,very determined so,I do feel like you know I got it but,then I also feel like because I am,determined because I dont give up Im,gonna work myself and then the other,thing that comes along with that is that,the money probably wont be looking good,so,now,Im about to be trying to pick up any,and every Chef you know what I mean so I,dont know I dont know but Im gonna,take yall through the whole journey,with me first day probably my second day,probably you know days in between,different days you know just so that way,I can get like the inside,you know get how I work and stuff like,that because I do plan on if I dont,finish it out like throughout you know I,plan on being there this whole month,so,yeah,um and if I aint no saying longer than,the month then I say dont get enough,yall gonna see it all so period but,yeah so Im about to go ahead and shower,and then Im gonna be getting in the bed,and then I will see yall in the morning,all right yall so it is,um,yeah its 306 and Im dressed Im,basically ready to go but because Im,only like 18 minutes away from the place,Im not leaving it I dont really know,what even to do but Im about to show,you my outfit okay so I got on my hoodie,my uh class hoodie,just in case you know this case is cold,just because its high you know you,never know just because its hair added,on the hoodie okay just in case its,cold I get on the hoodie but if I do get,hot I got them on this,Adidas shirt I go to this Adidas shirt,underneath and its like one of them,little silky materials or whatever and,then,I have more leggings so just some,regular little leggings whatever,and then I got pockets and stuff in case,I need my phone or whatever and then,I got on my Crocs right now because I,like to drive my Crocs and then,when I leave from there,when I leave from,the place and put these back on because,these I dont do Tims yeah I really,dont even though these are key on my,feet,but I dont attempts like I really,from Journeys,it was Journeys for kids or whatever,so Im gonna put these on,and then change it to my Crocs,when I leave from there and then I got,me a bag packed too,okay backpacked,um,my keys and my earpods 100 charged I,have deodorant,I put someone but you know just in case,um I got this little mini wallet which,is like,it has another scrunchie in there,it has my Pokemon,it has my lip gloss hands on top of the,Vaseline my cards like my regular stuff,its about normal purse,and then I have these wipes so in case,Im gonna use a bathroom or I guess I,need to like wipe my face my hands,anything because I heard that afterwards,your hands feel like dirty so in case I,dont have like the time to like wash my,hands or something like that I can just,use that you know give it a quick little,you know and then I have these gloves so,I actually had these gloves from this,little zip line and thing that I went on,with but theyre comfortable so,hopefully they work out I dont know,who knows,just in case you know and a lot of,people say,from the videos and stuff that I watched,people say wear gloves and I dont like,the ones that go over my finger my nails,so,hopefully these work good,I dont know okay that,and then of course I have snacks so I,already ate breakfast I had waffles and,I have made some water and I got two,waters in the freezer,okay then I got crackers,I will practice,I got juice,there you go,and then my friend told me that they,dont take breaks because he used to,work for them honestly they give me a,break because,you know but Im saying all this now but,then I feel like when I get there Im,gonna have a good time its gonna be,like real chill Im gonna like it,because I am like a fast-paced fast,learner like I like being on the go so I,do feel like Im gonna like you after,the only downfall Im gonna have like I,said is my nails and carrying the heavy,stuff I think thats gonna be my only,downfall,but I dont know it might not be that,bad you never know so Im not gonna you,know Im not gonna listen to what,everybody else saying dont listen to No,Im gonna go in with my own,which one called like intentions or,something I dont know but basically,hopefully we have a good day I dont,know and then I was going to hang out in,the car with me because I do want to,listen to my music,you know I gotta have a little session,before I walk up in there because,I just got to like I have to you know,thats gonna get my mood and stuff like,my mood and stuff already up there,because not to mention yall I didnt,sleep,I dont I couldnt sleep because there,was so much going to my head like whats,how to how the day about to go like it,was so much going on my head honestly so,I didnt sleep,so Im by the way,um so hopefully the music and stuff is,Gonna Keep Me,up there but yeah so thats how I was,going right now so Im gonna see yall,in the car,you give up on me I be calling back like,when I made up I just wanna make whoever,made love,all right hey yall so it is literally,later on in the day,literally like I went my first day was,at four this morning it is 801 and night,basically so I just got home for my,second job as you can see this is not,what I was in earlier today but I just,got home from my second job,um so Im about to get yall like the,whole orientation,experience,um,so,when I first got there okay so when I,first pulled up there,um it was the building parking lot,parking lot you know whatever I was,confused on where to park at and then,like I dont know if I like read the,email more I dont know if I read the,email wrong or what I dont know but I,thought that somebo


hey yall welcome back to the channel,it is 1 15 a.m in chicago,i am starting my first job,like since a year so a year ago in,march thats the last time i worked,actually a year ago in january,so with covet and everything i like,didnt work because they were shutting,everything down and then once i had,athena,i like i dont know i just didnt work,so,well see how this goes um im gonna,take you through the day in the life,im not allowed to have my phone out at,work so im gonna like videotape going,there,and then after ill let you know how it,goes im kind of nervous,kind of scared but super excited because,i feel like its something new but i,start at,3 00 a.m and then im done at like 8 a.m,9 a.m because its my first day so like,its like,getting me ready for everything so well,see how it goes ill let you know,and then you need like really good shoes,for my job so i got timberlands from dsw,im about to start my car because its,freaking like negative,two,so please start and it snowed a little,bit,we just got a car wash because seans,windshield sucked so,i had to like make sure im ready to go,and,its i think like two in the morning so,but yeah so here we go,so they tell you to wear like layers so,what i wore was a t-shirt and then a,sweatshirt over and my jacket so you can,take them off and also put them on while,youre working,so i need a mask i have gloves youll,see why,when i get there and then my mom packed,me some fruit snacks a banana and i need,my folder with like my social and all,that in it,and one last thing coffee because im,going to be freaking exhausted,so yeah im currently,leaving to go to work,and look at the snow guys,kind of you know nervous,but its okay im leaving like an hour,early because im thats a person who,needs to like,leave so early so im not nervous,and late so everyone thinks im crazy,for it but gotta do what you gotta do,right,see how warm this car is oh its not bad,its not bad at all,well talk to you guys on the way there,let me get warm,because i have to wash our wind dough,because the snow is frozen,[Music],its not even frozen i dont know why it,didnt come off with the windshield,wipers but,part of the life so guys like,i just wanted to talk to you because im,on my way there and i was thinking about,it like,we havent posted in a while just,because our move from hawaii to chicago,is kind of a,you know life-changing move and,so we havent really been active on here,because that was,not what was important at the time like,we had to find,jobs and you know look at houses and,make sure athena was okay,and really transition her to a new place,that was freezing compared to somewhere,thats really warm,so its been about two weeks and i feel,like,super lost without posting on my channel,because i love this channel,so im back every wednesday im in a,post,and i like just cant wait to post again,ive missed it so much,and i was telling sean yesterday im,like dude why havent i,posted like i freaking miss it and it,was just like,my thing you know so were back,every wednesday be here or be square and,subscribe to the channel,because i love seeing my followers and,subscribers its just awesome to know,that theres like a little community,even if its just family friends and,you know stuff like that so um,yeah and i cant wait to show you where,im working and tell you how it is,so this should be fun i am going to be,posting a video of athena,um soon because guys she has changed so,much,but yeah so im happy to be back and im,happy you guys are watching again,and yeah so ill let you know soon,how my day goes because im super,nervous also to leave athena,like she is sleeping so thats why i,chose these hours 3 a.m to 8 a.m so that,like,she could just sleep and shawn wont,really have to worry,um but well see how that goes and ill,definitely have sean come on here at the,end and like tell you how that went for,him,too so yeah yay,on my way there and its two degrees,theres literally no one on the road,though so im okay with it,um but it says im gonna get there in 20,minutes and im gonna be like 45 minutes,early so,well see um yeah ill keep you updated,gotta drive so youre enrolled,to my workplace im so excited,[Music],i am here it took me a while to find,where i was supposed to go,so see how this turns out im super,excited,kind of you know when you first start a,new job like i feel like its super,nerve-wracking but super exciting at the,same time,i never thought i would see myself where,i am like,i was always like in retail or in front,of people helping people,so its gonna be new for me but im,excited to start something new and,actually like,succeed in something different than what,ive been doing,so ill let you know how it goes and,ill let you know the place,as soon as im done um and,well go from there but yeah im super,excited and then,after my day um at work ill,kind of take you through our life after,because its going to be different for,me im going to be super tired after,at 8 am but im going to have to take,care of athena so well see what happens,and sean just texted me and said that,athena woke up at 2.,so sorry sean hes gonna be having a,rough night,but love you guys and i will see you,after bye,hey guys six hours later i am finally,out of my first,day it was so long,and so much information pecked in um,guys im working at ups but oh my gosh,i got so much information and im super,excited the benefits are unreal,like literally so good so im super,excited and im gonna do my school,and you know work and take care of,athena and you know,i feel like its gonna be really good,for me it is the first day and we didnt,really do,like you know what the job entitles,but im super excited and i feel,accomplished for some reason,but i wanted to let you guys know how it,went because i told you i would,and i definitely miss athena well see,what shawn has to say how she did,um she has an eight and six hours maybe,seven or eight,like milk and thats the first time and,the longest time shes gone,um he did feed her something but well,see how it went um and im just gonna,take you through the rest of our day,because why not and we will see you when,i get home bye,athena howd you do for daddy today,did you wake up at 2 am and keep him up,all day get the snow,so snowy i dont even know how im going,to get to work tomorrow because,i feel like its so,so snowy so hopefully i can do it,right sean tell,the vlog how it was when i went to work,today,baby woke up at two oclock how was it,was it like,hard because it was your first time,first time not first time but like,me going to work first time um it wasnt,bad,shawns about to do a snow angel,hi were watching the bachelor and,athenas trying to change it,stop were trying to watch piper just,went home,[Music],well guys i just wanted to say good,night because i have to go to bed to,wake up early in the morning for work if,i even get there because theyre,supposed to be like eight inches,but im going to bed at like nine,oclock because,i have to wake up at one so,i hope you guys enjoyed this and my,first day at ups,[Laughter],and we just opened athenas diaper,package,but i will see you guys love you,kisses from athena guys so i wanted to,update you on this package handler job,that i have,because i was not thinking,like it was gonna be what it was so,i got in and i was a loader of the,feeder trucks,and its just like youre by yourself in,a feeder truck loading all these,packages in,and i dont know i just i know that,being a unloader is a lot easier because,youre just throwing packages on the,conveyor belt thats what they said,and like me being a loader it just,i i dont know its not really for,me if im gonna be completely honest,with you and,yeah so i wanted to update you guys i,dont like it as much as i thought i,would so yeah,this is awkward but i want to be honest,with you guys because if you are,applying there and youre going to work,there,like and you have the same mentality and,personality,and just like interest as me um consider,like,what i

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